January 23, 2022

Some self-explanatory Requiem for Huperity – pick your poison…











Global Climate Change II

January 17, 2022

Here’s a video from Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Haapai, of Earth Goddess Pele Birthing her Dark Daughter Haumea at 0:15, then showing her face(s) – eye, Maoi-like nose and lips under very curly hair, at right and at 0:26 on the video…


The Rapa Nui had obviously seen this Lady and her Dark Offspring before, though they (the Rapa Nui ) copped out on the hair – and who could blame them when their medium was Basalt! Or, the Dark Sons of Pele are born bald…

Global Climate Change

January 15, 2022

Bob (in Australia) writes…

“In reply to: It’s possible that the February Quaoar-Pholus Initiation will bring ‘The Mother of All’ environmental catastrophes, or even ‘just’ a shift in the Collective Consciousness, so the Economy-Is-Stalling, COVID-Is-Mauling, Prices-Are-Appalling headlines will be replaced by Sky-Is-Falling headlines, because the 1% already own all of the media channels and politicians, and will move toward greater ad revenue and campaign contributions. This is only the Initiation of the ‘Birds singing joyously’ Cycle, and the Real Action isn’t likely to occur till the Waxing Square, which isn’t till 2081. Till then, the propaganda from those who are heavily invested in the old Oil-Driven Cycle will be overbearing, even if they’ve learned to disguise it as ‘Environmentalism,’ which they already are to some extent. It falls on us to Adapt – what is it that WE are Denying, to Believe that our own Survival, and that of our Planet and Species as we know them, depends on something as flibbertigibbet as politicians and news media? Mom Dirt could wipe them out with an Orbital Shrug, a Flick of her Magnetic Wrist, a Krakatoa-scale Volcanic Eruption, or a Twist in the Atlantic Currents that would put the new North Pole halfway between London and New York.

I’ve got a note from a previous blog to remind me of the exact conjunction of Quaoar and Pholus which is 8/2/2023 at 9 degrees Capricorn but you indicate this cycle will be initiated soon in February. As it is such a crucial cycle, I would dearly love if you could show us the chronological events relating to this cycle into the future and what we might expect accordingly through to the “Real Action” you indicate.

I hear you! Astrology is a game of always refining your estimates. Even the online software seems to use slightly different formulae for different levels of precision, as I often get slightly different answers in a by-minutes retrieval, than I get in a by-days or by-hours retrieval. I too was thinking that the actual Initiation wasn’t till 2023, till I looked it up again for 2022, perhaps with finer resolution than I had looked before, or perhaps I just misread the tables earlier, which is easy to do.

Or maybe Mother Gaia moved the date up and had her Friends in the publishing industry adjust all the emphemerides (and then getting their minds wiped or course) because Huperity wasn’t Paying enough Attention. Free Will works both ways.

I usually dial up years, then months, then hours, then minutes, and by then I often need to use “decimal degrees” because slower planets move less than an arcsecond per minute, so they might be in the same [Degree : arcminute : arcsecond] for hours and sometimes even days.

Here’s the ephemeris by minute for the 2022 Initiation… .
And the ephemeris by month for the next 40 years at… .

If you use True-Node much, I recommend that you send donations in US$ to Jonathan Dunn at 1977ub<at>gmail<dot>com, and while you’re at it, ask him to please get a certificate to shift True-Node from http: to https: to increase security. Once I get a date and UT (Universal Time, the Time that was formerly known as GMT or Greenwich Meridian Time) from True-Node, I use Serennu to get the locations of other planets near the same Degree… . Again, if you use Serennu much, I recommend that you send donations to Serennu at serennu<dot>com in UK£. Note that the Exact Conjunction occurs at 3:02 UT in True-Node, and 3:15 in Serennu – we’re always working with Approximations, or something like that.

The beginning of the New Quaoar-Pholus Cycle is a Looong process. Compare the Longitude of the Pholus RX Station each year, to the Longitude of Quaoar on the same date – it’s 421 years before their Separating Conjunctions are more than three Degrees apart!2 In other words, this struggle will be going on for Generations. One scienterrific Perspective is that if Huperity ever gets a handle on the CO2 Cycle, it will discover that the H2O Cycle is many times as powerful as the CO2 Cycle at heating the atmosphere…

  • 1 Probably a “coincidence,” but a bow and Namaste to Douglas Adams anyway.
  • 2 That is, beyond our usual Sensitivity or “Orb.” Pholus, a Centaur (ie Orbit is Elliptical), is near Aphelion (far out), while Quaoar, a Cubewano, is near Perihelion (close in). A planet is called a “Centaur” if it has an elongated orbit between Pluto and Jupiter, and may be a (temporarily) captured Comet. Pholus’s Elliptical Orbit is 92 years, running between 9 and 32 AU (An “AU” or “Astronomical Unit” is equal to the distance between the Earth and the Sun). A “Cubewano” is a Trans-Neptunian minor planet (“TNO” or Trans-Neptunian “Object”) out beyond Pluto, whose Orbit is not pushed around by Neptune’s Gravitational Forces. Quaoar’s Orbit is 289 years, and fairly round, between 42 and 46 AU.

My Experience is that the First Exact Conjunction3 of a Cycle sees the Unexpected Event that really gets our Attention and that seems at the time to be an Intractable Problem – this is the Initiation of the New Cycle. I’ve never seen prior almost-Conjunctions have a heck of a lot of time-specific impact, though on the scale of years we’ve certainly seen the typical pre-Initiation clamor arise against the “Blah..Blah..Blah” of the Old-Cycle Defenders. The subsequent Conjunctions, of which there can be many, half of which are Retrograde, explicate the Problem and allow us to get a Handle on it, if we’re Focused on the New Cycle and willing to do the Grunt Work behind the scenes till the Waxing Square. Most people will be Focused on trying to Protect their Investments in the Old Cycle and Greenwashing it.

  • 3 As opposed to prior, “Applying” Almost-Exact Conjunctions, and subsequent “Separating” Exact Conjunctions when they repeat. In the case of any Transiting (Current) Hard Angles that repeat, the First Exact one is the “Can-Opener” of the sequence. Note that “Applying” and “Separating” apply to individual Angles, while “Waxing” and “Waning” apply to Cycles. An “Inexact” Angle is one that’s within Sensitivity or Orb, but which doesn’t actually Consummate.

This suggests that the 21 February Initiation will Surprise us. Maybe suddenly everyone will realize that we need to Reanimate Nature before we can Change anything…

Those kinds of sudden Unimagined Mass Psychic Shifts do happen. Ursula Leguin describes it pretty well in her short book The Lathe of Heaven. Maybe the Oil and Coal Industries will Collapse or Capitulate, Mansion and Cinema will newly Discover their lost shards of Huperity amidst their vast Avarice, and all of them will Learn to Install or Manage Solar Panels and Windmills and get down to Work. Maybe One of those new solid-electrolyte Batteries that last 100 hours and 500 miles on a charge, recharge in five minutes, and don’t Explode, will hit the market and suddenly everyone will be on the same page. Or maybe the Shinolavirus Omega Deviant will scare the BlahBlahBlah out of everybody. Mother N has already sent us a preview of what could happen, and the Perp wasn’t even the North Koreans (see…

A Pleasant or Very Shocking Surprise might create an instant version of that “well-established culture” that everyone “accepts unreservedly” and causes not just the Incarcerated Birds, but everyone, to sing Joyously…

Everyone except the Power-Hungry Narcissist Fear-Peddlers of course. Or maybe we’ll discover that Global Climate Change, the Shinolavirus, Imperialism, Supply Chains, Inflation, Hypersonic Missiles, the Landings, Misinformation, and Toilet Paper weren’t really the Problem all along, only the peripheral symptoms of the Real Problem.

