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Sustainable or Else

July 14, 2015

PlutoMinus5The Angel of Pluto, from five days away (NASA-JHUAPL-SWRI).

About half a day before the New Moon, and about a day after the New Horizons trolley sails within several thousand miles of Pluto, the Moon crosses Mercury and Mars, which closely Oppose Pluto.  Of course that’s about the time when NASA will first unveil some of the portraits that New Horizons snapped at close range.  So we’d expect that…

Pluto will have something very distinct and very adamant to say on July 15th.

Meanwhile, that New Moon!

I hope we all graduated from our Self-Love SATs with flying colors.

Because the New Moon falls right into the same Degrees!  Jupiter’s now in the 25th Degree of Leo, so it’s no longer within our usual 3 Degrees of Sensitivity to the other members of the would-be Grand Sextile.  But with the New Moon at 24 Cancer the focus of the current chart, we take three Degrees on either side, or 21-27 Degrees.  Which gives us nine out of twelve points on a Grand Unx.

The Unx, recall, is the Twelfth Harmonic, or the Angle between two planets that are one Sign apart.  The Grand Unx then is a planet in the same (or close to the same) Degree of all twelve Signs.  The Twelfth Harmonic is the Pattern-Breaker, or the Hanged Person; not hanging by the neck or fingernails, but hanging by the ankles and hence seeing the World through different Perspectives.

Last week’s Grand Sextile was ruled by the Station of Haumea – Rebirth, and the Vacancy – the warm and comfortable rug in the nursery; a Rebirth into Self-Love.  This week it’s Eris that’s Stationary, now within three Degrees from Uranus and now turning Retrograde to move back toward Uranus, and almost exactly Square to the New Moon.  Eris turns Direct on July 19.  This is one focus of the would-be Grand Unx…

A major theme this week will be the Revelation of Denial.  Don’t hide from it behind embarrassment or Shame.  Seek it out.  Use your Curiosity, Actively.  “I wonder what I’ve been Denying!?!?  I’ll wager if I open up to it Lovingly, and Ask for Grace, I can stop sabotaging myself and get on with my Dreams, eh?  Won’t that be Grand!”

And sure enough, there’s Chiron in the almost-Grand Unx.  That’s exactly what Chiron’s about, transcending Limiting Beliefs by Breaking up Patterns that have been sabotaging and discouraging us, and exposing us to the Miracles that lie on the other side of the Limiting-Belief curtain.

The other focus of the Grand Unx is the Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stellium in 22-27 Sagittarius.  It’s a major focus because it’s the outlier – the other eight points are one Sign apart, and the Stellium is two Signs distant on one side and three Signs distant on the other.  The eight adjacent points form a bowl or curved mirror, focusing everything back onto the outlier, like the focus of a Reflecting Telescope.

The Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stellium, all of which are Retrograde, says…

We are Required to Take Responsibility.  It’s no longer optional.  Our Survival depends on it.  No matter how many of our philosophical or moral or political or hedonistic precepts it violates, we have to take Responsibility.  It is now The Law, and it will be enforced by the Power of the Galaxy.

We didn’t notice, but Quaoar, which itself represents The Law-Giver, slipped past the Galactic Center on January 12 of this year.  After turning Retrograde, it crossed again on June 19.  It’s third and final crossing will be November 24.  Quaoar represents Natural Law, Law of the sort where violations don’t get you in trouble, they get you dead.  That’s just Quaoar by itself; now it has the Authority of the Galaxy behind it.

We intuit the theme of Sustainability because that’s the sort of Law that Quaoar gives.  Ceres (Sustainability), though, is the focus of a Mjolnir (Epiphany) across the Square from Lilith (PIAVA) to Chaos (Unlimited Potential).

We had our Can-Opener in January, and our Exposition in June.  By now we should have learned a good deal about what Unconscious contents are forcing themselves out into the Light.  We have until late November to allow those urges to permeate our Life.  It doesn’t matter if we’re Ashamed of them, or if they violate what we believe to be Sacred, or if they open a chasm between us and our Community.  We have no choice but to honor them, or they will rip us to shreds.  There is great Grace available to us here; take advantage of it, as it will last only till about July 26.

The Stellium makes a Grand Trine with Uranus-Eris and Jupiter, but Jupiter moves beyond three Degrees from Eris around the 26th, just as Uranus is Stationary, and Venus is turning Retrograde in the first Degree of Virgo.  The first Degree of Virgo is itself a Pattern-Breaker, though it usually feels more like an Ego-Buster.  Which is exactly what a Pattern-Breaker is, since it’s Ego that we have invested in our Limiting Beliefs.

We need to be practicing our Skill at recognizing Ego Death.  When it feels like “I am Dying,” shift your focus.  It’s “I am Dying,” as in “My Old, worn-out Ego is Dying.”  May it rest in Peace.  It’s served me well, getting me this far, but Lord Knows it’s tired out! 

Okay, it doesn’t feel like a Sunny day in the park, but that’s what Rebirth feels like.  I Loved my Old Ego, and it Loved me, and I’ll miss it.  We were best friends.  It’ll take a while to get used to this new Ego, and I won’t always know how to Act or Feel.  I’ll be Confused and clumsy.  I guess that’s what it’s like Learning anything new though. It’s okay to be embarrassed; we’re newbies.  I need to be my own best Cheerleader. 

