Quantum Jump 12

July 21, 2018

This is an excellent time to take a Searching and Fearless Inventory of our Fears – all of the things that trigger our minds into “helicopter trips” of What-Ifs.  What If that weird Pain or Blemish is Cancer?  What If Pootin’ and his Toady finish remaking the Supremes in the Image of Andrew Carnegie?  What If I lose my income next week?  What If the whole Economy collapses?  What If so-and-so doesn’t like me?  What If I get Banished by my Family of Origin, or by my Family of Choice?  What If I’m not Cool?  Or not Hot?

I’m sure you can think of many more.  Now, how many hours over the last week have we spent “Worrying” about each of these Fears?  That’s time we could have spent Focusing on What We Want In Our Life instead – excellent Health, Life-Affirming Leadership, Abundance, Equality, Unconditional Self-Love, Respect for All Things, and the like.  Every minute we spend Focusing on What We Want, or better yet…

Focusing on How We’ll Feel When We Have Everything We Want (including both Stuff and Attitudes)…

puts us closer to Having Everything We Want, and Being Who We Want To Be.  The closer we are to Having-Everything-We-Want-and-Being-Who-We-Want-To-Be, the more Psychic and Material and Emotional Support we’ll be providing for Everyone to Have-Everything-They-Want-and-Be-Who-They-Want-To-Be.

I know, we have such great examples of Leaders who seem to be Having-Everything-They-Want-and-Being-Who-They-Want-To-Be and Destroying the Planet in the process.  Look at it this way.  If we ALL Have-Everything-We-Want-and-Are-Who-We-Want-To-Be, there are probably a million ways that they could Have-Everything-They-Want-and-Be-Who-They-Want-To-Be without Destroying the Planet in the process.

The Antichrist and his Masters are Adepts at Self-Love.  They just don’t give a shit about anyone else.  When the Universe presents Mirrors to us, they’re often Funhouse Mirrors – a bit warped and distorted.  It’s up to us to filter out the Distortion and Detox it.  That’s What We Do.  That’s Why We’re Here.  Not to Wail and Gnash our Teeth over what’s Wrong, but to Detox it and join the throngs sending out More and More Powerful Vibrations of What-We-Want.

If What-You-Want leaves anyone else worse off, then work on your formulation of What-You-Want to clean up its rough Edges.  What-We-Want needs to leave everyone else Better Off, and with a little work we can Easily convert our Wants to meet that need, if they don’t already.

Quantum Jump 11

July 20, 2018

Dan Scranton’s Channeling for today…


We have been observing the way that the energies have been affecting you, and we must say that we are very impressed by how well you are receiving the higher frequencies that are coming your way.  You are receiving from all parts of this galaxy and beyond, because you have many helpers, friends, and well-wishers out there in the stars.

“And when you receive their help, you become more of who you are.  You are not just human, but you are also not just Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Cassiopeian, Lyran, or Andromedan.  You are all of the bits and pieces from all of the various star systems, and you are bringing all of those energies together within you, because you need strength and stability.  And the best way for you to get that strength and stability is for you to become more of who you are.

“You are travelers.  Some of you refer to yourselves as wanderers and starseeds.  You’ve been around, and you’ve had some wonderful experiences in other parts of the galaxy.  You’ve been in higher dimensions in past incarnations in other parts of the galaxy, and so these aspects of you are quite valuable to what you are becoming now on planet Earth.

“It’s like you are flipping on the switches of your higher self, activating it, and downloading those wonderful aspects of who you are and who you have been.  When you receive, you have more to give, and you remember more of who you are.  Therefore, receiving is a big part of what you have in store for you as you move forward here on your journey to the fifth dimension.

“You are remembering who you are by accessing who you have been.  You are getting activations from all parts of the galaxy and beyond because as we said, you need that strength and that stability to handle what else is coming your way.  And most importantly, you need to be grounded there on planet Earth.  You need to accept that you chose this mission for yourselves and that by bringing in more from out there, you change the landscape of planet Earth.  You change it for the better, of course.

“You are making so much progress in such a short amount of time, and we could not be happier with what we are sensing in the human collective consciousness now.  We are seeing you take ownership of the fact that you are the extra-terrestrials that you’ve been seeking contact with.  And yet, you are also doing a wonderful job of grounding yourselves there on planet Earth.”


