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New Province IV – P.S. 2018b

December 31, 2017

Some Pleiadian Perspective…

“Up until now, it has been more challenging to be the exception to the rule, but everything is about to change.  And when those changes occur, you are going to notice that everything about yourself that has kept you from being a part of mainstream society is what is most needed from you.  So you do not need to worry about fitting in, about finding your way, and about creating a life for yourself in the way that your parents did.

“What you are doing now is determining what the new reality is going to look like.  Your place within it will become obvious to you.  You will be called upon.  You will be needed.  You will be in high demand, and the things that you once saw as weaknesses will become your greatest strengths.  Your sensitivity, your emotionality, and your empathic nature are the things that others will see as giving you an advantage.

“You are going to navigate through the higher-frequency energies with greater dexterity and certainty than anyone else that you have met in this lifetime.  You are most certainly gifted beings who are ready to take your roles as leaders in this ascension process, and the world is ready to receive you just as you are.”

We saw that the two Quintile Yods, and even the T-Square, in the 2018 chart were thematically very related – in fact, that whole segment of the chart was amazingly single-pointed.  It turns our that the QYods and T-Square are also astrologically related.  We should have guessed that, actually.  The pointy ends of the two QYods, and the roots, are Octile (one eighth of the way ’round the loop, or 45°) to one another.  We’ve drawn the Eighth-Harmonic Angles in, in metallic…

The Eighth Harmonic is about Bringing things back into Balance.  Our favorite Angle in the Octile series is the Trioctile, as it adds Love with Wisdom (the Third Harmonic) to the notion of Rebalancing.  So we interpret the Trioctile as Insight.  Between the QYods, Trioctiles connect…

  • Insights (Trioctile) into how we can Balance Manifesting through Passion (Moon) with our Held Emotions and Hidden Skills (the South Node).  Our normal Relationship to our Held Emotions is that we Avoid them like the plague.  Since the Skill we need to move toward are Mission are Hidden beneath our Held Emotions, we come to an impasse – Either we continue to be Frustrated about our Mission (Consciously or Otherwise, since for most of us our Mission remains largely Unconscious), or we stoop to Confronting and ultimately Embracing our Held Emotions.  So we may recognize this year that we need to get to work uncovering those Emotions – which in most cases are so papered over with Avoidance that we’re barely aware of them, if at all.
  • Insights about how we can Balance Permanent Focus on our Mission (Ceres-North Node) with the Importance of Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival (Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar).  For anyone who reads this, Survival likely means more than lunch; probably more like promoting the Livability of our tattered Planet (which would include lunch, ongoingly).  Which is very important, because we can’t go on working at jobs which don’t Support ALL of ourselves just because we need to eat.  Our Mission, while it provides Passion, may not provide Lunch, until we Integrate our Hidden Genius.

The 29 December Ixion-Klotho (Rebirth of our Hidden Genius) Initiation should help with that.  This four-year Cycle was Born at 27 Sagittarius, “A sculptor at their work; The ability to project one’s vision upon and give form to materials” – like saying “I second the motion!” to the Moon.  We glossed over the Self-Love Challenge (Sappho T-Square) in the chart of that Initiation, and it deserves more Attention.  We referred to it as a “Challenge to Master Self-Love while Witnessing the Birth of our Soul into our Everyday Life.”

Our Hidden/Forbidden Genius was Forbidden because we as a Soul “hired” our parents and other programmers to Suppress it, since Suppressing part of ourself is a good way to make sure it never goes away.  What is Suppressed retreats into the Unconscious and takes over our Lives behind our backs, hidden from the Ego.  Your Genius has been out there Playing all your Life, but you haven’t Noticed.  We will continue to try to Suppress it when we do Notice, because it’s a well-programmed (and probably also Karmic) Habit to do so. 

While we’re spending a lot of time talking about the 12am 1/1 chart as the Birth chart of 2018, we also have to recognize that the two 29 December Initiations, Ixion-Klotho and Lilith-Venus, the 1 January Full Moon, and the 2 January Stations of Uranus and Makemake all will contribute a great deal to the shape of 2018.  The 2 January Uranus Station Gives a Special Blessing to (Trines) Ixion and Klotho.  There’s an obvious Conspiracy going on here, with all these charts and Configurations reinforcing one another.

New Province IV – P.S. 2018a

December 31, 2017

Public School #2018…

12am PST 1 January 2018 – except for rotation, the chart will be very similar for every other time zone.

The two purple triangles are Quintile Yods or Educational Fingers of God – two planets Biquintile (two fifths of the way ’round the loop, 144°) to a third planet.  That leaves a Quintile (one fifth of the circle, 72°) between the first two planets.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning and Teaching. 

So what will we be Learning in 2018? 

  • We’ll be studying the Relationship between Our Liberation from Judgment (asteroids Vesta-Hopi-Karma) and how closely we Dance to the Edges of Our Consciousness (asteroid Juno)

We may see further Polarization between the folks who Identify with their Judgments , and those who grok (Heart) or understand (mind) that We Are All One, and greater Fear of Immigrants, the Homeless, and the Poor (Resistance to Vesta-Hopi-Karma)However, over the course of the year we should see many people able to Expand their Perspective and soften their Rigid Distinctions.

  • We’re likely to see new Institutions develop to promote both sides of this Coin (Biquintiles to Moon), and to promote their Integration.

The Biquintile combines the Second Harmonic (Ritual) and the Fifth, so there are likely to be attempts to Ritualize Judgment and/or Liberation from it, and to Ritualize Ego-as-God and/or Ego Death.  The Moon is about Passion Manifesting into Form.  Many of us Feel a Clear Sense of Ascension into Collaborative Culture, yet Regression into Rigid Separation and Competition is obvious, and this is Confusing.  However, Confusion is the first stage of Growth (Juno).

Vesta represents our Unconscious Beliefs, Hopi Respect for All Things, and Karma our Ancient Habit Patterns.  Certainly Fear and Prejudice are deep Ancient Habit Patterns for all of us.  Gaining or regaining Respect for All Things will in most cases involve Letting Go of Karma.  Security-oriented and Conservatism-oriented people are drawn to Ego-Protecting Institutions, and may fight Respect for All Things to the Death.

We may see the Earth “split in two,” as many have suggested, before we see Integration of these phenomena, as those who are ready to Abandon Rigid Tribalism Manifest Asylum for themselves, apart from those who are Threatened by Softening of Ego Boundaries.  The idea of a planet splitting in two is Confusing in itself; Michael Roads has the best introduction I’ve seen, in Stepping…Between…Realities, pp.163-248.

  • We’ll be Learning to stop Personalizing our Values (Sun-Venus-Hylonome) and to stop Identifying with our Pain (Chiron).

This curriculum should help us Let Go of Judgment and move toward Collaboration.  The Mythical Hylonome was a Centaur who was fully Merged with her Lover.  Striving toward Consciousness, we prefer Choice over Fate, so we see dwarf planet Hylonome as the Invitation to Choose to Disidentify with our Archetypes whenever practical. 

Similarly, the Mythical Chiron was the Unhealable Healer.  However, we know that Empathy Heals, and we’ve Learned that we can Separate our Identity from our Pain by Poor-Sweethearting it.  So we interpret dwarf planet Chiron as the Invitation to Choose to Disidentify with our Wounds whenever appropriate.  Even when we put All of our Attention deeply into the center of our Discomfort, we are still not Identifying with the Pain, because our Pain is the object of our Attention; our Observer is the subject, the Identity, our Assemblage Point.

  • We can Expect Institutions (Biquintiles) to arise to promote both of these Identity shifts – away from Identifying with our Pain, and away from Personalizing our Values.  These will help us move toward more Permanently pursuing our Mission in the Lifetime (Ceres-North Node).

Of course we can also Expect Institutional Resistance to both Trance(Re)Formations.  For instance, the AMA will campaign vigorously to prevent folks from Healing themselves with Attention.  And everyone who’s deeply Ego-involved with their own Values will feel Betrayed when someone leaves their fold, and may React to weakening of their Institutional support.  Until there are enough Monkeys.

Each of the two Quintile Yods is split down the middle by an Opposition to the third planet, making these fourth planets foci on their own, amplifed by Deciles (one tenth of the way ’round the loop, 36°, signifying Fortune) to the first two planets.  These are…

  • The Importance of Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival (Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar) makes a Dichotomy (Opposition) with our Passionate Manifestation (Moon) and suggests Attention to (Deciles) Forgiveness (Vesta-Hopi-Karma) and Openness to Growth (Juno).  The Attention may Manifest as either Abundance or Scarcity, but we’d likely be Choosing Abundance or becoming Aware of our need to Choose Abundance.
  • Our Held Emotions and Hidden Skills (South Node) are Counterpoint to (Opposition) making Attention to our Mission Permanent, and are obvious fulcrums for (Deciles) our Acceptance of Depersonalizing our Values (Sun-Venus-Hylonome) and Empathizing with our Pain (Chiron).

The Liberation from Judgment (Vesta-Hopi-Karma) is complicated by its involvement with Fear (Sedna) and Ego Death (Nemesis) – we are Challenged (T-Square), by Fear and the persistence of our Ancient Karmic Judgments, to overcome Resistance to the Demise of our old sense of Self.   



