Levels and Perspectives

February 20, 2017

I don’t think we’ve emphasized this Perspective recently, but it’s fundamental, so worth repeating.  This culture commonly Perceives Mentality, Emotionality, Spirituality, and Physicality as different Levels or Departments of Experience.  We don’t mean to imply that these are the only Departments – at the very least we need to add Energy, for instance.

Simply put, these are not different Levels or Departments.  They’re different Perspectives on our Unitary Experience of being in a Physical Body.

Imagine that you’re standing on a Ridge, waving at the camera.  You’ll look different…

  • to an observer a few feet in front of you
  • to an an observer several yards behind you
  • to an observer at the top of the Peak
  • to an observer falling off the Ridge while stepping back a few feet so they can capture your profile

Experience is One Unified Thing.  It’s only a mental game to try to reduce it into separate “components.”  Body, Spirit, Emotion, Mind, and Energy are just different snapshots of the same One Thing, seen from different angles.

We quoted Stephen Levine recently, where he was reading the Emotional state of his Inner Child by Attending to the Physical Sensations in his Body.  You’ve undoubtedly heard Stories about Physical-Healing “Miracles” perpetrated through the Spiritual or Dietary Perspectives – “Spontaneous Remissions” as the Scienteriffic types have to call it to preserve their precious Reductive Worldview and prevent Cognitive Dissonance.  Dr. Kim (http://drkimderamo.com/) talks about the crossover between Perspectives (fka Levels) all the time.  

Donna Eden and David Feinstein (http://www.innersource.net/) have been teaching and writing about this for decades.  If you haven’t had experiences where you’ve, just as a for-instance, resolved Emotional Overwhelm by Tapping on Energy Meridians on the Body, you haven’t “Tried It on Everything” (http://www.thetappingsolution.com/) yet.

Here’s an excerpt from a Channeling where Daniel Scranton talks about this…

“You then move past the emotional awakening and into the energetic awakening.  The energetic awakening is often felt as strange occurrences in your bodies.  It is also something that you sense.  It is awakening to your empathic nature.  It is an awakening of the consciousness that you are and that you use to navigate through this reality.

“And then you have your physical awakening, which can be the most troubling of all the awakenings, because you have been taught that when this, that or the other thing happens to your physical body, it means you are on a gradual decline.  It may mean that you need surgery or pills to cure it.  This is what you have been told, but it is not the truth.  It is not a truth that you need to accept.

“So when you have your ascension symptoms in your physical body, that is a test of your faith.  It’s not a test that you have to pass, but rather, it’s an opportunity for you to take all that you have learned in your previous awakenings and apply it to your experience of your physical body.  And when you do this, you can move through the physical awakening without needing to subject yourselves to some of what the health care professionals would have you subject yourselves to.

“You always have the option of working energetically, emotionally, and with your thoughts to work through the physical experiences that you have of awakening.  If you see them as experiences and as sensations, rather than as symptoms of a larger problem, you will be well on your way to releasing them and to being fully in your bodies, embracing your bodies, and navigating with your bodies to the fifth dimension.”

Definitely read the full Channeling, as Daniel includes a Gift for you in it…


Reanimating the Planet – and Cables

February 19, 2017

Without considering the context, most web designers these days recommend prohibiting what’s called “deep linking,” where you link directly to a page deep within a website.  Instead they allow only linking to a website’s home page, forcing you to search – too often in vain – for the page you want.  The reason they do this, is to get you to stumble onto other pages of interest, hoping to sell you more via “impulse buying.”  Recommending this for websites that aren’t selling anything is simply stupid.  Yet time and again I’ve seem web “designers” follow their textbooks and do this, and their clients out of naïveté follow their advice.

I don’t know whether http://www.jeshua.net/ got and took this advice, but the website doesn’t allow deep linking.  Fortunately there are transcribers who copy this material into deep-linkable websites such as…


Though they don’t always make it very clear that the material isn’t theirs.  On this page, “Pamela Kribbe channels Earth” in a powerful Meditation…

I am the voice of the Earth.  I carry you in my body.  The planet on which you live and walk is my body, the expression of my soul.  You are welcome here because you are part of my body.  Your body is part of me, made of earthly matter.  Be very aware of the cells in your body, which are very small, independent entities that know exactly what they are supposed to do.  They work toward balance and harmony and cooperation in your body.

“Imagine that you are present as a brilliant sun in your body.  Your light is not of the Earth; you come from the cosmos.  You are a living soul who is able to take on various forms and now you are present in an earthly form.  Imagine that the light of your soul radiates in the center of your body, the center close to your heart.  See a light burning there and remember who you are: you are aeons old.  You have had many lives; you are not here for the first time.

Remember who you are!  Know that you are independent of this body, of this life, and of the society around you.  You have come here to bring something new, something unique, something not quite understood by those around you.  It takes courage and daring to bring in what is new, because new things cause resistance.  That is why it is so important to remember who you are: your freedom, your independence.  Only then can you really be yourself in this reality and spread your light.

“I now ask you, from that which is your heart, to connect the light of your soul with all your body cells, which have their own individual consciousness, yet which are part of me, the Earth.  Imagine that the light of your heart, your soul, joins to the consciousness of all your body cells.  Your light shines into all your cells, and your cells respond with joy.  This is what they want – they want to be inspired by you!  This is their goal; this is their function.

