Self-Love Full Moon II

August 13, 2019

AKA Big Orange Moon…

Or, when viewed from another Angle…

The Grand Sextile – six planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac – implies Great Grace, though as with any Sextile we may have to break the ice by taking the first step.  Mostly it’s about six different Energies Dancing together very Collaboratively.  Which Energies?

  • Our Essence (Sun) is Merged with Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and our Heart’s Truth (Venus), all within half a DegreeTake Notes!!  You want to be able to Re-Create this at will.  That’s one of the best reasons to do astrology, so when something really Groovy comes along, we can Memorize how it Feels, and then Recall the Memory when things aren’t flowing so smoothly.
  • Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea), which is Merged with Boundaries (asteroid Pallas).  Both our too-Rigid and our too-Sloppy Boundaries are up for total Revision, and we might barely Notice, as if we’re just a spectator to our own Evolution!
  • Transcendence (asteroid Bee-Zed).  What are we Transcending?  Whatever doesn’t Serve us about the other five Energies!
  • Our Instincts (the Moon) are running full bore – no need to Anal-yze or make Decisions, it’s like our Best Friend is telling us what to do, and we Know we can trust them!  Something else to Memorize for later recall and use when we’re in a dry spell.
  • Ending Timelines (asteroid Atropos) Merged with Opening Up to new Information that’s been previously Hidden (dwarf planet Eris).  Of course, once we See it, it Feels like we’ve known it all along, we just weren’t Appreciating it.  Not Instant Karma, but Instant End of Karma!
  • Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus), or Channel, reveals the same clues as our Instincts, or they Complement one another, adding important Details.  Can you imagine Remembering this Feeling when you’re Wasted and You Can’t Find Your Way Home.

Plus, there are three additional Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars)!  Is this Heaven?  More soon!

Self-Love Full Moon I

August 12, 2019

Well, I hope you didn’t require too much Ego Death to make room for your Soul, though it doesn’t much matter, since we’re all in for a Lovely Reward, whether we’ve “earned” it or not.  Our next Adventure is about Choosing to End Timelines or Habits (asteroid Atropos Stationary) on 20 August (11:30 pm PDT), and as we wrote earlier when Head Truth (asteroid Veritas) entered Scorpio (Getting to the Bottom of Things), Heart Truth (asteroid Aletheia) will join it in Scorpio on 16 August (also 11:30 pm PDT).

At least in the headlines I read, the Prevaricator in Chief has been having more Difficulty getting away with Doublespeak since Head Truth entered Scorpio.  I anticipate it’ll get much worse for Prevaricators after Heart Truth moves in as well.  It could mean Trouble, as more folks are Willing to Defend their Heart Truth with their Lives than their Head Truth.  Figures don’t Lie, but Liars sure can Figure, as Statisticians like to tell us when they’ve had too much to drink.  By now, if the Antichrist hasn’t taught us that Head-Truths (“Facts”) are Negotiable and Manipulable, even Reversible, we’re in trouble.  Heart Truths aren’t.

But the Big News is the 15 August (5:30 am PDT) Full Moon in 23 Aquarius.  You remember this Degree Zone from our 9 July Rebirth (Haumea Station) and our 20 July Revelations (Eris Station) – it’s a very busy Degree Zone and has been since Time As We Know It Ended.  But the Full Moon Breathes Self-Love (Sun Conjunct asteroid Sappho) and Reeks of Grace (Grand Sextile).  More about this soon.

Busy August X

August 12, 2019

Our reader and friend responds, very appropriately

“But… from my Facebook feed, this is real to this younger person: ‘It feels legitimately insane to go about our day drinking coffee and walking the dog and exchanging pleasantries when our government is fascist and white supremacists are mass murdering and our planet is a few years removed from irrevocable death spiral.’ “

I couldn’t agree more, except that it’s the Culture which is insane, not your friend.  Your friend is probably just doing the best they can in Difficult circumstances.  They are after all surrounded by Fascists, Racists, Murderers, and Fiddlers, while Rome burns.  The Patriarchy has set it up to be sure that we get daily messages from the for-profit Media and elsewhere that “we are Powerless, nothing we can do to stop Fascism and Racism and Murder and Mass Extinction, it’s way too big for anyone to stop, and besides, it’s in the Constitution!”

