October 19, 2021

Brenda Hoffman’s Channeling for today seems right on to me…


“You likely feel emotionally exhausted. The energies bombarding the earth the past few weeks have made your days and nights light up with new information, as well as shifting your actions and reactions.

“Even though this is what you hoped for throughout this transition, the recent energies were stronger than ever before. It is time to rest to fully integrate these energies.

“So it is you are in the midst of an earth energy lull, allowing you to sort out your new information and actions.

“This lull will likely produce a sensation similar to completing a major work project despite disjointed instructions as you were doing so. But after, your days seemed empty without the hustle you became comfortable with to complete the project on time and within budget. At the same time, your body was screaming for rest.

“So it is now. You are entering a short rest stage that might produce some fun but is more likely a time to regroup and regenerate. The energies will soon rev up again to a speed you will easily adjust to – if you allow your being to rest when it calls for you to do so.

“You are determined to complete all you need to complete before the end of this calendar year. So perhaps you feel you cannot let up – that you have no time to regenerate. The opposite is true. This is a new world where pushing yourself beyond exhaustion is no longer a rewarded effort.

“In 3D, many of you lived by the belief that hard work would create what you wanted or needed. That if you fully devoted yourself to a job, your children, or your relationships, you would fulfill your 3D needs. Almost like a three-legged stool with one leg much longer and stronger than the other two. The result was – as can be visualized by that example – everything was out of balance.

“So it was in 3D. Focusing on one or two issues to the detriment of other parts of your 3D life and world. As most of you determined, economics was the overriding 3D emphasis creating pockets of wealth for some and emotional, physical, and economic neglect for the larger population.

“In your new world, there are no larger legs in that three-legged stool. Hence, there is no need to push yourself beyond endurance to achieve anything.

”The earth was designed as a Universal vacation spot of sorts. To experience emotional sensations as well as enjoy the beauty and love provided by the earth’s environment. That earth vacation spot was tainted by those who wished to emphasize other aspects – most notably fear.

“What you are addressing now is how to return earth life to its original vacation, loving environment. So it is you are returning to self-love. A self-love that no longer allows you to push yourself so dramatically you cannot enjoy the earth’s beauty.

“In 3D, you rewarded yourself for a job well done as you plodded along in a work environment that did not include walks in nature, family time, or time for you to heal. All of that was held at bay until you were a senior or wealthy enough to retire. Most often, you negated the beauty of the earth, your Universal vacation for forty or more earth years.

“You are beginning to balance your interests and time. What do you wish to do? Not what should you do, or have to do? What is your body, your inner voice begging you to do? That is your only job. The earth cannot return to the vacation mode it was initially designed for if everyone continues to push themselves into a work mode – whether for a job or in relationships.

“Perhaps you wonder why fear was introduced to the earth if a vacation mode was the dominant theme. We, of the Universes, can only respond that once entities began exploring the possibilities of growth and learning on the earth, the consensus was that fear would be fun to explore. Once fear was introduced, it continued to replicate and expand to the heaviness that is now the dominant 3D theme.

“Your role was to shift the earth from fear to love. So you have, and so you are by listening to your inner voice. An inner voice that is screaming for fun and rest until the next energy burst arrives.

“Of course, you continue to have shoulds running through your being. Your new role is to ignore those shoulds unless they feel fun and exciting. You are balancing your three-legged stool for the first time in eons.

“Listen to yourself, for you are screaming from within that the fear mode is no longer valid. Fun is in. Work, pressure, shoulds, and have tos are out.

“Enjoy your life. Most importantly, shift your beliefs and thinking from shoulds and have tos to relaxation and pleasure.”

And this is fun…


Fear and Pain

October 17, 2021

This was a surprisingly refreshing perspective from a surprising source…

“It is very hard to loosen the tentacles that dread wraps around the mind, but I’ve found this thought helps: nothing bad will happen to you just because you feel afraid. Suppose you get gripped with the sudden sense that your partner doesn’t care; is lying; will leave. Whatever the burst of dread is about, the feeling alone can’t hurt you.

“Once you realise that, you realise you don’t have to do anything to make it go away. Fear likes to present itself as urgent and agenda-setting; it barges in and takes for granted that you’ll cancel your plans to spend time with it.

“But armed with the knowledge that it can’t hurt you, you can stop responding to it as though it will. You don’t have to soothe it, or run from it, or even think about it at all. You can just … do nothing. For me, this thought was utterly emancipatory: the more I responded to dread by simply not doing anything reassurance-seeking, the more the dread learned it wasn’t needed. The goal isn’t to be free of fear, but to be free despite it.”

That was Thursday. Now this today, Saturday…

“…a new treatment called “pain reprocessing therapy” (PRT). Developed by Alan Gordon, director of the Pain Psychology Center in Los Angeles, the technique teaches patients to reinterpret pain as a neutral sensation coming from the brain rather than as evidence of a dangerous physical condition. As people come to view their pain as uncomfortable but nonthreatening, their brains rewire the neural pathways that were generating the pain signals, and the pain subsides.

“Remarkably, 66 percent of the subjects receiving PRT were nearly or fully pain-free after this purely psychological intervention, compared with just 10 percent of the control group. A whopping 98 percent had at least some improvement, and these outcomes were largely maintained a year later.”

“Warning us of danger is, of course, the proper role of pain. You wouldn’t want to step on a rusty nail and remain oblivious, carrying on with your day. But sometimes our brains misinterpret threats and overreact by causing or prolonging pain when no danger is present. With chronic pain, our nervous system, triggered by fear, gets stuck in fight-or-flight mode, switching on our body’s alarm bells in the form of physical symptoms.”

A decent astrological correlate is the Stations of Jupiter (Expansion) and Mercury (Intellect, Communication) on 17-18 October 2021, Jupiter in 23 Aquarius at 10:30 pm PDT on the 17th, and Mercury in 11 Libra at 8:16 am PDT on the 18th, both Air (Mind) Signs. The Jupiter/Expansion event is about Self-Love in the face of Potentially Startling Revelations that could require Ego Death.1 The Mercury/Communication event is about Manifestation, with Potential for Despair.2 Of course we’d Transform into Miracles any Despair that showed up, by Poor-Sweethearting ourself, right?

For instance, most of us, to some degree or another, Consciously or Unconsciously, are Ego-Attached to Victimhood. If we had to give that up, there could be Social Costs, Explanations required, new Expectations, Relationship turmoil, Boundary Revision, all manner of Difficult Transitions. Think of all the things you’ve told your Boss, or your Sweetheart or your Mom or Kids, that you couldn’t Do because of your Chronic Pain. That could create so much Hassle that you might prefer to keep the Chronic Pain! And what if what you Manifest is so much Change-that-feels-like-Loss, that you Suffer serious Discouragement, even though you know that you’re Giving Up Limitations that have Hobbled you all your Life.

This would probably be a good time to work on converting our Unconscious Belief that Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual are different Levels or Arenas of Experience, into the Understanding that these adjectives just label different Perspectives on the Singular Entity that is Us. We might even Learn that switching our Perspective is a Powerful Tool to use in many many Conundrums, not just Dread or Chronic Pain.

  • 1 The Jupiter Station is Conjoined by asteroids Sappho (Self-Love) and Hybris (Hubris) and Opposed by asteroid Requiem (Respect for Death). The chart features a Pluto (Compulsion) T-Square (Major Challenge) on the Opposition between Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied) in Aries (Rebirth) and a Libra (Others) Stellium (multiple Conjunction) of Mars (Action), asteroid Atlantis (Tragic Hubris), and the Sun (Essence).
  • 2 The Mercury Station Conjoins dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and Opposes Chiron (Despair and Miracles).

We get the benefit of Hindsight to Observe our Experience of Moon Out of Bounds, as it was that between 7am PDT 10 October (in 10 Capricorn) and 10:49 pm PDT 13 October (in 6 Aquarius), culminating in 26:13 North Declination at 2:09 am PDT 12 October (in 10 Capricorn).

