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Abuse and Boundaries III

September 6, 2020

As we were saying…

About an hour and a half before our Celebration of Boundaries (Station of Pallas) on 5 September 2020 at 6pm PDT, we reached a Significant Milestone in a recently Initiated (1½ years old) Cycle that’s about Our Confidence in Our Ability to Have Control Over Our Own Life, as Opposed to Always Being Victims of Our Karmic Limitations (the 15-year-long South Node-Chariklo Cycle).

The Milestone peaked yesterday, but it remains very much in effect through the end of September (using one Degree of Sensitivity).  The Milestone is an Opportunity to Easily Let Go Of Obsolete Patterns, kind of a Karmic Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card (Waning Unx).  There is a bit of an Oxymoron there, because Karma is Never Easy to Let Go Of, simply because we’re so Deeply Habituated to it.  We often don’t even Recognize that there’s either an Issue or an Opportunity, it just feels like More of the Same Old Same Old.  We don’t Realize that we actually have Options.

One hint is that the Old Cycle that’s Obsolete began in September 2005, fifteen years ago.  If there’s anything you’ve been doing for the last fifteen years that now Feels Tired or Threatened for any reason, we’re probably better off Winding it Down than working harder to try to Resuscitate it.  In brief, the Old Cycle was about Continuing Pre-Established Patterns (Initiated in 15 Libra, “Circular Paths“).  The New Cycle is about Taking the Time to Reconsider Everything (Initiated in 24 Capricorn, “A Woman entering a convent“).

The Ides-of-March 2019 Initiation chart for the New Confidence-That-We-Can-Create-What-We-Want Cycle (South Node-Chariklo)

…tells us that, for the next 14 years, our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma will be

  • Compulsive and Impossible to Ignore (Initiation Conjunct Pluto).
  • All about Eliminating Judgement – Eliminating not just Racism, but Misogyny, and Exclusion of Anything, for example Eliminating Active Disrespect of Nature (Initiation Conjunct Pluto and Hopi [Respect for All Things]).
  • All about Grounding our Boundaries in the Heart.  The overall Configuration of the chart is a Parachute, with all of the Energy from the very busy left side of the cart focusing through the Boundaries-Truth of the Heart-Rebirth Portal (Pallas-Aletheia-Haumea) on the right side.
  • Challenged by Becoming Acutely Aware of our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (which of course are Karmic) and Expanding Beyond Them (T-Square to Vesta-Mercury-Sun [Unconscious Beliefs-Awareness-Essence] from Jupiter [Expansion] Opposite Sappho and Chaos [Self-Love and Unlimited Potential]).
  • About Taking the Time to Reconsider Everything complementing the Woman joining the Convent, the Vacancy that Completes the Full-of-Grace Grand Sextile is 24 Leo (“Totally concentrated upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, a man is Sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and  cleanliness“).
  • About Becoming Adept – the Vacancy that Completes the Acute-Awareness Challenge is 23 Virgo (“A Lion tamer displays their skill and character“).

Compared to the Dead-End of trying to Resuscitate the Dying Embers of our 3D past, this is a lot to Look Forward To.

Abuse and Boundaries II

September 6, 2020

Of course as Abuse is Lit Up, Boundary Issues can’t be far behind, because Boundaries are how we Respond or React to Abuse, how we Own our part of the Drama, once we Realize we need to do that.  People who haven’t escaped the Blame Universe – and it is a Closed Universe, with few Exits – believe that “Creating Your Own Reality” is the same as “Blaming the Victim.”  That couldn’t be furthur from the Truth.  Blame is never the Issue – Blame is an Ego Defense that Covers our Unwillingness to Expand our Boundaries.  It always takes Two to Tango.

It’s a different situation when there is no Balance of Power, when an alleged Adult Preys on Children, for instance, or a Powerful Political figure Urges his Goons to Abuse the Undefended.  Those situations are so Overwhelming to the Victim that it may take Lifetimes to work off the Abuse and Reclaim our Power.  But in most other cases, there’s always some Value – Growth to be Harvested – in Inquiring of ourself, What is it about my Ego-Unconscious Constellation that draws these Dramas to me?

The phrase You Create Your Own Reality does not refer to your Ego.  It refers to your Entire Self, most especially including that part of the Unconscious that is Attached to you, and your Soul-Self as well.  Blaming the Victim is what the Ego sees when if doesn’t understand that it’s not in control, and when it’s not Aware that Looking Deeper is an Option.  No Blame – even if we’re well Aware that we aren’t monolithic, and that this Option is always Available to us, we all encounter situations every day where we Forget in the Moment that we can Look Deeper, just like we encounter situations every day where we Forget to Ask the Goddess to Handle it for us.

