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My New Favorite ‘Roid

February 4, 2016

As our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out, the chart of tomorrow’s Sedna Station is fascinating and very Powerful.  We’ll go into detail about that in a minute, but for now let’s skip directly to the punchline.  The key to the chart (in the sense that it unlocks the Energy in the chart) is an asteroid named Hopi, after a group of Native Americans descended from the Aztecs, whose worldview is based on total reverence and respect for all things.  To me, that’s a great start.

When you equally space four planets around the Wheel of the Zodiac, it’s called a Grand Cross.  The essence of the Grand Cross is Motivation.  Normally, when two planets are a fourth of the way ’round the Wheel from each other, it’s a Challenge.  We call it a Challenge to Mastery, because it Motivates to constant improvement, though seen through the Perfectionist’s eye, it often feels Frustrating.  

But when you position four planets in this way, they’re in Balance, and we simply don’t have time to indulge the Perfectionist’s eye, because we’re too busy scurrying from one Challenge to the next that we seldom stop to think about it.  So the Grand Cross is the ultimate in perpetual Motivation.  Most Grand Cross people are Superachievers.

If you equally space three planet around the Zodiac, it’s called a Grand Trine – Trine as in three.  The essence of the Grand Trine is Grace; we often refer to it as “Dumb-Luck” Grace, because it flows so effortlessly and automatically.  Remember those people you grew up with who were “naturals” at something?  You may have had to work your butt off at it, but to them it was as natural as Breathing.  Those are the Grand Trine people.

Till they figure out that other people have their own natural and acquired Skills, a Grand Triner can even be a bit arrogant, thinking “this is so Easy – what’s wrong with them?”  They usually outgrow that pretty early, as soon as they’re involved in a Team and realize that everyone has their Role.

You know those people who Accomplish so much that you can’t comprehend how they do it?  Well, some of them are just good at taking credit for other people’s work.  But some of them were born with a Grand Cross AND a Grand Trine.  There’s a fellow who dropped out of Stanford on his second day there, started PayPal, sold it, bought a disused GM plant and started making fancy electric cars, and now he launches satellites for NASA on his homemade rockets – successfully!  

They say he knows as much about rocket science as the experienced engineers he hires.  His next act will be to reduce the cost of space travel by 99%, on his way to colonizing Mars.  He has a big Grand Cross and three Grand Trines in his Nativity.  These “Grand” Configurations are the Cat’s Meow in astrology – if you want to be the Successful Extrovert your Mother always wanted, that is.  The “Grand” Configurations are there for you – you don’t have to Work at them.  The represent prenatal Alignments in your Psyche that makes Life easier.

For the last week we’ve been experiencing a Grand Septile – seven planets equally spaced around the Loop in a Seven-Rayed Fairy Star.  The essence of such a Grand Septile is Magic – Timing, really, knowing when the moment is right to Act with the utmost Power and Effectiveness without wasting any of your Energy.  Our Stanford-dropout rocket-scientist friend has most of a Grand Quintile too – five equally space planets arrayed around the Zodiac – Mastery of Learning.

When you have six planets equally spaced around the Circle, it’s called a Grand Sextile, and its essence is Harmony and Ease.  Not Work, but Love.  Like the Grand Trine, it symbolizes Grace, but not dumb-luck Grace.  Rather, it’s about taking the first step to start Energy moving in the direction you want it to move.  It’s the Patron Configuration for our adventures with PIAVA.  A Grand Sextile has two Grand Trines embedded in it.

The Discovery chart for this asteroid Hopi, my new favorite asteroid, has both an Grand Cross and a Grand Sextile in it, plus a third Grand Trine – an excellent Energy for Manifesting total reverence and respect for all things!  And the chart for Sedna’s Station tomorrow has a Grand Cross and a Grand Sextile – if you include the asteroid Hopi!  Hopi completes the Grand Sextile.  Do you remember what was in the bottom of Pandora’s Box, that didn’t fly away when the lid came off?

Oh, and did we mention that the asteroid Pandora is there with Hopi too?  What a “Coincidence”!  Along with the asteroids Sappho and Arachne.  Arachne is particularly appropriate, since in the Hopi Mythology it was Spider Grandmother who wove the Universe.

What all this means, is that any projects we started this week, or start Thursday or Friday or this weekend, will fly like a rocket!  Full of Motivation, full of Love, full of Ease and Grace, and full of natural Effortless Alignment.  If we’ve invested any time and Energy into Embracing the places where Fear arose, that will amplify our Endeavor even more.

