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Stellia and Enlightenment 2

April 2, 2023

We were working on the idea that Conjunctions and Stellia (groups of 3 or more planets close together) mean that some of our normal Cultural- and Language-Determined Distinctions (like Boy vs Girl, Blue vs Green, Idiotic vs. Imbecilic) get Merged, so we end up looking at People, Cool Colors, and Dumb instead. Each of these is a tiny Enlightenment. For instance, when we wake up one day and see People instead of Boys vs Girls, it’s Consciousness-Expanding. And we were using the very unusual Total Lunar Eclipse of 27-28 September 2015, which was loaded with Stellia and Conjunctions, as an excellent example. The chart is drawn at

Just looking at the Eclipse itself, the Moon was in a Stellia of three, and the Sun was in a Stellia of eight, ie, unheard of. So what happens to our perspective when 8 of our normal Distinctions all run together? Well, let’s start with the simpler, the Stellia of 3…

  • Eclipsed Moon – Instincts, Illuminated
  • Vesta – Unconscious Limitations
  • True South Node – Held Emotion

Our Held Emotions form the most Persistent Core of our Karma, as long ago we were highly Motivated to Never Think About Them again. They were too Painful. Often they were also Verboten in the Current Lifetime by our Programmers, cementing their Banishment for us.1 Bringing them up into Consciousness by accident is almost impossible, because the clues are usually disguised by Addiction, Illness, or Culturally-Approved Victimizations. Dedicated and Persistent PIAVAs are Required.

1 Forbidding something is probably the best way to assure that it gets constant Attention. Combining Forbidding and Punishing can drive an Energy into the Unconscious and Lock the door behind it, but that only means that we think about it all the time, without actually Recognizing it.

Our Unconscious Limitations are already the same thing as Held Emotions, but seen from a different Perspective. We just “don’t go there,” and our Behavior is so well-Justified that there’s no reason we’d ever want to. I’d Do Anything for Love, but I Won’t Do That! They’re Walled Off very Effectively by Judgments – in fact our Pet Peeves are often the best Clue to our Unconscious Limitations, but our Pet Peeves are Pictures of Our Identity – of Our Ego itself! The Ego has already made it Clear to anyone who will Listen that they’re Off-Limits. So this is an Effortless Merger!

But our Instincts! Only Carl Jung defined our Karma as a Persistent and Dedicated Effort by the Unconscious to get us to Open to and Accept our Held Emotions. So this sort of Merger is a Given to Jungians and followers of his followers. In Normal Circumstances for most people, this triple Merger would Precipitate a Major Crisis, as we would be forced to Admit or Reveal our Most Shameful Secrets. At the very least we’d be Hiding in a Cave somewhere, so no one would be allowed to Witness our Shame.

But these weren’t Normal Circumstances! Look at the Other Side of this Eclipse – a Stellium of eight planets – I don’t recall ever seeing that before!

  • Sun – Essence
  • True North Node – Life Mission
  • Juno – Growth in Consciousness
  • Black Moon Lilith – Self-Sovereignty
  • Makemake Out of Bounds – Enhanced Manifestation
  • Sisyphus Out of Bounds – Enjoying the Journey Rather than Anticipating the Destination, Exaggerated
  • Tantalus Out of Bounds – Valuing Desire as the Essence of Living, More Highly than Satisfaction, Amplified
  • Panacea – Healing

While our Ego is Lost in Shame, our Essence is Bathing in the Bright Light of Our Lifetime Mission. Our Mission is so multidimensional that our Ego and 2D Mind seldom actually Witness more than a Whiff of it. But here we’re Immersed in the Urge to Grow in Consciousness, and Intuitively we know that the most Powerful way to do that is to Open to a Held Emotion. With Emphasis on Self-Sovereignty, we’re less concerned than usual about What Everyone Else Will Think of us, which has potential to Neutralize our Shame.

Sisyphus and Tantalus are cousins in the Psyche, both dealing as they do with Forever – Sisyphus Condemns us to Repeat a Task Forever, and Tantalus leaves us Forever Frustrated because the Objects of our Desire Dissolve just as we are about, at long last, to Enjoy Them. Indeed, few things are more Tantalizing than the Desire to Complete our Sisyphean Tasks. Both make excellent adjectives for describing Karma.

Sisyphus and Tantalus are named like “Centaurs,” which are comet-like dwarf planets with elongated 50-100+ year orbits between Jupiter and Pluto, of which Chiron is the most well known. But they aren’t Centaurs at all, they’re “Apollos” – Near-Earth Asteroids that orbit between Venus and Mars. Tantalus is considered a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid, as it’s 4km/2½mi wide and comes within 16 LD (Moon-to-Earth Distances) of Earth, orbiting every 18 months between 0.9 and 1.7 AU (Distance from the Sun, where Sun-to-Earth is 1.0). Sisyphus is a little less dangerous, approaching within “only” 40 LD from Earth though at 9km/5½mi wide it’s bigger than Tantalus. It orbits every 30 months, between 0.9 and 2.9 AU. For comparison, Mars orbits at 1.4-1.7 AU, Venus at 0.7 AU.

Their presence in the 8-fold Merger tempts us to Imagine what Life will be like for us when our Karma is no longer Interminable, nor Fruitless. Panacea tells us that this Merger is a Healing! So it was entirely possible for a Witness to the 27-28 September 2015 Blood Moon to Experience a Significant Burst of Enlightenment. And whether we Witnessed it visually or not, we couldn’t Hide from the Energy of a Blood Moon like this one.

But what about the Kassandra T-Square, the thick red triangle that Challenges the Full Moon? The Full Moon is already a Debate, like any Opposition a Tension between the two sides of a Tug-of-War. But here the two sides are in total agreement – we need to Embrace our Held Emotions to Move into Enlightenment and 5D. So where’s the Tension? Kassandra means Disbelief. Who are we to Claim to be Enlightened? Everyone we know who does that is either a Guru or an Obvious Egotist, sometimes Both.

The green wedge pointing at Kassandra says that the T-Square is Self-Resolving. There’s nothing we need to do except somehow refrain from Interfering in the process as it Unfolds, since it may not Unfold all at once. It can actually help to be Unaware of the astrology at this point, because our lack of Awareness might help prevent our Interference. How does the Self-Resolution Unfold?

The two long green lines are “Quincunxes” – an “Unx” is one twelfth, here 1/12th of the Zodiac or one Sign, and “Quin” is of course 5 – the green lines are 5 Signs long. A Quincunx means Curiosity. Not Curiosity in the sense I gotta figure this out! but Curiosity in the sense of Awe. So our most appropriate Response to the Eclipse would be to Watch or Experience it Slack-Jawed, in Awe. A Quincunx is a Mystery School, where we need to put our 2D tools (Mind) back in the toolchest, Ask to be Informed, and Wait for nD tools to reveal themselves.

There’s a Mysterious Relationship here between Pan, the Primary God of Nature, and Disbelief, that’s somehow involved with the Manifestation of our Enlightenment. And another Mysterious Relationship between Disbelief and The Birth (Klotho) of a New Field (Arachne). Arachne is Grandmother Spider, Who Weaves the Web of Life. So there are things that are Unfolding which are beyond what we can Understand Intellectually.

The Shift Network is sponsoring a course on Communicating Soul to Soul with the Spirit World, presented by “Mystic, Medium, and Author” Suzanne Giesemann. I’d never heard of her, but I Learned enough listening to her hour-long Preview last night, to Connect with many passed Relatives, and a few of my former Teachers. First time I’ve ever had two-way conversations with Disincarnate Spirits. She’s offering a free recording of this Preview for at least three more days (till 5 April 2023), at

What sort of nD Relationships with Disbelief are we talking about here? The 2D Mind will only have enough bandwidth to find Metaphors, but we might be able to get more Intuitive Perspective by Asking for a download from our Teachers and Ancestors on the Other Side of the Veil. Just because someone’s on the Other Side, that doesn’t mean they Know more than you do already, but Suzanne introduces simple ways to Validate what you’re Picking Up. If you aren’t in steady Contact with the Other Side of the Veil already, there’s at least a Talking Mirror here. Validation is important, as our Comprehension of this New Field (Klotho-Arachne) is Explicitly Challenged by Untruthes (Square to asteroid Pinocchio).

