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Handmaids and Handbaskets 3

November 8, 2020

As often happens, “tomorrow” gets delayed as Life intervenes. But I’m not complaining! When any astroindication is Lit Up, we’re either likely to Experience its Essence, or the Opposite of its Essence, because astroindicators are about Dimensions rather than Directions. Direction is up to us, as we can React (through Karma) or Respond (through Choice) anywhere along the Dimensional scale. Of course it’s not anywhere near as Cartesian or 2D as that, but that’s the way the Western-trained Either/Or mind sees it.

So on 6 November 2020, when Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) was Exaggerated (Stationary), we could have Experienced Either Respect for All Things or Disrespect for All Things, and we Experienced Respect for All Things. That’s a tremendous Blessing! Well, maybe Respect for Most Things would be more accurate, as we also Experienced Disrespect for Thuggery. Since Thuggery is Disrespectful in the Extreme, though, I for one am quite willing to let two Negatives multiply to a Positive, and translate Disrespect for Thuggery into virtual Respect for All Things.

But since “tomorrow” has finally arrived, it’s time to interpret the Merger (Conjunction) of Guilt and Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis) with Illumination (“Torch Dragon” minor planet Zhulong). Just phrasing it that way sounds useful – having Light cast upon our Guilt and Ego Deaths! We Experience Remorse and Guilt when our Behavior transgresses our own Values. Our Behavior follows from our Ego, so in order to Make Amends for our Transgression, we must first Adjust our Ego’s Relationship to our Behavior – ie, often, an Ego Death. Lighting up this process is a Boon.

As two planets make their way ’round the Zodiac, faster planets will repeatedly pass slower planets. When they do, they Begin a “Cycle,” with the Slower planet Initiating the Faster planet as an Assistant in accomplishing its Mission. The Slower planets set the Agenda, while the Faster planets implement the Evolution specified in the Agenda. Each Cycle lasts till the next Meeting of the two planets. Cycles evolve in predictable ways (as delineated in Dane Rudhyar’s The Lunation Cycle)…

The Beginning or Initiation often Illuminates an Issue or a Change (which becomes an Issue whenever we’re Attached to the Status Quo).

During the first one fourth of the Cycle (till the Faster planet Squares the Slower planet, or gets 90 Degrees Ahead of it), the Issue is Underground, as Ego Investments (and in the Pandemican Empire, especially Monetary Investments) in the previous regime Lobby and Propagandize to Discourage the Change.

Between 90 and 180 Degrees of Separation, there is an initial Crisis as the New Cycle Erupts from the Underwhere, followed by a Blooming of the New Energy at 180 Degrees (Opposition).

The New Cycle Fruits between 223 Degrees (the Phitile) and 270 Degrees (the Waning Square).

After 270 Degrees of Separation, the now-no-longer-so-New Cycle begins the Autumn of it’s Lifespan. Often the Cyclical equivalent of the Fall Equinox or Last-Quarter Moon includes a Crisis that suggests we Loosen our Ego-Attachment to the now-Old Cycle’s Manifestations, by Requiring Adjustments to keep our Response to the Issue relevant.

During the Last 90 Degrees of the Cycle, the Suggestions to Let Go, and the Necessity of Adjustment, get more Extreme as we approach the Next Initiation.

If we’re paying Attention, the Energy of the Next Cycle begins to get very Obvious once we’re within 15 Degrees or so of the Next Initiation – ie, when the Faster planet is 15 Degrees or less Behind the Slower planet.

Of course our Sensitivity will determine how much and how well we Respond to each of these Cosmic Suggestions.

Our first clue for interpreting the nature of a Cycle, is the Nature of the planets involved. Here, the Torrent of Evolution toward Enlightenment (Zhulong) prescribes the Agenda, by Illuminating the places where our Karmic Patterns are out of Synch with our Values (Nemesis).

The second clue is the nature of the Sign and Degree where the Initiation occurs, as read by its Sabian Symbol (a reading for the individual Degree) of that Degree. The Nemesis-Zhulong Cycle spans about 5 years. The Cycle that’s now finished Began December 2015 in 24 Libra, the reading for which is “A Butterfly with a third wing on its left side,” which is to say, A Transformation Focused on our Magnetic (Feminine) Nature. I can easily see how that’s been Occurring.

Our New Cycle begins in 4 Scorpio, “A youth carries a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.” Ahem. They aren’t usually so remarkably Obvious.

The third clue about the nature of a Cycle, which is a lot more trouble to Divine, is the chart of its Initiation…

The Crux of this chart is a Challenge (T-Square) to Transcend (asteroid Bee-Zed) the Relationship between our Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong, formerly known as “OR10”) and our Limiting Beliefs (asteroid Vesta).

Wow, is that ever relevant! When I first saw the length of the red bar and the absence of the “blue wave” on the Electoral College bar-chart on Wednesday morning, my Intrusive Memories of Childhood Abuse and Karmic Oppression Triggered Depression. The Challenge is that we Avoid the Likelihood of our Ego being Drowned by the Held Emotions of our Regression. That would look like inner Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth, and outer Submission, as if the Oppression and Abuse was Personal and Present Moment.

There are two Relevant Alternatives to Drowning. We can Recognize that we’re Experiencing those Emotions (as Opposed to Believing that the Trauma is Present Moment), and Lovingly and Gently be Present with them. In Meditation, perhaps, or in Conversation with someone who’s able to be Non-Judgmental, or by Locating the Emotions in our Body or our Field, and being Loving and Gentle – Soft and Warm – with them there.

And we can Directly Transcend them. That requires that we spend at least a few minutes Recognizing them. Avoidance is not Transcendance, though at times Denial is Healthy, as it allows us to Avoid Overwhelm while we address several Issues in turn instead of trying to swallow them all at once.

The simplest form of Transcendence might just be Recognizing that we Been There Done That and Survived, and we can Do It Again If We Have To. That’s still pretty Depressive, though, so it’s not exactly Transcending the Karmic Whirlpool of Thoughts and Emotions. A better Choice would be a PIAVA or two. For instance, saying to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you really got sucked into that Regression, didn’t you.” That would have been the epitome of A Transformation Focused on our Magnetic (Feminine) Nature from the Old Cycle. The new Cycle didn’t start till Friday morning, after all!

I didn’t think of doing that, though for several reasons it would have been the Preferred Alternative. I eventually took the Risk of Accumulating additional Karma by Thetaing Joe moving into the White House, in Peace. When the “Show Me!” phase indeed showed just that without having to Tap Out any Resistance, my Emotional Reactions were much Relieved.

A “general rule” of Responsible Manifestation, is that we Change only that which we can Change – namely Ourself – and Accept what we can’t Change – namely the Universe Outside Ourself. And of course that we have the Wisdom to tell the Difference. Acceptance was my initial Response, which is Good, because it demonstrates that I have Succeeded in becoming Adept at a Self-Transformation that I began forty years ago, namely Recovering my Feelings, which (in my Perception) my Family of Origin didn’t Allow.

