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OOB Moons

July 30, 2020

How soon we forget.  The Moon goes “Out of Bounds,” increasing the possibility that our Instincts will Overpower our “Left Brains” and our sense of propriety, only every other decade, and even during its Out-of-Bounds decades, it’s only actually Out of Bounds (way far north or south of the Equator, furthur than the Sun ever goes) for a couple days every few weeks.  So all in all, over a lifetime, we’re talking less than 10% of the time.

Long-time readers will know that we consider our Comfort and Competence with different astro-Energies to be proportional to our Experience with them.  So as Individuals and as Cultures, we don’t have much Accumulated Wisdom around Moon Out of Bounds, because we haven’t had a lot of Practice dealing with it.  In my own limited personal Experience with them, a sort of Seething, Vulnerable, Hypnotizable Hysteria might be an appropriate description for them.  Your Emotions are Lit Up, and that makes it Easy for others to Manipulate them and you.

For instance, “9/11” was a quintessential Moon-OOB event.  The overreaction of Egos was about 200,000% percent, and the Manipulation that followed was centered around the association between Ego and Patriotism.  As a lapel button at the time said, “Oh well, I wasn’t using my Civil Rights anyway,” and the major provisions of the resulting Patriot Act are still in place almost 20 years later.

A major anthem of the 21st Century is “A flag turning into an Eagle turning into a Chanticleer saluting the Dawn(the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of the Pluto-Chiron Initiation that occurred on 31 December 1999).  I interpret that to mean that the Competitive Tribalistic Nationalism of Huperity will undergo a Transformation of Perspective (Eagle as Far-Seeing) leading to it’s EnLightenment.  We’re obviously still working on that theme, as the Racial (BLM vs White Nationalists) and Community (the ridiculous “Freedom” not to wear a mask vs the Willingness to help Protect one’s Family and Community in the easiest, simplest way possible) elements of Competitive Egotism come to the fore.

The two major anthems we might choose for the third decade of the 21st Century would be “A soldier receiving two medals for bravery in combat(the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of the Pluto-Saturn Initiation that occurred on 12 January 2020 a Review would be useful), and “An old adobe mission in California(the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of the Saturn-Jupiter Initiation that occurs on 21 December 2020 and begins the two-Century Digital Age).  I interpret the latter to mean major steps toward the End of Colonialism, and the former to mean major steps toward the End of the hierarchical Patriarchy and of Surrendering one’s own Sovereignty, and even of War as an Institution.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we choose to amplify an astrological indication, and sometimes we amplify its opposite?  The reason we do this is because most of our work is about interpreting what’s going on in the Unconscious, and the Unconscious is not Dual like the Left Brain.  In the Unconscious, the other side of the Coin is as likely as the indicated side.  Since we Intend to Amplify the World We Want to Live In, we Choose the side which we believe will outpicture our Intentions.

So, we’ve recently discovered that we’ve been Denying (Eris), or Forgetting, the Moon Out of Bounds periods.  In July and August they spanned or will span…

  • 8:30pm PDT 3 July through 5pm PDT 5 July,
  • 6am PDT 18 July through 3:20 am PDT 20 July,
  • 3am PDT 31 July through 9am PDT 3 August,
  • 1pm PDT 14 August through 1:30 pm PDT 16 August,
  • 5:40 am PDT 27 August through 9am PDT 29 August.

The 18-20 July OOB event amplified the Revelation (Eris Station) New Moon that we’re still deep within.  The 31 July-3 August OOB play will amplify the impending Full Moon that in turn pre-amps the 15 August Outpicturing of the Soul (Uranus Station) and the recent Demise of Victimhood (Chiron Station), as does the 14-16 August OOB Drama more directly.  The 27-29 August OOB event will likely be a Doozy, as it amplifies the amplification of Conversion of Fear to Power (Sedna Station), for those who even consider such a Conversion to be Possible.


What Am I Remembering? II

July 28, 2020

The culprit who started the whole Canolavirus thing has been found, and she doesn’t seem to be projecting much Remorse…

She may be working for Mother Earth.

The major problem with Denial is that sooner or later, Mythology and Reality collide in ways that we have to stand on our heads to try to maintain our Denial, and all our Credibility falls out of our pockets, if we’re lucky enough to be wearing pants…

Maybe Chris Cuomo can be our modern-day Edward R. Murrow…


Here’s some Perspective, from the Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele…


“Dear readers, during these times of so much turmoil and confusion our hope is that these messages will bring information and encouragement.  Do not become discouraged for present times are the very reason you chose to be on earth at this time.

“The shift that so many have hoped and prayed for has begun but does not look like so many expected it to look.  This is because they were imagining it with three dimensional concepts of what a perfect new world would look like.  All the bad guys would be removed and all the good guys would live happily ever after with no problems.  Release any remaining concepts you may still hold regarding the earth’s ascension and allow the process to unfold as it must.

“Many old and well established three dimensional creations must first surface in order to be seen and recognized for what they really represent before the majority can be aware of, reject, and stop energetically feeding them.  This is a process, but as maps point out, ‘You are here.’

