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Ring of Fire Yin Gate

February 25, 2017

The Ring of Fire Eclipse doesn’t erase our ongoing work with the Saturn-Pallas et al Golden Rectangle (Recovering our Lost Genii and our Natural Vulnerability) and the Sappho-Sedna Yin Gate (Assembling a New Timeline Founded on Self-Love).  They create a Double Portal – being Birthed through a Yin Gate and having to jump through a Ring of Fire at the same time – but their positions on the Zodiac make them Complementary, fortunately!

The Eclipse itself is at 9 Degrees, and its compatriots span 7-13 Degrees.  Meanwhile, the Golden Rectangle and its embedded Yin Gate span 21-29 Degrees of their respective Signs.  These two spans are almost perfectly 15 Degrees apart, and 15 is evenly divisible into 360 – one twenty-fourth of the Circle.  That’s a little too big to fit tidily into the 21 Harmonics of the traditional Tarot, but it’s the 24th Harmonic nonetheless.  It’s twice Twelve (Ritual Pattern-Breaking), thrice Eight (Loving and Wise Rebalancing), and reduces to Six (Partnership and Collaboration).  More Gifts from the Universe.

A note about Sensitivity or “Orb”:  We like to limit our consideration of What’s Going On Now  to three or even one Degree, but here we’re spanning six or eight Degrees.  We do this because of links between the planets.  If planet A at 7 Degrees makes a Significant Angle with planet B at 9 Degrees, and planet B makes a Significant Angle with planet C at 11 Degrees, within reasonable limits we consider them all to be related.  Between the Golden Rectangle/Yin Gate and the Eclipse’s fellow travelers, there are 27 planets involved

Here we’ll look specifically at the multiples of 15 Degrees, especially 45 (the Eighth Harmonic or Octile, Rebalancing) and 135 Degrees (the Trioctile or Loving and Wise Rebalancing).  And most especially we’ll look for places where a Square (Mastery through Challenge) adjoins two Trioctiles from its Far Midpoint, forming what we usually call a Mjolnir.  Like a Finger of God and a Quintile Yod, a Mjolnir is a wedge or arrowhead pointing at and hence emphasizing a particular planet.

A Finger of God says Be Curious about the Affairs of This Planet!.  A Quintile Yod says Learn about the Affairs of This Planet!  And a Mjolnir says Be on the Lookout for Insights and Epiphanies about the Affairs of This Planet.  Mjolnir is the Norwegian term for “Hammer of Thor,” the traditional astrological term for this Configuration.  But the Hammer of Thor is imbued with implications of Ultimate Destruction.  And yes, a Mjolnir could certainly Ultimately Destroy our Attachment to an Archetype.

But that’s a good thing, and in Western Culture Destruction is seen as Negative.  The Mjolnir in Nordic Creation Stories has the same function as the Vajra in Hindu Creation Stories.  It stands for Lightning, sudden Illumination.  Yes, Lightning can Utterly Destroy, but as a force for Illumination, it’s far greater.  It Utterly Destroys Darkness.  Lightning, and its characteristic smell, Ozone, are associated with Uranus, which symbolizes the True Self or Soul Self.

So the Mjolnir is a Gift that makes the Challenge to Mastery of a Square much easier, through Critical Insight.  Which Squares in the Eclipse and Yin Gate charts are so Illuminated?

First, we can expect the Eclipse to Illuminate any Limiting Beliefs we carry that are inhibiting our Rebirth.

The New Moon and Eclipse itself is Trioctile to each end of the Square between Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs), which is Out of Bounds (Strong).

Second, we can Trust that any Traumas we Re-Encounter are here to be Let Go, and Trust that if we are Willing to Cooperate with the Letting Go by Surrendering into it, they will not Retraumatize us.

Asteroid Eurydike makes a Mjolnir across the Square from Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is to Recover our Lost Genius) to Chiron (Despair and Miracles).  These first two Squares are the Wings on the Flying Squirrel Configuration that our Golden Rectangle has evolved into.

Also, the South Node (our Chronic Bummers and Hidden Skills) finished crossing Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in early February, and the South Node crosses Nessus’s fellow traveler OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Contents) on the day of the Eclipse…

So we should be through with the onslaught of our Abuse Memories that we’ve been through over the last several months.  More ancient Memories may still arise around the time of the Eclipse, but they’re unlikely to be as Traumatic.  The Important Thing to remember is that they’re Up so we can Let Go of them.

The third Mjolnir will Illuminate our Attachment to our Fears by showing us how they derive from our Judgments, accelerating our Rebirth Founded in Self-Love that’s promised by the Yin Gate.

