Original Blessing 5

July 7, 2020

One of the Emotions that Guilt (asteroid Nemesis [Ego Death]) produces is the Feeling of “waiting for the other shoe to drop.”  The Challenge (T-Square) to our Guilt in the 9 July 2020 Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea Stationary) chart derives from two incredibly complicated clusters of planets, each cluster wrapped around one End of our Hero’s Journey (the Moon’s Nodes), our Journey from Karma (South Node) to Mission (North Node).

If we look at a Lightworker’s Lifetime from the Soul’s Perspective, before Birth, Soul/we Chooses a “Project” to work on, some element that Mother Earth wants us to Help Her with, which we call our “Mission” in the Lifetime.  Our Mind is two-dimensional, while our Mission is many-dimensional, so in order to move toward Grokking our Mission, we need to use the Heart instead.  We cannot Achieve this Mission without unlocking Skills that we Learned in other Lifetimes, but which are Hidden to us in the Current Lifetime.  That’s the Hero’s Journey, locating and unlocking those Skills, which are Hidden behind our Karma, and putting them to work in service of our Mission.

That’s the Ego over there on the left, peering out from behind a pillar.  Our Needed Skills are represented by the glowing Treasure, and sleeping (Unconscious, or Denied) Smaug symbolizes our Karma.

So let’s start with the cluster of planets (Stellium in astrologuese) that envelope the particular Karma (South Node) that we need to Let Go of for this week’s Shoe-Dropping.  We’ll start by listing them one by one…

    • Our Hidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion).
    • Headquarters (the Galactic Center).
    • Self-Sovereignty (asteroid Lilith).

Our Hidden Genius (Ixion) is Hidden for a reason – because it was Forbidden to us by our Childhood Programmers.  Pre-Birth Soul/We Chose and Programmed these Helpers so they would Shame or otherwise Prohibit us from developing our Greatest Natural Skill, because there’s no better way to make sure that an Ego won’t Forget something, then to train the Ego to Believe that it’s Verboten!

It’s awful to imply a Hierarchy, because that’s how the Patriarchy does things.  It might sound misogynistic to suggest that a Black Whole would be Feminine, but that’s what’s at Headquarters (Galactic Center).  And a Whole is definitely more Feminine than Masculine.  So let’s postulate that Headquarters is where our Grandmothers hang out.  They have a lot of good Advice for us, especially about the Timing of things.

We don’t get to Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) by following anyone else’s Rules.  We have to Follow our Heart.  So the Skills we need to Recover here appear to be about our Forbidden Genius.  What is it that we Obsess about, but which we Forbid ourself from Doing or Being?  No one Changed the World by following their Culture’s Social Norms.  Real Change is about Changing the Rules.  Who are you to Change the World?  If you don’t who will?  What is it that Holds you Back?  You don’t have to do it all at once.  Little Steps are fine.  They add up.

The cluster that surrounds our Mission (North Node) is even bigger…

    • Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus).
    • Trust (asteroid Eurydike).
    • Our Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos).
    • Ending TimeLines (asteroid Atropos).

Basically, it’s about Consciously Choosing to End any TimeLines (Habits) that stand in the way of Trusting our Intuition enough to Allow it to Guide us beyond our Limitations and take us to our Dreams.  The more Outrageous your Daydreams the better, but it’s your Unconscious and Semi-Conscious Limitations that keep them as Dreams rather than Actualities.  Your Daydreams may Feel Selfish, but that’s just another Excuse.  When you’re Living your Mission it will Feel so Good that you’ll have a hard time Believing that you’re Serving Life and not just Enjoying yourself.  But in 5D, Selfish and Altruistic are the same word.

Original Blessing 4

July 6, 2020

Our Rebirth Energy (Station of dwarf planet Haumea in 26 Libra) will increase in influence until 11pm PDT 9 July 2020.  It’s our Honest and Fearless Inventory of what we’re Denying (Haumea opposite dwarf planet Eris [Revelation]) that will Trigger our Rebirth, and we’ll be Reborn into an Expanded Trance with greater Self-Confidence (Haumea-Eris T-Squared by Chariklo-Jupiter-Pluto).

Most of what we Think we might be Denying will be “just” Self-Judgment.  To get to the Real Deal we’ll need to access the Unconscious, which requires a PIAVA.  For example, “I Wonder what sort of Hidden Self-Judgments Limit my Freedom to Manifest What I Want,” followed by Changing the Subject.

Guilt (asteroid Nemesis [Ego Death]) will be a huge deal (the focus of a T-Square [Challenge]), but most of it won’t be Present-Moment.  If you Feel Guilt about any recent Life issues, Ask yourself, When have I Felt this before?  You may Trace it back to your Childhood, but even that will likely be a reminder of Deeper Karmic Issues (Nemesis Square to the Nodes).  While Feeling your Guilt, close your eyes and look down at your feet (yes, “look” down with your eyes closed).  What are you wearing on your feet?  Sandals?  Moccasins?  Mukluks?  Workboots?  Anything?  Let what you “see” carry you into that Lifetime, and Forgive yourself for Having Done the Best You Could.

Anything that is Challenged (Squared) by the Hero’s Journey (the Nodes) is a major Milestone on our Life Path, so this Guilt (Nemesis) is an important nut to crack.  However…

…all those bit players on both Nodes are going to complicate everything!  But now I need Sleep, so more on that tomorrow…

Original Blessing 3

July 5, 2020

Okay, getting serious now.

We refer to the 9 July 2020 (11pm PDT) Illumination of the symbol for Rebirth as Clearing Original Sin and Guilt from our Field because our Rebirth symbol is Dancing with the symbol for Clearing Denial, and Challenged by our ongoing Necessity to Expand our Consciousness, plus a new assignment to Expand our Self-Confidence.

Once more, with Feeling: we refer to the 9 July Illumination (Station) of the symbol for Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea in 26 Libra) as Clearing Original Sin and Guilt from our Field because our Rebirth symbol is Dancing with (Opposed by) the symbol for Clearing Denial (dwarf planet Eris), and Challenged (T-Squared) by our ongoing Necessity to Expand our Consciousness (Jupiter-Pluto), plus a new assignment to Expand our Self-Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] now Conjoins Jupiter-Pluto).