“Maybe you think that the aim of your body cells is simply to maintain your body so it can function and survive; and on some level, that is true, but not on the deepest level.  Your highest purpose here on Earth is to provide an instrument through which your soul can manifest itself; that is what your body is for.  So connecting your soul with your body awareness is extremely important.  Your entire body is undergoing a transformation that cannot be explained on a material level.

“Now imagine that the light from your divine core spreads slowly from your heart and touches all your cells in a tender way: in your chest and shoulders, and throughout your neck and throat.  Then allow all the cells in your head to be touched by your soul’s energy and to take it in so they are able to get direction and guidance from the divine Source.  Allow your soul’s energy, the light of your heart, to then stream through your solar plexus, your belly, and down through your abdomen, and feel for a moment the center of your abdomen.  There may be old emotions still there, or resistances against life that make it difficult to allow in the light of your soul: ‘Is this safe?  May I really be here with my unique energy, my light?’

“See if your soul’s light can penetrate into your stomach, your tailbone, your pelvis.  If you feel places there that offer resistance, that do not allow in the light, just observe that happening and do not force anything.  Just see if there is a dark spot or a tense place somewhere in your body where the energy is somewhat constricted and concealed.  With a very accepting and open gaze, concentrate your attention on that spot of heaviness.  Your consciousness is very soft and pliable, and as a soft breeze, surround that spot with your attention.

“Inside that blocked energy, there is life that has been hidden away for a variety of reasons.  Encourage that life to make itself known to you.  Ask the question: ‘Who are you?  Don’t be afraid of me, show yourself.’  See if something appears to you: an image, a symbol; it can also be an animal or a human being, or maybe a child.  Everything that is blocked and hidden in a person wants out, wants to be free; but it is afraid, which is why it is hiding at times.  To be able to reach it, you need not force anything; it is enough to be gently present and to listen.  To not want to change anything, to not wish to get rid of this part, is the most helpful approach.

“So calmly see or sense what wants to reveal itself from that dark part. Imagine that you reach out your hand to what appears and you reassure it by telling it: ‘You are good; you are allowed to be who you really are.’  You welcome this part of yourself by taking responsibility for your energy, by promising that you will work with it.  Because in all this clogged and blocked energy there is also a strength, a capability that belongs to you.  It should never be the intention only to make a blockage or a problem disappear.  It is about transforming and releasing old energies, and so thoroughly that the core of light within you can join with it.  That is why love is the way, and not struggling with negative energies or problems that are in you, but loving them.

“Finally, let the light of your soul flow all the way down from your pelvis to your thighs and your upper legs, and give especial attention to your knees.  Imagine that the cells of the bones in your knees open up for the light from your heart.  Remember how joyful it can be to live and be active on the Earth, so retrieve those memories of joy.  Then let your light descend farther into your calves and your ankles, and fully into your feet: into your heels, the soles of your feet and your toes.

Entrust the light of your soul to the Earth.  I am here for you; you are welcome in and on me.  You do not have to go it alone.  The more you allow your soul’s light to be here, the more you are protected and carried by your own wisdom and by your connection to me, the Earth.  I salute you from my heart and want to thank you for your presence here and now.”

When I did this Meditation I found it Exhilarating except for several spots of Tension in the back of several Chakras.  When I asked “Who are you?” several Cables from a deceased parent and an old Relationship appeared.  Without reading the Meditation further, I reverted to my old Training and dealt with the Cables using old techniques of carefully working the fishhook-like cable ends out of my back, and handing them back to the virtual figure of the person who put them there.  One of them was easy, the other was difficult because the Cable-installer wasn’t working alone, but as part of a Doctrine or Lineage.

Gurus can seek Power rather than Healing per se for legitimate Healing purposes – for instance, when the Follower’s Challenges are with their Ego.  The Ego is the seat of Power in the Psyche, and in Response to Abuse the Ego may have Vowed Never to Surrender.  Some Gurus specialize in the Power Struggles which result when such a Follower Asks them for Help in working toward their Liberation.  And some “Gurus” of course seek Power for the sake of Power.  It can be difficult to tell the difference, but in general if the Guru Blesses you when you Psychically Intend to Stand as their Equal, it’s a good sign.

Many Gurus establish a Doctrine or Lineage, so their Followers can become Teachers in their stead when they leave the Physical, or so they can spread their Work farther than they could do alone.  Kind of a Spiritual or Pseudo-Spiritual equivalent to “Branding.”  So their Followers can Cable you as an agent for the Guru or the Guru’s supra-personal Lineage – the Guru need no longer be in Physical form.  Those Cables can be trickier to remove, because they were placed by agents for “Professionals,” rather than by Amateurs.  In either case there’s a good chance that the Cables will be put back once you divert your Attention.

In general, Cables are installed as Defensive measures, not installed for Evil Intent.  They are usually set Unconsciously through Insecurity or Parental or Religious “Prerogative,” or all of the above.  So while removing Cables Relentlessly is appropriate, removing them Ruthlessly or Angrily may create backlash.

Then I read more of the Meditation…

To be able to reach it, you need not force anything; it is enough to be gently present and to listen.  To not want to change anything, to not wish to get rid of this part, is the most helpful approach.  “So calmly see or sense what wants to reveal itself from that dark part. Imagine that you reach out your hand to what appears and you reassure it by telling it: ‘You are good; you are allowed to be who you really are.’  You welcome this part of yourself by taking responsibility for your energy, by promising that you will work with it.  

