Life Force New Moon

July 22, 2017

The 23 July New Moon (3am PDT) at 1 Leo is all about welcoming the Life Force into our Lives.  Whatever Self-Judgments and Bummers and Ego Deaths are arising for you, Trust that they’re arising so you can Let Them Go For All Time.  Dan Scranton’s Arcturian buddies agree that from here on in we can choose Yintegrity

You have arrived at a very important point in your evolutionary history.  You have arrived at a point where you no longer need to think about contracts and blueprints and agreements.  If you are living something that is as a result of one of those pre-incarnational choices, the truth is that you no longer need to live it.

“If you are living something out of a sense of obligation or guilt because you believe that you made a pre-incarnational choice about it, then we hereby release you from that contract.  We want you to understand how free you really are.  Freedom really is a choice and a state of being.  It is one that presents itself to you every day, but you sometimes choose to ignore it and instead get sucked into habitual thoughts, words, and actions.”

Even Dane Rudhyar agrees…

“An irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness.  —An Astrological Mandala, p.131 (1 Leo)

The New Moon at 1 Leo is Conjoined by Mars (Energy), Varuna (the Life Force), and asteroid Veritas (Truth).  It Opposes Nemesis (Ego Death) in the base of a Uranus (the Soul Self, or Yintegrity) T-Square (Challenge to Mastery).

A second T-Square focuses on Quaoar (our Survival Instincts) on a base of the Opposition between Chiron (Embracing Despair) and Hopi-Makemake (Manifestating Respect for All Things).

The foci of the two T-Squares are two corners of a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace), the third corner of which is Vesta-Eurydike (Trusting that our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, while having served to keep us Safe, are no longer necessary or useful).  In other words, the two Challenges resolve one another.

You’ve probably already noticed that you’re beginning to see how you can make Lemonade from your Biggest Hassles, and that your grip on your Limits is loosening as we speak.

Vesta-Eurydike is the focus of a Finger of God from the Nemesis-Chiron Sextile.

There are two Wonderings (or other PIAVAs) that can be very useful to us here.  Remember that these are not Problems to be Solved, they’re Riddles to Present to the Unconscious, to be followed by Changing the Subject and, later, Paying Attention.  Suggested forms…

  • “I Wonder where my personal Fountain of Youth is.”
  • “Ganeshi My Love, please Remove All Obstacles to my Discovery of the Judgments that Block my Excitement and Joy.”

That is, the two diagonal Quincunxes in the Square Fez (two Squares separated by a Trine and a Sextile) are, respectively, Quaoar to New Moon-Mars-Varuna-Veritas and Uranus to Hopi-Makemake.

Bullshit and Power

July 20, 2017

It’s so tempting to “lend our strength to that which we wish to be free from” as Jule puts it.  The Lizards, for instance.  Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian buddies advise us yesterday, though…

You have begun to explore the darkness that exists within the collective as well, and you like to segment off yourselves from that darkness.  You like to see it as outside of yourselves, but this doesn’t serve you.  You have to embrace it as a part of yourself in order to move past any need to experience it in your world.

“You also have a tendency to sweep things under the rug. So when something comes up within you, you don’t necessarily acknowledge it or face it yourselves.  And if it involves another person, you’re also very likely to just ignore it, to not give it the proper attention, and you certainly do not often bring it up with that other person.

“That also does not serve you and is the reason why many of you are not getting along with those you are in the closest relationships with.  Eventually, you cannot hide from what you are feeling, and it comes up and it comes out in ways that are often very destructive to the relationship.”

Dr. Kim meanwhile suggests this version of Poor-Sweethearting…

And here’s an interesting twist on Eris and Revelation of the Denied…

And Daniel’s Channeling for today adds another layer or several…

“So you are an individual, jumping timelines, affecting all of the other individuals on that particular timeline, and all of the timelines come together at a point and create an experience of a shift in consciousness for all.  You are bringing together all possibilities, all potential realities, in this shift in consciousness because this is a universal shift, but it also involves the entire multiverse.

“You are changing the past on those timelines where it appears that humanity didn’t make it.  You are changing the past.  Think about how significant that is for a moment, and know how powerful you are in the living of your personal lives, facing the challenges that you face head on.  That is how you create a new universe for all.”

And here I thought it was just Regression and Space-Out.

