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Romancing Our (Other) Selves 1

February 27, 2022

The 2 March 2022 New Moon (9:34 am PST, in 13 Pisces) is only two Degrees away from the 2 March Initiation of Jupiter by Nessus (2:36 am, in 15 Pisces). The Jupiter-Nessus Cycle is about studying Abuse and Privilege under a Microscope. The Cycle takes 10-14 years and 15 Pisces is about “An officer instructing his men before a simulated assault under a barrage of live shells: The need for thorough rehearsing before any complex and inherently dangerous social ritual in which power is used or evoked.” Curious. The Invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February, when Jupiter was 19 arcminutes from its Merger with Nessus, half the width of a Full Moon. “The Russian plan has a lot of holes,” offers a military analyst.1 So Pootin’ may not be the mastermind that T.rump makes him out to be. We know he’s not at all in the Present Moment, which makes Patriarchal Plan-Execute Strategies difficult, as Current-Moment Reality intervenes.

The previous Cycle began 18 March 2009 in 17 Aquarius, “A watchdog stands guard, protecting his master and his possessions: The development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures. The #MeToo Movement began in 2006 and mushroomed after 2017. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars both cross Pluto (also beginning New 1- and 2-year Cycles) on 3 March 2022,2 and Venus Conjoins Mars again on 6 March in 1 Aquarius, “An old adobe Mission in California: The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans.” 3

  • 1
  • 2 In 28 Capricorn, “A large aviary: The enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarize itself with their implications.” Among the crowd (the Graffiti) in Capricorn, Vesta (Growth in Consciousness), Sappho (Self-Love and Self-Doubt), and Lachesis (Karma that’s eligible for early dismissal ) are still traveling with Venus and Mars, and intimately impacting the Venus-Pluto, Mars-Pluto, and Venus-Mars Conjunction.
  • 3 This does not Initiate a New Venus-Mars Cycle, but Amends the Cycle that began in mid-July 2021, Conjunct Atropos (Expiring Karma), in 20 Leo, “Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun: A return to the glorification of natural energies.” It also Amends the previous Amendment to this Cycle that occurred when Mars crossed Venus on 16 February in 17 Capricorn, “A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism: The escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance on the wisdom of the body”. Talk about “complex and inherently dangerous social rituals.”

With luck we can weave all this together tomorrow. Our Inner Male and Inner Female may be Evolving faster than we can keep up with. Not to mention our Inner Pootin’.

Graffiti in Capricorn II

February 25, 2022

Taiwan is next, and there are defense treaties involved there, so keep your tinfoil hat and your Iodine within reach. When dealing with Bullies, the most effective “trick” I know is to Imagine holding up a full-length wardrobe Mirror, facing the Bully. The bigger the Bully, the bigger your Mirror. The Reaction I’ve always gotten from this, is Confusion. I know that many people React to Confusion with Anger, but I’ve never yet Encountered Anger. With Psychopaths it may be different, they could be unpredictable, and Mirroring could be Risky. Taking good care to be well Grounded will be Important – extend a cable from your Root Chakra and wrap it around the hard ball in the center of the Earth. Generalizing could also add Safety – rather than Mirroring the Psychopath directly, Mirror his country from the Victim country or from yours, or Mirror his Capitol.

TMers have shown that a small percentage of people Meditating deeply on Peace can lower crime rates. What if enough people Mirrored an Aggressive country? The idea is that the Mirror reflects the Aggressive Energy back to the Aggressor. As I mentioned, it’s Confused every Bully and Manipulator I’ve ever Mirrored. They basically forget what they were doing and wander off mumbling to themself. With practice you can do it while you’re talking to them, but of course it’s Safer if you have a cushion of distance.

It’s also a very good technique to use when you’re Feeling Flustered or Irritated, or when you’re trapped in a Helicopter Trip, Thinking About Your Unsettled Feelings around some Person or Interaction you had. We cannot Let Go of Feelings that aren’t ours, and the more Empathic we are, the more often we pick up Other Peoples Feelings. We guess whose Feeling we might be having difficulty digesting, and we Mirror them for a minute or two, to see if our Feelings Change. If they don’t, we try our second guess. If they do, we Hold the Mirror till we Feel more Solid, returning to it later if necessary. If none of our first few Guesses work, we just Own the Unsettled Feeling as Ours, and go from there.1

  • 1 It would be an opportune time to compare what’s going on in the Sky to our natal chart – this week for instance to see what we have going on in Capricorn, either within a Degree or so of 8, where the Quaoar-Pholus Initiation occurred on Monday, or 21-23 where the Big Party is going on. I don’t like to use much more than one Degree of Sensitivity or “orb” for this purpose. We know 8 Capricorn and 21-23 Capricorn are Lit Up this week, but there are always plenty of other things Lit Up besides the ones that are Brightest. Those may be Lighting Up a bigger Sparkler somewhere else in our chart. One Degree of Sensitivity has always been very Reliable for me.

People who are Unconscious about Boundaries will simply peer into the windows, or “come around to the back door,” as they would if you didn’t answer their knock. In some cases I’ve needed to use a Dome or Igloo-shaped Mirrors, and Hold them for a long time, repeatedly. If we’re Codependent ourself, or otherwise Unconscious about Boundaries, it’s often because our Childhood Programmers installed a Hole in our Aura, usually in the back of the Heart, or the back of another Chakra, so they would have an easy way to Pull Our Strings and Manipulate us. No Blame, we may have done the same thing with our own Kids when we were threatened with Overwhelm. It just Is What It Is.2

The biggest benefit of Mirroring, is that if we Practice it diligently enough, we eventually Fill the Hole in our Aura, so passing Bullies, who unconsciously see Aura Holes as Love Handles, look for Easier Prey and leave us alone. Even if we’ve got that worked out on a Personal Scale, it’s obvious we don’t have it worked out on a Global Scale. Mother Gaia still has the equivalent of a Hole in Her Aura. No Blame, She’s Evolving too, and She Be We, and We be She – we’re just different Ego Segments of the same Energy.

If We Want Peace and Abundance, we need to up the ante and Attend to the Global Bullies as best we can. Each of us can’t do much, but we’ve been instructed to Never Do Nothing Because We Can’t Do Enough (Margaret Mead?). We don’t need to teach a hundred other people to Mirror Bullies (though it wouldn’t hurt), because others will have their own techniques for Filling the Holes in Their Auras. When no one on the playground is still Vulnerable to the Bullies and Patriarchs and Powermongers and other Abusers,3 they’ll just have to go find something else to Abuse, or find other ways to Entertain themself.

