Healing, Molting, Refocusing

April 16, 2021

Big Doin’s today, 15 April 2021, as the Life Force is Lit Up like your uncle’s nose at your cousin’s wedding (dwarf planet Varuna [Healing, Vitality] Stationary and Out of Bounds [Waving Arms and Shouting] in 4 Leo, 3:56 am PDT). Leo is where an Energy Perfects itself, so any number of suppressed strange symptoms could show up, and if they do, Pay Attention, they’re pointing out something important. What? Isn’t the Universe cute, with all of its Funny Riddles! Best strategy is to go into Meditation and Ask your symptoms what it is they’re trying to tell you, then forget about it and go about your business – you’ll get a Clear answer out of the blue later.

Tomorrow, 16 April (11:07 am PDT), the Moon goes Out of Bounds (Exaggerated Emotionality) again, as it’ll be doing every two weeks for the next decade. Moon OOB Exaggerates our Emotions, but it’s so Subtle that we usually Believe that the Exaggeration is appropriate. Anything you catch yourself Feeling Strongly about, Tap It Out. No matter what the issue is, you’ll have much better success if you can get Neutral. Being Neutral doesn’t mean you don’t Care; it just means that you aren’t so Obsessed that you can’t see the Poison Ivy for the Trees. Or the Forest. The Moon returns In-Bounds on 20 April (4:53 am PDT).

While it’s OOB, it travels from 18 Gemini to 4 Leo, 4 Leo being the location of Varuna’s Station, within a tenth of a Degree. So it might be several days before your Funny Health Riddles make sense to you. Meanwhile, Avoid Overreacting to them – it’s not good for your Health. Gemini-to-Leo is East-West. Out of Bounds is North-South, in this case North. OOB means more North or South than 23:27 Degrees from the Equator (the “Tropics” of Cancer and Capricorn). The Moon is max OOB on 18 April (9:02 am PDT) at 25:33 North, where it Stands Still before it turns Southward again. The North-South Station occurs when the Moon is at 11 Cancer in its East-West travels. If your Health Riddle is still puzzling then, that would be an excellent time to Meditate and interview it.

The Varuna Station chart is quite busy. I’ll just list the major issues it introduces or resolves.

  • The Varuna Station is part of a Grand Cross (four planets ± equally spaced around the Zodiac), which is usually only occasionally irritating, as the four Hassles (T-Squares) in the Grand Cross Complement one another, if you can stay Calm and give them time to do it. Both the Varuna T-Square and the Zhulong [the Red Dragon of Enlightenment] T-Square are Self-Resolving (Diamond Stars).
  • The other two non-Self-Resolving corners are Venus and Sappho-Chariklo [Self-Love and Self-Confidence]. Of course Self-Love and Self-Confidence can come across as Self-Judgment and Self-Doubt, and the key is to watch for any Self-Judgment or Self-Doubt, and Reject it out-of-hand. The part of you that’s Judging and Doubting is probably just trying protect you from yourself, so it needs to be Loved too. But not Believed. I’ll wager if you listen closely you’ll notice that its Voice is not yours, but someone’s from you childhood, maybe an Overbearing parent or Competitive sibling. Tell them, “That Was Then, This Is Now! ” and Ask them to Shut the Fork Up If They Can’t Support Who You Really Are.
  • The other two Mergers (Conjunctions) are informative. OurUnique but Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) is called to assist in our own “small” way with the Huper Survival Crisis (Ixion Conjunct dwarf planets Pholus [Willingness to Respond] and Quaoar [Survival Instincts]). I think it was Margaret Mead who said “Never Do Nothing because You Can’t Do Enough.” Our Survival Crisis can’t be Resolved using the same Thinking that Created it, so set your Genius Free to Roam Widely.
  • The third Merger is between Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong) and Fate (asteroid Moira). Since Fate versus Free Will is a Duality, we know it’s a Fiction meant to keep you from dealing with the Real World. We subvert Fate by becoming Conscious of our Unhelpful Repeating Patterns and Changing them. Remember that when old Memories Intrude and try to Bring you Down. Ask if they’re part of a Pattern, and if so, Select an Alternative.
  • There are two Grand Trines (three planets ± equally spaced around the Loop), meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings, in the Air Signs (Thought, Communication, Mental Health) and in the Earth Signs (Matter, Substance, Health). They’re great Compliments to a Station of Varuna.
  • And, most Intriguing and Educational are the two Yin Gates. A Yin Gate is a “Golden Rectangle” (two Trines and two Sextiles making a rectangular box) with two additional planets at the Midpoints of the Sextiles. It means a Mystery School about Paradoxical Relationships between the two additional planets, or the Central Opposition. Oppositions usually suggest Debates or Either/Or Arguments, but in the case of a Yin Gate, the Opposition represents Paradox, meaning we have to Project ourself Inside the Countradistinction while Asking to be Enlightened by New Information about how they Relate to one another.
  • One of the Yin Gates features Gonggong-Moira Opposite asteroid Vesta. Vesta is about our Unconscious Limitations, so if we’re willing to look into our Intrusive Memories (see the fourth bullet, above) for Repeating Unhelpful Patterns, we may be Enlightened about Unconscious Limitations we didn’t know we had (they’re Unconscious after all). Our Unconscious Limitations are well Rationalized, so we don’t think of them as Limitations, we think of them as Ego Badges or What anyone with half a brain would Prefer. Breaking out of them can Liberate our Genius and our Joy.
  • The other Yin Gate Opposition is between asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) and dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation). What We Want, no matter how selfish it seems, is always a step toward our Sacred Mission. The more we work with WhatWeWant, the closer it gets to something resembling our Mission. Along the way though, we need to Trust our Instinctual Urge to Want More, and not get stuck on What We Wanted Last Week. So what we’ve been working to Manifest is being Tested, to see if it’s Really WhatWeWant This Week. The Prouder you are of What You Manifested Last Week, the more important it is to Let It Go and Let Yourself Move on. The Pace is getting Faster every day.

End of an Era IV

April 11, 2021

Make me curious about what Brenda Hoffman is Channeling these days – she Channels such a Light Energy…


“A new dimension has become part of your being.

“Last week, we, of the Universes, discussed giddiness and unusual life sparkle. Such is so because you are discovering what was once difficult has become easy. And that those you disliked or felt uncomfortable with have little meaning in your life.

“This new you is the result of the energies floating about the earth encouraging, even demanding, that you accept you in all your glory.

“In 3D, you were not supposed to be too great or grand. And if or when you felt as if you could do anything, someone or something made certain you could not. Your 3D limitations were designed to keep you under control.

“Fear is not possible when you have nothing to lose, including your standing in society. The parameters established by 3D society were designed to instill fear. A fear that even the most competent 3D leaders felt. 

“For without followers, a leader could not maintain his or her outer-directed power. In turn, those controlled by a leader were concerned they would be ostracized or lose their power if that leader no longer protected them or lost their power.

“Three-D was a fear-based society.

“Fear can only be removed when there is no need to please or follow others; when your inner knowingness is enough to maintain your being in all activities and interactions; when self-love is as important as placating others. When you know without a doubt, you are as capable as any person.

“Such attributes were not honored in 3D, for fear does not encourage anyone to think highly of themselves.

“You have stepped into the realm of self-love and, therefore, self-activation. No longer do you need to wonder if this action or that activity is socially acceptable.

“Given that freedom, creations will be developed by anyone and everyone. No longer are there exceptions to this rule. The new being you birthed expects to be different in both actions and creations.

“New will be the word of the eons.

“Simultaneously, interventions by those in control will be either ignored if they are of 3D or redirected if they are from those beyond 3D. For new you has no interest in others’ telling you what you can or should do.

“This is a time of radicalization, not in terms of harming others, but instead of fully claiming yourself. And by so doing, claiming the skillsets, you developed in other dimensions and frequencies. 

“You are no longer of 3D – and no one can force you to return to those restrictions. Of course, those fully of 3D will attempt to do so, for how can they be powerful if no one is following or fearful of them?

“What is becoming evident to you forerunners is that those fully of 3D are acting more and more like a two-year-old. Stamping their feet and saying, ‘No’ to anything that might disrupt their power expectations. But just as is true for the two-year-old you interacted with or parented, those tantrums mean little. A two-year-old does not determine when they go to bed or what they eat even though they might want such to be so. You, the adult, perhaps laugh a bit and continue with your day. And if that means the two-year-old must go to bed, he or she will. 

“So it will be with those enmeshed in 3D. They will test your boundaries, your will. You will respond by smiling or ignoring them as you go about your day. Their temper tantrums mean little in terms of your day or life.

“Outer-directed 3D power has ended. Even so, some forerunners will accept 3D fear for a bit until those forerunners realize their inner-power.

