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Another Intense Week V

November 18, 2016

A reader wonders why we’d want to swap Timelines.  Here’s one possible response…

” ‘You are living in a time when the great potential of many brilliant individuals is suppressed.  Your people are stricken with disease, war, famine, and suffering on a level that rivals anything in your historical past.  All of your true geniuses who develop the means for holistic health and a global abundance of food are persecuted, ridiculed, restrained, and controlled by rampant corporate greed and consensus reality.  However, as always, the greater the suppression, the greater the resulting explosion.’

” ‘You live in a time of great cataclysm, a time of an explosive upheaval in consciousness.  This can be seen environmentally in the unprecedented speed of change.  The times you live in will be the determining factor of your next reality frame.  Some of your humanity will incarnate into the [Hellish] reality that we visited earlier; some will incarnate here [in a more Heavenly reality].  The big majority, however, will probably incarnate back into a reality frame that is a continuation of your present mode.

” ‘How is this decided?’

 ” ‘By how you live your life.  By your individual state of consciousness.  It is determined not by what you know, but by the degree of Love you are able to express in your daily life.  Love that has no cause, motivation, or conditions – just a need to express your highest ideals and principles.’

” ‘I know where the multimillionaire manipulators and prime movers will go,’ I say, thinking of that other [Hellish] place.

” ‘Do you?  Or is this a judgment of right and wrong?  All this is happening in your present time/frame – from the most gross/negative to the ultra-positive – is a reflection of the whole human consciousness of that frame.  There is truly no right and wrong, good or bad; there is only the individual expressions of fear/deny or Love/accept, and all the shades in between that determine the eternal Now of each individual within the Whole.  Neither innocence nor guilt, nor judgment and blame has any place with this; it is all self-determined.’ “

–Michael Roads, Into a Timeless Realm, pp.227-8

“The simple fact is that we are all magnificent Beings, seeking Self in the way that most pertains to us, right now.  We are all unique, wonderfully different, each of us having our own relevant experiences in our different realities.”

“The only way through our fear-based resistance and its accompanying trauma is to accept our own reality, no matter how different it may be.  That’s easier said then done.  Most sensitive people fear being different.  I am aware that being different caused many of us to endure torture and death in previous lives, and the imprint of this trauma is still within our consciousness.”

“We are here to expand in our awareness and grow in consciousness.  We are here to unfold and flower, and to share the fragrance of our uniqueness with other people.”


Whether that means staying our current course or changing Timelines in midstream (assuming we, in our own Personal Process, aren’t already at the Other shore) is completely our Choice.  Yes, Death is one method of swapping Timelines.  Walking-In is another.  The kind of swap that was suggested in Another Intense Week IV is a third method, one we may be a little less familiar with.  It’s not Either/Or, it’s Both/And.

Another Intense Week II

November 15, 2016

Well, no sooner had I pushed the Publish button, the doorbell rang and this book was delivered.  I started reading and it so matched the probable unfolding of the week (and the month so far) that I had to quote it…

“I was just beginning to realize that the more I struggled to learn this universal truth, the more resistance I seemed to create.  The true story I have documented here came at one of my peaks of inner growth and change.  Although change and growth were exactly what I wanted, I was never able to reconcile them with the inner hurt and emotional pain that always accompanied them.  Like most people, I strenuously resisted my own growth.  Such inner conflict inevitably increases and prolongs the trauma.

“Much of my emotional confusion was caused by discovering aspects of myself that for a long time had been submerged in my psyche.  To the world, I presented myself as a practical man, very down-to-earth, strong, and capable, with just a touch of aggression.  I really thought this was me.  Then I made a disturbing inner discovery.  At the time of the events recounted in this book, I had just learned that this was my act, the mask I wore.”

–Michael Roads, Into a Timeless Realm, p.xii.

Then he talks about his Dream where he found a small gnome “with thin sticklike limbs and a withered body” hiding in a cabinet in a disused room…

” ‘Who are you?’ I asked.
He looked at me shyly.  ‘Don’t you know?’
‘Of course I don’t.  How could I?’
‘I am your self-love,’ he replied.
I woke up crying, an outburst of gut-wrenching tears shaking my whole body as I cried from the very depths of my Being.”

We are of course still working with Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne – Uranus as the True Self, Eris as the Revelation of what’s been Denied, Ceres as Making Sustainably Fruitful, and Mnemosyne as Memories.  We’ve already mentioned Haumea-Sappho, Haumea as Rebirth, Sappho as Self-Love.  

Then there’s yesterday’s Full-Moon Yin Gate Mystery School and its focus of Acknowledging our Boundaries as adequate to enforce our Self-Sovereignty against our Fear and invoke the Emergence of our Self-Trust, as part of the massive thrust for each of us to Awaken our Hidden Genius, Hidden by the very Held Emotions that we’re confronting here.

In order, the Full-Moon Yin Gate Square to Pallas (Boundaries) with Lilith (Sovereignty) on the Sun and Sedna (Fear) on the Moon, with asteroid Eurydike (Trust) at the Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross, while the Golden Rectangle of Ixion-Pholus (Responsibility to our Abandoned Genius) Opposite Chaos-Veritas (the Truth that we are brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous) and Haumea-Sappho Opposite Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne.

Oh, and Makemake (Manifestation) Initiates Hopi (Respect for All Things) on 23 November at 4 Libra, “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion” – actuallythey’re already marching in support of Respect for All People.

*Lots* Going On 1

October 5, 2016

Where to start?

(1) With the big Jupiter Septile Yod I guess.  It’s with us from around 1 October through 7 October.  Remember last week’s Magic Storm?  That was about one version of what we call “Magic” – the Miracle of Timing.  It’s one of the greatest Blessings that follow from developing your Intuition.  You can spend years (or Lifetimes) trying to do something without success, when the Timing isn’t right.  Then, when the Timing is right, you can accomplish it in a Heartbeat.  

Don Juan was always trying to teach Castaneda to “Save his Power,” and this is what he meant – don’t waste your Energy when the Timing isn’t right.  This is the Seventh Harmonic; planets one seventh of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another, or two or three sevenths.  How do we know when the Timing is right?  Our Intuition tells us, but we have to Listen to it and not let the noisy mind overrule it because it would be hard to defend in a debate.  The Moon, in its esoteric Meaning of Instinct and Authenticity, also plays a big role.

Look for places where you’re wasting Energy fretting about not doing something that your Shoulds are nagging about, when the Timing isn’t right, and places where you feel like you’re on a treadmill.  Watch for things that happen in a flash when you expected them to take forever.  We’re Learning here about the Held Emotions and Other People’s Expectations (such as Believing we have to explain ourself) that block us from Trusting our Intuition implicitly, instantly, and unquestioningly.