“Because in all this clogged and blocked energy there is also a strength, a capability that belongs to you.  It should never be the intention only to make a blockage or a problem disappear.  It is about transforming and releasing old energies, and so thoroughly that the core of light within you can join with it.  That is why love is the way, and not struggling with negative energies or problems that are in you, but loving them.”

Hmm, sounds like we might be opening to Forbidden Genii – or certainly to the Forbidden, to Limitation.  Excellent advice.  All right!  More Work to be Done!  Hopefully from the Perspective of…


This is the Atropos-Chaos (the End of Limitation) corner of our Golden Rectangle, and of course part of our Building-a-New-Timeline-based-in-Self-Love-by-getting-Honest-about-our-Fear Yin Gate.

Winding Down the Industrial Era

February 19, 2017

We’ve been spending a lot of time on YintegrityPIAVAing, Dropping our Masks, Recovering our Genius, Getting Reborn by Working with our Fear, and other processes that have dominated the Decade and the last several months.  In the last post we footnoted a small part of the background for these Changes, namely the new Chiron-Neptune province we entered ten years ago.  Now let’s back out more and look at the scale of Centuries.

It won’t hurt to review the birth chart of the Current Century.  

And one of the more important Century-scale Cycles, in terms of impacting our daily lives, is the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  Jupiter-Saturn means Expansion-Contraction, and among other things it’s a poster child for the Political Economy we live under.  The critical piece of information that the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle provides, is that

Like Karma, the Industrial Era is dead meat, and we need to figure out which Assumptions, Trances, Habits, and Archetypes that soak up our Free Will are artifacts of the Industrial Era, because all of those are obsolete, and will rapidly become a lot more self-sabotaging than they already are.

One of the most obvious artifacts of the Industrial Era is Money.  Money is older than Industrialism, but before we were Industrialized, most of us lived by Barter and Community and Foraging (including Gleaning).  By now we’re Hypnotized to Believe that Money is necessary – even Archangel Michael says so.  I’ve been Imagining Survival and Abundance without Money, and it’s very difficult to do – there’s pretty much a blank space there.  It also triggers my Worthiness and Deservingness Issues, and my Hesitation to Receive, as I fill in the blank as a Mendicant (in other cultures a very noble profession); Work to be done.

Dana, one of our favorite Druids, gives us a well-considered review of Money and Time.  It’s long, but well worth at least skimming. because she covers a lot of ground and brings up many timely Issues…


In the US, it seems that the first question people ask is, ‘what do you do?’  When they say that, of course, they are not talking about how you spend your leisure time, but rather, the work that you do for pay.  This is the most defining characteristic of modern lives–because this is tied to the thing our culture holds as most sacred: money.”

An aside – one of my favorite cartoons (I’ve forgotten the name of the cartoon, alas) is about a househusband, who, when asked “What do you do?” would reply, “About what?”  Dana continues…

“Money is the only metric that has any real value and the pursuit of money drives all else.  If you aren’t working in the workforce earning pay, either the work are doing is devalued (as any stay-at-home parent can attest) or there is something very wrong with you (as in, why aren’t you out there earning money?).  This current economic system, driven by industrial mindsets surrounding profit and efficiency, gives us a rather poor metric through which to measure ourselves and our value.

If you got into that, which was part II, here’s part I…


And a short excerpt from it…

Understanding more about this system, and its history, is critical to all of us as we work to respond to the current industrial age, but as we begin to put in place new systems that will help replace this age and transition us back to nature-oriented living.  And the key here is transitioning in a way that allows us to thrive: to be healthy (including well rested), happy, be able to take care of some of our own needs, and to work with the land to create abundance and joy in our own lives.  So now, let’s take a look at our relationship to time in the broadest view, that is, over hundreds of years of human living.

One of the so-called promises of industrialization and consumerism is the idea that things are ‘better’ or ‘easier’ for us now that machines and fossil fuels do so many things.  We are told, explicitly as children in school, that we are better off, that we work less than our ancestors, have better lives, and largely benefit from the technologies and goods.  Our ancestors of the distant past had hard lives of filth and toil, and we have somehow risen above this.  This is one of the cores of the myth of progress: that our lives are better than our ancestors because of our ‘progress’ as a civilization.” 

Astrologically, the Industrial Era spanned 180 years while the Saturn-Jupiter Initiations were in Earth Signs, 1800 till 1980.  Once the “personal computer” was “coincidentally” released, we had a twenty-year preview of the Digital Age that will fully occupy 2021-2200, while the Saturn-Jupiter Initiations are in Air Signs.  “Coincidentally,” the Digital-Age preview ended with the Dot-Com Crash in 2000.  The twenty years after that are about scavenging what we still find useful from the Industrial Era, before we lose it entirely.

For instance, while most people may not realize it, the Elites have already taken Money away.  We can still hoard folding cash, but there are efforts to make that useless as well – as if Inflation won’t make it valueless before you need it.  When you give your Money to a bank, it’s now their Money.  Legally, you’ve loaned it to them, and they can do with it whatever they want.  As long as the game remains cordial, and you don’t want too much of it back at once, you can get it back.  For now.  So we’re well advised to get comfortable with alternatives to Money, whatever that might be.