Or, reversing the coding, we refer to the 9 July Station of dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth] in 26 Libra as Clearing Original Sin and Guilt from our Field because it’s Opposed by dwarf planet Eris [Clearing Denial], and T-Squared [Challenged] by our ongoing Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction [the Necessity to Expand our Consciousness], plus a new Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction to dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence and Doubt] calling us to Expand our Self-Confidence.

I’m repeating this with and without the astrology itself because I found the original sentence to be unreadable with all those interruptions.

Remember Original Blessing, Matthew Fox’s 1983 book that aimed to abolish “Original Sin”?  It was published just as Pluto was entering Scorpio and Initiating the Recovery Movement.  It’s Time to Recover our Unconditional Self-Love.

And we refer to the 11 July (2pm PDT) Illumination of the symbol for Transforming Despair into Miracles as Clearing Victimhood and Purifying our Unconditional Self-Love, because that symbol is Dancing With the symbols for Self-Love and Expansion of Consciousness, and because the Dance between our Soul and our Fate is Challenged by the Truth of our Heart.

That is, we refer to the 11 July Illumination (Station) of the astrological symbol for Transforming Despair into Miracles (Chiron) as Clearing Victimhood and Purifying our Unconditional Self-Love, because that symbol (Chiron) is Dancing With (Opposes) the symbols for Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and Expansion of Consciousness (asteroid Juno), and because the Dance (Opposition) between our Soul (Uranus) and our Fate (asteroid Moira [Fate and Choice]) is Challenged (T-Squared) by the Truth of our Heart (asteroid Aletheia).

Both of these major events are already occurring, and will be intensifying at least until the times and dates indicated.  Meanwhile, the impact of the 4 July Full House Full Moon Eclipse, which is most importantly about Breaking All Those Karmic Patterns (we only listed a few of them), will be with us for at least another two weeks.  And we didn’t emphasize enough that the symbol for Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres) is Lit Up bigtime until at least 9pm 6 July.

So it’s another pretty Big Week on our Journey of the Dimensions.  If it sometimes feels more like a Journey of the Dementias, no worries – Remember that the Journey into 5D is a Journey into Beginner’s Mind.  In 5D we recognize that Mind inhibits our access to the Intuition that is Essential for our Navigation in Higher Dimensions – Remember that the Mind is 2D!  Allow me to quote Thomas Cowan’s Cancer and the New Biology of Water, pp.159-160…

“We live our lives based on the stories we tell ourselves.  Cultures are defined by the stories we tell each other.  If we want to change what is happening in our lives or in our culture, we must change the story.  Right now, if you’ll permit an allegory, we are living out the story of Sleeping Beauty.  The kingdom, which represents the condition of peace and justice, is under the spell of an evil, scorned witch – the symbol of materialistic thinking and the belief that only material substance exists.

“This depiction is mirrored by the description of reality we find in quantum physics.  The manifest, physical world can exist in at least two distinct states.  On is as a particle; the other is as a wave. … In other words, the actual, literal state of the building blocks of matter is determined by the conscious observer…

“In Sleeping Beauty, the princess, who represents the salvation of the kingdom, a state of harmony, peace, health, and the maternal, watery, cytoplasm consciousness, is asleep.  She is under the spell of the materialistic, particle-bound, nucleus-like consciousness of the evil witch.  The fate of the kingdom depends on whether the princess will awaken from the spell and recognize herself for who she truly is.  That is, she must waken and see the world of matter as a kind of spell into which we unwittingly fall.  She must awaken from this spell, not to a new world, but to awareness of her true nature.”

Dr. Cowan’s “description of the reality we find in quantum physics” is a 3D description of a Higher-Dimensional phenomenon.  It’s not that Matter appears as a Particle when observed one way, and as a Wave when observed another way, it’s that Matter is Both/And.  It’s not that a Conscious Observer holds the Power to determine the State of the Universe.  It’s that the Conscious Observer needs to upgrade their Dimensional Skills in order to Grok what’s going on in the Universe.  Which is not the deny that Consciousness is a fundamental property of the Universe and therefore of its multitudinous members.  It is “just” a Mirror after all.

Original Blessing 2

July 5, 2020

Just kidding.  Though two minor Stars nicknamed The Southern Ass and The Northern Ass (I have no idea why) are Lit Up later in the week.

We’re about to write about Clearing Original Sin and Guilt from our Field (the 9 July Station of dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth]) and Clearing Victimhood and Purifying our Unconditional Self-Love (the 11 July Station of Chiron [Victimhood and the Power to Create Miracles]), and that was our introduction…

Original Blessing 1

July 5, 2020

Well, this week’s Assignment from the Universe is pretty clear.  We have four days to Clear Original Sin and Guilt from our Field, and six days to Clear Victimhood and Purify our Unconditional Self-Love.  So, get yer Ass in gear!

TranceFormation 3

July 3, 2020

Better late than never.  In fact, we’ve always averred that we do Interpretation, not prediction, and since this blog is uncompensated, we often have to give precedence to paying the rent.  Besides, it’s only the Illusion of Linear Time that drives the Calendar.  These astroevents take place outside of Linear Time, and as such they are Timeless.  They’re not even about Learning, they’re about Remembering, as we are already Complete Energy Bodies.  It’s only the Huper Trance that makes us Forget huge portions of our Eternal Infinite Self.  The apparent Sequence of astroevents just helps us Remember Different parts of our Wholeness.

But we didn’t want to leave off the chart of the 29 June 2020 second, “Exposition,” Retrograde Jupiter-Pluto (Expansion-Transformation) Merger (Conjunction)

…because it’s an almost-perfect Self-Resolving Challenge or “Diamond Star” (a Challenging T-Square [the red triangle] combined with the Grace of a Double Trine Bridge [the blue lines] across the other half of the chart, connected by a Finger of the Goddess [the green wedge] pointing to the Focus of the T-Square).  The T-Square says that our Boundaries (asteroid Pallas) will be Challenged (T-Square) by the Necessity (Pluto) that we Expand (Jupiter) our Primary Cultural Trance (Pluto), and by the apparent Contradistinction (Opposition) between our Rebirth (Haumea) and the Persistence of our Forgetting (Eris) – we spoke in the previous post about how the Ego Resists Change.

