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Lachesis-Varuna 1

March 13, 2019

We’re detouring to examine the minutiae of the Angles that asteroid Lachesis is making with other planets, under the thesis that Lachesis can Teach us to Change or End undesirable Timelines Purposely, rather than remaining their Victim.  The Mythological Lachesis was one of the “Fates,” the Goddess who Determined the length of the “Cord” that wove the Fabric of Destiny.

But we Believe that Fate and Free Will are not properties of Reality, but yet another False Duality of the mind of the Observing Huper.  It’s the mind (and Politics and Manipulation) that Operates in Either/Or, while the Universe (along with Spirit and Manifestation) Operates in Both/And.  Fate is what Befalls us when we Operate Unconsciously; Choice is ours when we Operate Consciously.  The first Requirement for Operating Consciously is Awareness.

So we’re examining the Lachesis Cycles, to see what it can Teach us about Choice.  In the previous post we discussed the Lachesis-Chiron Cycle and its Impact on whether we find Life, Time, and Opportunity to be Discouraging or Exciting.  In the post before that we mentioned the Lachesis-Uranus Cycle and its Contribution to how much we Allow the Soul to drive our Lives rather than the Ego.  Next up is the Lachesis-Varuna Cycle, which has the Potential to bring our Health and Vitality under Conscious Influence.

On 14 March (3:30 am PDT), Lachesis Completes a Waning Sextile to (two Signs behind) Varuna.  If we allow one Degree of Sensitivity to this Angle, then this Energy comes into our Field around 10 March.  At three Degrees, it’s more like 1 March.  One Degree is the more traditional measure, but the more Sensitive among us will probably find three to be more Realistic.  As we said in the previous post, the Sextile delivers Grace in matters where we Take the First Step, and Striving to Upgrade our Consciousness is certainly an excellent example of Taking a First Step.

In a Waxing Sextile – the Sextile that occurs shortly after the Initiation of a Cycle, while the Cycle is in the Building phase – it’s fairly Clear what we can do to further the Cycle.  A Cycle doesn’t hit the Mainstream till the Waxing Square, so at the Waxing Sextile we’re kind of on our own, without a lot of Outside Support or Acknowledgement.  If we Recognize that and Make Use of it, we can get in early on the Trend and, as it were, “Buy Low,” or perhaps help Determine the Vocabulary of the Conversation that will eventually erupt into the Mainstream.

But a Waning Sextile – the Sextile that occurs shortly before the End of a Cycle, is a different story.  A Cycle for practical purposes Ends at its Waning Square, so by the time of the Waning Sextile, we’re Descending into the Void.  We could for instance Take the First Step to withdraw our Investment in the Cycle’s Energy, but even that would be a little late.  It may be more appropriate to Take the First Step to Clear Away All Expectations around the issues that the Cycle has Influence upon.

So the Lachesis-Varuna Cycle is about Making Conscious Choices about our Vitality.  That doesn’t mean getting a flu shot or Changing our Supplements.  It means that we start to Recognize that it’s our Thoughts, and How we Deal With our Emotions, and How we Relate to Spirit that have the most Powerful and Foundational Impact upon our Health and Vigor.  Compare how you Relate to your Vitality to how you Relate to your Abundance.  Is there any sense in which you’re in Scarcity about your Health?

Do you Respond to Messages from your Body – such as Pain or Discomfort – with Gratitude and Full Attention (to the Message-Sending Organ), or do you go directly to Symptom Alleviation?  Do I regard Pain as a Bother, or as a Gift?  Do I look to see how my Pain may be Influenced by my Habits, Thoughts, Emotions, Karma, and Patterns of Love, Fear, Gratitude, Regret, Embrace, and Rejection toward the Sources of Discomfort in my Body?  Am I a Victim of my Discomfort, or am I Adept at Manifesting the Comfort I want?

Gary Craig (, Dr. Kim (, Nick Ortner (, to name only a few practitioners, all provide many examples of what is sloppily called “Mind Over Matter” or “Mind-Body” Healing – sloppily because it’s a lot more than “mind,” in the usual intellectual sense of the word, that’s doing the work.

I find that it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t stare at me blankly when I remind them that Body, Spirit, Intellect, and Emotion are not different, independent “Levels” of Life whose paths never cross, but different Perspectives on the Unitary and Multifarious Reality that Comprises our “Usness” and the World around us.  (I don’t even try to tell people that “We” don’t end at our Skin or our Egos.)  One of the fastest ways to Change a facet of our Lives that we don’t Want, is to Shift to a different Perspective on it.

A Physical Issue?  Do your Thoughts about it contribute to your Discomfort, or are they Healing you?  Are your Feelings about it conducive to Healing, or to Harm?  What are you Praying for?  Remember that All Thoughts are Prayers and All Prayers are Answered.  “I’m Worried about this Ache, I better go see what the Doctor has to say about it” is a Prayer, and what is it Praying for?  For Surrendering your Power, and not to any Higher Power.

A Waning phase of a Cycle doesn’t mean that the Issue, such as Vitality (Varuna), or our Victimhood or Adeptness toward our Health (Lachesis-Varuna), goes away.  It means that the current Specific Cycle is Fini.  So what do we know about the Cycle that’s Ending, the Energy we need to Let Go Of?

It initiated mid-June 2014 in 26 Cancer, “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.”  So, these are not owners, and perhaps not even regular visitors to this Abundance, they’re “Guests.”  In the context of Vitality, these are not Empowered, Active Participants in their own Life Force, they’re more akin to visitors in the Doctor’s office.  But they are Studying – something.  They could be immer Strebend.  Without their own Resources, they’re able to Borrow someone else’s.  So maybe the four years and nine months of this Cycle are about Getting Our Own Resources for Self-Healing.

The chart of the Initiation tells us more about how we’ve spent the last half-decade…  The Initiation Squares the Nodes, telling us that this Opening to Conscious Suzerainty over our Vitality, to the extent that we’ve Lived it, has been an integral part of our Lifetime Journey and Mission.  We may not often have been Conscious about this part of our Journey, but we can rest assured we Harvested the Experience that was necessary for us to Harvest.  When we consider all we’ve Learned about Tapping, Poor-Sweethearting, Theta Healing and the like, even if we haven’t yet applied it consistently to Physical Healing, we’ve Learned a lot that we can apply.

The Nodes are joined by Eurydike (Trust) on the North (Mission) and Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) on the South (Held Emotions, Karma), so we can Trust that we’ve Learned what we needed to Learn and Opened doors to what we needed to Let Go Of.

The incredible Stellium (group of three or more planets) in late Sagittarius has been a relatively Easy Path (Trine Bridge) around or through our Vitality Issues.  The Stellium is about Gaining Confidence that We’re Being Fully Responsive to Enough Self-Sovereignty to Overcome Our Programmed Shame and Begin to Embrace our Forbidden Genius and Appreciate Its Role in Our Survival as an Individual and as a Species (Chariklo-Pholus-Hylonome-Ixion-Quaoar).

Then there are the three Challenges (T-Squares, red triangles) that aren’t directly connected to the 26-Degree Initiation itself, but which are part and parcel of the Cycle.

