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Pallas-Pluto New Moon

December 8, 2015

Conveniently, we only need to do one chart for the upcoming New Moon and Pluto-Pallas Initiation, because they occur only three hours apart – and because they are intricately intertwined.  The Initiation is the primary Focus of the chart, but the New Moon isn’t too far behind.  Let’s start with the Pallas-Pluto Cycle.

We have some Boundaries that are…

  • too tight – our Judgments, which Limit our Experience, and some that are
  • too loose – the places where we Give Away our Power.  

The five-year Pallas-Pluto Cycle is always a major Teaching about how we Sabotage our Self by…

  • holding what we Want at arm’s length because we have Unconscious Judgments that interfere with our ability and willingness to Receive it
  • lacking the ability and willingness to strive toward our Goals because we Give Away the Power we need to achieve them. 

In a usual Pallas-Pluto Cycle, we find ourselves being “forced” to tighten and loosen Boundaries to deal with circumstances that arise, but we often over-react, tightening where optimally we’d loosen, and vice versa.  For instance, for the last five years we’ve been encountering situations where we have unfinished Emotional business.  If we were Conscious of this, we’d have been Braving up to Lovingly and Gently Embrace the Emotions involved so we could Transcend them.  Without the Consciousness we’d be more likely to Choose Avoidance.  This Choice, to Embrace or Avoid, will have had a big influence on how we adjusted our Boundaries with People and Situations and Things, and those adjustments will have had a big influence on whether we’ve Manifested what we Want.

The prior Cycle Initiated at 6 Capricorn (the Pisces Duad) in January 2011, “Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods“; the new Cycle Initiates at the Midpoint of Capricorn (in the Gemini Duad), “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.

This next Cycle is about continuing to Heal through being willing and able to Play with new processes and variations on the processes we’ve been using.  We can expect Alternative/Complementary Medicine to expand more than we’d otherwise Expect, for instance.  And Being now Conscious, we’ll Choose Humor and Excitement over Gravity and Fear and Hesitation – it wouldn’t hurt to remember the anthem that Fear + Breathing = Excitement.  The Challenge to Support our Yintegrity will be more accentuated, but easier, than it has been, and we’ll be more likely to Choose to develop the hidden Genius that we’ve been Ashamed or Frightened of, than to maintain the Masks we’ve used to create the Illusion of Popularity.

The Pluto-Pallas Initiation is the focus of a T-Square across a Mars-Uranus Opposition (Braving up to Support our Yintegrity, or not), but the Opposition is Trine-Bridged (Graced) by the New Moon, which at 20 Sagittarius (“Pelicans, menaced by the behavior and refuse of men, seek safer areas for bringing up their young“) Conjoins dwarf planet Ixion (Pathological Genius).  The Mars-Uranus Opposition is also Trine-Bridged by Ceres (Sustainability), which with Chaos (Unlimited Potential) forms a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) – making Uranus the head of the resulting Kite (Ease in seeing the Prize to be gained by Choosing Yintegrity, and hence ease in pursuing it assertively).

The Pluto-Pallas Initiation is also the focus of a Golden Gnomon…

to use the Sacred-Geometry term for what we’ve been calling a Quintangle – two planets Biquintile to one another with a third planet at the near Midpoint; the Gnomon is “Golden” because like the Golden Rectangle it’s constructed using the Golden Section…

With Juno Biquintile the South Node as its base (Learning about our Suppressed Emotions).

The New Moon (Reboot) is also the head of another Kite (Ease) with the Mars-Chaos-Ceres Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace with Sustainable Projects of Unlimited Scope), which we can hope will apply to the Paris Climate Talks.  Taking out Ceres and adding back Uranus gives us a Golden Rectangle, with Mars-Uranus and New Moon-Chaos as the Oppositions.

While Golden or Mystic Rectangles provide much Grace, their Gifts are multiplied when we Respond to the Oppositions by Paying Attention to the “Coins” implied by their Contradistinctions.  