  • 2 In fact, I assume that we as a Soul arranged, in our pre-Birth Contract with them as a Soul, for them to provide us with this curriculum so we could gain Consciousness of the ways we’re Manipulated.
  • 3 We could include chronic Polluters and Greedheads in this list, like the Big Oil Execs and companies who Profit from single-use plastics while making the rest of us, and the Critters, pay (often with their Lives) to clean up the mess they’re making. Theta is also an effective tool for this Global work. When there were hiccups counting ballots from the 2020 election, I Thetaed that we would end up with a US president that wasn’t a Bully (adjusted to eliminate the negation of course). I’m not claiming that the result was my work, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt, and the effective Show Me certainly gave me Peace of Mind so that I didn’t contribute any Anxiety to the Process.

So I’m inviting anyone who’s Willing, and who Feels they can do it Safely, to Join me in taking several minutes a day, or even several minutes several times a day, to Mirror the Aggressors and Bullies that are Threatening the Peace of the Planet and Invading the Space that Peaceful People Live in. Use Imaginary Mirrors – they won’t literally see themselves, or even see the Mirror, they’ll just Feel their own Energy. Put Mirrors around Taiwan as well; in hindsight it would have been better to start putting Mirrors around Ukraine a month or two ago.

I’m much enjoying NathaJay’s Waking Up Indigo. A sample (pp.22-23)…

“You have only one job on the road to spiritual awakening: Make room. Spirit yearns for us just as much as we yearn for spirit. Instead of chasing the Light, simply clear out the dark and the Light will fill the space. Shadow work (ego work) is our only job, and everything else just flows naturally…”

“How do you know if you’re really doing ego work? It’s messy. It’s terrifying, it’s humbling, and it isn’t any fun. As you get better at it, the processing gets faster, but it still sucks. So why would anyone want to do it? Well, the more ego stuff you remove, the more room you make for the Light to fill. This allows your frequency to raise, your body to heal, and Love to occupy every cell. Ultimately, this results in your Higher Self being able to descend into your body. True Divine Union.”

Intimately Connected over the airwaves to the Vacuum of Space, our Mitochondria have access to all of the Information in the Universe. But their Connection can be Blocked, by Heavy Metals and by Held Emotions – like NathaJay’s “ego stuff” and what we usually call Karma. Without that Connection through the Vaccum of Space, we lose Communication, and with that, we lose the Ability to Collaborate with the other Entities in our Locality and Beyond. We need that Collaboration to Survive Effortlessly in 5D.

The Moon OOB began 12:47 am PST 24 February in 12 Sadge, and ends 7:54 pm PST 27 February in 6 Aquarius. Which means it adds its own string of Angles as it crosses and Squares and Opposes all those asteroids etc in Capricorn!

If it’s clear and you’re up an hour before Sunrise on the 27th, look to the Southeast, as some of the Graffiti are lined up – Moon, Vesta, Venus, Mars.

Also on the 27th at 12:42 pm PST, asteroid Atropos (Expiration of Karma) moves into Sagittarius. Atropos in Scorpio (The Heavies, Fearlessness) is also enough to Exhaust us while we’re allegedly Sleeping, as we Struggle to figure out which of our Bad Habits have Expired so we don’t have to Remember to keep doing them any more!

Graffiti in Capricorn

February 24, 2022

Whw! Anybody else been waking up Exhausted? When “Little” Ego Deaths add up, the symptoms often include things like forgetting passwords we use every day, feeling like we don’t know a neighborhood that we drive through every day even when we know full well where we are. Of course, if we spent a good bit of spherical non-time in one of our other Lifetimes, that’d do it too. Or if we were out there on the airwaves trying to dissuade certain tyrants from destroying civilization. Besides, the Moon went Out of Bounds again at 12:47 am PST 24 February. The US stock market (DJIA) has crashed a thousand points during each of the last three Moon OOBs to the North – this is the first 1000-point crash when the Moon goes OOB to the South.2

So, we discover that the New Pholus-Quaoar Cycle is about the End Times. I’ve been reading up on Austria, Czechloslovakia, Poland, and the rest of north-central Europe in 1938-1941. Ukraine has always been the Breadbasket of Eurasia, as Iowa and environs are to North America, and Russia may un- or semi-consciously be looking after her future Food needs, following Stalin’s example, not to mention Genghis Khan’s. Siberia may be Warming, but it’s also burning, and belching methane from the thawing Tundra; it will be a many years before it can sustain big harvests of Borscht. And the Warming may reverse itself if a melting Greenland stops the Gulf Current that brings Tropical Warmth to Northern Europe, as it will do eventually.

  • 1 A certain tyrant has some pretty hairific natal Angles in his chart. How about a T-Square to Pallas-Chaos (Unlimited Pathology around Boundaries) from Orcus (Oath-Breaking) Opposite Mars-Karma-Veritas-Galactic Center with Karma and Mars both OOB (Truly Nasty Karma – but with Galactic HQ in on the plot? ) in the Anaretic Degrees of the Mutable Signs. Both of those OOBs are to the South, like the current Moon. Maybe this is the Last Tyrannical Patriarch (Anaretic) that Huperity, or Gaia, will Allow. It’s certainly an Evolutionary Throwback. Or Nessus Opposite Narcissus at the midpoint of Scorpio (Sadism? ), a few Degrees from Venus-Nemesis Opposite Hylonome (Perverted Guilt? ). Or Sun-Saturn-Ixion (Essentially and Importantly Pathological ) T-Squaring Uranus Opposite Damocles-Herakles with Damocles OOB (Intense Insecurity about their Service to the Patriarchy). Those are very negative interpretations, or very negative Behavior. My lifelong Pacifism is threatened here, as I’m catching myself Thinking About My Feelings.
  • 2 The Futures are down 600 as I write, I have no doubt they’ll be down at least that far again by the weekend.

