Global Fairy Congress

January 18, 2021

Very profound, this online Global Fairy Congress. Lots of Integration. I don’t really feel like a Different Person this morning, but there are obvious signs of Ego Death (What was my email password?), and so much has Changed (such as my Approach to the Natural World), and there have been many Integrating Realizations and Insights (such as Whoa, this talk about 5G and Earth-Splitting aren’t Metaphors and Omigosh, so those are the Fairies! I’ve been seeing them all along but I didn’t recognize them as Fairies because they’ve been shapeshifting to make themselves more recognizable!).

Healing the Heart of the Earth

The highlight webinars for me were Marko Pogačnik describing his 1980 Dream about the coming Gaian Transformation that set him on his Life Journey of Lithopuncture, and RJ Stewart’s fascinating discussion of Fiona McCloud and esoteric Gaelic history, both examples of how to make an hour feel like a week. Mahala Frye detailed her Land-Clearing process, and I discovered that Jaap van Etten, the Encyclopaedist of Fairy, is very illuminating in person, while more encyclopedic in writing. Webinars overlapped, so I haven’t been able to watch the workshops by David Spangler, Orion Foxwood (many raved about that one), Camilla Blossom, and others, but all were recorded and I’m looking forward to watching the rest. I’m not sure if the recordings will be open to all or only to “members” of the Congress, but membership is still open, and additional monthly webinars are planned.

How totally appropriate to hold the Congress when our Souls are Expanding more deeply into Matter (Jupiter in Aquarius Waning Square to Uranus in Taurus, 4 pm PST 18 January 2021, in 7 Degrees, with Uranus still Stationary [Strong]) and our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs are Open for Revision (asteroid Vesta Stationary 1am PST 19 January, in 22 Virgo). If you remember the third chart in the previous Soul Descending post, both of these astroevents are part of the current Grand Octile, signifying Adjusting and Rebalancing into Wholeness. The other five members of the Grand Octile are…

>>Consciously Ending Karma that Blocks our Openness to the Light (asteroid Lachesis [Ending TimeLines Consciously] Conjunct [Merged with] minor planet Zhulong [the Red Dragon of En-Light-enment] in 6-9 Scorpio).

>>Our Health and Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna in 5 Leo).

>>Unconditional Love for our Held Emotions, the one’s We’d rather Die than Feel, or where we often Mentally plug our Fear of Physical Death into the place where an Etheric Ego Death belongs (asteroid Sappho [Unconditional Self-Love] Conjunct the South Node [Held Emotions] in 19-24 Sagittarius, which Conjunction was exact at 2:40 am PST 4 January by the way).

>>Intuitions about our Mission in the Lifetime (dwarf planet Asbolus [Intuition], which is Out of Bounds (Strong) Conjunct the North Node [our Mission] in 19-23 Gemini).

>>Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity (Neptune).

Meanwhile, Uranus is Integrating Action and Self-Sovereignty, unifying the Assertive Masculine and the Mystical Feminine (Conjunct Mars and Lilith). And Jupiter is simultaneously Expanding our Utmost Priority, our Instincts, and our Mentality (Conjunct Saturn, Moon, and Mercury).

Jupiter Square Uranus would usually be interpreted as a Challenge to Expand into Integrating Ego and Soul, and this will still be true on a very Local level in Time, but this is a Waning Square, meaning that the real, and ongoing, Challenge is to Let Go of any Attachments we have to the Waning Jupiter-Uranus Cycle that began in 2010. Let’s talk about that in the next post. The primary Configuration in the Local chart is the Mjölnir (Trioctile Yod, often referred to crudely as a “Hammer of Thor.”) from the Jupiter-Uranus Square to Stationary Vesta, indicating Epiphanies around our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs.

Meanwhile, there are two primary Challenges (T-Squares) in the 19 January Vesta Station chart…

The first is potential Difficulty with the Revelation of What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris in 24 Aries), mostly because we Hesitate to Believe or Trust what we’re Remembering, even though we’re having even more trouble Letting Go of It (the base of the T-Square is Pluto [Compulsion] Opposite an Out-of-Bounds [Strong] asteroid Eurydike [Trust]), possibly because Accepting the Revelation will require too much Adjustment of our Self-Image for Comfort, or because we’re Wasting the Opportunity by Blaming our Emotional Reaction on someone or something in the Present Moment instead of Dealing with it as our own Karma (Eris Quincunx [Curiosity] to Vesta in Virgo [Ego Death]) – that is, Resisting Ego Death or Compulsively seeking Cause instead of Embracing Curiosity as an Emotion in its own right.

The second is parallel and possibly compounding – potential Difficulty Accepting our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus Out of Bounds in 23 Gemini). The root of this Difficulty may lie in Difficulty Embracing Confusion as the First Step in Growth (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability] Conjunct Neptune [Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity] in 19 Pisces Opposing Stationary Vesta itself).

