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17.12 Abuse V

December 15, 2016

Some folks get their info straight from the Stars, no interpretation necessary…

And as is often the case, thanks to for the links.

Abuse IV: Overload II

December 15, 2016

As you send Energy to “somewhere that you know it is needed,” you may also want to be Selective, choosing destinations for your Energy that Feel like they are part of your own Mission on the Planet, and that Feel Safe for your own current Dance between Ego and Consciousness.  When you send Energy, you Connect, and the flow runs both ways, which can easily amp up the Energy – and the Overload – even more.  If you aren’t sure, Ask for Guidance.  

Ego Death is Ego Death, we don’t usually have a Choice about its Timing, only about how we Respond to it.  But pushing ourselves to do more than we can handle at the moment, risks backlash that can actually increase our Limiting Beliefs.  “Safety First” is an element of Self-Care that may Limit us in the short run, but will probably Expand us more in the long run.  It may feel like next week will be too late for our Actions to have impact, but Linear Time is actually malleable; you have Choices that the Linear Time Trance doesn’t want you to have.

Seventh Harmonic Timing – Don Juan’s “Saving your Energy” in Castaneda’s telling, is prominent in December.  There are Moments when we can Change the World with the wave of a hand – the rest of the Time we’re just bashing our heads on a brick wall.  One of the most Powerful things we can Learn here is how to use this sort of Timing.  The Seventh-Harmonic elements of the 17.12 Portal have to do with

  • (1) Setting Boundaries to Protect Obedience to your Soul from Archetypes
  • (2) Carefully Choosing the “Battles” that are “Yours”
  • (3) Learning where You the Individual Ends and You the Artifice of your Culture begins – you want to Align You the Individual with what you Want your Culture to become rather than what your Culture has been

I was planning to leave these out, as it seemed like we already had plenty going on, but here they are, forcing their way into our Consciousness!

There are two “Septile Wedges” and one Quintile Yod in the 17 December Nessus-OR10 chart.  A “Septile Wedge” is planet1 Septile planet2 Biseptile planet3 Triseptile planet 1, forming a thin wedge across one half of the Wheel.  It’s a Timing Opportunity and more importantly, a Timing Teaching.  The Quintile Yod is a third planet at the Far Midpoint between two planets joined by a Quintile.  It’s a Learning Opportunity about the role of the third planet.  The Septile Wedges are…

(1) Uranus (True Self) Biseptile Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) Triseptile Mars-Pallas (Active Boundaries) Septile Uranus… 

The Timing is Right to Surround ourself and our Self with a Veil that is impermeable to Limiting Beliefs that inhibit our Growth in Consciousness, but permeable to Habit Patterns that Serve our Mission.

(2) Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Biseptile North Node (our Mission) Triseptile Venus (our Values)… 

The Timing is Right to Shift our Values so they no longer Support Protection from our Held Emotions, and instead Support What We Came Here To Do.

And the Quintile Yod is…

(3) Focused on Vesta (Inherited Beliefs) from Sun (our Essence) Quintile Neptune (our Culture)… 

A Portal is Open which will Allow us to Learn to Shift the Unconscious Archetypes that Drive our Actions and Values and Words away from those which Support our Limiting Cultural Norms, to those which Support the Development of our Unique Genius.  We’re dealing with the Unconscious, so we don’t Shift anything with thought; we Shift the Unconscious with PIAVAs.

The Changes we’re in are huge; be sure to append “Lovingly and Gently” to all your PIAVAs, and PIAVA that you be well Supported Economically and Emotionally during disruptive Transitions.  You may even want to consider an Emotional Support Duck, especially one that lays Eggs…

Abuse IV: Overload

December 15, 2016

I’ll spare you a catalog of specific reasons, but after taking the first hour of my day to ground the Fear in my body, and then scanning the news, I’m realizing (as if it was a secret – I’m just a little slow generalizing!) that the international economic and political and military situation is a huge part of this whole Trauma-Drama of Power-Over and Abuse.  

