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Bounds and Boundaries

November 8, 2017

We’ve been adding things to the Calendar (, and for early November we’ve added…

  • Pallas Out of Bounds from 26 October till 24 January 2018.
  • Mercury goes Out of Bounds on 9 November until 7 December.

Like Sign Changes and Initiations, when a planet goes Out of Bounds it’s like a change of bathwater, as the Planet’s Energy and its Impact on the microcosm of our Lives become Stronger till it returns to the flock. 

Because the Earth’s Axis of Rotation isn’t perpendicular to its Orbit around the Sun, we get Seasons – for part of the year our half of the Pomegranate is tilted toward the Sun (“Summer” we call it), and for part of the year our half leans away from the Sun.  From our Perspective on the Planet, it looks like the Sun travels North from 21 December till 21 June, then turns and heads South again till the next 21 December.   These extremes, traced on the Planet, are called the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, and they’re at 23:27 Degrees North and South of the Equator.

While the Sun will never, in the current paradigm, be directly overhead anywhere on the Globe North or South of these Limits, many of the other Heavenly Bodies aren’t so timid.  When one of them does go further North or South, we say that it’s “Out of Bounds,” and its Influence Waxes.

When Pallas is Out of Bounds, our Boundaries become more important.  Ideally, we’d set our Boundaries Intuitively based on the Current Situation in each Present Moment.  But we all have Boundaries that are too Tight, when we “profile” someone or something because of their race or headgear or language or gender or fellow travelers, for instance.  We miss out on all they have to Share with us, and if we profile them out of our Lives routinely there’s an excellent chance that they have a whole lot to teach us. 

And we all have Boundaries that are too Loose, when we Give Away our Power or stumble into situations where we get ripped off or Abused.  Too-Tight or Too-Loose Boundaries are often Archetypal, with Karmic and Ancestral implications.  For instance, there’s a good chance that some of our Boundaries are determined by what was Safe or not many generations back in our family history or herstory.  These kinds of Boundaries often have correlates in our Energy System.

For instance, when someone is chronically Abused as a Child, there’s usually a systematic effort to Program the Child to be Unconsciously Vulnerable.  This often looks to a Psychic like a Hole in the person’s Aura, as if their puppet strings are hanging out of the Hole, waiting for someone to trigger the Programming and pull the strings.  Because it’s Unconscious it can be a harder “Addiction” to Transcend than a serious substance Addiction.  If you ever try to teach someone how to use Mirrors to keep themselves Safe, and don’t understand why they have such Resistance to learning to use them, you’ve encountered that Unconscious Programming.

Bottom Line, over the next eleven weeks, till Pallas returns In Bounds on 24 January, we need to be Alert for any sign that our own Unconscious Programming around Safety and Vulnerability has been Triggered.  Every recurrence is a golden Opportunity for us to bring the Programming up into Consciousness where we can Transcend the Archetype and Liberate ourself from its chains.  The flight to 5D doesn’t allow carry-on Archetypes.

Pallas will also be Stationary in mid-December, which means that the second week of December will be particularly Open Season for us to Witness and Discern our Psychic Vulnerabilities.  One Key is to Congratulate yourself for Noticing them, and Resist the temptation to Criticize ourself for Acting them Out again.  That Self-Criticism is part and parcel of our Childhood Manipulation Programming.  We’re supposed to Feel Bad about ourself – that’s what makes us Vulnerable to repeated Abuse.  As you Resist it, Congratulate yourself for Noticing the Self-Criticism as well!

The Stations of OR10 and Nessus (Memories of Abuse) are also only a little over a week away.  Those are likely to Trigger more Opportunities too.  Apart from all of the Hollywood stories, here’s another good example.  Female Public Defenders in one big city in the US report that they are often confronted by male inmates exposing themselves and masturbating during counseling sessions, and city administrators have not been willing or able to Stop the Abuse. 

For instance, the city took to buying pizza for Abusers who abstained for 30 days, which caused non-Abusers to become Abusers so they could get pizza too.  The Public Defenders have recently sued the city to Act effectively to Stop the Abuse.  That’s Pallas Out of Bounds in Action.  Hopefully your own Abuse stories are more about too many sugary snacks or sitting too much.  Either of those can actually put us on track for a long and unpleasant Death, and may not be any easier to Stop, but at least we’re likely to Enjoy them more.

