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Well, Isn’t This Curious…

April 27, 2012

Bill couldn’t be more timely…

Amazing how some folks still go cataplectic over “communism,” but fascism doesn’t bother them a bit.

Last time we suggested the far-fetched notion that China might start buying Australian Coal with Euros, as a possible physical manifestation of the energic Occultation of Pluto by the Moon on Europe Day over northern Queensland (where there is a major Coal port for shipment to China).  Now Jim Sinclair suggests that just such a phenomenon could occur… !

Wouldn’t that be curious!  The MSM/MOPE he refers to are acronyms for the current European effort to continue Bluffing the markets long enough for a Miracle to occur – that is, giving all the money to the 1% Banksters while demanding that the 99% quit spending, and simultaneously depending on an increase in spending to restart economic growth.  (“Bailing out Greece” means giving money to Greece so they can pay back the Banksters who loaned them the money.)  The US is doing the same dance, except that (at least till the Tea Party gains complete control) it’s not about demanding that the 99% quit spending, just about taking away all their money.  Same thing, different media spin.

If yer curious, here’s some ancillary information: Britain bidding to become a trading center for Chinese currency…

France may soon be governed by someone who could stop the Bluff…

These are big potential Trance-Changers.  Of course one unspoken implication is that the US Dollar loses its role as the World Currency of choice and necessity, which lowers the value of the US Dollar, which makes imports more expensive for folks living in the US.  More importantly, it makes US Bonds much less desirable, which means the US must pay a higher interest rate to attract buyers, which means that the cost of servicing the federal debt skyrockets, and the whole house of cards collapses.

Not that it isn’t collapsing anyway – the only question is when, what’s the trigger, and what’s the response.  For instance, moving from Currency War to (more) Physical War would inspire everyone’s kneejerk patriotism and inspire them to hock not just their grandchildren but their great great grandchildren too, so everyone would buy War Bonds instead of SUVs, the (O)Bomb industry would go from being the most important US export to being the only US industry – not to mention the need for bodies to throw into the front lines – and presto, full employment!  Problem solved!  War-caused inflation is always justifiable, so as always, the massive debts would then be repaid with worthless paper.  Lettuce would be $100 a head, but what the Hay, it’s a good cause, right?

Perkins, Feinstein, Lipton, and Occultation

April 25, 2012

Here’s a very funny video, with the CNBC crew interviewing John Perkins, obviously without knowing beforehand who he is or what his books are about!  Fabulous!

They’ve tried to scuttle it already, so if the link doesn’t work, try going to

and clicking on “The Big Bribes in Mexico.”

Details are arriving on this year’s free Tapping World Summit, and parts of it look very compelling.  For instance, in addition to the usual suspects, both Donna Eden and David Feinstein are speakers, along with (if you buy the DVDs) sessions with Joseph Mercola and Bruce Lipton.  There’s an excellent interview with David Feinstein among the pre-conference materials, where he summarizes the research linking EFT and related techniques to current research in the “hard” sciences – ie, “why” EFT can heal PTSD and other nasty diversions, if yer left brain needs a scienterrific viewpoint.

To get the interview with David, you need to go to

and give the Tapping World Summit your email address.  Nick Ortner will then send you the link, along with several others, and instructions for how to attend the 20 free Tapping World Summit sessions.  Yes, you’ll be on Nick’s email list, and he’ll be sending you EFT news, but he doesn’t deluge you in unwanted emails.

And finally, here’s a great 3-minute video by Bruce Lipton, providing a very concise summary of the important difference between genetics and epigenetics…

May 9 could be a doozy, as the Moon Occults (hides) Pluto, on Europe Day.  Pluto represents a Change of Trance, when the collective Big Picture of how the World is organized changes.  Think September 2001 (Saturn-Pluto), or November 2008 (Pluto entering Capricorn) – compared to the months prior, by the following month everything was different.  The Moon is a trigger; it often pulls the trigger for larger events that are unfolding.  Uranus is within three degrees of its impending Square to Pluto, and three degrees is often a threshold of impact.