Call Bullshit What It Is

July 19, 2017

A good friend the other day said, “Eris – she’s the one with the Golden Apple that means, ‘Call Bullshit what it is’? ”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  (Eris is Stationary or Strong, with the Energy peaking at 2am PDT 20 July.)  The renditions of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine and John Perkins’s New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man keep getting shorter and more concise.  We mentioned the other day.  And now today the Guardian gives us…

‘Rump “gets” the Secrecy and Deception part – he’s still today trying to tell us that virtually no healthcare insurance is “What Americans Want.”  Ted Cruz didn’t “get” the Doublespeak and Distraction part of the program; he was too in love with Uncle Milty to be dishonest about it.

To Thine Own Self

July 18, 2017

Okay, we’ve Survived (right?) the Option to Change Ancient Patterns (Lachesis Station), now on to I Gotta Be Me (Eris Station).  Yes, we’re chomping at the bit to tell those folks what they’re doing wrong, but they don’t actually have anything to do with it; we’re just Projecting.  What is it We Want for Ourself?  Are they really stopping us, or are we stopping ourself? 

With Win-Win and Both/And you can do almost anything.  You can even Abuse Other, though you’ll Regret it, as you’ll be the Abused soon enough.  That’s not Retribution, it’s the simple fact that Abuser and Abused, Power-Over and Victim, are just different sides of the same Coin.  Flip it in the air, and it could come down on either side.  There are better Coins to play with.

Of course if you’re already Dancing with the Abuse Coin, it’s sticky, and prying it out of your hand isn’t easy.  But even though the Lachesis Station is past Exactitude, Lachesis is still moving very slowly, so there’s still plenty of Opportunities for PIAVAing to Change your Patterns.  The “I” in PIAVA, for instance, is very Powerful.  Just don’t waste your Energy and Abuse your own Karma trying to Change Someone Else’s Patterns, ok?

The truth of your power is that it has always existed within you and that you have always had access to it.  However, you have been taught that your power comes from your mind, your actions, the amount of money you have in your bank account, the number of people that you have working for you, and many other false idols.

“The power that you seek in those objects, people, and circumstances, is fleeting at best.  External power will always leave you wanting more, and it can leave you completely, and then what will you do?  Hopefully, eventually, you will all come to the realization that your power is your ability to access a vibration.

“Everything that you want to experience, you want because of the vibration you associate that experience with, but you don’t have to wait for anything, or anyone, or any circumstance, in order to feel those vibrations rippling through you.  Those vibrations that you seek are a part of the totality of who you are.  You are Source Energy Beings, and Source Energy is all vibration.

“You, as a conscious being, get to choose which of those vibrations you activate, thereby empowering yourselves to experience whatever you want to experience right here and right now.  No waiting for an outside manifestation to occur is necessary. Get your confirmation from how you feel.”

–Daniel Scranton & The Arcturians,

Duration and Revelations II

July 16, 2017

The three Fates, Klotho (Beginnings), Lachesis (Durations), and Atropos (Endings), together compose Moira (Fates).  We point out that Moira implies the Fate/Free Will Duality, and that “Fate” is what happens TO us when we Operate out of the Unconscious, or Allow our Karmic and Inherited (if there’s a difference) Archetypes to run without Conscious Intervention.  This tells us the Dimension, and we Act Consciously by Choosing a Direction.  It’s worth saying that it doesn’t behoove us to Choose the same Direction every time – that swiftly becomes just another Archetype.  This is the sense in which Moral Choices are Limiting Choices; they quickly Create Inertia, aka just more Karma

In other words, sometimes it will Behoove us to “Accept our Fate” or “Embrace our Karma” temporarily, to for instance Learn more about it – this would be a very valuable Practice.  But most of the time we’ll interpret the Fates as Suggesting that we Choose of an Alternative – simply because we’re highly likely to be already following our Archetypes without even Realizing that we are.  In many cases Choosing Any Alternative will be useful, because it can potentially Change the Pattern and Break the Karmic Trance.

All of which is a long way of saying that we’re going to interpret Lachesis – Duration – as Offering us a Choice about whether to End or Continue a Pattern, or Begin a New one.  Of course we may have to “Figure Out,” or better yet Intuit or PIAVA what Pattern we want to Break.  Since Lachesis is Lit Up right now because of its Station on 18 July, we can just stop a minute and Ask ourself…

What Is It that we’ve been thinking about differently this week, than we were last week. 