There’s one more Stellium and one more Conjunction in this Blood Moon chart, so we haven’t Exhausted the Opportunities for mini-Enlightenments yet. They’re Linked to Pan through a Grand Cross (four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac) which introduces a Series of Small Challenges that Complement one another. A Grand Cross is Self-Resolving, though there may be some Temporary Discomfort if the segments of the Resolution are separated in Time.

The Stellium involves Intrusive Memories (Gonggong), Truth of the Mind (Veritas), and Confusion (Neptune). The Intrusive Memories are highly likely to be Clues about our Held Emotions, if we Pursue them as Teachings, and sidestep the Temptation to Relive them as Coulda Woulda Shouldas. The Intrusive Memories Intruded in 2015, but remember that Everything that Ever Happened in a Place Is Still Going On, and we have the advantage that by reviewing the astrology we’re Indirectly Triggering our Experience of the 2015 Eclipse, even if we don’t Remember Experiencing its Energy.

The Truth of the Mind tells us to Compare Everything we Learn here to What We Already Know, but not to Reject Anything that doesn’t Agree, but to Practice our Skill with “Cognitive Dissonance,” the Practice of Holding Contradictory Propositions in Mind at the Same Time without Argument between them, which is Essential Practice for using our Mentality in Dimensions higher than 2.

Neptune, Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, here completes the Suite by Reminding us that Confusion is the First Stage of Growth in Consciousness. Without Being Comfortable with Confusion and Standing Still for It, we’ll never get to Allowing Cognitive Dissonance to Enliven Paradox. One trick to make it easier to Live with Neptune, is to shift our Vision from the Mind to the Heart, as the Heart Perceives Spirit and its Clarity. If we Channel the 2015 Blood Moon fully here, we won’t be able to Discern the Difference between Intellectual Truth, Confusion, and Ancient Memory, and that’s Important to Grokking the Enlightenment.

Besides Pan and the Gonggong Triad, the third member of the Grand Cross is the Merger between Mars and Orcus – only two Concepts to Merge – how Easy by now, right? Mars is about Action, and Orcus is about Pattern-Making and Pattern-Breaking, namely, Creating and Letting Go of Karma. So we’re Expected to Actively Let Go of any Attachment we have to Self-Sabotaging Habits. The subscript is that Anger may be involved in our Held Emotions, and that there may be Resistance to Letting Go of our Anger, especially if we’ve heavily Invested our Ego into being Victims of our Pet Peeves.

Mars was the God of War, and there’s nothing he Enjoys more. Orcus was the Enforcer of Oaths in pre-Roman days in what is now Italy, and his methods were gruesome, as most of the Oaths he Enforced were involved Commitment to Armies. Commitment to things like Fidelity were not even considered in those days. We were Free then to Abuse anyone or anything of lower status than ours. Financial Commitments were probably more one-way Commitments than two-way “Bargains” as Civilized Law expects. There’s probably no more Important Held Emotion to Embrace, than Anger, as we Experience Anger in the Unconscious as Anger Directed Toward us. Another Clue.

Finally, the fourth corner of the Grand Cross contained The Fall of Overtechnologized Civilization (asteroid Atlantis). If any of your Strategies involve Increasing Complexity, turn around and Walk toward Simplicity instead. Universal Equality and Respect for All Things is probably as Simple as we can get.

Own It, then Let It Go 3

February 24, 2023

We didn’t talk about this Important Rebirth, or Newly Initiated Cycle featured in the 2/20 New Moon chart and thus potentially prominent over the next several weeks…

DegreeChandra Symbol
OOB Karma-PlutoCompulsively Working on Compulsive Karma12 Feb
4 years
30 CapricornAiming for the Stars and Never Letting Go of the Goal

In general, a New Cycle is Hot before its Initiation, and then goes Underground for the first quarter of the Cycle. For a 4-year Cycle like this one, that’s usually about a year, though Retrograde periods can shift that generalization quite a bit. In this case, the “Waxing Square” (first quarter) occurs on 2 April 2024, a bit more than a year hence. This is about our most Persistent Self-Sabotages, the kind that has Major Benefits for us, like for instance Helping us Avoid the Emotions that we’d rather Die than Feel. Yet they Sabotage our Health, or our Relationships, or our Survival. With this kind of Karma, we’re Split.

Not usually to the extent of the “Multiple Personalities” that the Psychologists and Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about, but still parts of ourself that may actually never meet each other or even cross paths. The Chocolate-Craver sits on the roof, watching the sidewalk for That Emotion – we don’t even know Whom, it’s on the other side of the Veil of the Unconscious. But when That Emotion strolls up the street, maybe humming a tune we didn’t even know was tied to That Forbidden Emotion, quick as a Bunny the Chocolate-Craver slides down the Chimney, hops on our back, and reaches our Arm out toward the Velvet Truffles.

We didn’t even Notice the Shift in our Assemblage Point, as our Other Ego slid in so deftly that Buffy didn’t even look up from the book she was reading. Fortunately, I’m beyond this point with my own Sugar Addiction. My Addict and my Health have met, and they’re Actively Negotiating how much Deprivation the Addict needs to endure for Health to prevail. It helped a lot that Remover of Obstacles Ganesh (asteroid Ganesa) camped out on one of my worst natal Challenges (T-Square) last week.

Part of the “Fact” that Nothing Changes Till We Accept It Completely Exactly As It Is, is that every nasty Self-Sabotage has a Positive Purpose. The Necessity may be Obsolete, but the Pattern isn’t. In the Jungian Perspective, the UnConscious Guides us toward our Mission and our Joy. As with any Interaction with the Unconscious, the results from PIAVAing More Information are usually More Useful than the results from Analyzing.

The Classic example comes from Holistic Health. From that Perspective, a Symptom is a Loving Message from the Underwhere attempting to tell Consciousness that something needs Rebalancing. If we follow Allopathetic Medicine and its Strategy to Eliminate Symptoms, we’re basically telling the Unconscious, to our Detriment, “Quit Bothering me! I Don’t Want your Help!” That attitude is all too common where we’re Outer-Directed, evaluating our Worthiness by measuring our Performance relative to some Cultural Value that isn’t actually Ours. Kinda like the way our Programmers Pushed Away our own Needs in favor of Theirs, “For Our Own Good,” of course.

Of course our Programmers need the same Compassion that our Symptoms Ask For. When we Accept Accountability for our Life, we Realize that Our Soul (or the Simulator Bot in the Lightworker’s Lounge) Chose our Programmers carefully so they’d set up Dilemmas that would Brightly Illuminate the Karma we came into this Lifetime to Heal. Think for a moment about the Most Difficult Problems in your Life, the ones you’ve never managed to Resolve. What portion of your total Life Up Until Now have you spent Thinking about, Reviewing, Feeling about, Resenting, Being Jealous about, Wishing it was Otherwise, Resisting, and generally how much Attention you’ve Squandered on that Issue?

That Attention wasn’t Wasted. It’s made you the Expert on that Issue. As Dissatisfied you Feel about it, Other People probably seek your Advice on it! In a Multidimensional and Unitary Reality like the one we Live in, Like it or Not, the Linear Mind is far too Limited to Solve any Problem, simply because it’s far too Limited to Define any Real Problem. Sure, you can come up with a 2D Solution to some 2D slice of the Problem, but what about the other (∞-2) Dimensions, let alone the Unity that’s always Larger than the Sum of its Parts? But thanks to your Obsession, your 2D Mind has looked at more 2D Slices, and Explored more nD Emotions, Instincts, and Intuitions about the Multidimensional and Unitary Issue than most others have.

Look for a moment at the Debates and Arguments and Judgments you’ve Overheard today, including the Debates that the Angels and Devils on your Shoulders have dwelled upon.1 Do any Themes Emerge?

Of course the World is Debating or at least Recounting the Anniversary “Celebration” of a year’s worth of Destruction and Deprivation that the Patriarchy’s Violent 20th-Century Colonial Brutality and Cruelty has unleashed upon Ukraine. Energy Follows Attention. Has this Attention Triggered Emotion in us, or have we become Hardened against it? If we had Attended Deeply to any of the Debates we Heard today, what might we have Felt? Do you Welcome that Emotion as Reflection of your Values? Or as an Introduction to any Element of your Programming?

