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Making Sense

August 29, 2018

When Energies hang on past their “scheduled Time,” as they appear to be doing now for at least some of us, it’s often because we haven’t Finished Processing the Energy that’s “sticky,” or because we haven’t Let it Go.  Of course we expect the Energy in New and Full Moons to linger past the event itself, so let’s dive a bit deeper into a few corners of the incredible 26 August Full Moon chart, drawn in

We already written a bit about the Waning Saturn-Chiron Square, at, averring that it was already a done deal Energywise.  But that doesn’t mean we finished with the Energy.  We looked at the Waning Square in A Potentially Rough Week IV, but let’s look at the Cycle itself that’s Waning.

Chiron has an elliptical orbit, actually stretching beyond the orbit of Uranus for a while, then rushing back toward the Sun before finding its Perigee inside the orbit of Saturn.  This Pattern makes for some very unusual Astrology.  We interpret this as Chiron Receiving a Message from the Soul (Uranus) and conveying it to the Ego (Saturn), then taking a Response from Saturn back to the Soul.  The Ego, of course, is very Hard of Hearing, or pretends to be, so it sometimes takes a long time for Chiron to get Saturn to Listen to the Soul’s Message.  

Western or “Tropical” astrology uses only the position in the Sky as seen from Earth to compute the Angles between planets.  How close or distant the planets are to the Earth or the Sun isn’t included.  So the 62-year Saturn-Chiron Cycles we measure relative to the Earth, by Longitude, are pretty much independent of the 50-year Cycles of Chiron’s distance from the Sun with its apogee beyond the orbit of Uranus and its perigee within that of Saturn.

In the current Cycle, it took twenty years for the Saturn Ego to grok the Soul’s message!  The current Saturn-Chiron Cycle was Initiated way back in mid-April of 1966.  Saturn Opposed Chiron a full twenty-three times between 1986 and 2006!  While Saturn and Chiron were nearly the same distance from the Sun, they traveled at about the same speed, so they chased each other around the Zodiac for twenty years.  It’s a Wonder they didn’t turn into Butter.

Couldn’t we have a field day relating this to the Uranus-Pluto Cycle and the Harmonic Convergence!  Only Coincidence though, of course – right?

To be Clear, the current Saturn-Chiron Cycle began in April 1966.  The Waxing Square occurred in 1975-76.  And the Opposition repeated 23 times from 1986 till 2006.  The Waning Square happened in 2017.  The next Cycle won’t begin until June 2028.

And what does a Waning Square mean?  It means we have to Trust enough to Let Go and Let God/Goddess.  The old Cycle is winding down, and we want to be Meditating on Emptiness during this phase of the Cycle, so we can be Open to Receiving the New Energy as it’s Born, rather than Resisting it because we’re still Invested in the Energy of the old Cycle.

So, just What Was the Soul’s message that Saturn/Ego had such a hard time Hearing?  We know that by the Degree of the Initiation of the Saturn-Chiron Cycle.  That was 24 Pisces, “On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction.”  Elsie could as well have said “surrounded by the vast expanse of Space.”  A photo of Earth rising over the Moon was first sent home in August 1966..

Stewart Brand’s first Whole Earth Catalog was published two years later…

Rodney King speaks pretty eloquently to the Cycle and its “living in close interaction,” along about the twelfth Opposition…

I think it’s safe to say that the Earth Herself “got the Message,” but many of the Hupers on Her still interpret “Close Interaction” as Exploitation, without even being Conscious of it.

This kind of puts an exclamation point on the fact that Saturn Conjoins our Survival Instincts – Quaoar – in the Full Moon chart that we’re working from.  We talk about the new Saturn-Quaoar Cycle in  The Saturn-Chiron Waning Square Can-Opener occurred at about the same time as the Quaoar-Saturn Initiation.  A couple of other posts from around those times add a lot to the context…

This Saturn-Quaoar is the odd-man-out in the Full Moon chart; all of the other T-Squares are embedded in and Completed by Grand Crosses, but the Saturn-Quaoar T-Square (with Chiron and Makemake) Opposes the Vacancy (

The Waxing Square that Saturn makes to Makemake (Manifestation) would also be an important contributor to this Dynamic.  The Saturn-Makemake Cycle Initiated in September 2009 at 26 Virgo, “A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar.”  That’s an incense-burner, not someone who tells us what we can and can’t say, though the implication is there, not just in the homophone, but in the concept of blasphemy the priest wears on his sleeve.  And of course, unfortunately, any suggestion of a Boy and a priest implies Abuse.

A priest of course implies Duality – defining Right and Wrong.  Or Manifesting (Makemake) Profit or Loss rather than focusing on a Higher Purpose and Accepting with Gratitude what Flows from that.  The Boy assists in the Ritual, the incense Intending to Deepen the Trance and increase the Profit.  No Blame, I’ve gotten much Peace visiting as a stranger in Catholic Churches, when the Protestant Houses were locked tight.  In spite of it all, Spirit was There.

But let’s go with the incense-burner.  What Trance do you use for Manifestation, which is to say, What are your Beliefs about Manifestation?  Is Abundance your Birthright, or is it something you have to Steal, or Sacrifice your Health or your Pleasure or your Self-Respect for?  Does Abundance for you mean Having Enough to Share, or Having Enough to Waste?

