Aries Equinox Molt

March 20, 2018

Juli asks an excellent question – “What on earth are Kegels?”  Kegels are an excellent Response to Fear, as they Slow Down Time.  The greater the Fear, the greater the Slowing…

Often prescribed for women to reverse urinary incontinence after childbirth or aging, they’re just as good for men.  I’m not suggesting that champion baseball and basketball players do Kegels, but if you’ve ever wondered how someone can place-hit a 160kph/100mph fastball or coordinate a fast break, it’s a lot easier when Time is moving at half-speed.

After I learned this (from Jack Schwartz, a remarkable workshop of his I was lucky enough to attend), by “coincidence” I went to see the movie Alien, and couldn’t help but do Kegels all through the movie.  When I left the theater, it felt as though it took me hours to get home, even though it was about 5k, at 65kph (3 mi at 40mph) – less than 10 minutes clock time.  I was alarmed enough by the pace to check my speedometer dozens of times, and every time it said I was traveling at the legal speed limit.

It’s worth having a look at that Tricolor Configuration in the Aries Equinox chart.  Since it’s a chart for an Equinox, we can Expect it to impact our Lives and our Planet for much of the next Year…

Many of the Players in the chart are Stationary (Strong)…

  • Mnemosyne on 15 March 10pm PDT
  • Ceres on 18 March 10pm PDT
  • Hopi on 19 March 8am PDT
  • Ixion on 27 March 2pm PDT
  • Pholus on 29 March 9pm PDT
  • Quaoar 1 on April 3pm PDT

The end of March looks to be particularly Dramatic, by the way, with Forbidden-Genius Ixion, Full-Responsibility Pholus, and Survival-Instincts Quaoar all Strong at the same time.

As long-time readers will recall, we interpret a Tricolor (so named for the profound reason that it’s made up of a red line, a green one, and a blue one) by focusing on Curiosity (the green Quincunx line) as the means to unlock the Grace (the blue Trine line) hidden in the Challenge (the red Square line).

The Stellia (groups of 3 or more planets) are Challenging enough on their own, even before they Square one another…

  • Sun-Chiron-Nemesis – Sun (Essence) says we’re going deep, Chiron gives us a Choice between Despairing and Poor-Sweethearting ourself, and Nemesis suggests that we may Feel like we’re Dying or Shamefully Guilty, “simply” because the Ego is Molting.
  • Ixion-Mars-Pholus-Quaoar – Mars (Urge to Action) will be Agitating our Forbidden Genius (Ixion), likely exciting his/her Resentment at being Forbidden, and Egging her/him to Speak Out and Act Out.  Pholus (Responsibility) is about Preparing for Unforeseen Circumstances, those famous Unknown Unknowns.  And Quaoar suggests that Taking Full Responsibility may be, or at least Feel like, a Life and Death issue.

So here the Challenge is to Accept some pretty profound Healing by Recognizing that a Part of our Soul has been Forbidden to Be Present in this Lifetime, and that this Part of Us is critical to getting ourself and our Planet into 5D.  We were probably Punished by our Programmers when we Acted out this Part of ourself as Children, and as a result we developed certain Beliefs and Values that have molded and Limited our Lives ever since. 

These Beliefs and Values are Obsolete and up for Disposal, but they Feel totally Core to our Identity.  If you think you know what they might be, you’re probably on the right track, but you’re also probably not quite hitting the mark, as our existing Egos will Protect these Obsolete Values and Beliefs “with its Life.”  If you have a lot of Practice Recognizing and Accepting Ego Death, it will likely be Easier, but we can all Expect to be Surprised.

Stellia are the First Harmonic, or Magic.  Magic happens when we are able to Shift our Assemblage Point (as Castaneda would say), or Shift our Perspective, allowing us to See the World Newly.  When two or more planets converge into the same Zodiacal place, their Energies Merge, yielding new Energies that we don’t Recognize as “Normal.”  Like any acid trip, we can either be Freaked Out or Entranced by this glimpse into Hermann Hesse’s Magische Theater.

The third Stellium is Memory-Life Force-Sustainability, or Mnemosyne-Varuna-Ceres.  We have Memories that, if Received as a PTSD Flashback that takes us fully out of the Present Moment, can Re-Traumatize us, but which, if we Receive them as a Revelation or Epiphany, have the Power to Heal.  We of course would prefer the latter.  How to Encourage it?

Through the Grace or Trine (the blue line) – if we can Respond to Pain by Poor-Sweethearting ourself and Opening to Self-Empathy (Chiron), and Respond to Guilt and Ego Death by focusing on the Freedom that will result from Confessing and Abolishing our old Limitations (Nemesis).  We complete the circuit and Flow from the Challenge to the Grace, by Paying Attention to the Curiosity embedded in the green line.

The Quincunx (green line) is not about the sort of Curiosity where we’re inspired to look everywhere for Solutions to what we see as a Problem.  That’s a Linear Perspective on a Multidimensional Universe.  The Dualistic mind likes to see the World through the Perspective of Problems and (maybe) Solutions, but the World is far deeper than that.  Better to see the World through the Eyes of a Child, where every Experience is New and Wondrous, and our primary Response is Awe.  That Opens us to seeing into the deeper Dimensions.

One way to attempt to Encourage this Innocence is through PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking, and its many other variations such as “Feelizing,” Expanding, Commanding, Wondering, etc.  So we might PIAVA “I Wonder if I can Hold a Healing Response to Memories of the Punishment I received as a Child for Being my Unique Me before I Learned to ‘Control myself.’ “

Or even “God/Goddess, Creator of All This Is, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently Sustain a Healing Response to Memories of the Punishment I received as a Child for Being Uniquely Myself.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show me.”  If you don’t See Peace, Tap Out the Emotions or tensions or Circumstances, and try again, repeating till you See Peace.  You may also want to Poor-Sweetheart any youngsters that show up.

