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21st Century III – Rebirth of Sustainability

October 21, 2015

Who’s Who in the Sustainability Movement will speak in The Search for Sustainability, a 12-day free online series of documentary videos about “The imminent 911 global emergency of the health and sustainability of humanity and the planet.”  Names I recognize include Doug Simons, Toby Hemenway, Paul Wheatley, Mike Adams, Sergei Boutenko, Gabriel Cousins, Marjory Wildcraft, plus many others I’m looking forward to meeting.  The format is one video a day from 1 to 12 November, each online for 24 hours.  Sign up at…

“September Was the Most Extreme Month in 136 Years of Heat Records.  This new milestone follows the hottest summer on record, the hottest start to a year on record, the hottest 12 months on record, the hottest calendar year on record (2014) and the hottest decade on record.”  — Bloomberg, 10/21/2015

The dwarf planet Ceres, the only dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter, represents Sustainability – Ceres as in Cereal, Grain, Sustenance.  All ’round the Globe, Ceres was Rising as the clock was striking midnight on 1/1/2000.  “Rising” means “coming into Awareness” or “worn on the sleeve.”  The dwarf planet Haumea is a “Plutoid,” hanging out with Pluto in the Reaches.  Pele’s daughter, Haumea is a Fertility Goddess.  We usually interpret the dwarf planet Haumea as Rebirth.  While we’ve always held that Sustainability and its proactive complement Sustenance (eliminating the unnecessary) will be a major theme during the 21st Century, the presence of Haumea multiplies this interpretation exponentially, augurs optimism, and promises a whole new ballgame ahead of us.

Haumea Initiated Ceres on 19 January 2000 at 8 Libra, “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home.”  Rudhyar interprets that to indicate that Spirit is always ready to welcome us Home.  Of course the symbol brings to mind many metaphors for the behavior of Western European Culture, which is easily seen as tearing the singles off the roof in late Fall to heat the house. 

Ceres-Haumea-Ascendant makes a Trine Bridge across the Nodal Axis in the 1/1/2000 chart, and Venus-Vesta (Aligning Values and Unconscious Beliefs) makes another, forming a Double Bridge of three Sextiles across the Nodes – extremely fortuitous.  Venus-Vesta are joined by dwarf planets Ixion (our Pathological Genius) and Quaoar (Laws the Promote Survival).  The Initiations:

  • Vesta-Venus (Aligning Values and Beliefs, 10 Sagittarius, “A tropical representation of a golden-haired Goddess of Opportunity“)
  • Ixion-Venus (Embracing our Pathological Genius , 5 Sagittarius, “An old Owl sits alone on the branch of a large Tree“)
  • Ixion-Vesta (Pathological Unconscious Beliefs, also 5 Sagittarius)
  • Quaoar-Venus (Discipline of Walking in Beauty, 8 Sagittarius, “Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed“)
  • Quaoar-Vesta (Beliefs that we’ll Die if certain criteria aren’t met, also 8 Sagittarius)

The Venus Cycles span about a year, the Vesta Cycles about four years, but here at the Birth of the Century, they all apply for a hundred years.

We’re Blessed with a “Golden Opportunity” to Align our Unconscious Beliefs with our Values in this Century.  That’ll be very hard to do without bringing our Beliefs into Consciousness, where they can be reviewed for consistency with the edicts of our Heart.  We see loads of wannabe Politicians trying to align their spoken Values with their Unconscious Prejudices, with laughable results.  It only works that way among the small number of peers who share your Prejudice, unless a Master Hater can persuade everyone to accept the same scapegoat.  History is full of those, but modern Communications, if they aren’t captured by the Power Class, may ameliorate this.  Hate may work in a country like the US, where the medium of propaganda is owned by Money and where the tyranny of the majority is baked into the Political system, but not for long; Money is too smart to cut off potential customers.  This may be why the Corporations are forming their own supranational governments (WTO, NAFTA, TPP, et al.), to bypass civil government strategies that have been shattered by modern Communication and the way they permit Extremists to find one another easily.

Part of Aligning our Unconscious Beliefs with our Heart requires that we get in touch with and honor the portion of our Pathological Genius which derives from our Spiritual Mission, and differentiate it from the portion that derives from our Wounds.  Both portions supersede civil and military rules, one supporting Progress and the other Depravity.  We’re likely to encounter a lot of both as each of us wrestles with these malevolent Demons, benevolent Daemons, and shining Diamonds, and we try to pry them away from the Archetypes that have captured them.  There may be four corps of people who Support, Obfuscate, or flee from these processes; people who Identify with superficially positive goals but care more about process than result (Zealots of various stripes), folks who Identify with Fear and refuse to allow alternatives to their Beliefs (such as the Medical Cartel), people who are Motivated by Fear to try to be Invisible (many of whom have become refugees from Conflict or Poverty), people who try to stand up and Speak Truth (many of whom will get shot).

Ixion and Quaoar have very similar orbits, and while Ixion is only three and a quarter degrees short of Quaoar on 1/1/2000, it takes until 2037 for Ixion to catch up to Quaoar.  So we have to simply consider their Relationship (the Laws within which our Pathological Genius must operate) to be In the Void.  It appears that Ixion has been Balsamic to Quaoar since at least as far back as the Swiss Ephemeris tracks them.  Which means that…

There are no Limits or Rules that our Pathological Genius must follow, nor anyone else’s Pathological Genius.  In a couple of decades may find that our cage indeed has bars, but right now it’s the “Wild West” as far as Creativity goes.  We could even attribute the endemic and ridiculous Terror of Death to this relationship, as a Reaction to the “fact” that, Unconsciously, we see no reason why we can’t Live forever.  Which of course is what our Consciousness does; it’s just that most Hupers Identify with their Body (or Job or Wealth or …) rather than with their Timeless Spirit.  Maybe we’ll figure that out by 2037.