While the New Moon-Ceres Sextile is short, a few additional Degrees would give us five of the six points of a Grand Sextile (Ease, especially when we take the first step deliberately), with the Vacancy near the Midpoint of Leo.

The implication is that we can Reboot ourselves into an Unlimited Future by moving Assertively toward greater Yintegrity.  If you get stuck, just Ask yourself, What would I do if I had Unquestioned Self-Confidence in this situation?  While we don’t want to broadcast it far and wide, we’re likely to find that our immediate Community will be delighted to Support our casting aside of the Masks we’ve been hiding our True Self behind.  After all, they already know who we Really are, and they’ve been Wondering why we don’t seem to know it!

One last Configuration: a Novile Yod (Pay Close Attention but Don’t Make a Big Deal out of It) points to the North Node (Our Truth) from Uranus (True Self) and Neptune (Our Culture).

Harmonic Concordance 10 Years On

November 17, 2013

tail_stripComet ISON racing through the last half of Libra, spanning 3-4 degrees per day.  It enters Scorpio on November 20, crosses the North Node on the 22nd, Mercury-Saturn on the 24th, and catches the Sun on November 28.  The photo is by Waldemar Skorupa.  The Portal 11.20 Grand Sextile and the Portal 4.21 ISON Grand Sextile are echos of the most famous of Grand Sextiles, the Harmonic Concordance of November 2003.  The Harmonic Concordance Grand Sextile was discovered (astrologically) and publicized, at great personal expense, by Johnny Mirihiel…

Here’s some of the history…

The Vacancies article gives us some benchmarks to compare to our own subsequent Lives.  For instance, I have natal planets in three of the four Muse Vacancies.

The Harmonic Concordance brought with it…

  • The descent of Creator Consciousness upon each individual
  • The Ideal of Unity Consciousness, that we are all ONE
  • The creation of a healing and protection for Mother Earth

How are these working out for us?  Here’s one perspective…

The collapse of the Berlin Wall, the demise of the Mubarak and Gaddafi regimes, the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and the near-meltdown of the western financial system all share some features:

  1. the end of an inflexible, centralized control structure, one that previously had been considered indestructible
  2. the beginning of a spontaneous, decentralized grassroots movement of people letting go of their fear and waking up to another level of awareness and interconnectedness
  3. the opening of some small cracks in the old system, followed by its crumbling and eventual collapse
  4. the rebound of the old forces as soon as the memory of the collapse began to fade away; the old forces tried to obscure the actual root causes of the breakdown in order to extend their privileged access to power and influence”

We believe that these kinds of events will keep coming our way.  These disruptive changes mark the beginning of a new era that we have entered as a global community, an era of increasing disruption.  Sometimes such movements will give rise to movements that bring about profound change, and sometimes they will falter and fail.  In many cases these disruptions are already on their way.  It is too late to prevent all of them.  So where is our point of control?  It is in how we respond to the impact that these disruptions have on how we work and live.

A disruptive change affects not only our outer world, but also our inner self.  Such moments bring our world to a sudden stop.  They may be terrifying, but they also constitute a great blank space that can be filled in one of two ways: by freezing and reverting to the patterns of the past, or by opening us up to the highest future possibilities.  The second response – leaning into, sensing, and actualizing one’s emerging future – is what this book is about.

“This book” is Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer (pp.28-29).  Or see and

Here’s a testimonial about Unity Consciousness…

They’re announcing almost $15 million in debt reduction for individuals, mostly medical, for pennies on the dollar, from our donations.  They’re celebrating a one-year anniversary, with November 23 events in Portland OR and Berkeley CA.

And Creator Consciousness?

We are meant to be Creators.  But in order to create consciously, we have to become conscious first – otherwise our creations are echoes of our pain and fears (because these pains and fears are louder broadcasts than happiness and harmony.  When we are clear and in alignment, we see the world as it is – beyond the limits of matter-perception.  An ability to envision, to see, to interact with other-than-matter components of this life is a prerequisite to creation.”  –Eugenia Oganova, Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit, pp.69-70.