“Hooray New Ego!  We’ve got some Learning Curve to get through here, but the Future is Wide Open, and we’re looking forward to Manifesting some great things that we’ve been Dreaming about for a long time.”  Set your Doingness aside; that’s your Old Ego.  No Stress allowed here; it’s Rest you want to pursue instead.  Sure, some folks pop up off the Birthing table and go right back to their CEO jobs the next day – and in the process Abandon their progeny – which here means Abandoning yourself. 

Let the Future come to you; if you strive to go after it, you can only do that under your Old Ego’s terms, and you’ll revert back to your Limiting Beliefs.  Use your PIAVAs instead

Confusion is the first stage of Growth – don’t try to overcome it or think your way out of it.  Celebrate it!  “Oh gosh, there’s Confusion!  Happy Day!  We’ve escaped our Birdcage and we’re flying free!” 

Which of course could mean the Cat isn’t far away – “Oh gosh, there’s Fear!  Happy Day!  We’re encountering unfamiliar turf and about to Break Through to New Heights – all we have to do is Breathe, and maybe Tap a bit, eh?” 

And maybe backpedal a little – Safety First!  We want to take Risks, that’s what Learning is about, but we don’t want to overextend ourself, because that will set us back.  We may want to PIAVA a Loving and Gentle Learning Experience, Growth, Rebirth, AND Safety.

Wait – is that Discouragement, or even Despair?  Where did that come from?  Oh yeah, all Losses must be Grieved, even the Loss of an Old worn-out Ego suit.  Hey, I remember!  I need to Empathize with my Despair – “You poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling down, aren’t you.  That’s okay, Honey, I won’t Abandon you, take as long as you need to Feel into that.” 

Don’t try to talk yourself out of what you’re Feeling; instead, step outside yourself, look back, and Witness what you’re really Feeling, but from outside of it.  Shift from “I am Discouraged” to “I feel Discouraged” – it’s a tiny semantic shift and a giant step for personal Growth. 

There are two of you occupying the same Body – the first You Feels Discouraged, and the second You Feels Loving Kindness toward the first You that’s in Despair.  There’s no attempt to Change what you’re Feeling, only a shift in your Perspective, a Loving Witness, a shift in your Assemblage Point, an instant Rebirth.

The Sky is the Limit here, as Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder) Opposes the Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stellium, and the Lilith-Chiron Opposition joins it for a Grand Cross.  The Stellium says, “This is the Law“;  Chaos says “Go for the Gold“; Lilith says “Let it Come to You, don’t chase it“; and Chiron says “Be the Witness.”  The Grand Cross says “There’s too much going on and too much at stake for us to get stuck on any one thing here; we have to Let Go and Let God!”

And don’t forget all that Grace, in the Grand Trine between the Stellium, Uranus-Eris, and Jupiter, in the Fire Signs – in Spirit.  The Grand Cross is in the Mutable signs – Mutable as in Mutation…

We’re Changing here, we all are.  All bets are off.  Look for any Expectations, and Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade them.  Cancel the Expectation, Neutralize the Vibration it Created, and Upgrade the Expector – Expectorate your Expectations.  All Expectations arise from your Old Limited Ego, whether they’re cynical or hopeful. 

Hopeful Expectations are Fantasies, and Fantasies are not PIAVAs.  Fantasies have Limitation at their core.  Otherwise we would have Manifested them all along.  You don’t know how the Future will unfold, because we haven’t Co-Created it yet.  Intentions and Desires, by all means, but Expectations are Manifestation killers.

Makemake (Manifestation) and Vesta (Belief) both meet the North Node (Mission), on the Cusp of Libra, in mid-September.  The Cusp of Libra is where we meet Other for the first time, or as if for the first time.  As we integrate the newly emerging formerly-Unconscious contents into our everyday Lives, we’ll begin to newly integrate them into our Relationships as well.

Without Curiosity there is no Love.  If your Relationships are based on Expectation, they’ll be mired in Judgment rather than Celebration and Freedom and Exploration.  Begin to watch for Expectation in your Relationships, and Expect your Expectations to be incomplete, if not downright incorrect.  “Aha, there’s Expectation!  I wonder what that would look like if I opened to Curiosity about what was really going on for them?”  Not Curious as in “I need to find an answer,” but Curious as in “Wow, that’s Awesome!  I wonder what I’ll discover next?”

The Grand Cross and the Grand Trine make up six of the nine points of the would-be Grand Unx.  The corner they share is the Stellium – another reason to consider it a major focus of the chart.  It would be the major focus were Eris not Stationary and about to make a once-in-a-century Initiation of Uranus, which will open a whole panoply of new Channels between us and our Soul.

The seventh point is the New Moon – which is itself a major Focus, as a New Moon is always a Rebirth.  The presence of the New Moon in the almost-Grand Unx is what calls it forth into our Attention.  And speaking of Rebirth, the eighth point is Haumea, the Stationary focus of last week’s almost-Grand Sextile.

The ninth point is Sedna – Actions taken out of Fear.  It’s well placed, the focus of a Yod from Haumea and the Stellium.  The Yod says,

“Be mindful of Fear, and don’t let it control your Actions.  It you’re Present with your Fear, Witness it, Empathize with yourself when you Feel it, and don’t try to think yourself out of it or make it Go Away, then you’ll find its source, and Clear it, and it will no longer Limit you.”

Sedna and the New Moon are the roots of the Diamond Star that’s focused on the Stellium and its T-Square with Chiron and Lilith – another reason to make the Stellium a major focus of the chart.