Time is a whole ‘nother issue.  Time is Elastic and Nonlinear.  You can be forty years old one minute, six years old the next, then visit another Lifetime, then go back to the Helplessness of the Preverbal a minute later.  You can stretch it out like a rubber band and make it crawl like a Snail (with Kegels for instance, or by doing one of those Bullshit Jobs), or make it race like Roadrunner, or both at the same time – how does Time pass for you while you’re Making Love?  And we’re only talking about Linear Time!  It makes a big difference whether You Have Time or Time Has You.  And what does Joy have to do with it, anyway?  

How often do you PIAVA about Time and how you’d like to Experience it?

Nicole has a good review of this week’s Time…



February 19, 2017

We’ve paid the most attention to the Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is to Recover Your Hidden Genius) corner of the Golden Rectangle that we’ve been working with for the last several months, because we’ve assumed it would be the most Challenging and the most Rewarding.  

However, there are three other corners as well!  One of them is Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth).  Here’s a reader’s experience of this…

“My partner and I have had a nasty lingering cold for 10 days — sniffling, coughing, hawking up junk, weak as kittens — and last night I dreamt I was told I’d given birth to a girl and handed a birth certificate.  The name on the birth certificate was my name.  I seem to have given birth to myself last night.  I woke this morning feeling better, like I’d turned the corner.”

Daniel Scranton isn’t reading my mind, he’s reading what my mind would be saying if it was screwed on straight…


“All of the doing in the world cannot compensate for a feeling within yourself.  Usually that feeling comes from experiences that have led you to believe that you’re not good enough, not worthy of receiving, and therefore you do.  In some cases you overdo it in an attempt to compensate for the feeling within you.

“And so, whatever it is that you could accomplish through action will only give you a fleeting sense of that worthiness.  You will only appreciate yourself for a few moments before you give yourself another task, and then you will operate under the belief that you are only as good as your last success, or your last good deed…

“We suggest that you build yourselves up energetically, that you focus on how much energy you can run through yourselves, how much love you can feel, how much appreciation you can have for what you already have accomplished.  And then let your actions come from all of that energy you are accessing.  Let your actions be a continuation of a feeling, rather than an attempt to overcome a feeling.

“We see so many of you hoping that your actions will be enough, and we would love to see more of you enjoying the actions that you take because they are actions that you genuinely want to take.  We would love to see more of you being authentic with yourselves about what it is you truly want to do.  And then in the following through with the action, you will undoubtedly summon more energy, more inspiration, and more of an ability to love and appreciate yourselves just as you are.”

I’ve been working to find and Embrace as many Survival Fears as I can, and I’ve found a few hiding like sewer monsters in the dark labyrinth beneath my intestines.  One time when I poor-Sweethearted myself about Fear, my Little Guy was there on the brink of the abyss, averring that he wasn’t scared at all, he was Confused.  Confused because there was no Love for him where there was supposed to be Support.  

That would have been after World War II.  Remember World War II ended exactly on a Neptune-Chiron Initiation (Reorganization of the Political Economy), like the one we had seven years ago this month, “Fresh Daisies in an Ancient Pottery Bowl,” about the end of the Industrial Age and the Economic Reorg that follows.  (Yes, Mr.T is trying to go backwards and it will fail utterly because the World Energy is going in an entirely different direction.  Whether he succeeds in his efforts at Mass Hypnosis is another story; that one’s up to us.)

This dream followed…

“It’s a feast day, and I’m in a restaurant.  They weren’t serving yet, they were preparing to.  There was actually no one there, just food, food everywhere, big piles of it, prepped and ready for serving or cooking.  I tried to walk through several rooms, and I couldn’t do it without stepping on food several times, there was so much of it.”

Abundance Galore.  To me this illustrates the Yin GateBuilding a New Timeline based in Self-Love by getting Honest about our Fear (Sappho-Klotho Opposing Aletheia-Sedna as the central axis of the Gate).


February 17, 2017

However, now that we’re past the Ixion-Saturn Initiation (The Most Important Thing is Reclaiming our Abandoned Genius), the pressure should be less intense.

One way to keep it less intense is to Focus on the Positive, such as…

  • Finding Gratitude for what’s working rather than Self-Criticism or Victimhood or Blame for what’s not working
  • Moving your Attention to the next “higher” Chakra
  • “Running your Energy,”
  • “Raising your Vibration”
  • Shifting to another Modality (ie, Physical rather than Emotional or mental – it often doesn’t work to shift between Emotional and mental because they’re so mutually reinforcing, but sometimes it does)
  • Food, Warmth, Water, Exercise, Shelter
  • Talking to a Positive Friend
  • Tapping
  • Poor-Sweethearting
  • PIAVAing Ease and Joy
  • Letting Go of what’s Boring and Angering and Focusing on what’s Exciting

Or any other way you’ve found to Shift your Attitude and Elan.  As usual, Daniel Scranton has some great suggestions…


Hoping for a Break?

February 16, 2017

Hoping for a break?  Wouldn’t that be nice!  Here’s what Daniel Scranton says is up for us, then we’ll see what the “Stars” say…


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“We are able to see how far you have all come.  We are able to detect the slightest bit of movement forward.  The most insignificant-seeming amount of your evolution still registers on our radar.  We cannot help but see your progress.  We cannot help but feel it.  Your lights are shining more brightly than ever before.

“When we access your energy, we not only see how far you’ve come, but we also feel the potential that exists within you as individuals and as a collective.  And we have very good news.  There is a gigantic wave of energy headed your way, and that wave is going to unlock some more of that potential.  It’s going to set you on a course that will lead to greater freedom, greater flexibility, more joy, more passion, more excitement, and more love between all of you.