Last week you were probably Scared or Hesitant or even Seriously Resistant about something, but this week you’re starting to consider making Lemonade, or even beginning to fill in the picture with details that reflect What You Do Want.  What something is this for you?  Not that it needs to be the only Pattern up for Revision; there are likely to be many, perhaps interrelated.

Since the Moon often acts as a trigger for events, we’ve chosen the Moon-Sedna Conjunction for this chart, 7pm PDT 18 July, fifteen hours after the Exact Lachesis Station.  Lachesis and Eris are Stationary in almost the same Degree (Lachesis 25 Pisces, Eris 24 Aries), which means that their Stations are intimately intertwined, even more so than because their Stations are almost simultaneous.  So we’ll be Making Choices (Lachesis) about Issues that have been pretty much Underground (Eris) till now.  Eris’s Exact Station is at 2am PDT 20 July, so any time between the Stations would be relevant…

The Moon crossed Eris at 11:30 am 16 July, and crossed Lachesis at 6:30 am 14 July; either of those would also be fine choices, as would the Moon’s crossing of dwarf planet Chaos at 2pm on 20 July.  The charts for all of these times, as well as for the Exact Stations themselves, would all be very similar. 

The Action is in the 22-27 Degree Zone.  This Degree Zone is about Finishing the Design of Our Current Lifetime version 4.0, and Beginning to cast it into Manifest Form.  The basic structure of the chart is…

  • Two Grand Crosses (the red squares with a red X across the middle), implying Highly Motivated, Complex, and Interdependent Activities, some Devoted to Implementing Change (Mutable Signs) and some to Maintaining Stability (Fixed Signs).
    • The corners of the Change Grand Cross are the Lachesis Station (Options), Chaos (Unlimited Potenial), asteroid Karma (Breaking Patterns), and Saturn-Ixion-Pholus (The Most Important Thing Is to Be Fully Responsive to our Abandoned Genius), suggesting that we’ll be Planning and Executing Foundational Support for our Deepest, Unacknowledged, Innermost Creative Self.
    • The corners of the Stability Grand Cross are the Nodes (our Path in the Lifetime), Moon-Sedna (Instinctual Fear), and the Fixed Star Agena (the Sacrifice Required to Achieve Personal Growth), which might look like Balancing our Resistance to Pain with our Need for Safety, or Navigating Tricky Waters.
  • A T-Square (Mastery through Challenge – the red triangle) Focused on Sun-Veritas (Essential Truth) that will Force us to Pay Attention to What’s Actually Going On in the Present Moment rather than Paying Attention to our Reactions to What’s Going On (Eris Opposing Haumea in the base of the T-Square deals with the contrast between Getting Honest-Eris and Don’t Know because we‘re Haumea-Newborn; within this Duality, how does Truth fit in?).
  • A Grand Sextile (Great Grace after we kick-start a Process) in the Dynamic Signs that Asks us to take concrete steps to Initiate Projects that will Begin to Make Space for our Deepest, Unacknowledged, Innermost Creative Self to Enjoy Life (the corners are the Nodes, Stationary Eris, Chaos, Haumea, and Saturn-Ixion-Pholus); you don’t need to Plan these Projects thoroughly, just Start them.
  • An Almost-Grand Sextile (five of six planets) in the Magnetic Signs that will be Requiring us to Make Authentic-to-Self Choices that will Break Patterns while Preserving our Safety, and while Recognizing and Managing our Growing Pains so they don’t Overwhelm us, using mostly PIAVAs (the corners are the Lachesis Station, Moon-Sedna, Sun-Veritas, asteroid Karma, and Fixed Star Agena).
    • The Vacancy (a “V” within a circle), which describes Energy which we must provide Consciously in order to fill the Grand Sextile and Allow its Grace to Unfold, is 25 Capricorn, “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs” – symbolizing the Fineness of Detail, Meticulous Handiwork, Deep Heritage, and Intricate Interactivity of the New Life we are Creating.
  • Two Yin Gates (adjacent green Xs) that include each Station and will Require us to Accept Paradoxes as they Are rather than trying to Force them into preconceived Dualistic Little Boxes…
    • Paradoxes around the Lachesis-Karma Opposition embedded in the Nodes-Haumea-Eris Golden Rectangle (the blue rectangle standing vertical in the center of the chart; the Yin Gate is represented by the two adjacent green Xs)Karma and Choice certainly seem like Opposites.  But Karma is only Inertia, and Consciousness Dissolves Karma the way Paper covers Rock.  We’ll be finding many circumstances where it seems like we don’t have Choice.  The Golden Rectangle is about Being Reborn (Haumea) into a more Coherent (Eris) Reality that better serves our Mission in the Lifetime (Nodes); the apparent Paradoxes between Choice and “The Way It’s Always Been Done” (Lachesis-Karma) are the Guardians of our Limiting Beliefs.
    • Paradoxes around the Eris-Haumea Opposition embedded in the Lachesis-Karma-Sedna-Agena Golden Rectandle
      (the blue rectangle tipping to the left in the chart, with Haumea at the top; the green Xs in this Yin Gate are drawn with one heavy green line and one light green line)Rebirth (Haumea) and Revelation (Eris) appear Paradoxical because the Revelations will Require an Ego Death – hopefully a small one – to be Empraced.  Identities tend to be Unitary and Well-Boundaried, and Expansion or Growth in Consciousness Ask us to step outside the Boundary that defines Safety to our Olde Identity.