Margaret Mead said something like Never do Nothing because you can do Too Little, but actually, other than picking up those plastic bottles on the beach and refusing to go to school on Fridays and Telling It Like It Is, what is it we can do to make a difference?

Well, I still argue that the most effective thing we can do, is to spend time Meditating on What We Want, and minimize the time we spend Dwelling on What We Don’t Want.  However, that doesn’t stop us from also being Activists, if we can do it without putting ourselves in too much danger from a Patriarchal backlash.  As Activists, I believe it’s best to Focus on what we’re most Passionate about, and put our Energy into Building up replacements for the sick institutions rather than tearing them down.

There will be plenty of people with plenty of Anger that will do a fine job of tearing down the sick ones when the time is right.  But by then we want to have mature organizations to plug in, in their place, because we don’t want the Angry ones designing our New institutions.

Jeffrey Smith’s Institute for Responsible Technology,, is an example.  IRT has done more to expose the lies behind Glyphosate poison, and break down Big Farma’s Propaganda Wall, than anyone, yet I can’t tell if there is anyone but Jeffrey in IRT – it could be a one-person operation!  I’ve never met him, but I’d guess Jeffrey has a pretty big Ego to carry on doing what he does.  More Power to him!  He’s a great example of dwarf planet Ixion – he’s breaking every Sposta (“You’re Sposta do it this way!” – namely shut up and behave yourself) in the book, and he’s making a big dent in the Fascism, Mass Murders, and Mass Extinctions.

Ronnie Cummins,, is another crusader that started off as a Lone Wolf, and is doing a fabulous job of Facing Down the Insanity.  Rosemary Gladstar (, Joseph Mercola (, Jeffrey Bland (, Mark Kastel and Will Fantle (, and many others have all started institutions that could easily replace the Fascist jokers that claim to Protect us (oh, right, I meant “Regulate”) us in The Swamp.  Not to mention Greta Thunberg, the teenager who started an International Movement by skipping school and sitting alone next to the Swedish Parliament with a sign.

The Advantage of operating from the Heart or the Right Brain or the Inner Female or Intuition or even the Gut, is that we aren’t hobbled by that Left-Brain Propaganda about Contradiction.  I mean, Are we “Sposta” be Neutral, or are we Sposta be Passionate – make up your mind!  Yes.  Both/And.  Absolutely Neutral and Max Passionate is what we need.  If we aren’t Neutral we’ll get hung up Ego-Identifying with details and Lose the Plot.  If we aren’t Passionate, we’ll never Persevere when an Authority tells us to Stop.

Busy August IX

August 12, 2019

A reader writes…

“Good news or fake news?

“From Daniel Scranton’s The Great Earth Experiment ∞ The 9D Arcturian Council  []:

” ‘The ripple effect will be felt throughout the galaxy when there is peace on Earth, and there will be peace on Earth.  And we are not talking about hundreds of years from now.  We are talking about within the next decade.’ “

The Future is ours to Create.  Matter and its embellishments (such as Behavior and Emotion) take Form around Seeds of Energy.  The more time you spend Feeling the way you’ll Feel when you Create What You Want, the sooner you’ll Create it.  The more time you spend in Doubt, the more Uncertainty you’ll Create.

One of the Delusions that we suffer under, with great help from the Media and the Snake Oil Vendors that keep it alive and the Smooth Talkers who Enrich themselves from it at your expense, is that the “Outside World” exists.  We have the Power to Live in whatever World we Wish to Live in – but do we use our Power that way?  Or are we too busy Dwelling in a World that we Don’t Want?  The World we see is a Mirror for our Inner State of Bliss or Confusion or Dissatisfaction.  If we aren’t in Bliss, we can at least try Confusion – it’s the first stage of Growth.  All we need to do is Stay in Confusion rather than thinking our way out of it using the same Tools that have Created our Displeasure for all these years.

Of course, probably the best way to Create Peace on Earth would be to Eliminate all the Hupers, and we’re Manifesting that fairly well so far, aren’t we.  Why would that be, when we’re all wrapped so snugly in Unconditional Self-Love?  What?  We have Conditions on our Self-Love?  Well, when will we Love ourself Unconditionally?  How can we Create Peace in our World if we can’t even Love ourself Unconditionally?