Do you have to Compromise your Values to Support yourself?  I’ve been told that Guilt, or being Afraid that you’ll get “Caught” being an Imposter, means that you’re on the Edges of your Creative Self.  Is that True for you?  Are you on the Edge of your Competence?  Is that Scary, or too Comfortable?  Do you Recognize and Deal With Anxiety as Anxiety, or do you focus on the alleged Content of it, and let it fester into a chain of Negative Thoughts and Fears?  Which Consumes more of your Life – Anxiety, or Prayer?

Was 2009 for you about “The Most Important Thing is Manifestation”?  Did it Flow?  Effortlessly?  Or do you Experience Saturn as many astrologers Expect you to, as Limitation or Constraint?  Saturn Limits your Options because it’s advising you to focus on Priority Number One.  What is Priority Number One for you?  Does your sense of Obligation prevent you from putting your Fallbacks and Secondaries on hold while you narrow in on The Most Important Thing?  Do you Trust yourself to Take Care of yourself First?

It hasn’t been dominating recently, but a few years ago, as one of the prerequisites for today, there was a big Focus on Sustainability, where we Learned that the other side of the Sustainability Coin is Sustenance – Letting Go of what isn’t Necessary.  For the Greedy, Sustenance is a bad word, but many folks living a Sustenance Lifestyle feast on the Abundance of the Planet, with Prayer and Gratitude.  Yes, there will be a Fasting Season, but Calorie Restriction extends Life.

We can’t forget that Chiron Opposes Makemake in this Drama.  Which dominates your Manifestation – Pain and Despair, or Self-Empathy and Miracles?  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Worried about Survival, aren’t you.”  Then, do you successfully Change the Subject?

Fear and Anger IV

August 27, 2018

As we were saying…

So what might our [Moon-Ceres] Coin be?  Perhaps Situational Awareness and Response, rather than Idealistic or Programmatic – or Karmic, Inertial – Reaction.  The other axis of the Grand Cross is Intense – dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) on one side, and on the other a full nest of

  • Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs),
  • Pholus (Full Conscious Response),
  • Ixion (Forbidden Genius), and
  • Quaoar (Survival Instincts).

We just Danced with Saturn-Quaoar at the Full Moon, and Saturn and Ixion are both Stationary in the next Act of this unfolding Drama.  Pholus fits right in with the whole Situational Awareness and Situational Response thing – Observing and Acting from Consciousness rather than from the Unconscious.  Vesta would be about Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Beliefs, so we can See and Act Consciously.

Quaoar always suggests that our Survival might be at stake – which of course it always is at any Ego Death, as “we” Molt and Become a New Us.  Now, this Ixion business.  Could it be that our Survival is at stake unless we Open to our Forbidden Genius?  Of course.  Our Soul has just Descended into Matter – will Soul Tolerate Forbidding our Genius, or even Hiding it?  Probably not.

I got a timely ad the other day for a workshop on Identifying Your Soul Superpowers.  But the Programmers that we hired before our Birth into the Lifetime, to hide our Soul Superpowers behind our Held Emotions, did a good job.  So we not only have to find our Superpowers, we also have to Love our Held Emotions to Death.  Good job, Programmers!

We’ve talked about Loving our Held Emotions to Death so many times, it’s time for Feedback – how many of youalls can tell me how to do that?  We went through it just the other day.  Irritating, isn’t it.  In fact, the Mars Station was at the focus of a T-Square, which we would expect to be Irritating.  The other parameters of the T-Square were Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) and Haumea (Rebirth) – perhaps that means that if we want to be Reborn Enlightened in this Lifetime then we need to Open to what we’ve been Denying – our Held Emotions.

They’re ganging up on us.  The Vacancy in the T-Square is 26 Cancer, “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.”  Why aren’t they in the dining room enjoying an equally Luxurious dinner?  Or enjoying the Luxury of one another in the bedroom?  What boring guests!  Sounds like more Denial to me.  We better Act like we’re “good” and read, instead of Enjoying ourselves and one another Luxuriously.  Reading doesn’t require Luxury.

Methinks this T-Square, and by extension the whole Full-Moon-Mars-Sedna-Stations Drama is about how really Irritating it is to Deny the Luxury of our True Soul Self and instead Pretend to be civilized and cultured and polite and not rock any boats.  We’re Irritated with ourselves for our own Dishonesty, our own Disingenuousness.  Isn’t that what’s really going on?  Really now, are we gonna get on the bus or not?

A Potentially Rough Week IV

August 27, 2018

A friend who has Chiron Lit Up in their natal chart worries about the Saturn-Chiron Square in the Full Moon chart…

I interpret Saturn as The Most Important Thing, and Chiron as Despair and Miracles, so this Square means that The Most Important Thing is for us to convert our Despair to Miracles.  How to do that?  The best method I’ve found is Self-Empathy.  You just say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Despair aren’t you,” and then Change the Subject.  If your mind comes back to the Despair, do it again, maybe Tapping it Out first.

When the mind is in Despair, We Are (Our Identity Is) Despair.  Doesn’t Feel good.  As soon as we step outside of our current Despairing Self and Empathize with ourself, We Become Compassion.  Despair and Compassion Live in entirely different Worlds, even though the road signs might be the same.  Miracles that are not even remotely Possible in the Despair Universe are entirely Probably and even Everyday in the Compassion Universe. 

