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Collective Narcissism

July 9, 2017

Here’s a thought-provoking post…

Those of us who aspire to some form of Enlightenment or Ascension or just…

“…sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice”

are certainly as vulnerable to Collective Narcissism as anyone. 

We always need to remember that the rest of Us aren’t Less Than, just Other Than.  Ultra Eric mentions Nationalism as just one of many avenues to Collective Narcissism, but it’s a favorite for Warmongers of all stripes (who are obviously Inferior to us).  One of the defining characteristics of this Century was established on the eve of 1/1/2000, when Pluto Initiated Chiron at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an eagle, the eagle into a chanticleer saluting the dawn.” 

A Flag is the symbol of Nationalism, and a good candidate to symbolize any other sort of Collective Narcissism.  Chanticleer is a fancy name for Rooster (who does deserve a fancy name, whether they’re part of our own Collective or not).  And Eagle represents Perspective, as in…

“Once, while sailing on thermals, a mountain eagle saw a lovely shiny object far below, but as he swooped down to inspect it, it lost is luster and he lost track of it.  He spiraled up again, and was watching the ground for movement when he spied that shimmer again.  This time, he found several objects to home in on se he wouldn’t lose the beautiful object, but once again he failed to see it when he swooped low.  He left off searching for the object, but kept it in his thoughts all night long. 

“At dawn’s earliest light, he was up in the sky again, searching.  He knew now that he would need help finding the object, but he didn’t know whose aid to enlist.  The crows and other birds always drove him away.  The rabbits, shrews, and mice were his prey.  The coyotes, wolves and large cats were his equals, but too busy with their own work.  As he thought through the list of possible friends, he realize there were none, and he felt sad.

“At that moment, the shiny object caught his eye once more.  The eagle settled on a high limb and watched the object all day.  Occasionally it wouldn’t shine, but as the sun found it again, it would bloom forth in brilliant lavender color.  By and by, through the forest came a child wandering aimlessly.  It came into the clearing and suddenly looked frightened.  The eagle watched, and came to realize the child was lost.

” ‘Ho there,’ he called to the child.  The child searched the sky for the voice, and saw only the beautiful eagle on a bare fir tree branch.  ‘Ho,’ the eagle lifted his wings in greeting.  The child was tired and too frightened to speak.  The eagle spoke lovingly to the child, and learned that he had wandered too far to return home by sunset.  They agreed the child would sleep at the base of the tree, and the eagle would watch through the night.  The eagle saw many things – bats and owls and bobcats – but not one came close to the tree.

“In the morning, the child found berries, and drank from a stream.  Just as he and the eagle were setting off to find his home, which the eagle could see on the horizon, the child realized he could not thank the eagle enough for being so kind and being his friend.  Just then, the eagle realized his friend had come to him, and he asked the boy to retrieve the lavender rock.  The boy did so, and instantaneously, the boy and the eagle were in the air, flying toward his home.”

–Collen Marquist & Jack Frasl, Crystalline Communion 2000, pp.102-3

This is how Collen introduces Muscovite, a Potassium Aluminum Fluoride Mica that, as Collen says (p.103)…

“…aids in raising [your] vibratory pattern… so that the higher self can be contacted…  Muscovite’s molecular structure… has a vacancy [that] allows [one’s Ego] to get out of the way in order to receive guidance and support.  It helps to highlight how self-sabotage is operating, and how to initiate behaviors which will result in resolution and solution of problems or challenges.  It aids in recognizing friends and placing trust in them.”

Jerry Garcia’s ashes were scattered in the Ganges on the day of a Total Solar Eclipse in 1996.

Full Moon 29.11c Timing

November 27, 2016

Should anyone want to Learn or Interpret their Experience relative to the “Stars” or Time anything, the specific event runs something like this…

  • 29 November…
    • 4am PST – New Moon at 8 Sagittarius, “Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of huper inner life.
    • 5am PST – Juno Initiates Moon at 8 Sagittarius.
    • 9am PST – Nemesis Initiates Moon at 10 Sagittarius, “A theatrical representation of a golden-haired Goddess of Opportunity.
    • noon PST – Juno Initiates Sun at 8 Sagittarius.
  • 2 December 1pm – Nemesis Initiates Sun at 12 Sagittarius, A flag turns into an Eagle which turns into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.

Sagittarius 12 is the Degree of the Pluto-Chiron Initiation at the dawn of the current Century.  We can interpret Pluto-Chiron as “There Is No Other Option But Love,” the flag as nationalism and other group-Identification Archetypes (including Race and Patriarchy), the Eagle as being Forced to adopt a wider viewpoint, and the Rooster as Herald of the Light.  

You could Interpret the Eagle/Rooster trigger as a nucular holocaust (which would make a very bright Light) or you could Intend that the triggers are a lot more peaceful.  I’m reminded of the sudden and sharp transition from flag to Eagle/Banty Rooster created by the Kent State murders, a four-Person Human Sacrifice.  Noble and Skillful Souls.

The Chiron-Pluto Cycle is currently two elevenths of the way around the Loop.  The Eleventh Harmonic is about Self-Confidence – “the beauty that we all possess  in our gifts, talents, and resources which can quell the beasts or demons within our nature” – Angeles Arrien, Tarot Handbook, p.66.  A hint about the Recovery of our Abandoned Genius.  We won’t get to the Waxing Square, when the Energy breaks out into the Open – or into the Light, until 2028.  

The second step in the eleven-step march around the Zodiac is about Ritual – the Power of Repetition.  We could effectively tag it as “Fake it (Self-Confidence) till you Make it.”  If we’re Paying Attention Lovingly, each time we Fake it we’ll receive important Information about the Obstacles between us and True Self-Trust.  With Karma Dead, this could lead very rapidly to True Self-Trust, a solid corollary to our recently-Reborn and about-to-Deepen Self-Love.

The Energy of a New Cycle is evident around its Initiation, then goes Underground till the Waxing Square, at which point it begins to pervade the mainstream.  Notice that Equal Rights for Minorities and Women was prominent around the Pluto-Uranus Initiation in the 1960s, and now that we’re past the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square, Equal Rights are very much under attack, just when they should be breaking out into the Light.  

In my neighborhood it was the High School students who spontaneously and vigorously marched to object to the apparent return to institutionalized Racism and Misogyny.  How the Reaction and Response to this evolves will be telling. 

We should be able to detect the Energy of the Juno-Moon/Sun and Nemesis-Moon/Sun Cycles over the next few days.  The Juno Cycles are about Emergence of the Unrecognized, and the Nemesis Cycles about the Appearance of Opportunity, with an emphasis on Appearance; it’s interesting that the Goddess was blond.  Remember that the Underlying December Energy is about Learning by Observing without Judgment or Conclusion.

The Appearance of Opportunity suggests that we take advantage of it while remaining skeptical, without putting all of our eggs in the basket.  Saturn (which would suggest Concentration on the Best Option) is not Strongly Lit Up here, so we can safely Hedge.  Over the next week, keep an eye out for anything you don’t Recognize, particularly an Opportunity that you wouldn’t otherwise Recognize.  Invest in it, but don’t bet the ranch.

The Moon-Juno and Moon-Nemesis Cycles will be about the immediate Emotional Impact of these Circumstances.  The Cycles hit their Waxing Squares on 7 December.  Dip a toe into your Unexpected Opportunity this week, then stay alert next week for Confirmation that your hunch was right, or Suggestion that it needs adjustment.  Invest more into the Trend, with or without adjustment, next week.

While the Moon Cycles are short enough that it makes sense to combine the two, the Solar Cycles are longer.  By the time they get to their Waxing Squares next April, they’ll be two weeks apart, the Sun-Juno Emergence Cycle Opening in the first week, and the Sun-Nemesis Opportunity Cycle Leafing Out in the third week of April.  The Solar Cycles are more substantial, so you’ll want more evidence than your Instincts will deliver.  Plan to carefully review your Investments in April, and bail out if the Trends aren’t bending your way.

