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Nemesis and Self-Love

July 19, 2021

Major July Self-Love astroevent #4 is an Exaggeration of Guilt and Blame (asteroid Nemesis Stationary 18 July 2021, 1:06 pm, in 29 Scorpio).

Someone I thought was my friend Betrayed me the other day, and I’m Helicoptering (my mind keeps going around in circles) about whether it’s their Fault for being such a Jerk, or my Fault for failing to Realize that I needed to set better Boundaries last week while we were Adjusting our Boundaries to better Accommodate Self-Love.

You don’t know what they did “to” me, but I hope you recognize that scenario, I hope you have a Strong Opinion about it, and I hope your Opinion is that It Was What It Was. Trying to figure out who to Blame is something most of us do in the Heat of Emotion, and if I’m Angry enough I might need to label two pillows, one THEM and one ME, and pound on them for awhile, as a therapeutic Exercise. But when anything is about Blame, we aren’t looking at the Real Issue. Every attempt to Blame ourself is an Opportunity to switch to Self-Love, especially this month, and Blame and Love Live in very Different Universes. Every attempt to Blame someone else for something, is a missed Opportunity to Notice we’re Stuck in Blame like a Pig Stuck in their own Poo, and Choose an Alternative.

Blame is a Complete, Closed, and Insidious Worldview, without clear Exits. No matter what’s “Wrong,” someone is always to Blame. Many, if not most, people Live their whole Lives without ever leaving the Blame Universe. Most of the time, many of us find it difficult to Think of an Alternative way to view the World. Yet we all Operate from the Unconscious almost all of the time. We even Blame the Ego (ours or theirs) for not being Conscious of the Unconscious. Blame and Self-Love reside in Completely Different Universes. So how do we Get Out of Blame then? And if Blame is Complete, where are we when we do somehow Stumble Out? In Guilt?

Nemesis the Goddess Punished Wrongdoers and Scofflaws. Our more modern Nemesis is the Enemy that we expect to be our Undoing, like my supposed friend. Well, yes, chronic Guilt and Blame will certainly be our Undoing if we continue to see the World through their red-tinted Glass, particularly so if we never Notice that the Glass is there. Which Noticing is, as is usually the case, a key to the Exit door. Omigosh, I’m Blaming, or I’m Looking for Someone to Blame! What can I do instead? Forgiveness is a lousy Alternative. We can’t Decide to Forgive, we have to wait till we Notice that Forgiving has occurred. And Forgiveness implies that there was something to Forgive, something Blameworthy.

The Difficulty is that we’re trying to Operate from the Ego, and the Ego is Stuck in Blame because it’s Attached to Cause and Effect. If there’s an Effect we dislike, there must be a Cause to Blame. It’s even harder to Escape the Closed Cause-and-Effect Worldview than it is to Escape the Closed Blame Universe. Most of us were Taught to Blame in Childhood, but almost all of us were taught that Cause and Effect is the onliest Operating Principle in the Universe. But it ain’t. Cause and Effect is just another artifact of the Dualistic Mind, and Reality is Perpendicular to the Dualistic Mind. So when it’s Helicoptering you, put your arms out like an ice skater, to slow yourself down to a standstill, and Notice that your Helicopter only has two blades, and you’re now looking in a third Direction.

Which is a great start. The meat of our Emotional Issue was in the blades. There’s nothing but a blank tarmac in the third Direction. Or maybe the airport cafe. And that’s the point. The two blades of your Helicopter, now represented by your hands, were beating each other up, or beating on your head. That’s enormously Self-Abusive. Now that you’ve extended your arms and Separated your hands, there’s Nothing there in front of you, except maybe lunch. Now you’re looking at a Different Universe, and if you’ve spent most of your Life in Blame, you won’t Recognize anything in it, because Up Until Now, you’ve never looked.

That pretty colorful thing on the other side of the tarmac – could that be a Flower? You’ve probably heard about those, but you may not have ever actually Looked at one. Who does it Blame, for what? What can we Blame on it? Is it Arguing with that Bee, or Making Love to it?

Self-Judgment and Self-Love II

January 15, 2019

Of course the “good news” of a Nemesis Station Square Nessus-OR10 (Ego Death from Embracing or Poor-Sweethearting our Intrusive Abuse Memories), is that it’s an Opportunity to Clear the very Held Emotions that constitute our Unconscious Resistance to migrating into 5D, aka What We Want.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds.  Originally, we set Boundaries against Memories that would Trigger Emotions that would Overwhelm us.

