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Back to 6 Pisces

May 31, 2023

O Fun. Remember 6 Pisces, where Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Initiated Saturn (The Most Important Thing) on 4 May 2023, then asteroid Karma (ditto) on the 22nd, and Saturn Initiated Karma on the 26th? Well, here we are again, as Gonggong Stands Still on 1 June (UT 14:59, PDT 7:59 am 1st, BST 3:59 pm 1st, IST 8:29 pm 1st, AEST 12:59 am 2nd), still in 6 Pisces, Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime.

We were Mystified by that Chandra Reading (p.377) when we first Encountered it, but by now I think we understand it pretty well, as long as we Remember the Context, which by now has become all too Clear. Our basic Instruction from the Cosmos is that We Need to Be Dropping Karma like Hot Potatoes because it will keep us in 3D. A Potential Protocol runs something like this…

  • One of those Intrusive Memories comes up unbidden, Triggering an Emotion or several
  • We start in on our usual Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda-IfOnlies
  • We Remember May’s Basic Theme…
  • Well, that’s one good Option
  • But a better Option (or the next one to Opt for if that one doesn’t Hold) would be…
  • Disconnect your Thinker from your Feeler
  • Move to Sensation – Where Do I Sense that in my Body? How Does it Feel there?
  • Sit With It Till It Moves, gently returning your Attention to the Sensation when it Wanders into Thought

The Chandra Symbol Asks us to Be Alert For Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. So what if those probably-Distressing-on-some-Level Intrusive Memories are actually Bleedthrough from a Parallel Life? Back to the Protocol…

  • Don’t Dwell On It

We’re trying to Avoid Conclusions, Bleedthrough or not. Gosh it’s so Easy to Think, OMG so That’s What Happened and OMG No Wonder! But that’s all So 2D! To Grok, or Innerstand as Mooseballs might say, we need nD. Story is very Important – How would any of our Ancestors have Survived without their Mythologies and their Stories? That’s how they Made Sense of the World so they could Navigate it (mostly) Safely.

It wasn’t our Childhood Programmers that taught us about Stories. They just plugged into those Cellular Myth Channels that were laid down Billions of years ago. We’re Dumb enough to Think as part of our Cellular Story that us Homo pseudosapiens are the only ones that are Conscious enough to Think, but how then do Trout Learn to Jump for Flies and Crocodiles Learn to hang out at Golf Courses?

But most of our Karma is Ancient. It doesn’t have ONE past-or-current-or-parallel Lifetime Story, it has thousands. It doesn’t become Karma till we’ve Repeated the Pattern enough to grout it thoroughly. Plus, Our Emotions aren’t Ours any more than this morning’s Rain Shower was Ours.

Emotions are just Passing By on the Psychic Wind, and if they match part of one of Our Stories (Our Thought Habits About Our Emotions), we pluck it out of the Air, adapt it to our Circumstances, and like a PawPaw, put it in our Pocket. These are the Pockets that the Cosmic Wind is Recommending that we Empty, so we’re Light Enough to Ascend. Angels Can Fly Because They Take Things Lightly after all.

This particular 6-Pisces event might be a little Trickier than the others. The Path is like that – we get lots and lots of Clues, and if we don’t pick up on one, the next one will be a little more Blatant, till The Path has to Slap Us In The Face With One We Can’t Ignore. The event has only one Major Challenge (T-Square) and it’s Self-Resolving, but it also has two Naked Squares, neither of which has a Vajra (see previous post).

The Self-Resolving T-Square advises us to be Mindful of our Health (Focus on Mars Merged with Varuna Out of Bounds in Leo). The 2D Risk is in the Form of a Convoluted Dispute between Our Shame and our Enlightenment (Moon-Zhulong on the South Node Opposite Phaedra-Jupiter on the North Node).

Our Intrusive Memories are likely to be equally Varied and Confusing (Stationary Gonggong Merged with Karma, Damocles, Saturn, and Magdalena). Probably most Effective to just Surrender those to Mary Magdalene rather than trying to “Figure them Out” – compare to Shame on Our Mission (Phaedra-North Node) versus Enlightenment via our Held Emotions (Zhulong-South Node). Seems like it’ll make the most sense if we Stand On Our Heads. These Memories are Contraposing to our Guilt (Naked Square to Nemesis in Gemini). Your natal planet in or near 23 Libra will be an Informative Guide for you (creating a Vajra or the likelihood of an Epiphany).

If you’re looking to Monetize the Global Climate Crisis, this is a good time to start your Venture (Ixion OOB-Pholus-Quaoar in Capricorn Naked Square to Makemake in Libra). You won’t Rule the World till 2081 (when Pholus Waxing-Squares Quaoar), but at least you’ll be on the right side of an Emerging Trend, if Early. Your natal planet near 23 Taurus will Instruct you.

There’s no better Practice to Build Tolerance for nD than Sitting with Confusion, without trying to Figure It Out or Make Sense of It or Find Where It Fits. We only have one way to Resolve Confusion Analytically, and that’s by Using the 2D Stories from our Old Paradigm. Those will Feel Great, and Lock us out of Growth in Consciousness. To Grow, we need to Let Confusion Be the Native Emotion that It Is, without Resisting or Analyzing It.

A Poor-Sweetheart may be Useful to Calm our Insecurity – You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Confused, aren’t you. Then, Change the Subject so you don’t Fall Back into the Temptation of your 2D Map of the Olde World. You might find Hyalite Opal Useful too, for the same purpose…

It’s a glassy, bubbly Opal that uniquely fluoresces bright green under UV Light. Opal is “just” Volcanic Quartz with Water trapped in its Chemistry. Like Glass it’s Amorphous, it has no Crystal Structure. You can See the Confusion in it at a Glance, as if it’s Begging for Structure. But it’s Not, it’s Comfortable with itself exactly as it is, and Challenges you to Accept it the same way – and to Accept yourself when you don’t Feel Well-Defined as well. Feeling Well-Defined is the antithesis of Enlightenment.

In his new Second Story book, Timothy Hass Surrenders authorship of several chapters to his wife Rue to discuss Feeling, Thinking, and Eugene Gendlin’s concept of the Felt Sense. Rue discusses (pp.49-55) four different ways of Knowing: Thinking About, Thinking Into (Imagination), Sensing As, and Partnering With (Being Present in One’s Sovereignty before Merging with Another Entity). It’s a chapter well worth reading.

Deja Vu All Over Again 2

May 26, 2023

Continuing where we left off in the previous post…

Middle of the Mutable Signs

Earlier in May we worked with Altjira Out of Bounds Initiating Pan Out of Bounds at 18 Gemini on 12 May, and Thereus Stationary Direct at 12 Virgo on 17 May. A third astroevent occurs in this Degree Zone on 28 May…

5/28Orcus (Pattern-Breaking) Stationary Direct in 14 Virgo (Waking Up to Karma), UT 4:59 (PDT 9:59 pm 27th, BST 5:59 am 28th, IST 10:29 am 28th, AEST 2:59 pm 28th)

Time for the Feminine to Rise Up

There are three Major Challenges here, all Self-Resolving, two to Earth Signs and the third to a Water Sign, all Magnetic, signifying that as the Patriarchy’s Domination Declines, the Feminine (which Resides in the Heart of ALL of us) has to Step into the Vacancy. Two of Nature’s primary rules are that Balance Must Be Maintained One Way or Another, and that Power is never given, only Taken. What happens if the Feminine doesn’t Step Up? The Idiot sides of the Masculine, like 🦖T.rump and 🤡Charlie McCarthy and 🦨Pootin’, fill the Void.

How much Idiocy are we willing to Tolerate before we Take Charge? Yes, Feminine Leadership is Magnetic, not Dynamic, but there’s a Universe more to Magnetism than Seduction. We’ve been Programmed to Believe that Magic – Magicnetism – is “Black,” but that’s Patriarchal Propaganda. And yes, we need to be Careful with Magic – just ask Mickey. Some Risk is appropriate – nothing happens without Risk, especially Change. There are lots of Choices among our PIAVAs, and some involve only minimal Risk.

Mirroring Bad Air

For instance, what would happen if 100,000 people Held Up Imaginary Wardrobe Mirrors when The Donald or The Charlie or The Vlad speak – or when they Come to Mind, Mirrors facing directly at them, so their Cold Energy is Reflected right back to them? Not a lot of Risk there, just 100,000 people Reclaiming a tiny shred of Their Own Power. Mirrors seem Trivial, but they’re very Powerful. Next time someone tries to Manipulate you, Imagine Holding Up a Mirror facing them and watch what happens. It takes Practice to do this while face-to-face with someone, it’s a lot easier if you Practice on phone conversations. Try it on your Scammers, without even picking up the phone or opening the email.

Mirrors are Self-Healing; it’s Holes in your Aura, put there by your Programmers so they could Stick their Nonphysical Hands in and Pull Your Strings, that make you Vulnerable to Being Manipulated Out of Your Own Best Interests. Every time you use a Mirror to Protect Yourself, your Aura Restores itself a little bit. Once your Practice Fills the Holes, Chronic Manipulators can no longer sense a “Mark” and they Leave You Alone.

If you can Identify the Programmer who Installed the Hole, and Mirror them, even if they’re on the Other Side of the Veil, you can accelerate the Restoration of your Aura. How do you Know when you’re Being Manipulated? Your Mind is Helicoptering, turning some Issue over and over again like it was a Pancake. How do you Know who to Mirror? Try Holding a Mirror against the first person that comes to mind, Holding it for a full minute. If the Helicoptering Stops, you’ve got your Perp. If it doesn’t, try the next person that comes to mind.

Challenges to Pattern-Breaking

The First Challenge in the Orcus Station chart is to Pattern-Breaking itself. The Arguments that run through our Head and Keep us from Acting Instinctively, are between Our Resistance to Ego Death, and Our Memories of Atlantis and the Helplessness We Felt and/or the Vows We made then. Breaking an Abusive Pattern often involves Breaking a Habit of Accepting Privilege as well, so we’ll tend to Hesitate to Embrace Ego Death around Privilege. Part of our Magic can be to PIAVA that What We Give Up is Replaced by Something Better. Pattern-Breaking is Merged with Tough Love and Instinct, so we want to be Mindful to Avoid letting Anger take over. As a friend used to say, Don’t get Even, Get Odd. Embrace the Physical Sensations Associated with the Anger Separately, so it doesn’t add Karma back to your Pattern-Breaking.

The First Challenge in the Orcus Station chart is to the Orcus Station itself (Pattern-Breaking). The Arguments that run through our Head and Keep us from Acting Instinctively, are between Requiem OOB in Sagittarius (Our Resistance to Ego Death) and asteroid Atlantis Merged with Juno (the Need to Grow Our Consciousness) in Gemini (Our Memories of Atlantis and the Helplessness We Felt and/or the Vows We made then). Breaking an Abusive Pattern often involves Breaking a Habit of Accepting Privilege as well, so we’ll tend to Hesitate to Embrace Ego Death around Privilege. Part of our Magic can be to PIAVA that What We Give Up is Replaced by Something Better. The Orcus Station is Merged with Thereus (Tough Love) and the Moon (Instinct), so we want to be Mindful to Avoid letting Anger take over. As a friend used to say, Don’t get Even, Get Odd. Embrace the Physical Sensations Associated with the Anger Separately, so it doesn’t add Karma back to your Pattern-Breaking.

The second Challenge is to Require that Our Creations Follow The Truth of Our Heart. The Debate Tempting us to Betray ourself is between our Respect for Everything and our Desire to Heal and Avoid Blaming. As Richard Brautigan once put it, First You Must Know Who You Are, Then You Must Know Who They Are, Then You Must Know Who You Are. In other words, Empathy is Critical, but Empathy is not Self-Abandonment. Blame looks to the Past to Assign Guilt; Responsibility looks to the Future to Change Outcomes. Prioritizing our Obedience to Our Values over both Respect for Others and our Desire to See Others Healed will take us to 5D faster, as 5D requires That We Be Whole Unto Ourself.

The second Challenge is to Aletheia Out of Bounds (The Truth of Our Heart) in 11 Cancer, Learning to Trust that We Have an Inner Guide Who Will Show Us the Way Off of the Treadmill, but We Have to Be Willing to Ask Them to Do It, Adjacent to the Fixed Star Alhena, Determined to Follow a Lofty Cause. The Debate Tempting us to Betray ourself is between Hopi OOB in Libra (our Respect for Everything) and Panacea and Lachesis Merged with Heracles in Aries (our Desire to Heal and Avoid Blaming). As Richard Brautigan once put it, First You Must Know Who You Are, Then You Must Know Who They Are, Then You Must Know Who You Are. In other words, Empathy is Critical, but Empathy is not Self-Abandonment. Blame looks to the Past to Assign Guilt; Responsibility looks to the Future to Change Outcomes. Prioritizing our Obedience to Our Values over both Respect for Others and our Desire to See Others Healed will take us to 5D faster, as 5D requires That We Be Whole Unto Ourself.

The third Challenge Focuses on Our Awareness of the Fragility of the Web of Life in addition to our Ego’s Patterns of Fear and Lust. The Noise that keeps us from Constantly Mirroring the Perps who are Allowing Destructive Change to the Planet, is made by the Clamoring of our Codependence How Will They Survive If I Don’t Take Care of Them? – and the Whimper of our Self-DoubtHow Will I Survive If They Don’t Take Care of Me? Mirrors are useful to Stop any of the Helicopter Trips that Complicate our Challenges.

The third Challenge Focuses on Mercury Merged with Arachne (Our Awareness of the Fragility of the Web of Life) in Taurus (but we’ll use the Symbol for their 24 March Initiation in 12 Aries, Awareness of the Ascension) in addition to our Ego’s Patterns of Fear and Lust. The Noise (base of the T-Square) that keeps us from Constantly Mirroring the Perps who are Allowing Destructive Change to the Planet, is made by Black Moon Lilith (the Clamoring of our Codependence How Will They Survive If I Don’t Take Care of Them?) in Leo, and Chariklo in Aquarius (the Whimper of our Self-DoubtHow Will I Survive If They Don’t Take Care of Me?) Mirrors are useful to Stop any of the Helicopter Trips that Complicate our Challenges.