Soul Descending

January 14, 2021

Uranus in Taurus represents Soul (Uranus) Descending into Matter (Taurus). In my personal Experience, the influence of a planet is greatest when it’s Stationary, as Uranus is now. Most folks use a slightly different approach, considering a planet’s impact to be “normal” while it’s Direct, and a bit suppressed while it’s Retrograde. I don’t dispute that at all, it’s just not something I’ve noticed having a big impact in my own Life. I’m probably just not Sensitive to it. But if we assume that Perspective, then as Uranus turns Direct at 12:35 am PST on 14 January 2021, we might Expect Soul’s “Attack” on Matter to resume. It’s hardly an actual Attack, but to the Ego that’s being Muscled Aside, it can Feel that way.

After a brief toe-dip in June-August 2018, Uranus entered Taurus “for good” (ie, till it gets to Gemini) on 6 March 2019. That’s nine months before the kakavirus was first published, though I know a few people in the US who were “sicker than they’ve ever been,” a typical description of the kakavirus, earlier than December. Even if the initial timing isn’t to the day, the kakavirus is a good candidate for a Uranus-in-Taurus Effect, as it seems to do an excellent job of severely impacting the Olde Ego and making room for a new one (if we can find a way to be Comfortable with the intervening Confusion), often one with a drastically different job description.

As it Stands Still now, Uranus is joined by Mars (Action) and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), Macho and Facho Energies, as befits an Androgynous Soul. The Either/Or Dualistic mind likes to think there has to be a Battle between “Opposites” and a Winner. Or, with a Buddhist Touch, a Balance between them. The Both/And Perspective suggests that we Maximize both. The Hypermale and the Hyperfemale Dance well together as long as they Avoid Competition and instead Choose Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration, and Community. We could call it 5C instead of 5D.

With Lilith representing the Hyperfemale, Venus seems kind of Left Out, and Challenged (Squared) by Chiron as well. Even without the Square, Chiron represents a Challenge to Victimhood…

What a week! I got this far, and tried to write more about fifteen times, to no avail. Once the Station Trance Let Go and it felt like I could write, I promptly discovered that I’d left half of the planets off of my charts, and I have no idea how that happened. I can blame the debilitating Ego Deaths on Uranus, and the Hallucinations on preparations for the Fairy Congress this weekend, but I’m seldom so clearly instructed not to write, and seldom so persistent at trying to anyway. No regrets, though. I got to go out this afternoon, and I was Hyperventilating the whole time, I was so Excited. I have no idea why.

Because I got to go outside? Because I got to buy ten pounds of fresh-caught True Cod from our local Hypermonger? Because the Colors were so Vivid? Thankfully I don’t always have to look for Reasons for Emotions, but they can make a person Wonder! I actually wondered if those Sunset-painted clouds were Luminescent, they were so Bright and Colorful, but they clearly weren’t that high in altitude or latitude. It must have been me that was high, but on what? It felt like LSD, but even though I felt like I was in a Bubble, I was fully “In Control.” And then the nascent Crescent Moon popped out between a Tree and a Cloud. Must be the Fairies.

So here’s the Uranus Station chart, with all the planets this time. It’s a lot Busier than it was earlier in the week…

Venus is no longer so alone, as the Climate Change Twins Pholus (Willingness to Respond) and Quaoar (our Survival Instincts) have joined her, and newbie Makemake (Manifestation) converts her naked Square to Chiron into a red-triangle T-Square. What springs to mind about that is, “What hath God wrought?” but I don’t think it’s God doing the wroughting, I think it’s us. We are Creator Beings, and we Create whether we’re Conscious of what we’re Creating and why, or not. In The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth said that it’s Easy to know our Karma, because it’s writ large in our Personal History.

It’s also Easy to know our Unconscious, because it’s wrought large in what we are Creating, if only we’d take Ownership (Pholus) of it. If we don’t like what we’re Creating in our Life, we have to get to know our Unconscious Persona that is Creating it. Of course it’s all Co-Creation, so Forget about Blame. Now the naked Square that remains, connects Juno (Growth in Consciousness) with newcomer Gonggong (Intrusive Memories). That’s not Radical, but it suggests that it’ll behoove us to Listen Up! If we want Hooves.

We noticed that asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) was at the Far Midpoint between Venus and Chiron in their Square, making a Mjölnir (Lightning, Illumination, Breaking Out of Darkness). And with Chiron inviting Venus to Own her Victimhood, we’re wondering where Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied) is, that Mistress of Female Victimhood. Turns out Eris (which is Stationary [Strong]) is five Signs (Quincunx) from Vesta, and they make a whole ‘nother Uranus-Station chart…

These plus-or-minus 22-Degree planets are a half-Sign from the original plus-or-minus 7-Degree Uranus-related planets. An Octile (one eighth of the Circle) is a Sign-and-a-half, so mixing and matching these two sets of planets yields a lot of Octiles…

In fact, it makes a Grand Octile, and without any Vacancies or added asteroids or Stars or Zulu Goddesses! A Grand Octile is eight planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac. The Octile means Adjusting and Rebalancing. And a Grand Octile means Adjusting and Rebalancing into Wholeness. In Ego-Defending astrology, Uranus symbolizes Disruption. In Ego-Rebirthing astrology, Uranus symbolizes Disruption of everything that is no longer in Harmony with the Descending Soul. As a reader so aptly put it today,

“I am doing well, or ‘well enough’ with all of the massive, daunting, continuous incoming energies to process !!Jeez, who turned up the momentum of the momentous-ness 💥!!! It is like we are rising and deepening simultaneously and it’s hard to pay attention to both directions without getting pulled apart. So, my resolution to a solution is the time honored wisdom of ‘be in the moment’ and that seems to be the the only way out of the pressure 💚.”