The next Moon Out of Bounds will begin 24 October 4:07 am PDT (in 14 Gemini) and end 28 October 12:58 pm PDT (in 6 Leo), peaking at 26:18 South Declination on 26 October 9:06 am PDT (in 10 Cancer).


October 9, 2021

Well, most of us Lived through the Pluto Station, now we gauntlet on to the Saturn Station (7:16 pm PDT 10 October 2021, in 7 Aquarius). Pluto and Saturn are everyone’s favorite Malefics, but I don’t go for that. Pluto’s just about What Compels Us, and Saturn just means we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing.

If we weren’t Repressed, What Compels Us would be our Genius, and if we Followed it we’d probably be Famous, Rich, Happy, Incarcerated, or maybe all four. And if we always Paid Attention to The Most Important Thing, we could probably figure out pretty quickly how to Get Out Of Jail Free, and end up Happy, Famous, or Rich, depending on our Druthers. So Saturn and Pluto ain’t so bad; it’s mostly our Resistance to their Energies that gets us in trouble.

Yes, the two of them can Raise Havoc when they Party together, especially when Mars is in the Room, but when we’re Compelled to Do The Most Important Thing with Passion, it usually works our pretty well, at least from some Perspectives.

My own Experience with Saturn is that I often hesitate to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing because it’s the Thing that will most crush my Ego if I “Fail” at it. So I have all these Fallbacks and Plans B and Alternatives that I don’t want to Let Go Of for Fear they’ll Go Away if I don’t continue to Pay Attention to them. (Of course there are lots of good books and essays on the Value of “Failure,” but do I read them?)

But, when I have thrown Caution to the Winds and just did The Most Important Thing, all those Fallbacks were waiting patiently for me while I was gone, and hardly seemed to notice that I wasn’t there – probably because all the folks who were Depending on my Doing what I said I would, were too busy Doing their own The Most Important Things, or Lost in Remorse over Not “Being Able To” (ie, Not Letting Themselves) Do it.

There’s a fabulous little book called The Lover Within: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice by Julie Henderson. Sorry to Disappoint, but it’s not about Sexual Practice at all, it’s about Energy Exercises (which of course can be used to great advantage in Sexual Practice if you want). She has us Practicing the Experiences of having our Energy Expanded and Diffused (Jupiter), and having it Contracted and Condensed (Saturn). Those are four very different States, if we exclude Texas. Doing these Exercises quickly leads you to Realize that Saturn is about Focus and Concentration.

Do we Fear Focus and Concentration? Are we thinking about What Am I Missing? My Dreams Could Be Coming True, right behind my back, while I’m Focusing and Concentrating, and I won’t be home to Enjoy them! Yes, Focus and Concentration can be Limiting, as can Life and Time, so we’re better off Focusing and Concentrating on The Most Important Thing. Especially if The Most Important Thing is Making our Dreams Come True.

This week’s Saturn Station chart contains two Major Challenges (T-Squares, the thick-lined red triangles)

One of them Focuses on Enlightenment, with the Energies of The Most Important Thing, and of The Life Force Itself, Competing for Supremacy. When you consider your Path to Enlightenment, for instance, do you Focus on the Contribution that your Body makes to the process? (Minor planet Zhulong T-Squaring the Opposition between Saturn and dwarf planet Varuna, which is Out of Bounds [Strong].)

The other one Concentrates on Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival – or Global Climate Change, with the Qualities of Feminine Emotional Magic and Creative Manifestation serving as the Raw Materials for the Challenge. For instance, if you’re used to thinking of Creative Manifestation as a Dynamic, Masculine Challenge, then Feminine Emotions are going to seem Disruptive rather than Powerfully Creative. (Dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar T-Squaring the Opposition between dwarf planets Salacia and Makemake.)

They’re hard to pick out with so many lines on the chart, but both of these red triangles are host to green wedges pointing to their Vertex. This makes them Self-Resolving Challenges, which means we only need to refrain from tinkering to find that both Challenges Consummate themselves nicely! (The green wedges are Fingers of the Goddess meaning Pay Attention! to what they’re pointing at. The blue lines represent Grace, and the combination of the red T-Square and the green Fingers create a “bowl” of blue lines across the bottom of the T-Square. The combination is called a Diamond Star, representing a Powerful Challenge to your Energy Body which Resolves Itself on its own.)

And speaking of Grace, the chart is ringed by a blue Hexagon that symbolizes the epitome of Grace. The only caveat is that we may have to take the First Step to Trigger the Grace. For instance, Saturn is connected with short blue lines to Venus and Salacia, both Powerful Sources of Feminine Magnetic Magic. Feminine Creative Energy directs what Einstein called “Spooky Action at a Distance” – Quantum Entanglement – to Manifest directly, seemingly without mechanical intervention.

“Magic” in other words, to the Plodding Left-Brain Doing of the likes of Saturn or Mars. So the First Step that our Masculine Saturn Energy would need to take, to start the Energy Flowing, would be to Open its Mind to New Possibilities. (The short blue lines are called Sextiles, meaning Grace after you take the First Step, and the Hexagon is a Grand Sextile, or Harmonizing Magical Possibilities.)

And look at those many long blue lines! Those represent Dumb-Luck Grace – Grace that is so delectable that your Ego is tempted to think that the Magic is yours instead of the Goddess’s. If you do that, instead of just Riding and Appreciating the Perfect Flow, the result is Hubris, and Broken Spells.

In the chart it’s the Dynamic or Masculine Signs, representing Spirit and Intellect, that are Connected into one Matrix of Effortless Grace, the Six-Pointed Star inside the Hexagon. Just to take one example, a long blue line Connects Saturn to Makemake, meaning that this weekend is the Time to Make Something Very Important, Effortlessly. (The blue triangles are called Grand Trines and signify Dumb-Luck Blessings – the long blue lines are called Trines.)

Now, the Real Prize is hidden deep inside the chart. Can you isolate the three big blue rectangles in the chart, each with two long blue lines and two short blue lines? Only one of the three is split lengthwise by a thin red line, the red line Connecting dwarf planets Gonggong and Thereus. On either side of that red line there are “Xes” of thin green lines. This Complex and Rare Configuration represents a Mystery School where we can Absorb Paradoxes that Allow us to Grok Multidimensional Mysteries that the Dualistic Mind cannot normally access. (The Configuration – a blue rectangle dissected by a red line separating two green Xes – is called a Yin Gate. The blue rectangle is called a Golden Rectangle because the ratio between the length of the sides and the length of the ends is the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry. This Golden Ratio is everywhere in Nature.)

So, the Paradox here that is The Most Important Thing for us to Grok1 has to do with an apparent Contrast between Gonggong and Thereus. Gonggong symbolizes Intrusive Memories, and we interpret Thereus as Learning to Wrestle Wild, Otherwise Overpowering Natural Energies into Useful Skills.2 Our Intrusive Memories are usually Karmic, and well do we know that while the Decision to Let Go of Karma is Necessary for Liberation, it is not Sufficient. Freedom requires Consciousness of the Karma, involving the Iterative process of Noticing that the Pattern is Repeating, and Choosing an Alternative, which is likely to take many Iterations.

Our Karma is often Archetypal, as described by Jung.3 An Archetype is a Grand Pattern that has a Life of its own apart from the individuals and cultures who are under its sway. An Archetype is an Untamed, Wild, Otherwise Overpowering Natural Energy that we may be able to Wrestle into Useful Skills. For instance, many these days are Captives of what they call a Freedom Archetype which causes them to think and behave irrationally, including things like Believing that being Asked to wear a cloth face mask is somehow equivalent to being sent to a Gas Chamber – Archetypal Extinction of their Ego. When Karma is involved, Confusion between Physical Death and Ego Death is common.

Our Chief Asteroid Officer wonders if we would interpret the current Lachesis-South Node Initiation4 as “consciously choosing to leave the past behind…or something along those lines?” And the answer to that is Yes, asteroid Lachesis meaning Karma that has not reached its Expiry date, but which we may be able to Choose to Abandon, if we’re willing to Persevere at Noticing and substituting New Patterns, and the South Node meaning Our Held Emotions, those we’d rather Die than Feel, aka our most Persistent Karma. This Initiation Corroborates the Gonggong-Thereus Yin Gate.