First, we’ve Opened our Intuition (Asbolus) with God/Goddess’s Help (Neptune) to End the Karmic Vows which had been serving as Hard Boundaries that we’ve been working to Overcome, against the New Life-Serving Beliefs and Expanded Perspectives that we’ve been Gaining (Atropos-Orcus-Pallas).

The other two T-Squares Complement one another.  They’re about how The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is to Change our Values (Venus) to Allow Unconditional Self-Love (Sappho), and how we Heal our Despair (Chiron) by Facing the Truth (Veritas) of our Limitless Potential (Chaos).

Can you see how these Changes have been playing out in your Young Life over the last five years?  It’s time to Congratulate ourself for a job well done, Change the Subject, and Trust that we’ve Learned enough to now Instinctively Create a New Life where we’re more Adept at exerting Healthy Control over our Physical Circumstances.  Lord knows there are plenty of other Cycle to fret about, so we should be Delighted to know we can Let Go of this one, at least till September when the Next Cycle begins.

So what about the September Cycle?  Where will it take us?  No, it’s time to Change the Subject.  The more we can Accept that we’re In The Void phase where we’re Purging everything we Know about Lachesis-Varuna in order to be Available for the New, the more we’ll be an Open Channel for that new Energy when it Arrives.  But it hasn’t Arrived yet, and if we meet it from our current Perspective, the Perspective of the End of the Old Cycle, our Expectations will cause us to miss most of it, to Frame it in obsolete terms that will cripple it.

Mean Node Wins

July 27, 2014

apach7100bpApache Tears – translucent Obsidian – protect the Root Chakra from exterior influences, so you can focus on what’s going on inside your own Field.

* * * * * 

Well, so far, and for me at least, the Mean South Node wins over the True South Node as the meaner of the two.  I didn’t notice much when the True South Node crossed Eris (July 24), but I’m sure feeling South-Nodey now that the Mean South Node is approaching Eris (July 29).  How has it been for you?

I’m feeling a lot more heavy Karmic (been there done that) material now than I was last week.  How about you?

Interesting that both Node-Eris adventures are accompanied by Grand Trines (Big Dumb-Luck Grace), the first by Mercury-Saturn-Chiron July 23-26, and the second by Venus-Saturn-Chiron July 30-August 3.

This last week Miracles of Understanding were available to us.  During this next week Miracles of Forgiveness are about.  That means Miracles of Self-Forgiveness as well as Forgiveness of Others.  Self-forgiveness is a big part of Healing ancient Karma.  Self-Sabotage occurs when we Judge an important part of our True Self, and it has to go underground to survive – which means Guilt and Shame and Instinct-crippling Hesitation.  We won’t even know to look for the positive function in our Self-Sabotage until we find a way to Love the cluster of negative Emotion surrounding it.

The basic issue here is our Patterns of Self-Sabotage.  They could be lit up big and we could be noticing that they’re up and seeing how they work, giving us an opportunity to begin flushing them.  Huzzah!

Self-Sabotage Patterns could also be lit up big and we could be reacting to them as Victims.  These Karmic bundles aren’t simple; if they were we’d have sent them packing Lifetimes ago.  Sometimes we can make progress with analysis, but we’re almost always better off with PIAVA.  Whatever makes you feel like a Victim here, PIAVA to grok how the Energy works, or simply that the Energy moves on.

Whenever Self-Sabotage is lit up, the opportunity for Changing the Pattern is at least as big as the potential for Sabotage.

Another name for Self-Sabotage is Denial.  Be mindful that no one can be clear about anyone else’s Denial.  Believing you know what someone else is Denying is always a Projection.  Turn it around – whenever you’re tempted to use an accusatory You-Statement, back off and reframe it as a Fourth-Step I-Statement. 

If someone else is accusing you of Denial, don’t take it on.  Review it, as there may be useful information embedded in it for you, but remember that they’re talking about themselves, not about you.  Don’t think you know what they’re saying about themselves, however – that would probably end up as just be another accusatory You-Statement.

Of course there are exceptions, mostly around whether or not you or Other asked for an opinion on the issue.  But don’t take it as more than an opinion – Humans are enormously complex, and there really is no window of understanding from one to another.  On very narrow issues it can feel that way, which is great, but don’t confuse that with knowing.  Even if you (or Other) are Psychic and have very useful information in the circumstance, don’t forget that it’s all metaphor.

Then there’s Ego.  It’s such a temptation to want to feel Superior to Other (to compensate for our chronic sense of Inferiority), and the illusion that you know them better than they know themselves is particularly poisonous.  Learn to recognize the sense of Superiority as a symbol for Ego-bloat.  PIAVA to be simultaneously Conscious of your compensating Inferiority.  If you can hold both in your Attention at the same time, or even rapidly switch from one to the other, you can neutralize the dichotomy that traps you out of Balance.


July 19, 2014


My friend has completed the sixth in her series of wonderful cinematic odes to the Sacred Trees, on Hazel or Coll.  The Mandalas are spectacular!  For Hazel see

(full-screen recommended!) and for the series see


Chiron in Pisces

June 24, 2014

Snowflakes, Up Close and Personal

A reader with planets in Pisces commented about how heavy their Heart was in Grief for the Planet, after reading about how the US Department of Agriculture is driving small Raisin farmers out of business by confiscating half of their crop without compensation in the name of “price supports.”  Not that Raisins are world-shatteringly depressing; what’s grievous is the way Corporatism has replaced Democracy in the USofA – Raisins are just another nail in the coffin.  We agreed that my response might be useful to others…

* * * * *

“I had a hard time with last Thursday’s Chiron Station too, and it’s already past my Pisces planets – it hasn’t crossed yours yet, and you have a lot  more Pisces planets than I do – fun!  It goes Direct again in late November, so it’ll be more intense next year – now’s the time to get started on it!  Chiron is Squaring your Vesta in Sagittarius – so when you see how marred the Planet is relative to your native understanding of how it can be (Vesta) – and how it is most other places, Hollywood notwithstanding – it’s especially painful.

“Unfortunately, with all that Pisces, this is what you ‘came here to do.’  But the ennui isn’t bottom line, it’s the Challenge that’s bottom-line, and in fact Chiron moving through Pisces gives us all the opportunity to convert our Despair into Miracles.  Try a few of these tricks to see if any of them make any difference…
* * * * *
“1. Take at least an hour where you won’t be disturbed, and locate the Grief in your body.  Doesn’t have to be all in one place, just pick the place where it’s heaviest.  Put all of your Attention into that place, and hold it there.  Keep bringing it back lovingly and gently when it strays, which of course it will.  If you can’t get “in” because of a spongy wrapping around the Grief, just keep pushing gently on the outside until you make it through to the center of the Grief.
“Do this as many times as it takes – you may be working on the same or a different place each time.  A great time to do it would be when you would otherwise be falling asleep.  Once you get to the center and hold your Attention there for a while, it’ll move.  Follow it, until you lose interest.  Once it moves, you’ve actually succeeded in Embracing the Dragon, and its offspring will be a lot easier to Embrace (with your neutral Attention).
* * * * *
“2. Tapping.  This is Big, so you’ll probably need to Tap a lot, and you’ll probably feel like it’s not making much difference, but you will actually be chipping away at it.  ‘I got ‘im!  I’m wearing ‘im down!’ as Bob put it in Monsters vs. Aliens (would be a good movie to watch).  You can Tap whenever you have a minute or two to spare, and imagine Tapping while you’re doing other things that don’t require a lot of Attention.  Energy follows Attention, so pretending to Tap works almost as well as physically Tapping.