“As you feel these energies moving through you, you are also going to feel that which needs to be released coming to the surface.  You need to make room for the higher frequency energies.  And so anything that is coming up within you in the coming weeks can be chalked up to cleaning out that which has been stored within you for far too long.  Remind yourselves of this transmission when you are cleaning out some of that lower frequency gunk.

“And in the midst of your letting go of that which is no longer a vibrational match to you, remember also to open yourself up to receive that which is already yours.  The energy that you are accessing now is energy that we put into motion with some of our friends from around the galaxy.  This is how we assist you.  We cannot do anything for you, but every time we send an energy transmission like this one, we do aid in your ascension process.

“We also know from our observations that you can handle it.  We know that you have been handling it, and we know that you will continue to do so with grace.  We know because we can see the path that you are on, and it is the path of enlightenment.  It is the path of self-actualization, and it is the path of peace on planet Earth.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Stars basically agree; the underlying Program is still clearing away all of our Unfinished Business.  As long as we aren’t completely Neutral, having Complete Confidence that we can sail through anything with Ease and Grace, then we still have Work to do.

The Golden Rectangle that’s been Asking us to Reclaim our Rejected Genius is still there, so once we Realize that Resistance is Futile and just give in to being somebody Mom wouldn’t like, we’ll be good on that score.

The Yin Gate that’s been Asking us to Get Conscious of our Fear and Anger and start Relating to it instead of from it (that’s spelled p-o-o-r s-w-e-et-h-e-a-r-t) is still with us, so once we’re Clear on that, no worries.

Both of those are in the 20-29-Degree range.  That’s a wide range, but it includes the planets that are Conjunct the core members of the club, those in the 23-26-Degree range.  This means that all of our Natal (Karmic) Issues in the 20-29 range are getting reemed.  Let’s see. if you were born in the 1930s, Pluto and Neptune were there.  In the 1940s Neptune and Sedna.  In the 1950s Pluto, Ixion, and Sedna.  In the 1960s it was Ixion and Pluto.  Chaos was there in the 1970s.  Haumea and Ixion and Pluto in the 1980s.  Ixion and others in the 1990s.  Chaos, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the 2000s.  Chaos, Sedna, and Eris so far in the 2010s.  Umm, I guess that’s everybody.

Well, what about our Karmic Issues in the first two thirds of the Signs, do we get off scott free on those?  Or will those Demons sneak up on us later?

Well, a series of T-Squares have crept in.  Remember T-Squares, Mastery through Challenge?  There’s one in 2-4 Degrees that’s about Gender Balance.  And two in 11-13 Degrees, one on Trusting our Intuition and one on Recognizing our Deservedness.  And several others that augment the 20-29 business and stretch it a little.  So I don’t think we’ll be catching a Break next week, which finishes with a Ring-of-Fire Solar Eclipse by the way.  PIAVA that your Life be filled with Ease and Grace, and that you sail through the Travails and Traumas carrying a big flag that says LETTING GO on it, k?

Saint Valentine

February 14, 2017

It doesn’t appear to be an accident that Ixion (our Forbidden Genius) Initiated Saturn (The Most Important Thing) on St. Valentine’s Day under the influence of a Sappho (Self-Love) Yin Gate (Mystery School).  A major part of our Forbidden Genius is more Global than Personal.  As we watch the Patriarchy disintegrate into the Ridiculous, we’re asked to Recover those parts of our Herstory that have been Repressed.   Here’s the core of it in black and white…


The original website is here, but the colors make it a bit harder to read…


It appears to be copied from Barbara Walker’s book The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.


February 14, 2017

The theme this morning seems to be Unworthiness.  The fact that “Unworthiness” seems to stand out more than “Worthiness” is telling.  Maybe that’s the common denominator for the many facets of our Disgraced Genius.  I mean, if we were Worthy, we’d be okay Striving for What we Need, wouldn’t we?  A Caution though; if you PIAVA Worthiness, be sure to also PIAVA “Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely” as well!  And be prepared to Realize that if – or when – Worthlessness arises, it’s to be Celebrated as a Letting Go, not indulged as a Victim.

A collection of random good suggestions and radical viewpoints for this week…

From Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians at…


“When you are arranging your schedules and you are thinking about the time you have to complete certain tasks, you may wish to call upon the helpers that you have in order to lighten your load.  If you are willing to accept help from above, there is plenty of it to go around.  If you want to experience more ease in your life and less struggle, then we invite you to call upon the help that is already there…

“One of the ways to prove to yourself that you do have help is to build up that faith by asking for little miracles every day.  Ask for help with your daily routine, your mandatory activities, and see how easy it is to receive.  It is much easier for you to receive a small amount of help than it is for you to receive that answer to the prayer you’ve been asking for years and years.”

And also at…


Before you decide that you want to experience something, you often experience the opposite of it.  You often give yourselves one experience simply to nudge yourself into a certain direction.  It is possible for you to want something without having had the experience of its opposite, of course.  But when you give yourself the experience of the unwanted thing, condition, relationship, and so on, it spurs you on.  It ignites a flame underneath you.  It makes you want what you want even more…

What we see many of you doing, however, is feeling defeated before you even begin to create that which is wanted.  We see you psyching yourselves out.  You come up with a list of reasons why you cannot have that experience, and then you cling to that list.  We want you instead to realize that all of your creations exist within you.  So if you exist, then so must the experience that you want to have.