Of course our major hurdle at that point is Expectation; the Miracles we’d like to see happen are unlikely, because they’re Miracles engendered from Despair, and unlikely to exist in a Compassion Universe.  What is likely to happen, are Miracles that Open us to Paths that Despair was unable to See, and those Paths will lead to Places Unimagined.  So we have to stay Open, and the best way to do that is to Change the Subject – occupy ourself with something entirely different.

But we’re done with Saturn Square Chiron.  Its first “Can-Opener” occurrence was New Years 2017, its Retrograde Exposition occurrence was around May 1, 2017, and its final Confidence-Builder occurrence around November 1, 2017.  The only things remaining are its Ghosts.  They aren’t Real.  We can make them seem Real by Clinging to them.  That’s the Nature of Karma – it doesn’t Cling to us, we Cling to it.  We Clear Karma by Loving it to Death.

When you Meditate, Meditate Deeply on Despair.  Walk past the Fear and Locate it in your Body, and Love it there.  If you don’t know where it is, Ask yourself, “What if I did know?”  Love is Soft and Warm; Fear is Cold and Hard.  Put your hand over your Despair and Warm it Up.  Imagine Softening the area around it.  Open Up to it as if it’s a lost Kitten crying for your help.  PIAVA, “Great Spirit, Please help me Respond to Despair Lovingly, so that I can Let It Go Gently, Rapidly, and Completely.  Thank You, Great Spirit!”

Fear and Anger III

August 26, 2018

We can consider the Full Moon we’ve just finished (5am PDT 26 August) and the Stations of Mars (7am PDT 27 August) and Sedna (7:30 am PDT 28 August) that we’re now falling into face-first, as one big event.  In fact, the Moon is often the Timing Trigger for Larger or more Subtle events, so there’s a chance that the Relief we felt after the Full Moon passed, indicated the Emotional Peak of the Mars-Sedna event.

They’re in different Degree Zones, the Full Moon in 4 Degrees, and the Mars-Sedna Stations at 28-29, but their Timing lumps them together.  We Expect a Mars Station to be felt most Strongly for several days before the event, and a Sedna Station to heavily Impact the week prior – depending on one’s Sensitivity of course.  So we have to consider the Moon an Anger-Fear (Mars-Sedna) Full Moon, even as on its own account we’d refer to it as a Challenge to End Karma (Square to Lachesis-Karma).

Of course we’ll translate Anger-Fear into Action-Power.

When Mars is Strong, Anger is what we Expect to Arise, and Expecting it we’ll immediately See it as an Emotion and Let Go of the Content that Triggered it.  Right?  We deal most Effectively with Emotions by Feeling them, Acknowledging them, Tapping them Out if they threaten to Overwhelm, and then Letting them Go.  What remains?  If anything, Action.  Not for Revenge, but for Improving Outcomes. 

And we know that Fear + Kegels = Power, just as Fear + Breathing = Excitement.  If your Safety is not assured, I highly recommend using Theta (see to discriminate your Intuition about upcoming Danger from your Habitual Anxiety Patterns.  Most of your Karmic Fears will be Paper Tigers, like the wayang kulit Indonesian Shadow Puppets  – but you don’t want to miss any Real Present-Moment Dangers.

A picture of the Mars-Sedna Stations looks quite different from the Full Moon’s Almost-Grand-Unx chart…

We can consider the two Stations as one for several reasons, but the biggest one is that the Mars Station and the Sedna Station closely Trine (Complement) one another.  The chart is for the Sedna Station because it is more Momentous (Mars’s orbit spans two years, Sedna’s 11,400 years!) but especially because at Sedna’s Station the Moon, which often serves as a Timer, sits at the Near Midpoint between Mars and Sedna.

Since Ceres (Sustainability) Completes the Grand Trine, the Stations form the crossbar of a Moon Kite, and the Moon-Ceres axis is also half of a Grand Cross.  So we have both Great Grace (Grand Trine) and Serious Motivation (Grand Cross) baked into these Stations, with the Moon leading the way.  The Moon is a complex symbol.  We can probably most productively interpret it as Authenticity – which certainly reinforces the trend toward Descent of Soul and Self-Sovereignty.

But a more well-known interpretation for the Moon is Variability, and it’s in a Mutable (as in Mutation or Change) Sign, Pisces.  So the Grand Cross sets up an apparent Duality between Sustainability and Variability.  We know, however, that Duality is one of those Truths that aren’t Truths.  When we see a Duality we don’t focus on heads or tails, we look for the Coin.  While the words might appear contradictory, the Energies aren’t – certainly Sustainability requires Flexibility, a form of Variability.

So what might our Coin be?  Perhaps Situational Awareness and Response, rather than Idealistic or Programmatic – or Karmic, Inertial – Reaction.  The other axis of the Grand Cross is Intense – dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) on one side, and on the other a full nest of Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs), Pholus (Full Conscious Response), Ixion (Forbidden Genius), and Quaoar (Survival Instincts).  We’ll dive into that tomorrow.


Fear and Anger II

August 26, 2018

Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian contacts concur…

“Greetings.  We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“We have the ability to sense the slightest movement forward in your evolution, and we have the knowing at this time that a shift has taken place within the human collective consciousness.  It is a shift that brings you to a new point in your evolution, a point where you no longer need to experience external validation in order to know something.  Your claircognizance has been amplified.  It has been upgraded.  You are activated now in your knowing.

