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March 7, 2019

Every time I say this something else pops out of the woodwork – the Universe is like that – but on the schedule I have, we’re in for a bit of a short break.

That’s a favorite line of mine – “Hesitation has robbed me of my throne.”

On 10 March (1:30 pm PDT) asteroid Lachesis Enters Gemini.  We regard Sign Changes as interesting, but not usually momentous.  Of course both Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and Uranus (Soul) have recently Changed Signs, so any Sign Change will light up those two heavy hitters, but it’s still pretty minor on the grand scale, as the Gap between Lachesis and Uranus is an Unx (one Sign, or Pattern-Breaker) and the Angle between Lachesis and Chiron a Sextile (two Signs, or Blessing if you Take the First Step).

Lachesis itself is about Changing Timelines Consciously, so in Gemini (Flexibility) that should be Easier than it was while Lachesis was in Taurus (Stability, or sometimes possibly Stuck-in-the-Mud).  Lachesis was the Goddess in charge of Cutting the Chord, to determine how long a particular thread of Fate would Afflict us.  But Fate happens to us when we’re Unconscious; once we’re Conscious, “Fate” becomes Choice.

So Lachesis Waxing Unx Uranus (Exact 11 March, 3pm PDT) will give us a fabulous Opportunity to Let Go of Obsolete Habit Patterns that Isolate us from our Soul.  So you might mark your calendar for 10-11 March to Pray something like, “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that All Impediments to the Complete Surrender of My Ego to My Soul Be Lovingly and Gently Removed.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done!  Thank You, God/Goddess! … Show Me!” 

If that sounds too Scary, Tap It Out.  Be Honest about it; you ain’t fooling nobody but yourself.  Or temper it – change “Complete Surrender” to “Full Collaboration,” for instance.  We don’t have to Take Advantage of All Enlightenment Opportunities, after all, even if they are the Chance of a Lifetime.  Unless of course we’ve been Striving all our Life for exactly this.  This happens every 4-5 years, so we’ll get another chance or several. 

Stretching too far can actually set us back.  The “Lovingly and Gently” will help a lot to keep us “in bounds,” though.  And we’ve got several days to Perfect our Prayer.  We want it to be Assertive but Comfortable.  We can do a lot to Prepare ourself over the next few days, trying out different versions of our Prayer, looking for Fear or other Discomfort, Tapping that out, adjusting the Prayer, and trying it again.  As of midnight tonight (12am PDT 8 March), Lachesis is 3/4 of one Degree shy of its Unx to Uranus, so the Force will definitely be With Us.

If you’re new here, you’ll probably find and to be very handy.

And Lachesis Waxing Sextile Chiron (Exact 16 March, noon PDT) will help immensely as we ferret out any Discouragement or Doubt or Skepticism about our (and the Planet’s) approach to 5D.  It’s not out of your Hands – it’s up to All of Us to move the Planet Forward with our Unwavering Clarity about our Lust for Collaboration, Cooperation, Co-Creation of What We Want, and the Demise of Disrespect, Hateism, Competition over who can be the Meanest, and our own Undeliberate Manifestation of What We Don’t Want. 

No one has to be Perfect, we all just have to be a tiny bit closer today than we were yesterday.  And if we’ve slid backwards, that’s okay too, we just need to Accept it as a Natural part of the Process and Recognize that we probably just went back to Retrieve another Lost part of ourself – or of someone else.  The most important thing is that we’re On the Bus.  We’re talking about Chiron here, so use your Poor-Sweethearts liberally.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you don’t Feel Fully Enlightened today, do you.”  Big Surprise, as Steven Levine would say.  Then be sure to Change the Subject.

Or, if we are Feeling pretty Enlightened, we can Attend to our Hubris.  Enlightenment isn’t Full of Itself, no matter what your self-professed Enlightened friends say.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel very Enlightened today, don’t you.”  Then, before you Change the Subject, you can Tap Out “Even Though I’m Feeling Smug, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…”  When you Laugh at yourself and Feel Joy Rising, then you can Change the Subject.

When we get past Lachesis Unx Uranus (ie, after 3pm PDT 11 March), Lachesis will be a little less than one Degree short of its 16 March Sextile to Chiron – in other words, well within Sensitivity.  Again, the Force will be With Us.  So after we’ve Surrendered to our Soul, we can jump right in from 11-16 March with our Poor-Sweethearts.


By then, asteroid Bee-Zed will be Stationary (Exact 16 March 5:30 pm PDT).  Bee-Zed (2015 BZ509 to be exact), recall, is that Jupiter-scale (ie, 12-year orbit) asteroid that orbits backwards, and symbolizes Transcendence.  If we assume we’ll be Feeling that Energy for about a week ahead of the Station, then the whole week should feel pretty Ecstatic.  If it’s not Feeling that way for you, no worries – “You Poor Sweetheart, you aren’t Feeling Ecstatic, are you” – then Change the Subject.  There’s always more than one way to Feed a Feline.

We’ll be several inches off the ground when we walk up to that remarkable 20 March Equinox (3pm PDT) Full Moon (7pm PDT) bang on Chiron (9pm PDT)!  How often does a Full Moon happen on a March Equinox?  Two or three times in a Huper Lifetime.  Add Chiron (Despair => Miracles) to that, and we really are talking about the Opportunity of a Lifetime – of Lifetimes of Lifetimes!

Dan Scranton’s Arcturian Friends have good news for us today too…

“We are especially pleased about giving you this transmission because we have noticed how many more of you are actualizing the energies and acclimating to them without nearly as many ascension symptoms as you once experienced while on this conscious journey.  When you first began experiencing ascension symptoms, you were doing a lot of purging, and that was very uncomfortable and confusing.

“And then you got to the more chronic ascension symptoms, which included fatigue, aches and pains, and all sorts of medical anomalies.  And now we see more and more of you freeing yourselves from these experiences.  And it is because you have been able to use the time that you needed during the more intense ascension symptoms.  You were able to use that time to go within and do your processing and clearing.

“Many of you have also made wonderful connections with the non-physical and the higher dimensions because of your willingness to listen to your bodies.  You stopped going and doing all the time, and you’ve been able to feel into the healing energies and the vitality that you have been sent over decades.  Now, as the energies come in, you don’t have as much gunk in the way of them.  You don’t have as many blockages, and we see many of you doing so much more conscious receiving now that you are aware of what is going on and your place in all of it.

“You don’t need that rude wake up call that the ascension symptoms have been.  We are also thrilled to let you know that there have been several new collectives contributing to the downloads, activations, and upgrades.  You are still activating parts of yourselves that you didn’t even know were there, and those awakening processes will be easier on all of you because of what you have already done.

“So you can relax more and rest, and even better, you can have that knowing that this journey, as challenging as it has been at times, has all been worth it.”