And then there’s the Europe Day bit.  The slow-burning economic and financial meltdown in Europe is only one of several potential Big-Trance-Changing processes underway, and may not be the most serious one.  The US’s decision to use control over foreign exchange as a weapon of war against Iran, and China’s subsequent decision to buy Iranian Oil with Gold, is probably a lot more explosive.  Near as I can tell, if my ephemeris is right (other astrologers give different dates) and my back-of-the-envelope calculations are close and my spherical geometry is workable, the Occultation will occur over northern Queensland, north of Brisbane.  Maybe the Chinese will begin buying Australian Coal with surplus Euros – that would shake up the political landscape.

An Occultation is basically an Eclipse – it’s a Conjunction that’s a Big Deal, and it’s not that common.  Apart from the Lunar and Solar Eclipses of one another, there was only one Lunar Occultation in 2011.  An Occultation is also known as a Parallel Conjunction, as “normal” astrological Angles (such as Conjunctions) are measured on Longitude only.  When two planets Conjoin not just on Longitude but also on Latitude (also known as the Parallels), it’s considered a Parallel Conjunction, and its interpretation is given much more power.

The Moon also Occulted Pluto on April 12, as Mars was standing still.  That would have occurred (near as I can tell) somewhere in central South America, around northern Paraguay-eastern Bolivia, west of Rio de Janeiro.  On April 10 Eva Morales revoked a controversial license previously issued to a Brazilian company to bulldoze a highway through the rainforest in eastern Bolivia.  The basis of the (earlier) controversy was whether the road would relieve indigenous poverty there, or lead to the destruction of the rainforest.  That part of Bolivia (Santa Cruz Department) is the scene of ongoing class struggle between the “1%” who bask in wealth from the large reserves of natural gas there, and the “99%” indigenous population.  So the correlations are very intriguing.

As we said, there was only one (non-Solar) Lunar Occultation in all of 2011 – I count 24 during 2012!  I consider that remarkable.  These are the first two.  The Moon Occults Pluto on the same day in June that the Sun Occults Venus (the famous second “Transit” of Venus across the Sun).  The Moon Occults Pluto every month for the rest of 2012, and regularly Occults Mercury and Jupiter as well.  The Occultation of Jupiter will be a sight to behold!  The first one is June 17, and should be visible in much of the Western Hemisphere.  The Moon even Occults Venus in August, and Mars in September.  I don’t believe these Occultations are coincidental.

Saying No and Self-Care

April 22, 2012

Here’s a fabulous video of Jessica interviewing Cheryl Richardson on things like Boundaries and Saying No and Self-Care and Identity and Adrenaline and the like…

From there, you can sign up for the 2012 Tapping World Summit in early May.

End of the Calendar

April 19, 2012

Here’s a nice snapshot of one of Mother Sun’s recent outbursts, photo by Jim Lafferty, at  The same link will take you to a coupla movies of the event (including, which are plenty spectacular, but don’t show how far from the Sun the flare flies, like the snapshot does.  Now the Sun is 109 times as big as our Home Planet, which makes that upper spire what, 15-20 Earth-diameters long?  And of course that’s just the visible part, and just in one moment of time.

This burst of insight from Mom Sun solves a mystery – what did the Mayans mean when they said that the Calendar will end in 2012?  Well, without Dick Clark we can’t possibly have any more New Year celebrations.  No New Years, no Calendar!  Mystery solved.  Which means, if we stay on Earth One, we’re doomed to relive this Election Year Circus forever – enough motivation for most anybody to swim off to Earth Two!