“This will continue for a while and there is more to come.  Stand centered in your highest spiritual realization as an observer, but one who is open to helping as needed.  Some are being guided to take an active role, while others are to simply hold the Light.  Neither is more important than the other but both must be done without ego involvement.  Follow your intuition, listen, trust, and know that you are always being guided.

“We see many changes coming soon and more to be revealed that are not yet energetically ready for manifestation.  Do not be shocked and upset when people and issues begin to be exposed for who and what they represent.  You are prepared and have had fair warning but some information will be shocking to those still living in old energy.  You may be called upon to reassure and assist those unprepared for information and change.

“It can be a time of celebration if you allow it to be and if you are able to let go of concepts about how everything should or shouldn’t look.  The journey toward a higher resonating planet earth has begun and no amount of interference from those seeking to uproot the process can stop it.

“Much of today’s chaos is the activity of those who do not want the world to awaken into a new level of awareness for that would mean they could no longer manipulate and control.  However, they are running out of options for the Light has spiritual law to uphold, maintain, and sustain it, whereas false beliefs and concepts do not.

“As one’s personal consciousness becomes more enlightened, one begins to access and resonate with previously unavailable higher dimensional frequencies because they are now in alignment with them.  This in turn results in misalignment with some other things, like certain foods. … Choose foods that more closely align with your energy and trust your intuition as you shop.  The sky is not going to fall down if you eat something of a lower resonance, but you will feel better and your energy will be supported when you choose higher resonating foods.

“New energy levels will also cause some entertainments, TV shows, books, and activities to no longer resonate with you as they once did.  Family and friends who remain in alignment with these things will not understand why you are choosing to no longer fully participate and may interpret your lack of interest as personal rejection, frequently bringing about discord and misunderstanding.

“It can be a loving gesture to continue participating when something no longer important to you is very important to another, but never surrender your integrity or personal power in order to please others or ‘fit in.’  Do not allow pressure from others or a desire to keep the peace cause you to slip back into places you have outgrown or cause you to believe that there is something wrong with you.  It is never a question of wrong or right, it is simply a matter of energetic misalignment.

“Never surrender your innate power as a Divine Being, but at the same time be alert to avoid resistance on your part that can easily slip into an ego game that becomes about the three dimensional sense of power.  Walking on eggshells in order to please another must cease if a person is ever to experience their own innate power.

“There are situations and more coming in your life when you will simply and without regret or guilt, step away.  Always stand in your spiritual integrity (power), lovingly but firmly, without making mountains out of molehills in the false belief that you must stand your ground regardless.  That simply gives power to some person or activity that in and of itself, has no power.

“Power is never personal, bestowed only on a select few.  God alone is power and that power flows in, as, and through you from Source within – it is your birthright.  Ego, or the sense of a selfhood apart from God never has or ever can have real power although many continue to claim it for themselves, and appearances may look that way.

“Because a physical body is necessary for three dimensional living you are limited in some ways and often under the influence of collective thought.  As truth increasingly becomes your attained level of consciousness, many three dimensional concepts will fade away allowing you to actually experience increasingly more qualities of Divine Consciousness that were previously just intellectual knowledge.  Once a truth becomes your realized state of consciousness, you are no longer in alignment with commonly accepted but false beliefs about it.

“You will begin to notice that you often know or act without conscious thought and it turns out to be the perfect action for the situation.  You begin to automatically know what foods your body needs and what activities are right for you.  Synchronicity happens and things begin to fall into place easily and without effort.  The right people come into your life at the right time.  The harmony, completeness, wholeness, and intelligence of your own realized Consciousness is expressing through you without personal effort.  You are allowing. rather than trying to make it happen.  Be-ing rather than do-ing.

“Lecturing, preaching, or punishing the un-awakened never brings about lasting change for every person is only capable of living their attained level of consciousness until they can open to their next level which usually comes about through experiences.  Jail or prison, counseling, and intense experiences all have potential to awaken someone if they are receptive, but higher awareness can never be forced on another.

“Never fear or resist allowing certain people to fade out of your life if they are choosing to remain in old energy and you find yourself no longer in alignment with them.  It is not your job to save anyone, that is the person’s own job for every person has a Higher Self and Guides

“Your work is to have your hand out and available at all times should another choose to grab it, but it is never to reach down into someone’s personal gutter and pull them out without their consent or desire.  Their situation could very well be a planned part of their evolutionary journey.  Always allow intuition to guide you in these situations for a person may actually be seeking help but not seem that way while another may simply want you to further enable them.

“Awakening happens when the Higher Self determines that a person is ready, and high frequency energy and current events are serving to shift many into readiness.  A new wave of energy is coming very soon, one that will expose and change many things.  Your awakened consciousness will draw to you those ready to hear what you can tell them about what is happening personally and globally.

“Love is the core and essence of all things because it is the energetic connection of the many within ONE.  This interconnecting energy exists between all living things but has been falsely interpreted by the three dimensional mind.  The result has been a multitude of commonly accepted beliefs about Love – attraction, emotion, sex, possession, as well as some very negative ones.

“Current conditions are forcing many for the first time to begin experiencing a sense of Oneness.  You are witnessing the birth of a higher sense of Love in collective thought as the virus and isolation puts everyone in the ‘same boat’ so to speak.