Here’s a fabulous, oh-so-timely suggestion, from…

“You are accessing more energy now than ever before, and that energy is of a very high frequency, especially for your physical bodies to handle.  So by opening yourself to receive and allowing the energy to flow, you are actually summoning more.  And the more energy you allow to flow, the greater your ability to create.

“Giving the energy somewhere to go is also an important part in the process.  If you cannot figure out where you want to flow the energy that is coming to you and moving through you, we suggest that you simply send it somewhere that you know it is needed.

If there is nothing that you feel passionate about, or that you can  imagine creating, then flow your energy towards someone, or a group of people, who are asking but not receiving.  You become aware of these people all the time through your media and through your social media.

Portal 17.12 and Abuse II

December 14, 2016

Reader Eliza Ayres, author of , responds…

This is a perfect description of events that took place in my own experience this past year.  Fortunately, I saw through the abuse, realized that I needed to separate from the perceived abuser, work through the issues that I had reacted to (low-self esteem, financial insecurity, anxiety over an indeterminate “future” etc) and recognize that the only one I could work on was myself.  

“So I did… and have emerged a new being, filled with a greater compassion, not only for myself but others.  I have forgiven the abuser, but they are no longer a part of life, by mutual choice.  I hope this article aids others to focus on self-healing and self-care so that they, too, can arrive at new understandings of the complicated release of old energies involves.  This is not a case of the present being a continuation of past abuse; more it was time for me to clear the emotions that came up, which had been long suppressed.  

“I could handle the situation now without coming to physical harm.  The pain involved was not long-lived, at least on my side; I’m not responsible for how the other individual involved has handled anything that came up for them.  Now when things come up in my life, I attempt to look at them from a more neutral point-of-view, so I can study the emotions and thoughts… allow them to move through without clinging to them and recreating pain long forgotten and dissolved.  Thanks for writing this!”

“When you are able to begin to heal from abuse, which can also be self-abuse, you need to recognize that the abuser has been a teacher or mentor on your journey.  They have aided in bringing to light that which needs to shift in your life, whether you need to embark on a physical healing regime, to release long-held emotions and thought patterns that no longer have any relevance in your current circumstances or to simply let go of anything and everything that is holding your ability to be happy, despite appearances.  

“Being grateful, forgiving the abuser and learning from the experience, gaining good boundaries and re-discovering the beauty, grace and potential that exists within yourself will aid in healing old wounds, whether physical, mental or emotional or all three.  It is a return to Wholeness which is required before one can fully embark or continue on their journey.”

Portal 17.12 and Abuse

December 14, 2016

Remembering that our Purpose here (and probably the only thing we can do) in this Time-Space is to Let Go of our Held Emotions – our historical Pain – so it no longer Creates Self-Sabotage as we try to Manifest a Life we Love on a Planet infused with Love and Support and Community and Collaboration and Praise, we’re entering several days where what’s in our face is Abuse.  If this has already been going on for you, no surprise, as we’ve actually been doing this since early 2015.

Let’s start with some definition.  Whenever someone speaks to you using “You-Statements” and they aren’t praising your Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulosity, that’s Abuse.  Obviously, there are much more blatant and serious forms of Abuse, mostly having to do with Power-Over.  A significant tell is that it Hurts you, but that’s not always obvious.  The other side of the Abuse Coin is Privilege – the other person Believes they have the right to Abuse you, possibly even “for your own good” – Power-Over.  If you grant them the Privilege to Power-Over you, then Hurt may not be as Clear.  Teasing is a good example – Teasing is Abuse where the rules of the game are that you’re supposed to play along with the Abuse.

Now, on a Free-Will Planet such as ours, no one can actually ever Hurt you; it’s a Choice you make, to indulge your Hurt Feelings.  And virtually every time you are Hurt, the other person’s Remarks or Actions are actually Triggers for your own Held Emotions.  That’s actually a good thing, because the only thing we have the Power to Change is Ourself.  We can’t Change the Perp, nor would we Want to, because that would be Powering-Over their Choices.  We definitely want to drastically Change the circumstances of our Relationship with them, but all of the Levers and Dials for that process are within Ourself.