Eris, Pluto-Moira, and the New Moon

January 11, 2021

If we take the 10 January 2021 Pluto-Moira Initiation chart (Addiction to Karma), which is also the 10 January Eris Station chart (Opening Up to Denial), and we peel the Moon off of asteroid Sappho and plunk it down atop the Sun (and Moira and Pluto), we get the 8:59 pm PST 12 January New Moon chart. The Eris Station chart applies mostly to the week prior to 10 January but also the week following, and the Pluto-Moira Initiation chart applies for the next five years (or at least the next three-plus years, till the Cycle begins to Wind Down – though that doesn’t mean laggards won’t cling to it). The New Moon chart applies mostly to the two weeks following 12 January, but also, less strongly, to the fortnight after that. In other words, I hope everyone takes the FBI’s warnings seriously, and Joe & Kamala wear their bullet-proof vests at their inauguration.

So Then, How Does 5D Work?

January 11, 2021

Brenda Hoffman’s Wisdom for today…

“Your world might appear upside down. What you once thought is no more, and you cannot yet feel or sometimes even see the future. Will governments fall? Will illness dominate the world forever? Has your world become so small you cannot remember how you once felt about much of anything?

“Such is so because you are in a void of sorts. You are between two worlds, neither of which has fully claimed you. Your outer world is in chaos, and your inner world is confused, ‘Who am I?’ ‘What are my new interests?’ ‘Why don’t I have any interests?’

“So it is you attempt to grasp your 3D feelings, but they are not comfortable. Then you try to meditate, exercise or talk your way into your new life – with few notable changes. You are betwixt and between.

“Your feelings or actions will not always be as they are now. You are merely trying to dance between two worlds – neither of which seems completely comfortable. You are irate with yourself when you become too enmeshed in your old 3D thoughts or actions. Yet, you cannot seem to contact or interact with your new being.

“Such has happened before in your other transition phases, but likely never to the extent occurring now. For your former go-to meditations, actions, or thoughts do not provide the same sense of peace and security. You then resort to 3D fear with 3D companions only to discover that doing so is difficult for your physical being.

“Your overriding question is, ‘When will I feel comfortable in my being again?’ For you feel lost, alone, frightened – all pieces you thought you had negated months or years ago.

“Your reactions are to be expected. The same happened in 3D whenever you shifted major parts of your life. Leaving your home of origin, marriage, or a stable relationship, a new job, parenthood, aging – all phases you eventually adjusted to. What is happening now is very similar. You have been saying good-bye to 3D (your earth home of origin) for some time now. The difference is you are discovering you need to move outside your inner-being to do so. For this transition phase is about shifting your outer actions instead of addressing your new being from within.

“You have been softly buffeted from needing to display your new actions throughout much of this COVID-19 time. You were “allowed” to hunker down at home doing, feeling, and acting as you wish instead of having to project certain images to the world. Of course, many of you did so while enmeshed in the 3D world despite COVID-19. You are truly the bravest of the brave.

“All of you have completed your cocooning, your inner-world work. It is time to pick up your building blocks and create your new outer-being. The outer-being that emphasizes the growth you experienced within throughout much of 2020.

“Such is similar to your first professional job after college. Even though you were proud of obtaining that job, you were also terrified you could not perform as expected by you or your employer. So you likely did not sleep well the first days of your new job, wondering if you could master the expectations that seemed foreign after spending years in coursework assisted by professors and books. You had to perform – often with minimal instruction – as you discovered how your personality meshed with the job requirements. For just as you studied differently than others in college, you discovered you performed the job differently than someone else might or did.

“So it is now. You are worried that you do not have enough skills to perform your new beyond-3D actions, that you must have more time or more information. You need neither more time nor information. You are ready to create your new role with your new personality and needs.

“In truth, you are beyond ready. An indication such is so is that you can not participate in 3D chaos as was true before 2020. You are no longer a fence walker – jumping between 3D and beyond 3D. You are beyond 3D in skills and interests. So it is your physical body probably informs you of that truth whenever you attempt to return to 3D.

“Of course, your need to return to 3D chaos seems relevant now. Surely, you are skilled enough to see the earth through one more or a few more chaotic months. But as your physical body likely indicates, such is not true. You are no longer needed in the 3D world. Your role is to point the light to the future instead of drowning your light in the chaos of the past. Your 3D fears and fights are over.

