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Hard Full Moon 2

May 8, 2023

We’ve added a couple of accidentally-omitted entries to the astroevent table in May 2023 II. My apologies to Pan, and my thanks for helping me make another Mistake/Intuition that draws more Attention to Him! Goddess knows that’s what Huperity needs most of all!


Reader JD offers some great Perspective and Advice on his experience of Gonggong “kicking the snot” out of him…

“As memories fill my mind, the original impulse fills me with what I truly remember. As emotions begin to caulk that reminiscence, I am able to draw in a deep breath and the moment passes. I feel younger and more innocent but am able to say goodbye and turn to the moment.”

Out of Boundses

After 6½ months, Mars finally returned In Bounds on 5 May 2023 UT 8:42 (PDT 1:42 am, BST 9:42 am, IST 2:12 pm, AEST 6:42 pm) in 22 Cancer.

Also on the 7th of May, the Moon goes Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere at UT 2:24 (PDT 7:24 pm 6th, BST 3:24 am 7th, IST 7:54 am 7th, AEST 12:24 pm 7th), in 4 Sagittarius. It returns In Bounds 11 May UT 14:31 (PDT 7:31 am 11th, BST 3:31 pm 11th, IST 8:01 pm 11th, AEST 12:31 am 12th), in 8 Aquarius.

This is an interesting subtheme. I haven’t researched how long the trend will last, but these days people with natal Emotional planets1 between early Sagittarius and early Aquarius will likely be Freaking Out more often in the second week of each month, while folks with natal Emotional planets between early Gemini and early Leo will be more prone to Panic during the fourth week of each month, while in general, everyone will be less Excitable during the first and third weeks of each month.

1 Emotional planets include especially Mars and Venus, but also any other planet that we Invest a lot of Passion into. For instance, Disciplinarians will have probably put a lot of Ego Energy into Saturn, while Libertarians (the few who are really into their own Freedom, rather than Controlling everyone else’s Freedoms or just being Narcissists) will likely be Heavily Invested in Jupiter. Emotional planets would also include any planets in Water Signs, here Cancer.

7 May Station of Ceres

On 7 May, today, dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability) Stood Still (was Prominent) at UT 19:27 (PDT 12:27 pm 7th, BST 8:27 pm 7th, IST 12:57 am 8th, AEST 5:27 am 8th) in 24 Virgo, Stubbornly Persistent Messenger of the Light, home of Fixed Star Alkes, which doubles down on the same interpretation. Expect this to be most Lit Up for about a week on either side of 7 May. More intense if you have natal planets near 24 Virgo, or if your mantra is “I Hate, therefore I Am.”

In the Station chart, the Cardinal and Mutable Signs featured relatively Self-Resolving Grand Crosses, but in the Fixed Signs,2 Nemesis in Taurus was the Focus of a Fully Self-Resolving Challenge (T-Square). The underlying 2D Argument that we must Transform in order to Let Go of our Guilt Karma is between Icarus (No Way, they really Betrayed Me) and Sisyphus-Samadhi (Gawd, this Enlightenment Shit is so Tedious. Is It Worth It? Is It Even Possible?).

2 The Cardinal or Creative Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The Fixed or Stabilizing Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The Mutable or Transformative Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

So the main theme is about Consistently Loving Your Guilt into Oblivion. Unless we’re hardened Criminals, most of our Guilt is about “Civic Offenses” we made inadvertently because our Programming was Different than someone else’s, and we didn’t even know we were Insulting them. Sure, there were times when we meant to Hurt somebody, usually because they Hurt us first (maybe inadvertently), or because we were Jealous of them, or didn’t like the way they looked or dressed or farted in class or because they were Martins and we were McCoys or other longstanding Family-of-Origin feuds.

If we haven’t Made Amends for those, there’s no time like now to start. If we’re still in touch with them, it’s best to do so in person, but if we aren’t, or if the Relationship isn’t high priority for us, we can use Stephen Levine’s prayers into the Airwaves (paraphrasing)…

Joe Schmoe, I Ask that You Forgive Me for Whatever I may have Said or Done or Thought or Felt, or Failed to Say or Do or Think or Feel, intentionally or unintentionally, that Caused You Pain. Please Forgive Me.