A social worker I know whose job includes negotiating Peace between parties at odds with one another, tells me that in the last month the number of people Freaking Out and insisting on their Right to be an Asshole, has multiplied.  This is exactly the Energy we’re talking about.  Our Programmers had what for them was an excellent, even black-and-white Mandatory, reason for Punishing us when we Displeased them.  Our Forbidden Parts are hidden behind walls of apparently justifiable Shame. 

We have to go Deeper, behind the Shame.  There is a Pure and Innocent Energy there that has Great Power for Good.  It was  Misinterpreted by your Programmers, or Misused by us in our initial clumsy attempts to Express it, and probably both.  We have to get behind these Misinterpretations and Misuses to the Pure Core Energy that has been Rejected and Abandoned.  You can even try a “You Poor Sweetheart, you’ve been Rejected and Abandoned, haven’t you.”  Even without a provocation, that could bring you directly in touch with your Forbidden Self.

The flip side of Abandonment is Suffocation.  Some of us were shadowed by overattentive Programmers who were Waiting for us to show any hint that we Might demonstrate the Behaviors that they loathed.  In many such cases, our Punishments had no apparent relationship to our “Crimes” – we still don’t know why we were Punished, only that we were.  The result could be a Free-Floating sense of Inadequacy.  We aren’t sure why (though we can make up a thousand justifiable reasons), we just know that we’re Not Fit to be Good Company for anyone Decent.

We Project our Unhealed Karma into our Relationships.  We so easily adopt the role of our Programmers when we feel Irritated, and define Other as Wrong.  We may do this with zero Awareness, or with a dim Awareness of what we’re doing, but either way, Noticing when you’re Judging Other is a good cue for something like a “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Critical (or Criticized), aren’t you.” 

When you get a wee voice Responding to a Poor-Sweetheart, often over your Shoulder (your Abandoned and Suffocated Childhood Selves are likely to be Behind you), you’ve Opened a Gold Mine.  Make a Strong Connection to the wee voice, and note it’s location.  Extend your Love back to it.  The more you can be Open to that wee voice, the more it will talk to you and make this whole Healing process so much Easier.

The Grand Trine (big blue triangle, meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings) to Stationary Hopi – which signifies Respect for All Things – is a great boon suggesting that it will be particularly Powerful to Respond to any Criticism of Self or Other with Tapping, Poor-Sweethearting, or any other Self-Healing process.

Lucky Guess

March 17, 2018

Well, we made a guess that turned out to be, with some tinkering, correct.  Here’s the Eurydike Grand Sextile from Intuition Olympics 4…

And the New Moon chart from the Chiron-Nemesis New Moon post…

And finally the Aries Equinox chart from the Unhealable New Moon post…

Unhealable New Moon

March 17, 2018

Of course it’s not actually Unhealable – it just Feels that way till we Poor-Sweetheart ourself.  While the New Moon itself occurred at 6am PDT this morning (17 March), the impact dragged on, as the Moon Squared Ixion (Fear of Punishment) at 7am PDT, Crossed Chiron (Despair) at 9am, and crossed Nemesis (Free-Floating Guilt) at 11am PDT. 

Hopefully the Moon will have handled most of the Emotional weight, but the Sun will take longer to run this gauntlet: Sun Squares Ixion (Fear) 17 March 8pm PDT, Sun crosses Chiron (Despair) 18 March 5pm, and Sun crosses Nemesis (Guilt) 21 March 4pm PDT.

Unfortunately that means, though the Aries Equinox is “early,” on 20 March (9am PDT), it carries this Fear-Despair-Guilt with it into the rest of the year, as the Equinox Sun continues to Conjoin Chiron-Nemesis and Square Ixion-Pholus-Mars-Quaoar (Recognizing that we Need to Promote our Genius).  Fortunately, the Equinox also makes a Grand Trine (Great Blessings) with Hopi (Respect for All Things) in Sagittarius and Mnemosyne-Varuna-Ceres (Remembering to Sustain the Life Force) in Leo.  Meanwhile, Hopi, Mnemosyne, and Ceres are all Stationary (Strong) at the Equinox.

Here’s a Powerful-sounding antidote for Fear, Despair, and Guilt…

“You have a frequency within you that harmonizes you with the unified field of energy in this universe.  It is the frequency of oneness.  It is the experience of unity consciousness, and it is available to you right now.  You don’t need to shift in order to find this frequency within you.  It is always available to you, and it is also beckoning you.

“Having that experience will change your life forever.  You will never feel alone or lonely again, and you will always know that you are part of something gigantic.  It is a feeling that will leave you knowing that there is no pressure on you to do anything or to become anything in this lifetime.

“Once you feel the sensation of oneness with all beings, you will be much more quick to forgive, and you will hold a tremendous amount of compassion for your fellow humans and animals.  Some of you will even feel it for the plants.

“This frequency is one that can be attained through your desire to feel it and by going within yourself.  It is not about forgetting who you are, or giving up your individuality.  It is about connection.  It is about spreading your consciousness out as far as you possibly can.  It is about knowing yourselves as more, and that always serves you.

“This shift in consciousness that you are participating in is also an expansion of your consciousness.  It is a raising of your overall vibration, and it is a recognition of that oneness.  You will all have this feeling at one point or another in this incarnation, but if you bring it about consciously and deliberately through your focus, you will know true power, and you will know that love is all there is.

“We invite you to go within, even for just a couple of minutes, every day, to feel for this oneness, this unity consciousness frequency that is waiting for you, and is waiting very patiently.”