“If or when you attempt to return to 3D, your physical body loudly proclaims you are on the wrong path. In 3D, something similar happened but likely not to the same degree. The wrong 3D school, job, relationship, or community often displayed itself in depression, physical difficulties, or fear. But you had books, videos, and people to help you understand what you were feeling and why. Such is no longer true for those of you of the forefront are, in essence, writing the books about your new beings.

“The fear you are now feeling is likely more about your new future than 3D misgivings. And the only way through that fear is to move through and to your new world. The 3D chaos will be addressed by those in waves following those of you at the forefront. Your role or job is merely to be.

“You have no need to look back or correct that which is no longer part of you. Anymore than was true after leaving any 3D job. Most likely, you hoped for the best outcome for your 3D successor or those co-workers who were part of your heart. But you never contemplated moving to a new job while continuing to perform your former job tasks. That job was over. So it is for you now.

“Job one is finding and following your interests. The job you have moved beyond is caretaking 3D chaos. So be it.”

Eris and Pluto-Moira

January 10, 2021

Here’s the 10 January 2021 (4:40 pm PST) Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) Stationary chart…

It features two big Challenges (T-Squares, the red triangles)…

Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied – eg, Gee, I wonder if those white supremacists are dangerous) itself is the Subject of one Challenge, but it’s Self-Resolving (the green wedge or Finger of the Goddess that also points to Eris makes it a Diamond Star, or Self-Resolving Challenge, because of the blue [Grace] bowl under the base of the T-Square). I’m reading that the white supremacists were shocked when the Capitol Police (most of them) didn’t join them in their Trumpian Delusion of just walking in and taking over the government – that’s Revelation of what’s been Denied, Denied because so many of their hometown cops are pooped out of the same mold as they are.

The other Challenge is a T-Square to Vesta (our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs). Limiting Beliefs can come in all colors and forms. For instance, if we have an Unconscious Belief that I’m one of the Master Race, that Belief may require some Adjustment when we see that not everyone Willingly Agrees to be our Slave. If one still wears one’s Victim Costume close to their Skin though, their Belief that Uncooperative Slaves Must Be Punished will Program them for future Challenges. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it’s Challenges like that which make them Feel Alive, the olde Gimme Liberty (and Sovereignty über alles) or Gimme Death gambit.

The Challenges to our Unconscious Beliefs revolve around an apparent Contrast (Opposition in the base of the T-Square) between our Instincts (Moon) about Self-Love (Sappho) and their superficial correlate I’m the Best! and our Intuitions (Asbolus) about What’s Possible (dwarf planet Chaos). Our Macho and Facho Reactions to What’s Possible can be Angry and Defensive (or Offensive) because those Intuitions are Scary, and we’ve made a communal Vow with our white-skinned Buddies that we’ll never Back Down from Fear. Most males don’t get past age 6 without being Required to make such a Vow. However, we know that I’m the Best! isn’t Unconditional Love, because it contains the Condition in it’s title – if Self-Love requires Superiority, it’s hardly Unconditional.

While the Challenge to Eris itself if Self-Resolving – so we usually wouldn’t give it more Attention, the issues surrounding it (as indicated by the base of the T-Square) are worthy of more consideration. On one side of this Opposition is asteroid Eurydike, signifying Trust, namely Whom do we Trust? On the other side is the Stellium (three or more planets Conjunct) comprised of the Sun, asteroid Moira, and Pluto. The Sun meaning Our Essence, this sounds significant. Moira’s namesake was the Greek Goddess of Fate. Fate is what happens to us when we aren’t Conscious of our Karma or don’t Realize that we can Change it. Pluto of course stands for what we can Manipulate to our Advantage, but not Avoid.

The makes the five-year Moira-Pluto Cycle pretty fundamental. Every Cycle provides a new Opportunity to move away from Victimhood and toward Self-Sovereignty. The Eris Station chart is also the chart for the brand-new Moira-Pluto Cycle that Initiated 3:03 am PST 10 January 2021. The only variation is that the Moon doesn’t Conjoin asteroid Sappho in the Pluto-Moira Initiation chart. Just looking at the Sabian Symbol of the 25-Capricorn Initiation is very Instructive.

The just-finished 18-Capricorn Cycle was about “The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship” – Empire. The threat of Autocracy, and the destruction of the Alliances and Trade Conventions of the previous three-quarters of a Century have dominated our Political Economy over the last five years. The new 25-Capricorn Cycle will be about “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs,” threatening a return to the WTO-style “Globalization” that made it legal for your neighbor to sue you for the income that they “lost” because you wouldn’t let them cut down the Tree in your front yard and sell it for lumber or pulp. Let’s hope Biden can avoid Obama’s gross 2009 error in handing over the American Economy to those who had just destroyed it, so they could print billions of dollars and hand them out to their friends and family in the feigned hope that a few would “trickle down” to the plebeians who build their yachts.

Beyond the Sabian Symbols, the first thing to notice about the new Moira-Pluto Cycle is that the most important planet in its birth chart is the Self-Resolving Challenge of a Stationary Eris. That tells us that George Floyd and Brian Sicknick are just the beginning of the Revelations that will force many people to Examine their Self-Abusive and Other-Abusive Habits and get Conscious enough to make Changes. We could even see long-standing Addictions suddenly take a Holiday or move to another state.