“So it is you are beginning to realize you are not like most people. The same will be true for each forerunner – maybe not today, but very soon. And for once, you will not be ashamed or feel guilty about that difference, for your time has come.

“Allow those of 3D to display their temper tantrums for they are frightened. Not necessarily of your inner-power, but because you do not need them to tell you who you are and what you are capable of. You have walked out of your 3D fear cell, and they have no idea how to bring you back. Their 3D power is as limited as that of a two-year-old. 

“Some of you may feel the need to pretend you concur with those 3D beings until even that becomes too onerous. Just know that new you is a creative loner without a need for someone telling you what to do, when. 

“There will be creative pods, if you will, of like-minded people. But those pods will not follow nor accept an overlord. Those days are over.

“You are new you in a new world.”


Sounds great to me!

End of an Era III

April 11, 2021

Here’s the same information translated in Arcturian and then back into English by Marilyn Raffaele…


“We along with many from the higher dimensions, are working to assist, remind, and help the people of earth understand that something profound is taking place that far exceeds appearances and the understanding of most.

“Fear and separation will always be present in the third dimension regardless of how many ‘wars against’ something take place because third dimensional energy consists of the belief in two powers which will always express as duality and separation. Remember, consciousness is the substance of form because consciousness is all that exists.

“Personally and globally, mind automatically draws from consciousness to form the material. Mind is matter. Over time the masters have taught that the world is illusion but this has been not been correctly understood by most. The world is not illusion, it is a perfect spiritual expression of Source. It is the false hypnotized sense of the spiritual universe that constitutes the illusion.

“You have outgrown third dimensional living. You would not be reading or even understanding these messages if you were still fully in third dimensional consciousness. This can make being around family, friends, employers, and so called experts who are fully enmeshed in third dimensional energy, difficult. There will be times when you must ‘play the game’ but by silently holding the truth in every situation, you bring Light to it.

“Over the course of many, many lifetimes, everyone has experienced fear, loss, torture, and occasionally happiness. You have experienced both poverty and wealth, disease and health, killed and been killed. You were both peacemaker and war monger. You were taught that you were better and more valuable than others and acted accordingly but then returned to experience lives in which you were considered to be and treated as worthless.

“Religions have and continue to teach that everyone is born tainted with sin until ‘saved’ through certain three dimensional actions, words, or ceremonies.

“Many and varied experiences constitute everyone’s journey to realization. Even the smallest life experiences expand awareness and become one’s state of consciousness. Everyone is at their own unique place along the journey toward realization so the negative experiences that you may lovingly want to remove from another, may very well be the very experiences the person needs and chose pre-birth for spiritual growth.

“This never means ignoring suffering while shouting ‘It’s just illusion.’ Rather it means that you do what you are intuitively guided to do, while keeping in mind that something more than what outer appearances would indicate is taking place. Always allow your intuition to guide you in these matters because for some, the experience of total failure may be an integral part of their soul plan. Always honor the free will of others even when you can easily see a better way.

“You are prepared to move beyond old three dimensional ways of learning and no longer need experiences of pain and suffering in order to learn what you are ready to learn. However, old painful experiences of the past often form pockets of dense energy that are carried with you for long periods of time. You have paid your dues, learned, evolved, and are ready to move into spiritual empowerment if you choose, but for most it includes a period of releasing and clearing remaining pockets of old energy.

“Spiritual empowerment brings a sense of freedom not experienced when living as a three dimensional human. It the ability to accept or reject without fear, news facts, societal beliefs of right and wrong, religious doctrine, etc. along with the hundreds of other concepts believed to be truth that have been imposed upon mankind. It is freedom from actions that arise solely from obligation, guilt, or because others consider it your ‘duty.’

“Freedom is letting go of concepts that assign certain jobs, characteristics, and ‘duties’ to one gender or the other. It is knowing that it is ok to choose who to love or be with in partnership and to stop warring with people simply because their beliefs may be different. It is the freedom to choose your life, beliefs, and actions through the realization that you are not a powerless human who must please some old man in the sky.

“Spiritual freedom is not license to do whatever one feels like doing at the expense of another but rather allows one to take empowered actions with love.

“You have done the work and are prepared to fully embrace that there is only ONE and therefore because there is nothing else, you can only be of that ONE. No more dancing around truth, by continuing with classes, rituals, and ceremonies designed to get the attention of a God separate from you.

“Most of you have done these things and they were an important and necessary facets of your journey. They helped you evolve to where you are now, but you no longer need the metaphysical tools. You have reached the place where you know that YOU ALREADY ARE that which you were seeking through them and until you can truly accept this, you remain in the energy of duality and separation.

“There is much yet to come, dear ones. These are the times of tremendous change that you hoped, prayed, and longed for even though it may not seem that way or be what you were expecting. The increasing presence and integration of high resonating energy is affecting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of all–those who understand what is going on as well as those who do not.

“People are experiencing aches and pains in the physical that often come and go. For many, deep and painful emotions are surfacing seemingly from nowhere. Mentally, the whole world is beginning to examine and evaluate personal and global belief systems that no longer seem to be working.

“Because the increasing presence of high frequency energy on earth is exposing dense energies that have lain hidden and dormant through lifetimes, some of those living fully in three dimensional energy are acting out with violence and negative actions. This is because as long buried, denied, or held-in-check energies surface, those of that state of consciousness can easily align with them. They are not always aware of the impact of their actions because the denser energies feel new and valid to them.

“Most people are unable to see their guides , higher dimensional beings, or deceased friends and relatives because the higher resonating energy of the higher dimensions is invisible to most physical eyes. Some have carried the ability to see higher dimensional energy with them into this lifetime but psychic does not always mean spiritual. Be alert to what you accept as truth just because someone who has psychic gifts says it. Always trust your intuition.

“You begin to align with the higher dimensional energies as your personal energy becomes higher and lighter through spiritual growth. Meditation becomes a living moving way of life rather than a separate part of your day and you may find yourself increasingly seeking out quiet and solitude rather than the noisy activities you once enjoyed.

“Allow the process to unfold without personal intervention in the belief that you must personally (ego) manage and control everything in order for it to be right according to some concept of spirituality. Everyone’s journey and experiences are different. Begin to truly accept that you are a Divine Being on earth to bring in and hold the Light of transformation for a world that is mostly unaware that it is in the process of shifting to a higher dimensional energy level.

“Be patient and trust that all is proceeding according to plan in the knowledge that things simply cannot change in a minute. The reality of Divine perfection is and has always been fully present, but the collective majority must attain a certain level of awareness before it can be understood or experienced. For the most part collective consciousness is still asleep, but each day more awaken and begin to understand that something is taking place other than what the news is reporting.

“Most news sources believe what they are reporting because it is what they have been told to report. Become intuitively selective as to what you accept into consciousness as truth. Your ability to do this is why you were one of those chosen to be on earth at this time. Not everyone who wanted to come was allowed to come. Your strength and spiritual gifts were considerations as to who would be on earth during these times.

“Present times are not about a virus, politics, or obsolete rules and traditions. These things are simply facets of the process of a three dimensional planet shifting to a higher dimensional one through the collective spiritual evolution of mankind.

“Do not attempt to keep what is old and finished personally or globally alive regardless of how pleasant it may of been. Letting go of those parts of your life that are finished need not mean ‘taking a stand’ with regard to friends and family. Rather simply allow it to be the silent secret living of your highest sense of truth as you go about the day doing seemingly ordinary things.

“No one needs to know what is going on within you, this is between you and your Higher Self. Those receptive may feel your energy and be drawn to you seeking what it is you know or have. Strangers may start asking questions or seeking guidance from you and this is when spiritual discernment becomes very important.

“Always serve those (strangers or friends) who come to you for advice from a level of compassion and not sympathy. Sympathy ( ‘Poor you, I feel your pain’) will cause you to align with the other person’s energy whereas in compassion you remain empowered in your own energy. Alignment with energy that is denser than yours will leave you feeling drained and confused. This is especially important for those who work in fields of guidance.

“Know that rather than life becoming easier, life may become more difficult after making the choice to embrace and live truth. This is because in choosing to evolve, you give permission for the opening of the inner doors you naively built for yourself over lifetimes. These doors have acted as blocks to spiritual awareness and must be removed. Opening them allows the release of everything behind them–all that is old, finished, and in need of clearing.

“Ordinary life for an already awake and aware person may fall completely apart physically, emotionally and mentally and spiritually. Often they come to a point at which they simply want to go back to where they had no knowledge of truth and where life seemed much simpler and easier. However, once the door blocking some facet of awareness a person is now ready to understand is opened, it does not close.

