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Testing Our Dreams

June 28, 2022

We write most about the “Stations,” the times when a planet Stands Still in the Sky, because that’s when the planet’s Energy is Strongest. That Impacts our Experience of Time, and it’s also the best time to Study how a planet Influences Huperland. That’ll help us Grok our own natal planet, and help us Detach from any Karma we might have around it. The Energy of a Station is usually Felt for the week or so preceding the event, getting Stronger as we approach the actual Station.

The Energies of New and Full Moons, though, while it’s Felt Strongly at the time of the events, are also spread Strongly through the following several weeks. We’re already in the grip of the 7:52 pm PDT 28 June 2022 New Moon,1 though its Energy is altered by two other Energies happening at the same time – the Energy of Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity,2 and the Energy of Self-Love in Extreme Situations.3 Those two Energies will also be spread Strongly through the following several weeks with the New Moon Energy. Simultaneously, our Self-Love will be Feeling more Compassionate and Nurturing, and less Scattered and Mental.4

In addition, the Energy of the 28 June New Moon, and the following several weeks, will be Strongly imbued with issues of Self-Sovereignty and its obverse, Codependence.5 Ascension doesn’t abide Codependence. To stay in 5D we need to constantly Monitor our own Inner Guidance, and Avoid making Compromises to suit Others. That can be Scary as we leave Patriarchic Civilizations, where our Survival depended on kissing the correct Butts. We’ll be Dancing on the Edge for a while, so be Gentle with yourself to Avoid going too far too fast and setting yourself Back a few steps. Running faster than our shoes will just land us on our Nose.

In addition to this Edge between Inner Guidance and Outer Obedience, and tightly intertwined with it, will be the Edge between our Programming and our Free Spirit, between Who We Used to Be and Who We’re Becoming.6 We’re being Challenged to Extend our Self-Love to our Unlimited Potential. Remember those Dreams you had as a child, perhaps as a Hero, perhaps as someone Supremely Satisfied with their Life, maybe both. Those were not Fantasies, those were Guidance. They’ve Morphed over the years, as have you, but their Essence remains, and it’s Your Essence.

I know, you have a zillion Good Reasons why those Dreams are impractical, but like it or not, you’re Stuck with them. We’re Stuck in Either/Or, and we need to Unstick ourselves from it. What you’ve Manifested in your Life is also You. We need Both/And – we need to Keep the Positive Elements we’ve Created, and also Manifest what we’ve Dreamed. Yes, I know, that’s not possible, but that’s your old Either/Or Dualistic Brain speaking. We’re Graduating to our Both/And 5D Self, and Everything is Possible Here.

Identify the Core Elements of your current 3D Life, the ones you Want to Keep, and the Core Elements of your Dreams, the ones you’re Compelled to Create. And then PIAVA Both/And. You need to use some version of PIAVA (Prayer, Intention, Asking, Visualizing, Affirming, plus many other Magnetic or Feminine Manifestation Techniques) because it bypasses your Limited 2D Mind, where your Life and your Dreams are mutually incompatible. This is an Iterative process, Changing as we Evolve, so you don’t Want or Need to be perfect on the first cut. I find that writing my PIAVAs out longhand is more Powerful. As I write them I spot Improvements and Refinements, so the next PIAVA is closer to what I Want or Need. I write them over and over till they stop Improving, and till my writing is absolutely smooth. Then I take a long break before doing it again.

Don’t forget to add Lovingly and Gently to each one. One might be something like “God/Goddess, May I Please Keep the Good Things about My Current Life, AND Lovingly and Gently Add the Other Things that will Complete My Dreams of What I’ve Always Wanted.” If I’m Feeling Impatient I might add and Rapidly and Completely to the Lovingly and Gently. It’s good to be Specific at times, and good Not to be specific at other times. The PIAVA above, for instance, leaves lots of Open Space for Source to Collaborate with what’s beyond 2D words.

If you aren’t Ready to Receive what you PIAVA, Spirit will show you why you aren’t Ready, what else you need to Let Go Of. That’s why so many people say I tried Affirmations, and they didn’t Work. So if you don’t get a Shift within a day or two, Ask What Did Happen, and How Does That Relate to What I PIAVAed? Then Adjust your PIAVA and repeat. If you try to do more than one or two different difficult PIAVAs at the same time, you’ll get very Confused.