  • 1 Paradoxes are not Linear, Logical, Rational Left-Brain Understandings; they combine Intellectual Understanding with Intuitive Sensing to Reach beyond 2D thinking.
  • 2 The Historical or Mythic Thereus was known to journey to the Mountains and bare-handed wrestle Bears into relative submission, enough so that he could bring them back into town with him. Thereus and the other Greek Mythics Lived in the Age of Aries, the Age of Heroes, so we don’t have the Current-Lifetime Experience here in the Age of Pisces to know whether they were Mythic or Historic.
  • 3 E.g. Carl Jung, Four Archetypes: Mother/Rebirth/Spirit/Trickster.
  • 4 Complete 16 October in 3 Sagittarius, “Two men playing chess: The transcendent ritualization of conflict” – or, in this case, a Dragon (Gonggong) and a Bear (Thereus)! The Lachesis-Node cycle takes about 8½ years. Another name for the South Node is the Dragon’s Tail.

The Heavies

October 3, 2021

Some people have a genetic proclivity to respond to THC with Paranoia or even temporary Psychosis. Apart from that, in my Experience we can divide THC into three kinds of Adventures. The first kind is as if nothing happened, as with the weed from that Kansas roadside. The second kind, my fave, is what we used to call “Gigglyweed” – everything would be Hilariously Funny, and we’d Laugh till we had to stop because our side hurt so much we couldn’t Breathe. Once we caught our Breath we’d start Laughing at everything all over again.

The third variety was The Heavies. Imagine watching a movie where you’re really Sucked Into the Drama, and then there’s a Plot Twist that makes you totally revise your Take on everything that’s gone before. That’s The Heavies. Whatever is going on around you is such an Intense Drama that you’re totally Engrossed, and your jaw is Flapping in the Wind. Then you have what feels like a Profound Insight that makes you see this Intense Drama from one or several Totally Different Viewpoints, and it’s just Stupefying – and even more Intense.

That’s what it can be like when (dwarf) planet Pluto is Lit Up Brightly, as it is now, till 6 October 2021 around 11:28 am PDT (Pluto Stationary, in 25 Capricorn). I used to refer to it as “Swimming Through Jello.” Whatever strikes you as Heavy would be a good Interpretation for Pluto, for you. I usually interpret it as Compulsion, or Single-Pointed Attention. It can be associated with Addiction, or Death (which of course is usually Ego Death), both of which can be pretty Compelling. Pluto is also the Timekeeper – it sets the current Weltanschauung or Milieu, what the History and Herstory books will say about any segment of Linear Time. Like the way we’re all Sucked Into the Cantbreatheavirus Drama. Hard to Ignore, Hard to Escape.

We can use that to Get Conscious of our Addictions, so we can Make Different Choices, and Change them. For instance, Here’s Me, and I’m Craving Chocolate. The Cravings can be Very Strong (especially if we have The Munchies). We know the Craving comes from Inside of us somehow, but like that tune, we can’t get it out of our Head. What if we Reframed the Mind’s Obsession to Here’s Me, and I’m Experiencing Compulsion. The astrowinds are blowing Compulsion our way. I plugged Chocolate in because it was Convenient for me.

But wait – What is it we know about Emotions? They’re Intransitive – they don’t take Objects. We’re never Angry at someone or Angry about something, we’re Angry, Period. We’re Experiencing the Sensation that’s called Anger. The Objects and ats and abouts are just Our Thoughts About Our Emotions, and we know that those always lead us into a Swamp, if not to an Abyss. I’m not Addicted to Chocolate, I’m Experiencing the Sensation that’s called Compulsion, and one of my Thoughts About This Emotion happens to be Chocolate. What if I Decided to Challenge my Habitual Focus on MyThoughtsAboutMyEmotions, and Focused instead on the Emotion itself?

I start by Asking myself, Where In My Body Do I Feel This Compulsion? It seems to be centered in the back of my Throat. What Does It Feel Like There? Kind of an uncomfortable Tightness. Can I Relax My Resistance To It And Just Surrender Into It? Easy. I get an Image of an unsteerable cart rushing down a hill, and an image of a large Nipple (implying that I’m small ). Oho, so it’s not about Being Addicted to Chocolate, it’s about Being Addicted to Sustenance! It’s not Chocolate, it’s Hunger! I’ll just get Dead if I eliminating my Addiction to Hunger, unless I manage to become a Breatharian. Do I Still Crave Chocolate? Not nearly as much – it’s any Luscious Dish that I’m thinking about now! Like Lamb with Sauce Béarnaise. I don’t need to Eliminate Chocolate, I need to Spend More Time Cooking!

This Pluto Station is quite Unusual in it’s “Simplicity”…

Simplicity in a chart isn’t necessarily good! You have to Ask, What Is It That Makes This Chart Simple-Looking? Here the answer is that it’s Mostly Blank! Four planets and the Galactic Center, at the End of the Zodiac but lapping over into Aries, and That’s It! My first thought was What is Going to Keep this chart from Tipping over and Falling off? My Intuition Answered – Is there perhaps a Grand Quintile there? And Lo, there was!

A Grand Quintile (the chart-spanning Pentangle) is five planets more or less equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, 72 Degrees apart. They’re “invisible” to the casual observer, because they aren’t a convenient multiple of 30 Degrees apart, so they aren’t in the same Degrees (in different Sifgns). A Grand Quintile means Something We Really Need to Learn (about Compulsion in this case) Is Presenting Itself. We probably Intuitively know What it is, but the Intuition may not be Clear or Concise. Do we know where to Look for it? The other planets in the Configuration usually give us clues…

  • Dwarf planet Salacia! – We haven’t used Her before. She’s often interpreted as a Mermaid – Magic, Emotion (Water), Seduction – Salacious even, Feminine Power. She’s Strong too in this time (“oob” or Out of Bounds).
  • Dwarf planet Altjira – We have run into Altjira before – it symbolizes the Australian Aboriginal Inspiration for Life to Exist in the Physical Plane. More Magic, more Feminine Creative Power. Altjira is also Out of Bounds or Very Strong.
  • Asteroid Hopi – Meaning Respect for All Things, so we probably have Judgments that are ready to be Let Go Of (we Avoid the word “Release” because we don’t want the Unconscious to think we want to sign a new lease on our Karma). Hopi is also Out of Bounds or Very Strong!
  • Asteroid Klotho – New Beginnings, almost always a Good Sign. We may have to Grieve an old Paradigm, but usually it wasn’t working anyway. Time to move on.
  • Among five planets, three are Out of Bounds, and a fourth is Stationary! That’s an impressively Powerful Grand Quintile!

So how often do we Notice the “small, quiet” Voice of Intuition, let alone Follow its Suggestions? How often do we Listen to OurThoughts-AboutOurEmotions (which often aren’t really Ours anyway) instead? OurThoughtsAboutOurEmotions usually Amplify our actual Emotions, Sucking us even Deeper into the Drama. Does the Drama Further Our Life Goals, or Distract Us From Them? We Can Invest Tremendous Energy into These Dramas – Are They Actually More Important To Us than Our Life Goals? What Would Happen If Our Life Goals Were As Compelling? Can We Transfer This Tremendous Energy to Pursuit of Our Life Goals?

Aside from this Big Life Lesson, the Pluto Station chart contains two Challenges (Naked Squares), one an Argument between Our Concept of Spirit and Spiritual Headquarters (Neptune Waxing Square Galactic Center), and the other between Compulsion and Denial (Pluto Waning Square to Eris).

Since the Galactic Center is basically fixed in the Sky (it moves, but very slowly), in the current Era, any Cycle with the Galactic Center will begin with “An old Bridge over a Beautiful Stream is still in Constant Use” (28 Sagittarius), which is to say, Spirit is Alive and Well – Can You Feel Her, Surrender your Ego to Hers, and Accept Her Grace, Recognizing that All Prayers Are Answered, though not always in ways we Expect, and not always in our own Timetable? Our Posts on PIAVA suggest how we might deal with Prayers that don’t seem Successful.