“Try to remember that if struggle and failure appear seemingly out of nowhere when you thought your spiritual journey was flowing along just fine, it actually represents a graduation, a shift away from, the clearing of false beliefs now manifesting outwardly that you would not otherwise be aware of.

“A person can never return to their old state of consciousness because Divine Consciousness is the reality, all that exists, and thus any small crack through which it can express will remain. The shadow cannot remake itself in the presence of Light.

“Spiritual evolution is the journey of fully opening every door and window, removing every barrier, and lifting every self protecting shield ever created to stop pain but which in reality served only to hide self from SELF.

“Allow the reality of who and what you are to once again shine in ITs full glory and expression.”

End of an Era II

April 11, 2021

From Stephen Harrod Buhner’s Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth, pp. 342-348…

“The writer John Gardner considered the elements of this process –

  • Reclaiming the Feeling Sense,
  • Training the Eye,
  • Depth Immersion of the Self,
  • Synaesthesia,
  • Entering the Dreaming State –

as ‘the fundamental units of an ancient but still valid kind of thought.’ It is a form of cognition that, in fact, allows depth understanding of the world without recourse to linear reductionism. And it finds, not facts, as [Nobel Laureate Barbara] McClintock noted, but truth.

The process of truly understanding something in the way McClintock or Goethe or Burbank did, however, it must be said, takes years. It took Barbara McClintock six years to understand corn transposons, six years until its full nature burst into her understanding.

It took me ten years to understand the function of the gastrointestinal biological oscillator in humans, eight years to a depth glimpse of phytoandrogens, twenty-five to an understanding of heart perception and cognition. As Einstein once put it, ‘I think and think, for months and years.’ But really, what else do we have to do with our time here, play cards? Believe me, this is a lot more fun.

“McClintock knew that her particular kind of seeing was crucial to her eventual understanding of corn genetics, knew that her seeing was often affected by her internal state. So she would sometimes leave her laboratory and go sit beneath nearby eucalyptus trees to meditate and, as the put it, ‘work on herself.’ Then, when she was ready, she returned and began to look and feel into the corn once more.

“Such caretaking and work on the self is essential. Feeling so deeply actually involves feeling deeply and, because the heart and the self remain open, undefended, not dissociated, all the consciousness modules, all the parts of the self are affected. Stuff comes up. And that can affect the capacity to do the work. As Goethe once put it…

” ‘[To be as attentive as possible to grasping the phenomena, as exact as possible to fixate them into experiments, as complete as possible to order one’s experiences, and to remain many-sided enough to come to know all the ways in which one might view them,]1 requires that one work one’s poor ego in a way I had else hardly thought possible.’

“Self-caretaking, deep interior analysis, a drive for rigorous self-examination, a genuine love for all parts of the self, and importantly … the willingness to remain mutable, to have flexible perspective, the willingness to see what’s true, not what you have been taught is true, is essential in order to remain balanced.

That is part of the reason why reductive scientists prefer reductionism. They are afraid of such self-examination, such self revelation. They are afraid to feel the world, to feel much at all. That we as a people have refused to recognize this in them has allowed the distortions of science they create, and the harm it creates, to go unchallenged.

“Over time and deep relationship, long years of it, McClintock began to understand that something other than chance was controlling mutations in the genome. As Keller comments, ‘these were mutations that did not strike capriciously with the life of a single plant; whatever set them off was a factor that was constant. For McClintock,this regularity meant that something was controlling the rate of mutation. And this was McClintock’s sin, the transgression that caused her ostracism.

“She commented later that the instructions for gene rearragement came not only from the organism itself but also from the environment in which it lived. Nothing could have undermined reductionist Darwinism more. As Keller comments, ‘Central to neo-Darwinism theory was the premise that whatever genetic variation does occur is random, and McClintock reported genetic changes that are under the control of the organism. Such results just did not fit in the standard frame of analysis.

“But this recognition, that environment and organism controlled genetic mutation, did more than ‘not fit’ the model in place. It indicated intelligence in places that human centrists could not accept that it existed. But there are furthur implications that are even more troubling. … When McClintock’s understanding is combined with Heisenberg’s insights into the nature of subatomic particles – that they change their nature from particle to wave and back again depending on whether they are observed or not – something tremendously unsettling begins to emerge.

“Subatomic particles exist in a quantum state of potential. When they are measured – ie, observed – that potential collapses; the particle takes on a specific form and that form subsequently shapes both space and behavior. Subatomic particles act along quantum planes, they don’t live in the classical Newtonian world of linear cause and effect. And while generally unrecognized, this has powerful impacts on genetic structures.

“DNA is a flexible organ of the cell that exists in a state of dynamic change; it is in fact nonlinear, as all organs are. It constantly responds to environmental cues, to the exterior world’s touches upon it. From one orientation, any current shape of DNA in an organism can be viewed as a grouping of genetic codes held in place, in that structural formation, by chemical bonds. Genes are turned on and off when those chemical bonds are broken, then reformed in new ways as new chemical bonds are generated.

“And those chemical bonds are broken and reformed by the movements of electrons and protons – all working at the quantum level, in quantum space, in quantum reality. Protons and electrons exist in quantum reality, and in the quantum world they exist as potential in multiple locations and forms simultaneously. In other words, in the quantum world the subatomic particles exist in forms that both turn on and turn off genes at the same time.

“The genes that are generating the current form of an organism, a bacteria or a plant, are in essence stable. The subatomic particles that control how those genes act have already been measured and have collapsed into classical space, what we think of as reality. So you find an apparently stable state. But all organisms contain what has, from classical perspectives, been considered ‘junk’ DNA, that is, sequences that don’t seem to do anything. And there are a lot of them.

“These apparently irrelevant DNA sequences are highly mutable and responsive to quantum alterations. The genes in these ‘junk’ sequences, in the quantum world, exist in multiple states of potential continuously. They are no longer nailed to classical reality but exist and drift within the quantum multiverse of potential gene sequences. In this state, as molecular geneticist Johnjoe McFadden comments, there is ‘a quantum superposition of all possible mutations. The superposition would have grown, branching like a tree, into the multiverse of all the trillions of possible DNA sequences that could lead off from the original gene.’

As the thousands/millions of environmental inputs are taken into the organism, they put pressure on the organism to alter itself to maintain homeodynamis. Those inputs are taken in as a complex gestalt, and it represents a specific, unique communication that the organism analyzes far below the level of what we call conscious awareness. Those ‘junk’ genes that are existing simultaneously in the quantum multiverse hold within them all potential forms the organism can take in any of the millions upon millions of possible exterior environmental states. And as one of those possible environmental states comes into being its nature is communicated to the organism through sensory inflows.

That communication percolates down to the genetic level and entangles some of those potential genetic states in itself. It calls forth a particular kind of emergence from the multiverse of potential forms. As McFadden puts it, ‘The only event capable of halting our duplicated gene’s drift through the quantum universe is the establishment of another chain of entanglements with the cell’s environment.’ And the environmental pressure, the unique communication that occurs, is what does it. That communication in essence matches certain forms in the multiverse that can be thought of a communicatory responses. The communication in essence brings potential into actuality. It touches the quantum world and begins the movement of genes in quantum potential along a pathway of response, the gene form coming more into being at each step along the way.” …

“DNA restructures itself, form alters its nature, and adaptive mutation occurs. And the environment? When it needs a particular rearrangement of genetic material to express a form that will support self-organization, it moves organisms along the path most likely to do so. In other words, ‘The instructions for gene rearrangement come not only from the organism but from the environment in which it lives.’

And it is not just plants and bacteria that alter gene expression in a single generation in response to organism or environmental inputs – and then pass those alterations on to their offspring – salmon do as well. It is becoming clear that this is more the norm than the exception. Not only environment but organisms are a great deal more fluid than we have been taught. There is no fundamental ‘it’ to be found, only temporary forms of message material that themselves are indicative of ongoing communicatory interactions, that themselves show the shape of environmental space at that moment in time.”


To me this implies that we can Manipulate our Genes to Become anything we want to Become, if we’re Willing to be Loving with all the Stuff that comes up. We definitely would not want to do that Reductively. We would want to PIAVA an Outcome, such as Thriving under 5G, or Seeing and Interpreting Energy, or Surviving Well Effortlessly in any Socioeconomic Situation, or Healing any Dis-Ease, stay Present for all of our Yes-Buts, and Trust our Organism to handle the Collapsing of the Potentials.


1 I’ve reorganized these four elements from German word-order to English word-order, in order to make them more easily understandable to English-readers.

End of an Era I

April 11, 2021

I’ll start by apologizing to everyone to whom I owe correspondence – the World is moving too fast for me to even keep up with this blog, let alone many other things, so I’m having to Prioritize (I obviously should be checking what’s going on with my Saturn [The Most Important Thing], but I “don’t have time”1), and my Introverted Self2 is taking charge.


