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October 27, 2022

It’s probably just me. Mars, which can symbolize Irritability for no Obvious reason, is Lit Up (Stationary 30 October 2022) and it’s messing with my natal chart. Mars doesn’t have to be Irritable, it can just mean Busy-ness. Guilt is also Lit Up (Nemesis Stationary 31 October), so we could well be Feeling Irritable about all the People who’ve Manipulated us into Feeling Guilty, not because we did anything “wrong,” but because they were Powering Over us.

A good Question to Ask ourself is How Old Am I? or How Old Do I Feel? This Question can Illuminate the Regression you may be Unconsciously Experiencing here in the Present. If you do Harvest a Past Scenario with that Trick, don’t Focus on the Scenario or the Actors any longer than it takes to get the general Plot (which may take only an Instant). Focus instead on What You Were Feeling at that Age in those Circumstances, and be very Loving and Gentle with your Historical and Herstorical Selves at that Age. A good “You Poor Sweetheart, You Were Feeling _____, Weren’t You” would probably be useful. If you can actually Change the Subject afterward, you’ll be Surprised at how Quickly that can Shift Your Mood.

If you get hung up on any details, you can always say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, You’re Hung Up on _____, Aren’t You” – then try again to Otherwise Occupy yourself and your Thoughts. We want to work with our Emotions, not our Thoughts about them. The Power lies in your Feelings. Your Thoughts are just a Distraction to keep you from Feeling. You could even Ask yourself, “When Did I Learn to Shift My Attention from My Feelings to My Thoughts about Them? Hold Old was I?” You could get a whole different Collection of Scenarios. Which Feelings were Most Prohibited? By Whom? Again, you don’t want to Dwell on your Thoughts about this, but your Feelings about it, both Then and Now. We could get into Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel – it would be your Ego that would have to be Rebirthed in that case, not your Self.

Before we get lost in this, we should mention that the Moon moves Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere starting 2:52 pm PDT 27 October (BST 10:52 pm 27th, AEST 7:52 am 28th), till 9:36 pm PDT 31 October (BST 5:36 am 1st November, AEST 2:36 pm 1st). Keep that in mind as you set your Boundaries against Tricks if your Culture has Halloween Traditions. Let alone Día de Muertos. Later on we’ll demonstrate a Crystal you can use for your Muertos.

In general, the Feelings that We’d Rather Die than Feel are stuffed into our natal South Node. As we’ll see soon enough, the charts for the Mars and Nemesis Stations (and the other events that are Triggered) are among the Strangest we’ve seen. They’re mostly Strange in their Simplicity, but we can’t let that fool us – Simplicity in astrology means Intensity, as all of the Energy is funneled into a narrow channel. More like a Tornado than a Hurricane. The “Thing” about the Feelings that We’d Rather Die than Feel is that the Tools that we need to Serve our Lifetime Mission are Hiding right behind them. So if we never make the Shift from I’d rather Die over to Omigosh, I Need an Ego Death, then we’ll never make any Progress with our Lifetime Mission. That’s fine for Muggles, but for Aspiring Light Workers, it’s an endless Treadmill.

Emotions are Tricky. You can only shred so many Pillows, and chances are the only result you’ll get is Feathers everywhere. The word Feelings is Ambiguous for a Purpose, however. It also applies to Sensations. So you can Ask yourself, Where in my 3D Body am I Feeling this? The most Efficient way to Resolve Old, Stuck, Slippery Feelings is to Locate them in your Body and Love them to Death there. The Easy Key is Love Is Soft and Warm, Fear Is Hard and Cold. The Energy that is Projected from your Palm is just the right Frequency for Healing (Far Infrared), so you can just put your Palm on the Location you’d Identified.

Can’t Feel the Energy from your Palm? Rub your Palms together gently several times, then hold your Hands, Palms facing each other, several feet apart in front of you. Then slowly bring your Palms closer together. Do you ever get to a distance where you sense something between them? Almost like a light Wind?

If you don’t, No Worries, just Imagine that you did. It’s there, you just haven’t been Trained to Detect it. If we haven’t already Learned it, Know that Imagining something is the first step toward Touching It, Being It, Manifesting It, etc etc. Eventually we’ll Discover that Imagining It Is As Good As those other things, it’s just a little more Ephemeral. But so is your Soul, and it’s Descending into your Body as we Speak. Can you Feel that little Shiver in your Spine?

If you have a natural Crystal, hold it between your Palms, and Imagine this “Wind,” or Energy, blowing down your right arm, through the Crystal, and up your left arm. It makes a Loop. When it gets to your left shoulder, Where does it Cross your back to get back to your right shoulder, and what does it Feel Like on your Back? That might be a start for getting you to Notice the Energy. Our Backs are usually a lot less Calloused than our Palms, so more Sensitive, though Calluses don’t actually Disrupt the Energy, they just make it a little harder to Notice when we haven’t Trained ourself to do so yet.

If you don’t have a Crystal handy, I’ll lend you one. Just Stare at the picture while holding your Palms together loosely and Imagining that the Crystal is between your Palms. Then Run your Energy down your right arm, through the Crystal, up your left arm, across your Back, and down your right arm again, in a Loop. Once you get the Loop started, you don’t need to keep Running it, it’ll Run by itself, so you can just Focus on Where and How you Feel it in your Back…

This cut Crystal is called Eudialyte. It’s a mouthful – Sodium Calcium Cerium Iron Manganese Yttrium Zirconium Cyclosilicate Hydroxide Chloride! You don’t need to remember that, but it’s good to know what Elements are in your Crystals, because it’s a clue to their Metaphysical Properties. For instance, your Body uses Sodium to maintain the right Internal Pressures to make the complex Mechanical processes of its Chemistry work, Balancing it with Potassium. It uses Calcium for a zillion different purposes, including making Bones stiff. Iron carries the Oxygen around in your Blood. Eudialyte is found just north of Vermont, in Quebec. It’s Metaphysical Function is to Allow you to See Through The Veil. You can use it to Talk to your Friends on the Other Side. When I Focus on this picture I Feel a little “Beside Myself.” Feel anything like that? We’re all quite Unique, so you may Experience it very Differently.

Now, if you have a second, different Crystal, try Running Energy through it, and see if it Feels Different on your Back. That can be an Eye-Opener.

This next one is a Demantoid, a variety of Garnet, a Calcium Iron Nesosilicate. Silicon makes an incredible number of different Crystal structures, giving Carbon a run for its money, if it had any. We can think of Silicon as a heavier version of Carbon, as it interacts with other Elements in a similar way. Some even theorize that Life Forms could be based on Silicon, though of course we know that Everything Is Conscious already, so “Life Forms” can be based on anything. So the “Cyclosilicate” and “Nesosilicate” terms just describe how complex the Silicate structure is (the “-ate” ending on a mineral means it’s an Oxide; an “-ide” ending means it’s just the Element).

Imagine cupping this one loosely between your Palms and Running Energy through it. Does it cross your Back at a different place than the Eudialyte? Is your Experience of it different? Demantoid has a reputation as a Painkiller, so try Running this Energy through someplace in your Body where it hurts for several minutes. Once you’ve Imprinted on Dematoid and you know how it Feels, you can Run it anytime anywhere in your Body, without the actual Stone or the picture of it.