New Province III

December 30, 2017

Here’s a fabulous theme for starting our new Rebirth Year, from Master Kuthumi, channeled by Natalie Glasson…


“Take a moment to imagine your magnificence, how would your magnificence appear?  Imagine your magnificence as the brightest spark of light within you.  Observe the spark of light expanding and recognise how your magnificence influences and transforms your entire being, even your thoughts, emotions and actions.  You are connecting with the most amazing, awe-inspiring aspect of yourself, you are connecting with the brilliance and radiance of the Creator.

“It is a focus upon your magnificence, its radiance and influence upon your being that we encourage now and throughout 2018.  This focus enables an awakening to take place throughout your entire being and systems, downloading more light into your being.  It encourages you to connect with the magic, synchronicities, wonderous opportunities and the supportive nature of the Creator.  Connecting with these sacred qualities allows you to become a natural and organic part of the divine flow of the Creator. 

“Many souls upon the Earth have reached a stage of having released a great volume of baggage and old wounds and so have the freedom to connect into the sacred qualities and abilities of their soul.  With an openness and awakening of your energy so you will be able to recognize wondrous opportunities within your spiritual talents and abilities, which are beyond your current imagination.  The more you connect with your inner magnificence, the more you will discover within your being, recognizing abilities you have always wished for and more.”

Makes me sit up straighter just reading the first sentence.  Master Kuthumi goes on to provide several other Magnificent invocations. 

There’s waaay too much going on to be able to write about it all.  Just today we have two Initiations that under quieter Skies we’d want to write about quite a bit – our Values Receiving Shaktipat from Self-Sovereignty (Lilith Initiating Venus at 9am PST), and the New Timeline That We’re Birthing Receiving Shaktipat from our Hidden Genius (Ixion Initiating Klotho at 8pm PST).

The Lilith-Venus Sovereignty-Values Initiation, which Begins a 14-month Cycle, takes place in the same Degree zone as yesterday’s Veritas Station (, so the Energies share the same elements.  The Adjustments to our Values will help us further Negotiate the profound but tricky Waters between our Ego’s Desires and our Soul’s Mission in the Lifetime (the Venus-Lilith-Sun-Hylonome [Letting Go of Blocks to our Commitment to Self-Sovereignty] Mjölner [Epiphany] across the Square [Challenge to Mastery] from the Moon [Passion] to Ceres-North Node [Consistent Dedication to our Mission], drawn below in metallic lines)…

The Birth of a Timeline Especially for our Hidden Genius to Dance Free (Ixion-Klotho Initiation) starts in 27 Sagittarius, therefore sharing much with the 17 December New Moon on the Galactic Center  (…

The loudest Configuration in this Ingenue-Genius chart is our Challenge to Master (T-Square, red triangle) Self-Love (Sappho) while Witnessing the Birth of our Soul (Haumea Opposite Uranus-Pallas-Moira) into our Everyday Life.  That’s a Challenge because our Egos will fight Change tooth and nail.  Nothing Personal, it’s just that their Raison d’Etre is to Keep us Safe – which to them means Preservation of Self (ie, Ego) and Status Quo.  The Ixion-Klotho Initiation itself is a Blessing (Trine Bridge) in this Effort.

Hiding behind the T-Square is another Fez, this one a Sextile Fez.  Like before, the key is the diagonal Quincunxes (green lines), symbolizing Curiosity.  These are…

  • The Birth of our Resolve to Embrace All of our Emotions and other Pain (Haumea Quincunx Chiron).
  • The Use of our Fear as the cookie-crumbs that will lead us directly to our Hidden Genius (Moon-Sedna Quincunx Klotho-Ixion-Pholus)

While it may seem like these can be Dynamically Resolved (for instance, by Poor-Sweethearting and Tapping on Emotional Overwhelm or other Pain), they’re about Curiosity, so we’ll be ahead to PIAVA them first, to Open our Intuition to new information from the Unconscious.  If we rely totally on the Dynamic, we’re likely to Re-Create the Reality we already know.  Our PIAVAs might look something like…

  • “Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Noticing whenever Fear arises, and to my Dealing with it as the Experience of Fear in my Body, rather than as my thoughts about it.”

Your thoughts will always lead you to More of the Same.  The mind is the Ego’s Chief Enforcer.  The mind guards all those Limiting Beliefs that form the bars of the Birdcage that we Live in.  So how to Escape, without being nabbed by Sylvester while Granny is away?  Bypass the thoughts (which may sound like “What am I Afraid Of?” or “Why do I Hurt?”) and go directly to “I Feel Scared” or “Ouch, that hurts.” 

Where do you Feel the Pain or Fear in your Body?  Put All of your Attention squarely into the center of it, and keep it there till it moves.  When your Attention wanders, gently bring it back.  As the Fear or Pain Changes, follow it.  Where does it lead?  When the Pain or Fear gets too boring, or disappears (which could take days – so be it), go on with your Life.

  • “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Notice immediately whenever I Encounter Pain, or Emotions that I Identify with rather than Feel.”

You’d add the rest of the Theta Healing Ritual structure of course –, and then Change the Subject (see below ).  Striving for Consciousness, we want to Notice whenever we step out of the Present Moment (which for most of us is almost all of the time).  We do that when we stop Observing what’s happening in “Real” Time and focus on the Past or the Future, or let any of our many Archetypes take over.

Art by Catherine Lepange from
Thin Slices of Anxiety: Observations and Advice to Ease a Worried Mind

We might Ask ourself, for instance, “How old am I?”  The answer I got when I asked that question was six.  Yes, kindergarten for an Introvert was a time of high anxiety.  So I seem to have an Archetype who Believes that Avoidance (for Safety) and Worry (for Problem-Solving) will help me Survive.  Where does it Live in my Body?  Where my Buttocks meet the chair.  When I follow it, it leads me to age 25, negotiating to escape the draft.  I end up with a remarkable burst of Energy.

When I’m Anxious and not Conscious that I’m Anxious, I’m in the grip of an Archeype.  The grammar is profound.  I am Anxious means very simply that I am Identified with the Emotion of Anxiety – it is I.  As a Conscious Observer Asking what’s going on in my Emotional Body, I Feel Anxious is in a totally different Universe.  Now instead of Anxious is I, it’s Observing is I.  I could go a step further and Poor-Sweetheart myself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Anxious, aren’t you.”  Now, as long as I’m not saying it mechanically, Compassion is I instead.

There’s nothing wrong with Archetypes; they’re Survival mechanisms.  Like Learning to drive can make your Life easier or more Satisfying or more Productive.  An Archetype is any Habit that we do without being fully Present to it.  When I was six, Anxiety was Overwhelming to me.  I couldn’t function, I couldn’t keep myself Safe.  So I Learned how to sublimate it, to turn it down, so I could have free Attention for whatever else there was.  It was not Authenticity, it was Efficiency, it was Survival.  That’s a lot more Important when you’re six. 

Now I’d like to be more Present, more Authentic with myself, more Conscious.  I want to Feel my Anxiety rather than Being it.  I want to be able to Choose which Archetype to use in each situation, or Choose not to use any, and just be Vulnerable.  Most of our Archetypes operate below the level of Consciousness – that’s the way we wanted them to work, so we could operate a Timeline and still have some Free Attention.  That makes them hard to detect, so when we want to Change them we have to call them out somehow – with a PIAVA for instance.

Anxiety of course is just another name for Fear.  So I PIAVA to become an Observer of Anxiety.  It no longer Overwhelms me when I Observe it.  When I am Anxiety without being Conscious of it, I’m Regressed to age 6.  The Regression is complete – I have none of the Skills I’ve Learned since then.  I may not be Overwhelmed, but I’m a captive, tied to the ground by tiny men with ropes.  Once I Realize – Notice – “Oh, I’m Feeling Anxiety,” I Disidentify, and it dissipates.

A recent timely Pleiadian Channeling from Dan Scranton…

“It is a matter of frequency.  It is a placing of attention upon a particular frequency that is the answer to most questions.  That is your journey now.  This is an energetic journey through frequency states, you see.  Everything else that plays out in your reality is a reflection of the frequency that you hold.  It really is not any more complicated than that.  Therefore, give more of your attention to the frequency that you are holding.

“How do you that, you might wonder.  Well, the more in tune you are with your feeling state, the easier it is for you then to measure the frequency that you are holding.  The higher frequencies feel better in your physical bodies than the lower ones, and there is no reason for you to fear or judge the lower frequency states.  There is no reason for you to judge yourselves for having activated those lower frequency states.  That is the first place for you to start.

“Let go of any notion that you have that a frequency you are holding is somehow inappropriate, that you should fear it, or that you should feel bad about yourself for accessing it.  It’s just there to be experienced and also to give you a point of relativity.  You cannot really know that you have moved from a lower frequency to a higher frequency without first becoming aware of the lower frequency and what it feels like in your body.

“So start by celebrating that you are aware of the frequency that you are holding.  And if you are holding a higher frequency, then simply amplify it, ride the wave of it, enjoy the feeling to the greatest extent possible.  Let go of your desires to understand where the frequencies come from, how you got to where you are, and just embrace it all.

“Activating a frequency is as easy as modifying your breath.  You know that when you pay attention to your breathing, you can shift how deeply, how slowly or quickly you are breathing, and the same is true of your frequency state.  If you put your attention on it, with the intention of raising it, it does not have to be more complicated than modifying your breath.  In fact, you could say that the two go hand-in-hand.

“So utilize your breath and your ability to consciously breathe in order to tune yourself to your frequency state, in order to amplify your frequency state, and in order to enjoy those higher frequency states to the greatest extent possible.  And then, it is our recommendation that you do not look around your world for immediate results.