This next itemdddd deserves a long essay of its own, but I don’t have time right now, so I’ll be “brief”…  

(2) As we’ve discussed at length, we’re being Asked in no uncertain terms to take Responsibility to Embrace the Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulosity of the Truth of our Abandoned Genius.  Because the Programming that forced us to Abandon this part of ourself was Abusive, we have to work through a great deal of Pain to get to this Responsibility.  

(3) Until around 10 October, we’re Gifted with unusual Ease in this task.  You definitely want to take advantage of this.  How?  The easiest way is Self-Empathy – and being constantly Watchful for whatever you’re Feeling in the Present Moment…  

  • Anger?  Any Self-Judgment there?  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re questioning your Right to Self-Protection, aren’t you.”  
  • Worry?  Undifferentiated Unease?  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Anxious, aren’t you.”  
  • Not sure what’s going on?  Trying to figure it out mentally?  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Confused, aren’t you.”  

Wait – Confusion’s the first sign of Growth, right?  Hooray, the Timing is Right to Celebrate!

(4) It gets better.  Surrendering to our Rebirth (which may of course Feel like Ego Death), and Surrendering to the Unknown (which is always Scary), will unleash tremendous Grace on not only the Challenge of Letting Go of our Limiting Programming, but also on any unfinished elements of our many-year task of Removing our Masks and becoming more Authentic to Who We Really Are.  That part is Given to us, all we need to do is stop Resisting it.  

We do have to add one Energy on our own, however, to make it all work Effortlessly.  That Energy is Bravery and Persistence.  If we’re Conscious of our Fear of Death and the Unknown, we can Tap Out the Overwhelm, Locate it in our Bodies, Warm it, Soften around it, Love it where it is, and Breathe into it.  Considering what’s Going On, this will be a Big Order, not because it’s so difficult to Tap or Warm or Breathe, but because what we Fear is so Big that we can’t see it.

We’re looking at our Relationships, our Economic Situation, our Health, our Well-Being, our Anxiety, our Emotions – everything facing and surrounding us.  But what’s Going On is Bigger than that.  A lot Bigger.  Imagine a cloud of Darkness surrounding your House, then your Neighborhood, then your Town, your County, your Region, your Country, your Continent, your Planet, your Solar System, your Galaxy.  That’s what we are Unconsciously Fearing here, and for most of us, it’s not Conscious.  Once we’re Conscious of it, we can Tap Out the Overwhelm, Locate it in our Bod, Love it, Breathe into it.

That part’s “easy,” once we get Conscious of our Fear of Transformation, and find the Courage and Persistence to find the Light Switch that’s hidden within All That Darkness somewhere, and pull it.  It’s Intimidating, but the Light that’s Behind the Sun is far more immense.  Bruce Cockburn said it well half a century ago…

So does Lisa Rising Berry, who advises us that “We have been taught to fear Dark energy, but it is the source of all creation,” at…

It’s a longer version than Bruce’s, but worthwhile, as she ties it in to many ancient and recent traditions, which, remarkably, we can and will match to what’s Going On in the sky now.

Expansion, recall, is one of the many obscure variations of PIAVA.  Find the Light Behind the Sun by Grounding yourself, then move your Consciousness up and out through the center of the top of your Head till you Connect to the Light.

(5-11) We’ll translate these into English soon.

(1) The Septile Yod points at Jupiter (Expansion) from a base of the Waxing Septile from Ceres (Sustainability) to the Conjunction between Neptune (Culture, Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity) and the South Node (Held Emotion and Hidden Skills).

(2) We’re in the midst of a long-lived Chiron (Despair and Miracle) T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) on a base of the Opposition between Pholus-Ixion (Responsibility-Genius) and dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential), the latter joined by asteroid Veritas (Truth).  

(3) Asteroid Karma (Inertia) has come into a Sextile to Haumea (Rebirth), with Chiron at the Far Midpoint.  That creates a Chiron Diamond Star (Difficult Challenge Made Easier) across the Chiron T-Square, as both Haumea and Karma form Trine Bridges across the T-Square, in the form of a “bowl of Grace” under it.

(4) Asteroid Karma and Ixion-Pholus join with Uranus-Eris (Removing our Masks, Yintegrity) to form a Grand Trine, a Haumea Kite, and a Chaos-Veritas Kite, leaving one Vacancy to Create a Grand Sextile.  The Vacancy is 23 Capricorn, which is about Bravery in Combat.  Capricorn 23 is also the location of the January 2020 Pluto-Saturn Initiation.

All these Goings On (#2-5), as has often been the case recently, are in 22-25 of their respective Signs. The mid-October (and all month) Nemesis-Juno Conjunction ( ) is in the same range, at 24 Scorpio, as is the Nova in the Constellation Lupus.

Thanks to Eliza Ayres for leading us to Lisa’s post –

(5) By around 10 October, Karma breaks out of the Diamond Star and Grand Trine, but asteroid Hopi (Respect for all Things) moves into Opposition to Chiron, completing the Grand Cross till around 20 October.  The Grand Cross will still be Trine-Bridged by a Golden Rectangle and Quincunx-Bridged by Haumea and Uranus-Eris.  

The trace of our previous Bravery Vacancy will still make a Grand Trine with Haumea and Chaos, and Kites pointing to Uranus-Eris and Ixion-Pholus.

(6) We have two Initiations today (5 October).  Normally we’d cast Initiations as the centerpiece of our Interpretations – their relegation to footnotes shows how Big (#1-4) are.

First, Quaoar (Survival) Initiates Moira (Fate), which sounds pretty heavy.  The Degree is 28 Sagittarius, an old bridge still in use, and of course the Galactic Center, which is a pretty old bridge all right.

(7) Second, Lilith (Yindependence) Initiates Venus (Values) – the Blue Kachina that Lisa mentions, a significant milestone on our path toward the Yang Feminine Energy that we expect to replace the Patriarchy.  It occurs at 16 Scorpio, which symbolizes a girl breaking into a smile.  Mid-Scorpio is one of the four “Horsepersons of the Apocalyse” or Power Points of the Zodiac.

(8) The Red Kachina that Lisa mentions is found in the Initiations of Mars (Energy, Action) by Hylonome (Grieving the Disattachment from an Archetype) and Chariklo (Charm and Grace)…

First, Hylonome-Mars 29 September in 2 Capricorn, three Gothic Rose windows, one damaged by war.

(9) Second, Chariklo-Mars 3 October in 4 Capricorn, outfitting a large canoe.

(10) On 8 October, Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and OR10 (Irruptions from the Deep Unconscious) Conjoin.  This is a long-term, slow-moving astroevent, and can be blamed for much of our Pain, as we become Aware of and Let Go of old Abuse.  See .