Sedna (Fear and Anger) is Trioctile to both ends of the Square between Hopi (Respect for All Things) and Juno-Hylonome (Gaining Consciousness of the Archetypes That Have Us by the Hair).

And finally, we can successfully simply Declare the Intention to Raise our Vibration above any Bummers or Confusion we encounter Intuitively.  If you find yourself Feeling like “Something is Wrong” or “There’s a Disturbance in the Force,” just Revert! and it’s likely to go back where it belongs, on a Lower Plane than the one you’re now on.

Jupiter-Haumea (Rebirth) makes a Mjolnir across the Square between the Eclipse and Veritas-Asbolus (the Truth in our Intuition).

Karmic Ring of Fire Bearing Gifts

February 25, 2017

As we described in our Karmic Ring of Fire post ( ), the 26 February Annular Solar Eclipse is the Heart of a very complex Knot of planets, the primary Focus of which is Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations.  If you look, you’ll discover that you can Break Patterns here, that you’ve been trying and failing to Break your whole Life.  It will be particularly Easy to Ground Self-Sabotaging Emotional Patterns.  Once Grounded, it will be much Easier for you to step out of your Identity with them, look back, and “Poor-Sweetheart” your former Minor Self that used to get caught in their Grasp.

The Eclipse Knot of planets also has other Foci as well, and they can help advise us on how to Break Free with less Sturm und Drang.

One of the other Foci suggests that a key will  be Respect for All Things.  Look to see if there’s Judgment behind any Bummers that arise.  You can’t just Decide to Forgive; it’s more complex than that, though the Intention to Forgive is useful.  The Intention to Accept is even more useful, and often easier.  Accepting without Forgiving can allow you to set Healthy Boundaries without poisoning yourself with Chronic Anger.  The Acceptance of What Is is the first, and Necessary, step toward Changing Your World.  And Changing Your World is the same as Changing The World.

Among other things, the Pisces New Moon and Eclipse is the head of a Kite – that is, it’s at the Midpoint between two corners of an Earth Grand Trine, making it the Focus of all of the Grace in the Grand Trine.  This will make Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations much easier than it otherwise would be.  

The asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) is the head of a second Kite.  Hopi is in Libra – Air or Mind, while its Grand Trine is in Fire – Spirit.  An excellent Opportunity to “clean up” our Thoughts – to Ask them to serve us as contributors to What We Want, rather than disserve us by dwelling on What We Don’t Want.  Daniel and the Arcturians even commented on this today…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

A third Gift is the Power to Trust our Intuition.  It’s our Intuition that’s telling us which elements of our Obsessions are actually Healthy Keepers, and which elements we can jettison with little Effort.  There’s no such thing as Absolute Negativity – Negativity is defined only by its Context.  Even if our “Negative” Self-Sabotaging Habits kill us, when we look at the process from a multi-Lifetime Perspective, what a Learning Opportunity that is.  Parts of our Forbidden Genius are actually hiding somewhere in the Obsessions we’re Dancing with here, among the Healthy Keepers.

A third Kite focuses on Asbolus-Veritas (the Truth in our Intuition) in Gemini, also on the Fire Grand Trine (Angelic Intervention).  Asbolus-Veritas Opposes Antares (Obsession), Square to the Eclipse and its Opposition to Karma-Orcus (Breaking Karmic Bonds).  The combination of a Grand Cross (Motivation) and a Grand Trine is one of the Strongest indications you can get from astrology.

The fourth Gift is Ease at the normally-Challenging process of divesting Archetypes from our Identity.  The only thing Negative about an Archetype – which otherwise represents a consummate Skill – is that it robs us of Choice.  When we Detach from the Archetype, if we do it without Judgment, we retain the Skill but gain the Ability to use it when it’s most appropriate and use better Tools when they’re more appropriate, rather than having to use the Archetypal Tool all the time whether we’re screwing or stapling.  Sort of like trading our running shoes in for a car and a pair of running shoes.  Now we won’t have to go to parties all sweaty and run home in the Rain.

This one is a Hylonome-Juno (Consciously Letting Go of False Identities We’ve Merged with) Diamond Star.  A Diamond Star is a T-Square and a Finger of God with the same foci.  The feet of the Finger of Yod create a Bowl of Grace (Double Trine Bridges) under the T-Square, greatly Easing its Challenges.  Hylonome-Juno is also one corner of the Earth Grand Trine, further amplifying the beneficial effect.