Which seems to be the Greater Compulsion at any given moment – to Accept What We’ve Been Denying, or to Continue to Deny It? Both could be occurring simultaneously, in different Arenas. For instance, we could be Compelled to tell our Employer to Take this job and Shove It! while we continue to be Codependent in our Close Relationships. Remember that Denial is a Healthy Skill that Protects us from Overwhelm that can Shatter the Ego. When the Ego Shatters, we have no Choice but to drop everything else and try to put Humpty Back Together Again. Or rather, since we know that neither All the King’s Horses nor All His Men could do that, we need to Find a Seed from which we can Grow a New and More Capable Ego, maybe Asking the Queen if Her Curanderas could Help.

In this Cycle, Denial is Stronger than Compulsion (Pluto moves faster than Eris), though in any given situation it could be that The Pressure to End Denial could be Stronger than our Compulsion to Avoid Rocking the Boat. The current Cycle is Waning, a Warning that we need to Let It Go, and Move into the Void that always occurs between Cycles. This Cycle began in mid-December 1756 and is about “Pelicans Menaced by the Behavior and Refuse of Men seek safer areas for bringing up their young.” Which may Explain why so many species have been Leaving the Planet, though their Morphogenetic Fields still Orbit in the Morphosphere. Wouldn’t it be great if our Planet was finished with this “Sixth” Mass Extinction, though the Next Cycle doesn’t begin till early in the next Century.

On the Personal Level, most of us Struggle between Denial and Compulsion every day in some form or another. This Struggle is just Amped Up during this Window. Cleaning Up Our Act would probably be an excellent Response to Whatever Tugs at us here. As a Multi-Century Cycle winds down, the tidier we can leave our desk or office or yard or Relationships or Health or Credit or rap sheet, the less Garbage we’ll need to Clean Up in order to Grow Corn in the Next Cycle. Even if we aren’t Alive for it in our current Body, we will be in other Bodies. Even if we get to Samadhi in this Lifetime, won’t we be Back to help Others after that?

Midpoints IV

September 26, 2021

So let’s look at these Challenges to our Self-Sovereignty (T-Squares in the 26 September 2021 Hylonome-Station chart – see previous post). There are two such Challenges (at least in T-Square form)…

The first is a direct Challenge to our Sovereignty, as the Universe Asks us to Face Facts about our Codependence or our over-emphasis on the John Galt section of our Personality, and especially on our Tech-Worship.1

The second is a rather fascinating Challenge to our Growth in Consciousness focused mostly around how Open or Defensive we are. Do we stick with our Traditional Habits for setting our Social Distance, or do we take the risk of Breaking Free from them and try something new?2 Pandemic Pandemonium complicates this picture.

  • 1 Stationary Hylonome T-Squares the Opposition between asteroid Atlantis [Mental Self-Destruction] and the Merger of asteroids Lilith [Self-Sovereignty] and Veritas [Truth of the Mind]. We usually ignore asteroid Lilith, and use the Moon’s Mean Apogee as our marker for Lilith. Both are symbols of Self-Sovereignty or Claiming our Power, or by Reflection Codependence or Giving Away our Power. We use asteroid Lilith here because it Squares our other primary symbol for Sovereignty (Hylonome), and Opposes the symbol for Allowing Technology to Rule, or Emphasis on Mind over Heart (asteroid Atlantis).
  • 2 Asteroid Juno [Growth in Consciousness], acting as an Agent for The Higher-Ups (Conjunct the Great Attractor, a Gravitational Attraction more Powerful than the Galactic Center, that we don’t know much else about), T-Squares the Opposition between dwarf planet Orcus [Pattern-Breaking] and the Merger of asteroids Pallas [Boundaries] and Moira [Fate vs. Consciousness]. While Orcus appears to be a Fierce Defender of our Traditional Limits, he’s often a Paper Tiger, Defending Vows that are so Ancient they turn to Dust when Challenged.

Neither of these Loaded Choices, in the first case Following Trust in Tech into Catastrophe,3 and in the second Risking Obedience to Obsolete Promises,4 are straightforward Logical Choices. They both hide Complex Paradoxes that require us to Exit the Mind and Enter the Gut and the Heart.5

  • 3 Atlantis Opposite Veritas-Lilith.
  • 4 Orcus Opposite Moira-Pallas.
  • Both are Central Axes of Yin Gates, implying Mystery Schools where our Task is to Resist Obvious and/or Logical and/or Traditional and/or Habitual and/or Either/Or and/or Codependent Choices, and Stay Open to New and Deeper Nonlinear Insights that are likely to Appear very Subtle at first, their Impact Deepening as we Live with them. No guarantees, but Rejecting Insights that aren’t Both/And is one way to tentatively approach a Yin Gate.

Midpoints III and Cuspathon IV

September 25, 2021

Busy weekend impending, with heavy week to follow. Let’s start with the Calendar…

  • Till 26 September 2021, 10:03 pm PDT1 (Cuspathon) – Discovering Concepts, Disguised as Beliefs, that aren’t working for us. Hoping your Discredited-too-late Concept isn’t a Vaccine Conspiracy, not wanting to lose a reader. (Mercury Stationary in 26 Libra – sorry, WordPress won’t let me grey out anything tonight)
  • After 26 September, 10:18 pm PDT – Hopefully, Being Conscious about getting sucked into Collective ThoughtsAboutCompellingCollective-Feelings and Avoiding same. When we Wake Up we’ll realize that All Conspiracies are just ThoughtsAboutOurFeelings, which Thoughts can only lead us astray. Differentiating our Feelings from OurThoughts-AboutOurFeelings is probably the Most Important Work any one of us will ever do on this Planet, both for our Personal Future and for the Planet. (Moon Out of Bounds North till 3am PDT 1 October, spanning 25 Gemini to 5 Leo; peaking at 26:07N 29 September 1:27 am PDT, in 10 Cancer)
  • Till 26 September, 11:37 pm PDT (Midpoints2) – Our Self-Sovereignty and Codependence Issues are likely to be Lit Up so we can Clear them. Many of us have never thought to include Conspiracies as part of our Codependence, especially when they’re Disguised by DoubleThink as Sovereignty Issues, but they’re an excellent example of our Choosing not to make decisions that support our own Values. (dwarf planet Hylonome Stationary in 17 Capricorn)
  • Till 27 September, 12:08 pm PDT1 (Cuspathon) – Our Intuition is Lit Up Brightly. (dwarf planet Asbolus Stationary in 28 Gemini)
  • Till 30 September, 5pm PDT (Cuspathon) – We Confront our Unlimited Potential and face all of our “Reasons” why it can’t be so – it’s too Scary for us to Accept. (dwarf planet Chaos Stationary in 30 Gemini – this is the Retrograde Station, so it doesn’t get to Cancer till 20 July 2022)


  • 1 Possibly stretched out till 5pm 30 September by the Chaos Station in the same Degree Zone.
  • 2 Note that the Cusps and Midpoints relate to one another via the Octile series of Angles (1½ or 4½ Signs apart).