Remember that Sextiles – especially Grand Sextiles – represent Creative Grace – the Grace flows freely, but after we take the first step.

The quality of results produced by any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate.  The formula for a successful change process is not ‘form follows function’ but ‘form follows consciousness.’  The structure of awareness and attention determines the pathway along which a situation unfolds.”  —Scharmer & Kaufer p.18.

I’m intrigued that re-reading—oppositions.html ten years later, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I guess that means I haven’t grown much.  Or that if you have a message for the world, you need to repeat it a zillion times no matter how much you bore yourself, because as my first teacher would say, Your own Truth goes right through you!  That is, you hear it and instantaneously know it to be true, but your programming covers it up as quickly as the old forces obscure the actual root causes of the breakdown. 

Here’s an excerpt from the Harmonic-Concordance debriefing

“Recall that our most precious attribute is our Attention – whatever we pay Attention to, we create more of.  So Grace and Equality is one thread we can look for in our lives over the last 10 days.  Have there been any circumstances arise, where you did not feel the loving hand of Grace?  Have real or imagined issues arisen in your life where Equality was missing?  If so, when they arose, where did your Attention go?  Did you focus on the difficulty or the inequality?  Did you lovingly Attend to your natural reactions?  Did you focus on the Grace and Equality you’ve been asking for?

 “Did you reject your natural emotional reactions to difficulty or inequality, or power-over them with ‘positive thinking’?  Another name for rejecting our natural emotional reactions, by the way, is self-abandonment.  When we reject our natural emotional reactions as ‘negative,’ we create more abandonment.

“Amid all the hoopla about Grace and Ascension, it’s easy to forget that the strongest planet at the HC was Uranus – Integrity.  Not yang Integrity (honoring Commitments) but yin Integrity (honoring Intuition).  Not only was Uranus the strongest planet in the HC, but it was also the only planet not involved in the Grace.  The implication is that we have to supply the Integrity.  No one gives it to us.  Kinda tautological, when ya think about it.

“By definition, Power is never given, only taken.  If ‘nice people’ don’t take their own Power, then ‘mean people’ do it for them.  In the last 10 days, have you been honoring yer Commitments?  Most of our yang Commitments were negotiated under Karma, not under Grace, and to survive under Grace they will need to be renegotiated or disavowed.”

Sounds like a broken record, doesn’t it!  It’s just a little different every time, and every repetition, especially when the perspective is shifted just a bit, helps link our Abandoned places to our Loving places, and helps build the new circuits in the brain that reinforce our Emerging Future.

The November 17 Full Moon

There isn’t much in the Full Moon chart that we haven’t already written about.  The most noteworthy Configuration is the Uranus Quintile Yod with Pallas and Saturn…

We will be Learning (Quintile) much by Focusing (Saturn) on the Edges (Pallas) of the space where it’s okay to drop our Mask (Uranus) and our Boundaries (Pallas) with the people we don’t feel Safe being fully Honest with (Uranus).  Approaching this with Curiosity (Yod) rather than analysis will be a huge boon.

There’s also an interesting Mystic Questangle – two parallel Quincunxes one Sign apart – Quincunxes between Ceres and the South Node, and between Mercury-North Node and Uranus.  The Quincunx creates a Teachable Moment, when we’re more open than usual to expanding our horizons.  It combines the Fifth Harmonic (Learning) with the Twelfth Harmonic (Pattern-Breaking).  In the Mystic Questangle, the Twelfth Harmonic dominates, but the Curiosity is still critically important…

The Magic here flows from Wondering what it is about our Karmic Patterns that seems to make our Self-Sabotage enduring, and how we might break through the skin of that bubble.  If we can maintain our Curiosity, we get insights about our Mission and our True Self that will help.  You may already have the answer but you’re rejecting it.  Every time you think you’ve found a clue, especially when you feel Certain (Certainty destroys Wonder), PIAVA the next step. 