You can see this Acted Out oh so Clearly on the streets, in the Dance between the Forces of Change (the BLM Protestors) and the Forces Defending the Status Quo (the Conservative Counter-Protestors, the Police Unions, and most of the Governments).  In the 4 July chart of the first, “Can-Opener,” Jupiter-Pluto Merger, the empty half of the chart opposite the Challenge (the red T-Square triangle) contains only (1) Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos) which is Scary because it’s so Unknown to most of our Consciousness, and (2) Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna), which we initially Experience as Fear, till we do our Kegels.

The 29 June Exposition chart is Self-Resolving.  The 4 June Can-Opener chart contains Grace, but it’s Incomplete.  Unfortunately, it’s the 4 June chart that foreshadows the next dozen years.  The primary purpose of the 29 June chart is to help us Learn (Remember) more about the Changes that we’re beginning to put in place (in Linear Time).  In the 29 June chart, Unlimited Potential (Chaos) remains, but it’s augmented by our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus) and by our Ability to Choose to End Obsolete Karmic Habits (asteroid Atropos [Ending Patterns Consciously]).  Which means we’ll be more Able to moderate our Fear of the Unknown, for instance by PIAVAing that our Progress be Loving and Gentle.

And, the second foot (asteroid Lachesis [Ability to Choose to Change Habits]) of the green wedge (the Finger of the Goddess) has moved into place to make the Challenge Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star).  In other words, we’re now Graced with new (relative to early June) Skills that Allow us to Manipulate Patterns which previously Victimized us and kept us Frozen in Fear about our Rebirth into the Unlimited.  Consequently, in spite of the fact that you may feel like you Don’t Know What You’re Doing, you are actually Free to Act to Embrace What You’ve Always Wanted.  Your Mind will be very fuzzy about What and Why, but your Intuition will Know without Question.  Trust your Intuition.

The addition that makes the 29 June Self-Resolving Challenge not quite Perfect (as an astrological Configuration, not as an astroevent) is the Galactic Center (Headquarters) at the top of the chart (where it’s more Powerful than it otherwise would be).  It certainly doesn’t detract from the Self-Resolution in the rest of the chart, in fact it adds a whole lot of Grace (a Fire [Spirit] Grand Trine [Dumb-Luck Grace] with two Air [Mentality] Kites [Directed Dumb-Luck Grace], making an almost-Grand Sextile [Yet More Grace]).

The Vacancy in the Grand Sextile (26 Aquarius) – which we could easily argue is the most Important place in the chart, as it makes our Challenge to Expand into the Vacuum not just Self-Resolving, but also very Beneficial – is not occupied by a prominent asteroid or dwarf planet.  If you have a prominent planet there, you are hereby appointed to be our Fearless Leader.  You will have help from two important Stars in that Longitude…

  • Deneb algedi, aka Giedi, the tail of the Capricorn Sea-Goat (Remember that the Constellations have shifted in the Tropical Zodiac, due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, so the Star is in the Constellation Capricorn but the Sign Aquarius).  Bernadette refers to Deneb algedi as (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, pp.302-4) “the symbol of the law-giving, justice-oriented god trying to civilize his people…  the star of a person who is a benefic ruler, one who is trying to use wisdom and knowledge to protect and help the people around them.  Mother Teresa of India had two [astrological] contacts with Deneb algedi… this concept of the ancient, protecting god is connected to both her luminaries.”
  • Deneb Adige, the tail of Cygnus the Swan, (op. cit. pp.127-129) “a very subtle star associated with the strength and hostility of the swan, but at the same time holding within its symbolism the mystic, transcendental qualities of shamanistic legends of the creation of the World Egg.  A very good example of this is Mother Teresa… this majestic swan and its symbolism is connected both to how we see Mother Teresa, and to the belief systems and feelings that she lived by.”  “…the need to explore the mystical in the everyday…  …equally the strong fighting bird and the swan-god, the willingness to take the hero’s journey, to undertake the journey of self-awareness” – exactly what we need to Expand our Trance-Re-Formation.

Bernadette also says (p.304) that “Deneb algedi is not a strong star and it needs to be linked to… Libra – for social reform – …before you put too much emphasis on it … it does suggest the desire to help, not by serving but by leading.”  The Completed Grand Sextile does have another corner in Libra, advising that we need to opt for Touching the Jaguar (the Hero’s Journey) and throwing ourself into the Unknowns of our Rebirth (Haumea in 26 Libra).

In other words, forget Cause, Logic, and Excuses, and Trust that, once we get out of Kansas, the Ruby Shoes of our Intuition will Guide us.  All of which gives us two assignments.  How does the third, mid-November, Confidence-Building Jupiter-Pluto Merger relate to the US election?  What does Joe Biden have in Libra?  We’ll save those questions for later while we Focus on our Rebirth.

Full House Lunar Eclipse

July 3, 2020

Finally, in the 10pm PDT 4 July 2020 Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 14 Capricorn – and the Emphasis we Experience on Sustainability we’ll Feel till at least 9pm PDT 6 July (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability and Sustenance] Stationary in 13 Pisces) – we find an astroConfiguration we have to call a Full House, though it’s really a “Grand Unx,” an Unx being the Angle created when two planets are one sign apart, the word Unx meaning one twelfth.  And “Grand” meaning they dance all the way ’round the Mulberry bush…

Ain’t she gorgeous?  Downright Kaleidoscopic.

Speaking of Lucy, I had no idea this had happened…


For those of us who Strive (Wer immer Strebend…, as Goethe put it) for Beginner’s Mind and 5D, this is the Ideal chart, because the Unx is about Pattern-BreakingKarma = Inertia = Patterns, ergo, Letting Go of Karma = Pattern-Breaking = the Unx And it’s not about something we have to do, it’s something we just have to Let HappenIts so Easy!

