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July II

July 8, 2018

Having Lived through Chiron’s first Station in Aries, and being in the midst of a Millennium-Scale Rebirth with the Haumea and Jupiter Stations, where do we go from here?

There’s the 12 July (8pm PDT) Partial Solar Eclipse (Illumination) at 21 Cancer.

The 15 July (9am PDT) Station of Hopi (Respect for All Things) in 17 Scorpio.

The 16 July (8am PDT) Initiation of asteroid Moira by dwarf planet Chaos in 25 Gemini, signifying our Certification to Operate the Infinite Improbability Engine to Create the Amazing.

The 20 July (10am PDT) Initiation of Sappho by Lachesis in 25 Taurus, where we get to Choose Timelines we Love.

The 20 July (2pm PDT) Station of asteroid Karma (Pattern-Breaking) in 1 Sagittarius.

The 21 July (5am PDT) Initiation of Nemesis by Sedna in 28 Taurus, which will Eliminate our Fear of Ego Death.

The 25 July (8:30 am PDT) Initiation of Sappho by Sedna in 28 Taurus; Practicing a Self-Loving Relationship with the Power of Fear.

The 27 July (1:30 pm PDT) Total Lunar Eclipse (Enlightenment) in 5 Aquarius.

The 30 July (1:30 pm PDT) Initiation of Lachesis by Sedna in 28 Taurus, where we Learn to Choose our Timelines and Liberate ourself from Karma and Control by Others.

And by then we’ll be deep into the 1 August (3am PDT) Station of Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) in 23 Sagittarius, and starting down the Wormhole, or Rabbithole, to our Soul in the 7 August (10am PDT) Station of Uranus (Soul) in 3 Taurus.  After seven years of Spiritual Fire burning away the Impediments that had Separated us from our Souls (Uranus in Aries), Uranus is giving us a Preview of what it will be like when our Soul is truly Grounded into our Physical Reality.  We’ll have a final Opportunity to burn away the Dross when Uranus revisits Aries from early November to early March; then we’re off into Manifesting Soul into Form, without further interruption.

Just so we won’t forget it, the 8 August (4am PDT) Initiation of Sappho by Nemesis in 4 Gemini; Transforming our Resistance to Self-Love.

Heating Up II

June 24, 2018

In the 21 June Solstice chart, a Critical Issue is Trusting our Ability to Manifest.  Rather than lamenting that Politicians or Climate Change or Elimination of Environmental Protection or Immigration or Trade Wars will Destroy our World or our Ability to Survive, Focus your Attention on What You Want to Experience instead.  That’s your greatest Power for positive Change, and your Vibrations are needed by the Collective (the Solstice Sun is one corner of the base of a T-Square focused on Makemake-Eurydike, with Pholus-Quaoar on the other corner of the base).

Focus your Attention on what is Life-Affirming.  Replace your Judgments of Others with Honest Self-Inventory of the roots of your Karma – we Judge in Others what we can’t Tolerate in ourself.  Allow – and PIAVA – Transcendence into your Life.  (Varuna, asteroid Karma, and Klotho-BZ509 are at Angles of Grace and Curiosity to the focus of the T-Square; see for an introduction to BZ509.)