We have the Power.  How do we Use it?  And Who makes those Choices?  If we aren’t Manifesting What We Want, we need to find out Who inside us is making those Choices, and somehow Figure Out or Intuit or PIAVA how to Befriend them so we’re both working on the same agenda and not Sabotaging one another constantly.  If we’re waiting for Other People to make the Changes we Want them to make, it’s likely to be a long wait.  What was it Gandhi said, Be the Change you wish to see in the World?  I Wonder why He would say such a silly thing.

Busy August VIII

August 11, 2019

While doing someone’s Transits I stumbled upon several new (to me) asteroids – as if we don’t use enough already – that are quite relevant today.  In Ego astrology, Uranus means Disruption.  In our astrology, Uranus Disrupts anything that is no longer in Alignment with our Soul.  For most of us most of the time, Uranus and our Soul sit in the Unconscious.  Many of us have to stretch to Align with our Heart, let alone our Soul.

We don’t mean to imply that Ego and Consciousness are synonyms, btw.  So, how are they different in our Worldview?  Consciousness is what we’re Aware Of moment to moment, and Ego is what we Identify With moment to moment.  It’s the Difference between I Am Angry (Ego/Identification) and I Feel Angry (Consciousness/Awareness).

Perhaps it’s good that Soul sits in the Unconscious, since the Unconscious runs the show most of the time.  But for most of us most of the time, our Karma is much more front and center than our Soul.  Kind of like the way our Concept Set tries so hard to keep Reality inside of it, so that our mental and Emotional  Preconceptions force our Intuition into submission, unless we have the good fortune to be Intuition-Driven.  From the Soul’s Perspective that’s good, but Difficult in the Patriarchy unless we’re also very charismatic.

And since the Unconscious is usually in charge, it’s very beneficial for the Ego to Befriend the Unconscious.  Since the most visible part of our Karma is our Self-Sabotaging Habits, the Ego ends up cursing the Unconscious more than Embracing it.  Bringing that Process up into Awareness so we can Appreciate all of the Players in our Daily Dramas will Benefit us greatly.  If we Notice that we’re cursing “our Fate,” and we’ve Intended to Shift that, we can fairly easily Apologize and Ask how it’s trying to Help us.  Our Karma gets up in our face so often because it’s trying to find a way to get us to Break the Pattern.

We don’t usually emphasize Ego Death when Uranus is Lit Up, but really, how often do we say or Feel I Am my SoulMany of us probably seldom even Feel our Soul.  With Uranus in Taurus (Hardcopy Reality), the Soul Wants to Manifest into Form.  Do we even have an image of what that would Look like?  My image is that it’s more about Behavior than Appearance, though I wouldn’t be too surprised if I saw someone walking down the street with a Halo, or began seeing very Different-looking Entities rolling and puffing down the sidewalk.

In other words, to bring our Soul more front and center, we’re probably going to have to make room for it by Adjusting the Ego a bit.  Or a lot.  That is, Ego Death.  Since the Soul is Immortal, if we Align our Ego with our Soul, we would be Immortal too.  Our Concept Set says that’s Unlawful, so we’ll have to be a Scofflaw.  Other than Ray Kurzweil, how many of us can even Conceive Of that, without all manner of Alarms going off in our “head”?  The early psychologists – the Greeks – invested a good deal of Mythology in this whole arena.  Did they Agree with our Alarms?

Eurydice almost got back out of the Underworld, but she was Betrayed by Human Eagerness – which leaves Open the question of whether greater Patience would have Permitted it.  And in our campaign to convert Fate to Choice, we can easily see the Eurydice story as a Teaching advocating greater Patience.  Since Hupers depend so heavily on Grains, the Rebirth in Spring of Perennials, or Sprouting of reseeded Annuals, was a very handy Metaphor for Immortality of the Soul and Recycling of the Ego, whether by Repeating Ego Deaths or Reincarnation.

Astrological symbols for the Goddess of Agriculture – dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability) in Rome and asteroid Demeter in Greece, carry this Burden.  It’s telling that Demeter’s daughter Persephone (Proserpina in Rome) became Queen of the Underworld and wife to Hades (Pluto in Rome).  Here’s a statue of Persephone holding the cellphone, then called a “Purse-Phone,” that She used to call the Dying to their new home…

AMI - Isis-Persephone.jpg

Of course in those days it was Intuitive rather than Electromagnetic.  The critical question from our Perspective, is whether any of the asteroids (or in the case of Ceres, dwarf planet) representing these Mythologies stand out in the Uranus Station chart – which is our primary event just now.  And they very much do.

