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Grace and Discouragement

August 17, 2014


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Well, if there’s all this Grace afoot, where’s all the Discouragement coming from?  Is it just local?  Probably not.  Let’s have a look.

When we look closely at the Mercury Kite, we see that it gets more complex.  As the first map in Grace and Discouragement Pictures shows us, there are Squares to each of the upper corners of the Kite, which creates a Finger of Yod pointing at the base of the Kite, Neptune.  That shifts the entire emphasis of the Kite from Mercury to Neptune.

Probably a good bit of advice for any astrologer – don’t lead with the “good news”!

So instead of lots of Communication and intellectual Clarity here, we can expect Confusion.  Of course Confusion is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, but that only works if we can avoid making decisions that refreeze our Consciousness into some Dualistic box.

The Configuration looks like a Brilliant-Cut Diamond, so that’s what we’ll have to call it, a “Brilliant.”

A “Brilliant” is a Kite, with a Yod pointing at the bottom of the Kite, shifting the focus from the planet at the top of the Kite to the planet at the Bottom.

The Squares are Venus-Jupiter to Ceres-Vesta, and Juno to Pallas.  What do they tell us?

The difficulties here may revolve around Realigning our Values (that which we always respond to Emotionally) with our Sense of what’s Sacred and what isn’t (that which outrages us as true Blasphemy).  We got much of both from our Karma and our Programming, and to the extent that these Consciously or Unconsciously conflict with our True Feelings, we’re likely to be experiencing dissonance. 

How do we know our True Feelings?  Well, our True Feelings may cause quite a bit of dissonance with our family, friends, roles, and jobs, but they don’t cause any dissonance for us internally.  We are at Peace with ourself.  Which doesn’t mean that there won’t be many brutal catfights as our Karma, our Programming (which is often, though not always, aligned with our Karma), and our True Feelings fight one another to the death as they try to exert control over our Ego.

Then there’s Boundaries.  For instance, my neighbors – even the adults – feel compelled to throw footballs, basketballs, beachballs, soccerballs, frisbees, and all manner of other mobile sports apparati, and the shoes that chase them, into my garden, where they can do literally years’ worth of damage, if they knock over a slow-growing plant like my Evergreen Huckleberries, or knock the blossoms off the second Elderberry tree that’s necessary to pollinate the first one.

They have no idea what they’re doing.  To them “food” comes from the freezer cabinet at the supermarket and the microwave.  Why should anything in my yard be any more fragile than a blade of grass, especially when for the moment you’ve transformed into Michael Jordan or Richard Sherman or Mario Götze.  Even if you knew or cared, what’s the Value of that plant compared to the glory of the perfect shot or block or kick.  But it triggers my need to Defend my Boundaries, and Conflicts mightily with my “Don’t-Rock-the-Boat” Programming.

What’s the resolution here?  Well, the focus is on Neptune, the planet of We-Are-All-One.  So would the easiest resolution be to roll over and let the neighbors walk all over my garden and me in their pursuit of self-aggrandizing sports glory?  That may be valid, but it’s probably a little extreme – a recommendation that I PIAVA a solution that meets everyone’s needs may be more appropriate.  Planting those thornbushes (nasty Blackcaps that’ll rip your clothes right off of you if you get too close) around the perimeter immediately jumps to mind, but then, I’m not Changing the Subject, am I.

Both Squares make Tricolors with Neptune, advising us to give it over and let a Higher Power deal with our Boundary and Value-Sacred Conflicts.  That’s a lot different than a Mercury focus, though soon we’d like to post some intersting observations about the Second Harmonic.

The second picture in the Grace and Discouragement Pictures post extends the map of this territory.    It’s a Trine Fez, with a Lilith-Saturn Square for a base, and a Uranus-Chiron Semi-Sextile at the top.  There’s Discouragement afoot, so we’d have had to ask what Chiron was up to in any case.  The short story here is that…

We need to change the Patterns in how our Discouragement interacts with our YintegrityYintegrity recall means our ability and willingness to act from the Soul rather than from the Social Contract.  Good time to run that four-part review of our Manifestation processes that we described in the August Blessing Highlights post.  Do we Believe it’s possible to have Yintegrity and Community both?  Do we Deserve to have both Community and Yintegrity?  Do we Know What It Feels Like to have both Yintegrity and Community?  Are we willing to Try It On?

What about the Lilith-Saturn Square at the base?

Specifically, these Pattern Changes are what we’re likely to stumble into if we Focus on our Yindependence and let our Curiosity take it from there.  Our Yindependence is our willingness and ability to Live our own Life, rather than letting others tell us what to do.

So, what would be a Feel-Good way to educate the neighbors to keep their errant and other disharmonious projectiles out of my garden?  I’d have to patiently explain to them what they’re doing and why it doesn’t work in my yard.  They have a lot to learn, so it will take repetition.  But of course first I’ve had to Tap Out as much as I can of my own dissonance over hating to have to speak out, self-hate over abrogating someone else’s Yindependence by giving them Limits, and Frustration over having to have to explain myself, not to mention the historical/Karmic Abandonment and compensatory Anger that arises for me around it all.

Thank Goodness that Grace dominates here!  I’d be without a paddle otherwise.

Grace and Discouragement Pictures

August 17, 2014


Well, I don’t seem to be able to get these placed and sized the way I would like, as WordPress keeps “improving” their software.  So be it.  I much prefer writing to debugging software, and I think that’s what you’d rather have me do as well (or why bother!), so I’ll just have to ask you to tolerate imperfection here.  Above are “Picture 1: Brilliant” and “Picture 2: Trine Fez” from the Grace and Discouragement post.  You can already see the dark clouds of Discouragement threatening to overwhelm Picture 2.