Kundalini Rising II

March 6, 2016

The Elves of Lily Hill Farm don’t mince words (Penny Kelly, p.191)…

“Humans are at the top of nature’s heap.  Ye humans need everything that’s in the heap under ye to support yer form of life.  But nothing in the heap needs that human at the top.  Ye humans are the most expendable of all – yet ye all think yer indispensable!  

“Picture the security of the human race right now as one lonely person riding a unicycle across a tightrope that is tied between two poles anchored in soup bowls floating on an ocean,  Yer position is tenuous – at best.”

But there be Hope (Genia Haddon, Body Metaphors, pp.108-9)…

“Neither participational consciousness [the original Matriarchy] nor differentiating objectivity [the Patriarchy] characterizes this third model.  It [the Age of the Yang Feminine – the Age of Lilith] encourages a ‘both-and’ way of looking at things.  Although uncommon in the Patriarchal Age, this sort of consciousness is sometimes experiened in mystical states or with the aid of psychedelic drugs.  

“A pair of opposites that are mutually exclusive as seen by patriarchal, differentiating consciousness are no longer contradictory when comprehended by mentation that simultaneously holds awareness of various levels or orders of wholes.  In other words, this is a style of consciousness that is attentive to varying contexts and can shift from one to another, or even hold several in awareness simultaneously [Castaneda’s ‘Cognitive Dissonance’].

“In such a system, we should expect to experience life as multivalent rather than focused, contextually transformative rather than goal oriented.  Within the gestative system [Matriarchy], movement was contained and cyclic.  The metaphor for progress was natural, vegetative proliferation and succession of seasons.  Phases succeeded one another in a repeating pattern, like a circle, or like the snake biting its tail.  

“In the phallic system, movement is goal oriented and linear, like a arrow.  Progress is pictured as ascent achieved through competition and mastery.  In the exertive [Yang Feminine] system, movement is to be rooted in context and emerging out of it, like a spiral or helix … [in which] interleaved ascending and descending coils suggest the contexting of ‘opposites’ within a larger whole that retains their distinctions, yet transcends their opposition [the ‘Coin’].”

“In an Age reflecting the nature of the exertive womb [Yang Feminine] rather than the phallus, property ownership and exploitation would simply cease to be meaningful concepts, based as they are on patriarchal principles of separating out and power over.  It is beyond my capacity to picture concretely such a world based on exertive-world principles of egalitarian networks, contextual transformation, and holistic transcendence.  

“To appreciate how alien exertive-womb principles still are, try to imagine what sort of pattern would replace ‘ownership’ of animal pets by ‘masters’ in an age in which the dominant motif is no longer hierarchical. … These are the watchwords: context, egalitarian, transformation, multiple wholes, self-transcendence, non-uniform multiplicity, both-and simultaneity without loss of distinctions, network.”

Here’s an example of Both/And/And-that-too, from Robert Moss’s Dreaming True pp290-1…

“The philosopher of Science Thomas Kuhn observed that we get a paradigm shift when the accumulation of ‘anomalies’ forces the abandonment of old scientific paradigms and the adoption of new ones.  Dream journalists can contribute mightily to the emergence and understanding of new paradigms in science” by, for instance…

  • “Case studies of interactive dreaming that will provide mutually confirming evidence that consciousness is never confined to the brain.
  • “Documented and witnessed reports of dream precognition, telepathy, and other psi phenomena that will establish that these are entirely natural events and that our everyday experience is not the only engagement with time and space that is possible.
  • “Serial dreams in which we return to locales where we seem to be leading a continuous life as our present selves, but with some different elements in the scene.  For example: we may be married to a different person, living in a different town, following a different line of work.  Serial dreams of this type may provide strong experiential evidence for the ‘parallel universes’ hypothesis.
  • “Serial dreams in which we enter the situation or perspective of people living in other times or dimensions who are clearly not our familiar selves.  These experiences may be suggestive of our connectedness, in our multidimensional identity, with a vast family of consciousness in many time periods and frequency domains.”

The Eclipse Grand Cross is tight, spanning only three Degrees, 17-19 of the Mutable Signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini).

In general, Angles between planets that are less than three Degrees apart can be considered to have a strong impact on the Present Moment.  Angles between planets that are less than eight Degrees apart will have less effect on the Present Moment, but will have profound impact on any project or Entity or Identity that is born at the time.  

“Orb” is the astrological term for the inexactitude of interplanetary Angles, but we prefer “Sensitivity” because how responsive we are to the Angles depends on how Sensitive we are to Energy.  The average Muggle might be hard-pressed to detect one Degree of Orb, while a Sensitive person could feel the impact of eight or ten Degrees even in the Present Moment.  We’ll all be much more Sensitive to any current-moment Angle that mirrors an Angle in our Natal chart.

Because we use many more planets, asteroids, dwarfs, and Centaurs than traditional astrology, for birth charts we try to keep our Attention directed toward Angles that are less than five Degrees apart.  Because we expect most of our readers to be Sensitive to Energy, we often use five degrees for Present-Moment charts as well.

Exceptions arise when Angles adjoin one another.  For instance, the Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 19 Degrees of Pisces, two Degrees from Chiron at 21 Degrees, and three Degrees from the South Node at 22 Degrees.  But Ceres sits at 16 Degrees, three Degrees on the other side of the Eclipse.  So we have a choice: we can interpret Eclipse-Chiron-South Node and Eclipse-Ceres as two distinct relevant Energies, or we can read Ceres-Eclipse-Chiron-South Node as one Stellium and one Energy.  To be thorough, we should do both, that is, read all three.

So now we’ve stretched from 17-19 Degrees to 16-22 Degrees, sevan Degrees of Separation.  Still well within traditional astrology’s span for a birth chart.  Lilith is also at 22 Degrees, so this allows our Grand Trine and Kite, since Pallas, like Saturn, is at 17 Degrees.  Haumea is very Conjunct Lilith, but at 24 Degrees.  We can’t ignore Haumea’s promise to Rebirth Lilith, but this brings us to 17-24 Degrees, and 16-24 if we  include Ceres, which is hard to exclude when the Ceres-Saturn Square is only half a Degree from being Exact.  While this seems like way too much slop for Present-Moment consideration, we can’t ignore the interconnections.

So far we have involved planets in Pisces (Ceres-Eclipse-Chiron-South Node), Aquarius (Pallas), Sagittarius (Saturn), Libra (Lilith-Haumea), Virgo (Jupiter-North Node), and Gemini (Chaos).  Uranus-Eris at 19-23 of Aries makes our Kite into five-sixth of a Grand Sextile, and the asteroid Klotho at 17 Leo completes it.

Klotho is one of the “Fates” – Klotho cuts the fabric from which Lifetimes are woven, Lachesis measures out the length of a Lifetime, and Atropos cuts the chord when that length is reached.  Their mother Moirai completes the foursome.  

It’s important to remember that Fate and Free Will, as a Duality, cannot be properties of the Universe at Large, as the Universe at Large is Multifarious.  Duality does happen to be a signal property of the Observing Human mind, however, so we interpret Fate as a philosophical issue, not an Existential issue.  It is striking, though, how often astrology seems to Teach us about what’s going on, as if our Co-Creations have long been mapped out by the Stars, as if the best outcome we could hope for from a Lifetime would be an Oscar.

We’re fond of saying that if we use Senses and Skills beyond the intellect, or if we desire to peer into the Unconscious, there is no Contradiction, only Paradox.  In most cases that’s giving the mind more credit than it deserves, but it’s certainly a valid Perspective.  So we could profitably view the Question of Fate and Free Will as a Paradox.  In fact, we can even look at it through Genia’s Yang-Feminine Perspective as a case of “both-and simultaneity without loss of distinctions”!  

How handy.  We’re being Rebirthed into the Yang-Feminine Age as we speak!  

We don’t usually think of Klotho as a heavy hitter, but completing a Grand Sextile gets our Attention, particularly with Haumea Rebirthing Lilith.  The combination means that…

This is a particularly germinal time for building foundations for our Role in the New “Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl” Culture that we’re Co-Creating.