Asteroid Proserpina, for instance, Conjoins the Stationary Uranus, while asteroid Persephone Trines Uranus.  We’re using three Degrees of Sensitivity, but we could easily be using more, since this is obviously a (Re)Birth chart for most of us.  Dwarf planet Ceres is four Degrees away from an Exact Quincunx to Uranus, and asteroid Demeter is five Degrees from another Exact Quincunx, putting Stationary Uranus at the Focus of a Finger of God from the Sextile between Ceres and Demeter-Makemake (Manifestation).

In the asteroid Proserpina Discovery chart, Proserpina Opposes Her consort Pluto, with Makemake Trine-Bridging the Opposition.  Why the connection between the Underworld (Pluto-Proserpina) and Creativity (Makemake)?  Perhaps because we’re really referring to Ego Death, and Ego Death Allows us to Create Miracles because our Reborn Ego stretches the Edges of our Identity, making our Universe a different place following different Rules.  It’s not clear whether there’s any etymological connection between Proserpina and Prosperity.

In the asteroid Persephone Discovery chart, Persephone is at the focus of a T-Square from the Opposition between Demeter and Proserpina.  Demeter would not be Discovered for 35 years more, so this name obviously wasn’t Chosen because of this T-Square.  Makemake, which wasn’t Discovered till 75 years after that, Trines Persephone.  Similarly, it’s “Coincidence” that Proserpina Opposes Pluto, as Pluto was Discovered almost a century later.  And Demeter makes a Mjölnir to the Makemake Square.  As my former Chief Asteroid Officer used to say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Here’s the modified Uranus Station chart…

And the Proserpina Discovery chart (5 May 1853)…

Busy August VII

August 9, 2019

A reader writes…

“August 2nd (rather bluntly as you put it)… my company cut back my hours… but there has been a calm inside like this is all a part of dropping the old for something new manifesting (like making space for the new).  A tiny part wants to scream… you idiot do you know how low your paycheck is right now.. how will you survive… and yet a calm that will not let that little part take over… a trust that seems rooted in faith to the higher self.”

A good example of Soul Descending into Hardcopy Consciousness (Uranus Stationary in Taurus abetted by a very Strong Stationary Jupiter).  We’re Praying that their Abundance (Having Enough to Share) is not seriously interrupted, but their Awareness of their Soul-Confidence is a huge head start for them.

It wouldn’t hurt to look at the Jupiter Station chart.  Compared to most of the charts we look at, it’s weird…

If we were going to give this strange Configuration a name, it would have to be an “Unx Fez” – Fez because it’s an isosceles trapezoid, and Unx because its nonparallel sides are Unxes, or one Sign in length (an Unx is one twelfths of something).  An actual Fez hat would never be this shallow, but the name is consistent with our Sextile Fez, Square Fez, and Trine Fez Configurations.  The short sides are actually of equal length, even though they aren’t drawn that way because the crowd of planets in Leo pushes asteroid Nemesis out of place.

We interpret a Fez by interpreting the diagonals, which are always Quincunxes (five signs apart).  That means the Fez is a Configuration of Paradox, because the Quincunx is a Question that does not seek an Answer.  It’s a Sacred Mystery, like a Seed or a Conception, or Shaktipat, or a Miracle.  Western Culture’s worship of the Dual has pretty much Destroyed the Sacred, with its unquenchable thirst for Answers and Theories and Mechanisms that Betray the Unitary and the Multidimensional that compose the Mystery in Reality.

We often interpret a Quincunx as an “I Wonder” statement, with a period rather than a question mark, using Wonder as in Awe…

  • I Wonder how Expanding and Surrendering into my Sacred Lifetime Mission will Feel (Stationary Jupiter Quincunx North Node).
  • I Wonder if Attending to the Emotions I can’t stand to Feel will absolve me of Guilt (Saturn-South Node Quincunx to Nemesis).

The Angular Relationships in astrology are not parallel to equivalences in Words.  Lilith and Hylonome both indicate Self-Sovereignty or Codependence, but they can still Challenge (Square) each other.  Mercury and Neptune point to opposite sides of the Brain, but they can still Bless (Trine) one another.