Swimming in Jello

April 8, 2012

Tuesday morning, at about half-past 9am PDT, Pluto stands still, and then turns Retrograde.  If things were normal, we’d just feel like we were swimming in Jello for the next few days.  Pluto rules (is, kinda) Scorpio, and Scorpio never relaxes until it gets to the bottom of things, so if there’s anything “bothering you” – occupying your thoughts or triggering your Emotions – things’ll feel intense.  Pluto’s been within one degree of it’s Station since February 6, so the Sensitives among us may have been feeling “heavy” since then.

There are a couple of handy guidelines for living with a strong Pluto, that work as well for a heavy Pluto event as for a Pluto-dominant lifetime.  The first one is what investors refer to as “don’t fight the tape” – when progress gets too difficult, turn around and go the other way.  Pluto, recall, is like a Big River, and paddling upstream can be a horrendous waste of Energy.  “You may have to lose a battle or two to win the war” is another trite metaphor that fits.  Of course, if you’re a sailor, you know about tacking – that’s a very handy skill around Pluto.  Don’t waste your energy on resistance – Pluto is relentless.

Another useful Pluto helper is Let Go of the Past.  Pluto transforms.  You don’t want to be clinging to old patterns or old places or old paradigms or old expectations or even maybe old friends – you will be a different person when Pluto gets done with you, and your old connections may seem like dim recollections from an old movie – familiar, but distant.  No need to burn any bridges unnecessarily, but Pluto is about Rebirth.  You may as well be a walk-in.  Sure, there will be survivors, friends or jobs or addictions or desires that survive from “lifetime” to “lifetime” (a single strong-Pluto life feels like many lifetimes), but you don’t usually know which ones will be survivors (unless you know which ones are also Pluto People), so to avoid losing fingernails it’s best to hang loose during the Trance(re)formations.  Live each day anew.

Okay, that’s what we’d say about Pluto if things were normal.  But, y’know, it’s 2012.  Many folks say that the distinguishing character of 2012 is that Pluto will align with the Galactic Center at the Winter Solstice – that Pluto won’t just be the lens that channels the usual stream of beyond-our-Solar-System Energy into our space, but like a short wave radio that finds a thunderstorm on the other side of the World, Pluto will now be channeling direct orders from the Center of the Galaxy.  Given the nature of the Unconscious, it’s not unreasonable to think of yourself as a remote controlled airplane – and Daddy just took the controls away from Junior.  So Pluto could seem several orders or magnitude heavier than usual.

And on Friday, Mars turns Direct.  Mars has been within one degree of its Station since April 1, so it’s completely reasonable to consider Mars to be lit up as well as Pluto.  Mars-Pluto is traditionally a harbinger of violence – though over the last few decades it’s been conspicuously absent in that regard, fortunately.  Yes, Mars has been Trining Pluto, which will have been Actively adding Grace to our Transformations, Hooray!  The Trine is stretched to about 6 degrees of Orb at these Stations, though, and we’d ordinarily consider that to be quite “weak.”

However, they’re both turning in directions that will bring them back into Trine (in mid-May), so this Energy will begin waxing again.  The downside of a Trine is Arrogance.  So rather than the apparently-random violence that a “normal” Mars-Pluto might produce, over the next several days we may see violence in service of a cause.  Violence mixed with Arrogance produces self-righteousness.  Don’t provoke any zealots this week.  And curb yer own internal zealot – polarization just creates standoff, as well we’ve learned (or not!) over the last dozen years.

Then of course, this is the Year of Uranus-Pluto.  Uranus is now 4 degrees from Pluto.  That’s way too far to say this Energy is prominent, but when you consider that Uranus is still moving forward, and Pluto will now begin moving backward to meet it, we could easily say that Uranus-Pluto (“the 60s”) starts now.  They’ll be getting closer every day from now on.  Their Square comes down to one degree of Orb on June 2, and completes on June 23, a coupla days after the Summer Solstice.