Chiron-Ixion New Moon

March 16, 2018

Again, not being Sensational, just Accurate, as the New Moon Lights Up an ongoing Chiron-Ixion Square that we’ve been ignoring.  Compelling Repetitive Dreams about Horses and Self-Promoting Funeral Insurance (Chiron, Clearly) shorten my Sleep, so here we are. 

The current Chiron-Ixion Cycle was Initiated 21 October 1999 at 3 Sagittarius, “Two men playing chess: the transcendant ritualization of conflict.” 

Chiron, the Unhealable Healer, is about Despair and the Miracles that follow when we “Poor-Sweetheart” ourself about it and shift from Being Despair (“There is No Hope”) to Empathizing with Despair (“You Poor Sweetheart”), or Self-Compassion.

Ixion, our Compulsively Sociopathic Forbidden Genius, can’t stop himself from Committing Crimes Against Huperity.  Thing is, Crimes-Against aren’t Absolute, they’re Relative to social norms.  So Ixion represents our Willingness to Support our Deep Truth rather than How We Were Taught to Behave.

Denying someone the Right to Express their Deep Truth is very much an act of Abuse.  This is codified in the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

The Centaurs – other than Chiron and Chariklo – are spawn of the Crime for which Ixion was forever bound to the Flaming Wheel of the Sun.  That Crime of course was Lusting after Zeus’s wife Hera (Juno) and raping the Image of Hera that Zeus fashioned for the purpose.  For Zeus to rape anybody else’s wife was No Worries, so we have a strong Connection to #MeToo working here as well.

While rape was Ixion’s ultimate undoing, his sociopathy was larger than that, as he was originally Banished for the brutal murder of his father-in-law.

Now Juno/Hera represents the Edges of Consciousness.  So it’s possible to see Ixion as Lusting after Consciousness or Self-Sovereignty, rather than having to blindly follow our Karmic Archetypes or Other People’s Rules.

And the Centaurs are often seen as representing the Struggle between Huperity’s “Lower Nature” and “Civilization,” or between Nature Itself and Huper’s Compulsion to Control.  While Chiron’s origins were more “Civilized” than that of the other Centaurs, the Metaphor stands.

So we’re getting down into some pretty fundamental Roots of Life-the-Universe-and-Everything when we talk about the Chiron-Ixion Cycle.  Arguably, the most fundamental difference between 3D and 5D is that the latter is characterized by Collaboration with Nature rather than Competition and Control.

If we return to our original interpretations for Chiron (Despair Transforming to Miracle) and Ixion (Forbidden Genius), then the Chiron-Ixion Cycle would be about Despair over ever being able to Achieve Unconditional Self-Love, or “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel Despair about Loving ALL of yourself, don’t you,” which Empathy would of course break the Spell.

The 1999 Ixion-Chiron Initiation occurred one Sign from Sappho in early Scorpio.  That’s the Twelfth Harmonic – Pattern-Breaking.

As many of you know, we differentiate “Can-Openers,” “Expositions,” and “Confidence-Builders” when considering a series of repeating astroevents such as Angles between the outer planets. 

The Can-Opener is the first occurrence, and Opens a “Can of Worms,” likely throwing us off guard, if not for a loop.

Subsequent repetitions are Expositions because they Expose the complexities of the Issues introduced at the Can-Opener, allowing us to Grok the Energy more fully and Responsibly (that is, being able to Respond to it rather than React to it as its Victim). 

Finally, the last event in the series is the “Confidence-Builder,” because we now Grok the Energy well enough that we’re Confident we can handle it.

The Can-Opener for the current Chiron-Ixion Square occurred in mid-May 2016, with subsequent Expositions in September 2016, April 2017, and November 2017.  The current event is the Confidence-Builder and was Exact on 3 March 2018.  If you keep a Journal, those dates might be informative for you.  If not, reviewing might be useful.  We were focused more on Uranus-Eris, but you should be able to see Chiron-Ixion in the background.

We also rank astroevents according to how often they recur, because if we’re likely to encounter a specific astroEnergy only once or twice in a Lifetime, then we aren’t going to have a lot of Experience with it, so it’s more likely to throw us for a loop when we do Encounter it.

The Chiron-Ixion Cycle spans about 80 years, so we’ll encounter a “hard” Angle (Square, Conjunction, or Opposition) between them about every 20 years on average, though since Chiron’s orbit is very irregular, the average won’t be very reliable.  As they say in Statistics, the average person has one testicle – the point is that averages can be quite misleading.

So Chiron-Ixion Energy isn’t a big part of our everyday Expectations.

Chiron-Nemesis New Moon

March 15, 2018

Unfortunately, our title isn’t chosen to be sensational; it’s chosen to be accurate.  Translation: 17 March New Moon (6am PST) about Empathizing with Pain and Ego Death.  Are we having Fun yet? 