Now it’s time to remind you about our usual format here.  Left-justified bold italic type is meant to communicate with anyone.  If you know a little astrology, or if you want to learn some by osmosis, then read the indented “normal” type – we talk more about the actual astrology there.  If we need to define any technical astrological terms, we’ll do it in doubly-indented italic type.  We use the Fuchsia type for emphasis.  So now let’s talk about the actual astrology…

The Grand Cross in the Sedna-Station chart includes an Opposition between dwarf planets Chaos and Ixion (the Unlimited Potential of our Abandoned natural Genius), Square to the Nodes.  Jupiter is on the North Node, and Chiron on the South (Drop your Karma and Expand your Desires by Reframing your bummers).  For additional Motivation there are also an Asbolus T-Square across the Neptune-Orcus Opposition (an Open Window into our Limiting Beliefs), and a Moon-Venus-Pluto T-Square across the Opposition between Lilith and Vesta-Uranus (We can Manifest like Gangbusters by using our Yindependence and by PIAVAing Alignment between our Unconscious Beliefs and our Soul’s Purpose).

In the Grand Sextile, Hopi-Arachne-Pandora-Sappho at the Midpoint of Leo is Trine to Saturn at the Midpoint of Sagittarius and Vesta-Uranus at the Midpoint of Aries (We Create Reverence and Respect for All Things by Trusting our Instinct and Refraining from intellectualizing our Goals).  This Grand Trine is Sextile to the Midpoints of the Air Signs – Lilith in Libra, the Sun in Aquarius, and Chaos in Gemini (It will be a great time to find our Community).  As the corner where the Grand Cross and the Grand Sextile meet, Chaos – symbolizing Unlimited Potential – rules the chart.  In rocket science, the Sky is not the Limit!

Stationary Sedna itself, in Taurus, sits in its own Earth-Sign Grand Trine with Mercury in Capricorn and Jupiter-North Node in Virgo (We Let Go of many Obstacles by Undefining Ourself).  Chiron-South Node in Pisces makes it into a Kite (Empathy for the Orphans!).  In Jupiter-North Node, of course, this Grand Trine also intersects the Grand Cross, providing a secondary focus of Expanding into our Mission and Deepest Desires.

And, five of the seven Rays remain of our Fairy-Star Grand Septile: Jupiter-North Node, Juno-Mars, Chariklo-Hylonome, Vesta-Uranus, and Asbolus.

We’ll look at the Hopi Discovery chart tomorrow.

Septile Full Moon Plus Bonus

January 19, 2016

I’ve been having great results from that trick of dividing my quiver of thoughts into two piled of chips, and scooting the less-than-Stellar chips across the table to the dealer to trade for cash.  In such momentous times as these we have to Expect all of our Resistance to arise to be Cleared, and stand ready to Celebrate it.

The Seven-Pointed Fairy Star is a symbol of Perfection used to ward off “evil.”  It fills our Solar System this week.  The portentous Energy peaks at the Full Moon on Saturday 23 January at 6pm PST, but there’s another huge Portal at 3pm PST on Thursday 21 January, a Big Rebirth.  Huge but narrow; we want to cash in as much Baggage as we can before then, so we can squeeze through it unencumbered.

Saturday’s Full Moon occupies the “seven” position in this week’s Grand Septile (Big Magic).  The Full Moon is also the focus of a Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to this Learning Opportunity), at the far Midpoint of a Venus-Neptune Quintile (Aligning Personal and Cultural Values, or Finding our Tribe).  Apart from – or because of – the Big Magic, we’ll be downloading coursework on Compassion for Culture, our own and that of Others, and Learning to Celebrate vive la differénce.

By Saturday the impending Juno-Mars (Pushing the Edges) Initiation joins asteroids Apollo-Panacea (Healing) in position “2,” counting widdershins from Jupiter-North Node (Finding our Passion).  The other rays of the Fairy Star are Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), Ceres (Permanence), and Vesta-Uranus (Exposing Programming that Betrays the Soul).