“Because there is only ONE, Love embraces all life regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, age, race, wealth, looks, or anything else that has throughout history served to separate people.  Love is the innate knowing (consciousness) that all things are connected.  Relationships of all kinds start with some sort of sense of Oneness (goals, likes or dislikes, interests, attraction etc.) but are experienced according to the state of consciousness of those involved.

“Frequently a sense of Oneness comes from having been connected in some way to another person in previous lives which then manifests in this life either as attraction or repulsion depending upon previous relationships.  Most heterosexual as well as homosexual partnerships take place between two who have become very close through previous shared lifetime experiences.

“As the reality of pure Love integrates and becomes a person’s attained state of consciousness, they automatically and without thought or ego-driven goal begin to respond to all life situations from a place of Love because they have become Love.  Always remember, you are Consciousness.

“All is proceeding according to plan.  Trust.  Allow.  Love.  The train has left the station.

“We are the Arcturian Group, 26 July 2020.”


And another Perspective, Channeled by Brenda Hoffman…


“We wish to address your need to be everything to everyone except yourself.  For these unusual times seem to be calling you to care for others.  But if you do, you will lose your balance, your place in this new earth.

“That is not to say you must isolate yourself, but instead, to remember, you are now as fragile as any you feel the need to care for.

“You adapted to caring for others, lifetime after 3D lifetime. Always ready to help others while neglecting yourself.

“Some of you may contend you were selfish in this or other earth lifetimes.  Such was so to balance your being, to add self-care elements for this lifetime.

“Given your 3D need to punish yourself whenever you have the opportunity to do so, many of you recalled past lives or incidents in this life that feed your need to punish yourself.

“Please allow yourself to know you needed those experiences, or you would not have created them.  And now you continue your 3D self-flagellation because your friends and family are in pain.  Your inclination is to join them.  Not necessarily to experience the same fears or pain, but to stop and comfort them despite your need to be elsewhere.

“Such is not a sin (there are no sins), but instead a needless activity for you and those you believe you are helping.  They are as strong and capable as you. For if they were not, they would not have selected this time to enter the earth.

“This is not an earth life for the faint of heart.

“You prepared for eons to be of the earth at this time.  Bravo!  But so did everyone.  This is not an earth life in which one or two people function so differently from other humans that they are noted in history books.  You are an Olympic Star, for you helped shift the earth and are now doing the same with your inner-being.  But then, so is everyone else.  Those of the waves following you have a different focus.  You are a star of this magnificent earth shift, and those following will be a star of something else.

“If you stop or slow down to help them, you will do so from your focus, not theirs.  Such would be counter-productive for both of you.  For you would encourage those following to focus on your area, forcing them to negate theirs.  And all the while, you would feel off-balance, maybe even angry for being ‘forced’ into their dilemmas.

“Perhaps you believe those of 3D did the same to you when you initiated your transition process.  So they did.  For you were an oddity, someone they could not fully understand.  Which encouraged them to try to return you to their 3D boxes.

“The difference is, you are more powerful than were your 3D naysayers.  You are stronger in your love and your need for others to be like you.  So it is your attempts to push others – through what you believe is caring – is much more harmful to both of you than was true of 3D others when you began your transition.

“Of course, your heart breaks at times as others cry in fear and pain.  Such is to be expected as your heart has opened in ways you never before experienced while of the earth.  But such caring is not productive now.  The two of you have different roles to play.  And if you feel the need to push or pull someone into your world, they will neglect theirs.

“It is time for you to implement your self-love, for you cannot live anyone else’s life even though both of you might wish that such was possible.

“You are different now.  Wiser, stronger, and more powerful than you likely now understand.  It is time for you to allow those in the second and third waves to find their power.  Carrying them or encouraging them to pity themselves is not productive for either of you.

“You do not have the energy nor the earth time to help them climb their mountains, to wade through their dark night of the soul.  You completed those phases before them for a reason.  You are the abstract instructor.  You have completed the steps necessary to be where you are – not in 3D caring for everyone but instead discovering yourself.

“Know that others have or will soon have the same power and strength as you, just not in the same arena.  So you can no more teach them how to be than it is likely a mechanical engineer could teach a first-grade instructor how best to interact with his or her students.  Even though both the instructor and engineer have unique strengths, those strengths seldom cross over.  So it is now.

“You are you in all your glory.  Those in the second and third waves are doing what they need to do to be in the same place as rapidly as possible.  Allow them to develop without your interference.

“Those parents who continuously coddle their children often discover their children have difficulties becoming responsible, for their children have not learned how to or have a reason to do so.

“Our final point is for you to remember to love yourself.  For these are indeed trying times.  You are adjusting to new you.  While those following are crying out for you to care for them.  And the energies just keep pummeling every one.

“You need downtime, rest, joy, and peace.  None of which is possible if you continue to ponder or worry about the needs of others without concern for yourself.

“Open your heart to yourself, and you will know the right actions for you and those you love.  Care for others, despite your needs, and neither of you will be in self-love.  So be it.  Amen.“

What Am I Remembering?

July 23, 2020

Thank the Goddess for Reliable Sources – the Comet isn’t a Hoax after all…


Spiritual Meaning of Comet Neowise

What a contrast to what’s going on in Portland, and the Antichrist’s promise to bring his Stasi to the rest of the US.