Raising Our Vibration

July 16, 2017

Consider this…

Which I’m sure is essentially true, though of course it’s only one Viewpoint.  Reality is like a Valley, that looks quite different when you’re looking down from a different one of the surrounding Hills. 

Or like the Flower-covered Tehachapi Mountains between Bakersfield and Barstow in California.  From the Valley they look like Mountains, but once you get to the “top” you realize you’ve just landed on a higher plateau – not what I usually think of as a “Mountain,” as there is no “Other Side” for the Bear to see.

But Rappaport’s blog post is a condensed version of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine, and as John Perkins’s Confessions of an Economic Hit Man points out, it’s a Dance that’s repeated constantly all over the World. When viewed from that Hilltop.  It’s an important Perspective, worth remembering.  But it’s not the only one. 

In the US, a student of Goebbels’s is running the same agenda more insidiously, repeatedly and often successfully sold as exactly the opposite of what it is.  As Individuals seeking Liberation in this environment, quite simply, we’re screwed.

Until we Raise our Vibration.  Easier said than done?  Conjure up a Hot-Air Balloon, and let it rise over the middle of the Valley, higher than the surrounding Hills.  Now you can see the Other Side of the Mountain, even beyond.  E for Expanding is one of the silent letters in PIAVA.  If we’re waiting around before we Ascend, until everyone else is ready to go with us, we’re never going to have a big enough Balloon.

Better to sell kits so everyone can make their own Balloons.  You can franchise the business to the other Valleys.  You’ll need it after your brown-shirt business fails because everyone already has theirs.

That’s really just about all there is to Raising Your Vibration.  Of course we need to Differentiate it from Denial, but Eris – Revelation of What’s Been Denied – is Strong as we speak, and Lachesis – which Grants us the Power to Begin and End Patterns as we Choose – is as well.  So it’s easy to add the term to our PIAVA

“I Wonder how it will Feel when I Raise My Vibration without indulging Denial.”

Duration and Revelations

July 13, 2017

Duration is a funny concept.  It’s not about Beginnings or Endings, but being the space between them it has a lot to say about Beginnings and Endings.  Asteroid Lachesis is about Durations, and it’s Lit Up (Stationary) until 18 July, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of things about Beginnings and Endings are coming up in your neighborhood, like they are in mine. 

Dwarf planet Eris is about Revealing what’s been Denied, and it too is Lit up (Stationary) until 20 July.  So we can Expect to see new Truths Revealed around Beginnings and Endings over the next week, just as we can Expect to see a lot of Changes in how we handle what we don’t like to Talk about, things we Start Talking about and things we Stop Talking about.

We’ll be writing more about all this very soon.

Total Solar Eclipse I

July 13, 2017

The Eclipse itself isn’t until 21 August, but it’s a Biggie, so we’ll start reviewing it early.  The Sun is Totally Eclipsed on the north-central Oregon Coast (Lincoln Beach and environs) just after 10am PDT.  It then spans the USofA, racing “backwards” across Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina before splashdown in the Atlantic at McClellanville SC just before noon PDT. 