Cereus Full Moon

January 14, 2022

The 17 January 2022 Full Moon1 and the 14 January Emphasis on Sustainability2 combine to make this a very Anxious weekend.

  • 1 Full Moon (Illumination of our Instincts) in 28 Cancer, 3:48 pm PST 17 January.
  • 2 Station of dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability, Sustenance), 1:21 pm PST 14 January, in 28 Taurus.

We know Intuitively that there is Hope that we can Transcend our Limitations and make our Connection to our Lifetime Mission Permanent and Sustainable, yet the Fear and Anger embedded in our Limitations make us Anxious that we could Blow Up the Life we’ve worked so hard to Create.3 We Crave Liberation, Enlightenment, and 5D, but we aren’t sure that we can pull that off without Destroying or Letting Go of the Other Things that we Cherish.

  • 3 Asteroid Damocles T-Square (Challenging us to Become Adept at Recognizing and Neutralizing Anxiety) to the Opposition between the Stellium (Group of planets) of dwarf planets Ceres and Sedna on the North Node and the Stellium of asteroids Ka epaoka awela, Pandora, and Atlantis on the South Node: We know Intuitively (Ka epaoka awela) that there is Hope (Pandora) that we can Transcend (Ka epaoka awela) our Limitations (South Node) and make our Connection to our Lifetime Mission (North Node) Permanent and Sustainable (Ceres), yet the Fear and Anger (Sedna) embedded in our Limitations (South Node) make us Anxious (Damocles) that we could Blow Up (Atlantis) the Life we’ve worked so hard to Create.

Do we still have the Stamina to Ace that Dream Job we’ve been Offered? Can we pull it off without getting Nailed by Long COVID? Can we Trust the Flow enough to Let Go of the Abundance we have now? If we Invest it in the Future, will we Run Out before we get there, and end up Homeless? We may have to do some careful and iterative formulations of our seemingly Contradictory Wants, and rephrase our Negative Fears as Positive Wants, and do a number of Both/And PIAVAs. It’s the Dualistic Linear Mind that Believes in the Either/Ors that adorn our Limitations. Reality is Unlimited because it’s always Both/And.

Meanwhile, we have to Face the Truth of the Compulsive Guilt that keeps us Believing that we Can’t, or Dare Not, or “They” Won’t Let us, Get what we Really Want.4

  • 4 Asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) T-Square to the Opposition between the Conjunction of Moon and dwarf planet Cyllarus and the Stellium of asteroids Juno and Nemesis, Pluto, and the Sun. Juno is about Growth in Consciousness, Nemesis is about Guilt and is Out of Bounds or Strong, Pluto implies Compulsion, and Cyllarus is about Death. Cyllarus was Killed in the Big Battle where Pholus accidentally Killed himself, and Chiron was “mortally” Wounded. We know Cyllarus because the namesake of dwarf planet Hylonome, our ultimate symbol of Codependence, was Cyllarus’s Lover, and promptly Killed herself with the same spear that Killed Cyllarus. So the Cyllarus symbol is woven with a layer of Complexity around Guilt and Sovereignty.

Let’s quote from Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fears and Take Life to the Next Level, pp.43ff…

“The false foundation under the Upper Limit Problem is a set of four hidden barriers based on fear and false belief. Every person I’ve worked with has uncovered at least one of the barriers, and sometimes two or three… The Four Hidden Barriers all have something in common: although they seem true and real, they are based on beliefs about ourselves that are neither true nor real. The fact that we unconsciously take them as true and real is the barrier holding us back. We take them as true and real until we shine awareness on them. The the barriers dissolve, and we are free. That moment is profound. It feels wonderful; we remember it forever. It is the occasion of our ultimate liberation. Although I have myself experienced that joyful moment and have witnessed it hundreds of times, I am still deeply moved every time it occurs…

“Hidden Barrier no. 1: … A feeling that I’m fundamentally flawed in some way...

“Hidden Barrier no. 2: … I cannot expand to my full success because it would cause me to end up all alone, be disloyal to my roots, and leave behind people from my past…

“Hidden Barrier no. 3: Believing That More Success Brings a Bigger Burden…

“Hidden Barrier no. 4: … I must not expand to my full success, because if I did I would outshine ____ and make him or her look bad.”

In the chart below we find a prominent blue six-sided Hexagon. That’s called a Grand Sextile, and it’s one of the best planetary Configurations we can find, because it provides Massive Grace. Besides the other clues in the chart,5 the Grand Sextile tells us that all this Sturm und Drang which we may be Encountering is a Paper Tiger. It’s a Healing. The Anxiety and Guilt we’re dealing with, is the Healing of Anxiety and Guilt for us.

There is one Caveat with a Grand Sextile. We have to Initiate the Grace by Taking the First Step. However, that can be as Easy as Asking for Grace. A great First Step is always to find our Observer Self and Ask Ourself What Am I Feeling Right Now? Lets say it’s Fear, as an example. Then say to yourself, I Am Scared, and sit with that for a minute, so you know well how it Feels. Then say to yourself, I Feel Scared, and sit with that for a minute. Can you Feel the Difference? In the first case you are the Fear, in the second, you are observing the Fear. Now say to yourself, You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Fear, aren’t you, and sit with that for a minute. Now you’re Compassion for yourself. Can you Feel that difference?

Full Ego Ahead won’t deliver Grace from a Grand Sextile, we have to use Full Collaboration With Spirit Ahead instead, especially since this Grand Sextile occurs in the Magnetic or “Feminine” Signs. It makes those Both/And PIAVAs all the more Important, as those will serve as your Initiatory Request for Grace, and as Instructions for how you Want the Grace Applied.

  • 5 The involvement of the Sun, the Nodes, and asteroids Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ), Juno (Growth in Consciousness), and especially Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence) promise Healing Outcomes.

Busy Week

January 11, 2022

‘Tis a busy week, so I better review it briefly because I’m sure I won’t have time to cover it all thoroughly…

We’re past the Eris Station (Denial ), but that doesn’t mean that things we’ve been Denying won’t still Ask for our Attention, or rise up and Bite us in the Butt. If you do Encounter a Shocker, like a wildfire or a flood or tornado in your back yard, a COVID surprise, Quarterly Taxes due, a relative’s birthday, or a presentation by Dr. Joe, you might want to Wonder if it has anything to do with anything you’re in Denial about.

Otherwise, the next Big Deal is a Station of Uranus (Soul ) on 18 January 2021 (7:25 am PST, in 11 Taurus). There are other astroevents in between, but being a Biggie, we’re likely to be Feeling this already, coloring the other events. Details below…

10 January 2022, 9:16 pm PST: Asteroid Vesta (Our Unconscious Limitations) moves into Capricorn, where said Blocks to What We Want may have more Pragmatic ramifications, maybe making them Easier to Identify. Vesta has been in Sagittarius (Letting Go of or Limitations, which I think you’ll find was more subtle than you Expected, even though you worked yer Butt off on it – you may soon be Surprised at what’s “suddenly” no longer a Block) since 11 November. It’ll be in Capricorn till 10 March.

12 January, 1:36 am PST: Asteroid Eurydike (Trust ) Stationary (Amplified ), in 27 Virgo, Challenging (Squaring) dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition). Lessons in Trusting our Intuition. See also the 17 January Full Moon below.