“Instead, continue to enjoy your ability to modify your frequency, because in doing so you change the way you feel.  And then the reality around you doesn’t have to change in order for you to feel good.”


 When we PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm, or any of the many other methods of inviting Magnetic Creativity to emerge from the Unconscious), we need a way to keep our Habitual thought Patterns from interfering and Creating Just More of the Same.  Our Limiting Beliefs are embedded in our thought Patterns, and one of their Projects is to keep us Unconscious to our Archetypes.  So we have to send our thought Patterns off on Vacation.  We do that by Changing the Subject.

That means Attending to something else, with as much Focus as we can muster.  The prototype is finding our car keys.  They aren’t where we usually keep them, so where the Hell are they?  We look where we last used them, we look everywhere we’ve been.  No luck.  We get bored looking, so we Change the Subject.  We pick up the newspaper instead (we’re old-fashioned), and forget about the car keys (that last part’s important).  A random article mentions Popcorn, and we suddenly remember we were using the keys in the garage to pry a stuck kernel out of the popper.

Now, we were Psychically Ready to Receive our car keys.  If we weren’t, if our Guides were trying to keep us off that patch of black ice, then it might be a while before we “stumble” onto them.  When we’re dealing with Opening the Unconscious, or with Manifesting something into hardcopy Form, we may well not be Ready.  If we’re Ready to Receive, the Universe simply delivers.  All Prayers are Answered.  If we aren’t Ready to Receive, our Prayers are still Answered, but in a different way.

What the Universe, or our Guides, or Whomever you want to call “them,” will Give us a Lesson in why we haven’t been Receiving  all along what we’re having to Ask for.  So our third step, after PIAVAing and Changing the Subject, is to Pay Attention to what the Universe actually Delivered.  We want to wait a day or two after Changing the Subject, to allow time for the Delivery.  Then we look to see what, if aything, happened that was unusual after we Changed the Subject. 

Maybe we Asked for Enough Money (an oxymoron, as a friend used to say), and the Universe made us work overtime.  We wanted More Money, not More Work – but that’s not what we Asked for.  So the Universe handed us More Money in the most efficient way it could, using our own pre-existing Patterns.  Next time we’ll know to Ask for More Money and More Free Time to Enjoy it.

Often it’s not so Clear.  We maybe Ask for a New Friend, and all of our Old Friends are suddenly filling all of our time.  What happened there?  We could guess, but would that apply to you?  You’re the one who has to guess.  Sometimes all we can do is PIAVA to understand the Riddle.  Sometimes we don’t seem to get anything.  A lump of coal in our shoe.  We can put our analytical mind to work on this end of the puzzle, but don’t make Conclusions without testing to see if they actually fit the circumstances.

New Province II – Veritas II

December 28, 2017

So, what if we were starting a big new Project now, like Debbie is.  Other than the New Identity that the last several decades, years, months, weeks, and days has Blessed us with.  I mean, think about it; compare your Identity now with what you can recall of your Identity…

  • In 1985 … (take a minute to think about it) – an email just reminded me of what I was doing in 1985 – I was driving all around California looking for a new home!
  • In 2010 … I was moving to where I Live now and starting to build a Food Forest.
  • In July 2017 … Like California, we were having a record dry summer after a record wet winter; it was too dry to grow most Annuals, I’d have spent my Life savings on Water, in spite of the Hügelbeds and Layering and Mulches.
  • In late November … I was on Retreat in the Desert.
  • Last week … I was starting to relax after rushing to catch up on everything after my Retreat.

Not that our Identity is What We Do – remembering what I was doing just helps me recall my sense of Self at those times.  If I tagged myself at each of those times with a word, what would it be?  1985?  Maybe Footloose.  2010?  Committed.  July?  Harried.  November?  On an Edge between Wonder and Boredom.  Last week?  Driven.  Just using myself as an example, hoping you’d follow along with your own Stories.

But, back to Debbie.  What if we were indeed “starting a new Project this week” – how might it unfold under a Veritas Station Birth chart?

Let’s start by correcting an omission on the 3-Degrees-of-Sensitivity scale.  I somehow missed asteroid Juno when i drew up that chart.  Probably all that talk about Edges.  The omission doesn’t invalidate anything we’ve already said about the Veritas Station – the Pointy Fez is still there and still prominent.  In fact, over the years I’ve found that making an error or omission when drawing up a chart is always Intuitive, pointing out something about the chart that I otherwise would not have noticed.

But when we add Juno…

It changes the emphasis.  I’d now read the chart starting with the T-Square (the red triangle) instead of the Fez, because T-Squares are big Red Flag Warnings, as the Weather Service likes to label Danger.  Danger of the pitfalls on the road to Mastery, that is.  Now we have Moon at the focus of a T-Square and on one corner of the Veritas Grand Trine, with Veritas on a Qunicunx Bridge across the base of the T-Square.

Combining a T-Square and a Grand Trine is of course Excellent, because now we have Motivation and Energy (red) combined with Grace and Blessings (blue).  And we even get a Curiosity (green) footnote!  Atropos stands out too, as it Quincunxes the Moon, Trine-Bridges the T-Square base, and Squares the third corner of the Grand Trine.  It doesn’t get much better than this!  So, if we translate from Astrologuese, what does it mean?

The Opposition embodies the Second Harmonic, the Priestess.  The core of the Second Harmonic is Duality and Ritual.  There is Power in Ritual, derived from the Repetition.  How much of your Attention does driving a car demand, relative to when you first Learned?  When you aren’t texting of course.  Duality though is a Big Limitation, because it tries to squeeze Reality into something it’s not – which is basically why all Religions fail; they aren’t in touch with how the Universe is Unitary and Multifarious.  Sure, maybe Zen, Sufi, Vipassana, and some shades of Paganism make the grade, if they somehow escape Either/Or Dogma.

We’re used to Black-White, Yes-No, Expansion-Contraction, Good-Bad, and other Dualities we’re always working with.  But in astrology, any two planets can Oppose, so we often have to be more Creative.  For instance, how might Truth and The Edges of Consciousness be seen as a pair of Opposites?  Well, what springs to mind is whether we’re talking about the Soul’s Truth or the Ego’s Truth, as the latter is usually wont to back away from such Edges.  So we’re already contemplating the Edge between Comfort and Stress.

Then we bring in the Moon, to Challenge us to Master this Edge.  If we think of the Moon as Authenticity, we can see that to be Authentic we pretty much have to Express both our Soul’s Truth and our Ego’s Truth.  Compromise is a Lose-Lose; a T-Square will Enhance the difference, not mute it.  Seems like that would require a good deal of “Don’t Know,” eh?  Of course, one way to handle that would be to have the Ego accept a position as the Soul’s Representative, so there would be no Conflict.  That might be the Mastery we’re Challenged to move toward here.  Easy, right?

How about the Moon as Passion, as the Magnetism that counters Entropy and keeps Matter from exploding into pure Energy again?  Interesting, as the closer our Conscious and Unconscious Ego is to our Conscious and Unconscious Mission, the more Passion we’re likely to be able to muster for it.  So this T-Square looks a little like a Stairway to Heaven, or a ladder to 5D, where Manifestation requires only a wave of the Wand, or a Passionate thought.

The Veritas-Orcus Quincunx Bridge fits in pretty well, as in “I Wonder how Facing the Truth about the Karmic Archetypes that inhibit my Living in the Present Moment will facilitate my Psychic Integration?”  As does the Atropos Trine Bridge – “Oh yeah, maybe Allowing myself to Let Go of Timelines that no longer Serve me will be a Powerful booster.”  The Trine Bridge isn’t about Doing, it’s about Allowing.  

The Square from Atropos to Sun-Lilith-Hylonome (and the Sun-et al Quincunx Bridge as well) is just another reminder about Wondering how we might Let Go of Impediments to our Self-Sovereignty, which in many ways (mostly the Political) is another synonym for Psychic Integration.

That’s all pretty tidy.  So we might want to Pray that our new Project (or our new Identity if we aren’t Consciously starting a new Project) promotes our Ascension as much as possible.

One reason we usually limit ourself to three Degrees of Sensitivity, is because that’s what applies pretty well to the Present Moment.  Another reason is that we use so many planets (routinely 44, including the Lights and ‘roids and symbolic points and the like, plus an occasional Star or guest Asteroid) that using greater Sensitivity would clog the chart with a zillion Angles.  Of course we’d still sort those by Configuration, but it would rapidly get complicated.  So let’s edge into Birth-chart territory gradually, starting with six Degrees of Sensitivity…

This adds Makemake (Manifestation), which is Stationary (Exact 2 January, thus also Strong now) and Eurydike (Trust) to the Atropos point.  They’re ten Degrees apart, but both are within six Degrees of the Veritas Station.  It also adds Neptune (Material Confusion, Spiritual Clarity) Opposite Veritas, along with the ongoing OR10-Nessus Conjunction that keeps bringing up Abuse.  Again, both are within six Degrees of Veritas.  And it adds Mars, Trine-Bridging this new Opposition, and adds Venus to the Sun-Lilith-Hylonome Stellium.

Meaning what?  Well, we’ve a new Opposition.  While they’re Separated by 7-9 Degrees, the Opposition sort of forces Neptune and OR10-Nessus into a virtual Conjunction.  That’s probably enough to Allow us to Witness the Soul’s Purpose for Choosing Abuse.  That could soften our Victim Archetypes, though we’d have to be careful not to smother any Emotions along the way. 

