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Walls and Sieves

May 17, 2015

A reader Wonders about the apparent contradiction in…

“That’s the Ego’s psychological function, to Defend, to keep the Vehicle alive and functioning.  And that’s exactly what needs to happen if Consciousness is to Expand – the Ego must Stand Down.  So anywhere you’re threatened or affronted or offended or angry or outraged or abused or disrespected or invisible or tempted to Act in Defense – that’s exactly where you need to be, because Choosing not to Act, not to mentally reinforce those Feelings, that’s precisely how you Choose to step off the Wheel.  Emotions arise from the Unconscious, the Ego does not Choose them.  But the mind has tremendous Power to reinforce them or not. 

“While a few thoughts of ‘Those Bastards’ will always slip through before we catch ourself, sooner or later we shift to ‘Oh, there’s that Irritation again!  I Wonder how I can get that thorn pulled out?’  Once we shift, we begin to Expand Consciousness, Grow the Ego, and change the Vicious Spiral of Karma into the Virtuous Spiral of Discernment and Grace… 

“In a.Karma’s “Discovery” chart, it’s Pallas that sits at the Midpoint of Leo: Boundaries.  As in Good Fences make Good Neighbors.  And as in, “You know, worst case these neighbors will probably end up doing less damage than the Sluggs, so maybe I can loosen that Boundary a little and see if it helps lighten things up.  Betternotbroken gives us some Perspective on Boundaries…

“Karma is about Repetition.  My Reactions stream from the Unconscious, so I can’t Choose not to have them.  But I can Choose to be Curious about what Universal or Cultural Archetype I might be in the grip of here, or Curious about when I first encountered this Energy.”

In other words, am I advocating that this is a good time to set better Boundaries, or as our reader says, “Am I supposed to just ‘suck it up’ and not say anything?  Is my inner resistance … making the situation persist?  Will the [situation resolve] if I just try not to let it bother me?  If so, fine, I can work with it that way.  I really do want to ‘get it,’ because I sense a big opportunity for growth here.”

Which is an excellent question. 

Boundaries are always tricky.  One good approach is to move our Boundaries in 5% increments rather than 80% increments – when we can.  But Boundary issues are always so situational, that “rules” or even suggestions (other than “Pay Attention” to them) are never an easy Choice for the person setting or loosening the Boundary, and never something that a third party can Judge.  Also, Addictions and Abuse situations are special cases with their own parameters.

But aside from all this, and moving from Pallas back to the topic of a.Karma and Archetypes, we can say this…

When we’re in the grip of an Archetype, we’re unlikely to have access to all of our Present Moment Competence.  If we’re in the Present Moment, we have the Freedom to evaluate how to Act to best support ourself, and often “What other people think of us is none of our business.”  If I’m operating to please other people, then Who is home playing the role of Me?  I’m Supporting others, but who is Supporting me?  Yes, in a very sticky situation where we’re playing very complex Politics, we may have a Conscious strategy or tactic to please specific people.  But if we’re just Dancing with the Pleaser Archetype, then other people aren’t even involved – the only issue we need to work with is our own Insecurity.

And yes, I do suggest that our Discomfort and Confusion about when and how to Act to support ourself is more or less proportionate to the degree to which we’ve surrendered our Ego to an Archetype, which means in turn, the degree to which our Emotions erupt.  We are, in most cases, competent adults.  We have the Skills to handle most any circumstances, and the Skills to experiment with new ways of handling new situations as they arise.  It’s new ways of handling old situations that we want to Pay Attention to here, as this is how we Choose to Let Go of our own grip on the Archetype.  It’s never that simple, as after a while we may discover that our “new ways” are just minor revisions of our old Archetypal ways. 

But with a difference.  We did two things.  First, we Discerned or Noticed that we were on the Archetypal treadmill.  And second, we Chose what we believed was a new and different approach.  We’ve planted a new seed, and with a little Water and Nurturance, we can grow it into Expanded Consciousness.  The more we Notice, the sooner we Notice, and the sooner we Notice, the easier it is to Choose something different.  Archetypes and Karma cement themselves in place through Repetition.  The more we follow the Archetype, the more it swallows us.  Liberation is also Created through Repetition, but with Liberation, the more we Choose a new approach, the easier it is to Choose.  We just need to recognize that Karma is way ahead of us in reps, and be patient with ourself while we catch up.