Word-picture highlights – and translations…

  • New Moon 27 Pisces, Chiron and Nemesis 29 Pisces – “You Poor Sweetheart, you really Feel wrung out, don’t you.”  Folks may be Contracting with the Flu just to have an excuse.  Hint: you can Feel plenty lousy without adding the Flu.
  • New Moon in Pisces, Square (Challenge) to Vesta-Ixion (Negative Beliefs about your Forbidden Genius) in 26-28 Sagittarius – “You Poor Sweetheart, this is an awful time to have to deal with your Self-Hate, isn’t it.”  That (Ixion) part of yourself that you’ve been taught to Reject Really needs your Compassion.  Like him or not, he’s got the keys to your new 5D digs.
  • New Moon in Pisces (and Chiron and Nemesis) Trine (Blessing) to Stationary Aletheia (Truth) in Cancer – Well, we’ve done our Fearless and Searching Moral Inventory, now it’s time to Face Up to the Truth, right?  No, I don’t think so, not quite that way.  We do need to Face Up to the Truth, but the Truth isn’t that you’re Despicable, the Truth is more likely to be that you’ve been Taught to Reject your own Genius.  We need to Lighten Up on the Self-Rejection, not clamp it down.
  • Aletheia (Truth) is Stationary (Strong) 16 March (3pm PST); it’s also Conjunct Mnemosyne (Memory), which in turn is Stationary 15 March (9pm PST), and Varuna (the Life Force), all at the end of Cancer – “You Poor Sweetheart, you still Feel Guilty about that, don’t you.”  It’s Lit Up so you can Let It Go; it has Constrained your Life Force long enough.
  • Stationary (Strong) Aletheia (Truth), with Stationary Mnemosyne and Varuna, are the focus of a T-Square (Challenge to Mastery) across the Opposition between Uranus (Soul) in Aries and Haumea (Rebirth) in Libra – Your Soul is ready to move into those vacant rooms that your Ego has been Dying in.  Welcome Her or Him; they’re a pro at cleaning up the detritus of shattered Ego-carcasses.
  • The New Moon, with its pals Chiron and Nemesis, are at the pointy end of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) from a base of Haumea (Rebirth) in Libra Sextile (Blessing) Veritas (Truth) in Leo – “You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t get away with anything, can you.”
  • Like it or not, it turns out that our Forbidden Genius Ixion is the one being Reborn here, as Vesta-Ixion in Sagittarius makes a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) with Uranus (Soul) in Aries and Veritas (Truth) in Leo, and a Kite (Directed Blessings) with Haumea (Rebirth) in Libra at the top.  Tough Labor, eh?  Forget it, you’ve a Newborn to Celebrate.

Thanks to Dan Scranton, we have Wisdom from the Arcturians to help us out…

“You will discover that the more time you spend focusing on a problem, the more time you take away from your ability to receive a solution.  You all have a tendency to overtax your minds and to underutilize your ability to receive that which is already coming to you.  We invite you to focus more on letting go of thoughts, letting go of problems, and opening up to the energies that are swirling around you at all times.

“We are talking about changing your habits, changing the way that you approach life.  As you shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension, you have the ability to receive more.  And you get to do so by thinking less and doing less.

“The generations that have come before you have taken a great deal of pride in intelligence and hard work.  Most of you have been raised with these values in your homes, and we see many of you attempting to think your way through problems in your lives and attempting to act your way into the life that you desire.

“But if you were to calculate how much time you spend using the third-dimensional operating systems, and how much time you relax, open yourselves up and receive, you would be astonished by the numbers.  You might say that there just isn’t enough time in the day, but you would find that there is plenty of time.  You just need to shift your priorities.

“You also need to embrace the Divine Feminine within you.  As you are in a feminine cycle, life is going to get easier.  You are going to want to control those minds of yours, and you will be able to finally use action as a means of expressing the joy within you, rather than as a tool to accomplish something that could always be accomplished through vibration.  This is what you are learning in the fourth dimension, and this is what will carry you into the fifth.”

“You have the beautiful opportunity in every moment that you are alive to appreciate something about what you are experiencing.  You are having an experience of polarity, and there will always be the side of the spectrum that is pleasing to you and the side of the spectrum that is not so pleasing at all.  So it is up to you to decide for yourselves how you want to experience life.

“It is up to you to determine which end of the spectrum you want to be on.  When you are focusing on what does not please you, or what downright disgusts you, you are always going to be able to find more.  When you listen instead to your heart, you will notice that there is always more beauty, always more love, always more opportunity for laughter.  Laughter gives you relief from the other side of the spectrum.

“You have that ability to stand in a moment where things have gone horribly wrong and make light of the situation.  Think about that expression for a moment – make light of the situation.  You have the ability to bring more light to every situation and to focus on the light that is within.

“Every possible moment that you take that approach, you are deciding for yourselves what type you want to lead, what type of future you want to create.  Most importantly, however, you will be focused in the now moment when you are allowing yourself to appreciate something, or when you are making light and bringing light to an otherwise dark scenario.

“We encourage you to find that which is worth celebrating and appreciating in your lives, and we want you to recognize that every moment has some kind of beauty within it.  And every moment that you are present and grounded in your physical bodies is an opportunity to experience more joy, more peace, and more harmony with the world as it is now.

“That’s the way you ascend to an even better one, not by finding fault with the world as it is and rallying the troops to try to fix it.  Enjoy your lives as best you can and enjoy the journey to that which is going to be so much better than what you can even imagine.”

And Natalie Glasson contributes a Channeling from the Angel of the Planet…

“You are greeted by the Angel of the Earth whose purpose is to oversee the evolution and ascension of the Earth and Mother Earth.  The Angel of the Earth holds the consciousness of every aspect of the Earth’s ascension and wishes to merge with you to co-create the New Earth. 

“The Angel of the Earth speaks of the different dimensions of the Earth’s ascension, how each is sacred and can be accessed by you to ground into the current dimension of the Earth.  The Angel shares inspiration that the New Earth is created and manifests from within your being as well as describing how every being connects with a different dimension of the Earth.

“A meditation is shared where you are invited to merge with the Angel of the Earth and activate the essence of your unified being to form a new energetic foundation for the Earth and all upon her.  You will be guided to observe the Earth transform and realign with a new higher vibration of the Earth’s dimensions and evolution.  Thus, your perspective of the Earth will transform and shift.  Your co-creation with the Angel of the Earth will support Mother Earth and all beings present on the Earth now.”

It’s for the Planet that we Surrender Controlling, Doing, Worrying, and Overthinking, and instead, just Let What We Need Flow toward us.