We’re back to our analogy about Calculus – we have to envision where we would like to go and who we would like to be, and then reverse-engineer the path from there back to here – lean into, sense, and actualize our emerging futureThe process that Otto maps – Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will and their corresponding “enemies” the Voice of Judgment and Doubt, the Voice of Cynicism, the Voice of Fear – is fascinating.  His “Open Will” is the willingness to Let Go of our Patterns and Let Come the Orientations that await us in our Future – should we choose to accept them.

Portal 9.29 and the Yin Gate

September 29, 2013

rutileq2236bpPortal 9.29

Portal 9.29 is a repeat of Portal 9.27, but without the Grand Sextile.  On September 27, the Moon completed the Grand Sextile.  On September 29, the Moon comes around to sit on Pallas, exciting the Pallas Diamond Star.  That’s at 9pm PDT, so a good span for the Opportunity to Invoke Miracles and Set Boundaries that will move us toward our Mission would be four hours on either side of that.  The Pallas Diamond Star fades around October 1-2.

The Yin Gate

Then from September 30 to October 3, as our adventures in 8-11-Degree Land continue, we have this unusual Configuration…

DSCN4564Two Fingers of God back to back.  Never seen that in a chart before.  The blue lines (which look black) trace out a Mystic Rectangle, but the Opposition between the Sun and Uranus bisects the two Sextiles on either end.  What will we call this Configuration?  A Cattle Guard?  Do Not Enter?  Wrong Way?  The US Congress?  Fingers of Blame?  Dos Equis?  A Yin Gate?  A Portal of Rebirth?  And what does it imply?

Probably the total failure of the Olde-Boy-Network process for organizing the World.  If a Finger of God means Pay Attention! then we’re certainly being told to look both ways, which is never a bad idea – Both/And, the Chironean Coin, and the like.  Not to mention crossing streets or other borders in Time.  Of course a Mystic Rectangle is very positive, and a Finger of Yod is really about Curiosity.  So we can talk about the Mystic Rectangle as

Miraculous Release of Karma resulting from Focus on what’s most Sacred to each of us (ie, Chiron, South Node, Saturn/North Node, Vesta).

and the Yods as

How can I reframe my conception of what I most Want, so it aligns with my sense of the Sacred and unites my Ego with “my” Soul Self?  (ie, Saturn/North Node, Vesta, Uranus)


Great Spirit, may I please accept Miracles that transform my Limiting Beliefs into Enlightenment, lovingly, gently, rapidly, completely, and with harm to no one?  (ie, PIAVA, Chiron, South Node, Sun)

So it’s not like this Cattle Guard configuration is negative, but it’s shape certainly gives us pause, and suggests that we might reconsider our route planning, and maybe even our destination.  I mean, the downfall of Colonialism is good, but it will certainly inconvenience a lot of people.

The Mystic Questangles

If we tilt the chart a little each way, we can see that it also includes two “Mystic Questangles” – parallel Quincunxes connected by Semi-Sextiles (one Sign apart) – Vesta-Sun-Chiron-Uranus, and Sun-Saturn/North Node-Uranus-South Node.  Wouldn’t hurt us a bit to frame those as Wonderings…

How can I bring Miracles of Light into my Union with my Sacred Soul?  (Chiron-Sun-Vesta-Uranus)

When I Focus on my Deepest Longings, how can I invoke my Soul to bring Light into the dark corners of my Karma?  (Saturn-North node, Uranus, Sun, South Node)

Notice that the Signs imply big transitions – Pisces-Aries-Taurus (endings-beginnings-foundations) and Virgo-Libra-Scorpio (deconstruction-Other-fearlessness).  These are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles – Pattern-Breaking.

The Mushroom Cloud

Notice that Pluto also bisects the upper Trine of the Yin Gate, forming a Grand Trine with the bottom blue (black) line, and a T-Square with the central (red) Opposition.  The Vacant sixth point in the now-faded Grand Sextile, Opposite Pluto, is 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process,” which Rudhyar hears as “The arduous training for perfection to fully manifest an ideal.”  If you’ve a natal planet at 9-11 of Cancer, I hope you’re about to step up and take an active role in helping pour the foundations for whatever socio-political edifice Humans build to replace the one that’s collapsing.