A final note – Responsibility is not Blame.  Blame looks at the Past and tries to attribute Cause.  Responsibility looks at the Future and tries to improve Outcomes.  They are totally different.  It’s very difficult to escape the concepts of Blame and Cause and Effect, because we’ve been trained from infancy to Believe that they’re the Operating Principles of Reality.  They aren’t.  They’re the Operating Principles of the Left Brain, and the Operating Principles of Immature Emotions.  Reality Operates on the Principle of “This just Is, and that’s that.”  If you can approach the World with Perennial Curiosity rather than Expectation, you’ll find it to be full of Surprise, Delight, and Awe, not Blame or Causality.

Sedna’s Station

February 1, 2015

walrusWhat, me worry?

Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ

Sedna is Stationary, turning Direct, at a bit before 8am PST February 5 (

We usually measure Sensitivity (“Orb” in astrolguese) in Degrees – for instance, when planets are less than three Degrees apart, we usually consider them to be Conjunct.  When planets Stand Still as they’re preparing to go Retrograde or Direct, one Degree of Sensitivity might be appropriate – mostly because there’s usually a lot of other things going on, and unless a planet is within one Degree of its Station we often feel the other things more strongly.

Degrees and Time are interchangeable.  It takes one Day for the Sun to travel one Degree.  Everyone’s Sensitivity is different.  Depending on what else is happening, I usually feel a Station for about a week.

Dwarf planet Sedna takes 11,000 years to make one loop around the Sun.  Pluto makes 44 loops in that time.  The last time Sedna was here in late Taurus, the Lizards were just landing in Sumeria and starting to GMO the Monkeys so we’d mine Gold for them.  That’s one Story.  Another would have Yahweh placing Sedna in Scorpio on Day 6 and slapping its butt to get it started.  Yet another would have our Ancestors looking at Dirt and Rocks with a gleam in their eye and having visions of agriculture and stone tools.  Both/And.  The point is, it was a while ago.

So on average, Sedna takes 30 years to cross one degree, which is why some folks say “Sedna is always Stationary”!  But that doesn’t mean that Sedna’s always the most important planet in the sky.  If we worked at it I’m sure we could cast a Story with Sedna at the center of the Unconscious, and all of the other planets would just be messengers for Sedna’s whims.  It would be an interesting exercise.  Our primary Unconscious driver would be Terror.  Not so far-fetched.

If we define Sensitivity with Time instead of Degrees, though, I personally find that I can distinguish the Energy of a Stationary outer planet for about a week prior to the exact Station.  So what if we consider Sedna to be the center of the Unconscious during the week prior to its Station and see what unfolds from that.

First we need to review what Sedna is about…

The Sedna Story is about our Fear and how it makes us do things we would otherwise never dream of doing.

Hmmm, maybe it would be appropriate to “cast a Story with Sedna at the center of the Unconscious, and all of the other planets would just be messengers for Sedna’s whims.”

Dramas unfold in stages, and each stage builds upon the previous.  By the time we get to stage 3 we’ve already forgotten who we were when the Drama began.  So no wonder we do things we wouldn’t otherwise do.  So our question for this week is,

“What Drama (or Dramas) are we in the middle of, where we’re Reacting to current circumstances from the perspective of who the Drama has morphed us into, rather than the perspective of who we really are?” 

We’ve just removed most of our Masks, right?  In the course of this ongoing Drama, do we have our Masks off?  Are we Responding from the vantage of who we were before the Drama began?  Or are we Reacting from the perspective of who the Drama has made us into?  Or is it our True Self that’s in charge now?

Haumea recently Opposed Eris, and the Stationary Sedna makes a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Haumea-Eris Opposition…

Our Drama – and our Responses – may have something to do with a recent Rebirth we went through, a Rebirth that resulted from opening up to what had been previously Unconscious.  Being more complex than the intellect can easily process, we recommend PIAVA to try to unearth these connections.  Like maybe…

“Great Spirit, may I have Clarity around how my Masks and my Old Self may still be impacting any Dramas in my Life where Fear is involved?”

Ixion-Pholus also makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Eris-Haumea Opposition…

There may be places where we still shy away from our True Self because we were in the past Blamed for being wrong, selfish, or inattentive.  Relaxing any Self-Judgment would be an excellent strategy here.

But most importantly, the Stationary Sedna is the focus of a Finger of Yod, the base of which is the Sextile between Haumea and the Ixion-Pholus Conjunction…

As an old Hip dude once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Dramas are Heuristics; we tend to put our Attention on the content of the Drama rather than the Teaching that the Drama gives us.  The outcome of the Sedna Myth was the marine mammals – Sustenance for the Inuit folks who owned the original Myth. 

Sedna’s Station is Novile to the Uranus-South Node Conjunction.

The Novile is the Ninth Harmonic – Meditation and Introversion.

This suggests that we eschew analysis and instead Meditate on the relationship between our ongoing Dramas and our Masks. 

Sedna’s Station is Quintile to both Juno and Venus, at the focus of the resulting Quintangle.

We’re Learning here about how our Values and the Edges of our Consciousness are influenced by Fear.  How many of our Values were founded in Fear of Punishment?  What do we fantasize when no one is watching?  Do we indulge those Energies in our mainstream Identity, or do we hide them behind Masks?  Is any of that hiding motivated by Fear?

Interesting questions, eh?  If we PIAVA Clarity we may get some answers over the next week, and maybe even some Revelations and Liberation.