* * * * *
“For locating the Grief in your body and Attending fully to it, you want to be in a quiet place where you have at least an hour free with no distractions and nothing to do except sit or lie quietly.  This is your Life Work as a Pisces, so no need to rue the commitment.  Tapping and Attending will complement one another.
“Either one of those may take a couple of weeks to break through, but it should get easier over the next several days as Chiron moves away from Stationary and into Retrograde.  I’d guess that most of what you’re experiencing now is echoes from the intensity of last week.  Just because it’s getting easier doesn’t mean you should pretend that the issue is resolved; it’ll be back stronger than ever, so whatever you can do now will make it easier in the future.
* * * * *
“3. ‘Attaching’ to the Sadness is your Karmic Pattern (that’s what Pisces does for a Living – initially).  It draws you in and you’re compelled to feel it.  You actually have the Choice not to dwell on it.  You don’t want to do that through Denial; you want to move through it to the other side, so you’re still aware of it, but it no longer demands your full Attention.  From that place on the other side of it, you have a lot more Power.  Because of the placement of Pisces in your chart, this Grief process for you is all about Power.
“You can PIAVA to move through it ‘lovingly, gently, rapidly, and completely,’ and if you still feel like you might miss something, you can add ‘while retaining any of the benefits I would have gotten by doing this another way’ – 
” ‘Great Spirit, may I please be released from the grip of Grief, lovingly, gently, rapidly and completely, and retain any of the benefits I would have gotten by doing this any other way.
“If you still get Yes-Buts, add their antidote (no negatives) into your PIAVA
If you can think of a better non-negative way to rephrase ‘be released,’ great.  ‘Released’ is a dangerous word, because you don’t want to Renew the Lease – you wouldn’t want to ‘be Re-Leased by Grief,’ for instance.  ‘Be released from’ might work, but play with it.  You need to make it yours.  Maybe ‘may I please Let Go of Grief’ – the active voice may be better than the passive. 
Don’t forget to Change the Subject – hard to do when we’re ‘Attached,’ but again, just lovingly and gently say to the Grief, as many times as it takes,
” ‘Oh, Hi again Sweetie – I’m taking a break now, but we can connect again on the other side, okay?’
* * * * *
“4. Your Vesta is in Sadge, and Sadge’s unique expertise lies in Letting Go.  So before you try anything else, just pick a place in the Yarden where you can just Let the Grief Go back into the Earth, where it will be Compost.  If you fear it will fester, imagine dumping it onto a golf course, where it can tangle with the -cides.  Hell, they might neutralize one another.  If it works to Let Go, you’re done for now.  If it doesn’t work to Let Go, then try one of the heavier processes.
* * * * *
“5. Write out an Affirmation like ‘Grief flies away and Miracles are Afoot’ over and over again, letting it morph each time.  Write until your hand flows perfectly smoothly, with no trace of jerking or hesitating, then take a break.  Do this several times a day.
* * * * *
“This really is your Life Work as a Hyperpisces, so making these meditations a very high priority would be a boon. 
“Keep me posted, okay?”
* * * * *
As Chiron works its way through Pisces and invites us to either drown in our Despair or Change the Water, it’s being followed by Neptune.  That’ll be a much bigger Challenge, as our little Human Egos aren’t just threatened with Ego Death, but completely immersed in an Ocean so vast there will be no “landmarks.”  We won’t even know up from down.  Chiron leads the way for a very good reason!
“The Way Out Is Through” is the Pluto-in-Scorpio anthem (or anybody-in-Scorpio anthem).  It was the anthem of the Recovery Movement in the 1980s, when Pluto was in Scorpio.  Pluto in Sagittarius is about “Just Let Go.”  Your Vesta may not be in Sadge, but the Just-Let-Go app is there in our playbook regardless; we only need to summon it forth.  That took us through 2008.  Pluto is now in Capricorn, where the theme is “Just Fix It.” 
To do that we need all of the Power we can muster.  Your own natal Pisces may not be about Power, but again, the app is there in our playbook, we only need to summon it forth.  We don’t have Power when we’re in Despair or Grief or any other difficult and consuming Emotion.  We don’t have Power when we’re in Denial either, so heavy Emotions are not something we can do using “Will Power” or Power-Over.  Only by Embracing our heavy Emotions till they become our old friends, till we’re on the same side, do we gain Power. 
Someone we know put it well when they said, “Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Ego Death, I shall fear no Evil.”  Because all of those instruments of torture are well known to us, we’ve Sat with them, Tapped with them, PIAVAed with them, and practiced Letting them Go to see if they would return as friends.  Till there is nothing left to Fear.  If you haven’t read Ursula Le Guin’s The Farthest Shore in a while, this would be a great time to do it.  Denial will be difficult in July. 

Current Events – Portal 6.24-6.27

June 22, 2014

una8844bpA “Mineral” is a coherent Crystal composed of specific Elements and Ions (not molecules – Crystals are made up of repeating Ionic structures, while molecules are discrete units).  A “Stone” is a combination of Minerals.  When Minerals frequently pair up in certain ways, the Stone gets a name.  Unakite is a Stone, comprised of green Epidote (a simple Calcium-Aluminum-Iron Silicate Hydroxide) and pink Feldspar (a complex Potassium-Sodium-Aluminum Silicate).  Unakite symbolizes Partnership, as it’s one of the few stones that combines the two Fifth-Chakra (Heart) colors, green and pink.  We’re working in this Portal with Partnership between our Ego and our Soul.

* * * * *

Plus a week or so on either side.  This shouldn’t be a big deal.  If we’ve been dragging our feet on our Yintegrity work, and on noticing and shifting our dysfunctional Patterns, though, it could  get ugly.

Mars Opposes Uranus at 1am PDT June 25.  Just Mars (which operates more on the mundane level so we only consider it when it’s dancing with The Bigs), just an Opposition (which usually only creates problems for those still stuck in Either/Or), and it’s just the Confidence-Builder phase (third pass of three), so not a biggie.

But how was April for you?  If you didn’t take Responsibility for any hassles then, you have the opportunity now to make up for it.

Life is like assembling a piece of Ikea furniture.  If we get sloppy on step 17, step 26 will be a killer.  Each one of these astroevents is a step in assembling a Lifetime, but a Lifetime is a zillion times more multidimensional than an Ikea armoire.  Ignore one step, and the others just get more and more complicated and confusing.  The April step (and the December step before that) was about

How vigorously we were willing to defend our True Self

How did we do?  Did we pass the test?  We find out in this Portal. 

  • If we did a decent job in April, we’ll get another opportunity to practice, and this time we’ll ace it.  We’ll know exactly what to do when Mom says that again or the boss does that again.  And we’ll never fret about this sort of threat to our Identity again. 

That’s why we call this the Confidence-Builder stage.