Here is the Midpoints chart…

And here is the Cuspathon chart, drawn for 30 September…

I was planning to interpret the Major Challenges (the T-Squares or red triangles), but I got hung up on the Octile Angles, and it seems important, so we’ll continue with them, and work on the Major Challenges tomorrow. Furthur quasi-astrologuese notes on the Octiles…

  • For instance, Jupiter-Damocles makes a Waxing Octile to the Hylonome Station, while Venus-Lachesis makes a Waning Octile to it. The Octile is about Adjustments and Rebalancing. So we’ll be making Adjustments to bring us further into Alignment with the Current Jupiter-Hylonome Cycle [Expanding our Self-Sovereignty] in preparation for this Cycle going Mainstream at the Waxing Jupiter-Hylonome Square (April 2023), Adjustments that might Relieve that Feeling of having a sword suspended over our head. And we’ll be making Adjustments to help us further Let Go of our Investments in the previous Venus-Hylonome and Lachesis-Hylonome Cycles [Aligning our Sovereignty with our Values, and Letting Go of Karma that Inhibits our Self-Sovereignty].
  • And, the Hylonome Station makes a Waning Trioctile to dwarf planet Sedna, while asteroid Hopi makes a Waning Trioctile to the Hylonome Station. The Trioctile is about Making Adjustments to, and Rebalancing, our Compassion. At 225 Degrees, the Waning Trioctile closely follows the Phitile Angle (222½ Degrees). The Phitile is the Climax of a Cycle, so the Waning Trioctile indicates the Timing for a Change in our Approach to what we’re doing. The Major Project of ours that has Dominated this Cycle will no longer be our Top Priority. Our First Priority might now be Making Amends to anyone we’ve Harmed or Ignored while we were Preoccupied with our former Major Project, in order to Restore the Community we’ll Need for Surviving the Void that always occurs between Cycles and for Thriving in the Cycle that will Follow.
  • Let’s take the Hopi-Hylonome Cycle [the Balance between our Respect for All Things and our Self-Sovereignty] as an example. It began in February 2019, so if it’s possible to think back to that Business-as-Usual Era, prior to the onslaught of the Great Careenavirus Disruption, there’s some “Project,” on some level, that we started around then, having something to do with our Sovereignty and our Respect for All Things. It might be easier to think in terms of when the Cycle met its Waxing Square and went Mainstream. Our “Project” was likely to have been mostly Unconscious until then, since Consciousness has room for a relatively small number of Projects.
  • The Waxing Square was in March 2020!
  • Well, what do you know, we seem to be looking into the Balance between Our Self-Sovereignty and Our Respect for All Things as it concerns the Great Careenavirus itself! I didn’t plan this, the astrology led me to it – as it’s often wont to do! This is on some level, what, the Major Issue of our Time? Is this about Me, or is this about Us? Duh! Isn’t this about Me Hoarding As Much As I Can for Myself While I Can Still Hoard? I mean, What Else Is There? Isn’t that how the Earth Game is played in Western Cultures? Where’s Alex Trebek when we really need him? This may explain part of the Vehemence and even Violence in the apparent over-reactions from some of the AntiVaxxers, instead of the simple “No thanks” that seems more appropriate to the situation. You’d think they were being Asked to do something Harmful, like accelerating Global Warming.
  • The current Hopi-Hylonome Cycle began in 13 Capricorn, A Fire Worshipper Meditates on the Ultimate Realities of Existence.” Rudhyar comments (in 1973), “In times when collective, perhaps total, death could be in store for mankind, the process of subjective meditation is fascinating an ever-greater number of people.”
  • Okay, so that Cycle, where Consciously or Unconsciously we’ve all been doing some version of this “Meditation” on the Balance between Our Self-Sovereignty and Our Respect for All Things has recently passed it’s Culmination (its Phitile). I don’t look up the next Cycle because anything we consider about it will be from the Perspective of the current Cycle, and therefore not only irrelevant, but Regressive. We may discover more by looking at the chart of the 10 February 2019 (5:08 pm PST) Initiation of the current Cycle.

Midpoints II and Cuspathon III

September 19, 2021

Actually, I don’t think we got as far as the Midpoint Action in the last post, even though it was named Cuspathon II and Midpoints I.

I’m still working on Antigone but meanwhile, Time marches on, and we need to begin looking at the other Degree Zone that’s about to become popular, namely the Midpoints of the Signs…

Not that we’re done with the Cuspathon – there are several more events coming up on the Cusps. Among other reasons, Cusps are important because of their Obvious correlation with Change. One can easily say that each Sign is a Reaction to the previous Sign…

Aries moves into the Spiritual Perspective to pull our boots out of the Piscean Emotional Swamp. Taurus moves into Seeing is Believing to ground the Arietian Pie in the Sky. Pluripotent Gemini shatters stodgy Taurean Dogmas. Nurturing Cancer Reacts to Gemini’s Airheaded lack of Empathy. Leo says What About Me?! after tiring of Cancer’s Emphasis on Other. Virgo is Compelled to Examine Who Am I anyway? once we Realize how Lonely Leonine Self-Admiration can be. Still Confused by Virgo’s constant Ego Death, Libra Asks Well, who are these Other people then? What do they Know that I don’t? Not getting what we Wanted from Libran Experiences with Other, we’re Inspired to Get to the Bottom of Things in Scorpio.

When we finally pop out of Scorpio’s The Way Out Is Through mantra, we Find that the motto of Sagittarius is The Way Out Is Letting Go. Running out of Arrows and other things to Let Go Of, in Capricorn we Realize that We’d Better Just Pick Up Our Hammer and Fix It. After we’ve Fixed It Our Way and we’re bragging about it in the local Aquarian Tavern , we Discover that other people had very Different ideas about how to Fix It. Eventually, Realizing that we’ll never Agree on how to Fix It, we get Discouraged and seek Solace in our Emotions, only to Realize that the gas stations no longer give away maps to the Piscean Swamp. So we send a drone up into the Arietian Sky to try to map it ourself. Und so weiter.

We don’t mean to insult anybody here, just to suggest that we take a look at how our two closest neighbors might see us.

So here’s who’s Dancing on our Cusps over the next several weeks…

  • We begin to Examine our Unconscious Limitations Fearlessly on 20 September 2021 (asteroid Vesta moves into Scorpio 9:29 am).
  • For several weeks after 20 September, we get to Review our Emotional Baggage, to see what we need not take with us on the next leg of our Journey (Full Moon in 29 Pisces, 4:56 pm PDT).
  • We have the Opportunity to Study how well our Intuition is Working between now and 27 September, especially around Grokking Perspectives Different from our own (dwarf planet Asbolus Stationary 12:08 pm PDT in 28 Gemini).
  • In particular, stretching to September 30, how well is our Intuition Working around our Unlimited Potential and what parts of it we want to PIAVA for our Bucket List (dwarf planet Chaos Stationary 5pm PDT in 30 Gemini).
  • Meanwhile, till 26 September, we Discover places where our Communication Skills with Other People might be Improved (Mercury Stationary 10:03 pm PDT in 26 Libra).
  • We begin to Seriously Question our Biases after October 4 (asteroid Hopi moves into Virgo).
  • Our Compulsions, especially our Compulsions to Resist our Unlimited Potential to Protect our Ego, are intense through 6 October (Pluto Stationary in 25 Capricorn).
  • This Stresses our Self-Confidence till at least 9 October1 (dwarf planet Chariklo Stationary in 30 Capricorn).
  • After 7 October we start Letting Go of Values that we’ve recently Discovered are no longer Who We Really Are (Venus enters Sagittarius).
  • After 9 October1 we begin to notice that Concerns we’ve had about our Relationships have faded, and our Relationships begin to Change Spontaneously (asteroid Atropos moves into Libra and asteroid Lachesis moves into Sagittarius).

1 A lot Changes on 9 October; also see below.

Meanwhile, our first Sign Midpoint event occurs on 21 September (coincidentally, the Cusp of Libra). While the Seasons Change on the Cusps of the Creative Signs (Northern Spring/Southern Fall on the Cusp of Aries, Northern Summer/Southern Winter on the Cusp of Cancer, Southern Spring/Northern Fall on the Cusp of Libra, Southern Summer/ Northern Winter on the Cusp of Capricorn), the Pagan Cross-Quarter Holidays occur at the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Imbolc at the Midpoint of Aquarius, Beltane at the Midpoint of Taurus, Lughnasadh at the Midpoint of Leo, Samhain at the Midpoint of Scorpio), which are also referred to as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalype.