The Quaoar-Pholus Initiation remains the Big Picture, but that was yesterday (21 February). Today there is another Picture, a “Harmonic Confabulation” in Capricorn. Look at this Comedy of Asteroids in Capricorn…

Seven planets all within two Degrees, including Venus, Mars, four asteroids, and dwarf planet Hylonome! Not as monumental and long-lasting as the Capricorn Conventions during the Harmonic Convergence, but a Big Deal nonetheless. Seven planets dancing together means at least twenty one separate Angles between them as they pass one another, plus each will be crossing Pluto and then Chariklo. If we include the Squares to and from Narcissus, Sappho, and Eris, we’re up to at least 65 different Squares and Conjunctions, with many of the latter being Initiations. If you have natal planets around 21-23 Capricorn, you’re about to Feel like you live in Ukraine, if you aren’t already. If you have natal planets in 21-23 Aries or Libra or Cancer, it could be worse, as what would have been Conjunctions (Mergers) with natal Capricorn planets become Squares (Challenges) and Oppositions (Arguments) instead. Buckshot might be a good analogy.3

  • 3 If you have one natal planet in this Degree Zone, the minimum number of Angular astroevents for you goes from 65 to 130. Two planets there – to 195. Any one of which can be monumental. Take good notes about any unusual Feelings or Circumstances, noting the date and time! A certain tyrant has Makemake (Manifestation) in this Degree Zone of the Cardinal Signs, T-Square (Challenged By) Requiem-Sedna (Converting Fear of Death to Respect for Power) Opposite Mercury-Ka epaoka awela (Transcending Thought and Communication).

More later – I dare not leave this overnight, lest I lose it.

Big Global Shift 3

February 22, 2022

Sorry about the Gap. I wrote long essays about the 21 February 2022 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation twice, and they both disappeared. I’ll try to reproduce the Bottom Line…

Yesterday was the Birth of the new 120-year Cycle that I’ve been referring to as the “Global Change” Energy (I previously referred to it as a 225-year Cycle, but that was incorrect). Madagascar is Suffering from a fourth devastating Cyclone (aka Hurricane) in four weeks, but otherwise, no big Global-Scale Earthquakes, Wildfires, or Volcanoes reported. Instead it’s the Hupers who are Acting Out. Their War Games are more likely to reach Global Scale anyway.

The Quaoar-Pholus Initiation chart says that the planets are leaving it up to us to purge our Negative Prayers (all Thoughts are Prayers and all Prayers are Answered, though not all Expectations).1 We’re being given a Remarkable Opportunity to Let Go of our Accumulated Karma,2 but as we’ve said, it’s up to us to Change our Expectations, since even though Karma is Dead, our Habitual Expectations will keep our History and Herstory simmering till We Consciously Revert it. We cannot Overpower our Negative Expectations, we have to Love Them to Death. Stop your Torrent of Thoughts about Your Unwanted Feelings, Locate the Feelings in your Body, Breathe Into that Place, and Warmly and Softly Open Space around It and Let It Be.

  • 1 While the Quaoar-Pholus Initiation is Merged With (Conjunct) asteroid Panacea (Healing), it is T-Squared (Challenged) by the Opposition (Tension) between Makemake (Manifestation) and the Stellium (group of planets) of Chiron (Despair and Miracles), asteroids Moira (Fate and Choice) and Hybris (Overfocus on Self-Aggrandizement), and minor planet Salacia (a Mermaid that consented to marry Neptune, but wasn’t particularly leaping at the Opportunity). In other words, it’s Up to Us to do our assigned job of Clearing Out our Dire Expectations and Choosing What We Want instead. We recommend Poor Sweethearting, Changing the Subject, and PIAVAing Clarity and Choice.
  • 2 The Stellium of the South Node (Held Emotions, the Stickiest part of our Karma, as Letting Go of it requires Ego Death) and asteroids Karma (Karma), Atropos (Expired Karma – which we still need to Let Go of our Habitual Expectations about ), and Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence) in the recent Full Moon chart.

Testing …1…2…3

February 22, 2022

Any other posts being eaten? That was already a redo after a long draft disappeared overnight yesterday.

Full Moon Reboot 3

February 21, 2022

In our recent Full Moon Reboot post, we reposted a blog post on This Is Ascension by Camilla Blossom, and in the same post we quoted Aurelia Jones’s The Seven Sacred Flames (p.162)…

“Lady Nada oversees a retreat, which is situated in the etheric realms above Lake Titicaca at the border of Bolivia and Peru. Ascended Masters Mary (known as Mother Mary), Quan Yin, Pallas Athena, Lady Venus, and Lady Portia (Saint Germain’s twin flame) are all working closely together in that retreat. From this place in Bolivia, they distribute powerful feminine energies to our planet in order to balance the distortions still existing between the masculine and feminine energies. There is a strong emphasis on restoring the balance between the female and male polarities within ourselves and within our relationships and in our world.”

In an email after her post and ours, Camilla wrote…

“Last week [before her Ascension Experience, and before we posted the Sacred Flames quote] while doing meditative planetary healing I was drawn to Lake Titicaca and the Island of the Sun. With women. We were doing ceremony there. Then I saw a pink feminine grid expand out from there all around the planet. It felt like a new grid of reparations of the Lemurian grid I have worked with alongside the Lemurian Grandmothers. I felt a massive opening of energy for Gaia!!”

Talk about Validations! Her subsequent Ascension Experience may well have been a return gift from Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) and Her Esteemed Crew.

Inca road on Isla del Sol, By Steve Bennett – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

In David Spangler’s Apprenticed to Spirit (p.164), David’s non-corporeal Mentor “John” talks about the relative Equality between Spirit Persons and Hupersons…

“We can see and do things on my level that you cannot do, this is true. But the reverse is also true. Each level has its unique gifts to offer to the whole. The inner worlds function as a wholeness, one in which each contributes something to the progression and development of consciousness. They are interdependent with each other, and in such a relationship, the physical plane and those of you upon it are important and significant in the contributions you can make.”

Speaking of Lady Nada’s Crew, the asteroid named for Pallas Athena – Pallas, which symbolizes Boundaries – was the prime mover in the 16 February 2022 Full Moon chart, which advised us to Loosen the Boundaries between “Us” and Our Unlimited Potential, our Ego and our Contenda’ 1

  • 1 The Ego isn’t about Showing Off, it’s about Keeping Us Alive. You can see asteroid Pallas in the first Degree of Aries (where everything Begins) on the left side of the chart, at the apex of the red triangle (T-Square, or Challenge). The Challenge is from the Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) at the bottom of the chart, and asteroid Klotho (New Beginnings) at the top of the chart receiving Instructions from Headquarters (the Galactic Center). The green wedge (converging 5-Sign Angles, or a Finger of the Goddess, meaning Pay Attention! ), also pointing to Pallas from the Moon and dwarf planet Haumea, makes the Challenge Self-Resolving. The big blue triangle (Grand Trine, meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings) also pointing to Pallas, is a Bonus. It links Pallas to dwarf planet Cyllarus (Ego Death) and the rather incredible Stellium (group of planets) on the third corner, which means The Dismissal of Karma, comprising asteroid Karma (Fate and Choice), the South Node (Held Emotions, the most Tenacious part of Karma, which require Ego Death to Let Go Of), and asteroids Atropos (the Expiration of Karma) and Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence).