The 20 July 2020 Eris Station (Emphasis on What Has Been Denied) chart is also the 20 July New Moon chart, and while the impact of a Station weakens after the fact (with exceptions), the impact of a New Moon grows over the following several weeks.  The conditions at the New Moon are the Model for the following weeks.  So we’re stuck with this chart for a while.

As Stephanie Austin notes in her 20 July New Moon report, “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know,” quoting Pema Chodron.  Stephanie’s excellent detailed reports on the New and Full Moons are not online but emailed to you by (inexpensive) subscription – you can request a free sample by emailing her at

Very timely quote for an Eris Station, but also describes the “exceptions” we mentioned above to the impact of Stations weakening rapidly after the fact.  If we Confuse the Energy of a Station with the Contents (Emotions, Thoughts, Events, Situations) of our Experience of it, and consequently make a Decision to Protect ourself from similar Future Experiential Contents or Energies, we Create a Karmic Limitation that can torture us for Lifetimes.  This is why it’s so Important to be Conscious of the Energy Milieu that we’re Experiencing – and exactly why we’ve spent much of the last 40 years writing this blog and its pre-Internet predecessors.

So basically, being stuck with this chart for a while, …

when we look at the Contents of our current Experience, are we Denying the impending-5D Grace that is descending upon us, or are we Denying the Nightmare of the simultaneous Pandemic and budding Civil War that’s demanding our Attention?  Knowing we are all Light Workers, I’m assuming it’s neither (though I Confess to spending more time Denying the Grace!).  So then, how are we handling the apparent Contradiction?

I’m hoping we Remember that Either/Or is never Real but always Mental and Political, while Reality is always Both/And.  And I’m hoping we Remember that Contradiction is always an Either/Or, that we Revert its Attending Trance, and Feel Into the Paradox of Both/And.

How to do this?  Well, having thus educated myself (I don’t know about you, but I use this blog to Grok what’s going on), I plan to devote more time to Focusing on What I Want (which would be the 5D option) than I spend on Attending to What I Don’t Want (which would be the Pandemic/War/Fascism option).  That’s one way.

Of course, that’s a Decision, isn’t it.  So I also need to Feel Into my Compulsion to Attend to all the Pandemic and Class Warfare Sturm und Drang.  It’s an absolute Treat to see People of Color getting a little Respect for once; they deserve orders of magnitude more, especially since it will be their Aboriginal and Sustenance Survival Skills that will Teach the rest of us how to Survive Global Warming.  The Antichrist’s Class Warfare is doing a good job of Re-Denying Global Warming – not such a good job at Re-Denying Racism.

Considering that I was born nine months to the day after the Firebombing of Hamburg, my Compulsion to follow the Rise of Fascism isn’t Surprising.  But I need to spend less Chagrined time with the Guardian and more Loving time with my Emotional Reactions.

So, our New Moon will Project the Revelation of Denial (Eris) Station for at least two weeks, till the Full Moon.  What happens in the interim to divert this Energy?  Not a lot.  I don’t usually follow Initiations (First Conjunctions, which begin Cycles) closely, so there are probably some of those.  But there are no Stations.  Because the Impact of a planet is Strongest when it’s Standing Still, Stations get the most Attention from this blog.  So without another Station, the Eris/Insight Station continues to Rule the day.

The next Station isn’t till 15 August, where Our Connection to our Soul (Uranus) comes more into Focus.  The 3 August Full Moon and 15 August Station of Uranus both occur in 11-12 Degrees.  That’s the same Zone as the 11 July Station of Chiron (Despair and Miracles).  The 4 July Full Moon and the 6 July Station of Ceres (Sustainability), at 13-14 Degrees, were very close.  Our Attention to Paradox above comes from the Chiron Station chart, with it’s Yin Gate

The 20 July New Moon and Station of Eris (Revelation of Denial) are in 25-29 Degrees, as was the 9 July Station of Haumea (Rebirth).  No other Stations intervene till the end of August.

So the rest of July and virtually all of August are about Rebirth (Haumea) into Deeper Honesty (Eris), and a Deeper, more Sustained (Ceres) Relationship with Our Own Soul (Uranus), Triggering our own Natal Planets at or near 11-14 and 25-29 Degrees.  Perhaps by Reverting the Karmic Trances that Compel us to Lend Our Strength to That Which We Wish to Be Free From…

What Am I Forgetting? II

July 19, 2020

Ho Ho, a Breakthrough on my Toe!  We will never be able to Manifest something New in our Lives if we let Mechanism Distract us.  The Discomfort in my Toe looks to be a Physical-Mechanical problem.  So it seems like only Physical-Mechanical or maybe Chemical (which is Physical after all) Intervention can help it.  So a couple of days ago I realized that I was Focusing on Mechanism!  And therefore Dead-Ending.

Since a Physical-Mechanical Healing didn’t seem easily Available, I would have to Manifest a Miracle.  I don’t have complete Confidence that I can Manifest Miracles at will before breakfast, so what to do?  Well, PIAVA, or course!  I started with a Theta Healing, because that allows me to see how I might be Blocking the Healing.  Then a Tapping, because that allows me to Balance the Energy in my Meridians, with the Possibility that it can Reduce the Tenacity of the Block.