And as if our Monkey Minds aren’t noisy enough, Mercury’s Out-of-Bounds Adventure for the next month is likely to give us Grief as well, and Mercury also turns Retrograde for the first three weeks of December.  I’m painting these as Negative so that we can be Aware of the Self-Sabotaging Habit Patterns they can bring to our Attention.  We could also paint them as Glorious Opportunities to squelch Archetypes that Limit us, which is also what they are.  There’s no reason to approach them with trepidation; Excitement over the Possibilities for Liberation is actually more appropriate.

An excellent example of “Profiling” is our Hope to be Saved, our Terror of, or our Disbelief in, Off-Planet Entities.  I have news – you’re already surrounded by them.  Here’s Daniel Scranton’s input for today…

“We’ve brought forth a tremendous amount of energy, and you have all demonstrated an ability to absorb and assimilate that energy.  Now you have a new opportunity to receive from some of our galactic partners.

“There are beings from the Andromedan Star System who want to help, and their energy is quite different.  It is quite dissimilar to our energy and to your own, and so as you receive it you may feel that you are not in alignment.  You may feel, for a time, as though you are experiencing more ascension symptoms, tiredness, and disorientation.

“The good news is that with your Andromedan upgrades and downloads, you will be able to access parts of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.  You will have new perspectives and a myriad of guidance coming from within you…  You can pat yourselves on the back, and you can give yourselves plenty of rest and relaxation in order to keep up with these Andromedan energies.

“There is something quite jarring about receiving so much, but the growing pains are symptoms that you are releasing that which no longer serves you in the process.  You are capable of opening yourselves up and receiving so much energy and information, and you are still just dipping your toes into the waters.”

Remember we encountered the Andromedans a month ago, when through Natalie Glasson they invited us to Request to insert Orbs into our Chakras…

“With a request, we, the Andromedans, will place an orb of our light of a purple, violet and turquoise colour into one of your chakras.  As you receive and accept the orb of light so it will expand merging with your entire being.  Within the Andromedan orb of light will be the energies, wisdom and guidance as guided by your soul to support you in contemplating, understanding and embodying the next stage of your spiritual mastery. 

“The Andromedans will support you in accessing the necessary wisdom, integrating the new perspective and moving forth to the next stage of your ascension process.  This is a wonderful practice to achieve whenever you feel confused, that you are unable to accelerate your ascension or access new awareness.  The Andromedans will make you aware of the energies and wisdom there is a need for you to focus upon to further aid your mastery.”

Remember the Resistance we had to “Implants” when we encountered Channelings from Off-Planet early on?  Were those appropriate Boundaries?  I’ve Requested four of these Orbs with good result, and I’ve just Requested a fifth, for my Throat Chakra. 

Another place where Loosening your Boundaries, if they aren’t already, is valuable, is with Fairy Consciousness…

These Wonderful Beings are incredible helpmates for any number of tasks that you wouldn’t imagine, and they seem Delighted to help.  For instance, only they have been able to warm my chronically-cold toes when I ask them to, greatly improving my Sleep!  Here’s a sample of their Wisdom, also Channeled by Natalie…

“We wish to alert you to your natural ability and instinct of seeding the consciousness of the Creator into wherever you place your focus.  You are able to deliver, anchor and share the consciousness, light, love and vibration of the Creator with any being whether they are open or closed to your beliefs.  This is a very powerful statement but it is true, it gives to you power, a loving power to instigate positive and loving shifts upon the Earth. 

“It is not that a person or soul needs to shift their awareness to hold a like mind to you but more so that you have the ability of sharing the Creator with others in order to instigate a new awakening of wisdom and sacred awareness within their minds and being.  Even as fairies working with the Earth and humanity we encounter what you may liken to stubborn or stagnate energies within the Earth and humanity, we give much attention to these areas swelling our light to embed it deeply in the hope of a reaction of light and love awareness.

“This is not always possible as some energy will only shift with divine timing or readiness, but we wish for you to know that as and with your light you have the ability to instigate shifts through embedding seeds of light.  This is not to manipulate or over power energies, people or situations but to know that through your generosity you can set the stage for the beauty of the Creator to manifest and form once more.”