When I Recognize however that the Universe Outside Myself is “just” a Mirror for the State of my Limiting Beliefs, the World Changes. Other people obviously prefer to Live in a World where the Antichrist still occupies the White House, and that’s okay. I want to Live in the Other World. It’s okay with me (and perhaps even okay with Quantum Physics) if the Earth “splits in two” on some level or another, as long as I end up with my Preferred Option. Isn’t that getting pretty close to what “5D” might mean?

As the Votes were being counted, I wasn’t done with my Karmic Mirroring. My car threatened to repeat the need for a ridiculously expensive but necessary small repair. For that one I made do, and set it aside, choosing temporary Denial. While I PIAVAed that it was just a Feint, as it turned out to be, once Hopi’s Station was Exact.

Then my computer died. That’s a Biggie. Not only would this blog die for a while, but so would much of the rest of my Life. I finally got it to work again, but not after a lot of PIAVAing and Accepting, Imagining the steps I would have to take to meet my Delivery and get back up to speed with everything. I still don’t know if it will be working tomorrow, so this is obviously a Suggestion that I begin the process of replacing it. If I’m lucky I might make it to mid-February 2022 (when Nemesis Squares Zhulong and a Crisis of Illumination arises).

And that I begin to Change the way I use it. I spend too much time sitting. I’ve already been leaning toward spending more time carrying lighted candles in devotional rituals, ie, in Meditation. By the way, a friend has steered me toward…

I haven’t had time to check it out yet (it’s live till 10 December), but I plan to, and I recommend it to you as well. If we’re still on the same Planet afterward, I’ll let you know how it turns out – maybe you can let me know if you check it out?

The T-Square (red triangle) in the Nemesis-Zhulong chart is overlain by a Truss Bridge (the blue superstructure). If this Bridge was in the opposite half of the chart, the Transcendence (Bee-Zed) Issue would be Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star). With the Bridge overlying the T-Square instead, we have a portion of the Self-Resolution, but not all (we lack the Finger of the Goddess pointing to Bee-Zed, which would Focus our Attention on the Transcendence Directly, rather than our having to Manipulate the Relationship between our Memories=Gonggong and our Beliefs=Vesta). My Experience Validated this, as the Issues that arose for me were Resolved for now, but not entirely without my Active Intervention.

The Elbows in the Truss Bridge, aka the Gifts that will Serve us in our Transcendence, are Nemesis-Zhulong itself (Illumination of Guilt) and Pholus-Quaoar-asteroid Lilith (Taking Full and Sovereign Control over our Survival). These are Blessings, and my Responses to the Issues that arose for me Reflect that, as I was Inspired to Imagine the steps I would take to mitigate the Issues, rather than being Sucked into an Emotional Whirlpool that rendered me useless.

But the Configuration also Asks us to see what would Balance the chart, as a Finger of the Goddess (two Quincunxes or 5-Sign Angles converging on Bee-Zed) or a Grand Cross would fill in the Empty lower half of the chart.

We can make the T-Square into a complete Grand Cross by adding asteroid Admetos, at 3 Gemini. The Mythic Admetus was a bit of a Drama Queen that was admired for his hospitality, suggesting that it might behoove us to Talk About our Memory-Limitation Adventures.

We can add three Stars to complete our Finger of the Goddess. Mirzam at 8 Cancer is known as an Announcer, reinforcing our Talking suggestion. Hamel at 8 Taurus was known for Independent Action, and Schedar (not the cheese) at 8 Taurus was a “Strong woman who demands Dignity and rules by the Power of her Respectability and Honor” and Suggests that we “Rely on our Desire to always Function with Propriety, Treat others as we would like to be Treated, and Know that our Dignity is the Source of our Power” —Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, pp.86-88, 96, 227-8.

Mercury 2

October 21, 2020

It sure seems like we just got through a Moon Out-Of-Bounds, but we’re back in another one now, starting at 12:09 pm PDT 20 October 2020. This one will last till 3:24 am PDT 23 October, almost three days. Later during this MOOB Decade (2020-2030 or so) the Moon will stay OOB for up to five days every two weeks. Emotional Exhaustion, here we come.

In the last post we threatened to talk about the Election-Day Station (Exaggeration) of Mercury (Anal-ysis, Communication), and here we are. In just that tiny drop of interpretation we can already envision the commercial media trotting out their best Dewey headlines, potentially screwing up the Fate of the Comedy Empire even more than it is, if such is possible. Since the Mercury Direct Station occurs at 26 Degrees (of Libra), it’s a chart we Know and (like it or not, have to) Love…

Our Intellect (Mercury) longs for Rebirth (Conjoins dwarf planet Haumea), but it’s Held Back by its Hesitation to Fully Embrace Old Bummers (Opposes dwarf planet Eris). We can’t continue to drag around being Bummed out by Imaginary Futures projected from the Dregs of a Past that still clings to us like yesterday’s undercooked Scrambled Eggs. The Future isn’t Created yet, but as we speak we’re Manifesting the Energy that will Create it, and the more we Allow ourself to Focus on What We Don’t Want, the more the Future will be a Bummer for us.

Which doesn’t mean we can just Change our Energy the way we Change our Decisions or our jackets (though Poor-Sweethearting is always a possibility – we can go to Plan B if it doesn’t work). First we have to sweet-talk Eris to get him to disclose his Secrets, then we have to be Loving and Gentle with what he Reveals. If his Secrets were Fun, we’d have had no reason to Shelter our Ego from them. So we may be in a Held-Emotion situation, where we’re being Confronted with Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel. The Ego will usually go to great lengths to conceal those from us, since the Ego’s job is to keep us Alive.

This Standoff between our Intellectual Desire for Rebirth (Mercury-Haumea) and our Ego’s Emotional Protectiveness (Opposite Eris) Challenges (T-Squares) two other Energies. First there’s the Priority-Confidence-Trance Energy (Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto) that we’ve been working with for a while, where we either Struggle to maintain our Self-Confidence under a Trance we haven’t Chosen, or we Choose a possibly-suboptimal Trance that does Allow us to remain Confident. And second there’s our Inclusiveness (asteroid Hopi or Respect for All Things). It’s not unusual that What We’re Denying has something to do with our Experiences around Inclusiveness – even Sibling Rivalry would be an example.

In the Blessings Department, we have five of six planets Aligned into what would be a Grand-Sextile (six planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, meaning Excellent access to Grace), indicating that the Energies of these five planets Harmonize Naturally. The five are Mercury–Haumea, Eris, Ixion (our Hidden Genius), Karma (Karma or Innate Habits), and the Conjoined dwarf planets Asbolus and Chaos (Intuition about our Unlimited Potential).

These Patterns always turn out to be more Effortless if we can find planets or Stars to fill in the sixth position in the Grand Sextile – otherwise we have to try to generate the Vacant Energy Consciously ourself. In this case there are plenty or planets and Stars in the Vacancy, and especially in this context they foretell a very interesting Script…

First there’s asteroid Damocles – Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop, or more literally, for the Sword to Fall on our Head. The Damocles Story is about a Leader always being in Danger of having to repay a Political Debt to someone he’s Wronged. I can think of at least one party who’s very much camped under that Sword, and one can make a good case for an entire Senate sitting in that chair.