  • Until 21 September (3:10 am PDT) our Self-Love is tested again, in a Review of our extensive Work on it in July. When our Self-Love is Lit Up, it’s important to Remember that Self-Doubt is a Paper Tiger that can be Dismissed summarily. Self-Doubt is just Our Thoughts About Our Feelings of Discouragement, and by now we all know that Our Thoughts About Our Feelings can only lead us astray (asteroid Sappho Stationary in 17 Aquarius). What Is It About the Apocalypse that Frightens You? That would be Your Thoughts About Your Feelings, wouldn’t it. How about instead, Where in Your Body Do You Feel Your Fear About the Apocalypse? Can You Be Loving With It There? No? Well, Keep Trying!!
  • We’ll be Busy with our Judgments and our Compulsions the week of 3 October, but till 9 October (there’s that date again), our Understanding of Sustainability will be Shifting (dwarf planet Ceres Stationary in 13 Gemini). It’s always useful to Remember that Sustainability starts with Sustenance, that is, What Can I Do Without? Notice, above1, that our Self-Confidence is also Up for Repairs, while our Karma is Shifting profoundly, both in terms of natural Expiry dates (Atropos) and in terms of what we can Change Consciously (Lachesis).

Oh, did I mention that we’re likely to be Seduced by Our Thoughts About Our Emotions between 10:18 pm PDT 26 September and 2:58 am 1 October (Moon Out of Bounds between 15 Gemini and 5 Leo, peaking at 26:07 North Declination and 10 Cancer at 1:27 am PDT on 29 September), implying that there’s likely to be much Cultural Stress during that week, as this kind of astroevent usually leads to being Seduced by our Collective Thoughts About Our Collective Emotions. COVID perhaps? Economic Survival? Government Shutdowns? Hurrycanes? Apocalyptic Horrors we haven’t even contemplated? (That would likely involve Pholus, which was lit up last week.)

Cuspathon II and Midpoints I

September 18, 2021

Well, hopefully that’ll take care of the brunt of our Survival Anxiety for another six months.1 We can thank Larry and Ida and Nicolas and Dixie and Caldor and Covid for their shares of the Climate Change Drama in the US, but you probably had your own Local version anyway. Ida was particularly tricky, spitefully drowning folks from New Orleans to New York and in the Between. For many people, the Challenge was all too familiar.2

1 Till Pholus [Taking Full Responsibility ] and Quaoar [Survival Instincts] go Stationary again, which occurs every six months. This time it was Quaoar first at 9:18 am PDT 16 September 2021 in 4 Capricorn [ Just Fix It, Will ya! ], followed by Pholus at 4:58 am PDT 17 September in 3 Capricorn, both turning Direct. The chart we’ve drawn up for them is for their Midpoint (symbolized by the tetherball pole) in longitude and time in 4 Capricorn at 7:08 pm PDT September 16.

2 The main structure of the chart is the two starkly perpendicular “Golden Rectangles” (blue rectangles in the chart) [Natural Grace and Harmony]. The chart is remarkably symmetrical. With a Golden Rectangle in a busy chart we always look for a Yin Gate (a Golden Rectangle with additional planets at the Midpoints of the short sides) [ A Mystery School ], but here both Rectangles had an extra planet on only one end [Open Portals], Squaring (short red line) [Challenging] each other.

The many other red lines [Tensions] are all in Grand Crosses (4 planets more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac, making a square red box with an X or + across the middle), which while potentially Difficult, they’re in Balance, and as such more easily managed than Incomplete red structures like a Naked Square (unattached short red line) or a T-Square (Opposition with third planet at one of the Midpoints, or a red “right” triangle) [Becoming Adept through a Lifetime of Repeated Similar and Challenging Experiences].

The extra planet at one end only of a Golden Rectangle “Rules” or “Sets the Stage” for the Open Portal Structure. They’re basically the Light at the End of the Tunnel, the Coordinators for the Natural Grace and Harmony in the Golden Rectangle, or the Watchers on the Threshold. A Watcher on the Threshold Protects the Ego from the Disruptive Intrusion of Enlightenment.

There are two Open Portals, one in Earth and Water Signs (Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio) that signify Magnetic or Feminine Power (PIAVA), and the other in Air and Fire Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius) that invite Dynamic or Masculine Power (Plan-Execute-Evaluate). Emotion (Water Signs) takes second fiddle to Sensation (Earth) in the Magnetic Open Portal, and Spirit (Fire Signs) yields Priority to Mentality (Air), because Earth and Air contain Grand Trines (Dumb-Luck Grace), making Becoming More Conscious about the Physical Universe a More Grace-Full Path for us through these Portals.

The Watcher at the Threshold of the Dynamic Open Portal is Global Warming and its Products such as Fires, Floods, Mass Extinction, perhaps including us, the Careenavirus, our Survival Fears and Resistance to Adapting to the Changes (none other than Pholus and Quaoar themselves). The Watcher at the Threshold of the Dynamic Open Portal is Magnetic (Earth Sign Capricorn, Just Fix It! ), signifying Integration, the Sacred Marriage of the Inner Male and Female, and Our Inner Male’s Willingness to be Guided by Our Inner Female.

The Side Doors in the Dynamic Tunnel (the corners of the Golden Rectangle) – where we may be able to collect “passwords” (Insights or Experiences or Personal Transformations) that allow us to pass by this Watcher – are Our Instincts (the Moon), Our Held or Buried Emotions (the South Node), Our Self-Sovereignty (the North Node and Lilith), and the Death of Our Attachments (dwarf planets Cyrallus and Varuna). We might say that the overriding theme is How the Hell Am I Supposed to Protect a Family and Community when Everything Is Falling Apart and Everyone Is Going Extinct?!?!?

The Watcher at the Threshold of the Magnetic Open Portal is Our Self-Sabotaging Habits or Our Frustration with Our Karma (Mars and asteroid Karma). The Watcher at the Threshold of the Magnetic Open Portal is Dynamic (Air Sign Virgo, Ego Death) – Manifesting What We Don’t Know How to Manifest, or, again, Integration. The Side Doors include Our Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong), the Birth of our Enlightened Self (dwarf planet Zhulong and asteroid Klotho), Trust that we can Manage Seemingly Impossible Situations (asteroid Eurydike and dwarf planet Thereus), and Our Ego’s Hidden Death Wish (asteroids Aletheia and Antigone). An overarching summary of the Magnetic Tunnel might be the Realization that Everything Is Grist for the Mill, or If It Doesn’t Make You Stronger It Will Kill You (and that’s Okay!).

Our Chief Asteroid Officer yesterday inquired about asteroid Antigone, and Lo, she pops up, Merged with The Truth of Our Heart (Conjunct asteroid Aletheia), in the Exaggeration of Global Warming (Pholus-Quaoar Stations) chart. The one dominant theme that I’ve noticed so far with Antigone is that Folks around her seem to Get Dead a lot. It will be worthwhile to look at Antigone’s Discovery chart next.

Hereabouts, without getting Anal-ytical with MyThoughtsAboutMyFeelings, I’m hoping that the Spontaneous bouts of Excitement that I keep Feeling are related to having made Ego-Death-Rebirth Breakthroughs during Pholus-Quaoar-Moon-Out-of-Bounds Week, that will facilitate my Becoming Adept at the Changes I’ve been working on this summer, rather than “just another” Manic phase.

The Cuspathon Continues

September 12, 2021

Of course all Sign Changes are Cuspal events as well. This month already, Our Relationship Karma was Triggered on 1 September 2021, we Started Second-Guessing our Confidence again on 6 September, and we Began Deepening our Relationships on 10 September. Later this month, we Act to Set Better Relationship Boundaries after 15 September, and Get a Lot More Curious about what Makes our Unconscious Limitations Tick after 20 September.1

Our next Big astroevent occurs 12 September in the last Degree of Sagittarius – I know we’ve all been Feeling it for several days already – as our usually Hidden and often Forbidden Genius, the one who needs to Break all the Rules to Be Themself, gets harder and harder to Repress. It’s not “the Devil” that makes us do it this time, it’s Orders from Galactic Headquarters.2

It’s about the part of ourself that was Shamed or Punished into hiding when we weren’t old enough to be able to Claim Our Own Power. As Powerful as this Energy is for us, it’s almost certainly also Karmic. We spent many Lifetimes developing this Skillset, partly because we knew we – and the Planet – would need it in the End of Days.3 As a Soul we knew that the most Powerful way to bring it into Consciousness would be to expose it to Resistance and Repression.4

Don’t be misled by the 2D version of this Skillset that the Intellect has access to. If we think we Understand it, we’re probably wrong. On the trivial Dualistic level, which is the Skill we need – What Is Repressed? Or The Skill at Repressing It? What we and the Planet Need is probably some Multidimensional but Unitary combination of these two and many more Energies5 that are accessible only to the Intuition.

