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Auspicious Full Moon

December 5, 2014


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The December 6 Full Moon at half-past 4am PST is very busy and very Auspicious.  It’s particularly Powerful for…

  • Communications with Lasting Effect 
  • Growth in Consciousness
  • Taking advantage of Universal Trends
  • Creating Miracles 
  • Confronting Fear 
  • Rebirth

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Communications with Lasting Effect derive from the Sun’s Conjunction with Mercury and Ceres.  Growth in Consciousness, Going with the Flow, Creating Miracles, and Confronting Fear, respectively, evolve from Yods to Juno, Pluto, Chiron (all in the first chart), and Sedna (second chart).  Rebirth comes out of Haumea’s Exact Opposition to Eris (second chart) the day before the Full Moon.

The Communication, Growth, Trend, and Miracle angles become particularly Auspicious because they’re wrapped in a Grand Sextile along with the Full Moon (first chart).  Confrontation of Fear and Rebirth get their Auspiciousness from the overarching Haumea Kite (second chart).

Find out more about Kites, Grand Sextiles, Yods, Sednas, and other terms by clicking on the term in the list of “Categories” at right.

The Challenges that offer Certification of Mastery derive from…

  • Discouragement about the effectiveness of our Communication – which is overcome by finding Awe about how our Mission Guides us using our Desires as prompts

A Chiron T-Square based on the Full Moon Opposition is supported by its Yod, which is based on Juno Sextile to the North Node (first chart).

  • Fear of Surrender – which is resolved by genuine Wonder around examples of how Effortless our Life became when we Trusted our Emotions and our Ability to Manifest what we Need

Pluto T-Squares the Nodal Axis, supported by its Yod based on Juno Sextile to the Moon (first chart).

  • Allowing ourselves to Expand so quickly that our Ego becomes Overwhelmed – which can be handled by being Curious about how to be Relentless in Identifying the Elephant in the room

A Stationary Jupiter T-Square is grounded in an Opposition between Pallas and Sedna.  This is supported by the Grand Trine between Jupiter, Eris, and a Stellium of an Out of Bounds Venus, Ixion, and Pholus (second chart).

∀ ∀ ∀ ∀ ∀

The Grand Sextile (first chart) is composed of Sun-Mercury-Ceres, the Full Moon itself, the Nodes (with Uranus Conjunct the South Node), Juno, and a Vacancy filled nicely by two asteroids, Persephone and Urania.  Persephone is the Goddess of Seasonality and Cycles including Death and Rebirth, and Urania is the Muse of Astrology.

Mars OOB 2 – The Grand Trines

October 10, 2014

flog0403bpAn excellent place for this great picture of a “Book” of the Mica Phlogopite (a Crystal built up of plates of Mica is called a “Book”) perched on a Feldspar matrix and looking over its shoulder at its Shadow of Alexandrite.  The Alexandrite story is complex.  It’s a gem form of Chrysoberyl, which is Corundum with Beryllium substituting for some of the Aluminum.  The black form is low-grade.  It’s associated with Pluto, Scorpio, and the Underworld, but it’s also a Healing stone of the highest order, betraying the secret that our greatest Challenges are our greatest Medicine.  It was first discovered in the Urals on the day the Czar’s son Prince Alexander came of age – named in honor of the consummate Lizard!  Here the Alexandite takes the form of the Creator God Raven.

* * * * *

Mars-Jupiter-South Node

Of course we can’t forget that this evil-looking Ixion-Mars Initiation sits in a Grand Trine – that’ll introduce Grace, right?  Well, it’s a Grand Trine with Jupiter (amplifying it) and the South Node (implying that we’ve “earned” whatever it delivers to us – not because of retribution, but because of unintended consequences of habits we’ve developed).

And of course, if it’s a Grand Trine that includes the South Node that means it’s a Kite with the North Node in the commanding position – with Venus, the Sun, and Haumea all on the North Node.  That’s a lot of positive support!

So the upshot is that all we really need to do is take Responsibility for these habits of ours, and the unintended consequences will disappear in a burst of White Light.  And I don’t think that’s much of an exaggeration.  We can do that, but can you imagine Humanity doing it? 

Can you imagine Humanity suddenly realizing that the Lizards that are oppressing us are really just mirrors for our own admiration of the modern notion of “success” – which means having more than the next guy, which really means taking more from the next guy?  And gloating about it?  That even goes for war, as the folks in the arms trade, and the hyperpoliticians designing the propaganda feeding the intolerance, are also just pursuing “success.”

So maybe we need those sunglasses that we and the dog are wearing to protect our eyes from the Light of Success.  Who do you suppose they’re “borrowed” from?  Probably the Lizards.

The Mars/Ixion-Jupiter-South Node Grand Trine hangs around from October 7 till October 13.

Which also puts Chaos at the peak of another Kite – far better to have Potential leading a parade than psychopathy.  Which mean we have a strong Grand-Sextile Vacancy opposite Jupiter.  Which happens to be filled by the asteroid 26 Proserpina.  Proserpina was the Roman equivalent of the Greek Persephone, and like Persephone was the daughter of Ceres, was abducted to be wife to Pluto, was granted partial release from the Underworld, and “explains” plant life returning in the spring.  399 Persesphone is a different asteroid, however, so we have to look for subtle differences between the Roman and Greek versions of the story.