There’s a New Paradigm Starting (New Moon) on 11 April 2021 (7:31 pm PDT) and an Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness (Station of asteroid Juno) on 12 April (3:13 am PDT), in 23 Aries and 25 Sagittarius, respectively.

The New Moon is Merged With Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Conjunct dwarf planet Eris). We usually think Denial is about the “Bad” – What We Don’t Really Appreciate about Ourself, but it can also be about the “Good” – Our Emotional Limitations, which our Limiting Beliefs Rationalize into the Unconscious. The latter is usually Karmic, ie, derived from Serious PTSD or Consequential Decisions3 in a former Lifetime, and reinforced through a long chain of subsequent Lifetimes.

So we already know two things. First, we’re Encountering and having to Embrace Information that we don’t usually have available to us (Eris-New Moon), and second, It Will Turn Out to Be a Big Blessing (Trine to Juno in Sagittarius).


The third thing we need to know is that Some of our Karma has reached its Expiry Date and it’s being Replaced (Eris-New Moon Opposite asteroid Klotho [Starting New Karmic Patterns], T-Squared by asteroid Atropos [Old Karmic Patterns Expiring on their Own]).

An additional Blessing, and the fourth thing we need to know, is that the Challenge to Recognize and Let Go Of Obsolete Karma that has Expired (Atropos T-Square) is actually Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star, consisting of a Finger of the Goddess [green wedge] pointing to the Apex of the T-Square [red triangle], which creates a Basket of Grace [the blue cat’s cradle under the Opposition of the T-Square]; Juno and Jupiter form the base of the Finger, and the Basket), meaning that the more you can Avoid Acting or Deciding to Change anything, the more smoothly the Karma will Leave of its own accord

Asteroid Lachesis, as Differentiated from asteroid Atropos, is about Opportunities for us to Discontinue Reinforcing Karmic Patterns that we Choose to Reject. All Karma is actually Dead. It’s Renewed only by our being so Habituated to it that we Freak Out when we fail to Encounter it…

All Habits are Strengthened by Repetition, and Weakened by Repetition of Alternatives, Karma no less so than any other Habit. Asteroid Atropos, in contrast to Lachesis, is about Karma that Expires on it’s own accord. Such Karma can persist if we Continue to Repeat the old Habit, but sooner or later that gets Boring, we get Distracted, we stop Noticing that it’s Missing, and it melts away. Years later, we might be shocked to Remember, “Wow, I’d Forgotten that used to do That all the time!


The fifth thing we need to know is that Confusion is likely to be Prominent (Neptune [Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity] Squares Stationary Juno [Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness]).

Not only that, but we’ll also be Confused about our Anger (Out of Bounds Mars [Exaggerated Emotion and Action, especially Anger] Conjoins [is Merged With] Out of Bounds dwarf planet Asbolus (Strong Intuition] and the pair Opposes Stationary Juno, Creating a Neptune [Confusion] T-Square [Big Challenge]).

The Habit of Responding to Confusion as an Emotion and Tolerating it without having to Change it, instead of Interpreting Confusion as a sign that our Intellect needs to Figure Something Out, is a Skill that anyone who’s interested in Personal Growth needs to Initiate and Develop through Repetition.

To untangle our Confusion about our Anger, I recommend that we pair Theta with Tapping. Anger can helpfully Alert us to places where we need to Set a Boundary (Intuition), and it can also be an Unproductive Hangover from unexpressed Frustration or unacknowledged Karmic Judgment (Unconscious Bias). To Discriminate between the two, Theta that your Anger be Replaced with Motivation toward Constructive Action (such as “I Command that my Anger be Neutralized by Plans for Constructive Action“), where “Constructive” is a Mutually Respectful Negotiation between yourself and the apparent Object of your Anger, or a Mutually Respectful Outcome toward which you can Contribute, through Prayer or Action. “Constructive” doesn’t include miserable Deaths for all of your Enemies.

If the Show Me! phase of your Theta doesn’t demonstrate obvious Mutual Respect, then you need to Tap Out your Anger as many times as are required to return you to your Neutral Self. Then Theta again. If you still aren’t Shown Mutual Respect, repeat the Tapping and Theta sequence until you are. Given the rest of the New Moon chart, it’s highly likely that part of your Anger is Karmic, and where that’s the case you won’t Liberate yourself from it’s Yoke in a few minutes. You may need to Theta and Tap for days, and more.


The sixth thing we need to know, is that we can convert our Confusion Challenges to Self-Resolution by adding the Energy of the minor planet Thereus (which, at 25 Leo, will Convert the Neptune T-Square to a Diamond Star). We encountered the Bear-Wrestling Thereus in January. The consensus among Ego astrologers seems to interpret Thereus as a Predator. I don’t see it in the Discovery chart, with its complete Grand Sextile, Grand Quintile, 11-part Almost-Grand Unx, Quaoar/Ixion-to-Vesta/Chaos Yin Gate Mystery School, and at least three Yods, telling us to Pay Attention! to Thereus-Klotho, South Node, and asteroid Narcissus. Thereus looks more like a Remarkable Teacher to me. Here’s my draft sketch of its 9 August 2001 Discovery chart – Thereus is at 4 Pisces…

I recommend that Intention would be an excellent Tool to Animate an internal or external Remarkable Teacher to help you Neutralize your Resistance to Accepting Confusion as a Valuable Emotion and the First Step toward Growth of Consciousness. Our Mental Concept Set is our Primary Defense against Ego Death – this allows us to Respond to Ego Threats by being Certain that It Doesn’t Make Sense, because it doesn’t fit into our Concept Set. So the first thing we need to do to Grow our Consciousness, is to blow a hole in our Concept Set, which is the Natural Role of Confusion, if we Respect it As It Is, and Allow it to Exist thataway.


I’ll add some profound corollary quotations in an additional post or two.


1 I see, my natal (Birth) Square (Challenge) from Saturn (Priorities) to dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) has become a Transiting (Temporary) T-Square (Big Challenge) that’s “Blowing my Intellectual Mind”.

2 An Introvert Grounds and Rebalances themselves by being Alone, while an Extrovert Grounds and Rebalances by being with Other People, often lots of Other People. Everyone is both, in different ratios, but most of us lean one way or the other. According to David Keirsey’s and Marilyn Bates’s Please Understand Me, only 25% of Hupers are Introverts, and since Extroverts Believe that Introversion is a Disease, there isn’t much hope. The dynamic is created and preserved because elementary-school Teachers are all Extroverts – or they couldn’t stand to do what they do. However, Keirsey and Bates were writing in 1978, and I don’t know if those 25%-75% proportions of People have been empirically updated since.

3 Karma is Initiated when we make a Vow or Oath or Promise or Decision that has Life-or-Death (Physically or Egoically) Consequences, then Forget that we made such a Decision, and end up Believing that the Decision, rather than something we Chose, is Just the Way the World Is. We Forget semi-intentionally, because it’s the best way to assure that we don’t slip up and accidentally Betray our Oath, since such a Betrayal could get us Dead.

If you think about it, you should be able to Remember many situations in your Childhood where you Deliberately Forgot a Decision, in order to put a halt to Threats of Abandonment by your Family or Significant Others. As children, Abandonment is Life-or-Death. For instance, I was in my late 30s before I discovered (by reading Keirsey&Gates’s book) that my Thinking Persona was an artificial overlay intended to Suppress my native Feeling Persona because the latter was unacceptable to my Father. I Loved and Admired my Father, and worked hard to Earn his Acceptance.

Guilt and Resistance II

April 5, 2021

For the last week we’ve been working with Exaggerations of our Guilt, our Ability to Respond, and our Fate (Stations1 of asteroid Nemesis, dwarf planet Pholus, and asteroid Karma on 5, 3, and 2 April 2021, respectively).


Because Fate vs. Free Will is a Duality, we know tautologically that it’s an artifact of the Dualistic Observing Mind, and not a property of the Multifarious and Unitary External Reality that’s being Observed. Separating our Projections (artifacts of our Concepts and Emotions that we’re unwilling to recognize as Our Own Bias) from Observed Reality is a perpetual problem for Hupers. We Intend to Perceive more Reality and less Projection as we Grow our Consciousness, but the situation is much Complicated by the fact that We Are Not Separate from “External” Reality, so like Slugslime our Projections can be very difficult to Wash Off.

Current-Lifetime Habits of Perception and Behavior are relatively Easy to Change, usually through Decision and a smallish number of Reps. All Habits are like Muscles – they become Stronger with Use, and Atrophy with Disuse. Karmic Habits, which we brought with us into our Current Lifetime from Other Lifetimes2, are much more Difficult to Shed. It’s probably safe to assume that virtually all Addictions are Karmic.