Second, there’s the Star Deneb Algedi, which is associated with The Hero’s Journey. Is that our Hero’s Journey, or the Candidates? It’s certainly ours with regard to keeping our Focus on What We Want, in the sense that our Thoughts and Emotions are Creating the Future as we Speak, and Learning to Manifest Directly by Conscious Attention to our Mental and Emotional Energies is arguably one of the most important elements of any Hero’s Journey.

And third, asteroid Kassandra is also there. The Mythic Kassandra was given the Sight, but because she Betrayed a Promise, she was also given the “gift” of Never Having Her Prophesies Believed. As a gambler, she could have used that to become very Wealthy, but there are also a zillion ways to become a Victim in that context, if she Reacted Emotionally. In the Myth she did the latter, but recall that a purpose of Myth is to reveal the places where we have Great Power if we Choose to become Conscious.

When we combine this with the Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto emphasis on Confidence, I read this as a clear Suggestion that we can Create the Future We Want to Live In by Being Conscious of our Thoughts and Emotions, and Choosing to be Confident about steering them in the direction of the way we would like to Feel after the Election results are in.

Abuse and Privilege Full Moon

September 1, 2020

When I first saw this 1 September 2020 (10:22 pm PDT) Full Moon chart it blew my mind…

Almost exactly the same chart as the 28 August Sedna-Station chart, with its two interlocking Yin Gates

My first thought was, of course, it hasn’t been that long since 28 August, so the planets haven’t moved that far.  My second thought was, Wait a minute!  This is in a completely different Degree Zone on the other end of the Signs, and completely different planets!!  My third thought followed quickly, With double Yin Gates – Mystery Schools demanding that we Open our Minds to Paradox – repeated twice in quick succession with different planets, the Universe is very clearly telling us to Forget Everything We Think We Know because our Perceptions about Life the Universe and Everything are about to be turned Upside Down!

Then I noticed my error.  Remember those cartoons they used to put in the newspapers called something like “Find three things wrong with this picture?”  Maybe they still do.  As I’m sketching out the Angles I notice that I accidentally put Pallas where Aquarius is supposed to be when I was filling the chart from one source, and, from a second source, also put Pallas in Capricorn where it belongs.  So, will the real 1 September Full Moon chart please stand up…

Not so much as a blue (Golden) Rectangle, let along a single Yin Gate!  I’ve done enough charts in the last fifty-plus years to know though, that Mistakes are Intuitions in Disguise.  So how do I interpret this “new,” correct Full Moon chart?  The Universe is very clearly telling us to Forget Everything We Think We Know because our Perceptions about Life the Universe and Everything are about to be turned Upside Down! 

Look how easy it would be to find an asteroid or dwarf planet or Star to plug into 10-13 Aquarius and Complete the Configuration!  I don’t usually stretch that far – I probably wouldn’t even have noticed that adding a single “planet” would give us Siamese-Twin Yin Gates!

But I couldn’t find a single asteroid or dwarf planet or major Star in those Degrees!  Wild.  So I had to look up the Sabian Symbol for the Degree Opposite Vesta, 10 Aquarius – “A man who had for a time been the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal“!  Intense!  I’ll bet you can’t imagine who that made me think of.  Why, John Wayne of course!  Not!  I didn’t even bother to geld the pronouns like I usually do (assuming that Elsie’s use of pronouns was an artifact of her time)That could turn the World upside down, at least from the Perspective of our Anxiousness.

You can perhaps see why I put so much Attention on Vacancies.  They’re the most Important planet or Void in the chart.  The general “rule” is that, if there is no planet or Star in the Vacancy, then in order to bring Our World into Balance, WE have to provide that extra Energy.  With nothing in the Vacancy we’re Out of Balance, as if we have a limb missing or bound.  That suggests that a very Powerful exercise for us to contribute to Changing the World, to move it a little closer to How We Want It To Be, would be to Ask ourself, What popular (or popularly unpopular) Ideal do WE think WE Embody? 

Thinking about my Relationship to Ego astrology and my Hippie Days and the years in between, I guess some kind of minor “Rebel” might qualify for me.  Someone who thinks they don’t have to Follow the Rules.  I was too young to see the James Dean movies, but it was in the air.  I remember Realizing much later in Life than I could have, that wearing a “Warm” persona would have been a lot more rewarding than having worn a “Cool” one.  What happens to me when I envision dropping the Pretense of either?  I may just get Grumpy!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue this tomorrow, and I know I won’t on Thursday, so it may be Friday before we can resume.  Remember that Full and New Moons have their primary impact during the two or so weeks after the event.  There are a number of Profound Energies in this “real” Full Moon chart, such as…

  • The Moon Outpicturing Abuse and Privilege (Conjunct Nessus),
  • Cutting Loose enough Long-Suffering Decisions that have Limited us that it will be as if we can Begin Anew (Sun Conjunct Orcus and Klotho),
  • Realizing that our Victimhood is our own Worst Enemy (Nemesis Opposite Chiron) – the “Rebel” has a Chironean Wound,
  • Confronting the Unconscious Fantasies that prevent us from Allowing our Soul to Descend (Uranus Square Vesta),
  • Noticing the False “Truths” we’ve been using to draw Boundaries that Allow and Create our own Racism (Veritas and Stationary Pallas Opposing Hopi).

And then there’s the “Other” Vacancy that, without the hidden Yin Gates beckoning, becomes the Most Important place in the chart – namely the Vacancy in Scorpio that will Complete the Grand Sextile and bring Grace into our Endeavors.  The Star Alphecca suggests a Woman’s Crown but implies some Sorrow may be Involved.  The asteroid Typhon is named for Medusa’s Monstrous Reptilian brother who tried to destroy Zeus to defend his mother Gaia, but Failed.  Even the Grace is Heavy.

Asteroid Karma does move into Leo on 3 September (9:30 pm PDT),  so for the next three months we may find it easier to more clearly Picture What We Want when we Notice that we’re Focusing on What We Don’t Want.  After that, as we begin the Digital Age, Karma moves into Virgo, the Sign of Ego Death, which will be fantastic, to have our Karma undergoing Ego Death!  And also Scary, since it’s our Karma that feels so Comfortable to us that it feels like Home.

The Bottom Line is, I’ll repeat, that Everything we’re Experiencing – and  Anxious about (though aren’t we less Anxious, or at least more Conscious about our Anxiety, now that Sedna has finished its Station?)is about the Demise of the Patriarchy.  They’re being such Pricks because they know they’re Done For, but they aren’t about to let us (or their own Embodied Delusion) Believe it by Acting Contrite.  Yet.  Till they have to admit that they and their Ideal aren’t the same.

Confidence Game

August 17, 2020

In the 18 August 2020 (7:41 pm PDT) New Moon (in 27 Leo) chart, The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is our Confidence (Chariklo) that our Species can Rebirth itself (Haumea) and Act (Mars) on the other side of Denial (Eris) and Codependence (Lilith)(That is, a Saturn-Chariklo T-Square across the Opposition between Haumea and Mars-Eris-Lilith.)  Worth repeating…

The Most Important Thing is our Confidence that our Species can Rebirth itself and Act on the other side of Denial and Codependence.