We may think of Mission (North Node) and Expansion (Jupiter) as Related terms, but there are Mysterious additional Dimensions hidden there when they’re connected by a Quincunx.  And we may think of Karma (South Node) and Guilt (Nemesis) as Related in another way, but the Quincunx implies that there’s a Mysterious hidden Unity between them – perhaps that each is a Mystical Doorway into the Other – or something like that.  Quincunx interpretations always need to be followed by “…or something like that” – with a Bow and a Namaste to Eugene Gendlin.

Because Quincunxes Invite us into the Unconscious, we always need to leave them Unanswered.  Answers to Questions can only be given by the mind’s existing concept set, so they always prevent us from Growing.  We can Wonder about a Quincunx and then Change the Subject, using them like a PIAVA to Inspire our Intuition.  So our Intuition may Deliver an Answer of sorts, but it will be more Wholistic than Deterministic.  We may Grok it more than Understand it.

Better yet if we can Leave it as a Mystery.  Buddhists practice “Don’t Know,” and “Beginner’s Mind,” and Zen Koans to get beyond the mind into Dimensions other than the Dual – the First (All There Is Is One) and the Multi.  Challenge yourself to Think for a day (or a minute) without using Cause and Effect, for instance.  We’re so brainwashed into Believing that if we don’t Know and can’t Manipulate the Mechanisms, we can’t have any Effect on Reality.  If we instead Focus on Outcomes and let a Force Greater Than Ourself do the Manifesting, we can Enjoy the Mystery of the Universe.

Take Affirmation, for instance.  For Affirmation to work, we have to Believe and Trust that the Outcome will be Delivered.  Say “I Affirm Peace on Earth” and see how that rattles around in your brain.  Yes, it’s possible that Huperity will be a Failed Experiment, and your vision of Conflagration may be what Creates Peace – without Hupers.  But that’s a Mechanism.  It’s not What We Want.  How about “I Affirm that Hupers mostly Collaborate” – what happens in our Field after that Affirmation?

Busy August VI

August 9, 2019

The Moon is crossing Jupiter as I write this (4:30 pm PDT 9 August), and the Moon is often a Trigger for Manifestation, so we may be Experiencing part of our Soul Descension now.  The Jupiter Station is near the Fixed Star Antares, one of the Royal Stars of Persia.  The Moon crossed Antares this morning (10am PDT 9 August).  Antares is the Lord of the West, or the Lord of Death – Ego Death in this case (the only thing that actually dies is the Ego; everything else is just Transformed).  Like all the Royal Stars of Persia, Antares means Great Success, with one Caveat – a potential Great Downfall.

For Antares, the Heart of Scorpio (in the Sidereal Zodiac), the Caveat is Compulsion.  The Soul is the ultimate in Spontaneity, and Operating as it does in many Dimensions, to the Dualistic mind and to the Observer in 3D, Unpredictability.  Few things are more Compulsive than Karma, so now we know why asteroid Karma was Stationary recently – to Clear Space for the Descent of a Spontaneous Soul.  Our Karma is so Compulsive that we usually mistake it for All That There Is.

If you get a Clear Sky, look to the South just after the Sun sets.  Jupiter is the Bright Star in the Sun’s Embrace, and Antares the reddish Star a little to the right and a little below Jupiter.  Saturn is a dimmer “Star” just off to the left.

In the “Tropical” Zodiac (the one we use), all this is going on in 10-15 Sagittarius, in front of the Great Attractor.  We can expect our natal planets in 11-15 of the Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) to be Dancing in the Streets.

Busy August V

August 7, 2019

“Just when we begin to feel expert and comfortable, that is exactly when the nature of life’s restless heart forces us to move completely out of that previously comfortable era into one in which we are hopelessly inexpert.  In every stage it is as if we have to learn how to live all over again.  Though normal and unavoidable, often these natural life changes can be experienced as deep losses…

“The grief of raising children who are golden original mind-boggling beautiful sprites who become teenagers who hate us and want to get as far away from us as possible, or the grief of watching those same kids become adults as limited, afraid, and rigid as we are… are just a few of the stages of living filled with grief that are totally expected.

