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Jupiter and Saturn

July 29, 2012

I can tell when my Consciousness has grown – which is the same thing as an Identity shift or a change in frequency – when I get lost in my own neighborhood, or have to work to recall familiar things.  This morning I had to review each item in the fridge; it took me a while to remember what was what, to differentiate the Beet Soup from the Raspberry Vinaigrette and the Guacamole from the Peanut Sauce.  You might blame a minor ischemic event or an excess of Cider or a Walk-In (any one of which might have similar characteristics), but I can tell from Anne’s Weekly Weather, the sequence we documented yesterday, and last night’s Dreams, that this is a change of Trance.  Always cause for celebration!

You don’t change Trance dynamically (by doing), it’s magnetic (by being), it has to be approached indirectly.  The Great Earth Changes give us the certainty that the Male and Female are rebalancing, because without a big dose of the magnetic Feminine, we simply won’t make the transition.  We’ll be pixellated, like in Star Trek, but we’ll re-form in some other dimension, as somebody’s Walk-In.  Then we’ll really hafta go through the fridge.  If there’s any sense in which we do re-form at all.  The YouCan’tChange hypnosis is part and parcel of the Patriarchy Trance.

Hairy Dent’s review of the demographic cycles reminds us about the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  We haven’t seen any major Jupiter-Saturn Angles for a little while, so we forget to check its progress.  Jupiter-Saturn makes 20-year Cycles.  The Initiations fall into the same Element for a century of two, then shift into the next Element.  The Industrial Revolution was characterized by Jupiter-Saturn Initiations in the Earth Element.  When the Supercycle shifts, the Cycles stutter – after the chain of Earth-Element Initiations, there is one Air-Element Initiation and then one last Earth-Element Cycle, before the long chain of Air-Element Cycles begins.

The first Air-Element Jupiter-Saturn Cycle was in 1980, just as the “microcomputer,” as we used to call them, was introduced.  Then the final Earth-Element Initiation occurred in May 2000, the same month that the “tech boom” imploded.  So we’re just past halfway through the final Earth-Element Cycle.  The Earth Element is about materiality, while the Air Element is about intellectuality.  So here in the Swan Song of Earth as we knew it, we’re basically deciding what it is about materialism that we want to take with us into a century or two where mentality trumps materiality and your lawn no longer determines your status in the ‘hood.  Won’t that be a change of Trance.  Kinda lends a new tint to the new Chiron-Neptune paradigm.

What’s the essence of the  current Cycle, as measured by the Sabian Symbol of the year-2000 Initiation?

“A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”

Doesn’t that make sense.  We’re shopping for the jewels that Matter.

Well, the halfway point of a Cycle is an Opposition, which fell into March of 2011.  We’re kinda weird, in the sense that we don’t like most folks do consider the Opposition to be the Culmination of a Cycle, but rather the PhitilePhi, or 222 anda half degrees, is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry.  The Sign-anda-half between the Opposition and the Phitile is partytime, when we enjoy the fruits of the Cycle.  But once we’re past the Phitile, the main program is about clearing away any attachments we have to the old Cycle (let alone the Supercycle – namely, the Industrial Revolution, aka materialism), so we have a clean slate when we get to the next one.

Somebody once asked me why Vedic astrology is deterministic, as if we’re fated to live it out.  My answer was, yes, if you’re unconscious, you’re definitely going to succumb to that Karmic (inertial) fate.  We only gain free will, to the extent that we do, by becoming Conscious of the patterns that have previously been part of the wallpaper for us.  You can count the Muggles that are trying to force us back to the Old Testament on the Human Rights front, where you have an elite Chosen Race that has earned its totalitarian Patriarchy by its virtuous resistance to homosexuality and birth control.  These poor folks are still stuck back in the previous Uranus-Pluto Cycle, the one that began in early 1901 –

“Seagulls fly around a ship in expectation of food.”

Scavengers, expecting to live high on the backs of the rest of us, while condemning us for wanting food stamps.

When we look up the Phitile for the current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, what do we get?  July 2012.  Isn’t that interesting.  So our review of the advantages of materialism with all of its mod cons has finished, and we’re heading into the Void.  Maybe I was reviewing the contents of the fridge cuz the fridge won’t be with us for long.  The 2020 Cycle that Initiates our looong chain of Air Cycles – where does that Initiation take place?  In the first degree of Aquarius,

“An old adobe Mission in California.”

What does this tell us?  It’s reminiscent of the nascent Chiron-Neptune anthem,

“Fresh violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”

When the Conquistadors came to California, it was the “Serengeti of North America,” a cornucopia of wildlife, and guess who was at the top – Mr. Griz.  So in the next decade, the Bears win out.  Where does that leave us now?