They call Grifting a “Con Game” because more than anything, Hupers are Attracted to Confidence.  We’re Programmed to Give Away our Power to those who Project Confidence.  Without our own Confidence we waste our Energy and Creativity on Worry and Negative Thoughts and Emotions, and Negative Thoughts and Emotions Create What We Don’t Want, because the Energy we Project is the precursor of What We Manifest, and if our Energies are Negative our Manifestations will be Unsatisfying.  So we need to “Pretend” like it’s all going to Work Out, and that we’re heading pell-mell for 5D.

It’s actually more complex than Pretending, because when we Pretend we don’t really Believe it, and we need to Believe it.  Do we need to go into that here, or does everyone understand how that works?

As is common of late, we have Almost-Great-Grace (an Almost-Grand-Sextile), but we find two Major Stars and an asteroid to Fill In the Vacancy and Manifest the Grace.  The Vacancy contains (1) the Star Deneb Algedi that symbolizes a Benefic Ruler – which would be a Refreshing Change, (2) the Star Sadalsuud that means “The Luckiest of the Lucky” (Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, p.308) – Hooray!  And (3) asteroid Damocles.

So yes, that Sword dangling over our Head is the Antichrist, the object of our “Pretending,” or rather our Passionate, Frequent, and Prolonged Focus on How We’ll Feel when We Have a Benefic Leader, because that’s what’s likely to Create our Confident Belief in that circumstance.

The part about Action on the Other Side of Denial and Codependence is Critical because the Antichrist knows that Denial Creates a Reality, and knows very well how to Maintain the Illusion that it’s Real.  The disadvantage of Denial is that it eventually crumbles under the weight of its own Falsehood, and our Confidence will facilitate that crumbling.

Codependence Creates a Reality of Self-Rejection in favor of the Truth of Others.  The Definition of Conservatism is Trust in Authority – which is Codependence on Steroids.  Trust in the Illusion of Authority that the Antichrist Projects is one of the tools of his Deceit.  And Trust in Authority is how the Planet-Destroying Wetiko sickness is maintained and strengthened by the Status Quo.  We blow through that Mirage by Rooting Out our own Temptations to Give Away our Power to Others, and to Obsolete Paradigms and Memes.

Soul Descending II

August 16, 2020

We ended the previous post with…

“Like we did with Aldebaran for the Full Moon, if we could fill the Vacancy in the Soul-Descent Almost-Great Grace (Almost-Grand Sextile), we could Resolve the Challenge to Victimhood (convert the Chiron T-Square to a Diamond Star) while we Activated the Great Grace (filled the Grand Sextile).

“And can we ever!  This Vacancy is a Zoo!  It’s filled by two dwarf planets, two Near-Earth asteroids, and a major Star…

  • “Dwarf planet Typhon is a hundred-mile wide ‘Centaur’ (half planet, half comet) with a 237-year orbit, named after the Giant Serpent-Person, son of Gaia and uncle to Medusa (and far more fearsome), who lost to Zeus in a battle for control of the Cosmos, marking the Beginning of the Earth-Destroying Patriarchy.

“This requires a lot more discussion, which we’ll continue soon…”

For instance…

“What if we told you that humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness?  That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass psychological infection?  What if we went on to say that this infection is not just highly communicable but also self-replicating, according to the laws of cultural evolution, and that it remains so clandestine in our psyches that most hosts will, as a condition of their infected state, vehemently deny that they are infected?

“What if we then told you that this ‘mind virus’ can be described as a form of cannibalism.  Yes, cannibalism.  Not necessarily in the literal flesh-eating sense but rather the idea of consuming others – human and non-human – as a means of securing personal wealth and supremacy.”  —

An excellent essay on the Colonialist Wetiko Trance that the Patriarchy has evolved into.

Since Pluto represents our current Trance and Trance-Formation, and Saturn symbolizes our Identity, can we find any hope for Major Change in the recent Pluto-Saturn Initiation of its 35-year “Two Awards for Bravery” Cycle?  Yes, as both Soul (Uranus) and Revelation of Denial (Eris) were very Strong (Stationary) in its Birth chart.  That’s Long-Term, but it’s enough that we can consider the Trauma we’re facing now to be a Herxheimer.

Gaia’s Monstrous Children (Typhon, Medusa, et al) Defended the Mystery.  Their Demise allowed the “Rational” mind and its Hubris to take over Sovereignty of Huper Culture and begin Destroying the Planet.  The symbol for Hubris (asteroid, and Greek Goddess of Insolence, Hybris) Sat Still on the Great Attractor last week (Stationary at 16 Sagittarius on 11 August), at the Focal Point of the Finger of the Goddess (Pay Attention!) and in a Curious Relationship (Quincunx) to Soul (Uranus) and to Ending Resistance to Trusting our Instincts (Atropos-Eurydike-Moon).

Hubris was also closing a Cycle (Waning Unx) to the Pluto-Saturn Initiation, and Begins New 5-year Cycles next year…

  • Trance-Formation and Hubris (Pluto-Hybris Initiation) 20 January 2021, “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs(25 Capricorn) – which definitely belong more to the Matriarchy than the Patriarchy.
  • Confidence and Hubris (Chariklo-Hybris Initiation) 5 February 21, “An old adobe Mission in California(1 Aquarius), the same Degree that Initiates the Digital Age (Saturn-Jupiter Initiation) in December 2020.  Confidence in Colonialism, and Confidence in its Demise.  This year’s melees may be just an introduction.
  • Identity and Hubris (Saturn-Hybris Initiation) 26 February 2021, “A flag turning into an Eagle(9 Aquarius).  Moving from Patriotism to Perspective.
  • Expansion and Hubris (Jupiter-Hybris Initiation) 29 April 2021. “A Butterfly emerging from a Chrysalis” (29 Aquarius).  Digital technology moves beyond its Formative stages, as does Resistance to it.

Not that it wasn’t warranted, but we digressed…

“This Vacancy [in the (Uranus-Stationary) chart at 11 Scorpio] is a Zoo!  It’s filled by two dwarf planets, two Near-Earth asteroids, and a major Star…”

  • The second dwarf planet is Dziewanna, a 300-mile-wide iceball with an almost-600-year orbit (Pluto takes “only” 250 years), named after a Slavic Goddess of Wilderness, Forests, and the Hunt (similar to Diana or Artemis), with an obviously Stronger connection to 5D Collaboration than to 3D Competition.  In the context of the emphasis on Sovereignty (Hylonome-Pallas-Veritas) in the Soul Descending (Uranus Stationary) chart, we can quote a classic Codependent conversation, “Dziewanna get a pizza?”  “I dunno, what Dzuwanna do?”

Near-Earth or “Apollo” asteroids (aka “NEOs”) are those with Earth-Crossing Orbits, candidates for future Collisions with Earth like the approximately 8-mile-wide ‘roid that wiped out the Reptilian Dinosaurs in roughly 66,000,000 BCE and Opened Space for Mammals to take over the Planet, for better or worse.  The two Apollos in the Vacancy are…

  • Poseidon is a 1½-mile-wide asteroid with a 2½-year orbit, so it swings by pretty often.  Its current “Earth-Minimum-Orbital-Intersection Distance” is about 76 Lunar distances.  As a Water God, the Mythological Poseidon suggests that we shift our Values to pull Emotion up out of the Sewer that the Patriarchy put Her in, clean Her up, and Celebrate Her along with Her siblings Intuition and Instincts.
  • Asclepius, named after a Greek Hero of Healing and Medicine, is only 300 meters across, with an orbit of only one year, and comes too close for comfort.  In 1989 it missed us by less than 1.8 Moon-distances.  It must be named after Allopathic Medicine.