Speaking of Changes in Habits, asteroid Atropos, which is all about segments of Karma that finish their natural terms and, unlike the Antichrist, agree to move along cooperatively. On 12 January, Atropos backs out of Leo into Cancer, thereby shifting its Attention from Habits of Pride to Habits of Compassion. The following day, 13 January, asteroid Aletheia, Truth of the Heart, backs out of Aries and into Pisces, so we’ll be moving our Heart-Focus from the Spritual to the Emotional. There may well be cross-pollination here, as newly Revealed Emotional Truths facilitate breaking old Identity Patterns to Soften Self-indulgent elements of our Persona.

Meanwhile, Uranus (Our Soul) Energy has taken over the Foreground, and will Reign Supreme till 12:35 pm PST 14 January. Ego-Protecting Astrology sees Uranus Energy as Disruptive. We regard it as Disrupting whatever in our Karmic Habit Collection no longer Serves our Soul’s Purpose. In Taurus, the Soul’s Purpose is to Descend into Flesh. If you get hit with even more Disruption than 2020 dealt out, look for the Platinum Lining.

January 2021c

January 10, 2021

Wise Lorna Anne’s right in tune – she posted this today…

And then there’s the Great Uncompleted Ceremony at Uluru…

Thanks to Colin Baxter for finding both!

January 2021b

January 10, 2021

I’ve corrected some timing typos, and added several new comments in January 2021a.

January 2021a

January 7, 2021

In our next astroadventure, Emotions heat up (they evidently weren’t hot enough already), as the Moon (our Instincts) moves Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere,

from 4:28 pm PST 10 January at 23 Sagittarius,

till 8:48 am PST 13 January at 30 Capricorn.

Which means it will be Dancing with (assume each Excitation will be Lit Up for a half-day or more before the time indicated, peaking at the time indicated)…

…..Headquarters (the Galactic Center, 28 Sagittarius, 11th 1am PST) – be Open to Receiving New Inputs from your Guides),

…..Our Hidden and perhaps Forbidden Genius (Ixion, 1 Capricorn, 11th 6am PST) – Potentially Extreme Creativity,

…..A Newly Softened View of Global Warming (Venus, Pholus, and Quaoar, all in 5 Cap, 11th, noon-2pm PST) – Nothing Changes Till We Accept It Exactly As It Is after all,

…..Self-Sovereignty and Codependence (Hylonome, 18 Cap, 12th, 11am PST) – What Do I Want, For Myself?,

…..Our Essence (the Sun, 23 Cap, 12th, 3pm PST) – Whoa, That used to be Me, but it ain’t no more!,

…..Our Compulsions (Pluto, 25 Cap, 12th, 11pm PST) – a Good Time to Lovingly Embrace an Addiction and Set It Free (don’t worry, we never Give Up our Habits/Skills, we just Learn to Choose when and how to use them), and

…..Our Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt (Chariklo, 26 Cap, 13th, 7am PST) – a Good Time to Lovingly Embrace Self-Doubt and Set It Free.

That’s very busy, but each is a Window into that portion of our Psyche. If you have a natal planet in the Degree indicated or the Degree on either side of it, the Illumination is likely to be longer and brighter.

This Exaggeration of our Instincts Culminates (Stands Still) in 12 Capricorn at 12:20 am PST 12 January before it turns to head North again (which means most of the impact will occur on the 11th, at least in PST). The main Issue here is Respect for All Things (the Kite to asteroid Hopi) and alas, it’s Opposite, Disparagement of All Things Except Our Own Overinflated Ego. The list above lacks a 12 Capricorn because there are no other “Transiting” (in the Sky Now) planets there in Capricorn (Hopi is Opposite, in Cancer), but if you have a natal planet in 11-13 Capricorn, there could be Fireworks…

Let me know if you do Experience anything unusual on the 11th or 12th, particularly if it has anything to do with Unicorns or Rainbows. I’ve never seen anyone pay Attention to these kinds of Stations (planets Standing Still in the North-South dimension instead of the East-West dimension), so I have no idea if they’re inconsequential, undiscovered, or just something I’ve missed. Probably the former.

If we Choose to use the Opportunity to Let Go of Karma, we should find easy sledding Letting Go of Patterns that Impede our Self-Sovereignty (Moon-Lilith-Orcus Grand Trine [Dumb-Luck Grace, or Arrogance]). Should we instead Choose to continue to Blame Others for our own repeating Karmic Patterns and Harden our Victim (the Poor Sweetheart), we’ll shy away from the Challenging Boundary (Pallas [Boundaries] Square to Lilith [Self-Sovereignty]) and Loyalty (Nessus [Power Balance] Opposite Orcus [Oath-Breaking]) Work necessary to Shift our Persona. A good time to Pray for Pence’s Soul, for our own Good, whether he “Deserves it” or not. He has the Power to use the 25th Amendment to put the Antichrist out to Pasture, or better yet the Feedlot.