Just because we know the outcome, doesn’t mean we can cheat the Void.  We still have to drop into expectationlessness, the only way to squeeze a positive result out of the unfettered Potentiality that defines the Void.  Jupiter-Saturn has taken on the trappings of an economic Cycle because of Money.  Before the Industrial Revolution, when we had Community instead of Money, the Tenth House of Career was not about what you did to earn Money, it was about how you served your Community and how it served you.

Jupiter and Saturn really define the parameters of the social organization that prevails.  The economics are supposed to be only a small part of that.  The economics came to dominate because Money replaced Community.  Looking back, we can see both the social and the economic elements…

1981 – Having passed thru narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm water
1961 – A Nature Spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a Waterfall
1941 – A Red Cross Nurse
1921 – A group of aristocratic ladies meeting ceremonially
1901 – In a hospital a children’s ward is filled with toys

Those feel a little too True, don’t they.  Most of the time in this blahg, we’re wallowing around in the Unconscious, where everything is pretty misty and vague, and where Opposites are Equals.  But Jupiter and Saturn hang out in plain sight, and live and breathe duality.  1981, by the way, was when Volcker saved the US economy from the twenty years of “stagflation” – inflation without economic growth – that LBJ supposedly created by trying to run the Vietnam War and the Great Society at the same time.  Interesting relative to Hairy’s theses.

We learn in elementary economics courses that you can’t have “Guns and Butter” – war and social welfare – at the same time, because it produces inflation.  Clearly LBJ lived that thesis, and Obomba would like to.  But looking at the record, it’s not at all clear that LBJ really spent us into stagflation; we may need to pay more attention to Hairy than to elementary economics.  How many politicians do you know who are talking about “Butter” – that is, social welfare?  The choices we’re being given are either “Guns” or “Guns and Butter,” but nobody’s talking about cutting back on the Guns.  Maybe the media ownership and this trend are involved…

Eisenhower’s famous “military-industrial-congressional complex” has indeed taken over, and they have no interest in the welfare of the people.

This is from Charles Klotsche‘s book Color Medicine

“[Color medicine] is not governed by laws of the physical plane alone – at least as third-dimensional man relates to them.  It is not definable in lineal, rational terminology, nor does it contain the restrictions or finite boundaries set up by the preconceived, often distorted assortment of human beliefs.  When one assumes a multidimensional attitude toward [healing] that is open for events beyond the laws of the physical plane, then much of the sophisticated technology developed by those who are attached mainly to the physical world and its inherent trappings becomes obsolete.”

Take out [Color medicine] and put in [This New Paradigm], and take out [healing] and put in [the future], and I think it’s fairly clear – we may have no need for a fridge.

Phlogopite is one of my favorite Micas, and I love Micas!  Micas are Phyllosilicates, made up of sheets of Silicate units like Phyllo dough.  Phlogopite is Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Hydroxide Fluoride.  All common ingredients, but making an uncommon cake.

The Thick Plottens

July 28, 2012

Where to start!  What a busy day full of Anxiety with no demonstrable Cause.  Elizabeth tells us that Anne Ortelee thinks it’s a Pallas week, and about coming into Consciousness.  Anne gives a very benign reading for today, though.  We have to remember that Consciousness is about differentiation, about separating something that’s always been there from the background noise so that we now recognize it as a thing in its own right.  Maybe today was just about differentiating Anxiety from Cause and Effect – that would be a pretty powerful addition to Consciousness.  Let’s see what else presented itself today, as possible clues…

Well, another Bear chimed in today, this one the nephew of a Chumash Shaman who heals a World-class Anxiety…

This is a very Consciousness-raising interview.  So Anne’s image of Pallas as the flashlight of Consciousness does seem telling.

And I don’t spose anybody here knows Hairy Dent?  He’s an investment advisor who bases his analysis on demographic trends, and paints a very clear and very dismal picture about what’s going on economically…

Interesting that he used to work for Bane Capital, Rmoney’s company.  His arguments are always compelling, making his readers believe that now they finally know what’s going on.  Anne talks about the importance of Story.  When Hairy talks about the 1870s and 1880s, he’s referring to a prior Chiron-Neptune Initiation, like the one we’re in now.  We’ll talk a lot more about this tomorrow.

But I’m also intrigued by Marko Pogacnik‘s book Gaia’s Quantum Leap, where he maps out the Planet’s future through dream interpretation.  On pp.66-67 he has a dream about throwing a baby into the Sea.  He tosses it because of a mental argument about buoyancy that is won by the floaters.  But the babe sinks, and the dreamer stands paralyzed and doesn’t save it.  Marko says,

“The argument using the principle of buoyancy may indeed be correct.  One cannot object to it.  But then where is the fatherly feeling hiding?  It must ruffle any indwelling parental feelings to resign the fate of one’s child to an experiment that is logically correct but thrusts the little child into unimaginable danger!