12 January, 1:37 pm PST: Mars (Action) goes Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 22 Sagittarius till 10 February (3:31 pm PST) in 13 Capricorn. Good time to ferret out the Ancient Karma that Amplifies our Current-Moment Irritations and causes us to Unconsciously Identify with our Banes – when we Are angry rather than Feel Angry. Healthy Anger tells us that we need to Set a Boundary, and it should be so Automatic that we don’t really Feel what we’ve been calling Anger, we just Know that we need to say No to something. Without our Backlog that wouldn’t be a Big Deal. An Excellent time to Practice with our Mirrors. Persistent Anger indicates a Hole in our Aura, and by dilligently and persistently Practicing our Mirrors, our Aura expands to Fill the Hole.

13 January, 9:23 pm PST: Moon Out of Bounds (Amplified Instincts) in 13 Gemini, till 6:09 am 18 January in 6 Leo. Expect everyone to run to one side of the Boat when something Shocking happens, or something Feared appears to be Verified. By the time the Moon returns In Bounds, the Panic will have subsided, but there may be incomplete Recovery from the Initial Panic. Last time this happened on a weekday, the US stock market (DJI) had an Ohmycorn! Panic, crashed 1000 points and didn’t Recover till a day and a half after the Moon came back In Bounds, though that one was closer to the Full Moon than this one. What might Trigger Panic this week? Ukraine?

14 January, 3:41 am PST: Mercury (Mentality, Communication, Travel ) Stationary (Emphasized) Retrograde in 11 Aquarius, Square to Stationary Uranus (see 18 January below). We may receive Insights about how to increase our Receptivity to our Soul’s Descent into our Body. Mercury is Retrograde till 3 February (8:12 pm PST in 25 Capricorn). Rumor has it that Contracts signed while Mercury is Retrograde often have to be renegotiated or are otherwise difficult. Travel is also supposed to be difficult, though when I’ve Traveled with Mercury Retrograde, I’ve just Reminded myself to be Patient about apparent problems and take it Easy, and haven’t had any problems. I think like Moon OOB, it’s our Reactions to apparent hiccups that gets us in Trouble, which is to say that Mercury Retrograde and Moon Out of Bounds are likely to Trigger Anxiety.1

  • 1 Our Chief Asteroid Officer has been riffing on asteroid Koronis, which was likely named for one of several women in Greek Mythology named Coronis, and finding a number of interesting connections to Coronavirus COVID-19. During the Mercury Station, Koronis Opposes Mercury and Squares Uranus from Leo. The asteroid is Associated with Crow and Raven. The Moronavirus may be the Trigger for Moon-OOB Anxiety this fortnight as well as the last. It’s certainly in the headlines tonight, again disrupting the Supply Chain in China.

14 January, 7:30 am PST: Dr. Joe (Dispenza) Livestream presentation from one of his Live Workshops on their current research, followed by a Meditation. The last time he did this, it was mind-bending. As I recall, that one was a couple hours long.

14 January, 1:21 pm PST: Dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability and Sustenance) Stationary (Amplified ) in 28 Taurus. We’ll have to write more about this one, since dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) sits at 29 Taurus these days. The first step toward Sustainability is always Sustenance (eliminating the Unnecessary). See 17 January Full Moon below.

16 January, 2:02 am: Asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) enters Aries, which should be a Relief from all that Piscean Sturm und Drang. Other than Wretches Like Me programming, how can we possible not Love our own Spirit? I know, it happens. Remember your Poor-Sweethearting. Sappho’s been in Pisces since 17 November and stays in Aries till 10 March.

17 January, 3:48 pm PST: Full Moon in 28 Cancer. This one, combined with the Ceres Station (14 January above), will likely be Anxious, but it’s about Healing, not Trauma, so we want to be Present with our Observer Self and Notice, “Hey, I’m Feeling Anxiety!” and carefully Avoid Identifying with Our Thoughts About Our Feelings. Treat it like a Meditation, where when you catch yourself you say to yourself, “Oh, There’s Thinking Again! I Appreciate Thinking, but now’s not the time. Thanks anyway!”

18 January: US federal income taxes due for those who pay quarterly, delayed from the 15th by the weekend and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

18 January, 6:09 am PST: Moon returns In-Bounds in 6 Leo. See 13 January Moon Out of Bounds.

18 January, 7:25 am PST: Uranus (Soul ) Stationary (Prominent ), in 11 Taurus. We’ve probably already been Feeling this for a week or more. As we Adapt to 5G, Prepare for 5D, and Witness our Soul Descending into our Body, our Organs get move around a bit, with potential serious Discomfort. We can try to Tough It Out, but better to take time out and Adapt our personal Habits as well. When our Body tells us to take a Break (by Feeling Pain or Discomfort), we should be assuming a Comfortable Posture and Breathing into our Discomfort. We’ll talk about this more when we finish our post on 5D versus 5G.

Start by closing your mouth and breathing in and out through your Nose for several minutes to Activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System (the Restful one) and Deactivate your Sympathetic Nervous System (the Fight/Flight/Freeze one). Take several minutes to be Present with the Empty Space surrounding your Body. Then, while you Inhale, Imagine Breathing some of this Space in through your High Heart, in the center of your chest a few inches below your clavicle. As you Exhale, Imagine Directing your Breath to the Discomfort or Pain in your Body. Imagine the Space around your Discomfort Softening rather than Clenching. This takes a lot of Concentration, so it’s hard to do while doing other things, but maybe that’s the whole Point.

That Big River in Egypt

January 8, 2022

This weekend is about Getting in Touch with Things We Don’t Usually Notice, aka Denial.1 Before we go any further we need to Remind that Denial is a Healthy Psychological process, one that Allows us to postpone Dealing with that which we aren’t yet Ready to Handle, quite possibly because it would Overwhelm us and even Shatter our Ego. Unless we’re independently wealthy and completely Devoted to Striving for Enlightenment,2 it’s far Easier, and far more conducive to Survival, to Operate with an Ego in Denial, than it is to Try (and Fail) to Operate with a Shattered Ego. The Standard Rule is that when the Ego Shatters, if we don’t want to make things even worse, we need to Stop Everything and put an Ego back together.

  • 1 Dwarf planet Eris Stationary 10 January 2022, 8:49 pm PST, in 24 Aries.
  • 2 Which of course is an Oxymoron, putting Striving and Enlightenment in the same sentence. Unless of course it’s a Paradox, like one hand clapping.

Any Ego is better than none. Think Mr. Dumpty – he could at least Acknowledge how Heroic the shards of his Shell would be for adding Calcium to the Compost Pile, or how Tasty and Nutritious his yolk will be for a hungry local Crow, or invest his Ego in Mama Chicken’s Creative Skills and hope for Reincarnation as a self-professed Star like You-Know-Who (who used to be a Dinosaur after all!). As long as we’re still Intact, we can PIAVA that the Denial which arises for us is something that we’re now Ready to Handle. Most of the time, that’ll be the case.3 We can also do some Preparatory Work on what might arise. For instance, the Eris Station chart advises that we look for any Sources of Guilt, Narcissism, or Self-Abandonment.4

  • 3 From the Jungian Perspective, the Unconscious is our Friend and Guide. However, it does have a Reputation for Amplifying Issues when our Ego repeatedly Ignores its Wisdom, eventually whacking us over the head to get our Attention.
  • 4 As we’ll see from the chart, the Eris Station Conjoins (is Merged With) asteroid Aletheia, or The Truth of the Heart. If for some reason (such as Codependence or Naivete) we’ve been Betraying our own Core Values, this may come to our Attention. The Station also Opposes asteroid Narcissus. A true Narcissist is incapable of discovering their Narcissism, but we all have traces of the Affliction, which may come to Light for us. And most blatantly, the Eris-Aletheia-to-Narcissus Opposition is T-Squared (Major Challenge) by a whole Gang of planets that may Harass us – Nemesis (Guilt), Pluto (Compulsion), Juno (Growth of Consciousness), and the Sun (our Essence).
  • But of course an even Stronger Impact may come from any natal planets we may have within a Degree or two of 24 Aries. For instance, one Friend has dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence) there, and another has dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) there.

