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Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

March 25, 2013


It finally occurs to me why these last several Diamond Stars have been so mean – it’s the Waxing Jupiter-Chiron Square that’s in the process of making the New Paradigm “permanent”!

Before Neptune Initiated Chiron at the Ides of February in 2010 (remember “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl“?), the two danced together for a couple of years – while the Derivative Crisis unfolded, presaging the demise of the old monetary system.  In late May 2009, Chiron came up to within arcminutes behind Neptune in the same Fresh Violets degree as their later Initiation, then both Stopped and turned Retrograde.  That Conjunctus Interruptus was joined by Jupiter.  So Jupiter began new Cycles with both Chiron and Neptune in 2009.

It will be 2042 before Chiron Squares Neptune and that Energy becomes “permanent.”  But the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle reached it’s Waxing Square on the same June 2012 day as the first Uranus-Pluto Square, and the Jupiter-Chiron Cycle reached permanence a month later.

Outer-planet Angles usually occur thrice – once when the faster planet (Jupiter) passes the slower one (Chiron) going forward, again when the faster planet turns Retrograde, and then a third time once the faster planet goes forward again.  We call the first crossing the “Can-Opener” because it opens an issue that Challenges us.  The second crossing is an “Exposition,” as the same issue returns, but in slow motion.  The third is called the “Confidence-Builder” because now, having experience with the issue, we handle it with aplomb.

The Can-Opener Jupiter-Chiron Square occurred in late July 2012, the Exposition in mid-January 2013, and the Confidence-Builder Square on March 26 – today.  Now this is the Confidence-Builder, so we should be sailing along with it just fine – as many of you hopefully have been.  But some of us obviously weren’t paying Attention during the Exposition phase.  This Planet is like that – if we don’t pick up on an important lesson, the Universe generously repeats it till we do.

The message is to let go of the Old, in order to make space for the New.  Jupiter-Chiron is about Amplified Bummers, till we shift our perspective and open ourself to Big Miracles.

It’s so easy to experience this as the Old Abandoning us, and we imagine that we’re being Abandoned to nothingness.  Which is true, as long as we hold fast to our old concepts and assumptions about the World.  When we Act from the perspective of being Abandoned, it inspires the World to Abandon us.  And of course, all of our childhood, lifelong, and past-life Abandonments are going to be dancing by.  They’re  the Walking Dead, long since dessicated, but kept alive only by our willingness to re-experience their Trance.

We actually have options, but we won’t see them until we let go of attachment to the Old.  Like Cyprus, we resist Change.  But the Energy has already Changed, and we cling to a chimera, to a hollow memory.  Focus on something better than the Present, anything better.  That’ll help you realize that you do have options, it’s only your old Ego that’s going to die, not “you.”  Then maybe let yourself Dream about what you really want.


January 5, 2013


The Bottom Line

There are Pretty Big Doin’s scheduled for January 6, and when we interview them they tell us that the prospects for our New-Paradigm Communities are surprisingly good!  We’ve been hindered so far, but we can expect it all to begin coming together in the next few months.  So far we’ve mostly been Dreaming our new digs, but that’s an essential first step.  As with any Change, we walk the Edge between Safety and Growth.  Choose Growth, but with patience.

What’s Going On

Background – Some New Astrologuese

Before we dive into this, there are a number of interruptions, so many that I’m having a hard time following what I’m writing.  So I’m going to put all the interruptions up here in front, where you can read them beforehand, or ignore them for now and use this section like a glossary when you get stuck on some concept later.

1. We haven’t talked about Semi-Squares yet.  A Square is three Signs, and a Semi-Square is half of that, or a sign and a half.  Kind of like Semi-Sweet Chocolate, but not as sweet.  I usually regard a Semi-Square as a sort of irritation or a minor Challenge to Mastery.  On the other hand, as the eighth Harmonic, the Semi-Square symbolizes alignment and balance.  We’ll be dealing with a Waxing Semi-Square, so we’re adjusting to the fact that some of our old Patterns no longer work.  The Paradigm is changing, but it’s still mostly Unconscious.  We have to make adjustments, but we can’t yet see what it is we’re having to adjust to, so we’re kind of flying blind.  That can be irritating.

2. We haven’t talked about Midpoints yet either – a Midpoint is as it sounds, one planet halfway between two others, or Opposite the halfway point between the other two.  It implies that the three are vibrating in the same frequency.