When asteroid Karma is Lit Up, as it was last week and to a lesser extent this week, so are our Karmic Habits Lit Up. We Break any Habit, Karmic or otherwise, by becoming Aware of the Pattern, and Changing our Behavior or Thoughts. The more we do this, the Faster we Notice, and the Easier Change becomes. The Easier Change becomes, the faster we Notice. It’s a “Virtuous Circle.” We accelerate our progress by Congratulating Ourself for Noticing each time the Habit repeats, rather than Cursing Ourself for Repeating the Habit Again. Positive Feedback always works better than Negative Feedback.

Karmic Habits are harder, because they’ve usually Permeated more of our Thought Patterns and Behavior Patterns. A Current-Lifetime Habit of eating Eggs might be Broken over Breakfast. But a Karmic Habit of Ignoring our Self-Care may Impact much of our Life Experience. So we will probably have to Notice and Change over and over again in many different arenas of Life. While it’s Difficult to maintain our Motivation in the face of constant Frustration, that’s Exactly what’s Required for Breaking Karmic Habits. We need to stay with Positive Feedback.

The biggest source of Tension in the chart of the 2 April Station of asteroid Karma3

…is between our Trust (asteroid Eurydike) and our Codependence (dwarf planet Hylonome). Whom do we Trust more – our Self and our Decisions, or the Other People to whom we usually Give Away Our Power? Addictions always have Enablers, and our closest friends and relatives are Powerful Enablers for our Negative Habits. So our Decisions to Notice and Change have to be Stronger than our Allegiance to our friends and relatives. Often we have to Choose between Sticking with a Decision to Change (asteroid Ceres, at the tip of the T-Square or red triangle, is about Sustainability) and Losing the Love of our Compatriots.

The Twelfth Harmonic4 is about Pattern-Breaking, and the Unx Angle (the short green lines in the chart) represents an Opportunity to Break a Pattern between two Energies more Easily than it might otherwise be. In a chart of a Station of asteroid Karma, this Opportunity increases Exponentially. There are five Unxes in this chart…

  • Moon (Instincts) Waning Unx to Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty). Any Waning Angle is a Strong Invitation to Notice and Change anyway, so a Waning Unx is really an Or Else! for Letting Go of any Obsolete Pattern. This one is about either following your Instincts to stay Safe by Giving Away Your Power, or following your Instincts to Challenge your Codependence and Take a Stand that threatens your Social Status. How to tell which it is? If it’s not Obvious then the Real Obsolete Pattern that you’re Ready to Transcend is the Habit of Forcing a Complex World into Binary Choices.
  • Ceres (Sustainability) Waning Unx Lilith (Self-Sovereignty again!). Which End of your Life is ultimately more Sustainable – Giving Away Your Power, or Claiming Your Power? Knowing your Heart’s Truth, or Thinking Logically?
  • Mars Out of Bounds (Strong Action) Waxing Unx Lilith (Self-Sovereignty). Methinks we have a Theme building here. The Waxing Unx is when we have to make Unpopular Choices if we want to be Prepared for the Future, because most of our Culture is feverishly defending their Investment in the Dead-End Patterns of the previous Cycle. They know it’s Dead (we Hope!), but they still Believe they need to coax another fifteen shillings out of it in order to be a “Success” and Rescue their Ego. On the Contrary, our Strong Action needs to be devoted to the New Cycle that began at the Initiation, or first Conjunction. For Mars-Lilith that would be 10 August 2020 in 22 Aries, “The gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.” That sounds to me a lot more like our Wannas than our Shouldas. Do we have the Courage?
  • Mars Out of Bounds (Strong Action) Waning Unx Eurydike Out of Bounds (Strong Trust). If you spent last week Procrastinating about your Shoulds, or pretty much Ignoring them, and instead doing what you Felt Like Doing at the time, you’ve probably already won the lottery. Not that your Shoulds are Wrong – that set of Life Choices will probably be Resurrected, but your Relationship to it will be completely Different. Instead of Thinking, “I Should be Doing That, but I don’t feel like Doing it,” you might end up Realizing, “I wouldn’t mind Scheduling an hour a day to Do That, I just don’t want it to Control the rest of my Life.”
  • Stationary asteroid Karma (Exaggerated Karma) Waxing Unx asteroid Eurydike Out of Bounds (Strong Trust). Whom do we ultimately Trust here – our Karmic Ego, or our Soul’s Purpose? Do we know the Difference? It’s probably the more Difficult Choice. This astroevent could even Teach us about our Soul’s Purpose!


1 As ours and other planets circle the Sun as if it were Indianapolis or the Nurburgring, we’re moving at different speeds, so it’s inevitable that we pass one another. As the Earth passes a slower planet, the slower planet appears to slow down, stop, and reverse direction. When it stops, or Stations, its Impact upon us is Strongest. This Energy usually builds slowly to the actual Station, then declines, but for any number of reasons, different people will Experience the Energy and its Changes differently.

Most planets circle the Sun in approximately the same plane – that is, if we look at our Solar System from the side, the orbits of the planets are more like the Rings of Saturn than the orbits of Earth Satellites. However, the orbital planes aren’t perfectly aligned, and the Earth is tilted in its own orbit, so the planets appear to move up (“North”) and down (“South”) in the sky as we go around the Sun. Planets are also Stationary when they stop to switch their motion in the sky from North to South and vice versa.

2 In addition to Linear-Time Reincarnation, there are a number of other Conceptualizations about Multi-Lifetime Dynamics. I often speak in the voice of Linear Reincarnation because it’s among the most common Conceptualizations on the topic among the Oft-Born, so I assume it will communicate most efficiently. The notion of Karma as Inertia (not Retribution) fits most directly with Linear Reincarnation. (There are three major Views about the Impermanence of Egoic Life, namely Once-Born, Twice-Born, and Oft-Born.)

I do assume (and have seen multiple evidence in my own Lifetime to fortify it) that Linear Time is a 3D Illusion, so I sometimes talk about Parallel Lifetimes – the notion that all Other Lifetimes are occurring simultaneously with this one. Inertial Karma is a little trickier in this framework.

Another Viewpoint assumes that we are all Lightworker Souls, and when we as Souls Choose to Incarnate, we Choose a few Issues we want to advance, and Program our to-be-Incarnated Self to carry this simulation of the Karma which will further develop those Issues. In this View, Karma operates as Inertia, the way it does in the Linear-Reincarnation Perspective, and to the extent that we succeed in Changing our own Karma, we advance the Karma of the Species. A feature of this View is that our Soul does not Own the Karma we’re working on, our Ego does.

I don’t assume that the Ego survives a Physical Death, but that our Karma does, including our Good Karma. So while we don’t carry our Material Gains from Lifetime to Lifetime, we do carry What We’ve Learned into Other Lifetimes, which can look as if we carried our Material Gains along.

Mindful that Either/Or Is Always Political while the Universe Operates through Both/And, I have no interest in defending or defrocking any of these Perspectives, including the Once-Born and Twice-Born. Even if my Personal Experience tells me I’m Oft-Born, that doesn’t mean that everyone has to be. The Universe is Ineffable – we don’t have nearly the Bandwidth necessary to Grok it. So our Intellectual and Emotional Viewpoints are always Conditional.

And one of the Bottom-Line Beliefs of this Blog is that the more Perspectives we can carry, the greater is our Resilience when Change occurs. Contradiction is a property of the Dualistic Mind, not a property of “Competing” Perspectives. Paradox is a more Resilient Concept than Contradiction, because it Allows us to Believe Contradicting Perspectives at the same time. As Reality Changes, and we Agree that Change is the one Constant in Reality, our Understanding can shift with it, perhaps from something like 60% Viewpoint A and 40% Viewpoint B, to 40% View A and 40% View B and 20% View C.

3 We aim more toward Interpretation than Prediction, because if we know how to Interpret what’s going on in the Past and Present, we don’t need to worry about Predicting the Future. So if you Learn something about yourself by comparing these notes to your Experience of last week, we’ve met our Goal. Even if we’re Dead Wrong about our Interpretation, if it Inspired an Insight into your Experience – you Trusted what you Feel more than what you Read, we’ve met our Goal.

4 The Twelfth Harmonic, in the astrological Context, is the Angle formed between two planets that are Separated by one twelfth of the Zodiac, that is, they’re approximately 30 Degrees (360 divided by 12) or one Sign apart. The word “Unx” means one twelfth of something, so we refer to this Angle as an Unx. The Twelfth Harmonic in astrology aligns with the Twelfth Major Arcana in Tarot, which is The Hanged Man, who hangs not by his Neck or his Fingernails, but by his Heels, in order to see the World differently than he usually does. The Hanged Man is about Pattern-Breaking.