So rather than things being normal, Pluto will be tempered by Uranus – or aggravated by Uranus.  Uranus is of course I gotta be Me.  So there will be irresistible forces (Pluto) meeting inexorable desires (Uranus), with potentially explosive results.  If your need to get up the River is Karmic or otherwise part of your Soul Mission, you’ll be renting a jet-boat.  River be damned.  Kent State comes to mind.  Remember when yer Mum ruined that great Orange Jello by putting grated Carrots in it?  Some of those Carrots may explode on impact.

Whatever happens, since these Dramas are waaay beyond our own span of control, take a deep Breath and try to relax.  Even if you wake up and find yourself driving the jet-boat, take a deep Breath and try to relax.  It may not always be that Pluto-driven Transformations are for the best, but it is true that they’re what’s happening, and denial won’t get you nowhere.  What you can trust, though, is that you aren’t seeing the Whole Picture.  You’re seeing mostly your own projections.  Pluto is the Elephant, and you’re one of the seven blind folks.  Tap out your reactivity.  The more clearly you see what’s really happening, the easier it will be to adapt and thrive.

Don’t forget we’re in the very earliest stages of the new Chiron-Neptune paradigm.  Whatever Pluto dislodges, we can guarantee it was an impediment to opening space for that shift.  And don’t forget that the Lizards own the media.  Whatever the mass media says, turn it around.  Reality’s probably pretty close to the opposite of what they want you to believe.  Other than all that, try the backstroke – you won’t get so many Carrots up yer nose.

Opal is “just” Quartz with Water molecules embedded in the Crystal structure.  If Opal drys out, it can lose it’s “fire” – the play of colored lights that it has when viewed at different angles, though sometimes you can rehydrate yer Opal by soaking it in Water.  This is a “Jelly” Opal, or Oregon Opal, as most Opal of this ilk comes from one mountain in Oregon, which is now closed to mining.  I know, Pluto/Scorpio is symbolized by Water, but as the Buddhists say, into the Water, out through the Fire, into the Fire, out through the Water.  It’s Spirit Fire that does the Trance(re)formation work.  Here’s the Watery side, a “Boulder” Opal from Oz…

Beware! The Beginning Is Near

April 7, 2012

While it was Mars that starred in the Big Grand Cross and Big Grand Trine, the real doyenne of the first half of 2012 is Venus.

She joined the Big Amplifier Jupiter and Big Mystic Black Moon Lilith in a very close Triple Conjunction as one corner of the Grand Trine, along with Mars and Pluto, in mid-March.

Lilith, for those who’ve forgotten, was Adam’s first wife.  She split as soon as Adam began to lay down those Penis First rules that Eve was willing to take for granted.  You can see the impact of the Triple Conjunction in the reactionary Attack on Women that’s underway – which Attack is a Paper Tiger.  The Triple Conjunction occurred at 10 degrees of Taurus, “A Red Cross Nurse: The compassionate linking of all Peoples.”  It only seems like the Penis Flag is being raised again because Eve’s Old-Testament offspring own the media.

Black Moon Lilith symbolizes the mystical aspect of the feminine.  The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an ellipse, an oval.  While circles have one center, ovals have two.  Earth sits at one of those centers, and Black Moon Lilith sits at the other.  You can think of it as Earth 2, waiting just on the other side of Manifestation.  With Lilith in charge, the Penis is the Flagpole, not the Flag.

Venus crosses the Moon’s South Node next Wednesday, becoming as she does a corner of the Grand Cross, rather than the Grand Trine.  Mars turns Direct the next day.  Expect some fireworks over who gets to be the Flag and who the Pole.  This is Venus Squaring Mars – Mastery through Challenge in the relationship between our Inner Male and Inner Female.  If yours ain’t married, you’ll be doing some homework next week – enjoy it as the Learning Experience that it is.

The Mars Grand Cross, by the way, remains in effect well into May.

As we’ve seen, Venus has been dominating the evening sky.  Venus as the Evening Star is Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  She reaches her farthest extent from the Sun in mid-May, just as the Mars Grand Cross begins to fade (and the media’s Penis Flag starts to go limp).  She’s Stationary from May 7 to May 15, and then starts working her way back to the Sun, remaining Retrograde till June 27.