Quantum Jump 10

July 19, 2018

Well, we don’t seem to be able to escape this Quantum Jump Province yet, which is fine, or at least, it Is What It Is.  More of our Big Rebirth, in other words.  20-21 July features

  • The Station of Eris (6am PDT) at 25 Aries (which I somehow failed to notice until just now) – meaning that we might encounter Insights about the cornerstones that keep our Limiting Beliefs in place.
  • The Initiation of Sappho by Lachesis (10am PDT) at 25 Taurus, “A vast public park”; the Cycle is about Choosing What to Love about Ourself, begging the question, “Why would we Choose NOT to Love anything about Ourself?”  The Degree says that Choosing to Love ALL of Ourself will open up a Vast Public Park for us to play in.
  • The Station of asteroid Karma (2pm PDT) at 1 Sagittarius – more likelihood of Insights about the Edges between Who We Are and Who We Think We Are, and, since Karma is now full-time in Sagittarius (Letting Go), we may find it easier to Let Go of our Self-Judgments.
  • The Initiation of Nemesis by Sedna (5am) at 28 Taurus, “A woman, past her ‘change of life,’ experiences a new love”; when we Claim Fear as Power, we have no need to Fear Ego Death of any sort, including Ego Deaths that Challenge the deepest levels of our Identity both Personally and Culturally.

Notice that if we use six-Degree birth-chart Sensitivity, which is appropriate since Rebirth is what we’re talking about, these all make significant Dances with each other.  In fact, except for a Vacancy at the end of Aquarius or beginning of Pisces, we have a “Grand Unx,” or twelve planets more or less equidistant from one another, which is the Ideal situation for Breaking Up Old Habit Patterns, Karmic or otherwise.

The Vacancy is filled by the Fixed Star Deneb Algedi in the Mertail of Capricorn.  Bernadette says (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, pp.302-4) “the law-giving, justice-oriented god trying to civilize his people is probably the best [interpretation], since this would reflect its long history.  This is the star of the person who is a benefic ruler, one who is trying to use wisdom and knowledge to protect and help the people around them.”  Then she goes on to cite Mother Teresa as her example.

Wouldn’t it be great if such a person would step forward to save us from Sinki into Hel, now that the Antichrist is so clearly and blatantly illustrating the Exact Opposite.  Remember that in the Unconscious, which does not do Duality, Opposites are Equal.  Or do you suppose that the Antichrist was just playing Br’er Rabbit to his friend’s Br’er Bear?  That’s too funny.

Quantum Jump 9

July 14, 2018

Mars is at its every-fifteen-years closest approach to the Earth, and it’s brighter than Jupiter…


Usually by now there are rumors flying that Mars is closer than the Moon.  Look for it around your local midnight – it’ll be the brightest object in the sky.  Because it’s still bathed in a planet-wide dust storm, it looks more yellow than red.

Here are the charts for the 15 July (9am PDT) Hopi Station…

And the 16 July (8am PDT) Initiation of Moira by Chaos…As you can see, the Chaos-Moira Initiation chart is a lot more complex than we’ve described so far.  It’s a lot like the Haumea Station chart (Quantum Jump 2, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2018/07/07/quantum-jump-2/), but the Sun has moved into position to Complete the Pluto T-Square and make it into a Grand Cross.  That’ll ease our Rebirth Labor, and I can see that the hunger for Perspective has already moderated.

The five-year Moira-Chaos Cycle is about how much Choice we put into Reaching for our Dreams, and on a deeper level, whether we even Give Ourselves Permission to Dream, or just let our Karmic Limitations control the Edges of our Life.  Nothing we can do about it, it’s just The Way It Is.  We can fantasize all we want, but on this Planet, those are just Immature Longings.  Just think how much it would Disrupt our nicely organized Life if we followed those Longings.  We’d probably be arrested, and certainly ostracized.  Those Longings aren’t even Real, they’re too weird.

That’s the way we Justify our Limits to ourself so we don’t have to take a Risk and Break Out.  That’s our Choice, isn’t it.  To not rock the boat, to not be Crazy.  To not Betray anyone.  Except Ourself.  It’s easier to leave those dead fronds on the Palm Tree, isn’t it.  That ladder looks dangerous.  God, they’ll Freak Out, won’t they.

