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New Years Day

December 31, 2012

Don’t forget to look for our Big Diamond Star starting about 10pm PST on January 1 –

And here’s our “must have” Uranus-Eris calendar for 2013…

Mary’s either very intuitive, or has a good astrologer.

Heiress I

December 31, 2012


The amazing thing about Eris’s “Discovery” chart is the way everybody showed up for it!  Everybody beyond Neptune, I mean.  Before any of these guests arrive, there are two Cardinal Grand Crosses in the chart, one at 16-20 degrees and the other at 25-29 degrees, with a Yod bridging them at 23-25 degrees.  That fills up the last (social) half of the Signs, which in itself is intriguing.

Eris herself, Stationary Direct at Discovery time, sat on one corner of the 16-20 Cross.  And look whoall showed up for the party…

  • Haumea Opposes Eris in the 16-20 Cross
  • Salacia Trines a corner of this Cross
  • Quaoar is at the Apex of the Yod Bridge
  • Ixion Trines Eris from the Yod Bridge Apex
  • Sedna is in the Yod Bridge Base
  • Varuna sits on a corner of the 25-29 Cross and on the Yod Base
    and at the top of the Chart
  • 2002 TC302 occupies a corner of the 25-29 Cross
  • MakeMake forms a Pythagorean Triangle with two corners of this Cross
  • Snow White does the same
  • Orcas does too, while also making a Grand Trine with the Yod Apex

A Pythagorean Triangle is formed by three planets related by a Quincunx, a Square, and a Trine.  I would regard this as very fortuitous, as the Challenge of the Square would be balanced by the Grace of the Trine, and the Quincunx would automatically provide the motivation to Master the Challenge.

Many of these Pluto-fellow-travelers are Creator Gods from various of Earth’s mythic traditions, all gathering to welcome Eris to the fold and receive her gift of Golden Apples.  I’d be surprised if anybody slept that night!  Which was January 4-5, 2005, by the way.  The official Discovery time is listed as 1am PST on January 5, near Los Angeles.  I doubt that they all came to the party to keep Eris under control.  Rather I think their attendance is a sign of great Respect.

I don’t know a lot about the new dwarves and other “Trans-Neptunian Objects” or “TNOs” around and beyond Pluto, other than recognizing some of the names of these new-Millenium characters.  Several are already defined as Dwarf Planets like Pluto and Ceres, meaning they have enough gravity to spin themselves into a roundish shape.  Here are their vital stats, sorted by their approximate girth.  An “AU” is an “Astronomical Unit,” which is the length of a one-way trip from the Sun to the Earth.  By “closing” we mean moving toward the Sun and inner planets.  There are more, but these are more than enough to start with!

  • Eris, 561-year orbit, 38-98 AU (closing since 1977), 2300 km wide
  • Pluto, 246 yrs, 30-49 AU (receding since 1989), 2300 km
  • MakeMake 310 yrs, 39-53 AU (closing till 2033), 1450 km
  • Haumea 283 yrs, 35-52 AU (closing since 1992), 1400 km
  • Snow White 551 yrs, 34-101 AU (receding till 2081), 1200 km
  • 2002 TC302 414 yrs, 39-72 AU (closing till 2058), 1150 km
  • Quaoar 286 yrs, 42-45 AU (closing till 2070), 1100 km
  • Sedna 11,400 yrs, 76-937 AU (closing till 2076), 1000 km
  • Salacia 274 yrs, 38-47 AU, 900 km
  • Varuna 281 yrs, 40-45 AU (receding till 2071), 900km
  • Orcus 245 yrs, 30-48 AU (receding till 2019), 800 km
  • Ixion 250 yrs, 30-49 AU (closing till 2070), 700 km

At her closest approach (in the years 1699 and 2257), Eris is well within the orbit of Pluto.  Eris (or Pluto for that matter) would fill up most of Australia, cover Western Europe from Lisbon to Prague and Scotland to Sicily, and fit twice into the continental US, one blanketing New York-to-Houston and Minneapolis-to-Miami, and the other covering Los Angeles-to-Minneapolis and El Paso-to-Seattle.