(11) At our mid-month Yin-Gate Nemesis-Juno Conjunction (see ), Mars will be Initiated by Pluto (Transformation, aka Trance-reFormation), which is Opposing Sirius, which Lisa mentions in regard to the Hopi Prophesies.

Through the Veil – Huge Reboot 8

September 16, 2016

Here’s a fascinating blog… 

that I came across because, as a result of SoulSpeak’s reblog (Grazi!), Paul and Sylvia quoted parts of Huge Reboot 7 (again, Grazi!) in it.

The Loss of the Veil was predicted by Neptune’s Initiation of the Moon’s South Node in the birth chart for the current Century.  The Moon’s South Node is the place where its orbit crosses below the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  It’s not darker down there, but it’s closer to the Ancestors, and so provides a broader Perspective.  It’s sort of as if the Moon turns Retrograde when it crosses its South Node.

The common interpretation of the South Node is that it’s where our Karma resides.  We of course see Karma as our collection of Habit Patterns.  Habits are great – what a pickle we’d be in if we had to remember to Breathe every few seconds!  The downside of Habits is that they easily fade into the Unconscious (switch frequently from manual to automatic transmission to see what I mean), which is good because we don’t have to make every Decision, but can disrupt our Lives because we can be driving on autopilot and not see the oncoming.

And we can be sucked into what are called Archetypes – huge extra-Individual Energy Patterns that have a Life of their own can take over an Ego and cause it to Act Out the Purposes of the Archetypal “Entity” rather than the Purposes of the Individual.  Self-Sabotage results.  Nationalism and Racism are great examples, as is Pleasing.  Archetypes are often anchored by Regional Geology.  They aren’t Evil, but they can have untoward effects if not managed properly.  A particularly troublesome Archetype at the moment is Greed.

The South Node also harbors the Hidden Skills that we need in order to Achieve the Mission we have set for the Lifetime, which hides in the North Node.  Our Mission is hidden behind our Deepest Desire – hidden because we usually feel some sort of Guilt or Shame about our Deepest Desire.  Our Deepest Desire isn’t the same as our Mission – it’s a roadmap that will lead us to our Mission, if we trust it enough to follow it.

In the South Node, our Crucial Skills are hidden behind “Held Emotions” – Emotions that we don’t allow ourself to Feel without Guilt or Shame.  Held Emotions also block our Intuition because they cloud our view across the Veil.  

The example I often use is, suppose we have a “Past” Life as a Warrior.  Well, of course that Life is likely to end brutally, that’s what Warriors do.  So if we ended up renouncing our Warriorship in Pain, making a Vow to Fight No More Forever, then that Oath will become a Limiting Belief in Lifetimes that follow.

Your natal Orcus, and its Angular Relationship to your natal South Node, will provide information about the Limiting Beliefs that hold you back from your Mission.  The asteroid Vesta is also a symbol for our Unconscious Beliefs.

Neptune represents our Relationship with all realms larger than ourself, including our Cultures, our Godheads and Goddesshearts, even our Archetypes.  Neptune symbolizes Confusion on the Material level, because when it’s Lit Up our Neptunian Relationships Change, and if they’re Foundational to our Ego, we’re in trouble.  As we often say, Confusion is the first stage of Growth, if we can manage to avoid circumventing it with mental autoeroticism.  

Neptune also symbolizes Clarity on the Spiritual level, because the Spiritual level is all about our Relationship to realms larger than ourself.  Neptune becomes Clarity when we put our Ego in its proper place relative to its Betters.  It should be obvious that whatever is Unconscious – Archetypes, for instance – will interfere with that.  Which is precisely why Confusion is the first stage of Growth – the Edges of our Consciousness are Expanding.

We think of the asteroid Juno as symbolizing the Edges of our Consciousness, because Juno is all about Merging.  The asteroid Pallas is her complement, as Pallas is all about Boundaries.  The asteroid Ceres, symbolizing Sustainability, is the “Coin” that subsumes the two.

So when Neptune Initiates the South Node, an Ego that’s unwilling to Grow is in big trouble.  We’ve talked frequently about Ego Death, how to identify it and how to deal with it, so we won’t go into that here.  This month we’ll be more likely confronted by our Upper Limits (“This is not Credible because I was taught that if something sounds too good to be True, it probably is”).  On the other hand, and Ego that’s willing to look beyond its birdcage, will find Surprise and Delight in a Neptune-South Node Initiation,

The South Node-Neptune Cycle that began at the turn of the Century was Initiated at 4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers: The disciplined use of spiritual energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend Nature through mind.

We haven’t mentioned it because there was so much more going on at this “New Dawn” quasi-Eclipse, but in the Full Moon chart, Neptune is only a Degree and a half shy of Initiating the Moon’s South Node again, so Neptune and the South Node are in fact Conjunct, and anyone with two Degrees or more of Sensitivity to Neptune or the South Node, will be Feeling it already.  (With regard to Sensitivity, less is more – “two Degrees or more of Sensitivity” means “two Degrees or less of physical Separation.)

Our current Neptune-South Node Initiation, which will govern the next sixteen years, isn’t Exact until 3 November, at 10 Pisces – “An aviator pursues their journey, flying through ground-obscuring clouds: Hupersons’ ability to develop powers and skills which by transcending natural limitations allow them to operate in [non-physical] realms.”  Bodes well for Piercing the Veil.

Post-Modern Biology tells us that our Mitochondria, which have their own maternally given genes distinct from the paternal-maternal genes in our cell nuclei, have direct access to All of the Information in the Universe via their direct connection to the Zero Point Field.  There are two influences that can clog that direct connection and hence shut down our access to All of the Information in the Universe – heavy metals and Held Emotions.  In a word, The Veil.

We can’t in good conscience talk about South-Node Cycles without considering the other side of the Karmic Coin – North-Node Cycles.  While the Yogic Neptune-South Node Initiation of January 2000 would govern the following sixteen years, its effect would be Waning in the latter half of that period, while the North Node-Neptune Cycle Waned.  

The Neptune-North Node Initiation occurred in April 2008 at 25 Aquarius, “A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed: The capacity to develop the rational and fully conscious aspect of mind ahead of normal evolution.”  That Cycle will now begin to Wane.  2008, recall, was right in the middle of the Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter triple Initiation, our by-now well-known “Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.”

Corresponding as it did with the Derivatives Meltdown engendered by the Greed Archetype, and based very clearly on previous Chiron-Neptune Cycles (which are about Despair and Miracles around the Relationship between the Individual and the Culture/Economy), we read the Fresh Violets as the roots of the underground Economy that has sprouted to replace the shift work that NAFTA and its cousins have assigned to the dustbin, and as the roots of the Victory Garden-equivalents that have sprouted to replace the denutritioned and poisoned faux Food sold by the Corporate Cartel.