Big revisions to our Cultural Zeitgeist were promised by the 2009 Neptune-Chiron Initiation, “Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl,” which we consider to be the astrological correlate of the Derivative Crisis that the Lizards quite successfully spun as a Mortgage-Deadbeat Crisis.  Genia’s comments are validation for what we’ve been talking about in this regard.

In a significant way, we’re “cutting the cloth” this month for our New economic and ecologic Persona.  We’ve suggested that major Commitments are better delayed till after June’s Eris-Uranus Initiation, since we can expect to meet whole new elements of ourselves then, but if we Trust our Knowing, there is a lot of preparatory work we can be doing that doesn’t involve firm Commitment.  And while New Moons are generally considered to impact the following two to four weeks, Eclipses are usually given a longer span of influence, often nine months.  So if we pinned on the Pattern this month, and wielded our pinking shears in July, we’d be in good stead.

Kelley Hunter usually reads the more traditional astrological symbols, while I stray into all manner of questionable nooks and crannies, so it’s particularly validating when the two of us walk down the same lane.  Her readings have been more mundane than mine of late, so we haven’t been linking to her newsletter.  On the other hand, she literally “wrote the books” on Lilith, and few folks are more in touch with the evolving Age of Lilith than she.  Her reading for this Eclipse mirrors ours, but of course as always adding much of note…

So we regard this Eclipse chart as a legitimate Grand Sextile, in addition to the Kite, Grand Trine, and Grand Cross – very Powerful.  The nature of a Sextile is Grace, as long as we provide the initial impetus to kickstart the process.  A Grand Sextile is about processes that feed on themselves and become virtuous cycles, like Genia’s interleaving helixes.  We may even be able to kickstart one of the Sextiles and watch it activate the other five!  Let’s talk about that in another installment.

I don’t want to leave this train of thought without bringing Pluto into the picture.  Pluto, at 18 Capricorn, Sextiles the Eclipse, and this Sextile forms the base of a Finger of God pointing directly at Klotho.  So it’s a good thing we included Klotho.  It doesn’t pay to ignore Pluto, or Eclipses.

Pluto represents that which Cannot Be Ignored.  I think of Pluto as a Powerful River, not in Space but in Time.  Paddling our canoe upstream is not an option; we’ll simply get pulled backwards into the rapids, if not the falls.  We need to ride this River downstream.  We can, however, steer toward one bank or the other, camp on an island, and since we can see where we’re going, pull out to portage around the falls.

The Klotho Finger of God tells us to Pay Attention Now to the way we’re designing the New Life that we’re Rebirthing for the Age of Lilith, to make sure that our New Life flows with the current and not against it.  The Eclipse-Ceres Conjunction reinforces this Directive, Asking us to Attend to Sustainability here.  

And to the other side of the Sustainability Coin, Sustenance – which means Letting Go of what’s no longer necessary – especially our Limiting Beliefs, which will be illuminated brightly for us with the Eclipse (which provides Illumination by showing us what it’s like without what we take for granted) on the South Node (which harbors our Held Emotions).  Penny Kelly spends about 90% of her book describing how difficult it was to Let Go of all the Resistance she had to Receiving Insight from The Elves of Lily Hill Farm.

The keystone in this Drama is the Initiation of Moirai, mother of the Fates, by Pluto on 10 March, at 18 Capricorn, “The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship.”  Rudhyar’s interpretation, “Protection provided by institutions in charge of maintaining order,” reeks of the Patriarchy, as Rudhyar’s roots were deep in European traditions.  

Our interpretation springs instead from the 1/1/2000 Initiation of Chiron by Pluto, “A flag turning into an Eagle, turning into a Chanticleer heralding the Dawn.”  The flag represents the old Loyalist status quo Ego, the Eagle the wide, inclusive Perspective of the Yang Feminine, and the Dawn of course the EnLightenment that follows.

So now we’re tossed back into the “Paradox” of Fate and Free Will with a renewed sense of Importance.  It would probably be quite accurate to say that astrology shows us our Fate if we proceed Unconsciously.  If we interpret the Squares to the Eclipse negatively, we’d Expect that because the Eclipse will cause us to freeze like a Deer in the headlights because there are too many Choices (Chaos), we’ll find our Future to be severely Limiting (Saturn).  

And I imagine that this will be an apt description of the Future confronting many of the Muggles that still suffer under the Illusion that their employer and their government have their interest at Heart, as the propaganda machine continues to work overtime to keep them convinced.  Ask your doctor if Climate Change Denial is good for you, it should say.  Ask your doctor if Globalization is good for you.  Ask your doctor if Glyphosate-saturated, mineral-deficient food-like substances are good for you.  If Death occurs, tell your doctor immediately and discontinue use.

I’m sure it’s an apt description for the poor blokes who’ve just been trying to survive the Drought and Turmoil in the Middle East, and for the Greeks being trampled by the results, after being wrung out by the Vulture Capitalists and Multinational Patriarchs running the EU.  We may not be able to divert the Pluto River, but we do have the option to Respond Consciously to the currents, to recognize that The Most Important Thing (Saturn) confronting us is Making Choices to steer our Unlimited Future (Chaos) in directions that promote our Deepest Desires and further our Mission in the Lifetime (Jupiter-North Node).

We still have quite a bit of material left in this Eclipse chart that keeps on Giving – to be continued!

Orcus I

December 4, 2015

So yes, if we promise Mom and Dad we’ll never do that again, but we slip up and let it happen, then you bet we’ll get Punished.  For the Etruscans, who brought us the Mythological Orcus, it probably wasn’t so much Mom and Dad, as Allegiance to the Etruscan League – which was pretty much under constant seige by its neighbors.  

And we all, except for the Newcomers, have Adventures like that in our Karmic portfolio, where if we wanted to Survive we had to Swear Allegiance to one Warlord or another.  Even the Newcomers probably got it in their preparatory Simulations.  We can Witness the same Drama being set up again in the US this week, as the propaganda machine creates another Either/Or where “You’re either with us or against us.”

This is the primary Mastery through Challenge influence in the Orcus “Discovery” chart, as Orcus – which we can read as Obedience to our Oaths or simply Yangtegrity (Doing what we said we would do) – Opposes a Conjunction of 2007 OR10 with the Sun.  So the basic Second-Harmonic or Opposition issue (Contradistinction) is Self-Control, as OR10 represents irruptions from the Unconscious, which are always a constant threat to Yangtegrity.  And the Second Harmonic itself – symbolized by the Priestess – is all about defending a Dogma.  Or not.  

The Opposition is T-Squared by a Stationary (Strong) Pholus, symbolizing Responsibility.  So the Challenge is basically “Who ya gonna call?”  Are we going to Trust our own Instincts (the irruptions), or our Oaths.  The Contradistinction is heightened by Uranus (our Soul Urge, or Yintegrity, which means Doing what we damn well Feel like doing moment to moment, aka Trusting our Intuition) Conjoining Sun-OR10 – setting up a classic Yangtegrity versus Yintegrity Conflict, with Responsibility – Maturity, our Cultural Burden – making the Choices.  Right out of Lord of the Flies.  

I mean, who among us didn’t grow up with these kind of Choices always front and center.  If our natal Saturn or Neptune wasn’t Stationary, anyway.

But remember, a T-Square by our reckoning stands for Mastery through Challenge.  So we don’t emphasize the Conflict in a T-Square, we emphasize our vast Experience with the Conflict.  Consequently we advocate that we Witness and Empathize with the enduring and ongoing Trauma that the Challenge has given us, while shifting our mental attitude from being a Victim of the Conflict, to acknowledging that we’ve dealt with this sort of Conflict so often that we are actually Masters of it.  That’s not what it Feels like, but when we assess it objectively, that’s what it is.

It’s a very clear Choice – do we take a step in the direction of Freedom (Yintegrity), or do we continue in Slavery (Yangtegrity).  Or, put the other way, do we take a step in the direction of Responsibility (Yangtegrity), or do we continue towards Anarchy (Yintegrity).  Well, with the Uranus-Pluto Cycle at the Waxing Square stage, we would suggest that moving toward Yintegrity is a step toward Flowing with the Zeitgeist.  But it’s not quite that simple.

