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One Other Unusual Energy

June 9, 2022

There’s one other unusual Segment of today’s Resistance to Our Cravings Energy, that might have our Self-Love flummoxed. In the worst case we could be Irritated at ourself for getting “Down” because we have “higher Expectations” for ourself.

If this happens, our first recommendation is that you Poor-Sweetheart yourself. Just say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Down, aren’t you,” and then Change the Subject. This is more than Grammar, because when you say it, “You” – Your Identity of the Moment – shifts from “Down” to Compassion. It’s Empathy that Heals, and you’ve just Empathized with yourself. The Changing the Subject part is important, because if you don’t (or can’t), then your Thoughts About Your Feeling will suck you right back into the Bummer.

Of course, if you can just Attune Deeply and Steadily with the Sensations in your Body that Triggered your “Down” Feeling, while closely Watching and Evaluating your Thoughts so they don’t Distract you from the Sensations, that may work even better. Remember you can always add “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re having Trouble Changing the Subject, aren’t you” if you get Stuck in the Downer Thought Loop. You can even Iterate it, like a Mantra, if it helps to convince you to levitate your Mind out of the Self-Abusive gutter.

Now, if you’ve Experienced this Self-Judgment before in your Young Life, then you’ve hit the Jackpot, because this Thread is Triggering your Karma just when Letting Go of Old Habits is most Lit Up. In this case you want to Study the whole process pretty closely, so that you get a good idea of how it started and how it developed, so you’re more likely to be Prepared for it the next time it happens. The sooner you catch yourself starting to Repeat a Self-Judgment, the Easier it is to Revert! And the Easier it is to Revert! the Earlier you’ll catch yourself, and you’re off on a whole new Virtuous Spiral toward greater Self-Love.

We shift our “Fate” from Karma to Choice by Becoming Aware of our Patterns. It’s like a Muscle. The more often you allow the Old Bummers to pull you Down, the stronger the Karmic Pattern becomes. Every time you Revert! the process, you strengthen your New Habit of Enhanced Self-Appreciation and Grace.

The astrological Pattern is Mars-Chiron Opposite Moon-Narcissus in 12-16 Aries/Libra.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who renounced Immortality to escape the Pain, Empathized with himself, and Changed the Pattern of Eternal Suffering. He Chose Mortality, but you know, as the economists say, in the long run not too many folks get off this Rock Alive. And since Linear Time is done for anyway, does it really matter what Time the robot mechanical clock says when we jet off to our Next Adventure? I know, the Ego resists Mortality like the Plague, because that’s its Job. But 999 times out of a thousand, it’s just a Molt, the Olde Ego Resisting another Makeover.

Mars is Action, so Taking Action to Shift to Compassion should be fairly easy once you remember to do it. Mars can also be Irritation, so if we combine Chiron’s initial tendency toward Despair with the Irritable side of Mars, we can easily get Angry at ourself. That in itself is a bit Self-Abusive, isn’t it. But we can Change it.

The Midpoint of Aries is a busy place. It features Gentle Male Sovereignty (Star Alderamin at 14 Aries), Freedom of Action (Star Alpheratz at 15), Awareness of Ascension (Mars at 12), Liberation from our Mental Cage (13), Considerable Dissolution with the Option of Laser Clarity (14-15), and Through Depths of Emotion to Clarity of Purpose (Chiron at 16). Very Promising, as a whole.

The Opposition is the Second Dimension, The Priestess, Maintenance of Tradition. It’s not necessarily Stodgy, but it easily gets Hung up on Dualities like Right and Wrong.

Asteroid Narcissus is of course about Obsession with the Perfection of our Ego, and the Moon mostly about our Instincts. The Midpoint of Libra is pretty Spacey – it’s about Being Lost in Linear Time (Narcissus at 14 Libra), and Intimacy with the Whole of Earth History (Moon at 15). Hints of the Ancestors, on all Levels right down to the Microbes and the Minerals. This is a very Deep Background for our Chironean Pain and Liberation and our Martian Action, and seems like a Meditation on the Evolution of our Planet, our Species, and our Identities.