  • Haumea is the Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, originally nicknamed Santa.
  • Salacia is the Goddess of Salt Water, and Neptune’s wife.
  • Ixion was grandfather of the Centaurs, and a bad boy of the Greek Pantheon.
  • Quaoar is the Creator God of the Mission Indians of southern California.
  • Sedna is an Inuit Goddess of the Sea living at the bottom of  the Arctic Ocean.
  • Varuna is the Hindu God of the Sea and the Sky.
  • 2002 TC302 doesn’t have a name yet.
  • MakeMake is the Rapanui (Easter Island) God that created Humanity and controls fertility; it was first nicknamed Easterbunny.
  • Orcus was an Etruscan God of the Underworld and son of Eris.  It’s also called Anti-Pluto because it’s orbit mirrors Pluto’s.
  • Snow White is the nickname for 2007 OR10, which has no official name yet.

In case anyone wants to play with any of these Animals, there are links to Ephemerides at

Eris and I are inseparable, as she has a prominent place in my birth chart.  I don’t know these other fellows yet – I don’t even know where they are in my chart, I’ll have to look them up.  As important as Pluto is, I expect these dudes and their mates to turn psychological and spiritual astrology upside down over the next couple of decades.  Let’s take Pluto as an example.  Its perihelion (closest approach) occurred in 1989 in Scorpio.  While Pluto was in Scorpio the Recovery Movement bloomed, creating and spreading great technologies for approaching addiction and exposing Denial.  The TNOs that are closest to perihelion will be the most prominent.

That means MakeMake, who is Stationary as we speak, and Retrogrades until July.  He enters Libra later in 2013, on the way to his perihelion at about 20 degrees of Libra in 2033.  Libra is about Collaboration and Harmony.  Like Thoth (Master of the Balance), MakeMake was visualized as a Bird-headed God.  He was about manifesting Humans, regenerating Plant life, and Birds.  Birds symbolize Spirit in Form.  Easter Island has been a poster child for environmental destruction, but MakeMake was actually helping Easter Islanders to adapt – it was European disease that killed Rapanui, not starvation.  For the next 30 years MakeMake will be teaching us about Sustainability.  That’s him peering out of the Basalt at the beginning.

In the next several installments on Her Majesty the Heiress we’ll interpret the traditional planets and Angles in the Eris Discovery Chart.


December 29, 2012

You never know how a Comet will develop as it comes to dance with the Sun, but there is a possibility that Comet Ison may turn out to be a Big Attraction…

Here’s an update on Tapping for Newtown…

This is hilarious; I particularly like the last line…

And this is awesome.  A tribute to Led Zeppelin by Ann and Nancy Wilson and a whole lot of others, most of whom I don’t even know.  Of the three in the box seats with the rainbow ribbons, on the left is Zeppelin keyboardist John Paul Jones, center with beard and curls is vocalist Robert Plant, and on the right with gray ponytail is Zeppelin lead guitarist Jimmy Page.  The guy playing drums with Ann and Nancy is Jason Bonham, son of deceased Zeppelin drummer John Bonham…

Stairway to Heaven came out in 1971, but that’s close enough to the 1960s for me!

Where Are We Going?

December 28, 2012


I got these questions today,

“I still don’t know about ascension – if it’s with physical body or only consciousness or maybe both…  Where are we going?”

and I think a lot of people may have similar questions.  I can only give my opinions, based on my own Birdcage, but also on a lot of nosing around, but the questions merit a serious answer.

There is a technology (at least one) for Ascension, and it’s not one I’ve studied extensively.  I may regret that, but from my current intuitive perspective, my sense is that technology is not the answer for me.  I’m sure there are others, but the two folks I recommend as being the most tuned in to these arenas are Drunvalo Melchizedek and Bryan de Flores…

They can get far out and my mind can enjoy a lot of skepticism about their perspectives, but my chin nods a lot nevertheless, and I’ve seen them penetrate enough Mysteries to know that they’re very Real.

We are configurations of Energy, we are each Separate, and we are All One.  There is no question about that in my mind.  Our Human form is an elaborate costume, and to believe that our current Form and current Ego are the Cat’s Meow is beyond humor.  We have many parallel Lives in many different forms in many different Universes.  And Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

Where are we going?  I believe that those who stay here in Human form will be evolving (Co-Creating) a new social-economic organization, probably based more on collaboration and Yin manifestation, on something akin to barter, and on “localism.”  I put that in quotes because it has two senses – we will build geographically local Communities that we support and that support us for food, shelter, and everyday interaction.  And we will have philosophically-spiritually local but geographically global Communities based on our “Tribe” – folks with prominent parallel lives in the same Galaxy, perhaps.