The Star in the Vacancy is Alphecca, star of the Northern Crown, or Ariadne’s Tiara.  Alphecca implies a Gift that comes with the price of Pain or Darkness.

So our Vacancy will Establish Great Grace (Completing the Grand Sextile), and Neutralize the Challenge of Victimhood (Convert the Chiron T-Square to a Self-Resolving Diamond Star).  At what cost?  Not that it’s Optional; these are the planets that are Living there.  The Energy that does this work includes (1) Medusa’s Terrifying brother Typhon who lost to Zeus in battle thus Enabling the Patriarchy, (2) A Goddess of the Wilderness Dziewanna, two Potentially Life-Destroying Near-Earth asteroids, (3) Water God Poseidon and (4) Healer Asclepius, and (5) Fixed Star Alphecca, whose Promise of a Gift includes a period of Darkness and Pain.

Wait!  This sounds a lot like the Reality we’re being forced to Live, doesn’t it!  Is Typhon back for a Grudge Match?  Dziewanna sounds like a fitting Guide for Earth Restoration.  Poseidon echoes Moon Out of Bounds.  Medicine is completely out of its League and we’re forced to Rely on Curiosity and Intuition to move beyond it.  And we’re in the middle of Darkness and Pain that is Gifting us with the Empirical Experience that we can actually turn Global Warming around if we’re willing to Surrender Victimhood and move Decisively to substitute Community for Money and Having-Enough-to-Share for Always-More.

We obviously have a lot of PIAVAing yet to do to Create a 5D Vision out of these pieces, but the Building Blocks are there.  And the Bottom Line of it all?  Soul Descending into Matter.

Whom Will Your Soul Inhabit

August 2, 2020

The Big News of this Aquarius/Leo Full Moon is its square to Uranus.  Plan on an accelerating frequency, electric, unexpected, lightning shocks to the system.  Oh yeah.  Could be quite a roller coaster ride.  Keep strong in body and spirit.  Engage your integrity, clarity and higher mind.  The Great Awakener shocks us out of any complacency, laziness, or ignore-ance that has kept us living our lives in the back seat.”

So says Kelley Hunter in her Electric Lion Full Moon post at

Ignore-ance!  Brilliant!  I’ve certainly never thought of Ignorance that way!  How appropriate, when the Primary Energy in most of July and  August is about Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris) and Surrendering our Victimhood (Chiron and Uranus).  Before we can Surrender our Victimhood we have to Notice that we’re Choosing to Give Away Our Power.  That would make a fabulous Revelation of What’s Been Denied, wouldn’t it.

A reader last week pointed me toward another place of my own Ignore-ance, the Potential in the phrase “Up Until Now.”  Evidently psychic John Edward and Austrologer Maggie Kerr have been slipping this phrase in between a statement about the Truth of What’s Going On and an Affirmation of What We Want (see 7:33ff of this video for an example).  I’m imagining that this might be useful when we alternate Tapping and Theta Healing to demonstrate to ourself that we’ve Identified and Let Go of Resistance.  For example…

Even though Up Until Now I’ve Felt that My Best Strategy Was to Ignore Abusive Statements, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself…”

God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Pleasantly and Diplomatically, but Firmly and Safely, Respond with Integrity in Situations where Up Until Now I Haven’t Responded Honestly.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me!

In our process we would Evaluate the result of Show Me! and if it didn’t demonstrate Confidence and Comfort, we’d go back and Tap again, adjusting our Set-Up Statement to address whatever Resistance that Show Me! Identified.

Testing this out just now, I realize that I could stay in the Present Moment, rather than Regressing to Sibling Competition.  Instead of Reacting tartly with “It takes one to know one” or “I’m rubber and you’re glue” or “So’s your Old Man!” I could Respond with “Ouch!  That Hurt!” or even “Am I really Denying that about myself?” or “I’ll consider that possibility.”

So I might change my followup Tapping Set-Up Statement to “Even though Up Until Now I’ve often Regressed when insulted…” and my subsequent Theta Command to “I Command that I Remain in the Present Moment in Situations where Up Until Now I’ve Regressed when Insulted” and see where that takes me.

The nature and purpose of Tapping is to Acknowledge the Truth of what is Happening, in order to align the Emotional/Mental Contents in our Consciousness – and the Unconscious – with the Spiritual Energy in our Meridians.  Once that is accomplished, we’re more Free to Allow What We Want to come through.  So adding Up Until Now isn’t totally necessary.  However, it might be Powerful as a more explicit Invitation to Change.

When we look at the 3 August 2020 (9am) Full Moon (in 12 Aquarius) chart, we’ll see how this is a very relevant example, as the Fixed Star Aldebaran (in 10 Gemini), which is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or Royal Stars of Persia, fills a very important Vacancy, and completes several Zodiac-Wide (ie, Overarching and thus Important) Configurations (Dynamic Grand Sextile, Mutable Grand Cross, Hylonome Diamond Star).  Aldebaran signifies Great Success, with the Caveat that a failure of Integrity, or failure to maintain “Purity of Thoughts and Dealings” (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.233), will result in an equally Great Downfall.

If you want to Commune directly with Aldebaran in the night Sky, it’s the very bright star to the right of Orion.  Orion’s belt points to both Aldebaran and, beyond that, the Pleiades.  (The Antichrist’s birth chart finds Urania, Tantalus, Minerva, and Pandora Channeling Aldebaran.  His Challenger’s birth chart finds Saturn there.)


May 9, 2020

A reader Wonders…

“I just realized I am not well versed in the ‘vacant spot’ and how to read it; for example, 19 Virgo (near my Natal Jup) – Is the vacant point an important piece to incorporate Natal planet positions to understand creating the pattern within the transits?  Or is the vacant spot more an indication of what is to be understood from the pattern configuration?  If you have any references from your posts that I could study further?  Or maybe a quick explanation will do the trick.”

Yes, when you’re at, there’s a long column of keywords (“categories”) to the right of the text.  If you’re looking at a specific post, it doesn’t show up.  I try to add a keyword to a post only when the post explains the term, but I’m not totally consistent about categorizing all posts.  I notice that there are two cubbyholes for “Vacancy,” one under “Planets etc.” and one under “Astrologuese.”  They should be combined, as there’s no difference in how they’re used – but it would take me about an hour to combine them, so I won’t bother.

But let’s go ahead with a quick explanation, as we never know what we’re going to find from the keyword list – I “improve” my astrology constantly, so I’ll just tell you how I use Vacancies now…

Configurations in a chart are combinations of planetary angles that, usually, fill the Zodiac (usually that means they add to 360 Degrees).  For instance, the Grand Sextille comprises six planets each two Signs or 60 Degrees apart, 6 x 60 = 360.  The Grand Sextile (and the Grand Anything) is considered to be much more Powerful than six Sextiles randomly placed around a chart or less well organized.