It’s about Facing and Embracing both the Spiritual Truth and the Emotional Truth (Pisces), as the Edge in the Opposition, while being Mindful not to Intellectualize (which would be the trap set by the Opposition).  This process is usually Iterative and extended in time, as you reach deeper and deeper layers.  No need to hurry it, the need is to be Honest and Present with both the Emotional Dimension and the Spiritual Dimension.

And to Avoid Conclusions.  This is Spiritual Evolution, not intellectual education, though of course our Concept Set is growing more comprehensive.  More comprehensive as in Cognitive Dissonance – being able to hold Contradictory propositions in the mind at the same time without Competition between them.  Yes, that was a Leaf, but it was also a Fairy.  We’re moving toward Awe and Mystery, and away from Certainty and Security as we’ve known it.  We’re gradually substituting “Grokking,” which happens in the Heart, for Understanding, which happens in the mind.

Mars Trine-Bridges this new Opposition, meaning that we’ll make it easier on ourselves if we tackle this Opposition Actively.  So we want to maintain our vigil, and stay awake for the pitfalls, which would be trying to Choose one end or the other – such as Spiritual Truth versus Emotional Truth or Ego Death (Virgo) versus Ecstasy (Pisces), or Allowing the mind to make Conclusions that will rapidly devolve into new or stronger Limiting Beliefs.

Makemake is Stationary, so the whole business of Manifestation is a background theme here.  We could think of these Dramas as demonstrations of the Truth about Manifestation.  With Eurydike there, we’re looking at Manifesting by Trusting (Eurydike) that it occurs through Letting Go of Obsolete Timelines (Atropos).  Remember, this Quincunxes the Moon.  It’s a reminder that while some things are Manifested through Direct Action, most of what’s really Valuable are Manifested through Magnetism.  Through cleaning our Mirror.  Through Letting Go of our Beliefs that it’s not Possible.  It’s in Libra, so Debbie is right on about it involving “connections.”

The primary Interpretation of this “new” chart would be based on extending the T-Square into a Grand Cross, and extending the Grand Trine into a Mars Kite.  This is more of the same – Excellent – Motivation, Energy, Grace, Blessings, now adding Direction, as Mars steers the Grace through Action, or better yet, Focused Intention.  In other words, however we can add our own Effort to this Stairway to Heaven, Cleanly, we’ll accelerate the process.

Moving to eight Degrees of Orb or Sensitivity, we add Mercury (Communication), and Asbolus (Intuition) Opposite it.  This Opposition Squares the Veritas-Neptune Opposition, contributing a second Grand Cross – more Motivation, and more Ability and Willingness to juggle many tasks at the same time.  A Grand Cross is easier than a T-Square, because it’s Balanced.  You can think of it as adding so many niggling little daily SNAFUs that we don’t have time to sweat the small stuff, because it’s all small stuff.  We just doggedly Attend to each little Emergency as it occurs, which takes so much Attention that we don’t have any extra for the sort of Frustration that T-Squares often create for our Perfectionism.

Two Grand Crosses though can leave us out of Breath at times.  Their corners are Sextile (two Signs, Ease after Taking the First Step) and Unx (one Sign, Pattern-Breaking “Unx” means one twelfth, and I didn’t make that up) from one another, which makes the whole Wheel turn more Easily.  Still, it wouldn’t hurt to set aside an hour or so every few days just to Chill Out, Run your Energy, Empty the mind of detail, Remind yourself of your Primary Goal(s), Imagine how you’ll Feel when you Arrive, Tap Out any naggings, and generally just hang out in your Hara.

Now, one more of those omissions-cum-Intuitions.  I put these charts together using many different sources, so sometimes I forget to include one.  Such is the case with Uranus (our Soul Self), which like Makemake is also Stationary on 2 January (though at 6am rather than 3pm PST).  That’s a very Powerful combination, and one that’s likely to nix any attempts to Manifest what’s not in total Alignment with our Souls.

On top of this, the Veritas Station is Trioctile (Insight) to the Uranus Station, the Veritas Station is Unx (one Sign, Pattern-Breaking) to the Makemake Station, and the Uranus Station is Quattronovile (160 Degrees, Mastery through Introspection) to the Makemake Station. 

The Novile series of Angles (multiples of 40 Degrees) comprise the Ninth Harmonic, which is about Introspection.  The Nine card in the Major Arcana is the Hermit, which symbolizes Going Within.  The Fourth Harmonic (relevant because it’s a QuattroNovile) is about Mastery. 

Including this bit of information, you could Choose to spend an hour or so every day in Meditation, but better yet, “just” cultivate an aura of Meditation as you go through all of your daily business.  After all, some 80% or so of what we’ve been referring to is about Self-Knowledge, which comes about through Self-Observation, which is a form of Introspection par excellence.  I suspect Debbie is already there

Whatever you’re Creating in 2018, whenever you Notice that you’re becoming Identified with the Process (which includes being Emotional about it), just Poor-Sweetheart yourself.  That’ll make you the Observer with no Effort whatsoever.  All you got to do, is Notice

The sort of Emotion that we refer to as Passion manifests as Single-Pointed Focus, Constant Attention, Consistent Effort, and Calm Excitement.  Other Emotions – Impatience, Anger, Grief, Frustration, Dissatisfaction – are evidence of Ego-Attachment.

If you don’t Feel a Project coming on, no problem.  You know you’re already working on several, you just don’t give yourself credit for them.  Stop and Identify a couple of them, and recognize that all of them are entering a new phase.  These charts can apply just as well to a new phase of an ongoing Project.  If you really can’t think of a Project, just do World Peace.  If you aren’t sure where to start on that, start with Peace Within.  It you aren’t sure how to start, start by PIAVAing it.

New Province II – Veritas

December 27, 2017

Our next astroevent is the Station of asteroid Veritas (Truth) on 28 December (8am PST).  It sits next to dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Breaking) at the top of what we call a “Pointy Square Fez.”  Fez because its shaped like the trapezoidal Turkish hat, and Pointy because, unlike Oblio, it has a point, namely Veritas-Orcus.  While that puts kind of an obvious emphasis on Veritas itself, let’s start with the Fez…

We call this one a “Square” Fez because its sides are Squares (two planets three Signs apart, the red lines), which makes the top and bottom a Sextile and a Trine (blue lines).  Which gives us two related Challenges (Squares), Challenges to Mastery of course.  Why else would we Challenge ourself?  The two Squares are…

  • Moon Square Aletheia – asteroid Aletheia is another symbol for Truth, wo we have our emphasis doubled.  The Moon ultimately symbolizes Authenticity – when your Emotions and Thoughts and Energies are all lined up, without guile.  Authenticity allows the Passion necessary for Manifestation.  So we can think of this as Honesty/Authenticity trebled.  In our day-to-day Lives, how often do we meet this Challenge?  Can we do it even once?  Seems like a biggie.
  • Atropos Square Sun-Lilith-Hylonome – Atropos signifies Endings, and being Conscious, these would be Endings we Choose, right?  Sun-Lilith-Hylonome would be about Rejecting Archetypes that would have us Abandoning whatever Self-Sovereignty is of the Essence for us.  We may have friends to whom we feel no need to Give Away our Power, but it may be quite the opposite with our Lovers.  So we’re Challenged to Abolish some of our Karmic Archetypes. 

They wouldn’t be Karmic if we didn’t Identify with them, as in being Ego-Attached to them, as in Ego Deaths are likely prescribed here.  What are the signs?  Starts with Confusion, right?  We have to Celebrate Confusion, and rigorously Avoid trying to Rescue ourself from it by “Figuring it Out.”  Confusion is a valid Emotion.  Sit with it till you can Embrace it Unconditionally, without having to Change it one iota.  Same with Fear.  Nemesis and Sedna are otherwise engaged, so these will probably sneak up on us.

It’s been a whlle, but you may remember that we’ve said that the key to a Square Fez is the embedded Quincunxes, the green lines.  Quincunxes stand for Curiosity.  Like Confusion, we need to retrain ourselves.  We want the sort of Curiosity that’s akin to Awe and Wonder, like we had the first time we tasted an excellent Bearnaise Sauce.  Jaw-dropping.  It’s not about Figuring it Out.  That’s Fear.  We want to Celebrate Curiosity as another valid Emotion – and one of the best!  Like Love, True Curiosity eschews Judgment.

You can tell when a Romance is dying, because Judgment replaces Curiosity.  It’s no longer “Wow, that’s a Surprising Reaction!”  It’s “I thought you’d say that.”  Romantic Love and Judgment are Opposite sides of the same Coin, and Curiosity is the Edge.  Unconditional Love and Unconditional Curiosity are the Gold that the Coin’s made of.  Strive for Awe in every spare moment.  Cherish “Don’t Know.”  So, what are these Quincunxes about?

  • Moon Quincunx Atropos – “Ganeshi My Love, please Remove All Obstacles to my Learning to Express myself more Authentically.”  Not a Question – the Question is, What Arises when we Contemplate exactly that in all manner of situations?  Fear?  Yes-Buts?  Excuses?  Strategizing?  How will we Respond to these?  Unconditionally Lovingly?
  • Aletheia Quincunx Sun-Lilith-Hylonome – “I Wonder what it would be like to really Revert all of the Archetypes that keep me from Self-Sovereignty in all possible situations.”  Yes, you can spend time Imagining what it would be like.  But again, no Strategizing.  What if you were Completely and Totally Safe at all time?  Worst case, we could get Dead, or be Tortured.  Well, we’ve done that before many times, haven’t we.  Boring!  Why would we Choose that again? 