One of the best ways to mitigate the Stress that a T-Square Challenge typically Creates (even a Self-Resolving one, since we have to “Stand Still” for the Challenge till it Resolves itself), is to fill the Vacancy on the other side of the chart. A T-Square is Out of Balance, all in one half of the Zodiac, with the other half Empty. You can see the Vacancy on the right side of the chart above, on the Cusp of Libra. We first try to fill the Vacancy with asteroids that we don’t usually use – there’s an almost unlimited supply of those. Barring asteroids in the right place, we look for Fixed Stars. If neither of those pop out, we look up the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of the Vacancy. And if we have a natal planet on or near the Vacancy, we’re an Active Agent in the Drama that the T-Square represents.

We need only to Focus our Attention on whatever is in the Vacancy, and we’ll bring the T-Square into Balance. In this instance, no meaningful asteroids or Stars jump out, but the Sabian Symbol for the Vacancy, 29 Virgo, is “A Seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines their mind: After a crisis one should seek to realign the renewed consciousness with the primordial Revelations of the Truth of Huperity.” This is much Heavier than the average Sabian Symbol, but then, this is the Penultimate Degree of the Sign of Ego Death. In other words, after we Take a Great Fall, we want to rebuild our Identity from First Principles, the most basic of which is All Is One, and All Is Sacred.2

With this kind of Opening to Enlightenment and 5D (ie, our Unlimited Potential, a Frightening Upper Limit), it’s no Wonder that the Full Moon itself, with its fortnight-or-so impact upon us, Feels very Serious and very Nervous!3

  • 2 And I do have a natal planet in the Vacancy – none other than dwarf planet Quaoar (my Survival Instincts)! Which means that I’m advised to realign my Survival Instincts, to Focus them on First Principles, including All Is One, and All Is Sacred! Namaste, Astrology! – this sounds like excellent advice! As NathaJay put it, I’ve been closer to “Divine apathy, if you will” lately. Which is good, it gives me Neutrality. Neutrality is a precondition for Manifestation. Now I can follow Camilla’s footsteps, and joyfully return to Meditative Activism.
  • 3 The Full Moon Sun Merges with asteroid Damocles, which symbolizes Anxiety. Since Anxiety is part of All, it is Sacred, which means we have no need to Resist it. Where does it reside in our Body? Can we Breathe into it there, Warmly and Softly Embrace it there? What will it Teach us?
  • The Full Moon Axis (What We’re Feeling and Doing) Squares (Challenges) the Nodal Axis (Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going). Making a Grand Cross, this is an Exercise in It Is What It Is. But What It Is is Intense! The North Node (Where We’re Going) Is Merged With Sustaining the Conversion of Fear into Power (Conjunct dwarf planets Ceres and Sedna). The South Node (Where We’ve Been) Is Merged with that Remarkable Proclamation of the Death of Karma (Conjunct asteroids Karma, Atropos, and Ka epaoka awela) that we detailed at the end of note 1.
  • The Full Moon is part of a Grand Sextile (six planets more or less equally spaced ’round the Zodiac, meaning Grace, but only After We Take the First Step) with the Unlimited Potential and New Beginnings that we spoke of at the beginning of note 1, and with Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea) and The Union of Heart and Mind (asteroids Veritas and Aletheia together on the cusp of Taurus).

Full Moon Reboot 2

February 20, 2022

We should draw the connection more clearly between Gender Balance (Venus-Mars) and Global Ascension (Pholus-Quaoar), aka the End Times or Climate Change. The 6 March 2022 Venus-Mars Merger in 1 Aquarius is about “An old adobe mission in California: The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans.” Unfortunately, thanks to their “Christian” Hubris, one of the “Enduring Huper Works inherent” in the Spanish Occupation of California was the decimation of the culture, and often the people as well, of the Indigenous People who were already living there in close Cooperation with Nature.1 Among the Gods who taught those Native Americans how to Collaborate with Nature, was Quaoar, the namesake of the dwarf planet that’s Initiating dwarf planet Pholus the day after tomorrow, on 21 February.2

Speaking of Pholus, he was the Centaur who hosted Herakles (Hercules) while Herakles was en route to battle the Giant Alcyoneus as part of the duties Zeus assigned to Herakles in Zeus’s effort to eliminate the Powers of the Matriarchy that preceded the Patriarchy. Astronomers have recently discovered the largest Galaxy found so far, a hundred times as large as our own. “Coincidentally,” they named the Giant Galaxy Alcyoneus.3 The asteroid named Heracles is a few degrees too distant to be active in the Quaoar-Pholus chart, though Heracles is Merged with asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ), which is active in the chart.4 As a result of the Herakles-Pholus misadventure, Pholus, Cyllarus, Hylonome, and eventually Chiron, all got Dead.5

  • 1 The sophistication of their Collaboration is well documented in M. Kat Anderson’s Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Natural Resources. The proportion of World Agriculture that has recovered some of those Regenerative Skills is growing rapidly, for instance, but is still very small.
  • 2 As Quaoar does once every 225 years. Another God, Makemake, taught the people who lived on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) parallel Skills, such as planting crops on the lee side of rocks after all of the Trees were cut down, because the rocks snagged and condensed the frequent fogs, which watered their crops. As we’ll see when we dissect the chart of the Quaoar-Pholus Initiation, the dwarf planet named after Makemake Squares the 21 February Quaoar-Pholus Initiation. The Other Gods are ganging up on Zeus and his Domineering Male Supremacy.
  • 3 Galaxy Alcyoneus would be on the Cusp of Leo, near where dwarf planet Cyllarus is now. Not to be Confused with the Star Alcyone (Vision, Judgement), the brightest of the Pleiades, which doesn’t seem to be connected. The Pleiades, named for the seven daughters of the Nymph Pleione and the Titan Atlas, are on the Cusp of Gemini, near where dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) now sits.
  • 4 Nemesis is Unx (one Sign away, meaning Pattern-Breaking) to Pholus-Quaoar. Technically, if Heracles Conjoins Nemesis and Nemesis is Unx to Pholus-Quaoar, then Heracles is Unx to Pholus-Quaoar. That is, the Quaoar-Pholus Initiation could Break the Pattern with Heracles, the Pattern of Defending the Patriarchy. Because we use a lot of asteroids, we reduce redundancy wherever we can, so we don’t usually include such “Secondary Angles.”
  • 5 Chiron (Despair and Miracles) et al in the Quaoar-Pholus Initiation chart, Oppose dwarf planet Makemake, which we mentioned in note 2 above. In other words, the Global Ascension is Challenged (T-Squared) by Herxheimers and Transformations (Despair and Miracles) and by What We’ve Been PIAVAing (Makemake). Remember that All Prayers Are Answered, and Every Thought Is A Prayer! There are other planets involved in the T-Square, which we’ll detail later. Chiron was only wounded, not killed, in the Fracas which resulted from the Pholus-Herakles Misadventure, but Chiron’s Unhealable Wound was so painful that he Chose to give up his Immortality.