It’s as if how we Chose to Act differently doesn’t matter – “Don’t get even, get odd.”  What matters is that we Chose to Act differently.  By following this thread we regain – or gain (since many of these Archetypes are embedded in our Culture and part of our programming since childhood) – access to more and more of our adult competence.  Acting “irrationally” is always a good Choice, since if someone is trying to Control you and you Confuse them, you’re ahead.  Being Honest and telling it like it is – including stepping the conversation up a notch or two, such as “I Feel Discounted” can be useful.  If the Contact is Valuable to you, this is probably your best bet, as it will rapidly inform you whether or not this person is capable of Honesty in return.

Portal 16.5 and a.Karma Chapter Three

May 16, 2015

s4244bpCrystals of pure Sulfur.  Esoterically, Sulfur Crystals clear detritus from all of your Bodies – Light, mental, emotional, physical, Karmic, auric, astral, psychic, you name it.  Not to mention your joints.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Today is Consciousness-Expanding Day, when Jupiter (Expansion) Initiates Juno (the Edges of Consciousness).  Since Expanding our Consciousness reduces self-sabotage, Juno-Jupiter is one of the larger Blessings we can receive.  Imagine the cone on top of your head Opening wide to receive Grace from the Heavens today.  Here’s the perfect story about Juno-Jupiter…

Love them Moody Blues!

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The Initiation occurs at the midpoint of Leo.  The Midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are often referred to as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Star Regulus (while now because of precession our Tropical Leo is moving away) symbolizes the Leo Horseman.  Regulus represents great Success that can be reduced to Shame if we surrender to Revenge.  Forgiveness is highlighted; if you’ve been thinking about how to “get even” with anyone lately, it’s because this Energy is lit up. 

Like Karma, every recurrence of negativity or Discouragement is an opportunity to Let It Go.  The Temptation is always to grasp it again.  You need not yield to it.  Each time you Choose not to be Tempted, the need lessens.  Wouldn’t that be a great Expansion of Consciousness, to Let Go of a negative Energy that’s been nagging at us to Act in Revenge?  Your Ego needs you to Defend it, right?  You have to make a stand, or they’ll walk all over you.  Right?  Like Jimi says…

As summer approaches here in the North, the neighbors’ drive to use my Garden for their games of sport, all involving projectiles, increases – as I grind my teeth.  But for how long have critters been invading one another’s territories?  Harvests have been vulnerable ever since people started tending plants.  Europeans robbed, tortured, enslaved, maimed, raped, and killed aboriginal Peoples all over the World – pretty much until there wasn’t much left to pillage, and that’s just the last 500 years.  The multinationals, with their injections of Demand through propaganda aka advertising, have taken over to glean what’s left – and to turn the tables on the Colonialists.  Habitat loss is extincting other species as fast as it ever has in the geological record.  The history of civilization is the history of Defending territory.  The story of losing the Defense doesn’t get written.

So what’s Personal about my neighbors invading my Garden?  Why am I Reacting as if it’s a Personal affront?  The War goes on, in a billion little ways, for each of us.  So how do I get off this archetreadmill?  Self-Empathy.  “You poor Fellow, you’ve worked hard setting this up, and they have no idea what you’re doing.”  They get their food in the freezer section at Walmart – big deal to them if a basketball careens through those funny-looking green things.  Sports are far more important – which channel is the Stuporbowl of Gardening on?  They know not what they do.  Which cheeks do I turn, then?  Forgiveness is not a Decision, it’s a Discovery.  When you Notice that you’re no longer Reacting, Forgiveness has occurred.  You can PIAVA it, but you can’t Decide it, because it’s not a mental process.

The “senior” planets here in this Configuration that we’ve been discussing at length are the dwarf planet Chaos and the Centaur Chiron, followed by Jupiter. 

The “senior” planets here in this Configuration – which is primarily…

  • Chaos T-Squaring the Opposition between Lilith and Chiron while
  • Chiron Initiates the asteroids Vesta and Karma, and
  • Chiron Biquintiles the Initiation of Juno by Jupiter –

that we’ve been discussing for a while are Chaos – Unlimited Potential rather than Disorder – and Chiron – Discouragement and Miracle – followed by Jupiter.