We can make Easy Work of these Boundary Issues by, of all things, Focusing on Rainbows (asteroid Mbabamwanawarese, named after the Zulu Goddess of Rainbows Mbaba Mwana Warese, completes the Grand Sextile [Great Grace if we take the first step] and a Diamond Star to Pallas [Self-Resolving Challenges around our Boundaries, which might otherwise Betray our Self-Sovereignty], which otherwise Squares Lilith).

Peaking 12 hours before the Moon leaves the building (goes Out of Bounds), at 4:50 am PST 10 January, is a major Revelation of what we’ve been Denying (Station of dwarf planet Eris). The outrage over the 6 January storming of the Bastille by the Barbarians may or may not be another Political Sham, though the Congresspeople appear to be genuinely offended that their furniture was broken.

I suspect that this is close to the Reality…

“When [a Black Lives Matter activist] helped organize protests after the March 13 killing of Breonna Taylor, Louisville police responded with batons, stun grenades and tear gas. They still bear scars from rubber bullets fired at close range. So they were startled and frustrated Wednesday to see a White, pro-Trump mob storm the U.S. Capitol — breaking down barricades, smashing windows and striking police officers — without obvious consequence.

” ‘Our activists are still to this day met with hyper-police violence,’ they said. ‘And today you see this full-on riot — literally a coup — with people toting guns, which the police knew was coming and they just let it happen. I don’t understand where the ‘law and order’ is – this is what white supremacy looks like.’ They and other activists across the country, who spent much of 2020 facing off with law enforcement officers while protesting police brutality and racial inequality, watched with a mixture of outrage and validation as the president’s supporters stormed the Capitol building during sessions of the House and Senate…

“[A resident of] Portland OR said they were among dozens of people who were tear-gassed and beaten by federal officers as they stood this summer in a park close to a federal courthouse in their hometown protesting the choking death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. ‘We never once tried to get into the federal building,’ they said. ‘We faced off with people who looked like troops. They were dressed for war. They were in armored vehicles. And today I’m watching bike cops riding up.” —

Then there’s Global Balming, a Planet that’s rapidly becoming unlivable from Pollution for Profit, massive Inequality in Economic Opportunity, and many other places where the Body Politic might well gain from an Opening Eye. And on the personal level, be Watchful for Repetitions of Lifelong Bummers, as your Unclaimed Karma gives you another Opportunity to look behind the curtain to see which of your Estranged Personas is making a pitiful Trumpian Cry for Attention.

Once we get past the Eris peak and into Moon Out of Bounds, we’ll be constantly Confronted with our Soul, as its Presence (Uranus Stationary) peaks at 12:35 am PST on 14 January. And while we’re Tranced Out by the OOB Moon, we become more Compassionate with our Dying Karma (asteroid Atropos backs into Cancer on 12 January), but also more Attached to it (asteroid Aletheia backs into Pisces on 13 January).

To be continued…

Minor Planet Thereus

January 5, 2021

A dwarf planet, like former asteroid Ceres and former planet Pluto, has enough mass and spin to rotate itself into a sphere, and enough suck to glom unto itself a goodly part of the debris that cluttered its orbit. “Minor” planets might be asteroids or any number of flavors of iceball that Live furthur out in the tules. “Centaurs,” in the astronomical sense, are dwarf or minor planets that have fairly irregular and relatively unstable orbits more or less between Saturn and Uranus. There’s a couple hundred of them. They’re called Centaurs because like the chimeric Centaurs of Greek literature, they seem to behave partly like planets and partly like Comets that have been “captured” by the gravity of the Giant Gasball planets (Jupiter to Neptune). The classic Centaur is Chiron, but we also routinely use Chariklo, Hylonome, Pholus, Nessus, and Asbolus. I recently read someone referring to Bee-Zed as a stabilized Centaur.

Thereus is a small, 50-mile- or 80-km-wide Centaur with a 35-year orbit in the neighborhood of Saturn. If it came to visit us, it would fit tidily between London and Cambridge, Melbourne and Puckapunyal, New York City and Philadelphia, or San Francisco and Sacramento, though with devastating effect. Even if it figured out how to land gently, it would still squash a lot. By comparison, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was somewhere between 10 and 50 miles wide, so if we did invite it, we’d probably have to ask it to land gently in the Sahara or Washington DC or some other desert. It wouldn’t work in the Mohave because of the Desert Tortoise. My impression of the Sahara is that it’s devoid of Critters, but it probably isn’t, Critters are everywhere. A Thereus landing might actually be useful in Washington just now, if it were timed right and we were careful not to forewarn certain folks. It would save a lot of greenhouse-gas-generating cement.

Speaking of Washington, that’s Why we bring up an obscure planetoid like Thereus. But let’s start from the beginning (of the Why). There are a couple of “Minor” (that is, non-“Major,” certainly not minor) Configurations that keep showing up in recent charts, including the year-ending Full Moon and the 5 January 2021 Makemake Station chart.