While the path of Totality is only 100km wide, the Partial Eclipse covers all of North and Central America, the North Atlantic, and the northern portion of South America.  Totality lasts two to three minutes if you’re on the “Central Line,” or path of greatest Eclipse.  Being as close to that Line as you can get will give you the most Profound Total Solar Eclipse Experience.

The Eclipse itself occurs in 29 Leo, a Degree zone we’re quite familiar with.  It Squares (Challenge) Sedna (Fear) and makes a Grand Trine (Much Grace) with Uranus (our Soul Self) and Pholus-Quaoar (Being Fully Responsive to our Survivl Instincts).  It makes a Square Fez (two Squares separated by Trines and Sextiles, which are Resolved by the Diagonal Quincunxes) on the Quincunxes (Curiosity) between the Eclipse (Illumination) and Chiron (Healing Despair), and between Sedna and Pholus-Quaoar. 

The Symbol for Leo 29 is “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.”  Rudhyar reads that as “The stage at which an intense feeling-intuition rising from the unconscious is about to take form as a conscious thought.”

The Challenges here are potentially being Overwhelmed by the Illumination of our Fear (or in some cases Anger), and Despairing over the magnitude of the task of being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts.  What if your Survival Instincts are a flashback to being a Jew in Germany in 1939.  Do you have the Courage to get out while you can?  How do you Decide whether it’s a True Intuition or “just” a flashback, or both?  Or a flashforward to 2050 when the Planet is awash in camps for mostly starving refugees from flooded lowlands?  Your Survival Instincts may sound completely crazy.  Can you, Will you, Trust them?

But there are Blessings.  First, Yintegrity comes to the Rescue, if we’re Willing to Trust that.  And second, Curiosity can Rescue us as well.  It’s not about Logical thinking, Planning, and Executing, it’s about PIAVAs.  “I Wonder how my Fear and my Survival Instincts can Collaborate to move us and the Planet Forward,” for instance.  Or “God/Goddess, thank you for Illuminating my Despair.  Please help me Poor-Sweetheart it into Productive Action.”  The Life Force (Varuna) can also Rescue our Despair, with a PIAVA something like Imagining Surrender to an autopilot, where we Allow the Life Force itself to inhabit our Body and Act of its own Accord to Improve our Future, without Conscious Intervention from our Ego.

This segment of the Eclipse chart is pretty straightforward.  A separate segment, in 21-25 Degrees – another Degree zone we’re quite familiar with – is much more complex.  We’ll take up that segment next.

Collective Narcissism

July 9, 2017

Here’s a thought-provoking post…

Those of us who aspire to some form of Enlightenment or Ascension or just…

“…sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice”

are certainly as vulnerable to Collective Narcissism as anyone. 

We always need to remember that the rest of Us aren’t Less Than, just Other Than.  Ultra Eric mentions Nationalism as just one of many avenues to Collective Narcissism, but it’s a favorite for Warmongers of all stripes (who are obviously Inferior to us).  One of the defining characteristics of this Century was established on the eve of 1/1/2000, when Pluto Initiated Chiron at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an eagle, the eagle into a chanticleer saluting the dawn.” 

A Flag is the symbol of Nationalism, and a good candidate to symbolize any other sort of Collective Narcissism.  Chanticleer is a fancy name for Rooster (who does deserve a fancy name, whether they’re part of our own Collective or not).  And Eagle represents Perspective, as in…

“Once, while sailing on thermals, a mountain eagle saw a lovely shiny object far below, but as he swooped down to inspect it, it lost is luster and he lost track of it.  He spiraled up again, and was watching the ground for movement when he spied that shimmer again.  This time, he found several objects to home in on se he wouldn’t lose the beautiful object, but once again he failed to see it when he swooped low.  He left off searching for the object, but kept it in his thoughts all night long. 

“At dawn’s earliest light, he was up in the sky again, searching.  He knew now that he would need help finding the object, but he didn’t know whose aid to enlist.  The crows and other birds always drove him away.  The rabbits, shrews, and mice were his prey.  The coyotes, wolves and large cats were his equals, but too busy with their own work.  As he thought through the list of possible friends, he realize there were none, and he felt sad.

“At that moment, the shiny object caught his eye once more.  The eagle settled on a high limb and watched the object all day.  Occasionally it wouldn’t shine, but as the sun found it again, it would bloom forth in brilliant lavender color.  By and by, through the forest came a child wandering aimlessly.  It came into the clearing and suddenly looked frightened.  The eagle watched, and came to realize the child was lost.