That does NOT mean that the Abused is to Blame or Responsible for Past Abuse that has happened TO them.  Remember that Blame looks to the Past to assign Who Did What, while Responsibility looks to the Future to assure that Nobody Does That Kind of Thing to Us Again.  Blame will Manifest only more Abuse.  Anger is something else; in our Anger at being Abused we will, Hopefully, go through a phase where we are Blaming our Abusers.  I say Hopefully because we don’t want to Blame ourself instead.  Let’s unwrap that.

I am Angry at the person who Abused me.  I’m also Angry at myself for Letting it happen again.  We have to do two things with this Anger.  First, it’s the fuel for setting up a Protection from our Abuser.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re to Blame as the Perp, or if they innocently stepped on our sore toe.  We need to Protect ourself from them.  Later we can reconsider whether or not we have Forgiven them.  For now, Safety First.  Only when we’re Safe can we look at ourself to see how we can convert that Anger at ourself into Self-Care.

Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, it’s a Discovery.  We can Actively Intend to Forgive someone, but Forgiveness doesn’t actually happen until it does, in its own Time.   First we set Effective Boundaries against the alleged Perp, then, once we’re Safe, we Explore our own part in the Drama.  Abuse is a Dance, and it takes two (at least).  We talked a little about all this before, at , the last time we encountered this 17.12 Energy.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Feeling Hurt and Abused here, aren’t you” would be a good place to start.  That would put you in Compassion toward yourself.  Compassion toward your Abuser comes much later, if it comes at all.

This is really a Test of your Skill at Discerning Blame from Responsbility.  If you have to start with “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Blaming yourself here, aren’t you” that’s fine; just do whatever you need to do to avoid Self-Blame.  There is no exit from Self-Blame.  Stepping out of that dead-end is the first task, and you may just need to PIAVA it.  Blame in general is a sealed Universe, and it’s very difficult to see out of it.  We could go on at length, but I hope this gives you enough clues to take your next step; let me know if you feel stuck or have questions; I’ll do my best to find time to Respond.  I’ll treat all comments on this Confidentially.

For now, the Bottom Line is that We’re Finished With This Abuse Energy.  Yes, it will be in our face until 17 December, but this is the Confidence-Builder phase of this astroevent.  When we first encounter an astroEnergy, especially if it’s one we don’t encounter often (or ever in the current Lifetime), we’re caught off guard and it opens a Can of Worms, or often, of Snakes.  We call that first event a Can-Opener.  Many astroevents recur several times; we refer to the intermediate events as Expositions, because each one Exposes more about our Reaction to the Can-Opener.  By the time we get to the last event of the series, provided our Objective has been to Expand our Consciousness, we’re fully trained, and the last recurrence is in fact a Confidence-Builder.

This astroevent is the Initiation of Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) by OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Contents).  The Initiation itself took place in May 2015, at 4 Pisces, “Heavy traffic on a narrow spit linking two seaside resorts.”  The image is full of Emotional Loading (Seaside), Karmic history (heavy traffic), doorways (narrow spit), Either/Or Duality (two) and the ultimate promise of being able to Let Down our Guard Safely (resorts).  The Expositions were June 2015, January 2016, and September 2016).

The current Confidence-Builder occurs at 3 Pisces, “Petrified tree trunks like broken on desert sand” – our Abuse Archetypes have been broken and left to ossify.

Nessus-OR10 is at the focus of a Finger of God from Vesta (Archetypes) and Makemake (Manifestation) – If we want to Manifest Free of Self-Sabotage, we have to Pay Attention to Abuse and Privilege.  Vesta is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from the Sun and Neptune – We’re Learning here about our Karmic Unconscious Limiting Beliefs.

It also Trine-Bridges (Provides an Easy Path to Mastery) a Makemake T-Square across the Opposition between Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes) and Atropos (Endings) – that sounds pretty self-explanatory!

And it makes a Trioctile Bridge (Epiphany) to a Pluto (Trance Re-Formation) T-Square on the Jupiter-Mnemosyne (Memories up in our Face) Opposition – also pretty self-explanatory!  For emphasis, and to assure that we Understand what’s going on, Mercury (mentality) is Stationary (Strong) on Pluto.