As we got good at this through Repetition, we pushed the Memories and their Emotions out of our Awareness and into Karma.  We made them Unconscious, which means they’re part of Not-Me.  In Real Life we’re Infinite Light Beings Fantasizing a Material Vehicle, and from this Light-Being Perspective nothing is Not-Me.  But when we Identify with our Fantasy Material (/Emotional/Intellectual) Vehicle, then from that Perspective our Not-Me can get Overwhelmingly large, large enough to Take Control of our Vehicle behind its back, without telling us, so to speak – Out of Our Awareness.

This is the Origin of all the Good-Versus-Evil stories you’ve been taught since Birth; “Good” is your Fantasy-Vehicle Identity, and “Bad” is the Not-Me which is the rest of your Light Being, which you don’t recognize as “Me.”  Hence the Classic Warfare Model of HisStory.  His many Stories become Religions or other Group-Thinks like Make-Rome-Great-Again aka Bring-Back-the-Slaves, which the pathologically clever among us exploit for their own Gain.

Moving into Identifying with our Light Body is not a process of Struggle, but a process of Surrender or Allowing or Vulnerability – HerStory.  The Lady Warrior Archetype misses the point, but it’s an intermediate step that might help with our Liberation, if we don’t get Stuck in it.

As we attempt to return our Identity to our Infinite Light Beingness, we find that our Fantasy-Vehicle Identity has to Break Out of a series of Shells, each one Opening us to a “new” (Revealed – Eris) segment of our Not-Me, which Manifests as an Introduction to a Held Emotion (South Node or Karma).  With each Broken Shell our Me Grows toward our 5D Light Being, and our Me Grows in Power – in the sense that we now have greater Healthy Control over our Life Circumstances.

Not the Power-Over which dominates HisStory, but the Power-With that works through Collaboration with the Unseen.  The more we can Delegate Power to the Unseen Energies that actually Carry it, the Easier our Life becomes.  Except of course for the potentially unpleasant “Ego Deaths,” or Molts, or Rebirths, or Embracing/Poor-Sweethearting of our Held Emotions, that occur when one of those Shells Break, because we Experienced those Shells as Security to our Fantasy Vehicle.  Like when Nemesis Acts Out, such as Now through 17 January.

Not to Lament, as Sappho (Self-Love) is also Stationary here, through 20 January.  Unconditional Self-Love is so Central to our Light-Being Self that we’re hardly Aware of it.  While Nemesis can suck out the Air that our Fantasy Vehicle likes to Breathe, nothing can suck out the Light that our Light-Being Self Breathes, though the Illusions of our Fantasy Vehicle like to blind us to that in its misguided attempts to Protect the next Shell.

When we can Experience the Breaking of a Shell as Liberation of a more Power-With-ful Me instead of the demise of a more Limited Power-Over-ful Me, our Growth into Full Collaboration with the Universe has Arrived.  Contrary to the usual Metaphor, there are no Destinations here; there are only More Shells to Break.  5D is not an event, it’s a process, and it’s the process of Enjoying Ego Death.

So let’s have a look at this Opportunity to Experience some serious Ego Deaths in the context of serious Self-Love…

For instance, there’s Marilyn Raffaele’s Channeling for 13 January…

(If you don’t find the 13 January 2019 message there, check

“We are the Arcturian Group, a collective of ascended Arcturian beings from the eighth dimension here to assist Gaia and her people during these times of ascending consciousness.

“Know that these messages as well as others that may resonate with you are in reality your own state of consciousness manifesting as the particular message.  If this were not true, you would not be drawn to or be able to understand them.

“You, who are spiritually prepared to expand beyond the illusion and integrate truth are the forefront of the ascension process.  You chose to be on earth during these times of intense energetic chaos and change in order to complete your own third dimensional spiritual journey and become the first wave of ascension and example for those following.

“You are preparing the way for those of the second wave–individuals spiritually ready to awaken but who until now have resisted doing so.  Know that the Light of so many now awakening out of three dimensional sleep state, is shifting and dissolving the old paradigm, even when things appear to be getting worse.  Try not to give up hope but rather stand back as an observer for you are soon going to see much that will restore the hope you may have lost.

“You serve as living breathing examples of unconditional love for those around you when you realize and begin to live out from a consciousness that knows unconditional love is the only reality and that anything else simply represents conditioned beliefs about love.”

“Unconditional love can only ever be all there is because there is only ONE–one substance, one life, one reality, one law.  Love is the energetic glue connecting everything within this Infinite ONE and those who [naively] continue to believe in and live out from a consciousness of separation and duality create for themselves the illusory forms of these beliefs.