After every PIAVA session, be sure to Change the Subject. If you continue to Think about what you’re trying to Create, you’ll Freeze yourself back into your old 2D or 3D Masculine or Dynamic way of Manifesting, and you won’t be able to Create anything New. That’s the Template that’s Destroying the Planet as we knew it.

There’s one more Doubly Self-Resolving Challenge in the New Moon chart, which we’ll take up in the next post.

  • 1 That’s 3:52 am BST 29 June in England and 12:52 pm AEST 29 June in Eastern Australia. The New Moon occurs at 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), in front of the Fixed Star Mirzam (An Embodied Message). 8 Cancer Opposes the Initiation Degree of the Powerful 150-Year Pholus-Quaoar Cycle, which we equate to the Global Climate Crisis, which in turn involves the Collapse of Civilizations and the Extinction of Species, along with the usual Inconveniences like Famine, Pestilence, Locusts, War, and the like.
  • Unfortunately, the astrology says that it’s likely to be 2081 before Hupers get their Act Together and Respond Convincingly to the Climate Crisis, by which time it may be far too late. 2081 is when the Pholus-Quaoar Cycle reaches it’s Waxing Square, the time at which the New Energy of a Cycle overcomes the Inertia of the prior (Fossil-Fuel-laced) Cycle. Find an ephemeris of the Cycle at
  • The Moon is Out of Bounds (Amplified, meaning Hupers are more likely to get Stuck on their Thoughts About Their Feelings, and Panic) at the New Moon. Wait – What? Out of Bounds means further north or south than the Sun ever goes, so how can there be a New Moon (Sun-Moon Conjunction!) with the Moon OOB? Good question! Conjunctions are only Longitudinal – Conjunct just means they’re on the same Meridian. So the Moon can be 30 Degrees North of the Ecliptic while the Sun is only 27.
  • 2 Station of Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity) 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation). Detail in previous post.
  • 3 Initiation of asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) by dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) 10:42 am 27 June, in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ), on Fixed Planet Betelgeuse (Achievement). Detail in the recent posts Loving Ourselves and Loving Ourselves Too.
  • 4 Sappho leaves Gemini (Scattered Mentality) and enters Cancer (Nurturing Compassion) 1:59 pm PDT 28 June. Sappho has been in Gemini since 4 May and will be in Cancer till 30 August.
  • 5 New Moon Conjunct Black Moon Lilith aka the Mean Apogee of the Moon’s Orbit (Self-Sovereignty and Self-Abandonment ) in 9 Cancer (Obsession with the Edge between Attachment and Detachment ), adjacent Fixed Star Athena (Determined to Follow a Lofty Cause).
  • 6 The first of two Challenges in the New Moon chart is Self-Resolving, but Complex. The Crux of the Challenge, or Focus of the T-Square, is Venus (Values and Desires) in 8 Gemini (Acceptance of All without Judgment ) Conjunct asteroid Tantalus (Insatiable Hungers Just Out of Reach – our Dreams) Out of Bounds (Amplified ) in 4 Gemini (Compulsively Drawn Toward the Ephemeral ). Once again a Perfect match between the planet and the Degree, as if Lonsdale’s Degree Symbols were crafted specifically for this Time.
  • The base of the T-Square is an Opposition, representing an Argument or Debate between two Polarities, like the Angel and Devil we have on each shoulder whispering or shouting in our Ears.
    • One side of this Conflict is dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories – our History and Herstory) Merged with asteroid Vesta (Limiting Unconscious Beliefs). Like the Moralistic Lessons from our Programming, our Yes-Buts and No-Can-Dos, many of which we’re only dimly if at all Aware of.
    • The other side of the Conflict is dwarf planet Thereus (Wrestling with Bears) Merged with asteroids Hopi (Respect for All Things) and Requiem (Respect for Death). Ego Death. Wrestling with Bears is Dangerous and Demanding. Thereus brought his Bears back home with him, still snarling and growling. Yet that Insatiable Hunger Drives us to Expand Beyond our Unconscious Limits and Personal History, toward the Loving Non-Judgment of the Higher Dimensions.
  • The Self-Resolving Finger of the Goddess that also points to Venus-Tantalus springs from the Sextile between Pholus-Quaoar (Climate Crisis, Collapse of Civilizations and Ecosystems) in 6-7 Capricorn (Pholus 6, Timelessness, with or without Ego; Quaoar 7, Public Drama over Loss of Innocence) and Zhulong-Ka epaoka awela (Zhulong is the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment, Ka epa is Transmutation) in 4-6 Scorpio (Ka epa 4, Apprehension of Doom; Zhulong 6, The Edge between Self-Importance and Selflessness) – Transmuting the Apprehension of Doom.
  • By the way, the Quaoar-Pholus Initiation occurred in 8 Capricorn (The Union of Self-Destruction and Liberation), adjacent to Fixed Star Facies (Combativeness), one of the nastiest Stars in the Sky, in 9 Capricorn (Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed ). Quaoar represents Our Survival Instincts, and Pholus symbolizes the Need to Be Fully Responsive.

