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Despair into Miracle IV – Saturn-Vesta

September 6, 2014

Continuing our consideration of the September Full Moon and Portal 9.1-11, we need to look at the upcoming Saturn-Vesta Initiation.

Following Rudhyar, we pay a good deal of Attention to the astrological Cycles between planets.

The planets go round the Sun at different speeds, so the faster of them eventually (or often) pass or cross the slower of them.  The loop from one crossing to the next is called a Cycle.  For instance, Saturn takes about 28 years to navigate the astrological loop, while Vesta takes about four years.  So every four years (plus several months, as Saturn moves ahead by about fifty degrees in four years), Vesta crosses or Conjoins Saturn. 

We refer to this Conjunction as Saturn Initiating Vesta, because the faster planet Vesta acts as a messenger for the slower planet Saturn, so Saturn acts as the Guru and Vesta the receiver of the Shaktipat.

The four years-plus between Initiations is one Vesta-Saturn Cycle.  We can find clues about the nature of the Cycle by looking at the Sabian Symbol (an interpretation of the individual degree) of the degree where the two first Conjoined.  The change from one Cycle to another can create meaningful differences in the Gestalt or Mileau we live under.  English doesn’t have a word for this because English is reductive rather than integrative.

So in general, what would a Vesta-Saturn Cycle entail?

One of the functions of Saturn is to codify.  So every four years, as the Vesta-Saturn Cycle changes, we would begin Paying Attention to different phases of What We Consider to Be Sacred.  Over the four years, while that phase felt like The Most Important Thing, we would be learning, experiencing, and consequently upgrading our understanding of that part of What We Consider to Be Sacred.

Viewed from the other side (Vesta’s effect on Saturn), we’d also be Paying more Attention to our own behavior and how it relates to that part of our “moral” or ethical code.  Note that Morality is intellectual, it’s set of rules; it has little to do with Spirituality or Compassion or Presence or the other markers of how we relate to Spirit.  Ethics is like Patriotism, it’s the last refuge of a scoundrel.  There is no sense in which Ethics is superpersonal.  It’s a word that allows us to try to bully someone larger than ourself by attempting to shame them.

But we do try to translate our Spiritual/Sacred standards into behaviors.  Without a predefined moral or ethical code we may have to “try it on” for each behavior – imagine acting it out and looking to see how it’s likely to make us feel.  Parables like “Do unto others as you would have them do until you” or “Do unto others as they would like to be done unto” are simplified guidelines for “trying it on” like that.  So every four-plus years we would expect our understanding of how those parables operate, or arenas in which they operate, to shift.

What sort of shift should we be expecting now?

The previous Vesta-Saturn Cycle, the one we’re leaving, occurred at 3 Libra, “The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed,” in August 2010.  The Vesta-Saturn Cycle that we’re approaching occurs on September 13 (noon PDT) at 19 Scorpio, “A Parrot repeats the conversation he has heard: The capacity to transmit transcendental knowledge.”  The “capacity” part is Rudhyar’s interpretation.  He introduces the “transcendental” because it’s a Bird, and Birds are associated with Spirit because of their wings.  There is a clear implication that we’re repeating more than we understand, that we still see through a glass darkly.

Let’s step back to 2006 and see what preceded the dawn of a new day.  The 2006-2010 Vesta-Saturn Cycle was about “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing: The need to involve one’s most spiritual and vital energies in the creative act if it is to produce significant and beautiful new forms” (9 Leo in mid-June 2006).

So here’s one way to consider Saturn’s role here – from 2006 to 2010 during the Big Meltdown we were asked to be very careful to bring our full Spiritual and Energetic Skills into what we were creating.  We were laying the foundation of our Survival strategies for the New Paradigm that was being birthed at that time. 

By 2010 it was clear that our old strategies were obsolete, and once we got to 2012, the End of Time and the Rebirth of Yintegrity,

(not to mention the second Transit of Venus)

it was clear that, really, Everything had actually Changed.  It really was Different This Time.  Now, for the next four years, this information (our new Survival strategies) has to be repeated over and over again, to as many people as we can.  The academic study of Change says that it occurs when a few “early adopters” try a new strategy on to see if it works.  If it does work, their neighbors try it, and if it works for them, the word spreads and soon most people adopt it as a Best Practice.  We’re entering the “Spread” stage for our new strategies.

Here’s a great example…

So the big changes we’re undergoing in September and October will put us on a plateau, from which we’ll spend the next four years telling anyone who’s interested what we’re up to and why.