“You can ignore, but never change the reality of Oneness by judging from outer appearances as proof of its nonexistence.  Continuing to hold to the third dimensional belief system after outgrowing it only delays a person’s spiritual evolution because Oneness is the foundation of all reality and must be acknowledged at some point.  For some it may be in a future life, for you it is now.

“There are some who present a very religious face to the public, preaching ideas of love, but who do not practice them when confronted with experiences or opportunities that may result in personal inconvenience or lifestyle discomfort.  Unconditional love cannot continue being flowery words spoken or written, but must become an attained state of consciousness.

“Because Love/oneness is the only reality, all false concepts about love must be allowed to fade away and be replaced by a deeper realization of what love really is.  The third dimensional belief system has created and promoted hundreds of concepts of love, the grandest of them being romantic love.

“Romantic love is based in the belief that everyone is half of a couple.  This concept would be true if humans were simply physical, but they are not and never have been.  Although appearing to be just physical, the reality is that everyone is a whole and complete expression of Divine consciousness having the experience of being in physical form.

“Many, even the very evolved are reluctant to move past their favorite three dimensional concepts of love but as long as an individual continues to seek wholeness, happiness, and fulfillment from another, they remain just that– half of a couple.”

“Let go of concepts proclaiming that things need, should, or must be a certain way in order to be correct.  Most of the world’s ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ have been carried in collective consciousness from earlier times when they may have actually made sense for personal safety.  Others are nothing more than rules and regulations given by third dimensional thinkers, governments, and religious leaders often to promote their own agendas.

“You are ready to come out from under the bondage of three dimensional thinking because you have evolved beyond the need for someone to tell you what is right and what is wrong–you already know what is right and wrong.

“Allow yourselves to be who and what you are.  If family or friends think you have become a ‘weirdo’, simply laugh, bless them, and move on.  Does God need outer validation?  Where could it come from since IT is all there is?  …

“For some it takes a great deal of courage to live truth when it begins to unfold from within.  A person may be afraid to speak of these things to those of his old mindset be they family, friends, or church elders.  Living truth is not for the faint hearted especially in the beginning, but continuing to align with some organization or individual out of fear of criticism serves only to keep the person in energy he has outgrown and where he will continue to create experiences reflective of that energy.

“The choice is yours, dear ones.  Do you choose to be what you already are or do you wish to continue with the illusion of being a poor human constantly suffering third dimensional problems and continually seeking a savior, human or Divine, to save you?.

“Stop waiting for someone or something to change the world for you.  Only the awakened consciousness of the collective can and is shifting the three dimensional world out of illusion.

“Allow the real YOU to create your experiences.  You are your own Light should you choose to accept this fact.

“You are Divine Consciousness in expression.  Claim it.”

Or Dan Scranton’s Channeling for 14 January…

“We are more than satisfied with the progress of humanity, and furthermore, we are certain that your progress will continue to impress us.  Now, we know that it is easy to find the faults with where you are as a collective and to focus on them because they are right there in your face, very loud and somewhat destructive.

“So your approach now to helping humanity as the lightworkers you are has to be aimed at changing the way you perceive those noisy, low frequency aspects of the human collective.  We invite you to see that humanity is getting all of this out of its system in preparation for the shift in consciousness.  There are very old disputes that you have on planet Earth, and they actually extend back even further than when human life on Earth began.

“You are there settling very old scores, and you have needed to try the old way of going about it for quite some time.  Again, you need to realize what works by first realizing what does not work.  Seeking to defeat the so-called enemy, no matter how bad they appear to be, will never work for humanity, and there’s a reason for that.  The reason is that you are there to bring together all aspects of you so that you can become your higher selves.

“You cannot bring together all of the parts if any of the parts are eliminated or destroyed.  Again, we invite you to see the attempts to destroy one group of humans by another as the last gasp, the last ditch effort for certain aspects of humanity to cling to the third dimensional ways.

“If you are receiving this transmission, you are not among those who wish to do this.  And so again, we urge you all to be the peace, and the sanity, be the calm at the center of the storm.  And in so doing, you will integrate yourselves, your human collective, and this beautiful galaxy of ours.”