Filling Vacacies with Natal Planets

In astrological terms, our Major Challenges are T-Squares – two planets Opposing with a third planet at their Midpoint. The Midpoint planet is the Focus of the Challenge. That always leaves a Vacancy Opposite to the Focus, and if we filled that Vacancy, we’d have a Grand Cross, which, unlike the 3-legged T-Square, is Balanced and therefore Self-Resolving. If we happen to have a natal planet in or Adjacent to the Degree of the Vacancy, we can use that Skill to Balance – Neutralize – the T-Square. The Vacancies in these three Challenges are 14±1 Pisces (Opposite Orcas), 11±1 Capricorn (Opposite Aletheia OOB), and 12±1 Scorpio (Opposite Arachne).


This “Grouper” (the name of the Fish at right) of a Stone is a sample of Massive Bustamite, an excellent Aid to Breaking Patterns. When Minerals solidify out of Liquid Magma, they can either form Crystals per se, or they can fill a Void, in which they Crystallize Massively, without the classic Crystal Faces and Points. Bustamite is a Calcium Manganese Inosilicate; in the Inosilicates the Silicate units form long Chains, with the (in this case) the Ca and Mn units between them. Marquist and Frasl (p.33) consider Bustamite’s Skill at Aiding Flexibility and Pattern-Breaking to spring from it’s status as an “Edgeling,” growing on the Edge between Mn Inosilicate Rhodonite and Ca Inosilicate Wollastonite. Human Edgelings are usually psychic survivors of childhood Abuse or Alien Abduction.

To be continued…

Cuspal New Moon

May 19, 2023

The 19 May 2023 New Moon (UT 15:53, PDT 8:53 am 19th, BST 4:53 pm 19th, IST 9:23 pm 19th, AEST 1:53 am 20th) in 29 Taurus (Full Self-Expression without Ego-Attachment) features one Major Challenge that’s not only Self-Resolving but also Enhanced. The Challenge is to, what else but, Our Enlightenment (asteroid Samadhi).

The Arguments that Unsettle our Enlightenment are between the Angel of Trust (Eurydike) on one Should-er, and the Devil of Fear of Guilt (Sedna-Nemesis Initiation Merged with the New Moon) on the other Should-er. The Initiation was Exact on 16 May (UT 3:07, PDT 8:07 pm 15th, BST 4:07 am 16th, IST 8:37 am 16th, AEST 1:07 pm 16th) in 30 Taurus (Guided to Explore the Underwhere).

It’s probably worth noting that Guilt is usually a “False Flag” Attack on us, because if our Relationships are Operating on the Up-And-Up, we’d Respond to Regret or Remorse by Making Amends. Guilt usually arises because some Programmer or other, or some Cultural Demon told us it was Naughty to do or say That, didn’t quite succeed in Shaming us for it (otherwise our Shame would arise rather than Fear of Guilt), but did succeed in convincing us never to do or say That when anyone was watching.

Sedna is really about Converting Fear to Power, which can be done with Guilt-Free Kegels (O Gawd, not Those muscles!), so we can practice stopping in mid-stream as we’re Pissing on that Devil, though we probably want to knock him off our Shoulder first. We may have to do this several to many times over the next month, since the New 4½-year Guilt-Fear Cycle is Merged with the New Moon, and New Moons imply the course of the following month.

It’ll provide a fantastic Opportunity to Break any Fear-of-Guilt Karma we have. If we run into what looks like actual Guilt Karma, since we can hardly do Amends to Karma, except Energetically, Forgiving Ourself might be a place to start blowing that away. We may well have to use our Mirrors for Blocking the Ghosts of our Programmers to Create a Safe Space for that.

Just beyond Sensitivity or “Orb” to this Cuspal New Moon and Sedna-Nemesis Initiation is another important Initiation, of the North Node by Jupiter, starting a 7½-year Cycle that Begins on 2 June (UT 0:40, PDT 5:40 pm 1st, BST 1:40 am 2nd, IST 6:10 am 2nd, AEST 10:40 am 2nd) in 4 Taurus (A Dreamer about Lost Skills, Stuck in a Trance, Revertible by Inner Work and Deep Belief in the Power of the Soul). I had to look up what I had natally in 4 Taurus after reading that – it was asteroid Mnemosyne, a slightly-less-Transparent version of Gonggong. Point taken.

The Jupiter-North Node Initiation itself is the Focus of a Challenge that’s Enhanced but not Self-Resolving, where the central Riddle lies in Integrating the Debate between Wringing the Disinformation out of the Current Culture (the Merger of Pinocchio OOB and Pluto), and Improving our Health through Active Ego Death (the Stellium of Mars, Cyllarus OOB, and Varuna OOB).

Dis-Ease is more about What We Believe than it is about some External Force Attacking our Body, and Healing is more about Changing What We Believe than it is about adding more External Forces to Attack the Side Effects of earlier ones. While the stock market is low, you might profit more by buying Big Pharma than healthcare.

I was in hospital to get an IV antibiotic for a nasty Tooth Infection several years back, when the PA came in with half a dozen Nurses to ask me why they were “already” taking five prescription meds while I was taking none, though I was a quarter-century older than they. They were on the Side-Effect treadmill that the For-Profit Medical Cartel sells us.

I just told them to check out Functional Medicine (let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food) because I thought Held Emotions would be too much, though many healthcare workers use Energy Medicine techniques that they add on their own. Not to discount the fact that Modern Healthcare is a Life-Saver for many serious Dis-Ease issues. Dr. Dispenza’s story is incredible, but not for everyone. Yet.

A second Challenge (T-Square), obviously related to the first, is Self-Resolving but not Enhanced. Its Focus is Believability (Kassandra) in 4 Libra (Acute Sensitivity to the Traumas of One’s Own Shadow Eventually Breeds Compassion, and with it the Realization that Escape Arrives Only through Unconditional Acceptance).

Its Debate (Opposition in the base of the T-Square) is between The Desire for Simple Abundance (Varda), and Intuitive Knowledge of Both Our Fate and Our Unlimited Potential (Asbolus OOB-Moira-Chaos OOB Stellium). Remember that Fate becomes Choice when we bring our Karma into Consciousness.

The pinkish natural Gemstone on this bladey Crystal Matrix is a Topaz, an Aluminum Nesosilicate Floride. The Nesosilicates are Crystals where the Silicate units are not linked together into the pairs, chains, rings, or 3D matrices like other Silicates. The Nesos can be harder Crystals because without the rigid structure of the other Silicates, the “Units” can be more densely packed.

The groupings of chemicals that provide Identity to a Crystal are called “Units” because they aren’t molecules or salts or ions. Molecules are functionally complete, generally without stray + or – charges hanging out of them. Molecules interconnect more by Shape than Charge. Salts are easily dissolved, and easily broken into positive-charged cations and negatively-charged anions. Repeating Crystal “Units” define the Mineral by their chemical composition, and they’re the Lego pieces that make up a Crystal, by hooking up to neighboring Units by the electrical charges on their edges.

Topaz is particularly useful for working with and Healing Fear of Memories and PTSD, and hence Held Emotions. The matrix here is Albite, a “Plagioclase Feldspar.” The Gemmy Silicates like Quartz and Topaz are well known because they make such lovely Gems and stately Wands, but the Feldspars are another branch of the Alumino-Silicates. The few decorative Feldspars you might have met include Moonstone, Labradorite, Amazonite, and the Zeolites.

Quartz and the Feldspars are the only Silicates that assemble their Crystalline Units into 3D matrices. Feldspars can look like Micas, because they can fracture along shiny reflective planes, but they don’t form sheets like the Phyllosilicates, and the surface of planar Feldspar crystals, while shiny, are usually irregular. Plagioclase Feldspars mate Calcium or Sodium with the Alumino-Silicate, as opposed to Potassium.

Albite is a Sodium Alumino-Silicate, a cousin to Labradorite and Amazonite, and it’s excellent for helping to maintain the necessary hydration in the cells for strenuous exercise of the muscles in physical exercise, and of the nervous system in metaphysical exercise like Yoga or Meditation or Healing. As we approach a record year for Heat (which it’s already become in many parts of the Globe), Albite also helps the body maintain hydration during times of high temperature. The combination of Topaz and Albite is excellent for Healing of any flavor.

Beginning of the End Times

May 13, 2023

We aren’t quite through the full Altjira-Pan-Chiron-Atropos Fandango yet, but the Next Energy is pushing through pretty Strongly, so I’ll write it down. In short, to misquote Robert Plant, “Does Anybody Remember 6 Pisces?” aka Gonggong Initiates Saturn, 3-4 May 2023…

As JD put it, it “kicked the snot” out of him, and left my Sinuses pretty clear as well. Well, it’s returned, in the form of everyone and their cousin Lighting Up 6 Degrees of Everything – in brief…

  • 14 May, Gonggong Initiates Magdalena in 6 Pisces,1 Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. The overriding theme for me lately has been Surrender, and that’s exactly what this New 6-year-minus-2-months Cycle Suggests – Throwing our Egos at the Foot of Mary Magdalene and PIAVAing that She Help Us Surrender Our Striving. Anything we can Figure Out Intellectually will just Lock Us more Deeply into our Karma (see the 17 Capricorn Vacancy in the previous post). Intuition Rules here. Gonggong is about Intrusive Memories.
  • 15 May, Mercury Stationary Direct in 6 Taurus,2 Persistence at Opening the Heart. At least now Communication should be a lot Easier, as should Travel. Thank Goodness! Communication with all of our Other Selves should be Easier now too!
  • 16 May, Varuna Out of Bounds Initiates Pallas at 6 Leo,3 Torn between Experiencing and Observing. This New 4¼-year Cycle is about Exploring where we set our Boundaries between our Ego and Dis-Ease. If one Accepts a Diagnosis, that’s tantamount to Accepting the remainder of the Expected course of the Dis-Ease. If you think you might have the flu, there’s a lot you can do about it (starting perhaps with PIAVAing or Tapping). Getting Diagnosed with the flu can take Ownership of it out of your own hands. It’s not about the “Body-Mind Connection,” it’s about the Complete Inseparable Union between the Body and the Mind. If you aren’t even in our Body, you’re probably not in your Right Mind either – Pun intended. Varuna represents the Life Force.
  • 22 May, Gonggong Initiates asteroid Karma in 6 Pisces,4 which we’ve encountered before, eh? Beginning a New 4½-year Cycle about Being likely Inundated with Whispered Conversations that our Ego knows aught about, but we may be able to make them Bloom Out into more complete pictures of Karma that’s been Hidden – we know the Pattern, but we haven’t Located any Meaningful Leverage yet that we can use to Shift it. We’ll probably need PIAVAs like God/Goddess, May I Please find Easy clues about What This Is About? If you’re around Psychologists during this Cycle, don’t tell them about this – the last thing you need is a DSM-5 Diagnosis!! (See 16 May above.) Seeking Enlightenment is plenty Weird already.
  • 26 May, Saturn Initiates asteroid Karma in 7 Pisces,5 Commitment to Follow Your Own Inner Path No Matter What, with the Universe Providing Grace and Miracles Proportional to Your Commitment. As if we haven’t been getting our Noses rubbed in our Karma already. But, the sooner we can Shit this stuff Out, the sooner we can Enjoy the relative Ease of 5D. 7 Pisces is also the home of Royal Star Formalhaut, meaning Dreams – and it’s our Dreams that we need to Commit to. Since Saturn means The Most Important Thing, Letting Go of Our Karma is Priority Number One here.
  • 29 May, Damocles Stationary in 4 Pisces,6 Massive Confusion, Running in All Directions, Getting Nowhere, Overwhelmed. The Need to Expand into This New Force Field, to Surrender into It, as it’s the Multidimensionality We’re Only Just Now Starting to Witness. To Accept 5D we need to Accept that the Soul and the Source are Unlimited. Damocles is about Accountability.
  • 1 June, Station of Gonggong in 6 Pisces,7 in case you’ve forgotten, that’s Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. More of the Karmic Torture Chamber Portal – All you can do is Praise the Razor, for the Fineness of the Slash

If you’re at all still stuck in the old Saturn-as-Downer paradigm, Immediately start Tapping on something like Even though I Expect and Fear that my Karma’s going to Be Bumming me Out, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Saturn symbolizes Priorities. If we Resist Our Most Important Priority, of course Saturn’s going to come across as a Bummer.

If you’ll allow me to get Cognitive for a moment, Isn’t Our Most Important Priority Enlightenment, and doesn’t that require Letting Go of Our Karma? And isn’t Noticing it when it Recurs where we Start that Process? Then Recurrence is Good, eh? A good time to Recommit. Our Resistance is itself a Fabulous piece of Information about our supposedly Hidden Karma – Hidden in plain sight with RESIST written across its forehead in big letters. Since Resistance is always rooted in the Unconscious, we’ll need to use some form of PIAVA to make our Recommitment Hold.