“For this reason, though natural, common, and anticipated, it is also just as right that we should deeply express these changes as losses through grief.  For this reason, in most of the world’s natural cultures, these changes are understood and experienced tribally as lines that must be crossed ritually with the help of the entire village…

“Natural culture doesn’t need to address life changes with therapy because they anticipate these changes and have a place for the grief.  These rituals of life changes are the major parts of their tribal everyday spiritual existence.  In this way grief is not left hanging but is converted into ritual beauty and culture-supporting continuity, which is not only experienced by the people in a massive communal way, but in a massive communal way these rituals also have the people giving life back to the Divine that gives life to them and the world.”

–Martín Prechtel, The Smell of Rain on Dust, pp.9-10.

Folks of our ilk may so Celebrate the Solstices and Equinoxes, and maybe even the Cross-Quarter Days.  But the sort of Celebrations that Martín describes are less common, and more important.  And it reminds us that one Loss we often Fear but seldom Grieve is Ego Death.  Astrology schedules Ego Deaths for us frequently – such as this week.

The symbol for our Soul (Uranus) and the symbol for Expansion (Jupiter) are both Strong (Stationary) on 11 August, and the impact of the Expansion part is greatly amplified (Jupiter Stations in front of the mid-Sagittarius “Great Attractor” and the “Shapley Supercluster,” two Galaxy Clusters, one behind the other, both mostly behind the Milky Way, and each stronger than the previous, that pull all of us toward them with a Gravitational Force thousands of times that of the Milky Way itself).

See the source image

In other words, you can say, “Oh, No Thanks!” but it won’t much help.

With our Uranian Soul symbol in the Sign of Matter (Taurus), we’ve recently begun a seven-year period that we can safely call The Descent of Soul into Matter.  Soul is Asking us to Expand a great deal beyond our usual day-to-day Limitations and Habits.  Just as an example, Soul is immortal, so while it may be Compassionate, it doesn’t have the Fear of Death that “we” – our Egos – have.  So we have to Expect that it will show us pictures of Death, in a “gentle” attempt to help us move closer to Recognizing our Immortality as Souls.

Energy precedes Matter, so if we continue to Project Demise and Fear of it out in front of us, more Death is what we’ll Create.

No question that it’s usually inconvenient to have to Surrender a Lifetime where we undoubtedly have Unfinished Business, but even in that circumstance we can reframe the Ego’s Intention as helping us to move closer to Recognizing what’s Really Important – our Ego’s education! That’s a lot more important than any Unfinished Business.  It’s the inept Political notion of Karma as Retribution that leads to the conclusion that Unfinished Business weighs us down.  Sure, we can rue Unfinished Business and thus make Karma out of it, but that’s just a different Curriculum we can Choose.

But Martín is right that All Losses Must Be Grieved, and every Ego Death is a Loss.  Rather than Respectfully and Gratefully Grieve our Ego Deaths after the fact, we usually Burn Up the same Energy in Fear before the fact.  We can Feel it coming on, and the Ego starts pedaling backwards as fast as it can.  We Expect a huge Soul Download over the next several days.  Open to it.  Invite it.

See the source image

Invite your Transition to be Loving and Gentle, and Ask your Current Ego to Respond to it with Respect, Gratitude, Surrender, and Relief.  Remind your Current Ego that it’s done a fabulous job of Keeping You Alive (its job description) so far, remind it that it can Trust the Soul to do a great job of selecting a bright-eyed Happy New You for the next assignment, and give it one last Hug.

In fact, Trusting the Soul is the biggest Challenge this week (asteroid Eurydike [Trust] Square Stationary Uranus).  And the basic process is all about Manifesting Miracles into Form by Following our Inner Voices (dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] Opposite Chiron [Despair/Miracles] and at the Focus of a Finger of God from the Sextile between Uranus itself and dwarf planet OR10 [Intrusive Memories])

We may have to be tricky to Hear the Voices (OR10) – Sitting Silently with our Eyes closed and Shushing the mind, for instance, or Clearing our Current-Moment Thoughts and Paying Attention to Random Memories or Stories that cross our mind – maybe a plot from last week’s TV show, a Stranger you passed today who reminded you of someone, a Strange but somehow familiar Smell, or a sudden Memory of a tale your favorite Aunt told you when you were but a golden original mind-boggling beautiful sprite yourself.