WordPress has forwarded three of NathaJay’s posts from her Walking in Both Worlds blog, and they’re worth pointing out. A sample of her post About,, for instance…

“Dimensional shift… new age of humanity… age of Aquarius… spiritual awakening… evolution… whatever you call it, something is changing in collective consciousness. Some will start to feel this change as a subtle awareness, a slight change in worldview, like seeing that what you eat really does change how you feel, or clean water is precious, or that both political parties are corrupt. For others, it will be more physical, feeling the waves of energy go up and down. Still others will notice reality misbehaving, like time not being quite so linear, and gravity getting stronger and weaker. And some will actually experience changes in dimension, like memories of things you didn’t do, or suddenly feeling like you’re under water with movement and sound affected. It’s a shift in the collective, and we’re all experiencing something.”

And of her post Embodiment is Weird,

“For me, my body has been clear about its changing needs. Some days I eat a good amount of food, while other days I have a handful of mixed nuts and a lot of water. Some days sugar sounds terrible, and other days it’s salt. I can feel my nervous system changing. My body requested I stop all supplements for a bit. I am complying with all requests, and my body feels relaxed and happy. I got Covid in November, and after a month of exhaustion, I truly feel better than I have in decades. I’m not the only who has mentioned improved health after recovery. Could this plague be acting as a DNA upgrade? Without doubt, it is a man-made virus (symptoms changing everyday), but nature always bends things to her needs. Nature always wins…

“I think what is most strange (in this super strange process) is my complete personality change. I have always been a planner, with great skill at discipline, and now plans are an outline (with no real timeline) and my discipline is in maintaining my flexibility. Was my personality that far out of alignment before? I think so. But I also think it was a necessary coping skill to survive on this planet before now. My old personality served me well, now it’s time for something else. Every morning I wonder what part of myself I will discover. It’s like soul retrieval with confetti. Weird, but fun!”

And a sample of her post 5D Bridge,

“I have been writing for years about the dissolution of the ego. This is different. Instead of feeling lighter while still dealing with the ego stories popping up, this is more like becoming the light while just not caring about the ego stories. Divine apathy, if you will. I simply don’t care. I absolutely know, at a core level, that everything will work out perfectly. Instead of a glimmer of trepidation when viewing the world stage, I am now only amused. Aren’t people creative? So many ways to view the world!”

Nosing around in her ample archives, I found her post on ~Self-Love & Self-Worth~,

“I have been asked many times, “How does one learn to love themselves?” A very interesting topic, indeed. I have found that self-love is a function of self-worth, and self-worth comes from validation. Those that have issues with self-worth tend to seek outside validation, while those who have an inherent sense of self-worth find validation within. So yes, once again the answers you seek are within you, but how do we get there?

“First of all, leave all delusions behind. Lots of people claim to have a positive body image, when what they really mean is they want to justify not eating well and exercising regularly, not caring for the body. Be careful what you label as positive. Right now we have a lot more justification than love running around. Love promotes health on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Indulgence and addiction aren’t loving. …”

She also has two books on Amazon that sound like they’re worth reading.

Full Moon Reboot

February 19, 2022

The 16 February 2022 Full Moon1 will impact the next two weeks. It’s primary message is that we need to Open Our Boundaries to the Mystery, and Let Ourself be Reborn into to Our Unlimited Potential.2 Camilla Blossom leads the way…

. . . . . . . . . . . This Is Ascension . . . . . . . . . . . .

Edited in Prisma app with Surf

“What the heck is going on?

“Even when you have clues, tools, awareness of the ascension process, it can catch you by surprise — exhaustion, aches, pain, dizziness, and surfacing trauma. 
“On Sunday, I died!
 “Ascension is the death of our old self into higher states of awareness while still in our body. 
 “Every human and every being is becoming more crystalline…”

By now we are deep into the 21 February 2022 Initiation of dwarf planet Pholus by dwarf planet Quaoar (Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts, aka Earth Changes),3 the Beginning of a New 225-year Cycle during which we eventually come into Balance with our Fellow Earthlings of all stripes and spots,4 from the Mastodons to the Tigers to the Lions Manes to the Lichens to the Mitochondria and Beyond. Or else.

  • 1 8:56 am PST, in 28 Leo.
  • 2 In the Full Moon chart, Asteroid Pallas in 1 Aries (Where Everything Begins) T-Squares (Challenges) the Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) and asteroid Klotho (New Beginnings) which is visiting the Galactic Center (Getting It’s Assignment from Headquarters).
  • 3 Quaoar Initiates Pholus at 7:03 pm PST, in 8 Capricorn, close enough to 2/22/2022 for Jazz. 2/22/2022 reduces to 12, the Hanged Man in Tarot, who hangs not by his Neck or Nails, but by his Heels, so he can See the World through New Eyes. He is the Pattern-Breaker, the KarmaBreaker. 12 reduces to 3, the symbol of The Empress, or Love with WisdomCompassion.
  • 4 Capricorn 8, “In a Sun-lit home domesticated birds sing joyously.”
  • The Full Moon Squares the Nodal Axis, at 28 of the Fixed Signs. It’s a Grand Cross (4 planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac), which we consider to be a Series of relatively Smallish Hassles that Complement One Another so that the End Result is Just Fine – as Long as We don’t Screw it Up by Intervening to “Fix” any of the Smallish Hassles. A Grand Cross is an Exercise in It Is What It Is, to see if we can Let It Be.
  • To spice it up good, the Full Moon Sun in Aquarius Channels (Conjoins) asteroid Damocles (Anxiety), while the North Node (Our Mission in the Lifetime) in Taurus (Materialism) Channels asteroid Ceres (Sustainability) and dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power), and the South Node (Our Held Emotions, the Deepest Traumas in our Karma) in Scorpio (Fearlessness) Channels asteroids Karma itself (Our Karma), Atropos (Expired Karma5), and Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence). That’s a mouthful.