” ‘Ho there,’ he called to the child.  The child searched the sky for the voice, and saw only the beautiful eagle on a bare fir tree branch.  ‘Ho,’ the eagle lifted his wings in greeting.  The child was tired and too frightened to speak.  The eagle spoke lovingly to the child, and learned that he had wandered too far to return home by sunset.  They agreed the child would sleep at the base of the tree, and the eagle would watch through the night.  The eagle saw many things – bats and owls and bobcats – but not one came close to the tree.

“In the morning, the child found berries, and drank from a stream.  Just as he and the eagle were setting off to find his home, which the eagle could see on the horizon, the child realized he could not thank the eagle enough for being so kind and being his friend.  Just then, the eagle realized his friend had come to him, and he asked the boy to retrieve the lavender rock.  The boy did so, and instantaneously, the boy and the eagle were in the air, flying toward his home.”

–Collen Marquist & Jack Frasl, Crystalline Communion 2000, pp.102-3

This is how Collen introduces Muscovite, a Potassium Aluminum Fluoride Mica that, as Collen says (p.103)…

“…aids in raising [your] vibratory pattern… so that the higher self can be contacted…  Muscovite’s molecular structure… has a vacancy [that] allows [one’s Ego] to get out of the way in order to receive guidance and support.  It helps to highlight how self-sabotage is operating, and how to initiate behaviors which will result in resolution and solution of problems or challenges.  It aids in recognizing friends and placing trust in them.”

Jerry Garcia’s ashes were scattered in the Ganges on the day of a Total Solar Eclipse in 1996.

Now Till The End

July 9, 2017

While unexpected events have a way of popping up, we should get this next week “off” from Heavy astrogigs. 

The week after that we’re back to Challenges to our Yintegrity, as Lachesis (Duration) and Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) are both Stationary, on the 18th and 20th respectively.  We’ll be carefully weighing everything in our Lives that doesn’t work (ie, that’s still Unconscious) and everything in our Lives that needs to be Accepted or Spoken (Conscious but still Unresolved), to see if their Time has run out.  Both Stations Reignite the 24-25-Degree zone that the Haumea Station Lit Up, which we wrote up in 4 July XI – Final Rebirth (  The Stations are separated by one Sign, which forms a Twelfth-Harmonic Angle – more Pattern-Breaking.

The New Moon on the 23rd is very busy, Challenging us to Accept whatever Ego Deaths are necessary for us to Fully Open to the Life Force and allow our True Self to be Free to Express itself Confidently, moment to moment.  The New Moon is Merged with (Conjoining) Truth (Veritas), the Life Force (Varuna), and Action (Mars) in the first Degree of Leo, Inviting (Opposing) Ego Death (Nemesis), all Challenged (T-Squared) by our Soul Self (Uranus).  There are Blessings as well (Trine Bridges to Chiron and Hopi-Makemake, and Varuna enters Leo on the 24th).

Then for the rest of July our Urge to Yintegrity is Strong, as Uranus is Stationary on 2 August in 29 Aries, the same Degree Zone as the previous New Moon.  We speak of “Degrees Zones” because the Energies trigger one another – the previous New Moon at 1 Leo is Square to the Uranus Station within two Degrees, and the following New Moon Eclipse is Trine to the Uranus Station within half a Degree.  We wrote about this Cuspal Degree Zone in 4 July X – Victimhood (  Mercury is Retrograde from 12 August through 4 September.

Then comes the Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August, in 29 Leo, the same Degree Zone as the preceding New Moon and Uranus Station.  That Degree is the Culmination of the Ego.  Celebrate it well, as a Descent of Inanna follows (that is, Virgo; see Starhawk’s Truth or Dare for the HerStory of Inanna).  During the Eclipse The Most Important Thing (Saturn), the Edges of Consciousness (Juno), and Fear (Sedna) are all Strongly Lit Up (Stationary: Saturn 24 August at 22 Sagittarius, Juno 26 August at 3 Capricorn, and Sedna 27 August at 27 Taurus).

Some folks seem to be making hay with dire predictions, and this Eclipse is likely to herald more Big Transitions.  As with any Big Change, there could well be temporary Pain, but the astrology signals overwhelmingly Positive Outcomes.  We’ll take advantage of the “Time off” to write about the Eclipse over the next several days.