“That is very good news for those of you who have been doubting yourselves.  You have been having experiences and then doubting those experiences and looking outside of yourselves for validation or confirmation.  You have been wanting to know that you are not crazy, and with this most recent upgrade,  it’s going to be a lot easier for you to absolutely know without question that what you are experiencing is real and that what you know needs absolutely no validation or confirmation.

“Now, what you are going to face in the coming weeks and month and possibly even years is the challenge of breaking your habit.  Just because you have a gift that has been activated and upgraded doesn’t mean you will necessarily use that gift.  So that is where we come in.  We come in to tell you that you do have this gift, that you can start utilizing it, start trusting your inner knowing more than you trust what someone else says.

“Your truth is true, and your senses have been heightened.  Reach for that claircognizance.  Reach for that inner knowing, and then ask no one for their approval.”

Fear and Anger I

August 26, 2018

Marilyn Raffaele’s Arcturian Channeling is the perfect introduction to the Stations of Mars (Anger and Action) and Sedna (Fear and Power) that follow (and underscore) the Full Moon…

Note: if you don’t link to this page before Marilyn’s next “newest” post, you can find it at…

“It has become a new time, a time during which high frequencies of Light energy are making available a higher state of consciousness for all receptive.  In spite of appearances, everything is proceeding according to plan– ‘the train has left the station’.  Allow the process dear ones, for all is as it should be as frequencies of Light flow to the world in increasingly intense waves of higher consciousness.

“Those still asleep in the illusions of sense are unaware of exactly what is taking place but experience these intense energies as well.  This often brings about a sense of empowerment in them that they are only able process through their limited spiritual awareness, resulting in actions of anger, fear, and aggression.

“You who are awake, know what is energetically taking place at this time, but it can be very easy to slip back into old habits previously called upon for survival like fear, doubt, and anger.  Simply allow the process dear ones, allow the process.

“Trust that your Higher Self knows exactly what you are ready for, when you are ready, and how to bring it to you.  You have reached that point of spiritual readiness where you must begin to let go of and move beyond doubt, for doubt is nothing more than a facet of separation belief.  Continuing to trust your doubts rather than the truth will only serve to anchor you in the past.

“Separation beliefs keep you isolated from God, other people, nature, and most importantly your own Divine Self.  Your spiritual journeying over lifetimes has brought you to a place of knowing that you are not and never could possibly be separate from ONE.

However, some continue to understand ONEness as a mental concept or intellectual information, never allowing it to become their attained state of consciousness.  Honor yourselves through acknowledging that in spite of any appearances, you are and could only ever be expressions of the ONE Source because nothing else exists.  If for any reason you are excluding yourself from ONEness, you are in separation.

“Guilt creates a sense of separation even for the very awake when actions of the past are recalled and examined with new and higher awareness.  Allow, love, and accept, everything from your past dear ones, the good as well as the bad, for in doing this will enable you to leave the past behind and relegate the painful parts to the nothingness that they really are.

“Guilt is simply another facet of the belief in separation–separation from your true self and from others involved.  Realize that actions taken in the past represented your attained state of consciousness at that time.  Every individual is required only to live out from their highest attained state of consciousness which is what you were doing.

“You are no longer in and of this former state of consciousness, but have evolved to become a new and awake individual (the real meaning of being ‘born again’), one who understand the world differently than in the past through a consciousness that recognizes the Divine nature of self and others.  Know that many past experiences were chosen for spiritual growth.

“If you are guided to make amends to someone within the framework of what is appropriate, do so, but do not let the past linger or weigh you down.  Your highest service to anyone who has offended you or whom you have offended, is to send light and forgiveness from a consciousness of ONEness to all involved including your self.

“The time is here and now to acknowledge, accept, and begin living as a Divine Being.  High frequencies of ascension energy are forcing all who have been preparing through lifetimes, to make this choice.  The time for procrastination is over.  Telling yourself you are not ready or spiritual enough is nonsense based in beliefs of separation.  The time is now for all who are serious about their spiritual evolution.

“Are you choosing to continue living, moving, and having your being in concepts of duality and separation, taking classes, reading books, lighting candles etc. because it is familiar, continuing to seek and search for what you already know, or are you brave enough to leave that all behind and step into your own Light?

“All have free will and can live in illusion forever if they choose but now is a perfect and powerful time for the awakened to move into new realms of consciousness and leave behind everything that no longer serves their soul but instead continues to feed the illusions of material sense.

“I Am that I Am.  What does this sacred phrase really mean?  It means exactly what it says, dear ones.  I – the only Consciousness, Energy, Substance, and Reality – is what I am.  Do you believe this or have you simply and without thought relegated it to only ‘saints’ and ascended masters?

“Many of you are saying, ‘Yes, but…’  No more ‘buts’ dear ones, the time for buts… has run out and can no longer exist for anyone who is serious about their spiritual evolution.  Either you accept that you are a Divine Being embodying all the qualities of Source, or you do not.  You have prepared for this through lifetimes and are ready to come into your own.  NOW.

“You are qualified to be finished with seeking and searching through classes, books, groups, spiritual tools, etc. but the habit of seeking has become so ingrained that even the very evolved hesitate to give it up not realizing that they will still receive information and be taught, but the higher learning will come from within rather than from without.