So, we’re Stuck, aren’t we.  We can’t Betray our Commitments – what will that do to our Karma?  And we can’t Betray Ourself – our Deepest Desires are too Deep to Let Go.  What can we do?

We have to PIAVA Both/And.  There’s nothing in Reality that Prevents us from Following our own Soul’s Demands without Betraying anyone.  What Prevents us is our Limiting Beliefs.  We may not even need to Analyze what they are; we can just PIAVA,

“God/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I Receive Both ‘A’ and ‘B.’  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.”

You may not want to even add “Show Me.” to the end, because the more you think about it, the stronger your existing Limiting Beliefs become.  You may just want to Change the Subject, then check in later to Pay Attention – then do a “Show Me.”

Or, you may want to add the “Show Me.” because it might give you clues about which of your Limiting Beliefs are ready to be cast aside, so you can use some of that Fat Mars Energy and take Action.  We’re Enduring a Big Rebirth, and Nothing will be the same.  Have you noticed that you occasionally forget how to shift, or how to put on your shoes?  Those kinds of things happen to Newborns.

Mars is Retrograde on the South Node, so it’s a great time to throw a carefully aimed grenade into our Karmic soup.  The South Node Initiated Mars on 13 June at 4:30 pm PDT in 9 Aquarius, “A flag is seen turning into an Eagle.”  That’s half of the Enlightenment promised at the Turn of the Millennium – see, eg, https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/devolution/, for a summary, or find the Chiron-Pluto entry in the list of Categories.  The South Node and Mars Conjoin again 18 July at 8:30 am PDT, so Action to Safely reduce our Limiting Beliefs is on the docket.  Both/And.

Quantum Jump 8

July 12, 2018

What say?  A Disturbance in the Force?  Not surprising I guess, because the Eclipse dumps us right int…

The 15 July (9am PDT) Station of asteroid Hopi, which is an integral part of our Rebirth by virtue of it’s Conjunction with Jupiter, whose recent Station Augmented and Enhanced Haumea’s own recent Station.  The Hopi Station (at 17 Scorpio) invites our Robust Curiosity about four issues…

  • “Does our Intuition tell us the Difference between Threats to our Safety and Unfounded Judgments we need to Investigate and Eliminate?”  How many stories have I read about folks calling the cops on or beating up people who had not done anything Threatening, but they fit the offender’s preconceptions of a Threatening person?  Would these stories have been national or international news three years ago?
  • “Do we have Full Confidence in our Intuition?”
  • “Is the Concept Set which serves as the Skeleton of our Worldview large enough to accommodate the Changes we’re likely to see in the next few years – or months, or weeks?”  Remember Flatland?
  • “Do we have Full Confidence that the Concept Set which serves as the Skeleton of our Worldview is large enough to accommodate the Changes?”  Which is a different question than the second one. 

We can Theta the second and fourth questions, but if “Show Me” reveals Doubt in the success of our Prayers, we may need to Tap Out the first and third question.  Which are fabulous examples of how to combine Theta and Tapping to great effect.  We should explore that more.

The first and third questions are the diagonals of the Square Fez in the Hopi Station chart; the first question is Asbolus Quincunx Hopi-Jupiter, the third Mercury Quincunx Jupiter.

The second and fourth questions are the two sides of the Yod to the chinstrap of the Fez, which is Chariklo; the second is Asbolus Quincunx Chariklo, the fourth Mercury Quincunx Chariklo.

We’ll picture all that astroshorthand soon.

The Midpoint of Scorpio is of course one of the Angels of the Apocalypse, represented by Antares (though of course the Star itself has moved on into Sagittarius).  Antares predicts great Skill and great Success, with the caveat that when the Skill is not directed toward the Mission, the Success backfires.

We’re also rapidly approaching the 16 July (8am PDT) Initiation of asteroid Moira (Fate or Choice) by dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential).  Notice that Fate or Choice is a Duality.  We might be Confronted by any number of additional Dimensions.  If our Earth Body is a vehicle driven by an Infinite Improbability Engine, what are the odds that we wouldn’t have noticed it by now?  And what are the odds that most of us haven’t noticed it by now?  In Infinite Improbability, the odds of anything and everything are simply 1:1.