We also need to redefine Responsibility.  It means Being Able to Respond, and in a strong sense, Being Able to Respond rather than React.  Where is our Fulcrum?  Do we almost always move toward Yangtegrity, or toward Yintegrity?  Do we weigh each circumstance and make a Conscious Decision about which way to move?  Do we make such a Decision with the mind, or with the Heart, or the Belly?  Recognizing that the mind will probably lean toward Yangtegrity, while the Heart and Belly will probably lean toward Yintegrity.

So this primary layer of the Orcus Discovery chart is about “Growing Up,” but not in the sense of Choosing Yangtegrity over Yintegrity, as most of were made to believe Growing Up meant – most of our schoolteachers leaned toward Yangtegrity after all, or they wouldn’t me schoolteachers.  Growing Up in the sense of Taking Full Responsibility to get Conscious of and Challenge our automatic Reactions, so we can make situationally appropriate Decisions about when to support our Liberation directly, and when we can afford to lose a battle in order to win the War.

So we can see Orcus to be about Decision points, Tripping Points.  Do we bite the propaganda bait and Live in Fear and Hatred and Us Versus Them, or do we Trust that the World is moving toward actually Looking in the Mirror and Taking Responsibility for the Reflections of our own Shadows, realizing that Them is actually Us and that we actually have Nothing to Fear except Hatred itself.  Who, after all, is the Arms Merchant to the World?

As Elizabeth points out, we’ve often maintained that the strongest chart is one combining Much Energy and Motivation, with Much Grace.  In this first layer of the Orcus Discovery chart, the Pholus T-Square qualifies as Much Energy.  Is there Much Grace?   Yes, a fat Grand Trine, with Orcus itself the corner shared by the T-Square and the Grand Trine.  The other two planets in the Grand Trine are Pluto (the Mandatory) and Eris (Revelation of Denial), heavy hitters!  

So the Grace arises from Paying Attention to the Punishment and Paying Attention to what we’re Denying, or rather, since that’s an oxymoron, PIAVAing that we become Aware of what we’re Denying.  Whether we ultimately step toward Yang or toward Yin, we want to Pay Attention to the threat of Punishment, preferably by Witnessing it and Empathizing with our Victim of it – Present-Moment, historical, and herstorical.  Historical means “What happened?”  Herstorical means “How did that Feel?”  Present-Moment means “Where are the scars?”

Another element in the chart is a Quincunx Bridge across the Opposition, formed by a Moon-Nessus Conjunction.

Which introduces another prominent Question – what is this teaching us about the Patriarchy?  That’s not a Question we want to Answer, it’s one we want to hold as a Perpetual Curiosity.  It’s no secret that Yangtegrity is what maintains the Patriarchy, and that the Patriarchy is overdue for a decline, as Yintegrity rises in prominence.  If your Karma runs through Jeanne d’Arc, after Empathizing with your Punished Victim you may well Choose Yintegrity even if you’re Risking Punishment again.  

Which brings us to another Complexity – the Oath may not be your own.  As a member of a Tribe or Commune or Gender or Nationality you may be assumed by your compatriots to have sworn such an Oath.  You could then be Punished by a different Tribe or Gender or Commune or Nationality for your assumed Oath, or punished by your own Tribe or Gender or Nationality or Commune if you’re caught betraying the Oath you never made.  Or both.  Justice is usually spelled JustUs.  The correspondence of the Oath with the Flag reminds us that the Flag is turning into an Eagle which is turning into a Chanticleer Heralding the Light.

The Yangtegrity view that Yintegrity is akin to Anarchy is another propaganda wall that must be breached as Yintegrity waxes.  If you’re watching Football or Futbol, you know that one of the most critical skills a player can have, is knowing when to be unerringly steady to his or her appointed role, and when to step outside of that role to cover a teammate or take advantage of an opportunity.  These are very Yang games, yet it’s often Yintegrity that creates temporary heroism.

Eagles and Roosters

November 15, 2015

“A flag turning into an Eagle, turning into a Chanticleer saluting the dawn”

Recognize that one?  It’s the Sabian Symbol for the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction that accompanied the birth of our current Century.  That means it’s a code for the Energy of the entire 70-year Chiron-Pluto Cycle, and for the entire Century.  How to interpret the code?

  • Pluto is about how the Zeitgeist is changing.  Since it’s so much easier to flow with the Zeitgeist than it is to fight against it, we often use the word Mandatory as a shortcut keyword for the Energy of Pluto.
  • Chiron is about Witnessing our Discouraging Emotions.  When we do that we shift our Perspective, allowing what would have been considered “Miracles” from the Perspective of Identifying with Discouraging Emotions.
  • So the Chiron-Pluto Cycle is about how important it is to Witness our Emotions.
  • A flag symbolizes Identification with an intellectualization, like a nation-state, or a similar group.  It symbolizes Us versus Them.  The “turning” says that our Ego-Identification with nationalism (which at its core is really racism) is dying out.  Our Ego-Identification with Separation, and with the symbols of Separation, is dying out.
  • The high-flying, sharp-eyed Eagle symbolizes Perspective.  When we can fly high enough to see across the Boundaries, we may realize that we’re really All the Same, really All One.  What if they gave a war and nobody came?  When a neighbor slaps us, do we slap back, or do we glance in the Mirror and ask ourself how we might have offended them?
  • A Chanticleer is a Rooster.  The Rooster, of all the Animals, is in charge of notifying everyone when the Light Returns.  Perspective leading to Enlightenment.

Many folks are now rallying around flags, according to the Media.  Is that where you’ve gone, to the flag, to Separation?  There’s another clue.  There was music involved, and a Bird in the name of the musical group.  Which Bird was it?  Was it the Rooster?

The rallying began when Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) and the South Node (What we’re Letting Go of) were on the local Midheaven (Community), with Vesta Stationary (Strong).  Nessus (Male Privilege) was Conjunct 2007 OR10 (Irruptions into Consciousness), both Stationary.  The Moon was on the Great Attractor.

The 21st Century I

October 20, 2015

Using the “traditional” planets, there were four major indications in the 1/1/2000 chart, which we consider to be the birth chart of the current Century.  The four are…

  • Transformation of Consciousness
  • Awareness of the need for Sustainability
  • Loss of the Veil
  • Polarization

And we’ll comment on a few ancillary influences.

Transformation of Consciousness

There will be much Despair as this process unfolds, making it critical that we remember that Empathy heals Despair.  “You poor Sweetheart, you feel pretty Discouraged about the state of the World, don’t you,” we say to ourself.  We may need to repeat and rephrase until we develop a dialog with our Orphaned Power, its Guiding Angels, and its Executive Function.  We also need to keep in mind that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, as this is about nothing if not Growth in Consciousness.  The root process is that we become Ungrounded, and in so doing Expand our Perspective.  From this “higher” place we can “see the Light,” and begin to Celebrate our Evolution rather than dwelling in Darkness.

Pluto symbolizes Transformation or Trance Reformation – a shift in the Mass Hypnosis that governs the Zeitgeist and the way we see the World.  Chiron represents Despair and Miracle – Discouragement caused by a too-narrow Perspective that cannot see outside of the Box it’s in, and the Liberation that results from transcending the box.  The worst sort of Despair is Unconscious Despair – not even knowing that a World exists outside the Box because we don’t Believe it’s Possible.  

A day or so prior to the dawn of the New Century, Pluto Initiated Chiron at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an eagle; the eagle turns into a chanticleer [rooster] saluting the dawn.”  The Eagle’s claim to fame derives from its high-flying Perspective and its keen sight.  The flag represents our narrow focus on nationality and parallel narrow definitions of the Self and Community.  The Eagle sees that we are nothing without Other.  The Rooster heralds the Return of the Light.  

Awareness of the need for Sustainability

If you were lucky enough to catch part of Brian Jennings’s tour of the variety of World’s New Year Celebrations, you probably like me developed a whole new appreciation for multiculturalism, while simultaneously realizing how important Home is to everyone.  Most of the World is Water, and it was too easy to envision many of those Homes sinking under the Sea.