Hope You’re Rested III

September 6, 2018

Phase 2 of our Adventures about The Most Important Thing Is Rebirthing Our Forbidden Genius is here, and it emphasizes the Rebirthing part, namely, the 7 September (3pm PDT) Klotho Station at 15 Degrees of – you guessed it – Capricorn.  Any Rebirth worth its salt involves an Ego Death, including this one…

Which includes Curiousness (Quincunx) between our Rebirth (the Stationary Klotho) and both Ego Death (Nemesis) and Self-Love (Sappho), which itself might be considered a Curious combination.  A new Cycle between these two began in early August (, with an image about Little Kids being Excited about getting the Materialistic Gifts that they believed they Really Wanted.

True Curiosity Asks Big Questions without really expecting an Answer.  The Answer is eventually delivered by the Universe in mysterious ways, through Events and Occurrences.  But if we think we Know the Answer to the Question, we don’t get to Receive the Insightful Wisdom that the Real Answer holds.  The Questions are something like…

  • I Wonder what sort of Ego Death I’ll have to Endure to Rebirth my Forbidden Genius.
  • I Wonder what Unconscious parts of Myself I’m not Loving.
  • I Wonder what it would be like to Love my Ego Deaths.

There is one thing that’s fairly clear.  This adventure in Rebirthing Our Forbidden Genius as The Most Important Thing isn’t about Self-Judgment or Intention to Change.  It’s about Accepting, not Judging.  About Expanding to make room for the Previously Unknown, and Rebalancing everything to Integrate it all. 

What, you say, Saturn about Expanding?  That’s supposed to be Jupiter.  You forget that in the Unconscious, Opposites are Equals.  The Unconscious is Circular, not Linear.  If we try to make the Circular Unconscious Linear in order to make it Conscious, the only thing we’ve done is pour cement into Duality and Separation.  Instead, we have to make Consciousness Circular, even Spherical.

Quantum Jump 20: The Real Thing I

August 1, 2018

I know, I can hear the clamor, “What the heck is going on?  Haven’t we Finished all of this?”  Well, we’ve passed all of the preliminary and preparatory tests, and now we get the Real Thing, the Descent of Soul into Matter,  the first Station of Uranus in Taurus. 

Descent?  What happened to Ascension?  Other than our Judgment that Up is better than Down, what’s the difference between Soul Descending into Matter and Matter Ascending into Soul?  Actually, it’s the former that’s usually associated with Birth, and the latter with Death.  And this is Clearly about Birth; we’ve known that since Quantum Jump 2.

In November and December Uranus will backtrack into Aries, so we’ll have an Opportunity to adjust what fits poorly, but when we consider everything we went through in July, This Is It for now.  This is the Time we’ve been Waiting for.  One of them.  There will be many, but this is a Biggie.

Check in with yourself – what are you Feeling?  Excitement?  Trepidation?  Fear?  Ecstasy?  Pain?  Poised on the Edge of a Cliff?  All of the above?  Those would all be very reasonable.  The Station is 10am PDT 7 August at 3 Degrees of Taurus, “Natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom.”  Yaay! said the Bees.  Remember when we used to suck the Nectar out of Clover Blossoms?

The Uranus Station chart is a doozy…

Look at all those lines and circles!  And look who the Players are!  It’s as Intense as you’re Intuiting it to be.  We’ve got a week to make sense of it all, which we’ll try to do, plus a few additional charts of the Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth Harmonics.

Oh, just to keep us Balanced, there’s also a simultaneous issue about Death – Death of our Egoic Hindrances to Self-Love, that is, as Nemesis (Ego Death) Initiates Sappho (Self-Love) 4am PDT 8 August in 4 Gemini, “Holly and mistletoe awaken old memories of Christmas” – substitute whatever holiday most Excited you in your youth.

“It is not yet possible to correctly structure our knowledge about the new Space of Reality because it is still in the process of becoming what it truly is.  But it is possible to figure out some laws guiding its way of manifestation.  First of all, we are presently taking part in two parallel realities.  They are not separated from another, but interconnected. 

“While the old over-materialized world structure is still governing the laws of our daily reality, the new etheric powers and qualities are already replacing its old etheric basis.  So we abide within a world that does not seem to have changed at all over the past few years, but in effect it is nearly completely new.  Its etheric base has already been renewed.

“The manifestation of the new Earth Cosmos will not manifest along the path of linear development.  The only way to transform a one-dimensional space and time structure is to become pluridimensional by way of an alchemical transmutation.  I refer to the ‘turned upside down’ principle. 

“The universe we see is going to turn inward, to perhaps become a seed for a future evolution, while the universe that we now perceive as an inner world is in the process of turning from the inside outward.  This inner world will become our daily reality.”

–Marko Pogačnik, Sacred Geography: Geomancy, Co-Creating the Earth Cosmos, p.150.