The Centaur Asbolus (Intuition) joins asteroid Psyche (Soul) at the “six” position, and Asbolus is Stationary, turning Direct in early February.  Psyche-Asbolus (Self-Knowledge) is Squared by Neptune (Relationship to the Cosmos), and at their far Midpoint, Haumea (Rebirth) is Stationary, turning Retrograde at 3pm on Thursday, forming a Haumea Mjolnir (Epiphany) about our Soul’s Relationship to the Godhead.  This is a major Rebirth of our Intuition, Amplified by Haumea’s Opposition to Eris, the Bearer of Formerly Unconscious Information, which is hence Octile (Rebalancing) to both Neptune and Psyche-Asbolus.  The Haumea Station is also Quincunx to Sedna (Overcoming Fear) and Sextile to Ixion (Embracing our Hidden Genius).

This is a strongly interlocking chart, with one ray of the Fairy Star also the focus of the Quintile Yod, and another ray one foot of the Mjolnir, while Neptune anchors one foot of both the Quintile Yod and the Mjolnir.  Since the Full Moon is one ray of the Fairy Star, this puts the Sun at the Near Midpoint of both the Chariklo-Ceres Septile, and the Venus-Neptune Quintile.  So the Essence of the Full Moon is in the Fourteenth Harmonic (Integration) to Beauty and Sustainability, and the Tenth Harmonic (Abundance) to Grace and Transcendance.

A strongly interlocking chart yields One-Pointed Focus, many elements all moving toward the same Goal.  Or God Forbid, if you’re in Resistance to Letting Go of your Limits, all moving toward the same Gaol.

It will behoove us this week to be very Clear with the primary Intention we have for the rest of our Lives, so we can use our Intention to sort the chips to cash in from those we want to keep.  The Intention we’ll be most attuned to though, is the Stability-Oriented Ego’s Intention, and this is a Ring-Pass-Not that holds great potential for a massive Transformation of the Ego.  It would be Ideal if we could Intend from the posture of next week’s already Transformed Ego, but that’s next to impossible for the mind to do.

The Emotions, however, the Heart, can do it.  It’s surprisingly and delightfully simple.  What does your Ego Desire most?  What’s the One Thing that will make you so thrilled that you’d gladly go to your grave once you obtain or achieve it?   How will you Feel when you do?  Let that Feeling express your Intention.  You don’t need to name it, just Feel it.  Spend as much time as you can Enjoying that Feeling this week.

Boundaries and Twins

January 15, 2016

Boundaries continue to be Lit Up strongly.  I find myself learning from several different directions all about sliding through what I normally think of as pretty firm Boundaries – like the Boundary between the Air and the Earth, or between Then and Now.  Here are a couple of other examples of penetrating Boundaries…

“In the Baltic, I have been reminded again and again that one of the gifts of dreaming is that it opens authentic connections to the ancestors, offering us the chance to heal the wounds of the past and effect cultural soul recovery.  It can bring us back to the truth of Island Woman and the ancient grandmothers, to those who upheld partnership societies instead of orders based on conquest and patriarchy.  

“In this way, we can make a vital contribution to the assignment Marija Gimbutas gave us when she said, in ringing tones, ‘We must refocus our collective memory.  The necessity of this has never been greater as we discover that the path of ‘progress’ is extinguishing the very conditions for life on earth.”  –Robert Moss, Dreaming the Soul Back Home, p.230

Pallas – Boundaries – recently Initiated (22 December, 19 Capricorn, “A five-year-old child carrying a bag filled with groceries“) and Exposed (12 January) by Mercury, and Initiated by Pluto (11 December, 15 Capricorn, “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys“), is Conjoined by the Sun most of next week, and remains so at the 23 January Full Moon.

In addition, Magic is afoot.  Jupiter-North Node (Expanding into our Mission), Centaur and dwarf planet Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), asteroid and dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability), and Uranus (Yintegrity) are all Septile or Biseptile to one another, making four sevenths of a Grand Septile (Major Magic).  For much of January, two asteroids -Apollo (Light, Prophecy, Healing) and Panacea (Universal Healing) – occupy the fifth position in mid-Scorpio, and a third asteroid, Psyche (the Soul) sits in the sixth position, in Gemini.

On 19 January, the Moon crosses Psyche.  But on 23 January, at the Full Moon, the Moon occupies position number 7, completing the full Grand Septile – Major Magic, and Major Healing Magic!  The lineup is worth reviewing…

  • The Great Benefic – Jupiter
  • Our Mission and Deepest Desires – the North Node
  • Walking in Beauty – Chariklo
  • The Sustainable – Ceres
  • Our Soul Self – Uranus
  • Light and Healing – Apollo
  • Universal Healing – Panacea
  • The Soul – Psyche
  • The Manifestor – Moon

All lined up in a Powerful Shamanic Configuration.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness and Action – saving one’s Power until the precise moment when it will have an impact far beyond what you can imagine, and not wasting it on what will not produce the Desired result.