Mars OOB 1 – Chaos and Ixion

October 9, 2014

spin2959bpA black Spinel Crystal.  Spinel is a Corundum (Ruby, Sapphire – Aluminium Oxide) with some of the Aluminium replaced by Magnesium.  Black Spinel is used to ground people who have witnessed horrors.

* * * * *

As is often the case, the plot thickens, and as is also often the case, we owe another debt of gratitude to our friend Elizabeth for pointing out what we’ve missed.

* * * * *

Out of Bounds

Turns out Mars is Out of Bounds while it’s negotiating this Centaur Gauntlet.  When a planet is Out of Bounds (“OOB”), it’s influence is much stronger than usual.

The Sun is overhead on the Tropic of Cancer on the Northern Summer Solstice, and overhead on the Tropic of Capricorn on the Southern Summer Solstice.  That’s what defines these “Tropics” – they describe how distant the Sun ever gets from the Equator.  The rotational axis of the Earth is not at a right angle to the plane of its orbit around the Sun, so this “tilt” of the Earth is what gives us the Seasons.  The Tropics are at 27:23 degrees North and South Latitude – think Hawaii, Mazatlan, Havana, the Sahara, Abu Dhabi, Kolkata, Hong Kong, Antofagasto, Rio de Janeiro, the Kalihari, Alice Springs, or Tahiti, and you won’t be far off.

Some planets go further north than the Tropic of Cancer and further south than the Tropic of Capricorn.  When they do, we refer to them as Out of Bounds, and we have to pay more attention to them than we otherwise would.  The easiest example is the Moon.  It goes OOB for a few days every two weeks for about eleven years, then for the next eleven years after that, it stays In Bounds all the time.  We’re more Emotional when the Moon is OOB.  It’s last eleven-year OOB cycle was 2001-2012.  The first OOB of that cycle began at 9am on September 11, 2001.  No accident there.

Mars went OOB September 29, and will be so till November 2o.  Have you or your associates been more volatile since September 29?

Consequently, we have to pay more Attention to Mars crossing all of these minor planets that are clustered near the Galactic Center.

* * * * *


The first event in the Gauntlet occurs at 7pm PDT October 11, when Mars Opposes the dwarf planet Chaos.  Chaos doesn’t mean disorder, it means Potential.  It means the Unformed.  Like Water just before it boils; you can see the seething beneath the surface, but no bubbles or steam have risen yet.  Manifestation is implied, but it hasn’t happened yet.  Since Mars means Action, there’s likely to be a “Disturbance in the Force.”  Bubbles and steam at the very least, and probably a bundle of Unintended Consequences.  We’ll talk a bit later about Pandora and her Bottle.

Turns out Chaos is also Out of Bounds – that is, more pregnant than usual.  It went OOB in 2003, and will remain so till 2060.  Since our species will probably transmogrify or self-destruct in that span, that’s not surprising.  Chaos was also OOB from 1836 to 1923.  That corresponds fairly closely to the decline and dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.  While slavery certainly wasn’t abolished, it was at least declared illegal in many places during that span.

* * * * *


Since Mars is moving fairly quickly these days, we should look for the Mars-Chaos influence (and the others in the series) to be in effect for a little more than 24 hours prior to the actual event.  When we’re Conscious of an astroevent, the influence builds till the actual event occurs, then subsides rapidly.  When we aren’t Conscious of it, the influence can also continue to be strong afterwards, in this case another 24 hours afterward.

We’re referring to one degree of Sensitivity or Orb here; we could easily be using three degrees, in which case rather than 24 hours, the span of influence would be more than three days on both sides of the actual event.  With so many events going on in rapid succession, we’ll use one degree Sensitivity, so we have a hope of distinguishing one influence from the other.  With three degrees Sensitivity there will always be several things going on at once, which is likely to be very confusing.

The Moon, which often times the impacts of astroevents better than the event itself, is on the other side of the Zodiac.

* * * * *


One of the most important thing to remember here, is that Confusion is the first sign of Growth in Consciousness.  Our Limiting Beliefs are like “rules” for how the Universe should behave, and when the Universe misbehaves, our first reaction is Confusion. 