We as Egos benefit from assigning Consciousness of some degree to supra-Personal Entities like the Archetypes.  It’s fairly obvious that the Greed Archetype is sowing the seeds of its own Fall from Grace, whether that’s the negative effect of becoming too Ambitious, or the positive effect of its natural striving for Balance.  We can see the Greater Good Archetype growing well since the 2008 peak of Greed – we have to consider them as one Coin, spinning slowly as it prepares to fall on one side or the other in alternate Universes.

So this New Dawn in inextricably bound to the new Neptune-South Node Initiation – Flying Blind, Trusting our Instincts.  Idealism, which will create a defined path from Present to Future, will be gradually replaced by our combined Instinctive Genii Surprising and Delighting us – once we Learn to Appreciate Confusion for it’s own sake.

Saturn II

August 10, 2016

Excerpted from the previous post…

(2) We’re used to thinking of Saturn as having crisp Edges and Defined Boundaries.  But this Saturn Station is a little different.  Have you noticed more things moving out of the corner of your eye, and there’s “nothing” there when you look in that direction?  How about the Spiders.  What’s being Defined here is that the Veil is thinning yet more.  Spider Grandmother weaves the Web of Reality, and She’s busy making adjustments.  More about this later.

(2) Neptune Initiating the South Node, as it did in January 2000.

Okay, it’s later…  

The 1/1/2000 chart suggested Heavy Traffic between Consciousness and the Unconscious, which we interpreted at the time as the “Loss of the Veil.”  The Veil separates what we regard as “Us” from what we regard as “Other,” and separates what we regard as “Reality” from what we regard as “Not Real” or, if our Reality is more Open, what we regard as “the Other Side” – that which we know to be Real, but about which we know not much.

The 1/16/2000 Initiation of the South Node by Neptune occurred at 4 Pisces, which is about heavy traffic on an isthmus.

I recommend the movie Ghost (Whoopie, Demi, Patrick), and the third volume of Ursula Le Guin’s six-volume Earthsea Trilogy (The Farthest Shore) as excellent sources that collaborate my Experience, Intuition, and Book-Learnin’.  All of which are thoroughly Enjoyable.  There are many sources on Near-Death Experiences and on the “Little People.”  And we shouldn’t neglect Robert Moss, starting with The Three Only Things.

We’re in the dregs of the Void phase of the current Neptune-South Node Cycle, but the new Cycle is obviously (to me at least) on its way in.  This one is about Flying Blind, which I interpret as Trusting our Intuition more than our Knowledge.  

The New Cycle doesn’t begin till 3 October 2016, at 10 Pisces.  Neptune remains Retrograde till 19 October.  Since we use the Mean Nodes, they’re always Retrograde, so we don’t get a multiple crossing.

Of course I advocate Trusting our Intuition in most situations anyway, but it’s particularly relevant when in New Territory, as we are now.  As Ursula says, “Rules Change in the Reaches.”  

For those of us who were programmed to be “evidence-based” in our approach to Life, the Universe, and Everything, there’s one additional note that must be added.  Suppose your Knowledge indicates one Direction and your Intuition another, and you Choose to follow your Intuition – and it proves to be the wrong Direction.  Time to get a couple of chairs and have a talk with yourself.

First question for this interview: “What was your Real Objective?”  Switch chairs before you answer.  You may be on the brink of a Big Discovery about how you Relate to the Unconscious.  We didn’t mention it explicitly in the previous post, but Easy Revision of our Beliefs is part of item (8).  When our Beliefs Change, our “Assemblage Point” and our Identity shift, and new Channels open between our Consciousness and the Unconscious.

At the very least, you may have been moving toward Conflicting Objectives, and you need to stop and do one of Dr. Kim’s “Yes-And” exercises, or follow Dr. Perls’s original suggestion and simply Ask yourself, what’s the Positive side of each of your Conflicting Objectives, and how can you reorganize to Collaborate with yourself toward Win-Win.

Or, if you were on a conceptual map where the virtual street follow a N/S-E/W grid and your Destination was to the virtual northeast, your Knowledge may have wanted to start to the east, while your Intuition may have been pointing out to you that east will work, but only for a little while, then you have to turn north.  Maybe it wasn’t your Objectives that Conflicted, only your route.  No matter where you’re going, you always have to Ask frequently, “Is this still the right Direction?”

All that may be more than enough, but if you aren’t fully Engaged in following those threads, you could Ask “What have I Learned about my Intuition?”  “That it was wrong” is not a valid answer – if you get that one, Change it to “That I need more Practice with it.”

It’s also relevant to Ask, “What have I PIAVAed lately?”  This could well be part of a Pay Attention phase from a PIAVA.  Remember that you’re PIAVAing all the time, whether you’re Consciously assembling a formal PIAVA or not.  Just as an example, last time you said “It’s Cold in here,” was there an implied “I Wish it was Warmer” underneath it?

Always Finding Out

November 8, 2015

Curiosity; Wer immer neugierig sich bemüht, Den können wir erlösen.  Soulspeak has introduced us to…

This is an important Perspective.  Lots of Entities and 4D things (3D and Time) jumping around hereabouts as well, and sometimes difficult to get Grounded.  If we aren’t aware of this Perspective, the Loss of the Veil could easily freak us out.

Loss of the Veil, recall, was forelightened by the 1/1/2000 Neptune-South Node Conjunction (4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers“).  The South Node is our Window into Parallel and Past Lives; Neptune is our Window into Spirit.  The Veil is the mass hypnosis that would have us Believe that 3D “Reality” and Linear Time are all that there is.  Seen through 3D eyes, Neptune appears to Manifest as Confusion.  Seen through the Third Eye, Neptune provides Clarity, because it allows us to see the Spiritual Purpose behind things.

The 21st Century I

October 20, 2015

Using the “traditional” planets, there were four major indications in the 1/1/2000 chart, which we consider to be the birth chart of the current Century.  The four are…

  • Transformation of Consciousness
  • Awareness of the need for Sustainability
  • Loss of the Veil
  • Polarization

And we’ll comment on a few ancillary influences.

Transformation of Consciousness

There will be much Despair as this process unfolds, making it critical that we remember that Empathy heals Despair.  “You poor Sweetheart, you feel pretty Discouraged about the state of the World, don’t you,” we say to ourself.  We may need to repeat and rephrase until we develop a dialog with our Orphaned Power, its Guiding Angels, and its Executive Function.  We also need to keep in mind that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, as this is about nothing if not Growth in Consciousness.  The root process is that we become Ungrounded, and in so doing Expand our Perspective.  From this “higher” place we can “see the Light,” and begin to Celebrate our Evolution rather than dwelling in Darkness.