“We are not saying there is no longer any place for classes, books, readings, crystals, beads, ceremony, etc. etc. because for many, especially beginners, these tools are the bridge that will lead them into higher truths.  Nor do we say that you cannot enjoy your favorite crystal, go to church, or take some class you may be guided to but these things must now become a choice, rather than a need.

“You are no longer beginners and any continued dependence on outer persons, places, or things in the belief that they are necessary to your spirituality can only serve to keep you in bondage to what is old and false–everything based in duality and separation.

“Metaphysics is action taken to heal, correct, or change something.  Mysticism is the realization that there is nothing to heal, correct or change.  You are ready to become modern day mystics.  Those who live in the world but are not of it.

“This can be difficult for those who make their living through the practice and teaching of metaphysics.  It is the sacred obligation of those who teach and work in the metaphysical fields to allow their students to grow beyond needing them or any particular practice.

“An evolved teacher will make it clear to his students that spiritual tools only serve to activate that which is already fully present within them rather than being the source of power.  The ultimate goal of any spiritual path is to grow the student beyond needing it and into the realization of…

” ‘That which I have been seeking, I AM.’

“Intense energies of Light are forcing dense energies still held in cellular memory to surface physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Allow these experiences which at times can be unpleasant, to move through and out which can take several days, aware that any pain or inconvenience is temporary.

“Old energies stored from other lifetimes are simply impersonal beliefs accepted and claimed as reality which is important to remember if a clearing becomes uncomfortable.  If you declare to yourself and believe I am this or I am that, (sick, depressed, fearful etc.) you draw these concepts back into your energy field and endow them with a reality and power they do not have and where they can once again become personally yours.

“This does not mean you stick your head in the sand while shouting, ‘God is all,’ for to pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained is very human.  It means that in spite of appearances or while taking human footsteps that may be necessary for a situation, you know and hold the truth.

“If some painful clearing experience arises for you, remember that these things are not some sort of karmic punishment, but rather represent a graduation indicating your readiness to clear them and move beyond the past and into higher awareness.  Learn to handle uncomfortable clearing experiences from a centered and neutral state of awareness able to say: ‘Oh you again’, simply letting whatever is surfacing move out while giving it no power.

“A consensus consciousness based in duality and separation is what holds together the third dimensional world of good and evil.  You are witnessing the chaos of today because consciousness which is the substance of all form, is rapidly changing as more souls awaken and add their Light to the mix.

“Because you are God Beings YOU ARE CREATORS and must never forget or ignore this.  Be alert to what you are creating through your thoughts, words, beliefs etc. (your state of consciousness).  Allow mis-creations to become your teachers.  Rather than blaming some outside source when you find yourself in a problematic situation, honestly examine your belief system.

“Learn to live in the now moment as an observer, not ignoring what you observe, but rather seeing the world through eyes of spiritual awareness.  Be like an adult who is watching children play in a sand box.  The observer notices that one is a bully, some surrender and do what the bully wants, and others play quietly by themselves giving no regard or surrender to the bully.

“The observer does not have to get into the sand box with the children but may guide the direction of play through some firm but loving interaction.  Then again, he may do nothing at all, simply allowing the energy to play out, wisely aware that with time each will experience the lessons they have created and set in motion from their attained state of consciousness with or without his help.

“Whatever a spiritually aware observer does, he always does it from Center, following the guidance that flows freely from spiritual awareness and trust.

“The time has arrived for all awake to live what they know by bringing unconditional love into every situation and circumstance no matter how seemingly ‘human’ it may appear.  This never means being another’s doormat, or staying in some toxic situation in the false belief that they are being spiritual and loving.  Bringing unconditional love into some toxic situation may mean powerfully stating to self and others, ‘Enough is enough’.  Always honor your own Divine Self.

“It means fully accepting yourself as a Divine Being here on earth to awaken, learn, evolve, and then assist others ready to understand and ascend to higher dimensional realities.  You are the way showers and the teachers–midwives assisting the birth of a higher state of universal consciousness.

“Everything you have been preparing for for lifetimes has arrived.  Will you get on the bus, or wait another few lifetimes?”

A Potentially Rough Week III

August 25, 2018

Full Moons impact the preceding several days and the following several weeks.  We’ve looked at the red lines (Squares and Grand Crosses) and the blue lines (Trines and Grand Trines) in the Almost-Grand-Unx Full Moon chart; what about the green lines (Quincunxes and Yods, and Unxes).  When a Grand Unx (12 evenly spaced planets) is Complete, then every planet in the Loop is the focus of a Pay-Attention! Yod. 

When the Grand Unx is Almost, two planets Stand Out because they aren’t the focus of Attention.  In this case that’d be asteroid Karma and Lilith-South Node.  So our Recovery from Codependence is particularly Important here, particularly our Recovery from Karmic Codependence.  When our Karma is really clawing at our eyelids, we Re-Create TraumaDramas Similar (or Opposite – the Unconscious is like that) to the original Drama that Wounded us so.

When we’re back in that What-Does-It-Take-to-Get-Out-of-Going-Through-All-This-Twice place, nothing we can do but Love ourselves to Death. 