  • If we took the easy way out in December and April and Gave Away our Power again, well, we’ll still get another opportunity to practice defending our True Self, it just won’t be so easy.  We’ll still be trying to be “nice” and wavering about being honest.  Or we could just blow up, as the internal pressure to finally Claim our Power, and the programmed need to avoid rocking the boat, meet in a 120-kph internal head-on.

Remember, Power is never given, that’s an oxymoron.  Power is always taken

The adjectival form of Power is Politics.  If our only way to play Politics is to play nice, we’ll get stabbed in the back more often than not.  To play Win-Win, we have to constantly assess whether our Mirror (ie, the Other person or party) is playing Win-Win too.  Because if we’re playing Win-Win and they’re playing Win-Lose, we Lose hands down.

A synonym for Power is Ego.  Ego’s job is to keep us alive and well.  It’s a noble calling.  In some cases Losing at Politics is an Ego Death.  Ego Death is good if you’re Conscious that you’re molting, but very painful if you aren’t – and usually painful even if you are Conscious.  So I’m not against Ego Death by any means, just recommending less painful alternatives.  Someone has to defend your True Self, and if it ain’t you, it ain’t nobody – everyone else is in the same pickle.  How you Respond to Ego Death is critical to the shape of the new Ego you’ll be creating out of the ashes of the old one.

This is another case where, if we’ve repressed an important facet of our Self, or if we’ve been programmed to be someone that we really aren’t, then when we move to Recover our repressed Skill or True Self, we have to start over at the age where we left off.  That’s intimidating, because we don’t want to act six years old at work, or turn three years old when we need to ask for Respect.  But it has to be done, or future archeologists will puzzle over our deformed fossil.  Practicing in non-critical situations is beneficial – act out a scenario with a friend instead of your boss or your partner. 

And Jupiter T-Squares the Nodes at 3am PDT June 27.  This is a one-shot event, but it’ll trigger the same April issues because our last big Jupiter mash-up was the very close  April Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross, and because claiming our True Self is nothing if not an adventure in Letting Go of our Karma and realigning our Identity and our Mission.

No matter how well we did in April, we can expect whatever remains of our dysfunctional Patterns to be up in our face during this Portal, as well as pressure to move toward our Deepest Desires.  When something important doesn’t work and it’s deja vu all over again, by all means Pay Attention enough to tentatively Identify the Pattern so you can PIAVA what you Want instead.  But forget the Analysis. 

Analysis does not work on a Square.  Analysis is reductive, and a Square must be addressed holistically.

Whenever you catch your mind crawling over the problem, thank it for trying to help and put it to work on a game of Sudoku.  Besides being unpleasant, trying to think your way out of a Karmic dilemma will just make it worse.

What would you have Wanted out of the situation?

PIAVA that directly, then make sure you Change the Subject.  Mark your calendar so you can revisit the problem in a couple of days, and examine what happened between your PIAVA and this later review.

If you want to speed this process up, use Theta Healing.

That website is always way too busy.  Just buy the book, Theta Healing: Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality by Vianna Stibal.  I’m going to butcher the process here, so don’t blame Vianna!

I’ll give you a really bastardized short form of the process here, but this is an unpainted child’s tricycle compared to the chauffered red Rolls Royce in Vianna’s book. 

  • Wait till you haven’t had any alcohol in a half-day or so, you’re well-rested, and feeling pretty alert
  • Drink a glass of Water
  • Ground yourself (imagine a cable running from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth)
  • Close your eyes
  • Roll your eyes upward and keep them there
  • Then say to yourself, “Great Spirit [or God/Goddess or whomever works for you], Creator of All That Is, I Command XXX.”
    • Where “XXX” is what you Want
    • Add “lovingly and gently” if you’re trepidatious
    • Add “rapidly and completely” if it’s Life-and-Ego-Death important
  • “It is done, it is done, it is done.  Thank you.”
  • Pause a moment while the dust settles
  • Then say, “Show me.”
    • What you’ll be shown is how well it worked, or what else might need to be Commanded to get it done

If this super-simplified version works at all for you, then by all means get Vianna’s book or CDs and explore the method further.  It if doesn’t work for you, like I say, don’t blame Vianna – you need the book even more.  This is a very powerful incantation.  This is why Command, along with of course Wonder – as in Curiosity – have been added as silent members of PIAVA.

The difference between our Karma and the Habits that hide our True Self is the same as the difference between a blue car and a car that’s blue.  Same with the difference between finding our Mission in the Lifetime, Following Our Joy, Recovering our True Self, and Living in Yintegrity.  It’s all one Work.  Sometimes our Karma is attached with glue, sometimes nails, sometimes screws, sometimes welded.  So when one tool doesn’t work, we try another.

Remember that here after the End of Time, Karma is dead.  The Illusion of Karma is alive and well, because Karma is after all nothing but Inertia, and we’ve been dancing with this Inertia for a long time. 

Karma is often translated as The Law of Cause and Effect.  But we know Cause and Effect requires Linear Time, because by that Law Cause must come first.  And we also know Linear Time is an Illusion, since All There Is Is Now.  Even Einstein couldn’t find any reason why Time couldn’t run backward.  Causean Defect is so deep in our (Western) heritage that it’s very difficult to even conceive of a Universe operating by different rules.

Jung postulated what he called the Principle of Association as an alternative to Cause and Effect.  He was contemplating a situation where a man was killed in an accident while the man was at work, and at the moment he was killed, a large swarm of Crows landed on the roof of his house (he didn’t work at home).  We have to stand on our heads to make that anecdote fit into Cause and Effect.

But what it’s easy to imagine from that story, is that there is a larger process going on than our Awareness typically encompasses.  A Mystery.  Like the sudden sharp downpour, Lightning, and loud clap of Thunder during my mother’s funeral.  Cause and Effect (which is an entirely Intellectual process, happening in the mind of the observer, not in Reality) is used as a manipulation to keep us out of Mystery, to keep us away from Spirit.  Put Cause and Effect together with Retribution, and you have a powerful way to keep peasants “in their place” and separate Egos from Souls.

To break free of Karmic Inertia we only need one thing – to remember that it’s a Paper Tiger.  Once you turn around and face your Sisiutl, you’ll see how the Monster destroys itself.  But we’re so used to expecting horror that we’re loathe to turn around.

Once we Recover the Abandoned Herstorical Child (from this Lifetime or another) that has become our Sisiutl, then we start our journey to teach age-appropriate Skills to this Child.  That can be daunting.  But once we remember that Life is on our side, we’ll remember that this Learning process goes remarkably quickly.  From the threshold it seems huge.  But it’s only the first step that’s intimidating, the rest is Grace, as we Integrate into Bliss.

A footnote: The Saturn-Chiron Trine is parallel to the Mars-Uranus Opposition.  It’s not a rectangle, it’s a trapezoid or trapezium.  Otherwise, it’s similar to the Box Configurations we’ve been discussing.  Except the “X” it creates aren’t Oppositions, but Quincunxes.  As Box Configurations are driven by the Oppositions, this sort of trapezium would be driven by the Quincunxes – Mars-Chiron and Saturn-Uranus…

We’d be ahead to encourage our Curiosity about how Action relates to Miracles (which might have something to do with the process appearing to be hard but ending up to be really easy), and encourage our Curiosity about what sorts of Magic might happen if we really did Follow Our Joy.