Pluto symbolizes Transformation or Trance Reformation – a shift in the Mass Hypnosis that governs the Zeitgeist and the way we see the World.  Chiron represents Despair and Miracle – Discouragement caused by a too-narrow Perspective that cannot see outside of the Box it’s in, and the Liberation that results from transcending the box.  The worst sort of Despair is Unconscious Despair – not even knowing that a World exists outside the Box because we don’t Believe it’s Possible.  

A day or so prior to the dawn of the New Century, Pluto Initiated Chiron at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an eagle; the eagle turns into a chanticleer [rooster] saluting the dawn.”  The Eagle’s claim to fame derives from its high-flying Perspective and its keen sight.  The flag represents our narrow focus on nationality and parallel narrow definitions of the Self and Community.  The Eagle sees that we are nothing without Other.  The Rooster heralds the Return of the Light.  

Awareness of the need for Sustainability

If you were lucky enough to catch part of Brian Jennings’s tour of the variety of World’s New Year Celebrations, you probably like me developed a whole new appreciation for multiculturalism, while simultaneously realizing how important Home is to everyone.  Most of the World is Water, and it was too easy to envision many of those Homes sinking under the Sea.

As midnight worked its way around the World, Ceres followed it – Ceres (Sustainability) was Rising everywhere on the Planet when the New Year struck.  Lester Brown pointed out several decades ago that the denizens of the Developed World used more than twenty times as many of the Planet’s Resources as folks in the rest of the World.  And that the World does not contain enough Resources to Sustain everyone at the level of the Developed World.  In other words, we will have to come to terms with the fact that Sustainability and Sustenance are opposite sides of the same coin, and accept the fact that the Developed World will need to Eliminate the Unnecessary.  Can we survive on one twentieth of the Resources we’ve been burning?  We absolutely can.  

Learning about the need for Sustainability, and Learning how to work toward it in an energetic and organized way, is emphasized by a Ceres-Ascendant Quintile Yod on a base of Mars-Saturn.

Loss of the Veil

The Veil disguises our Separation, making it seem real.  Like Denial, it is useful to help us focus on specific issues without Overwhelm.  Even cultures that honor the Reality behind the Veil, like Native Australians and the Iroquois, spend much of their time in the “Daylight,” using the Real World as Guidance for operating in the Daylight.  To spend a lot of time on the other side of the Veil, you’d probably need to surrender your Ego to a Hindu saint.  Without the Veil you’d be constantly aware of all of your deceased Loved Ones, aware of all of your Parallel Lives, aware that your friends and acquaintances are from all over the Universe, aware of the sentience of all of the plants and insects and critters and rocks and trees, and aware that We’re All One, All There Is Is Now, and All There Is Is Love.  Busy busy busy.  You’ve probably already Experienced a fair amount of Bleedthrough since 2000 – maybe a floating Chinese city, or a megastructure around a distant Star.  Consider it a trend.

Neptune Conjoined the South Node (“A Hindu yogi demonstrates his healing powers“), making our Karma and the rest of the ZPG more available to us in Trance.  When you’re seeing through Material Eyes, Neptune represents Confusion; when you’re looking through Spiritual Eyes, it represents Clarity.


Lord knows we’ve seen this one here in Babel.  It was more pronounced in the first decade of the Century, but it’ll be with us for the duration, and require new models for governance, particularly in the US winner-take-all “democracy” – which it never was.  How can you possibly have a democracy or even an effective governance when All Power goes to this year’s Most Popular, let alone the Most Money.  

We’ve been Living the four poles of the Dualities – Instinct versus Lawn Order and Judgment versus Yintegrity.  Pity the poor politicians and pundits who are still trying to make the World fit into their old dichotomies like Right versus Left; they don’t know that Confusion could be their first stage of their Growth rather than their Downfall, as they try to squeeze their folly into the role of Wise Sages while shooting holes in their feet. 

This Grand Cross was in the chart for the first decade, but more profoundly Polarizing was the Out of Bounds Moon (signifying greater Emotionality) that spanned September 11, 2001 through April 21, 2011.  The Moon will be Out of Bounds again from 2020 to 2030 and much more so than in the first decade (up to five degrees Out of Bounds for five days every two weeks, versus one degree Out for two days every two days), in the first decade of the Digital Age, when employment is obsolete and those who own the robots will have to figure out what to do with the increasing hunger of those who don’t.  We should review that Change…

  • 1840-1980: Saturn-Jupiter Initiations in Earth Signs (aka Industrial Revolution)
  • 1980-2000: First Saturn Initiation of Jupiter in an Air Sign (introduction of the PC – previewing Digital Age)
  • 2000-2020: Final Saturn Initiation of Jupiter in Earth (Dot-Com Crash – debriefing Industrial Era)
  • 2020-2160: Saturn-Jupiter Initiations in Air Signs (aka Digital Age)

The 1/1/2000 Grand Cross featured Moon Opposite Saturn (Instinct versus Lawn Order) Squared by Pallas Opposite Uranus (Judgment versus Yintegrity), with Pallas Out of Bounds (Strong Judgment, which many of us have internalized as we’ve been hesitant to remove our Masks), in 11-15 of the Fixed Signs.  The Midpoints of the Fixed Signs are generally considered to be the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”  Of course the Challenges of a Grand Cross are the Squares more than the Oppositions –

  • Moon Waning Square Uranus (Challenge to Let Go of Habits around Yintegrity – the Cycle is A train entering a tunnel,” but Waning)
  • Moon Waxing Square Pallas (Challenge to Trust Instincts around Judgment – “The storm ended, all Nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine“)
  • Pallas Waxing Square Saturn (Challenge to Change Boundaries around Discipline – “A fully decorated Christmas Tree“)
  • Saturn Waxing Square Uranus (Challenge to Create Patterns that Support Yintegrity – “The Pope blessing the faithful”)

The essence of a Grand Cross isn’t per se the Challenges (though they certainly remain), but because the Squares Complement and Challenge one another, the essence is Skill at multi-tasking, and constant demands to “put out fires.”

So basically the Polarization of the 21st Century is wrapped around Dances between Instinct, Judgment, Discipline, and Yintegrity.  Lots of fodder there for all manner of Drama.  Learning how to use Boundaries to facilitate acceptance of our Yintegrity, and Expanding our Consciousness and our Values to create space for it, are very important themes in these Dances.