The New Moira-Chaos Cycle begins at 25 Gemini, “A Gardener trimming large palm trees.”  Are Palm Trees routinely trimmed?  Not pruned (cutting off specific branches) but trimmed (shortening branches)?  I guess they are…

So be it.  The Initiation Opposes dwarf planet Ixion (previously Forbidden Genius) and asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs).  So maybe we’ll be trimming Unconscious Beliefs that Limit the Expansion of our Worldview to include the Unusual, and that Enforce unnecessary Judgment that precludes our Respect for All Things.  The Initiation also Trines still-Stationary Haumea, thus serving as another Midwife for our Expanded Multidimensional Rebirth.

Quantum Jump 7

July 11, 2018

We’ve been wrestling with this Big Rebirth (8-10 July Haumea-Jupiter Stations and fellow travelers), and the 12 July Partial Solar Eclipse outlined some Difficulty dealing with the Transitions.  In the previous post we talked about the Trine Bridge, or the Gift of an Easy Path through the thickets. 

The Eclipse chart also contains three Quincunx Bridges, which are also Easy Paths, but unlike a Trine Bridge, they require an admission fee.  In order to use them productively we have to Maintain our Curiosity.  Quincunx Bridges include single-log spans, and if we slip into a mental approach and try to Figure It Out, rather than Trusting our Intuition and Trusting a Don’t-Know approach, we’ll fall into the rushing torrent of our Ego’s lust for Business-as-Usual, and kill the Golden Goose of Growth in Consciousness.

Truth (asteroid Aletheia) is one of the Quincunx Bridges, but it Conjoins Mercury/Mind.  Conjunctions indicate Merging, so this is actually more of a Challenge than a Bridge, as the first Truth that will be available to us is the Truth of the Birdcage of Concepts that Define – and Limit, and Enforce – our Current Reality and our Olde Ego.  To make this work we’ll have to PIAVA that we receive the Soul’s Truth and Tap Out Imposters and Doubt while Maintaining Curiosity, which will be tricky.

Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta) form another of the three Quincunx Bridges.  This makes more sense, as obviously if we’re going to get Reborn in many Levels, our Unconscious Beliefs are going to have to Change.  But what do we do with our Unconscious Beliefs?  We can’t normally access them, because they’re Unconscious.  Well, we PIAVA.  That even makes it easier to Maintain our Curiosity.  Maybe something like, “I Wonder what Unconscious Beliefs will be Changing as I’m Reborn, and I Wonder what will Change in my Reality as a result.”

The third Quincunx Bridge is the Conjunction of Moira (Choice) and Asbolus (Intuition).    Moira symbolizes Fate when we operate Unconsciously, and Choice when we Live Consciously.  This is a great combination for the role of Bridge here; we can Maintain our Curiosity with a PIAVA on the order of “Wow!  Will I be able to Intuit the situations where I don’t have Choice, and then perhaps consider the kinds of Choices I might make if I had the Option?”

Quantum Jump 6

July 10, 2018

The 12 July New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse (8pm PST) highlights the Challenges we’re having with this Big Rebirth we just went through with the Haumea (Rebirth) and Jupiter (Expansion) Stations.  Not only does the Eclipse (Illumination) Square the still-Stationary Haumea, it Opposes Klotho (Beginning New Timelines), which Conjoins BZ509 (Transcendence) and Pluto (Compulsive Trance-Reformation)…

That’s a bundle.  Does the Universe provide any clues or helpmates?  Yes, several.  Most of them require Sustained Curiosity (Quincunx Bridges), though one is an outright Gift, a Trine Bridge.  However, this Easy Path lies through Nemesis (Ego Death), Lachesis (Choosing the Length of our Timelines), and Sappho (Self-Love).  So, for starters we’d need to be Self-Loving.  Then we’d probably have to Accept Ego Deaths Self-Lovingly.  Which sounds like a “Likely,” but this is a Trine Bridge, so we can’t sell it short.