Hylonome Initiates Juno at 2pm PST 28 February, in 8 Capricorn, Domesticated Birds singing happily in a Sun-lit home.  Since Hylonome represents Merging and Demerging with an Archetype (especially Codependence) and Juno symbolizes the Edges of Consciousness, the five-year Juno-Hylonome Cycle is about Getting Conscious of our Karmic Patterns.  The Archetypal Birds sing happily because the Light of Consciousness has Liberated them from the Slavery of rote Performance.

Notice the Repetition – when several astrological Patterns suggest the same things we can be assured that this is what the Universe is teaching us, unequivocally.  We don’t have a lot of Choice but to go along – and why would we want to Resist such Gifts!

Neutrality, Fun, and Time

February 24, 2017

Dr. Kim has a dynamite video for us today…

And Daniel’s message for today pretty much agrees…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

We would like to see all of you take your lives less seriously.  We invite you to see all of this that you experience as a game, and you are the players.  And that means that you are here to play, primarily.  Everything that you do can be done with more joy, and we invite you to bring your childlike essence to more of your daily activities.  We certainly encourage you to bring it to your job or business.

“What the world needs more than anything else is for you to be you.  And when you are worrying about something, you are not being your full self.  When you are playing and dancing and laughing, you most certainly are being your whole self, your true self.  And you bring more to this world.  You bring more to the universe when you lighten up and let your heart guide you to the next fun experience, and the next, and the next.

“This is a game, but it’s not a competition.  There are only winners here.  You are all winning because you are all experiencing what you set out to experience…  So we suggest that you add some variety to your life.  Add some adventure, and certainly schedule in more playtime for yourselves.  Whatever it is that you think you came here to do, to accomplish, it is going to be an ongoing journey.  You’re never going to get it done, so you might as well relax and enjoy yourselves more.  You might as well make your primary mission to be having more fun than you had yesterday.

From a slightly different angle, Suzanne Lie tells us that the other 97% of our brain, the part that’s not being used to Perceive (and to Limit our Perception to) Three-Dimensional Reality, is already actively Exploring other Dimensions.  I have to really focus to read this, and take a break every few paragraphs.  That’s because it’s talking to that other 97%, what I usually call “the Unconscious.”

Here’s an excerpt…

The first meanderings of the 3D mind beyond its normal limitations of a 3D reality, often takes their wandering consciousness into the fourth dimensional astral world.  In these lowest realms of the fourth dimension, often known as the ‘Lower Astral Plane’ the 3D mind perceives the fears that have created limitations to take hold in their daily life.

“When the owner of that 3D mind, is able to look into his/her past fears and sorrows, they create a pathway through which their mind can expand into the higher sub-planes of fourth dimension in which their innate imagination becomes activated.

“However, fears of failure must be faced before one can step into the reality of being a creative person.  Most of these fears were implanted in them when they were young, they brought forth these unresolved fears from another incarnation, or the fears are social fears, which an awakened person is aware of.

“If one can look into their personal and social fears, stand tall and send these fears the healing force of Unconditional Love, then transmute these healing fears into the next higher octave of reality with the Violet Fire, they can open the portal to their Multidimensional SELF.”

Portal 22.2

February 20, 2017

There are several kinds of Lost Soul Segments available to us this week as we do the Work of Recovering our Lost Genius and Assembling a new Life founded on Self-Love and Our Own Truth rather than on Self-Rejection, our Fears, and our Limiting Beliefs.

(1) You’ll Experience one kind of these as a musty sort of ancient Despair, a Frustration from Attacking the Insurmountable to the point of Exhaustion too many times.  We’ve talked extensively about dealing with this sort of Lost Soul segments; see for details.

(2) Then there are the Death-of-the-Patriarchy Issues that have the Fake-News Media so atwitter.  Those could include some of your personal Abuse issues.  If they do, try working them as you would Despair – ie, (1) above.  If you’re new to Abuse issues and don’t have Resources, start with Ellen Bass and Laura Davis’s The Courage to Heal.

(3) Some of your Unconscious Fears will simply surface this week, where they’re available to the mind.  Working with those will be fairly straightforward; just remember to temper your Decisions, Promises, and Vows.  Rather than Swearing Never to do That again, Ask to do it a lot less often.  Mind is good at Asking Questions; it’s horrible at Controlling because the Unconscious is orders of magnitude more Powerful.  If you try to use it for Control you’ll just end up with more Limitations.

(4) We’re due for some Ego Death this week, as we Discover situations where we hadn’t Realized that our Values have reflected Prejudice.  We could experience this as Shame or Embarrassment, if we “get caught” at lacking Compassion, or Confusion if we don’t understand how others are reacting to us.  Be very Gentle and Forgiving with yourself and Open up to “Don’t Know.”  Then Change the Subject and let the Changes work their way through your Persona.