At a time when Rome needed help from the Gods, they adopted Proserpina from the Greeks who lived on the southern end of the peninsula, and plugged her in sort of next to, and sort of replacing, Libera, Ceres’s earlier Roman daughter.  Libera was a goddess of female fertility, freedom, and wine.  Her father Liber, equivalent to Dionysius, was also guardian of the freedom and fertility of Roman commoners.  So Proserpina carries an implicit protection for the hard-working people, the Salt of the Earth, for democracy.

While hidden, there are strong protections for the Common Folk in this Pattern, so we aren’t far off base to hope for some sort of climax in Greed-worship here.

* * * * *

The Grand Trine that we’ve been suffering with since late August – with all it’s Karmic review and Blessed Release – and which remains till October 20, is between the Centaurs (and dwarf planets) in Sagittarius, Eris in Aries, and Lilith in Leo.  In late October, Lilith moves out of from its Trine to Eris.

However, the asteroid Pandora sits at the end of Aries, ready to fill in for Eris, while Trining Quaoar and Hylonome in the Centaur corral by the time Mars gets there.  By then the Sun and Mercury Oppose Pandora and give us another Kite.  Pandora and her vial have a bad rap, but remember that Hope was the one thing that didn’t fly from her bottle when the adult-proof cap came off.  We’ll avoid drawing any conclusions about Obomba and his Hopey-Changey Thing, as Sarah Palin calls it.

By then the Lilith T-Square with Saturn and Sedna is also developing, so we’ll have to try to tease all this apart more carefully, in addition to trying to follow the Mars Gauntlet.

Mercury’s Station

November 8, 2013

heul7029bpHeulandite heals hesitation to speak our Truth.

Well, “puny” Mercury has the last laugh!  Not surprising, Trickster and Magician that he is.  Mercury symbolizes the First Harmonic, hence ruling Initiation.  So we go nowhere without his approval.

The chart of his November 10 Station (1pm PST) is a well-ordered Spiderweb of Quintiles (orange) and Septiles (light blue)…

GQMercRemarkable.  His return from his Retrograde journey is heralded by four parts of a Grand Quintile, forming a cauldron securely capped by a Septile Bridge!  Ceres, Jupiter, the South Node, and the Moon form the all-but Grand Quintile.  Vesta, the Sun, Pluto, and Neptune form the cauldron’s lid.

There is a huge Learning Opportunity (Grand Quintile) here, hidden beneath a veil of Magic (Septile Bridge).

We could Learn Enduring (Ceres) secrets about our Karma (South Node), Manifestation and Authenticity (Moon), and Transcending our Limits (Jupiter). 

These Lessons are protected by the Sacred (Vesta), the Source (Sun), Alchemy (Pluto) and Mystery (Neptune).

Five Quintile Yods create a Grand Quintile.  When one point of the Grand Quintile is missing, three of the five Q-Yods are absent.  The two Q-Yods that remain are Moon with Ceres and Jupiter and Ceres with Moon and South Node…

We’re Learning how Attention to Sustainability (Ceres) and Stepping beyond our Limits (Jupiter) support Authenticity and facilitate Manifestation (Moon).

We’re Learning that Respect for our Experience (South Node) and Respect for the Intuition hidden in our apparently-random Emotions (Moon) create Patterns with Enduring Value (Ceres).

And there is one additional Q-Yod that’s not part of the all-but Grand Quintile, a Uranus Q-Yod with Saturn and Pallas…

We’re Learning how to Identify with and Express our True Self (Uranus) through Attention to the Edges and Boundaries (Pallas) of our Yintegrity, and Prioritizing what’s Most Important (Saturn).

In the Septile Bridge…

Yielding control to Source (Sun) and allowing ourselves to be  Transformed (Pluto) will resolve the Conflicts between The Mystery (Neptune) and our Beliefs about it (Vesta).  Unconscious obsession with these Conflicts absorb our Attention and prevent Timely Action that would yield Miracles.  This Configuration holds the promise of dissolving these Conflicts.

Now, with an all-but Grand Quintile, you know we’re going to be looking at the Vacancy – the empty spot that would fill the Grand Quintile – as the key to the whole drama, eh?

Well, at the Vacancy sits the Conjunction of two asteroids that we don’t usually consider – the Asteroid Persephone and the Asteroid PsychePsyche means “Soul.”  Psyche was so lovely that she made Venus jealous, so Venus sent her son Cupid to torment Psyche.  Instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche, but through misdirected Curiosity, Psyche wounds Cupid and he flies away.  Wandering in search of Cupid, Psyche falls under the Power – and wrath – of Venus.

Persephone, daughter of Ceres/Demeter, was abducted by Hades (aka Pluto), and served as Queen of the Underworld.  Persephone and Psyche have met before.  Venus, worn out by healing Cupid’s wound, sent her now-servant Psyche on a mission to the Underworld to retrieve a blessing from Persephone, to restore Venus’s beauty for an upcoming event.  Now the thick plottens.  Psyche usurped the blessing, it backfired, and she had to be rescued by a now-healed Cupid.  Cupid appeals to Jupiter/Zeus, who intervenes with Venus, and grants Psyche immortality so she can marry Cupid.

It’s Jupiter’s son Mercury who gets the job of assembling the Gods so Jupiter can proclaim these decisions.  In the Station chart, Mercury Septiles Jupiter and Sextiles Venus, while Venus Conjoins Pluto.  Stationary Mercury Trines Stationary Neptune.  We can summarize all these complex Shakespearean relationships simply with…

Magic is afoot.

I was joking with a friend the other day about how the planets seem to be conspiring since the End of Time, as if they’re acting out some script presenting the Earth with coordinated Challenges and Blessings.  After this “coincidence,” it feels a lot less like a joke.