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Whack-A-Mole or Two

June 13, 2022

By suggesting Detachment and Non-Intervention about Experiences of Abuse and Privilege, I didn’t at all mean to advise Surrendering to being Abused, or Continuing to Exercise Privilege Abusively once you Recognize you’re doing it. I meant to refer to our Memories of Abuse and Privilege, and I’ll think I’ll modify the last post to indicate that, just so there’s less danger of misunderstanding.

When we’re in the midst of Abuse and Privilege – which we all are almost daily to one degree or another – we make Choices to minimize the damage, such as the many times we decide we need the money more than we need to repay a demeaning boss, or the many times when we decide not to Express Ourself Honestly when we know we’ll just be Rejected for the Effort, or the many times when we decide not to Speak Out when witnessing Abuse because doing so doesn’t feel Safe. If you’re stuck in situations of far far worse Abuse without an apparent Exit, my Prayers are with you.

Aside from the general “fun” of revisiting our Abuse and Privilege History and Herstory, there are three big Challenges in the 16 June 2022 Abuse Review astroadventure. I’m already Deep into my Chocolate Stash – not so Detached, but we all do the best we can moment to moment. Remember that Self-Love is Central in the 14 June event, and it’s a Big Help here. As we’ve mentioned, each of the three Challenges is complemented by a large dose of Dumb-Luck Grace, and the knot of Grace knits the three Challenges together so that they appear to Resolve one another.

The first Challenge is about Trusting that our Self-Love will help Immunize us from the worst Impact of our Abuse catalog, but with two Caveats.1 First, the World’s catalog of Huper-to-Huper and Huper-to-Planet Abuses is virtually Infinite. And second, everything in the catalog isn’t Ours. Sure, we have to Own if if we Feel it, but we need to Own the Feeling, not our Stories About the Feeling. The News Minia is dwelling on Abuses that are virtually Satanic. You can actually hear the barely-hidden Sadism in some of their Voices as they broadcast their Stories with great relish. No Blame, they’re working off their own Karma too.

But our Task is to Empathize with the Emotion of an event, not to get lost in the Stories about it. Empathy doesn’t take a long time, you can do it in a few minutes. Emotion means E(nergy in)Motion. If you let it get Stuck, it creates New Karma by Repetition. The longer you linger on the Story, the more the Story replaces the Emotion in your card catalog, and the Emotion slips under the cabinet and stays there till you remodel, which could be Lifetimes from now. Meanwhile, that Emotion, Triggered as it was by Satanic events, festers under the cabinet, attracts black mold, and becomes the seed for an autoimmune disorder.

Some of the Stories are Truly yours, Stories you Lived Through not so long ago, and haven’t Liberated yet. Every Time the Story comes up, you have the Opportunity to Feel the Sensation associated with the Emotion, as Deeply but as Neutrally as you can, and then Let It Go. You may have to Let It Go several times, or even Poor-Sweetheart yourself about having trouble Letting It Go. The more times you Let It Go, the sooner it used to be your Karma. But a lot of the Stories aren’t even Your Own Karma. They’re just click-bait, like Faceplant tries to sucker you into buying every day.

“You had a question. It’s a tough, courageous question to ask and the answer isn’t easy either. Basically, you wanted to know why permaculture [or Ascension] matters with war, pestilence, poison, and hatred engulfing the planet. How can we stay sane or claim relevance in a world where modern lethal militaries target children? What can our tiny efforts do to mitigate the damage and suffering?

“I get it. It’s all so overwhelming. So let me give it to you straight. The crises are going to worsen. It gets darker from here. Therefore, your own small efforts are not just significant, they are essential. It you stay true to your ethics and principles, your work, and the way you live will have profound positive effects on those who follow. And it will maintain your sanity.

“Now look up. The stars are out for us tonight. Take a good, long look. Take in the vastness of the expanse above you. People have been doing this for ages. We sit around the fire telling our history, the history of our people, teaching the young while the dogs take turns cracking bones by the fire and patrolling just beyond the light. The constellations tell of the seasons and ages past while the children try to connect the dots. Tonight, the Moon is holding water. Venus just set beyond Freeman Hill. A few wisps of cirrus clouds are coming in from the west. Change is in the wind. That’s the future breathing down your neck.