Self-Love and Confusion

June 27, 2022

I try to hide most of the astrologuese in the footnotes because so many folks have complained that it Confuses them. Yes, Confusion is the First Stage of Growth, because it indicates that the Conceptual Bars in our Mental Birdcage have come loose, Granny isn’t home, and we’re expecting Sylvester to notice our Broken Cage any minute. Almost all of the educational systems in Western Civilization are Dictatorial and Dualistic, with a great emphasis on Right and Wrong, and a Strong Multi-Pronged Enforcement System on the Right part, including the liberal application of Shame. Shame is an excellent Enforcer, and many of us grew up under its thumb – or its knee on our neck.

I’m making a frequent exception for Moon Out of Bounds, which makes us more Vulnerable to Freakout, because it so dominates its 22-year Cycle, where for eleven or so years it goes Out of Bounds for several days every two weeks, then for the next ±11 years it stays In Bounds the whole time. Classic examples from the first Moon OOB of the prior and current Cycles – the first Moon OOB of the previous Cycle occurred at 9 am on 11 September 2001, which you may remember. The first Moon OOB of the current Cycle began when “On 16 or 17 March 2020, we find out whether the Coronavirus is the Headliner, or just a Teaser, as the Moon begins going ‘Out-of-Bounds’ (further away from the Equator than the ‘Tropics’ of Cancer and Capricorn at 23:27° N or S of the Ecliptic) in earnest.” (

And it makes sense to make exceptions for the classical planets, which are probably familiar to most everyone, at least by name. Such as Neptune, which signifies Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, and which is Lit Up Bigtime (Standing Still in the Sky) until at least 12:54 am PDT 28 June 2022.1 The impact of planets on us Hupers and our Planet, is Greatest when they Stand Still.2 Neptune also symbolizes Everything Bigger Than the Individual Ego, but of course any Recognition that something larger than the Individual Ego Exists is likely to dump a Huper into Confusion about the Nature of Matter, so this is merely a Corollary. Spiritual Clarity moves us Beyond the Ego, but the Ego has to have enough Presence to remember to Request it.

The Neptune Station “features” two Challenges3 (known in the astrovernacular by the quaint geometrical term “T-Square”). They’re both Self-Resolving, but not Doubly so.4

One of them is a Contest between two Rival Compulsions.5 We Crave Rebirth, to Liberate us from our Limitations. But our Limitations are founded in our Security, and the Ego does nothing if not Protect our Security.6 So we Really Want to Clear that Brain Fog, so we can Focus more Intensely on our Enlightenment. But our Limitations are even Stronger, so they Really Want another Cookie, so we can Space Out and Avoid Facing the Sources of our Limitations and Clearing them! Besides, they’re very Deep, and we may not be able to Clear them! What if we’re able to Dredge them up out of the Dungeon, undo all those decades and Lifetimes of Conscious Suppression, forgo all that Hard-Earned Comfort, and they still won’t Leave? Our Life just becomes a Huge, Uniform Bummer again! Right?

Well, Life is Risky. I always suggest appending Lovingly and Gently to our PIAVAs, because if we bite off more than we can chew, it can set us back. Natha Jay advises, “Two coping skills stand out for this passage: remember to rest and be careful what you wish for” ( I’m already violating the first Skill, by exercising (successful) new Denial Skills to push away Brain Fog so I can Strive to finish these essays while the Energy is still Current. I know we’re Eager, but using another of Natha’s Metaphors, we don’t need to “Push the River.” We have All the Time in the World. Linear Time is an Illusion, one we Create.7 The secret door to this My-Own-Time Universe, according to Gay, is to Ask yourself, “What Am I Not Owning? ” I sounds weird, but it works.