Joe Schmoe, I Forgive You for Whatever You may have Said or Done or Thought or Felt, or Failed to Say or Do or Think or Feel, intentionally or unintentionally, that Caused Me Pain. I Forgive You.

Stephen goes a lot further into the process (Guided Meditations, pp.52-56; Healing, pp.88-101), but this is a good start.

In addition to Sisyphus-Samadhi there are three other Mergers or Stellia, which act as Invitations to Mini-Enlightenments. These three are Venus Out of Bounds-Asbolus OOB-Moira (Intuitive Revisions of the Value of our Fate and our Ability to Change It) in Gemini, Icarus-Tantalus (the Temptation to Overdo and Burn Out) in Aquarius, and Requiem-Varda (Letting Go of our Resistance to Abundance) in Sagittarius. Mergers and Stellia usually imply Initations are nearby. We’ll take these up in a subsequent post.

5 May Full Moon, continued

We Rambled on about this in the previous post, but we Intend to cover it more formally here.

The Fixed Sign2 planets, including the Full Moon itself, are in a Relatively Self-Resolving Grand Cross, where the less-odious Hassles will Resolve one another if we Trust the Process enough to Let Them. If we make 2D Interventions, such as Vowing I’ll never Fall for That Trick again! we can screw up the Cross-Resolution and even Create or Deepen Karma.

The Cardinal Sign planets make only a Naked Square (a Relatively Straightforward Non-Self-Resolving Challenge which is Required Coursework toward your Virtual Degree in Adeptitude) between asteroid Ganesa (Lord God Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles) and the Merger of Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and asteroid Atropos (Expiring Karma). We covered this pretty well in the previous post.

The Mutable Signs sport the Major Challenge (Non-Self-Resolving T-Square) to Pan-Altjira (Planning the New Relationship between Nature and Life) that we discussed in the previous post. A Non-Self-Resolving Challenge is one we have to Sweat Out Ourself, it’s not being taken care of for us at some Higher Frequency. Huperity, Politics aside as just Games, is a Consensual Democracy. That is, the Energy that Huperity Expresses onto Gaia is an amalgam of the True Beliefs of all of its members.

We aren’t talking about Rote Recitation of Parables, the Currency of most Religions and -Isms, we’re talking about what True Values Reside in the Hearts of the People. For instance, a Practitioner of any Religion or other Tribal -Ism based on the Proposition that I’m Right and You’re Wrong and We’re Here to Fix You has Hate in their Heart rather than Love, and Contributes Violence rather than Peace to the Huperity Field. That includes us Condemners of 🦨 and 🦖.

I just stumbled upon Marko Pogačnik’s book Gaia’s Quantum Leap, from 2011, and as is usually Marko’s wont, he dives right in (p.9)…

“The scientific prognostications are based solely on the traditional structures of time and space. At that level it would seem that earth’s catastrophic destruction can no longer be averted. My geomantic work experience, however, has taught me that earth is a multidimensional being that can initiate specific change processes, not only at the physical level, but also at more subtle levels of existence. In theory, if it is impossible to heal our planet’s situation effectively by any means available on the physical level, the possibility may nonetheless exist on other levels of reality, which are know to us from our geomantic experiences. To be more precise, this possibility arises through the interaction between the physical and the so-called subtle levels of reality…

“As an artist, I have been occupied all my life with the concept of space. In my profession as landscape artist I have tried for decades to penetrate more deeply into the invisible spaces of the landscape, those which our physical eyes cannot see. One could call them subtle, perhaps etheric, archetypal, or even fairy-tale dimensions. I have to thank my personal sensitivity for my success in gradually entering these above-mentioned dimensions of space.

“I landed in a world that can scarcely be explained by my intellect. First I discovered that there are power centers and power streams that scoop up the life force from the depths of the earth and distribute it to the natural world and its living beings (including [huperity]). I am always amazed at this world of light when I get the opportunity to attune to its structure and observe its constant movement. On this level, reality is not firm, but flowing.

“Even more fascinating is the dimension of earth’s intelligence! For a long time now I have recognized that the earth is a conscious being with which one can communicate, provided that one is prepared to learn her language. This is no sort of mental language, but a picture-like way of communicating, combined with the transmission of different qualities of feeling. It is related to the language of our dreams and the expressive forms that appear in crop circles worldwide…

“Earth has a quite extraordinary consciousness. It is not lodged anywhere in the depths of the planet but uses for its capacious memory mountains, rivers, trees, all sorts of plants, animals, and lately, humans too – to say nothing of crystals. The intelligence of earth is distributed everywhere in us and around us, working, guiding and creating. Why do we never talk with the earth when her consciousness is distributed so closely among us? We should surely be talking with the Earth Consciousness about the possibilities for saving the wonderful life of Nature and [Huperity] from catastrophic earth changes.