State of the World

June 17, 2014

Spend an hour with Dr. Rickards in this video, and you won’t need to read his new book; this hour is actually much better than the book.  The intro is long – if you want to skip it you can start at 6 minutes in.  If you don’t know who Jim Rickards is, though, the intro does a good job of summarizing his bio…

Stick around for the questions; they’re great.  Afterwards, you may want one of these Mercury Retrograde Body Mittens, which Alan Annand describes here as eloquently as Dr. Rickards describes the global political economy

body_sweaterThanks to Barbara for the tip! 

I’m worried about the feet.

Miracle Alert Portal 6.20

June 16, 2014

Chiron Stationary

I’m short of time today, but I wanted to send out just a quick note to ask folks to be Conscious this week about any possibilities for converting situations where there is Impossibility, Despair, Discouragement, Cynicism, or Skepticism into circumstances where the Unexpected could completely upend our negative Worldview – creating what we beforehand would have considered to be a Miracle.

The Impossibility part is particularly critical, because if we consider something to be impossible, we’re unlikely to be Conscious of our Choice to do this.  And if we are Conscious of the Choice, it’s sometimes perverted into a badge of Pride that we’ve rejected that way of seeing – Negative Consciousness, more or less.

To be alert for converting the Impossible into Miracles we need to be Open.  Be mindful of any Judgment or Pride this week – it could mask a perceived Impossibility.  If you Open to the possibility that your Judgment and Pride could be off the mark, even just a little, that could help create breakthroughs.

As Einstein famously said, we can’t solve a problem by using the same thinking that formulated the problem.  We need to change the way we look at the situation, in order to allow the “Miracle” to occur.  We can do that by noticing when Impossibility, Despair, Discouragement, Cynicism, or Skepticism arise, and simply Opening to exploring other ways of seeing. 

Consider it a Mystery – you don’t want to understand (though that could happen, as we’re still under the Epiphanic spell of the Full Moon), as that would allow the Mind to freeze our Consciousness into a new Judgment.  Just leave the door open for more detail and embellishment to be added later to fancy up your new Perspective.

This Portal is already open.  It peaks at around 6am PDT June 20, and then will take a few days to close up after that.

Chiron is Stationary Retrograde at 18 Pisces on June 20.

We’ll add more details as we get time over the next few days.  This is a further development in our Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl New Paradigm.  We know how that has affected our Economics, since it was Initiated during the Subprime-Derivatives Crash of 2007-2008, which is still impacting our post-globalization economic lives.  But it applies as well to the rest of our Lives.

* * * * *

The Last Two Elements of the Big Full Moon

And also over the next few days as we get time we’ll finish what we started about the Big Friday-the-Thirteenth Full Moon.  For now I just want to mention them briefly.

#3 – Learning Opportunities galore.  Major Themes?  Relationship, Manifestation, Mystery, Self-Care.

At the Full Moon there were planets in four out of five corners of a Grand Quintile, not to mention a couple of additional Quintiles.  The Vacancy was on the Cusp of Leo.  The four planets were Mars, Moon, Neptune, and Venus.  The additional Quintiles were Sun-Saturn and Pallas-Uranus.

#4 – Foot-in-Mouth Disease, and more Learning Opportunities about Self-Care and Authenticity.

A Tricolor comprised of Eris Square Jupiter Quincunx the Full Moon Trine to Eris, with the Centaur Pholus (about which more later) Conjunct the Full Moon…

Heal situations where you’ve said or done the wrong thing and possibly offended people, by Wondering what kind of Transformation in your Identity you might actually be Unconsciously intending to Manifest through this action.

You could well be wondering why we’re including all these “obscure” minor planets and even Midpoints – Makemake, Hylonome, Pholus.  We use the same “what’s most important?” rules as we do for opening a chart – when the obscure folk are Stationary or occupying a major position in the chart.  Otherwise, we ignore them.  Since they represent elements of the Unconscious that usually escape our notice, however, their application can open the door to major expansions of Consciousness.

Full ‘Nother Fez Moon

June 14, 2014


Scheelite, or Calcium Tungstate, besides being very beautiful (and weighing a ton! – Tungston is only 10% lighter than Lead) is a great helper for dissolving self-sabotaging Karmic Patterns and replacing them with Habits that help you construct a Life in Harmony with your Mission.

* * * * *

I forgot to point out in the last post that Juno, the star of the Mjolnir and the Yod, sits in front of the Star Algol.  Algol has a nasty reputation, but fortunately Kelley Hunter has reframed Algol for us in her book Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine.  In her reframing, Algol is fearsome to the patriarchy because like Lilith it represents Feminine Power.

* * * * *

A Different, More Pointy Fez

And here’s the rest of the Mjolnir-Yod-Plus Configuration, which itself is the second of four big components in the Friday the Thirteenth Full Moon Chart…

Mjb0614Our original Fez consisted of a Trine and a Sextile between the ends of two Squares.  This one, taller and more pointy (though almost upside down), is a Square and a Semisextile between the ends of two Trines.  If you’re into geometry, a Fez is an isosceles trapezoid – two parallel sides with the other two sides at identical angles to the first two.  In three dimensions it would be a flat-topped truncated pyramid.  What makes them both Fezzes is that they both contain two interlocking Tricolors.  I suppose if we wanted to differentiate them we could call the original a Square Fez (having two Squares) and this one a Trine Fez (with two Trines).

With the purely Twelfth-Harmonic Semisextile connected to the Square by two Trines, this would seem like an ideal Configuration to use for Pattern-Breaking.  What’s the Square about?  Between Hylonome and Makemake?  Aren’t we getting a bit obscure here?  Well, not really.

Hylonome is to die for, after all.

Makemake is included because it was Stationary at the Full Moon, turning Direct the day before.  A Stationary planet, recall, can dominate the whole chart.”

We don’t know it like we know Mars or Pluto, so

We’ll have to put on our New Insights glasses to Intuit how Makemake might dominate the chart, but you know, when the whole chart is asking us to Expand the Edges of our Consciousness and someone’s standing there waving their arms,

(that is, Stationary Makemake)

it kinda wouldn’t hurt us to Pay Attention.  So what do we know about Makemake, that might help us discover where to look?  Remember, the process of Growing Consciousness is not one of Discovery, it’s one of Differentiation.  There’s nothing to Discover; it’s been there all along, like a Chameleon that hasn’t moved, we just didn’t Differentiate it from the rest of the background “noise.”  The Caribbean Natives Discovered Columbus – he wasn’t there before. 

But you didn’t Discover Football; when someone explained the purpose and methods and rules to you, you Differentiated it from what was there before – that mob of doped-up crazies running around kicking things because obviously someone must have sent out a flash-mob tweet.  Otherwise why are all these people in the stadium?  Suddenly it’s a couple of teams playing a Game.  That even explains whey their shirts are different colors.

So we need some clues, someone to explain the purpose and methods and rules to us.  Or at least give us a starting point, since we know that no two people see the same things.  We did look at Makemake earlier, and this is what we found

“Makemake presides over a significant project to hold our nose to the fire of Emotions that would otherwise prevent us from being constantly Attentive to the Edges of our Consciousness.  While Denial is no longer an option, once we recognize what’s happening and embrace it, it will be delightfully easy.”