3. When the outer planets dance with each other, they usually do it thrice – once Direct, then Retrograde, then Direct again.  We usually experience the first occurrence as a Canopener – some Unconscious content bursts through the Veil and disrupts our well-ordered life.  Since it’s Unconscious, we usually see it only in the mirror, as in outer life circumstances.  We need to manifest circumstances that match our Consciousness, or we feel all out of whack.  That’s the Earth Game, in case you hadn’t noticed.  So we usually experience a Canopener as something happening to us, and it usually throws us off guard.

The second passing of an astroevent is an Exposition.  Since it’s Retro, everything is as if in slow motion, so we get a better feel for what’s really going down.  That’s what this occurrence is, and Exposition.  The third event is a Confidence-Builder, because now that we better understand the process, we feel competent to handle the Exposed Content, which by now has become part of our Consciousness.  We can now internalize what we previously had to project in order to preserve the role of the healthy Ego (which is keeping us Safe).

4. A Retrogradation is not really an Abandonment, not at all.  But it can feel that way, if we’re in circumstances where we’re expected to perform.  Suppose we’re scheduled to give a speech, and “unexpectedly” the week before, Mercury turns Retrograde.  (I know, it was in the ephemeris, but who looked before scheduling?  Or who had enough healthy control?) Well, we’re thinking things over, reconsidering, during a Mercury Retro.  So if we’re expected to espouse expertise on some subject, we have to stand up and lie, basically.  So yes, from the perspective of our old Birdcage, a Retrogradation is an Abandonment.  From the perspective of the new, under-construction wing on our Birdcage, a Retrogradation is a building permit that allows us to stop traffic and reroute the utilities.

5. An Angle between two planets is “Complete” when it’s Exact.  That usually occurs in a few instants, as from our perspective it doesn’t take long at all for one to pass in front of the other, unless it’s the Moon or the Sun.  However, the influence of an Angle lasts a lot longer than that.  So there is some slop, usually called Orb in astrologuese.  Two planets that are Conjunct in a natal chart, for instance, would be considered so even if they were seven degrees apart, because a natal Conjunction is usually assigned an Orb of 8-10 degrees.

Now the Meat – Sunday January 6

Elizabeth points out that both Mercury and the Moon cross the legs of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod on Sunday January 6, aka tomorrow.  I’d regard that as interesting but not momentous (let alone “horrendous”), but Jupiter does Semi-Square the very Eris that’s Stationary and preparing to begin going forward again on Tuesday.  India’s reaction and response to its horrific rape and murder situation shows how Eris will have her way, resistance be damned.  In the US, a junior version of it is playing out in Ohio.  Here’s another example, from another She-Bear…

So if the Yod (which is no longer part of a Diamond Star, but still Squares Chiron) is lit up by Mercury (Communication, Awareness) and the Moon (Variable Emotions), that will intensify both our reactions (Moon) and responses (Mercury) to the Eris Station.  I regard a Yod as a very beneficial configuration, since it’s based on Curiosity, which we regard as akin to Wonder and Awe, and therefore Close to God, so to speak.  If we had to put the Yod in a sentence it might be something like…

We’re wondering (Yod) where we might Focus (Saturn) our Attention to maximize our adaptation (Jupiter) to the Changes (Trance Re-Formations; Pluto) going on. 

With Jupiter Square to Chiron-Neptune (New Paradigm) and Uranus Square to Pluto (Self-Trust), the Yod’s thick in the middle of the pudding.  Not to mention that Saturn’s a good stand-in for our own Birdcage (the Ego attachments which keep us Safe and therefore the Limiting Beliefs which keep us from seeing what we need to adapt to and how).  Jupiter’s now Retrograde, and has been all during the Yod’s lifetime.

Bear in mind that some people use two degrees as the maximum acceptable Orb for a Quincunx, and the gap here is 2:20, so by their standards, the Yod is already old news.  Many use three degrees, but either way the Yod is fading fast.  I would consider it to be reasonably Yoddish here myself, as I would consider the extra planets as providing enough oomph to extend the Orb.

The good news is that the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod returns in March, when Jupiter is Direct.  We’ll have to look at that more closely, when we get closer to March.  Remind me.