“The third dream image testifies to the inner battles that are constantly waged in the psyches of intellectual people today.  Reason dictates the contemporary forms of life, the way we interact with nature, and the ways in which we mix together in various social groups.  At the same time, we sense in our heart that the activities prescribed by our intellect are often destructive.

“The consequences of those actions that are based on rationalistic thinking can be seen in the shape of dying nature, religious quarrels, and warring nations. … The dream’s message is not directed against the intellect, but in favor of the plural dimensionality of human thought.  The problem arises if the intellect takes the dominant role within the human consciousness, so that other levels or intelligence are suppressed or even mocked as immature.  One may practice thinking in a way to perceive the impulses of the heart and draw them into the thought stream.”

That kinda puts Story into perspective, and illuminates how we can believe the Story that our inertial Karma tells us (“tell the same lie often enough and the people – in this case us – will believe it“) and ignore the deleted scenes and alternate endings.  Even if Hairy has all of the Lemmings marching off the cliff, that doesn’t prevent us from gaining enough Consciousness to change our frequency and adopt a different Trance.  More about that tomorrow.

Turns out the astrology says my Anxiety was personal, a product of Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and the Dragon – new Consciousness about the intellect, the path of the impersonal (Pluto), and the path of the personal (Dragon).  At least when astrology tells the Story, it’s always changing.

Persistent Bears

July 24, 2012

Then there’s the Bears that’a been roaring all along, in spite of the fusillade of garbage thrown at them over the years…

The link at the bottom (“here’s a good example of what I mean” –

, not to mention

and the links at the bottom of that page!) is especially interesting!  Gentle Bears!

On a different (?) subject, here’s some news on the R!TEIN! (Repent! The End is Near!) front…


That’s what we came here for, to show folks by example how to run a different frequency.  If you’ve ever been in the Presence of a True Saint (there are many on the Planet), you can feel your Energy Body shift.  It’s all relative, you don’t gotta be a True Saint to have a similar effect.  In fact, since many of the Shoeple aren’t at a place where they can match a True Saint’s vibration, us barely-outa-the-mud-(maybe!) types might be able to have a larger effect, net.

Bearite is a Bearium Sulfate – just Bearium, Sulfur, and Oxygen.  If you know what a Native American means when they “Walk in Beauty,” you understand Bearite.  Bearium is heavy – 20% heavier than Silver and more than twice as heavy as Iron.  Walking in Beauty is a serious responsibility.  Thing is, though, it’s not about doing, it’s about being.

Bears Everywhere

July 20, 2012

I fergot to mention in the previous post that Shakti Gawain used to have her students sing their most heartfelt Song over and over again till they could sing it without crying, as a way to open themselves up to the deepest Mission in their Heart.  SriMati’s music opens my Heart that way.

Can’t turn around without another Eris-Bear roaring…

You’d think we were under an Eris-Stationary New Moon, or a Uranus-Pluto Square!  Bill’s even adding a cartoons page, including one about the Higgs Boson,

Uranus-Pluto, by the way, extends through 2015, as the two of them Retrograde back and forth.  Bill is incredulous about the notion that civilization itself will crumble, but in Hank Wesselman’s Spiritwalker series, Hank channels a chronicle of a society five thousand years hence, where metal-based technologies have been lost and all of the iron machinery has rusted away.

In Elements and Qualities I neglected to mention the duality.  Air and Fire are considered Positive Signs, and Water and Earth Negative Signs.  We can practice quasi-empathy here, and drop our judgments about the words Positive and Negative – remember it’s the Negative Ions that heal, not the Positive.  More important, and more contemporary, we can recognize that it was under the Patriarchy that masculine was considered Positive and feminine Negative.  If you’re old enough to remember film, the Negative was the Positive’s Shadow, in the Jungian sense.  Of course, the Shadow always wins out, as we’re beginning to witness on the Global scale.

Masculine means dynamic, and Feminine means magnetic.  That is, the Male principle does the doing, while the Female principle does magic that is invisible.  Which is to say, the Masculine is manifest, and the Feminine is Energic.  Which tells us that it’s time to expand our Worldview, right?  If we could see Auras, as many can, there would be nothing invisible about Energy.  My First Teacher used to tell a story about, as an infant, our seeing a visitor with a bright-red Aura, and, learning our colors, we pointed and said “Red” – and were promptly and persistently corrected because the visitor wore a blue dress.