There will be challenges to accept Diversity in our geographic Communities, and there will be challenges of communication in our Tribal Communities.  Governments at various levels will continue to interfere with both of these reformations, with varying degrees of success, and as we always have (Render unto Caesar...), we will find workarounds that provide varying degrees of success.  I’m not a Libertarian, because I believe in compassion and that we’re All One.  In general, I support government, as a provider of useful services, like roads.  I think a local PUD can provide electricity more efficiently than a capitalist entity, for instance, but I’ve seen both fail spectacularly.

I’m a solid supporter of Starhawk’s work on social organization,

and if you plan to stay here, I highly recommend that you study her material, such as her Empowerment Manual and Truth or Dare.

If you have Karma left, and/or if you encounter Shadows, I highly recommend that you approach them seriously.  Karma means that you are sometimes unable to maintain the posture of Compassion and Detachment.  Shadows are people or circumstances that trigger intense Emotions for you.  By and large, Karma is to Shadow as Introjection (I feel their pain and it hurts) is to Projection (I hate them).  If you aren’t using EFT (Tapping), you’re missing out on a very powerful and easy to use tool for both types of dis-ease…

We need to address all impediments to self-love, which is not Narcissism.  Gay and Katie Hendricks can help with that…

If you can possibly avoid the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance cabal, you’ll be far better off, and one of your greatest tools for that is Energy Medicine, of which Donna Eden is the Master…

I see several raisons d’etre for Humans to be on Earth.   Many are here for the Shopping, and other forms of entertainment, like vicarious futbol.  Some are here to enjoy Power Games, and enjoy them they do.  Some are here to experience being encapsulated in a physical body and playing futbol.  Others are here to practice surfing the powerful waves of Emotion that bathe the Planet.  And some of us, from my Tribe at least, are here to help ground the Violence that results from the other raisons, and to help reanimate the spiritual Life of the Planet from the genocide that fundamentalist sciences and religions have perpetrated.

Danburite, Calcium Borosorosilicate, is a Shaman’s tool.  Boron, atomic number 5, takes itself lightly.

Another Full Moon

December 28, 2012


Well, we have lots of candidate charts here to prognosticate from.  There’s the Big Solstice End-O-The-World Chart, the New Year Chart, the Uranus-Station Chart, and the Eris-Station Chart – any one of those would be a reasonable choice for judging the timbre of 2013.  But we’ll choose last night’s Full Moon Chart, because it’s has better overtones.  Cheating, you say, to choose a saxophone over flatulence?  Run that by the Abrahams and see what you get.  It’s just a game – why not play for Fun?

Anyway, sure we expect those other Charts to have their day in the orchestra pit – not to mention the last Eclipse and several other soloists.  The Last-Teetering-Over-The-Fiscal-Abyss Chart, for instance, that’d probably have as much impact on the “Real” World as any.  It’s a bit Heyoka to see a Full Moon as an Initiation, that role usually goes to a New Moon, but if we’re judging the cadence of a natural Cycle of Decay, then the Full Moon’s actually a better choice.  Are we entering a natural Cycle of Decay?  Haven’t we been in one for the last several years?  What about duration – shouldn’t a Moon chart apply only to a month?  Not if it’s the last or first Moon nearest a threshold, like the New Year or the Solstice.

But I’m just playing around here.  From the Paradigm perspective (on the Chiron-Neptune level), we’re actually starting to rebuild; the primary Decay Cycle was from around 1994 to around 2007, when Chiron-Neptune was in its Void phase.  If we’re looking at the health of currencies Worldwide, then it’s absolutely true that Decay began in earnest in those years of the Greenspan Bubbles.  History will probably see it that way, let alone Herstory.  There’s certainly an anaerobic stench lilting off of the World’s Zombie currencies, as they died several years ago, and it’s very easy to cast that as the ultimate cause of the current economic malaise.  The “green shoots” are rising from the Occupy Movements and the other New Community endeavors we’ve been touching, most of which don’t even use Zombie currencies.

I like this random revelatory quote from Peter Phalam’s Celestial Reunion (p.72)…

“The rains appeared also in his dream, but suddenly turned to snow.  Everything was white, but the snow did not cease.  The Earth had reclaimed herself, and everyone was at her mercy.  Miracles came of this, since the only way to deal with these events was to form one enormous family and work together.”