And all this puts Eris at the Midpoint of the Jupiter-Chiron Square, which suggests we should pay attention to the Jupiter-Chiron Cycle here.  And that it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a look at the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle as well, since it’s Chiron-Neptune that governs the New Paradigm that’s budding under the crumbling infrastructure of the Old Monetary Paradigm.  In other words we need to look at all four planets together – Jupiter, Chiron-Neptune, and Eris.  I think it’s pretty clear that this would imply that the Deep Feminine is intimately involved in Expanding into the New Paradigm.

It appears that the simple truth is that, being human as we are, nothing short of a total economic disaster will shake us out of our Competitive, Profit-oriented Trance and inspire a Cooperative, Survival-oriented Trance.  Imagine the glee of the last Bankster – I Won, I Won! – safely locked into his gated manse on top of Pikes Peak while the rest of the US is under 3,ooo feet of water, his Retropublican wife busily cooking up the plentiful longpig for dinner.  It’ll take more than Greenland melting to do that, but the image is pretty apt.


And we need to look closely at the Jupiter-Eris Cycle – that’s a Biggie, especially since Jupiter Opposed Chiron at her Discovery.  Let’s start there.  The Cycle began May 29, 2011 at the same degree as Eris is now Stationary in, 22 Aries – “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”  Rudhyar adds, “Abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation.”  I think we can just stop there, don’t you?  Do we need to say anything more?

Well, maybe one thing.  Jupiter is Retrograde.  That means that this is the second occurence of the Jupiter-Eris Semi-Square.  The Jupiter-Eris Semi-Square Canopener occurred in mid July, just as Uranus and Eris were turning Retrograde.  So both our Self-Expression and Yin Integrity (Uranus), and our skills at Transcending Denial and Cooperating Compassionately (which we’ve learned so far about Eris) were then, as it were, abandoning us.

So we’ve just been through the Exposition of the Jupiter-Eris Semi-Square, which we could read as an irritating challenge to give up some old habits in order to be more open to a space where we can be unabashedly ourselves (Uranus-Pluto) and fit seamlessly into the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) while seeing all of our desires fulfilled (the Jupiter-Eris Cycle), after the Canopener was kind of stillborn.  But we can still to look forward to it!  Jupiter itself turned Retro in early October 2012, and she faces front again at the end of January 2013.  The Confidence-Builder, where we understand that we really can surrender those obsolete self-sabotaging behaviors and still stay Safe, arrives February 14, 2013.

Bear in mind that this is “only” the Semi-Square.  We won’t see the full Jupiter-Eris Waxing Square till mid-June 2014.  That would make a good target date for us have the first iteration of the prototype for our new self-supporting Communities up and running.  In addition to…

here’s another excellent commentary about how these new Communities may evolve as we Co-Create them…

All this sounds very Utopian even to me, but lo, here it is, out there in the Real World already.  Before long, Faux News might even have to cover it.


The Jupiter-Chiron and Jupiter-Neptune Cycles initiated only four days apart in late May of 2009.  You probably don’t recall that Chiron came within inches (well, a quarter of a degree, or about half a Full-Moon’s-width) of crossing Neptune in May 2009, prior to their complete Initiation in February 2010.  All of this occurred in the initiatory degree of 27 Aquarius, ”Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.”  Both Chiron and Neptune were Stationary in that degree in late May 2009, and Jupiter was right there dancing with them.  Very powerful.  And that’s the same degree as their Complete Conjunction in February 2010.

So the Jupiter-Chiron Square, which was first complete in late July 2012, means that the Gate to that Garden (the one with all fulfilled desires) is now permanently open to anyone willing to experiment with jumping out of their Birdcage and testing new groundrules.  The Jupiter-Neptune Square completed even earlier, in late June 2012.  But again, till Uranus went Direct in December, and till Eris goes Direct on Tuesday, and till Jupiter goes Direct at the end of January, we’re still thinking about making the changes we need to make to adapt to the treasures available to us in the New Paradigm.

You Talking to Me?

That was complicated.  I think the summary is something like this.  Utopian as it sounds, we are in the middle of Co-Creating a garden of delights for our New-Paradigm back yard.  It’s a bit more grounded than pie in the sky, because it’s based on an ancient pottery bowl.  Everybody who wanted to leave Ascended last month, anyway.  We’ve only seen fits and starts, because we’ve only seen glimpses of the blueprint, and only snapshots of all the tools we’ll need.  But that is changing.  By April this project should be moving along nicely.