I consider it an Almost-Grand Sextile when five of the six Positions are occupied, because if we supply the missing Energy in the sixth Position, then we Complete the Grand Sextile and Enjoy the Benefits  (kinda like Bingo or the Lotteries, of a Full Hand in Poker).  It’s similar with other Almost-Grand Configurations – Quintile, Septile, etc. Occasionally, when it seems appropriate, I’ll consider a Configuration with two Vacancies to be Almost-Grand.  Like the four adjoining Septiles we had at the 25 April 2020 Pluto Station, where just for the heck of it we looked to see if there were Stars at the missing three Positions (still in my queue, Bob!).

Notice that an Almost-Grand Cross is a T-Square – the primary Benefit of any Grand Configuration is that it’s Balanced, including the Grand Cross.  It combines four T-Squares, but it’s In Balance, so it’s not considered as Troublesome as the T-Square.  The primary Challenge of the T-Square then is to Create Balance from it.  We don’t usually consider the Vacancy of a T-Square, but it wouldn’t hurt to do so.

We were looking at a 19-Virgo Vacancy in the Almost-Grand Sextile in the 7 May Full Moon chart.  I don’t have a way to check to see if a Vacancy may be occupied by asteroids (or even dwarf planets) that I don’t usually use – I wish I did, as it would help a lot.  If anyone has a way to do this, let me know.  So if none of the “planets” (meaning planets, asteroids, dwarfs, Lights, Nodes, etc) I use are there, I look for Stars nearby.  That’s an iffy proposition, as there aren’t that many Stars that are cataloged for use by astrologers.  However, if there’s a Biggie there, like Arcturus or Regulus or Sirius, that’s Huge.

Whether there’s a Star near the Vacancy or not, if you have a natal planet there, you automatically Complete the Configuration, without even trying.  So for you it’s a full Grand Sextile, because you Embody the Energies of your natal chart.  If you have natal planets near any of the other planets in the Configuration, that’s worth noting as well, because that natal planet will be Lit Up more than usual.  As Huminals (Huper Animals), we’re like Viruses, with those little Spikes all over, corresponding to the planets in our natal chart, each of which is an Antenna for broadcasting and picking up (and maybe getting Stuck on) Energies from outside of ourself.

So that Almost-Grand Sextile in the Full Moon chart comprised…

  • Klotho – Beginning New Timelines
  • Sun-Mercury – Awareness of our Essence
  • Neptune – Our Relationship to Energies Larger than Our Own
  • Hylonome-Veritas – Insights into our Codependence
  • Moon – our Instincts

If we add a Jupiter to that in the Vacancy, which would apply only to you, we Expand everything.  A Grand Sextile itself is about fabulous Grace or Good Luck in combining the Energies in each Sextile, which in turn is about Projects where we take the First Step and the Universe takes over after that.  So for the next several weeks (Full Moon charts impact the following 2-4 weeks) we might be finding excellent progress around Expanding New Projects that involve Trusting our own Instincts more, and Listening More to (and/or PIAVAing the Assistance of) our Guides, instead of Playing to or Soliciting the Opinions of Others.

Now, for most of the rest of us, without a planet in or near 19 Virgo, we have to Consciously add the Energy of the Vacancy in order to take advantage of the Enhanced Grace of the Grand Sextile.  For a guess about what that might mean we’d read the Sabian Symbol for that Degree, 19 Virgo: “A Swimming Race.”  To me that means Efficiency at processing our Emotions.  So for the rest of us for the next several weeks we might find great progress with New Projects that involve Trusting our own Instincts more, Listening More to our Guides and Soliciting their Assistance more, and Trusting our own Emotions (as Opposed to our Thoughts About them of course), instead of Trying to Please Others.

For all of us, the Programming we received from our Mothers is likely to be particularly Lit Up, since the Saturn Station occurs on Mother’s Day.  And we can’t ignore the fact that the Moon goes Out of Bounds on Mothers Day, so it’s all going to be a lot more Emotional than it would be usually – though telling Mom to Butt Out of our Choices will probably always be a Chancy Conversation.  But its a Grand Sextile, suggesting very Positive Outcomes from any Project that we Initiate, so it may be the best time ever to Begin our Self-Liberation.

Or, you can take an Easier path, especially if your Mum is Difficult (or Deceased), and use your Mirrors instead.  Either way our Relationship with our Dear Mother is Changing, so we want to Make the Best of the Opportunity in whatever way Feels best to us – that is, by Trusting our Emotions.  If our Emotions are Conflicted, as they’re likely to be, what an Opportunity to Stay Present with our Confusion and Avoid trying to Fix it.

If your Mother is the type to Demand Commitment, what an Opportunity to Stand your Ground (Veritas-Hylonome) – “Mom, I hear that you’re Asking for a firm Commitment, but I’m not Ready to do that, so we’ll have to leave the whole Issue Dangling till I am Ready, and I don’t know when that will be.”  Then, while the odds of Success are Great (Grand Sextile), you get to Practice Not Trying to Fix or Manipulate your Mother’s Emotions!

You might think this all sounds Daunting, but it’s a Critical and Natural part of Claiming Your Power, and as we’ve said, there may never be a Better Time.  Trying to stuff your Mother’s Heavy Emotions into your Carrion Bag for the Ascension Flight won’t work.  They’ll bump you off the Flight for overweight.

Changes in Latitude

March 18, 2020

Most of us probably have at least a rough idea of how Longitude and Latitude work.  Longitude measures how far east or west of (a line drawn from pole to pole through) London a place is, and Latitude measures how far north or south of the Equator it is. They’re measured in Degrees; up to 180° E or W, and up to 90° N or S.

Our Time Zones are based on Longitude, with adjustments for political boundaries, economic relationships, etc.  For instance, New York and Detroit are in the same Time Zone even though they’re quite a few Degrees apart, and the westernmost part of Michigan that’s in the Eastern Time Zone is only a few miles from what should be the center of the Central Time Zone.

It gets more complicated when you start projecting lines of Longitude and Latitude into the Sky.  Adjustment here aren’t made for the convenience of politics or commerce, but for the ease of astronomy.  The Equator is equidistant from the Poles, but the Polar Axis is tilted relative to our orbit around the Sun.  That’s what gives us our Seasons, as our half of the Planet is tilted toward or away from the Sun.  For astronomers, it’s the plane of our orbit around the Sun that’s far more important than the Equator.

(Now, I’m not an astronomer, so I’ll have to tell you how I understand it to be, which may be a bit different than how an astronomer would describe it.)  Projected into the Sky, the plane of our orbit around the Sun is called the “Ecliptic.”  The Moon’s Nodes, for instance, are the places where the Moon crosses the Ecliptic, North when it’s crossing from below to above and South when it’s crossing from above to below.  Of course that’s “above” and “below” from the Northern Perspective; it’s the other way around when seen from Australia or Argentina or Botswana.

