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Making and Breaking Karma V

June 2, 2022

We’ve been working with a couple of Patterns quite Intensively lately – Making and Breaking Karma1 is one, and the other is working on Letting Go of whatever Limitations we’ve Developed around our natal planets in the last several Degrees of the Signs. The TraumaDrama this weekend2 will focus on 26th and 27th Degrees, especially Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Leo, but it’ll Trigger all of our natal planets in the 23rd through 30th Degrees of any Sign. The Bottom Line is that The Most Important Thing Is that We Become Aware of our Self-Sabotaging Patterns so We Can Transform Them to Self-Nurturing Patterns.3

The other Most Important Thing is our Respect for All Things.4 The Arcturians, whether channeled by Marilyn Raffaele, Brenda Hoffman, Natalie Glasson, or Daniel Scranton, keep reminding us that “all is proceeding according to plan” – that we need to Respect the Process, including Respect for however many Horrible Excess Terrors that Hupers inflict on one another and the Planet in order to make us Aware of Who We Are so We Can Change. These are all Souls volunteering a Lifetime, or a Deathtime, to demonstrate for the rest of us how Callous we All are. We don’t like to watch their Suffering or their Sacrifice, but why don’t we? Because we don’t like those Feelings?

Are we willing to Ask to be connected with the Lifetime where “they” did that to “us” or to our Loved Ones, the Lifetime where we Learned to Hate those Feelings? If we were able to Stand Still for those Emotions, we’d be a lot more likely to stop turning away. We’d see and Honor, even Respect, their Sacrifice, for us, their Hope to get us to stand up and Shout, No More!

  • 1 Mostly dancing around last month’s Stations of Orcus (Oath-Breaking) and Gonggong (Intrusive Memories), and the intervening New Moon that Triggered them both.
  • 2 Mercury (Communication) Stationary (Exaggerated ) till 1:00 am PDT 3 June in 27 Taurus (Artistry) and Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Stationary (Amplified ) till 2:46 pm PDT 4 June in 26 Aquarius (Letting Go of Compulsions). 1:00 am PDT is 9:00 am BST in London and 6:00 pm AEST in Brisbane, all 3 June. 2:46 pm PDT 4 June is 10:46 pm BST 4 June in Britain and 7:46 am AEST 5 June in Eastern Australia.
  • 3 The Most Important Thing (Stationary Saturn) Is that We Become Aware (Stationary Mercury) of our Self-Sabotaging Patterns (26 Aquarius – see below, and…) so We Can Transform Them to Self-Nurturing Patterns (for obvious reasons, I would hope). The and… is that Stationary Saturn Squares, and Stationary Mercury Opposes, asteroid Atropos, which symbolizes Karma which has Expired. It has Let Go of Us; can We Let Go of It? Atropos is Conjunct asteroid Karma, which is Out of Bounds, or Amplified. Asteroid Karma is Retrograde, it’s making its second Conjunction with Atropos, an Exposition, Exposing to us Loud and Clear which Karma has Expired. We have news – it’s All Expired! It’s only us that Clings to it. Why?
  • Because Stationary Mercury is Merged with dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) – we don’t Celebrate Letting Go of Expired Karma because that would leave us with What? The Unknown? We’re Frightened by the Unknown, the Void, but we’re so Conditioned to Believe that 3D is all there is, that we aren’t even Aware of how Lost we’d Feel without that Comforting but Self-Sabotaging Habit. We’ve never Asked ourself, What happened just before we were Compelled to Run that Self-Sabotaging Pattern? What are we Pretending isn’t Happening because we’re Conveniently Ignoring it? We’ve looked the other way so long we don’t even know we’re doing it.
  • What else is Merged with Sedna and Stationary Mercury? Asteroid Hybris (Hubris) – the Ego thinking it’s still In Charge, not even Realizing that the Game Is Up, that it’s time to roll over and play Dead, to make room for whomever is in the wings ready to replace it. The Ego which is thoroughly Identified with that Expired Karma. The Ego which fully Believes that this Dead Karma isn’t Me. I’m not Dead, look, I can pinch myself. Sure, my Karma can Die, more “Power” to it, but that’s not Me. I’m over here. What, I’ve never actually Understood Ego Death? Whatever. What’s Ego Death got to do with Me?
  • 26 Aquarius ( Dragonflies around a stagnant pool. Vicarious experience. Living through others. Collecting data. Knowing what everybody thinks, you put your attention rabidly outside yourself into the collective and its traps and pitfalls. Circulating in the thick of collective karmas. You are cynically fascinated by what is wrong, what is miserable, what is rotten–gathering lessons from the worst. Somewhat taken over by the downward tug of wastage, decadence, the ends of things. Witty and stimulating, provocative and penetrating. But cut off from spirit, you wander in the maze of the cultural intellect, trying to find meaning where there is mostly nothingness.” Again, this is a reading for the Degree, regardless of which planets may be passing through. But again, it fits like a glove!
  • This summary excludes the punchline in Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny, p.365 – “A great lesson in realizing how to follow what is known and no longer doubt it. Doubt is the delay frequency. Conviction begins to erode doubt. Eventually, it all comes home to you that you are free to make your life fit who you are now.” Once we Become Consciously Aware of our untoward Karma or Fate, and Realize that all it takes to Change it is our Will, then it’s off to the dustbin with it, effortlessly, though we do have to be Willing to outsmart its many disguises.
  • 4 Stationary Saturn Opposes asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things), which is Out of Bounds (Amplified ), and Mercury Squares Hopi, in both the Mercury and Saturn charts.