1 Veritas (Truth of the Mind) Exact Station 24 February 2023 (PST 1:25 am, GMT 9:25 am, IST 2:55 pm, AEDT Qld 7:25 pm), in 8 Cancer (Acceptance of All without Judgment). Also on the 24th, asteroid Samadhi (Enlightenment) moved back into Leo to Clean Up any Residual Self-Indulgence, while Tantalus (Insatiable Desire) moved into Aquarius to help us Define the Social Needs that Bedevil us through their Difficulty.

Wavelite is a Fluoride of Aluminum Phosphate with Water embedded in the Crystal Structure. Like asteroid Hopi, it Promotes Discernment of Truth without Judgment, even in folks without the natural proclivity. It makes Radial Mountain-Shaped Clusters of Needle-shaped Crystals like the ones in the lower right, till the slopes of a Mountain are broken, and further Erosion creates Crater-Shaped Crystal Clusters like the one just left of center. The morphological similarity between the Crater-Crystal in the left center, and the Analytical meaning of the Mineral, is pure Coincidence.

The Truth about Accountability

November 11, 2022

I couldn’t help being struck by the Musk and Zuckerberg headlines this week while our most prominent Energy is about Fear of Accountability (asteroid Damocles) and Truth of the Mind (asteroid Veritas), both of which are Amplified (Stationary) in 14 November 2022, which means we’re in the thick of the Energy already. The Eclipse and the Moon Out of Bounds are still very relevant, but now The Truth about Accountability takes center stage, with two of the Least Accountable, and Most Loosey-Goosey with Truth, Captains of Industry strut their stuff. Musk digs a deeper hole with just about everyone daily, and Zuckerberg apologizes for what seems like the first time ever, and it’s not for his Always-Iffy Professional Performance, but for his first-ever declining Financial Performance. I couldn’t help but check their charts.

The Accountability Drama (Damocles Station) peaks at 27 Aquarius. Musk has his natal Trust symbol (asteroid Eurydike) there, and celebrated the great Mutual Trust between himself and his fans by declaring that he would send an army of his rabid not-quite-all-there Libertarian followers to raise havoc at the premises of any company that quit advertising on Twitter because they didn’t want their ads appearing next to Hate Speech and Violence. He condemned them as being “Against Free Speech” while failing to notice his own behavior being blatantly Against Free Choice. Obviously Hate ranks higher than Choice in his T.rumpian Values. Oh Wait! Maybe it’s Money.

The Truth Drama (Veritas Station) occurs in 21 Cancer. That’s where Musks natal Oath-Breaker symbol (dwarf planet Orcus) sits. The US Federal Trade Commission has made it clear that the “Consent Decrees” (negotiated contracts between the government and the company that promise improved performance in lieu of fines) that Musk has already violated “aren’t suggestions,” but legal requirements. He bellyaches righteously about loss of revenue now – wait’ll the FTC shuts Twitter down cold and/or fines the company (that is, Musk, since he and Twitter are now One) more billions.

Not Surprisingly, Zuckerberg has no natal planets near the Accountability Station – Accountability just ain’t his Forte. But you’ll never guess what he has under the Truth astroevent! Remember our Newly Discovered asteroid Ganesa, Remover of Obstacles? The Veritas Station sits right on Zuck’s natal Remover of Obstacles. No wonder he chops down all the Cherry Trees and Gets Away with it over and over again!

The Veritas Station is Strongest at 2:12 am PST (10:12 am GMT, 3:12 pm IST, 8:12 pm AEDT Qld), all on 14 November, while the Damocles Station Peaks at 7:07 am PST on the 14th (3:07 pm GMT 14th, 8:37 pm IST 14th, 1:07 am AEDT Qld 15th).

The Stations are close enough in Time and close enough in Degrees that they should be charted together, even though their respective 3-Degree Sensitivity spans barely overlap, so we end up stretching across 11 Degrees. And rather than try to find a Midpoint between Aquarius and Cancer, it makes more sense to chart the time when the Out of Bounds Moon crosses Veritas in 21 Cancer, even though that’s 16 hours before the Veritas Station, and most of a day prior to the Midpoint in Time between the two Stations. But since the Moon is most often the Trigger of What We Feel from the astroevent, so be it.

When we draw up that chart, it has only one Challenge/SuperPower, and it’s Fully Self-Resolving. It’s about Denial (the T-Square focuses on Eris), which really is a SuperPower, even though it’s more often an Insult. Remember that next time someone Accuses you of being In Denial – Flex your Muscles, Flap your Cape, and retort, “I Resemble that Remark, and I’m Proud of It!” Of course the Challenge and SuperPower could be about the Revelation of Denial instead, which is always a Consciousness-Expander. Why, even Musk and Zuck could have Epiphanies here! Nah, probably not. But ya never know.

Speaking of Moon Out of Bounds, even though we were ready for the “usual” (or at least “frequent”) 1000-point drop in the DJIA, we got a huge 1200-point FOMO Rally instead, as everyone Panicked to get into the Market before everyone else, after relatively good news about Inflation, implying that interest rates may moderate sooner than expected. You couldn’t even buy a CD longer than two years this afternoon, as everyone rushed to grab their higher yields while they still could. That’ll prove to be premature of course, but for now it is good news. After prices go up they never go back down, but at least they may not go up as fast now! Maybe.

The Moon will return In-Bounds at 8:11 pm PST 14 November (4:11 am GMT, 9:41 am IST, 2:11 pm AEDT Qld, all on the 15th), and by then the Truth about Accountability will be passé, Musk and Zuck and their genuflectors will revert to their old tricks, the Market could turn Bearish again, and we’ll move on to our next Portals, which will be Increased Awareness and Expansion (Mercury Out of Bounds, Jupiter Stationary) till 23 November, more Work on Abuse and Privilege (Nessus Stationary) till 27 November, and Finessing our Boundaries (Pallas Stationary) till 30 November.

Several Months of Babeldom

May 21, 2022

I know, in the USofA we could expect that anyway, with an election coming up in November. But the “Stars” are aligning to make it a lot worse. The asteroid that flags the Truth of the Heart or our Values,1 and the one that symbolizes the Truth of the Mind or our Dogmas,2 have been traveling together recently, and now they’re both entering Gemini, the Sign of Mental Gymnastics. So we can Expect to be hearing a lot of Fantasies (Dogmas) from their True Believers (Values). It’s already prominent in some election warm-ups.

It will help that these two asteroids recently Merged in Taurus, the Sign of Material Stability, which should ground the Mental Gymnastics that are due over the next few months.3 One source interprets this Taurean Merger as “To attune to the spiritual light while tuning out the endless fluctuations of the mind we come into a place of stillness within the eye of the storm.” Other interpretations make it sound like we’ve reached the Final Portal into the next stage of our Evolution,4 though I imagine that any Merger of Heart and Mind could Feel that way to us!

If you’re Tempted to Identify with any of the Stories you hear between now and early August, Remember that It’s all Metaphor. The Real Thing is Multifarious and Unitary, while our Organs of Perception have very Limited Dimensionality and Depth, and Unity in 3D is oxymoronic, because we’re so deeply steeped in Separation…

While we almost always Feel Certain about what we Know in our Heart to be True, it too is an Approximation. The Heart is linked directly to our Intuition, which is much more Multidimensional, but still not Absolute. Its Judgments are Situational, and may not apply to other Circumstances. It’s the Judgment that leads us down blind alleys, because it closes so many doors along the way. Eugene Gendlin advised us,5 wisely, to tag “or something like that” to the end of all of our Judgments.