Which is actually the hard part!  We’re so Habituated to our Karma that when it threatens to Break, we Leap to Save It!  We Expect it, and anything Different Feels Unnatural.  Much of the time, our Unconscious Limitations are running our Show, and we don’t even Realize that Anything Else is Possible!  We Believe that it’s Just the Way It Is.  The rest of the time we Actively Defend our Karma.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, now’s our Chance!  We have the Goddess on our Side here!

I guess we should start with the Moon (our Instincts), since She’s the Star of the Show.  She’s Merged with (Conjunct) Her Codependence (dwarf planet Hylonome [Self-Sovereignty]) but She’s getting Suspicious [asteroid Veritas [Analytical Truth]) that Her Codependence isn’t really Serving Her.  Especially since Her Heart’s Truth (asteroid Aletheia) and Her Boss’s Boss’s Boss (the Great Attractor [A Heavy Authority that our Galaxy Follows, which is in turn A Heavy Authority that our Sun Follows]) are both jawing at Her (Moon-Hylonome-Veritas Unx to both Aletheia and the Great Attractor).

The Co-Star of the Show, Sustainability (Stationary Ceres), like everyone else in the chart, has two sets of Patterns that are up for Reverting (two Unxes).  The fastest way to get to Sustainability is to move toward Sustenance by Removing the Unnecessary, but that word has some baggage because the Condor people (the Indigenous People in John Perkins’s Touching the Jaguar pp.98-100), who have the Wisdom to save us from Self-Genocide, have had their Attunement to the Earth mislabeled as “Subsistence,” as if it’s a lower level of Existence.  Sustenance also sounds like “barely Existing.”  So we’ll choose the currently PC term Resilience instead.

Before we get to the Sustainability-and-Resilience Unxes though, we have to deal with Abuse and Privilege (Stationary Ceres Conjunct dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse and Privilege]).  As Victims of Abuse, we always need to find a way to make our Response Sustainable – Let Go of Cause and Blame, own our Anger as the Pure Motivating Emotion that it is, Avoid Projecting it into places where it will inhibit What We Want, and Strive for Neutrality.  Neutrality doesn’t mean Abandoning our Passion.  It means being able to direct our Passion in ways, and into the places, where it will Manifest What We Want.  We’re certainly being Asked, by the immense Surge in Awareness about Racism, to make our Privilege Resilient.  We do that by Removing the Unnecessary and redefining Privilege from Wealth and Power to AbundanceHaving Enough to Share.

Bear in mind that not everyone Strives for Beginner’s Mind and 5D and a Collaborative World.  Many People still Strive for Wealth and Power in a Competitive World.  Make the Choice to Leave those People Behind in 3D.  3D is a lower level of Existence, and it’s Addictive.  Give them the Choice, but don’t stay in 3D to protect them from their Karmic Work.

One of Sustainability’s Unxes is to Truth of the Heart (Aletheia).  Most of us have a quiver full of Programmed Skills for Blocking the Heart’s Truth when it Conflicts with the Mind’s Logic, and worse, with our Limiting Beliefs and our Programming.  The Door is Open for Letting Go of some of those Habitual Skills and Welcoming the Unknown as a Gateway to Peace and Fulfillment.

Sustainability’s other Unx is to Despair and Miracles (Chiron).  We need to make Discouragement a Red Flag for us, and as soon as we see it waving, we need to give ourself an Opportunity to Explore what we’re Feeling without Contaminating it with what we’re Thinking about What we’re Feeling, while knowing full well that Cause and Blame are Thoughts, not Emotions.  Wouldn’t hurt to set a timer, so we wouldn’t “Trip Out so far that we never get back to know that we left,” aka Get Lost in the maze that always Spawns when we Allow Emotion and Thought to Confuse one another.  After this exercise, we need to Poor-Sweetheart ourself, or Tap it Out and PIAVA What We Want.

Uranus (Soul) has its own two Unxes, with Despair and Miracles (Chiron) and with Respect for All Things (Hopi).  Can you see how we’ve Examined the Moon and Ceres, and take your own stab at doing the same for Uranus?  I don’t expect yours and mine to look the same (Vive le Différence), because we’re Different People with Different natal charts, Different Karmic Patterns, Different Languaging, Different Cultural and Ancestral Histories and Herstories, and Different Life Experiences, at the very least.  But as I get time I’ll go on around the loop, so you can see how our Interpretations agree and differ.  Not to Compare Content, though Exploring Differences in Content can be eye-opening.  But to see if we’re using the same Method, and if we’re Happy with the Result.  You might end up using a Method that works better for you – if so I’d love to hear about it!

Then do the same for Sun-Vesta (Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs), Orcus (Breaking Obsolete Patterns), and Poseidon.  Oops, you caught me cheating.  I plugged a new asteroid into what would otherwise have been a Vacancy.  I plugged it in thinking it was just another spelling for Neptune.  But I think, like Veritas and Aletheia it’s not just that.  I’ll Explore Poseidon more, to see how it differs from Neptune.

Note that the Unx is in the same Angle family as the Quincunx – it’s about Curiosity.  So don’t hesitate to Suffix your Interpretations with “…or something like that.”  And do the same with mine as you’re reading them.

TranceFormation 2

June 29, 2020

We live in Virtual Reality, without artificial optoelectronic devices, in a Trance so deep that we don’t even know we’re in it.  Like Ken Kesey said, “You can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left,” and for most of us that Amnesia definitely applies to Life on Earth, starting at our Decision to Incarnate.  Like the fable about the 3-year old who kept asking his parents if he could have a few minutes alone with his newborn sister, and the parents hesitated because they were aware of sibling rivalry.  Finally, they got a baby monitor so they could listen in, and let the 3-year-old have his interview.  What they heard was the 3-year-old asking the newborn to “Remind me what Heaven was like; I’m beginning to forget.”  Many of us Forget, most of the time, that we came here to do a job.  Forget that we’re actually Eternal Consciousness Experimenting with a Physical Body, rather than a Frozen Waffle with a g missing, Stapled to a Body or a Mind.

