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Huge Reboot 9

September 18, 2016

If you read the fine print, you would have noticed that I mentioned dwarf planet Orcus in Huge Reboot 8, as being connected to the Oaths or Vows that we make in order to Limit our Reality.  Then like any other Either/Or, it’s likely to get “stuck,” and no longer be what we Want, once the World Changes – or we do.  When it gets stuck it becomes a Limiting Belief.  Limiting Beliefs stand between us and Reality, so that we see Reality through a glass darkly.

Well, wouldn’t you know it just happens to work out that Orcus is involved in this Full Moon chart!  What a “coincidence”!

Orcus, at 9 Virgo Conjunct the North Node, completes a T-Square with the Waning Saturn-Neptune Square.  And the asteroid Aletheia (Truth) Opposes Saturn, completing another Grand Cross.  This Grand Cross lacks Bridges that would otherwise ease its Challenges.

While the Neptune-South Node Initiation that we discussed in Huge Reboot 8 is Exact 3 November, the Orcus-North Node Initiation is Exact at 10 Virgo on 20 November.  On the time scales that these fellows move on, this is pretty much simultaneous.  10 Virgo is about “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows: The growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality.

As Neptune dances with the South Node, opening Opportunities to Let Go of Held Emotions that obscure some of our greatest and most-needed Skills (let alone clouding our Intuition), Orcus dances with the North Node, opening Opportunities for us to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs that hold us back from our Deepest Desires and our Mission.  If we accept the notion that Saturn represents The Most Important Thing (which notion we do accept), then getting to the Truth of these Trauma-Dramas is critical for Enjoying our ongoing Reboot into a New Dawn with Everything Changed.

It’s important that all this is Conscious.  But it’s not important that all this is Intellectualized.  Cognitive Psych only works for folks who are stuck in Duality and wish to remain so.  You may not have vivid Experiences of Trauma – I hope not!  Karma is dead, remember, only Paper Tigers remain.  But you might get some pretty Wild Dreams, or an Active Imagination (Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade where appropriate).  Or feeling “sick.”  Or you might wake up in the morning exhausted without knowing why, having Worked hard at it all night.  

When that happens to me, I find that The Most Important Thing is lying quietly in bed for an extra half hour, letting your mind wander.  Then a shower – nothing like moving Water and negative ions to rinse away the pseudo-material detritus and Rebalance your Energy Body.  You don’t need to Suffer here; just remember to give yourself a “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling kind of Beat Up, aren’t you” or whatever variation is True for you.

No need to rush the process; we’re in the thick of it till well into November, so Enjoy the Journey.