  • 1 Asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) enters Gemini 4:54 pm PDT 23 May 2022, which is 12:54 am BST 24 May in London, and 9:54 am AEST 24 May in Eastern Australia. Aletheia will stay in Gemini till early September. (BST is British Summer Time, not British Standard Time.)
  • 2 Asteroid Veritas (Truth of the Mind) entered Gemini 3:15 am PDT 19 May, which is 11:15 am BST 19 May in London, and 8:15 pm AEST 19 May in Eastern Australia. Veritas will stay in Gemini till early August.
  • 3 Aletheia and Veritas Conjoined in 23 Taurus at 8:57 pm PDT 30 April, which is 4:57 am BST 1 May in London, and 1:57 pm AEST 1 May in Eastern Australia. We aren’t considering that an Initiation of a new Cycle, because the two asteroids travel at speeds that are similar enough that they take turns chasing one another around the Zodiac. Their next Conjunction will be in Scorpio. We could consider it to Initiate a Half-Cycle if we want. It reveals an interesting dynamic, with Heart and Mind Dancing like the Monkey and the Weasel
  • 23 Taurus is “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems” in the Sabian Universe, and in the Chandra Universe, it’s A Newt bursting into flame (paraphrasing Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny, p.87). I’m paraphrasing because Lonsdale is so restrictive with his copyrights. The Salamander of course is the Alchemical symbol of the Fire Element, representing Spirit. Lonsdale’s essay on 23 Taurus emphasizes a Felt Urgency to Embody on all levels Energies arising within us, Energies generated by Mother Earth as She Transforms Herself. If you can find a copy of the book, it’s a remarkable essay, speaking as if 30 April-1 May was the final Portal to 5D!
  • 4 John Sandbach,, 23 Taurus. Note that the Degree Symbols, whether Sabian, Chandra, Omega, Pleiadian, Asoth, or otherwise, are neutral with regard to any planet occupying them. So finding this degree while considering the Interplay between Heart and Mind is Stunning.
  • Aha, here is a condensed version that doesn’t appear to be so closely held, though it excludes the emphasis on the Earth’s Passion that the full Lonsdale essay features (…
  • A salamander glowing red-orange. Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power–an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. Difficult to harness, yet the mastery called for is just what you seek to embody, and anything more reasonáble seems easy and lazy. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world.”
  • 5 Focusing and Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams.


October 24, 2021

Enjoy the relative break this week (there are no Stations1), as it gets busier in November.2 By the end of the week though, we’re likely to be struggling with “Decisions” about our Fate – as if Fate and Decision belong in the same sentence.3 They do, actually, as the Path to Leaving Fate Behind lies through Consciousness. Since our Anal-ytical Mind doesn’t have the Key to the Gates of the Unconscious, we have to Invite our Intuitive Mind (with a PIAVA or several) if we want to bring our Fate into our Consciousness, where we can Replace it with Choice. So we can at least make the Decision to PIAVA Exploration of the Underwhere – that’s pretty much what Samhain’s about anyway.

  • 1 As regular readers know, for our Interpretations we rely mostly on the Planetary Stations – when planets Stand Still in the Sky. The planets don’t Stand Still like a Hummer or a Kestrel Hovering. Since the Earth spins at about a thousand miles per hour at its surface, the “Stars” are always moving. So the only way we can tell that a planet is “Standing Still” is by taking a snapshot of it at the same time every night, to see if it’s moving relative to the stable background Stars. The influence of a planet is Strongest when it Stands Still. The fact that, at the Equator, the surface of the Earth travels at a thousand miles an hour in the Round-Earth Metaphor, yet we can stand up without getting knocked down or blown off, should be strong evidence for an Alternate Metaphor.
  • 2 Besides Moira/Fate (see note 3 below), November also includes Stations/Exaggerations of…
    • Varuna/Life Force in Leo/Confidence on 6 November 2021,
    • Pallas/Boundaries in Pisces/Emotions Versus Thoughts About Same on 8 November,
    • Gonggong/Intrusive Memories in Pisces/Unfinished Business on 21 November,
    • Veritas/Truth of the Mind in Aries/Clean Slate on November 24,
    • Nessus/Abuse and Privilege in Pisces/Victimhood on 25 November, and
    • Neptune/Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity in Pisces/Emotional Confusion and Spiritual Devotion on 1 December.
  • So the second half of November could be pretty Heavy, as we could be grappling with Intrusive Memories about Abuse and Privilege, while during that span both the Moon and Venus are Out of Bounds (Strong, Heavily Justified Emotions always a Time to Strive to Differentiate our Emotions from our Thoughts-About-Our-Emotions). Plus, Nemesis/Guilt Changes Signs, entering Capricorn/Just the Facts, Ma’am on 21 November. The Gonggong-Nessus events occur during Thanksgiving Week in the US, a time when many of us already struggle with Unfinished Family-of-Origin Business. But this isn’t our first time Carving the Turkey, as Gonggong and Nessus have been traveling together and Stationing together for several years already, and their cross-contamination is actually declining. If you can talk yourself into “That Was Then, This Is Now,” and realize that what was happening then was Abuse while what’s happening now is Emotion, that might help.
  • November includes lots of Sign Changes as well…
    • Mercury/Mind enters Scorpio/Fearless Search for the Ultimate Truth on 5 October 2021 and enters Sagittarius/The Way Out is Through Letting Go on 24 November,
    • Venus/Values enters Capricorn/Just Fix It, OK? on 5 November,
    • Ixion/Forbidden Genius enters Capricorn/Damn the Torpedoes, Do It Anyway 6 November,
    • Chariklo/Confidence and Doubt enters Aquarius/Barroom Politics 9 November,
    • Juno/Growth in Consciousness enters Capricorn/If It Doesn’t Grow Corn, Start Over 14 November,
    • Asteroid Karma/Karma enters Scorpio/Relentlessness 15 November,
    • Vesta/Unconscious Limitations enters Sagittarius/Throw Caution to the Wind 16 November,
    • Sappho/Self-Love enters Pisces/Emotional Baggage, but You Can Let It Go If You Just Renounce Your Victimhood, and
    • Klotho/Rebirth enters Sagittarius/Choose Freedom and Self-Expression This Time 26 November.
  • Venus/Heart is Out of Bounds all month (from 10 October till 7 December) so we’ll likely find ourselves Outraged by Violations of our Values, and
  • The Moon is Out of Bounds/Well-Rationalized Heavy Emotions for several days following the 7th and 20th November.
  • Busy Busy Busy.
  • 3 Asteroid Moira/Fate and Choice Stationary 2 November 2021, in 15 Pisces/Hopeless Cases and Lost Causes. Pisces is about Unfinished Business and Unnecessary Baggage, Emotionally, so it could Feel pretty Heavy for us. If you get Discouraged, don’t forget to try Poor-Sweethearting yourself. It seems trivial, but if you take it seriously, it often produces Miracles. You do have to Change the Subject though.

Without Stations, we should be getting a Break, right? Well, we did just have a Full Moon, and the New and Full Moons tell us about the several weeks that follow them. So we’ll look to the 20 October Full Moon to Guide us through the rest of October. It’s not the prettiest Moon in the Cheese Shop…

Any Compulsive Self-Doubt we have may be Lit Up pretty Brightly. This will ultimately be very Healing, but in the interim we’ll likely have to Endure some pretty serious Secret Revelations and Ego Rebirth, turning our Life around completely.4

And there may be more Zombies than usual among the Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween.5 Again, like usual, it’s Ego Death we worry about, and it’s seldom Fatal, except to your old Limited Ego.

  • 4 A Pluto-Chariklo Conjunction (Compulsive Insecurity – or Narcissism) in Capricorn (Pragmatism) makes a serious Challenge (T_Square) to a Competition (Opposition) between Previously Hidden Deep Truths (Aletheia/Truth of the Heart Conjunct Eris/Revelation of What’s Been Denied, behind the Full Moon in Aries) and a Very Confusing and Complicated Rebirth (Haumea/Rebirth Conjunct asteroids Pandora/Travails and Hope and Atlantis/Technological Self-Destruction, behind the Sun). One could have a Field Day translating that into US Politics, but I won’t. Or the Drama-of-the-Week at Facebook (recently renamed Faceplant).
  • 5 A second Challenge involves Sedna/Converting Fear to Power T-Squaring (Major Challenge) the Dance (Opposition) between Respect for Death (asteroid Requiem in Leo/Self-Love) and the Sword of Damocles (asteroid Damocles in Aquarius/Social Ideals). We’ll likely Enjoy Life more if we Remember that we very rarely actually physically Die, but that our Ego Molts often, and that usually feels like we’re Fixin’ to Die.

Warmup for the Digital Age 2

December 20, 2020

Sheila asks, “So does the Age of Aquarius start Monday?”

The answer is, “Kinda sorta.” The Digital Age lasts about 2 Centuries, while the Age of Aquarius spans more than 21 Centuries. It’s a lot harder to pinpoint a Threshold for a 21-Century Cycle than a 2-Century one. We’re using the term “Digital Age” to apply to a time period very specifically bounded by astrology, and we’re labeling it based on Huper History and Herstory.