1 Gonggong Initiates Magdalena, 14 May, UT 7:31 (PDT 12:31 am, BST 8:31 am, IST 1:01 pm, AEST 5:31 pm). We’ll Learn more about this Cycle in late August and early December, as two additional Exposition Conjunctions occur.
2 Mercury Stationary Direct, 15 May, UT 3:16 (PDT 8:16 pm 14th, BST 3:16 am 15th, IST 8:46 am 15th, AEST 1:16 pm 15th).
3 Varuna Initiates Pallas, 16 May, UT 9:20 (PDT 2:20 am, BST 10:20 am, IST 2:50 pm, AEST 7:20 pm).
4 Gonggong Initiates Karma, 22 May, UT 11:44 (PDT 4:44 pm 22nd, BST 12:44 am 23rd, IST 5:14 am 23rd, AEST 9:44 am 23rd).
5 Saturn Initiates Karma, 26 May, UT 16:17 (PDT 9:17 am 26th, BST 5:17 pm 26th, IST 9:47 pm 26th, AEST 2:17 am 27th). We’ll also be Learning more about this 5-year Cycle between late September and late October of 2023, when they Retrograde together back to an Exposition Conjunction, then travel Merged together for a month before Karma zips ahead.
6 Station of Damocles, 29 May, UT 17:50 (PDT 10:50 am 29th, BST 6:50 pm 29th, IST 11:20 pm 29th, AEST 3:50 am 30th).
7 Station of Gonggong, 1 June, UT 14:54 (PDT 7:54 am 1st, BST 3:54 pm 1st, IST 8:24 pm 1st, AEST 12:54 am 2nd).

If everybody on the Planet is less than “6 Degrees” away from us, there’s going to be a whole Helluva Lotta Whispering going on, so we might consider starting this whole Extended Portal with a PIAVA something like, God/Goddess, may I please Hear and Choose only those Intrusive Memories and Karmic Habits that are Most Mine and Most Available to Let Go Of!

Meanwhile, …

While all these Players are Partying in 6 Degrees, we’re being Flooded with the growing Energy of three other Stations in the mid-Degrees, and what a Portal this is!!…

  • 17 May, Chariklo Stationary in 14 Aquarius,8 The Darkest Depths of Despair. Playing Out Fears and Doubts, Old Heavy Feelings, and the Mind’s Most Negative Concepts and Ideas. Choosing between Projection and Redemption. Redemption may not be Easy, but Projection tends to hard to Revert. Since Chariklo is about Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt, we can use this to clear a Load of Doubt Karma. It’s always More Powerful to Lovingly and Gently Embrace Our Bummers, FOR A FEW MINUTES, before we Let Them Go. That can be Permanent; Avoidance is always a Band-Aid – it might Stop the Bleeding, but it won’t Heal the Wound.
  • 17 May, Thereus Stationary in 12 Virgo,9 Hyperaware of Potential Sabotage and Working Hard to Prevent it. The Huge Shadow Cast by a Belief that Life Should Be a Certain Way. One Side of the Mind is Traumatized and the Other Side Exhausts Itself Trying to Rescue Ourself from the Trauma. The Way Out Is to Give Up Our Perfect Pictures and Accept that Life IS WHAT IT IS, while Honoring the Skills of the Former Rescuer. Home of the Fixed Star Zosma, meaning Victimhood. Thereus was Tough but Fair. He was known for Wrestling Bears, then bringing them Home still snarling but unhurt, and training them to keep Order in his Courts. It’s possible to do Both/And with Tough and Loving and Gentle, but it takes Skill, and that take Practice. Never too late to start Practicing.
  • 28 May, Orcus Stationary in 14 Virgo,10 Waking Up to Karma. Sounds like Noticing, doesn’t it! The more Hupers do Wake Up here, and with the Simultaneous Station of Damocles (Accountability) take Ownership of it, the faster we can help Mom Dirt Ascend. While that’s True, it behooves us to ignore the Big Picture, and Accept Accountability for our own Contribution to Resisting the Change to the Aquarian Age, no matter how small it seems relative to Their Contribution. Ultimately, We Are All One and We Are Alone are the same thing, aren’t they. It’s Both/And, so we may as well Work on What We Can Change, which is Only Ourself. Orcus is about Pattern-Breaking, so it’s an Ideal time to Dump Unwanted Karma.

8 Station of Chariklo, 17 May, UT 14:04 (PDT 7:04 am 17th, BST 3:04 pm 17th, IST 7:34 pm 17th, AEST 12:04 am 18th).
9 Station of Thereus, 17 May, UT 18:45 (PDT 11:45 am 17th, BST 7:45 pm 17th, IST 12:15 am 18th, AEST 4:45 am 18th).
10 Station of Orcus, 28 May, UT 4:54 (PDT 9:54 pm 27th, BST 5:54 am 28th, IST 10:24 am 28th, AEST 2:54 pm 28th).

As me Mum used to say, Bless her Soul, Why James, it’s the End Times! Sounds quite ominous, especially with US Speaker of the House McCarthy trying to Crash the US Economy and a good part of the rest of the World as well, since US Treasury Securities are a core holding of the Central Banks of most countries. If the Treasury Secretary’s Yellen’ about cutting Social Security is more than a feint to rile us “Seniors,” I’ll be living on Cedar Bark Soup for the duration, at least as long as I have a way to cook it. If I can find any Cedars that haven’t been Clear-Cut.

Bruce Lipton avers that the Collapse of Western Civilization is an essential First Step toward Rescuing Huperity from Extinction, because Western Civilization shows little Sign that it’s Recognizing that its Extreme Left-Brain Worldview is what’s Killing the Planet. Are we there yet?

The Pholus-Quaoar Cycle, recall, is the Primary Timing Indicator for the Climate Crisis. Pholus came within a Degree of Quaoar around the time Greta began her Protests, and the two of them Conjoined and Initiated their New Cycle in the same week that Pootin’ invaded Ukraine – War is one of the symptoms of Revelations-Level Climate Change, as everyone goes into Scarcity and Scapegoats their neighbors. But a Cycle really Arrives in the Mainstream when it reaches its Waxing Square, which for Pholus-Quaoar occurs in 2081.11

And we have to add another entry to our table of May astroevents near 6 Degrees…

  • 22 May, Pholus Merges with Quaoar in 9 Capricorn,12 Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed, and the Home of Fixed Star Facies, which symbolizes Combativeness. This is the third of their 21 Exposition Conjunctions, implying that we’re still Early in the Fall-of-the-Empire process.

So we’re probably looking at another Dress Rehearsal for us, though it sounds as though many more People will be Shaken out of their Complacency during the last half or May.

11 See Ian Smith’s comment in

12 Pholus Conjunct Quaoar, 22 May, UT 10:44 (PDT 3:44 am, BST 11:44 am, IST 4:14 pm, AEST 8:44 pm). The two previous Exposition Conjunctions occurred 6 May 2022 in 8 Capricorn, Correlated with the “Derecho” (a Land Hurricane) in the most populous zone of Canada; and 8 February 2023 in 9 Capricorn, Celebrated by the Devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake. Earthquakes and Severe Storms are also Symptoms of Climate Change.

There’s more detail, but we’ll save that for another post.

BTW, have we mentioned that, at least for me, Spanish Black Radish – either the Radish itself, or the capsules – works well to Neutralize Brainfog?

Hard Full Moon 2

May 8, 2023

We’ve added a couple of accidentally-omitted entries to the astroevent table in May 2023 II. My apologies to Pan, and my thanks for helping me make another Mistake/Intuition that draws more Attention to Him! Goddess knows that’s what Huperity needs most of all!


Reader JD offers some great Perspective and Advice on his experience of Gonggong “kicking the snot” out of him…

“As memories fill my mind, the original impulse fills me with what I truly remember. As emotions begin to caulk that reminiscence, I am able to draw in a deep breath and the moment passes. I feel younger and more innocent but am able to say goodbye and turn to the moment.”

Out of Boundses

After 6½ months, Mars finally returned In Bounds on 5 May 2023 UT 8:42 (PDT 1:42 am, BST 9:42 am, IST 2:12 pm, AEST 6:42 pm) in 22 Cancer.

Also on the 7th of May, the Moon goes Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere at UT 2:24 (PDT 7:24 pm 6th, BST 3:24 am 7th, IST 7:54 am 7th, AEST 12:24 pm 7th), in 4 Sagittarius. It returns In Bounds 11 May UT 14:31 (PDT 7:31 am 11th, BST 3:31 pm 11th, IST 8:01 pm 11th, AEST 12:31 am 12th), in 8 Aquarius.

This is an interesting subtheme. I haven’t researched how long the trend will last, but these days people with natal Emotional planets1 between early Sagittarius and early Aquarius will likely be Freaking Out more often in the second week of each month, while folks with natal Emotional planets between early Gemini and early Leo will be more prone to Panic during the fourth week of each month, while in general, everyone will be less Excitable during the first and third weeks of each month.

1 Emotional planets include especially Mars and Venus, but also any other planet that we Invest a lot of Passion into. For instance, Disciplinarians will have probably put a lot of Ego Energy into Saturn, while Libertarians (the few who are really into their own Freedom, rather than Controlling everyone else’s Freedoms or just being Narcissists) will likely be Heavily Invested in Jupiter. Emotional planets would also include any planets in Water Signs, here Cancer.

7 May Station of Ceres

On 7 May, today, dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability) Stood Still (was Prominent) at UT 19:27 (PDT 12:27 pm 7th, BST 8:27 pm 7th, IST 12:57 am 8th, AEST 5:27 am 8th) in 24 Virgo, Stubbornly Persistent Messenger of the Light, home of Fixed Star Alkes, which doubles down on the same interpretation. Expect this to be most Lit Up for about a week on either side of 7 May. More intense if you have natal planets near 24 Virgo, or if your mantra is “I Hate, therefore I Am.”

In the Station chart, the Cardinal and Mutable Signs featured relatively Self-Resolving Grand Crosses, but in the Fixed Signs,2 Nemesis in Taurus was the Focus of a Fully Self-Resolving Challenge (T-Square). The underlying 2D Argument that we must Transform in order to Let Go of our Guilt Karma is between Icarus (No Way, they really Betrayed Me) and Sisyphus-Samadhi (Gawd, this Enlightenment Shit is so Tedious. Is It Worth It? Is It Even Possible?).

2 The Cardinal or Creative Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The Fixed or Stabilizing Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The Mutable or Transformative Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

So the main theme is about Consistently Loving Your Guilt into Oblivion. Unless we’re hardened Criminals, most of our Guilt is about “Civic Offenses” we made inadvertently because our Programming was Different than someone else’s, and we didn’t even know we were Insulting them. Sure, there were times when we meant to Hurt somebody, usually because they Hurt us first (maybe inadvertently), or because we were Jealous of them, or didn’t like the way they looked or dressed or farted in class or because they were Martins and we were McCoys or other longstanding Family-of-Origin feuds.

If we haven’t Made Amends for those, there’s no time like now to start. If we’re still in touch with them, it’s best to do so in person, but if we aren’t, or if the Relationship isn’t high priority for us, we can use Stephen Levine’s prayers into the Airwaves (paraphrasing)…

Joe Schmoe, I Ask that You Forgive Me for Whatever I may have Said or Done or Thought or Felt, or Failed to Say or Do or Think or Feel, intentionally or unintentionally, that Caused You Pain. Please Forgive Me.

Joe Schmoe, I Forgive You for Whatever You may have Said or Done or Thought or Felt, or Failed to Say or Do or Think or Feel, intentionally or unintentionally, that Caused Me Pain. I Forgive You.

Stephen goes a lot further into the process (Guided Meditations, pp.52-56; Healing, pp.88-101), but this is a good start.

In addition to Sisyphus-Samadhi there are three other Mergers or Stellia, which act as Invitations to Mini-Enlightenments. These three are Venus Out of Bounds-Asbolus OOB-Moira (Intuitive Revisions of the Value of our Fate and our Ability to Change It) in Gemini, Icarus-Tantalus (the Temptation to Overdo and Burn Out) in Aquarius, and Requiem-Varda (Letting Go of our Resistance to Abundance) in Sagittarius. Mergers and Stellia usually imply Initations are nearby. We’ll take these up in a subsequent post.

5 May Full Moon, continued

We Rambled on about this in the previous post, but we Intend to cover it more formally here.

The Fixed Sign2 planets, including the Full Moon itself, are in a Relatively Self-Resolving Grand Cross, where the less-odious Hassles will Resolve one another if we Trust the Process enough to Let Them. If we make 2D Interventions, such as Vowing I’ll never Fall for That Trick again! we can screw up the Cross-Resolution and even Create or Deepen Karma.

The Cardinal Sign planets make only a Naked Square (a Relatively Straightforward Non-Self-Resolving Challenge which is Required Coursework toward your Virtual Degree in Adeptitude) between asteroid Ganesa (Lord God Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles) and the Merger of Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and asteroid Atropos (Expiring Karma). We covered this pretty well in the previous post.

The Mutable Signs sport the Major Challenge (Non-Self-Resolving T-Square) to Pan-Altjira (Planning the New Relationship between Nature and Life) that we discussed in the previous post. A Non-Self-Resolving Challenge is one we have to Sweat Out Ourself, it’s not being taken care of for us at some Higher Frequency. Huperity, Politics aside as just Games, is a Consensual Democracy. That is, the Energy that Huperity Expresses onto Gaia is an amalgam of the True Beliefs of all of its members.

We aren’t talking about Rote Recitation of Parables, the Currency of most Religions and -Isms, we’re talking about what True Values Reside in the Hearts of the People. For instance, a Practitioner of any Religion or other Tribal -Ism based on the Proposition that I’m Right and You’re Wrong and We’re Here to Fix You has Hate in their Heart rather than Love, and Contributes Violence rather than Peace to the Huperity Field. That includes us Condemners of 🦨 and 🦖.

I just stumbled upon Marko Pogačnik’s book Gaia’s Quantum Leap, from 2011, and as is usually Marko’s wont, he dives right in (p.9)…

“The scientific prognostications are based solely on the traditional structures of time and space. At that level it would seem that earth’s catastrophic destruction can no longer be averted. My geomantic work experience, however, has taught me that earth is a multidimensional being that can initiate specific change processes, not only at the physical level, but also at more subtle levels of existence. In theory, if it is impossible to heal our planet’s situation effectively by any means available on the physical level, the possibility may nonetheless exist on other levels of reality, which are know to us from our geomantic experiences. To be more precise, this possibility arises through the interaction between the physical and the so-called subtle levels of reality…

“As an artist, I have been occupied all my life with the concept of space. In my profession as landscape artist I have tried for decades to penetrate more deeply into the invisible spaces of the landscape, those which our physical eyes cannot see. One could call them subtle, perhaps etheric, archetypal, or even fairy-tale dimensions. I have to thank my personal sensitivity for my success in gradually entering these above-mentioned dimensions of space.