So we learned the Patriarchal, Matter-oriented view as we were becoming verbal, leaving our Matriarchal, Energy-oriented perspectives at a preverbal stage.  Well, preverbal processes are more difficult to access than later processes, because so much of our memory is based on the verbal.  So one of the first, and easiest, steps we can take is to revise our wordsmithing to make room for the nascent Feminine Energy-oriented Worldview that we’ll be needing to bring the Planet back into Balance as we reanimate the Earth.

We probably don’t need to go out to that field that Rumi speaks of, and reconsider “good” and “bad” yet, but we can definitely declare the intention of considering Negative to be good!  I mean, consider that Earth and Water are the first two Chakras!  How we gonna stay grounded if Negative is negative?  That’s the whole idea – for the Patriarchy – to keep us up in the third (Air) Chakra, where we’re easily provoked out of cooperation and into competition and profit-making wars, and easily convinced to betray ourselves because they’ve programmed us to believe that logic is superior.

So I don’t focus on the Positive-Negative duality in the Signs.  More useful is the Individual-Social duality, dividing the Zodiac into the Aries-to-Virgo Individual first half and the Libra-to-Pisces Collective second half.  In general, new notions begin to crystallize into personal form in Aries through Leo, disintegrate in Virgo, and are reborn as social phenomena in Libra through Aquarius, before dissolving in Pisces – Cardinal Fire through Fixed Fire for the evolution of the personal, and Cardinal Air through Fixed Air for the evolution of the Collective.  Leaving the Mutable “Negative” Signs as the recyclers.  In Hindu culture, Shiva has a prominent role.  In Western culture it’s just the Junkman, not a particularly beloved assignment.

Which invites us to consider the “Negative” evolutions, since we’ll be seeing more of that – the Cancer-to-Scorpio Water half of the Zodiac, and the Capricorn-to-Taurus Earth half, with Sagittarius and Gemini as the Janitors.  The essences of these halves are Security and Community.  Cancer-to-Scorpio “builds” children, and Capricorn-to-Taurus builds infrastructure and institutions.  We could see the former as evolution, and the latter as devolution, in Anthroposophic terms.

More Bears and Magic

July 20, 2012

Here’s another great story about the New Paradigm for the economy…

I can feel Yogananda’s all-encompassing Heart in the music (which is orders of magnitude clearer downloaded than when played online).  It makes sense for the New Paradigm to be about following our Mission, with the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction both occurring within a few years of one another.  A few years used to be a long time, I know, but when we’re dealing with the outer planets, it’s the equivalent of a few moments on their time scale.  Not to mention us being at the end of the Calendar.

Let me break that down a little – the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) is about following a Will that is larger than our Ego (Neptune as our relationship with all things larger than the “Us” that we are when we forget that we’re All One) to turn Despair into Miracles (Chiron as an “Unhealable Healer,” yet as just about anybody in Recovery can tell you, Empathy Heals, and for anyone in Despair, Empathy with one’s own Despair creates Miracles).  And Uranus-Pluto is about it no longer being an option (Pluto) to not follow our Soul’s path (Uranus).

Shifting from Despair to Empathy changes your frequency.  And since we’re All One afterall, any new kinda Love for the Self opens us up to the World.  Empathy can be a little tricky; it’s not walkamileintheirshoes.  It’s more detached than that.  After all, we’ve all long since walked many miles in our own shoes, and that doesn’t mean we always empathize with ourselves, does it.  We have to combine Presence (grounded, neutral, paying attention) with Compassion (lack of judgment) and Detachment (it aint me) to get Empathy, and that’s a Life Work.  It’s like horseshoes though – close is good, and closer is better.  My favorite aphorism is

Don’t criticize anyone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes – that way, when you do criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.

Quiz – is that Empathy?  Maybe a little with the Self, eh?

Like Chewbaba greeting Hans, the Sun is reaching out to embrace the new Eris Energy on our Home Planet…

This one is especially nice, with our recent Balsamic Moon-Venus-Jupiter-Aldebaran rising…–Conjunction-Reduced-Size_1342355175.jpg

And look at this – over on the right there’s a cute little Martian in full Witch-Doctor Gingerbread-Man getup wondering who’s looking back at her…

She brung along a pretty monster cannon, in case she needs it.

And I think it was just yesterday we were talking about Jim Sinclair (as a trusted financial adviser) and Sai Baba (as someone who routinely reached outside of our Trance) – I had no idea they knew each other!  Another riled-up Eris Bear…

riled up over the politically-correct criminality of those who would be the masters of our economic fate.