While the new Chiron-Uranus Cycle is a couple of years old, the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is barely out of the incubator, so there’s no Decay indicated there.  The Void phase of the previous Uranus-Pluto Cycle occurred between around 1914 and 1960, while Pluto was in Cancer and Creative Expression was mostly replaced by Lawn Order and But what will people think?  Of course, as with the Zombie Currencies, the dregs of Lawn Order and conformity are very much anaerobic these days.

The Cycles which are approaching Decay are mostly Saturn Cycles – Ceres-Saturn (Institutions), Vesta-Saturn (Religious Institutions), and Jupiter-Saturn (Social Institutions).  We should spend some time with these Cycles, soon, so we can see what our emerging new Cultures aren’t.  Here’s a humorous story about Decaying Social Institutions –

Definitely no She-Bear there.  So, let’s talk about that Full Moon Chart.

It’s best feature is a Grand Trine (Great Grace) – we haven’t had one of those for a while – and it’s to the Full Moon itself!  The other two corners are Saturn (Focus) and Chiron-Neptune (the Miraculous New Paradigm – we don’t want to forget that Chiron changes Despair into Miracle by reframing our perspectives, while Neptune represents the Unconscious elements of our cultures).  So this Full Moon is a major gift to our ongoing social-economic reorg, and an Energy well worth capturing for posterity.  Have any great ideas in the last few days?  Nurture them!

Our old friend the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod (Curiosity about how we’ll be Co-Create our New Culture and what it will look like) is still strong, and the Sun has joined Pluto in Quincunx to Jupiter, making it stronger yet.  And of course, Uranus is still Square to Pluto, so we have a Uranus T-Square to the Full Moon as well.  I didn’t see any Werewolves out last night, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.  The Devil made me do it! would be a good anthem for a Uranus-Full Moon T-Square.  Of course, those are just Shadows.

When we see Uranus as our Soul Connection (which we do), then this is a Challenge to Master new ways to express our True Self in plain sight (Full Moon) that feed the expansion of the social matrix (Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto) into the New Paradigm (the Chiron-Neptune Grand Trine).  The social matrix has appeared to contract recently into a return to Feudal standards (the 1%), but that’s just a Shadow, a reaction to the expansion that’s occurring.  Perhaps this Full Moon will illuminate this Shadow even more.

For those of you who keep track, the Full-Moon action occurs between the 4th and 10th degrees of the Signs.  In these degrees, the basic purpose and template of our Co-Creation are well established, and we’re refining the user interface and functionality to meet our goal as elegantly as possible.  The Grand Trine is in Water (Emotion – it feels good), and the T-Square is Cardinal (Creative – our Mastery will open new doors).  All of the actors are playing Yin roles except Uranus, which plays a Yang role.  That will constrain Self-Expression into creative but necessarily Collaborative actions, as the World will turn its back on self-indulgence.

The other T-Square is most interesting.  It’s focus is Pallas (Wisdom, Protection), but the base planets – Mercury and Ceres – are both Out of Bounds (Strong).  Mercury (Awareness) Opposing (Illumination) Ceres (Syntropy), both Out of Bounds, is a forecast for Epiphanies!  Pallas also Trines the Dragon’s Head, so we can expect Epiphanies about our Mission, our own special role in this ongoing Great Transformation.

Now I’m starting to understand why I was drawn to reading this Chart more than the others, most of which are fairly chaotic.  Because it’s an island of Grace in an otherwise fairly tempestuous Sea.  Here’s She-Bear Jean Houston again (The Wizard of Us p.47)…

“The ruby slippers are symbolic of your own capacities that you suspect you have but don’t yet know how to use.  They may be on your feet or in your hands or in your mind or within your soul.  Please take a minute and say out loud or write, ‘I think my ruby slippers are my capacity to…’  Once you announce these things and agree to ‘wear’ them, even though you may not be quite sure what they are, mysterious things will begin to happen.”

You can use astrology as a Science (fundamental process X causes phenomena Y and Z), but not very well; astrology is too broad, and Causality too remote.  And you can use astrology like you would Engineering (X’ worked before, I’ll bet it will work again), pretty effectively.  But astrology, as with any Mythic process having to do with Symbols and Meaning, is at its best when used to stimulate Intuition.  Don’t waste your time trying to explain why you’re doing something these days, just do it.