As midnight worked its way around the World, Ceres followed it – Ceres (Sustainability) was Rising everywhere on the Planet when the New Year struck.  Lester Brown pointed out several decades ago that the denizens of the Developed World used more than twenty times as many of the Planet’s Resources as folks in the rest of the World.  And that the World does not contain enough Resources to Sustain everyone at the level of the Developed World.  In other words, we will have to come to terms with the fact that Sustainability and Sustenance are opposite sides of the same coin, and accept the fact that the Developed World will need to Eliminate the Unnecessary.  Can we survive on one twentieth of the Resources we’ve been burning?  We absolutely can.  

Learning about the need for Sustainability, and Learning how to work toward it in an energetic and organized way, is emphasized by a Ceres-Ascendant Quintile Yod on a base of Mars-Saturn.

Loss of the Veil

The Veil disguises our Separation, making it seem real.  Like Denial, it is useful to help us focus on specific issues without Overwhelm.  Even cultures that honor the Reality behind the Veil, like Native Australians and the Iroquois, spend much of their time in the “Daylight,” using the Real World as Guidance for operating in the Daylight.  To spend a lot of time on the other side of the Veil, you’d probably need to surrender your Ego to a Hindu saint.  Without the Veil you’d be constantly aware of all of your deceased Loved Ones, aware of all of your Parallel Lives, aware that your friends and acquaintances are from all over the Universe, aware of the sentience of all of the plants and insects and critters and rocks and trees, and aware that We’re All One, All There Is Is Now, and All There Is Is Love.  Busy busy busy.  You’ve probably already Experienced a fair amount of Bleedthrough since 2000 – maybe a floating Chinese city, or a megastructure around a distant Star.  Consider it a trend.

Neptune Conjoined the South Node (“A Hindu yogi demonstrates his healing powers“), making our Karma and the rest of the ZPG more available to us in Trance.  When you’re seeing through Material Eyes, Neptune represents Confusion; when you’re looking through Spiritual Eyes, it represents Clarity.


Lord knows we’ve seen this one here in Babel.  It was more pronounced in the first decade of the Century, but it’ll be with us for the duration, and require new models for governance, particularly in the US winner-take-all “democracy” – which it never was.  How can you possibly have a democracy or even an effective governance when All Power goes to this year’s Most Popular, let alone the Most Money.  

We’ve been Living the four poles of the Dualities – Instinct versus Lawn Order and Judgment versus Yintegrity.  Pity the poor politicians and pundits who are still trying to make the World fit into their old dichotomies like Right versus Left; they don’t know that Confusion could be their first stage of their Growth rather than their Downfall, as they try to squeeze their folly into the role of Wise Sages while shooting holes in their feet. 

This Grand Cross was in the chart for the first decade, but more profoundly Polarizing was the Out of Bounds Moon (signifying greater Emotionality) that spanned September 11, 2001 through April 21, 2011.  The Moon will be Out of Bounds again from 2020 to 2030 and much more so than in the first decade (up to five degrees Out of Bounds for five days every two weeks, versus one degree Out for two days every two days), in the first decade of the Digital Age, when employment is obsolete and those who own the robots will have to figure out what to do with the increasing hunger of those who don’t.  We should review that Change…

  • 1840-1980: Saturn-Jupiter Initiations in Earth Signs (aka Industrial Revolution)
  • 1980-2000: First Saturn Initiation of Jupiter in an Air Sign (introduction of the PC – previewing Digital Age)
  • 2000-2020: Final Saturn Initiation of Jupiter in Earth (Dot-Com Crash – debriefing Industrial Era)
  • 2020-2160: Saturn-Jupiter Initiations in Air Signs (aka Digital Age)

The 1/1/2000 Grand Cross featured Moon Opposite Saturn (Instinct versus Lawn Order) Squared by Pallas Opposite Uranus (Judgment versus Yintegrity), with Pallas Out of Bounds (Strong Judgment, which many of us have internalized as we’ve been hesitant to remove our Masks), in 11-15 of the Fixed Signs.  The Midpoints of the Fixed Signs are generally considered to be the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”  Of course the Challenges of a Grand Cross are the Squares more than the Oppositions –

  • Moon Waning Square Uranus (Challenge to Let Go of Habits around Yintegrity – the Cycle is A train entering a tunnel,” but Waning)
  • Moon Waxing Square Pallas (Challenge to Trust Instincts around Judgment – “The storm ended, all Nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine“)
  • Pallas Waxing Square Saturn (Challenge to Change Boundaries around Discipline – “A fully decorated Christmas Tree“)
  • Saturn Waxing Square Uranus (Challenge to Create Patterns that Support Yintegrity – “The Pope blessing the faithful”)

The essence of a Grand Cross isn’t per se the Challenges (though they certainly remain), but because the Squares Complement and Challenge one another, the essence is Skill at multi-tasking, and constant demands to “put out fires.”

So basically the Polarization of the 21st Century is wrapped around Dances between Instinct, Judgment, Discipline, and Yintegrity.  Lots of fodder there for all manner of Drama.  Learning how to use Boundaries to facilitate acceptance of our Yintegrity, and Expanding our Consciousness and our Values to create space for it, are very important themes in these Dances.

Uranus is the focus, and Pallas-Uranus the spine, of a Quintile Kite, with Venus and Jupiter on the arms.  That is, both Venus and Jupiter Quintile Uranus and Tridecile Pallas.  The Sun and Juno are Conjunct at the near Midpoint between Venus and Jupiter, Biquintile to Pallas.

Additional Factors

Growth in Consciousness – through Self-Love, Letting Go of old Habits, and Expanding our Boundaries – will help ameliorate Instinct-Discipline Challenges.  Beliefs and Values will be Realigned (for example maybe the Right Wing will figure out that Hate isn’t a healthy Family Value after all).  Awareness of the need to focus on Sustenance, and Alignment of Values and Beliefs, will ease the Ego Deaths.

The Moon is Balsamic, and the Sun Conjoins Juno (“Cupid knocks at the door of a Human heart“); Sun-Juno forms a Trine Bridge across the Moon-Saturn Opposition; Trideciles separate Jupiter from both Pallas and Sun-Juno, which Biquintile one another.  Venus Conjoins Vesta.  Both Ceres Rising and Venus-Vesta form Trine Bridges across the Nodal Axis.

Many of the Challenges will be dissolved by Transformation of the Zeitgeist.  We need to be careful to give the Transformation priority over our Habitual Discipline and our sense of Order; Curiosity is the best course around what form our new Discipline Patterns will take.

The Pluto-Chiron Initiation forms a Trine Bridge across the Pallas-Uranus Opposition; a Quincunx from Saturn to Chiron-Pluto triggers the Grace in Chiron-Pluto Square Pallas to resolve the Pallas-Saturn Square (a Tricolor Configuration).

In our next installment we’ll look to see how our new friends the dwarfs shift these interpretations.

Over the Hump

March 17, 2015

morgan4683bpMorganite, our transportation to the Stars and Beyond.  Manganese Beryllium Aluminum Silicate, like an Emerald, only tinted pink by Manganese impurities instead of green by Chromium impurities.  Morganite and Emerald strengthen Feminine and Masculine Energies without diminishing the other.  They cancel one another out if used together, but enhance each other if used serially, with some space between them.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

Congratulations!  We’ve made it through three Challenging years, the first three after the End of Time.  Bonnie nails it for us…

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

In these pages we mostly talk about the four traditional “Outer” or Unconscious planets – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron.  Well, three are traditional; Chiron has historically been a bit on the iffy side, though since the turn of the Century it’s included in most astrologically mainstream planetary tables.  We talk a little less about the Social planets Jupiter and Saturn, and quite a bit less about the Inner Planets – Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and the Lights – Sun and Moon.  At least that’s our Intention, as we’re mostly concerned with bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness.  We also consider the main asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas quite a lot, since for many of us much of their relevance is still on the Edges of our Consciousness – Edges which Juno herself symbolizes.