As Seth said long ago (in The Nature of Personal Reality), your Karma is obvious – it’s written in your Personal History.  When we Choose to remain Unconscious (or don’t Realize that there are other Options), we are total Victims to our Karma, our Fate.  When we Choose Consciousness, we suddenly have other Options.  It doesn’t really matter What we Choose, as long as it’s something Different.  The first several times we’ll Think we’re Choosing something Different, only to Discover that it’s the Same Old Same Old.  Like Blame, the Unconscious is a very Sticky Reality, Whole unto itself.  The Exits are not easily Discerned.

Once we Recognize that Oh yeah, we have to do this more than once! our Choices become more and more Different from our Ancient Dramas.  It’s a Virtuous Spiral – the more we Choose an Alternative to our Ancient Karma, the sooner we Recognize it when it Threatens to Arise again.  And the sooner we Recognize our tired Fate Arising again, the easier it is to Choose an Alternative.  It doesn’t take many Reps to Realize that Karma really is Dead, and you can See the Boundary between Fate and Choice, the low rock wall that separates the Zombies from the Living.  Karma and Liberation are no different than Muscles, the more frequently we exercise either one, the Stronger they become.

This Celebration of Boundaries (Station of Pallas) has been particularly difficult for me, as a couple of Lifetime Projects have rather suddenly appeared to be Worthless.  I Realized relatively quickly that these were Ego-Attachments that I needed to Surrender.  I needed to quit thinking that they were something that I was Doing and Doing Relatively Well, and instead I need to take my Gratitude to God/Goddess Deeper, Praying for Continuing Grace rather than patting myself on the back.  Which was a step forward, but didn’t much improve my Feelings or Outlook.

Like the 1 September 2020 Full Moon chart…

…the 5 September Pallas Station chart…

…shares the same Scorpio Vacancy to Excellent Grace (Grand Sextile), this time (at 13 Scorpio) closer to the Star Alphecca, the Sorrow that can accompany a Woman’s Crown, than asteroid Typhon, the Fierce Defender of his Mother Gaia.  Methinks I stumbled into that Sorrow.  Tapping on the Grief and Discouragement helped some.

I don’t often check my own astrology, usually only when I’m Feeling Lost.  This time I finally (thanks largely to reading Stephen Levine’s amazing posthumous book Animal Totems) Remembered to Ask, Duh, what’s going on in the Present Moment?  And of course the Answer was Self-Doubt.  So I looked to see what was going on with my natal Chariklo (Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence).  And boy did I get an education!

It’s very Lit Up by current astroevents, it’s Strong (Out of Bounds), it’s part of a Self-Resolving Challenge (one corner of a Diamond Star), and it’s one side of the business end (Central Axis) of a Yin Gate (Mystery School)!  I didn’t even know I had a natal Yin Gate, so that’s very validating.  This is natal, so it says I’ll be getting Lifelong non-Intellectual Lessons in how Doubt and Confidence relate to Fear, Vitality, and Sovereignty (Sedna, Varuna, Hylonome) – more specifically, Converting Fear to Power, Health and Kundalini, and Self-Sovereignty.  Exactly the Insight I needed!

I follow the Stations, because I’ve found them to be very important.  I follow the Cycles when I can, but there are so many of them (with the 44 or so planets I follow routinely, that’s more than 450 Cycles), and they don’t exactly leap out of ephemerides like the Stations do.  Many astrocalendars include lists of Angles or “aspects” (astrologuese for Angles), but the ones I’ve found don’t even include the four “major” asteroids, let alone the dwarf planets.

But the obvious question to Ask next, is What Angles is Chariklo making today?  The closest one turns out to be the Angle to the symbol for our Held Emotions or Karma (South Node), making a Waxing Unx to Chariklo.  An Unx is a one-Sign difference between planets, and it means Pattern-Breaking (the Twelfth Harmonic)(The Nodes move backward, so “Waxing” means the Node is behind the slower planet, not ahead as is usually the case.)  So whatever Held Emotions (the ones we’d Rather Die than Feel) are Lit Up, this is about Letting Go of them, which is fabulous news!  I’m ready for that!

The Waxing Unx stage of a Cycle is about either Fighting to keep milking our Dying Investments from the Previous Cycle (like the Antichrist is doing – and like my two Lifelong Projects were about), or about Building the Foundation for the New Cycle, even though at this early stage we can’t expect a huge amount of Support from our Community, most of which will be Fighting to keep milking its Dying Investments from the Previous Cycle.

So, what is this New Cycle about?  The 15-year South Node-Chariklo Cycle in general is about our Confidence in our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma – or our Distress about how our Karma keeps “Victimizing” us.  The Ides-of-March 2019 Initiation chart for the New Cycle…

…tells us that, for the next 14 years, our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma will be…

  • Compulsive and Impossible to Ignore (Initiation Conjunct Pluto).
  • All about Eliminating Judgement – not just Racism, but Misogyny and for example Active Disregard of Nature (Initiation Conjunct Pluto and Hopi).
  • We’re out of gas for today; will continue tomorrow!