The Age of Aquarius is astronomically bounded. We know how long the Ages are (given certain assumptions), but if we have a firm date for when the current 25,920-year Great Year began, I don’t know what it is. I know there’s a lot of disagreement and many estimates, which vary by Millennia. It’s okay with me if you consider the Aquarian Age to begin on Monday. We could also choose the beginning of the 21st Century, or the first performance of Hair.

If I was going to research a firm date on an unlimited budget, I’d have AI review all of the World’s news media for the last many years, and score all news reports on whether they emphasized Intellectual Issues (Aquarius) more than they emphasized Emotional Issues (Pisces), examine the results by daily average to see if they described a smooth curve, and if so choose the year when Intellectual Issues first dominated. If they didn’t describe a smooth curve, I’d look for modes (clusters of similar data), and if none emerged, I’d say it was N/A.

Aquarius is Fixed Air, so it’s not just more Intellectual, it’s also more Opinionated. The 1/1/2000 chart foresaged Polarization, which has been the case in spades, as folks Confuse their Immutable Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia) with their Debatable Truth of the Head (asteroid Veritas) and get sucked into Life-or-Death Ego-Association with Ideas, forgetting that everyone’s Truth of the Heart is Unique, and everyone is a Front for an Immortal Soul, so Killing them will only prolong the Agony of Ego-Association. Pity that the greatest Joy some Hupers seem to savor is Self-Righteousness.

However, these Polarized Opinions are all heavily Emotionalized, so I’d have to suppose that we’re still in a Transition period of indeterminate length. If the Digital Age produces a Lie Detector that gives binary answers that everyone Trusts, then, Perish the Thought, we might be able to definitively declare Aquarius to have arrived, though we’d have to rename it the Age of ‘Bots. We may have to anyway, if Ray Kurzweil has it right.

While we refer to it as Truth of the Head, our Intellectual Truths are really Truth of the Solar Plexus, because that’s where Thought is actually Centered. Small wonder that Thought is Confused with Anger, Judgment, and Hatred. Blame Descartes and Newton and everyone else who Believes that Thought can be dissected out of the Whole and become anything except a small bloody chunk of a Corpse, or a dead Butterfly impaled on a pin. You won’t be far off to envision an Argument as two people plucking out their giblets and throwing them at each other.

Sign Changes

Last time we mentioned that a number of planets Change Signs as the ~Aquarian Digital Age begins…

Asteroid Lachesis is named after the Greek Goddess of Fate whose job it was to Measure the Length of your Karmic TimeLines. Each Karmic Habit you brought into your current Lifetime came with an Expiry Date. Well, we know that Karma is Dead, so how does that work? If we’re Unconscious of a Karmic Pattern, it defaults to our Fate.

Once we become Conscious that we’re Repeating an Obsolete Habit that doesn’t really serve us in our current Lifetime, then we can Choose an Alternative rather than continuing to “beat that Dead Horse” all over again. Since we’re Addicted to our Karma because it’s What We Know and what we’re Comfortable with, we’d have some Inertia to overcome, but again, with Awareness and Motivation we can do that.

So we give ourselves the Benefit of Consciousness and interpret Lachesis as Consciously Choosing to Shift our TimeLines, where a TimeLine is anything that unfolds in Time – a Habit, a Job, a Relationship, a Trip, a Nap, a Residence, or a Jail Term. Lachesis is a kind of Get Out of Jail Free card, if you’ve ever played Monopoly.

Asteroid Atropos is the Goddess who actually Cuts the Lachesian Chords. So Atropos is about TimeLines that end on their own, without our Conscious intervention. Maybe. Karma is addictive, so we can sleep through an Atroposian alarm. We’d probably eventually wonder why in the devil we did that and Choose to shift the Momentum.

On 15 December 2020 (2:40 pm PST), Lachesis moved from Libra (Meeting Other) to Scorpio (Getting to the Bottom of Things). It was in Libra for only three months, but it’ll stay in Scorpio for almost a year, as it does Remediation (Retrogradation) next Spring. So you’ve been Inconvenienced in your Relationships with Others for the last several months.

You’ve probably been Blaming it on the Custardovirus, or on dastardly abrogations of your precious FREEDOM to not have to wear a Mask, but in Scorpio you’ll be searching everywhere for what it was that got you so upset, especially if you inadvertently kill somebody with your callousness. We hide our True Feelings every day, yet we object to wearing a physical Mask? Maybe it’s because a Mask inhibits our Ability to Manipulate others with disingenuous facial Expressions. No Accusation, just a Speculation or even a Projection – what’s True for you is for you to Discover through your Scorpionic Deep Dives next year.

Asteroid Juno (Growth in Consciousness) left Scorpio for Sagittarius on 18 December (9:20 am PST), which should make our Lessons Feel a lot Easier. Juno’s timetable is similar to that of Lachesis – it was in its prior Sign (Scorpio) for only about three months, but it stays in its new Sign (Sagittarius) for most of 2021, with Remedial work (Retrogradation) during the summer.

I’d guess we’ve been clawing at our scabs for the last several months while Juno was in Scorpio, to try to Expose as many Limiting Beliefs as we could find, so we could carry less Baggage into a Digital Age where who knows how much of Life might become Virtual. Much of our Life is already Lived through Fantasy anyway. Sagittarius is Mutable (Changeable, as in Mutation) Fire (Spirit), so it’s the Sign where we Let Go of what we no longer need for protecting our Material Ego from Scarcity.

And of course Saturn (The Most Important Thing) on 16 December at 9am PST, and Jupiter (Expansion) on 19 December at 5am PST, waved adieu to Pragmatic Just-Fix-It Capricorn and moved into Idealistic NoNotThatWay-ThisIsHowToFixIt Aquarius. It’s Catty of me I know, but I imagine Aquarians sitting in a bar arguing about how to Fix Society. We have the poster child for Fixed Air (Rigid Ideology) in the US Congress.

To be Honest, we have to wonder what planets have been in Aquarius for the last while already, as Congress has been unable to Negotiate with itself at least since the Tea Party came ashore, if not since Newt crawled out from under his rock. Asteroid Aletheia (The Heart’s Truth) has been in Aquarius since April 2020, which makes sense relative to the closure of the Federal purse since the March CARIES Act. Asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) has been in Aquarius since Indigenous Peoples’ Day, 7 December, and will be till April 2021.

But actually, if Hupers Learn to differentiate their Heart-Truth from their SolarPlexus-Truth and find the nanobit of Awareness and Empathy necessary to look in the Mirror and see how Upset they get when someone else Forces foreign Beliefs on them, and then Realize how Odious it must be for them to Force their Beliefs on Others (Duh!), they might Loosen Up a bit. Pour me another before closing time, ok? – an Aquarian anal-ysis if there ever was one. Aquarius is completely capable of figuring this out, it’s just my cynicism about Huperity that Limits my Optimism.

I get it, that’s my Karmic Pattern that, if I don’t look in the Mirror, will lock me into a Future of Competition to the Death. I’ll have to turn it around, so I can Manifest a Future of Peace and Collaboration and let the rest of the Hupers Manifest whatever they want in their own back yards. You know the First Law of Manifestation, Whosoever Farts in Church, sits in their own Pew. Or is that the Law of Karma. Can’t be, that one’s been Repealed.

Saturn averages two and a half years in each Sign, and Jupiter one year. Saturn in Aquarius should Teach us that The Most Important Thing is to Avoid Taking our Metaphors Literally. That’s the definition of Fundamentalism, and it applies to just about everybody, including us if we don’t constantly Let Go of our Natural tendency to want to have Burnt Umber clearly differentiated from Beige (Black and White are no longer PC).

What’s difficult to remember is that It’s All Metaphor. Even with our Best Multidimensional Intuition and our Most Outrageous Channelings, we Perceive such a tiny sliver of Reality, that while our Heart’s Truth defines Our Own Values, it doesn’t have anything to say about the Nature of Reality. Our Solar Plexus-Truth is even less descriptive, even though it’s Useful for helping us find Food and Shelter.

Saturn’s last sojourn in Aquarius was 1990-1993. Remember Daddy-Bush’s First Gulf War? Collapse of the USSR? The End of Apartheid? The first breath of the World Wide Web?