“I landed in a world that can scarcely be explained by my intellect. First I discovered that there are power centers and power streams that scoop up the life force from the depths of the earth and distribute it to the natural world and its living beings (including [huperity]). I am always amazed at this world of light when I get the opportunity to attune to its structure and observe its constant movement. On this level, reality is not firm, but flowing.

“Even more fascinating is the dimension of earth’s intelligence! For a long time now I have recognized that the earth is a conscious being with which one can communicate, provided that one is prepared to learn her language. This is no sort of mental language, but a picture-like way of communicating, combined with the transmission of different qualities of feeling. It is related to the language of our dreams and the expressive forms that appear in crop circles worldwide…

“Earth has a quite extraordinary consciousness. It is not lodged anywhere in the depths of the planet but uses for its capacious memory mountains, rivers, trees, all sorts of plants, animals, and lately, humans too – to say nothing of crystals. The intelligence of earth is distributed everywhere in us and around us, working, guiding and creating. Why do we never talk with the earth when her consciousness is distributed so closely among us? We should surely be talking with the Earth Consciousness about the possibilities for saving the wonderful life of Nature and [Huperity] from catastrophic earth changes.

“And look at my experience! Earth Consciousness has of itself begun to contact us, and of her own accord to initiate a process, unnoticed by [huperity], which is know as the process of earth transformation.”

The Debate that fuels the DIY Pan-Altjira Challenge for us Hupers (ie, the Opposition in the base of the T-Square) is between the Beginning of Hope for the Healing of Abuse and Privilege (Klotho-Pandora-Nessus Stellium) and Getting Tough about Eliminating our Patterns of Codependence (Thereus-Orcus-Black Moon Lilith Stellium).

So a great Practice for the next several weeks (the usual duration of a Full Moon’s impact) would be to Monitor your Thoughts about Abuse and Privilege, and about Codependence. When you catch yourself Thinking about how Prevalent and Problematic Abuse and Privilege are, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade – Cancel the Thought, Neutralize the Vibration, Upgrade the Thinker.

Then Ask yourself (PIAVA – we want to direct the question to the Unconscious), What’s one simple Step I can take to Reduce Abuse and Privilege, without Believing “I’m Right and They’re Wrong and I’m Here to Fix Them” and without making anyone worse off, especially myself ? Then Change the Subject, and Let the Answer come to you when you least Expect it. If you notice your Mind working on the Question, Change the Subject again (and again…). You don’t want a 2D Answer.

5D Community works when everyone is Expressing the Unique Skills that only they have in the wide world, and Codependence short-circuits that Expression, so Locating, Honoring, and Supporting one’s Self-Sovereignty is an important part of Enlightenment.

Here’s a classic Current-Moment Story about Privilege and Abuse – And another about apparent Wannabe Privilege or “Supremacy” –

While you’re Waiting for a Response, you can also PIAVA, What Patterns of Codependence do I have that I might be Able to Eliminate, Lovingly and Gently? Thereus was famous for Wrestling Bears, but that’s not a particularly Loving way to Eliminate a Pattern. You might see others Getting Tough about Eliminating our Patterns of Codependence. I didn’t see Codependence covered in the Washington Post this morning, but it was certainly all over yesterday’s Guardian…

People, much to their own Detriment, allowing Profiteers to take over government functions – Worse yet, allowing the Profiteers to publicly Celebrate the most blatant form of Crime and Graft – Idolizing External Authority – And one reeking of both Codependence and Privilege/Abuse –!

We covered Pan-Altjira and Chiron-Atropos in the previous post, but we haven’t reviewed the Stellia Klotho-Pandora-Nessus or Thereus-Orcus-BMLilith for Initiations, nor considered the Conjunction Artesian-Hybris (Aid to Manifestation and Hubris) in the Full Moon Grand Cross – we’ll save them for another post.

The Gem Peridot, which to a geologist is an example of the Mineral Forsterite, a Magnesium Nesosilicate. Olivine is the more general name of the Nesosilicates that mix Magnesium and Iron, which substitute for one another readily. The Nesosilicates have their Silicate units pretty much Independent of one another. Lacking a rigid Crystal structure, the Silicate units can pack themselves closer together, making the Crystal Denser but Softer than more structured Silicates like the Beryls or Tourmalines. Because it Crystallizes or Solidifies in Volcanoes at a very high temperature, Peridot “bears the ability to cauterize emotional wounds to allow the strength for deep healing to occur” (Marquist & Frasl p.112), especially from childhood Trauma, Abuse, or Loss.

What Did Micky Say to His Therapist?

April 22, 2023

I always get Pluto and Goofy mixed up, but I guess it’s Pluto that Supervises our current post-Eclipse Portal, not Goofy. And I’m sure Pluto’s 1-2 May 2023 Station helped make the Eclipse Portal so Heavy. But we don’t want to Pre-Judge it.

Before we get too Deep, let’s take care of some minor details…

  • Mercury turned Retrograde today 21 April 2023, at PDT 1:34 am, BST 9:34 am, IST 2:04 pm, AEST 6:34 pm, in 16 Taurus (The Compulsive Truth of Love). It backs up till 14-15 May, PDT 8:16 pm 14th, BST 4:16 am 15th, IST 8:46 am, AEST 1:16 pm, in 6 Taurus (Persistence at Opening the Heart). If you run into hiccups while Traveling or Communicating while Mercury is Retrograde, First, Recall that Mercury is Retrograde; Second, Say Hi to Mercury.
  • He’s a Trickster, and he’s trying to get yer Goat. Don’t get Uptight (he’ll Love that!), just Chuckle and Wink, to let him know you’re Paying Attention and you’re on to him. He’s constantly Amused by Doing these Jokes (and Expects us to be Amused too). Doesn’t matter to him whether you Fall For It or not, he just Loves Doing it. If everybody’s Chuckling, he’s having a Great Day! Every time I’ve Waved and Winked (like this morning when my ATM ran out of money), he’s Winked back and immediately showed me a Workaround. He’s not Malicious.
  • The Moon Goes Out of Bounds North 22-23 April, at PDT 9:50 am 22nd, BST 5:50 pm 22nd, IST 10:20 pm 22nd, AEST 2:50 am 23rd, in 4 Gemini, Compulsively Drawn Toward the Ephemeral. Folks on the Northern Half of the Planet are more likely to Panic than they were yesterday. The Moon Returns In Bounds on 27-28 April, PDT 2:59 pm 27th, BST 10:59 pm 27th, IST 3:29 am 28th, AEST 7:59 am 28th, in 8 Leo, A Charmed Life, Proud of Surrendering to Spirit, but Modest in Recognizing that Grace is Spirit’s Work, Not Yours. Be Alert for Hurtful Jealousy.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, we were just about to join Pluto…

Pluto’s a Big Deal to most astrologers, and appropriately so. It’s always been the Poster Child for the then-current State of the Weltanschauung of Society. We interpret it as mapping what Jung called the Universal Unconscious. In Jung’s view there were three overlapping major layers of the Unconscious – the Individual (Uranus), the Cultural (Neptune), and the Universal (Pluto). That still works…

  • Uranus finished an 84-year Cycle and entered Aries when Linear Time ended in 2012. Aries is Creative Spirit. Spirit is In Charge, with Ego dragged along behind it on its ass. Aries is quite Prideful, so Ego is Puffed Up, but poke it once and it’ll Blubber all over about how Lost it Feels. Uranus got to Taurus in 2020, hand in hand with COVID. Taurus is Well Grounded, and with Ego Humiliated by now, it’s a lot Easier for the Soul to Connect. We often refer to Uranus in Taurus as Soul Descending into Matter. COVID gave us the Space to Integrate it, to the extent that we have.
  • In 2026, Uranus moves into Gemini. At that point Ego gets a rude Awakening – just as it Feels like it’s starting to Understand what’s going on, Soul ups the Frequency several Octaves, and the best the Ego can do is to Hold On for “Dear Life” – another excellent reason to get Expert at Recognizing and Surrendering into Ego Death now while it’s a lot Easier than it will be then. The last time Uranus was in Gemini was 1943-1949. Folks who Survived WWII were forced to Start Over in a Culture that they had to Create themselves from scratch. If we can Trust the Process and our Support and get Excited about this Opportunity, 2027-2033 will be Fantastic.
  • At the End of Time as We Knew It, Neptune was just leaving Aquarius and moving into Pisces. Neptune (Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity) Loves Pisces. Anyone else think your Culture’s gotten more Confused since 2012? Or more Confusing? Obviously, lots of folks have gotten a lot more Certain than Confused. Hope they Enjoy themselves while they can – the only Certain Future for Certainty is Martyrdom.
  • When I was Learning that Confusion is the First Sign of Growth, I Discovered that whenever I Felt Confused, I automatically switched to Anger. I assume that many of the Abusive people that crawl the Internet looking for Opportunities to Act Out the Big-Ego Bullying that they learned from TV, or drive about looking for an excuse to shoot somebody (like they learned from TV), are also using Anger as Cover for their Ego’s lack of Experience with Confusion, as they find Scapegoats for their Childhood and Karmic Powerlessness.
  • Neptune gets to Aries in 2026, as Uranus enters Gemini. The Ego’s hardest job in Aries lies in dealing with the Culture’s Insistence that one Explain Oneself. The only way Aries can do that, is to make something up, because most of what Aries Does is more nD than its Actor or its Inquisitors. So in addition to becoming Expert at Ego Death over the next three years, we want to be sure that by then we’re very good at Embracing Confusion as the Sign that we need to Shut Up and Listen, and that we need to drop our Old Stories and Open to New Metaphors. And Realize that Reality, which has so many more Dimensions than we do, is Way Over Our Heads. From our Perspective, Metaphor Is All There Is.
  • By the time Uranus is firmly in Gemini and Neptune firmly in Aries, Pluto will be entering the Aries Segment or Duad (a Duad is 2½ Degrees) of Aquarius, so very few people will be able to Explain What’s Going On. We will need to be Thinking Globally, in the sense of Paying Attention to What’s Good for the Planet, and Acting Locally, in the sense of Attending to the Survival of our Community.

The Avarice of Faceplant and Gargoyle may have Killed the Internet and Journalism by then anyway, but we need to start now breaking our Habit of Hanging on Every Word from the For-Profit Minia. Most of the Minia is owned by the Oligarchs, and they want us Scared and Confused so we don’t Feel Empowered to Threaten them.

We don’t want to Exclude the Possibility of Miracles, but barring that, when we Project current trends, the Worldwide Suffering will be too intense and widespread to reasonably comprehend, and our own Community will Require All of our Attention. The more Local we can keep our Attention, the higher the probability we will personally Encounter Miracles.

While we Manifest Surthrival for Ourself, even if it’s totally in Private, it Strengthens the Etheric Template that anyone can use to Create their own Surthrival. There is no Healing without Empathy, but Empathy for Yourself and Your Own Community need to come first. The only thing you can Change is Yourself. You can Pray for whatever you want, but Praying for someone else to Change to your view of how they Should be, even if it’s “for their own good” or “for the good of All,” is contrary to this Planet’s Emphasis on Free Will. Pray for General Conditions that will make your Surthrival Easier. Other people with similar Needs can use the Etheric Template of what you Create for their own Purposes.

Beyond Pluto

Pluto gains its Power over the Universal Realm of the Unconscious because it lies deep within the Unconscious. However, so do a lot of other dwarf planets that have been Discovered since Pluto was. Each one is associated with a Segment of the Monolithic Unconscious that Pluto Represents. When a dwarf planet’s orbit is fairly well understood, it’s assigned a Minor Planet Number. Of the more than 3,000 dwarf planets beyond Neptune that have been found so far, 900 have received numbers. Much later, when there’s demand for it, the planet can get an official name – there are 35 of these. We follow these 13, and we’re studying one more…

Altjirathe Energy Field that Permits Life to Exist
Varunathe Life Force
QuaoarSurvival Instincts
SalaciaCommitment to Enlightenment
Zhulongthe Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment
ErisRevelation of What’s Been Denied
VardaAbundance, Lakshmi
GonggongIntrusive Memories
SednaConverting Fear to Power
IxionGoing Beyond the Cultural Paradigm

So we depend less on Pluto than we used to, though it’s still very useful as an Overview of the Weltanschauung.

The 1-2 May Station of Pluto (Emphasis on our Compulsions) occurs at 10:08 am PDT 1st, 6:08 pm BST 1st, IST 10:38 pm 1st, AEST 3:08 am 2nd, in 1 Aquarius, Intense Idenification with Both Sides of an Argument, One Conscious the Other Less So; Resolution Depends on the Demise of Judgment, adjacent to the Fixed Star Altair, Bold but not Selfish Action.

The Pluto Station chart is otherwise pretty Benign. The only real Challenge (a Naked Square) – the Argument in the Chandra Symbol – is between Our Fear that Hupers Won’t Learn Enough in Time to Prevent a Repeat of Atlantis (Sedna-Juno-Atlantis Stellium) and Our Need and Willingness to Seek Divine Help in Taking Full Ownership of Our Karma (Magdaena-Damocles-Karma Stellium). These both being Stellia, they represent Mini-Enlightenments and therefore could represent the Integration and Healing of such Fear and such Need/Willingness. Interesting Combination.