(5) Big not-optional Changes to your Unconscious Beliefs this week as you are Reborn into getting more Assertive about your Personal Truth.  This is probably worth a post of its own.  The important thing is to Remember that when someone else Asserts their Personal Truth assertively, it’s not a Challenge to your own Personal Truth.  If they get Aggressive about wanting to Choose Teams of Good Guys and Bad Guys (that is, define Enemies), like some folks in Politics like to do, excuse yourself.

This is actually a “Test” of your readiness for the Future, which will include people Clustering according to their Conceptualization of Reality.  What they Believe is none of your Business; your Business is what you Believe.  If they Crucify you, so be it.  It’s “just” part of the Planet “splitting in two.”

(6) But the Availability of this last sort of Lost segment of Self will be the Strongest this week.  

We want to be very Mindful to Attend Lovingly to any Unpleasant Emotions and Intrusive Thoughts this week, as they will be Gateways into Recovery of important segments of Self that have probably long been Lost.  Your Intuition is Keen here, but the layers of Obfuscation are likely to be very thick, so many of these Impressions may be subtle and short-lived.  If you can catch one, quickly jotting down a keyword or short phrase may help prevent it from slipping back into Oblivion.

The most Reliable and Effective process I’ve found for Investigating a Lost segment of Self (whether this sort or one of the other five) is to Locate it in your Body, if it’s in your Body.  If it’s not in your Body, start by Asking if it’s really Yours.  If it’s Yours, send a chord to it from your Heart.  It probably won’t be Living in Present Time.  If it is in your Body but it’s hard to identify a specific Location, pick a likely spot, or one of the spots that it inhabits.  Then put your hand on the spot.  Fear is Hard and Cold; Love is Soft and Warm.  Your hand will Warm the spot, while you imagine Softening it.

I find that these kinds of subtle Lost segments of the Self are not generally Traumatic to encounter.  The circumstances in which they Separated were probably Traumatic, but these cystic segments are usually Disassociated from Heavy Emotions.  What will be characteristic is a Feeling or Sensation.  Not exactly an Emotion.  When you read a book that transports you, the place you’re transported to has such a Feeling Sensation.  A museum or old bookstore that you’re not sure belongs in the current Century might also produce such a Feeling Sensation, or your memories of your Grandmother’s house, or a significant Dream.

These sorts of Feeling Sensations are what you seek, and what you want to Remember once you encounter them.  You may or may not get a picture or a voice with them, it will depend partly on the modality your Intuition usually works through.  But there will be at least one Cue to identify the Portal.  If you have Shamanic Training or Aptitude, you can Journey through the Gap and perhaps locate your Lost segment.  If you aren’t sure, you can just send Love into the Portal.  Imagine that you’re out playing, and Mom calls you to dinner, Lovingly.  You’re the Mom in that picture.

(1) Chiron T-Square on the Golden Rectangle Opposition between Chaos-Atropos and Saturn-Ixion.

(2) Lilith T-Square on the Nodal Axis (OR10 and Nessus on the South Node).

(3) Mercury T-Square on the Yin Gate Opposition between Sedna-Aletheia and Sappho-Klotho.

(4) Chariklo-Nemesis T-Square on the Opposition between Venus and Hopi.  Chariklo Initiates Nemesis at 1am 22 February.

(5) Moon-Pluto and Vesta make a Grand Cross with the Golden Rectangle Opposition between Jupiter-Haumea and Mars-Uranus-Eris.  Uranus Initiates Mars 26 February, and Mars Squares Pluto at 1am 22 February.  The Moon crosses Pluto at noon 22 February.

(6) Asbolus-Veritas T-Square on the Opposition between Neptune-Eclipse and Karma-Orcus.  Asbolus is Stationary turning Direct on 20 February.  The Eclipse is an “Annular” or “Ring-of-Fire” Solar Eclipse in 9 Pisces at 7am 26 February.

Winding Down the Industrial Era

February 19, 2017

We’ve been spending a lot of time on YintegrityPIAVAing, Dropping our Masks, Recovering our Genius, Getting Reborn by Working with our Fear, and other processes that have dominated the Decade and the last several months.  In the last post we footnoted a small part of the background for these Changes, namely the new Chiron-Neptune province we entered ten years ago.  Now let’s back out more and look at the scale of Centuries.

It won’t hurt to review the birth chart of the Current Century.  