You could put Jupiter first because of its size, but Chaos (309 years) and Chiron (50 years) trump Jupiter (12 years) in orbital period, and since Consciousness arises from Experience, and we have far less Experience with planets that move slowly (because they dance with other planets less often), the impact of the slower planets occurs deeper in the Unconscious.  The only Power we (Ego) have over the Unconscious, is to invite its contents into Consciousness.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The asteroid Niobe is also there at the midpoint of Leo, as we speak.  The historical or mythical Niobe mocked the Goddesses, believing in her right to be worshiped as one of them.  In revenge the Gods and Goddesses killed her fourteen children and reduced her to Shame.  It’s a similar story, about defending the Ego and its attachment to status.  While Regulus is always associated with the Midpoint of Leo, Niobe is a traveler that only visits every four and a half years.  So it’s a “coincidence” that she’s visiting now at this Jupiter-Juno Initiation, as if the Maid of Honor to stand opposite Regulus as Best Man.

In case you’ve forgotten your Greek-to-Roman translations, Jupiter is Zeus and Juno is Hera.  These are the King and Queen of Heaven.  As the Greeks established the Patriarchy, Zeus took most of the Power, leaving Hera to React to his intransigence as his Shadow.  Let’s not forget Lilith, the third member of the Chaos T-Square.  Adam had no Power over Lilith.  Lilith, like Mary Magdalen, was just written out of his-story and replaced by Eve who like Hera was relegated to be Adam’s Shadow.  Nasty Archetypes in this Gordian knot, which like War is also rising into Consciousness.

That’s the Ego’s psychological function, to Defend, to keep the Vehicle alive and functioning.  And that’s exactly what needs to happen if Consciousness is to Expand – the Ego must Stand Down.  So anywhere you’re threatened or affronted or offended or angry or outraged or abused or disrespected or invisible or tempted to Act in Defense – that’s exactly where you need to be, because Choosing not to Act, not to mentally reinforce those Feelings, that’s precisely how you Choose to step off the Wheel.  Emotions arise from the Unconscious, the Ego does not Choose them.  But the mind has tremendous Power to reinforce them or not. 

While a few thoughts of “Those Bastards” will always slip through before we catch ourself, sooner or later we shift to “Oh, there’s that Irritation again!  I Wonder how I can get that thorn pulled out?”  Once we shift, we begin to Expand Consciousness, Grow the Ego, and change the Vicious Spiral of Karma into the Virtuous Spiral of Discernment and Grace.  Joe’s aged, but he can still tell the story…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

There’s another rather interesting “coincidence” here, as the asteroid Karma sports a second Grand Cross – in the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs!  In a.Karma’s “Discovery” chart, it’s Pallas that sits at the Midpoint of Leo: Boundaries.  As in Good Fences make Good Neighbors.  And as in, “You know, worst case these neighbors will probably end up doing less damage than the Sluggs, so maybe I can loosen that Boundary a little and see if it helps lighten things up.  Betternotbroken gives us some Perspective on Boundaries…

Karma is about Repetition.  My Reactions stream from the Unconscious, so I can’t Choose not to have them.  But I can Choose to be Curious about what Universal or Cultural Archetype I might be in the grip of here, or Curious about when I first encountered this Energy.

When we strongly Experience a Universal Archetype, we know that it’s not just us, the Archetype is lit up.  When the Archetype is lit up it’s an opportunity to Choose not to reciprocate its grasp.  An Archetype is like a parent – by allowing it to make the Decisions, we can Attend to issues that are more important to us in the moment.  When the Archetype reaches a strong hand down to guide us, we can either reach our small hand up to embrace the Gift, or we can Choose to forgo the training wheels this time and see if we can make it on our own.  No worries that the hand won’t still be there if we discover that it’s too early to go it alone!  Archetypes are very caring and reliable parents!

The Manifest Universe is a Mirror for the Light that we Are.  The strength of what we Experience as the negative Manifestation of the Archetype matches the strength of our Reaction to it.  Not because the Energy Exchange must be Equal, but because the Archetype and our Reaction are One.  It just depends on whether we’re looking down the barrel, or up the muzzle, which view we See.  In the Unconscious they are heads and tails of the same Coin.  A muzzle of the Archetypal iceberg protrudes from the Universal or Cultural Unconscious into our Personal Unconscious.  But it’s all One Unconscious.  The divisions are reductive, merely devices to ease analysis, without objective Existence.  For analysis to succeed, it has to be followed by Synthesis, without Revenge.

In the a.Karma chart Pallas Opposes Vesta…

Another interesting “coincidence,” as it’s Chiron’s Initiation of Vesta – the opportunity to enjoy Liberation from our Limiting Beliefs – that started us down this road.