One is a Mjölnir or Trioctile Yod, meaning This is an Important Opportunity to Return to Balance! It focuses on asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limiting Beliefs), and in the Full Moon chart it sprang from the Challenge (Square) between Uranus-Lilith (The Self-Sovereignty of the Soul) and Pallas-Veritas (Boundaries that Correspond with the Reality of the Connection), suggesting that we “Get Real” with ourself and others. In the current Makemake chart it springs from the Square between Jupiter-Saturn (We want you to show us how to Expand and Contract at the same Timeyou’ll Need this Skill to Adapt to the Digital Age) and Uranus-Lilith (Dropping the subterfuges).

For a trivial example, we’ve all been Contracting sharply in our Face-to-Face Contacts, but Expanding quickly in our Virtual Contacts. Virtual – isn’t that sort of like Imaginary? As we Expand into Encountering the Consciousness of non-Huper Entities and Structures (which is an essential part of Healing our Relationship with the Earth), we’ll be Expanding our Imagination and Contracting our Judgments. To Co-Evolve with 5G, which appears to be It Is What It Is, we’ll need to Protect (Contract) ourself while Expanding the only Protection that works Ultimately – Vulnerability.

We may have to Co-Evolve with any number of Viruses as well. How many of us have Asked, in person, Consciousness to Consciousness, as Individuals, without Fear or Judgment, what it is that the Virus wants from us, or for us?

The other “Minor” Configuration is the root of a Grand Quintile – five planets spaced more or less equally around the Zodiac, signifying the Presence of a major Educational Opportunity. As in “Oh Shit, another Educational Opportunity,” like I saw painted on the side of a badly dented car once. Such Opportunities do often require an Ego Death or two, as we’re Asked to Contract by Abandoning Core Beliefs while Expanding into making Space for more Comprehensive Perspectives. Not all Education involves Transcending our Identity, but if it doesn’t it’s probably more about Technique than anything Life-Changing.

The Configuration here starts with a Quintangle – only three planets separated by Quintiles (72 Degrees, one fifth of the Circle). That’s a good start, but it’s lopsided, not in Balance. Such a structure always Asks to be Completed, perhaps by two asteroids or Stars that we haven’t met yet – Surrogates for two portions of the Unconscious that are Asking to enter our Awareness. Or perhaps by Consciously supplying the missing Energies, which we can read from the Sabian Symbols (readings for individual Degrees) of the two Vacancies. One Space Rock or Iceball that keeps showing up for this task, on the Cusp of Virgo no less (Virgo being the Home of Ego Death), is this Thereus fellow.

The only thing Greek literature tells us about the Mythic Thereus, is that he liked to hunt Bears, wrestle them to the ground, then bring them home with him, still kicking and snarling. Not sure what he would do with them next. Maybe train them and sell them into the thriving trade in trained Bears that the Greeks had with Russia in those days, though I don’t think Ovid ever mentioned that. Probably an oversight, he may have thought that everyone traded trained Bears all the time, so no need to bring it up.

Without thumbs per se, when Bears pick Huckleberries (Wild Blueberries), which is one of their favorite pastimes, they “rake” the bushes with their 6-inch Claws, eating whatever results – Berries, Leaves, Stems. They’re omnivorous, with a small second stomach for fermenting cud – I’ve seen one actually Grazing on Grass like a Cow in the spring while waiting for the early Salmon runs. Funny to see a Grizzly imitating a Cow, but you wouldn’t want to Laugh out loud, or point. Huckleberry Leaves are actually anti-diabetic, which is probably a help since Bear’s purpose is to stuff themselves with Huckles so they’ll have enough fat to burn through the winter while they nap. I’ve seen recently-raked Hucklebushes with Berries sliced neatly in half as if with a razor blade. I couldn’t get a knife sharp enough to slice a Huckleberry in half without flattening the Berry at least a little. So we know Thereus was Rugged!

In wandering around the internet I noticed astrologers who interpret Thereus as a Predator and Stalker, and not especially a good Relationship or Friend candidate, I guess because they don’t think he was kind to the Bears. I’m sure they’re looking at their accumulated client experience, but that doesn’t mean they’re interpreting the connection between Predation and Thereus appropriately.

However, I don’t see Predation jumping out of the Thereus Discovery chart (for 9 August 2001), which Strongly emphasizes Learning (it too has a Grand Quintile, but this one’s Complete already) and Clearing Karma. The Thereus Discovery chart even includes a Grand Unx (twelve planets more or less evenly spaced around the Loop), which is about Letting Go of Obsolete Habits (the Twelfth Harmonic), with only one easily-filled Vacancy. The Vacancy is occupied by the asteroid Itokawa, the tiny Space Rock that Japanese Spacefaring robots took samples from and brought back to Earth. It has a “Potentially Dangerous” Near-Earth Orbit. So yes, Ego astrology would find Thereus Dangerous, as both Learning and Habit-Breaking can Threaten the Ego.