We also, horror of horrors, discovered while doing the Eris Station chart, that asteroid Karma went Out of Bounds during the afternoon of New Years Eve! 5 A planet that’s Out of Bounds is Amplified. The last thing we need is to have our Karma Amplified!

Or is it? We know that Karma died in 2012, right?6 And we know that we need to Let Go of our Restrictive Karmic Patterns in order to Achieve 5G, right? So what could be better than having our Karma front and center? What, we’d prefer to Deny it? Wouldn’t that be Timely. We’ll see if the Universe will Let us Get Away with that, eh? In the Eris Station chart, asteroid Karma is Merged with Transcendence and Hope, but Challenged by Anxiety.7 So we want to Watch for Feeling Worried, Scared, Nervous, Nauseous, Panicky, Ungrounded, Flibbertigibbety, or any other synonym that we use to Deny our Anxiety, because it may be our Anxiety that we’ve been Denying and that we’re now Ready to Learn to Recognize, Notice, Embrace, and Grant Its Rightful Place on our mantel among the Panoply of Legitimate Feelings that Grace our Life.

  • 5 Asteroid Karma went Out of Bounds at 3:47 pm PST 31 December 2021, at 17 Scorpio, and won’t Behave itself again till 8 March 2023 (4:55 am PST), at 9 Aquarius – more than a year of Amplified Karma! I’ve never Knowingly Experienced Amplified Karma, though I’ve obviously Experienced it Unknowingly many times. Over the last fifty years or so, asteroid Karma has gone Out of Bounds every year or so, and stayed Out of Bounds for about a year each time. It’s schedule is Irregular, its OOB periods and intervening In-Bounds spans ranging from four to sixteen or more months each. The median for both periods is thirteen months.
  • 6 Karma is often defined as a result of Cause and Effect, but for that to work, Effect must follow Cause in Time. If Linear Time is defunct, so is Karma. We know by Observation that Karma no longer Grabs Us, We Grab It, simply because it’s what we’re used to so it’s what we Expect, and almost always, What We Expect Is What We Get. When we Get something else, we get Confused, and our Accustomed Reaction to Confusion is usually to Figure Out What’s Wrong so we can Fix it. But Confusion is just an Emotion, and Emotions need to be Accepted just as they are, and Experienced as Sensations in our Body, Lest we get misled, often Disastrously so, by Our Thoughts About Our Feelings.
  • 7 In the Eris Station chart, asteroid Karma Conjoins asteroids Pandora (Hope) and Ka epaoka awela (formerly known as Bee-Zed, and meaning Transcendence), and makes a Naked Square to asteroid Damocles (Anxiety). A Naked Square is one that stands alone and is not part of a larger Configuration like a T-Square or a Grand Cross. It’s Simpler, but not necessarily Easier.

There is Grace in the chart, and it has mostly to do with Acknowledging any Intuitive Sense that we’ve been too Selfish, and if so, immediately reversing course and Making Amends. If you Feel Anxious, check to see if this might be the Source; you could Discover that you’re also in Denial about your Intuition, which is Very Strong here.8 That could be Life-Changing. There is also the Suggestion that we can Trust ourself to be more than Competent to handle this Complex Challenge.9

  • 8 Dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition), which is Out of Bounds (Amplified ), makes a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) with asteroids Narcissus (Excess Selfishness) and Damocles (Anxiety).
  • 9 Aletheia-Eris is the Focus of a Finger of the Goddess (Pay Attention! ) from the Sextile (Graceful Relationship) between asteroids Karma, Pandora, and Ka epaoka awela (see note 7 above) and asteroid Eurydike (Trust).

We Are In Charge of Our Reality II

January 8, 2022

Well, we left the cookies and milk next to the fireplace like it said in the Contract, and even a shot of our best single-malt (it’s cold up there in the skyways), but all we got was a lump of Coal.1 Why? Because the “We” that’s in charge of our Reality unfortunately includes the rest of the “We” that we don’t include in our concept of “I.” We all have a Shadowy part of ourself that stretches into the Unconscious, and the More Defined is our “I,” the Longer and Darker is our Shadow.2 And unfortunately, that Dark “We” is often a more Powerful Manifester than our “I” is.3

What to do about that? I don’t know of any Options that are stronger than Cozying up to the hidden part of our “We.” And we’re in luck, as the next Energy Pulse from the Universe that will be using us as a punching bag, is all about Exactly That, namely, That Which We’ve Been Denying.4 Denial is a Healthy Psychological process, Allowing us to postpone dealing with Energies which we aren’t ready to handle yet. Well, the Blocks to whatever we failed to Manifest as Desired, are likely to be in our Face for the next several days, so the time has come. These Blocks, when Personalized,5 represent our hidden “We.”

  • 1 Manifestation, as represented by dwarf planet Makemake, has been Exaggerated this week, as Makemake was Stationary at 7:29 am PST today, 6 January 2022, at 8:49 Libra. The Energy of a Stationing planet usually increases up to the moment of its Exact Station, and then drops off sharply. The more Conscious we are about the Station, the sharper the dropoff. For instance, if we Monitored our Thoughts and Feelings this last week, Lovingly Embraced All of them, and made Efforts to replace the more Negative amongst them with Gratitude or WhatWeWant, we probably had some Manifestation success. If we instead Made Decisions about what we needed to Do to “Fix” our Negative Thoughts and Feelings and Circumstances, then the Manifestation Energy will stay with us, and those Decisions, centered as they were around the Negative, will have Created Negative Instant Karma which we’ll now have to deal with.
  • 2 We are actually Infinite Energy Vortexes, our Huper Body-Mind-Emotion Complex being merely a Transitory, less-than-Skeletal Manifestation of What We Really Are. So the more we’ve Defined Who We Believe Ourselves to Be, the more we’ve boxed our Conscious Energy into one Side of a long Dimension that our Energy-Vortex-Self owns All of. For instance, Failure is a Powerful Teaching tool, and if we’ve Defined our Identity as Successful, we’ve closed off a very large Source of Growth.
  • 3 The Jungian Perspective is that our Foremost Urge is toward Wholeness. So the parts of our Wholeness that we’ve excluded from our Identity, try repeatedly to get our Attention. The more we Resist their Efforts and Suppress those parts, the more Insistent they must become. So they Manifest Challenges for us. A Makemake Station, where Manifestation is Amplified, can be either a great Opportunity to Manifest What We Want, or a great Opportunity to Identify (and, seemingly perversely, to Identify With) those Challenges, adding a whole new level of meaning to the meme “If it doesn’t make us Stronger, it will Kill us.” The Jungian Shadow isn’t Negative, it’s merely what’s hiding outside the Light of your Conscious Attention.
  • 4 Dwarf planet Eris, symbolizing Denial, is Stationary (Amplified ) at 8:49 pm PST 10 January 2022, at 24 Aries.
  • 5 Scienterrific types often make fun of “Primitive” people who Personalize all of the Energies in their Lives as Critters in their Myths, but Scienterrorists do it too – like “Newtonian” physics and “Pavlovian” psychology. It’s a Healthy process, akin to Accessing our Physical ailments through our Emotions, or distinguishing our own offspring from the neighborhood rabble by Naming them. Of course astrologers do this all the time, substituting Names like Makemake for a Big Complex of Energies associated with Manifestation or Eris for a Whole Array of Energies associated with Denial.