Which is Squared by an Opposition between Mercury and Hylonome…

We used to say “Be there or be square,” but the literal meaning of this part of the a.Karma chart is “Get Conscious or Die of Grief.”

It is said “the best” kind of chart to have is one with a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine, as it provides Grace almost equal to Motivation, and this Grand Cross includes a Grand Trine, as Mars and Chiron (again!) Trine Hylonome…

Grief and Ego Death can be avoided through Action and through Self-Empathy.

Which puts Mercury at the head of a Kite…

The emphasis here is on Conscious Awareness.  The analytical side of Mercury-mind is useful as long as Synthesis and reintegration follows; if it doesn’t, we’re back to Grief…

As there is also a Finger of God pointing at Hylonome, from the Moon and a Sun-Ixion Conjunction.  Holy shit, did you say a Sun-Ixion Conjunction?  That would imply…

That the essence of Karma is psychopathic – that it serves its own narcissistic needs without concern for its Victims, like the Colonialists or the modern multinationals.  But while the mythic Ixion was uncompromisingly psychopathic, the function of Greek Mythology was to enshrine the Patriarchy, while the purpose of the sort of astrology we do here is to steer us into Wholeness.  So in our realm, Ixion is about Healing psychopathy.  We can see how the Elite in India milked the concept of Karma for every Political advantage it could give them – Dalits were untouchable because of their Karma.  If that propaganda actually works on anybody, you’ve got willing slaves for Life!  Or even Millenia.  A lesson not lost on today’s Lizards.

So the Hylonome (Grief unto Death) Finger of God is rooted in submitting (Grief unto Death) or not (Tolerating an Ego Death, as Betternotbroken guides us through above) to the Will of psychopathic Energies, and in whether or not we Trust our Instincts (The Moon) or dismiss them as “random” or irrelevant Emotions.  We could even see our Instincts as proof of our inferiority, if we’ve drunk the psychopathic Kool-Aid. 

Now, you know what this means – a T-Square (Hylonome from Pallas and Vesta) and a Finger of God (Hylonome from Moon and Sun-Ixion) to the same planet creates a Diamond Star, as the base of the Finger of Yod creates a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge under the base of the T-Square…

In other words, the Active Dance between what we Manifest and what sort of abuse we tolerate or not, effortlessly Resolves the apparent Conflict between our Beliefs and our Willingness to set Boundaries, and Conscious Attention on our Ego Death nullifies the otherwise insoluble dilemma between our Beliefs, our Boundaries, and our Grief.

That is, the Active Dance (Sextile) between what we Manifest (Moon) and what sort of abuse we tolerate or not (Sun-Ixion), effortlessly Resolves (the Bridge) the apparent Conflict (Opposition) between our Beliefs (Vesta) and our Willingness to set Boundaries (Pallas), and Conscious Attention (Mercury) on our Ego Death (Hylonome) nullifies the otherwise insoluble dilemma (T-Square) between our Beliefs, our Boundaries, and our Grief.

The key to the Portal is the Sextile between the Moon and Sun-Ixion.  A Sextile implies Grace, but only after we take the first step.  That step would be to PIAVA or Act to Trust our Instincts (Moon), and/or to PIAVA or Act to Heal our subservience to the psychopathic rather than submit to it (Sun-Ixion).  Small steps work fine – we just need to take one step, and it’s better if we don’t bite off more than we can chew.

The Portal itself is straight out of Tibetan Buddhism – invite and Celebrate Ego Death (Hylonome).  What does that mean?  Confusion.  Like Curiosity, Confusion is to be considered a Sacred State.  Neither is a question to be answered, both are akin to Love because they eschew Judgment – Curiosity because we haven’t made up our mind yet, and Confusion because we’re too blathered to discriminate.  But “making up” our mind, or forcing Confusion to submit to conclusions, puts us into Either/Or.  Either/Or is the realm of Politics; Both/And is the realm of Spirit.  Permanent Curiosity is the state of Awe.  Permanent Confusion, once we replace our Insecurity with Faith, is the state of Ecstasy.