Jupiter in Aquarius can lead us to Tolerate, and even Embrace, Cognitive Dissonance, the Practice of being able to hold Contradictory Beliefs in mind, as equally Valid, at the same time. Huper Mind Perceives Duality, Either/Or, while Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, or Both/And. If we Allow our Thinking to Define our Concepts about Reality, we’ll never escape Judgment, and Love Dissolves when Judgment Replaces Curiosity.

We don’t get to 5D without Unconditional Self-Love, so Embracing Cognitive Dissonance is a Critical Skill. Every Perspective contains valuable information (even Mask Denial), so we can’t afford to Reject any of them, even though we probably want to rank them in order of their Utility.

Jupiter last visited Aquarius in 2008-2009. Hard to believe that was a dozen years ago. We had the H1N1 Swine Flu. Obama took over to sweep up the shards of the US Economy after the Derivative Crisis, often misnamed the Housing Crisis. Sully landed in the Hudson. And Bitcoin took its first breath.

Easy to forget in Light of the Jupiter-Saturn “Christmas Star,” but of course the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn at 2:05 am PST on 21 December. Our Perception of our own Essence should become less Scattered and more Pragmatic. That’ll be welcome.

Dwarf planet Ixion (Forbidden or Hidden Unique Genius) sticks its toe back into Capricorn on 27 December (1:20 am PST), for the second of three times as it stutters it’s way out of Sagittarius. It enters Capricorn “for good” (till next time, 250 years hence) in November 2021. We’ve hopefully used its 15-year passage through Sagittarius to Let Go Of our Inhibitions on Allowing it to Exist and Bloom, so we can use its 19-year trip through Capricorn Putting It To Work Healing the Planet, or at least building a very large Ark.

Cusps are tricky. Planets that are four Signs apart (Trine, Dumb-Luck Grace) get on well with one another because they share the same element – Water to Water and Fire to Fire. Planets that are three Signs apart (Square, Challenge) create Stress because they don’t share the same element – Air to Earth or Water to Fire. But look at these Cuspy Angles in the Saturn-Jupiter Initiation chart above…

Sedna to Karma is three Signs (with a little slop) so it should be Difficult, yet it’s Earth to Earth (Taurus to Virgo), which should make it Easier.

Moon to Juno is four Signs so it should be Easy, yet it’s Water to Fire (Pisces to Sagittarius), which should be more Difficult.

Some of each, perhaps? Both/And? An Opportunity to Practice our Cognitive Dissonance? Maybe a completely new kind of Relationship, neither Easy nor Difficult, but Orthogonal to that Dimension? A Paradox?

Recess Is Over

December 9, 2020

Sorry to say that our brief Respite from the Gauntlet is almost (if not already for the more sensitive among us) over. The next major Portal occurs 11 December 2020, which means most of us will be Feeling it already, since dwarf planet Exaggerations (Stations) usually last at least several days, if not a week or two. Ironically, one of the most important variables for the duration of a Portal is What Else Is Going On to divert our Attention. When there are more than one Portal going on we usually Feel their Interaction more than their separate but simultaneous Energies.

But first, let’s talk about a couple of Sign Changes that occurred on 7 December. Sign Changes are important because they often Change the Energy in the Room, a if Billy The Kid or the Dalai Lama just walked in.

At 4:10 am PST 7 December, the symbol for Boundaries (asteroid Pallas) moved into the Sign of Social Order (Aquarius – if you know some astrology, you will have many other clues about Aquarius, which is all Good – it’s Both/And, though it doesn’t mean that your Profiling will match that of Others). Pallas left the Sign of Pragmatism (Capricorn), where it’s been since February, though it dipped its asteroidal toe into Aquarius in May, barely, before going back for remedial work in Capricorn. It stays in Aquarius till early March.

We can probably expect big changes in the way we deal with the Carumbavirus, as Boundaries revert to Social Purposes more than Pragmatic Purposes. If that was going to be about the vaccine, I would expect Pallas to move into Aquarius sometime next year – instead it will be moving into Pisces then. Makes a person Wonder how this will unfold. Will the Virus retreat suddenly once Biden is “certified” and as People Dream about their Vaccine Savior and quit Expecting to get sick from it? And then return with a Vengeance in March, since Pisces and Keening like to cohabit?

Curious. Pragmatic Boundaries certainly fit February through November. Maybe Social Boundaries will just become more common, as the Covidiots commit suicide in order to continue to Worship their Ideology and not Betray their Cult, while the Cautious remain so, out of Respect for their larger Society. I doubt that it will represent Codependent Boundaries, as Self-Sovereignty is prominent in the Orcus Station chart. Perhaps it will Flush Out our Codependence so the Orcus Energy can Whack-A-Mole it.

At 11:20 am PST 7 December, the symbol for Truth of the Mind (asteroid Veritas) joined Pallas in Aquarius. It’s also been in Capricorn since February 2020, and will move on to Pisces in late February 2021. If you’ve been watching people Suffocate to Death, your Pragmatic Facts will be very different from those of the folks who’ve been licking up the Antichrist’s frass. Having both Pallas and Veritas in Aquarius could push these two Factions furthur apart, as people Choose Socially Acceptable Facts from their Community or their Farcebook. But again, that may just serve to provide a curriculum for Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty) in Capricorn with its prominent placement in the Orcus Station chart.

Which Exaggeration/Station maxes out at 4:10 pm PST 11 December 2020. The Mythical Orcus was a mean fellow, but in our Astrotheon he’s a Paper Tiger. His job was to Punish Oath-Breakers. A pet theory of ours is that at least some Karma if not most or all, was Created when we made an Oath or Vow or Promise or even a Decision that was so important to us in that Lifetime (kept us Safe or Fed, for instance), that we elevated it from an Oath to a Fact of Life, in so doing Forgetting or Repressing our Ability to Revert it. Many Lifetimes later we still regard it as a Fact of Life, but now it’s totally disconnected from the original Oath, and consequently it never occurs to us to Revert it.

Worse, it may have been an Ancestor that made the original Oath, and then passed down the Fact of Life, unexamined, from generation to generation, so we never know there was ever an Oath involved. Or worse yet, as often occurs, the warped Fact of Life could be a deeply ingrained part of your Cultural Identity, a Prejudice that has been Celebrated for centuries rather than Examined as a Karmic Limitation – think religious and national Competitions. Andrew Carnegie single-handedly eliminated Homeopathic medical schools from the US, for instance, with the result that most of the Medical Cartel just regards it as Blasphemy, and will never know there was a historical (or hysterical, or just financial) Decision involved that banned it from Respect and in so doing has eliminated much valuable Technology.

We’ll Anal-yse the chart in the next post. It heralds a zone of simple charts, in contrast to the many very complex charts that have burdened us for the last while…

It should allow us to Flush many Unconscious Abuse Patterns.

Self-Love New Moon 2

November 14, 2020

In the 14 November 2020 New Moon chart, the planets in the “Basket of Grace” (blue upside-down Truss Bridge) under the red triangle are an interesting pair. They tell us How the Nasty Challenge (T-Square red triangle) will Self-Resolve. First there’s dwarf planet Eris, which is about Revelation of What’s Been Denied, and second there’s dwarf planet Asbolus, meaning Intuition, Merged With (Conjunct) the North Node, which indicates our Lifetime Mission.

Our Life Mission is way too multidimensional for the Dualistic Mind to be able to do more than get an occasional glimpse of it from one angle, so if our Life Mission were an Elephant, we’d be the seven Blind Men trying to figure out what it is. Our Intuition, though, is able to handle many more Dimensions, as long as we don’t constantly Diminish it by squeezing it into Words. So our Intuition has been giving us Videos of our Life Mission in the form of Skits from our Childhood and Past Lives (Eris).

Asbolus and the North Node are three and a half Degrees apart and separating, so the Connection is weakening, but both of them are well within three Degrees of the New Moon, so they’re Reconnected and Re-Energized by the New Moon. (Three Degrees is the Limit of Connection that we use in this blog; it and one Degree are the most common Limits of Connection that astrologers use. The less Difference between the Locations, the Stronger the Connection.) The Asbolus-North Node Connection was Exact at the end of August, within one Degree between mid-August and mid-September, and within three Degrees between late July and late September, so we’ve been Experiencing this Connection for a while.