And as a bonus, our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out that the asteroid Atropos Conjoins the South Node and Opposes Jupiter for the last half of January.  Atropos is one of the three Fates.  Her two sisters spin and measure out the length of Chord that our individual Lives will span, and Atropos, the Inevitable, cuts the Chord when our Time is up.  The South Node Initiates Atropos at the Full Moon, in 25 Pisces, “A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting infuence of perverted practices and materialized ideals: The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses.

Wow.  So do we all die in Blissful Healing at the Full Moon?

Well, by now we understand Ego Death, don’t we.  Atropos on the South Node, which represents our Held Emotions, the blocks that Limit us and prevent us from Manifesting our Deepest Desires.  As Elizabeth puts it, Atropos “represents the definitive and irrevocable severing of a situation, affair or process” – our Opportunity to definitively and irrevocably Let Go of our Held Emotions and Limiting Beliefs!

Remember that our Karma does not bind us, we grasp it!  Every time our old Bummers arise, we have the Opportunity to Embrace them again (by rueing them or indulging the negative thoughts, for instance) or Let them Go (by Tapping them Out, or Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrading them, for example).  Karma is Inertia, Habit Patterns.  The more often we Embrace past bummers, the more we cement our Karma in place.  The more often we express our Delight that that was in the Past and is not happening in the Present Moment, the more we create new Habit Patterns.

Have you lately been catching yourself reviewing less than satisfactory Outcomes to old situations?  That’s exactly what we mean.

Ego Deaths aren’t always Wine and Roses; often they feel more like Too Much Wine, and Thorns.  Review the early signals that Ego Death is upon us –

  • Getting or Feeling Lost in your own neighborhood or while doing routine tasks
  • Confusion
  • “I’d rather die than go through that again!”
  • “I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!”
  • “If only I’d had the wits and the guts to do it differently!”
  • Unexpected or unusual Emotions or thoughts
  • Feeling Shame or Anger or Regret

Grief is appropriate; Embrace it Tenderly and Lovingly.  It should feel positive, almost like a mild version of Tears of Joy.  If it starts to get Heavy, don’t follow it, Let it Go, Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.  Tap it Out.

The sooner you notice that you’re slipping out of your Olde Ego and into something more comfortable, Embrace the Empty Void that will temporarily take its place.  All your Life you’ve been saving up two piles of chips.  The first pile holds all the times you’ve decided it wasn’t worth it, or it wasn’t possible, or it hurt too much, or it was too dangerous, or Mom would never approve, or it was too much trouble to follow your Dreams.  The other pile holds all the times when you daydreamed about how great it would be if you somehow found yourself stepping Efforlessly into your Dreams.

Take the first pile up to the cashier, and trade it in for cash, all of it.  There’s a lot of Energy bound up in those thoughts and resulting Feelings, and you can now let it Create your Dreams.  Bundle up the second pile, along with your new cash stash, and store them in your Solar Plexus.

It’s not like you’re going to go right out and start spending your Lottery winnings.  You’re going to be stumbling around Feeling kind of Autistic for a while.  Let it Be.  Be Gentle with yourself; you’re Newborn.  Keep coming back to Curiosity about what you’ll Co-Create next; Let it Flow out of your Heart and Surprise your mind.  You’ve just been Reborn, so of course you’re going to be taking a while to figure out where you End and the rest of the World begins – if you ever do figure that out!  That’s one of the things that’s likely to be most radically different now.  

Remember you don’t need to DO to Create the Future you want, you need to ALLOW it to happen.  If you catch yourself Working at it, stop and Rest.  It should Feel like Play.  The Universe will deliver it to you, you only need to Call it.  Relax.  It’s Yours.  It won’t go away.

Write “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” at the top of the next twenty pages of your Journal.  You can even Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade your Bliss if it starts to Feel Overwhelming; it’ll return tenfold, when you’re ready to handle it, after you’ve practiced up.