These two Trine Bridges, Ceres-Haumea-Ascendant and Venus-Vesta-Ixion-Quaoar, Bridge and ameliorate not only the Nodal Axis, but also the T-Square formed by Centaur and dwarf planet Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility), which Squares the Nodes.

The Challenge to Earth and Hupers in the 21st Century is to Take Full Responsibility for the Past and Future.  That means being Willing to Heal our Wounds from the Past, and being Willing to Respond to the Challenges presented by the Future.  This is not a question of Ability, that’s clearly there.  It’s purely a question of Willingness, a question of whether Humanity is Willing to Let Go of Individual gain for the sake of Collective Survival.  The growing Awareness that Sustainability is not optional, and the Examination of disparities between our Values and our Unconscious Beliefs, are both tools to make that course easier.

Newthought Portals

November 18, 2014

mnop8446bpManganophyllite – Manganese Mica.  Manganese is adept at exactly the kind of Healing and Reorientation and Pain Embrace that we need for the rest of November.  Many Manganese minerals are Red, which symbolizes Grounding.


Meanwhile, on a whole ‘nother level, the Most Important Thing (the Sun is crossing Saturn after all) is…

Transformation of our Belief Systems. 

In one of Ursula Leguin’s fabulous books, some dude Dreams every night, and come morning the World has changed to match his Dreams, and nobody notices the difference because they don’t remember it having been any different.  Sort of like Ken Kesey’s notion that “You can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left.” 

This is happening to all of us over the next two weeks.

Vesta, symbolizes what we regard as Sacred, our Creed, or our (intellectualized but not necessarily Conscious) Belief System.  Over the next two weeks Vesta crosses the Centaur Stampede and the Galactic Center.  Here’s the timetable…


  • November 16: Ixion Initiates Vesta (21 Sagittarius, “A child and a Dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses: The use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating higher stages of development“).  The dwarf planet Ixion is the Psychopath of the Greek Pantheon, so the image implies that…

Our normal morality is turned on its head, in Rumi’s sense of the Field beyond Good and Evil where he promised to meet us.  Our Limiting Beliefs are often closely tied to unexamined programming about what’s “moral.”  An excellent time to PIAVA what we’ve been having difficulty Manifesting.  For instance, I’ve been working with my semi-Conscious Belief that redundant Wealth is “not morally correct.”  As the Wormwood Deva said in The Findhorn Garden, “You Humans are afraid of Power, but we know that more Power allows us to serve God better.”


  • November 18: Pholus Initiates Vesta (23 Sagittarius, “A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the new country: Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience in readiness for the opportunities it will present“).  The Centaur Pholus is The Watcher, the Witness.

What was formerly Unconscious emerges into Consciousness.  Pay Attention.  It’s likely to feel Confusing – embrace it, it’s the first stage of Growth.


  • November 23: Chariklo Initiates Vesta (25 Sagittarius, “A chubby boy on a hobby-horse: The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream of utilizing“).  The Centaur Chariklo is about Beauty and Charm.

An opportunity to understand how we’ve been hypnotized.  Pay Attention.  It feels very compelling to be hypnotized.  You’ll be aware that you’re hypnotized; be willing to step outside of the Trance.  Once you’re Conscious of the process, you can still enjoy the Trance, but you’ll be able to enter and exit at will, much reducing the potential that you’ll be taken advantage of while in Trance.


  • November 25: Quaoar Initiates Vesta (26 Sagittarius, “A flag bearer in a battle: The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals“).  Dwarf planet Quaoar is a Law-Giver, not for the sake of Control, but for the sake of what must be done to Sustain Life as we know it or as we would like to know it.

We realize that all Laws are circumstantial and metaphorical.  In the US, courts judge the Letter of the Law and the whole adventure becomes a massive Ego trip.  The US is awash with redundantly Wealthy people who got rich doing what hadn’t been declared illegal yet.  In the UK, courts judge the Spirit of the Law instead.  In France the Judge sits down with the jury and they try to figure out the Truth.  Newton’s and Einstein’s clever inventions might allow us to land a washing machine on a Comet, but they tell us nothing about our Light Bodies and their uses.


  • November 27-28: The Galactic Center Initiates Hylonome and Vesta, and Hylonome Initiates Vesta (28 Sagittarius, “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use: The enduring elements in a society which reveal its ability to link the genius of its individuals to the everyday needs of the collectivity“).  The Centaur Hylonome is about Grief unto Suicide.

Every Loss must be Grieved, even the Loss of our Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  An Ego Death actually feels like we’re dying, or that we’d rather die than go through this again.  But that’s exactly what we must do, go through this again, but this time we need to Witness our Grief, Lovingly, rather than Merging with it.


These are not small shifts in our Beliefs and Creed.  These are Life-Changing, Planet-Changing, Solar-System-Changing, as the Centaur Stampede Download from the Galactic Center gets integrated into our Conscious and Unconscious Belief Systems.