Most of our Trance is Cultural.  We get a lot of Programming of all sorts, but the basic Trance in our Family of Origin, or other First Circumstances, is the one we’re most motivated to adopt, just so we can Survive relatively efficiently.  In the “Developed” World, some of the deepest elements of that Trance include Linear Time, and Cause-and-Effect.  Try Living without both of those for a day, if you can even Conceive of doing so.  Cause-and-Effect is meaningless without Linear Time.  The planet that symbolizes our Trance is Pluto, and major Pluto astroevents Change the Trance.  When the Trance Changes, it’s not always as extreme as “Either we Change or we Die,” but that’s the basic idea.  Change is Difficult because it really is another Death, but an Ego Death, and “we” (our Ego) fears Ego Death as much as Physical Death, because item #1 in the Ego’s job description is “Keep the Entity Alive.”

Comparing our Lived Experience of December 2019 with our Lived Experience of June 2020, it’s easy to see how the Changes in our basic everyday Trance have been Extreme (this Pluto astroevent includes Saturn-Pluto [Identity], Jupiter-Pluto [“Grow or Wither“], Chariklo-Pluto [Confidence], Pallas-Pluto [Boundaries], and a number of other Big events such as a Decadal Change like Moon Out of Bounds [Emotionality], and longer-term Changes such as Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar [Response to Climate Change]) – and that’s after much of the Shift has been somewhat Remediated.  Make a mental note, so you’ll be more Prepared for the next Plutostorm.  Not to predict what will Change, but to Expect a Big Change so you can Upgrade your Resilience.

We were just about to interpret the 4 April Pluto-Jupiter Initiation “Can-Opener” chart, to help us Understand and Steer the next dozen years, and to help us Grok the current Energy, as we Experience the 29 June Jupiter-Pluto “Exposition” event.  (We defined “Can-Opener” and “Exposition” in the previous post.)  Here’s the 4 April chart again…

The Crux of the chart is the Challenge (T-Square) to Adapt to the World-Wide Compulsive Expansive Transformation (Jupiter-Pluto), or Trance Re-Formation, through Adjusting our Boundaries (asteroid Pallas).  The Root of the Challenge (base of the T-Square) lies in Accepting what we’ve been Denying (dwarf planet Eris) and Finessing the Eggo’s Resistance to Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea).  The Challenge is not Self-Resolving (not a Diamond Star), but it does feature considerable Grace (a Double Trine Bridge, across the T-Square itself, rather than across the Opposite side of the Zodiac, as occurs in a Diamond Star).  We need a name for this Configuration.  For now I’ll call it what it looks like, a “Highway Bridge.”  Here it’s isolated in the heavy lines…

This Highway Bridge has the same quantity of Grace as a Diamond Star, but it’s not In Balance, it doesn’t fill up the Zodiacal Loop (dwarf planet Chaos would be one foot of a Diamond Star, but Diamond Stars require two).

What’s the Difference between a Highway Bridge and a Diamond Star?

There will be obvious Solutions to the Challenge in a Highway Bridge, but they won’t be Complete, they’ll leave out half the Picture.  When we Soften our Boundaries, they may Let In Energies we don’t Want.  When we Stiffen them, they may Exclude Energies we do Want.  For example.  Whatever Transformations we Allow, they’re likely to need Adjustment later.  We may Allow 98% of a Rebirth, but the other 2% may try to Sabotage our Transformation.  We may Open to 70% of What We’ve Been Denying, but the other 30% may Bedevil us.  A Diamond Star on the other hand is Completely Self-Resolving.  We can screw it up by Lacking Faith and Intervening, but otherwise, we’re Golden.

Returning to the original chart, we see that there are two other Bridges across the troublesome Revelation-Rebirth (Eris-Haumea) Opposition, in addition to the Highway Bridge, across the other side of the chart – a Big Contribution (Trine Bridge [Grace]) by Suspending Disbelief in the Impossible (dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential]), and an Interesting Contribution (Quincunx Bridge [Curiosity]) that can be made if we Explicitly Deal with our Fear (dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power]).  To Manifest the latter, we’ll have to carefully Avoid trying to Understand what we’re Afraid Of (Quincunx) and Deal with our Fear directly as an Emotion, rather than working with our Thoughts about it.  Causes are always Thoughts.

The Highway Bridge itself also contains two pillars of Grace – Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability and Sustenance]) and the Realization that Headquarters (the Galactic Center [literally, the Black Whole at the Center of the Milky Way]) has issued orders for us to Transcend our Programmed Beliefs (Bee-Zed, aka “514107” or “2015 BZ509,” which has recently received a real name, Ka’epaoka’awela – I think I’ll continue to use “Bee-Zed” [Transcendence]).  When we do that we may be amazed at how Disjointed friends and family can get when we Change.  Backing Down is not an option, however.  It’s not good for your Health to argue with a Black Whole.  Remember that the Easiest way to move toward Sustainability is to Jettison What We Don’t Need – Sustenance is the backside of the Sustainability Coin.  While that can be Scary, it can actually increase our Resilience.

So far so good.

We also Notice that there are two important Vacancies in the chart.  If we added a planet at 26 Cancer we’d Balance the Challenge (Convert the T-Square to a Grand Cross), and if we added a planet at 26 Leo we’d increase the Grace and Ease exponentially (by Completing both the Diamond Star and the Grand Sextile).  If you happen to have natal planets in those Locations, you’ll probably be Living a Life of Leisure for the next ten years.

The Vacancy Opposite Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas is a busy place.  The “Sabian” interpretation of Cancer 26 is “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.”  We hope that means they are Learning their History and Herstory and Karma, so they don’t have to repeat it.