Meanwhile, starting April 2nd, Venus is Out of Bounds.  Out of Bounds means that she is further from the Equator than the Sun ever goes, in this case overhead north of the Tropic of Cancer.  Out of Bounds means strong.

She remains Out of Bounds, and Retrograde, until June 3.  As she returns In Bounds, she meets the Sun, on its journey north to the Summer Solstice.  On June 5, Venus crosses the face of the Sun.  Not just a Conjunction, where they share the same longitude, but a Parallel Conjunction, where they share the same latitude.  If Venus were bigger than the Sun (or the same size), it would be called an Occultation, which is the general term for an Eclipse, where one planet or body “occults,” or hides, the other.  Since Venus is smaller, it’s called a “Transit,” but it’s an astronomical Transit, not an astrological Transit.  Astrological Transits are much more general.

Venus Transits the Sun, in pairs, only once per century – and it skipped the 20th Century entirely.  It’s tempting to equate the darker elements of the previous century (two World Wars, the Bomb) with that lack, and maybe not inappropriate.  The first of the current pair of Transits occurred in 2004.  One meaning of a Venus Transit is the feminine made visible.  Venus Transits the Sun as both Square Mars.  What a fabulous time for the Genders to open their minds to learning about one another, aided and abetted by Mercury going Out of Bounds (enhanced Awareness) from May 30 to June 19.

In mid-June, Venus rises as the Morning Star, Pallas Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom.  Venus rising as the Morning Star is called the Heliacal Rising of Venus, and represents a very significant region of the year.  We’ll talk more about that later.

Then, on June 23, Uranus Squares Pluto, the Big Event of 2012.  To celebrate that event, Jupiter Squares Neptune, and Saturn turns Direct.  We’ll go into the implications of all that later as well.

Here’s an excellent interview and implicit book review on The Beginning Is Near, and the Rise of the Feminine…


Seven Sisters on the Half-Shell

April 2, 2012

Photo by astronomy professor Jimmy Westlake of Stagecoach, Colorado, borrowed from

which link tells the story of how Venus will be visiting the Pleiades over the next coupla evenings.  The “Red” Folk on the Planet mostly came from the Pleiades.  Our friend Atlas, who actually neither shrugs nor shirks, is the father of these Seven Sisters (and Pleione the Mum).

Here’s a short sample of Barbara’s channeling on these Gals…

You are coming to maturity. You are coming to be full in your blossom, full in your vibrancy, full in your seed. The fullness and the ripeness, the sweetness of your own being the beings that you would be a bit nostalgic for, that would almost be something like an ache inside of your being when you look back at these times.

Many of you have done very well and brought yourselves to a very firm stance within yourselves. You saw what needed to he changed and you rose to the occasion and allowed yourself to just be nourished by the energies that would bring you to become ripe upon the vine. Some of you have heard us speak about the time that is coming, the new energy accelerations. For some of you it must seem as if you live from one energy acceleration to the next.

Tremendous currents of energy come with each new acceleration. Now you are ripe. Now you are ready. Now you have moved past that which has been difficult. Now you are ready like spiritual warriors to face what is coming, to go full on into what lies ahead in the light, the brilliancy.

Your population is beginning to double at an accelerated [pace]. You are moving into the electrifying leap of consciousness because there will be more and more and more people upon the planet. [In the ’70’s] there were approximately 2 billion humanities upon the planet. Now you have over 6 billion people, in less than fifteen of your years. What is going to happen in the next fifteen of your years? Why are so many humans coming upon the planet?

You are at a very interesting point in your development. Many of you do not see so clearly where it is that you are. We would like to say that you are poised on the brink of the cliff. You have traveled very far and now the next step for you is the journey into the boundless energy. Life is going to get much more thrilling, interesting and exciting.

Venus transits the Pleiades every 8 years.  Enjoy!