Eversion! – that’s one way to Liberate our Hidden Genius and our Deepest Desires.

Quantum Jump 6

July 10, 2018

The 12 July New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse (8pm PST) highlights the Challenges we’re having with this Big Rebirth we just went through with the Haumea (Rebirth) and Jupiter (Expansion) Stations.  Not only does the Eclipse (Illumination) Square the still-Stationary Haumea, it Opposes Klotho (Beginning New Timelines), which Conjoins BZ509 (Transcendence) and Pluto (Compulsive Trance-Reformation)…

That’s a bundle.  Does the Universe provide any clues or helpmates?  Yes, several.  Most of them require Sustained Curiosity (Quincunx Bridges), though one is an outright Gift, a Trine Bridge.  However, this Easy Path lies through Nemesis (Ego Death), Lachesis (Choosing the Length of our Timelines), and Sappho (Self-Love).  So, for starters we’d need to be Self-Loving.  Then we’d probably have to Accept Ego Deaths Self-Lovingly.  Which sounds like a “Likely,” but this is a Trine Bridge, so we can’t sell it short.

When we Choose to be Unconscious, if we have that option, we Choose to Accept our Fate.  Of course many of us Choose that Option Unconsciously.  If it sounds Weird to you to make a Choice Unconsciously, it’s because you’re Identifying with the wrong “You.”  If we aren’t Consciously Aligned with our Soul, and our Soul makes a Choice, then “We” have made the Choice, but from the Ego’s Perspective, the Choice was Unconscious. 

As Seth averred a long time ago (Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality) – and Fritz Perls agreed, if it’s in your Field, then from some Perspective, some part of “You” has Chosen it.  If you don’t want it in your Field, then “you” need to Find Out which part of “You” did Choose it, and Negotiate with them.  Often our Soul Chooses to put things in our Field, just so “we” can become Conscious of our Soul’s Intentions.  I can’t say what your Soul wants for you, but as near as I can tell at this time, mine wants me to Eschew Judgment and Respect All Things.  So my Soul shows me my Judgments and my Disrespects.

In the notion of the Fates in Greek Myths, Lachesis is the one with the tape measure.  Klotho weaves the Cloth that constitutes the Tapestry of a Timeline, and Lachesis determines the Length of the Timeline.  Finally, Atropos cuts the last thread with her Scissors, Ending the Timeline.  So the suggestion is that we Self-Lovingly Choose our own Lengths for the Ego Deaths that Clear the Space for our Rebirth.  Without masochism, I suspect we’d want our Ego Deaths to be Complete, but short in Duration.  They may never not Hurt, but we can stand Hurts if they’re short-term .

You have Beliefs and Practices that for a looong time you’ve known you’d eventually have to give up – because they interfere with What You Really Want.  They’re cheap substitutes that you’ve plugged into the Space where your Deepest Desires belong, because you couldn’t stand the Void there, and your Limiting Beliefs wouldn’t give you Permission to be Brutally Honest about your Desires.  Over time you’ve gotten Ego-Invested or Identified with your Compromises.  They are you and you are they.  But now it’s time for you to Open Up that Space for the Real Thing.

So those Identities have to exeunt stage left (Nemesis).  They have to bow out Gracefully, Lovingly (Sappho).  And you have to Choose it (Lachesis).  No one else can Choose it for you.  And it’s not about Letting it Slide till these Pretenders leave on their own.  You’ve already been waiting forever for that, and it hasn’t happened.  Not when they’re part of your Identity.  You have to Want to Achieve your Deepest Desire more than you want to keep your “temporary” substitutes.

The Sixth Step prayer reads something like…

“Dear God, I am ready for your help in removing from me the defects in my character which I now realize are an obstacle to my recovery.  Help me to continue being honest with myself and guide me toward spiritual and mental health.”

While Ego-Attachment and Addiction are similar, they aren’t quite the same, so let’s rephrase that to make it more appropriate for Identification…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command your help in removing from my Field the Temporary Substitutes for What I Really Want, as I now Realize that these Substitutes are an Obstacle to my Authentic Deepest Desires.  I Command your help to maintain my Honesty with myself, and your continued Guidance toward my Mission.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.  Show me.”

Your Temporary Substitutes could be Emotions, Thoughts, Ideals, Actions, Beliefs, Material Objects or Goals – whatever you would Recognize as You, but which you’ve plugged into the Gap Created by the Absence of What You Really Want.  Tomorrow we’ll look at the Quincunx Bridges, as they too provide clues.