The nine key phrases are condensations of the one-page (Ellias Lonsdale) and multi-page (Bernadette Brady and Angeles Arrien) descriptions in 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny, Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, and The Tarot Handbook respectively.

January, Week 2, End, Finally

January 13, 2017

Okay, here’s that chance to rest we’ve been wishing for.  Too late for some of us, I know, but hang on, and take a Breather while you can.  Our next Big Event isn’t till 17 January.  

Unfortunately it’s a Station, so we’ll be Feeling it in advance, probably starting about now, but at least it’s just one Station – there are three stations the week after that!  The planet that’s Standing Still (Strong) is asteroid Aletheia, which symbolizes Truth.  Other than a test of our Integrity, that wouldn’t seem too mean, but it’s Conjunct Sedna (Fear) and one of the Drivers for the Yin Gate that’s demanding that we get Honest about our Unconscious Fears.  

So expect some Tests this weekend.  Unless you’re in a Committed Relationship you want to keep, you owe nothing to anybody who wants to trap you in an Untruth.  That’s someone trying to Bully and Manipulate you.  Eighty percent of the time the issue isn’t that you’re being Untrue to yourself, it’s that you aren’t demonstrating the sort of Truth that the other person wants from you.  If it ain’t Your Truth, it ain’t the Truth.   The Untruth here is that you’re trying to maintain a Relationship with a Manipulative Bully, when your boots were made for walking.  Sooner is better than later; you can’t afford it in this Energy Province.

The other twenty percent of the time, their Intuition is telling them that you’re being Incongruous, and you are.  This a a valuable Insight into your Unconscious Fears, and one you don’t want to pass up.  The hard part – Discerning the 20% Intuition from the 80% Manipulation.  Denial is your birthright.  You don’t need to get Honest to please anyone else.  But you want to take every Opportunity to get Honest with yourself, and it’s probably your Unconscious Fears that are demanding a masquerade.  Meditate on it.

Don’t let the Mind’s helicopter trips seduce you into Either/Ors.  PIAVA Clarity, and don’t get into the “right or wrong” trap; It Is What It Is.  If there’s any sense in which their Challenges apply to you, by all means take advantage of the Insight.  Then walk.  

Unless they introduce their Intuition as a polite Question or Wondering rather than a demanding accusation.  Many Great Relationships are based on mutually assisting one another’s Self-Growth.  But not as an Ego Contest – those are destructive to our Self-Sovereignty (promoting which is issue number #1 this month) and to our Self-Love (promoting which is issue number #1 next month, and you can start early).

Now, irrespective of other people’s opinions, PIAVAing to touch the Edges of your Unconscious Fears, so you can Tap them Out and Poor-Sweetheart them, will serve you well.  If they don’t pop right up, Change the Subject, what a bit, and then Pay Attention.  We’re running out of time for Embracing the Truth of our Unconscious Fears, and it’s critically Important Work for the Future.  No Pressure.

Oh, and there’s also an Initiation on 17 January.  We usually Feel Initiations early too.  So maybe we won’t get that much time to rest, but Friday the 13th falls on a Friday this month, so you can at least take that day to Relax.  The Initiation is Chiron-Mars, which isn’t usually considered Max Fun.  We can read Mars-Chiron as Active Despair, and Passive Despair is quite enough.  Some of us may even find Active Despair in discovering the Truth of our Unconscious Fears.  So even on Friday the 13th we need to be Proactive with our Poor-Sweethearts.

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Despair, aren’t you.”  We’ve gone over this a hundred times, but we’ll do it again (you could be a new reader after all).  

  • “I am Discouraged” literally means that I – my Identity – am Discouragement.  I be Eeyore.  
  • “I Feel Discouraged” literally means that I am an Observer of my Emotions – much healthier!  
  • And “You poor Sweetheart, your Feeling Despair, aren’t you,” said to myself, literally means that I am Feeling Compassion for myself.

Big shift, from Discouragement to Compassion.  Don’t pass up the Opportunity.