Uranus-South Node Diamond Star

January 31, 2015

UKetu15As the South Node crosses Uranus on January 31 at 9pm PST (, the Moon Opposes Pluto to complete the Grand Cross.  The Moon is also the focus of a Yod with Pallas and the Sun, creating a Diamond Star.  The Diamond Star will hang around from about 7pm January 31 through 7am PST February 1 ( to

When a planet is the focus of a Yod and also the focus of a T-Square (or a corner of a Grand Cross), a Diamond Star is formed.  The base of the Yod becomes part of a Trine-Sextile Bridge or “bowl” under the T-Square.  The result is a T-Square (or Grand Cross) with Benefits.

In this case it’s the Pallas-Sun Bridge that provides the Grace.

I’m guessing that you’re already feeling how the current astroevent is a lot easier than the mid-January event, even though the two are very astrosimilar.  The February 3 Full Moon should feel even easier.

MythoDiet and Orthorexia

January 30, 2015

To scienterrific types a Myth is kind of like a Superstition.  To folks like me a Myth is just a Perspective, and the more the merrier.  Of course, an Unconscious Myth is a Trance, and those can be very destructive when mismatched to their environment.  Patriotism, for instance, is a usually-Unconscious Myth, as is the notion that the “Food-like substances” (see next section) that they sell in the supermarkets will make you stronger instead of killing you.  This interview with Dr. Feinstein is incredibly timely, incredibly thorough, incredibly instructive, and provides a fascinating history in the process.  It’ll expire February 1, so don’t delay…

The next expires February 2.  Dr. Borysenko seems to have a good handle on Food versus Food-like substances, and she’s a scienterrific type!  She somehow seems to sidestep the Dominant Fascist Paradigm – aka the Agricultural-Industrial-Lobbyist Complex – and line up with us Orthorexics…

Procrasti Nation and Walking in Beauty

January 30, 2015

thule4185bpThere aren’t many Stones or Minerals that combine the two Heart colors, pink and green.  Zoisite (Calcium Aluminum SoroSilicate) makes two of them – Anyolite (green Zoisite with Ruby) and Thulite (green and pink Zoisite).  This is a lovely chunk of “massive” (Crystalline but not a discrete Crystal) Thulite.  The third Heart Stone is Unakite, a combination of pink Feldspar and green Epidote.  These pink-and-green Rocks symbolize Relationship, combining the two flavors of Heart Energy.  I particularly like this one because in the center it has a band of the third form of Zoisite – the brown form that it makes when Zoisite forms discrete Crystals.  Brown is a Third-Chakra color, so the Stone signifies Relationship without Codependence.

 Φ   Φ   Φ   Φ   Φ

Sitting around feeling guilty because you know you should be doing it, but you don’t feel like it at the moment?  Welcome to Yintegrity

This is what it’s about.  What would you be doing right now if you could do anything you wanted?  I know, it’s hard, but Yintegrity is just one Energy of many, and we need to stay in Balance.  Right now, being in Balance means being in Yintegrity, bigtime.  Not a time to be shoulding on yourself.  You’ll feel more like doing that other stuff next week.

Or not.  Maybe that other stuff is what you’re being asked to leave behind, because it’s no longer in Alignment with your Soul’s Path for you.  That’s a hard one if you have a big investment in that other stuff – for instance, maybe it pays the bills, or you vowed till Death do you part, or you promised Mom.  Uranus will do Scorched Earth if you back it up against the wall.  But it doesn’t need to be that way.  You can PIAVA a gentle and loving transition, or you can even PIAVA Both/And.  Maybe there are ways that that other stuff can change so it’s more fun and fits your temperament better.  There’s no need whatsoever to be closed to Miracles.

In fact, Mr. Miracle-Chiron Initiates Mr. Action-Mars at half-past noon PST ( on January 31, about 8 hours before Ms. Yintegrity-Uranus Initiates Mr. Karma-South Node.  The Chiron-Mars Initiation occurs at 16 Pisces, “In the quiet of their study a creative individual experiences a flow of inspiration“!  That’s pretty cool.  Why are we drudging about now when something exciting like that awaits us?  We should be celebrating!  What about Uranus-South Node?  14 Aries, “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.”  That’s pretty germinal.  No wonder we’re in the dumps – you know the “Chinese curse,” May you be born in interesting times.  Well, interesting times ‘r us, so we may as well party!

By the way, to use the Sabian Symbols, or otherwise refer to Zodiacal Degrees, you always round up.  13:17 is 14 Degrees.  Why?  Because there is no “zeroth” Degree – 0:35 is in the first Degree of the Sign.  Aries 14 includes 13:01 through 14:00.  That means the Aries Point, 0:00 of Aries, is actually 30 Pisces, as Aries 1 (or 1 Aries) begins at 0:00:01 of Aries.  It’s better to read both Symbols, though, than to spit hairs – Both/And. 

Cusps are always transitions, and a good case can be made that Pisces 30 is actually the strongest point of Aries.  For instance, if a planet is 3 Degrees shy of a House Cusp, I regard it as being not just in that “next” House, but being “on the Cusp” of that next House, which in many ways is a place of great emphasis.  So if a House ran from, say, 16 Pisces to 14 Aries, I’d count planets as being in that House when they were between 13 Pisces and 11 Aries, and I’d count planets between 14 and 17 Pisces as being highlights of that House.  But when it’s important, Both/And is always better.