“And look at my experience! Earth Consciousness has of itself begun to contact us, and of her own accord to initiate a process, unnoticed by [huperity], which is know as the process of earth transformation.”

The Debate that fuels the DIY Pan-Altjira Challenge for us Hupers (ie, the Opposition in the base of the T-Square) is between the Beginning of Hope for the Healing of Abuse and Privilege (Klotho-Pandora-Nessus Stellium) and Getting Tough about Eliminating our Patterns of Codependence (Thereus-Orcus-Black Moon Lilith Stellium).

So a great Practice for the next several weeks (the usual duration of a Full Moon’s impact) would be to Monitor your Thoughts about Abuse and Privilege, and about Codependence. When you catch yourself Thinking about how Prevalent and Problematic Abuse and Privilege are, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade – Cancel the Thought, Neutralize the Vibration, Upgrade the Thinker.

Then Ask yourself (PIAVA – we want to direct the question to the Unconscious), What’s one simple Step I can take to Reduce Abuse and Privilege, without Believing “I’m Right and They’re Wrong and I’m Here to Fix Them” and without making anyone worse off, especially myself ? Then Change the Subject, and Let the Answer come to you when you least Expect it. If you notice your Mind working on the Question, Change the Subject again (and again…). You don’t want a 2D Answer.

5D Community works when everyone is Expressing the Unique Skills that only they have in the wide world, and Codependence short-circuits that Expression, so Locating, Honoring, and Supporting one’s Self-Sovereignty is an important part of Enlightenment.

Here’s a classic Current-Moment Story about Privilege and Abuse – And another about apparent Wannabe Privilege or “Supremacy” –

While you’re Waiting for a Response, you can also PIAVA, What Patterns of Codependence do I have that I might be Able to Eliminate, Lovingly and Gently? Thereus was famous for Wrestling Bears, but that’s not a particularly Loving way to Eliminate a Pattern. You might see others Getting Tough about Eliminating our Patterns of Codependence. I didn’t see Codependence covered in the Washington Post this morning, but it was certainly all over yesterday’s Guardian…

People, much to their own Detriment, allowing Profiteers to take over government functions – Worse yet, allowing the Profiteers to publicly Celebrate the most blatant form of Crime and Graft – Idolizing External Authority – And one reeking of both Codependence and Privilege/Abuse –!

We covered Pan-Altjira and Chiron-Atropos in the previous post, but we haven’t reviewed the Stellia Klotho-Pandora-Nessus or Thereus-Orcus-BMLilith for Initiations, nor considered the Conjunction Artesian-Hybris (Aid to Manifestation and Hubris) in the Full Moon Grand Cross – we’ll save them for another post.

The Gem Peridot, which to a geologist is an example of the Mineral Forsterite, a Magnesium Nesosilicate. Olivine is the more general name of the Nesosilicates that mix Magnesium and Iron, which substitute for one another readily. The Nesosilicates have their Silicate units pretty much Independent of one another. Lacking a rigid Crystal structure, the Silicate units can pack themselves closer together, making the Crystal Denser but Softer than more structured Silicates like the Beryls or Tourmalines. Because it Crystallizes or Solidifies in Volcanoes at a very high temperature, Peridot “bears the ability to cauterize emotional wounds to allow the strength for deep healing to occur” (Marquist & Frasl p.112), especially from childhood Trauma, Abuse, or Loss.