Intuition can be illusive. My Intuition Teacher advised me to Ask myself “What If I Did Know?” and tentatively Believe the Answer I got. Translating an Intuition into Words is like pinning a Butterfly to a block of styrofoam – it might look good, but you’ve just Killed it. So Word Pictures of Intuitions are always tentatively or “…Or Something Like That,” as Eugene Gendlin liked to say. But the point is that the Information is Available. We can try retrieving it with a Theta such as “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Grok the Intuitions about my Life Mission that I Received over the Summer (North) or Winter (South) so they will Help Me Let Go of Karmic Impediments to Unconditional Self-Love. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You God/Goddess. Show Me!

In case you haven’t read Heinlein, Grok means “to drink in all available aspects of reality or to become one with the observed,” the multidimensional equivalent of “Understanding,” which is what the Limited Dualistic Mind does. You may or may not Notice any lightbulbs over your head, but it may be better if you don’t, because then you’ll be less Tempted to Wordify it. Just Trust that you’ve Received and Grokked the Download, and that it has Changed you accordingly.

We need this because the next week plus will be Challenging. Our Ability to Trust, and to Grok what’s Trustable so we can Trust it, is Lit Up through 17 November, as asteroid Eurydike, which symbolizes Trust, is increasingly Exaggerated until 1am PST on 18 November. As usual with astrology, that’s for Good or Ill, as our Trust will be Challenged so we can Witness the places where we OverTrust and UnderTrust and Adjust accordingly.

In the New Moon chart asteroid Veritas, the Truth of the Mind, is Merged with Pluto, Compulsion. We may or may not Believe Facts, depending on whether or not they Align with our current Concept Set. For instance, many people Reject the Fact that the Earth is Flat (when seen from the center of a plain, for instance) because they’ve been Hypnotized by “Science” to Believe that it’s Round. It might Look Round from the Moon, but we don’t Live on the Moon. It might Look Curved from an airplane, but there are lots of Curves that aren’t Round. The Dualistic Mind will always Delude you unless you always specify the conditions under which each “Fact” is “True” – and what a Headache that would be.

It’s a lot Easier if we just recognize that like Loki or Coyote, the Mind is a Trickster, simply because it usually thinks in Either/Or, while the Universe is Both/And. “Figures don’t Lie, but Liars sure can Figure,” is a general rule that Statisticians use, if they know what they’re doing. The Truth of the Mind is always Relative to usually-unspecified and often-unknown Assumptions and Conditions, and it’s Dual, so it usually Flips rather than Adjusts. Goddess Knows we’re getting a graduate seminar in Exactly This in our Political Dramas these days. This is Grade-School Bullshit, and we need to see through it so we can instead Focus on The Most Important Thing – Climate Change, as the Dali Lama reminds us. If we don’t, Death by COVID might turn out to be the more Merciful Choice.

In the New Moon chart, Pluto-Veritas (Compulsive Belief in “Facts”) is Challenged (Squared) by Eris, or Revelation of What’s Been Denied. Compulsive Belief in “Facts” is also Contrasted (Opposed) to Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) – we will never see Peace and Collaboration and 5D and Sustainability as long as we invest our Trust in Either/Or. Reality is always Both/And.

Besides Compulsive Belief in “Facts” (Pluto-Veritas), Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris) and Respect for All Things (Hopi), the fourth corner of the big red square (a “Grand Cross” in astrologuese) in the New Moon chart is The Heart (Venus). It’s the Heart that Groks. The Truth of the Heart is symbolized by asteroid Aletheia. For any given Person, the Truth of the Heart is not Relative like “Facts” are, but Absolute. What we have to Remember about the Heart is that Everyone’s Truth of the Heart is Different. You can, if you’re clever, convince someone to Believe in the “Truth” of your “Facts.” Shame on you, but you can do it.

You’ll never convince anyone to Believe in the Truth of your Heart, if their Heart has a Different Truth. They might pretend to Believe to get you off their back, but our Heart-Truths are Permanent and Inviolable. We Recognize them Intuitively, not Intellectually. Heart-Truths are multidimensional, and suffer Wordification poorly. As long as Hupers fail to Recognize the Difference between Mind-“Facts” and Heart-Truths, and fail to Realize that Everyone’s Heart-Truths are Different, there will never be Peace on the Planet.

How does asteroid Aletheia relate to the New Moon chart? Like so…

That’s a “Grand Quintile,” Grand because it fills the whole chart, and Quintile because it features five planets more or less equally space around the Zodiac. Quintiles are about Teaching and Learning, and a Grand Quintile is about Multidimensional Teaching and Learning. There are twenty-six Relationships we’re being Taught to Grok

  • Truth of the Heart (Aletheia) to Self-Love (Sappho-New Moon)
  • Heart-Truth to Pattern-Breaking (dwarf planet Orcus)
  • Heart-Truth to Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos)
  • Heart-Truth to Freedom (Fixed Star Alpheratz)
  • Self-Love to Pattern-Breaking
  • Self-Love to Unlimited Potential
  • Self-Love to Freedom
  • Pattern-Breaking to Unlimited Potential
  • Pattern-Breaking to Freedom
  • Unlimited Potential to Freedom

Then there are the sixteen Interaction terms…

  • Heart-Truth to Self-Love to Pattern-Breaking etc (10)
  • Self-Love to Pattern-Breaking to Unlimited Potential to Freedom etc (5)
  • Pattern-Breaking to Unlimited Potential to Freedom to Heart-Truth to Self-Love (1)

That’s a lot to Learn. It’s a good thing it’s Intuitive, as it’d boggle the Mind. These apply to the New Moon chart, ie, the next two weeks. Meanwhile we’re Dealing with Trust until 18 November, as Eurydike Stands Still. So we’ll be Learning how Trust Relates to each of those twenty-six Relationships. Busy Busy Busy.

Then the Real Teaching takes center stage, as Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong) are Lit Up till 20 November and Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus) are Lit Up till 22 November. The Poster Child for Abuse and Privilege is the Antagonist of the Big Political Drama, and it’s our own Intrusive Memories of all of our own Karmic Abuse and Privilege Experiences and Patterns that will be Triggered. How many of us will be able to Differentiate the Present Moment from our Regressions?

And the Mind-Truths of Privilege for the White Supremacists? The Heart-Truths of Privilege for the Narcissists? I doubt that many of them will Know the Difference between Reality and their Projections, but we can always pray for Miracles. There are Intriguing Possibilities in the Angle between the New Moon and each of the three Stations – Eurydike, Gonggong, Nessus. We’ll talk about those in the next post.

Truth of the Mind II

August 25, 2020

A sharp-eyed reader noticed that we misplaced Orcus in the 25 August 2020 (1:30pm PDT) Veritas-Station chart of our previous post.  Actually, Orcus wasn’t involved; we read OR-cus where we should have read OR-10.  Orcus is about Oath-Breaking; OR-10 is about Intrusive Memories.  You remember it because it’s been traveling with Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) for the last several years.  Nessus has moved on – have you noticed fewer Flashbacks to Abusive situations from your Personal or Karmic history?

There’s no shortage of Current-Moment Abuse, alas, from the people who have been Reacting to their Nessus-OR10 Intrusive Abusive Memories with Blame rather than Self-Compassion, particularly Unconscious Blame.  OR-10 has recently received a “real” name, Gonggong, as if that could be a real name – it’s Chinese, so if it sounds like an insult from our Abusive Childhood, it’s a coincidence.  Or maybe not, since the Mythical Gonggong was a Troublemaking Dragon.  It might be an insult in Chinese too.

Hopefully Current-Moment Abuse will fade as we move away from the Gonggong-Nessus Initiation, which occurred in mid-May 2015 (in 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts“) and which would seem to imply a great deal of interaction between Abuse/Privilege and Intrusive Memories during the new Cycle.  They conjoined five times between 2015 and 2017.  Nessus has been more than three Degrees (our usual range of Sensitivity) from Gonggong since 2018.

The previous Cycle lasted 145 years, from 1870 to 2015.  The 1870 Cycle was about “Mankind’s vast and enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation(29 Libra), which makes an interesting Historical Theme for the 20th Century, and a Powerful Indictment of the “Age of Reason” – Plants and Animals have been transferring knowledge from generation to generation without even thinking about it since time immemorial.  Hupers have been too, they just aren’t very Conscious about it.