We say this because in the Makemake Discovery chart Eris Conjoins the North Node; Juno Squares a Moon-Pluto Conjunction and Trines a Lilith-Saturn Conjunction and Quincunxes the South Node to make a Square Fez; and Ceres bisects the Moon/Pluto-South Node Sextile to create a Grand Trine with the Juno-Lilith/Saturn Trine.  In its own Discovery chart, Makemake Opposes Juno from 21 Virgo, “A girls’ basketball team.”  More on Makemake later.

Not much is known about Makemake in his Rapa Nui context, but it appears that a cult of Makemake may have been instrumental in shifting the agricultural orientation of the population toward survival after disaster befell the earlier Moai culture that made those big statues on Easter Island.  Thus there’s hope that Makemake Energy might make a similar contribution to current cultures.

So in some sense, a Hylonome-Makemake Square could imply that shifting the agricultural orientation of current culture toward survival might be worth dying for – or necessary to prevent cultural death.

The two Tricolors in the Pointy Fez are

  • Hylonome Square Makemake Quincunx South Node Trine Hylonome

We grow (non-GMO) Corn by being Curious about (which is to say, Letting Go of our Judgments and Trepidations about) our own self-sabotaging Karmic Patterns.  This in a Configuration that should be ideal for Breaking Patterns.

  • Makemake Square Hylonome Quincunx Juno Trine Makemake

We invoke Makemake’s Blessing by being willing to welcome Ego Death with Curiosity instead of Fear and Loathing, as we Grow the Edges of our Consciousness – by Letting Go of our old destructive Patterns.

Full Mjolnir Yod Moon

June 14, 2014

galk5564bpGalkhaite – beautiful poisons.  Cesium and Thallium (often radioactive), Mercury (with Copper and Zinc), Arsenic and Antimony (poisonous too), all bundled together tightly into a Sulfide.

* * * * *

I know, the Full Moon has already left the building, but its impact will linger for a while, so it’s still worth exploring.  Besides, the more we look into it, the more it appears to be a Life-Changing rite. 

So far, we have…

The Core Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between our Soul’s Path and our Personal Mythology, particularly around balancing our need for Order with our need for Beauty, and expanding our relationships with our Inner Female and Miracles. 

And the way these Mysteries are Changing, as our Personal Mythology changes to adapt to our changing emphasis on our Soul’s Path, and as our Soul’s Path evolves and adapts to the Choices that our Ego makes.

We’ll also be rebooting our Identity, as the Edges between “us” and “not-us” shift along with our Personal Mythology.  Just to take one example, how would your sense of Self change if you took every Either/Or situation facing you, and regarded it as a Mystery rather than a Choice? 

And we’ve recommended being very watchful here and in July for any sign of Despair, Cynicism, Skepticism, or any sense that something otherwise important is impossible.  When you catch yourself in Doubt or Disbelief, do a Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.

You don’t want to shut down the Miracle pipeline while birthing a new Identity.

* * * * *

The Edges of Consciousness

The core of the second major element of the Full Moon chart is a Mjolnir and a Yod, both pointing at Juno, our symbol for the Edges of Consciousness.

Mjolnir is a Norwegian word meaning Thor’s Hammer.  The latter is a traditional name for a Configuration consisting of two Trioctiles or “Sesquisquares” that emerge from each end of a Square and converge to a point on the opposite side of the Zodiac.

We usually associate a Yod or Finger of God with a strong suggestion that we should Pay Attention to the planet at the apex (or rather to its referent – we don’t want to fall prey to confusing the territory with the map), and a Mjolnir with a likelihood of Epiphanies, again about the referent of the planet at the apex.

The name Thor’s Hammer carries with it the implication of enormous destructive force.  That’s why we’ve chosen to use a less familiar synonym, to soften the blow so to speak.  The Eighth Harmonic is about Alignment and Balance, not destruction.  And since the Trioctile invokes the Third Harmonic as well, there is an implication that the Trioctile should be “gentle but firm.”  

When you dig around and find out more about it, it turns out that the Mjolnir in Germanic cultures and the Vajra or Dorje in South Asian cultures are very similar symbols in their respective worldviews.  One of the most prominent meanings is Lightning, as well as the notion of the Indestructible.  To me that implies the shattering of the false Material form that clothes the Immortal Energy and Consciousness that enlivens it.  Hence, Epiphany.

The Yod, with two converging Quincunxes, sort of represents irrepressible Curiosity. 

The Quincunx by itself often inspires Curiosity, so we don’t necessarily need to Consciously choose Curiosity, except in the context of the Tricolor, where the potential frustration of the Square may dominate and allow us to forget to move to Curiosity.  With a Yod, Curiosity probably already dominates, so it’s not like I’m suggesting that we Pay Attention; I’m suggesting that the Universe will be telling us to Pay Attention.  Of course, Paying Attention in the additional sense of seeing what arises in our Consciousness seldom hurts, and as the third step of a PIAVA it’s essential.

In fact, Yods may be ideal times for PIAVAing, since that third step always requires a leap – or a stumble – into what’s previously been Unacknowledged or Undifferentiated.  When moving thus out of Denial is painful or triggers an Ego Death, Curiosity could be just what we need as a trigger to encourage us to make Amends, or keep ourselves out of self-condemnation.

That is, Pay Attention to the Edges of your Consciousness, and be open to Epiphanies about the material on the Edges of your Consciousness – and the same goes for the Consciousness of your species, of the Planet, and of all the other Entities.  For instance, you never know when the Ents will march.  How would that impact your relationship to your Home Planet?  Can you do Both/And with the possibility?  We need to reanimate the Planet if we are to respect Her.

The Mjolnir is the triangle made by the two converging thick gold lines (the Trioctiles) and the dark red line below.  The Yod is the triangle formed by the two converging green lines and the blue line.  As you can see there are also two Tricolors – the triangles formed by a red line, a green line, and a blue line.  The two triangles share the same red line, making a sort of modified, pointy Fez.  We’ll talk about the Tricolors and the modified Fez after we finish with the Mjolnir and the Yod.

Mj0614We need to split this up.  It’s one Configuration – everyone’s at or near the same degree, though of course Mars and Pluto are a half-degree off and pulled in by the Trioctiles.  Here’s the Mjolnir-Yod part…

Mja0614The Square that forms the base of the Mjolnir is Mars-Pluto.  Uranus has actually moved beyond our three-degree limit and, technically, temporarily, no longer Squares Pluto.

So our Yintegrity will no longer be the core issue, though still important.

The Uranus-Pluto Square will return, as it continues into 2015 after Uranus turns Retrograde.

The Mars-Pluto Square is however very close here, completing a Portal

(its Confidence-Builder Waning Square to Pluto)

on June 14.  As we’ve said about this Mars-Pluto Cycle,

It “began in late November 2012, at 9 of Capricorn, ‘An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.’  Mars-Pluto usually doesn’t screw around, so this sounds like it’s right out of Pi’s playbook around Responsibility.”

But at the Waning Square we should be finishing up with this Cycle, especially here at it’s third iteration.

For the last decade or two, Mars-Pluto astroevents have failed to trigger the sort of large-scale trauma which astrology traditionally expects from a Mars-Pluto Square.  Now we have an exception.  Why?  As a species, are we backsliding?