And Then There’s the “Real” World

April 2, 2012

Here’s a fabulous example of how we place our Identity.  Our last entry talked about early April’s astrology, and how it would bless us.  Well, I been busy of late, and haven’t much been following how the state of the World’s material hardcopy Reality is evolving.  So lets check in and see how that’s unfolding…

There’s the state of Amerika…

The state of Amerikan Lizardry…

The situation in Europe…,1518,824808,00.html

And the rest of the World…

Not to mention the march to War.

Reminds us that Neptune is now in Pisces – the key to Neptune is to know that under Neptune’s watch, our view of the Material World is through a glass darkly, while our view of the Spiritual Universe is crystal clear.

But as I’ve said many times, we don’t believe that Denial is the best course; best to go into The Valley with eyes wide open.  The problem with Denial is that it forces the Fear into our Evil Twin, the Unconscious.  Once in the Underground, Fear can run our lives without our knowing it – we’ll believe it’s somebody else’s fault and somebody else’s problem.  Both/And – View the Material Fog with open eyes, without getting stuck in it, by also being aware of the Spiritual Tranceformation we’re undergoing.

We’re at the beginning of a New Paradigm – Chiron-Neptune tells us that.  We don’t know where it will lead or how it will evolve – perhaps because we haven’t collectively created it yet.  But we do know that it will require that the obsolete structures from the Old Paradigm will have to crumble to make way for the New.  And that’s exactly what all those dire links are about – the Old Paradigm crumbling.

Two good examples – Trayvon Martin and Sargent Bates.  Both have the potential to be martyrs that could be to 2012 what Rosa Parks and Mai Lai were to the 60s, though they’re really just the prelude.  And while we’ve heard a litany of victimizations by the Lizards, we don’t have a real stop-the-World game-changing martyr on the food-and-shelter front yet.  Most folks are too glad it aint them to be willing to stand up and say No More, and the Occupy Movement hasn’t left simmer.  We’ll get there many times over before the Winter Solstice.

We don’t want to Celebrate other people’s misfortune – and a lot of folks will be caught under the rubble when they don’t open their Spiritual Sight in time to see what’s happening.  For many, getting caught under the rubble will be the catalyst for opening their Spiritual Sight.  We do want to Celebrate the collapse of the Old Paradigm.  The sooner it falls, the faster we can create the form of the New one.  On the other hand, there’s no need to rush; it’s not our schedule to set.  We can trust that there will be plenty of crumbling going on for the rest of 2012!

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna laughs at his mentee, the great Warrior Arjuna, when Arjuna hesitates to kill all those enemies he’s about to fight, not wanting to accumulate such Karma.  Krishna, as the emissary or embodiment of Vishnu the Sustainer, tells Arjuna that as a mere mortal, Hero or no, Arjuna does not possess the ability to create or destroy Life – only God has that power.

The Gita probably comes down to us from the Age of Heroes, where contests to the death were as routine as Miracles of Healing.  Since then we’ve moved through the Age of Sympathy, and now we’re moving into the Age of Compassion.  Aquarius symbolizes Compassion by virtue of the realization that We are Other.  Ascension is similar to an NDE – we see our physical Body as if from the outside.  But we don’t detach.  We continue to live a Human life, but with conscious awareness that it is a vehicle, like a car, it is not UsWe are Energy, Spirit, and from that Identity we can change lanes, or turn at the light, when we don’t like the plot.

We do that by Tapping, when habitual Emotional patterns call us back into our physical Identity, by PIAVA when our Desire Body wants to direct the chorus, and by CancelNeutralizeUpgrade when our Thoughts threaten to turn down a dark alley – Cancel the thought, Neutralize the Energy Wave that the thought initiated, and Upgrade the thinker to orient our Creativity into more appealing channels.  In the Beginning there was the Word – it’s thinking that initiates Creative Energy.  Emotion and Desire are the glues that cement it into physical form.