And one of the more important Century-scale Cycles, in terms of impacting our daily lives, is the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle.  Jupiter-Saturn means Expansion-Contraction, and among other things it’s a poster child for the Political Economy we live under.  The critical piece of information that the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle provides, is that

Like Karma, the Industrial Era is dead meat, and we need to figure out which Assumptions, Trances, Habits, and Archetypes that soak up our Free Will are artifacts of the Industrial Era, because all of those are obsolete, and will rapidly become a lot more self-sabotaging than they already are.

One of the most obvious artifacts of the Industrial Era is Money.  Money is older than Industrialism, but before we were Industrialized, most of us lived by Barter and Community and Foraging (including Gleaning).  By now we’re Hypnotized to Believe that Money is necessary – even Archangel Michael says so.  I’ve been Imagining Survival and Abundance without Money, and it’s very difficult to do – there’s pretty much a blank space there.  It also triggers my Worthiness and Deservingness Issues, and my Hesitation to Receive, as I fill in the blank as a Mendicant (in other cultures a very noble profession); Work to be done.

Dana, one of our favorite Druids, gives us a well-considered review of Money and Time.  It’s long, but well worth at least skimming. because she covers a lot of ground and brings up many timely Issues…

In the US, it seems that the first question people ask is, ‘what do you do?’  When they say that, of course, they are not talking about how you spend your leisure time, but rather, the work that you do for pay.  This is the most defining characteristic of modern lives–because this is tied to the thing our culture holds as most sacred: money.”

An aside – one of my favorite cartoons (I’ve forgotten the name of the cartoon, alas) is about a househusband, who, when asked “What do you do?” would reply, “About what?”  Dana continues…

“Money is the only metric that has any real value and the pursuit of money drives all else.  If you aren’t working in the workforce earning pay, either the work are doing is devalued (as any stay-at-home parent can attest) or there is something very wrong with you (as in, why aren’t you out there earning money?).  This current economic system, driven by industrial mindsets surrounding profit and efficiency, gives us a rather poor metric through which to measure ourselves and our value.

If you got into that, which was part II, here’s part I…

And a short excerpt from it…

Understanding more about this system, and its history, is critical to all of us as we work to respond to the current industrial age, but as we begin to put in place new systems that will help replace this age and transition us back to nature-oriented living.  And the key here is transitioning in a way that allows us to thrive: to be healthy (including well rested), happy, be able to take care of some of our own needs, and to work with the land to create abundance and joy in our own lives.  So now, let’s take a look at our relationship to time in the broadest view, that is, over hundreds of years of human living.

One of the so-called promises of industrialization and consumerism is the idea that things are ‘better’ or ‘easier’ for us now that machines and fossil fuels do so many things.  We are told, explicitly as children in school, that we are better off, that we work less than our ancestors, have better lives, and largely benefit from the technologies and goods.  Our ancestors of the distant past had hard lives of filth and toil, and we have somehow risen above this.  This is one of the cores of the myth of progress: that our lives are better than our ancestors because of our ‘progress’ as a civilization.” 

Astrologically, the Industrial Era spanned 180 years while the Saturn-Jupiter Initiations were in Earth Signs, 1800 till 1980.  Once the “personal computer” was “coincidentally” released, we had a twenty-year preview of the Digital Age that will fully occupy 2021-2200, while the Saturn-Jupiter Initiations are in Air Signs.  “Coincidentally,” the Digital-Age preview ended with the Dot-Com Crash in 2000.  The twenty years after that are about scavenging what we still find useful from the Industrial Era, before we lose it entirely.

For instance, while most people may not realize it, the Elites have already taken Money away.  We can still hoard folding cash, but there are efforts to make that useless as well – as if Inflation won’t make it valueless before you need it.  When you give your Money to a bank, it’s now their Money.  Legally, you’ve loaned it to them, and they can do with it whatever they want.  As long as the game remains cordial, and you don’t want too much of it back at once, you can get it back.  For now.  So we’re well advised to get comfortable with alternatives to Money, whatever that might be.

Time is a whole ‘nother issue.  Time is Elastic and Nonlinear.  You can be forty years old one minute, six years old the next, then visit another Lifetime, then go back to the Helplessness of the Preverbal a minute later.  You can stretch it out like a rubber band and make it crawl like a Snail (with Kegels for instance, or by doing one of those Bullshit Jobs), or make it race like Roadrunner, or both at the same time – how does Time pass for you while you’re Making Love?  And we’re only talking about Linear Time!  It makes a big difference whether You Have Time or Time Has You.  And what does Joy have to do with it, anyway?  

How often do you PIAVA about Time and how you’d like to Experience it?

Nicole has a good review of this week’s Time…


February 19, 2017

We’ve paid the most attention to the Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing is to Recover Your Hidden Genius) corner of the Golden Rectangle that we’ve been working with for the last several months, because we’ve assumed it would be the most Challenging and the most Rewarding.  