Or a Poor-Sweetheart, because that can produce Miracles (Outcomes that were not Possible in the previous Concept Set) directly.  But a Poor-Sweetheart requires totally Changing the Subject, and I wanted a Miracle Now!  So I alternated Theta and Tapping till Show Me! showed me a positive Outcome – which it did!  So I’m Confident that Healing is underway.  Doesn’t mean I won’t need Booster sessions, but the Healing has begun.

Went to look for the Comet yesterday evening, no sign of it.  Could be a Hoax.

The 9 July 2020 Rebirth chart, which occurred in the same Degree, Challenged our Confidence (T-Square to Chariklo-Jupiter-Pluto).  But in the 20 July chart…

…the New Moon cleverly fills the Vacancy and Completes a more Balanced Configuration (Grand Cross).  Doesn’t mean there won’t still be Hassles, but it means they’ll Complement one another, if only in the sense that they won’t give us time to get too Freaked Out about any one of them because there may be too many of them (though they’re likely to be “smaller”).  Confidence is a lot Easier to maintain when we aren’t Freaked Out!  No matter what situation you find yourself in, your Reaction and Response to it is more than half of the Experience, and Feeling Victimized by an Experience calls in more Bummers.

Another planet has also joined the Confidence Energy, and it’s the planet that means Pay Attention to Priority #1 (Saturn), which will Light Up our Confidence Big-Time.  Which is good, because we’ll be more likely to Notice Self-Doubt and Counteract it (with a Poor-Sweetheart maybe, or Tapping, or just Recognizing that if we don’t Support ourself by Believing in ourself, why would anyone else)?  Even though most of us are Trained not to Believe it, Vulnerability is actually the Strongest form of Protection.  If your Community doesn’t Honor and Reward that, you need a new Community.

As it was with the Rebirth Energy, our basic Hassle is that we’re likely to be Denying our Need for Rebirth (Stationary Eris Opposite Haumea, and even though it’s been ten days since Haumea Stood Still, it’s only one arcminute from it’s Station – in other words, still very Strong).

Again as in the Rebirth chart, the overall Pattern is a Big-Eared Bat – I think that’s a better name for it than a Headless Flying Squirrel.  The hidden Head, tucked between the Ears, would be at 29 Scorpio, which we could consider to be a Vacancy.  No prominent asteroids there, but there’s a prominent Star, one meaning that a Healing, Consciousness-Expanding Journey is afoot (the Fixed Star Toliman, the foot of the Centaur [Chiron]).  The (Sabian) symbol for the Degree is about Vulnerability and Honesty (“A Native American woman pleading with the Chief for the lives of her children“).

That New Wise Guy 2

July 17, 2020

Aha, Sherri Burch and Brett Joseph have generously sent us an ephemeris for the NEOWISE Comet… My 10-Leo guess was darn close, surprisingly!  I was aiming for 20 July 2020, to match our Eris-Station chart.  4D spherical geometry isn’t my strong suit.  This means NEOWISE will be crossing…

  • Asteroid Klotho (Beginning New TimeLines) around 22 July,
  • Asteroid Lachesis (Ending TimeLines Consciously around 26 July,
  • Dwarf planet Orcus (Reverting Oaths) around 27 July,
  • Asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death) around 2 August,
  • Dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) around 4 August,
  • It’s supposed to disappear around 7 August,
  • Asteroid Sappho (Unconditional Self-Love) shortly after that.

Seems appropriate – I guess Self-Love has to be our own Work!

That New Wise Guy

July 16, 2020

Chris writes…

“Wondering if what you’re forgetting is Comet Neowise – Talk about ancient Karma …

No, not Forgetting, I’m in Denial.  Good article, nice pictures, thanks, Chris!  In picture #6 Neowise is Sharing the stage with “Noctilucent” Clouds (the network of glowing wisps between the Comet and the horizon).  They’re caused by “Meteor Dust” so  high in the Atmosphere that they’re still in Sunlight long after it’s Dark where we are.

Here’s another Sharing, this time with Auroras and “Steve”…

The green dashes are called “Picket Fence” Auroras, and the purple Jet on the left is “Steve.”  How it got that name is so silly that I’ve forgotten.  Unless it’s an acronym, maybe for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement.  “STEVE is a recent discovery.  It looks like an aurora, but it is not.  The purple glow is caused by 3000°C ribbons of gas flowing through Earth’s magnetosphere at speeds exceeding 13,000 mph. It appears during some geomagnetic storms” according to…

13,000 mph does sound like a bit of a “velocity enhancement.”

I’ve been hoping to find a Longitude for NEOWISE, so I could look at it’s Relationships with our other Friends, but I haven’t seen one.  So I had to make one up.  These are very difficult to calculate, but I’m guessing it’s around 10 Leo, which means our Visitor from Outer is  Challenging our Soul (Square to Uranus), Providing Grace if we can Dump our Victim Trances (Trine to Chiron), and Willing to Help us Break Olde Patterns (Unx to dwarf planet Orcus), especially Victim Patterns, if we can Avoid Anal-yzing them (Orcus Trine to Uranus and Quincunx to Chiron).  Maybe carrying that Message from Headquarters (NEOWISE Trioctile to Galactic Center-South Node).