It Feels Weird, doesn’t it.  Empty, like we’re not sure what to Do with Ourself, or Who to Be.  When the Ego Shatters, we’ll just screw up anything else we try to do.  The only thing we can do is Assemble a New Ego.  Start with Grounding.  Mother Earth is Evolving right with us (or rather, we’re Evolving with Her), so our usual Cable to the Center of the Earth may not feel very Stable.  Try dropping your Cable over Niagara Falls instead…

I used to work in the building next door to the room-size original of this painting.  It was at the top of a flight of stairs, and as you started up the stairs, before you could see the painting, you could Hear itI’m not kidding.  Blow the picture up to full-screen size and you’ll see what I mean…

Then after Grounding, Balance – Tapping will do that. 

Even though I’m Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself…

Then after Tapping that Out a few times, PIAVA.  If you’re going to Conjure up a Rebirth worthy of your Soul’s Presence, you may as well make the effort Worthwhile…

“Lady Portia and the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame, I call your presence to me now.  I enrol myself in the Advanced Violet Flame Purification and invite you to begin your work with me.  Please release illusions to bring forth and ground the presence of my essence fully within my being.  Please cleanse and purify my awareness of myself, reality, the world and my spiritual growth as well as my soul awareness.  Thus, my entire lineage of light.

”Let me [Lovingly and Gently] awaken into my expanded liberation, pure awareness and grounded presence of my essence.  I am surrounded by the Advanced Levels of the Violet Flame and breathe the high vibrational light and cleansing rays into my entire being.  Lady Portia please oversee the entire process and alert me to recognise the positive shifts, transformations and awakenings within my being.  Thank you and it is so.”

Then Change the Subject…

“We have taken the necessary steps to contact the other collectives and councils in all other dimensions that are interested in helping humanity, and every single one that we contacted agreed that we need to exchange information and be more united in our approach.  So the energies that you receive now are likely to include activations of many of the different types of experiences within you that you’ve had in all parts of the galaxy.

“You are more likely to get a download that will not only activate not only Pleiadian DNA, but also Arcturian, Sirian, Lyran, and so on.  You are also more likely to be connecting to federations of beings from all across the galaxy.  You don’t need to think of yourselves as just from one place, or one star system.  You are from all over the galaxy, which is very, very old.  And the history stretches back eons and eons of time, much further back than the history of life on planet Earth.

“So we come together now to present to you a unified collective of helpers, because that’s the type of galaxy that you want to ascend in.  We don’t need to segregate by star system.  And in our collective efforts, we are far more effective, and we can help to accelerate the ascension process that we know you are all so eager to get on with.

“There is so much cooperation in the galaxy now, and we are proud to say that we had something to do with it.  Humanity, with all of your many needs, also had quite a bit to do with it.  So you see, at times even the mess that your planet is in currently can be a good thing.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Some Perspective.  These Earth-size Sunspots are happening right now…

How big are they (us) relative to the Sun?  Like so…

Now, back to Grounding.  Remember Paul?…

We Are Both – Infinite and Infinitesimal.  Get used to it.

A Potentially Rough Week II

August 24, 2018

Of course the Full Moon (5am PDT 26 August) has its share of Grace – though it’s a Patriarchal Perspective, many astrologers consider the “best” sort of chart to have is one with a lot of Energy (red lines) and a lot of Blessings (blue lines), because such a chart provides both Motivation and Grace.  In the previous post’s chart we didn’t emphasize the blue lines, but as you can see there are plenty of them.  The long blue lines (Trines) portend the most Effortlessness – actually, the things that are so Effortless that we take them for granted. 

In the four-Degree zone that the Full Moon Lights Up, we’re Graced with ten of the twelve possible Trines.  Grand Trines in Fire (Spirit), Earth (Matter), and Air (Mentality) are Complete, indicating that if we encounter Difficulties they’re likely to be Emotional.  As usual, our Vacancy provides clues.  For instance, can you recall what you Felt the first time you went braless, or the first time you saw a woman braless? 

Or even now, what Emotions arise when you think about the concept of Bralessness.  This is an integral part of the Demise of the Patriarchy.  The Full Moon is not in the same Degree Zone as the Stations of Mars (Action, Anger) and Sedna (Fear, Power) that follow it, but the Full Moon Energy will drip with Mars-Sedna Energy.  That could be Fear of Power, Fear misinterpreted as Anger (yours or theirs), Anger misinterpreted as Fear, Fear of Anger, Anger about Fear, the Power of Action, Fear of Acting, the Power of Fear.

Don’t forget that Fear + Breathing = Excitement, and Fear + Kegels = Power.  You can imagine a zillion synonyms for Action/Anger and Fear/Power, and imagine a zillion-squared Relationships between them.  Whatever comes up for you first is probably the most Important this weekend.  The point is that we’re dealing with Emotion, not the thoughts which Emotion Triggers, not the Spiritual Transcendence of Emotion, and not the Projections of Emotion into Physical Reality. 

Emotions can be investigated as Emotions through the Sensations that arise in your Body when the Emotion is Lit Up.  Where in your Body do you Feel the sort of Fear, Power, Anger, Guilt, Excitement, Arousal, Envy, Urge to Merge, Infantile Bliss, or other Emotions that might arise from Bralessness?  And how do you Experience it?  It may not be easy to set aside the usual mental Content that these Emotions Trigger, so you may need to enlist your Meditation techniques – “Oh, there’s Thinking again; I’ll just Let that Go again” and again and again, as many times as it takes to bring your Attention back to the Sensations in your Body.