“Now listen. Can you hear the creek? Barely. I whispers. It should be much louder. There’s not enough water. Not enough for the fish. Not enough for the trees. Keep listening. What else is missing? The sound of insects, of forest life, mostly gone in this part of the world. The bugs are sparse, the seed crops poor, so the birds are gone. At dawn there won’t be a symphony of song greeting the day. Just a few solos. I reckon we have less than 5% of the chickadee-wren sized birds that were here just a decade ago. Haven’t seen a songbird in years.

“PFAs (forever chemicals) are in the soil, food, and water. Micro-plastics are in your lungs and accumulating in your kidneys and liver. The establishment elite lie to you about your health every day. It’s important for you to understand that you are only a commodity to them. They don’t care about your children’s health, well-being, or place in the world. That is up to you. You and your people. You’ll need healthy, vibrant soil and clean water – a major challenge. Achieving that (in the face of environmental disaster) requires adaptable, innovative, diverse, resilient design. Which means the designers must have skill, courage, and tenacity. I’m talking to you.”

M. Mathes Flora, “A View from the Far Side of the Hill,” Permaculture Design Magazine #124, May/Summer 2022, p.45.

  • 1 Asteroid Juno and the Nessus Station (Using Our Experience of Abuse and Privilege to Expand our Consciousness) in mid-Pisces Oppose Eurydike (Trust ) in 15 Virgo (There Is All the Time in the World ), T-Squared by dwarf planet Altjira (Discerning the World’s Karma from Our Own) and asteroid Sisyphus (Never Satisfying). Altjira is a Trans-Neptunian Minor Planet with an orbit of 296 years, while Sisyphus is an Earth-Crossing and Mars-Crossing asteroid with an orbit of 31 months. Its Grand Trine connects Juno-Nessus with Out-of-Bounds Karma (Intensely Processing Karma) and Ceres (Sustainability) in 14 Cancer (The Ego Is Obsolete), adjacent to Fixed Star Sirius (Brilliance) in 15 Cancer (Natural Community). The implication is that it’s Possible to Extinguish All Karma, but less likely that we’ll Let Go of All of it because we’re so Habituated to it.
  • The Ceres corner of the first Grand Trine is the Focus of the second T-Square, which Squares the Opposition between Narcissus (Obsession with the Individual Ego) in 14 Libra (Lost in Time) and Mars-Chiron (Choosing between Depression and Ecstasy) in 17 Aries (Living Outside of Culture but Open to Spirit ) and 16 Aries (Through Emotion to Clarity of Purpose) respectively. Mars and Chiron adjoin Fixed Star Alpheratz (Freedom of Action) in Andromeda in 15 Aries (The Need to Be Present with Oneself ). Small wonder if you’re Feeling Bipolar.
  • The Karma OOB corner of the first Grand Trine is one side of the base of the third T-Square, and Opposite Moira-Uranus (Fate/Choice and Soul ) in 21 Taurus (Adept of the Mysteries) and 18 Taurus (A Vehicle for Spirit ) respectively. These are T-Squared by asteroids Lachesis (Unexpired Karma that Can Be Released Consciously) at 16 Aquarius (Never Giving Up) and Icarus (Expanding too Fast and Going Down in Flames) at 14 Aquarius (The Darkest Shadow).
  • Like Sisyphus, Icarus is also an Earth-Crossing asteroid, as well as crossing the orbits of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, with an orbit of only 14 months around the Sun. Because Icarus is so close to Earth, it appears to orbit “normally” every year or so for about five years, but then it spends the next five years or so hanging in one corner of the sky. It reached Sagittarius in late 2019, but then stuttered and stutters about till early 2024 before clearing Pisces. So Icarus-Lachesis is more of an Abrasion than a Cycle, as are Icarus-Pluto, -Pholus, -Quaoar, -Ixion, -Hylonome, -Gonggong, -Nessus, -Neptune, -Chariklo, -Saturn, and any other slow planet in that third of the Zodiac. It will linger there again from 2028 till 2033.
  • While we can see Icarus as the seemingly natural Huper Tendency to Go Too Far and Get Burned, we could also see it as the apparent Huper Need to Soar to Ecstatic (or Manic) Heights. Of the 20 slow planets (orbits longer than 20 years) routinely, six are now in the first third of the Zodiac, four in the second third, and ten in the last third, Icarus’s current playground. The last third of the Zodiac is about Finishing Business. I don’t know yet if Icarus always lingers in this portion of the Zodiac, though it appears to dally mostly in that zone. For instance, between 1604 and 1611, even though it didn’t turn around till it got to Taurus, it still spent almost all of the time boomeranging between Sagittarius and Pisces. It dwelled mostly in Sagittarius-to-Pisces between November 2009 and April 2015, and between October 1999 and April 2006. Like 2019-2024, these were tumultuous times, but more so than 2006-2009 and 2015-2019? Maybe so.
  • Lachesis-Icarus OOB is also one corner of the second Grand Trine, along with Narcissus and Altjira-Sisyphus.