An obvious answer is that we’ve been ignoring the Angelic Harpist.  So just what is “the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of” a mass shooting or a gang rape or racism or Denial of Poverty? 

We each need to answer this relative to the Edges of our own Consciousness. 

Remember that the Mirror is often a funhouse Mirror.  It probably doesn’t mean that you are a closet mass murderer or gang rapist or racist, or that it’s your Avarice that causes Poverty. 

Can you find the Spiritual Meaning and Purpose at the core of our current circumstances without resorting to Retribution?  If your Personal Mythology involves a Punishing God – and you intend to keep it that way – then probably not.  For your sake, may your Soul’s Path concur.  I wish you well. 

What if you’d prefer a Loving God or Goddess, or prefer Original Blessing to Original Sin – with or without upgrading your current Personal Mythology?  Without Retribution, how can we get to the Spiritual Meaning of Trauma?  It may be a Mystery.  We may have to PIAVA more information to stretch our Edges.

Note that Juno was Zeus’s wife.  As jealous as Zeus was adulterous, she was always turning rivals into Stone.  That’s probably how we got so many lovely Crystals.  Jealousy is a modified version of Empathy – someone else is stealing our rightful pleasures, and we want them back.  We Empathize with the pleasure of Other, but in an avaricious way.  If we celebrated their pleasure, the Emotional and circumstantial outcomes would be quite different.

The issue is about how we can maintain our Suzerainty over our own Lives (or our Yintegrity) and allow Others to maintain their own Suzerainty, even as we are bonded to them.  Marriage is more than an Agreement.  But where some people see Betrayal, others will see Freedom, and it’s not entirely about gender.  Our Personal Mythology will justify some of our Values and others less so, and as our understanding of and our Integrity with our own Values evolves, so must our Personal Mythology.

Hence Juno is about the Edges of our Consciousness and the Edges of our Identity.  For some, “seeing is Believing.”  But for most of us, “Believing is seeing” – what we a priori Believe filters our Perception of Reality.  While Thoughts have intricate dance routines with Emotions, Intuitions, and Perceptions, Beliefs have deep taproots in the Unconscious.  The Edges of our Consciousness run far deeper than our Thoughts alone.

What about the Yod part, other than providing a strong emphasis to everything else?  The feet of the Yod are the North Node, and that ball with a “Y” on top that’s reminiscent of Japanese money.  The North Node there tell us…

That this Growth in the Edges of our Consciousness and Identity, and the vigor with which we are compelled to Defend it

(ie, the Mars-Pluto base of the Mjolnir)

is critical to moving into our Mission in the Lifetime, critical to touching and honoring our Deepest Desires, the reason we took this Life to begin with.

And what about the Yball?  That stands for the Centaur Hylonome.  Hylonome is an iceball only about 50 miles wide, about a third as big as its fellow Centaur Chiron.  And as Chiron’s orbit skims the orbits of Uranus and Saturn, carrying messages back and forth between our Soul and our Ego, Hylonome’s path skims the orbits of Neptune and Uranus, carrying messages between the Energetic Essence of our Community and our Individual Soul.  You could also see Hylonome as ferrying messages back and forth between the Godhead and the Individual Soul, as Neptune represents our relationship to everything larger than ourselves.

And what of the mythology around Hylonome?  Hylonome was

Willing to die for what she Loved. 

In other words, it is our Deepest Desires that motivate us to remain in Material Form, and it is our Growth in Consciousness and our willingness to Defend our Yindependence and Yintegrity that make it worth Sustaining the Energy necessary to hold that Form.  So while there was a hint in the Yin Gate that we may not get fed if we don’t respect our Yindependence, there is a hint here that we may lose our desire to eat if we don’t respect our Yintegrity and Mission.  

* * * * *

This is a very busy chart.  Let’s take a break, and come back to the rest of the Mjolnir-Yod-Plus Configuration in a while.

Full Moon Yin Gate and Portal 7.5-15

June 13, 2014

stail5783bpSwallowtail Selenite, a Crystalline form of Gypsum or Calcium Sulfate.  The same stuff that the inside walls in your house are made of.  Like Feminine Power – often so subtle that it’s not even seen, but what would you do without it?  Look at those subtle colors!

* * * * *

As we’ve said about the Full Moon’s Yin Gate…

“The Core Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between our Soul’s Path and our Personal Mythology.  And the way that Mystery is Changing, as our Personal Mythology changes, and as our Soul’s Path evolves and adapts to the Choices our Ego makes. 

“This is the central Opposition from the Vesta-Ceres Conjunction to Uranus, the central axis of the Yin Gate.”

“As in any Yin Gate, there are two Subsidiary Issues.  The first is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Order in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of Beauty in your Personal Mythology.  Do you know what it means to a Native American to ‘walk in beauty’?

“One of the other Oppositions in this Yin Gate is between Venus and Saturn.

“And the second Subsidiary Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Miracle in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of The Feminine in your Personal Mythology.

“The link is indirect, which we’ll explain in a while, but the third Opposition is between Chiron and a derivative of Lilith.  Derivatives were not reigned in after they caused the Worldwide 2007-8 crash.”

Here’s a picture of the Yin Gate


A Yin Gate is a Golden Rectangle (two parallel Trines with Sextiles between their ends, the blue lines) with embellishments – namely a planet that bisects each Sextile.  The two bisecting planets create back-to-back Fingers of God or Yods (the green lines) with the opposite corners of the Golden Rectangle.  Which means that there are three equally spaced Oppositions involved (the dark red lines).

In a Golden Rectangle, the two Oppositions provide the Energy, and describe any conflicts or Learning Opportunities that might arise.  But in a Yin Gate it’s the central Opposition that provides the Energy and intrigue, by virtue of the back-to-back Fingers of God.  A Finger of God (two Quintiles from a third planet to each end of a Sextile) basically means Pay Attention to this!

In this case the Core Issue is realignment of the Balance between the Yintegrity that we’ve been working with since 2012, and the re-examination of our deepest Values, which we’re in the middle of.

The actual Initiation of Vesta (our deepest Values, or that which we hold Sacred) by Ceres (Sustainability) doesn’t take place for a few more weeks, but they’ve been dancing together for a while now, so we can consider these realignments with our Yintegrity to be part of the Initiation, which as we said earlier was about “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest Form reconnecting itself to its overlighting Spirit.

* * * * *

Sacred And Sustainable

As it turns out, this re-examination of our Deepest Values is very profound.  Take a look at this intense ten-day Portal that spans July 5 through 15 – though we’re actually already well into the preliminary training…

  • July 5: Ceres Initiates Vesta at 22 Libra
  • July 5-6: The Moon crosses Mars, Ceres, Vesta, and North Node
  • July 12: Ceres Initiates Mars at 25 Libra
  • July 13: North Node Initiates Vesta at 25 Libra
  • July 13: North Node Initiates Mars at 24 Libra
  • July 14: North Node Initiates Ceres at 24 Libra
  • July 15: Vesta Initiates Mars at 25 Libra
  • July 16: The Sun Squares almost everybody from Cancer (the Sun Squares Mars a few days later)

As if any combination of the The Sacred (Vesta) and Sustainability (Ceres) isn’t important, the involvement of the North Node means that new parts of our Mission in the Lifetime are coming into Consciousness.  Mars brings Energy and Excitement into this Renaissance.  And the Moon manifests it from Potential into Form. 