“As you make the creation of the experience less about what is necessary, about what is out there that needs to happen, and you make it more about feeling inside yourself for the experience, then you line up with it.  Then you are in harmony with that particular experience.  You put yourselves in alignment with something that ultimately you cannot avoid.”

A review of last week from a reader…

“The likely-impersonal and profound fear took the shape of a very old, personal fear for me, and one that I just had to ‘sit with’ – there was not much else I could do with it.  I just nodded at it, and we went about our business together.  Things got dark (I use vipassana and breathing for this, and they really help).  Then it went away entirely after the weekend.  Gone – since Monday or Tuesday I’ve felt positively buoyant.”

Some comments from Stephen Levine (Turning toward the Mystery, pp.92,97)…

“When I asked him how I could have this much love and still not be free, he said whatever I feared more than closing my heart would forever turn me away from my enlightenment.

“And the healing that never ends continued.  As I came to discover that the all-too-theatric imagery at the bottom of the underdream was, in fact, ‘nothing personal,’ just the repressed parts of millions of years of evolution in our frightening primal environment.

“When we meet with mercy and self-forgiveness rather than with continued suppression, all these aspects of ourselves, lovely and otherwise, we emerge a bit more born from this process.”

“In this opening of the mind to the heart one comes to understand that there are no heartless being, only heartless actions.  In just this same way there are no enlightened beings either, just enlightened actions.  Where there is someone to be enlightened, there is that same unwieldy someoneness to be ashamed…

“It took a while before forgiveness practices helped to resolve some of the personal grief of the long-conditioned, tightly-boundaried, generally-identified-with small mind, or what we call ‘my mind.’  So it took a labor of consciousness before the unconditional openness of Big Mind would be able to relate wholeheartedly to the confusion of little mind.”

And from Marilyn Raffaele at…


Observe and give gratitude for everything, for you are bearing witness to the awakening of the masses and the disintegration of the old.  It is what mankind has desired and brought into manifestation.  Those living with closed eyes are beginning to open them, and those with already open eyes are seeing more clearly.  However, be alert to any judgements you may hold with regard to how  the awakening process must appear…

It is time to once again discuss power.  All fear is based in the belief that something has power over something else, be it the body, germs, laws, persons, circumstances of all kinds, or even a God of judgement looking down on you from on high.  Fear comes naturally to humans because having lived lifetimes fully enmeshed in duality and separation, all have been  well educated by their experiences.  Fears still held in cellular memory will continue to express throughout lifetimes until cleared, manifesting  for no seeming reason and with no apparent cause. 

“You are ready to realize and embrace the fact that the new times are already here, not coming in the future.  It is time to accept that false concepts and beliefs no matter how familiar must be left behind if you are to evolve further, much as a child leaves behind his toys when he matures.  You have evolved beyond the need to continue seeking and searching, or depending upon tools for awakening – you have arrived…

Never  beat yourselves up  or rigidly resist some fear that may still seem to have power over you.  Every human still carries (but is now clearing) old cellular memory from fearful experiences of the past.  Long buried  fears often manifest when clearing, so if this happens do not panic, claim it back in as your personal fear, or see it as something to get rid of,  simply allow it to flow through and out. 

“Generally when emotions of fear, anger, frustration, etc. arise, just allow them while loving yourself and recognizing that they are guiding you toward a deeper examination of your belief system – ‘What am I believing that is making me feel this way?  Is it true?’ “

These are only tidbits, there’s much more in the links.



Stormy Mixed with Valentines

February 12, 2017

We could use that forecast often I think – Stormy Mixed with Valentines, as certainly the Storms, if we Respond Lovingly to the Detritus they wash loose, produce Gifts of Grace.  

The Big Deal upcoming occurs on St. Valentine’s Day, 14 February, 6pm PST.  It’s accompanied by a related Little Deal today, 12 February, noon PST.  They’re both Initiations.  We emphasize Initiations – Beginnings of New Cycles – because they flag Changes in our Psychic Milieu.  Before we talk about the specific Energies that are Changing, lets just compare the natures of the Old Cycles with the natures of the New Cycles.

The Old Cycles were characterized by “Squirrels hiding from hunters,” since 2012, and “Children protected by sunbonnets playing on the beach,” since 1984.  Those fairly well identify the Advance Guard of the Yang Female over the recent past.  

We call these folks, which undoubtedly includes some or even most of us, “the Advance Guard of the Yang Female” (see Genia Pauli Haddon’s books) because that’s how we see them.  Genia refers to the Pushing and Birthing element of the Female rather than the Yin element of Embracing and Nurturing.

In the Yang Female milieu, Nature and the Planet are Reanimated, Individuals and Groups are Equally Respected, Diversity is Valued, Collaboration and Doing-Your-Own-Thing  replaces Competition, Yintegity is Valued more than Yangtegrity, and folks are highly Self-Motivated to Assertively Cooperate to alleviate perceived Limitations and Rebirth a New Planet.

So far as I understand it (based largely on Michael Roads’s books and the Arcturian Channelings), the folks who Strive for “Ascension” and “Fifth Dimensional” Reality Strive for the same kind of Planet, though “Allow” may be a more appropriate verb than “Strive.”