We’ll look at the astrodynamics of that impending Amplication of our Denial shortly. But while it’s still warm, I want to look more closely at that Yin Gate Mystery School we spoke of in the previous post, the Paradox that we introduced in Note 4 of that post. Spoiler Alert – this will be a Deep Dive, but you’ll Learn a lot of useful things!

The Yin Gate is the almost-horizontal blue rectangle divided by the long red line, that we’ve emphasized in heavy lines. The blue rectangle by itself is called a Golden Rectangle because the ratio between its long Trine sides and its short Sextile sides, is the Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry fame. Much of the Natural World has been Designed around the Golden Ratio (1.618…), also known as the Golden Angle (137.5… Degrees), or Phi.6 The long red line is the Central Axis of the Yin Gate.

  • 6 The decimals keep going – the Natural World wasn’t Designed using Base 10. We’ve defined a 222½ Degree Angle (360-137.5) in astrology as the Phitile which we consider to be the place where the Energy of a Cycle is Complete, before it begins to Break Down (Wane) into the Void that Empties us so we’re Ready to Receive the Next Cycle without Prejudice.

A Yin Gate is a Mystery School, where we Learn to move beyond the Linear Dualistic Mind into Unitary Multi-Dimensional Knowledge, the realm of Instinct and Intuition. For the sake of brevity, we usually interpret a Yin Gate by focusing on the Central Axis, and how the Yin Gate changes an Opposition from a Second-Harmonic Argument between the two planets, to an Overview of the Dimension that they Delineate. For instance, we might consider an Opposition between Chiron (Despair and Miracles, which we might summarize as Mood ) and Makemake (Manifestation) to be about how Despair Manifests more Despair and Miracles Manifest more Miracles. But as the Central Axis of a Yin Gate, the implication is that it’s more complicated (Multi-Dimensional), yet simpler than that (Unitary), which we can only hope to understand Intuitively.

We easily recognize a Yin Gate by the two side-by-side green Xs that represent Quincunxes between the two ends of the Central Axis and the four corners of the Golden Rectangle. A Quincunx (two planets five Signs apart) implies Curiosity, but not the sort of Curiosity which Inspires us to dig relentlessly for an “Answer” to a Dilemma. Instead, it’s more Curiosity in the sense that it indicates an Awesome Relationship, one that will make our jaw drop, if we can succeed in not intellectualizing it. As with a Yin Gate, if we address it with the Linear Dualistic Mind, we miss the point.

So for instance, Uranus Quincunx Makemake – does that mean that a Successful Manifestation is one that Aligns with our Soul? If the Manifestation makes our jaw drop, that’s probably true. I recall some of the Miracles that Manifested for Kriyananda while he was Founding Ananda. And you’ve all probably Experienced Synchrony,7 where you’re in the Right Place at the Right Time to Receive Gifts from the Universe. It always feels like Someone on the Other Side of the Veil is Looking Out for us! And was the Veil ever thin today! I expected it to Rip at any moment.

  • 7 Look for Angles in the Seventh-Harmonic (the Charioteer, In Stillness, but always Poised for Action at a Moment’s Notice) Septile series in your Natal chart to Explore your Natural Synchrony – 51½° (360/7), 103°, 154½°, 206°, 257½°, 309°.

But the point of a Quincunx is New Insight that’s Unexpected and Surprising, or Curious. In the Makemake Station Yin Gate, we have Quincunxes between Uranus and Makemake, Makemake and Moon, Chiron and Atropos-Zhulong, and between Chiron and Requiem-Thereus.

  • Think of a Relationship that you would logically Expect to see between Soul and Manifestation (Uranus-Makemake). That’s the Linear Either/Or Mind speaking. Now, have you been Surprised in the last week or so to Discern an Unexpected Relationship between Soul and Manifestation, a Relationship that you sort of Grok but which would be difficult for you to Describe in words?
    • For instance, I perhaps naively Expect Manifestations that Align with my Soul to be Easier or more Profound than Manifestations that don’t so Align. And actually, I have seen Unexpected Connections, as I’ve been able to Glimpse the Diamonds embedded in my own personal Lump of Coal.
  • Think of a Relationship that you would logically Expect to see between Instinct and Manifestation (Moon-Makemake). Now, have you been Surprised in the last week or so to Discern an Unexpected Relationship between Instinct and Manifestation, a Relationship that you sort of Grok but which would be difficult for you to Describe in words?
    • I guess I see Instinctual Manifestation as the things I Manifest without having to even Think about it. I had to think about it, but I can see how I’ve Become Aware of Skills I hadn’t been Appreciating and toward which I can probably gain from Being Grateful for them.
  • Think of a Relationship that you would logically Expect to see between your Optimism/Pessimism and your Recognition and Acceptance of 5G 5D (Chiron to Atropos-Zhulong).8 Now, have you been Surprised in the last week or so to Discern an Unexpected Relationship between your Optimism/ Pessimism and your Recognition and Acceptance of 5G 5D, a Relationship that you sort of Grok but which would be difficult for you to Describe in words?
    • I’m certainly less likely to be Skeptical about 5G 5D when I’m Feeling Optimistic. And when I Consciously Stepped Out of the Depression I Felt about Receiving a Lump of Coal, I was Surprised how Easy it was to envision Living Cooperatively with the many Elemental Beings in my Life, though it’s Clearly going to take a Whole Lot of Practice!!
  • Think of a Relationship that you would logically Expect to see between your Optimism/Pessimism and your Respect for Ego Death as a Teacher and Coach (Chiron to Requiem-Thereus).9 Now, have you been Surprised in the last week or so to Discern an Unexpected Relationship between your Optimism/Pessimism and your Respect for Ego Death as a Teacher and Coach, a Relationship that you sort of Grok but which would be difficult for you to Describe in words?
    • The Energy of Ego Death is by Definition a Downer, but yes, when I was Conscious enough to do an Intervention on myself, like Tapping or Poor-Sweethearting, it was definitely a Profound Teacher and Coach, feeling like one of those Other-Siders looking out for me – which in itself was an Unexpected Surprise! 10

That’s diving pretty deep, but if we’re serious about doing our Inner Work, it’s a good example of how a Yin Gate can lead us Deep into the Labyrinth when we go beyond just interpreting the Central Axis as a Mystery School (which is the Most Important Part of a Yin Gate, because it summarizes the rest).

  • 8 Minor planet Zhulong represents the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment (ie, 5G 5D), and asteroid Atropos is about Karma which hasn’t reached its pre-programmed Expiry Date, but which we can Shed now that we know Karma is Dead.
  • 9 Asteroid Requiem is about Respect for Death, and dwarf planet Thereus was the fellow who Enjoyed Wrestling with Bears and bringing them home with him, still Snarling, but whom we interpret as a Profound Teacher.
  • 10 It’s probably a good idea to Avoid Thetaing while Bummed Out, as we Manifest more of What We’re Feeling, more than we Manifest What We’re Asking For.