Guilt and Resistance

April 2, 2021

I’m just recovering from Ixion, and up comes another busy weekend. Reminds me of the old Frank and Ernest cartoon where one says to the other (I’ve never figured out which one is frank and which one earnest),

“I just get my budget in order, and along comes a Big Surprise, like rent or a weekend!”

Another person with a Mutable1 Saturn! We get beat up a lot by the tight sphincter crowd, don’t we. (That’s actually a cluster of clusters of Wavellite Aluminum Phosphate Needles over there.)

I mean, a third of us have natal Mutable Saturns! And at any given time a third of us should have either Transiting or Progressed2 Mutable Saturns! By the time we include all of those thirds, that should cover most of us. [We usually eschew footnotes, but we’re using them here to define these terms, lest the idea flow be interrupted overmuch.]

This weekend’s several astroevents all seem easily relatable to one another, so we’ll Anglicize them as a Unit in a minute and look at their charts in the next post, but first, this weekend’s Gauntlet…

  • 2 April 2021 (till 12:06 am PDT) asteroid Karma Stationary (Focus on Karma) in 18 Leo.
  • 2 April (after 12:45 pm PDT) asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) leaves Capricorn (Pragmatic) and moves into Aquarius (Social).
  • 3 April (after 4:21 am PDT) asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) leaves Pisces (Emotional) and moves into Aries (Intuitive).
  • 3 April (till 5:12 am PDT) dwarf planet Pholus Stationary (Prominent Ability and Willingness to Respond) in 7 Capricorn.
  • 5 April (till 1:40 am PDT) asteroid Nemesis Stationary (Emphasis on Guilt) in 2 Sagittarius.

Methinks the Important Issue here is about Being Responsive to Our Guilt, and/or Being Responsive to Our Resistance to Our Guilt. Remember that Responsibility is not Blame, it’s our Ability to Respond Consciously, as opposed to our Karmic Habit of Reacting Unconsciously. It has nothing to do with Blame. By and Large, our Guilt here probably derives from our Karma and our 3D3 Programming, while our Resistance to our Guilt probably derives from an outbreak of our new 5D3 rash.

If your Saturns (natal, Transiting, and Progressed2) lean more toward Fixed1 rather than Mutable, you may have been Programmed to be more Laissez-faire than you actually are at Heart. You could be a natural-born Disciplinarian or Encyclopedist. You may be Feeling Guilty about Responding Casually to things, while trying to Dismiss your vague sense that you should be more Serious about them.

We may have been Grieving a bit over the last several months, as asteroid Aletheia in Pisces (Emotional Sensitivity) could have either Triggered our Grief about seldom having our Heart’s Truth Recognized and Validated, or our Grief about Our Failing to Honor Our Own Heart’s Truth. By and large, our Mind’s Truth follows our Programming, while our Heart’s Truth follows our Soul’s Path. The Mind’s Truth is subject to Debate, while the Heart’s Truth is definitely not, though it may be Reinterpretable.

(Thanks to a Long-Time Reader!)

For instance, the US is an ongoing experiment in converting Racism to Nationalism, while the EU is an ongoing experiment in channeling Nationalism into Pan-Europeanism. While the Failures of these and other such experiments (such as Yugoslavia and the UK) are obvious, it has been done before, as in the nineteenth-century Unification of tribal Germany, and the relative longevity of the Roman Empire’s many incarnations. A major anthem4 of the current Century is “a Flag turning into an Eagle turning into a Rooster Saluting the Dawn” – Nationalism evolving into Far-Seeing Perspective into Enlightenment. We need to Reframe these Failures into Learning Opportunities.

If you always Live Intuitively, you may have been Feeling your Abandonment by those who don’t (which could be everyone else!). But if we read English, it’s likely that we’re overfilled with Reductionist5 Mindgames that go out of their way to Invalidate our “Irrational”6 Intuition. Aletheia in Aries (Sensitivity to Spirit, should we Choose to Accept it) will be shifting us from Grief to Discovery, if our old 3D self doesn’t Reject it out of hand.

In Capricorn, asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) may have spent the last several months making Pragmatic Compromises to “get along” without rocking the boat too much, more than Claiming the Space to be True to Ourself. As Sappho moves into Aquarius, our Self-Love will be hungrier for Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding, and more likely to Embrace a Community that Encourages us to be Honest with and about our Heart’s Truth, one where we don’t have to Stretch or Struggle to Claim Space for our True Self.


1 Signs, and therefore the Energy of planets when they’re in those Signs, either lean toward Creativity (“Cardinal” Signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn), Certainty (“Fixed” Signs – Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius), or Flexibility (“Mutable” Signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

2 Our Natal planets remain, for our entire Life, in the Sign and Degree where they were when we were born. Transiting planets are in the Sign and Degree where they are Now (or at any other specific time). Progressed planets are in the Sign and Degree where they would have been a certain number of Days after our Birth, and they Influence our Lives the same number of Years after our Birth. Our Natal planets influence us for our entire Lives, while the influence of Transiting and Progressed planets vary over the course of our Lives.

3 Many folks agree that the Energies on Earth are Evolving. We’ve been trapped in a “3D” view of Reality, mostly by the Programming provided by Western Civilization. 3D is Hierarchical, Patriarchic, and Competitive. Earth’s Evolution appears to be in the direction of a more multidimensional “5D” Perspective that’s more Egalitarian, Collaborative, and Synchronistic. Many confuse these Energies with their Projections on Other People, lamenting that it’s so Difficult to get Others to move toward 5D. We don’t move to 5D by Changing Other People, or waiting for them to Change. We get to 5D by following Gandhi’s advice to Become the Change You Wish to See in Others and in the World. In other words, our Desire for Others to Change directly or indirectly masks the Changes we need to make in Ourself.

4 The Sabian Symbol of Pluto’s Initiation of Chiron at 12 Sagittarius in the last few days of the Twentieth Century.

5 Western thought, since at least Newton and Descartes, is “Reductionist” – that is, it attempts to Understand things by Reducing them to their constituent parts as if they are “machines,” and the Illusion that Time is Linear. Since the Whole is always more Complete than the Sum of its Parts, this approach is not only doomed to failure, but is the major intellectual shortcoming that has resulted, and continues to result, in the Disordering and Dysfunctioning of our 3D Earthly Milieu. Systems Theory, Chaos Theory, and Quantum Mechanics are well-established (but Understood by Few) approaches to a more Multidimensional (and Unitary) 5D Perspective, where the concept of Paradox replaces Contradiction and Both/And replaces Either/Or. Outside of and Prior to Western Colonialism, most of the World already Lived Sustainably in 5D, and many Indigenous Cultures still do. One of the fundamental principles of 5D is that EveryThing is Alive and Conscious.

6 Carl Jung pointed out that, while Western Thought regards Intuition as “Irrational,” in fact it’s the Intellect that’s “Irrational” because it ignores our Values, which derive from the Heart’s Truth rather than the Mind’s Truth. The Intellect relies on Logic, but Logic is a fragile “House of Cards” as long as the Underlying Assumptions are not Explicit. In Western Thought, the Underlying Assumptions are almost always the Unstated Values of the Reductionist Intellect. Excellent, and Critical, examples are the Capitalist Pursuit of Profit, the Political Pursuit of Power, and the Pathological Pursuit of Individual Success, while ignoring other Huper Values and the “Greater Good.”


March 28, 2021

“Rilke poignantly captures the shifted and distinctly different perceiving I [Stephen Buhner] am talking about… but he also encounters a depth, a meaning, that is tremendously disturbing to him…

” ‘But the woman; she had completely collapsed into herself, forward into her hands… I began to walk softly as soon as I saw her… The street was too empty; its emptiness was bored; it caught my step from under my feet and clattered about with it hither and yon, as with a wooden clog. The woman startled and pulled away too quickly out of herself, too violently, so that her face remained in her two hands. I could see it lying in them, its hollow form. It cost me indescribable effort to stay with those hands and not look at what had torn itself out of them. I shuddered to see a face from the inside, but still I was much more afraid of the naked flayed head without a face.’

“Rilke is not talking here about a fantasized image, but something deeper, an underlying truth he found one day when he was not expecting it. Looking at the world with his deeper perceiving, he came upon the real face underneath the one the woman wore in her daily life. He captures the terror that can be – and sooner or later, always is – encountered when using feeling perception to see and feel the world around you. Although the beauty is what we’re most drawn to, in the darkness and terror are truths that all travelers in the metaphysical background eventually encounter, must face, and come to terms with. They all have teachings that are necessary. If you are so afraid of the dark that you always run from it, it is impossible to truly learn to heal anything – either landscapes or people…

“In this process, we have to learn – and it does take time, years of it – to walk in damaged landscapes – of both the Earth and the human heart – and not lose our way, not lose ourselves. For when you enter the world with your feeling sense intact, you will encounter everything that is there. Eventually. That is why learning how to take care of your deepest self is an essential part of the journey.”