If your first reaction to surprise isn’t Confusion, look for the Confusion underneath the Anger or Fear that does arise when you’re surprised; you’ll be glad you did, because it will change your Life for the better. 

It’s important to let Confusion stand, to NOT try to “figure it out,” because if you do you’ll end up denying the Change.  Our intellect is tightly bound to our Limiting Beliefs, so it’s almost impossible to Grow our Consciousness using the intellect.  We have to step beyond the intellect.

* * * * *


Mars Cycles are in general about two years long.

This Mars-Chaos Opposition is a blooming of the Mars-Chaos Cycle that began in late June 2013 at 17 Gemini, “The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker.

So we should be seeing Potential blooming into Responsibility.  There are arenas of my own Life that seem to fit that; how about yours?  On the World Stage?  We might permit ourselves to be less cynical about whether the recent climate demonstrations will bear fruit this time.  The Lizards seem to have gotten most folks to forget about Ferguson Missouri.  Have mature thinkers begun to prevail in Iraq or Ukraine?

The Phitile occurs December 5th.

We could set December 5 as kind of a deadline in our mind, to see whether any actual progress toward Sustainability occurs between now and then.  There is an important election in the US between now and then that could have a strong influence on the speed of the US’s descent into unapologetic fascism.

* * * * *


The dwarf planet Ixion is named after the psychopathic Bad Boy of the Greek Pantheon – the classic avaricious self-absorbed Empathy-bereft CEO type.  Since Mars can manifest as unpleasantries of various sorts, it would be reasonable to expect Mars-Ixion to be nasty.  Plus, Ixion is also Out of Bounds.  Ixion’s OOB spans 2009 to 2056.  It’s prior OOB span was 1850-1918, not that different from the OOB spans of Chaos.

The 7pm PDT October 12 Mars-Ixion event begins a new Cycle. 

Since November 1, 2012 we’ve been in a 19-Sagittarius Mars-Ixion Cycle, “Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young.”  The Cycle we begin now Initiates at 21 Sagittarius, “A child and a dog wearing borrowed sunglasses.”  Rudhyar expands on that weird image as “The use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating higher states of development.”

While for the last two years we’ve been retreating into our hermitages to escape the ravages of the Lizards, we may need to retreat into our imaginations to escape them for the next two years.  Pelicans are particularly Illuminated Beings.  In the US, the Department of Agriculture has just approved Dow to profit from the use of GMO seeds resistant to Agent Orange, as a solution to the failure of Round-Up-Ready GMOs to control weeds and increase yields.

A friend always says that Changing Frequencies will render you invisible to the Lizards.  The simple translation of that is to shift from Fear to Love, but not Love for the Lizards; rather, enough Self-Love that you’re willing and able to carry on your own agenda, non-confrontationally, without worrying about incurring their censure.  I’m sure that it’s possible for that to make one invisible to Agent Orange, but along the way is paved with suffering.

I think it’s more likely that the Greed of the Lizards will eventually push people over the line far enough to create effective political resistance.  Consumerism and propaganda in the US make it very hard to push anyone over the line.  The affair in Ferguson Missouri offered some hope for a conversation about militarization of the police in the US – the Lizards’ insurance against non-political resistance – but that conversation hasn’t happened.  The Lizards will have to get so outrageous that resistance to them becomes almost universal.  Regrettably, Mars-Ixion could help.

The Moon Opposes Mars and Ixion a bit after 10pm PDT October 12, and may influence the timing of any concrete manifestation of the Mars-Ixion event.

Makemake I

June 19, 2014

The faster I run the behinder I get.  I’m getting a long list of “more about that later’s,” aren’t I.  So let’s try to catch up a little.  If I’m too brief, let me know, and I’ll flesh it out “later.”


Let’s start with a question that will partially satisfy one of our “more-laters,” the one about Makemake…

“Could you please re-phrase your definition of Makemake (which begins with “presides over a significant project to hold our nose…”)? I don’t understand the way you have put these two sentences.”

I know, my English can get too convoluted, so let me find it and redo it.  The original was…

* * * * *

“’Makemake presides over a significant project to hold our nose to the fire of Emotions that would otherwise prevent us from being constantly Attentive to the Edges of our Consciousness.  While Denial is no longer an option, once we recognize what’s happening and embrace it, it will be delightfully easy.’