Despair results from being in a dead end alley in your Beliefs and Thoughts, where there are no workable alternatives.  Once your Self-Empathy shifts you to Compassion, you’re in a very different set of Beliefs and Thoughts, a very different Reality, one in which – relative to your Despair Perspective – Miracles are possible.

Once you get to Compassion, you can Ask yourself if any part of your earlier Discouragement was linked to any Unconscious Fears.  If you succeed in rooting one out of hiding, and you can take yourself from “I’m Scared” to “I Feel Scared” to “You poor Sweetheart, your Feeling Scared, aren’t you.” you get an A-plus on the Test.  

If “I’m Scared” happens in your Physiology and not just in your Observation, add Tapping ( if you’re new here).  Alternating between Tapping and Poor-Sweethearting works wonders.  Measure your Emotional Discomfort before and after Tapping (scale of 1 to 10), so you know it’s working or not.  If not, do it again.

By the way, if you’re Scared or Discouraged by Physical symptoms, try Tapping directly on them.  “Even though my back hurts, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself.”  “Even though I’m Scared that might be skin cancer, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself.”  It often works.

The Chiron-Mars Initiation is at 22 Pisces, “A prophet carrying tablets of the new law is walking down the slopes of the Mount.”  Ain’t that the Truth; I hope you’ve noticed that there a new sheriff in town (and I don’t mean the PEOTUS).  

And I hope you’ve noticed that the New Law is about following your own Truth, the one in your Heart, not the impostor in your Head or the one in the book.  Ever see the movie Roshomon?  Seven different eye-witnesses, seven different stories, all True, like the Elephant and the blind folks.  “Just the facts, M’am” was only propaganda for Scientism.

Humpty Dumpty Was Here

January 21, 2015

mgrieb3018bpMagnesioriebeckite, an asbestos (which is a mineral form rather than a mineral per se) and Sodium-Magnesium-Iron Silicate.  Jack Rosenburg, in his excellent book Body, Self, & Soul: Sustaining Integration, advises us to stop everything else we’re doing when our Personality fragments – because we’ll just make everything worse – and put our full Attention into reconstituting a new Personality.  That’s exactly where we are astrologically, and it’s excellent advice.

 Ö    Ö   Ö   Ö   Ö

That was a serious gauntlet, but we aren’t done with our Identity adventures yet.  Lest we forget, the Dramas that we’re in the middle of are about shifting our notion of Who We Are – from our Patterns and Masks (aka Karma) on one hand, to our True Self and Desires (aka Mission) on the other.  While this last week was intense, we still have two more episodes of similar Energy over the next few weeks – specifically, January 24-25, and January 30-February 1.  Those are just the peaks, so for most of us the Portals will open sooner and close later – if they close at all between now and early February.  This whole 2012-2015 Egoic Makeover process finishes up in March.

January 25: the Moon Occults Uranus.

An Occultation is a Conjunction where the two bodies are the same distance above the southern horizon, so one Eclipses the other.  It’s a Conjunction on steroids.

January 31: Chiron Initiates Mars (Unx to Uranus) and Uranus crosses the South Node.

Duodecile (for one twelfth) doesn’t seem like such a good name for the Semisextile; it sounds a little too much like two Deciles or 72 Degrees.  So let’s take it back to the original Latin; a Quincunx is five twelfths, so let’s just make one twelfth an Unx.

February 1: The Moon Opposes Pluto, making a Grand Cross with the Nodes and Uranus, and a Diamond Star with Pallas and the Sun.

February 5: Sedna Stationary Direct at 24 Taurus.

Since Sedna deals with Fear and Rebirth, our Identity issues could well continue till February 5 and beyond – and Sedna being Stationary could make our February 1 adventures scarier.

 Ö    Ö   Ö   Ö   Ö

I read yesterday about a collaboration between Big Pharma and Big Farma to help doctors define a new disease – Orthorexia.  It’s a Belief that we have to “eat right” to survive, including such anticapitalistic and antipatriotic practices as organic gardening and preferring healthy, nutritious food.  Not sure what the treatment of choice will be – probably Roundup suppositories.  Here’s a fitting tribute to Orthorexia…