Hungry Ghosts 2

May 5, 2023

We also have a Full Moon tomorrow that’ll be Heavier than the two Initiations, but the Full Moon Impacts only last a few weeks, versus 30 and 6 years for the Initiations. The Initiations’ Impact will be more Diffuse, though, so we’ll get to the Full Moon soon. Reviewing, the Initiations are…

  • We began a new 30-year Cycle wherein The Most Important Thing Is Dealing with Our Intrusive Memories at UT 0:00 today, 4 May 2023 (PDT 5pm 3th, BST 1am 4th, IST 5:30am 4th, AEST 10am 4th), as dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Initiated Saturn (The Most Important Thing), in 6 Pisces (Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime). Six Pisces is also home to Fixed Star Deneb Adige (Mystical Creation of the World Egg), and Adjacent to two other Stars, the Royal Star Formalhaut (Dreams) in 7 Pisces, and Sadalmelek (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty) in 5 Pisces. The Gonggong-Saturn Initiation is Self-Resolving, but it’s complicated by an almost-simultaneous Merger with the Initiation of…
  • A new 6-year Cycle wherein Mary Magdalene, if we Invite Her, will Help us Take Ownership of what we’ve been Fearing, as minor planet Damocles (Fear of Accountability) Initiates asteroid Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) in 3 Pisces (Bland Exterior Hiding an Extraordinarily Deep Inner Spiritual Awareness) that occurred at UT 2:45 on 3 May (PDT 7:45 pm 2nd, BST 3:45 am 3rd, IST 8:15 am 3rd, AEST 12:45 pm 3rd).

We began to discuss how we might start to Deal with Our Intrusive Memories in the previous post, suggesting that our Reactions to Traumatic Events are likely to be more Karmic than Present-Moment, and that it may behoove us to Separate the two Energies. But How? We’re Inquiring into the Unconscious, so we need to use some form of PIAVA. Such as…

Great Spirit, Have I Ever Experienced these Heavy Emotions Before?
When was that? What were the Circumstances?
When did I First Experience these Heavy Emotions?
What were those Circumstances?

We may not get an immediate answer. If we don’t, we need to Change the Subject. Remember when you looked everywhere for your car keys, and didn’t find them till you gave up and started to empty the dishwasher, only to find the keys in the silverware drawer. How the Devil did they get there? If you Feel Lost, or Scared, or Confused, or you have Trouble Changing the Subject, Poor-Sweetheart yourself.

The Veil between us and the Unconscious is the same Veil as the one between us and the Other Side. There are often Tricksters Guarding this Veil. If you aren’t Confident about what you’re doing, these Tricksters will Entertain themselves all day Weirding you Out. Remember that Mercury is Retrograde till the 15th, and Magic is Afoot. It takes Magic to Cross the Veil – the 2D Left Brain can’t do it. Wink and say Hi, and the Tricksters won’t Bother you. There’s a different version of this story, and a very good one, in Suzanne Giesmann’s 1½-minute video on this page, if it’s still there.

If we’ve Experienced these Heavy Emotions Before, it’s Karmic. Karma is never in the Present Moment, so it’s never Real, in the sense of being External to our Emotional Life. There’s nothing Unreal about our Emotional Life – in fact, for many of us, much of the time, it’s the Most Real Experience that we Encounter. But our Emotions happen Inside of Us. If we’re Thinking that we’re Reacting to something Outside of Us, we need to Realize that we’re no longer Feeling, we’re now Thinking.

Your Intrusive Memories are often Thoughts that may Trigger Emotions. To Separate the Emotions from the Chaff, shift to Sensation. Where do you Feel the Emotion in your Body? Put all of your Attention into that Place and Leave it there. When your Attention Wanders, Lovingly and Gently Bring It Back. Keep your Attention there till the Sensation of it Subsides or Moves.

While chart has one Self-Resolving Challenge (T-Square), focused on the Magdalena-Damocles-Saturn-Gonggong Stellium in Pisces. We’ve drawn in the T-Square (red right triangle) and the Finger of the Goddess (green wedge) that when combined with the T-Square makes a Self-Resolving Diamond Star, and the Grand Trine (blue isosceles triangle) that makes the combination Fully Self-Resolving. The thin blue lines map out the “Bowl of Grace” under the T-Square, which Bowl is what generates the Self-Resolution…

The base of the T-Square, Eurydike (Trust) Opposite Juno-Atlantis (the Expansion of Consciousness that Allows the Fall of Western Civilization, since it’s the Avaricious and Exploitative Nature of Western Civilization that’s Destroying the Biodiversity of the Planet, and Destroying the Survivability of the Hupers with it), represents the Argument that must come to Consensus in order to Permit the Full Harmony of the Life-Giving Goddess, Accountability, Priority, and the Whisper of HerStory (Magdalena, Damocles, Saturn, and Gonggong).