Now, if it works, working forthrightly with these PIAVAs should Miraculously circumvent the Squares.  If you can actually Stay in Curiosity rather than trying to “Fix” it, then it should work.  Sure, it’s hard.  Just bring yourself back to “Don’t Know” every time you catch yourself working the Puzzle.

Okay, now what about the Point? 

Well, with Orcus sitting around with Veritas, we’ll be Faced with the Truth of All of the Oaths we’ve ever sworn.  “I’ll always Love you, Mommy!”  “I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do That!”  “I Swear Allegiance to the Emperor!”  “I Vow Never to Betray the Goddess!”  “I don’t Believe they actually stick that thing in here!  I’d never let them do that!”  “I’m not going to Let Them Get Away with it this time!”  “I promise to Love, Serve, and Obey you till Death do us part.”  Et cetera!

Those things – Vows, Oaths, Promises – are so sticky!  They become Archetypes and Unconscious Limiting Beliefs almost as soon as they’re uttered, and they afflict seven generations after you.  Some of our “irrational” Fears are the result of Vows made four generations back, and passed down to us.  We have no idea how our Fear and the original Vow are connected, because the Oaths were rapidly sublimated.  You may not like to go out after dark because of a promise your great great great grandmother made to her mother.

Well, this week we get to see the Truth of our Limiting Beliefs, if we’re Open to it.  But wait, what’s that big blue triangle pointing to Veritas-Orcus?  That’s a “Grand Trine,” signifying Great Blessings!  So we’re more likely to be Blessed with Gentle and Loving Insights, rather than being Tortured by Traumatic Memories that aren’t even ours.  Wouldn’t hurt to even PIAVA that we be Liberated from all PTSD this week.

A Grand Trine means that the three Energies represented by the corners operate smoothly together – the Insightful Truth about the Oaths that Limit us (Veritas-Orcus), our need to Transform the places where our Essential Self-Sovereignty is taken from us by our Archetypes (Sun-Lilith-Hylonome), and our Passion and Authenticity (Moon) – these form a tight Collaboration that will operate without our Control or even Consent.

The Moon moves one Degree every two hours, so if we’re using our normal three Degrees of Sensitivity, the Grand Trine (and for that matter the Fez) will be intact only from about 2am till about 2pm PST on 28 December.  Depending on our own Sensitivity, we’ll be Feeling the Impact of the Veritas Station Conjunct Orcus for several days beforehand.  So there may be some unpleasantness on the way to 2am on 28 December.  If there is, Humor it.  Know that it will Resolve itself when the Grand Trine takes effect, you need only wait.  Try to Imagine that it’s just a Coen Brothers movie, and it’ll be over soon.

This three Degrees of Sensitivity is useful if we’re thinking about What the Current Moment’s Zeitgeist will Feel like.  Suppose we’re starting a new Project this week, though.  This chart would have an impact on the Project, as its Birth chart.  For that, six to eight Degrees of Sensitivity or even more is relevant, even though the three-Degree threshold will still speak to the most Intense parts of your Project.  That would give the Moon a 32-hour window rather than twelve.  And we’d also have to factor in Neptune, Mars, the soon-to-be Stationary Makemake, and Mercury, which are all within eight Degrees of the Veritas Station Degree.  And the planets in the first chart in the Fateful New Moon III – Survival post…

Which would actually be a great Boon, as we’d gain the Manifestation Power of the 2 January Makemake Station*, the Resolve toward Sovereignty in the 29 December Lilith-Venus Initiation*, and the fascinating Educational and Intuitive Blessings of the 1 January Full Moon*, while the Grace in the Varitas Station further Heals the Memories of Abuse in the Quaoar-Saturn Initiation and Liberates more Life Force for us.  Such Projects would include The Year 2018!

* We haven’t written about these yet.

New Province I

December 26, 2017

Being a Geographer by nature, I tend to see Time as just another dimension of Space, so I’m in the habit of referring to Chapters in the Zeitgeist as “Provinces” – Provinces of Time.  If you’re at all Sensitive, you’ll agree with Native Americans that Everything That Ever Happened In A Place is still happening there now.  That gets really obvious when you visit places with very Strong Energy, like ancient Barrows or historical Massacre sites, or exposed bare Rock like the Traps or Mountains.  Sort of a 3D validation that All There Is Is Now.

Today’s my day to Learn.  I’m reading Robin Adams’s blog Robin’s Window

and discovering these things…

She refers to the Galactic Center, the site of our most recent New Moon, as Heaven’s Door.  I’ve been thinking of it as Headquarters – a Source of Political Power.  As Heaven’s Door it would be a Source of Spiritual Power instead.  As Heaven’s Door it would be a channel for all of the Supportive and Collaborative Energy and Guidance we’ve been Receiving from nearby Galaxies. – “Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Cassiopeia, Lyra, and many other points” for instance, to quote Daniel Scranton (  It would be a Source of Wisdom rather than “Orders.”  Good’un!

Distracted by other necessities and busy with the Action on “Heaven’s Gate,” I missed the Direct Station of Mercury on 22 December (6pm PST).  I don’t usually worry about Mercury Retrogrades (other than to use a little extra PIAVA-type Will during), so no biggie.  And we did cover the Shadow Period, at  But Robin points out a significant fact that I accordingly missed – Mercury turned Retro on 2 December at Heaven’s Gate, with everything that’s going on there, and turned Direct again at the Great Attractor

The Great Attractor is an unknown Source of strong Gravity at 14 Sagittarius, behind the Milky Way and much bigger, that’s pulling everything in our Cosmic Neighborhood towards it.  Which must make it Nirvana’s Gate.  On one hand it will likely be billions of years before this has a direct physical impact on Earth.  On the other, All There Is Is Now.  And on the third hand, we have no idea how Gravity waves affect us.  We’ve only even been able to measure them for a few months, literally. 

Suffice it to say that the space between the Great Attractor and Heaven’s Gate, the Gemini Half of Sagittarius, is about Change Upon Change.  Mercury – Mentality, Communication – is now crossing this space for the third time since the Ides of November, and it will be there till 9 January.  If Change in any Guise approaches you, jump on it.

Robin mentions that Venus crossed the Galactic Center a few days ago, in the process adding a link to a fascinating essay on Gender roles in Native American tribes.  The main event on 25 December is the Initiation of Venus by Saturn at 1 Capricorn – more talk of “bravery in combat.”  The primary theme of the Venus-Saturn Cycle is that The Most Important Thing is Paying Attention to Our Values.  In this context, of course, that means Paying Attention to Changes in our Values.  It may seem like bravery in combat to inform Mom or Dad that their Values are no longer your Values, and may never have been, though you’ve given it the old college try.

The Saturn-Venus Initiation chart is of course very similar to the Quaoar-Saturn Initiation chart that we described in the previous post.  The Moon has moved off of OR10-Nessus, which will lighten the pressure to come to terms with your Memories of Abuse and Privilege.  Being Expected to share the same Values as your Programmers, by the way, would be Soul Abuse were it not for the fact that “you” (on the Soul level) “hired” them to set up this Issue for you so you’d be forced to deal with it.  Which not at all diminishes the Emotional Impact on you, nor your right to Express your Outrage to help Let Go of the Lifelong dimming of your Light.

It’s good practice at Cognitive Dissonance, to hold in a far corner of your mind the knowledge that the ultimate goal is Forgiveness, while fully Surrendering to Owning, Acknowledging, Expressing, and ultimately Embracing, as an Essential part of the Core of Self, your True Emotions about this Soul-level Abuse.  It’ll help to remember that while All There Is Is Now, this Abuse has a history stretching back many Lifetimes, and that while the Emotions are scorchingly Personal, Abuse is not at all Personal.  You and your Programmers have undoubtedly done this Privilege-Abuse Dance many times, with much Role-switching.

You’re working for the Planet here, keening away Centuries of Abuse enacted on billions of Slaves of all kinds in all manner of Situations.  You only signed on to Experience it Personally because you knew that it was the only way to put enough Passion into it.  As we’ve said, one of the most reliable paths to Letting Go of PTSD – which is the logical result of Abuse – is Theater.  Yes, your father will be upset when he Learns the Truth, and he will probably be unable to detach from his Father Role enough to understand the Plot.  Will you, frankly, “give a damn” about that? 

He signed up to be your Karmic student too; the contract was mutual.  We’re in the thick of Transition from one Age to another.  In that context, Truth is more important than Compassion.  However, the Age we’re moving toward is more Compassionate than the one we’re leaving behind.  Unlike them, you can do Truth without being Cruel.  PIAVA as much, because if you’re really in your Role, your Ego and mind may lose track of that.

Robin reminds us that Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) has been running the same Initiation gauntlet that Sappho (Self-Love) has – Saturn (Priority), Ixion (Genius), Pholus (Responsibility), Quaoar (Survival), Chariklo (Self-Confidence), Hylonome (Casting off Archetypes), the Galactic Center, and the all-important Capricorn Cusp.  Many ancient traditions have the Day beginning at Sunset, not Sunrise.  It’s the same with the Year – it’s Birthed at the Capricorn Solstice, not the Aries Equinox.