Whoa – what was that!  A negative thought?  “How many times have I fooled myself thinking it’ll be different now?”  Tap it Out.  This is Big Magic – Let it In.  You might want to go back and reread the LightLover link and the Robert Moss quote now, to see if they’ve Changed.  That’s another sign of Rebirth – things start Changing right before your eyes.

Far Better Than I

November 26, 2013

herkt7622bpHerkimer Diamonds (Quartz)

My First Teacher says it so much better than I

“Just as the birth of each child has mystery, so does each moment.  One who has delivered over a thousand babies might enter the nursery of the new babe’s birthing with discernment, meeting in stoic love this great threshold of Heaven and Earth which occurs as each baby makes his or her way into an incarnation.  How mysterious and filled with grace.  Thus is every moment when truly met.

“And thus it is for a mystic, the place in us all which is ever within that threshold of the mystery and grace of our relationship with the sacred and the real.  The fruit of each moment thus embodied is realization.

“Each moment, let us be aware and attuned toward the dawn of the era, beyond nuclear weapons worldwide.  One world, with clean water, modest food, housing, clothing, education and care of health, and moderate needed possessions.  This is humanity dwelling together, in the contentment of sacred love born of this great mystery before us.  This, this is the era at hand.  Why not?  This is all there is to be and do.

“The only challenge standing between us and a virtuous era is our traditional fear of the great mystery.  Let us put down our clubs from the caves of our history in all souls and in all cultures, and meet this mystery before us, fulfilling each moment of life with nobility, good faith and virtuous acts, in love and strength, beside one another.

“Let us pray and practice.  Let us take care of one another, and of the precious creation of our cosmos.”

–Elizabeth Ann Hin, Seasonal Message for November 2013,

How can it be?

November 26, 2013


Pope Francis Standing Up and claiming his Power…

“How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?”

End Ecocide in Europe!

November 26, 2013


And the rest of the World!!!  Here’s a perfect example of what we were just talking about – taking our Power and Standing Up – from…

“End Ecocide in Europe is a grass-roots initiative aimed at protecting ecosystems on which we all depend for life.  To achieve that, severe cases of environmental destruction should be recognised as crime for which those responsible can be held accountable.  This crime has a name: Ecocide.

“Ecocide is defined as the “extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystems of a given territory“.  We demand direct criminal liability for those responsible for ecocide, both individuals (i. e. decision-makers in politics and business) and companies.  The proposed Ecocide Directive would apply to five cases: Ecocide committed on EU territory, or by companies registered in the EU, or by EU citizens, as well as the import of any goods or services resulting from activities causing ecocide in the EU and the financing of ecocide by EU banks or financial institutions.”



Yin Gate 11.28

November 26, 2013

When four planets align so that two parallel Trines are connected by two Sextiles – like the blue lines in the picture that connect the Nodes, Pallas, and Chiron – it makes a Mystic Rectangle.

DSCN4663A Yin Gate – aka Dos Equis – forms when two additional planets split the Sextiles and create two opposing Fingers of God (or Yods) with the Sextiles – like the green lines in the picture.

A Mystic Rectangle, which basically represents Grace, is driven by the Oppositions between the corners, in this case the Nodal Axis and the Pallas-Chiron Opposition.  So the Mystic Rectangle should provide…

A Grace-full expansion of our Edges into Miracles that lighten our Karma and promote our Mission.

But the Energy in a Yin Gate – where each Finger of God shrieks Pay Attention to Me! – derives from the Opposition of the two Yods, in this case Ceres and Uranus, or…

Get Serious about making your Yintegrity permanent!

Of course that occurs in the context of the Mystic Rectangle, and we can’t forget that Yods are all about Curiosity…

How the devil can I make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission?!?

It would be good to PIAVA something like that…

Goddess Pi, can you help me make my Yintegrity permanent so I can Grace-fully expand my Edges into Miracles that lighten my Karma and promote my Mission?

If that doesn’t flow together smoothly into a question that makes a lot of sense for you, that’s good, because this isn’t about thinking our way forward.  We could also shorten it to something like…

I wonder what it would look like if my Yintegrity was permanent.

But then you’d have to be careful to allow the Visualization to form without censoring or editing it or worrying about consequences.  Basically, you’d want to imagine yourself…

Stepping Effortlessly onto the Path where your Limitations fall away Magically, and you are doing what you feel Passionate about.

And to add the Boundary part of Pallas, we’d also want to…

Affirm that other people’s criticism about any of that just rolls off my back.  We can be compassionate with them about their lack of understanding, but we don’t need to let them nudge us off our Path.