Uranus is the focus, and Pallas-Uranus the spine, of a Quintile Kite, with Venus and Jupiter on the arms.  That is, both Venus and Jupiter Quintile Uranus and Tridecile Pallas.  The Sun and Juno are Conjunct at the near Midpoint between Venus and Jupiter, Biquintile to Pallas.

Additional Factors

Growth in Consciousness – through Self-Love, Letting Go of old Habits, and Expanding our Boundaries – will help ameliorate Instinct-Discipline Challenges.  Beliefs and Values will be Realigned (for example maybe the Right Wing will figure out that Hate isn’t a healthy Family Value after all).  Awareness of the need to focus on Sustenance, and Alignment of Values and Beliefs, will ease the Ego Deaths.

The Moon is Balsamic, and the Sun Conjoins Juno (“Cupid knocks at the door of a Human heart“); Sun-Juno forms a Trine Bridge across the Moon-Saturn Opposition; Trideciles separate Jupiter from both Pallas and Sun-Juno, which Biquintile one another.  Venus Conjoins Vesta.  Both Ceres Rising and Venus-Vesta form Trine Bridges across the Nodal Axis.

Many of the Challenges will be dissolved by Transformation of the Zeitgeist.  We need to be careful to give the Transformation priority over our Habitual Discipline and our sense of Order; Curiosity is the best course around what form our new Discipline Patterns will take.

The Pluto-Chiron Initiation forms a Trine Bridge across the Pallas-Uranus Opposition; a Quincunx from Saturn to Chiron-Pluto triggers the Grace in Chiron-Pluto Square Pallas to resolve the Pallas-Saturn Square (a Tricolor Configuration).

In our next installment we’ll look to see how our new friends the dwarfs shift these interpretations.

Over the Hump

March 17, 2015

morgan4683bpMorganite, our transportation to the Stars and Beyond.  Manganese Beryllium Aluminum Silicate, like an Emerald, only tinted pink by Manganese impurities instead of green by Chromium impurities.  Morganite and Emerald strengthen Feminine and Masculine Energies without diminishing the other.  They cancel one another out if used together, but enhance each other if used serially, with some space between them.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

Congratulations!  We’ve made it through three Challenging years, the first three after the End of Time.  Bonnie nails it for us…

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

In these pages we mostly talk about the four traditional “Outer” or Unconscious planets – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron.  Well, three are traditional; Chiron has historically been a bit on the iffy side, though since the turn of the Century it’s included in most astrologically mainstream planetary tables.  We talk a little less about the Social planets Jupiter and Saturn, and quite a bit less about the Inner Planets – Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and the Lights – Sun and Moon.  At least that’s our Intention, as we’re mostly concerned with bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness.  We also consider the main asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas quite a lot, since for many of us much of their relevance is still on the Edges of our Consciousness – Edges which Juno herself symbolizes.

Then there are the Newbies – the other Centaurs besides Chiron, and Pluto’s many new siblings.

The Centaurs are asteroid-comets with irregular orbits between Saturn and Neptune, while Pluto’s siblings are “TNOs” – Trans-Neptunian Objects.  So far we’ve included some partial consideration of the Centaurs Chariklo, Pholus, Hylonome, Nessus, and Asbolus, and the TNOs Eris, Quaoar, Makemake, Sedna, Haumea, Ixion, and Chaos.  There are others we could consider, but we haven’t gotten there yet.  We should probably look at Salacia and Orcus next.  We’ve yet to get a close look at any of these folks on the Material plane, but many of them, both Centaurs and TNOs, will turn out to be dwarf planets like Pluto.

The main difference between an asteroid and a dwarf planet, is that dwarf planets have enough Gravity that they’ve spun themselves into a ball, while asteroids remain odd-shaped rocks or iceballs.  Notice that many of the planetary Moons meet this dwarf planet criteria, but they don’t circle the Sun, they circle their home planet.  Astrologically, our floss isn’t fine enough to pick out the angular difference between Jupiter and its Moons.  Someday perhaps.  For now we’ve our work cut out for us just to bring these other Sun-circlers into our psychological orbit.

Traditionally (in astrological tradition, that is), the detection of a new planet has ushered in a new Psychosocial Era.  Uranus in 1781 ushered in the winding down of monarchy.  Neptune in 1846 coincided with the second industrial revolution, replacing feudal lords and vassals with industrial bosses and wage slaves, while Money supplanted Nature as the basic currency.  Pluto in 1930 is widely recognized as introducing the atomic age.  In 1977 Chiron brought the single-board computer, the beginnings of the electronic revolution.  Chiron’s siblings were identified during the 1990s, as the internet began introducing Both/And.  The detection of the many Pluto siblings since 2000 is astrologically, and by extension pyschosocially, monumental.  Notice how Time contracted, as the Mayan Calendar said it would.

The earlier discoveries were about Expansions and Shifts in the social and psychological fabric, but the impact of the Plutoids is psychospiritual – the Expansion of Consciousness.  While the 1990s fragmented Cultures, the 2000s fragmented Psyches.  It’s not coincidental that the detection of the Plutoids began after the year 2000.  We could consider it part of the Loss of the Veil that the 1/1/2000 chart suggested.  “The Veil” is a name for the Boundary between Consciousness and the Unconscious.

We’re referring to the Neptune-South Node Conjunction in the 1/1/2000 chart.  The Exact Initiation occurred January 21, 2000 at 4 Aquarius (they were two Degrees apart on 1/1), “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers.”  This Cycle is currently at a Waning Unx.

We’re using the word Unx, which means one twelfth, to signify an Angle of one Sign.  While the Twelfth Harmonic (Pattern-Breaking) is closely related to the Sixth (Partnership) by the Mirror Principle, the traditional name Semi-Sextile doesn’t emphasize the Twelfth Harmonic enough.  It might be better to call a Sextile a Duounx – that would warn us of the threat that Relationship provides to Identity and leave us much more prepared for Partnership – than to call an Unx a Semi-Sextile.

The Waning Unx means we’re shattering the Neptune-Node Patterns or Habits we’ve put in place since the beginning of this Century.  What are Neptune-Node Patterns?

Well, we’d project our Karma (South Node) onto our Culture (Neptune) for one thing.  So we’d be Believing that it was our Culture that was holding us back.  Dang, I guess we’re just going to have to take Responsibility for our own Limitations from now on.  We’d be working with Spirit and the Unconscious (Neptune) to recover Hidden Skills (South Node); haven’t we been doing that?  Does that mean we’re going to have to make do with the Skills we now have?  Well, these are only the Skills we brought with us into the current Lifetime but didn’t want to use till now – we can always Learn new Skills.  And another Cycle begins late next year.

The 1/1/2000 chart also foretold Enlightenment.