She also points out what I of all people should not have missed!  The Uranus-Saturn Initiation that kicked off the 1988-91 Harmonic Convergence occurred at 30 Sagittarius – so all this Hyperactivity on the Galactic Center and Capricorn Cusp Retriggers the Energy of the Harmonic Convergence, which begins its 30-year anniversary in seven weeks.  The Harmonic Convergence, astrologically, comprised a triple Initiation of Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn, while Opposed by Jupiter and Chiron. 

I of all people should have remembered that, because the precursors to this blog were born in January 1988, with the express purpose of helping people Detach from these very Big Astroevents, so my readers wouldn’t make the mistake of taking them Personally.  In retrospect that was kind of silly, if Intended Compassionately, because the nature of Big Astroevents is that we all Act them Out in accordance with our Personal Relationship to them.  They actually don’t Exist, in some sense – like a Tree falling in the Forest – without our Participation, though that’s a very anthropomorphic interpretation.  The Forest actually has a hell of a lot more Consciousness than we do.

There’s wide agreement, and premonition, that the Harmonic Convergence is what started this whole Ascension Cycle, and the Centaur Stampede that’s been Dancing on the Galactic Center for the last several years is just another step toward Grounding it.  The Quaoar-Saturn Initiation is another.  The Saturn-Venus Initiation extends it further, recognizing that our Survival depends on a 100-Monkeys’ worth of us Shifting the Values that run our Lives from Ego to Soul.

The 30-year anniversary is the Pearl anniversary.  Like Opal…

Pearl betrays the fact that Matter is not as Inert as it usually appears to be, that Energy Dances within it.  Both are Gateways to the Realm of Faerie.  Opal is considered Dangerous to the Patriarchy because of that, because it can Enhance Emotions that would be better, for the Patriarchy, kept under lock and key.  For Ascension, those Emotions need to be Owned, Acknowledged, Expressed, and ultimately Embraced as an Essential part of the Core of Self.  Then we can Feel the Light in these Passions, rather than Being their Dark Side.

She finishes up with…

Sorrow can be a turning point that shifts the focus to respecting self – rather than hoping others will respectme.’  It takes courage to follow the Inner-Path that flies in the face of convention.  Anything less is denial of Self.  Between now and the Gregorian New Yew, slow down, find the Center-of-Self and proceed in a step-by-step manner, otherwise we’ll leave others dazed and confused.  Look for the middle-path-through-any-impasse.”

Finally, in Robin’s About section (, she says “There are 3 sides of the coin.  The Trinity – – – Heads Tails and The Edge.  And it is the ‘Edge‘ I focus on here.”  We’re always talking about how Both Sides comprise the Coin, and we too focus on the Edge, of Consciousness.  Yet I’ve never made this connection in quite this way. 

Here’s a very interesting article that talks about many of the same things we talk about here (for instance, Consciousness, PIAVA, Noticing), but uses very different language to talk about them…

Juno was Zeus’s wife (Hera in Greek, Juno in Latin).  Zeus was the vehicle that Transformed – ReFormed the Trance – the Matriarchy or Yin Feminine Tradition into the Patriarchy or Yang Masculine Culture that we now Suffer under.  As the model for Surrending Matriarchal Sovereignty, Juno was the poster child for how the then-New Female would fit into the Patriarchy. 

In Greek Mythology, both Juno and Hylonome are thoroughly Identified with their Sovereignty-Surrendered Roles.  Since we regard such Fate as how astrology Impacts those who remain Unconscious, and since we read for those who strive to step over the Edge into Expanding Consciousness, we regard both Juno and Hylonome as symbolizing the Breaking Free from our Karmic Archetypes.

So it’s meaningful that in the Quaoar-Saturn-Venus Initiations it’s Juno (that which is Coming Into Consciousness) that Opposes (Facilitates) Varuna’s (the Life Force) position at the Pay-Attention point of the Finger of God based on Saturn et al and OR10-Nessus (our Memories of Abuse).  Adding an exclamation point is the fact that the Quaoar-Saturn-Venus Initiations form a Trioctile Bridge (Insights) across the Nodal Axis – we have a lot to Learn here about our Mission (North Node) and our Held Emotions (South Node). 

My humble thanks to Robin for playing the role of my Muse in this Adventure!

We’re now firmly in the Province of the 28 December (8am PST) Veritas (Truth) Station (Strong Energy), and entering the Province of the 2 January (3pm PST) Makemake (Manifestation) Station.

Fateful New Moon III – Survival

December 24, 2017

By now the Crescent Moon has already appeared, but the first appearance of the Crescent is a symbol for the Activation of the New Moon Energies into Hardcopy “Reality,” aka Matter.  So while we’re a bit past the “Fateful” New Moon, what we’re writing about here is really quite relevant to the Lunar Cycle, as it was impending at the moment of the New Moon…

Traditional astrology makes a Big Deal out of Sign Changes, when a planet moves from one Sign to the next.  That’s appropriate, as a Sign Change represents a Change in the Zeitgeist.  For instance, Saturn moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on 19 December (8pm PST), and of course the Sun enters Capricorn, as it does every year, on 21 December (5pm PST).  Sagittarius is about Letting Go, while Capricorn’s theme is Just Fix It. 

Since Saturn signifies The Most Important Thing, this is a pretty big Change, from The Most Important Thing is to Let It Go (Sagittarius)…

(seems like we haven’t had much Choice but to Let It Go for a while now), to The Most Important Thing is to Just Fix It (Capricorn).

Well, someone mixed up the title, but that’s okay, it’s a catchy tune, and the concepts are related. 

That’ll be nice if things Just Get Fixed.  So far we’ve fixed Net Brutality and dooH niboR taxes, and Saturn isn’t even there yet.  Saturn’s been in Sagittarius for three years now; on average it hangs out in one Sign for thirty months.  We must’ve needed a lot of Letting Go, eh?  It stays in Capricorn for three years too – Lord knows we need a lot of Fixin’. 

Pluto’s been in Capricorn for ten years, and it doesn’t seem like much has gotten Fixed, mostly the other way around, unless you’re redundantly wealthy and don’t care about your Planet.   On the other hand, if we have Respect for All Things, we have to assume that this is a Healing Crisis, and that the foundations are actually crumbling, and we’ll see the edifice topple from its own weight ‘ere long.  Like the way it’s been going with Power and the Exploitation of Women.  We actually don’t need to look too hard for evidence of crumbling foundations.

Maybe when Saturn gets to Pluto in January 2020, we’ll have another big Tripping Point.  That Initiation happens at 23 Capricorn, “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.”  The last Jedi maybe.  But there is a long list of Big Initiations occurring – too many to write about – so we could well see more Tripping Points.  For instance, Pholus Initiated Saturn (The Most Important Thing is Taking Full Responsibility, recalling that Responsibility is not Blame) on 4 December.

And one of the biggest December Initiations is the Quaoar-Saturn Initiation on 23 December (11am PST), Initiating a new 33-year Cycle.  It occurs at 1 Capricorn, “A Native American Chief claims power from the assembled tribes.”  From our Western European Perspective, that sounds Patriarchal, but in most Native Cultures, the Chief was in charge of War and not much else.  It was the Matriarchy that ruled everything else.

Quaoar represents our Survival Instincts; the God-figure Quaoar taught the California Native Americans how to Live in harmony with the Landscape they Lived in, just as Makemake channeled similar wisdom to the the folks on Rapa Nui.  So the theme here is that The Most Important Thing is Listening to Our Survival Instincts.  That adds considerable weight to the notion that The Most Important Thing is to Just Fix It, and suggests that we may be near a Tipping Point on Global Warming.

Here’s the chart – “Q” is short for Quaoar…

The focus is on Varuna – the Life Force – at the point of a Finger of God (Pay Attention! – the green wedge).  the other side of the base of the Finger of God is Moon-OR10-Nessus, representing the Healing of Memories of Abuse – and the Healing of Illusions of Privilege.  Saturn-Quaoar Conjoins (implying that the Initiation and the entire Cycle is Merged with…) Pholus (Responsibility), Venus (our Values), and the Sun (our Essence).  In other words, this is a Biggie, and it’s critical to maintenance of the Life Force on the Planet and in our own Bodies.

Imagine how much Life Force you’ll regain by Healing your own Memories of Abuse.  Then Intend it. 

Imagine how much Life Force you’ll regain by Healing your Illusions of Privilege.  While it may Feel Liberating in the immediate moment, Privilege is a burden.  Equality and Community far exceed the benefits of Privilege.  As we shift from Competition to Cooperation and Collaboration, we no longer waste Energy maintaining Privilege.

Halfway between Quaoar-Saturn-et al and Moon-OR10-Nessus, and Opposite Varuna, sits Juno, implying that becoming Conscious of the Relationship between how Alive we Feel and our Memories of Abuse and Privilege, is the key to restoring our Survival Instincts and giving them Priority.

There’s a second chart in the Quaoar-Saturn Initiation, half a Sign from the Initiation itself…

The core of this chart is Jupiter, Expansion.  How do we Expand (our Life Force)?  By Choosing (the T-Square as Mastery through Challenge) to give our Mission (North Node) Priority (Ceres) over our South Node (Suffering).  The chart includes a tremendous Gift – the Air Grand Trine (Great Blessings – the blue triangle) between our Suffering, our Intuition (Asbolus), and Trust (Eurydike), Kited by Ceres-North Node (Directed toward making our Mission Primary).  Jupiter also Trines (Blessing) Lachesis (Choosing to abort a Timeline midstream), lending us Grace to Break our Karmic Patterns.