Celebrate Confusion and Curiosity!  Rumi can take us there…

Ego Death – what else does that mean?  Pain.  Invite Pain, in tolerable quantities – physical, Emotional, or otherwise.  Then place all of your Attention into the center of it.  When your Attention strays, gently bring it back.  When your Pain moves, follow it.  Embrace your Pain, lovingly.  It’s part of your Body – don’t reject it.  Breathe into the Pain.  What if it wasn’t your Pain but The Pain.  A Universal Archetype if there ever was one.  Your Body feeling The Pain.  You are a Healer.  You came here to Embrace Pain and Love it to Death.

Do the same with Loathing…  And with Fear…  And with Rage…

There is only One Unconscious, named Pi, and She has gazillions of little protuberances, as many as there are Entities on the Planet.  If you’ve never had a conversation with a Plant or a Rock, I’m sorry, but your own Limiting Beliefs have created that failure to Connect with your Planet.  If you scoff at that, that’s precisely your opportunity to Expand your Consciousness.  PIAVA that you can begin to hear their Songs, and learn their Medicine.  You probably talk to Puppies and Kittens all the time, maybe even your Fish.  The Whole Planet is Conscious, not just the Egocentric Hufolk. 

The Fear, The Pain, The Loathing, The Rage, The Resistance to Confusion, The Killing of Curiosity, The Absence of Love and Grace and Faith, they are all cumulative.  Every thought and Emotion you Experience is an opportunity to Heal The Fear or Pain or Rage in the field of the Planet and to Grow The Love and Gratitude and Trust.  Embrace the Discomfort with Self-Empathy, Breathing, Focused Attention, PIAVAs, and every other tool you have.  Amplify the Blessings with Gratitude and Excitement.  It is we that will Heal the Planet, and we need to get to work!

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Unlimited Potential

May 5, 2015

girl_with_elves-large Vision of Freedom: “Girl with Elves” by Maxfield Parrish.  Notice how she’s not looking directly at the Elves.  We have a tendency to jerk our head toward anything that moves, but we’ll see better if we use our peripheral vision and sidelong glances.

Feeling a little nervous about how we’re going to Balance our newfound Yintegrity‘s need to Trust Ourself moment to moment, with our Belief that if we don’t do what we’re told we won’t survive?  Well, those Feelings are right on time.

The dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder) is T-Squaring the developing Opposition between Lilith (Yindependence) and the impending Chiron-Vesta Initiation (Miraculous Transformation of Limiting Beliefs).  Which is to say…

Our Limiting Beliefs are up in our face because they’re bring threatened Bigtime by a Vision of Unlimited Self-Autonomy.  The contrast is painful.  All of our CAN’T messages are flashing red.  That’s Discouraging at best and at worst touches our Despair.  Well, that’s not quite worst – we could be failing to understand why we’re Feeling Discouraged because we’ve really never had any concept of Unlimited Potential.  So we’re just Scared and we don’t know why.

But what’s really Changing here, if we’re willing to accept the Gift, is our Limiting Beliefs.  There’s a Vision of Freedom just outside your window, but there are bars on the window!  Our habitual Reaction is to focus on the bars and rue the impossibility of Freedom.  Our non-habitual Response will be to melt the bars, because that’s exactly what the Universe is doing – melting the bars.  Our Habituation sees the bars as being still there, so we need to erase them manually.  It’ll be one of those over-and-over-again things, as the bars keep reforming.  That’s the nature of Habit – it takes “reps” to break down the old Pattern.

The concept of Freedom in a Patriarchal Culture is different from the concept of Freedom in a Matriarchal Culture.  In the latter it’s more about Freedom to Be who you really Are, rather than Freedom to Do whatever you Want.  Matriarchal Cultures have rules of Behavior, but except in extreme cases, not Judgment of the person who’s ignoring the rules.  The Vision is one of Community, Collaboration, and Unconditional Love, not Competition and Winning.

Nobody in this T-Square is moving very fast, so except for Vesta moving out of Orb in a few weeks, this T-Square stays with us for a couple of months.

The Lilith-Chiron Cycle that’s reaching Opposition began in July 2010 at 1 Pisces, “In a crowded marketplace farmers and middlemen display a great variety of products.”  A Lilith-Chiron Cycle would be about creating Miracles by Trusting one’s Instincts.   The Eat Local movement and the proliferation of farmer’s markets comes to mind.

The Chiron-Chaos Cycle that’s reaching its Waning Square was Initiated in April 1976 at 28 Aries, “A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations.”  Chiron-Chaos Cycles would be about reaching into the Zero Point Field to pull out Miracle Rabbits that make insoluble problems dissolve.  The desmise of the Middle Class fits this Cycle perfectly.  The confrontation has been lacking because the audience is so frightened of losing its privilege and because the fascist performers control the media propaganda flow, convincing the audience that it’s their own damn fault.