Now, the red lines on the picture are a Pluto T-Square across that germinal Ceres-Uranus Opposition (committing ourself to our Truth – imagine yourself swearing a holy oath).  A Pluto T-Square means that…

We’re Challenged to Align our Energy with the Primary Trance on the Planet.

Which isn’t necessarily the Predatory Capitalism, Fear-Mongering, and Fascism that’s all over the Corporate Media.  I mean, as we ease into this Portal, look at what’s happening in Syria and Iran.  The Primary Trance on the Planet is Pluto in Capricorn, which means…

Just Fix It!

It’s not hard to see what “It” is, is it.  We just need to put our backs into it.  And we need to remember that this is just another variation on the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto theme, which is…

We Need to get serious about following Our Own Guides and not anybody else’s!

There’s an obvious Vacancy there Opposite Pluto, and when there are obvious Vacancies it means that we need to supply that Energy ourselves.  The rest is being made manifest by the Universe, but our part of the Co-Creation is signified by the Vacancy.  That’s at 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”  Rudhyar reads that as “The arduous training for perfection in order to fully manifest an ideal.”  Which sounds like a burden.  However…

We’ve been training for this our entire Lives!  The Work is now beginning in earnest.  Time to set aside your Judgment and Doubt and Cynicism and Fear, and lean into the Future you know that you came here to help Create.  You know exactly where we’re going.  It will certainly be two steps forward and one back, and it’s a long Journey.  But we’re done with the preliminaries, and now we’re starting on the Real Thing.

Pretty wild, eh?

The Yin Gate has actually already opened, around 10pm PST November 25th.  It stays open till about 9am PST on December 2nd.

It peaks between 6am and 9am PST on November 28th – Thanksgivukkah.  This wider aperture of the Gate will start opening about six hours earlier, and afterward take around six hours to close.

Which is when the Moon – Ms. Manifestation Herself – Opposes Uranus and Conjoins Ceres.

The Hidden Portal within the Portal

There’s another, much more subtle Portal open behind the Yin Gate.  This one opened around November 22, and will be open till December 4.  When we add Eris into the picture we get five out of seven corners of a Grand Septile

DSCN4664The Seventh-Harmonic Septile is about Shamanic Power – tightly focusing our use of Energy so that when the moment is right we strike like Lightning, while the rest of the time we do nothing.  A classic example is the Teachable Moment, when…

There will be moments when people are willing to Open their Hearts and Minds.  Don’t shy away from those moments; tell it like it is.

You may need to let someone feel their Real Fear around the Global Warming Storms or Fukushima, for instance, but then remind them that we will escape the worst fate by making a stand as a Community.

The parties here are Eris, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars – Big Players that aren’t accustomed to backing down from an opportunity to bring one face to face with our worst Fears and most self-sabotaging Habits.

It may be us that has the moments when we’re invited to Open our Heart and Mind – don’t back down!

There are two obvious Vacancies here – 14 of Gemini and 5 of Leo – “The capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence” (eg telepathy) and “The structuring power of Elemental Forces during the long cycle of Planetary evolution,” to use Rudhyar’s views.  That’s asking a lot of us, isn’t it, since these are the Energies we’re supposed to provide…

We’ve been training for this our entire Lives!  The Work is now beginning in earnest.  Time to set aside your hesitation to use your Power, and invoke your Allies to do the same, and lean into the Future you know that you came here to help Create.  You know exactly where we’re going.  It will certainly be two steps forward and one back, and it’s a long Journey.  But we’re done with the preliminaries, and now we’re starting on the Real Thing.

Hanukkah is a rededication of  the Temple – a recommitment to that which is Sacred to us (and indeed, the Yin Gate opens when the Moon crosses Vesta!) and a celebration of the Light.  Thanksgiving means Gratitude, which is a State of Grace.  The American holiday Thanksgiving is at root a celebration of Harvest, a celebration of our Union and Interdependence with Nature.  Guess who rules the Harvest!  None other than Ceres.  So the Ceres-Uranus Opposition and Pluto T-Square that drive the Yin Gate is about…

Celebrating our Unique Contributions – past, present, and future – to our Union and Interdependence with Nature WHILE celebrating the Spiritual Reality of our Core Being.  AND celebrating the Spiritual Reality of Nature and Her Union and Interdependence with Source!