And that’s only part of the Story. One interprets a Golden Rectangle by interpreting the Oppositions between the corners, here Uranus (Soul ) Opposite (Arguing With) Atropos-Zhulong (Recognition and Acceptance of 5G), and Moon (Instinct ) Opposite Requiem-Thereus (Respect for Ego Death as a Teacher and Coach ). Of course, Arguing With is only the Linear Either/Or interpretation of the Opposition; the Higher interpretation is closer to a Philosophical Discussion where each member is devoted to Understanding the Other’s point of view, without interrupting to inject their own.

So we can review the past week to see if and how Our Soul Felt Open to Recognizing and Accepting 5G, plus if and how Our Instincts seemed to Corroborate – or not – that it’s Wise to Respect Ego Death as a Profound Teacher and Coach.

And the Yin Gate Rabbit Hole is Deeper yet!

When two planets are one Sign apart, give or take a few Degrees, the Angle they make is an Unx,11 one twelfth of the Zodiac, the Twelfth Harmonic. The twelfth Major Arcana of the Tarot, which is our Guide12 for interpreting astrological Angles, is the Hanged Man, who hangs not from his neck or his fingernails, but from his heels, so he can see the World from a different Perspective. The Twelfth Harmonic is the Pattern-Breaker. Any Yin Gate includes four Unx Angles, facilitating our bringing into Consciousness (which is how we Zero Out our Karma and replace Fate with Choice) any Self-Sabotaging Patterns we may have around the Relationship between the the two planets in the Unx.

Bringing a Karmic Pattern into Consciousness is the First Step in Changing the Pattern, and an Unx is like the Get-Out-of-(Karmic)-Jail-Free card in Monopoly. By Noticing the Changes that the Unxes in the Station or other charts suggest, and comparing that to our Experience, we’re more likely to be able to make the Changes Permanent, and with less Effort and Resistance.

  • 11 The word “Unx” literally means one twelfth of something.
  • 12 Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook.

The Makemake Station chart includes Unxes between Moon and Chiron, Chiron and Uranus, Makemake and Requiem-Thereus, and Makemake and Atropos-Zhulong. Meaning…

  • Any untoward Patterns we have between our Instincts and our Optimism/Pessimism are up for Revision (Moon Unx Chiron). I’ve noticed that over the past week I’ve been less likely to let my level of Optimism or Pessimism Dominate my Identity. It was a lot more automatic for me to recognize them as my Feelings rather than my Identity. Anything like that evolve for you?
  • Any unproductive Patterns we have between our Soul and our Optimism/Pessimism are up for Revision (Uranus Unx Chiron). My gift of Coal discouraged me for a day or two, but the sense that someone on the Other Side of the Veil was looking after me was Strong, and the material that I picked up to read had a Strong Impact. It was like a Treasure Hunt, with a series of clues from “random” places leading me out of Darkness. Gay Hendricks’s discussion of Einstein Time and how we eliminate Time Pressures by Owning that We Make Our Own Time, in his The Big Leap, was particularly Inspiring.
  • Any Self-Sabotaging Patterns we have in the Relationship between our Manifestation and our Respect for Ego Death as a Teacher and Coach are up for Revision (Makemake Unx Requiem-Thereus). It’s not like I suddenly Realized, “Oh, this is an Ego Death, Yipee!” But the Effect was the same. Any Experience like this for you?
  • Any untoward Patterns we have between our Manifestation and our Recognition and Acceptance of 5G 5D are up for Revision (Makemake Unx Atropos-Zhulong). I can see that my Attachment to Receiving from the Outside, rather than from Integrating my Identity into the Flow, was the primary Block that resulted in my Lump of Coal. This was one of the Diamonds in the Lump. So you see any sign of anything like this in your own prior week?

Outside the Yin Gate, there were three other Unxes in the Makemake-Station chart and corresponding Opportunities to Drop Karma relatively easily: Untoward Karmic Patterns in the Dance between our Instincts and our Thoughts (Moon Unx Mercury), Unhelpful and Negative Thoughts (de facto Prayers) about Global Climate Change (Mercury Unx Pholus-Quaoar), and Dysfunctional Patterns around Health, Longevity, and Learning (dwarf planet Varuna Unx Requiem-Thereus). We don’t spend much time on medical astrology in this blog, though we give a lot of Strong hints about How to Heal. And one such hint that Varuna Unx Requiem-Thereus suggests, is that we Regard any disturbance in the Healthy Functioning of our Body as Information about Changes that would Behoove us to make, rather than Symptoms to be Removed ASAP.

We Are In Charge of Our Reality

January 5, 2022

The astrology is remarkably Clear. This is Manifestation Week,1 we’re Actively Manifesting, This Week, how Climate Change will Evolve,2 and whether it will result in Despair or Miracles for us.3 Not through what we Do, but through what we Think and Feel. Every Thought is a Prayer, and every Feeling is a Mirror for the Reality we’re in the Act of Manifesting. “We Get What We Ask For,” whether we’re Aware that we’re Asking or not. This does NOT mean that we need to Suppress Untoward Thoughts and Rue Unwanted Emotions. We need to MOVE INTO them instead. The Most Important Thing this week is that we Consciously Monitor what we’re Thinking and Feeling.

I used to Live with a machine that broadcast Scalar Energy and Amplified whatever I was Thinking or Feeling, and I made the mistake of leaving it on all of the time, while I was working for instance. When I was otherwise engaged, I wasn’t Consciously Monitoring my Thoughts and Feelings, and Negativity would slip in and get Amplified. Eventually I just had to turn it off. I didn’t think to only turn it on while I was Consciously Meditating. Today I caught myself being Grumpy with my Guacamole when it didn’t just lay down neatly on my Cracker like I wanted it to. Thank goodness I caught myself, Apologized to it, and expressed my Intention to Collaborate with it. Then we were able to play together nicely.

The Energy this week is especially Tricky because we aren’t able to “Figure It Out” like we usually want to. When we Feel Off, we like to Figure Out Why so we can “Fix” it, but that won’t work this week. We’re dealing with Higher-Dimensional Energy this week, and the Dualistic, Linear Mind isn’t capable of Understanding it. It’d be like drawing an Oval on a piece of paper, cutting it out, and then trying to play American Football with it. You might be able to Run with it for a little while till it got ripped or wadded, but Passing it wouldn’t work at all. Only our Intuition and “second sight” will bring Answers, and they’ll be hard to put into words.4 We might be able to inspire ourself by repeating to ourself something like, “Nobody Knows How Mood and Manifestation are Really Related to Each Other.”