The Lilith-Chaos Cycle that’s reaching its Waxing Square had its beginning in January 2013 at 15 Gemini, “Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging their knowledge.”  This is an interesting Cycle – pulling Yindependence out of the tophat when it’s least expected.  Since long ago the Dutch have made markets, and they’re still making the Political market in Europe.  Children implies some sort of innocence, or relative freedom from the established paradigm.  It’s Danish rather than Dutch, but I can’t help think of Peter Høeg’s novel Borderliners.

If we indeed focus our Attention on Letting Go of our Limiting Beliefs, a good deal of Grace awaits us this coming week.

Pluto makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Lillith-to-Vesta-Chiron Opposition, and for the next week or so the Sun mirrors it, forming a Kite focused on Vesta-Chiron.  The Chiron-Vesta Initiation recall is Biquintile to the Jupiter-Juno Initiation – that is, the Expansion of our Consciousness arises through examining our Limiting Beliefs.

The Chiron-Vesta Initiation occurs May 13, the Jupiter-Juno Initiation May 16, and Lilith Opposes Chiron June 8.

A note about Conjunctions and Initiations.  If we have two planets “Tortoise” and “Hare” that rotate at different speeds, Tortoise more or less sits around waiting for Hare to catch up, since their track is circular.  So when we speak of their Conjunction, it’s a Hare-Tortoise Conjunction, as Hare catches up and passes Tortoise.  However, in a relative sense, Slow planets connote Wisdom, and Fast planets suggest Messengers.  A Conjunction Initiates a Cycle. 

At an Initiation, Tortoise represents the Guru, Hare the Initiate, and the Conjunction Shaktipat.  During the Cycle, the Initiate carries the Guru’s Teaching to the People.  So an Initiation is called a Tortoise-Hare Initiation, as Tortoise Initiates Hare.  So we refer to Faster-Slower Conjunctions and Slower-Faster Initiations, but they’re the same event.  The Conjunction sees the event as a moment, while the Initiation sees the event as the essence of a Cycle.  Think of the Conjunction as a noun and the Initiation as a verb.

Of course, Letting Go of our Limiting Beliefs is not normally a cognitive exercise, as our Limiting Beliefs have roots deep in both the Personal and Cultural Realms of the Unconscious.  So the Grace would lie in opportunities to become Conscious of our Limiting Beliefs.  Once a Belief arises into Consciousness, we can work to establish new Habits that counter the Belief.

For example, while researching material for the Error as Intuition post, I came across the Star Zosma, which sits behind a major planet at the top of a client’s chart.  In Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette says…

“Zosma … belongs to those whom the establishment, either directly or indirectly, makes powerless…  It is present in the chart of victims, of people who are abused by the system.”

Zosma symbolizes the place in Linear Time where the Patriarchy usurped Power from the Matriarchy, and hence the condition of those who are out of Power and vulnerable to persecution by the Powerful.

When I shared this information with my client, they were surprised by how relevant this was to their Life, and how the conceptualization had not risen into their Consciousness before.  They were initially bummed, Feeling it as a sort of Fate or Destiny.  When I spoke with them later, they had thought to Empathize with their perennial Victim, and had come to realize that it was part of their Mission to evolve through this Portal.

Have you had any surprise flashes of Insight in the last several days, that might be revealing Portals of your own Limiting Beliefs?  Visions of Heaven beyond the Gate, and/or Awareness of the bars on the Gate?  Repeating Patterns of Frustration in your Life?  If your Reaction to these was Discouragement, Empathize with your own perceived Limits.  Empathy works as its own device.  Once you Empathize, you can forget the whole Drama.  Later you’ll be inspired to PIAVA a new Pattern or two, but there’s nothing else to Do once you Empathize.  The Unconscious does the Transformation work for you.  When it’s ready for you to take the next step, it’ll tap you on the shoulder.

Here’s a Vision of Heaven, from Bonnie, at


“I’m spending just about every available moment these days in my garden. Not working, just being … being with the bunnies and the birds and the breezes, the sunlight and the stars, and all the slow dancing Green Folk.  I’ve felt for many months now that I access much more intelligence in these Presences, and in recent weeks have felt and leaned into my emotional Connection to them, and through them to All That Is.