The word “Feeling” is ambiguous, at least in English – it can refer to either Emotion or Physical Sensation.  That’s no accident.  Our Held Emotions (South Node), those which We’d rather Die than Feel, will be particular hard to investigate in this way, but will also engender the most Powerful Liberation for us.  In the Full Moon chart the South Node is Merged with Lilith – Self-Sovereignty; this Full Moon gives us the Opportunity to Liberate ourself from the Tyranny of our Karmic Archetypes

It’s fabulous for the Soul to Descend into the Body, but if the Body is still run by Habit Patterns that were already Obsolete many Lifetimes ago, we can Expect Internal Conflict, and with the Full Moon’s Life Force (Varuna) Merged with our Lifetime Mission (North Node), there’s a good chance that the Conflict will Manifest as Fear of Physical Malfunction.  Dealing with it as an Emotion can prevent it from actually “migrating” into the Physical. 

We put “migrating” in quotes because Emotional and Physical and Mental and Spiritual are not Separate Realms that impact one another Strongly.  Emotional and Physical and Mental and Spiritual are Different Viewpoints on the Unitary and Multifarious Entity which is Us.  “We Are All One” doesn’t just apply to Us and Other Entities.  It also applies to All of what we usually consider to be Separate Parts of ourself.

A Potentially Rough Week

August 22, 2018

Let’s look at another Almost-Grand Unx, the 26 August Full Moon (5am PDT), from a different Perspective.  Almost-Grand-Unxes are not that common; we’re being Blessed here.  Let’s focus on the Squares this time…

A full Grand Unx gives us three Grand Crosses.  An Almost-Grand-Unx leaves one of them Incomplete, in this case the Saturn-Quaoar T-Square.  Along with the Vacancy that would Complete it, this T-Square becomes, by virtue of its Incompleteness, the Most Prominent Configuration in the chart.

A Saturn-Quaoar T-Square tells us that, at this time, The Most Important Thing is our Survival Instincts.  Within the two days following the Full Moon, Mars and Sedna are both Stationary (Strong), so we can take this as a solemn Warning that Anger (Mars) and Fear (Sedna) may not be very Cleanly converted to Good Boundaries and Productive Action (Mars) and Power (Sedna) this week, perhaps especially along the Potomac.

The base of the T-Square is the Opposition between Manifestation (Makemake) and Despair (Chiron), or if you make the right Choices, between Manifestation and Miracles (Chiron).  Chiron is the supposedly Unhealable Healer, yet we know that Empathy Heals.  Despair plus Self-Empathy (“You Poor Sweetheart…”) Creates Miracles.  That is, once you Empathize with Despair, the World becomes such a different place that it’s genuinely Miraculous.

So if our Survival Instincts are The Most Important Thing, and we know how to Manifest Miracles, it might be a good idea to PIAVA What We Would Want to Sustain ourselves when Survival is not Effortlessly Assured.  Suppose martial law was declared, for instance; how might that impact your Lifestyle?  If you had your Druthers, how would you handle it?  PIAVAing your Druthers might not be a bad idea.

The Vacancy here is 3 Cancer, “A middle-age woman, her long hair flowing over her shoulders, wears a braless youthful garment.”  That’s the Energy we would supply Consciously in order to Complete the Grand Cross and Balance the Energy.  So to start with, we might want to ignore the Gravity of the situation.  Remember how Bulletproof we were in our youth?  We didn’t even know we were Fearless, we didn’t even think about it.

The Full Moon itself is in one of the Complete Grand Crosses, with Truth (asteroid Aletheia) on the Sun and Intrusive Memories (OR10) on the Moon.  All by itself that suggests that we want to Respect and Embrace the Emotions that our Recollections Trigger, but the rest of the Grand Cross – Entrenched Habits (asteroid Karma) versus Choosing our own Timelines (Lachesis), really nails it to the wall.

While Grand Trines promise Ease in either Emotions (Water Signs), Spirit (Fire), Matter (Earth) or Thought (Air), Grand Crosses suggest Challenges in either Creativity (Cardinal Signs), Stability (Fixed), or Flexibility (Mutable)  The Full Moon Grand Cross Challenges our Flexibility (Mutable Signs), as any Configuration including asteroid Karma is likely to do.  And the Saturn-Quaoar T-Square Challenges our Creativity (Cardinal Signs) – what Miracles do we Need to Survive Abundantly?

The other Complete Grand Cross Challenges our Stability and Purpose (Fixed Signs), and the planets certainly reinforce that.  The Life Force (Varuna) animates our Mission (North Node), while our Held Emotions (South Node) are the same ones that inhibit our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) – fortunately, we’ve been working on that already.  Squaring the Nodes are Soul, Descending into your Flesh (Uranus) and Endings (Atropos), in this case Ending our Resistance to Allowing our Soul to be in Charge (and Respecting our Survival Instincts).

Being an Almost-Grand-Unx, these three Complete or Incomplete Grand Crosses are either Sextile or Unx to one another – meaning that they Complement one another.  In general that’s true of any Grand Cross – they’re made up of four normally-Troublesome T-Squares, but somehow the various Troubles seem to Help one another, making the whole show Easier. 

By next Wednesday we’ll probably look back and think, “That wasn’t so bad.”  The following week-and-a-half may make it seem even Easier, as Midwifing the Rebirth of our Forbidden Genius becomes The Most Important Thing (almost-simultaneous Stations of Saturn, Klotho, and Ixion).