Elements and Qualities

July 19, 2012

Since we work mostly with the Angles (“Aspects” is the official term, but that word is also used as a synonym for “Transits,” so Angles is more concise), we don’t talk a lot about the Signs.  They’re very useful, though, so we don’t mean to slight them.

The twelve Signs each have one of three “Qualities” or “Modes” (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable), and one of four “Elements” (Fire, Earth, Air, Water).  That is, 3 X 4 = 12!  Cardinal means Creative, Fixed means Stabilizing, and Mutable (as in mutation) means Changing, or “distributing.”  In general terms,  Fire is Spirit, Earth is Matter, Air is Thought, and Water is Emotion.  The Qualities and Elements run in the order listed –

Aries  is Cardinal Fire (Creative Spirit)
Taurus is Fixed Earth (Stabilizing Matter)
Gemini is Mutable Air (Changing Thought)
Cancer is Cardinal Water (Creative Emotion)
Leo is Fixed Fire (Stabilizing Spirit)
Virgo is Mutable Earth (Changing Matter)
Libra is Cardinal Air (Creative Thought)
Scorpio is Fixed Water (Stabilizing Emotion)
Sagittarius is Mutable Fire (Changing Spirit)
Capricorn is Cardinal Earth (Creative Matter)
Aquarius is Fixed Air (Stabilizing Thought)
Pisces is Mutable Water (Changing Emotion)

The first thing you notice is that there are a few anomalies, relative to our usual way of thinking – like Changing Matter – what’s that, Magic?  Well, yes.  Just because Chemistry tries to shame Alchemy out of existence, doesn’t mean they can.  Ask Sai Baba!  Or Stabilizing Emotion – sounds oxymoronic.  And some of the Signs are more difficult to have in a chart, not because the Sign is difficult, but because our usual way of thinking is very skewed.

I’ve always advocated for taking a few fundamental truths that have been the foundation of virtually every human philosophy, such as All There Is Is Now and We Are All One and As Without So Within, and crafting one’s view of Reality using those as the building blocks.  So when something in our current way of perceiving doesn’t jive with the building blocks (like, say, linear time, or individual ego), then we adjust our way of perceiving so it aligns more with Universal Truth.  That’s a much more powerful way to live, than to just consider the fundamental truths to be quaint.

And while we’re on the subject of the Signs, it’s good to remember that each sign is a reaction to the previous sign.  Taurus gets a little to set in its ways, and Gemini goes off the deep end the other way.  Gemini can get so flibbertygibbet that it has no bandwidth to spare for other people, so Cancer emphasizes Compassion.  Cancer can give away too much, so Leo comes along to redirect attention back to Self.  Virgo’s function is to dissemble Ego.  If Virgo seems critical, then Libra bends over backward to honor Other.  Scorpio goes within.  Sagittarius flies back out.  Capricorn gets grounded again, and Aquarius turns that around with flights of fancy.  No pie in the sky for Pisces, it’s all about Feeling.  When Pisces gets mired in the muck, Aries burns it away.  And when Aries gets ungrounded, Taurus anchors back to the Planet.  And so on – we could go round and round.  And we do, don’t we.

At any rate, the reason we bring this up, is cuz Terri/Clare mentioned that T-Squares have a Quality!  That is, two planets form a Square when they’re three Signs apart, so they normally share a the same Quality.  (If they’re on Sign cusps, they can have different Qualities.)  So what about our three Eris-New-Moon T-Squares?

Two are Cardinal, and one is Mutable.  That says a lot right there – there is Change happening, but most of the Energy flying around is Creative Energy.  There’s not much in the way of Stabilizing Energy, at least in the T-Squares.  And there are only three planets/’roids/symbolic points in Fixed Signs – Mercury Retrograde in Leo, Lilith in Taurus, and Juno in Scorpio.  Sounds a little painful for most folks’ Egos, actually – our Unconscious Identity (Juno) is Fixed, our inward-focused (Retro) Thoughts (Mercury) are Fixed, while the Whole World is Changing and Creating!  Lilith echos Eris – the Life Force itself.  So that part is Solid anyway.  I think of Lilith Energy as a (somewhat) more embodied form of Eris Energy.

So what is being Created around us, and what’s Changing?  The Stationary Eris-to-Saturn-to-New Moon T-Square is Cardinal.  That makes sense, since Eris is forcing her way into our Consciousness rather profoundly, Creating a whole new social mileau with more “gender” balance.  Look at all the Old Males freaking out and trying to stop Her from manifesting!  Not to mention the She-Bears taking their Power.  The Mars-to-Uranus-Pallas-to-Pluto T-Square is also Cardinal.  That makes perfect sense as well, since we’re co-Creating a new way of being in the World where the Soul is more present and Yin Integrity reigns.  Hence all this amazing panoply of politically-correct criminality, for contrast!