All next week, through 17 September, “Global Warming” Heats Up. Global Warming is an innocuous-sounding Metaphor for the fact that our Obsessive Left-Brain Laser Focus on ripping the asphalt shingles off of the roof of our House and tossing them into the Fire leaves us Wondering why we’re getting Wet and having trouble Breathing the Toxic Smoke, while Indulging our Victimhood about our Misfortunes.6

1 Asteroid Karma moved into Libra 1 September, dwarf planet Chariklo backed into Capricorn and asteroid Eurydike moved into Virgo 6 September (9:30 am and 12:15 pm PDT respectively), Venus moved into Scorpio 10 September (1:30 pm PDT). Mars moves into Libra 15 September (4:51 pm PDT) and asteroid Vesta enters Scorpio 20 September (9:29 am PDT).

2 Dwarf planet Ixion is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated impact), and Stationary (Strong) 12 September (5:07 am PDT), Merged with the Galactic Center, which is three Degrees shy of the Capricorn Cusp.

3 Think about your T-Squares, especially your most Difficult T-Square – they define your Lifetime Curriculum, and your Frustrations from them are your greatest Teachers.

4 We know it the End of Days (as we know them, of course) because the Plant Sources of both Chocolate and Coffee are threatened with Commercial Extinction.

5 For starters, what about the planets in the Base of your T-Squares? And what other Angles and Configurations do they participate in? What other Angles and Configurations do the Foci of your T-Squares make? Especially the “Hidden” Angles and Configurations – the 5th (360/5=72 Degrees), 7th (360/7 etc.), 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and numerically higher Harmonics, the Angles that don’t join the same Degrees in different Signs. Find the meanings of the higher Harmonics in Angeles Arrien’s Tarot Handbook, correlating each Harmonic with the corresponding card in the Major Arcana. We don’t have to be Encyclopedic about it, we can just follow our Curiosity. Pay particular Attention to the 18th Harmonic, symbolizing Authenticity, as this Path also leads to your Wholeness.

The 18th Harmonic comprises 20 Degrees, 40, 80, 100, etc., omitting the Angles that can be divided by 30. Looking up these Angles isn’t as hard as one would imagine. For instance, in the chart of the 29:21 Sagittarius Ixion Station, the 18th Harmonic connects Ixion to 9:21 of the Dynamic (Air and Fire) Signs (Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius), and 19:21 of the Magnetic (Earth and Water) Signs (Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio).

We would use no more than one Degree of Sensitivity or Orb, ie, 8:21 to 10:21 and 18:21 to 20:21). Other astrologers would use 24 Arcminutes (0:24) as the Sensitivity, but other astrologers consider these “minor” Angles, which they are as far as the Ego Personality is concerned. Our aim though is to fathom the Relationship between the Ego and the Unconscious, and in this realm the “minor” Angles are where some of our deepest and potentially Most Essential Secrets are kept.

The 18th Harmonic is related to the 9th Harmonic, The Hermit, or the Novile Angle series, symbolizing Introversion and Meditation. For convenience, let’s name the 20-Degree Angle the Unoctile (Un as in “one,” rather than “not”). It’s also known as a Seminovile, but I prefer to use a name for the actual fraction, rather than dividing a larger Angle. We Recognize that Introversion and Meditation are a primary Path to finding the Essential Authentic Self, as Stephen and Ondrea Levine describe in Who Dies?.

If we use Serrenu ( for 12:07 UT 12 September 2021, we find…

(a) Distant minor planet Arrokoth [Close Examination] and centaur Orius [Pirate] at the Waxing Unoctile [Authentic, Integrated]. We might Ask ourself, If we were a Pirate, how on Close Examination would we Feel about that? Would we Empathize with our Victims, Gloat over our Genius, or …? If we were around in 2014, we might remember Arrokoth as Ultima Thule, the target for the leftover fuel in NASA’s flyby of Pluto [Unconscious Compulsions], since renamed Arrokoth.

(b) Plutino Lempo [Love Daemon] at the Waxing Septunoctile (7/18th of 360 or 140 Degrees ahead of Ixion) [Timeliness or Safety of Being Authentic]. We might Ask ourself, In this Moment, do we Feel that Love is Dangerous, or Predatory, or Deceptive, or…?

(c) Dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability] at the Waxing Quadranovile (160 Degrees) [Adeptness with Authenticity]. We might Ask ourself, Is our Intuition about When to Be Authentic, and When it’s not Appropriate or Safe, Sustainable, or do we Frequently Misjudge How Authentic to Be in a Situation or Relationship?

(d) Asteroid Requiem [Respect for Death], whom we’ve met, at the Waning Septunoctile [The Peter Principle (approaching the Phitile)]. We might Ask ourself, Do we Know When to Call It Quits or to “Get Out at the Top”?

(e) Sun and asteroid Hygeia [Clean] at the Waning Quintunoctile [Learning to Let Go]. We might Ask ourself, Is it Time to “Come Clean” about our Lack of Authenticity in a Relationship? How would we Go About that?

(f) Asteroid Atlantis [Technohubris and Greed] at the Waning Binovile (80 Degrees behind Ixion) [Knowing When to “Fold”]. We might Ask ourself, If I didn’t have to Pay the Consequences, Where would I throw my Sabots to Use My Unique Skillset to Create the Maximum Impact to Stop Hupers from Destroying the Earth‘s Ecosystem? Are we Close Enough to the End that it’s Time to Damn the Consequences rather than Continue to Endure the Status Quo? Is that My Addiction to Comfort Speaking, or My Honest Intuition about the State of the Planet?

6 Dwarf planets Quaoar and Pholus are Stationary on 16 (9:18 am PDT) and 17 September (4:58 am PDT) respectively, near the same Capricorn Cusp (in 4 and 3 Degrees Capricorn respectively. Quaoar is about our Survival Instincts, and Pholus is about What We Haven’t Realized Is Dooming Us. We’ll have No Trouble staying in our Pholian Denial, because we’ll be Covering the Intuitive Warnings that our Emotions are Giving Us, by keeping all of our Mental Attention on our Self-Pity over how the Plagues, Floods, Fires, and other Apocalyptic Events are Victimizing us – if we have any Spare Attention left over from Whining about what a Sacrilege it is to have to keep our Piehole covered, as if that’s any different from keeping our Peehole covered. We should stage a counterprotest about how Unconstitutional it is to have to wear pants. All God’s Chillens gots to have their Freedom…Freedom…Freedom.

We don’t Notice and Acknowledge the Emotional Intuition because we Respond to the Moon being Out of Bounds by making a Big Deal over our Thoughts about our Emotions, especially our Collective Thoughts about our Collective Emotions. The Moon goes out of Bounds at 2:31 am PDT 13 September in 15 Sagittarius. On its way South it crosses Ixion at 3:28 am PDT 14 September, Pholus at 9:16 am, and Quaoar at 11:24 am. It reaches Peak Southness at 25:59 S Declination in 10 Capricorn at 8:45 pm 14 September. While still Out of Bounds it Unxes Ixion on 16 September at 12:22 am PDT, Pholus at 1:10 pm, and Quaoar at 3:21 pm. It returns In-Bounds in 5 Aquarius on 16 September at 3:43 pm.

