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Mars OOB 6 – Quaoar and Hylonome

October 18, 2014


Mars-Quaoar (Kwah’-or) does Initiate a new Cycle, at 10am PDT on October 19.  Quaoar is a dwarf planet, one of Pluto’s new companions.  It means the rules that aren’t negotiable.  Like for instance, not heating your planet up so much that the Oceans expand and big tides wash away your house.  Quaoar’s rules were mostly agricultural, with the admonition that his people would have to “go back to eating clay” if they ignored his advice.  A Mars-Quaoar Cycle would be about vigorously pursuing Sustainability, or having to work harder for Sustenance when we don’t.

So does Mars-Hylonome, at 11pm PDT October 19.  Hylonome is a Centaur, one of Chiron’s companions.  In mythology she was a female Centaur, who wounded herself fatally with the same poison arrow that killed her lover, rather than go on without him.  There are elements of Identity there, and elements of self-sabotage.  Kind of a mirror for Mars-Quaoar even, about folks being so Identified with their consumerism and comfort that they think turning up the heat will keep the high tides away.

Both Cycles Initiate at 26 Sagittarius, “A flag bearer in a battle: The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals.”  Amazing.  Proudly bearing the Lemming coat of arms, proclaiming “Shop Till You Drop!”  Don’t need to say much more here, except that we can always hope that at some point it gets so extreme that folks wake up.

With all of these minor planets convening near the Galactic Center, we need to look for Initiations between the minor planets, as they would have much more impact than the two-year Mars Initiations.  The Chariklo-Eris Cycle spans around 65-70 years, for instance.  But it turns out that most of these Initiations, such as Quaoar-Hylonome, have already occurred.  It will be useful to go back over the last few years and find when and where they Initiated, as their multiple Initiations indicate a major change of Water for us.

The one Cycle that has yet to Initiate is Chariklo-Quaoar.  It begins at 27 Sagittarius on December 8, 2014: “A sculptor at work.”  That’s certainly promising, suggesting we may seen recognize the enormity of our task and get to work on it.  The previous Cycle began in October 1940, at 27 Virgo, “A group of aristocratic ladies meet ceremonially at a court function.”  A sign that the amazing “progress” of the past 75 years has been merely window-dressing.