The reason I do this is because when two planets are Approaching one another, the Energy is much stronger than when they are Separating from one another.  So I expect Mars-Chiron Energy to be much stronger prior to noon on January 31, than it will be after 1pm.  I extend that logic to House Cusps, and to a lesser extent to Sign Cusps.  I consider a planet at 29 Degrees of Leo to be in Leo, but to be on the Cusp of Virgo.  Depending on other things (such as Conjunctions), I’d talk about the planet as having Leonine qualities, but I’d talk about the Energy as Initiating Virgo.

Sometimes the terms Approaching and Separating are used, respectively, to mean the Waning and Waxing phases of a Cycle instead.  I find that to be confusing and inaccurate, but the bottom line is that you need to be careful to be sure you understand what the speaker means when they use these terms.  Same with the terms “Sinister” (from the left) and “Dexter” (from the right) – even decades later there are some books that I still can’t decipher because they use those terms without clear explanation.

Of course the Chiron-Mars Initiation creates a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Nodal Axis-plus-Uranus Opposition and the Uranus-Pluto-Nodes T-Square, so it’s a Big Deal.

An Unx, recall, is our new name for a Twelfth-Harmonic or 30-degree Angle between two planets.  They used to be called SemiSextiles, but that’s much too clumsy.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, so when the South Node is lit up as it is today, it’s much too important to be considered as half of a Sixth Harmonic Sextile.  In general of course, there’s no better way to get your face rubbed in your Patterns than to get into Relationship (Sixth Harmonic)!  But that’s not necessarily what the South Node is about.

Chiron-Mars is also Square to Ms. Boundaries-Pallas…

There are some Boundaries that need to be Transformed here.  Often an experience of Guilt is generated in real time by Other People’s Expectations; it may not just be your own Programming.  Ask yourself, “Who’s bugging me here?” and take the first answer, then imagine holding a wardrobe Mirror up between you and them, facing them.  If after a minute or so your Feelings change, ask them (psychically) to use a different Communication channel.  Then you can just not answer the phone, and they’ll have to assume you’re otherwise engaged.  If your feelings don’t change you can try a second-most-likely person, but if your first few Mirrors don’t yield results, you want to PIAVA to take Responsibility for your Programming.

We aren’t against negative Feelings; we just don’t see any reason to Sustain them for longer than a few moments.  Why not get down to their root causes and shift the Energy.  Life’s too short to waste on bummers, except to make sure we’re comfortable with ALL Feelings, because it’s all one channel, so if we’re blocking out Guilt for Fear or Anger, we’re also blocking out Excitement and Ecstasy.  That’ll make it very difficult to Follow Our Joy.

Pallas also forms a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Nodal Axis and the Pluto-Uranus T-Square, so Grace is available.

Mars-Chiron is also Decile to Ms Denial-Eris, and with the Chariklo-Hylonome Conjunction forms a Quintile-Decile Bridge across the Eris-Haumea Opposition.  The Conjunction of Ms. Charm-Chariklo and Ms. Grief-Hylonome is about…

Beauty has it’s own Karma.  By that I mean alpha males and alpha females miss out on a great deal of Life Experience by virtue of their natural attractiveness to others.  When someone is “spoiled” by their parents or other Power figures in their Life, or even stronger or smarter than the average Bear, or skilled in any admired characteristic, it’s a similar phenomenon.  So Beauty and Privilege are coming to some Grief here, and facing this Shift, where we’re sort of being “cut down to size” or brought closer to the norm, facilitates Miracles.  Resisting the Shift feeds Discouragement.  All Losses must be Grieved, and this is no exception; Embracing the Grief will move it through much faster.

And the Opposition between Ms. Revelation-Eris and Ms. Rebirth-Haumea…

There’s a major Rebirth awaiting on the other side of the Grief, but it involves facing up to some Denial.  If it feels like you’re being treated unfairly, then this is what you’re up against.  Rather than indulging your Anger or Offendedness at the unfairness, open to the Grief instead.  And rather than intellectualizing the Anger or Offendedness, PIAVA to Lovingly and Gently take full Responsibility for what you’ve been Denying.  You probably wouldn’t feel Offended without an underlying Feeling of Inferiority or Defensiveness.  There are clues there, but be very kind to yourself.

We and the Universe are always in Balance.  Whatever elements of our Life appear to be Out of Balance, these elements must be Balanced in the Unconscious.  It’s not fun to feel Inferior, so we shove it into the Underwhere whenever we can.  That’s compensated by a bit of a chip on our shoulder, so we’re Offended where no Offense is intended.  Once you explore it once or twice and develop the habit of looking through the Funhouse Mirror at yourself, these Imbalances are easy to resolve.

Just check the Angle of your jaw and spine.  If your nose is in the air a bit or your shoulders back, PIAVA what sort of Inferiority you’re hiding from yourself.  If your chin is pointing down or your shoulders forward, PIAVA what sort of natural or hard-earned Superiority you’re discounting.  Don’t forget to Change the Subject and Pay Attention (  Miracles await.

You may have noticed that these techniques can apply equally to either situation – we could easily have pointed our Funhouse Mirror at ourself to resolve our Guilt about what we thought was procrastination, and we could easily have pointed our wardrobe Mirror at our protagonist to resolve our Offendedness over what we felt was unfair.  It’s Both/And – both techniques are valid, useful, and instructive in most situations.  The only “rule” is Safety First.  If we push ourself onto unsafe ground, we can easily create trauma that impedes our journey into Expanded Consciousness and can even reverse it. 