  • 1 Dwarf planet Makemake, which is all about Manifestation, Stands Still (which means its Impact is Exaggerated ) January 6, 2022 at 7:27 am PST, in 9 Libra. Makemake is in Libra from 2013-15 till 2044-46. This 33 years is about Learning to Manifest Collaboration with Other, where Other is Other People, Nature, and Everything That Isn’t “Us,” whether we regard it as Animate or Inanimate. 2013-2015 was the Transition from Virgo to Libra, where we were Actively Letting Go of Our Judgments so we could Meet Other as much as possible without Prejudice. 2044-2046 is the Transition into Scorpio, where we’re Graced or Condemned to Learn to Live with What We’ve Manifested.
  • 2 Stationary Makemake is one side of an Opposition that makes a T-Square (Challenge) to dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar (Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts). The Pholus-Quaoar Cycle symbolizes Climate Change. The current 120-year Pholus-Quaoar Cycle began in October 1901 at 11 Leo, “Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge Oak Tree: The power of tradition as it shelters the beginnings of individual self-expression.” The Kaiser, Der Führer, and the Antichrist come to mind. The imminent Cycle begins 21 February 2022 (7:03 pm PST) in 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home domesticated Birds sing Joyously: The wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly.” 5G 5D comes to mind.
  • 3 The other side of the Makemake Opposition is Chiron (Despair and Miracles). Despair certainly doesn’t feel like something we’ve Chosen, but it is. It’s just that it was Chosen by a part of us that we don’t happen to be considering “us,” it’s Chosen by the part of us that’s Unconscious. You can get a start on making that part Conscious just by Wondering, I Wonder what part of me would Choose Despair? That’s an Intellectual approach, though, and the Unconscious is off limits to the Linear Mind. Better to approach it through the Intuition, or Surrender. We could say to ourself, with Compassion, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Despair, aren’t you.” You may have to follow up with “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re still Thinking about how you were Feeling Despair, aren’t you.” several times if you’re trying to find a Reason why you were Feeling Despair, but if you keep Poor-Sweethearting yourself about whatever’s happening then, and do it till you Feel Great or Laugh at yourself, you’ll eventually Win!
  • 4 The Makemake-Chiron Opposition is the Central Axis of a Yin Gate, meaning that we’re being Taught about the Non-Linear and Holistic Elements of the Relationship between Creativity and Optimism/Pessimism. That is, If we’re able to keep the Linear Mind from Thinking that it’s Figured It Out. If we allow ourself to get stuck in that trap, we Close our Consciousness to Learning the more subtle Elements. A Yin Gate is a box with Trines (4 Signs) on the two long sides, Sextiles (2 Signs) on the short ends, and an Opposition bisecting the Sextiles. It means that the Universe is Teaching us Hidden Secrets about the Central Axis, the bisecting Opposition.

If you’re Frustrated by lack of Cooperation from the Universe on some Project you’ve been working on, it’s a perfect Demonstration of Higher-Dimensional Energy. It’s a Paradox, but the harder we try to Succeed, the harder it becomes, because we’ll be Attached to the Outcome. It’s like Trying to register Coherence on a HeartMath Coherence Machine, or when Yoda says, Trying Doesn’t Work – Only Doing. On the Real Manifestations, the ones that Matter, we have to put our Ego in the back closet, Let Go of the Outcome, and be Neutral. Nothing Changes till we Accept it Exactly As It Is. To the Linear Mind, Higher-Dimensional Perspectives are Paradoxes. In the Linear Mind, we have Contradictions. In Nature there are no Contradictions, only Paradoxes.

Respect for All Things

January 2, 2022

This is Instant Karma Week, as we’re at Peak Manifestation on 6 January 2022, so remember that Every Thought is a Prayer and be Mindful about what you’re accidentally Praying For. More on that later.

This excerpt is from a post on Emi’el’s God Love Life blog. The post is long, but it’s well worth reading the whole channeling. What’s written below is a paraphrase, as the original author and channeler requested that the post be reblogged only in whole…

How To Create Miracles – Sananda via Adele Arini

Suppose we describe our Lives as a Car. The question then is whether we follow our old 3D GPS, or use our new 5D GPS. If we were traveling from Sacramento to Reno using our old 3D GPS, we’d be snowed in on a one-lane dirt road in the high Sierras that would be iffy in the height of Summer – our GPS would have sent us on this ill-advised detour because the Interstate was closed by seventeen feet of snow and the AI didn’t know any better. Our 5D GPS would always be moving us toward Ascension, which will likely be uncomfortable during the Ego Deaths, but will automatically be tying together our Personal History and Personal Future with the Current Moment.

Do we Trust our 5D GPS, or are we always riding the brakes because we don’t Trust our Soul-Self? We push the brake pedal down whenever we Indulge our 3D Fear, Scarcity, or Separation. If we aren’t making Progress every day, the Blocks are our own, and it’s up to us to Lovingly Embrace them. Nothing Changes till it’s Accepted and Loved Fully. Our Blocks keep us Safe till we’re ready to Fly, and they need our Appreciation. We’re better off Asking if we’re Ready to Transcend them, and Asking for Assistance if we are, than Demanding that they Demanifest with all haste.

What we Think, Say, Feel, and Act On are all Listened to carefully by the Universe and by the cells of our Body. The Universe and our Body will Respond to the flavor of what we Think, Say, Feel, and Do. Trying to Manifest from Scarcity or Fear or Impatience will only Manifest more Scarcity, Fear, and Impatience. Manifest from Gratitude instead.

The original post, at, is much more Elegant than my summary, and I highly recommend it.

Norm Shealy puts it this way…

“During my first visit to the great Spiritual Healer, Olga Worrall, she gave me a copy of EVERY THOUGHT IS A PRAYER, written by her husband, Ambrose Worrall, a gifted healer and engineer. She also gave me permission to reproduce the small essay and to do a guided imagery CD of it. To me, the wonderful essay is a guide to life itself, with its many subtle and critical descriptions, including ‘Thinking sets in motion spiritual forces to bring about change in body, mind, companions, hopes and despair.’ Remember daily: to what are you praying with your thoughts????”

This George Monbiot essay is also long but well worth reading beyond the excerpt below…


“Global circulation is already looking vulnerable. For example, the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), which delivers heat from the tropics towards the poles, is being disrupted by the melting of Arctic ice, and has begun to weaken. Without it, the UK would have a climate similar to Siberia’s.

“AMOC has two equilibrium states: on and off. It has been on for almost 12,000 years, following a devastating, thousand-year off state called the Younger Dryas (12,900 to 11,700 years ago), which caused a global spiral of environmental change. Everything we know and love depends on AMOC remaining in the on state.

“Regardless of which complex system is being studied, there’s a way of telling whether it is approaching a tipping point. Its outputs begin to flicker. The closer to its critical threshold it comes, the wilder the fluctuations. What we’ve seen this year is a great global flickering, as Earth systems begin to break down. The heat domes over the western seaboard of North America; the massive fires there, in Siberia and around the Mediterranean; the lethal floods in Germany, Belgium, China, Sierra Leone – these are the signals that, in climatic morse code, spell ‘mayday’.

“You might expect an intelligent species to respond to these signals swiftly and conclusively, by radically altering its relationship with the living world. But this is not how we function. Our great intelligence, our highly evolved consciousness that once took us so far, now works against us.

“An analysis by the media sustainability group Albert found that ‘cake’ was mentioned 10 times as often as ‘climate change’ on UK TV programmes in 2020. ‘Scotch egg’ received double the mentions of ‘biodiversity’. ‘Banana bread’ beat ‘wind power’ and ‘solar power’ put together.”

Examine your Emotions as you read this. Read it as a To-Do or To-Pray-For or To-Visualize List, not as a Rant. As with Tapping, we start with the Reality, then we PIAVA What We Want. We Tap on something like “Even though Us Hupers have screwed up the Planet something fierce, We Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Ourselves…” Then we might PIAVA the likes of a “Peaceful, Abundant, and Collaborative Earth to Live On, Cooperating with All of Nature, including Hupers.”