When we Choose to be Unconscious, if we have that option, we Choose to Accept our Fate.  Of course many of us Choose that Option Unconsciously.  If it sounds Weird to you to make a Choice Unconsciously, it’s because you’re Identifying with the wrong “You.”  If we aren’t Consciously Aligned with our Soul, and our Soul makes a Choice, then “We” have made the Choice, but from the Ego’s Perspective, the Choice was Unconscious. 

As Seth averred a long time ago (Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality) – and Fritz Perls agreed, if it’s in your Field, then from some Perspective, some part of “You” has Chosen it.  If you don’t want it in your Field, then “you” need to Find Out which part of “You” did Choose it, and Negotiate with them.  Often our Soul Chooses to put things in our Field, just so “we” can become Conscious of our Soul’s Intentions.  I can’t say what your Soul wants for you, but as near as I can tell at this time, mine wants me to Eschew Judgment and Respect All Things.  So my Soul shows me my Judgments and my Disrespects.

In the notion of the Fates in Greek Myths, Lachesis is the one with the tape measure.  Klotho weaves the Cloth that constitutes the Tapestry of a Timeline, and Lachesis determines the Length of the Timeline.  Finally, Atropos cuts the last thread with her Scissors, Ending the Timeline.  So the suggestion is that we Self-Lovingly Choose our own Lengths for the Ego Deaths that Clear the Space for our Rebirth.  Without masochism, I suspect we’d want our Ego Deaths to be Complete, but short in Duration.  They may never not Hurt, but we can stand Hurts if they’re short-term .

You have Beliefs and Practices that for a looong time you’ve known you’d eventually have to give up – because they interfere with What You Really Want.  They’re cheap substitutes that you’ve plugged into the Space where your Deepest Desires belong, because you couldn’t stand the Void there, and your Limiting Beliefs wouldn’t give you Permission to be Brutally Honest about your Desires.  Over time you’ve gotten Ego-Invested or Identified with your Compromises.  They are you and you are they.  But now it’s time for you to Open Up that Space for the Real Thing.

So those Identities have to exeunt stage left (Nemesis).  They have to bow out Gracefully, Lovingly (Sappho).  And you have to Choose it (Lachesis).  No one else can Choose it for you.  And it’s not about Letting it Slide till these Pretenders leave on their own.  You’ve already been waiting forever for that, and it hasn’t happened.  Not when they’re part of your Identity.  You have to Want to Achieve your Deepest Desire more than you want to keep your “temporary” substitutes.

The Sixth Step prayer reads something like…

“Dear God, I am ready for your help in removing from me the defects in my character which I now realize are an obstacle to my recovery.  Help me to continue being honest with myself and guide me toward spiritual and mental health.”

While Ego-Attachment and Addiction are similar, they aren’t quite the same, so let’s rephrase that to make it more appropriate for Identification…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command your help in removing from my Field the Temporary Substitutes for What I Really Want, as I now Realize that these Substitutes are an Obstacle to my Authentic Deepest Desires.  I Command your help to maintain my Honesty with myself, and your continued Guidance toward my Mission.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.  Show me.”

Your Temporary Substitutes could be Emotions, Thoughts, Ideals, Actions, Beliefs, Material Objects or Goals – whatever you would Recognize as You, but which you’ve plugged into the Gap Created by the Absence of What You Really Want.  Tomorrow we’ll look at the Quincunx Bridges, as they too provide clues.

Quantum Jump 5

July 9, 2018

Brenda Hoffman has channeled a fun and useful essay about how our Newborn Selves are kind of like when our 3D Selves got out of high school…


The 10 July (10am PDT) Jupiter Station chart…

In Quantum Jump (https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2018/07/06/jupiter-haumea/) we outlined one part of the chart…

“The Jupiter Station Asks of us that we do two PIAVAs…

  • “ ‘Can I Grow into Non-Judgment while Maintaining my Authenticity?’  (Moon Quincunx Jupiter-Hopi)
  • “ ‘Can I Transcend my Mental Birdcage to Access the Larger Universe?’  (Mercury Quincunx Neptune)

“These two Quincunxes are the diagonals (crux) of the Square Fez.

“We may even want to Ask ‘May I…’ in addition to ‘Can I…,’ though that would be a separate step, as the Jupiter Station Asks us to Sustain Curiosity about these apparent Contradictions.  I’d suggest Letting your Curiosity percolate for a while before asserting your Desires.”