Our friend Eris also Trines Mercury and Sextiles Ceres here – there’s a good chance the ruby slippers you’re discovering are more magnetic than dynamic – and may be hiding behind some degree of Guilt or Shame.  All the more reason not to try to explain yourself.  The Pallas T-Square and its Court occur in the 23rd through 27th degrees of the Signs.  This is the Debriefing phase of the Zodiac, where we’re reviewing what worked before, what we want to keep and discard, and philosophizing about why what worked did, so we can try to generalize our experience beyond the narrow confines of our empiric experience.  This second T-Square is Mutable (changing, adapting).  Pallas and the Nodes are playing Yang roles, while Mercury, Ceres, and Eris are overplaying Yin roles.

I know, we had a Ruby just the other day, but what other Stone would work better here?  Ruby symbolizes Courage, the unwavering dedication we bring to any task or belief when we know it to be True in our own Heart.  We just have to remember that it may not be True in everybody else’s Heart, and leave space for their Truth as well.

Eris on Stage

December 26, 2012


Next week we get the opportunity to meet Eris face to face, as she will be Stationary Direct on January 8.  Depending on your vulnerability to her charms, you could feel that as much as a week in advance.  Stationary means Strong, and Direct means that all of the reconsideration that’s been happening since she turned Retrograde will come tumbling out onto the World.  She turned Retro in mid-July, shortly after Uranus (Individuality, Creativity, our Soul Connection, Disruption of our false persona) did the same, and only a few weeks after the first Uranus-Pluto Square.  What’s the connection?  Well, the Uranus-Pluto Square dominates 2012-2015, and amounts to the 1960s becoming permanent – Civil Rights, Make Love Not War, Feminism, Let Your Freak Flag Fly, Flowers in Your Hair, for example, could once again become prominent issues.  Without the Agent Orange this time, ok?  Drones are bad enough.

We only had a few weeks of fun after the July Square till Uranus went Inward (ie, Retro), till December 13, when it went Direct again.  So we would expect to see a good deal of Uranus-Pluto energy being flushed out into the open after December 13, and for better or worse I believe we have already seen that.  Now, why is Eris involved in this dance?  Well, she is certainly a good stand-in for the Feminism component of the Uranus-Pluto Energy, and in case you haven’t noticed, Western Culture is overdue for a rebalancing of Gender Energies toward Feminine values and proclivities.  We listed a bunch of those recently, and in The Wizard of Us (p.2), She-Bear Jean Houston adds another very important one…

“Women have always been and continue to accomplish heroic feats with the difference that their emphasis has tended to be on process rather than on product – making things cohere, relate, develop, and grow.  While the heroine may be less strident, she is nevertheless courageous and brings a new focus to the inner experience being of equal value to the outer action.”

Before Eris was named Eris, she was called Xena (the Warrior) and Lila (a partial homonym for Lilith, symbol of the Deep Feminine).  Eris the Greek Goddess was known for “Discord,” just as Uranus is known for “Disruption.”  But just as Uranus disrupts what is no longer aligned with your Soul’s Life Plan, much of Eris’s Discord is about bringing Denial into Consciousness.  When she threw Golden Apples into the party and triggered “Discord” among the Lovely and Gracious Goddesses there, the resulting jealousy and greed was not of Eris’s making, it was just brought into visibility by her action.  This is what a Heyoka Shaman does.  But more important, Eris is heading our way.  Her elliptical orbit spans 560 years, and for the next 245 years she will be moving closer to the Sun, closer to Earth, and increasing in influence.  She’ll be closer than Pluto by the middle of the 23rd Century.

In other words, while December 13 unleashed a Pluto-inspired Uranus, January 8 will unleash a strengthening Eris.  The January 8 chart doesn’t forebode a great deal of trouble directly, but then, the feminine is often indirect, eh?  Eris Squares the Sun (we’re Challenged to be honest about who we really are), but Sextiles Ceres (the fewer pretenses we put forth, the less effort we’ll need to spend remembering which persona we use for which circumstances – which will allow us to use our Consciousness for Intention rather than manipulation).  But Pallas is approaching Uranus as, a Square away, Juno approaches Pluto.  In other words, the Challenge will revolve around being compelled to defend (Pallas-Pluto) what we personally identify with (Juno-Uranus).

So this is a real Challenge to get Conscious about who we believe ourselves to be.  Juno represents our Unconscious Identity, and as she approaches Pluto she becomes dangerous, because she will believe herself to be right, and probably believe it’s her mission to correct everyone else.  Red Alert!  Whatever we find ourselves defending in the first two weeks of January is probably a doorway to greater Consciousness – not because it needs defending, but because it’s probably a false icon.  On the other hand, this is how Change happens – Pluto represents the Global Unconscious, and as Juno is Initiated by Pluto (which occurs on January 14 at Capricorn 10), each of us (Juno) will be Unconsciously infected with Pluto’s New Trance.