–Stephen Harrod Buhner, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Real: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth, pp.277-279.


The Exaggerated Exposure of Our Hidden Forbidden Genius that intensifies until 31 March 2021 (8:07 pm PDT) may Conflict Painfully with The Truth of Our Heart (in the guise of a naked Square from asteroid Aletheia in 30 Pisces back to the Station of dwarf planet Ixion in 2 Capricorn). This is the Coming of Age of a four-year Cycle that began in early 2020, and is about Seeing through the Illusion of what’s Politically Correct in 3D, to see the Underlying Pain of the Earth, and of Her Denizens (Ixion Initiated Aletheia 8 January 2020 at 29 Sagittarius, Sabian Symbol “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street,” and this is the Waxing Square, the signal for the Energy of a Cycle to finish its Apprenticeship and claim its rightful place in the Mainstream). Probably no coincidence that the timing of the Karumbavirus is similar.

We may Experience this Adventure, till 31 March, as Exceedingly Painful, or as Ecstatically Liberating – or Both. The Pain is Intensified by the Square being Cuspal. A Square Angle (90-Degrees or three Signs of Separation) signifies Becoming Adept by working through a Challenge. Ixion is in Capricorn, Cardinal Earth or Creativity with Matter and Form. So a Waxing Square to it “should be” from Aries, Cardinal Fire or Intuitively Creative Spirituality.

But this Square is from the Last Degree of Pisces, and Pisces is about Letting Go of Obsolete Emotional Baggage. If we’ve been Trusting the Truth of our Heart since mid-January, when Aletheia entered Pisces, and we’ve been Honest and Thorough about Feeling and then Letting Go of our Karmic Pain and Poignancy, then the Last Degree of Pisces will be a Surprise Celebration of ??? – We Won’t Know What We’re Celebrating, we’ll just Feel the Excitement of Celebration and a vague sense of newfound Freedom, because what comes next in Aries (Aletheia enters Aries at 4:22 am PDT on 3 April) is always a Mystery that won’t begin to take Form until Taurus. Aletheia gets to Taurus on 9 July.

But if we’ve Avoided or Denied or Projected or Gotten Lost In our Karmic Emotional Pain, then the Cuspal Square will be Giving us one more Chance to Embrace the Pain and Let It Go. The Good Goddess has generously given us plenty of excellent candidates to Project It On, so we’ll want to Call that Energy back and Own it. The Pain will almost undoubtedly include Reliving the parts of our Infancy and Childhood where our Unique Genius was Suppressed. Hopefully the Mars-Vesta-Pluto Mjölnir that we Enjoyed at the Equinox will have Given us, or will Give us (the Equinox chart reigns for at least three months), enough Epiphanies about our Righteous Anger at our Programmers for Suppressing our Deepest Talents, that we can Convert our Ancient Anger into Current-Moment Excitement about Recalling and Restoring those Talents, which are so Necessary for Healing the Planet. And of course Ourself.

The Ixion Station chart…

…also includes two other Major Hassles (T-Squares), or Opportunities to add Skills to our quiver.

One tells us that By Interpreting all Intrusive Memories as Intuitions that will Lead us to Healing and Freedom, we can Easily Recover our Lost Instinct for Converting Fear to Power. This T-Square Focuses on asteroid Moira (Fate and Choice) Merged With (Conjunct) dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories), from the base of the Debate (Opposition) between our Instincts (Moon) and our Temptation to Trust Fear as a Warning rather than taking the Opportunity to Convert our Fear to the Power that we may need for Responding (dwarf planet Sedna). Kegels and Tapping both Convert Fear to Power. While the primary Focus of any T-Square is on the planet at the Midpoint between the other two (ie, the one at the 90-Degree angle), in this T-Square a Finger of the Goddess (Pay Attention!) points at the Sedna/Fear side of the Opposition.

The second T-Square advises that Attending to our Physical Well-Being and having Confidence in our Unconditional Self-Love will move us toward a multi-level Rebirth into Enlightenment. The Focus of the T-Square is about Rebirth on both the Physical (dwarf planet Haumea) and the Karmic (asteroid Klotho) Levels, and Enlightenment (dwarf planet Zhulong, the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment). Rebirth on the Physical Level doesn’t necessarily mean Physical Death – you could just be switching the Identity you regard as “You” into a new Parallel. The T-Square Resolves the False Argument (all Dualistic Arguments are Fictional because Reality isn’t Dual) between the Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna) and our Confidence, or Lack of it, in our Self-Love (dwarf planet Chariklo Merged with asteroid Sappho). A second Finger of the Goddess or Yod (Pay Attention!) singles out Varuna.

Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) and the Life Force (Varuna), by virtue of their respective Yods, are Power Points in the chart. However, they’re also the feet of a third Finger of the Goddess that further Illuminates the already Bright – Stationary, Out of Bounds – Ixion (Learning to Express our Unique Genius) as the True Core of the chart. All eight planets (counting the Conjunctions as one “planet” each) in the chart are highly Networked with one another, reinforcing the notion that 5D is founded in Mutual Collaboration rather than Competition.


For comparison, Marilyn Raffaele channels the Arcturian Perspective for us…


“It is tempting even for the very evolved to slip into fears that arise from outer appearances, but never doubt that the Divine Plan is solidly in place. You, the awakened ones, are today’s spiritual warriors simply because you carry the Light of truth in consciousness. Because there is only One, the higher resonating energy that you secretly and silently carry with you acts to lift and assist others to recognize how much of what has been accepted as normal, is in reality false, cruel, and unnecessary.

“Life is difficult for most at this time. People are tired and want things to be normal. Try to think of present times as a pause rather than a problem. A pause that was necessary in order to stop the three dimensional merry-go-round that so many have been living on in the belief that it was normal. The ‘pause’ has allowed many to step back and re-evaluate their beliefs and life choices.

“This ‘pause’ in normal activity has forced many to courageously make changes that align more closely with their awakening state of awareness. Rather than continuing to plug along with choices made from a previous and less aware state of consciousness, the break from habit and routine is helping many to examine themselves more honestly, a process that would have taken much longer without the ‘pause.’ “


The Energy of the 28 March 2021 (11:48 am PDT) Full Moon in 9 Libra is Complex and Tightly Integrated (another illustration that 5D is too Complex to Intellectualize; rather it must be Intuited), and quite Benign. The Saturn T-Square is Self-Resolving (a T-Square and a Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same planet, together called a Diamond Star), and all of the other red lines (Potential sources of Tension) play together in a Grand Cross (four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac), where the Tensions basically Complement one another…

One Skill that is required in order to Live in Peace with either Diamond Stars or Grand Crosses, is Patience. Neither of these Configurations will routinely scatter Rose Petals on our Path. Rather, especially Grand Crosses, they will scatter little Thorns, too small to do Serious Damage, but in each of their moments, Irritating. These little Irritations will be Resolved by subsequent Thorns, if we don’t Freak Out at one of them and let it dump us into Negative Expectations. Chiron, between the Sun and Venus, is all about Negative Expectations, and their Healing. While we’re in Negative Expectations, the Irritations Compound rather than Complement one another.

Thor’s Sledge

March 27, 2021

Zach Bush, MD, a modern-day equivalent of René Descartes or Isaac Newman, is presenting a 30 March 2021 Zoom webinar on Death & Rebirth: A Look at the Second Birth of Humanity with Dr. Zach Bush, deep in the 31 March Ixion Station (Hidden Forbidden Genius, Acting Out). Find more information and register at https://seraphicgroup.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_mbgdAU02RCC8gHoLX1Iyrw.


When Hammers come up, I always think of Neal Cassady.

The Thor’s Hammer in astrology is composed of two Trioctile Angles (145 Degrees, or 4-1/2 Signs), one attached to each end of a Square Angle (90-Degrees, or three Signs). It’s what you get when a third planet is at the Far Midpoint of two planets that Square one another. Like the one below…

It’s a “Trioctile Yod,” with the ample Energy of the Square Focused through the third planet at the Far Midpoint.

Next time you’re on your front porch, have a look at your door-knocker, if you have one. Good chance it will be modeled after a Thor’s Hammer…

My friend Grandtrines says that “The Thor’s Hammer [in astrology] is associated with explosions, mining disasters, airplane crashes, and train wrecks,” and though I don’t keep score, I certainly can’t argue with it. In Economics, they often say that some Indicators have predicted 32 of the last 5 Recessions, and while I haven’t counted them, I suspect there are more Thor’s Hammers than there are explosions, mining disasters, airplane crashes, and train wrecks. Thor’s Hammers may often be Present in train wrecks, but how often are train wrecks Present under Thor’s Hammers?