The Pluto Station itself, part of a Grand Cross (Sequence of Relatively Minor Hassles that Resolve One Another eventually, especially if we can Avoid 2D Intervention) is Merged with Prevarication (asteroid Pinocchio) – interesting in the context of the Fox-Dominion and Trump-Rape Victim trials, not to mention the general Shitstorm of Rightwing Conspiracies and Imaginative Paranoid Metaphors.1

Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty), which itself is Stationary (Strong) 27-28 April (PDT 5:40 pm 27th, BST 1:40 am 28th, IST 6:10 am 28th, AEST 10:40 am 28th) in 26 Capricorn (Confusing Assignment to Camouflage Ourself as Fitting into Muggle Culture while Hiding the Eternal Flame Inside, while being only Dimly Aware of the Purpose of our Assignment), is also a member of this Pluto-Pinocchio-Hylonome Stellium. The Hylonome (Bowing to Social Expectations on the Outside) and Pinocchio (A Charade) Explain one another’s presence in the Pluto Stellium and Explain the 26-Capricorn Chandra Symbol – we’re all Pretending to be Normal while Being Radical as Hell Inside!2

1 The other three members of the Grand Cross are Pallas (Boundaries) in Cancer, Ka’epaoka’awela (Transformation…) Merged with Out of Bounds Hopi (…of our Judgments) in Libra, and the Stellium of Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied about…), Phaedra (…our Childhood and Karmic Shame that Prevents Us from Embracing…), and Arachne (…Mother Nature) in Aries. Combine this with our Pluto Compulsion to Act Out our Muggle Charade more or less Naively! That’s actually pretty Intense!

2 Another situation where Lonsdale‘s Chandra Symbols seem to be written explicitly for this moment, as the interpretations for the planets and the Degree are independent of one another, but match perfectly in context. You’d think the Trush was knocking thrice on the side of Smaug’s mountain!

In the Hylonome Station chart itself, a Fully Self-Resolving Major Challenge shuttles Tension and Attention to Our Recollection of the Fall of Atlantis from an Argument between what seems to be the Outragousness of our Karma, and Our Enlightenment. Meanwhile, in both charts, the Crux of our astroevent, Our Muggle Charade, Enjoys Dumb-Luck Grace (Grand Trine) with Our Recollection of the Fall of Atlantis and with Emphasis on Sustainability.3

3 Growth-of-Consciousness-Juno Conjunct asteroid Atlantis in Taurus T-Square to the Opposition between Icarus Conjunct asteroid Karma in Aquarius and Samadhi in Leo. The T-Square is converted to a Diamond Star (Self-Resolving) by a Finger of the Goddess to Juno-Atlantis from Varda in Sagittarius (Abundance through Letting Go of Impediments) Sextile to Ka’epaoks’awela-OOB Hopi in Libra (Transforming Judgments).

The Grand Trine Connects the Pluto-Hylonome-Pinocchio Stellium in Capricorn with the Juno-Sedna-Atlantis Stellium in Taurus and Stationary Ceres (Emphasis on Sustainability) in Virgo (Ego Death). Ceres Stands Still on 6 May (PDT 12:27 pm 6th, BST 8:27 pm 6th, IST 12:57 am 7th) in 24 Virgo, Stubbornly Persistent Messenger of the Light.

If your Self-Sabotaging Habits are Sticky, try Soothing yourself with Blue Calcite, either Vicariously by Gazing at the picture, or picking up a Tumbled Stone or two at your local Rockshop. Calcite is Calcium Carbonite, like your bones, teeth, and the shell of the Crab you ate last night, even if it wasn’t a Blue Crab. It’s more often “Massive” (like Granite) than Crystalline (like Quartz), but you might find some poorly formed or partial Crystals.

Cuspal Solar Eclipse

April 19, 2023

If you Live in East Timor, or you’re still chasing Wilson across the Indian Ocean. Well, that’s if you want to See the Eclipse. If you want to Feel it, all you gotta do is Hang Out on Earth. A month ago we had another Big Cuspal New Moon Event, where Lord God Ganesh on Steroids (asteroid Ganesa, Out of Bounds) and the God of War Out of Control (Mars OOB) ganged up on Our Screaming Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos OOB) to chip away at Removing the Obstacles (Ganesh) that Protected us from Our Unlimited Potential. Kinda like stepping out into the Bright Sun after a matinee.

We’ve all been Criticized and Advised and Punished for Being Ourself, and for Not Being Ourself, and for just Being In the Way, that we’re Hypersensitive to Expectations that we have to Live Up To some Model of Who we Should. So a Glimpse of our Ultimate Potential feels like an Assignment, something we have to Do, something we have no idea How to Do, and something Very Risky. And Way Out of Reach. Most of us have been Programmed to Seek Safety more than Wholeness. After all, it’s Selfish to Seek Wholeness instead of Seeking to Please Others, isn’t it? So there’s Guilt too. Fun! Last month wasn’t Easy either.

Now we get another Big Cuspal New Moon Event, and this one’s a Solar Eclipse to boot, in some places a Total Eclipse even. It’s in the last Degree of Aries,1 and it’s Merged with Growth in Consciousness (asteroid Vesta).2 Most other Critters Enjoy the Natural Fruits of Nature. They may Wander Far in search of Abundance, but barring Evolutionary Shifts in their Environment or Overpopulation, they usually find it. When they don’t, Individuals may Suffer, but the Species Template moves to the Morphic Field (the Biological Equivalent of the Cloud), where it’s Stored for Future Needs, and the Species Recedes from the Planet.

1 30 Aries: The Linear Mind Drones on, but It Is a Recording on a Loop. The Shell Has Cracked Open, and Vitality Lurks Beneath. Home of Fixed Star Al Rescha, Merging Separate Concepts Together to Create a Greater Understanding, and Adjacent to Mirach, Receptivity, Fertility, Harmony, in Andromeda. In the Sky this is the scene of the Slaying of Medusa, arguably the Turning Point of Zeus’s Banishment of Feminine Power (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, pp.48-55) and another symbol of the Reversal of that Banishment.

2 Vesta was the Roman name for the Greek Goddess Hestia. Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, was Toasted before Zeus and She was Toasted after Zeus – the Greeks knew Unconsciously where their Bread was Baked, even as they Played Up to the Head Cheese on the Surface. The more Punctilious Romans thought this was a great idea, so they made their Vesta the Goddess of the State. To Integrate and bring their Consciousness into Wholeness, the individual Greeks and Romans would have needed to bring this dichotomy into their Consciousness, where their Inner Male and Inner Female could Marry in Equality. Consequently, we interpret Vesta as the Need to Grow in Consciousness.

Huperity Rebelled against this Model, perhaps with assistance from other Overambitious Species from Out There (as many “Myths” suggest), and Adopted the Hubris to Create a New Template, one where instead of Wandering Far in search of Abundance, they set to Work Creating It Themselves. In order to do that, they developed Beliefs that they were the Rightful Masters of the Planet, and could Freely Exploit Other Species and the rest of the Planet, rather than Living in Harmony with it. Well, Evolutionary Shifts in their Environment and Overpopulation have long since caught up with the Hupers’ New Template, and Homo “sapiens” could well slide off into the Morphic Field, in this Century even.

As we well know, “a few Individuals” may Suffer, but the Template for Homo “sapiens” industriens will have its own diorama next to Protohomo atlantisi and many others of its Ancestors, though with some Perspective, it will probably be renamed Homo hubrisiens or Homo narcissiens.

Not to worry, as we’re busy having the Temerity to make another New Template, Femina intuitiva, with assistance from Time-Traveling, Shapeshifting, and Invisible Advisors from Indigenous Cultures and the Etheric Realms, and the women who somehow managed to Survive without Buying Into the Patriarchal Cowpatty.

An Eclipse, recall, is all about Illumination, as what was formerly Undifferentiated Background becomes Obvious through its Absence. While Separation and Differentiation in Consciousness distract from our Sense of Unity, Enlightenment includes not just the Sense of Unity, but also Perception of and Appreciation for the Relationships between all of the Differentiated parts of the Whole. Relationship is not the forte of elementary 2D, Separation is. We can Distinguish Different Types of Relationship in 2D, but if we really want to Innerstand or Grok Relationships, we need a more Comprehensive nD Intuitive view of them.

So, what’s this week’s Portal3 about, aside from the Obvious Sensations of Being Drugged – which may be the most comfortable way to make a big Leap in the Timelines anyway. I doubt that anyone ventured more than once into a Wormhole while posturing on the bowsprit of their rocket with their Sword raised high.

3 New Moon “Hybrid” Eclipse (Total in some places, Annular in others) 19-20 April 2023, PDT 9:12 pm 19th, BST 5:12 am 20th, IST 9:42 am 20th, AEST 2:12 pm 20th, in 30 Aries (see note 1 above). We can evidently tune in for one of several Livestreamings at The times are in the link, though they cleverly don’t always mention whose time zone they’re referring to.

The Good News is that there’s only one Major Challenge (T-Square) and one Minor Challenge (Naked Square) in the Eclipse chart. The Bad News is that there’s little about it that’s Self-Resolving,4 so we’ll have to Work the Challenges by our Lonesome. Or by our Community, of course. We’ve seen a lot of Commiserating already, which is Good.

4 The Eclipse itself, Merged with Vesta (see note 2 above), sits in a Grand Cross, which is Self-Resolving to a degree, as a Grand Cross (4 planets ~equally spaced ’round the Zodiac) is a series of Relatively Smaller, hopefully non-Traumatic Hassles that eventually Complement one another and Balance Out. That may take a while, though, and in the interim, in order to Preserve the Balance we need to be able to Refrain from Intervening to “Fix” the Smaller Hassles, as the eventual Resolution is multidimensional and Unitary, while our Interventions would be at most 3D if not only 2D and Divisive.

The other three corners of the Grand Cross are Heavy Hitters – Cyllarus OOB on the Cusp of Leo (Ego Death of Self-Sabotaging Identities), Haumea-Ka’epaoka’awela-Narcissus on the Scorpio Cusp (Transformation and Rebirth of any Self-Indulgent Identities), and Stationary Pluto on the Aquarius Cusp (Compulsion to Revise our Orientation to Society and Culture).

Challenge in C-Flat Major

The Crux or Tension Point of the Major Challenge is about Confusion over the Healing of Unexpired Karma (Stellium of Neptune, Panacea, and Lachesis), on the Cusp of Aries, where the Clean Slate sits. It’s hard enough to Let Go of Expired Karma, since we get so used to it that we go looking for it when we Notice that it’s Missing. It’s even harder to Let Go of Unexpired Karma, because it isn’t even Missing yet. It’s Easy to Identify, though, as it’s any Habit that’s Self-Sabotaging, and any Habit, Trance, or Curse that we’d like to Revert.

The Essence of Neptune is Material or 3D Confusion, and Spiritual or nD Clarity. So all we need to do to Jettison Self-Sabotaging or Problematic Habits, is move to 5D. Oho, if that was so Easy we’d have done it already, eh? Well, the primary Mechanism of Change in 3D is Doing, but the primary Mechanism in 5D is Intending. So a good place to start is by Declaring an Intention to Revert. Lord God Ganesh’s Representative in our Precinct of the Galaxy, asteroid Ganesa, is no longer on a Cusp like it was last month, so He may not be Volunteering to Help, but that doesn’t mean we can’t Ask for His Help to Remove our Obstacles to Integration and Wholeness.

Habits Operate in the Unconscious, and Doing doesn’t Work there anyway. What we Do have to Do, though, is Follow Up on our Intention. First, we want to Remember our Intention, which is one reason for Rationing our PIAVAs, not doing so many at once that we can tell what’s Working and what’s Not. Wouldn’t hurt to Commit to it too. Then we’re more likely to Notice the Habit when it begins to Operate.

We haven’t talked about this in a while, but the way to Change any Habit begins with Noticing that it’s Habpening. The second step is to Congratulate Ourself for Noticing. This sets up a Virtuous Spiral to Replace the Vicious Circle that we might have otherwise Reinforced as we Bummed ourself5 for still having the Habit. The third step is to Consider the Circumstances. Are we Wanting that Velvet Truffle to Stifle an Unconscious Emotion? How would we know if it’s Unconscious? Simple – we Ask.

5 Another example of Thoughts Creating Faux Emotion.

The Unconscious Loves Denial and Subterfuge, but it seldom Lies to a Direct Question. We could even Ask for details, though we might need to do it the way we do Muscle-Testing – Is it Anger? Is it Grief? Is it Excitement? Etc. But if the Unconscious (or whichever of our Guides or other Intervenors are standing in for it) said No, we aren’t trying to Stifle another Held Emotion, we just Want a Nice Reward that will make us Feel Great, because we’re Becoming so Unconditionally Lovable, that’s Different. Habits, even Self-Sabotaging Habits, are not intrinsically Bad, they become Bad only when we find ourself using them in any Situation, whether it’s an Appropriate Situation for that Habit, or not.

So then, how do we know whether the Unconscious at the moment is being Fronted by an Angel or a Devil? We can use Marie Manucheri’s trick (see below) – wiggle our Toes and Twerk a bit, to see if the Answer still feels like an Intuition. If it’s a Thought gone Rogue, we’ll Feel it above the Button on our Belly. Or, and if the Habit is a Serious Self-Sabotage and thus Worth the Effort, we could use a longer process (wouldn’t hurt to Delay the Execution of the Habit anyway) such as a Theta

God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that that Velvet Truffle will be Healthy for me at this Moment. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank you, God/Goddess! Show Me! (Wiggle your Toes as you say Show Me!) If you’re Uplifted, no matter what your Mind thinks about it, Go For It! Then, if you accidentally Bite your Lip, you know you’re Pushing the Envelope, but still on the Right Track.