These Initiations span the Gemini and Cancer Duads of Libra, which imply that we as Individuals and as Cultures have worked our way through Social Self 1.0, Social Self 2.0, and Social Self 3.0, and we’re embarking on Social Self 4.0…

We’re bootstrapping a whole new way of doing business with Other (primarily Other People, but also any Entity other than what we habitually think of as Me and whom we habitually Defend as Me, which for most of us includes the Planet).  We’re basically starting over in July, rebuilding all of our Relationships on a very different footing, one based on Compassion.

Social Self 1.0 was based on Reaching Out (Libra), 2.0 on Barter (Capricorn), 3.0 on Excitement (Aries), and Social Self 4.0 will be based on Nurturance (Cancer).

The feet of the Vesta-Ceres Finger of Yod are Chiron (Despair, Impossibility, Miracles) and Venus (Beauty in every sense of the word, including Coherence)…

We can expect two things from this bootstrapping – Elegance, and Miracles.  Be very watchful here and in July for any sign of Despair, Cynicism, Skepticism, or any sense that something otherwise important is impossible.  When you catch yourself in Doubt or Disbelief,

Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.

Let me repeat that with emphasis, because it’s critical for the Planet. 

Be very watchful here and in July for any sign of Despair, Cynicism, Skepticism, or any sense that something otherwise important is impossible.  When you catch yourself in Doubt or Disbelief,

Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.

There is something you Want very deeply.  Never give up on that; it’s one piece of the jigsaw puzzle called Planet Earth.  When you encounter any reason why it’ll never work, forget everything you know, quickly PIAVA Both/And, and Change the Subject.

* * * * *


The other pole of the Core Issue is the work we’ve been doing since 2012 (since the 1960s really) on our Yintegrity.  To review…

Yintegrity means doing what we feel like doing, moment to moment.  Yangtegrity means doing what we said we were going to do – the traditional measure of Integrity in a male-dominated World.  In order to live in Yintegrity we probably have to reduce our Commitments, renegotiate broken Agreements, and make Amends when necessary.  Avoid Explaining yourself whenever possible.

Not hard to see the connection between our Yintegrity work and Sustaining what we hold Sacred. 

The feet of the Uranus (Yintegrity) Finger of God are Saturn, and that funny little upside down “T” that we’ve drawn in the upper right corner of the blue box.  Saturn’s easy…

Saturn tells us that maintaining our Yintegrity – not giving away our Power or allowing someone we Love (or someone we don’t) to have Suzerainty over us – is The Most Important Thing.  We’ll be continuing our re-examination of the Sustainability of our Deepest Values in the context of our Yintegrity, not the other way around.

When there appears to be a conflict between Yintegrity and the Sacred, it’s your understanding of the Sacred that needs to be renegotiated, remembering that Now we see through a glass darkly.

There abide Faith, Hope, and Charity, and the greatest of these is Charity – there is no Love without Self-Love, and Yintegrity is the purest form of Self-Love.  With reduced Commitments, Renegotiation, and Amends, Yintegrity is also the purest form of Other-Love, as it eschews deception on all levels.  Yes, it sounds like Chaos when you’re in Resistance or attached to the status quo, but the status quo is Unsustainable.

So what’s that upside-down T all about?

There is no planet at the upper right corner of the blue box in the picture above.  This is the 18-degrees-of-Virgo Vacancy that will draft you into serving the Collective version of the Yin Gate if you have a natal planet or other “hot spot” there.

Okay, this isn’t really a Yin Gate – it’s missing a foot!  To avoid discriminating against the disabled, we call the missing foot a Vacancy, and invite one and all to fill it with a token from their Nativity.  True, but we should put it this way too.  It takes six points in alignment to make a Yin Gate.  When we have five of the six points, the Yin Gate is there in Potential.  We manifest it into form by invoking the Vacancy.  We can do that in several ways.

We can find someone who has a planet or other hot astrospot close to the Vacancy; they’ll be sort of a living key for opening the Yin Gate.

We can look for an obscure asteroid or a fixed Star hanging out there, and cast the implied meaning of the ‘roid or Star as the key that opens the Gate.

We can look up the Degree of the Vacancy, discover its meaning, and supply that Energy Consciously.  The Sabian Symbol for 18 of Virgo is…

A Ouija Board: the ability to contact deeper recesses of the unconscious psyche, and sensitivity to psychic intimations and omens.”   That certainly very much complements our work finding a Sustainable Sense of the Sacred, and dropping enough of our Masks to find our Yintegrity.  In fact, it’s probably necessary work for the task!  A prime purpose of the PIAVA process, embedded in the Pay Attention part of it, is to become sensitive to psychic intimations and omens – aka the Unconscious Surround that we haven’t differentiated into Consciousness yet.  Most especially our self-sabotaging Patterns.

When we write about the second element of the Full Moon chart we’ll see how incredible this actually is – the second element is dominated by a Finger of God and a Mjolnir (not just Pay Attention, but also Epiphanies) pointing at Juno, our symbol for the Edge of Consciousness.  And shitohdear, why does that Ouija Board sound familiar?  Because it’s the very degree of the Pluto-Uranus Initiation in 1965, the beginning of the Yintegrity Cycle we’ve been working on!

When we find corroborating evidence like this – several indications pointing in the same direction – we not only know we’re on the right track, but we know that it’s an especially profound process that we’re working on, as the Heavens are making sure we aren’t going miss it!

But it turns out there actually is something near 18 of Virgo in the Full Moon chart.  The upside-down “T” in the upper right corner of the blue box in the picture below is the symbol for a “Midpoint,” which is just a point halfway between two planets.

Midpoints are sensitive places in a chart where the Energies of the two planets are blended.  Obscure, yes (except perhaps in Germany where their study originated, at least in modern times), but also meaningful.

Earlier we referred to it as a “derivative of Lilith” – it’s the Midpoint between Lilith and Ceres.

These are some pretty fundamental Goddesses we’re working with here – Ceres or Diana, the Goddess of Grain; Vesta or Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth (who was honored in ancient Greece before honoring Zeus and after honoring Zeus, giving you an idea of who was really important); and Lilith, the Goddess of Yindependence.  Nobody does Yintegrity without first learning Yindependence.

Feminine Power often works invisibly. 

Just as this particular representative of Lilith (we’ll soon encounter another) is “imaginary” or symbolic, Lilith is pulling strings from behind the curtain, through her Midpoint with her co-matriot Ceres.

The symbol we routinely use for Lilith Energy is the second center of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth.  The Moon’s orbit is an oval, and ovals have two centers.  One is the Earth.  The other is a place in the Heavens that we call Lilith.

There is a subtle intimation that you may not get your macaroni unless you respect Ceres – certainly it’s true that you won’t get fed psychically without seeking your Yintegrity.

* * * * *

Whew, that’s a lot!  And it’s only the first of four major themes in the Full Moon chart.  How could I summarize this?  I’d just say Wow!  Zowie!  This is Big!  If you’ve lost the plot, go back to the parts in red and burn them into your eyelids in a large font.