Asteroid Magdalena is there – I’ll wager everyone has different Associations with Magdalena!  The dwarf planet Cyrallus is also there.  Cyrallus was the Centaur married to Hylonome.  He was killed in the melee that followed Herakeles’s Opening of the Sacred Wine, and then Hylonome killed herself with the same spear.  And there are two Fixed Stars there.  Procyon projects Success, but it’s short-lived, and rapid Harvesting of any gains is recommended.  We don’t recommend assigning that one to Black Lives Matter – we can PIAVA long-lived and stable Success for BLM instead.  And Pollux.  He’s the darker twin of the Gemini twins Castor and.  Bernadette, in Brady’s Book of Fixes Stars, p.249, says “you will find yourself embroiled in the more shadowy side of the issues, with the pain or angst of the situation always seeming to be present.”

That’s okay, because we know that Tapping works well for exactly that purpose, to Let Go of the Negative.  When we Tap Out a nagging negative Emotion or Thought or Experience or Scenario, such as “Even though I’m Suffering over this Transformation, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself,” we Align our Energy Body with the Truth of our Experience.  That Alignment Dispels our Attachment to the Negativity, though we may have to repeat the Tapping sequence several times.  We can also Poor-Sweetheart ourself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Suffering over this, aren’t you.”  If we Succeed in Changing the Subject afterwards, that too will dispel our Attachment to the Suffering.

Leo 26 Completes the Grand Sextile (Great Grace) and the Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge)The Star Alphard is there.  It’s the Heart of the Heavenly Serpent.  Bernadette says on pp.151-2 that “Its preferred expression is conscious passion… you are working with very strong feelings and will need to resist striking back in anger.  A better use of the energy is to focus on a subject or a cause to which you can devote your strength and determination” – to avoid manifestations that are “murderous and violent.”  This certainly draws a picture of White Supremacy and Colonialism, and makes an educated suggestion about how to begin to overcome it.

This is a very deep History.  Remember that it was Pope Nicolas V in the 15th Century that declared non-white non-Europeans subhuman and condemned them to “perpetual slavery.”  That was 19 Generations ago, which makes White Supremacy a very Deep Trance, and one that the Antichrist defends daily.  It’s unlikely to Let Go in a week or two.  Leo 26 is “After a heavy storm, a rainbow,” so there’s some hope for progress.

Next we’ll look at the 29 June Jupiter-Pluto Exposition chart.  First, though, a couple of shots of our recent Crescent Moon…

In the second picture, the left side of the Moon is illuminated by what’s called “Earthshine,” Sunlight reflected off the Earth and projected onto the Dark Side of the Moon…

Transformation 1

June 28, 2020

Remember this “Tumultuous Week“? …

That was the first week of April 2020, when Our Willingness to Accept our Forbidden Genius in order to Respond to Climate Change was all Lit Up (Ixion [Forbidden Genius], Pholus [Response or Denial], and Quaoar [Survival Instincts] all Stationary [Strong]).  And of course we were busily Reliving “9/11” (Moon beginning a decade going Out of Bounds for a few days every two weeks, after staying In Bounds for a decade), disguised as a Virus this time around.  And beginning to Recover from (the first decline of?) the fastest “Bear Market” in recorded history, in the US stock market.  It was so busy that we didn’t have time to write about what would otherwise be a Big Deal, the Merging (Conjunction) or the Energy of Expansion (Jupiter) and the Energy of Compulsory Transformation (Pluto).

Here’s the chart of that 4 April 2020 (7:40 pm PDT) Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in 25 Capricorn…

Why are we thinking about this 3-month-old chart?  Turns out we’re Reliving it, as the Energies of Expansion and Compulsory Transformation are Merging (Retrograde Jupiter Conjunct Retrograde Pluto in 25 Capricorn) for the second time, culminating 29 June (9:30 pm PDT).  As many of you know, when two planets Merge, they often Dance the Three-Step – they cross, then stop and back up to cross a second time, then stop again and then finally cross for a third time (some planets even do the Five-Step or Seven-Step and more).  We have names to distinguish these three crossings from one another.

We call the first crossing the “Can-Opener” because it usually introduces a Problem of some kind.  The Energy of the current Three-Step Dance is about Expanding into Compulsory Transformation.  Well, we definitely saw the Planet as a Whole Expanding into Compulsory Transformation, didn’t we.  You can even see the Sky in Beijing and Los Angeles!  Many of us as individuals Experienced this Transformation as a Problem, all right, and those of us without effective Community still do.  Not to mention those of us who were Challenged directly by the Virus.

We name the second crossing of the Three-Step Dance – the current one – the “Exposition,” because the Problem repeats itself, but this time (with at least the faster, Active planet Retrograde) it unfolds more slowly, giving us the Opportunity to Grok the issue, and make some attempts to Respond to the Problem rather than just Reacting.  The Exposition phase of the Three-Step is when we Learn more about how to handle the Issue.  (In the case of the Five-Step, Seven-Step, and More-Step Dances, all of the crossings except the first one and the final one are multiple Expositions.)

This particular Issue, Expanding into Compulsory Transformation (Jupiter-Pluto), reccurs every 12-13 years, so we do have Experience with it, at least if we’re over 30 (we may not be Trustworthy, but we are Experienced).  If we look back in herstory and history, the last time it occurred was in 2007 – the Derivatives Crash that most folks, following the propaganda of the time, referred to as the “Housing Crisis.”  That tells us that current Transformation events aren’t really about the Virus, as the headlines would have us Believe.  They’re about what John Perkins in Touching the Jaguar calls the Death Economy, often called Predatory Capitalism, or the modern version of Colonialism.

If you haven’t read any of John’s books, now would be an excellent time to start, beginning with Touching the JaguarIf you’re at all curious about any of the Conspiracy Theories around the Virus, it will be very educational.  And you’ll end up Grokking much more of what Expanding into Compulsory Transformation is all about.

We highly recommended this book recently, along with Larry Korn’s One-Straw Revolutionary, but we weren’t explicit about why we recommended them – because they’re the best Expositions of 5D I’ve run across so far.  Michael Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love series goes into more depth, but it’s far beyond the Skillset of many of us, thus easily dismissed as Fantasy by folks who don’t understand much about the Spirit Realms.  Touching the Jaguar and One-Straw Revolutionary may be ambitious, but they’re completely feasible from the 3D Perspective.  And I’ve found another book to join these two – Masanobu Fukuoka’s Planting Seeds in the Desert.