“Insights from the Green Folk are beyond words.  Every day there is deepening and strengthening of feeling and relaxing into Relationship, a security and support I’ve longed for all my life at levels I didn’t even know I had levels.

“When I wander in my mind away from Connection, I feel fear and confusion; when I turn back from those Dark Paths I feel steady and knowing once again: not certain about anything, not knowing how even the next moment is going to unfold, but a deepening felt experience of what I’ve known intellectually for years: I’m not abandoned, have never been alone: I’m held (as is everyone) in the Very Heart of Being.  And no One expects me to know anything in advance: all that’s required is that I Participate with my Whole Being, that I bring All of Me to the Moment, and Respond.

“I’m learning not to walk down the Dark Paths in my mind anymore.  I know where they all lead: always the same places full of Paper Tigers and Bad Guesses about The Future.  So partly I’m bored with them finally; and partly they don’t scare me as much as they used to … daily their power weakens; and partly I’m becoming less and less willing to Entertain the Darkness.

“The Choice is becoming clearer and clearer, emotionally.  And it’s getting easier and easier to choose Connection … almost, almost to the point of why on this marvelous, beautiful Earth would I ever choose anything else?

Karma II and the Full Moon

May 1, 2015

NoorNoor (Light) … clarity or the illumination of self by the inner light… a painting by Mahasweta,

Reader Mahasweta tells us…

“Nice post!  Here is how I have described Karma to many…  Karma is cause and effects…  it is a pattern we are going to go through again and again (abandonment, jealousy, etc.) and will continue for the rest of our life as this is what we are born to see through in this lifetime.  The cause we have no control over, it a life pattern we are born into.  The effects, that, we have control over.  How we react every time the cause is presented to us in our lives is what effects are about, that is what the pattern is and we can choose to see through this and go beyond it… and once we have  gone beyond it (where there is no reaction to the cause), we have let go of that Karma.  The cause may repeat, but when the conditioned reaction is not there, the effects are gone… and Karma needs both sides, cause and effects, to be a thing.”

Another reader asks…

How about Sedna, which you have said represents self-sabotage or actions taken out of fear?  How would you distinguish Sedna from the South Node and asteroid Karma?

I guess I don’t make much of a distinction between interpretation of the South Node and of asteroid Karma – namely, recurring circumstances (cause in Mahasweta’s terms) to which we have a significant Emotional Reaction (effects), usually to one extent or another repressed.  If they aren’t repressed, and we’re completely a Victim to our Emotions for one reason or another, then a treadmill we’re on.  If they are repressed, then we’re simply Unconscious of the connection between cause and effect and a Victim of our Karma.  Now, if to some degree they aren’t repressed, and we understand that we have the option of detaching our Identity from our Emotions and Witnessing them from the outside – well, denn können wir erlösen!  Better than immer Strebend any day!

Now Sedna I imagine to be more about Actions taken out of Fear.  Those may or may not be Karmic.  If I have a Pattern of, for instance, Acting Exploitatively because of Scarcity, I might want to ask how my natal Sedna is related to my natal Nodes and to asteroid Karma.  And to asteroid Fortuna.  There are millions of asteroids, so trying to keep track of their impact is not a reasonable proposition.  However, asteroids do have impact on us, and when one catches your Attention for one reason or another, it’s a good idea to take it seriously.  For instance, another reader writes, a few days back…

“Really feeling something yukky today…could it be the Moon Opposing asteroid Karma and Chiron?  As far as I can tell, Chiron Initiates asteroid Karma April 30 at 21 Pisces.”

Pisces 21 is “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a girl fondles a little white lamb: Growth in Consciousness via its earliest tactile awareness.”  Quite an interesting Symbol.  I don’t know whether the word fondle had sexual overtones in the mid-1920s when Elsie Channeled these Symbols.  Given the nature of the 20s, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Either way, the connotation is there now, which could imply that our Karmic sexual issues could arise.  From a mid-Scorpio Full Moon, that wouldn’t be at all surprising.

It turns out that asteroid Karma (let’s call it a.Karma for short) plays an important role in the May 3 (9pm PDT, Full Moon.  

The Main Effect of the Full Moon is that it forms the base of a T-Square focused on the impending Juno-Jupiter Conjunction.  Jupiter Initiates Juno on May 16 at 15 Leo, “A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people.

