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February 5, 2014

kyanite2101bpKyanite, a simple Lithium Silicate, does a good job of helping us expand beyond our usual Limitations.

Yrucrem snrut Edargorter no Yraurbef xis.  Or should we say, six February on Retrograde turns Mercury.  Or maybe just Ercurymay urnstay Etrograderay onway Ebruaryfay ixsay.  It occurs at 2pm PST.  While Mercury Retro has a reputation for mogrifying Communication, it’s not usually anywhere near as confusing as all that – thank the Goddess.  All these blizzards hitting most of the US are a bit early, as travel difficulties are also classic Mercury Retro symptoms.  We could say that Mercury Retro will make travel worse for the rest of February, but I’m not even going to suggest that.  Though says “Additional storms are on deck through at least the middle of February.”

Mercury backs up from 4 of Pisces to 19 of Aquarius.  In that section of the Zodiac we’re grieving the loss of our old Community and beginning to reach out to new ones.  The Shadow Period includes a triple Square to Saturn – January 25, February 18, and March 10.  We choose to experience Saturn as either Limitation or Focus – so for instance…

The January – and February – weather could be seen as Limiting our travel, or asking us to stay home and Focus on local Community, depending on our attitude toward it.  Same goes for Communication – we can choose whether to be Limited, or Focused.  Don’t fret over what you have to give up in order to Attend to the Most Important Thing – you’ll come back to it later.

It’s a Waxing Square, developing the Thanksgiving Saturn-Mercury Initiation at 17 Scorpio – “A Woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is great with Child.”  Heavy.  It means we’re busy birthing our own new Ego, sporting a shiny new realignment with Soul.  It also means that in February and March…

Whenever you come up against what you perceive as Limitation, stop and PIAVA what’s The Most Important Thing that you aren’t doing?  Then Let Go of what you Wanted but were Limited about, and Change the Subject.  That Most Important Thing will be a big part of your new Soul-embodying Ego Self.  Everything else will take care of itself.

The triple Mercury-Saturn Square finds Saturn Quincunx to Eris, and in turn Eris Sextile to Mercury…

When you feel Limited, PIAVA what it is that you’re Denying.  The Wonder and Curiosity will trigger Insight. 

Mercury in its stutter-step journey also makes triple Quincunx Angles to Lilith, on January 27, February 14, and March 18.  That should bring…

Lots of Curiosity about how we’ll handle the transition from our slavish Dependence on the Lizards and our other Masters, to our budding Sovereignty over our own Lives.  If you start to worry about this, stop it immediately (Cancel, Neutralize, Update!) and switch to Curiosity.

Other than these, Mercury makes several easy or Graceful triple Angles during its Moonwalk, Trines with the North Node, Ceres, Vesta, and Mars, and Sextiles with Eris and the South Node.  That should be more than enough to compensate for any Challenges that might arise.