Previous episodes of Expanding into Compulsory Transformation occurred in 1906, 1918, 1931, 1943, 1956, 1968, 1981, and 1994.  Many of those years were indeed significantly Transformative.  In addition to the obvious, we might note that 1918 included the Spanish Flu, 1943 included race riots, and 1981 included the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.  Intriguing that Microsoft Bing chose this evening to put the Empire State Building on it’s headline page, as it was completed in 1931.  On the page it’s illuminated in rainbows for Pride Week in 2014.

The third crossing of the Three-Step Dance is called the “Confidence-Builder” because at that point we re-Experience the Issue but this time we have enough Experience to sail through it.  In this case that will occur in mid-November.  That would be a good Timeline for putting the current Virus behind us, if we’re ever in a position where we have to make a prediction.  With luck, and if enough of us PIAVA it, we may be able to put other current issues behind us as well.

Remember that the Energy comes first and the Physical follows.  The more time we spend Meditating on How we’ll Feel when we’re in 5D, the faster we’ll get there.

This is an Initiation – a Can-Opener of a Merger between two planets (first Conjunction in a Three-Step).  That means that the chart above will define how we will Expand into Compulsory Transformation for the next dozen years.  This Cycle begins at 25 Capricorn, “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs.”  While Oriental rugs are luxury items today, their original use was as large very tightly woven rugs used by desert nomads to keep their tent floors from being overwhelmed by Sand.  So it’s reasonable to Believe we might see politics “Cleaned Up” a bit over the next decade (the Active portion of a 12-year Cycle lasts about 10 years)On the other hand, the desert nomads were terribly Patriarchal.  However, the rugs are displayed in a store – the original use is no more.

The 29 June chart (next post) then will tell us about how we’re Learning about Expanding into Compulsory Transformation here at this Exposition, but the 4 April chart above will tell us about the next dozen years.  So to interpret the next few days, we should start by interpreting the 4 April chart.  The nature of the Initiation of a new astrological Cycle is that the Energy of the new Cycle is Lit Up around the time of the Initiation, but then goes underground for a while (until the Waxing Square, which will occur in mid-May 2023) as those who are heavily invested in the Old Cycle blast us with propaganda about how superior the Energy of the Old Cycle is.

Or rather, in this era where the Capitalists own the media, pretend that the New Cycle doesn’t exist.  Fortunately, there are a few bastions of actual Journalism left that also report on the New Cycle’s Energy.  So, if we look at what’s been happening over the last 3-4 months, what do we see?

  • A bump up in our mortality rate, obviously.
  • Severe debilitation by Virus and by treatment.
  • Governments acting like “Third-World” countries.
  • Minorities banding together to Insist on their Huperity.
  • Remarkable Environmental Recovery even while the Antichrist peels away legal protections by the truckload.
  • Death Capitalism grinding to a halt.
  • Lots of people Threatened with Economic catastrophe.
  • Lots of people Helping one another.
  • Diminished Materialism and Globalization.
  • Massive Confusion as Polarization grows.
  • Resistance to Denial and Prevarication.

What am I leaving out?

We Create our own Reality, so we can pick and choose which of these we want to Expand into the New Cycle, which we’ll then want to Experience Directly as Energy, PIAVAing that we Manifest them for ourself.  You can put Energy into What You Want For Others, but that’s thinner ice.  Even if you know what they say they Want, you don’t want to Compete against their Negative Unconscious Wants by trying to “Fix” their Karma for them – guess who will win that contest.  You’ve got more than enough to do to Revert your own Negative Unconscious Wants!

We’ll need to look to see which of these are Supported by the 4 April chart, and emphasize those.  We’ll look at that tomorrow.  Then we want to look at the 29 June chart and see what it contributes.  Mañana.


June 22, 2020

…from our Heavy Fortnight.  Do we even Remember Who We Were on 1 June?  Ken Kesey used to say, “Sometimes you can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you’ve left.”  It feels like my Life has been pretty Continuous through this, no huge Changes, but several of what appear to be Big Healings that will probably Change the Future a lot.

Our next Big astroevent occurs 22 June 2020 (9pm PDT), and it’s about Confusion (Neptune Stationary in 21 Pisces).  Well, not just Confusion.  To me it symbolizes Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  If Confusion is kind of Exciting for you, you’re Golden.  If it isn’t, make an Effort to Stand Still for it for a while.  In other words, if your automatic Reaction to Confusion is I gotta Figure This Out! then see what happens if you Change that Story to Well, the Wolves aren’t circling just yet, so maybe I can Relax a bit, and then check to see if their Howls are getting closer.  There’s a Big Payoff to being able to Tolerate Confusion without having to Change it.

The Easy way to handle Neptune is just to switch your Perspective from the Material to the Spiritual.  More bills than handy cash?  What could be the Spiritual Teaching involved in that dilemma?  Maybe it’s time to Delegate that whole Issue to the Goddess.  No, you needn’t tell the Landlord to “Get it from the Goddess!”  But you can PIAVA Having Enough, for instance.  Then of course you’d Change the Subject.  While your Attention is diverted, Miracles could happen.  They never have?  There’s always a first time!  When your mind circles back to what’s Confusing you, Tap, or Poor-Sweetheart, or PIAVA yourself again… “You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t get that out of your mind, can you.  It’s stickier than that gum commercial…”

But it’s also important to break any Habits you have about running away from Confusion.  If you’re uncomfortable with Confusion, spend some time being Loving and Gentle with it first, then switch your Perspective to the Spiritual.