Look at the Angles to Pluto in the Yin Gate chart…

DSCN4565What’ll we call this if not a Toadstool Formation!  Maybe a Pagoda?  I’ll let you do your own free-associations about what this one means.  It certainly implies to me that the Changes coming down are Plutonic in scale.  In a Plutonic Change, the Planetary Trance changes, and suddenly everything is different.  What stands out in this view, because of its asymmetry, is the Quincunx to the head of the Pallas Diamond Star.  That Quincunx might inquire…

I wonder, if enough of us set Boundaries to assert our own Missions, how will that change the World Trance?!?

I like the Uranus-Pluto-Pallas Pythagorean Triangle, because it loops from Challenge to Curiosity to Grace.  That’s a formula we would all do well to follow most of the time.

That Other Detail

Oh, then we notice that in the chart above, for September 30, the Moon (Manifestation) is crossing Mars (Action), implying that a good deal of leverage will apply, whatever is going on.  Remember anything else about Mars?  Comet ISON is passing Mars, on its way in to witness whatever it’s planning to herald as it slingshots around the Sun.  So that’s Moon-Mars-ISON there in the Aries section of Leo (new Identities).  And that happens to be closely Trine to Eris in the Sagittarius section of Aries (tossing out extraneous features in order to debug the central function of our new creation).  So we can expect a good deal of hidden information to surface here in the Yin Gate, that will have a significant impact on the downfall of the Old Order.

Rutilated Quartz – Titanium Oxide (Rutile) embedded in Quartz, symbolizing the hard-earned past-life Skills that are hidden beneath our South-Node Emotional Holding, skills that we need to liberate if we are to fulfill our Mission in the Lifetime.

Portal Within a Portal 9.19

September 17, 2013


Someone peaked out from behind a cloud yesterday evening to remind me that I forgot to include an important player in our Big Venus-Saturn-Dragon Pluto-Station Grand-Sextile Portal.  When we add the Full Moon to our timeline we get…

  • Already: Venus approaching Saturn-North Node
  • Already: Pluto Stationary
  • Half past 9pm PDT September 16, True Node crosses Saturn
  • 8pm PDT September 17, Moon approaches Chiron
  • 2am PDT September 18, Moon leaves the Grand Sextile
  • 7am PDT September 18, Venus crosses the True Node
  • 2pm PDT September 18, Venus crosses Saturn
  • Quarter after 4am PDT September 19, Full Moon
  • 10am PDT September 19, Venus crosses the Mean Node
  • 1am PDT September 20, Moon Squares Pluto
  • Quarter after 5am PDT September 20, Moon crosses Uranus
  • 6am PDT September 20, Mean Node crosses Saturn 
  • Half past 8am PDT September 20, Pluto Stationary Direct
  • September 21, Venus leaves the Grand Sextile

Which gives us a new potential trigger for whatever external circumstances (events) and internal circumstances (feelings) this whole adventure will evoke.  So

our Full Moon Portal within a Portal will span roughly midnight to 8am PDT on September 19.

The other discovery is that Uranus will be behind the Moon when Pluto turns Direct.  That puts a whole new emphasis on Uranus – which we know to be Squaring Pluto anyway – and on

the period between 11pm PDT September 19 and 9am PDT September 20, when the Moon dances across the two-degree gap between Uranus and Pluto.

Whatever external and internal circumstances don’t arise in the Full Moon Portal-in-a-Portal, are likely to develop a day later.  The more involved is the Moon, the more likely are Circumstances to manifest.  PIAVA that you stay out of harm’s way during these periods, because folks who are already a bit unbalanced can get pretty out-there at the Full Moon, and a Pluto Station can be pretty freaky for folks who aren’t well grounded.

When we look at the Full Moon chart, several other very noteworthy things pop out that tell us more about the whole Portal.