And the Moon’s Nodes-to-Chiron-Neptune T-Square is Mutable, which is totally logical, since Chiron and Neptune are just beginning a new 65-year Cycle, which changes the basic paradigm, and evolves our own Missions accordingly.  Hence the Economic instability – everything is changing, perhaps right down to ReFormation of even the Money Trance.  I was in diapers when the prior Chiron-Neptune Cycle began, but its memory is vivid nonetheless.  My father went from welding Liberty Ships to welding tankers and freighters, and the transition wasn’t easy.  The town I grew up in went from 80,000 people to 40,000 over my first 10 years, and the reason people left was that jobs were scarce.  My father always found work eventually, but he was out looking for a new job every time a ship was finished.

The Nodes-to-New Paradigm T-Square lasts from early March until mid-October, using three degrees of “orb” (slop) between the Nodes and either Chiron or Neptune.  But the North Node backs into Scorpio in the first few days of September (the Nodes always move backwards).  That’s a double-edged sword – on the one hand, Scorpio is a Fixed sign, and we can see the possibility that our new Mission will Stabilize.  On the other hand, it’s Scorpio.  Scorpio’s own Mission is to get to the bottom of things, which usually means shaking up the status quo, and that doesn’t usually abet anybody’s popularity.  Most of us will probably face the choice of shaking it up, or having it shaken up around us.

So we can expect a lot of Heyoka Shamans running around until March 2014, when the North Node backs into Libra.  The Chiron-Neptune Conjunction itself was in Aquarius, so overall it should have a Stabilizing effect, but that’s over the course of 65 years.  Maybe it will eventually Stabilize Global Warming – that’d be nice.  But it’s Aquarius (Fixed ideas), so we can expect this bickering between the Austrian and Keynesian economists to continue.  It was only after the Conjunction that both Chiron and Neptune moved into Pisces, promising a very Emotional period of Mutation.  Chiron gets to Aries around 2018, but Neptune takes until 2025-26.  The New Paradigm doesn’t become permanent (the Waxing Square) until 2042.

After 2014, though, with the North Node in Libra, we can expect Community to bloom, maybe as a replacement for the Money Trance.  While the North Node symbolizes the direction of our Mission, the South Node represents two things – what we’re letting go of (usually some form on Emotional attachment), and what we’re recovering (a cache of tools left by our Soul, that we aren’t ready to use till we’ve let go of the attachment that hides them).  So the South Node-in-Taurus period (September 2012 to March 2014) will likely involve letting go of a lot of Mod Cons, as the Brits refer to “modern conveniences.”  But it will involve a corresponding recovery of skills at manipulating Matter.

Beware the Nodes, though – they can easily flip.  As with any Opposition, especially a permanent Opposition like the Nodes, it’s the Coin that you want to pay attention to, not whether it’s heads or tails.  When we were talking about Signs, we neglected to mention that each sign is its Opposite.  Leo is Aquarius, it’s just that Leo operates on the personal level, while Aqua dances on a more social level.  The Fixed Ideologies that characterize Aqua aren’t much different from the Fixed Egos that characterize Leo.  Aries is the pioneer forging new trails, but Libra pioneers new social patterns.  Since We Are All One, they’re the same, eh?

So the Coin for Sagittarius-Gemini is Changing the Energy.  That’s what we’re up to through August, practicing running new frequencies.  It’s actually a lot easier to change your frequency than it is to change your external Reality, but they have the same result.  It’s just that most of us have never been taught how to do that.  Remind me, and I’ll provide some exercises.  Once we get to September, the Scorpio-Taurus Coin is about Manifestation.  Science hasn’t figured this out yet, but the force that binds Energy into Matter and keeps it from flying apart, is Emotion.  We’ll be coming back to Alchemy after all.

On the left in the picture, you have a lovely red-flowering Lewisia, first cousin of the Bitterroot that the Mountains on the Idaho-Montana border is named for.  This one, though, is from the Siskiyou Mountains on the Oregon-California border.  Now on the right in the picture you have – what?  Energy!  I’m not even going to try interpreting this, I’ll leave that up to you.


July 18, 2012

Terri Patrick brings up some interesting angles that I haven’t mentioned.   For instance, she quotes Clare Martin to define the T-Square, and Clare’s article about Uranus and projection is very worthwhile.  And she reminds me that T-Squares can be differentiated by modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable), and it’d probably behoove us to look at the New Moon’s three T-Squares through that perspective.