The chart includes four Fingers of God, or Foci for our Attention…

  • Ceres-North Node, our Mission
  • Pluto, advising against Resistance, since it will be Futile
  • Asbolus, our Intuition
  • Lachesis, our Power to Choose

The Power to Choose is devilishly Subtle.  We are our Karmic Patterns, we’re Merged with them, we Identity with them.  Rejecting them feels like Rejecting ourself.  More than that, we don’t know that we can Reject them!  Our Identification with them is Unconscious.  How to Break out of this prison?  Your Desires.

There are things you Want, things you’ve Wanted all your Life, things you’ve never been able to perfect, no matter how many ways you’ve tried.  Not Material things, but Emotional-Spiritual things.  Peace, Relationship, Love, Faith, Security, Self-Sovereignty, Community, Belonging, Equality, Trust, for example.  How many of those examples can you claim as yours?  What would you add?  The Tension between What You Want and What You Have is your fulcrum of Power. 

Pick one of your Lifelong Desires, and Give Yourself Permission to Have it.  A ton of Yes-Buts may well arise; rephrase them as Yes-Ands.  Then forget about it, focus on other things for a day.  This time tomorrow, look to see what came up in your Life.  Any Insights?  Any Liberation from Tension?  Any Guilt you can Tap Out?  Owning our Lifelong Wants is an important key to Liberating the Life Force.  Manifesting What You Want happens automatically when you’ve Surrendered all  of your Resistance to it. 

You won’t have to Work at it or Do anything to get it; it will come to you.  Your Wants are perfectly Natural, and shared by Others.  When you stop Resisting them, you Manifest a Reality where they just happen, because they’re Natural.  You’ve envied and studied many People who already Have What You Want, and you’ve Learned that they aren’t doing anything special or different, they’re just being themselves.  Well?

Two subcharts that are half a Sign apart, are potential goldmines for the Octile series of Angles (the metallic lines in the chart below).  The Quaoar-Saturn Initiation sits at the Midpoint of the Jupiter-South Node Square.  That Square is about Mastering (through Challenge of course) the technique of Healing our Suffering by Amplifying it.  Our natural tendency is to Deny it, run from it, Resist it, even Curse it.  What we need to do instead is Love it to Death.  Once we Embrace our Suffering Unconditionally, we Welcome it as a natural part of Life.  It becomes Compassion instead of Suffering. 

We can touch the Edges of that by Poor-Sweethearting ourself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Suffering, aren’t you.”  You may hear a tiny voice agreeing.  One of the most effective ways to Heal PTSD is through Theater.  Once you’re able to Act Out the role of your Suffering consumately, you have Mastered it, and it is no longer your Master.  Take that tiny voice (or any suspicions you have), and Act them Out.  Keen about them. 

Imagine what you’d say to someone who’s telling you to forget your Suffering and “Move On,” if you had Permission to be totally Honest and Direct.  Imagine what you’d say, if you had no reason to be other than totally Direct and Honest, to someone who’s telling you that your Suffering is your own Choice.  How would you Respond to someone who tells you “Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a Damn!”  Scream and shout your True Feelings.  Amplify your Truth, no matter how much you would normally Judge it.  With Jupiter-Nodes, this is the time to do precisely this. 

Act it Out like your Survival depended on your Winning the Role.

The Quaoar-Saturn Initiation Trioctiles Ceres-North Node, so Breakthrough Insights about your True Mission in this Lifetime are likely.  When you Amplify your Suffering and Learn to Embrace it Fully as a most-Valued part of your True Self, as your Crown Jewel, you’ll Discover the Skills that are Hidden beneath your former Resistance to it.  Those Skills happen to be exactly what you Need to achieve your Lifetime Mission, to obtain exactly What You Want.  Your Suffering, and your Mission and Wants, are two sides of the same Coin.

There’s one caveat.  Desire is slippery.  Once you achieve the Form of What You’ve Always Wanted, you’ll Want something else.  That’s because your Picture of What You’ve Always Wanted, is a composite of the Spiritual Essence of What Your Soul Wants for you on the one hand, and What Your Ego Can Accept.  If you can Picture it, it’s probably not the Bottom Line, because it’s probably Material to some degree.  On the other hand, if you can Feel it, you’ll be a lot closer.

Imagine Achieving What You’ve Always Wanted, That Which Will Most, Finally, Make You Feel Whole.  Now focus on What You Feel when you Imagine that.  That’s a lot closer to your Mission.  Emotion isn’t Everything, but it’s Fundamental to Manifestation.  Those People who already have What You’ve Always Wanted, and who do it so Effortlessly?  They Feel it.  There’s a Paradox here, because once you Feel what it will feel like when you Get What You’ve Always Wanted, you no longer Need What You’ve Always Wanted.  You already Have it.  You can just bask in the Feeling which you now know how to Create and, with a little effort, Maintain.

Is there still a gap between Feeling that, and What You’ve Always Wanted?  When you’re Feeling that, do you still crave the Picture of What You’ve Always Wanted?  Take it a step further.  Maybe you can Feel what you imagine it will Feel like when you’ve Reunited with your Soulmate, but you still Long for the Contact.  Then Ask yourself, what else will you get from your Soulmate, besides that Feeling?  Sure, there’s the Physical Contact, and you may have to Trust that you’re more likely to meet your Soulmate if you spend time Feeling what it will Feel Like when you do.

But, going a step further, maybe what you Believe your Soulmate will give you, for instance, is Unconditional Respect.  You may not have cast or Pictured What You’ve Always Wanted as Unconditional Respect, but consider it.  Is that a part of What You’ve Always Wanted?  I’ve occasionally introduced folks who are very close to being Twigmates astrologically (some consider us to have many “Twigmates” – Souls who are leaves on the same branch as we are, with whom we’ve had many Lifetimes), and after initial amazement, they’ve ended up disliking one another intensely.  Why?  They weren’t Unconditionally Respectful of themselves.

They Judged parts of themself, Unconsciously, Believing their Judgment was a valid Response to their role in their Environment.  Folks who Suffer from Perfectionism can be particularly Vulnerable to this.  Can we be Unconditionally Respectful of our Perfectionism, without Judging any other parts of ourself?  It’s all about Timing.  If we Learn to “Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade” the instant we detect ourself Judging, then with a smile Honor our Perfectionism, I suspect we could resolve this Paradox fairly well.

Our ballbuster here is Judgment.  While Saturn represents Discrimination, Jupiter symbolizes Tolerance.  We can Discriminate, Choosing between alternatives, without Judging what we didn’t Choose.  Jupiter would take it a step further, Surrendering to either, being Open to how either would Change us.  If our Identity is Flexible, we can always adapt.  Without Discriminating against Discrimination, when that’s what we Choose.


December 22, 2017

…as Sylvester Would Put it. 

Here’s a timely message from Dan Scranton’s Arcturian friends, as the Moon prepares to Trigger our Memories of Abuse tomorrow (23 December, 6am to 5pm PST) (OR10 still Conjoins Nessus in early Pisces), which we’ll write more about shortly…

“There has been enough suffering on planet Earth to bring you all a gigantic response from the higher realms.  There is no need for further suffering to create a stream of energy that will flow to all of you and give you exactly what you need.  Suffering, like everything else, has a purpose, plays a role, and in some way serves you to a point.  But you have far surpassed that point where suffering is bringing you something that is needed on planet Earth.

“Now is the time to let in the energy that has been summoned.  Now is the time to let go of that which is causing you to choose the experience of suffering.  When you let go, you are not giving up.  You can never truly give up on something that you desire.  You can never become disconnected from someone that you have lost to death, but you can let go of the suffering and let in the response to that suffering.

“When you are expecting to receive relief, you subconsciously lay down your guard and you let in that which you have been asking for.  We desire for this message to reach enough of you who are looking for something to cling to so that you can grant yourselves that reprieve and let in all that you’ve been asking for.

“Now, of course, there is personal suffering, and then there is collective suffering.  There is the oppression of the human race that you also have in your human history.  You’ve all been oppressed, and you’ve all felt oppressed, and the collective’s asking is enormous.  Therefore, whether you are suffering personally or not, you can be a part of the opening of the floodgates for the collective, so that everyone who is asking can receive the energy they have summoned and can build a new life with that energy.

“There is so much for all of you to create, and by letting in the help that you’ve been asking for, you are going to make that process so much easier on yourselves.”

With our Venuses (or sometimes Mercuries) in Water Signs, many of us are “Emotional Thinkers,” meaning that our Bottom Line about anything is how we Feel about it.  In an overintellectualized Culture like the Western European paradigm, that’s often looked down upon.  It’s not we that are Limited by our Emotional Thinking, though, it’s they that are Limited by their Judgment and lack of Perspective.  With Tapping and Poor-Sweethearting available to us, however, Suffering is a Choice we make, whether we’re Conscious of making the Choice or not. 

If we find ourselves Suffering, we can Choose to view it as an Opportunity to PIAVA that we meet, befriend, and negotiate Win-Win with the part of ourself that has Chosen to Suffer.  That would have Potential to rapidly recast your entire Life into one without Self-Sabotage.

The major Insight that I gained from our recent Full Moon Scramble ( was the Realization that I could PIAVA that ALL of the Egoic, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, and other “parts” and “subparts” of myself and my Self, Conscious or otherwise, Cooperate and Collaborate fully with one another in Perfect Balance, Moment to Moment.  That’s a Life-Changer.

