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U R Here

September 7, 2020




That’s us, there in the middle of the previous line.

Looks precarious, don’t it.  It is, actually…

Did we mention that it’s Hot there?  Scienterrific folks recently announced that “Carrington Events” – Solar Outbursts big enough to Eliminate Electricity, Computing, and Communication on the Sun-facing half of the Earth – are probably more frequent than they previously thought.  The Flares have just not been pointing in our direction lately.  Being a tiny target has its advantages.

Aside from that and the Big Near-Earth asteroids that regularly zing past, what was it that we’ve been Concerned about?  Oh yeah, those three big current events barreling down the pike toward us.  Let’s start with the biggest one…



Since 2014 (using three Degrees of Sensitivity), the symbol for Our Ability to Respond (dwarf planet Pholus) has been Teasing the symbol for Our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar).  They both turn Retrograde every northern Spring at about the same time and around the same Zodiacal place, and every year they get closer together before Our Ability to Respond Chickens Out and Backs Away.

In 2020, Respond approached within 12 arcminutes – one fifth of a Degree – to Survive before it Got Scared, dropped its toolbox, and ran.  When you drop something 2.6 thousand million miles from the Sun, it falls for a looong time – or just quietly floats away and makes its own Orbit, or Obit.

On 3 April 2021 (5:10 am PDT in 7 Capricorn, “A veiled Prophet speaks, seized by the Power of a God: The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent Will and Truth determining future action” – probably Greta), Respond will Feel Survive’s Cold Breath from a distance of only 12 arcsecondsthree tenths of one percent of one Degree – before Respond thinks about its Exxon dividends (How will we Eat?) and Decides it’s too Risky to proceed.  Fortunately, they won’t be colliding – Survive is half again as Far Out as Respond.

By 2022, however, Survival gets just too tenuous, Living Feels more Important than Eating, and Hupers may actually Begin Responding to their Survival InstinctsOn 21 February 2022 (7:02 pm PST), dwarf planet Quaoar (Survival Instincts) Initiates dwarf planet Pholus (Ability to Respond) to begin a New two-Century Cycle (in 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home domesticated Birds sing joyously: The wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly“).  Whoa!  Will the Antichrist have successfully completed his Genocide and now be living Underground with the rest of his 1% cronies?

I included Rudhyar’s commentary (“The wholesome happiness…“) because it’s so shocking in the context.  This is a 223-year Cycle, however, so we can PIAVA that, once Hupers start to Pay Attention to the Health of the Planet, they can Create a “well-established culture” with Sustainable “ideals and patterns.”  Then our Reincarnations and Descendants can Sing Joyously along with the Birds – hopefully Self-Domesticated Birds who Join us because it Feeds them, as their Song would be better if they were Wild.  Once we get to 5D, though, we’ll all be In The Same Dance.

The previous Cycle began on 26 April 1798 (in 26 Pisces, “Watching the very thin Moon Crescent appearing at Sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects: A keen appreciation of the value of individualized responses to any challenge of Life“).  The very thin Moon Crescent appearing at Sunset is a Cherokee signal to Begin Manifesting New Ideas into Form, which Hupers have certainly been doing for the last two Centuries.  And Celebration of the Individual has certainly been a Core Concept of Western Ideation for a while now.

We can easily think of this Era that we’re leaving as the Age of Every Man for Himself and the Age of Competition, where Collaboration is seen as Weakness because it leaves one open to Betrayal or Abandonment.  We know that a Dis-Ease often retraces its Pattern of Development as it Heals, and that a Dis-Ease often gets “worse” on it’s way to getting “better,” if we’re Measuring by Discomfort rather than Learning.  In other words, “If it doesn’t Kill you, it’ll make you Stronger.”

The Problem we Encounter in Recognizing the Difference between a Birth Wail and a Death Rattle, is our Doubt.  If we’re Confident in what we’re Creating, Neutral on Timelines and Outcomes, and Consistently Passionate about What We Want, then we’re with Rumi out in that Field Beyond Success and Failure.  Otherwise, we’re just in the Ego, which offers us as much Protection as any other paper bag.



The second-biggest current event barreling down the pike toward us is the Digital Age…

The dystopia that worries me is a universe in which a few geniuses invent Google and its ilk and the rest of us are employed giving them massages.”  –Canada’s new finance minister Chrystia Freeland, quoted in

I couldn’t agree more.  If Predatory Catpiddleism continues to Reign, as Machines take over more and more of Life, it’s easy to picture a repeat of Dickensian London, but without the Escape Valve that forcing the Previous Inhabitants out of the Appalachians offered in Dickens’s Time.