  • First, not only does the Pluto Station trigger Uranus via the Square and the Moon, but a Finger of God points at Uranus. 

A Finger of God, or Yod, says “Pay Attention!”  Pay Attention to your Soul Connection, to your Yintegrity, to Following Your Joy.  The tentstakes for the Yod are Venus and Ceres – Values and Sustainability.  The essence of a Yod is Curiosity – we’ll be Wondering how to Sustain Yintegrity while staying true to our Social Values.  Who will we upset if we’re True to our Real Self?  This isn’t just about calling in Well to avoid a job you hate; it’s about Mom rolling over in the grave because you’re betraying the rules she taught you never to transgress.  It’s about admitting to your Loved Ones that you’ve been “lying” to them as long as you’ve known them because you didn’t believe it was Safe to be your True Self.

  • Second, there’s a Mjolnir pointing at Neptune. 

Mjolnirs are about Lightning, either as in Epiphany, or as in potentially devastating shocks.  The feet are Mercury and Jupiter, which is good, as that increases the odds that the Circumstances that get triggered will occur in the intellectual realm.  In fact, we should Expect Epiphanies.  Remember Neptune stands for Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity – maybe those Limiting Beliefs about how difficult it is to manifest Abundance will get shocked out of their rut.  For instance, you could be suddenly transported from where Abundance means a bigger house (or a roof over your head!), to where Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Neptune operates more on the Cultural level than the Personal – so it may be the Collective that gets the Epiphany!

  • Third, there’s an odd configuration which we’ll have to (half-seriously) call a Mystic Questangle. 

A Mystic Rectangle is two parallel Trines separated by Sextiles to form a rectangle.  A Mystic Questangle is two parallel Quincunxes separated by Semi-Sextiles.  A Semi-Sextile is one twelfth of the way ’round the Circle, while a  Quincunx is five twelfths of the way.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, and the key to Breaking Patterns gently and lovingly is Curiosity.  So a Mystic Questangle would symbolize a circular chain of Wondering that would either turn one to butter, or allow one to Break through and crack open an unwanted or obsolete or self-sabotaging Habit or Limiting Belief.

The Players in the Questangle are Neptune, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno – quite a quartet.  Neptune represents your Cultural Trance, Juno your Unconscious Identity, Vesta your personal sense of the Sacred, and Pallas your Willingness and Ability to set Boundaries.  In other words you’ll be up against the wall Consciously or Unconsciously defending your personal sense of the Sacred against the onslaught of Conformity – or you’ll be in self-betrayal.  But it will be about Curiosity, not Anger or Grief, so it’s likely to create more Epiphanies, or bend the Epiphanies in the direction of Diversity.

So we have

  • Pluto (the Universal Trance – Stationary),
  • Neptune (the Cultural Trance – the Mjolnir),
  • Uranus (the personal Soul Connection – the Finger of God plus the Moon), and
  • Saturn (the Conscious Self – Initiating the North Node)

all lit up at the same time, all in the context of a Pluto-Chiron-Saturn/Dragon-Ceres-Lilith Grand Sextile (Dragon is another name for the Nodes).  Hard to imagine a more fertile Ground for personal and social Change!  It may turn out that She’ll be roight! after all.

This lovely piece of Astrophyllite always reminds me of the Three Wise Dudes presenting gifts to the Christ Child.  Astrophyllite is a complex Silicate that symbolizes making sense from complexity.  Not simplicity, but sense.  As in, where to find Water, or how to navigate on the open Sea, or knowing when to Trust someone.  The Christ Child represents the Spark of Divinity in everyone, and the Wise Men bearing gifts illustrate the respect that the Intellect properly has for the Spark, no matter how diminutive.  Religions are built by Intellect, and Intellect justifies the hubris that perpetrates abuse of the Planet and of one’s mates, even though the hubris is generated by psychopathic mutations in the Emotional Body.  The Wise Dudes were royalty – even Power must bow to the Spark.