Intuition Olympics 4

March 15, 2018

You probably remember how we identified dwarf planet Asbolus, which was prominent at the end of February, as not just Intuition, but the sort of Intuition that Leads us into Experiences of the sort that will yield Wisdom.  You know, the kind that Kills you if it doesn’t make you Stronger, or something like that.  Well, Asbolus is back.

It’s pretty Clear from the havoc that the March Stations chart has been wreaking upon our Lives, that the Bottom Line issue here is Trust.  If I didn’t know what was going on, I’d assume that my Life is in shambles.  Since I’ve got 3D==>5D and a Nemesis T-Square to pin it on, I’m somehow, usually, able to Trust that it’s “just” the Obsolete, the Dysfunctional, and the Unnecessary that’s being Jettisoned.

Which raises a couple of Questions.  What is asteroid Eurydike (Trust) up to?  And how about asteroid Ceres (Sustainability)?  Turns out they’re good questions, especially the former.

Unfortunately, Apple has once again screwed up my ability to import photos (after Regressing into extreme Frustration I’ve finally Noticed that I’m Regressed, and yes, now I’m Tapping, Asking Ganeshi to Remove Obstacles, and Thetaing Insights, but it’s still a work in progress), so I’ll have to draw a word picture of the March Eurydike chart…

  • Asteroids Eurydike (Trust) and Atropos (Endings) are both in 14 Libra, giving us a Major Objective of Ending our Resistance to Trust
  • They’re part of a complete Dynamic Grand Sextile (a Great Blessing in situations where we’re able to take the Initiative and the first step); the other five corners are…
  • Asteroid Karma (Ancient Habits, especially the Self-Sabotaging ones) in 14 Sagittarius
  • South Node (the Emotions we haven’t Learned to Embrace Lovingly yet, such as Frustration) in 13 Aquarius
  • Venus, Mercury, and asteroid Lachesis (Choosing Timelines) all in 13-15 Aries
  • Our friend dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition of the sort we’ve discussed) in 14 Gemini
  • North Node (our Spiritual Direction in the Lifetime) in 13 Leo

This is a very tight complete Grand Sextile, where none of the members are more than a Degree from Eurydike.  There are also three additional planets within a Degree and a half of Eurydike, assisting from the Magnetic side…

  • Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) at 15 Capricorn
  • Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity) at 15 Pisces
  • Asteroid Moira (Choice) in 12 Taurus

Leaving only the 12-15 Degree Zones of Scorpio, Cancer, and Virgo vacant.  If you have natal planets in any of those places, you’re here to help the rest of us stay Aligned with our Trust.  I’ve a natal planet in 14 Cancer and one in 11 Virgo, but none in mid-Scorpio.

Notice that all of the “Fates” except Klotho (Beginnings) are involved.  The Mythology is that these have Control over us and not Vice Versa.  However, Striving as we do for Consciousness, we interpret these asteroids as Choice rather than Fate – these are the Choices that Erase our Karma. 

Klotho, by the way, is only a Degree from Pluto, and we could have legitimately included it in the Pluto Kite of Women and Chaos 3.  We didn’t because it was slightly more than three Degrees from Jupiter, the Pole planet in that subchart.  The Clear impact however is that We Are Compulsively Beginning a New Detox Timeline (Pluto as Detox); we can consider this to be the portion of the Unconscious from whence our Self-Sabotage is derived.

The “Lesson” of that information is that We are Addicted to Struggle, and we can Reform that Trance by Disavowing our Ancient Vow to Strive Against All Odds.  From Now On We Want to Choose the Easy Way.  Look to see if you have Resistance to that idea.  When I Theta Choosing the Easy Way I get a picture of myself taking a Deep Breath and Letting Go of Tension.

Now of course Striving to Achieve Consciousness is always going to be Against All Odds; Consciousness is no walk in the park, it’s a walk in the park facing into one of those Nor’Easters that have been battering New England relentlessly.  Well, take a Deep Breath, turn around, and Walk Backwards.  Lean In, as Sheryl would advise.  This is what Pluto would do.

Can’t see where you’re going?  No Worries.  Here’s a practice for developing your 360-Degree vision.  Walk very slowly, and each time you move your right foot backwards, imagine that your Inner Alternate-Gender Self is riding your feet, facing you, so that the step moves His or Her left foot forward.  When your left arm swings forward, Her or His right arm swings backwards.

The image is that your Alter-Ego (Anima for Boys, Animus for Girls) actually occupies the same space as you do, but faces backwards.  So they step forward when you step backward.  Since you occupy the same space, you don’t need to operate their muscles separately; you just need to become aware that their Body Experience is the Mirror-image of yours.  These are your “eyes in the back of your head,” you just need to tune into them.

With Moira (Choosing to Break Self-Sabotaging Habits) in Taurus (Deep Commitment), the Time is ripe for this!  Lachesis in Aries with Venus and Mercury (Choosing to Begin New Timelines that Support our Values) Opposes Atropos (Choosing when to End a Pattern), further improving the Opportunity to Let Go of Self-Abuse.

Women and Chaos 5

March 13, 2018

A Grand Cross is often considered the Grandaddy of Configurations, consisting as it does of four T-Squares, each of which represents a collection of Challenges.  As is often the case, we’re  bit more sanguine about it; we consider the four T-Squares in a Grand Cross to compensate for one another pretty well and Balance things out. 

Do you know people who are Powerfully Productive, but always seem to be rushing around?  That’s kind of a caricature of Grand Cross folk, but not a very Reliable one, as so much depends on what else is going on.  Very rarely do Grand Crosses stand on their own, without Graceful Energies to temper them.