Our Resistance to Our Cravings

June 8, 2022

Until noon on 9 June 2022 we’ll be working with Our Resistance to Our Cravings. It’s quite Complicated when we view it through the Mindset of Western Culture, but I think it gets a lot more Straightforward when we just look at our Cravings as Our Enlightenment Calling Us Forward while Our Programming Holds Us Back. I’d be Surprised if most of us didn’t have something that we’ve been Craving all our Life but which we’ve never quite managed to Manifest in any way that Satisfies us for very long.

We’ve probably redefined it over and over, but it’s basically still there and still the same as it was when we were six years old. By then we’d been told so many times that we Can’t Have That, that we started Believing that “They” would never let us Have It, so we’d have to sneak around and get it on our own. We’ve been trying to Renounce it as Unachievable all our Life, but we keep coming back to it. So we’re still working on Giving Up Our Renunciation of our True Self.

Wait. You’re still trying to Renounce your Strongest Cravings? Oh, okay. I know, it’s a Stretch to claim that your Strongest Cravings Reflect the Gravitational Pull of your Soul to Manifest in the Here and Now, and your Ego’s Will is the Only thing preventing you from being Sucked Down that Rabbithole. Especially if our Cravings are so Strong that we have to Quench them with Substances like Sugar, or Suppress them with Our Thoughts About Them. How can they be Sacred when everyone has always bent over backward to make sure we Felt Guilty about them?

Then there’s the Fear. We may not even be Aware that it’s Fear, we’re more likely to be misguided into thinking it’s Wisdom! All those Don’ts we’ve Learned, from a finger on a hot stove to Humiliating a Bully to Getting too Close to the Sun. More Resistance, disguised. Nothing Changes till we Accept it Exactly as It Is. My Cravings will Kill me. They might, if you turn your back on them and try to Pretend they aren’t yours. “I say it’s easily done, you just take anyone, and pretend like you never have met,” as Dylan put it.

This is all Optional. You don’t have to Let Go of either your Craving Karma OR your Renunciation Karma. Neither is beyond their Expiry Date. But it’s an excellent Opportunity to cut back on both of them so you can “no longer lend your Strength to that which you Wish to be Free From,” in Jewel’s words. After all, Karma is Dead. It just hasn’t been told yet that it’s Dead, and we’re in on the Conspiracy, because we’re the one Believing it’s still Alive, we’re the one clinging to a Zombie. How can there be Karma when Linear Time is no more? If Cause doesn’t precede Effect, what kind of World are we Living In?

Asteroid Lachesis is about Karma that hasn’t Reached its scheduled Expiration Date, but which we’re Free to Let Go Of if we dare. It’s Exaggerated (Stationary) till 11:50 am 9 June 2022. You’ve probably Seen, or Been, It flailing around, not quite sure what the Hell It’s (or you’re) doing any more. It’s Merged with asteroid Icarus, and Icarus is Out of Bounds (Amplified ) so if we get too Excited about Freedom, our Karmaaka our Wax – will melt and we’ll Crash. Our old Ego will Melt. Will we withstand the Unknown, or will we Rush back to what we Knew all along? Our old Ego was just Wax anyway, but we can make a new one that looks just like it on our 3D printer, only out of more Durable Plastic! Or we can Stand Still for the Void, like Lachesis is doing.