It means that the Survivability of our Materiality Relies on the Transcendence of our Karma.

  • 5 Karma does not Grasp Us, We Grasp It. The nature of Karma is that it’s What We Expect, because we’ve been living with it for so many Lifetimes. By definition, it’s Older than “We” are. Well, What We Expect is What We Get, when our Expectations are Unconscious. So even when Karma reaches its Expiry Date, it doesn’t automatically get off our back. We have to Actively Let Go Of It, by making it Conscious, Noticing it when it begins to recur, and Choosing a New Alternative. Any Alternative will do, till we Break the Addiction. Then we can begin Choosing Alternatives that are Self-Supporting rather than Self-Sabotaging.

Asteroid Karma, by the way, left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius yesterday, 18 February (10:50 pm PST), meaning that we’re shifting from The Way Out of Our Karma Is Through, to The Way Out of our Karma Is To Let It Go. Whew! What Timing! Have we ever been Feeling this!

“Lady Nada oversees a retreat, which is situated in the etheric realms above Lake Titicaca at the border of Bolivia and Peru. Ascended Masters Mary (known as Mother Mary), Quan Yin, Pallas Athena, Lady Venus, and Lady Portia (Saint Germain’s twin flame) are all working closely together in that retreat. From this place in Bolivia, they distribute powerful feminine energies to our planet in order to balance the distortions still existing between the masculine and feminine energies. There is a strong emphasis on restoring the balance between the female and male polarities within ourselves and within our relationships and in our world.

“Many of these female masters are working to help us with this task; it is so vitally imperative for the Ascension of humanity. Unless humanity begins manifesting more balance between the masculine and feminine expressions of power in the world, we will not easily experience the changes in consciousness which must take place in these next years. The long awaited Golden Age can only manifest when divine balance between the male and female polarities becomes a reality on the planet.”

–Aurelia Louse Jones, The Seven Sacred Flames, p.162

Which brings us to the other Big Deal happening late this month and early next. Venus and Mars normally Convene a new Cycle every year and a half or so. The Current Cycle began in mid-July 2021 in 20 Leo, “Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun: A return to the glorification of natural energies.” The Initiation Celebrates the Transcendence of Karma.6

  • 6 The Initiation Conjoined asteroid Atropos (the Expiration of Karma), and the only Challenge was a naked Square to asteroid Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence). The Initiation Enjoyed a Grand Trine (Great Blessings) with asteroids Eros (Eros) and Veritas (Truth). Veritas Opposed asteroids Klotho (New Beginnings) and Panacea (Healing), and that Opposition made a Grand Cross by Squaring the Opposition from the Sun (Essence) to dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence) and asteroid Arrowkoth.
  • Arrowkoth, meaning Sky or Cloud or Up There, is the name currently given to the iceball that the New Horizons spacecraft perused after it finished checking out Pluto. It was known as Ultima Thule then, meaning Way Out in the Tules, but that name was replaced when it was revealed to have white supremacist connections. In its Discovery chart – it was Discovered at 10 Capricorn, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor: The overcoming of fear and its rewards” – it Conjoins Pluto (Compulsion) and asteroid Koronis (Coronavirus? ) and Opposes asteroids Moira (Fate and Choice) and Cyllarus (Death). It also includes an intriguing Mutable Grand Cross, which we’ll fill in later.

Well, Venus and Mars Convened again on 16 February in 17 Capricorn (“A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism: The escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance on the wisdom of the body”), and they’ll do it again on 6 March in 1 Aquarius (“An old adobe mission in California: The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans”). What’s going on? At seven months it’s too early for a New Cycle, so why are they Convening now? Turns out it’s the last two thirds of a much-delayed Triple Conjunction, so these two events will fill out and modify the Ritual to the Sun of the actual Initiation. The Current Cycle doesn’t end till 2/22/2024, two years past our 2/22/2022 milestone or millstone.

So, relying only on the Sabian Symbols and not opening the charts yet, Using the Wisdom of the Body to Escape Bondage to Social Limitations in our Relationships and Reversing the Enduring Taint of the Patriarchy in our Relationships that was illustrated by the Genocide of the California Indians by the Spanish now become part of Celebrating the Transcendence of Karma. Bear in mind that the most important Relationship we have is the one with ourself, the one between our own Inner Female and our own Inner Male.

The Inner Female carries our Values. The Inner Male Structures our Life. When in Balance, the Inner Male would Structure Life around the Values carried by the Inner Female. Male Energy on its own would Structure Life around Competition. Female Energy would structure Life around Collaboration. In the Relationship Structures we’ve inherited from Western Social Limitations, and in the Taint of Genocide that’s Endured far beyond the original Patriarchy, it’s the Other Way Around, isn’t it. Male Competition Energy substitutes for our Values, while Collaborative Female Energy is tied up in Service to the Structure of our Day-to-Day Life. Here’s a contrast…

Harmonic Conciliation 2

February 12, 2022

Oops, I forgot to include the Sedna Station chart in the previous (The Heavies) post…

We’ve already published this coming weekend’s Moon Out of Bounds schedule, but we’ll paraphrase it anyway…

The Moon moved…

“…Out of Bounds at 2:42 am PST 10 February 2022, in 12 Gemini, and comes back In Bounds at 1:36 pm on 14 February, in 6 Leo… While the Moon is OOB in Declination, it travels fifty-some Degrees of Longitude, approximately the distance of a Septile (Being in the Right Place at the Right Time). The mid-February Moon crosses only three planets this time while it’s OOB! Compared to the previous 13-planet episode, a Picnic! However, all three of them are Retrograde dwarf planets, and all three are Out of Bounds themselves. At least we’ll have more time to Breathe between them! The three OOB dwarf planets are…

“Dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition) Retrograde and Out of Bounds, crossed by the Moon at about 3am PST on 11 February, in 25 Gemini,

“Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) Rx and OOB, crossed at 10 am PST 11th, 28 Gemini, and

“Dwarf planet Varuna (The Life Force) Rx and OOB, crossed at noon PST 14th, 5 Leo.