“We say this because in the Makemake Discovery chart Eris Conjoins the North Node; Juno Squares a Moon-Pluto Conjunction and Trines a Lilith-Saturn Conjunction and Quincunxes the South Node to make a Square Fez; and Ceres bisects the Moon/Pluto-South Node Sextile to create a Grand Trine with the Juno-Lilith/Saturn Trine.  In its own Discovery chart, Makemake Opposes Juno from 21 Virgo, “A girls’ basketball team.”  More on Makemake later.”

* * * * *

Yes, I was trying to cram way too much into too few words, mixing my metaphors (trying to combine feet-to-the-fire with nose-to-the-grindstone), and using a convex equivalent of double negatives, so no wonder.  Good catch.  Let’s unpack it…

In the Makemake Discovery chart

(March 31, 2005 in Pasadena CA; I used 2am, but it could have been any time of day – which doesn’t much matter because we aren’t using Houses, and we recognize that the Moon’s position will be approximate),

Eris Conjoins the North Node.  Hence,

Denial is not an option when we’re dealing with Makemake.  On Rapa Nui after the demise of the Maoi culture, it was probably adapt or go extinct.

There is a Grand Trine composed of Ceres, Juno, and Lilith-Conjunct-Saturn…

Makemake provides dumb-luck Grace that will allow us to pay Constant Attention to the Edges of our Consciousness, always responding to difficulty by Growing our Consciousness.  Gay Hendricks once described a client of his as “always open to any criticism, which they evaluated carefully and dispassionately to see if they could gain from it.”   That’s a recipe for success in almost all endeavors.

But the Juno-Lilith/Saturn side of the Grand Trine is the base of a Square Fez.  The Squares are Juno to Moon-Pluto (recurring emotional tornado warnings for the Edge of Consciousness) and Lilith-Saturn to South Node (Karma is alive and well and keeps interfering with our Yindependence).  And in looking this up I noticed for the first time that Makemake’s Moon is Out of Bounds (ie, very strong),

Wow, I don’t see Out of Bounds in our glossary or list of categories, so we’ll add it.  The Sun moves north only as far as 23:27 North Latitude (aka the Tropic of Cancer) on the northern Summer Solstice (in a few days, coincidentally), and then moves south only as far as the Tropic of Capricorn (23:27 South Latitude) on the southern Summer Solstice. 

When any planet goes further north in declination than the Tropic of Cancer or further south than the Tropic of Capricorn, it is said to be “Out of Bounds” or “oob.”  When the Moon is oob, the implication is that Emotionality is very strong and the People are Excitable.  Declination is usually given in the Ephemeris (which is a table of the positions of the planets).

The Moon stays In Bounds for about eleven years, then goes Out of Bounds for a few days every two weeks for the next eleven or so years.

The classic “proof of concept” is “9/11,” the 9:30am destruction of the World Trade Center, by allegedly stateless actors, on September 11, 2001, providing the Lizards with their justification for an endless “War on Terror.”  Well, the Moon began it’s most recent eleven-year Out of Bounds cycle at 10am on September 11, 2001, rendering the Sheople more herdable through Fear.  

The “Battle of Seattle,” protesting the WTO (an unelected corporate – ie, by definition fascist – de facto world government) on November 30, 1999, had already provided the Elites with the excuse they needed to begin militarizing local police forces and, with the collaboration of the Corporate Media, brand all protest as the work of “Anarchists.”  After 9/11, protestors were no longer Anarchists, but Terrorists.  This is the root of Dr. Rickard’s assertion that the Elite will rapidly and efficiently suppress “with a neofascist response” any social unrest resulting from the collapse of financial markets and economic chaos.

That eleven-or-so-year Lunar Out-of-Bounds cycle ended in April 2011, tempering somewhat the Polarization (Grand Cross) embedded in the 1/1/2000 chart, and setting the stage for the End of Time (Pluto Conjunct the Galactic Center at the northern Winter Solstice, among other things) in December 2012.

and  Makemake’s Pluto is Stationary (ie, very strong), having turned Retrograde only a few days prior!  This amplifies the whole issue greatly – thanks for asking this question!