The base of the Finger of the Goddess, which permits the Self-Resolution, is a Sextile (Grace after we Act to get it Started) between Makemake-Kassandra (Manifesting Healing instead of Stuff) and Pallas-Cyllarus Out of Bounds-Varuna Out of Bounds (Setting Boundaries that Allow Ego Death of the Western-Medicine, non-Shamonic Belief that Drugs and Surgeries are the only way to Heal, so we can Dive Deep into our Ancient Memories of the Time when we could do Instantaneous nD Healings with a Mudra or a Huaca – One of those Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime).

The Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) connects Magdalena-Damocles-Saturn-Gonggong with Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) and the Stellium of Narcissus (Attention to Self), South Node (Held Emotions), Rhadamanthus (Healer of Abuse), and Zhulong (Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment) – Healing of Deep Karma.

“The Devas at Findhorn often said they could quickly transform the planet, but they cannot do that until we as [huperity] get our consciousness act together. In these times, we need to step into our future (that is now) where we understand we are not here to conquer nature or dominate matter but to be gardeners. We are here to help nature to express its greater natural growth and to be a shepherd for matter.

“How do we do this? By remembering that all matter is alive, and that we are generative forces. When we bring our energy into a relationship – be it anger, fear, love, or joy – it has an effect. What we bring is noticed and when we honor, appreciate, and give love to a relationship, this has an effect.” —Timothy Haas, The Wonder-Full World of the Home SECOND STORY, p.8

“When we incarnate, we incarnate into a system of relationships. The soul is the originating force in the incarnational process but then as it incarnates a bit of itself, it settles into being part of the incarnational ‘team.’ .. It becomes one partner among several partners. This is the soul’s way of engaging with the world and learning. It does not dominate this team .. it learns from everyone and also contributes to the think tank of the incarnation of the individual.

“At the core of this team is the seed impulse of the incarnation. It is not passive. This seed holds the living intent of the soul itself for the incarnation and for its overall relationship with the world. .. In a dynamic way the seed unfolds and develops in our core which is our expression of the emergent aspect of the soul. It also communicates and engages with and has an effect on the world around it…

“The most common view of incarnation is to see us as a soul riding around in a body, much like a person riding in or driving a car. .. David [Spangler instead] uses the metaphor of plasma, the substance of which stars are made. Plasma cannot be held in any container; it would burn right through it. Only a magnetic field can contain it. Similarly, when our soul wants to incarnate, to experience the denser level of Gaia, it takes a bit of itself and creates a pattern or set of relationships that can contain it’s energy, drawing on a variety of sources.

“A physical body is not enough to hold its energy; like plasma, it is held by .. an ‘incarnational field’ made up of subtle and physical matter and energies drawn from our soul itself, from Gaia, from nature, from the collective energy of [huperity], from our parents, from our surroundings, and so forth. In effect, we don’t incarnate into a body as much as we incarnate into a whole system woven from the connections and relationships our soul makes with the world…

“With all of that in place, something happens. At the heart of this field, the emergent soul begins to add a whole other dimension… It is now not just a system or a set of relationships, it is a Presence. It has a wholeness to it, a unique character… It is this Presence that interacts with the physical, subtle, and transpersonal worlds around us. Sovereignty holds the integrity of the Presence; Self Light is its radiance…

“The amazing thing about this is emergence. It is not like something that has been gifted or has come down from some higher level; it is developing out of a set of relationships, it is transforming them into an amalgamation of being that is particularly human… We are agents of synthesis assisting Gaia in the unfolding of a new creation. We are bringing the gravity of our Presence, our spiritual mass, to shape the world. This is a sacred act.” Hass, op cit, pp.23-25.

Hungry Ghosts 1

May 4, 2023

That’s what Stephen Levine used to call our Karmic Compulsions, Insatiable Hungers that Plague us All Our Life. Sure, we gained Perspective on these Challenges (usually natal T-Squares or Stellia) and gained Skill with them as Life went on, but they still Hijack our Thought Patterns decades later, though hopefully not our Behavior as much.

Parental Harping and Punishment will put them in the Closet and try to close the Door, but the Truth is that they are Portals to our Greatest SuperPowers, and we and Others will always wonder why that Bright Light is Shining out under the Closet Door.