I attribute the Squirrels-Hiding-since-2012 characteristic because while Yang Female behaviors and notions have gotten Stronger in many ways since Time-As-We-Know-It-Ended in 2012, it hasn’t (or hadn’t) yet reached the 100-Monkey Tripping Point and infected everyone, allowing the Patriarchy a Blow-Hard Blow-Off for what we hope will be the last time.

The Sunbonneted-Kids-Playing-on-the-Beach-since-1984 attribute reminds me of the giddiness of the folks who have already Ascended to the Yang Feminine, Enjoying the Cosmic Joke, swimming with Dolphins, and riding the bus furthur yet.  The Sunbonnets are an interesting artifact.  They’re introduced as a Protection, and in the Fifth Dimension Protection means Transparent Vulnerability or Neutrality – the equivalent of wearing the Sun of Illumination on your head, perhaps on your forehead.

Now, what Changes this week?

The five-year Cycle that’s been characterized by Squirrels-hiding-from-hunters becomes Initiation into an Occult Sisterhood or Siblinghood. and the 35-year Cycle that has been Kids-in-Sunbonnets-playing-on-the-beach-becomes Flag Bearers.  Methinks we’re talking about “Nevertheless, She Persevered.”

The Occult (hidden) part of the Siblinghood implies that we have another five years underground yet.  We’re no longer actively Hiding from Hunters, but “We, who are on the road / Must have a Code that we can live by / And so, become Ourself / Because the Past is just a goodbye,” as Graham Nash put it, more or less.  Which begs the question, “What comes after that?”

The next Cycle begins in June 2021, at 24 Pisces,”On a small island surounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction.”  To me that sounds like Success, like we’ve achieved Cooperation over Competition, with “Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding” (as sung by the Fifth Dimension, lyrics by James Rado & Gerome Ragni).  The 2021 date is very significant, because that’s when the 180-year Digital Age begins in Earnest.

It also implies that between now and 2021, the Patriarchy does indeed Self-Destruct, which otherwise is a source of great Fear and Loathing.  Since the Digital Age could easily make many employment opportunities obsolete, Distribution of Wealth is a critical question for the rest of this decade, and the Patriarchy has made it clear that Sharing is not their game.

Now, the Energy of a Cycle is Strong at its Initiation, but then it goes underground till the Cycle’s Waxing Square.  The Waxing Square of the 35-year Cycle doesn’t occur till April 2026.  So while the Flag-Bearers Nevertheless-She-Persevered Cycle is going underground, we first take our Siblinghood underground as well, and then our Small-Island-Close-Cooperation may occur as Communities within the larger still-Patriarch-dominated Cultures.

The third future 5-year Cycle also, “coincidentally,” begins in April 2026.  It starts at 3 Aries, “The cameo profile of a person, suggesting the shape of their country: The sustaining power of the whole, as the individual identifies with its life.”  Bingo.

So, what are these Cycles?

The [2012/Squirrels Hiding, 2017/Occult Siblinghood, 2021/Close Cooperation, 2026/Group-Identification] Cycle is Moira-Neptune.  

Asteroid Moira is named for The Fates.  The three Fates – Klotho who cuts the fabric, Lachesis who measures the length, and Atropos who cuts the chord – are collectively called the Moirai (plural), and the singular Moira represents Fate as a whole.  As an Either/Or Duality, we know Fate to be a property of the Observing mind rather than a property of Observed Reality, a crucial difference being that we have the Free Will to Choose how we Respond to “Fate.”

The best single keyword for Neptune is probably Spirit.  So we can see the Moira-Neptune Cycle as the Fated Course of our Spiritual Growth.  In other words we’ve had to keep it Close to the Chest for the last five years, for the next five we find our Communities, and after that we can look forward to Living and Collaborating more Freely and Openly.

The [1984/Kids Playing on the Beach in Sunbonnets, 2017/Flag Bearer] Cycle is Saturn-Ixion.  Saturn Asks us Clearly to set aside secondary Priorities, and focus on The Most Important Thing.  Ixion represents what we’ve Repressed because it was Socially Forbidden.  Since Nothing is Forbidden in the Next World, we need to fully Embrace our Suppressed Genius before we can Enter.  Otherwise we’ll be flaring away our Energy in Judgment of and Resistance to Other – just more Patriarchy.

The Forbidden is usually encaged by Shame or Fear (or introjected Anger – the Anger of others that we’ve adopted as if it was our own), so the path to reach it is through exactly that – Shame and Fear and Anger.  If Anger arises, what would it say, and in whose voice would it be?

We can Let Go of nothing until we have Fully Embraced and Accepted it.  So the name of the game here (the Stormy) is to be Mindful that if our Shame or Fear or Anger arises, that’s exactly what we Want, and exactly what we Want to take the Time and Space to Lovingly Embrace.  The Valentines are the Grace and Relief we feel when we’re Successful.

An Initiation into an Occult Siblinghood usually requires Making an Oath and Breaking other, past Oaths.  Dwarf planet Orcus represents Making and Breaking Oaths, and Orcus still Opposes Neptune and the Neptune-Moira Initiation.  Not only that, Moira-Neptune is the focus of a Mjolnir or Trioctile Finger of God, based on the Square between Vesta (Unconscious and Limiting Beliefs) and Jupiter-Haumea (Our Expansive Rebirth).  That creates a Trioctile Kite topped by Orcus and aimed at Moira-Neptune.  Which is to say…

Be especially Mindful about any Oaths or Vows or Promises or Threats (such as “I’ll Never Do That Again!” or even Grudges and Prejudices (such as “I’ll Never Trust Those People Again!”) you discover in your Psychic closets and dungeons.  Under the avalanche of thoughts and Emotions that deluge us daily, these are the flags that mark the edge of the highway to our Liberation, if we use to find and Embrace our Limiting Beliefs rather than using them to puff up our Ego.