Don’t Strain – the Stories and Voices are meant to Trigger your Intuition, so making it Stressful will just clamp the tubing.  You Want only Joy and Fun here; certainly your Soul wound Want it that way.  Be continually Mindful for Bummers, and Poor-Sweetheart them or Tap them Out.  When Bummers arise, know that they’re Up so you can Let Go of them (Chiron)

If no Bummers arise, Look for them!  We all have Beliefs that we Accept as Just the Way It Is (Chiron), and those are the fences that keep us as limited, afraid, and rigid as we are.  But we Accept them as Just the Way It Is, so we aren’t Aware that they keep us Limited, Afraid, and Rigid.  When we Open those Windows, Miracles await just beyond the Pane.

Jupiter will be Lighting Up our natal planets in the neighborhood of 15 Degrees, and Uranus those in the vicinity of 7 Degrees.

Busy August IV

August 3, 2019

And Mercury was Stationary 45 minutes after the New Moon, and now Moves Forward again, so we’re likely to have a talkative couple of weeks as well.

I was kind of bummed this morning, when I noticed that it was a too-familiar Feeling, one I’ve spent a lot of time with over the course of my Life.  Then it dawned on me – Duh!  Asteroid Karma is Stationary 5 August!  It took a couple dozen Poor-Sweethearts to turn that around!

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been having a hard time getting enough Sleep, but I’m also not Feeling as tired as I “should” be from it most of the time when I’m awake.  That’s a typical Response to Uranus.  Uranus isn’t Stationary till 11 August, but Jupiter is Stationary on the same day, amplifying the Impact.  I usually allocate about a week to the Impact of an outer planet Station, but with a wide enough Perspective, I’m sure we could extend that to several months.

So we’ve got some homework to do…

A symbol for our Karma (asteroid Karma) is Strong (Stationary) from now till 5 August (3pm PDT), in 3 Aries and Merged With (Conjunct) the symbol for Converting Despair to Miracles (dwarf planet Chiron), which is handy, since our Karma often leaves us near Despair.

We convert Despair to Miracles through Self-Empathy, by Poor-Sweethearting ourself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Discouraged again, aren’t you.”  With that simple statement, we Shift our Identity from Discouragement (I am Discouraged) to Compassion (the Self-Empathy).  We have to Change the Subject, or our Thoughts will dump us right back into Discouragement.  If we have trouble Changing the Subject – as is likely with Karma or Habits that are much older than our Current Incarnation, we have to repeat our Poor-Sweethearts.  It’s not how many times we fall down, it’s how many times we get up.

The Karma-Station chart…

…has six primary foci…

  • The Identification with dwarf planet Chiron, the symbol for Self-Empathy if we’re Conscious, and for Despair if we aren’t.
  • The symbol for Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna) stands alone on one half of the chart, making it a Standout.  It’s well placed, with more Grace than Challenge, but it does carry a warning – that we should Pay Attention to any Subtle Messages we get about whether we can do more to Protect our own Survival (Varuna sits at the Far Midpoint of a Sextile between dwarf planets OR10 [Intrusive Memories] and Pholus-Quaoar [Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts] – ie, at the focus of a Finger of God).
  • A Major Challenge to our Survival; Reality is a Mirror for what we Feel, so if we Persist in Indulging our Karmic Bummers instead of Poor-Sweethearting them, we’ll keep Birthing Bummers into Hardcopy Reality, and this will Bring Down the whole Planet (T-Square to Pholus-Quaoar from Karma-Chiron Opposite dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation]).
  • We are Challenged to Trust the Truth of This (T-Square to Veritas from the Opposition of Varuna to asteroid Eurydike [Trust]).  Remember that Truth is August’s Fundamental Issue, as Fact-Truth or Mind-Truth (Veritas) and Value-Truth or Heart-Truth (Aletheia) are both Strong (Stationary) during August.  Or re-read the recent post Truthiness 2,
  • The chart tells us that we need to Consciously contribute our own Energy – Gratitude and Excitement about Imaginary Miraculous Outcomes would be a great start (Grand Sextile Vacancy at 4 Gemini, “Holly and Mistletoe reawaken old memories of Christmas”).
  • We’re also called to Pay Attention to What Is Critical to our Vitality and What Inhibits our Vitality, and adjust our Priorities accordingly (Fire Grand Trine from Karma-Chiron to Varuna to dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability and Sustenance]).