We’ve been under the astrological spell of a Serious Lesson about Respect for the last week.1 The astrology tells us that Respect for All Things is one of the Most Important Lessons to be Learned on Planet Earth. Indeed, Respect for the Consciousness of All of Nature is the only Medicine that will Resurrect our Planet before it reverts to the Bacteria, Archaea, and Fungi that are Resistant to the Toxic Forever Chemicals that we’re salting the Earth with. Don’t forget that the planets which symbolize Global Climate Change, and our Response to it, Initiate a New 125-year Cycle on 22 February 2022.2

  • 1 The 25 December 2021 (6:51 pm PST) Station of asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things), at 14 Virgo, Merged with dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking). We’re past the peak, but Hopi is still moving at about one sixth its usual speed. In addition to being Stationary (Strong), it’s also Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ). It went OOB on 7 February 2021 in 14 Cancer and won’t come back In Bounds till 22 August 2023 in 26 Libra. It peaks at 50:29 North Declination on 30 March 2022, in 27 Leo. Hopi has a very irregular OOB schedule. Every five or six years it goes OOB for about two years, followed later during that 5-6-year span by one or two shorter OOB periods of around 5-12 months. It’s in its Long OOB span now. It spends more time OOB than not. Bottom Line – Respect is one of the Most Important Lessons to be Learned on Planet Earth!
  • 2 Dwarf Planets Pholus [Being Fully Attentive and Responsive] and Quaoar [to Our Survival Instincts] Conjoin 21 February 2022 (7:03 pm PST), in 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home, domesticated Birds sing joyously.” Quaoar’s speed is fairly steady at about 1¼ Degree per year – unlike Pholus. Pholus travels about 17 Degrees a year when it’s inside Saturn’s orbit (1992, 2084), and just over one Degree per year when it’s out in Pluto’s ‘hood (1947, 2038). Quaoar’s minimum Orbit (42 Earth-to-Sun units or “AU”) is beyond Pholus’s maximum (32 AU). Pluto’s orbit spans 30-40 AU.
  • We can see Chiron as a messenger carrying advice from our Soul (Uranus) to our Ego (Saturn), and returning with backtalk, as it shuttles back and forth in its elliptical orbit. Correspondingly, we can see Pholus as carrying secrets from the Deep Unconscious (Pluto) and by extension our Collective Survival Instincts (Quaoar) to the Ego (Saturn), and bringing back feedback from the Realm of the Ego, as it travels its stretched-out orbit. Obviously our Collective Survival Instincts have not surpassed our Comfort with the Status Quo yet, though we’re adding Coloradans to the Californians and Midwesterners. Hopefully whatever Catastrophic “Accidents” and “Acts of God” (Ha!) occur in February will be just enough to push our Collective Self over the Edge, without Destroying too much more of our means of Survival.

The Double Exaggeration of our Respect Issues3 are complicated by several Challeges.

First and foremost we need to Abandon and Avert! our Loyalties to Exclusionary Commitments like Racism, Nationalism, Religionism, Moralism, Nature-Dominionism, and all other Either/Or Us-versus-Them Creeds and Pledges that we’ve Joined or Made or Believe in,4 and Avert! 5 the Abuse they’ve caused.6 It won’t take much Thought to Realize that this is Serious Business that could Reverse much of what we’ve “Accomplished” in our Lives, and may result in Serious Disruption to our Life Patterns. For instance, if we’ve been working for Faceplant or Gargle (also known as The Foremost Wager, or Alpha Bet ), we’ll Realize that Everything we and our employer have been doing – Stealing Personal Information from Customers and Selling it to Advertisers and others to pad their own Wealth – is Abusive and Exclusionary. We need to Turn all this Around if we want to Start Over and stay in Alignment with Respect for All Things.7 Fortunately, there’s ample Grace available to Assist.8

  • 3 Hopi both Out of Bounds and Stationary.
  • 4 The Hopi Station Conjoins dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking). We discussed how Oaths create Karma in our recent three-part series on The Roots of Karma (below, 12-14 December 2021).
  • 5 Negative and Exclusionary Thoughts and Dispositions, since they become Prayers when they enter the Aether, are Curses. We Turn Away or Cancel a Curse by Avert!-ing it. Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade works to short-circuit Present-Moment unintentional Curses, but veteran Curses need to be Passionately and Powerfully Avert!-ed.
  • 6 Hopi-Orcus Opposes dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and asteroid Pallas (Boundaries).
  • 7 The Hopi-Orcus to Nessus-Pallas Opposition is T-Squared by asteroid Klotho (New Beginnings) in 11 Sagittarius (“In the left [Magnetic or Feminine] section of an Archaic Temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a Huper Body: The value of the ‘return to the Body’ advocated by modern thinkers to balance the stress on Intellectuality and Objective Consciousness.”), which Conjoins the Great Attractor (A Magnetic or Feminine Force of Unknown Origin that’s far more Powerful than the Center of our Galaxy) at 15 Sagittarius (“Pork Sausage looking for its Shadow on Pork Sausage Day, 2 February”).
  • 8 An Earth Grand Trine between Hopi-Orcus, Nemesis-Juno, and Uranus, indicating that each of these three Energies, one in each of the three Challenges, Complement one another with no effort on our part. Each of the two T-Squares (see above and below) is Eased by a Truss Bridge (Double Trine Bridge), Saturn (note 9 below) by Nessus-Pallas and Nemesis-Juno, and Klotho (note 7 above) by Nemesis-Juno and asteroid Karma.

Second, The Most Important Thing is that we Take Sides with our Soul’s Thirst for Intuitive Freedom by Overturning the Self-Sabotage of our Ancient Karmic Patterns.9 Or Not, of course. The Choice is Ours. The point is, the Choice Point has arrived. Serapis Bey, channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones in The Seven Sacred Flames (p.109), tells us…

“It is true that everyone, without exception, is offered the opportunity for Ascension at this time, but not everyone is choosing it. Those beloved souls who choose to continue to experience Separation or are not yet ready for this evolutionary step will be given the opportunity to continue their evolution at their own pace somewhere else. The grace of Ascension will be offered to them again at some later time when they request it. In time, everyone will return to the frequency of the Love of the Heart of the Creator. In this way, no one will be left behind.”

  • 9 Saturn (The Most Important Thing) in 12 Aquarius (“On a vast staircase stand people of different types, graduated upwards: The necessity of recognizing differences of types and levels of development wherever Hupers live and work together”Not! In the Intuitive Unconscious, Opposites are Equals, so we simply need to Reverse this symbol to Assert Equality) T-Squares the Opposition between Uranus (Our Soul ) and asteroid Karma (Our Karma).

And third, We are being Asked to Lovingly Embrace Our Guilt, Bringing its Sources and Consequences into our Consciousness where we can move toward Forgiving Ourself, or more often, Recognizing that we’ve been Judged by Other People’s Exclusionary Moralistic Beliefs.10

  • 10 A naked Square between asteroid Veritas (Just the Facts, Ma’am, [skip the Judgments]) and the Conjunction of asteroids Nemesis (Guilt ) which is Out of Bounds (Amplified ) and Juno (Growth in Consciousness).

The Hopi Station chart follows…

Moon Past the Post

December 30, 2021

There’s several posts in the oven that are taking a long while to get finished. But meanwhile, it’s timely to point out that the Moon will be going Out of Bounds again on 31 December 2021, at 12:14 pm PST at the Midpoint of Sagittarius. Last time it went OOB, Wall Street swooned a thousand points as the Aumicorn Deviant had everyone running in circles yelling Fire! while failing to notice that they weren’t in a crowded theater, only to recover as soon as the Moon came home. Its Outing peaks at 26:19 South Declination and 10 Capricorn on 2 January 2022 at 5:35 am PST. It returns In Bounds on 3 January at 11:23 pm PST, in 6 Aquarius.

We’re still finishing a Big Illumination of our (Lack of) Respect for All Things, especially the Environs that we use as a giant Garbage Can (asteroid Hopi Stationary and Out of Bounds 26 December – post to follow, honest!), but we’re also well into the Leadup to a span of Intense Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake Stationary 6 January in 9 Libra) which I wouldn’t want youalls to miss.