At the Eris Station on the 8th, Juno is deep into the Void phase of its Cycle with Pluto, so we are very likely to be inspired to hurl Golden Apples.  Go for it, but don’t get attached to your Apples!  They trigger greater Consciousness, both for yourself and for their targets!  If you Ego-attach to the Apples (the “helpful” criticism or advice you’re compelled to provide, for their own good of course) that you release on the 8th, you’re going to get tied in knots as the Juno-Pluto Cycle develops over the next six months, because your Apples will be increasingly out of synch with the Global Trance.  Make Amends.  Just say out loud, “Omigosh, I’m sorry!  That was probably a Projection!”  That’ll take you off the hooks (they’re plural).  Better to be a little embarrassed now than to be a whole lot egg-faced later on.  The new Juno-Pluto Cycle that begins on January 14 is about “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.”

There is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) in the January 8 chart, to Chiron-Neptune from Moon and Jupiter, advising us to look to our Emotions for important clues about how we’ll expand into the New Paradigm.  If they’re Challenging Emotions, all the better.  The Vacancy for this T-Square is 7 Virgo, “A woman feeding Chickens and protecting them from the Hawks.”  Interesting parallel to the Albatross and the Sailor.  Birds often symbolize Spirit, but Chickens have lost their ability to fly, so in a sense the T-Square seems to be about protecting limited Birds from Spirit or Change, thereby maintaining our Birdcage.  Remember though, that a T-Square is about exploring, not about getting it right.  I’m inclined to read this combination as walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet, or exploring the edges between Giving and Receiving.

Eris, still two and a half times as distant as Pluto, is moving very slowly.  The January 8 Station occurs at 22 Aries, and she began her Retrogradation at 23 Aries – so the last six months have been a very tightly focused seminar!  Aries 22 is

“The gate to the garden of all fulfilled Desires”

and Aries 23 was

“A pregnant Woman in light summer dress.”

This edge between Giving and Receiving seems to be a peninsula of fecundity!  In fact, at her current distance, Eris  moves forward only a little over one degree per year, and retraces most of that while Retrograde, so her net forward motion is about a quarter of one degree per year.  So crossing these two degrees is a long project, begun in 2005 and not complete until 2018!

This spans both the Derivative Crash and the Uranus-Pluto Square.  This tells me that if we move to a feminine version of Collaborative Community, there are many riches to be harvested from the New Paradigm.  Fewer mod cons perhaps, but more riches.  If we look forward and include Aries 24,

“Blown inward by the Wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.”

that takes us into 2022.

While we’re on the subject of the New Paradigm, the January Wired Magazine has a few salient comments.  This from an interview with Tim O’Reilly (p.67)…

“Your new credo these days is ‘Create more value than you capture.’  What does that mean?”

“Everybody wants to foster entrepreneurship, but we have to think about the preconditions for entrepreneurship.  You grow great crops in great soil.  And the soil is the commons.  Increasingly, we have monopolistic companies that try to take as much as they can for themselves [like Microsoft and Apple, as he later asserts].  And we have a patent and copyright regime that makes sure that nothing goes back into the commons unless by an extraordinary act of generosity.  This is not fertile soil for innovation.”

And from an article called “Imagine that 7 Out of 10 Working Americans Got Fired Tomorrow.  What Would They All Do?” (p.72)…

“It’s hard to believe you’d have an economy at all if you gave pink slips to more than half the labor force.  But that – in slow motion – is what the industrial revolution did in the workforce of the early 19th century.  Two hundred years ago, 70 percent of all American workers lived on the farm.  Today automation has eliminated all but 1 percent of their jobs, replacing them (and their work animals) with machines.  But the displaced workers did not sit idle.  Instead, automation created hundreds of millions of jobs in entirely new fields.  Those who once farmed were now manning the legions of factories that churned out farm equipment, cars, and other industrial products.  Since then, wave upon wave of new occupations have arrived…  It’s hard to believe, but before the end of this century, 70 percent of today’s occupations will likewise be replaced by automation.”