It’s a strong testament to how much is going on in the March Stations chart that it’s chart segment number five before we get around to including the Grand Cross…

We’ve drawn it nekkid, but it’s definitely not, as for starters the vertical Truth-Transformation Alethea-Pluto axis is also the spine of the Pluto Kite in the Grand Sextile subchart.  We would expect the Ego Death-Nemesis T-Square to be more Challenging than the Grand Cross, but Nemesis is also a corner of the Water Grand Trine, so the potential Challenges are pretty well Graced Out.  Nemesis Bridges both axes of the Grand Cross – it’s the Easy way.

Which is the way it should be.  Just think how Easy we could make every hassle by Learning to be fast and efficient at Ego Death!  With no Resistance from us, the World might look downright 5D.

There’s a fairly standard list of traditional Godly attributes – Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and the like.  Most lists don’t usually include Omnidigitous, but the March Stations chart provides a handful of Fingers of God…

The five Energies singled out for Attention by the green pointers include Expansion (Stationary Jupiter), Infinite Improbability (Stationary Chaos), Harnessing Fear (Sedna), Active Beliefs (Mars-Vesta), and Rebirth into 5D (Haumea plus Arcturus).

There’s one additional chart we need to look at, the Fifth Harmonic chart, what we can expect to be Learning…

We have an Almost-Grand-Quintile between the Energies of Mission (North Node), Rebirth (Haumea), Concentration (Saturn), and Essence (Sun), with a Vacant Energy that we need to supply ourself in order to make it all Flow together smoothly.  The Vacancy is about Accepting Gifts without Analyzing them to Death (2 Gemini). 

Which is exactly the advice I need right now!  I’d been getting a little bored going through every subchart, but this was well worth waiting for.  Rather than continuing to Focus my Attention on What-I-Want and What-I-Want-to-Feel, I’ve been Attending to What-I-Fear-I-Won’t-Be-Able-to-Make-Happen, focusing on Mechanism rather than Outcome.  Dynamic stuff, classic Manifestation miscue relative to Creating Magnetically.

We’ve added Tenth Harmonic Deciles and Trideciles to fill in the gaps between the Fifth-Harmonic planets.  The Tenth Harmonic is about Abundance and Expansion, mirroring Jupiter.  The Trideciles will be particularly Beneficial – Soul to Mission (Uranus-North Node), Rebirth to Compost (Haumea-South Node), Attention to Soul (Saturn-Uranus).  Exciting.

Women and Chaos 4

March 13, 2018

Did you remember from chapter 1 that there are two Yin Gates in the March Stations chart?

This second one is about Fear of Growth (Sedna-Jupiter).  Or at least, it would be about that if we weren’t in the Reaches.  In the Realm of Paradox we know that Growing and Harnessing Fear as Power are set to Surprise us, if we’re Open to it, with all manner of new Information about all of the ways that they might Dance with one another. 

Marilyn’s Arcturian Source continues…

The decision to take action toward reclaiming one’s power can be and often is very frightening for a person used to living under the thumb of some other person,  group or particular belief system.  This is especially true for those who in one or more past lives have experienced dire consequences from resisting a commonly held belief.  As a result, the energy of these experiences is frequently still alive and well in their cellular memory, causing them to hesitate and fear ‘rocking the boat’ even when they desperately want to.

“That is why in this time of intense awakening many of those ready and being urged to reclaim their power are experiencing confusion and fear for no apparent reason (most have no idea of why they are experiencing these emotions).  Old cellular memory is actively reminding them of what happens if they assert their independence and power.  This is why it is so important to clear all remaining old programming which you yourself can easily do.

In your quiet time when there will be no interruptions, state your choice and intention to clear all old and no longer relevant energy from past and present life experiences, from physical inheritance, and from all vows taken and promises made.  Invite your Higher Self and Guides to assist you in this meditation.  ‘In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I choose…’

“Talk to the cells of your physical body, which have an  intelligence.  Tell them that it is time to release all old but still active third dimensional energy.  Visualize Light flowing through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies, and chakras with the intention of clearing them of all old programing and energy regarding health, age, deterioration, fears, abundance, etc. — any and all false concepts previously held as truth.  Intend that from now on they allow in only the high resonating energies of truth and Light.
“Many will find that the very things they fear or suffer from escalate following this type of clearing meditation, but this means that they have succeeded in allowing these old energies to surface in order to be looked at, seen for what they are, and once and for all released.
“Every awakened soul is being guided at this time to stand strong in their truth, be it taking issue with some concept alive and well within themselves, a personal circle of friends and family, or with regard to the many larger issues still alive and well in consensus consciousness.”

The corners of the blue box (which is actually a “Golden Rectangle” because the ratio of the long sides to the short is the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry – the significance is that if Flows with the Ease of Nature) can also Illuminate us.  Our old friends from Dragon Lore, Active Belief and Infinite Improbability (Mars-Vesta and Chaos) are there. 

But the other axis is New to us – Rebirth and Revelation (Haumea and Eris).  Remember that the Star Arcturus stands just behind Haumea, which explains why the Arcturian Channels have been mirroring the astrology so closely.  Haumea is acting as a Gravitational Lens focusing Arcturian Wisdom toward Earth.  Sometimes it just really seems like “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Or it could just be a trap, a Mind Control Ray sent to keep us from Paying Attention to the Lizards who continue to dismantle our Planet and deposit the shards in their little Bitcoin Wallets.  What a bad joke that is.  Actually, that’s the Mind Control Ray from the main stream, the “You’re Crazy” Scam. 

Truth is Different for everyone, and Truth resides in the Heart, not the Dualistic mind.  Truth is a Paradox.  From the first time I heard her sing it, when Jewel advises us to

“No Longer Lend Our Strength to That Which We Wish to Be Free From,”

it slides into my Heart between the DNA strands, filling the gap from which it had always been missing.

After twenty years it still brings Tears.  There is no Question where Truth resides.