If your Show Me! isn’t Uplifting, Tap Out what’s going on…

Even though I Really Want that Velvet Truffle for my Good Health, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself

Then try your Theta again, with or without any Revisions that seem appropriate. The Mind has 2D Either/Or Rules for what’s Good for us and what’s Not, but the Body is nD and Unitary and Both/And, and may or may not Follow the Rules. If our Unconscious Belief System has Leaks about the Rules, the result could go either way. Remember that we’re now Outside of Linear Time and thus Outside of Cause and Effect, and Rules Change in the Reaches. The Expectation of Cause and Effect is probably our most Toxic Self-Sabotaging Karma.

The Argument or Debate in our Major Confusion about Healing Unexpired Karma Challenge (ie, the 2D Opposition at the base of the T-Square) is between Varda on the Cusp of Capricorn (Lakshmi being Pragmatic) and the Stellium of Chaos, Asbolus, and Aletheia, all Out of Bounds, on the Cusp of Cancer (Amplified Intuition about the Obvious Truth of our Terrifying Unlimited Potential). Wow, what a Cosmic Debate!

Lakshmi will be playing the “Devil’s Advocate,” teasing us about all of the Impractical implications of our Intentions-Beyond-Cause-and-Effect, in order to provide the Gift of Illuminating our Doubts! Tricky of Her! On the other Shoulder we have Our Unlimited Potential (Chaos), painted in Life Size and Vibrant Colors, with its own Sound Track (Out of Bounds), Massaged by the Amplification of the Truth of our Heart (OOB Aletheia), and viewed through the nD Lens of our Intuition Exaggerated!

Dwarf planet Varda is a new Addition to our Enlightenment-Oriented Stable of minor planets, suggested by our Chief Asteroid Officer. It’s another name for the Hindu Goddess of Abundance Lakshmi.

Our CAO also points out that Mars in the Eclipse chart Lights Up 13 Cancer (Lonsdale p.139),

“When you touch in to a place where timelessness prevails you’re greeted by all the many selves, simultaneously here now. If you can make room for them all, the music they make will prove to be innovative and extraordinary. But if you start to have preferences for some of them over the others, they will compete and clamor and generate dissonance. It takes a generous and wide open spirit to be able to contain all that you wish to bring through.

It is so easy and tempting, so hard to resist thinking in those ways that label parts of self wonderful and parts of self terrible, parts of the world optimal and parts of the world trouble all-the-way. And if you take the overrich mix of your greatly full nature and starts to pick apart the pluses from the minuses, a volatile, seething, and quite overly-fermentive brew will be produced. You cannot afford judgments and arbitrary distinctions, biases and special tastes, when facing a larger-than-life world which can come together only if you have no idea how, and let the music play however it will.

Challenge in B-Sharp Minor

The Naked Square in the Eclipse Chart is between Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) and Asking for Divine Help around Accountability (Magdalena-Damocles). Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) and Damocles (Fear of Accountability) make an Odd Couple, but in this context their Collaboration seems Fortuitous. No “better” reason to send something into the Unconscious, than when we’re in Fear about having to be Accountable to it, especially if we don’t Feel Capable of Making Amends or otherwise Negotiating. If we’re dealing with Topics that our Programmers Forbade Talking About, all the more so!

Any Unprocessed Karmic or Personal Guilt would be a good candidate here for Asking Mary Magdalene to Help us Resolve it, or to just Resolve it. Most of our “Sins” are just Sins against our own often-Perverted Self-Expectations, and Mary can just wipe those off our Slate with a Twitch. Many others of them have been Long Forgotten by whomever we Felt that we Sinned against. And the Karmic ones are all Out of This Timeline anyway. That will probably leave few if any actual Transgressions that Require Amends. Mary can help you run into these few on the street at a time when you aren’t Obsessing about Rehearsing your Amends Speech, and you can just blurt out an off-the-cuff Apology without Stress or Amplification, which will most likely be Accepted out of hand.

Other Stuff

Remember that planetary Mergers (Conjunctions and Stellia), of which we have several here, are mini-Enlightenments themselves, as they Contribute to the Dilution of 2D Separation.

CC.9 has sent us a good Comment about Marie Manucheri’s Perspective on Thoughts and Feelings, and I think they’re worth repeating for folks who aren’t in the habit of reading the Comments…

cc.99 Says April 18, 2023 at 5:05 pm :

“but Faux Emotions Created by Thoughts”
Is this some innerpersonal-earth-trick we test ourselves with?! If you ask me, it’s not cool and I’m not impressed by (my) un-choice choice trickery!

  • astrobuss Says April 18, 2023 at 8:16 pm :
  • I know. I can’t remember whom I first got the tip from, but a while back someone mentioned that Our Thoughts About Our Feelings (OTAOF) frequently took us to cliffs and swamps and the dens of Tigers. It was definitely Marshall Rosenberg who first educated me about the sharp difference between Thoughts and Feelings (I was raised with Zero info about Emotion, as if it was something one never discussed in polite company), but the notion that OTAOF was so Toxic, was an Angle that’d never occurred to me. Now in Marie Manucheri’s talk on the recent Psychic Summit, she educated me furthur to Our Feelings About Our Thoughts (OFAOT)! Marie is obviously more Fluently Observant about Emotions than anyone I’ve ever read or heard!
  • Her assertions are that Physical Sensations from True Emotions are only perceived below the Belly Button, and they’re Always Calm and Measured and False Emotions are Generated by Thoughts are usually much more Extreme, and often perceived as Physical Sensations above the Belly Button. Or something like that. In other words, we Talk Ourself Into most of what we call Emotions.
  • To distinguish one from the other, Marie wiggles her Toes and Glutes to bring her Attention into the Emotion Zone and out of the Thought Zone. Scienterrific dogma associates Thoughts with the brainbone, but Thoughts actually originate in the 3rd Chakra, while Emotion arises from the 2nd Chakra – below the belly button.
    So, what’s going on when I wake up from a scary dream with my hair standing on end – which I then interpret as Fear? Well, it’s actually a Sensation, isn’t it. It’s my interpretation (Thought) that translates it into a Faux Emotion. When that happens, I Tap (, and that “Grounds” me. In other words, it brings my Attention back to my Lower Half, and my Sensation of being Out of My Body fades.
  • I stand by my own Assertion that True Emotions do NOT allow Objects (in the grammatical sense). ie, “I am Angry” expresses an Emotion. “I am Angry at Fred” and “I am Angry about what Fred did” and “I am Angry that…” are Thoughts! I’m sure Marshall, rest his Soul, would agree. For one thing, if Fred said or did something that Hurt me and, following that, I Feel Angry, I don’t usually know whether my Anger derives from Fred’s Action, or from unprocessed past events in my own Life or Karma. And I’ll wager that about 99.723% of our Emotions are the latter.
  • In Marie’s version, we might have heard Fred’s statement as a Slur, reacting to a Word he used. We didn’t instantaneously get Angry when he said it, we got Angry after we translated his choice of Words into an Attack – clearly OFAOT.
  • For instance, Marshall might suggest we Respond with something like “When you said/did that, I Felt Angry, and my Need for Safety would Ask, ‘Did you Intend to Hurt me?’ ” Using Marshall’s formula: Objective Observation; True Emotion; Basic Human Need; Request (
  • Note that “I am Angry about what Fred did” implies Cause and Effect (“C&E”), and not only do we Agree that Cause and Effect is Unreliable when it comes to Feelings, but C&E also depends upon Linear Time. If E precedes C, then it messes up the idea that C&E was happening. But Linear Time Ended in 2012. Without Linear Time, there is no C&E, except like most of our Karma, we cling to its Corpse. Our Minds still operate in C&E, so we still interpret the World through it. Just think how many “Miracles” we could Enjoy if we actually Lived on the Other Side of C&E! That’s 5D.
  • We dismiss Miracles unless we can Think of a Mechanism to get us from here to there. But Mechanism is an artifact of C&E. Without C&E the only Mechanism we need is Intention.
  • Ants are a fairly good example of Critters that basically Live in 2D. If we, in 3D, drop a tiny but tasty morsel in front of an Ant, that would be a Miracle to the Ant. We’re Effectively Invisible to the Ant, or at most a Moving Tree. If a 5D Entity dropped a tasty morsel in front of us, it would be a Miracle to us, and the 5D Entity would be invisible to most of us, or at most a Vague Sensation that we aren’t Alone. Since we’re basically Invisible to the Ant, finding our morsel wouldn’t be much different than stumbling on a naturally-occurring tasty morsel – the Ant could be Living Miracles every day!
  • And without the Obfuscation of Thoughts and Emotions, the Ant is probably in Union with Source much more than we are, so may in fact often or always Live in 5D or more, where our 3rd Dimension wasn’t one of the Ant’s 5! We think of 5D as an Ordinal Hierarchy – 2 follows 1 and 3 follows 2. But we have no evidence that our 1,2,3,4,5 couldn’t as easily have been 5,2,6,1,4 for some other Critter.

Self-Love Full Moon

April 6, 2023

Rereading the last few posts, particularly the parts about how Elusive our Unconscious Leghold Traps can be, I’m reminded of Seth’s comment that (paraphrasing) It’s Easy to Know our Karma – it’s Written Clearly in our Personal History!

That doesn’t mean we can easily or always have access to the Karmic replicas of the Held Emotions that result from our acute or chronic Traumas. But it does mean that their Echos, in the form of Repeating Difficulties or Frustrations, should stand out pretty well.

We’re Immersed in our 4-9 April 2023 Time-and-Space Stellium Merging Hidden Genius, Trust, and Global Change.1

1 Consecutive Stations in 5-9 Degrees of Ixion Out of Bounds, Eurydike OOB, Pholus, and Quaoar. Ixion (Issues of Social Convention) Stationary till 4 April PDT 5:50 am (BST 1:50 pm, IST 6:20 pm, AEST 10:50 pm), in 5 Capricorn (Full Consciousness of Past Deaths, Potentially Bridging Worlds). Eurydike (Trust Issues) Stationary till 5 April PDT 2:01 am (BST 10:01 am, IST 2:01 pm, AEST 7:01 pm), in 7 Sagittarius (Staying on Your Edge). Pholus (Ability to Respond Fully) Stationary till 6 April PDT 8:10 am (BST 3:10 pm 6th, IST 8:40 pm 6th, AEST 1:10 am 7th) and Quaoar (Our Survival Instincts) Stationary til 8 April PDT 5:28 pm (BST 12:28 am 9th, IST 5:58 am 9th, AEST 10:28 am 9th), both in 9 Capricorn (Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed), home of the Fixed Star Facies (Combative Relationships).

We refer to Ixion as Hidden Genius because most of have been Programmed to Keep this part of ourself Under Wraps, as it is generally Unacceptable in Polite Society. Till we find our Tribe, in which case we’re Excited to Go Rogue with it – think MAGA, with its Rogue Pathological Narcissism, for example, or Wisconsin Women Voters Breaking Out of their Obedience to the Patriarchy. Many of us are still stuck in the notion that The World has to Change before it’s Safe for us to do so, which just means that we haven’t found our Tribe yet.

5D is not Logical – that’s 2D, where someone assembles Charismatic Rhetoric into a Mantra that Attracts its Tribe. Rhetoric by definition is Attractive but Undefined, so many folks can glue their wagons to it without Examining the Assumptions that link the wagons. Think “Freedom,” one of the most Dangerous of Mantras, which Danger becomes Obvious as soon as you ask a Libertarian what they Really mean by it, if they’re being Honest.

Once our wagon is hitched to a module of Unexamined Charismatic Rhetoric – QAnon, MAGA, 5D, Freedom, Patriotism, Christianity, Islam, Isreal, Justice (pronounced JustUs), Democratic, Twitter, TikTok, Black Lives Matter, Apple Pie, Nature, We Are All One, Green, AI – you’ve already thought of a hundred more – then within our Tribe it’s all Perfectly Logical. For a while. Till someone starts Examining the Mantric Assumption out loud, and then Schisms develop, followed by Fragmentation.

But, if we Want to Help Change the World, we have to Defy Social Convention. If we try to do that Alone, we’re just a Weirdo, and probably a Prevert. With a Tribe we can Go Crazy, and still have our Cocoon. They can’t Arrest All of Us! It used to be Illegal to threaten to Kill Somebody. But it found a Tribe, and now it’s Routine. There’s Room for Millions of Tribes on the Planet. Tribes aren’t the Problem, it’s that Tribes Insist that Everyone Except Their Tribe is Wrong, and has to Change. That’s the Problem with The World has to Change before it’s Safe for us to do so – it’s just more Tribalism.

Our Objection to what’s Wrong with those other Tribes is a Perfect Clue to the Karma we need to Let Go Of. We have Found the Enemy, and It Is Us as that Great Philosopher Pogo liked to say. Our Genius wouldn’t be Hidden if we hadn’t Let our Programmers Shame us about it. We were Outnumbered and Outgunned, we had to Surrender to Survive. But now we need Tribes that are assembled around Positive Functions, what’s Right, not what’s Wrong, and that Realize how All the Tribes Need Each Other. Imagine how Baseball would work if all the Outfielders Tribed Up against the Infielders instead of One Multimillionaire’s Minions against another’s, or all the Firstborn Daughters Tribed Up against the Mothers, or all the Men Conspired to make the Women Feel Inferior. Your Hidden Genius is in fact Genius – it can Figure This Out.

While our Hidden Genius is Learning to Trust that Tribalism is a stage on the way to defining Non-Rhetorical Platforms that can really Impact Global Change rather than just being a Mirror for the Imperfections we like to Hide from ourself because they Trigger our Held Emotions, He/She/They can point their Genius at our own game of Hide-and-Seek. The Major Religions, whose Rhetorical Mantras have been Separating People for Millennia, are still Killing each other. So it should be no Surprise, but in fact a great Blessing, that it will only take until 20812 for Huperity to begin to get Serious about Global Change.