Terri mentions that Full Moons often represent the culmination of the previous New Moon in the same sign, which would be six months prior, rather than the culmination of the New Moon preceding it.  Interesting.  Following Rudhyar and trying avoid too much indirection, I usually just consider the current New Moon to influence the following month, rather than the following six months, but I have to say that Terri’s perspective would be perfectly valid, and could yield fascinating insights.  I’ll look into that.

For most of us I don’t think that this coming month’s Identity Trance- (Re)Formations will involve Conscious choice.  The nature of Trance is that it is mostly Unconscious, except for experienced meditators, and even they will still act mostly from Unconscious Trances.  Stories about Sai Baba, or Ram Dass’s stories about his guru Neem Karoli Baba, or about any of the other Indian Saints who can reach into other Realities at will and create what appear to be Miracles from the perspective of our Trance, are stories about Consciousness beyond Trance.  We touch that state when we manifest jawdropping synchronicities, but most of us don’t live there except when we allow our Intuition to be in control, and even then…

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are considered to be planets of the Unconscious.  When Uranus is strong, we’re more closely in touch with our normally-Unconscious Soul.  Uranus gains its reputation for disruption because it disrupts whatever is not in alignment with our Mission, what is not in alignment with our Soul’s current assignment for us – keeping in mind that this evolves, and doesn’t mean that what’s being disrupted wasn’t in alignment with a previous assignment from the Soul.  So when Uranus realigns our Trance, it means we’re ready for the next assignment (like it or not).

We can think of Pluto, on the other hand, as the Soul of the Planet.  When Pluto Trances shift, we all shift.  The oil crisis in the 1970s was such a shift.  Before it, the media was imagining we’d all be buzzing around in jetpacks soon.  Afterward, it was bicycles.  Sputnik was another global Trance-changer, as were Pearl Harbor and Mai Lai and Kent State and Nixon’s trip to China and Watergate and “9/11” and the Tech Bubble that popped in 2000, the collapse of Lehman Brothers (aka the Housing Bubble, often mislabeled the “Subprime Crisis”).  And probably the LIBOR scandal.

Recall that Jim Sinclair called Bob Daimond’s forced resignation from Barclay’s as the indication of a shift in the global Trance.  When I can understand them, I trust Jim Sinclair’s opinions about the world more than almost anyone elses.  You can find a short bio at  And If you go to

and scroll down a bit, you’ll find bios for Jim Rickards.  Jim R usually simplifies things more than Jim S, so I (think I) understand him more often, but if you want an adviser on things financial, you couldn’t do better than either Jim.  Here’s Jim R’s take on the LIBOR business and whether it will be globally Trance-shifting…

And here’s a fabulous article on the house of cards that this LIBOR business could bring to it’s knees and worse…

What’s ultimately at stake is the basic Money Trance.  It’s difficult to imagine how we would survive if Money went away.  We imagine that our landlord or mortgage-holder or even our property-tax creditor and fire-insurer would still want their pound of flesh.  And what stories would we have for the greengrocer, let alone the megacorporations?  A lot of folks have already experienced the No-Money version of this, but when Money itself is worthless, that’s a whole nother story.  That’s a Trance.

Getting Ready

July 18, 2012

Isn’t this an interesting turn or events for this Eris-Stationary New Moon –

That’s USA Today, which I usually think of as pretty mainstream and pretty milquetoast.  Google doesn’t touch it.  Bing does, and the American Chronicle seems to be one of the only other media to consider it so far…

I usually consider it more important to know who’s talking than to know what’s being said, but I don’t know the American Chronicle.  Interesting.

Turns Out Eris is Stationary Too

July 16, 2012

Elizabeth further advises me that Eris is in fact Stationary, which certainly affirms my experience of the last day or two.  So I scrounged up a daily ephemeris, and sure ‘nuf Eris turns Retrograde somewhere between July 18 and July 20, so without greater detail we have to assume the Stationary date is July 18, the very day of the New Moon.  Elizabeth refers us to Anne Ortele’s website, which has some interesting interpretations and points out several additional astrofireworks.  Following Linda Hill, though, she minimizes the New Moon’s Sabian Symbol,

“A Violent Storm in a Canyon Filled With Expensive Homes,”

while I was hoping that we’d see some great fallout from the LIBOR scandal and get to watch some Banksters do the perpwalk.  Anne doesn’t bring up the Symbol for the Eris Station itself,

“A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”

though she does mention HOT SEX – which may have preceded the Symbol.  So we don’t just have a Saturn-Eris New Moon, we have an unashamedly pregnant Eris-Stationary New Moon.  By my way of thinking, a Station of Eris makes the involvement of Saturn pale by comparison.

A violent storm assaulting complacency is a very Eris kinda thing.  Sounds like a very pregnant situation.