The other Self-Resolving Challenge revolves around Neptune itself. As it Stands Still, it’s Merged with Guilt and The Brutality of the Patriarchy.8 If you were raised Catholic or one of the other Autocratic or Guilt-based Religions, you’re probably dealing with a good deal of Ancient Anger these days. Lord Knows there are ample Present-Moment Stories to Focus that on, potentially Losing the Opportunity to Dump a Solid Load of Karma.

Neptune is the Outlet for these Stresses. The complex Source of the Stresses9 Revolve around our Feeling that we’re Stuck with it, that we’re Powerless against the Patriarchy. While that may be True in the short run, it’s not at all True in the long-term TimeLine. Remember that it will be 2081 before the New Pholus-Quaoar Cycle Climate Change Energy reaches its Waxing Square10 and becomes Mainstream, two generations hence. The demise of the Patriarchy will take at least that long as well. Like the Medieval Cathedrals that took generations to build, we’re putting in a foundation here, not a Rose Window. It will be our Great Grandchildren who will Witness the Results. Our job is to Hold the Vision and dig the basement.

  • 1 in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation). Of course it’s “Coincidence” that Neptune chose this Degree to Stand Still in, just when we’re being Asked to Let Go of Any Limitations We Have in the Quantity and Quality of our Self-Love (Chaos Initiating Sappho; see previous post). The Neptune Station is Exact at that time and date (meaning it’s still moving ever so slightly before and after); the Strength of the Energy usually Builds to a Max at the Exact Station, then Falls Off sharply. If however we Get Lost in Our Stories about the Energy (particularly Easy around Neptune) and make a Decision about it, to counteract it for instance, then we Extend the Energy in our own Lives.
  • I remembered for example that Black Radish and Lemon, with Food and much Water, might reduce the Brain Fog that the Neptune Station (in combination with other things, such as dietary shortcuts) is Triggering for me, so I tried it and it seems to be working. I didn’t want to resort to Caffiend, which only seems to Quicken the Fog, and it’s too late in the afternoon for a large dose of Vitamin B, which would be Healthy but keep me awake longer than I want. It would be better to Meditate on the Fog, that way I may be able to pick up on what it’s trying to Teach me, rather than just Learning how to Suppress it.
  • 2 Fortunately, the Earth doesn’t Stand Still, or we’d Fall Off. It spins at over 1,000 mph on the surface at the Equator, 700 mph at my Latitude (you can Feel the Breeze blowing your hair off your head, right? No wonder Flat-Earthers don’t Believe – think of the haircut money we could save!). So to actually Notice in “Real” Life that a planet is Standing Still, we have to take a dddddsnapshot of the same chunk of Sky every night at the same time. From our Perspective, it’s the fact that a Star stays in the same place in such snapshots, while, usually, planets move. So a Stationary planet is pretending to be a Fixed Star, trying to Fake us Out, pausing to wag a finger at us for ignoring it the rest of the time.
  • The Earth is also whizzing around the sun at 67,000 mph, and the Sun is zooming around the Milky Way at 448,000 mph. Tell your Dog to keep their head in the car, okay? Not to mention that the Dairy Queen is moving around the Local Galaxy Group at 216,000 mph, all of which is moving toward Leo at 1⅓ million mph. These numbers mean nothing of course, they’re just a Story. We all know we Live in a Snow Globe that moves only when Shaken.
  • 3 Known in the astrovernacular by the quaint geometrical term “T-Square” because lines drawn from each of the three planets involved to the center of the Zodiacal circle forms a “T.”
  • 4 Self-Resolving Hassles leave everyone Living Happily Ever After, if Everyone is able to Leave Well Enough Alone and patiently Endure any Discomfort that the Challenge Triggers (it’s still a Hassle, even if it’s Self-Resolving – we just have better odds of Surviving it Enhanced). On the contrary, Doubly Self-Resolving Hassles turn out to be basically Easy. Even if the Hassle itself produces Discomfort, the Self-Resolution process more than makes up for it.