2 Pholus’s Waxing Square to Quaoar.

The 5-6 April Full Moon (PDT 9:34 pm 5th, BST 5:34 am 6th, IST 10:04 am 6th, AEST 2:34 pm 6th), occurs in 17 Libra, Sensitivity Sheltered behind Self-Defeating Self-Obsession. Sounds kind of like Hiding from our Held Emotions, doesn’t it, and making Enemies of anyone who Dares to Trigger them. While our Mistrust that Other Tribes will Help Us Survive Global Change (Ixion-Eurydike-Pholus-Quaoar) makes a Stellium in both Time (till 4-9 April) and Space (5-9 Degrees of the Signs), it’s Lucky that it’s not all that’s going on. Simultaneously, Self-Love3 Extends the Stellium, in Time alone.

3 Sappho (Self-Love Issues) Stationary till 4 April PDT 1:46 am (BST 9:46 am, IST 2:16 pm, AEST 6:46 pm), in 17 Leo (Irrepresible Emergence of the Underworld).

Not the sort of Narcissistic Self-Admiration that the Ego uses to Protect its Tribe, but Unconditional Self-Love, the kind that Loves All of Ourself, especially the parts that Trouble us when we See Them Mirrored in Other People. If we want to “Ascend” (another Tribal Mantra, but now we’re going to start defining a Non-Rhetorical Platform that can be Impactful), we have to Ego-Identify with our Soul, and our Soul, while from some Perspectives is Uniquely Ours, it’s also a Unified part of Source, of the All That Is. It’s not so much that We Are All One, it’s more that All of Us are One.

Reality, recall, is Paradoxically Multifarious and Unitary. We need to step outside of 2D to Grok it, but Reality can be Perceived and Appreciated from an Infinite Number of Perspectives, and one very Important Perspective is that It is All One Piece. If Reality is All One Piece, what’s Outside of it? Other Realities. Get used to it. Think an Infinite Loop of Nesting Russian Dolls, if you’d like a Metaphor. Ego-Identifying with Soul Is Ego-Identifying with Source, with the All.

This Self-Love is Unconditional. It Exists Outside of the Fracturing of 2D Language. Discrimination is useful, so we can tell whether that Rhinoceros is Galloping Toward us, or Away from us, or whether that Tesla is Driving Itself. It helps keep us Alive. But our Discrimination doesn’t put the Rhinoceros or the Tesla Outside of Unconditional Self-Love – if we’re Ego-Identified with Source, both the Rhinoceros and the Tesla are Us. We’d just most of the time rather not Merge with the Horn of either at high speed here in 3D.

The 4-5 April Full Moon and the 4 April Station of Self-Love both occur in 17 Degrees. So Sun, Moon, and Sappho form their own Merger in both Time and Space, which Merger is Merged with the Trusting that our Individual and Combined Genius Is Competent to Adapt to Global Change. As Physical Agents of our Unique Soul, we always have the Option to Ascend Physically, as many have already, and Approach from another Perspective. One of that Infinite Number of Possibilities. If we Love them all Unconditionally, our Genius is Free to Choose the Most Effective one.

For much of what we do, we use what’s called a “90-Degree Wheel.” That is, we consider two planets that are three or six signs from each other to be virtually “in the same Place.” If we plot Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn on top of one another, then our Squares and Oppositions are suddenly Obvious. And when we aver that 5-9 Capricorn (Ixion and Pholus-Quaoar) and 7 Sagittarius (Eurydike) are “in the same Place,” we’re actually using a “30-Degree Wheel,” where we’re plotting all twelve Signs on top of each other. That allows us to see All of the Major Angles at a Glance, though it doesn’t Distinguish which Angles are which. This might seem radical to someone new to astrology, but it’s really no different than converting Miles to Kilometers, or Centigrade to Fahrenheit, just a Transformation between units of Measurement that have different Discriminatory Skills.

The April Full Moon is also Merged with Chiron (Despair, Miracles, and Poor-Sweethearting) and Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life) and Pallas (Boundaries). We’ll take this up in the next installment.

Manganocalcite is a Manganese-rich Calcium Carbonite, here disguised as a fetal Piglet. It’s one of many Stony symbols for Wholeness.

Stellia and Enlightenment 2

April 2, 2023

We were working on the idea that Conjunctions and Stellia (groups of 3 or more planets close together) mean that some of our normal Cultural- and Language-Determined Distinctions (like Boy vs Girl, Blue vs Green, Idiotic vs. Imbecilic) get Merged, so we end up looking at People, Cool Colors, and Dumb instead. Each of these is a tiny Enlightenment. For instance, when we wake up one day and see People instead of Boys vs Girls, it’s Consciousness-Expanding. And we were using the very unusual Total Lunar Eclipse of 27-28 September 2015, which was loaded with Stellia and Conjunctions, as an excellent example. The chart is drawn at

Just looking at the Eclipse itself, the Moon was in a Stellia of three, and the Sun was in a Stellia of eight, ie, unheard of. So what happens to our perspective when 8 of our normal Distinctions all run together? Well, let’s start with the simpler, the Stellia of 3…

  • Eclipsed Moon – Instincts, Illuminated
  • Vesta – Unconscious Limitations
  • True South Node – Held Emotion

Our Held Emotions form the most Persistent Core of our Karma, as long ago we were highly Motivated to Never Think About Them again. They were too Painful. Often they were also Verboten in the Current Lifetime by our Programmers, cementing their Banishment for us.1 Bringing them up into Consciousness by accident is almost impossible, because the clues are usually disguised by Addiction, Illness, or Culturally-Approved Victimizations. Dedicated and Persistent PIAVAs are Required.

1 Forbidding something is probably the best way to assure that it gets constant Attention. Combining Forbidding and Punishing can drive an Energy into the Unconscious and Lock the door behind it, but that only means that we think about it all the time, without actually Recognizing it.

Our Unconscious Limitations are already the same thing as Held Emotions, but seen from a different Perspective. We just “don’t go there,” and our Behavior is so well-Justified that there’s no reason we’d ever want to. I’d Do Anything for Love, but I Won’t Do That! They’re Walled Off very Effectively by Judgments – in fact our Pet Peeves are often the best Clue to our Unconscious Limitations, but our Pet Peeves are Pictures of Our Identity – of Our Ego itself! The Ego has already made it Clear to anyone who will Listen that they’re Off-Limits. So this is an Effortless Merger!

But our Instincts! Only Carl Jung defined our Karma as a Persistent and Dedicated Effort by the Unconscious to get us to Open to and Accept our Held Emotions. So this sort of Merger is a Given to Jungians and followers of his followers. In Normal Circumstances for most people, this triple Merger would Precipitate a Major Crisis, as we would be forced to Admit or Reveal our Most Shameful Secrets. At the very least we’d be Hiding in a Cave somewhere, so no one would be allowed to Witness our Shame.

But these weren’t Normal Circumstances! Look at the Other Side of this Eclipse – a Stellium of eight planets – I don’t recall ever seeing that before!

  • Sun – Essence
  • True North Node – Life Mission
  • Juno – Growth in Consciousness
  • Black Moon Lilith – Self-Sovereignty
  • Makemake Out of Bounds – Enhanced Manifestation
  • Sisyphus Out of Bounds – Enjoying the Journey Rather than Anticipating the Destination, Exaggerated
  • Tantalus Out of Bounds – Valuing Desire as the Essence of Living, More Highly than Satisfaction, Amplified
  • Panacea – Healing

While our Ego is Lost in Shame, our Essence is Bathing in the Bright Light of Our Lifetime Mission. Our Mission is so multidimensional that our Ego and 2D Mind seldom actually Witness more than a Whiff of it. But here we’re Immersed in the Urge to Grow in Consciousness, and Intuitively we know that the most Powerful way to do that is to Open to a Held Emotion. With Emphasis on Self-Sovereignty, we’re less concerned than usual about What Everyone Else Will Think of us, which has potential to Neutralize our Shame.

Sisyphus and Tantalus are cousins in the Psyche, both dealing as they do with Forever – Sisyphus Condemns us to Repeat a Task Forever, and Tantalus leaves us Forever Frustrated because the Objects of our Desire Dissolve just as we are about, at long last, to Enjoy Them. Indeed, few things are more Tantalizing than the Desire to Complete our Sisyphean Tasks. Both make excellent adjectives for describing Karma.

Sisyphus and Tantalus are named like “Centaurs,” which are comet-like dwarf planets with elongated 50-100+ year orbits between Jupiter and Pluto, of which Chiron is the most well known. But they aren’t Centaurs at all, they’re “Apollos” – Near-Earth Asteroids that orbit between Venus and Mars. Tantalus is considered a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid, as it’s 4km/2½mi wide and comes within 16 LD (Moon-to-Earth Distances) of Earth, orbiting every 18 months between 0.9 and 1.7 AU (Distance from the Sun, where Sun-to-Earth is 1.0). Sisyphus is a little less dangerous, approaching within “only” 40 LD from Earth though at 9km/5½mi wide it’s bigger than Tantalus. It orbits every 30 months, between 0.9 and 2.9 AU. For comparison, Mars orbits at 1.4-1.7 AU, Venus at 0.7 AU.

Their presence in the 8-fold Merger tempts us to Imagine what Life will be like for us when our Karma is no longer Interminable, nor Fruitless. Panacea tells us that this Merger is a Healing! So it was entirely possible for a Witness to the 27-28 September 2015 Blood Moon to Experience a Significant Burst of Enlightenment. And whether we Witnessed it visually or not, we couldn’t Hide from the Energy of a Blood Moon like this one.

But what about the Kassandra T-Square, the thick red triangle that Challenges the Full Moon? The Full Moon is already a Debate, like any Opposition a Tension between the two sides of a Tug-of-War. But here the two sides are in total agreement – we need to Embrace our Held Emotions to Move into Enlightenment and 5D. So where’s the Tension? Kassandra means Disbelief. Who are we to Claim to be Enlightened? Everyone we know who does that is either a Guru or an Obvious Egotist, sometimes Both.

The green wedge pointing at Kassandra says that the T-Square is Self-Resolving. There’s nothing we need to do except somehow refrain from Interfering in the process as it Unfolds, since it may not Unfold all at once. It can actually help to be Unaware of the astrology at this point, because our lack of Awareness might help prevent our Interference. How does the Self-Resolution Unfold?

The two long green lines are “Quincunxes” – an “Unx” is one twelfth, here 1/12th of the Zodiac or one Sign, and “Quin” is of course 5 – the green lines are 5 Signs long. A Quincunx means Curiosity. Not Curiosity in the sense I gotta figure this out! but Curiosity in the sense of Awe. So our most appropriate Response to the Eclipse would be to Watch or Experience it Slack-Jawed, in Awe. A Quincunx is a Mystery School, where we need to put our 2D tools (Mind) back in the toolchest, Ask to be Informed, and Wait for nD tools to reveal themselves.

There’s a Mysterious Relationship here between Pan, the Primary God of Nature, and Disbelief, that’s somehow involved with the Manifestation of our Enlightenment. And another Mysterious Relationship between Disbelief and The Birth (Klotho) of a New Field (Arachne). Arachne is Grandmother Spider, Who Weaves the Web of Life. So there are things that are Unfolding which are beyond what we can Understand Intellectually.

The Shift Network is sponsoring a course on Communicating Soul to Soul with the Spirit World, presented by “Mystic, Medium, and Author” Suzanne Giesemann. I’d never heard of her, but I Learned enough listening to her hour-long Preview last night, to Connect with many passed Relatives, and a few of my former Teachers. First time I’ve ever had two-way conversations with Disincarnate Spirits. She’s offering a free recording of this Preview for at least three more days (till 5 April 2023), at

What sort of nD Relationships with Disbelief are we talking about here? The 2D Mind will only have enough bandwidth to find Metaphors, but we might be able to get more Intuitive Perspective by Asking for a download from our Teachers and Ancestors on the Other Side of the Veil. Just because someone’s on the Other Side, that doesn’t mean they Know more than you do already, but Suzanne introduces simple ways to Validate what you’re Picking Up. If you aren’t in steady Contact with the Other Side of the Veil already, there’s at least a Talking Mirror here. Validation is important, as our Comprehension of this New Field (Klotho-Arachne) is Explicitly Challenged by Untruthes (Square to asteroid Pinocchio).

There’s one more Stellium and one more Conjunction in this Blood Moon chart, so we haven’t Exhausted the Opportunities for mini-Enlightenments yet. They’re Linked to Pan through a Grand Cross (four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac) which introduces a Series of Small Challenges that Complement one another. A Grand Cross is Self-Resolving, though there may be some Temporary Discomfort if the segments of the Resolution are separated in Time.

The Stellium involves Intrusive Memories (Gonggong), Truth of the Mind (Veritas), and Confusion (Neptune). The Intrusive Memories are highly likely to be Clues about our Held Emotions, if we Pursue them as Teachings, and sidestep the Temptation to Relive them as Coulda Woulda Shouldas. The Intrusive Memories Intruded in 2015, but remember that Everything that Ever Happened in a Place Is Still Going On, and we have the advantage that by reviewing the astrology we’re Indirectly Triggering our Experience of the 2015 Eclipse, even if we don’t Remember Experiencing its Energy.

The Truth of the Mind tells us to Compare Everything we Learn here to What We Already Know, but not to Reject Anything that doesn’t Agree, but to Practice our Skill with “Cognitive Dissonance,” the Practice of Holding Contradictory Propositions in Mind at the Same Time without Argument between them, which is Essential Practice for using our Mentality in Dimensions higher than 2.

Neptune, Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, here completes the Suite by Reminding us that Confusion is the First Stage of Growth in Consciousness. Without Being Comfortable with Confusion and Standing Still for It, we’ll never get to Allowing Cognitive Dissonance to Enliven Paradox. One trick to make it easier to Live with Neptune, is to shift our Vision from the Mind to the Heart, as the Heart Perceives Spirit and its Clarity. If we Channel the 2015 Blood Moon fully here, we won’t be able to Discern the Difference between Intellectual Truth, Confusion, and Ancient Memory, and that’s Important to Grokking the Enlightenment.