Where is Thereus in our Predator-In-Chief’s birth chart? It’s pretty Intense. Just looking at the Conjunctions, it’s Merged with four other planets – dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and asteroids Nemesis (Guilt, Ego Death), Requiem (named in honor of the Discoverer’s just-deceased mother), and Psyche (the Bride of Eros). It’s one Sign or Unx from asteroid Pandora (Releasing Evil, leaving only Hope in the box), two Signs or Sextile from asteroid Narcissus (Self-Enchantment), three Signs or Square from dwarf planet Ixion (Sociopathy), four Signs or Trine from asteroid Damocles (Self-Undoing), five Signs or Quincunx from asteroid Hopi (Disparagement for All Things), and six Signs or Opposition from asteroid Pallas (Boundaries). Obviously we’re selecting the downside of all those planets, but only because that’s what he Presents.

I’ve always maintained that the reason he’s dominating our Field these days is because he’s Teaching us about Creating our Own Reality, which is certainly what he’s been doing! It may not be a Reality we like, which we can condemn on other grounds, but he has been Teaching us about Rolling Our Own. And we have to carefully consider whether what we don’t like about what he’s been Creating is any of our Business. To the extent it does us Real-Life Harm, for sure it’s our Business. If we just object because it’s not the way we’d do it, or not the way Mom taught us that it should be done, then those are our Unconscious Limits to Manifestation, and they’re Lit Up so we can Let Them Go. We don’t have to Choose them, but if they don’t do us Harm, then it’s we who are holding up our shift to 5D, not them.

And again, if we’re looking at his pitiable Delusions and using it to conclude that Rolling Our Own doesn’t really work, that’s another of Our Own Unconscious Limitations. Unless he succeeds in drumming up a Coup with his ragtag army of submachine-gun-toting war-gamers, or with his fellow Demented Elite in Congress, he’s simply Out of Touch with Hardcopy Reality, his Illusions of Grandeur have him totally Tranced Out, and That’s what’s not working for him, not his Creating of His Own Reality. What he’s Succeeding at Creating – Again – is Mommy Doesn’t Love Me. If he’d Broken Out of that Trance two months ago, he’d be well set up by now for a run at 2024. He’s also Teaching us That!, Teaching us that it’s not about Recreating our Karmic Trances, it’s about Busting Out of our Karmic Trances.

He doesn’t “deserve” our Praise, it would only take him Deeper into his Illness. But he definitely deserves our Silent Applause. Once the concrete is poured, or Thereus has Landed on the South Lawn, we can Shout our Bravos! out loud as we shatter our newly emptied Magnums on it.

Manifesting Abundance

January 3, 2021

Abundance, according to Catherine Ponder in her 1962 book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, means Having Enough to Share. Of course that’s not the only possible definition. The Findhorn Garden for instance quoted the Wormwood Deva as saying something like “You Hu[per]s shy away from Power, but to us, more Power means we can Serve God Better.” Joe Dispenza points out that research by the HeartMath people shows that PIAVAs (Prayers, Intentions, Affirmations, Visualizations, Askings, et al) work much better when they’re Shared from a place of high Energy, such as Joy, Excitement, Gratitude, Love, and the like. I’m reading two recent books by Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap and Conscious Luck, that describe very fast, easy, and effective paths to Abundance – I recommend them highly.

I don’t doubt that this fellow, below, knows what he’s talking about, and if he didn’t mumble into his mustache so much, and was actually trying to Communicate rather than just Express, I’d probably also recommend this Dan Winter video…

As it is, I can only recommend it to folks who’ve played around with the likes of Scalar Energy or the Zero Point Field or Sacred Geometry or Ley Lines or Rife Machines or Distance Healing or Sound Healing or Dowsing or Fractals, or were able to watch last month’s Joe Dispenza video. He defines Ascension differently than we do, but the tiny portions of it that I was able to comprehend, were fascinating. He’s not a Teacher, but if you already know a little about what he’s mumbling about and you’re Patient, you might be able, as I was, to pick up a few more clues about how it all fits together. Many thanks to Casey for sending it.

At any rate, we’re deep into a Lesson on Manifestation (Station of dwarf planet Makemake), peaking 2:35 am 5 January 2021. Or as is often the case, an Opportunity to Explore our Resistance to Manifesting Abundance. Resistance?!? Why would anyone want to Resist Abundance?

I used to think that one factor in Global Warming has been all the times we’ve Complained about how Cold it is, but with Joe’s Insight, maybe Complaining doesn’t work so good because we seldom Complain from a place of high Energy. Besides, maybe we Complain about the Heat as often, especially if we live somewhere warmer than I! The Guardian has published fascinating excerpts from Greta’s mom’s new book about their family’s pre-Protest travails (

We mention this because a symbol for Global Warming (Conjunction [Merging] of dwarf planets Pholus [Willingness and Ability to RespondOr Not] and Quaoar [Our Survival Instincts]) is the primary Challenge (T-Square) in the Makemake Station chart, along with Despair and Powerlessness about it (Chiron [Despair and Miracles], which Opposes Makemake in the base of the T-Square)

The fastest planet here is Chiron, with its 50-year orbit, so this is a long-lasting T-Square or Challenge (roughly April 2018 to February 2022 using 3 Degrees of Sensitivity), it’s just more pronounced here because of the Makemake Station.