The Recognition that the Apocalyptovirus is a Natural Child of the “Global Warming” Created by Huper Technohubris and Greed is there, but scarce. Even the Acknowledgment of Huper Technohubris and Greed is rare. Mostly it’s about Beating it’s Chest. After nine years of Flirtation (within 3 Degrees of Sensitivity) and five years of foreplay (1 Degree of Sensitivity), Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility For) will finally Consummate it’s Meeting with Quaoar (Our Survival Instincts) on 8 February 2023 (7:52 am PST) in 9 Capricorn (“An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the Spiritual meaning and purpose at the Core of any Life situation” ), beginning a new approximately 120-year Cycle in how Seriously we Consider our Survival. That’s 17 months from now.7

7 Pholus has an elliptical Orbit of almost 92 years, ranging from Saturn to beyond Pluto. Quaoar’s Orbit, at almost 289 years, is a little longer than Pluto’s. Quaoar’s almost-round Orbit is closer to the Sun than Pluto when the latter is furthest from the Sun in its elliptical Orbit, though at the moment Pluto is nine Earth-Sun distances closer to us than Quaoar. Quaoar will be closer than Pluto starting in 2053, at the Midpoint of Aquarius. If Quaoar then replaces Pluto as the arbiter of the Zeitgeist, Survival will become The Most Important Thing, even more than it appears to be today. It was last inside Pluto’s Orbit from 1803, 15 years after the French Revolution, until 1908.

The Cycle that we’re concluding now began in mid-October 1901, at 11 Leo (“Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree: The power of Tradition as it shelters the beginning of individual self-expression” ). Well, we’re certainly seeing the Death Throes of “individual self-expression,” as the covidiots wave their “Give me Liberty (from Masks and Vaccines) or Give me Death (from COVID)!” flags with Revolutionary fervor. Here’s one result…

And another…

“Death Panels” are actually nothing more than Triage, which has been around forever in situations where Injury and Disease has exceeded a Community’s Healing capacities, and where “the Rich will Live, and the Poor will die.” It’s just not something we’re used to in the “Developed” World and the 21st Century. Is it an aberration, or the start of a trend?

Another Cusp Event

September 10, 2021

The “Square,”1 which is astrologuese for Hassle or Challenge, gives us headaches because it attempts to join two parts of ourself that are in Fierce Competition – our Physicality v. our Spirituality v. our Emotionality v. our Mentality2 – which aren’t likely to want to Compromise. It’s like the Heart and the Brain arguing over who’s More Important, when in walks the Anus.

On the other hand, the “Trine,”3 astrojargon for Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding, contributes to our Joy and Ease and Confidence because it links different parts of ourself that Love to Rock Out Together when they Team Up – like our Creativity, our Certainty, and our Evolution.4 Imagine our Dancer joining our Musician, our Writer collaborating with our Illustrator, our Artist enjoying Critical Acclaim and Financial Success.

When planets linger on Cusps, these traditional Relationships get crossed up. For instance, instead of our Creative Spirituality happily Dancing with our Evolutionary Spirituality, we might have our Creative Spirituality Dancing clumsily with our Emotional Certainty, where we might find (and Examine or Deny) our Bigotry.5 Or the Confusion of our Emotional Certainty encountering our Physical Evolution (Remember in our youth when we didn’t want anything to do with the Opposite Gender, till Puberty kicked in?) instead of the routine Challenges of the little Demons and Angels on our shoulders juggling our Emotional Certainty with our Spiritual Certainty.6

1 Shown in our charts by a short red line between planets three Signs apart.

2 Respectively, Earth, Fire, Water, Air Signs [Matter, Spirit, Emotion, Thought] – eg Leo 🥊 Scorpio 🥊 Aquarius 🥊 Taurus, or Capricorn 🥊 Aries 🥊 Cancer 🥊 Libra, or Virgo 🥊 Sagittarius 🥊 Pisces 🥊 Gemini.

3 Shown as long blue lines between planets four Signs apart.

4 Respectively, Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable Signs [Creative, Stable, Changing] – eg. Aries ❤️ Leo ❤️ Sagittarius, Taurus ❤️ Virgo ❤️ Capricorn, Gemini ❤️ Libra ❤️ Aquarius, Cancer ❤️ Scorpio ❤️ Pisces.

5 Instead of early Aries to early Sagittarius, early Aries Trine to late Scorpio.

6 Late Scorpio Square to early Virgo, instead of late Scorpio to late Leo.

In addition, Cusps are by their nature times of Change, so in addition to the potential Confusion created by these crossovers, we don’t have our History or Herstory to fall back on.

For instance, in the 30 August 2021 Converting Fear to Power chart, Fear Challenges and/or is Challenged by both Trust and Domination. The Trust Challenge is a “Traditional” Challenge – the Material Certainty of Fear (we can Feel it in our Physical Bodies) versus the Spiritual Certainty of Trust. It’s about finding a Balance between Fear and Trust that works to keep us out of Fight/Flight/Freeze and allows us to Differentiate “Real” from Karmic Threats and Act Effectively in Response to each, parrying the Real and Becoming Conscious of the Karmic. But the Challenge of Domination is different. It’s about Physical Stability versus Physical Evolution – it’s about Fear of Change. Do we know what makes the Karmic Real? Do we know what can make the Real Karmic? 7

That’s not all. The Merging of Trust and Domination is also Cuspal. The Trust issue is about Self-Trust. We’d been working since early June on Trusting that our Ego can Handle the Changes, as part of Healing our Unconditional Self-Love. We were in the final stages of that process when Fear Tested us. The Domination issue is about Change. Change in our Willingness to be Dominated or Abused, and Change in our use of Domination (Abuse) in our approach to Getting Our Needs Met. We just started that three-year project, so we’re in the early stages of Discovering the Unknown Unknowns that we need to work on.8

7 In the Sedna [Fear to Power] Station chart, Sedna at the end of Taurus [Fixed Earth] is Squared by both asteroid Eurydike [Trust] at the end of Leo [Fixed Fire] and dwarf planet Thereus [Domination] in early Virgo [Mutable Earth].

8 Eurydike in Leo [Self-Trust] since early June, through 6 September 2021. Thereus in Virgo from early August 2021 through September 2024.

So if we maxed our Benefit from this Challenge (one of many) in the 30 August Fear-Power Curriculum, we were perhaps Discovering where Domination – Bullying or Codependence – fit into our Multidimensional and Unitary Karmic jigsaw puzzle. Are we Creating new Karma or Deepening old Karma through Repetition of Unconscious (or Semi-Conscious and Uncorrected) Domination or Codependence Patterns, and does that Frighten us, or maybe should it Frighten us? Are we Trusting too much that the Victims of our Domination Patterns aren’t hiding Conscious or Unconscious Resentment? Might our Codependence partners Resent our depending on them for Psychological or other “Services” that we should be handling ourself?

What’s the nature of our Karmic Contracts with these “Partners”? As the Planet Descends further into Disorder on way too many fronts all at once, how will this impact our Relationships with and within the Communities we’ll Need for Survival?9

9 A new five-year Eurydike-Thereus [Trust-Equality, Power Dynamics] Cycle begins on 21 September 2021 (7:12 am PDT), in 5 Virgo, “A person becoming aware of Nature Spirits and normally unseen Spiritual Agencies.” These people (the Nature Spirits and Spiritual Agencies) are Distressed that Hupers are not doing their essential part in Reanimating the Planet (ie, working with the Nature Spirits rather than ignoring them).

I just finished Thomas Mayer’s recently-translated book Answering the Call of the Elementals: Practices for Connecting with Nature Spirits, and I highly recommend it. I’ve been working and studying for many years to recover the Connection I had with them in my youth, before my father shamed it into Hiding, and the practices in Mayer’s book are the most Practical and Powerful that I’ve found. There’s also a promising 18 September online workshop sponsored by the Fairy and Human Relations Congress; see

From here I’d like, if I find the time, to examine the Transcuspal Relationship between the dwarf planets that symbolize Unconstrained Freedom (Ixion in the last Degree of Sagittarius) and Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival (Pholus and Quaoar in early Capricorn). The influence of Unconstrained Freedom is Exaggerated (Stationary) until 12 September, and of Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival until 17 September 2021.