There is not enough known about the orbits of Nessus and Gonggong to be able to project them beyond the middle of this century.  What Projection there is implies that the current Cycle could last three or four centuries, as these dwarf-planet People have irregular orbits and can spend a lot of time going painfully slowly when observed from our vantage point.  So Earth may be working on these Racism/Inequality/Planet-Abuse issues for a looong time.

Which brings us to an important point.  It’s tempting to think that in order for us to graduate into 5D, the whole Huper species is going to have to grow up before we die.  I mean, we’re All One, right?  That’s a very naive and egotistical Perspective.  We visit here for a century or so max, and it should be obvious that while the internal combustion engine and the telephone and the transistor changed Life immensely during the 20th Century, how much did basic Huper Nature actually Change?

We, as Light-Working Souls, chose a Theme or two to help advance while we’re here, and there have been Changes – think about the millions of Hupers worldwide who protested Dubya’s invasion of Iraq and the destruction of its Anunnaki-laced History, compared with the number who protested – or even knew about – the shelling of Belgrade by Austria-Hungary in 1918 to start World War I.  Yes, we Change the World, but Changing Huperity and its Grudges transferred from seven generations ago in one Lifetime is another story.

The overarching Theme here is Soul Descending into Flesh (Uranus in Taurus).  It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anyone imply that was going to make Ego-Identity Permanent.  In fact, we have to scamper to Avoid being Mortalized more than we already are by the Medical Cartel.  The tag on my Buddha-Tea bag this afternoon said “All problems are illusions of the mind” – how many people do you know who can even conceive of that around their Health?

It’s Universal Consciousness that’s All One, not our Egos.  Many of us can’t even reach far enough to grant Consciousness to Rocks.  The Buddha said that of course we’d come back to help others after we become Enlightened.  After, not before.  It’s probably a good time to reread Stephen Levine, particularly Who Dies? or A Healing into Life and Death, or even Unattended Sorrow.

In the 25 August Truth of the Mind Veritas Station chart, Gonggong aka OR-10 is Conjoined by the astrological symbol for Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres).  So our task is to develop a Sustainable Relationship with our Intrusive Memories.  I can’t think of a reasonable way to do that without Grounding it in Self-Compassion.

The Truth of the Mind chart also includes a huge dose of Education for us, in the form of an Almost-Grand-Quintile

A Grand Quintile, like the purple-grey Star above, is five planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac.  What we’re Learning is how the five Archetypes or Principles work together.  The four we have in the Almost-Grand-Quintile include…

  • Asteroid Veritas itself, Truth of the Mind.  This implies that in order to Grok this we need to move to our Observer Self rather than approaching it from the Perspective of Attachment.
  • Neptune, the God of the Sea, aka Emotions.  The key to working with Neptune is to Recognize that Truth of the Mind and Materiality do not fit together in 3D.  Like a self-assembly from Ikea, there will always be parts left over and parts that don’t fit.  To Live with Neptune we have to Translate Matter into Energy, Spirit.  That’s one reason why it’s Important to Know that Rocks have Consciousness.  Otherwise, how will we Empathize into their Energy and what they’re Feeling?
  • Asteroid Juno, the symbol for Expansion of Consciousness.  This usually requires some Discomfort.  In fact, you can use Discomfort as a road map here!  What’s giving you Difficulty?  That’s your Doorway into the Grand Education that’s Available here.
  • Dwarf planet Sedna, which is about Transforming Fear into Power.  We’ve talked about some of the “tricks” that are useful for this – Breathing, Kegels, Tapping, Alternating Theta and Tapping, and others.

Which leaves one Vacancy.  Complete Configurations are so much Easier to Live with than Almost-Configurations, that we look for ways to Complete them.  And in this case we found one – the asteroid Apollo fits, as it travels through the Gap.  The Mythic Apollo is the Greek God of Truth and Prophecy.  How better could we fill a Great Teaching (Grand Quintile) about Truth of the Mind?

Do we need to point out that Prophecy is not reached via “Left-Brain” Logic and Reason?  It’s reached through Intuition, Instinct, Dreams, Feelings, PIAVAs – “Right-Brain,” Magnetic, what Colonial Patriarchal Culture would consider Feminine, stuff.  Court and Embrace your Discomfort, with Self-Compassion.

I Guess We’re Here

January 13, 2020

Brenda Hoffman has an intriguing message for today…

“January 12, 2020, is a watershed date in your lives and that of all inhabiting earth at this time. For it is as if something clicked inside your hearts, your beings that shifted you from fear to love.

“This shift will not be displayed immediately because many, perhaps including you, have to adjust to the new sensations this shift created. Even though you might have been prepared for something before January 12, this something has never been experienced by you or any earth being. It is as if a shaft of light pierced your tough earth shell.

“Perhaps you think that such comments are a fairytale for how is it possible that one day can create such upheaval?

“This shift will cause many to feel that what was up is now down, and what was down is now up. Because these new sensations will feel unnatural, frightening, it is likely something most will not discuss them. For they will believe that doing so makes them seem odd.

“Those of you in the know will merely adjust as you have to every other burst of energy throughout your earth life. Others, feeling as if their life has been turned upside down, will be the most frightened.

“Even though humans are familiar with the fear of change, this energy event is a tsunami of change. It will be as if someone woke up one night with a new emotional body and must do everything in the dark without understanding how to do so. There will be fear and anger. Not because this shift is bad or damaging, but because it will seem so foreign. So it is many will test these new feelings by doing the exact opposite of their intuitive directives. A confusing time for most.

“You, the forerunners, will slip into your new being easily and effortlessly for you have prepared to do so since you began this transition.

“Those not as open to transitioning beyond 3D as you will be confused and attempt to return to their former feelings only to discover they can not.

“This is a mass transition of proportions you can not begin to envision. For anyone who has dreamt of moving beyond fear and angst will shift rapidly. Such does not mean that in two days all of the earth will be like you, but instead that everyone who wishes to will have their heart opened.

“January 12, 2020, is not a day to take lightly. Allow yourself to move as you wish. And allow the same for all others. For their fear will be displayed long before their heart actions. Just as was true for you when you initiated your transition. The difference is, you have likely been in transition for decades or years. Those now at the beginning stages will shift within days or months.

“You are their beacon – allowing those frightened to know that all is well.

“You will also shift. But your shift will be polishing more facets of your diamond being. Those beginning their transition are discovering their diamond self in the rough.

“Your role and only role is to continue a joy focus. For if you allow yourself to be in fear with those just beginning to transition, they will become more frightened, perhaps not even able to function.

“You are the beacons of the world. Allow yourself to know and accept that.

“All who wish are transitioning or beginning their transition as of January 12th, 2020. You have little to do other than to inform those who wish to know that all is well.”

Well, as they say, “Trust but Verify.”

But then, according to our own previous post, aside from the main effect of 12 January’s Big astroevent about Transforming (Pluto) our Priorities (Saturn) to accommodate (Squared by) What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris) – along with its embellishments (Mercury/Awareness, dwarf planet Chariklo/Confidence-and-Doubt) – the Big Challenge (T-Square) was about Trust (asteroid Eurydike), wasn’t it.  The Challenge to Trust was from the Veracity of the Shift (asteroids Veritas/Facts and Bee-Zed/Transcendence) and our Insights about the Incredible Scope of the Change (dwarf planets Asbolus/Intuition and Chaos/Unlimited-Potential)!

And that doesn’t even include what we Believe to define the context for the 12 January event (namely the 10 January Stations/Strength of Uranus/Soul-or-Consciousness which in Taurus is Descending into Matter, and of Eris/Revelation itself, along with the Eclipse/Illumination), which we might summarize as Huperity Becoming Aware that Matter has been Conscious all along.  Which is the Missing Core Belief in the Western Worldview that is Messing Up the Planet for Huperity and Everyone Else.

So unless Brenda has been reading this blog, which I very much doubt, her post is a remarkable “Coincidence.”  What I’ve been Feeling, myself, is quite a lot of Fear.  I’ve been working with it, Tapping and PIAVAing to get Grounded, but even then I’ve Lacked Clarity on a couple of Issues that seem Important.  Till this morning.  Then I remembered to Poor-Sweetheart myself –

“You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Scared, aren’t you.”

And Wham, suddenly there’s Excitement, tonnes of it!  Now I even Remember to Breathe, and to Kegel if necessary!