While this is happening, between the Ides of December and the Solstice, the Sun is being Initiated by the Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center Stellium, which we’ll talk about separately, as it gives us a whole new Perspective on Responsibility.

Varuna (the Life Force) also just re-entered Cancer (Nurturance) after dipping His toe into the Leo (Confidence) Ocean between mid-September and mid-December.   It returns to Leo next July for another dip, but doesn’t enter Leo for good till June 2018.

We’ll come back to these Trauma-Dramas just before Christmas, but when they hit then, rest assured it’ll be only a glancing blow meant to demonstrate how good your new Armor is.  We’ll also get some excellent training in Setting Boundaries against Abuse 5-9 January.

Nessus and OR10 both Initiate Mars on 23 December, in the Broken Trees Degree, and Initiate Pallas 6-9 January.  Pallas-OR10 occurs in the Broken Trees Degree, while Pallas-Nessus occurs in the Heavy Traffic Degree.

Anti-Life Beliefs 2

October 24, 2016

Before we talk more about the chart of the Varuna-Vesta Initiation, let’s add a few relevant astroevents to the timetable…

  • 9am PDT 19 October – asteroid Moira Opposes Varuna
  • 2pm PDT 22 October – Moon crosses Vesta-Varuna
  • 6pm PDT 22 October – Varuna Initiates Vesta at 1 Leo, “irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness” (Rudhyar)
  • 1am PDT 23 October – Sun Squares Varuna

The Sun (Essence) heads a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) across the Opposition between Varuna and Moira (Fate).

  • 11am PDT 30 October – New Moon at 8 Scorpio
  • 4pm PDT 30 October – Varuna turns Retrograde at 1 Leo
  • 31 October – Hylonome Sextiles Nessus, base of a Finger of God to Vesta-Varuna
  • 2pm PDT 1 November – asteroid Atropos turns Retrograde at 11 Cancer

Asteroid Atropos symbolizes Endings.  It makes a Grand Trine with the New Moon and Neptune-South Node.  Hylonome also represents Separation from Archetypes, echoing our Cellular-level Clearing and the Demise of Abusive Cultures.

The simultaneous New Moon will extend the impact of the Varuna-Vesta Initiation for several weeks.  The New Moon is not within Sensitivity range of the Initiation to make an impact on our day-to-day Experience.  However, the correspondence in time with the Varuna Station is.  And if we read this as the birth chart for the New Selves we are rebirthing – minus some very ancient Cellular Programming – the New Moon Squares (Mastery through Challenge) the Initiation.

  • 6 November – Hylonome Sextiles OR10, base of a Finger of God to Vesta-Varuna
  • 6pm PST 9 November – Nessus Initiates Nemesis at 3 Pisces, Desertification
  • 11am PST 11 November – OR10 Initiates Nemesis at 3 Pisces
  • 6am PST 14 November – Nessus turns Direct at 3 Pisces
  • 6pm PST 19 November – OR10 turns Direct at 3 Pisces

These astroevents tie our earlier Revolution against Abuse and Privilege to the current Cleansing of Genetic and Epigenetic Cellular toxins.  So we can expect that these “Nasty Women,” as Elizabeth Warren puts it, are just getting started.  And we can expect that Trump’s faux Revolution against the Corporatocracy is just getting started as well.  Now all we need to do is Manifest a cadre of non-Sexist non-Racist pro-Huper pro-Earth center-left politicos to take over from the ‘Rump’s right-wing sanguine- napes.

Moira is a group name for the three Fates – cloth-cutting Klotho, length-measuring Lachesis, and chord-snipping Atropos.  All four of the corresponding eponymous asteroids are involved here, suggesting that this is no surprise to Whomever has planned all this.

  • Moira Opposes Vesta-Varuna
  • Klotho Conjoins Haumea (Rebirth), Opposite Uranus-Eris (Yintegrity), implying that our Intentions here will have a lot to do with how our Future unfolds
  • Lachesis is traveling with Nessus and OR10, implying that Abuse and Privilege can expire
  • Atropos is Stationary on the Day of the Dead (what a Coincidence!), Opposite Saturn, implying that if we’re Clear about What We Want, Endings can be Clean

More to follow.