However, there are three other corners as well!  One of them is Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth).  Here’s a reader’s experience of this…

“My partner and I have had a nasty lingering cold for 10 days — sniffling, coughing, hawking up junk, weak as kittens — and last night I dreamt I was told I’d given birth to a girl and handed a birth certificate.  The name on the birth certificate was my name.  I seem to have given birth to myself last night.  I woke this morning feeling better, like I’d turned the corner.”

Daniel Scranton isn’t reading my mind, he’s reading what my mind would be saying if it was screwed on straight…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“All of the doing in the world cannot compensate for a feeling within yourself.  Usually that feeling comes from experiences that have led you to believe that you’re not good enough, not worthy of receiving, and therefore you do.  In some cases you overdo it in an attempt to compensate for the feeling within you.

“And so, whatever it is that you could accomplish through action will only give you a fleeting sense of that worthiness.  You will only appreciate yourself for a few moments before you give yourself another task, and then you will operate under the belief that you are only as good as your last success, or your last good deed…

“We suggest that you build yourselves up energetically, that you focus on how much energy you can run through yourselves, how much love you can feel, how much appreciation you can have for what you already have accomplished.  And then let your actions come from all of that energy you are accessing.  Let your actions be a continuation of a feeling, rather than an attempt to overcome a feeling.

“We see so many of you hoping that your actions will be enough, and we would love to see more of you enjoying the actions that you take because they are actions that you genuinely want to take.  We would love to see more of you being authentic with yourselves about what it is you truly want to do.  And then in the following through with the action, you will undoubtedly summon more energy, more inspiration, and more of an ability to love and appreciate yourselves just as you are.”

I’ve been working to find and Embrace as many Survival Fears as I can, and I’ve found a few hiding like sewer monsters in the dark labyrinth beneath my intestines.  One time when I poor-Sweethearted myself about Fear, my Little Guy was there on the brink of the abyss, averring that he wasn’t scared at all, he was Confused.  Confused because there was no Love for him where there was supposed to be Support.  

That would have been after World War II.  Remember World War II ended exactly on a Neptune-Chiron Initiation (Reorganization of the Political Economy), like the one we had seven years ago this month, “Fresh Daisies in an Ancient Pottery Bowl,” about the end of the Industrial Age and the Economic Reorg that follows.  (Yes, Mr.T is trying to go backwards and it will fail utterly because the World Energy is going in an entirely different direction.  Whether he succeeds in his efforts at Mass Hypnosis is another story; that one’s up to us.)

This dream followed…

“It’s a feast day, and I’m in a restaurant.  They weren’t serving yet, they were preparing to.  There was actually no one there, just food, food everywhere, big piles of it, prepped and ready for serving or cooking.  I tried to walk through several rooms, and I couldn’t do it without stepping on food several times, there was so much of it.”

Abundance Galore.  To me this illustrates the Yin GateBuilding a New Timeline based in Self-Love by getting Honest about our Fear (Sappho-Klotho Opposing Aletheia-Sedna as the central axis of the Gate).


February 17, 2017

However, now that we’re past the Ixion-Saturn Initiation (The Most Important Thing is Reclaiming our Abandoned Genius), the pressure should be less intense.

One way to keep it less intense is to Focus on the Positive, such as…

  • Finding Gratitude for what’s working rather than Self-Criticism or Victimhood or Blame for what’s not working
  • Moving your Attention to the next “higher” Chakra
  • “Running your Energy,”
  • “Raising your Vibration”
  • Shifting to another Modality (ie, Physical rather than Emotional or mental – it often doesn’t work to shift between Emotional and mental because they’re so mutually reinforcing, but sometimes it does)
  • Food, Warmth, Water, Exercise, Shelter
  • Talking to a Positive Friend
  • Tapping
  • Poor-Sweethearting
  • PIAVAing Ease and Joy
  • Letting Go of what’s Boring and Angering and Focusing on what’s Exciting

Or any other way you’ve found to Shift your Attitude and Elan.  As usual, Daniel Scranton has some great suggestions…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Hoping for a Break?

February 16, 2017

Hoping for a break?  Wouldn’t that be nice!  Here’s what Daniel Scranton says is up for us, then we’ll see what the “Stars” say…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“We are able to see how far you have all come.  We are able to detect the slightest bit of movement forward.  The most insignificant-seeming amount of your evolution still registers on our radar.  We cannot help but see your progress.  We cannot help but feel it.  Your lights are shining more brightly than ever before.