All that of course is a double-edged sword – replacing hard physical labor with Aeron chairs and flush toilets, but also replacing immersion in Life and Earth with windowless cubicles and fluorescent lights.  The point is flexibility.  Time has accelerated, and rather than expecting to do the same profession for a lifetime, we need to think about how we can apply the skills we already have to jobs that haven’t been invented yet.  To see if we can innovate our way back to Life and Earth without giving up the flush toilets.

Sulfur is a Healer on many levels.  Imagine one of those pure Sulfur Crystals in the center of each aching joint, or in each area of inflammation (pain) in your body, and on any area of irritated skin.  Put one in the center of each Emotional discomfort you encounter, as Sulfur can illuminate Shadows and any remaining pockets of Karma, and open them for Healing.  Drop one into any pool of Confusion, it’ll help ease the transition into new perspectives.

A Christmas Angel

December 23, 2012


Well, we know this is important, because I just hit the “wrong” key and erased everything I’ve written.  Fortunately, I’ve learned that it’s always easier the second time around.  But this time I’ll start with the bottom line, rather than building up to it.

At 12:00 am PST on January 2 (that is, the midnight between January 1 and January 2, in the Pacific Time Zone), the Moon Opposes Chiron-Neptune and Squares Jupiter.  Since the Jupiter Yod is still intact, this creates a “real” Diamond Star, without having to use the Ascendant and other ephemeral Angles to complete the pattern.  This will not be an event that occurs at the same clock time everywhere, it will vary around the globe – 8am in London on January 2, 7pm in Melbourne, etc.  And this time the Portal will not be open for 10 minutes, but for several hours!  The Moon is a Manifestor, so this will be Big!  Put the date and time on your calendar or your iphone.  This Portal should open as early as two hours prior to the indicated time, and stay open for as long as two hours afterward.

What’s it mean?  The Jupiter Yod is with Saturn and Pluto, so we expand (Jupiter) by Focusing (Saturn) on Trance Formation (Pluto).  We could do that with PIAVA, for instance, or Tapping, or Meditation.  Or if you’re in a group (or even not), ritual singing or dancing or chanting.  Pluto Trances are often worldwide trances – global versions of Culture.  The reason people can communicate with one another, when they can, is because they share the same Trance.  The Jupiter T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) forms with Chiron-Neptune (New Paradigm) and the Moon (Manifesting).  So we have a very powerful Opportunity to Co-Create the kind of Community we want to live in, both locally and globally.

And we have a smaller version of the same Opportunity on Christmas, at twenty minutes after 4pm PST, when the Moon Conjoins Jupiter.  Here’s the NASA version of it.  There won’t be a planet or hotspot to complete the T-Square at this time, but since this event is bracketed by the January 1-2 event and the Portals we’ve just been through, the field will be intact, so there will be some Diamond Star effect.  And in at least two World locations – the left coast of North America and eastern Australia, the IC and Descendant do complete the T-Squares.  In western coastal North America the Diamond Star is completed at the same 4:20 pm time on December 25 as the Moon-Jupiter Conjunction, and in eastern Oz this occurs at 10:15 am on December 26.  I couldn’t find a place in Europe or Africa where the Ascendant squared the Jupiter-Moon Conjunction, but you may be able to.  The Square to the Midheaven occurs in the mid-Pacific.

If you’re not in far western North America or eastern Australia, you can fill in the Christmas Vacancy yourself, by focusing on its degree, Virgo 6, “A merry-go-round.”  You could put that image into your ritual dance.  You could be Present with anything that the merry-go-round image invokes.  The cycle of Life, the Wheel of Fortune or the Wheel of Karma, a Chakra.  Kids playing.  Imagine the realizations you’ve had over the last several months being thrown out into the World, the way centrifugal force tosses off anything that’s not hanging on to the merry-go-round.  Imagine anything that may have reached its Tipping Point – submachine-gun control, World Peace, Justice, Equality, Tolerance, Abundance – to fly out and shift the World Trance.

The Portals of the last several days have made me a believer in the Diamond Star configuration.  I’ve found it particularly useful for penetrating Fear.  Every discomfort and dis-ease in your body is blanketed by Fear, as if encased in bubble-wrap.  You can’t begin real Healing until you’ve penetrated the Fear, since it reflects your attempts to love your discomfort back into Balance.  When I’ve directed this Portal Energy into discomfort, it seems to melt the Fear envelope, leaving the Vulnerability exposed to be re-integrated.  It hasn’t Healed the discomfort, but the Fear is gone, and that’s the Tipping Point that full Healing follows.  The Portals have also been very good for downloading useful information.