October 17, 2016

Just in case you (or someone you know, like your kids) haven’t noticed, it’s important to realize that the whole fracas about Trump’s inappropriate Sexual advances isn’t about Sex, it’s about Power.  The best “textbook” I’ve ever read about Power is Starhawk’s Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority, and Mystery.  She sharply distinguishes Power-Over, which is Trump’s Patriarchic style (on most issues, so far as I’ve seen, not just Sexual issues), from Power-With, which is the Yang-Feminine replacement, which trades Collaboration and Equality for the Patriarchy’s Competition and Hierarchy.

Starhawk doesn’t specifically address what we might call Power-Under – the Learned (and probably also Evolutionary) Skill at “sucking up” to the perpetrators of Power-Over.  In Western Culture, at least in America, most of us have at least some Skill at that, or we’d be long since dead or in jail or both, or racing our Thunderbird off the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Power-Under is still a necessary Skill, when used Consciously.  It becomes self-abuse when used Unconsciously or Compulsively.  We can easily see how raising these issues into Consciousness is part of the Nessus-OR10 Conjunction around Irruption of Unconscious Contents dealing with Abuse and Privilege.

Nessus-OR10 is the focus of a long-lived Finger of God (Pay Attention!) from Varuna (the Life Force) and Makemake (Manifestation).  Venus (Values) makes a Waning Square (Let Go!) to Nessus-OR10 all week, and the Moon (Authenticity, Instinct) completes the T-Square today, 11:30am PDT, exactly as I write this (funny “coincidence,” eh?), plus or minus six hours for impact at three Degrees of Sensitivity.  

Karma (Inertia, Archetypes) Opposes Nessus-OR10 at Halloween – discourage the Trump masks if you can.  ‘Round about election day in the US, Nemesis (Consciousness of Self-Sabotage) makes a Waning Square (Let Go!) to Nessus-OR10.  Our “Saving Grace” is a persistent Sextile (Grace if we take the first step) from Hylonome (Becoming Conscious of and Grieving the Loss of Identification with Archetypes).

In the Trump/Patriarchy case, while it is certainly Abuse to his victims, the Power issue is really about Privilege.

The best “textbook” I’ve ever read about Healing Habitual Power-Under is Ellen Bass and Laura Davis’s The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.  There’s no way its wisdom is limited to women, however, and the authors’ Workbook specifically includes men.  Leafing through it I can find a dozen quotations that would be perfectly apt, but they’d be pages long.  Bear in mind that Sexual Abuse need not be personal; to find your own True Self you may need to Heal the scar tissue within you from the Abuse your Grandmother endured, and undoubtedly never shared with anyone (“If you tell anyone I will kill you”).  As Native Americans say, we are Responsible to the Seven Generations Before us and to the Seven Generations After us.

After The Courage to Heal, the next step is Julie Henderson’s The Lover Within: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice, which is only about Sexual Practice in the sense that Everything is really just sublimated Sex, because as Julie makes clear, Sex and the Life Force are the same Energy.  The book is about Boundaries – monitoring your Auric Energy, Learning to modulate the Expansion (Jupiter) and Contraction (Saturn) – and Compression (Orcus?) of your Energy Field.  She mentions Sex – my copy eludes me at the moment, but one particularly Powerful quote you would get if I could find it deals with how Adults react to the natural Sexual Energy of a Child – often Repressively, out of their own Repression.

Another Milestone for the Yang Feminine

October 13, 2016

The Patriarchy is Falling… 

Be mindful that this may bring up Memories for you, as we suggested in Portal 13.10 Part IV.  It’s a good time to Share those Emotions with Safe people, people who understand completely because they’ve been through it.  A good way to start a new Community – “We gain critical Leverage by Intuiting what to Keep and what to Discard; there are Jewels here, but there is also dead weight that we can’t afford to carry forward – Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.”  This is Herstoric.

There is a Finger of God pointing to the Nessus-OR10 Conjunction (Irruption of Memories of Abuse and Privilege) from the Sextile between Varuna (the Life Force) and Makemake (Manifestation). 