The distance from a planet in the Sky to the Ecliptic is called its “Declination.”  It’s like Latitude, but not quite, because it’s relative to the Ecliptic rather than the Equator, and the relationship between Latitude and Declination changes with the Seasons.  But in a very loose, averagey kind of way, you can think of Declination as a substitute for Latitude, so a planet at 49° N Declination is roughly overhead in Paris, and one at 34° S Declination is roughly overhead in Sydney.

Astrological Longitude gets tricky because of what astrologers call the “Precession of the Equinoxes,” which means that the “Fixed” Stars aren’t really Fixed, when seen from Earth.  Of course, as usual, it’s us that’s moving, not them.  Well, of course they’re moving too, but they’re so far away we can’t really detect it.  But the point is that, relative to our Longitude, the Stars are slowly moving, about 0.84 arcseconds a year.  In 26,000 years or so, they’ll be back to where they are now.

Divide that 26,000 years by 12 (astrologers divide by 12 quite a lot – it’s a Sacred Geometry sort of thing), and you get our roughly-two-millennia-long “Ages,” as in the “Age of Pisces” (which we’re leaving) and the “Age of Aquarius,” which we’re entering.  From our Perspective, its the Equinox that’s moving relative to the Stars.  So when the North Pole is leaning toward the Sun at max (the Northern Spring), the Stars will have moved a little  from where they were last year at this time.

There are actually two different kinds of astrology, one based on the position of the Stars, and one based on the position of the Equinox.  (Of course there are many more, but we only need to consider two here.)  We use “Tropical” astrology, in which 0° Aries is when the North Pole leans toward the Sun at max (which puts the Sun overhead at 23:27° N Latitude, on the “Tropic of Cancer,” hence “Tropical” astrology).  In Sidereal astrology, 0° Aries is when the Sun enters the Constellation Aries (the Constellations move with the Stars).  A couple thousand years ago, they were the same.

When astrologers say that two planets are Conjunct, they aren’t really one behind the other – that’s called an “Occultation,” meaning one really is Hidden or Occulted by the other – “Occult” just means Hidden.  A Conjunction just means that they are on the same astrological Longitude in the Sky, even if their Declinations are separated by half the visible sky.

A reader has asked…

“Maybe I’m missin’ the boat, but if da Moon is currently at 9 degrees of Capricorn, then how is it OOB?  I’ve got my Moon in Cap at 23 deg plus, which is defo OOBs.”

Nine (or any) Degrees of Capricorn (or any Sign) is the astrological Longitude (East/West).  The Moon goes Out of Bounds when it exceeds 23:27 Degrees of Declination (North/South).  A Full Moon at 9 Capricorn would Oppose the Sun around the end of June.  The Moon goes from max North to max South every 28 days or so.  How far max North or South is what varies on the 20-or-so-year Cycle – for about ten years the Moon never goes OOB (beyond 23:27° N or S), then for the following decade or so the Moon goes OOB for a day or two every two weeks, alternating between N and S.

Out of Bounds is defined by the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn – 27:23° N and S.  The Sun never goes beyond those Latitudes or Declinations, barring an asteroid collision that’s big enough to alter the Earth’s tilt – in which case we wouldn’t be in a position to care.  The Sun is always on the Ecliptic, so for a Solar or Lunar Eclipse to occur, the Moon also needs to be near the Ecliptic, which the Moon crosses every two weeks.

An Eclipse is an Occultation, also sometimes called a Parallel Conjunction when planets other than the Sun and Moon are involved.  Latitudes, and Declinations by extension, are sometimes called “Parallels,” because lines of Latitude are indeed parallel to one another.  Lines of Longitude on the other hand Converge at the Poles.  Hence the name Parallel Conjunction for Occultations, or Contra-Parallel Conjunction when the two Conjoining planets are in the same Degree of Declination, but one is North (often written as “+”) and the other South (often written as “-“) of the Ecliptic.

In Our Own Truth

March 4, 2020

In addition to a Celebration of The Mischievousness of Jupiter (see previous post), we’re also Celebrating Claiming Our Own Power (in the 7am PST 1 March 2020 Station [Intensification] of dwarf planet Asbolus [Intuition], a T-Square [Challenge] points at a Conjunction [Merging] of Jupiter [Expansion] with asteroids Pallas [Boundaries] and Aletheia [Truth of the Heart], and with dwarf planet Hylonome [Self-Sovereignty]).  Or we could say that Our Intuition is very Clear about when and how to Defend our own Truth.

Now, that’s a Positive Interpretation of the current astroenergy.  No astroenergy is either Heads or Tails, it’s always the Coin.  The Negative or Karmic Interpretation would be that We are Frustrated to Death about how, All Our Life, we’ve been Dominated by other people who don’t have our Best Interest at Heart!  It may not be that Strong – it could just be, We don’t like it when other people tell us what to do.  So which is it, the Positive Interpretation, or the Negative Interpretation?

That’s an Easy question.  It’s always an Opportunity to Enjoy the Positive Interpretation – why would we Choose to have it otherwise?  And when it’s not the Positive Interpretation that we Experience, it’s always an Opportunity for us to Become Conscious of a Habit that we have, of Seeing the World through Negative, Self-Sabotaging Eyes. 

That doesn’t mean we can always just go to the Witch Doctor and get a pill or potion that’ll switch us to the Positive – Habits can be very Difficult to Change.  But there is something we can easily Do in an Instant.  We can Notice our Victimhood, and Declare our Intention to Change that Habit.  Even if it appears that we are Powerless, we always have the Power to Intend, and Intention is the Second Step in Change, after we Notice that we Want to Change.

We don’t recommend that we court Change using Dynamic or Masculine Methods, which are basically some variation of Planning and Executing, preferably preceded by Observation, so the Plan has a Chance to meet our Objectives.  We prefer Magnetic or Feminine Methods of Manifesting Change.  To use Magnetism, we need to carefully Avoid focusing on Mechanism.  We Avoid worrying about How we are going to Change, we put all of our Attention on What we Want to Change.

We do this because, when we focus our Attention on How to Achieve our Goal, we can only Imagine the Mechanisms that haven’t worked for us all of our Lives.  Think about the times when we’ve Despaired over failing to Manifest What We Want – all we do is go over that old checklist of Mechanisms that have never worked for us and never will, till we get so tired of it that we Change the Subject.  When we instead focus our Attention on the Outcome we Want, it increases the likelihood that we’ll Recognize what we’ve Never Seen as a step toward What We Want, and Allows unfamiliar Mechanisms, including Magic, to work without our Interference.

We refer to all this as “PIAVA,” Prayer, Intention, Asking, Visualizing, Affirmation, and many other processes that focus on the Outcome we Want.  We describe this at  All Prayers are Answered.  However, if we aren’t ready to Receive the Grace, the Universe will give us Pictures of Why we haven’t Manifested What We Want all our Lives.  Other people have What We Want, don’t they.  That Proves that it’s Possible, it’s just our own Karmic Resistance that holds it away.

We have to Respond to those Pictures as clues to help us know what we need to Change.  We need to be prepared to Trust that our PIAVAs will eventually be Answered, and we need to be Open to reading and following those Pictures, and Allowing our Consciousness to Expand as we do, to include what we Discover (The base of the Jupiter-Pallas-Aletheia-Hylonome T-square in the Asbolus-Station chart is the Opposition between asteroids Eurydike [Trust] and Juno [Growth in Consciousness]).