What Am I Forgetting?

July 15, 2020

Seems like it’s something Important, but I just can’t quite put my finger on what it is.  Sorry about Original Blessing 10 – WordPress and I Confused one another, and it fell into the Bit Bucket.  It’s probably on its way to Chiron as we speak.  There are some good threads there (and in its offspring, Original Blessing 11), and we’ll probably get back to them eventually.  But meanwhile, it seems like there’s something Important, but I just can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

That’s what the next astroadventure in our Unending Series is about, as the dwarf planet that symbolizes Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris) is very prominent (Stationary in 25 Aries) till at least 20 July 2020 (12:30 pm PDT).  It occurs only a few Degrees from the New Moon (in 29 Cancer, Square to Stationary Eris) that also visits on 20 July, three hours earlier.  Which means we’ll be dredging up Ancient Karma and its more recent Mirrors, so we can Clear them, till well into August.

I had a prominent episode yesterday.  I’ve a nasty Bruise on a Toe that’s Healing, but oh so slowly, so I’ve been Wondering, Okay, what am I Holding that my Toe is trying to Remind me of?  What’s Ungrounding me?  As I get Olde, I can feel some of the same afflictions that sent three of my closest Relatives to their Graves.  So as I begin to Empathize with their Suffering to see if there’s a path to my Toe through those Woods, I Realize that I really wasn’t There for all of them as they died.  Well, as I’m Feeling Sad about that, an inner Voice says, matter-of-factly, “Well, they were never There for you either.”  Not quite “Serves them right!” but edging in that direction.  My immediate reaction was Whoa!  That’s Anger!  That’s why my Toe Feels Angry!

I don’t plan to take the same path to my own Grave, so, apart from moments of misplaced concern, I carefully Avoid Diagnosis.  Diagnosis in Allopathic Medicine does not identify a Cause, it Triggers a Trance.  Once they suck you into a course of “$$Treatment,” you can’t help but fall further and furthur into their evil, blood-sucking Trance.  My Relatives died from vastly different Diagnoses, but very similar symptoms.  “Coincidentally,” They Couldn’t Breathe.  See what i mean by how Reality is Multifarious AND Unitary?  Is this my Toe, or is it the Protests?  Or the Granolavirus – which even attacks Toes!?!?  (It was originally referred to as a Pneumonia.)  As Without so Within!

So, I think I’ve found the Crack in the fabric of the Universe, and if I can figure out how to Wriggle through it, I may be able to find a Chironean Miracle (Chiron’s still moving very slowly, as it emerges from its 11 July Station) that will Heal my Toe and ease my own path to my Grave while it’s at it.  You Poor Sweetheart, your Toe is taking a long time to Heal, isn’t it.  That’ll be a good Chironean way to start Wriggling.

The shared astromap for our now-through-Mid-August Revelation Experience (the Eris Station and the New Moon, both on 20 July) is very much like our 9 July Rebirth chart (Haumea Station – Eris is Opposing Haumea)

Oops, wrong picture!  Ain’t that Lily something though!  If you step back and look at it from across the room, it’s definitely Radiating more Light than it’s Reflecting, and it’s not even in the Sun, it’s in Full Shade!

Here’s our picture of Eris Standing Still in the Sky…

That business about Healing the Sense that another Shoe (or Sword) Is about to Drop (asteroids Panacea Opposite Damocles) is still in the chart, I just didn’t draw it in this time.  Our Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris Station and New Moon) can feel like Shoes Dropping anyway.  So we could Experience a vague sense of Foreboding for the next several weeks.  Like in Original Blessing 7, I Asked the Andromedans to drop one of their gorgeous Orbs into a Chakra, the Fourth (Heart) this time, and it was Glorious!  I didn’t Feel anything at first, but then I raised my head and saw the Orb.  The Colors were Beautiful!  The vivid Colors were like finely splattered paints, on top of one another.

As with the Rebirth chart, the most troublesome element in the Revelation chart is the Disinterment of our Ancient Guilt (T-Square to asteroid Nemesis).  Relative to the Rebirth chart (see Original Blessing 4) though, the deck chairs have been shuffled slightly.  We still have a Directive from Headquarters to Clear Enough Karma to Liberate Our Own Personal Forbidden Genius (Galactic Center-South Node-Lilith-Ixion on one end of the base of the T-Square), but Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) has replaced Ending Karmic Patterns (asteroid Atropos) in the Mission (North Node) cluster, changing it from something like Ending TimeLines that Stop Us from Transcending our Limitations (Original Blessing 5), it will be more like Trusting Our Intuition to Move Us toward Our Dream of an Infinity of Respect for All Things (Eurydike-Asbolus-North Node-Chaos-Hopi on the other end of the base of the T-Square).

In short, in order to Liberate Our Own Personal Forbidden Genius and Move toward Our Dream, We’ll Need to Endure the Exposure of Our Ancient GuiltLike my Guilt about not being Available to help all of my Relatives.