Portal 13.10 Part IV

October 11, 2016

Respect for All Things means we need to Own our Projections.  We often see them through a Funhouse Mirror, but the Judgments we Project out onto the World, and of course the Self-Judgments we Introject onto ourselves – have their roots in our own Programming.  While Hopi is Lit Up we get to Review all the places where Judgment interrupts our free and easy Acceptance of the World and its Denizens – including ourself – as they are.  Our Programmers worked hard trying to get us to be the way they wanted us to be, and that all too often wasn’t at all the way we wanted to be.

There’s no Blame here – “we” (our pre-birth Soulself) Chose our Programmers, because the fastest way to Clear away obsolete Patterns (aka Karma) is to have someone rub them in our face.  It’s all Mirrors – Programming Mirrors the Patterns we’ve Chosen to Clear, our Judgments Mirror our Self-Hate, which in turn often Mirrors our Programming.  But it’s usually Funhouse Mirrors.  Like Dreams, there’s a good deal of Symbolism and Surrogation involved.

Be forewarned that there’s a good chance that Memories of Trauma, Abuse, or Privilege may surface here.  If these are disturbing, they can throw you off guard.  Be prepared to take special care to be Loving with yourself in the Present Moment, and at whatever age you may Regress to.  If you start to lose track of which You is which, look in your wallet for clues to your current age.  

You want to Remember your Experiences, not Relive them. 

You may want to call a Trusted Friend, someone who won’t Reject or Judge you, so you have a Lifeline if you need one.  Abusers usually threaten, so there may be much Fear involved.  Did you have a “Cookie Lady” when you were growing up – a neighbor or teacher who was kind to you, and whom you Trusted?  Bring their Memory into your Field.

The Conjunction of Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) with OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Contents) was exact on 7 October, and remains very much with us, as the Dance between The Donald and The Hillary amply demonstrate. 

The Chiron-Hopi Opposition is Bridged (Graced) by a Triple Conjunction of Venus (Kindheartedness), Juno (Growth in Consciousness), and asteroid Nemesis (which could be double-edged – your Nemesis-Perp in Trauma, and the Nemesis of your Current Ego, which needs to Retire in order for your new True Self to be Reborn).

We mentioned Eugene Gendlin earlier.  His book Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams gives many techniques for working with Dreams, that work just as well for working out Memories and the Symbolism and Projections in our Waking Trances.  One of the most effective I’ve found – after you’ve Tapped Out any Overwhelm or Fear, when you’re Safe, and when you have access to an Ally who can help you stay grounded and on track – is to Imagine yourself Being an antagonist or protagonist in your Drama.  How does it Feel in your Body when you imagine yourself for a moment Being The Donald, or The Hillary, or The Vladimir, or The Obomba, or The Kapernick, or the Preditor across the street?

That may sound Risky, but these are Germinal Times.

Where do you Feel this in your Body?  Is it unpleasant?  Can you be Loving with it there?  Soften it, Warm it?  Once you let your Attention Dissolve into that place in your Body, Ask yourself, “How Old Am I?”  Do any Memories surface?  Give yourself, either in the Present Moment or in your Regression-Space or both, a “You poor Sweetheart…” if necessary.  Did you make any Oaths then, to Be or Not to Be any particular way?  Are you tempted to make any Oaths now, perhaps to Liberate yourself from that Limiting Belief – by replacing it with another one?  

Gendlin also warns about Either/Or.  If you want to Change anything as a result of this, don’t flip from Black to White or vice versa; Change it by five or ten percent instead.  The results will be much more Sustainable.

The Timing for these Adventures couldn’t be better, as we’re in the process of being Reborn into the Truth of our Self, and Blessed with Motivation to Recover our Abandoned Genius.  The Great Benefactor Jupiter is Dancing with our Karma and our Faith, to make our Patterns more Sustainable.

Haumea Opposing Uranus-Eris Trine-Bridged by Ixion-Pholus; Jupiter Septile Yod from Ceres and Neptune-South Node.  Just by itself, Neptune on the South Node means we’re in the Soup, with the kettle slowly warming.