Lachesis-Icarus Oppose asteroid Koronis (Coronavirus). An Opposition is a Wagging Finger – “You better toe the line OR ELSE!” Without continually Willing Ourself to avoid Dis-Ease, how will we Stay Healthy? Those Germs are worse than Karma, lurking around waiting to Attack when we have a moment of “Weakness” – another Metaphor for Fear of Letting Go of Renunciation.

The Opposition is T-Squared by not just the Uranus-Moira-Pallas Triple Conjunction and Initiation that we’ve talked about, but this trio is joined by Venus – Our Values, and asteroid Tantalus – Our Infinitely Unfulfilled Cravings. Tantalus is also Out of Bounds, or Amplified.

All this Action is at the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs, the Power Points of the Zodiac, AKA the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The four Royal Stars that served as the Calendar in Persia, have moved on, thanks to Precession. But the Tender places remain. Lachesis-Icarus are at 16-17 Aquarius, which are about Relentlessness, near the Star Sualocin, Natural Talent. Koronis is in 19 Leo, Humility, Surrender, Self-Mastery. And Uranus et al are in 15-19 Taurus, which Degrees are about Repeatedly Surrendering to Eruptions of Suppressed Unconscious Material in order to Create a Selfless Vehicle for Spirit to Help Gaia Evolve, fostered by the Fixed Star Menkar, the Jaw of the Whale (Constellation Cetus), which in the Olde Days was seen as a Giant Man-Eating Beast, like the Unconscious.

Yintegrity, Consciousness, and Hubris

March 19, 2014


It’s a most remarkable “coincidence,” but Elizabeth has pointed out that as Juno (the Edge between Consciousness and Unconsciousness) overtakes Uranus (Yintegrity) on March 25 – which of course are both T-Square to Pluto (Global Trends) and Jupiter (Expansion) – the asteroid Icarus (often Overconfidence or Overexuberance) is in the same place as well!  Not only that, but Icarus is Stationary (Strong).

It’s already a remarkable “coincidence” that Uranus would Initiate Juno just as the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross is forming.  And it’s not particularly comforting that the Symbol for the Uranus-Juno Initiation is An unexploded bomb, though it would be appropriate to be Grateful that it’s not exploding!  The Uranus-Icarus Initiation doesn’t actually consummate this year, as Icarus’s Station is a degree shy of Uranus.  Juno does, or rather did (on March 17) Initiate Icarus, at 8 Aries (“A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an east wind”).  Curious, as a large hat would protect us from the Sun, while Wind from the East would in general signify Wisdom, since the Sun enlightens us from the East.

Icarus, as Hubris, gives us a couple of clues about our budding Consciousness of Yintegrity.  It warns us that we could easily overshoot the mark in the next week or more, and “over-express” our True Self, bringing our Security as a good wage slave (for instance), or our Relationship Security (if it’s based on “trying to get along” rather than mutual respect), into question.  But remember, we should be expecting “failure” two thirds of the time.  And failure, as the Learning Opportunity that it is, is the key to success.  It’s not how many times we fall down, it’s how many times we get back up, and the like.  And the bomb doesn’t explode.

The other interesting thing about Icarus is that it’s a Sungrazer and an “NEO” or Near-Earth Object.  It’s orbit takes about fourteen and a half months, and runs from twice the Earth-Sun distance to only one fifth of the Earth-Sun distance.  It crosses the Earth orbit in June every year, and is due for a “close” approach (20 Earth-Moon distances) in 2015.  It’s a kilometer and a half wide, enough to make a Big dent if its orbit shifted in our direction, but it’s not a serious threat in any reasonable timeframe.

So since it’s Initiated by Juno but not Uranus, I’m guessing that we’re more likely to become more Conscious of the fragility of our position on the Planet than be slapped down for Hubris.  Which is good, because Sustainability is one of the Prime Directives of the 21st Century (Ceres having Risen – in the East – everywhere on the Planet as the Century was dawning on 1/1/2000).

I’m out of time right now; remind me to talk soon about Eris and Ceres and Chiron and how they might relate to Icarus’s adventures with Juno and Uranus.