Besides Pan and the Gonggong Triad, the third member of the Grand Cross is the Merger between Mars and Orcus – only two Concepts to Merge – how Easy by now, right? Mars is about Action, and Orcus is about Pattern-Making and Pattern-Breaking, namely, Creating and Letting Go of Karma. So we’re Expected to Actively Let Go of any Attachment we have to Self-Sabotaging Habits. The subscript is that Anger may be involved in our Held Emotions, and that there may be Resistance to Letting Go of our Anger, especially if we’ve heavily Invested our Ego into being Victims of our Pet Peeves.

Mars was the God of War, and there’s nothing he Enjoys more. Orcus was the Enforcer of Oaths in pre-Roman days in what is now Italy, and his methods were gruesome, as most of the Oaths he Enforced were involved Commitment to Armies. Commitment to things like Fidelity were not even considered in those days. We were Free then to Abuse anyone or anything of lower status than ours. Financial Commitments were probably more one-way Commitments than two-way “Bargains” as Civilized Law expects. There’s probably no more Important Held Emotion to Embrace, than Anger, as we Experience Anger in the Unconscious as Anger Directed Toward us. Another Clue.

Finally, the fourth corner of the Grand Cross contained The Fall of Overtechnologized Civilization (asteroid Atlantis). If any of your Strategies involve Increasing Complexity, turn around and Walk toward Simplicity instead. Universal Equality and Respect for All Things is probably as Simple as we can get.

4D Stellia (1-20 April 2023)

March 31, 2023

The Moon is now In Bounds (Panic less likely), since PDT 6:41 am 31 March 2023 (BST 2:41 pm, IST 7:11 pm IST, AEST 11:41 pm, in 8 Leo). It will move Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere PDT 12:23 pm 9 April (BST 8:23 pm 9th, IST 12:53 am 10th, AEST 5:23 am 10th, in 4 Sagittarius).

The next scheduled Major Threat to our Survival (aka US Federal Reserve announcement of interest rate changes) doesn’t occur till the first few days of May. Which is not to say that unscheduled Major Threats to our Survival couldn’t happen any day now, as the Patriarchy Collapses. For instance, here in Amerika, where 106% of our neighbors are armed, many with automatic weapons, Civil War could begin any day, as a prominent former elected official with a fairly rabid following is being charged with a crime. And of course, in Europe, another “elected” official, already indicted as a War Criminal, has been threatening a Nucular Holocaust for much of a year already. An Aspirant in Asia isn’t far behind. We’ll try to imagine the odds of such “Black Swan” events as we review the astroevents.


Many folks I read refer to 4D as Dreams. Indigenous Australians, along with a few branches of Western Psychology, regard Dreams as Real, and our Waking Life as a version of Reality warped by Karma. Others, using a narrower and Linear Cartesian Perspective, refer to Time as the fourth dimension – Length, Width, Depth, and Duration. Astrology bases most of it’s interpretations on Longitude – Signs and Degrees – and Time as well – Natal, Transits, Progressions. Astrology does also consider Latitude – as transformed to Declination – but much less prominently.1 “Out of Bounds” is a measure of relatively extreme Declension that we pay quite a bit of Attention to, in a very general way.

1 Natal is a snapshot of planetary Longitudes and their Interactions (Angles) at your Birth; Transits identify the Interactions between Natal planetary Longitudes and present-moment planetary Longitudes; Progressions use the Relationships between Natal planetary Longitudes and the planetary Longitudes a certain number of Days after your Birth, where that “certain number” is the number of Years of your Life on the Planet. Latitude measures distance from the Equator, while Declension measures the Angular deviation from the Plane of the Ecliptic, which is the plane of the Earth’s Orbit around the Sun. I don’t pretend to be fully educated about the difference between Latitude and Declension, but I do know that in at least some circumstances, the Declension of a planet tells us our Earthly Latitude when we’re on the Longitude corresponding to the planet’s Sign and Degree, and the planet is directly overhead.

In other words, in Cartesian terms, most of astrology is pretty one-dimensional, except that since it’s almost always embedded in time, it becomes two-dimensional. Adding Out of Bounds gives us insight into a third Dimension, so we cover the equivalents of Length, Width, and Time. We add Depth when we talk about Cycles, because Cycles are determined by the Distance of the planets from the Sun, which is highly correlated with their apparent Speed of travel across the Sky when seen from the back yard, or from wherever there’s less ambient light.

I mention all this background because we’re entering a month full of Stellia in Time. I don’t know if other astrologers would consider that appropriate use of astrological terms, but I do. An excellent example is the Stellia in Time that we’re in now, where three planets all Stand Still within 24 hours…

  • Sappho (Self-Love Issues) Stationary till 4 April PDT 1:46 am (BST 9:46 am, IST 2:16 pm, AEST 6:46 pm), in 17 Leo (Irrepresible Emergence of the Underworld).
  • Ixion (Issues of Social Convention) Stationary till 4 April PDT 5:50 am (BST 1:50 pm, IST 6:20 pm, AEST 10:50 pm), in 5 Capricorn (Full Consciousness of Past Deaths, Potentially Bridging Worlds).
  • Eurydike (Trust Issues) Stationary till 5 April PDT 2:01 am (BST 10:01 am, IST 2:01 pm, AEST 7:01 pm), in 7 Sagittarius (Staying on Your Edge).

Before we proceed with our consideration of Stellia in Time, we should note that this Swan seems to have great potential to be born with Black feathers.

The most salient part of any Stellium is that We Can’t Separate It’s Components. Because we’re working with the Unconscious where Negation doesn’t exist, we’ve interpreted the three planets as “Issues of” rather than either Side of the Issue identified. So any astrological interpretation must always be matched with its opposite. That is, the Distinctions and Boundaries between Self-Regard, Disregard for Social Convention, and DisTrust will be Blurry at best, if not completely Absent.

So let’s tentatively mark the Extremes, and possible Midpoints or Overviews, of the three Concepts…

  • Sappho – Self-Love Self-RegardSelf-Hate
  • Ixion – Disregard for RulesObedienceRigid Adherence to Rules
  • Eurydike – FaithTrustParanoia

So we have three Dimensions, and marked three Positions on each. Merging the three, we could Be Faithful to Self-Love Regardless of Our Degree of Obedience. We could Be Trusted to Hate Scoff-Laws. We could Be Paranoid that Too Much Self-Regard Would Lead to Criminal Behavior. Or any of the six other permutations. We could consider the original Mythologies to define a default Position on each Dimension, which would be Self-Love, Disregard for Rules, and Wanting Verification and Consequent Failure.

Or choose any additional points along each Dimension to Combine, such as Self-Doubt about Our Ability to Know How to Act in a Foreign Country. Did you know for instance that it’s an insult to an Arab if you Show them the soles of your feet, by for instance crossing your legs while sitting? In an Eye-for-an-Eye Culture that could be dangerous. Interesting that, “coincidentally,” one immediate Major Threat to our Security, because of our Worship of Wealth, comes from Lack of Trust that our Institutions have the Fortitude to make Narcissistic Sociopaths Follow the Law.

These three Stations are so close in Time that we really can’t consider them Separately, but we also need to Notice that, “coincidentally,” they’re closely followed by…

  • Pholus (Ability to Respond Fully) Stationary till 6 April PDT 8:10 am (BST 3:10 pm 6th, IST 8:40 pm 6th, AEST 1:10 am 7th);
  • Quaoar (Our Survival Instincts) Stationary til 8 April PDT 5:28 pm (BST 12:28 am 9th, IST 5:58 am 9th, AEST 10:28 am 9th);
  • both in 9 Capricorn (Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed), home of the Fixed Star Facies (Combative Relationships).

Since this Conjunction symbolizes our Climate Change Conundrum, it’s easy to combine into a Merged Dimension…

  • Pholus-Quaoar – Full Response to Our Survival InstinctsSurvivalFailing to Consider Important Vulnerabilities to our Survival.

The original-Mythology Default is mixed – the Pholus Story leading to Significant and Fatal Failure to Consider… and the Quaoar Story leading to Survival through Managing the Landscape Collaboratively and Responsibly. If we Merge this with the Default Mythologies of the other three planets, we’d have something like Feeling Overoptimistic and Waiting too Long to Trust Our Fear that Valuing Individual Wealth More than Environmental Sustainability would Result in the Downfall of the Western Worldview. After the Downfall those who remain are Shepherded into 5D by Survivors of Indigenous 5D Cultures.

Another Morganite Crystal, this one a Frozen Chrysalis of an Ancient Alien. “Morganite brings light to the seat of the self [the Heart] … [ and is] the home of the Gods on earth… [It] literally connects to Heaven… where the [huper] soul may rest when it comes to perfection. Achieving this involves being split and opened by spirit in a lightning burst of revelation and enlightenment. Morganite infuses the subtle and physical bodies with unconditional love, because it is the cracked halves of the primordial egg of Heaven and Earth split open to reveal Love within (Marquist & Frasl, p.101).

Morganite is a Beryl – Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate, tinted pink by Manganese. In a Cyclosilicate, the Silicate units are organized in Rings, connected on their sides. In a Beryl, Beryllium atoms tie the Rings together in towers. Beryls symbolize Serpent Energy and Kundalini. Like Karma, toxic Serpent Energy is a Profound Riddle to be Solved through Living it, a Core course in the Curriculum of the Mystery School that our Soul enrolled us in.


I’m sure you’ve noticed that how the terms are Merged is entirely Political, as is true of any Either/Or proposition. Truth Is, Nature and Reality are always Both/And. So yes, as Bruce Lipton maintains, the Fall of Western Civilization, and of the Patriarchy, are Necessary Conditions for the Survival of Huperity, because the Worldview of Western Civilization is simply not Sustainable. But that will probably be one of many Outcomes, along with 5D Indigenous Cultures and their Wisdom Helping Others Survive. Michael Roads maps this Future in his fabulously comprehensive Guidebook to 5D, his Eyes of Love trilogy.

The 24-hour Minia that conveniently downplays the Where, and often the When, in most Traumatic News Stories, makes us Forget how Local our Lives actually are. There is room for millions and millions of different Microcultures on Planet Earth to Adapt and Survive, once the Popularity of Global Exploitation becomes less pervasive, for instance through Economic and Technological Failures. In the “Middle Ages” in Europe it was difficult enough to carry food over the Ridge, that it was fairly common for local crop failures to doom one Valley’s population while nearby groups thrived.

We could easily return to that, especially as Greenland melts and the resulting lens of floating Fresh Water stops the warm Caribbean currents from keeping northern Europe warmer than its Latitude. It was the Dutch that helped Medieval Europe develop the Transportation for sharing Food between Valleys, and in the next chapter they may not have enough thumbs to keep themselves above Sea Level, as the Oceans continues to Expand.

So I Believe the Odds of our Way of Life Collapsing Utterly in the next fortnight to be fairly Low, while the Odds of Significant Steps toward that Future occurring to be well above 50%. However, let’s look quickly at the following fortnight…

  • 11 April, Samadhi (Enlightenment) Stationary in 24 Leo (Channeling the Living Cosmic Spirit, Resisting the Temptations of its Distractions, and Bringing the Result Out into the World).
  • 13 April, Cyllarus Out of Bounds (Amplified Ego Death) Stationary in 2 Leo (BOTH Fully Involved AND Fully Detached).
  • 16 April, Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Learning to Enjoy the Journey, Amplified) Stationary in 21 Leo (Slavishly Devoted to Acknowledging the Light in Everything).
  • 17 April, Venus Out of Bounds (Our Values, Amplified) in 7 Gemini (Untameably Innovative, for better or worse).
  • 18 April, Varuna Out of Bounds (The Life Force, Amplified) Stationary in 6 Leo (Torn between Experiencing and Observing and Forced to Learn to Do Both Fully Simultaneously).
  • 19 April, Requiem Out of Bounds (Amplified Ego Death) Stationary in 22 Sagittarius (Thrown Facefirst into the Shadow, Requiring that We Endure the Drama and Stop Identifying with Our Karma).

Check to see where Salacia (Commitment to Enlightenment) sits in your Birth chart. If you don’t know, you can look it up by entering your Birth date on this webpage. Note whether it’s Amplified (Out of Bounds, that is, Declination greater than 23°26’11 when you ignore the “-” or missing “+”. How does it sit in your natal chart? If it has any importance at all in your natal chart, take a short break, then reread the table above, Focusing on each line this time rather than skimming through it or ignoring it. Imagine the planet keyword (such as Enlightenment) Interacting with the Degree Reading (eg Channeling the Living Spirit…) for each line.

If your Salacia is Emphasized, or you have other Ambitions for 5D, April is a Mystery School for you, and you want to treat it as such. Let yourself be Torn between Experiencing and Observing and Practice Doing Both Fully Simultaneously as much as you’re Able. It’s Hard, so be very Kind and Forgiving with yourself. You may get the hang of it quickly, or it may take you many more Lifetimes of Practice to become Adept. It doesn’t matter which – Time is an Illusion on this level of Existence.

That’s the Great thing about Karma. Like passing the Bar, No Matter What, we Always get a Do-Over. Even after we Let Go of All Attachment to our Karma, we keep the Patterns. Karma is just Habits we use Unconsciously, whether they’re appropriate to the Occasion or not. When we Drop the Karmic element, we Keep the Habits, because they’re SuperPowers when used in the Appropriate Circumstances. That’s why we Practice them interminably, and just when we think we’ve got it licked, we get to Practice them in whole new Arenas. Enjoying the Journey is Key.

Practice makes Perfect as they say, and we as a Soul would never have Signed Up to become Adept with these SuperPowers, if it wasn’t Critically Important to the Mission our Soul has Chosen.