Then there are the Newbies – the other Centaurs besides Chiron, and Pluto’s many new siblings.

The Centaurs are asteroid-comets with irregular orbits between Saturn and Neptune, while Pluto’s siblings are “TNOs” – Trans-Neptunian Objects.  So far we’ve included some partial consideration of the Centaurs Chariklo, Pholus, Hylonome, Nessus, and Asbolus, and the TNOs Eris, Quaoar, Makemake, Sedna, Haumea, Ixion, and Chaos.  There are others we could consider, but we haven’t gotten there yet.  We should probably look at Salacia and Orcus next.  We’ve yet to get a close look at any of these folks on the Material plane, but many of them, both Centaurs and TNOs, will turn out to be dwarf planets like Pluto.

The main difference between an asteroid and a dwarf planet, is that dwarf planets have enough Gravity that they’ve spun themselves into a ball, while asteroids remain odd-shaped rocks or iceballs.  Notice that many of the planetary Moons meet this dwarf planet criteria, but they don’t circle the Sun, they circle their home planet.  Astrologically, our floss isn’t fine enough to pick out the angular difference between Jupiter and its Moons.  Someday perhaps.  For now we’ve our work cut out for us just to bring these other Sun-circlers into our psychological orbit.

Traditionally (in astrological tradition, that is), the detection of a new planet has ushered in a new Psychosocial Era.  Uranus in 1781 ushered in the winding down of monarchy.  Neptune in 1846 coincided with the second industrial revolution, replacing feudal lords and vassals with industrial bosses and wage slaves, while Money supplanted Nature as the basic currency.  Pluto in 1930 is widely recognized as introducing the atomic age.  In 1977 Chiron brought the single-board computer, the beginnings of the electronic revolution.  Chiron’s siblings were identified during the 1990s, as the internet began introducing Both/And.  The detection of the many Pluto siblings since 2000 is astrologically, and by extension pyschosocially, monumental.  Notice how Time contracted, as the Mayan Calendar said it would.

The earlier discoveries were about Expansions and Shifts in the social and psychological fabric, but the impact of the Plutoids is psychospiritual – the Expansion of Consciousness.  While the 1990s fragmented Cultures, the 2000s fragmented Psyches.  It’s not coincidental that the detection of the Plutoids began after the year 2000.  We could consider it part of the Loss of the Veil that the 1/1/2000 chart suggested.  “The Veil” is a name for the Boundary between Consciousness and the Unconscious.

We’re referring to the Neptune-South Node Conjunction in the 1/1/2000 chart.  The Exact Initiation occurred January 21, 2000 at 4 Aquarius (they were two Degrees apart on 1/1), “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers.”  This Cycle is currently at a Waning Unx.

We’re using the word Unx, which means one twelfth, to signify an Angle of one Sign.  While the Twelfth Harmonic (Pattern-Breaking) is closely related to the Sixth (Partnership) by the Mirror Principle, the traditional name Semi-Sextile doesn’t emphasize the Twelfth Harmonic enough.  It might be better to call a Sextile a Duounx – that would warn us of the threat that Relationship provides to Identity and leave us much more prepared for Partnership – than to call an Unx a Semi-Sextile.

The Waning Unx means we’re shattering the Neptune-Node Patterns or Habits we’ve put in place since the beginning of this Century.  What are Neptune-Node Patterns?

Well, we’d project our Karma (South Node) onto our Culture (Neptune) for one thing.  So we’d be Believing that it was our Culture that was holding us back.  Dang, I guess we’re just going to have to take Responsibility for our own Limitations from now on.  We’d be working with Spirit and the Unconscious (Neptune) to recover Hidden Skills (South Node); haven’t we been doing that?  Does that mean we’re going to have to make do with the Skills we now have?  Well, these are only the Skills we brought with us into the current Lifetime but didn’t want to use till now – we can always Learn new Skills.  And another Cycle begins late next year.

The 1/1/2000 chart also foretold Enlightenment.

The 12/30/1999 Pluto-Chiron Initiation at Sagittarius 29, “A flag turns into an eagle, the eagle into a chanticleer saluting the dawn” – national and Cultural Identity being transformed into wider perspectives that bring the Light.  This Cycle is now at the Waxing Sextile, symbolizing Partnership between Transformation and Miracles – if we take the first step to initiate it.

The new Plutoids represent a splintering of our Relationship to the Unconscious.  We no longer accept History as the unitary gospel of Heroes and Conquest and Competition and Division that Lizard propaganda used to prop up our Identity.  Instead we recognize and Celebrate Herstories as the Truth of the infinite varieties of Experience that this Planet provides, and of the Power of Collaboration.  The River of Time has fragmented, and no longer flows in only one direction, instead pooling, reversing, and cutting new Co-Creative Channels leading in new directions and into new Dimensions.


December 17, 2014

van7163bpVanadinite, a Lead Vanadate Chloride, symbolizes Abundance.  The “-ate” ending means an Oxide, so it’s Lead Vanadium Oxide Chloride.


A couple of interesting questions from a regular reader…

“What do you think of Nick Hanauer?  I’ve only seen his TED…my cousin sent me this.  It
makes perfect sense on the first read and is generally what us plebs say–tho none of my
cronies understood about buybacks…”

WordPress’s practice of constant “improvement” still seems to be blocking me from using links, so you may have to block and copy the web addresses into the address line of your browser.  Sorry for the hassle.

I don’t believe that folks like Epstein are really that stupid.  Regulation has been declining since Reagan, during the period when the Middle Class collapsed.  Glass-Steagall for instance – which was just repealed again by a passage snuck into the “save the government” bill of 2014.  Folks like Epstein just believe that we’re really that stupid, that he and his cronies can follow Goebbels’s rule that “if you tell the same lie often enough, people will believe it.”  And the unfortunate truth is that it works.

And it’s entirely possible that Epstein has been told the same lie so often that he believes it, as a serious branch of modern academic economics actually believes it.  The bottom line on both this issue and the torture issue that was prominent for a few minutes in the US, is in Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.  She doesn’t talk about their scales, but otherwise it’s mandatory reading to understand what the Lizards are about.

It’s not just buybacks.  There is a pack of lies around “Globalization” and “Trade” that’s every bit as insidious as the lies around “Trickle-Down Economics.”  The modern notion in academic economics is that Hufolk are “resources,” just like Coal or Lumber.  When you’ve burnt a lump of Coal, you dump it in the ashheap over there behind your lowest-paid employee’s house.  And when you’ve burnt out an employee, you dump them on the street and get a new one.

My father grew up during “The Depression,” and it was clear to him that he had to toe the line, because if he didn’t kiss ass there were a thousand folks waiting just the other side of the fence to take his place.  That Pluto-in-Cancer (Security über alles) notion is what us Pluto-in-Leo (Self-Expression über alles) folk were fighting against in the 1960s, when Uranus Conjoined Pluto.  Now that Uranus is Squaring Pluto, the same issue arises, but it’s reversed.  We’re back to realizing that we have no Security, often even if we do toe the line.

The reversal arises because Duality is an illusion.  We have to Ask, “What’s the Coin?”  Suppose Cancer meant Nurturance über alles, and Leo meant Self-Love über alles.  There would be choices, but not antagonism.  The Coin is that we Create what we Resist.  When we look at the World without Dualism, there is only Community and Self-Interest.  Hanauer sees these as complementary while Epstein sees them as competing.

The Planet will continue to go downhill till it’s top predator gets the message that once it eats its last Auk or Carrier Pigeon, it’ll have to “go back to eating clay,” as Quaoar puts it.  The alternative is cannibalism, but of course, if you’re really a shapeshifted Lizard, it isn’t cannibalism after all, is it.


The second question…

“and this was interesting.  I never realized about the general  gmo-vitamins link.

“what I dont understand, in the cereal case, is that those now missing vits were added in.. so does that mean the wheat or oats etc itself doesn’t contain vitamins since they don’t list them?