Original Blessing 9

July 11, 2020

Thinking about Chiron, his Nemesis asteroid Heracles, Mortality, and Immortality today, I checked on the timing of their Dance together.  Heracles turns Retrograde on 13 July 2020, which itself is interesting, as it means that Heracles is Strong here, and would likely be Invested in Restraining Chiron from Transmuting his Wound, ie, in preventing us from Experiencing the Ego Death that would give us Permission to Abandon our Victimhood, and Revise our Life to make room for the Broader Horizons that Eschewing Victimhood enables.  Another twist in the Paradoxical Mystery School surrounding the Chironean Incentive to take Intuitive Action (Moon-Mars) to Expand our Consciousness (asteroid Juno) to make room for greater Unconditional Self-Love (asteroid Sappho).

As for Mortality and Immortality, Chiron was Immortal but Chose Mortality to Avoid the Immortal Pain of his Unhealable Wound.  Heracles was half Mortal because his mother Alkmene (asteroid Alkmene is Conjunct Uranus at 12 Taurus as we speak – the whole family is here!) was Mortal.  His Mortal half built his own funeral pyre and immolated himself to Avoid the Pain and Disintegration from the poison that Nessus had tricked him into wearing (dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] as we speak is 3½ Degrees from the Chiron Station, in 14 Pisces, Conjunct Ceres [Sustainability], just beyond our usual three Degrees of Sensitivity).  Nessus earned his reputation for Patriarchal Abuse and Privilege by attempting to rape Heracles’s wife, for which Heracles killed him.

It turns out that asteroid Heracles turns Retrograde before he crosses Chiron, meaning his probably-Patriarchy-Supporting tricks are just warming up.  Heracles is an Earth-Crossing asteroid with an orbit of only 2½ years, so it backs up much faster than Chiron does, with its orbit of 50 years.  Consequently, Heracles doesn’t cross Chiron till 18 March 2021.  It also turns out that asteroid Heracles’s symbolic father and contractee, asteroid Zeus, is as we speak making a Challenging Angle (T-Square) to Chiron and Heracles (from 13 Capricorn), and to our Self-Love (Juno-Sappho).  Asteroid Zeus is another Earth-Crosser, so the Patriarchy is Alive and Well here, looking over our Should-er.  Keep that in mind as you debate with yourself whether or not to Eschew your Self-Deprecating Habits – and of course also Remembering that debating is antithetical to the Paradox we seek to Discover.

The full 11 July Abandoning Victimhood (Chiron Stationary) chart…

The other important Configuration that we haven’t discussed yet, is the Challenge (T-Square) to Our Heart’s Truth (asteroid Aletheia) from a Tug-of-War (Opposition) between Our Soul (Uranus) and Our Karma (asteroid Moira [Fate and Choice]).  Our Karma Constitutes our Fate until we bring it into Consciousness.  Once we do that, and Choose to Act on it, or at least PIAVA Acting on it in a Safe way, what used to be our Fate becomes our Choice.  It’s rather amazing how this Challenge Mirrors the one we discussed earlier (Moon-Mars-Chiron-Heracles Opposite Juno-Sappho T-Squared by Zeus).  But here we have the Power of Our Own Soul taking a stand against our Slavery under the Patriarchy and its Enforcer our Karma.

Our Karmic Habits and the Conscious or Unconscious Either/Or Morality that comes with them is the Picture of our Yangtegrity – our tendency to Do What We Said We Were Going to Do, and our Slavery to the Patriarchy.  The 2D Mind Mirrors that.  To move toward 5D and that Field where Rumi suggested we Meet, we need to move into Yintegrity – our birthright to Act from our Intuition and Do What We Feel Like Doing, Moment to Moment That’s tempered by frequently Renegotiating, and when that’s not possible and the Relationship is worth keeping, Making Amends.

The theme of Mortality and Immortality plays out through our Immortal Soul (Uranus) outlasting the Poisons of the Patriarchy and the Karma which Yangtegrity forced upon us when Eve fired up the Left Brain by eating the Apple.  As a Projection of Adam (his rib), Eve was the first Patriarchal Enabler, leaving Lilith as the alternate template, for Feminist Yintegrity.  Meanwhile, our Current-Linear-Time purveyor of Mortality, the Coronavirus, invites Compassion from the Yintegrous Empathetic, and Denial from the Yangtegrous Sociopathic, even as it locks the Patriarchy in the Death Spiral we see playing out today.  Very Clearly, a Portal to 5D.

Original Blessing 8

July 9, 2020

We can’t really say we’re entering a new Time Province now that we’re past the 9 July 2020 Rebirth Energy (Haumea Station), because the “new” Energy has been with us all along, and really we should read the 9 July Energy and the 11 July (till 2pm PDT) Energy (Chiron Stationary in 10 Aries) together as one event.  But Sheesh, it’s complicated enough as it is.  At least we can interpret their co-incidence as Rebirth without our Victimhood (Haumea [Rebirth] and Chiron [Despair and Miracles]).