Often they turn out to be Irrepressible in spite of the best efforts of our Programmers. Sometimes our Parents’ view of what’s Acceptable differs from the General Culture, and we find a Workable Outlet, a Niche were we can Excel without making too many Powerful Enemies.

Sometimes our Programming comes too early, and we have to Live our whole Life with our Light Under a Bushel, sometimes only with the “help” of an Addiction or two to keep them Repressed.

(If you missed it, “rewind” to 0:17 – something I’ve never seen before: Johnny Cash with a Big Smile!)

At UT 0:00 today, 4 May 2023 (PDT 5pm 3th, BST 1am 4th, IST 5:30am 4th, AEST 10am 4th) we began a new 30-year Cycle wherein The Most Important Thing Is Dealing with Our Intrusive Memories, as dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Initiates Saturn (The Most Important Thing), in 6 Pisces, Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. That always seemed like a clumsy (summary of) the Chandra Symbol, but in this context it suddenly makes perfect sense – another case where Lonsdale’s book seems to have been Channeled for just this Moment.

They’ve been Hitting on us for a while now, and getting Intense. Chances are we’ve been dealing with our Abandonment and/or our Suffocation. Those are big categories of often-Held Emotion that we Project onto Other People, especially those we’re close to, or those who have Control over us that we don’t Appreciate. Kris is seeking help with his Karmic Abandonment in that song. Here’s another example or two…

Usually we specialize in one or the other – Abandonment or Suffocation, but some of us are lucky enough to Experience both…

Learning to Own our Abandonment and/or Suffocation as our own Karma rather than Blaming it on someone else isn’t easy, but if Politicians and Lovers can manage to Work on that, or at least Acknowledge and Appreciate their Confusion about it, it’ll save everyone a great deal of Torture. Especially themselves. Think for a moment how much you Enjoy Helicopter Trips (“OMG, how could they do That?!? Oh shit, it’s All My Fault! No, They Did That! Am I overreacting?” …Round and Round…

Like most of our Heavy Emotions, it’s almost never Present Moment, it’s Just Another Flushback, another Opportunity to Clear away our Ancient Emotional Baggage. Even when the Experience that’s Triggering our Heavy Emotions is Current Moment or Recently So, most of our Emotional Reaction is likely to be Karmic. It might behoove us to PIAVA that we Become Able to Separate an Appropriate Response to our Current Moment Events, from our Karmic Load around such events.

They’re two very different things, and dealing with each separately will be easier than dealing with the Emotional Whole of it. Our Heavy Emotions are also likely to be contaminated with Current Events that have nothing to do with us as an Individual. Of course Everything has to do with us, since we’re All One. But while Separation in General inhibits Enlightenment, like any other Negative Karma, Separation is also a SuperPower of ours, once we Distinguish between Applying it to Everything and Applying it only where it’s Useful.

Ruby is very good at Strengthening the Heart Emotionally. Ruby and Sapphire are both forms of Corundum or Aluminum Oxide, a powerful abrasive you’ve probably used in Sandpaper, as Corundum is very hard. Chromium impurities color Ruby red; Sapphire can occur in many different colors.

The Gonggong-Saturn Initiation is Self-Resolving, but it’s complicated by an almost-simultaneous Merger with a Damocles-Magdalena Initiation in 3 Pisces, Bland Exterior Hiding an Extraordinarily Deep Inner Spiritual Awareness that occurred at UT 2:45 on 3 May (PDT 7:45 pm 2nd, BST 3:45 am 3rd, IST 8:15 am 3rd, AEST 12:45 pm 3rd), beginning a 6-year Cycle.

The Gonggong-Saturn Initiation at 6 Pisces is also complicated by three Fixed Stars. Deneb Adige (Mystical Creation of the World Egg), sits in 6 Pisces itself, and it’s Adjacent to the Royal Star Formalhaut (Dreams) in 7 Pisces, and Sadalmelek (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty) in 5 Pisces.

In the next post I’ll flesh out how our next 30 years is likely to Feel in this Intrusive Memory regard.