So you might want to do the wardrobe Mirror (facing them) first, but without Blame.  Even when Mirroring someone relieves your discomfort handily, it doesn’t mean that the dynamic is really them pressuring you.  This isn’t Newtonian physics, it’s quantum.  You don’t know who or when or why or how you got Entangled with them.  You could make up Stories, but they’d be one of many that applied.  The notion that your Ego is Separate from theirs is an illusion, part of the Trance that makes up the Veil.  They’re just an actor acting out another part of you, and vice versa.  You’ll probably feel safer though after doing the wardrobe Mirror as if they were your protagonist, so your Funhouse Mirror (facing yourself) will be less biased toward the Defensive.  We can hardly Open to Denial when we’re Defensive.

Follow the Bouncing Ball

January 28, 2015

Here’s an excellent exercise for our end-of-January adventures.  Set aside about 15 minutes.  When you get to the link below, scroll down about half a screen, till you get to “Play the Audio.”  Click on the white bar just above the black arrowhead that’s on the yellow-orange button.  Adjust your location on the bar till the number to the left of the button says 0:24:24 or less.  You may need to toggle the button with the arrowhead or || symbol to get the time to change.  Then listen to the meditation, which will take about 11 minutes…

You can listen to the whole 46-minue audio if you want, but the meat is between 0:24:24 and 0:35:35.

As we’ve been doing since 2012, we can summarize this coming weekend’s energy in many different ways, for instance…

  • Removing our Masks
  • Owning our Truth
  • Shifting our Assemblage Point
  • Aligning with our True Self
  • Connecting with Our Own Soul
  • Disruption of whatever is no longer in Alignment with the twists and turns in our Soul’s Path in the Current Lifetime
  • Facing our Karma
  • Letting Go of Obsolete Patterns
  • Yintegrity (Self-Trust)
  • Following our Joy
  • Embracing our Terror
  • Ego Death

And the like.  I mean, we been doing this for several years now, and we’re in the final Confidence-Building stage.  Actually, the charts for this weekend are pretty benign, as we’ll see over the next several days, as we take them apart and put them back together again.  But if you’re still dismantling your False Personae and your Programming, even Paper Tigers can feel pretty hairy.

Heads, Tails, and Coins

January 23, 2015

Einstein never could figure out how to make the Universe run only forward.  In his paradigm it could run backwards just as well.  As often as we regress to earlier ages (and forget everything we’ve learned since!), we know that’s true.  One-directional Linear Time is just a mass Trance enforced by One-dimensional clocks.   So it is with the Nodes.  We label the North Node as our Mission or Desires, and the South Node as our Karma or Habits.  We think of it as a big arrow pointing from South to North.  And there’s some physical relevance to that analogy, since in some sense Magnetic Energy does flow from South to North.

But Life Energy runs the other way too.  We probably just don’t know yet how to measure the Antimagnetic Energy that runs from North to South. It would make sense if that was just Dynamic Energy, or Dominance Energy, as in Patriarchal Colonialism.  We don’t see it because it’s an integral part of our Programming.  We just think Exploitation is “normal.”

The South Node represents our Held Emotions.  Held Emotions act in the body like heavy metals or other toxins – they slow us down and cloud our Vision and Clarity.  We pick up Held Emotions from Trauma, especially Death.  Since we usually Identify with the Current Lifetime rather than the Spectrum of Lifetimes or even our Spectrum of Lifetimes, we’re very Attached to what seems to be our Current Vehicle.  If we were driving through the Serengeti we’d hate to see our Land Rover Demanifest in the middle of a pack of Lions or Hyenas.

The Invisible part of our Held Emotions – the Energy we don’t usually see that runs from the North Node to the South – is our Hidden Skills.  Think Mozart, who started composing at age 5, or any of the remarkably precocious Indigo Tykes or whatever they’re called now.  Their “Past-Life” Skills aren’t even Hidden.  The modern understanding of Epigenetics makes it feasible to encode current Learning into our internal Chemistry.  On the Psychic side, it works the same way from one Lifetime to another.

We usually think of the North Node as sort of a puzzle to be solved – not being very Clear about our Mission per se, we have to depend on following our Desires or our Joy as approximations gradually approaching Mission, like differential equations if you’re a math whiz.  So we have a set of Habits (South Node) that slow us down in our pursuit of our Mission (North Node).  But we also have Consternation (our sense of “puzzle” or Responsibility – North Node) slowing us down in our pursuit of our Hidden Skills (South Node).  The Hero’s Journey casts our Hidden Skills as what need to be found in order to achieve our Mission.

So if we turn that around we have our Performance Anxiety as what needs to be Let Go of, in order for us to find our Hidden Skills.  We need to exchange our Performance Anxiety for Curiosity to make the whole loop easy.  We could call that the Heroine’s Journey – from Anxiety to Curiosity, and from Responsibility to Surrender.  After all, it’s only our Ego (which as we know is in Makeover as we speak) that makes us Overresponsible for our Karma.  If we were content to Witness our Life rather than Execute it, what would happen?

We don’t subscribe to the concept of “Fate” because Fate-Free Will, as a Duality, is obviously a property of the observing mind rather than a property of what’s being observed.  But if we think about how hard we work to keep ourselves out of situations we don’t covet or enjoy, we can see our Resistance to Surrender.  We don’t think of Resistance and Surrender as a Duality because while they’re disparate, they’re ends of a Spectrum, they aren’t black and white Either/Or like Fate and Free Will are.