Economic Eras and Ages are Bounded by the Metacycles of Saturn and Jupiter, the two primary Social planets.  They are in the Habit of Conjoining in one Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) seven times in a row, then sampling the next Element once, then debriefing the first Element one last time, then seven times in the next Element.  I know, that’s tricky.  It’s like so…

  • An Introduction to the Earth Element (1802 in Virgo).
    • A Debriefing of the Fire Element (1821 in Aries).
  • Seven Conjunctions in Earth (1842-1961).
    • An Introduction to the Air Element (1981 in Libra)
  • One last Conjunction in Earth (2000 in Taurus).
    • Seven Conjunctions in Air (2020-2140).
  • One Nibble on Water Signs (2159 in Scorpio).
    • One last Conjunction in Air (2179 in Gemini).

(Actually, there’s a Pattern-Breaker here, as Debriefing from the Digital Age will require 40 years rather than 20, so there’s another Air-Sign Conjunction in 2199, in Aquarius, before we go back to Scorpio in 2219.  Clear as Mud, eh?  It well Illustrates how difficult it is to Break the Tyranny of the “Left Brain,” though, especially in an Age of Fixed Air, which is easily translated as Ideology.)

  • Fire-Sign Jupiter-Saturns spanned the 17th and 18th Centuries, featuring lots of Religious Wars.
  • Earth-Sign Jupiter-Saturns, defining the Industrial Era, occurred in 1802, 1842-1961, and 2000, basically the 19th and 20th Centuries.  The Wars were between the Flags that Defended your Material Commerce.
  • The Air-Sign Jupiter-Saturns, which will define the Digital Age, occur in 1981, 2020-2140, and 2179, the (current) 21st and 22nd Centuries.  The Wars are already largely Digital.
  • Water-Sign Jupiter-Saturns will dominate the 23rd and 24th Centuries, as they did the 15th and 16th Centuries.



Notice that the 1802-2020 Industrial Era (including its Intro and Debrief) and the 1798-2022 Era of Every Man for Himself (Pholus-Quaoar in 26 Pisces) began at about the same time.  These Cycles differ in length by about five years (the Pholus and Quaoar Orbits aren’t perfectly Circular, so their Cycle lengths may vary), so they won’t always Change their Directions at the same time.  Which means that we’re Experiencing one hell of a Change, relative to the average Winter Count.

Those are the Century-Scale Changes we’re embedded in.  We’re also Entering the Age of Aquarius, which is a two-Millennium Change (2,150 years or so), and Enjoying Teasers of the End of the Patriarchy, which is on the order of a five-Millennium Change.  These are slow Changes that don’t happen overnight.  Many of us who Invite 5D envision Transitioning from Kali Yuga back to Satya Yuga, a Change that occurs every 6.9 million years.



Our third-most Concerning Cyclic Change, by comparison, occurs, theoretically, every four years.  On a Dharmic Scale, the Scale of Souls, pretty minuscule.  Nevertheless, in the Short Term it can Change our Lives in many Significant Ways if we aren’t Focusing our Energies in the right Directions.

There are some Basic Concepts about how What We Manifest comes about, Concepts handed down from long-standing Empirical Traditions.  We should review a few of those before we go much furthur…

Energy Precedes Form.  A reader writes…

I put the ‘Feeling-what-one-wants-to-manifest’ into action, but continued to have a most difficult week, culminating this morning.  Threw the Ching and was advised to still myself and know that a spiritual practice is worthless if not used when under fire.  That helped a great deal and I now am retooling.”

The Future Isn’t Created Yet.  In fact, all there really is, Is Now.  So the Question is always, What’s Going on in the Now?  If that’s Worry or Anxiousness or Doubt or Disgust or Fear or Whatever, That’s Exactly What We’re Likely to Manifest in subsequent Moments of Now.  Whatever the Content of that Worry or Doubt is, it’s just Dust.  It’s the Verb that does the Manifesting, not the Noun.

The Only Thing We Can Change Is UsAn Ambition to Change the World is unlikely to work out.  Focus on What You Want to Experience.  Don’t make your PIAVAs Dependent on someone else.  How will You Feel if the Future moves in your Favor?  That’s all you Need – Feel That, as often and as Deeply as you can.

There’s Nothing Objective About Reality.  Without an Observer, there’s Nothing happening.  There are no Objective Observers.  Every one of them has a Point of View.  Reality is a Dance between the Observed and the Point of View of the Observer, each Manipulating the Other.  It can make Fascinating Entertainment, but it’s not worth much else.

We have five charts between now and 3 November.  Each one is an Opportunity for us to Manifest What We Want to Feel.  We’ll look at each of them in turn.