A Fez is a trapezoid formed by four planets.  A Square Fez has two non-parallel Squares (red lines) for sides, a Sextile (short blue line), and a Trine (long blue line) on the bottom.  In any Fez, the most important Angles are the diagonal Quincunxes.  Since they’re Quincunxes, we need to approach them with True Curiosity, without trying to “Solve” any “Problems” that the mind sees.  This is Curiosity in the sense of Awe and Wonder, not in the sense of Puzzle to Solve.

In this Jupiter/Hopi-Mercury-Moon-Neptune Fez, Chariklo forms a chinstrap.  The Yod to Chariklo says that our Confidence in our Ability to Stay in Curiosity is all-important.  Our Curiosity can have lapses of Mentality – as long as we catch ourself and switch back to Don’t-Know quickly.  We may even want to PIAVA that we our lapses are quickly corrected.  Maintaining True Curiosity isn’t an idle exercise; it’s how you prove to yourself that you aren’t stuck in a Cause-and-Effect World. 

Cause-and-Effect Worlds have an inherent problem.  If the Cause is outside of your Consciousness, then you don’t Believe, and often can’t even See, the Effect.  There’s a story about how the Natives of the Caribbean couldn’t see Columbus’s ships because they’d never witnessed anything like them.  That may a little too far-fetched to take literally, but it’s illustrative.  They were certainly UFOs – Unidentified Floating Objects – and we’d be as alarmed if we saw a flying cruise ship.  How many people would Believe you when you told the story?

With Chariklo in that position, if we don’t have Confidence that there are phenomena that live outside of our tidy Cause-and-Effect World, then we at least need to Intend that we gain such Confidence.  If you’ve ever taken Physics 101, you were introduced to “Flatland” – a place where folks lived in two dimensions.  Then you, a 3D Entity, put your thumb down on the Flatlandscape, freaking out the Flatlanders.  But a Flatlander with Confidence that their Understanding of the Universe was incomplete, would just be Curious.  If you don’t Understand that your Understanding of the Universe is incomplete, you’re in trouble.  That’s probably the major takeaway of this part of the Jupiter Station.

Now if you imagine rotating the chart so Mercury is at the bottom, you can see that Mercury is the chinstrap of a second Square Fez.  The diagonals of this one are Atropos-Neptune (Curiosity about the End of our Illusion that we Know It All) and Moon-Chariklo (Curiosity about whether our Confidence is Authentic).  Mercury is about Understanding, so we’re twisting our metaphor about Columbus’s ships into Escheresque Origami – all the more to keep us in Curiosity.  The Universe is probably just preparing us for the Landings.

There’s also a Trine Fez here.  A Trine Fez has two non-parallel Trines for sides, an Unx (short green line) on top, and a Square on the bottom.  They’re a little less Challenging than a Square Fez.  Put the Moon-Mercury Square on the bottom to see the Trine Fez.  The diagonals of this Fez are Atropos-Neptune (again, Curiosity about the End of our Illusion that we Know It All) and Moon-Jupiter/Hopi (Curiosity about whether we can Authentically Respect All Things).  If you thought the Men in Black movies were fiction, maybe you should watch them again.  We are All, after all, ETs.

July II

July 8, 2018

Having Lived through Chiron’s first Station in Aries, and being in the midst of a Millennium-Scale Rebirth with the Haumea and Jupiter Stations, where do we go from here?

There’s the 12 July (8pm PDT) Partial Solar Eclipse (Illumination) at 21 Cancer.

The 15 July (9am PDT) Station of Hopi (Respect for All Things) in 17 Scorpio.

The 16 July (8am PDT) Initiation of asteroid Moira by dwarf planet Chaos in 25 Gemini, signifying our Certification to Operate the Infinite Improbability Engine to Create the Amazing.

The 20 July (10am PDT) Initiation of Sappho by Lachesis in 25 Taurus, where we get to Choose Timelines we Love.

The 20 July (2pm PDT) Station of asteroid Karma (Pattern-Breaking) in 1 Sagittarius.

The 21 July (5am PDT) Initiation of Nemesis by Sedna in 28 Taurus, which will Eliminate our Fear of Ego Death.