Omigosh, what an enormous lot of Emotional Noise amplifying the ancient dysfunctional Patterns that conspire against the careful and dispassionate evaluation of our self-criticisms (aka constant Attention to the Edges of our Identity/Consciousness)!  Fortunately, the combination of Tension (red lines – Fez) and Grace (blue lines – Grand Trine) makes for the “best possible” kind of chart, because the Tension keep us on our toes while the Grace allows us to actually resolve problems.  We only need, as Hans Selye would have advised, to convert all of our Stress to Eustress – convert frustration to motivation.  How? 

Curiosity is one key.

Namely the crossed Quincunxes in the Fez…

Karmic difficulties (Lilith-Saturn Square South Node) can be resolved by Curiosity about the Edges of our Consciousness (South Node Quincunx Juno) – such as,

Always Asking or PIAVAing whether or not we’re in the present moment, and repeatedly Asking Who is it that’s living this life? in the Buddhist sense of self-inquiry. 

And Emotional difficulties (Moon-Pluto is one of the more difficult Emotional processes to handle, even without the Square to Juno, let alone the oob and the Station) can be resolved by Curiosity about whether or not we’re really Focusing on our Yindependence (Moon-Pluto Quincunx to Lilith-Saturn), as in

Asking, What’s more important here – my Suzerainty or my smarmy Feelings?

Before we leave the subject of converting Stress to Eustress, we have to Ask where Chiron is, though we didn’t consider it in our earlier discussion.  It’s Conjunct Mars, and Trine to Pallas.  Mars-Chiron will make us very energetic in pursuing Miracles – and/or amplify our already-excessive Emotionality and exacerbate our frustration.  The Trine to Pallas could advise us to strive to draw solid Boundaries between the Present Moment and our Emotional Reactions.  When we apply Karmic Emotions to the Present Moment, we screw up the Present Moment and make it look like our Karmic traumas are Real, when they’re really celluloid (other than the ones we’ve re-created via our Expectations).

Chiron is also Square to Vesta, implying that many of our Karmic Patterns may be cemented in place by rigid Beliefs.  But wait – that’s a Square and a Trine end-to-end; where’s the Quincunx that complete the Tricolor?  Vesta Quincunx Pallas.  So Curiosity about how to draw Boundaries between our experience of the Present Moment and our rigid Beliefs can unleash the Grace of Miracles.

Bear in mind, and this is important, that a Square cannot be resolved by analysis.  Analysis is reductive and dualistic; it applies just fine to Oppositions.  In statistical geometry a right angle implies Independence. That means that a Square is unrelated to the Duality that the mind tries to impose upon it.  As Rudhyar often said, the Square is the Growing Edge in the evolution of Human Consciousness (in European history anyway).  What he meant by that, is that the reductive Age of Reason, which has ruled Western Civilization for the last three centuries, is rapidly exhausting its creative potential and must be replaced.  It will be replaced by PIAVA, as PIAVA can resolve a Square.

And finally, “once we recognize what’s happening and embrace it, it will be delightfully easy.”

We were referring there not just to the Grand Trine, but to the role of the Goddesses in the chart – the Grand Trine joins Ceres, Juno, and Lilith, with Saturn providing Robert’s Rules.  It takes Pallas and Vesta to activate Chiron and its servant (in this chart) Mars.  It’s Mission is embodied by Eris.  And in its own Discovery chart, Makemake itself Opposes Juno, from 21 Virgo, “A girls’ basketball team.”  What do girls do naturally?  PIAVA.  Of course girls have Squares too, but PIAVA is the feminine version of the process of Manifestation; the masculine version is Plan-Execute.  And by and large, “girls” are more likely to be conversant with Emotion, making that big Out-of-Bounds Moon and Stationary Pluto slightly less onerous.

In other words, Makemake is “a bunch of girls”!  If we say this in the same tone of voice that a high-school football coach might use to berate his male players, you understand the male perspective and its fear of the feminine.  If we say this in the same way that Nancy Drew or Buffy the Vampire Slayer might say it, it’s a different story.  Once we unleash a small herd of Nancies and Buffies and their PIAVAs on the whole issue of adapt or go extinct, then “we recognize what’s happening and embrace it, and it becomes delightfully easy.”

There’s a lot more to say about Makemake, which we’ll do in a continuation – or several.