Don’t forget that all this is really just a side-show to our Main Event, which is Rebirthing Ourselves into a New Timeline or Ego-Lifetime founded in Self-Love – the Sappho/Klotho-Sedna/Aletheia Yin Gate that’s the Core of the Saturn-Ixion (and Jupiter-Haumea/Expansive Rebirth and Uranus-Eris/Yintegrity and Chaos-Atropos/Ending Limitation) Golden Rectangle.

Dan and the Arcturians have some interesting and relevant comments today, from… 


“Greetings.  We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“There are no mistakes being made by any of you or by humanity as a collective.  You are never making a mistake when you make a choice that doesn’t work out the way that you had hoped it would.  You are exploring, and you will forever be exploring.  And as an explorer, the outcome is not as important as what you discover along the way.

“So as you make a choice, you make a discovery, and if you are paying attention, you will feel the vibrational ramifications of the choice you have made.  That vibration is information that you can then use to steer yourself in a direction that is more to your liking.  There is no real outcome, because there is no finality to your experience of self.  You may have chapters that you go through, periods of exploring one thing or another, but they are not the end of anything.

“You are accessing more energy whenever you make a choice, and for that simple reason alone, none of your choices could possibly be mistakes.  It is through movement of energy that more energy gets summoned and accessed, and by making a choice and taking steps towards something, you are certainly accessing more energy.  The energy that you access is you.

“And therefore, everything leads to and results in your evolution.  Everything, no matter what it is.  It’s not up to you to determine what the right choices are so that you may make them and stay on the right track.  It is much more important for you to live your lives and have experiences than it is for you to achieve some sort of perfection.

“So think back to anything in your life that you would call a mistake, anything that you feel regret about, and reframe it.  See it for what it really is; it’s an opportunity for you to know more of who you are, to feel more energy flowing through you, and it’s an opportunity for you to make a new choice.

“When you stop making choices for yourselves, that’s when you really get into trouble.  When you refer to a book or a teaching or a religion to make all of your choices for you, that’s when you’ve begun to thwart the energy that is so natural, that wants to flow so freely, and that wants you to get out there and make some choices.

“This is a free will universe, and you get to decide what direction you move in for the purpose of exploring more of this beautiful universe, which is ultimately just you exploring you.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Emotion as Sensation

February 9, 2017

Here’s a different Perspective entirely – the more the better!  

We’ve talked some about Experiencing Emotions as Energy in our Bodies, but Stephen Levine here adds the possibility of Experiencing them as Sensations in our Body – maybe as a Pressure or a Hardness in our Solar Plexus rather than an “Energy Build-Up.”  Or a Shimmering or Vibrating on our Belly rather than an “Energy Bolus” in our Second Chakra.

Here’s Stephen (Turning toward the Mystery, pp.52-53)…

“When in the course of my soul-searching I first heard of and sought in meditation my ‘inner child,’ I sank through a level or two and found instead my shadow child, the hungry ghost.

“Where I thought its heart would be there was a great emptiness.  Not the spiritual emptiness I had hoped for, which dissolves all boundaries and removes all separation, but exactly its opposite.  I found psychological emptiness, which finds all too readily the boundaries long ago constructed and constantly reinforced, within which resides a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness, and a pervasive vacuity.  All that wished to remain unborn.

“When I turned toward the mystery seeking to at last complete my birth, I found that child who wished he was never born, still strapped all these years in that high chair, afraid to put his feet down on the ground.

“Continuing the great treasure hunt for my life, I slowly introduced this more bewildered-than-angry ghost to the possibility of breaking the narrow confines of his imprisoned self-image.

“This mindful investigation gradually became able to work with even quite painful emotions.  As I focused on the feelings generated when I approached the child lost within, it became quite evident that every emotion, every state of mind, has its own distinctive body pattern.

“Even when that child’s residual fear or anger turned to terror or rage or when any ‘afflictive’ emotion predominated, I could approach it with mercy and awareness, without being distracted by its seductive thinking, by focusing first on the concomitant sensations each state generated in the body’s field of sensation.  When focused, I could follow my child’s states of mind wandering through the body.

“Observing in detail first its body pattern – this is a good example of relating to an object in consciousness instead of from it, breaking habitual identity with that state of mind – I was able to relate to this child instead of as this child, able to note his thoughts and feelings.  And eventually recognized their incessant coming and going as a natural, actually impersonal process.  In the stillness of meditation, I cold see the energies of which these thoughts and feelings were composed, and meet them with mercy instead of fear and judgment.

“When we receive emotion as sensation, the resistance that maintains the censor band between levels of consciousness falls away and the healing enters deeper.

“In the course of this very gradual rebirthing, one day in meditation the shadow child came into view in the guise of an already world-weary, entirely untrustworthy twelve-year-old street hustler.

“Although he preferred to be related to with fear and judgment so as to make himself all the more real, I tried to relate to him, rather than from him

“Acting as a completely autonomous personage, he turned toward me, the watcher, and actually tried to sell me a used car.”

The story continues, and actually gets better.