This is a fairly long article, but it’s a Perfect Illustration of the Karma-Station chart…

Ecosystem in Recovery

Our own Lives are parallel – when we allow our Unconscious Ancient Habits to run our Life, its Ecosystem collapses.  When we’re Willing to Break those Patterns, the Ecosystem of our Life Recovers its natural functions.  How to Break the Patterns?

Noticing what’s Going On in the Present Moment is the crucial First Step.  This morning I was Bummed.  I could have Accepted it as fait accompli and allowed my thoughts to trudge through all of my Karma‘s Previous Incarnations and likely Future Repetitions.  I could also have wasted my Energy worrying about shortage of Sleep.  To me this is the Value of astrology – instead I could Realize that asteroid Karma and Uranus are Lit Up, and Change the Water.  Of course I could do that without astrology as well, but every reminder helps!

Busy August III

August 1, 2019

Scorpio is Fearless, Relentless, and won’t stop till it gets to the Bottom of Things.  When you try to Bullshit or Obfuscate or Avoid Scorpio’s penetrating Investigations, Scorpio can get very Icy.  You can tell when you’re dealing with someone who has an emphasis in Scorpio, because they Hold your Gaze.  That Intimidates many.  You can certainly tell Scorpio that it’s None of their Business, but good luck trying to Divert its Attention.  This is the nature of Scorpio as an Energy, not as a Huper.  Note that Pluto Energy is very similar.

So, correcting our brainfart of Busy August I, we are starting a Nemesis New Moon.  You can think of your Nemesis as an Enemy who’s eventually going to Whup Yer Ass, and there isn’t much you can do about it.  I think that’s not far from the use of the term in everyday language.  And yes, if you’re thinking about Getting Yer Ass Whupped, then yes, I’d say you were Guilty – of something.  Feelings are – or are supposed to be – Energy in Motion, or E-Motion for short.  So if you’re Stuck mulling on some kind of Guilt, as with any other Feeling, the Energy needs to Move.

So how do we Move Guilt?  Well, it isn’t usually quite that Clear-Cut, is it.  When we was Kids the Rules were probably pretty Clear, and we were perhaps Punished for Transgressions.  So we had to Hide (Guilt ain’t Moving, is it), or Confess.  If as Adults we Break a Promise, and the Relationship is a Keeper, we of course need to Make Amends.  Breaking Laws can be a bit more complex, because we may Resent rather than Respect the Law we Break.  Being Stuck on Resentment isn’t any Better than being Stuck on Guilt.  In fact, many people Wear their Resentments as if they were Merit Badges.  That’s Ego doing the Wearing.

Guilt is actually similar.  You Transgressed somehow, and your Obedience – or the Continuity of your Consciousness about your Desire to Obey – to whatever Rule or Promise you Broke, becomes a Demerit Badge stuck to your Ego.  You don’t Feel Good about yourself, or you feel like you need to make Excuses for yourself.  But, Amends may not be appropriate.  Someone may be Angry at you for not keeping an Agreement you actually didn’t make.  They just Expected you to Behave a certain way, but you didn’t.  You aren’t Wrong, but you Feel a bit Guilty anyway.  Like, Maybe I Shoulda.  Or If only I’da Known!  Or even, My Moon must be in Klutz!

If you pick up on the Thread, you’ve already noticed that Guilt, Resentment, and Nemesis are about Ego.  They’re neon signs that tell us our Ego needs to Grow.  Egos are nothing if not Tenacious, kind of like Scorpio.  So Egos don’t usually Shift, even if it’s a Shift into Growth, without a fight.  Consequently, we interpret asteroid Nemesis as Ego Death.  The hallmark of Ego Death is the sense that I’d rather Die than do that.  Well, Ego Deaths are seldom fatal to the Body, so, even though we thought we were Experiencing something about Dying, we were really Experiencing something about EgoI would rather Die than…

After we Feel Terrible for a while, we finally Accept what’s going on, bite the bullet, Decide what we have to Do about it, if anything, and Move Forward with a New Ego, vs. 815.9.  We can save ourselves a Shitload of Grief by Learning to Recognize the Signs of Ego Death, and instead of Suffering through the Purgatory of it, just Let Go and Let the Shift happen, quickly and easily.  Beside the I’d rather Die business, other signs of incipient Ego Death are Confusion, Forgetting what we know by Heart, Getting Lost a block from Home, and Major Lackawanna.

So this is what’s likely to be going on for the next few weeks.  Use it as the Learning Opportunity that it is.