The 12/30/1999 Pluto-Chiron Initiation at Sagittarius 29, “A flag turns into an eagle, the eagle into a chanticleer saluting the dawn” – national and Cultural Identity being transformed into wider perspectives that bring the Light.  This Cycle is now at the Waxing Sextile, symbolizing Partnership between Transformation and Miracles – if we take the first step to initiate it.

The new Plutoids represent a splintering of our Relationship to the Unconscious.  We no longer accept History as the unitary gospel of Heroes and Conquest and Competition and Division that Lizard propaganda used to prop up our Identity.  Instead we recognize and Celebrate Herstories as the Truth of the infinite varieties of Experience that this Planet provides, and of the Power of Collaboration.  The River of Time has fragmented, and no longer flows in only one direction, instead pooling, reversing, and cutting new Co-Creative Channels leading in new directions and into new Dimensions.


November 4, 2014

Arrowman Recognise the Pointed Man from Nilsson’s The Point?  ‘Tis a fabulous video if you haven’t seen it – or even if you have.

Today is “mid-term” election day in the USofA, meaning that the House of Reps is replaced completely (of course most of the incumbents will remain, but they all have to be re-elected), one third of the Senate is re-upped, and almost three quarters of the governors of the fifty states are being reconsidered.  Governors are the chief executives of the supposedly sovereign states, there are two Senators per state, and the 400-odd Reps supposedly represent about 750,000 people each, though most of them really represent business interests.

While folks always admonish people to “Vote Early and Often,” or at least “Vote,” we ask people to pray instead, or whatever flavor of PIAVA is your preferred modality.  This vote isn’t critical; the critical issue in the USofA is whether the blatant fascists (aka Republicans) or the covert fascists (aka Democrats – remember fascism means that business and government are one and the same, leaving The People out of the equation) win the Presidency in 2016.  There are a couple of nascent movements to promote The People, but they’ll need a lot more momentum before they’re meaningful.

Meanwhile, the next Crash is due soon.

There is a Grand Trine and Kite today, but it may not be on our side (except of course anything “negative” increases the possibility that more folks will wake up).  The Moon crosses Uranus (our oft-Suppressed Soul Connection) around half-past 9am PST, and crosses the South Node (our Suppressed Emotions) at 5pm PST.  That’s actually quite a powerful combination in its own right.  Unfortunately, most folks most of the time will choose to Protect their Suppression.  Suppressing their Uranian urges meets the Expectations of their Community, so no one rocks the Materialistic boat, and Protecting themselves from their Held Emotions maintains their illusion of Comfort.

The Moon doesn’t get to Eris (Confronting Denial) till 1am PST tomorrow, too late even for Hawaii.  The major astroprocess that’s lit up is another impending Uranus-Pluto Square (Compulsion to be more Honest), the sixth of seven, that will be dominating the next six weeks.  It’s our last “Exposition” (Learning Opportunity) Uranus-Pluto; by April we’re on to other Energies.  I think it’s a good time to review the Century’s chart, for January 1, 2000.  It had four major elements: Enlightenment, Polarization, Sustainability/Sustenance, and the Thinning of the Veil.


Pluto Initiated Chiron shortly before New Year 2000, in 12 of Sagittarius, “A Flag turns into an Eagle, which turns into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.”

Pluto-Chiron is about bifurcation – those who can’t get out of Hopelessness, descend further into it, while those who manage to escape it, create Miracles.  The Symbol clearly shows a transformation from Identification with State and Ego, to attaining a broader perspective, to opening to the Light.  It also clearly shows a transition from Patriotism to Predation to Pride.  Ah, those Choices!



In the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross, Pallas Opposed Uranus, and the Moon Opposed Saturn.

Are we willing to set the Boundaries we need to set in order to make a Safe Space to allow our True Self to emerge?  Which level of the Moon will we Focus upon?  Our Random Emotions (ie, business as usual), our Instincts, or Manifesting what we Want?  Three quarters of the people in the USofA believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.  Fifty-one percent of them will vote for business as usual because they fear to lose what little of the pie they have.  And of course those three quarters don’t agree on which direction is wrong.



As New Years and New Century’s rounded the Globe, everywhere on it, Ceres was Rising.

Unfortunately, Sustenance is an inherent part of Sustainability, as in order to achieve Sustainability, we need to Let Go of what is unnecessary.  Once we figure out that it’s those Held Emotions that are unnecessary, and in fact, sabotaging, we’re golden.  Off on the yellow brick road to Enlightenment and Miracle!


Thinning of the Veil

Neptune Initiated the South Node a few days after 1/1/2000, at 4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his Healing powers: The disciplined use of Spiritual Energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend Nature through mind.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed how much the Veil is Thinning these days.  It certainly accelerated after Time Ended in 2012, but now it’s accelerating even faster.


Today’s Grand Trine/Kite

Moon-South Node Trine Jupiter, which in turn Trines Centaur Pholus (Inappropriate Blame) and dwarf planet Ixion (the psychopath).  The North Node is the head of the Kite.

So the near-full Moon will command most of the Attention, and inspire folks to vent their frustration in Inappropriate Blame, consequences be damned.  Since the ultimate Focus is our Mission, the negativity will eventually accumulate enough to wake people up.  There’s a race on in the USofA between the people waking up and the militarization of the police, and between the Perspective and the Predation. 

If the US goes the way of Germany, it will take an invading army to end the cycle, once enough people are droned or bombed back to the Stone Age, that the rest of the World finds that “American Exceptionalism” cannot be quenched by other means.  If those budding efforts toward gaining more control by the People and less control by the Money go anywhere, we could take a more pleasant route to Enlightenment.

Creeping Fascism and the 21st Century

August 8, 2013

secretsAs I’ve said, in my high-school civics class, Fascism was defined as government being in bed with the Corporations.  If you’re a Corporate slave, that’s a good thing, assuming you’re good enough at schmoozing to be on the fat end of the bonus pool.  For the rest of us, it’s just more of the same old getting-screwed-for-the-sake-of-Corporate-profits paradigm that’s been going on since Reagan and Thatcher ran the shows.

This Century is about Sustainability and Sustenance – all around the Globe, Ceres was Rising as the clock struck midnight to Initiate January 1, 2000.  The Rising planet in a chart is the most visible Energy; it’s like the Native (in this case the Century) wears that planet on his or her sleeve, right out front.  As the Corporate Lizards eliminate more and more of the benefits of “democracy” (to the extent that there ever was any), the rest of us are reduced more and more into Sustenance.  When there were a couple hundred million folks on the Planet, Sustenance worked.  At six, seven, nine billion folks, Sustenance eventually comes down to cannibalism, as there isn’t anything else left to eat.