“If you have a natal planet, like for instance Mars, near 28 Gemini, you’ll be Experiencing, at the equivalent in your own Time Zone of the morning of 11 February PST, a semblance of a Triple Conjunction of Moon, Mars, and Chaos, with Moon Out of Bounds. Moon OOB tempts us to get Lost in Our Thoughts About Our Emotions, rather than Attending to how our Emotions actually Feel in our Bodies. Your Mars-Chaos Thoughts will connect you Intimately to your Karma, your old Grudges, your Perceived Slights and Insults, your Perceived Lifetime Rejections that appear to have Prevented you from “Being a Contender” at What You Want in your Life, and your Daydreams about What Could Have Been if only “they” hadn’t held you back.

“That’s all useful Information for Healing, but only if you Avoid Identifying with the Thoughts, and instead Focus on your Awareness that you’re Thinking, and how these Thoughts might point to a Direction that your Healing could take. But how likely is that? Good, I would hope, but probably not for most of us most of the time.”

As has happened during every second Moon OOB so far, the stock market (DJIA) dropped a thousand points. It’s too soon to tell for sure, but the carnage seems to only happen when the Moon is OOB to the North, which would make sense since that’s where Wall Street is. However, it also seems to only happen when it starts on a weekday, when the stock market is open. In the previous two episodes, the DJIA recovered fully a day or two after the Moon returned In Bounds. It’ll be interesting to see if that happens again this time, as it will be interesting to see if we get to the Ides of February without Ukraine being Invaded. I’m Wondering if the Australian or Chilean or South African stock markets crash when the Moon is OOB to the South.

Hupers consistently seem to be overwhelmed by excess Emotion when the Moon goes OOB, look for “reasons” in the news, believe that they must be “Real” or “Permanent” reasons for their Panic, and React accordingly. Another example of the Folly of Focusing on Our Thoughts About Our Emotions rather than Our Emotions Themselves. This is exactly what Faceplant and its Peers have been Exploiting for Profit, in the finest American tradition of Getting Obscenely Wealthy on What Hasn’t Been Declared Illegal yet, including all manner of Crimes to protect your Niche. Afterwards they Pretend to be great Philanthropists, like Carnegie and Gates. Gates even continues to Profit from what he actively sells as Philanthropy.

Our Emotions are important Teachers for us. One way to Open to their Curriculum is to “Pretend” that we’re Meditating, so we can say to ourself, “Oh, there’s Thinking Again!” and ignore it, then Locate the Emotion in our Body and Focus our Attention on that Bodily Location until it Moves, returning our Attention to the Body when the Mind wanders Again.1 This is particularly effective if our Emotion is Discomfort or Pain. Even the Medical-Pharmaceutical Cartel steals our natural Abundance by Exploiting our Tendency to prefer Our Thoughts About Our Feelings to our Feelings Themselves.

  • 1 If you need more Instruction than this simple suggestion, there are plenty of more detailed Instructions. We’ve lately been praising Barry Grundland’s and Patricia Kay’s Cell Level Meditation as a great sample, but many have been teaching it for at least decades. It’s hard to be concise about ancient history, but I probably Learned it from Stephen Levine in the 1980s. Gary Craig has been Giving the Information Away since he was in high school. I don’t remember who, recently, casually mentioned Our Thoughts About Our Feelings in passing, but that phrase so Concisely Expresses what I’ve been clumsily trying to say for the last forty years or so.

We also have some Sign Changes and other details to consider…

Dwarf planet Ceres re-entered Gemini at 6:02 pm PST on 8 February. Ceres in Gemini – Sustainability in Flexibility – may sound like a bit of an Oxymoron, but it’s anything but. Both the Perennial and the “Post-Modern” or Permaculture Wisdom include kernels like The Only Real Protection is Vulnerability and Survival Requires Resilience. In fact, the hidden bonus of Ceres in Gemini is an Open Opportunity to Let Go of the Unconscious Limitations which Limit our Sustainability. The first step toward Sustainability is Sustenance – Letting Go of what’s Unnecessary or Superfluous, and Lord Knows that Self-Sabotage is both.

Ceres is in Gemini till 15 May 2022. It entered Gemini in July 2021, but then backed into Taurus briefly to review the role of Converting Fear to Power in our Sustenance by revisiting dwarf planet Sedna, which has also been Strong lately. If you keep a Journal, Ceres Conferred with Sedna on 28 July 2021, and 5 and 23 January 2022. Ceres Changed Signs this past week as Sedna was Exaggerated,2 which would have been a good Review for any Terror you Endured last July. In general, Ceres in Taurus probably would have felt pretty good, as we Felt Secure (Taurus) about our Sustainability. Till we Realized that we were just focusing on Our Thoughts About Our Security, which may well have occurred in July.

On 11 May 2022, Ceres will cross dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ), in 29 Gemini. We’ll probably begin to Feel it several days before that. Eventually, as we Graduate to 5D, we’ll Need to Express All of Our Truth, as lack of Authenticity will kick us right back into 3D. And to Sustain our 5D Experience, we’ll be dipping into our Unlimited Potential. That’ll be Scary, as it’s likely that “Your Mother’s Ghost Stands at your Shoulder/ Eyes like Ice, a little bit Colder/ Saying to you, ‘You Cannot do that/ It Breaks All the Rules you Learned in School”, as David Crosby put it.3

  • 2 Ceres Sign Change 6:02 pm PST 8 February, Sedna Stationary 10:40 am PST 9 February.
  • 3 Triad, Jefferson Airplane, Crown of Creation.

Mars returned In-Bounds at 3:36 pm PST 9 February, at 13 Capricorn. Mars has been Exaggerated (Out of Bounds) since 13 January in 22 Sagittarius – Out of Bounds for only 38 days, one of many unusual circumstances for Mars and Venus this month and next.

Asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) moves into Taurus again at 10:25 pm PST on 11 February, till 23 May 2022. Aletheia was previously in Taurus from 9 July till 14 October 2021. It was in Aries from 3 April to 9 July 2021, and 14 October 2021 till 11 February 2022. Aletheia in Aries (Creative Spirituality) probably Felt Exhilarating – or Difficult, as the Exhilaration of Being Our True Self was Stifled by our Programming. The Need to Be True To Ourself will be Deeper in Taurus, so it will likely be harder to Suppress our True Self. That Challenge will peak at the end of April when Aletheia meets the North Node and we’ll be Asked to Be True to Living our Life Mission, and at the end of May when Aletheia Confers with Sedna and we’ll be simultaneously Confronted with our Fears of Living Our Truth and Our Guilt about Not Doing So.4

  • 4 Aletheia Conjunct North Node 30 April 2022 in 23 Taurus and Aletheia Conjunct Sedna 30 May in 30 Taurus.