“i thought that the list of vitamins on food packaging was about what’s in the food, not what’s added in… unless it says ‘added.’  I so rarely eat anything packaged that it doesnt matter to me, but I thought it was interesting and am wondering about vit supplements… which I dont take regularly either.  And probably should since I dont really eat balanced-ly.”

Fascinating; they can’t make synthetic vitamins without GMOs.  I hadn’t thought of that, but I should have, since I do know that GM microbes are routinely used as “factories” to produce industrial inputs.  I try to pay a lot of Attention to the sources of the raw materials for the supplements I take, but it’s not easy.  Using normally-reliable brands (Swanson’s for instance) is often the best we can do.

What the NPR article omitted is that food which is not organically grown is grown in depleted soil.  Modern industrial agriculture adds nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (and often toxins, if they use sewage sludge or industrial waste labeled as “fertilizer”) to the soil because plants don’t grow without those three elements, but they don’t routinely add the other minerals or the elements that the plants would use to make vitamins. 

Those other things come from compost, if the compost is made from certified-Organic fruits and veggies, or produce that’s grown the way certified-Organic produce is grown.  If you buy non-Organic produce or Cheerios and then compost your kitchen scraps, there’s no vitamins or minerals in that compost either, because there weren’t any in the non-Organic produce that you started with. 

I don’t mean to promote Organic certification per se; it’s expensive and small producers can’t afford it.  I’m using “certified-Organic” to indicate food grown with good compost and without chemical poisons, as opposed to the generic word “organic,” which just mean “based on Carbon.”  Note that there are no certifications for fertilizers, so when your local nursery or hardware store sells you “organic” fertilizers, that just means it’s based on Carbon, not that it’s been certified to have been made any certain way.

Yes, the nutrition you’ll get from Organically-grown or Biodynamically-grown or Permaculture-grown produce is usually far superior to the nutrition that you’ll get from the empty imposters that the big stores sell.  But if you care about future generations, it’s even more important to buy Organic for political reasons. 

First, in general, every non-Organic crop depletes the Soil more, so Hufolk in general are on a downhill Atlantean course with regard to health, and on an even faster downhill course with regard to Sustainability, as erosion and pollution kill off more arable land every year. 

And that doesn’t even consider the Carbon footprint of industrial agriculture and nonlocal food, the loss of fertile deltas to sea-level rise, nor the fact that in the developed World, and soon in the rest of the World, the most productive river-valley land has been covered with four feet of gravel in order to build massive single-story factories, warehouses, and malls to feed the advertising industry.  That land once fed the People.

Second, in general, Organic and Biodynamic and Permaculture standards treat Soil as a Living Source, rather than as a simple industrial input with only three components.  So each crop improves the Soil more, while protecting it from pollution and erosion with practices like no-till planting.  So each crop can have more nutrients than last year’s crop.

That’s idealized, but it’s accurate in general.

Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω 

It would behoove to consider the evolutionary implications of both of these interwoven trends.  Descent into Victimhood as we lose what little Power we had to control our own Destiny, and Descent into ill Health as we lose nutritional Power from our food, will perpetuate the concept of Hufolk as equivalent to lumps of Coal, as we Descend back into Slaves.  The historical reactions to overpopulation have been War, Famine, and Pestilence.

What are we doing to make this time different? 

And how will we do that so we don’t Create what we Resist?

Abundance means Having Enough to Share, and at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is classically the time when Sharing is necessary.  The parable of “Buddhist Heaven and Hell” comes to mind.  In Buddhist Hell you’re starving and there’s a sumptuous banquet on the table, but your elbows are locked.  In Buddhist Heaven we feed one another.

These Linear-Time dramas ask us to examine where we are on the Ceres-Chiron Cycle, because clearly we need a Miracle – a complete change of Water in our thinking – to escape this slowly-warming cauldron.  Ceres and Chiron were both prominent in the 1/1/2000 chart, as Pluto was then initiating Chiron, and Ceres was Rising.

The Pluto-Chiron Initiation occurred at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an Eagle, the Eagle into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.”  The pattern is Patriotism and Us-against-Them-ism yielding to a more far-seeing Perspective, which brings the Light.

Ceres was Rising in early Libra – the birth of the realization of Other.

Ceres Cycles are only four years or so long, so we get rapid turnover on the Ceres-Chiron Cycle.  The Cycle is currently at the Waning Binovile stage.  The Waning Square occurred on November 28.

The Novile series represents the Ninth Harmonic, or the principle of Introversion and Meditation.  The Binovile, like the Biseptile, is the stage where we’re challenged to either get lost in an Either/Or, or find “the Coin” that inspires our Intuition.  The Waning portion of a Cycle is the winding-down and debriefing stage of that Cycle.

So the Ceres-Chiron Cycle that’s winding down began in late March 2011 at 4 of Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts.”  And this Symbol was channeled in the 1920s, so we can bet that these were the cigar-chomping top-hatting one-percenters of their day and their knee-crossing molls, as cars were rare and expensive.

The next Cycle begins March 24, 2016 at 22 Pisces, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life.”  Good thing Chiron is involved, though it sounds like a Challenge.  This cycle will carry us through 2020, when the World economy is likely to pick up again as the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle kicks it into gear.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle promises us two centuries of Air, where the intellectual dominates polite society and industry, so disappointment and disillusionment isn’t surprising.

How long will that Chiron-Pluto Cycle take to bloom?  We’re now just past the Waxing Sextile, meaning that it’s up to us to kick-start progress, though since we’re early in the game we should keep our Expectations low.  We’ll be lucky to give a few folks Perspectives that temper their Us-against-Them-ism.  The Waxing Square doesn’t occur until 2028.

So this Liberation and Illumination business is a long-term process.  One step at a time, and keep your Expectations low.  If you can educate one or two Folk per month you’re probably doing very well.  They’ll go on to educate a few other Folk, and before long it’ll be a Movement.


November 4, 2014

Arrowman Recognise the Pointed Man from Nilsson’s The Point?  ‘Tis a fabulous video if you haven’t seen it – or even if you have.

Today is “mid-term” election day in the USofA, meaning that the House of Reps is replaced completely (of course most of the incumbents will remain, but they all have to be re-elected), one third of the Senate is re-upped, and almost three quarters of the governors of the fifty states are being reconsidered.  Governors are the chief executives of the supposedly sovereign states, there are two Senators per state, and the 400-odd Reps supposedly represent about 750,000 people each, though most of them really represent business interests.

While folks always admonish people to “Vote Early and Often,” or at least “Vote,” we ask people to pray instead, or whatever flavor of PIAVA is your preferred modality.  This vote isn’t critical; the critical issue in the USofA is whether the blatant fascists (aka Republicans) or the covert fascists (aka Democrats – remember fascism means that business and government are one and the same, leaving The People out of the equation) win the Presidency in 2016.  There are a couple of nascent movements to promote The People, but they’ll need a lot more momentum before they’re meaningful.

Meanwhile, the next Crash is due soon.

There is a Grand Trine and Kite today, but it may not be on our side (except of course anything “negative” increases the possibility that more folks will wake up).  The Moon crosses Uranus (our oft-Suppressed Soul Connection) around half-past 9am PST, and crosses the South Node (our Suppressed Emotions) at 5pm PST.  That’s actually quite a powerful combination in its own right.  Unfortunately, most folks most of the time will choose to Protect their Suppression.  Suppressing their Uranian urges meets the Expectations of their Community, so no one rocks the Materialistic boat, and Protecting themselves from their Held Emotions maintains their illusion of Comfort.

The Moon doesn’t get to Eris (Confronting Denial) till 1am PST tomorrow, too late even for Hawaii.  The major astroprocess that’s lit up is another impending Uranus-Pluto Square (Compulsion to be more Honest), the sixth of seven, that will be dominating the next six weeks.  It’s our last “Exposition” (Learning Opportunity) Uranus-Pluto; by April we’re on to other Energies.  I think it’s a good time to review the Century’s chart, for January 1, 2000.  It had four major elements: Enlightenment, Polarization, Sustainability/Sustenance, and the Thinning of the Veil.