So the primary impact of the Full Moon will be Expansion of Consciousness, as will become more clear at the mid-May New Moon.  When novel Experiences confront us over the next few weeks, it would behoove to be Conscious of any Judgment that arises around them, and attempt to view them without Judgment.

The Full Moon is Bridged by Pluto, which the Sun Trines.  This creates a Major Tricolor of Sun Square Juno-Jupiter Quincunx Pluto Trine Sun, and a Minor Tricolor of Moon Square Juno-Jupiter Quincunx Pluto Sextile Moon……

When any Experience Challenges our Identity here, we can unlock Grace by Wondering (seeking Insight, not analysis) what it is we must do.  When an Experience Challenges our Emotions during the first half of May, we can Wonder what Action we might take to quell the Disturbance in the Force.  So far we haven’t encountered Karma.

Though the Full Moon is Octile to the Nodes…

Though the Universe does ask for an “Adjustment” or Rebalancing of our trajectory in Life.

More noteworthy: Juno-Jupiter Biquintiles a.Karma-Chiron…

So the big theme of the next two to six weeks is Expansion of our Consciousness through Learning about how we’re bummed out by recurring causes that aren’t actually Present-Moment, but to which we React as if they are Present-Moment.  If our Reactions are Emotional, that’s great; to achieve Liberation we need only step aside and Witness the Emotions. 

A more typical Reaction to Karmic repetitions, however – since the Emotions are usually to some degree repressed – is to let the mind create any number of links between the cause and whatever Demons we’ve come to believe habitually Victimize us.  So our assignment is to be watchful for Anxiety or Worry, or any desire to intellectualize our Experience.  We need to meet it with Curiosity.  “Oh, there’s that tendency to want to understand what’s going on so I can protect myself from it.  Well, what if I just didn’t worry about it.”  Of course we’ll need to repeat this practice moment to moment, because just because we caught it once, doesn’t meal it’ll roll over and play dead.  The nature of Karma is Habit, and we only break Habit by repeating the process of Noticing that we’re entering the chute, and substituting a new Behavior.

There’s more to say about this Full Moon, and about a.Karma’s roll in it, but this is plenty to chew on for now.

Except that we should add one thing.  Note that, contrary to our Programming, Cause and Effect is not a Universal principle.  Cause and Effect requires Linear Time, and Linear Time is a hypnotic intellectual technique to get you to Believe that you’re stuck in one Lifetime.  Folks have many reasons to want you to Believe this, but now that (by virtue of its “discovery”) Sedna is moving into Consciousness and the Veil is thinning, we need to start Learning how to operate outside of Linear Time.  That’s actually pretty easy to do.  Just think of an important memory, and Notice that you’re no longer in the Present Moment, you’re transported to the Time and Place where that memory originally occurred.  That seems kind of trivial, and it is, but it can break the mold enough to allow you to begin Noticing other lapses of Linear Time.

If you’re an “Emotional Thinker” – you judge Truth not by logic but by how it feels in your Belly (usually Venus or the Moon or Vesta in a Water Sign, or sometimes in an Earth Sign) – you don’t live in Linear Time anyway.  Chances are though, since we’re programmed so thoroughly into Linear Time and Cause-Effect that it’s difficult to imagine how it could be otherwise, you Judge yourself for having a hard time fitting into the dominant paradigm.  So your assignment isn’t to start getting out of Linear Time, it’s to stop Judging yourself for being so far ahead of everyone else!

Oh, by the way, Chiron Initiates Vesta on May 13, also at 21 Pisces.  So we’ve some serious waking to do here, but more on that later.

More Good Stuff

April 20, 2015


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Ceres (Sustainability) was Rising (Becoming Visible) all ’round the World at 12am everywhere on January 1, 2000.

Today we have a nice Quintile Yod (Big Learning Opportunity) from Pallas (Boundaries) and Vesta-Neptune (Revisions to our Belief Systems around Community and Culture, newly downloaded straight from Source) to Juno-Jupiter (Expanding Consciousness):

Expect to be adjusting Boundaries (saying NO! to some things and YES! to others) as newly revised Beliefs are tested, while we watch our Consciousness Expand.

Jupiter Initiates Juno in mid-May at the Midpoint of Leo (“A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people: The more or less sensational release of energies in a form dramatizing the unconscious aspirations of man’s primitive and instinctual nature“), and we’re now moving into their Conjunction.

And BTW, if we’d like to make our mood Sustainable, Nick Ortner’s new book on Tapping and Pain Relief comes out today…