Now we’re about to start a Grand Sextile – why would I want to bum you out with thoughts like these?  Because Denial doesn’t cut the mustard, and neither does Despair.  We need to transcend both, and with Despair-to-Miracle converter Chiron part of today’s Grand Sextile, it’s an ideal time.  We need to be Clear and Present with the Truth, and we need to vent our Anger and Depression about it on the side, so we can be Present, Composed, Alert, Neutral, and Effective when we turn the tide.  Venting at the Lizards is very counterproductive.  Some of us may need RC-like counseling sessions with one another, so we can vent, and then practice being Present, Composed, Alert, Neutral, and Effective, while being fearlessly, relentlessly, and completely Dedicated.

The 21st Century

While we’re on the subject of 1/1/2000, it wouldn’t hurt to quickly review the rest of the chart for the Century.  Besides Ceres Rising, there were five other Big Patterns in the chart…

First, a Grand Cross with Saturn Opposing the Moon (Awareness of Yang versus Yin) and Pallas Opposing Uranus (setting Boundaries to make space for our True Self).  In a Grand Cross the two Oppositions Square one another, so…

  • Saturn Squaring the Pallas-Uranus Opposition means that we Master, through Challenge (the T-Square), being able to Focus strongly (Saturn) on protecting our Liberty (Pallas-Uranus).  With Pallas Out of Bounds, there is an emphasis on the Boundaries part.
  • The Moon Squaring Pallas-Uranus means that we Master, through Challenge, this protection of our Liberty – though it may take a good portion of the Century for us to Manifest it.  Remember, Squares are not about getting it Right, they’re about Experience leading to Wisdom.
  • Pallas Squaring the Moon-Saturn Opposition means that we Master, through Challenge, Awareness of the difference between Focused planning and organizing (Saturn) and PIAVA (the Moon), and Master, through Challenge, Skill at using each process, in Balance, when each is appropriate.
  • Uranus Squaring Moon-Saturn means that we Master, through Challenge, balancing our Yin and Yang Energies to advance our Unique Contributions to the Planetary process.

Second, Pluto Initiating Chiron, just prior to New Years.  This is actually bigger than the Grand Cross, as this Initiates a 70-year Cycle, the Energy of which will infuse the entire Century.  The Initiation occurred at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turning into an Eagle, the Eagle turning into a Rooster saluting the dawn.”  Rudhyar’s interpretation: “The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.”  The flag-Eagle juxtaposition brings Prussian and Nazi symbolism to mind.  During George II’s reign, the US issued stamps that were dead ringers for Nazi stamps.

But while an Eagle is symbolic, a flag is a abstract symbol of an abstraction (nationalism, for instance), so the transformation from flag to Eagle represents a shift into greater contact with Manifest Reality.  And as the higher manifestation of Scorpio – from Scorpion (Don’t mess with me!) to Snake (Transformation) to Eagle (Soaring, Spiritual, Far-seeing, Wisdom), Eagle is a very powerful symbol, evoking the relentlessness and fearlessness of Scorpio.  Then Rooster!  What a letdown!  A testosterone-crazed, flightless Chicken!  But wait, he’s heralding the dawn!  Calling everyone to Pay Attention to The Light, to Consciousness, to the opening of a New Age of Light.  And he’s Grounded, walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, as Angie would say.

Third, Neptune on the South Node.  Neptune, recall, represents Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity.  The South Node stands for our Karma, in a word, but includes the Natural Talents hidden beneath the Emotional Holding that our Karma entails.  The quick way to describer Neptune-South Node is Loss of the Veil that separates our normal, limited view of Reality from the Other Side.  That’s pretty big, as it expands everyone’s perspective to include great truckloads of the Previously Denied.

Neptune-South Node Initiates a 16-year Cycle, starting at 4 of Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his Healing powers.”  Healing occurs when dis-ease is Reframed from Material to Spiritual, Neptune’s specialty.  Dis-ease and Emotional Holding (the South Node’s specialty) go hand in hand, as Emotional Holding takes the Body out of Balance.  That’s why Tapping works so well.  Note that the Initiation could have occurred anywhere on the Wheel.  When the Initiation degree and the characters of the planets involved agree so well, the impact is exponential.

Fourth, Juno Conjunct the Sun.  We’re waay too familiar with Juno and the whole Unconscious Identity thing, now that it’s been Squaring the Nodes for months.  Since the Sun represents the Essence of the Native, everybody’s going to be acting out their Unconscious Identity, usually without noticing it.  In the US, just think about how blatant the Republicans have gotten about their distaste for the “47%” (it’s actually 99%), and how blatantly Democrats now suck up to the Corporations.  They can’t help themselves.  Nigel repeatedly and gleefully points out similar tendencies in Europe.  The Sun-Juno Initiation took place at 7 of Capricorn, “A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a God.

And fifth, Eris was Stationary, about to go Direct, at 19 Aries – “The ‘Magic Carpet’ of Oriental imagery.”  It made no close Angles to other planets.  An isolated planet becomes Strong, and of course a Stationary planet is Strong as well.  The Symbol implies that breaking open the Crypt where Denial hides will create Magic.


T-Squares and Grand Crosses are assisted by other planets at Graceful Angles to the Square or Cross.  In the 1/1/2000 chart,

  • Chiron-Pluto Trines Pallas and Sextiles Uranus, so our defense of the space necessary for expressing our Uniqueness is more or less automatic (Pluto), and occurs more often through Reframing (Chiron) than through asserting ourselves.  Rather than get defensive at threats, we absorb them.  If it’s true, we embrace it.  If not, we simply reject it.
  • Sun-Juno Trines Saturn and Sextiles the Moon.  So our new Awareness of how and when to use Yin and Yang approaches and methods reveals the ways in which our Limiting Beliefs (Juno) sabotage us.  When we live Unconsciously, we react habitually, using behavior Patterns that may or may not fit the situation.  When we become more Conscious, we are able to Choose which Skills to use (or learn) in each situation, depending on our assessment of how appropriate they would be.

Rising Ceres Trines Neptune-South Node, and Sextiles both the North Node and Vesta.  Consequently it’s very clear to us what is out of Sustainability, what we can do without, and what we need to protect.

Rising Ceres also Squares an Out of Bounds Mercury, and Juno.  This puts the mind on high alert for self-sabotaging Patterns.

The Creeping

In that context, here are some good examples of what the Lizards would like us to continue not noticing or Denying…

Another Obama sellout of Democracy –

Is Food Sustainable in a Corporate-led World?

Learn, Know, Vent, Stand our Ground, and Be in the Game for the Experience.  That’s a formula embedded in the chart of the 21st Century.  By all means celebrate progress, but know that it’s about Process, not Outcome.