Quaoar Brilliant

26-28; Grand Cross 22-25



*Lots* Going On 3

October 10, 2016

(5) We’re changing the Water, as a great deal of Ease drops away.  Not all of it, just the most Effortless.  What we’re left with it complementary relationships between Allowing the Rebirth that follows from Letting Go of our Masks, and the Scary Limitlessness that Opens as we begin to Embrace our Abandoned Genius.  The biggest remaining Challenge will be dealing with the Shadows and Projections of our Self-Love, Self-Hate, and Fear.  More on this to follow, as we work up to the Yin Gate and Full Moon.

(6) The Planet, with considerable Authority behind it (namely, the Galaxy), amps up its warning that its tolerance for Abuse is Limited.

(7) Are we actually witnessing another milestone in the Demise of the Patriarchy?  Will The Donald rescue himself?  Tune in next week.  See also (10).

(8) You’re right, War and Violence are not at all Self-Loving, for anyone involved, even the poor Souls trapped in the Bodies of Unconscious Warriors.  If you’ve been wondering where the Grief has been coming from, this is probably it.

(9) If we’re actually going to co-exist on the same Planet, Charisma alone isn’t enough – it begins to look too much like Rhetoric.  We also need to Work at Listening and Understanding.  Acknowledging another person’s Feelings goes a long way toward rapport, especially if you do it with a question instead of a statement.

(10) In the USofA we’ve lately seen plenty of Abusiveness and Privilege coming into Consciousness.  At the moment it’s the Privilege of Men and the Abuse of Women; the Privilege of Whites and the Abuse of Minorities will be back in the news soon.

(11) We’re still warming up to this Initiation; we’ll talk about it soon.

(5) By around 10 October, Karma abandons the Diamond Star and Grand Trine, but asteroid Hopi (Respect for all Things) moves into Opposition to Chiron, completing the Grand Cross till around 20 October.  The Grand Cross will still be Trine-Bridged by a Golden Rectangle and Quincunx-Bridged by Haumea and Uranus-Eris.  

The Ixion/Pholus-Chaos/Veritas axis of the Grand Cross is one of the three Oppositions in the developing Yin Gate.  There’s a picture of a Yin Gate at , if you’re unfamiliar with the Configuration.  Of course the planets are different than they were in July, but the structure is the same.

The trace of our previous Bravery Vacancy will still make a Grand Trine with Haumea and Chaos, and Kites pointing to Uranus-Eris and Ixion-Pholus.

(6) We have two Initiations today (5 October).  Normally we’d cast Initiations as the centerpiece of our Interpretations – their relegation to footnotes shows how Big (#1-4) are.

First, Quaoar (Survival) Initiates Moira (Fate), which sounds pretty heavy.  The Degree is 28 Sagittarius, an old bridge still in use, and of course the Galactic Center, which is a pretty old bridge all right.

(7) Second, Lilith (Yindependence) Initiates Venus (Values) – the Blue Kachina that Lisa mentions, a significant milestone on our path toward the Yang Feminine Energy that we expect to replace the Patriarchy.  It occurs at 16 Scorpio, which symbolizes a girl breaking into a smile.  Mid-Scorpio is one of the four “Horsepersons of the Apocalyse” or Power Points of the Zodiac.

(8) The Red Kachina that Lisa mentions is found in the Initiations of Mars (Energy, Action) by Hylonome (Grieving the Disattachment from an Archetype) and Chariklo (Charm and Grace)…

First, Hylonome-Mars 29 September in 2 Capricorn, three Gothic Rose windows, one damaged by war.

(9) Second, Chariklo-Mars 3 October in 4 Capricorn, outfitting a large canoe.

(10) On 8 October, Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and OR10 (Irruptions from the Deep Unconscious) Conjoin.  This is a long-term, slow-moving astroevent, and can be blamed for much of our Pain, as we become Aware of and Let Go of old Abuse.  See .

(11) At our mid-month Yin-Gate Nemesis-Juno Conjunction (see ), Mars will be Initiated by Pluto (Transformation, aka Trance-reFormation), which is Opposing Sirius, which Lisa mentions in regard to the Hopi Prophesies.