Active Self-Sovereignty II

August 19, 2018

We’ve updated August II (, adding accuracy and the Moons.

If we turn our Attention to the Almost-Grand-Unx in the Lilith-Mars Initiation chart that governs the next two-and-a-half years, the first thing we’d want to know is What’s The Vacancy?  The Vacancy represents the Energy We need to supply Consciously in order to make the puzzle fit together and unload all of it’s Grace. 

It’s 2 Scorpio, “A delicate bottle of perfume lies broken, releasing its fragrance.”  The implication might be that our Self-Sovereignty is a delicate thing, easily squandered, and that it would profit us if we guarded it more carefully.

Dan’s Arcturian team has a comment for us on this, and on the recent Eclipse’s focus on Respect for All Things and Growth of Consciousness (Hopi-Juno)…

“We have a perspective on humanity that allows us to see who you really are, even when you are acting from your ego, even when you are living your lives from a place of fear.  We still are able to see who you really are.  We never lose sight of that truth that you are Source Energy Beings, comprised wholly of unconditional love.

“So when you are acting out in some way, and you judge yourself, or others place judgment upon you, just know that there is another perspective.  There are beings holding that space for you, that space that allows us to see you as you truly are.”

“We also encourage you to take our perspective when it comes to your fellow humans.  If you can take that perspective that everyone is doing the best they can to be the embodiment of Source Energy in a physical body, then you can let go of some of your own judgment of other people…” 

And if you can take that perspective that you are doing the best you can to be the embodiment of Source Energy in a physical body, then you can let go of your judgment of yourself.  Dan continues…

“And that will free you.  That will liberate you to hold a higher frequency, as we do.  We don’t have any of those judgments or any of that guilt weighing us down.

“It is easy to shift your perspective.  It just takes a willingness to make that your intention, and then you can vibrate in harmony with us, with our perspective, and in the process you can become more of who you are.  You are going to know yourselves as Source Energy Beings at some point, and you don’t have to earn that knowing.  You just have to accept it.  So why not start now, while you still have physical bodies to enjoy?”

The Glory of a Grand Unx, or even an Almost-Grand-Unx, is that you can make almost any other Configuration from it.  For instance (see, can you pick out the Yin Gate between Mars-Lilith and Varuna, signifying that we should keep an eye out for Physical Symptoms which don’t Make Sense relative to what we know about our Bodies? 

There’s a second Yin Gate between Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar and Moira, suggesting that The Most Important Thing is for us to Consciously Choose to Support our Survival Instincts, no matter how Paradoxical they seem.  Our Instincts often run Contrary to our Habitual Patterns, and they’re often very Subtle and easy to Ignore.  If they seem like a Wild Hare, Pay Attention!

The third Yin Gate spans OR10 and Aletheia.  The bottom line here is that while those Intrusive Memories seem very Dramatic and highly Fictional, many of them are literally True in their context.  The more we have a hard time Imagining the context, the more likely they are to be Literal.  What would that mean?

Then there are the Fire, Earth, and Air Grand Trines.  While they suggest that we may have some Emotional Work to do, the Karma-Chiron-Varuna Fire Grand Trine promises Healing of long-standing Physical issues, as long as you Persevere in stepping out of the Victim box.  That means you’ll need to deal with that Emotional issue as Emotion, rather than dwelling on your thoughts and Stories about it. 

A useful strategy is to Ask your Affliction – Physical or Emotional – what it has to Teach you.  Focusing your Attention right into the Center of your Discomfort, and keeping it there as long as you can will also help.  For Emotional Discomfort, Locate it in your Body and focus there.  If that’s Difficult, just Trust your first Guess.

But of course the most interesting thing about a Grand Unx will always be the Unxes.  An Unx is the Angle between two planets that are one Sign apart – Unx means one twelfth.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking.  A Waning Unx will help us Break Old Patterns that Commit us to Obsolete Energies.  A Waxing Unx will help us Break our Resistance to New Energies.  For instance…

  • Active Self-Sovereignty (Mars-Lilith) makes a Waxing Unx to our Survival (Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center), telling us that Business As Usual (such as continuing to kiss the Power-Brokers’ smelly Behinds) won’t work much longer.
  • Active Self-Sovereignty makes a Waning Unx to those Intrusive Memories (OR10) – we’re used to discounting weird Memories that seem out of context.  In this case we want to examine them for potential Truth, then Let them Go.
  • We can go on around the Loop…
  • Chiron (Pain and Miracles) makes a Waxing Unx to OR10 and a Waning Unx to Uranus (Soul) – The more you can Remember your Lifetimes as a Healer, the better.
  • Lachesis (Choosing the Length of Timelines) makes a Waxing Unx to Uranus; our Experience of Life will be Different now that the Soul’s in charge.
  • Moira (Choice) makes a Waxing Unx to Lachesis and a Waning Unx to Varuna.  A Choice or Vow we made in the Distant Past is the root of one of our chronic Physical Discomforts.  We can Change that, without even Knowing what the original Choice was about – just PIAVA that the Original Source of your Discomfort be Lovingly and Gently Transformed.
  • Truth (Aletheia) makes a Waxing Unx to Varuna and a Waning Unx to Venus-Makemake.  You’ll be Letting Go of Old Patterns that Inhibit your Manifesting What You Want.  For every excuse you make for not having What You Want, Know that it’s Bullshit.