“When we access your energy, we not only see how far you’ve come, but we also feel the potential that exists within you as individuals and as a collective.  And we have very good news.  There is a gigantic wave of energy headed your way, and that wave is going to unlock some more of that potential.  It’s going to set you on a course that will lead to greater freedom, greater flexibility, more joy, more passion, more excitement, and more love between all of you.

“As you feel these energies moving through you, you are also going to feel that which needs to be released coming to the surface.  You need to make room for the higher frequency energies.  And so anything that is coming up within you in the coming weeks can be chalked up to cleaning out that which has been stored within you for far too long.  Remind yourselves of this transmission when you are cleaning out some of that lower frequency gunk.

“And in the midst of your letting go of that which is no longer a vibrational match to you, remember also to open yourself up to receive that which is already yours.  The energy that you are accessing now is energy that we put into motion with some of our friends from around the galaxy.  This is how we assist you.  We cannot do anything for you, but every time we send an energy transmission like this one, we do aid in your ascension process.

“We also know from our observations that you can handle it.  We know that you have been handling it, and we know that you will continue to do so with grace.  We know because we can see the path that you are on, and it is the path of enlightenment.  It is the path of self-actualization, and it is the path of peace on planet Earth.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Stars basically agree; the underlying Program is still clearing away all of our Unfinished Business.  As long as we aren’t completely Neutral, having Complete Confidence that we can sail through anything with Ease and Grace, then we still have Work to do.

The Golden Rectangle that’s been Asking us to Reclaim our Rejected Genius is still there, so once we Realize that Resistance is Futile and just give in to being somebody Mom wouldn’t like, we’ll be good on that score.

The Yin Gate that’s been Asking us to Get Conscious of our Fear and Anger and start Relating to it instead of from it (that’s spelled p-o-o-r s-w-e-et-h-e-a-r-t) is still with us, so once we’re Clear on that, no worries.

Both of those are in the 20-29-Degree range.  That’s a wide range, but it includes the planets that are Conjunct the core members of the club, those in the 23-26-Degree range.  This means that all of our Natal (Karmic) Issues in the 20-29 range are getting reemed.  Let’s see. if you were born in the 1930s, Pluto and Neptune were there.  In the 1940s Neptune and Sedna.  In the 1950s Pluto, Ixion, and Sedna.  In the 1960s it was Ixion and Pluto.  Chaos was there in the 1970s.  Haumea and Ixion and Pluto in the 1980s.  Ixion and others in the 1990s.  Chaos, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the 2000s.  Chaos, Sedna, and Eris so far in the 2010s.  Umm, I guess that’s everybody.

Well, what about our Karmic Issues in the first two thirds of the Signs, do we get off scott free on those?  Or will those Demons sneak up on us later?

Well, a series of T-Squares have crept in.  Remember T-Squares, Mastery through Challenge?  There’s one in 2-4 Degrees that’s about Gender Balance.  And two in 11-13 Degrees, one on Trusting our Intuition and one on Recognizing our Deservedness.  And several others that augment the 20-29 business and stretch it a little.  So I don’t think we’ll be catching a Break next week, which finishes with a Ring-of-Fire Solar Eclipse by the way.  PIAVA that your Life be filled with Ease and Grace, and that you sail through the Travails and Traumas carrying a big flag that says LETTING GO on it, k?

Saint Valentine

February 14, 2017

It doesn’t appear to be an accident that Ixion (our Forbidden Genius) Initiated Saturn (The Most Important Thing) on St. Valentine’s Day under the influence of a Sappho (Self-Love) Yin Gate (Mystery School).  A major part of our Forbidden Genius is more Global than Personal.  As we watch the Patriarchy disintegrate into the Ridiculous, we’re asked to Recover those parts of our Herstory that have been Repressed.   Here’s the core of it in black and white…

The original website is here, but the colors make it a bit harder to read…

It appears to be copied from Barbara Walker’s book The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.


February 14, 2017

The theme this morning seems to be Unworthiness.  The fact that “Unworthiness” seems to stand out more than “Worthiness” is telling.  Maybe that’s the common denominator for the many facets of our Disgraced Genius.  I mean, if we were Worthy, we’d be okay Striving for What we Need, wouldn’t we?  A Caution though; if you PIAVA Worthiness, be sure to also PIAVA “Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely” as well!  And be prepared to Realize that if – or when – Worthlessness arises, it’s to be Celebrated as a Letting Go, not indulged as a Victim.

