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September 21, 2010

Adamite with Calcite

Well, the Libra Equinox has a very complex and powerful – and tightly integrated – chart, so rather than hammer away at the same old themes that we been playing with for a while now (such as the business with the Miracles, the business with the Rebirth, the business with the Problem-Solving, and the business with the Siesta – which is to say, if you’re keeping score, in order, Chiron-Neptune, Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto in Capricorn, and Venus-Mars), let’s just focus on the T-Squares and the Grace, and make it sound simple.  We’ll also use the Full-Moon chart, six hours after the Equinox itself, because the Moon is the Implementer (Imp for short) of the Heavenly Drama.  The COO, so to speak.

We should oughta interject, though, that the Full Moon will be just barely past Jupiter, which just happens to be brighter (ie, closer to Earth) than it will be again till 2022, while Uranus is just a hair away from it in the sky.  As NASA puts it, “In a coincidence of interplanetary proportions, Uranus is also at opposition [to the Sun] tonight.  This rare double opposition of two giant planets is a once-in-a-lifetime event.”  And they don’t even mention the fact that all three of them happen to be about the same distance above the southern horizon!  In other words, like we been saying, all this is about the Rebirth Thing to the tenth power.  Don’t even try to sleep when you aren’t sleepy.

So we’re dealing with three T-Squares, and for those of you who’ve forgot, a T-Square (a complex of Fourth-Harmonic relationships) is about Mastery through Challenge.  T-Squares indicate consummate skill, but not the kinda skill that ever feels right.  On Wall Street, back before it was shamed, they useta say, it’s not what you earn, it’s what you learn.  In other words, if we keep our focus on what we’re learning, rather than how inflated our Ego is, then a T-Square is the ultimate excitement.  We’re also fond of pointing out that it’s a total boon when a T-Square is balanced by Grace (Third- and Sixth-Harmonic relationships), and these are.  In fact, rather Miraculously (how could it be otherwise?), the three T-Squares balance one another!

The Big T-Square is of course Pluto Squaring the Full Moon.  Saturn Squaring the Moon’s Nodes ain’t far behind in Bigness, especially since it’s entangled with the Pluto T-Square, almost completing a Grand Cross.  The “Littlest” T-Square of the three is  Pallas Squaring the opposition from Juno to Chiron-Neptune.  That one’s a stealth Big One, because it informs us that by adjusting our Boundaries and our Identities, we witness Miracles.  So it’s no Biggie, just a Life-Changer.

Pluto’s still conjunct Ceres, and Ceres is still out of bounds – it’s not just about how the force of history and herstory is moving in the direction of Just Fix It (Capricorn), it’s about Just Fix It So It Stays Fixed! Pluto Squares the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter-Uranus, which is to say, if you ain’t getting it on with this Rebirth Thing, you’re gonna get hammered.  Let it happen!  Give up the Resistance!  You don’t gotta Do anything, but you’re prolly gonna hafta Let Go alot.  The Miracles-Identity Thing is your friend here, and the Siesta Thing is your friend – they’re the Grace that’s connected to the Just-Fix-It-For-Good Thing.  Letting new gender roles into your persona is likely to solve some seemingly unrelated and apparently insoluble dilemmas.

Saturn T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes just means we gotta pay attention to our Karma and our Dreams.  Saturn says forget priorities 2 through 314, focus on priority #1 – usually means we gotta deal with some fear, cuz we’re forced to let go of our fallbacks and take a risk on what we really want.  Saturn’s bad rap as a malefic derives only from folks who won’t let go of their contingency plans.  The Moon’s South Node is called the Dragon’s Tail, cuz if you have unfinished business, it can whip ya pretty good.  The upside is spontaneously recovering all of your past-life skills and talents, if you can open to that (harder than you think, because the issue is belief).  The Moon’s North Node, or Dragon’s Head, is your path, the direction you’re heading in the future.  The upside is the ease and feelgood of knowing you’re following your own Soul.  The downside is Responsibility – the Dragon’s fiery breath.  No Victims allowed.

So you can imagine when we combine those three energies into a course in Mastery through Challenge, we kinda end up with our nose to the Stone.  Not a lot of wiggleroom for excuses.  The Grace on this one is the Siesta Thing – we gotta quit Doing so hard, and work on Being.  It’s Grace, though, so it’s more like, if we stop putting all our attention into Doing, we’ll discover a lot or surprising insights about Being.

As for the Boundary-Identity-Miracle T-Square, the Grace flows from paying attention to the Sacred (for you personally), and by refusing to compromise for short-term gain (ie, Vesta and Ceres).  Make an extra effort to stand up for your deepest Values, and you’ll be very surprised by what happens.

One final item.  We’ll be learning about Miracles by allowing our magnetic self to take power from our dynamic self.  An extra benefit from focusing on Be rather than Do.  If you need a mnemonic aphorism, Be pollinates and fructifies the future, Do is what yer Pup did on the rug.  Don’t Command your Future to come hither, make yourself irresistible to it, so it comes to youSeduce your Future.

The Equinox and Solstice charts dominate for three months, but they remain strong for a year.  So these energies won’t be less strong come January, the Capricorn Solstice energy will just be stronger.