Women and Chaos 3

March 13, 2018

Omigosh, I just realized that I fat-shamed those Aliens by comparing them to a Tent!  Please forgive me!  I didn’t mean it that way!  You folks have a lot more Muscle Definition, and far better Colors than the Tent.  And those orange knobs make perfect accessories.  And Oh, those boots!

But back to the March chart…  A Grand Sextile makes our Efforts Easy, by contributing Blessings from the Outside, and also by improving the results of our own Efforts.  An Almost-Grand-Sextile will do the same, but adding the one Missing “Almost” Energy is up to us.  If we fill in the Almost-Grand-Sextile in the March Stations chart, it looks like this…

The Energy we need to add is the Energy of the 24 Virgo Vacancy, “Mary and her little lamb.”  Rudyar adds “The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being.”  That shouldn’t be too hard; just eschew Complexity and Convolution. 

In this case there’s also a fixed Star in the Vacancy, Denebola, the tip of Leo the Lion’s tail.  Denebola Recommends Non-Conformance – that we Respect Our Own Viewpoint more than the mainstream’s, without Rejecting the latter.  If you have a natal planet near 24 Virgo you don’t have to do anything except be yourself, and you’re Golden.

The big blue triangle at the center of the chart is a big Expansion-Truth-Ego Death (Jupiter-Aletheia-Nemesis) Emotional Dumb-Luck Blessing (Water Grand Trine) that provides the major External Grace.  This is a boon, as it proposes that the Ego Deaths necessary to Allow us to Grow into our Truth will be much less Traumatic than they would otherwise be.  A good time to take Risks toward What We Want. 

Also an excellent time to Strive to Recover any Lost Emotions.  List the major Emotions – Joy, Anger, Fear, Grief… there are many more, and many shades of each.  How many do you Experience?  Are there any that you never Feel?  Do you even know about them if you’ve never Felt them?  You could compare your list with someone else’s to see.  If you find any that are missing from your Stable, it is an excellent time to go Round them Up.

The double Kites (Directed Blessings) also stand out, with Pluto and Sedna at the head of each.  A Kite is a Grand Trine with a fourth planet midway between two of the original three.  It moves the Grace toward the planet at the top of the Kite, here granting us extra Grace around Harnessing Fear (Sedna) and Transforming Addiction (Pluto).  Fear and Addiction are two major Barriers to Accepting the Ego Deaths that will Allow us to Grow into our Truth.

Fear is Power – you can Feel that very clearly in your Body when it Dances with you or even nearby.  If it renders you “Beside Yourself,” you can regain Control by Tapping it Out, or better yet, with Kegels.  Kegels Harvest Fear Energy directly by slowing Time.  And of course there are always the higher maths – “Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement.”

Addiction and Ego fit together as naturally as a Horse and and Horseshoe.  We’re definitely Addicted to the Karmic Archetypes that keep us from Growing into new Arenas, and often as not we use Addictive substances to help enforce them.  I’m nervous about doing that; I need a cookie to settle my nerves.  Oh, yeah, that’s right, cookies aren’t the best Nutrition; I’ll have ice cream instead.  Or maybe both.  What was it we were talking about?

But Pluto is also Transformation, or Trance Re-Formation, in addition to Compulsion.  If you’re struggling with repetitive Self-Sabotaging Behaviors, PIAVA to Learn the Trance that you need to Revert.  When did you make that Vow, and why?  Remember that Resistance is Futile when Pluto is involved.  When you start to lose traction on ice or snow, you have to steer into the slide, so your tires act like wheels again instead of skis.  What would “steering into” your favorite Self-Sabotaging Addiction look like?

Look closely at the blue box surrounding the red X in the middle of the Almost-Grand-Sextile chart.  Did you spot the distinctive green side-by-side dos equis that betray the Yin Gate embedded in it?

One of the glories of the Paradoxes that Yin Gates promote  is that they force us to stay with Simplicity – Mary and her Lamb – while we move into what would otherwise be Complexity.  The central Distinction of this Yin Gate is Chaos or Infinite Improbability Opposing Mars-Vesta or – what sort of Beliefs would that be?  Vesta symbolizes Belief, Mars Action.  So we’d at least be talking about Active Beliefs.

In the Olde Days they’d write “There Be Dragons” on maps where they didn’t know what Improbabilities lurked.  That’s a good example of an Active Belief.  If you carried such a map and someone thought your Fears were silly, how would you Feel?  Your Actively Defended Beliefs are the most Dangerous.  You not only Believe it, but you can’t stand to hear otherwise.  Now we’re talking about something that begs to be Examined.

We’re still in the Water Grand Trine; we’ve just Morphed it into a Yin Gate.  So yes, Ego Death threatens.  We might have to prove your Belief to be wrong.  If we were in the Realm of Analysis that is.  But we aren’t.  We’re now in the Reaches, in the Realm of Paradox.  As Ursula likes to say, “Rules Change in the Reaches.”  Where there isn’t enough Repetition of the Olde Ways, there isn’t enough Power in the Olde Spells.  New Rules.

So we’ve Identified a Fear, and it implies a Belief.  From the Fear, of an Unsafe Place for example, we think we know what the Belief must be – “There Be Dragons,” for instance.  To do Paradox, we need to drop that step, that knowing, or thinking that we know.  In the Reaches, what we know Intuitively is probably wrong, or at least inappropriate.  Not enough Power in the Olde Spells.

We need to approach Paradox with Curiosity.  Not the sort of Curiosity that stays up late looking for answers, but the sort that causes your jaw to go slack when a bright green Butterfly with orange medallions crawls out of an ugly and lifeless black valise hanging from a twig, and Offers its Wings to the Sun Goddess.  Our ideas about who the Aliens are, are probably wrong, or at least inappropriate.