Mercury moves into Aquarius again at 1:53 pm PST on 13 February 2022, till 10 March. Everybody’s stuttering between Signs today. Mercury was in Capricorn (Practical Communication, Predictable Travel ) from 13 December 2021 till 2 January 2022, and from 26 January till 13 February. Mercury was and will be in Aquarius (Social Communication and Travel to Visit your Community) from 2 to 26 January 2022, and 13 February to 10 March 2022. While in Aquarius, Mercury will Seek Counsel…

  • On Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt from dwarf planet Chariklo in 6 Aquarius on and about 20 February,
  • On Expanding Our Consciousness from asteroid Juno in 9 Aquarius on and about 22 February,
  • On Letting Go of Our Guilt and/or Resolving it through Amends from asteroid Nemesis in 12 Aquarius on and about 25 February, and
  • On The Most Important Thing from Saturn in 20 Aquarius on and about 2 March.

Asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) moves into Aries at 9:50 pm PST on 13 February 2022, till 30 April. It’s been in Pisces for almost a year, since 7 March 2021. Boundaries and Pisces are a non sequitur, but nevertheless, the Pisces I know have been studying Boundaries intensely for longer than that. Pallas in Aries brings Spirit into the game. How might that play out? Pisces might begin to Respect itself, and begin to Claim Its Space. Pisces has one of the hardest jobs on the Board after all, to Let Go of Ancient Karmic Baggage. Those of us who’ve spent our Lives working that out, Know who Needs and Deserves our Respect and Support.

Pallas crosses Chiron on 16 March, in 12 Aries. Like Pisces, Chiron Suffers a lot, because Despair is Difficult to Escape. Poor Sweethearts work for me, but you have to be Relentless about Changing the Subject. So we might find ourself Setting Boundaries against our own Self-Pity, or against the Icy-Hearts that are always telling us to Get a Grip. Just because they’re Out of Touch with their Feelings, doesn’t mean they have Permission to Disrespect our Skill with Emotion.

Then on 17 April, Pallas crosses dwarf planet Eris – Boundaries Meet Denial, in 25 Aries. Do we get Relentless about Lowering the Boundaries against our own Denial, or do we get Uncompromising about Avoiding the Overwhelm that Denial Prevents? When the Ego Shatters, which is what Overwhelm does, we have no Power to do anything except try to put Humpty back together again. That might be Necessary if we’re, say, Hitting Bottom around an Addiction, and we can get some help from the King’s Horses and the King’s People. Othewise, this is likely to be a Delicate Dance.

Now, suppose we have a natal planet in 12 or 25 Aries. The planets have interpretations that align to some degree with the Concepts we usually use to describe our Reality – like Mercury for Logic, Venus for Values, Mars for Action. Combining two of those Concepts isn’t usually too hard (Being Logical about our Values for instance), but not always (What are Active Values? ) Suppose your natal Sedna is at 25 of Aries, for instance. We may be Confronted with some combination of Boundaries, Denial, and Fear. What will that Look Like? Old Memories that we don’t want to Remember maybe. Whatever it Looks Like, the Most Important Thing will be to be Loving and Gentle with Ourself.

Once we’re past the Ides of February, we’re in the Realm of the Initiation of Pholus by Quaoar, aka Global Climate Change, aka the End Times. More about that soon.

The Heavies

February 8, 2022

Keep an eye out for The Heavies over the next several hours, and recognize that they’re highly unlikely to be about the Present Moment. The Moon (Instincts, Emotions) is about to cross dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear and Anger to Power ), which is Stationary (Amplified ), and the Moon’s own North Node (Our Lifetime Mission) is close by. Meanwhile, asteroid Karma (Our Karma), which is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ), is Opposing Sedna and crossing the South Node (Our Held Emotions). Our Held Emotions are the Emotions that We’d rather Die than Feel. That is, we have to Face an Ego Death in order to clear those Stuck Emotions out of our Body. When Emotions get Stuck in the Body, we usually Feel them as Chronic Pain or Worse.

Let’s Translate that. Our Karma is likely to be Lit Up Big over the next several hours.1 The astrology is suggesting that we can Move Rapidly toward our Lifetime Mission during this time by Noticing when any Discomfort arises in our Body, and Focusing our Attention on the Discomfort. If we can also Breathe Into It while we’re Focusing on it, all the better. It’s also important to use our Mind to Imagine a very Pleasant Experience before and/or during, and to Soften and Warm the area of the Discomfort.2 The longer we can gently Hold our Attention there, and the more times we can Bring our Attention Back when it Wanders, the better. Ideally, we should Hold it there till the Discomfort Moves, but that can take several days or more if the Discomfort is Big or Long-Lived. You won’t Regret it if you can afford to spend those several days doing just that, because it’ll Change your Life.

We mentioned in the previous post that we “can Heal many Discomforts in our Body just by Holding our Attention on them for a while.” If you haven’t Learned about that yet, Barry Grundland and Patricia Kay’s Cell Level Meditation: The Healing Power of the Smallest Unit of Life is a fabulous place to start.3

  • 1 Peak times are between 8 and 10pm PST on 8 February 2022, when the Moon Opposes asteroid Karma and the South Node, but that’s just when our Discomfort is likely to be Lit Up – what we describe here is a fabulous Healing Practice that you can use any time. Dwarf planet Sedna Stands Still at 10:50 am on 9 February.
  • 2 Fear is Cold and Hard, while Love is Soft and Warm.
  • 3 Patricia worked with Dr. Grundland for years, during which Dr. Grundland didn’t want to stop and write about the Healing Work he was doing because it would stop the most important part, The Flow. So Patricia actually wrote the book, and I love the way she writes. For instance (p.79), ” ‘A person will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inward, as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push’ – Ludwig Wittgenstein. By now, it should be obvious that Cell Level Meditation is directed toward being in the body. You are actually tuning into the body as an expression of creativity, vitality, health, and huper experience. Many people think they’re supposed to have far-out experiences or see celestial beings. And nothing like this happens. Well, of course it can and does happen, but that’s not what we’re aiming toward.” How many times, when a layer of Unconscious Limitation falls away, have I been at that very place, where it had never before occurred to me to Pull? Too many to count!