Own It, then Let It Go 2

February 22, 2023

In the previous post we mentioned “What do we do when we’re Surrounded by Death? We turn our Hand over and Focus on the Inevitable Rebirth.” The New Moon featured two Stelliums of 6 planets and 3, and one Conjunction of 2 planets. These combinations Initiate 20-some new Cycles, each of which are Excellent Rebirths to Focus upon. Some examples…

DegreeChandra Symbol
Hopi-HaumeaRebirth into Respect for All Things15 Jan
5 years
1 ScorpioFeigning a Naïve Outer Life while Threading a Narrow Karmic Ledge over the Abyss Internally
OOB Karma-PlutoCompulsively Working on Compulsive Karma12 Feb
4 years
30 CapricornAiming for the Stars and Never Letting Go of the Goal
Saturn-GonggongThe Most Important Thing about Intrusive Memories4 May
30 years
6 PiscesValuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequen-cies that don’t fit Current Lifetime
Panacea-DamoclesHealing Fear of Accountability8 Feb
5¼ years
29 AquariusTurned Inward, Focused on the New Self One Is Becoming, with as much Curiosity as Intention
Panacea-SaturnHealing our Attention to The Most Important Priorities2 Feb
6¼ years
27 AquariusHaving a Defined Path but Losing It Over and Over Again, in Order to Learn How to Guide Others Out
Panacea-GonggongHealing our Temptation to Get Stuck on Intrusive Memories23 Feb
5 years
2 mon
5 PiscesDeep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by No Need for Certainty

What can we do with this that will help Ourself and the Planet move into Ascension? Well…

We know that we’ll be working on Letting Go of our Judgments for the next many years (Hopi-Haumea). Any Expectations, let alone Judgments, will Lock us out of 5D. We could start on that today! How often do we say “I’m not one of those people who …?” or “At least I’m …!” Judgments make such fabulous pedestals for propping an Ego upon.

So we may want to PIAVA that we get really good at Ego Death. The Chandra Symbol tells us that this will be Tricky not just from an Ego Perspective, but from a Karmic Perspective. We may want to study the Chandra Symbol for our South Node, since that’s the most likely Nursing Home for our I’d Rather Die than Be That! Emotions.

Which very Emotions are the most likely Candidates to Arise in the upcoming Panacea-Gonggong and Saturn-Gonggong Cycles! Is not Getting Stuck on them The Most Important Thing about Intrusive Memories? Probably not quite, since that could easily put our Drive Wheel over close to the Narrow Shoulder of Denial, and having our I’d-Rather-Die-than Emotions Buried in the Unconscious just leaves them Running our Life below the level of our Awareness.

So Acknowledging them is probably More Important, then Holding Tight to your Magic Wand (so you don’t get Lost) while you Embrace the Feeling as Deeply as you Can for a few minutes, and then Letting Them Go. They’ll be back, so Acknowledge, Embrace, Let Go becomes our Mantra. Like a Muscle, each Repetition makes the next one Easier. The last Chandra Symbol tells us to use Certainty as an Red Flag that Reminds us to Let Go Again.

The Panacea-Damocles Cycle looks like a Winner. Know Thyself is a cardinal prerequisite for Enlightenment, and Nothing Changes Till We Accept It Fully Exactly As It Is. But if Accepting It involves Fear or Judgment or Shame or Guilt, we also need to Accept that, and PIAVA otherwise. There’s a clever but subtle trick we can use on these. Instead of “I Accept my Shame about Fearing Accountability,” we might say, “Up Until Now I Felt Shame about Fearing Accountability.”

You can even Repeat that, each time Feeling a little less Shame. It might be a very Gentle way to Let that Karma fade. And of course the ultimate method of Accepting the Negative, Tapping. Even though I Feel Shame about Fearing Accountability, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Or, getting Radical, Even though Up Until Now I Felt Shame about Fearing Accountability, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Tapping works on the Energy Level – you’re really enlisting Spirit, as you Let your Energy Meridians Know that your Conscious Mind Knows what they’ve Known all along.

When Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit are all on the same page, you can Manifest Anything You Want. When Manifestation is Halting, you can use that to track down the Laggard. When I Think about Being Accountable, do any Yes Buts come up just under the radar? When I Feel what Being Accountable will feel like, is it Exciting? Is my Body Hesitant when I Think and Feel about Being Accountable? Any Twitches or Aches? Where?

When I Ask Ganesh to Remove All Obstacles to my Being Accountable, am I Smiling, or Grimacing? We can actually buy a machine to measure our Coherence, the degree to which our various Personae are Collaborating or Competing – We can’t Think our way into Coherence, we have to Feel our way into it.

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