Pluto Initiated Chiron shortly before New Year 2000, in 12 of Sagittarius, “A Flag turns into an Eagle, which turns into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.”

Pluto-Chiron is about bifurcation – those who can’t get out of Hopelessness, descend further into it, while those who manage to escape it, create Miracles.  The Symbol clearly shows a transformation from Identification with State and Ego, to attaining a broader perspective, to opening to the Light.  It also clearly shows a transition from Patriotism to Predation to Pride.  Ah, those Choices!



In the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross, Pallas Opposed Uranus, and the Moon Opposed Saturn.

Are we willing to set the Boundaries we need to set in order to make a Safe Space to allow our True Self to emerge?  Which level of the Moon will we Focus upon?  Our Random Emotions (ie, business as usual), our Instincts, or Manifesting what we Want?  Three quarters of the people in the USofA believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.  Fifty-one percent of them will vote for business as usual because they fear to lose what little of the pie they have.  And of course those three quarters don’t agree on which direction is wrong.



As New Years and New Century’s rounded the Globe, everywhere on it, Ceres was Rising.

Unfortunately, Sustenance is an inherent part of Sustainability, as in order to achieve Sustainability, we need to Let Go of what is unnecessary.  Once we figure out that it’s those Held Emotions that are unnecessary, and in fact, sabotaging, we’re golden.  Off on the yellow brick road to Enlightenment and Miracle!


Thinning of the Veil

Neptune Initiated the South Node a few days after 1/1/2000, at 4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his Healing powers: The disciplined use of Spiritual Energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend Nature through mind.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed how much the Veil is Thinning these days.  It certainly accelerated after Time Ended in 2012, but now it’s accelerating even faster.


Today’s Grand Trine/Kite

Moon-South Node Trine Jupiter, which in turn Trines Centaur Pholus (Inappropriate Blame) and dwarf planet Ixion (the psychopath).  The North Node is the head of the Kite.

So the near-full Moon will command most of the Attention, and inspire folks to vent their frustration in Inappropriate Blame, consequences be damned.  Since the ultimate Focus is our Mission, the negativity will eventually accumulate enough to wake people up.  There’s a race on in the USofA between the people waking up and the militarization of the police, and between the Perspective and the Predation. 

If the US goes the way of Germany, it will take an invading army to end the cycle, once enough people are droned or bombed back to the Stone Age, that the rest of the World finds that “American Exceptionalism” cannot be quenched by other means.  If those budding efforts toward gaining more control by the People and less control by the Money go anywhere, we could take a more pleasant route to Enlightenment.

Debriefing 9.27

September 27, 2013

deman6209bpOkay, now that we’re past the giddy optimism of the Lunar Grand Sextile Portal, we’re left with the more sober aspects of the two Diamond Stars – namely the T-Squares and the Fingers of God (Yods).  The Fingers of God are still telling us to Pay Attention! and the T-Squares are still Challenging us to Mastery.

The Uranus Finger of Yod

The Uranus Yod runs through October 7 or so.  It tells us that at this time we Individuate (achieve independence from anxiety) by Focusing (Saturn) on the Sacred (Vesta) and on our deepest Desires (North Node).  If those are contradictory in your Worldview, then you have your work cut out for you – Feel into that conflict, Witness the Feelings, and give yourself Empathy…

You poor Schmuck, they really brainwashed you, didn’t they.  You couldn’t help it, you were just a little kid!  They had the size and the stick, and of course you’re going to believe it when they tell you every day to hate yourself.  Hang in there – we’ll stand by you.  I know you feel awful right now, but working together we can change that.  Imagine what it would be like if we accepted ourselves just the way we are, and didn’t have to change a thing, or pretend to be someone else.

You’re working against centuries of negative quasi-religious political propaganda, and it’s in dire need of Healing, if the Planet is to survive, particularly because it’s the Original Sin Boys who hold the worst Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Uranus T-Square

The Uranus T-Square and the Uranus Diamond Star continue until October 6 or so.  Part of our ongoing Uranus-Pluto Square (2012-2015) and the End of Time, and in this incarnation T-Squared to Lilith.  Lilith represents our pre-Intellectual Instincts, and the T-Square means we’re likely to encounter all sorts of situations where our Instinct is to do exactly the opposite of what our Shoulds tell us to do.  Well, Shoulds arise from our programming, our false masks.  Our Instincts arise from a level far deeper than our Individual Egos, it’s our cellular compulsion to Survive.

As kids we were taught to control our Instincts.  Our Instincts are telling us we’re on course to achieve non-Survival.  As social Humans at this stage of our collective evolution, we need to Master the dance between our Instincts and our Shoulds.  We can’t yet ignore our Shoulds completely – they’d beat us up if we did anyway, we need to Love them to Death before we can replace them with Wisdom – so we need to sit our Instincts down in one chair and our Shoulds in another, and facilitate a Win-Win strategy between them.  They both want to keep us Safe, but they’re looking at different levels of Reality.  Don’t try to “get it right” – T-Squares are about Exploring the Edges and Extremes, where there is no right and wrong, only courageous and fearful.

The Pallas Finger of God

This one lasts until October 2-3, and gets lit up again during Portal 9.29, which runs from around 5pm PDT September 29 till 1am PDT September 30, when the Moon crosses Pallas.  The Pallas Yod is grounded by the Chiron-Pluto Sextile, which is a big deal.  Pluto Initiated Chiron at the turn of the Century, and the Sextile represents Grace that doesn’t kick in until a little Human effort is applied to prime the pump.  So this Sextile can be a turning point for the Century as a whole.

The Chiron-Pluto Initiation was about “A flag turning into an Eagle which in turn becomes a Rooster crowing up the Sun” (12 Sagittarius) – the Energy that drives the blindness and divisiveness and violence of Tribalism and Nationalism, once it’s seen from a higher perspective, can be transmogrified into Enlightenment.

But as a Sextile it needs a kick-start from us.  The Chiron-Pluto Sextile is with us until next Spring.  The Pallas Yod to it TELLS US, in no uncertain terms (the Finger of God means Pay Attention!), to stand up and refuse to be swept into the Nationalist and Colonialist propaganda machine.

Pallas was the Goddess of War – and of Wisdom.  She was not trigger-happy like Mars.  She was willing to fight when necessary.  The Symbol for the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction tells us to fight against Tribalism, to fight for a higher perspective.  The onus is on us – a Sextile needs our initiative before inertia kicks in and Grace flows from it.

The Pallas T-Square

The Pallas T-Square, and the Pallas Diamond Star with it, continues until around October 1.  Pallas is Squaring the Nodes, along with Saturn at the North Node.  Any planet Square the Nodes is a beacon telling us how to move from the Limitations of our Karma to the Liberation of our Destiny (should, of course, we decide to accept the Mission).  Telling us when and how to Follow Our Joy.  It’s a Square, so we expect some difficulty.  Pallas means setting Boundaries.  Saying No to our old Karmic Patterns, and saying Yes to what we Really Want.

Or at least, saying Maybe to what we Really Want.  With Chiron (Miracles) and Pluto (Transformation) at the foot of the Diamond Star, we have the opportunity to break through doors that we’ve been believing to be walls.  But ask the victims of any Second-Childhood caper – the consequences of Following our Joy without first (or simultaneously) Loving our Limiting Beliefs into submission, can create backlash that makes the walls thicker.  Right now many of us are feeling Disappointment, relative to the giddy optimism of the recent Portal.  Witness those feelings lovingly –

It’s hard, isn’t it, to see those glowing Lights in the distance, bask for a minute in their glory, and then get yanked back into the place where it’s not yours and you can’t have it.  It probably makes you feel like you’re living in a fantasy world.  Let’s just sit with that Grief – it’s appropriate and necessary.  Those Lights weren’t meant for us, but our Lights will be along.  We’ll need a Miracle, but we can PIAVA one of those, can’t we!  What should we PIAVA?

The leverage isn’t quite as great as it was during the 9.27 Portal, but the Energy and the Opportunities are still here.

Demantoid is a green form of Andradite Garnet.  It absorbs pain.