The Linear Intellect’s 3D Reality is Separate from us, outside of us, outside of our Ego, and largely inanimate. Unless we get Slug-Slimed, the Boundary between Us and Reality is well-defined, solid, and perhaps even impenetrable. We may have good Control over a small part of Reality, but for the most part, It impacts Us more than the other way around, and we’re often the Victim of our Reality. Other than avoiding trains, how can we gain Healthy Control over train wrecks? Even if we could carefully Avoid them, what’s to prevent that train on the tracks we didn’t even know were there, behind the bushes next to the road we’re driving on, from jumping off the tracks, and delivering our Karma forthwith? Or our Trainma.

The Quantum Intuition’s 5D Reality is Living, Fractal, Holographic, and not Hierarchical. As Within, so Without. We are an integral part of It, and It is an Integral part of Us. The Boundary between Us and Living Reality is fuzzy, diaphanous, and in places missing entirely. We constantly Negotiate with Specific and Cosmic parts of 5D Reality. Not to Control, but to Make Known our Heart’s Truth about What We Want. Listening to Reality and Respecting Its Wishes, we and Reality Collaborate Empathetically, seeking Win-Win. If we catch ourself thinking about train wrecks, we Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade! (Cancel the Thoughts, Neutralize the Vibrations already Created, and Upgrade the Thinker of the Thoughts, using that Expression of Intention) and move on to more Constructive Thoughts.

To the 3D Linear Intellect, Seeing Is Believing. To the 5D Quantum Intuition, Believing Is Seeing. Our Expectations are often Stronger than our Senses, and Stronger than Objective Reality, to the extent that Reality is Objective. Being Creatures of Habit, we Expect to See Tomorrow more or less the same thing we saw Yesterday. After thousands of Tomorrows (almost 1,100 every three years), our Trance is pretty Deep – if something Changes Tomorrow we may not even Perceive it. Expectation is a good example of partial 5D. Our Expectations run ahead of us, and Obscure what doesn’t match their filters by Lighting Up what we Expect. This is an Important part of the Critical role that Confidence plays in our Manifestations.

All but a few Eurasian Languages sprang from Sanskrit, and the concept of Thor’s Hammer came to Northern Europe with the Language – much of what happens in the Linear Intellect springs from the Language. The venerable Vedic deity Indra had roles similar to Thor’s, and also carried a sort of Magical Hammer, the Sanskrit Vajra or Tibetan Dorje, with the characteristics of Indestructibility like Diamond, and Irresistibility like Lightning. While the Vajra can be used as a weapon, in South Asian Traditions it symbolizes Firmness of Spirit and Spiritual Power – Knowing your Heart’s Truth and Manifesting it in your Life.

We use the Norwegian word Mjölnir to partially revoke the Ultimate-Weapon connotation that Thor’s Hammer has in common Western usage. And for interpretation, we use not train wrecks but Epiphanies. Lightning Illuminates and Energizes. Diamond symbolizes Clarity and Intention. Lasting Insight is the one thing that we Can Take With Us from one Lifetime to another, as our “Good Karma.” Every Thought is a Prayer, and every Prayer is Answered – we don’t notice this all the time because we aren’t always Conscious about it. In fact, it’s so Unconscious that our 3D Linear Cultural Reality would ridicule the idea.

We interpret the Mjölnir as Epiphany, and the Trioctiles from which it’s built as Insights. The Trioctile (three eighths of the Zodiac) combines the Eighth Harmonic (Returning to Balance) and the Third Harmonic (Love with Wisdom).

So we interpret the profound Mars (Action) Square Vesta (Unconscious Limitations) Trioctile Pluto (Transformation) as a tremendous Opportunity to become Conscious of our Unconscious Limitations, especially those rooted in Anger, and Transform them. The many thousands of grocery stores and massage spas where Violence has not broken out in March makes the Violence allegedly associated with Thor’s Hammer vanishingly Scarce. Yet our Expectations see what’s Scarce rather than what’s Abundant.

On the other hand, Epiphanies about Racism and assault weapons that Change our Unconscious Expectations and which we can carry with us into other Lifetimes, could make a meaningful contribution toward World Peace. Energy follows Intention, and Manifestation follows Energy. Should we Choose to invest our Precious and Scarce Intentions into trainwrecks, or into Peace?

Mars on the Loose

March 26, 2021

Reader Olav points out that…

  • Mars (Action) has crossed the Tropic of Cancer heading North, moving Out of Bounds on 21 March 2021 (4:45 am PST). The Moon, rising about two hours before Mars, was also “OOB” North as Mars joined it out there. If your Instincts are Irrepressible, that’s a Good Thing. If you aren’t used to it, you may be heavy-handed at first; Let It Be, as you’ll develop finesse only through Practice.
  • Mars returns In Bounds on 24 May (3:23 pm PST), while Mercury is OOB (also North). Mercury may Allow us to Feel the Difference between a Mobilized Mars (OOB) and a Domesticated Mars (In Bounds). If we can Identify and Remember this Difference, we may be Able to Learn to Temper our Outer Self when we’re Overstressed (which could Allow us to Assert Ourself Convincingly rather than Angrily), and Gently Amplify our Deep Self when we need to Set an otherwise difficult Boundary. If you’re PIAVAing this, remember your adverbs – Pray to Do it Effectively and Easily.
  • Standing Still (in the N-S Dimension) as it turns Southward again on 22 April (3:05 pm PST) at 24:54 Degrees North in 30 Gemini, and perhaps attempting to scratch the itch in its Jezero Crater, Mars Opposes (Argues With) Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius, on its own OOB Steroids) and as it does it also Quincunxes (Is Curios About) an also-Stationary (in the E-W Dimension) Pluto (Transformation). This may be pretty Explosive, as our Long-Repressed Genius rips off the door of its Cage. Some heavy-duty Truth-Telling is in order. Listen through the Anger, and rephrase it back to the Angry person (“Do you mean you Feel ____ about that?), and don’t Argue with them. If you’re the Angry one, Listen especially to Yourself, and don’t Discount what you’re hearing because you’re Angry – you could be Discovering your Hidden Forbidden Genius. Your Genius may seem Juvenile at first because Long Repression means Arrested Development, but they’ll Grow quickly once we Partner with them. Our Hidden Genius is essential to 5D.
  • Mercury is OOB from 6-29 May and from 5-25 Gemini. As it’s making its U-turn and Standing Still at Declination 25:15 North and Longitude 19:02 Gemini on 17 May (1:07 pm PST), the Moon is just returning In Bounds, and Octile (Returning to Balance) to Mercury (Learning about your own Instincts), while the Moon is 19 Degrees from still-Out of Bounds Mars. Nineteen Degrees is a bit of a Magical Angle, as it’s the Square Root of 360, and the 19th Harmonic, which is symbolized by the Sun and the Life Force Acting through Collaborative Partnership that Unifies Male Energy (Dynamism or Doing) and Female Energy (Magnetism or PIAVAing) in Playful Creativity – 5D again.
Photo of Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula volcano, communing with the emissaries from Out There, by Christopher Mathews: https://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=25&month=03&year=2021

Meanwhile, in its continuing travels from West to East,* in Longitude Mars while Out of Bounds spans 10:11 Gemini to 19:11 Cancer, with the North-South Station occurring when Mars is at 29:40 Gemini. *When we stand in the back yard and look up, the planets and Stars move from East to West, but that’s because the surface of the Earth is moving under us toward the East as our Mother Planet Rotates. If we take a snapshot of the Sky every night at the same time, we can see all of the Heavenly People making their Pilgrimage to the East (those who aren’t moving Retrograde).

As a tribute to the women in the Mars program, NASA has added a lovely satin skirt to its experimental Mars helicopter “Ingenuity,” and to honor the men, they used golf clubs for its feet – a good example of Collaborative Partnership that Unifies Male and Female Energies in Playful Creativity.

We aren’t done yet, but we’re out of time for tonight. Olav also asked about the “ongoing square/opposition of Nessus/Orcus and Dejaneira (and Nemesis also),” and this asteroid Dejaneira or Dejanira sounds worth exploring, and hopefully debunking its Dark reputation.

And, speaking of debunking dark repute, reader Grandtrines has also written to ask, “What about the Thor’s Hammer / God’s Fist?” in the Aries Equinox chart? That’s our Mjölnir, and that’ll be fun.

Meanwhile, we’re rapidly sliding into the 31 March (8:07 pm PST) Station of Out of Bounds Ixion in 2 Capricorn. A Preview of the 22 April event we described above perhaps.