A collection of random good suggestions and radical viewpoints for this week…

From Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians at…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“When you are arranging your schedules and you are thinking about the time you have to complete certain tasks, you may wish to call upon the helpers that you have in order to lighten your load.  If you are willing to accept help from above, there is plenty of it to go around.  If you want to experience more ease in your life and less struggle, then we invite you to call upon the help that is already there…

“One of the ways to prove to yourself that you do have help is to build up that faith by asking for little miracles every day.  Ask for help with your daily routine, your mandatory activities, and see how easy it is to receive.  It is much easier for you to receive a small amount of help than it is for you to receive that answer to the prayer you’ve been asking for years and years.”

And also at…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Before you decide that you want to experience something, you often experience the opposite of it.  You often give yourselves one experience simply to nudge yourself into a certain direction.  It is possible for you to want something without having had the experience of its opposite, of course.  But when you give yourself the experience of the unwanted thing, condition, relationship, and so on, it spurs you on.  It ignites a flame underneath you.  It makes you want what you want even more…

What we see many of you doing, however, is feeling defeated before you even begin to create that which is wanted.  We see you psyching yourselves out.  You come up with a list of reasons why you cannot have that experience, and then you cling to that list.  We want you instead to realize that all of your creations exist within you.  So if you exist, then so must the experience that you want to have.

“As you make the creation of the experience less about what is necessary, about what is out there that needs to happen, and you make it more about feeling inside yourself for the experience, then you line up with it.  Then you are in harmony with that particular experience.  You put yourselves in alignment with something that ultimately you cannot avoid.”

A review of last week from a reader…

“The likely-impersonal and profound fear took the shape of a very old, personal fear for me, and one that I just had to ‘sit with’ – there was not much else I could do with it.  I just nodded at it, and we went about our business together.  Things got dark (I use vipassana and breathing for this, and they really help).  Then it went away entirely after the weekend.  Gone – since Monday or Tuesday I’ve felt positively buoyant.”

Some comments from Stephen Levine (Turning toward the Mystery, pp.92,97)…

“When I asked him how I could have this much love and still not be free, he said whatever I feared more than closing my heart would forever turn me away from my enlightenment.

“And the healing that never ends continued.  As I came to discover that the all-too-theatric imagery at the bottom of the underdream was, in fact, ‘nothing personal,’ just the repressed parts of millions of years of evolution in our frightening primal environment.

“When we meet with mercy and self-forgiveness rather than with continued suppression, all these aspects of ourselves, lovely and otherwise, we emerge a bit more born from this process.”

“In this opening of the mind to the heart one comes to understand that there are no heartless being, only heartless actions.  In just this same way there are no enlightened beings either, just enlightened actions.  Where there is someone to be enlightened, there is that same unwieldy someoneness to be ashamed…

“It took a while before forgiveness practices helped to resolve some of the personal grief of the long-conditioned, tightly-boundaried, generally-identified-with small mind, or what we call ‘my mind.’  So it took a labor of consciousness before the unconditional openness of Big Mind would be able to relate wholeheartedly to the confusion of little mind.”

And from Marilyn Raffaele at…

Observe and give gratitude for everything, for you are bearing witness to the awakening of the masses and the disintegration of the old.  It is what mankind has desired and brought into manifestation.  Those living with closed eyes are beginning to open them, and those with already open eyes are seeing more clearly.  However, be alert to any judgements you may hold with regard to how  the awakening process must appear…

It is time to once again discuss power.  All fear is based in the belief that something has power over something else, be it the body, germs, laws, persons, circumstances of all kinds, or even a God of judgement looking down on you from on high.  Fear comes naturally to humans because having lived lifetimes fully enmeshed in duality and separation, all have been  well educated by their experiences.  Fears still held in cellular memory will continue to express throughout lifetimes until cleared, manifesting  for no seeming reason and with no apparent cause. 

“You are ready to realize and embrace the fact that the new times are already here, not coming in the future.  It is time to accept that false concepts and beliefs no matter how familiar must be left behind if you are to evolve further, much as a child leaves behind his toys when he matures.  You have evolved beyond the need to continue seeking and searching, or depending upon tools for awakening – you have arrived…

Never  beat yourselves up  or rigidly resist some fear that may still seem to have power over you.  Every human still carries (but is now clearing) old cellular memory from fearful experiences of the past.  Long buried  fears often manifest when clearing, so if this happens do not panic, claim it back in as your personal fear, or see it as something to get rid of,  simply allow it to flow through and out. 

“Generally when emotions of fear, anger, frustration, etc. arise, just allow them while loving yourself and recognizing that they are guiding you toward a deeper examination of your belief system – ‘What am I believing that is making me feel this way?  Is it true?’ “

These are only tidbits, there’s much more in the links.