Fateful New Moon II

December 16, 2017

We’ve drawn in the Ego-Death component of this New Moon chart in lighter lines below…

Let’s digress a bit to discuss timing.  The Moira Station is Exact 16 December (3pm PST), the New Moon itself 17 December (10:30 pm PST), and the South Node-Nemesis Initiation 18 December (4am PST).  The Pluto-Sappho Initiation follows on 20 December (1pm PST).

In case you think that it hasn’t been insanely Busy in the Heavens lately, note that we aren’t even attempting to untangle the Initations in the New Moon Stellium or the Moira Station Stellium – there are at least fifteen of them, and they’re all Big Deals, many signifying Millennia-level Transformations.  We’re also not trying to untangle the six profound Initiations in the Jupiter-Vesta-Hopi-Karma Stellium at the focus of the Nemesis T-Square that we’re about to consider.

So, the red triangle we’ve drawn in lighter lines, is a “T-Square,” signifying Mastery through Challenge.  We’re Challenged to Master the group of planets at the “point” of the triangle, where the right angle is.  That group of planets essentially means Being Highly Motivated (Jupiter – Expansionto Let Go of Any and All Unconscious Limitations that follow us around (asteroid Vesta – Unconscious Beliefsby Changing All of Our Ancient Habit Patterns (asteroid Karmaso that We Come to Respect All Things Equally (asteroid Hopi).

Doesn’t that sound like something that’ll generate Lifetimes worth of Ego Death!  Well, turns out that one of the “roots” of the T-Square is Nemesis – Ego Death, being Initiated by the South Node  – our Karma!  So if anyone had a question about Ego Death, there’s our definitive answer.  Remember though that Karma is Dead.  Our Karma does not grasp us, we grasp our Karma.  Not because we’re preverts, but because it’s what we Know. 

It’s not even that we Fear the Unknown, really, it’s just Habit.  No different than Eggs or Porridge for breakfast, Soup-Salad-Sandwich for lunch, and Meat-Potatoes-Veggies-Desert for dinner, then TV and Popcorn.  Just what we’re used to doing, we don’t even think about it unless something rocks the boat, like maybe Nessie.  Well, that’s what the South Node is, the “Dragon’s Tail.”  In almost all ancient traditions around the World, our Karma is referred to as a Fire-Breathing Dragon.

The Golden Treasure that Bilbo sought to recover from Smaug was nothing but the 5D Treasures of Consciousness.  Better yet, if you haven’t read all six books in Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Trilogy, you need to get busy.  It paints a whole different – Respectful and Loving – Relationship between Human and Dragon.  Ursula’s a Genius.

Heavy stuff.  The other root of the Being Highly Motivated to Let Go of Any and All Unconscious Limitations by Changing All of Our Ancient Habit Patterns so that We Come to Respect All Things Equally T-Square is asteroid Ceres – Sustainability – on the North Node – our Mission.  Nothing will make our Mission Sustainable more than Letting Go of our Karma and Embracing the Held (Unacknowledged and Unexpressed) Emotions that lurk beneath our South Node.

I neglected to draw it in, but the asteroid Lachesis us also in this Ego-Death Configuration, at 17 Pisces, Trining Jupiter et al.  Lachesis is about Learning to short circuit our Fate by Choosing to end Karmic Patterns at the time of our own Choosing, rather than when they’re Fated to end.  That serves us well here.

So you see, everyone receives an enormous Gift this month, regardless of their “merit” or pedigree.  Letting go of Judgment and Separation is after all one of the steps on the Stairway to Heaven.

Here’s an excellent parallel track to our analysis…


Fateful New Moon I

December 15, 2017

Fateful of course for those who Live Unconsciously, Choiceful for those who Aspire to Live in Presence.  And by and large, the Opportunities for those who Live Unconsciously, are quite Positive.  With a few caveats.  Namely, those who Live Unconsciously will pretty much have to be willing to Accept being more Conscious, which, for someone who Lives Unconsciously, can mean tolerating Ego Death easily. 

Living Unconsciously, of course, often implies Resisting Ego Death.  Unless one also Lives Innocently – and that condition would probably be medicated in Western society.  By Living Innocently I mean Responding to anything and everything with Curiosity rather than Judgment.  Such as, “Oh, will you look at that!  My leg is broken!  What an interesting Feeling in my leg; is that what they call ‘Pain’?” 

We say this because the New Moon is in a maximally Graceful relationship (Trine) to a planet that means Fate and Choice, the influence of which at this time is very Strong (the Station of asteroid Moira).  A planet or asteroid is Strongest when it’s Stationary, or Standing Still in the Sky.  Moira symbolizes Fate to Unconscious folk, and symbolizes Choice to Conscious folk.  By becoming Conscious of the Karmic Archetypes that would otherwise dictate our daily Life, we put ourselves in a position to be able to Choose Alternatives to what would otherwise befall us. 

I know, you Chose not to go home for Thanksgiving, and were promptly rear-ended by a texter.  That just means there’s more to your Karma than aversion to home; you’ve long ago internalized the pain of going home, so you Feel the pain whether you go home or not.  Now you get to become Conscious of this internalization, which you’ll have to ameliorate by PIAVAing.  That’s actually a huge step forward, because now you’re in the position of working on yourself rather than working on the Outside World.  The Outside World is merely a Mirror for what’s inside of us.

Changing the Outside World doesn’t Change anything, it just moves the pawns around on the board.  Changing yourself, however, Changes the World, because the World now Mirrors something new.  What’s this PIAVA BS?  Well, we can’t Change the Unconscious with our usual Plan-Execute Dynamic (Masculine) strategies; we need a whole new set of Magnetic (Feminine) strategies, which we call PIAVA.  To put it crudely, we have to seduce the Unconscious.

We talk about PIAVAing at length in the posts at and , so we won’t go into it further here.

We point out these Opportunities to become Conscious because the Station of Moira happens to be Merged With (Conjunct) three other planets that when together mean Becoming Aware of Our True Soul Self and Shifting the Boundaries between It and Our Ego, or our everyday operating system (that is, Uranus – Soul Self, dwarf planet Eris – Revelation, and asteroid Pallas – Boundaries).

And that’s not the half of it!  The New Moon itself is Merged With four other planets that when together mean The Most Important Thing Is to Be Fully Responsive to the Wishes of the Part of Ourself which We Most Reject (Saturn – The Most Important Thing, dwarf planet Pholus – Being Fully Responsive, and dwarf planet Ixion – the Part of Ourself which We Most Reject), and this is Critical to our Survival (dwarf planet Quaoar – our Survival Instincts).  And, the Galaxy itself is Insisting on it (these are also all Conjunct the Galactic Center)!

The New Moon chart look like this…

The Trine is the long blue line.  The short red line is a “Square,” denoting Challenge.  The Challenge is that when our Ego Feels Pain because it’s usual habits don’t work any more, we have to “Poor Sweetheart” ourself (the planet on the other end of the Square is Chiron, which signifies – wait for it – Learning to Poor-Sweetheart ourself).  We’ve talked about that at length too, so we’ll just refer you to .  Basically, it just means to be Compassionate with what you’re Feeling, but there’s quite a bit more to it than that; it’s actually Magic.

The group of symbols in the top left of the chart are the planets that mean Like It Or Not We’ll Be Becoming Aware of Our True Soul Self and Shifting the Boundaries between It and Our Ego, and these are connected with a long red line to another planet that means Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea).  So this is not an everyday Insight; it’s Life-Changing, even for those who haven’t yet Chosen to move toward Consciousness.

The red lines represent Motivation or Energy, and the blue lines symbolize Grace or Ease.  The New Moon, with its Galactic Entourage, makes what’s called a “Trine Bridge” (the blue lines) across the Opposition (long red line) between Haumea and Moira and her Entourage.  This means that The New Moon, with its accompanying Galactic Orders, will make our Rebirth into Consciousness Easier than it otherwise would be. 

You can think of it as Shaktipat for “the Masses,” as many people who think that Becoming Conscious is what happens when you wake up in the morning and get coffee, could suddenly find themselves Enlightened.  They may not know what to do with this Gift, which is where we come in.  We’ve been Striving for Consciousness for Millennia.  Whether we recognize it or not, we’re Experts at Achieving “Don’t-Know.” 

So it’s up to us One-Eyed to help Guide those Blinded by the Light toward what we know as 5D Energy – Unconditional Love and Acceptance replacing Judgment, Collaboration replacing Competition, Respect for All Things replacing Enslavement, Equality replacing Class, Cooperation with All Things replacing Manipulation (especially regarding Nature), Breathing and Kegels replacing Fear, Everyday Miracles replacing Limitations, etc. etc.  We could go on and on.

Be Gentle and Tactful with them and avoid mansplaining – many of them are actually closer to 5D than we are, they’ve just been in Stealth Mode.

There are also two green wedges in the chart; the green lines mean Curiosity, and a green wedge (a Yod, or Finger of God as it’s called) means Pay Attention to This!  They point to Haumea – Our Rebirth at bottom left, and Sedna – Embracing Fear, at the top of the chart.  We should recall that Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement, and that Kegels in the Presence of Fear show down Time.  If we have what feels like fifteen minutes to introduce ourself to an Alien, that’s a lot less discomfiting than when we have ten seconds.  And don’t forget Tapping.

We’ll attend to the part about Ego Death in the next installment…