The 25 July (8:30 am PDT) Initiation of Sappho by Sedna in 28 Taurus; Practicing a Self-Loving Relationship with the Power of Fear.

The 27 July (1:30 pm PDT) Total Lunar Eclipse (Enlightenment) in 5 Aquarius.

The 30 July (1:30 pm PDT) Initiation of Lachesis by Sedna in 28 Taurus, where we Learn to Choose our Timelines and Liberate ourself from Karma and Control by Others.

And by then we’ll be deep into the 1 August (3am PDT) Station of Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) in 23 Sagittarius, and starting down the Wormhole, or Rabbithole, to our Soul in the 7 August (10am PDT) Station of Uranus (Soul) in 3 Taurus.  After seven years of Spiritual Fire burning away the Impediments that had Separated us from our Souls (Uranus in Aries), Uranus is giving us a Preview of what it will be like when our Soul is truly Grounded into our Physical Reality.  We’ll have a final Opportunity to burn away the Dross when Uranus revisits Aries from early November to early March; then we’re off into Manifesting Soul into Form, without further interruption.

Just so we won’t forget it, the 8 August (4am PDT) Initiation of Sappho by Nemesis in 4 Gemini; Transforming our Resistance to Self-Love.

Quantum Jump 4

July 8, 2018

How appropriate to be awakened early today by the reverse Crescent of a Balsamic Moon, amazingly Bright for its size.  And how absolutely Miraculous to get a decent photo of it in one try, through the Venetian blinds, steadied only by the back of the couch…

No Craters appear beyond the margin because the thin Moon is so surprisingly Bright that the Craters are washed out.  It lacks the “Earthshine,” the Light reflected from Earth that sometimes faintly illuminates the Dark Side of the Moon.

The Balsamic Moon symbolizes Preparing to Molt. 

We’re actually 35 hours early, as the Exact Balsamic Moon appears at the Waning Octile (45 Degrees) to the Sun, while this one is close to the Waning Sextile (60 Degrees).

In German, Waxing means Zunehmen or Adding To, and Waning means Abnehmen or Taking Away.  If you write out Zunehmen in script, the first big curve you get, in the top half of the capital Z, is open on the left, like the true Waxing Crescent Moon,Moon symbol crescent.svg.  And if you write out Abnehmen in script, the first big curve you get, in the capital A, is curved on the left, like the Waning Balsamic Moon above.  Of course the Waxing True Crescent Moon only appears in the evening, and the Waning Balsamic reverse-Crescent Moon only in the predawn, but if you’ve just woke up and don’t have a local clock, you can use your Zu and Ab to know how long you’ll be shivering before the Sun returns, if you Pray enough to Make It So.

The Moon when it woke me was at 13 Degrees of Taurus, Opposing the Stationary Jupiter and T-Squared by Mercury (Awareness).

Then, less than two hours later, Dan Scranton chimes in with today’s Arcturian commentary…


“We have a sense of what you have been summoning energetically, and we also have a sense of what timeline you are going to jump to next.  We want to say that this is an important time in your evolution, but every time from this point forward will fall into that category.  So instead, we are going to predict that you are going to make the jump to the timeline that you want to be on as a collective.

“This particular timeline contains the energies that you’ve been summoning, and so much more.  In other words, once you receive some of that which you have asked for from the universe, more will be given.  More will be given because you will demonstrate your ability to handle the energy that you’ve summoned and to create a better reality for all.

“Those of you who are truly awake know that you cannot just create for yourselves.  You recognize the significance of being a part of a collective, and you empathize with those who are suffering.  You feel their pain, and you want to help.  Now, in the creation of a world where everyone has enough, where there is peace and harmony on planet Earth, you are also creating that throughout the galaxy.

“So by wanting what you want, summoning the energy for it, and then receiving it, you are doing so much more than satisfying your ego.  You are helping to create peace and harmony throughout the galaxy.  You are helping to end all suffering and to usher in a golden age, an age where co-creating between extra-terrestrials and humans will be the norm, rather than the anomaly that you sometimes hear about.

“You are truly the visionaries of this galaxy, and in the removing of your limitations, and the accessing of your power, you are making it all happen.  You are, of course, and always will be love incarnate, and as you continue to remind yourselves of that truth, you step into even more power, because you align yourselves with Source Energy.”