Let’s review the Diamond Star.  It begins with a Yod – a skinny triangle formed by two Quincunxes to the same Apex planet.  Then add a T-Square, a wide triangle formed by two Squares to the same Apex.  The T-Square symbolizes Mastery through Challenge, but a T-Square is very frustrating, because it’s impossible to “get it right.”  You have to recognize that Life is not about getting it right, but about exploration.  Since a T-Square is interminably motivating, we explore more than anyone else, and develop Mastery.  But we don’t develop appreciation for our own Mastery till we move beyond the frustration.  The Yod replaces the frustration with Curiosity, so we have an interminable motivation to explore, and interminable Curiosity to feed it.  No resistance to exploration, no Energy wasted on frustration, and Mastery of Masteries.

Angelite, also known as Anhydrite, is a Calcium Sulfate, like the Gypsum in your wallboard, but with a different crystal structure.  Angelite connects the physical with the spiritual, the personal to the global, the actual to the ideal, and facilitates Co-Creation.

All Too True

December 21, 2012


If you experience these Portals as waves of heavy Emotions, let them run right through you into Mother Earth.  She won’t make Lemonade from them, she’ll make Gold, or Tourmaline, or Turquoise.  Below are the times for today and tomorrow.  Again, these are clock times anywhere in the World, not adjusted for longitude.  They should be fairly exact for most of the Pacific Time Zone; in your neighborhood they should be within a half hour…

  • Jupiter-Lilith-Midheaven 4:50-5 am Friday, 4:45-4:55 am Saturday
  • Ceres-Midheaven 5:55 am Friday, 5:50 am Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-Descendant 11:25-11:30 am Friday, 11:20-11:25 am Saturday
  • Ceres-Descendant noon Friday, 11:55 am Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-IC 4:50-5 pm Friday, 4:45-4:55 pm Saturday
  • Ceres-IC 5:55 pm Friday, 5:45 pm Saturday
  • Jupiter-Lilith-Ascendant 10:10-10:25 pm Friday, 10:05-10:20 pm Saturday
  • Ceres-Ascendant 11:40 pm Friday, 11:35 pm Saturday

They’re like Sabian Symbols – one of yesterday’s Jupiter Portals came through as Pigs and Elephants dancing on a table, with outlines of Lions and Cows circling around it, and again finishing off with that same Turquoise color, this time as mottles.

And again, Dorothy gives it to us straight…

“Turquoise is still the powerful protection against negative vibrations or influences that it has always been.  It helps you use all your knowledge and inner resources to understand and, if necessary, work with what is not understood.  It helps allay fears about being attacked by what is dark and of being cut off from the light.  It replaces fear with peace.”

“It can being back deep knowledge and memories of powers used.  It might trigger, for some, forgotten abilities that can be relearned and used again at new levels.  It stabilizes and calms the emotions and helps the mind to organize present knowledge while it opens to new ideas.  It can help resolve old karma having to do with misuse of knowledge because it once symbolized knowledge.”

Dorothy Roeder, Crystal Co-Creators, p.204.

Year of the Bunny

December 21, 2012


Downright Real

December 20, 2012


For me anyway.  I’ve been otherwise engaged most of the day, but I’ve managed to tune into two of the Portals so far, and found them to be quite Real.  The Ceres Portal this morning opened up in front of me, like a cave in a mountainside.  But the Jupiter Portal at 11am arrived, from above and behind, as if it was Superman, cape trailing behind.  It stayed intense for a while, then turned into a Turquoise-studded grey-green Frog on the ceiling, which slowly expanded and faded.  I don’t hallucinate on the average day, so I take that to be very clear.  Well, there have been a whole lot of wiggling around the edges of my field of vision, and a bat did fly out of my office the other night, but that’s just the Veil thinning.

Not noticing any contribution from Lilith, I did a quick calculation and figured that if she had a separate Portal, it should arrive about ten minutes after Jupiter – and it did.  It was brief, but quite clear.  It neither opened nor arrived, but announced its presence already in my body, just under the base of my ribcage, with a small pain and then a clear vision of a Geoduck-like Being.  Very curious.  Anyone else experience the Portals?  Or am I just self-hypnotizing?  I won’t publish your identity unless you say it’s okay.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Portals.  I’ll recalculate the timings for tomorrow, to see if we can get any more accurate.