The most important part of the 11 July chart is a Yin Gate (consisting of a Mystic Rectangle split by an Opposition across the centers of the short ends of the Mystic Rectangle), meaning what we call a Mystery School, wherein we Learn to be Comfortable with Paradox, with two or more Mutually Exclusive Phenomena happening at the same time.  It’s only the Mind that’s Either/Or.  The Universe is Both/And.  So if we encounter Mutual Exclusivity, we know that it’s in the Mind of the Observer, and not in the Observed Reality.  Here’s the Yin Gate, drawn in heavy lines…

We recognize a Yin Gate quickly from its two adjacent green Xs behind a red “asterisk,” or three long red lines (Oppositions).  There’s a lot we could read in a Yin Gate – for instance, the diagonal red Oppositions kernelize the meaning of the blue rectangle (Mystic Rectangle, “Mystic” because the ratio between its long and short sides is the “Golden Ratio” of Sacred Geometry).  And the four green lines (Quincunxes) provide us a lot to be Curious about.  But the Bottom Line of a Yin Gate, the Paradox itself, lies in the central long red line (Opposition, in this case asteroids Juno and Sappho Opposing Moon, Mars, Chiron, and asteroid Heracles).

So, what manner of Left-Brain interpretation would we assign to that?  Chiron by itself (which is the Star of the chart, being Stationary) is about the Ego Death necessary to Abandon Victimhood in favor of the Unknown that lies beyond it.  Moon-Mars is about Instinctual Action.  And Heracles was one of Zeus’s Hit Men, executing a contract on the Icons of the Matriarchy in order to make it Safe for the emerging Patriarchy.  That was Then but this is Now, and the Patriarchy is Obsolete.  So what’s Heracles doing here now?  Well, it was Heracles that helped himself to the Sacred Wine that Pholus was to have been Protecting, causing the Melee that killed Pholus and others, and Wounded Chiron himself.  Both Chiron and Heracles are, through different dramas and at different times, both mortal and immortal – an interesting twist.  It’s complicated already, and we haven’t even gotten to the Opposition.

So let’s just Anal-ytically interpret this Complex as Identity Confusion and the Mess it Causes, as we Act in ways that everyone Misinterprets, ruining all of our Relationships.  The other side, Sappho-Juno, is easy – it’s just Expanding our Consciousness (Juno) into Unconditional Self-Love (Sappho).  So, as Social Beings, we might consider this Opposition, using our Left-Brain, to be about Resolving our Identity Conflicts to Improve our Relationships as Mirrors for Unconditional Self-Love.  We might even be able to pull that off, if we Poor-Sweethearted ourself for having Identity Conflicts.

You perhaps begin to see how Deceptive the Left-Brain can be.  If we have to have it Mirrored to us from Others, it’s not Unconditional, is it.  Rather than trying to Puzzle this out more Intellectually, let’s go back to what we should have done in the first place, and Recognize that we have something Important and Surprising and Unexpected to Learn here, something Consciousness-Expanding about Victimhood, Intuitive Action, Codependence, and Self-Love, that’s likely to Change our Identity and lead to our Rebirth.  While we disparage the Anal-ytical approach, we also Recognize how useful it is as foreplay, because it Attunes us to the Issues, setting the stage for Intuition to be Motivated to appear.  But if our Mind isn’t Blown, we’re on the wrong track!  And Remember that the Paradox will be Different for each of us!

We’ll look at the full 11 July chart next…

But first, I want to hum a few bars from a video that my colleague Isaac George sent me today, by surgeon Jerry Tenant, MD.  After three viruses invaded and destroyed his brain, he spent what little Energy and Attention he had left Researching how he might put his Humpty-Dumpty Self back together again…

“As soon as I realized that everything in the universe is based in physics – not chemistry – I began to get well…  Cells need -25 millivolts of energy to run correctly [pH 7.4] and -50 millivolts of energy to make new cells.  All chronic disease is characterized by having inadequate voltage…  We [also] need all the materials that are necessary to make new cells.  This is called ’nutrition’ and requires a functional digestive system including stomach acid.  We [also] must deal with any toxins that destroy cells as fast as we make them.  The most common toxins are heavy metals like Mercury, dental toxins, and… the pesticide called RoundUp (glyphosate).”  (minutes 8.37ff)

I don’t know if this is the Paradox Epiphany I’m scheduled to receive, or only part of it, but the video certainly filled a lot of gaps in my Grokking of Biology, and created many more.  I suspect it’s just a Teaser for the real thing that’s still in the oven…

Original Blessing 7

July 9, 2020

Oops, forgot to mention those lighter lines in the Rebirth (9 July Haumea Station) chart…

I put them in as lighter lines because they’re Angles to new asteroids that we don’t usually use, though they’re easily interpreted.  Damocles is just that “Other Shoe” that’s waiting to drop, and Panacea is “just” a Heal-All.  Note that they very tidily Complete the Grand Sextile (Fabulous Grace, as long as we Take the First Step).  No harm in that!  And they also Challenge (T-Square) our Ability to Convert Fear into Power (Sedna).  Isn’t that Informative (probably that colorful Energy Ball that the Adromedans dropped into my Fifth Chakra)!  The Wisdom arises from the Other Shoe.

What’s the Worst Case?  The Payolavirus maybe?  Well, How will you Feel if that happens?  I know, you’ll Feel Sicker’n you’ve ever Felt, according to the reports I’ve heard.  But, What Is It about That, that’s needling you Now, when you don’t have it?  What Does it Remind you of?  If you can Get Present with that Feeling, it will take you to the Heal-All you need, and probably Close whatever Hole in your Aura that the Garudavirus might have used to get past your Immune System.

Here’s a Reply to our Quest…