So that’s an alternative to trying to overcome our Resistance to Following Our Joy as a means to pursue our Mission.  We can Surrender a little to what we Dislike as a means of seeking our Hidden Skills.  We can do that a little at a time, so it doesn’t have to be painful.  In fact, we need to do it a little at a time, very gently, so we don’t Retraumatize ourself and cement our Karma in place more strongly.

Rent, Or A Weekend

January 23, 2015

012515Another of my favorite Frank & Earnest cartoons: “I just get my [Identity] budget in order, and along comes a big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!”

This lovely chart will carry us through January 27 or so. 

  • Can you see the big blue Kite?  It’s pointing at the headphones in the upper left (that’s the “North Node” in astrologuese).  A Kite is a Big Boon, and it’s pointing at the North Node, which is our friend. 
  • How about the big dark red triangle?  It points to the left off of the vertical spar of the Kite.  That’s Pluto (which looks like a martini on a cross) that it’s pointing at, in the lower left.  Big red triangles are “T-Squares,” and they’re Challenging, especially when they point at the God of the Underwhere, Pluto.  Not to fear, they also lead to graduate degrees, and the Kite more than neutralizes the Challenge in this one.  We’ve been working on this Masters Degree in Transformation and Ego Death for several years now, so we’re getting pretty good at it.  Even if we still haven’t learned to enjoy it.
  • Then there’s the orange wedge and the lavender-grey wedge, both pointing at the asterisk on a cross at the top right.  The asterisk stands for the asteroid Juno, which symbolizes our Identity.  The two wedges mean that our Identity is lit up like a Roman candle.  Which is another Big Boon, because if we’re in the midst of Transforming our Ego, being Conscious of the Changes in our Identity helps a lot to remind us that we aren’t really “Dying,” we’re just crawling out of our cocoon and spreading our Wings.

And if we stretch our Sensitivity from the usual 3 Degrees, then Pallas (diamond on a cross), Mercury (horned circle on a cross), and the asteroid Chaos (written out – it means Potential, not Disorder) join to make a Grand Sextile (six-pointed star), one of the friendliest of Configurations.  Since this is actually a Birth chart (for our Trance-re-Formed Self), the more expansive Sensitivity is actually appropriate.  The chart is drawn for when the Moon reaches the Midpoint between Uranus (TV antenna on a circle) and the South Node (earbuds), 4am PST ( January 25.

The Moon usually shows us what’s really going on in a chart.

So while we expect this weekend to be pretty Intense again (or still), it should “end well.”  Our Mantra could be “Pay Attention, and look for the Silver Lining.”  We could be in for some Lifetime-Scale Epiphanies.

The orange wedge is a Quintile Yod, and the lavender-grey wedge is a Septile Yod. 

Yods (wedgy triangles, also known as Fingers of God) mean Pay Attention to this!!  A Quintile Yod is about Paying Attention to Learning (and Teaching), and a Septile Yod about Paying Attention to Magic (and Power).

The base of the Quintile (Learning) Yod is Chiron (K on a circle – Despair and Miracles) and the asteroid Ceres (cuphook – Sustainability), so…

One thing we’re Learning this weekend is how to Sustain our Consciousness of Miracles – providing we can Transcend the temptation to be Discouraged.  With Pluto Transforming everything, that shouldn’t be too hard, especially with a smidgeon of Effort on our part, once we figure out which “our” is us at the moment.  As long as our Identity is being washed, rinsed, and hung out to dry, we may as well take advantage of our Psychic nakedness and just merge with our Limitless Soul Self.

You know what it’s like when you’re flying, and coming in for a landing, and you can look out the window and see all those little houses down there, as if they were two-dimensional?  Well, sit up straight, let the airplane dissolve, and let yourself be sitting comfortably at the center of six or eight or twelve dimensions, rather than just two or three.  Pretty amazing, eh? 

Once the plane lands, you can get up and walk around like that, as big as a small town.  If you aren’t flying, you can get up and walk around like that anytime.  It’s a great space from which to Pray or Visualize or Intend or Ask or Affirm or Command what you Want from your Life, and to be Curious about how the devil it’s going to Manifest.  I mean, you’re Naked and Unlimited, so you can put on any sort of costume you want to put on.  You can be Anybody.  And Everybody.  All at once even.

The base of the Septile (Magic) Yod is Pluto and Neptune (fork with a cross on the handle – Spiritual Energy).  That’s a very powerful combination – Neptune (the GoddessHeart) Septile Pluto (Trance Formation), in a Yod with Consciousness or Identity (Juno)!  That’s Big.

I mean, really, the only Limits here are the ones you put on yourself.  Take them off and throw them in the washer.  Run around naked all weekend.  It’s the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius after all.

Humpty Dumpty Was Here

January 21, 2015

mgrieb3018bpMagnesioriebeckite, an asbestos (which is a mineral form rather than a mineral per se) and Sodium-Magnesium-Iron Silicate.  Jack Rosenburg, in his excellent book Body, Self, & Soul: Sustaining Integration, advises us to stop everything else we’re doing when our Personality fragments – because we’ll just make everything worse – and put our full Attention into reconstituting a new Personality.  That’s exactly where we are astrologically, and it’s excellent advice.