The Neptune-Station chart is very straightforward – just a T-Square and a Trine Bridge…

Those are the heavy lines.  We threw in a few extra easy-to-interpret asteroids just to make the chart a little more interesting – they’re connected with the lighter lines.  The Challenge (T-Square, the heavy red triangle) is to Let Go (asteroid Atropos) of all Restrictions on our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus).  That way, once we stop Trying to Figure It Out (or Intellectualizing or Anal-yzing it – which Neptune loves to Befuddle), our Intuition is Free to Guide us Directly to a Solution.  If we succeeded in Changing the Subject, our Intuition may even take us there without our Realizing that’s what we’re doing!  We do need an Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis) along the way, but Ego Deaths don’t have to be Difficult – that’s what PIAVAs and Tapping and Poor-Sweethearting do for a living – they make Ego Deaths Effortless.

There’s Grace (the heavy blue lines – a Trine Bridge) involved as well.  Grace is supplied by our Instincts (the Moon).  They work much like our Intuition, but until we get our Anal-ytical mind out of the way, neither works because we aren’t Listening to them.  Next to the Moon is one of those easy-to-interpret asteroids (Atlantis) – this one means don’t reach for a Technological Solution.  You know what happened to Atlantis when they over-Technologized their World.

The second new asteroid, that’s Merged with (Conjunct) Liberating our Intuition (Atropos-Asbolus), is about Love and how to use it (Aphrodite)

You can see the Universe’s sense of humor in the other new asteroids.  The Intuition-Confusion-Ego Death (Atropos/Asbolus-Neptune-Nemesis) Challenge (T-Square) is Completed (converted into a Zodiac-spanning Grand Cross) by the symbol for Arrogance (asteroid Hybris [Hubris]).  The message is that Examination of the Exceptionalism of Homo sapiens sapiens (sic) may be able to move us out of our Addiction to the Anal-ytical and return Respect to our “Animal” Instincts and Intuitions.

The other Cosmic Joke is in the green wedge (Finger of the Goddess) pointing at Neptune – it’s roots are a new asteroid meaning Healing (Panacea), and an asteroid symbolizing the Patriarchy (Zeus) and by extension, Hierarchies of Privilege in general – Racism, Sexism, Misogynism, Religion, Morality – we could go on.  Yes, it will take a Big Ego Death (Nemesis) by the World at large to Heal Inequality and move toward Unity (Neptune).  I’m reading John Perkins’s Touching the Jaguar and Larry Korn’s One-Straw Revolutionary.  Both are so full of Wisdom about the Big Issues that the Planet is facing, that it would be folly to try to quote from them – instead I’ll just highly Recommend them to youalls.  Instead I’ll quote Marilyn Raffaele’s recent Arcturian Wisdom…


“Emotions (energy in motion) that are now expressing outwardly have been alive and well throughout lifetimes but kept hidden often even from the one holding them, through fear. Those receptive are beginning to feel a sense of empowerment not experienced before. This in turn is causing increasingly more individuals to realize that much of what they have been led to believe is false and based in concepts of separation. Hearts and minds are opening to realize that every person is entitled to freedom, equality, and respect regardless of skin color, gender, or station in life.

“You who are already spiritually awake are doing the same work as those on the streets but are doing it through your spiritual realization of truth and by being examples of loving action and words. Both ways reflect the surfacing of old energy ready and needing to be recognized and cleared which will serve to bring a new level of awareness to the collective.

“There will be less fear and more unity as efforts to bring about change continue to unfold. Those filled with hate and violence and who cause wanton destruction are not promoting a higher cause but are simply using the movement as an excuse to act out their own negative personal agenda. Their actions do not help to lift world consciousness, but also cannot stop the expansion of it for the Light is power and reality whereas concepts have nothing to sustain or maintain them other than the belief in them.

“Varying pockets of dense energy formed over time will surface as mankind is ready. At this time it is the energy of slavery and entitlement based in beliefs of separation that is surfacing. Other long held belief systems waiting to be cleared are abundance/finance, gender inequality, health/drugs, food, separation, and organized religion. As these things begin to be seen from a higher level, many will choose to no longer align with them in their present state, bringing about change.”

“Attempting to understand everything with the human mind will always result in half truths, because the human mind is only able to access what is already in the collective. Instead seek answers from within, from Divine Mind and they will come as needed through others, from intuition, from a direct inner voice, or any number of other ways. However, you must understand there are no answers for many of the things you wish to know because energy is forming itself in each now moment which is why we say that you, the people, are creating the world you wish to see.

“Live your awareness by aligning with truth rather than with the fear based speculation and propaganda being promoted by media and some “leaders.” Rest in your heart center as an observer seeing through outer appearances to the reality taking place behind the scenes. When you do this you bring your energy to higher solutions and change rather than to appearances that consist of what is old and finished.

“You may not agree with all change simply because it is difficult to see the finished product while it is still in the process of being created. Change unfolds and evolves as the consciousness forming them unfolds and evolves. Do not expect the changes you hope to see immediately manifest fully formed but know that the process has begun. The energy of earth is becoming increasingly higher and change has begun.

“Many think of change only as it applies to government, religion, health services, education etc. but larger change can only follow individual change so be prepared for change in your personal life as well. When even one person awakens to truth, it adds awareness to the collective for there is only One Consciousness. As the collective evolves, it automatically creates new and higher ways of understanding and doing things.

“Individuals become empowered as they awaken to their Oneness with Source, other people, and all life forms. The result is that as increasingly more people reclaim their power and refuse to accept or align with the disempowering ego actions of others, they begin loving and respecting themselves in a new way. Empowerment is the finger that pushes the first domino of the long ancient line of dominoes that every person accumulates over lifetimes. It has begun.”

“Women in general have had a more difficult time accepting empowerment because of having lived many lifetimes as both men and women during times that gave no credibility, power, respect, or equality to females. Some parts of the world still live this way, and continue to feed this obsolete energy into the collective. Many men and women still carry this energy in cellular memory. Some who have lived lives as abusive men have chosen a female body in this life in order to experience the other side of it.

“The high frequencies of the Divine Feminine are quickly integrating and balancing with the Divine Masculine because mankind is now spiritually ready. More and more women are choosing to live empowered lives free from fear and intimidation and more and more men are feeling free to express their emotions without feeling ‘unmanly.’ Occasionally the pendulum may swing too far one way or the other, but will eventually center because the equal balance of both masculine and feminine energy is Reality.”