Here’s Marilyn Raffaele’s take on it…

“Every soul holds the one and only Power within–it is your true identity and your birthright as an expression of Source.  However, living life after life on earth under the rules of a third dimensional belief system, has caused almost everyone at some point to surrender their power and give it to those they erroneously believed had a right to it, or to those who through violence took it. 
“The result of this as been the creation of a conditioned state of consciousness still alive and well in impersonal universal consciousness.  This state of consciousness manifests as game playing, lying, pretending to be something one is not, and falsity in all or select levels of life in the belief that this is necessary if one is to attain success or acceptance (desire for love). 
“Non-conformity is a facet of awakening and is the birth of integrity and true honesty.  Personal non-conformance begins when one awakens into a more enlightened state of consciousness which  brings new ways of seeing and knowing the truth about self and others.  This new state of consciousness then begins to express as more informed and higher resonating words and actions within all aspects of daily living. 
“The energy and resulting false powers of the third dimension are beginning to dissolve into the nothingness that they really are because their substance (beliefs), that which holds them in place, is disappearing as more and more people awaken.  Non-conformance is simply the act of knowing and living out from a higher sense of reality apart from commonly accepted but false concepts of an unenlightened society — ‘I am choosing to no longer play third dimensional games.’ “

Women and Chaos 2

March 12, 2018

The next Station – Aletheia on 16 March (3pm PST) – will occur in the same Degree Zone as the Jupiter and Chaos Stations, so we’re essentially looking at one, very busy, chart for most of the month of March…

If you have natal planets in this 21-26 Degree Zone, especially in Virgo, Leo, or Aquarius, you’re a Player this month; make it count for the Resurrection of the Planet.  And for yourself – in the New 5D Earth it’s up to each of us to Act unabashedly.  The difference between this and Libertarianism is that 5D adds a Hippocratic twist – Above All Do No Harm.  Without that it’s just more Gordon Gekko.

We omitted from our list of major Configurations in the previous post, what will for many be the most profound version of the March chart, namely the Ego Death Challenge, aka Nemesis T-Square…

A T-Square isn’t quite about Making Lemonade.  It’s more about Noticing what’s Right about today’s snafu.  Is it better or Easier than yesterday’s?  Does it cover slightly different territory, maybe a new angle that you haven’t snafued before?  Is it something, like that hole in the roof, that you’ve needed to attend to for a long time, but now it’s Raining?  T-Square’s aren’t about “morals” to stories either.  You’d have poked a second hole and not noticed if you’d fixed it when it was Sunny.

We “signed up” for our T-Squares because we got so tired of running into Difficulty that we Vowed to “once and for all” Learn how to do that, whatever that is.  So we’ll be running into new Lessons on that from every possible angle until we Disavow the Curse we put on ourself.  Duality is like that.  We’d do well to replace our original Vow with an Intention to “Learn more” about that or Learn how to do that “better,” something a little less vague, and a little less black and white.

In this case, Learning how to do Ego Death from every possible angle will run us ragged, since, like anything with an exoskeleton, Egos need to Molt frequently to do their job.  Going into Resistance at every Molt will only raise our blood pressure.  But of course that’s exactly what trying to Align Consciousness with Physical Form is all about – Physical Form is nothing but an exoskeleton.  Remember that Past Life where you were a Rock?  Them was Fun Times.

The Base of a T-Square gives us clues about the Dualities we’ve been trying to Freeze ourself into.  In this case it’s the apparent Contradiction between our Beliefs, the Obsolete ones in particular (Mars-Vesta), and our Infinite Improbability as Light Beings (dwarf planet Chaos).  Since our Beliefs serve our Ego, Infinite Improbability is their Arch Enemy.  More Fun Times.

Figuring it out will never work.  We just need to Accept What Is, and PIAVA What We Want.  All Prayers are Answered, just not All of them right away in ways that we Expect, so we may not get everything right away.  We may have more to Learn, more Mazes to walk, more Portals to crawl through.  Here in our household of two, for instance, Flu aside, one car has died, and the other is dying.  If there was usable public transportation, we wouldn’t be able to afford to live here.

In our generation in this place, car is spelled e-g-o.  Not as a status symbol, but because of the Freedom it Creates.  Like most of the US, but for the Garden we’re in the middle of a Food Desert.  There are World-Class Food resources within an hour’s drive, but within Safe walking distance, without shoulders or sidewalks, we’re Blessed that the Dandelions are very Fresh.  Even if we could catch and were willing to Eat the local Bunny, someone – Cat or Coyote – beat us to her, as her lovely down is decorating the lawn.  And that’s just the most practical part of it.

So, what to do?  I’ll start with “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re really in a bind, aren’t you.”  Makes me yawn, a good sign.  Sleep is Step #2 in Richard Brautigan’s Karma Repair Kit Steps 1-4, and an excellent Flu-Recovery Strategy.  How’s the Terror level that usually arises with car troubles?  Hmmm, absent.  Another good sign.  We’d be Tapping it Out otherwise.  I’m sure we’ll be Tapping plenty later.

So What Is It that we need then?  A capacious, inexpensive, practical, thrifty, reliable vehicle or two.  On to Theta.  We love Theta because it gives us instant Feedback.  We don’t need to wait around a week to Pay Attention to What Happened instead of What We Wanted. 

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that we Easily, Quickly, and Affordably somehow obtain at least one Capacious, Inexpensive, Practical, Thrifty, Reliable, and Safe Motor Vehicle.

“It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you God/Goddess!

“Show me.”

Well, I can See a car in the driveway, so I’m not going to question how it got there; I’ll get some shuteye and see how things look tomorrow.  Supposed to be 70°F and Sunny.

In case you need them for review…