 Ö    Ö   Ö   Ö   Ö

That was a serious gauntlet, but we aren’t done with our Identity adventures yet.  Lest we forget, the Dramas that we’re in the middle of are about shifting our notion of Who We Are – from our Patterns and Masks (aka Karma) on one hand, to our True Self and Desires (aka Mission) on the other.  While this last week was intense, we still have two more episodes of similar Energy over the next few weeks – specifically, January 24-25, and January 30-February 1.  Those are just the peaks, so for most of us the Portals will open sooner and close later – if they close at all between now and early February.  This whole 2012-2015 Egoic Makeover process finishes up in March.

January 25: the Moon Occults Uranus.

An Occultation is a Conjunction where the two bodies are the same distance above the southern horizon, so one Eclipses the other.  It’s a Conjunction on steroids.

January 31: Chiron Initiates Mars (Unx to Uranus) and Uranus crosses the South Node.

Duodecile (for one twelfth) doesn’t seem like such a good name for the Semisextile; it sounds a little too much like two Deciles or 72 Degrees.  So let’s take it back to the original Latin; a Quincunx is five twelfths, so let’s just make one twelfth an Unx.

February 1: The Moon Opposes Pluto, making a Grand Cross with the Nodes and Uranus, and a Diamond Star with Pallas and the Sun.

February 5: Sedna Stationary Direct at 24 Taurus.

Since Sedna deals with Fear and Rebirth, our Identity issues could well continue till February 5 and beyond – and Sedna being Stationary could make our February 1 adventures scarier.

 Ö    Ö   Ö   Ö   Ö

I read yesterday about a collaboration between Big Pharma and Big Farma to help doctors define a new disease – Orthorexia.  It’s a Belief that we have to “eat right” to survive, including such anticapitalistic and antipatriotic practices as organic gardening and preferring healthy, nutritious food.  Not sure what the treatment of choice will be – probably Roundup suppositories.  Here’s a fitting tribute to Orthorexia…

A Place of Power

January 19, 2015

sera2630abp8Seraphinite is a Micaceous Mineral that Heals by reducing our programmed Fear of our own True Self.  Don’t use it while sleeping.

 Ψ   Ψ   Ψ   Ψ   Ψ

A Place in your Calendar that is, referring to our Power Window.  Too many pictures to show, but I wanted to quickly summarize the astrology…

The base of the Pluto T-Square with Uranus-Nodes is one Opposition in a Golden Rectangle at 13-17 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs (Fire plus Air).  The second Opposition is formed by Stationary Mercury Opposite Juno – that one’s a little beyond our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity limit, but when we’re in the Bigtop we can stretch a little, especially when Mercury’s about to turn around and come back into the Configuration…

As we’re being forced to Change our Patterns for the better, we’re also getting a big Teaching about the Limits of Either/Or mind compared to the Unlimited Potential of Consciousness.

Chiron makes a Quincunx-Duodecile Bridge across the Nodal Opposition.  A “Duodecile” is a 12th-Harmonic Angle, formerly known as a Semisextile…

Life-Changing Miracles await anyone who can manage to maintain their Curiosity about what may emerge here.

The Mars-Neptune Initiation Opposes Lilith in the base of a Saturn T-Square at 3-7 Degrees of the Mutable Signs, with Ceres forming a Trine-Sextile Bridge across it…

The Most Important Thing about the the Doing-Surrendering Teachings we’re getting is that we’re learning which pole of that Dichotomy is Sustainable.  We’re also getting a Teaching about how our Unconscious Sexism Limits us.  Which do you favor – Doing or Curiosity?  The first is Masculine, the other Feminine, and the difference usually Unconscious.

The New Moon, at one Degree of Aquarius, Trines Makemake and Sextiles Saturn, while Makemake Squares Quaoar.

We have a set of Unconscious Rules about what’s Possible and what isn’t.  We can Transcend and Transform those Rules here if we’re willing to rank What we Want more highly than What Others will think of us and if we’re willing to use Curiosity as a primary method of Creating.

The Jupiter-Eris-Ixion Grand Trine in 20-23 Degrees of Fire endures, and two Air-Sign Kites are formed by Venus Opposing Jupiter and the Stationary Haumea Opposing Eris – which means we have five parts of a Grand Sextile, with the dwarf planet Chaos about 5 Degrees away from the Vacancy.

Our Rebirth is facilitated by squarely facing Denial, relaxing our usual social rules to support greater Self-Love.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Diamond Star Configuration (, but Sedna makes a T-Square across the Venus-Jupiter Opposition, while the Haumea-Ixion Sextile is the foot of a Yod pointing at Sedna.  The result is a Diamond Star – a T-Square underscored by a Trine-Sextile Double Bridge.   The Diamond Star is a T-Square with Blessings.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Grizzly Bear outside of a Zoo in California today, but Griz is on the California state flag.  Why?  Before European invaders replaced them, Griz was at the top of the Food Chain all across Western North America, and He was plentiful on the “American Serengeti” of pre-European California.  Grizzlies don’t hesitate to tear Hupers limb from limb, so how did Hupers and Griz co-exist?

When Griz attacks, a Huper has to stand tall and confront the Bear face to face, and if so, Griz withdraws, leaving the Huper to clean their drawers in peace.  The Canadian Pacific Coastal Ego-monster Sisiutl has a similar tradition, as it turns to Stone when faced.  The Survival Fear that the dwarf planet Sedna represents is the same.  A Sedna Diamond Star is a special gift from the Heavens, as it much eases our task of facing our Fear squarely.