Another She-Bear and a Third T-Square

July 15, 2012

Here’s a fabulous example of New-Paradigm Economics…

And another She-Bear telling it like it is…

Elizabeth points out that there are three T-Squares in the New Moon chart – in addition to being Squared by the New Moon, Eris is also Opposed by Saturn.  Since this T-Square doesn’t line up with the others to make a Golden Rectangle (effectively neutralizing the Creative Tension with Grace), this one becomes the focus of the chart.  Not to discount the other two T-Squares or the Golden Traingle – those are the gifts being given to us to help process the Main Event, and they are not at all trivial gifts.

So we have a Saturn-Eris New Moon, how are we likely to encounter that?  First, lets get some background.  Is there any Grace?  Yes, the New Moon is Trine to Juno.  That tells us that we can dodge any dilemmas by shifting our Identity.  But Juno’s in Scorpio, and being a Fixed Sign, Scorpio isn’t usually associated with dodging.  Wait though, Scorpio correlates highly with Pluto, and what does Pluto do?  TransForm!  Or, as we often say, Trance(Re)Form!  Since all Identity is just a Trance anyway, how convenient!

So we rephrase: we can dodge any dilemmas this month (the New Moon is the chart for the following month) by TransForming our Identity, or rather,

Allowing our Identity to be TransFormed.

Scorpio is relentless.  It does not leave avenues unexplored.  And it will stretch like a rubber band to accommodate what’s happening.  But once it has stretched to its limit, there is no turning back.  So any Identity TransFormations that occur over the coming month will be permanent.  And of course, since Pluto is being Squared by Uranus, the most likely TranceReFormations will be downloads from the Soul.  Sounds like Monkey Month to me!

Let’s dig a little deeper.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 24 degrees of Capricorn:

“A store filled with precious Oriental rugs.”

Doesn’t say whether they’re selling many (seems like those rug stores are always full to overflowing, doesn’t it?), so we can’t see a miraculous recovery in the world of economics, unless you’re restoring movie theaters.  But these rugs are precious – no machine-made cotton-warped Indus-valley imitations here.  A real hand-made Oriental rug really is precious like a jewel.  Silk and high-mountain Wool so pure that it shines.  Dies from the native plants, still sparkling with Faerie Energy from the local flora.

Rugs that were made to keep you warm in a high-mountain winter, and keep the sand out of your crevices in the desert.  Rugs made by somebody’s grandmother, probably yours, using the tribal and family patterns handed down from her grandmother, given to her by the Djinn of that Oasis on the other side of the mountains.  Rugs that were a Communion between the Place and the People and the Faerie Kingdom, and still breathe it.

So what do we make of that?  In general, a T-Square provides the entertainment, and the Vacancy is something we have to fill in, to complete the Balance.  So the T-Square provides a challenge for us to newly (New Moon) and compassionately (in Cancer) bring into consciousness (Opposition) a new relationship between the Patriarchy (Saturn) and the Original Female Energy (Eris).  We provide respect for ancient Tradition and for the Matriachy – Oriental rugs were made by the women.

So, as Saturn Opposes Eris, it brings into full flower the Energy born at their Conjunction.  When and where was that?  Early March of 1998, at 19 degrees of Aries…

“The ‘Magic Carpet’ of Oriental Imagery.”

Whoa, what kinda “coincidence” is that?  Not just the Tradition and the Matriachy, but the Djinn itself!  Since the Sabian Symbol for the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction was…

“A Ouija board”

and of course the New Paradigm is an evolution of Chiron-Neptune Cycles, Neptune representing Spirit itself (in its communal form) and Chiron representing Miracles (resolving despair by shifting perspective, or by reForming the Trance).  So what can we say, Magic is Afoot.

Of course we gotta look to see if we’re just being optimistic here and making Roseanne crazy.  I don’t see it that way – we have every reason to be optimistic about helping to co-create the New Pair of Digms by bringing our Life down to the personal level and allowing Big Impersonal Predatory Business and its captive Big Impersonal Government to burn themselves out by just not having any prey left.

Dravite is Brown Tourmaline.  Brown is deep Orange, a color that resides between the Root and Second Chakras, representing Grounding without abandoning Passion.  Roseanne provides a great example.  Tourmaline is a Boro-Cyclo-Silicate.  Cyclosilicates arrange their Silicate clusters in rings, in balance.  Most of the gemstones are Cyclosilicates, because they’re hard enough to be worn without breaking, and because they sparkle.  Boron is a bigtime Healer.  Only four elements are lighter than Boron, and Levity is the best antidote to Gravity.  So the Borocyclosilicates like the Tourmalines have a strong reputation as Shamanic Healers.