Dynamic Creativity Methods are extensions of the Ego – Planning and Executing are something that We have to Do.  Magnetic Manifestation Methods are done by Someone Else.  We PIAVA the Seed, the Clear and Persistent Picture of the Outcome that We Want, and we Allow the Universe to Provide it, because we have Proven to ourself over the course of our Life that We don’t know How it’s Created.  So we have to make ourself Available to Receiving it as a Gift from the Universe.  Not that we sit and wait for it, there will be intermediate Dynamic Steps that we’re Guided to perform along the way.

But mostly our job is to Hold the Energy, the Picture of What We Want, Steady and Solid, like a Magnet would.  We also have to stay focused on What We Want and not on What We Don’t Want.  We Ask for the Perfect Right Livelihood, and we end up with a job we Love that doesn’t pay well.  Tiring of poverty, we switch to one that pays better – and discover that we don’t Like it.  We can’t Substitute characteristics of What We Want, we have to Add them.

When we have the job we Love, rather than focusing on what it doesn’t provide (eg enough compensation), we focus on our Gratitude that we’ve Manifested a job we Love, while Adding to our Image of What We Want, that We Want to Do What We Love AND get paid more for Doing it than we ever Imagined might be Possible (the Asbolus Station itself is also the focus of a T-Square, this one on the base of Neptune [Surrendering Control] Opposite asteroid Nemesis [Ego Death]).  In order to Let Go and Let the Goddess Manifest for us, we need to be willing to Let Go of our Ego as our Hero.

Here’s the chart…

Hidden behind this one is a second chart…

This is a Grand Quintile – five planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac.  We haven’t seen one of these in a while.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Teaching and Learning.  The Circled X at the bottom of the chart is the Arabic Part of Fortune.  We don’t usually use those because in these charts they apply only to the Pacific Time Zone, not to everyone on the Planet.  We included this one because it has a Fixed Star behind it, the Star Acubens, which stands for Resurrection or the Creation of New Life.  We can see from the planets involved  that this is a major Step toward 5D….

We’re being Taught here how to use our own Natural Instincts (Moon) to Resurrect ourself (Acubens) by Surrendering Control to a Higher Power (Neptune), Allowing this Higher Power and Its Allies to Resolve our Karmic Limitations (South Node) and Grow our Consciousness (Juno) enough that we Recognize What We Want when we Receive it, and we Own our Gratitude for it.  The most Powerful way to PIAVA What We Want is to spend time Imagining How We Will Feel when we Fully Receive it.  If we do that enough we’ll soon Realize that we’ve not only had What We Want all along, but we’ve also always had the Power to Manifest it at Will.  We just Forgot that We Are Creators.

Survival or Bust VIII Heavy Karma

December 27, 2019

Since our Big Deal astroevent  is unfolding on a Cusp (Jupiter-Quaoar-Pholus on the Cusp of Capricorn), any planet that Changes Signs will trigger It in one way or another, including the 27 December 2019 (8:30 pm PST) Ingress of asteroid Karma (Karma) into Aries.  This might (already) be a rough Transition, since Capricorn (Let’s Fix It) and Aries (Let’s Start Over) tend to Compete with one another, and since Chiron (Despair/Miracles) is guarding the Gate of Aries.

But when we get past these gauntlets, What A Relief!!  Karma in Pisces is all about Trauma Dramas, not for the sake of Drama, but because Pisces’s job as the Last Sign is Letting Go of Emotional Baggage and Held Emotions, and there’s no better way to Let Go than Drama.  On the other side of the Gate, Aries has neither History nor Herstory, but a Clean Slate.  We may Experience some tests of our Ego’s Relationship to Spirit, especially as Karma crosses Chiron, which it does on 1 January 2020 (1pm PST), at 2 Aries.  But other than that, Karma in Aries could mostly feel like a walk in the Park on a lovely Spring day.

The five-year Karma-Chiron Cycle is about whether we’re Victims of our Long-Term Self-Sabotage Patterns, or we Choose to Alter them to our Advantage.  The latter Choice may take much Trial and Success and many False Starts, so we’ll also need Commitment and Dedication.  It will be very important to Remember that Angels Can Fly because They Take Themselves Lightly.

Most of the time most of us don’t even stop to consider whether we’re Victim to our Karma, we just are.  We seldom Realize that we have any Control over it, or even Conceive of the Possibility.  We may not even Notice that the Patterns are Recurring, so we may not even Regard it as Karma, just “bad things that happen to good people,” Randomly.  So long before there’s any Option to Choose to Alter our Karmic Patterns, we need to Get Conscious of them.

Well, there’s an App for that.  Er, I mean, there’s an asteroid for that, for Getting Conscious, in fact two of them, and one of them also “happens to be” Changing Signs on 1 January 2020 (5am PST).  Remarkable, these Coincidences, eh?  The asteroid is Moira, which was named after the Greek Goddess of Fate – aka Karma.  We’re all Helpless in front of our Fate … as long as we’re Unconscious of it.  Once we’re Conscious of our Fate, it’s Replaced by Choice.  Not always an Easy Choice, but Choice nevertheless. Scorpio is the Sign Moira is entering, which is all about Getting to the Bottom of Things.  Very handy.

Here’s Karma’s 27 December Aries Ingress chart…

In this chart Karma/Karma Challenges (Squares) our popular Survival or Bust Complex (Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar, joined now by Mercury/Awareness), implying that some of our Karmic Self-Sabotage may actually Threaten our Survival.  We don’t need to name names, but if we Project this onto the World Stage, we can see how events could Converge into Survival Threats for someone who isn’t very Conscious of their Karma.

The second Challenge in Karma’s Aries-Ingress chart applies to our Instincts (Moon) about the sort of Life we could be leading if not for our Self-Sabotage (Moon Square Moira-Haumea).  For instance, we could be Painfully Aware of how much our Karma Threatens our Well-Being, and while Painful Awareness might help Motivate us to Want to Change, it may also make it more Difficult to Launch our New Path.  If it does, don’t Worry about it.  While these Energies are Important and Powerful place settings for January’s Big Energy (Focusing on Transformation), by the Ides of January they’ll seem trivial.

We’ve plopped a Fixed Star into this chart and the one that follows.  If you’re old enough you may Remember the movie Beetlejuice that came out in 1988, in the middle of the Harmonic Convergence.  We’ve added the Star Betelgeuse because it’s also on a Cusp, but mostly because some old news about how it could turn Supernova any day now…

…is in the news today.  While Betelgeuse has a Reputation as a Star of Ultimate Benevolence, I’ll have to do some major Reframing in order to come to that Perspective about it’s influence in my own nativity.  It Seriously Challenges Karma-Chiron and our Survival Instincts (making the Karma-Chiron to Ixion-et al Square into a T-Square).

The 1 January Chiron Initiating Karma chart, which can double as Moira’s Scorpio Ingress chart, follows…

…but I keep face-planting into the keyboard, so I’m going to have to save its interpretation for morning.

We’re also deep into the 29 December (2:30 pm PST) Station of Vesta/Beliefs.