  • The Crux of a T-Square falls on the planet at the base of the stem of the “T,” while the other two planets are three Signs away, a Graduate-Seminar sort of Angle, Teaching Rare Skills, but Asking us to Adjust our Identity in the process (ie, not as Fun). A Self-Resolving T-Square adds two more planets, each five Signs from the Crux planet, making a Wedge that astrologers call a Finger of the Goddess, or, in the case of Muggle astrologer, Finger of God. These Focus our Attention and add Context that makes it Easier for us to Adjust our Identity. A Doubly Self-Resolving T-Square adds two additional planets, each four Signs from the Crux, making an equilateral triangle called a Trine and meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings. The Trine makes both the Learning and the Adjustment Effortless.
  • That’s seven planets all together. We’re really talking about positions rather than planets, because each position can hold several planets. But we’ll continue to imagine that there’s only one planet in each position, as it’s easier. Adding an eighth planet Opposite the Crux planet, called the Vacancy of the T-Square, converts our T-Square into a Grand Cross – four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac. Four is the number of Dominion, and the Grand Cross is Balanced, converting it from a Challenge and a Hassle, to a series of Irritations that Complement one another. We may still have to Endure some Discomfort while we patiently await the Complementary Actions, but a Grand Cross is much easier than a T-Square, as we know that we’re In Charge – we have Dominion over it.
  • Notice that any Natal or Birth planet(s) we have that fill any Vacancy in the T-Square “in the Sky Now” (called Transiting planets in astrologuese, as opposed to Natal or Birth planets) Count! So if we have two natal planets five Signs from the transiting Crux planet, We Are the Self-Resolution. That puts us in an excellent position to help others Expand their Identity and Learn from the T-Square. Similarly, if we have two natal planets four Signs from the transiting Crux planet, We Are the Double Self-Resolution. If we aren’t Arrogant about it, people will come clamoring for our Help.
  • Now suppose we also have two Natal planets that are each two Signs from the Crux. Combine these with the two planets four Signs from the Crux, and we have a Grand Sextile, one of the best Configurations in astrology, because it makes the whole process Full of Grace, and it includes the Crux of the Challenge. There’s only one Caveat with a Grand Sextile – we have to take the first step. If we’re willing to do that, the Goddess will handle the rest.
  • We’ve now filled ten positions. Suppose we happen to also have two Natal planets one Sign from the Crux planet. Added to the other ten, that now fills the Zodiac with a planet in each of the twelve positions, one in each Sign, in more or less the same Degree. Some will be Transiting, some Natal. With twelve planets Aligned and no Vacancies, we have what’s called a Grand Unx, an “Unx” meaning one twelfth of anything. A Grand Unx is like having Two Cats in the Yard, Life Used to Be so Hard, Now Everything Is Easy Cuz of [the Grand Unx]. The Unx Angle, which Muggle astrologers unromantically refer to as a “Semi-Sextile,” is the Twelfth Harmonic, symbolizing Pattern-Breaking. So Adjustments to Identity suddenly become Easy, as the Universe Unlocks all of the Patterns that Connect and Bind the Energies of those twelve planets.
  • 5 The Crux planet is Pluto – Compulsion, in 28 Capricorn (Letting Go of a Lifetime of Negativity). The base of a T-Square is an Opposition, the Second Harmonic, home of Duality and Argument.
  • 6 The Rebirth side of the Argument is dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth), daughter of Pele, making new Land as her Fiery Lava – molten Stone – hisses into the Sea, in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes). Rebirth into Ascension, Ego Death Be Damned.
  • On the other side of the table is dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied ), she who threw the Golden Apple into the dinner party with For the Fairest of them All written on it, generating a War-making Contest between the Classical Beauties – Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera – to claim the Golden trinket. None of the three Confronted their Vanity (Paris had to Decide, creating the War), so we have to do it for them.
  • Worse, Eris is Merged with Mars (Action, Anger), who’s likely to Struggle mightily to Defend Ego’s Role as Protector, and Keep in place the Subterfuges that we use Unconsciously, Semi-Consciously, and Consciously, to keep our Demons chained to the wall of our Sub-Dungeon. I’m guessing we’ll be working mostly with the Semi-Conscious and Conscious but Actively Resisted Energies in our Psyche.
  • Both are in 26 Aries (Union with All ).
  • Paradoxically, the base of the Self-Resolving Finger of the Goddess is a Sextile (Grace) between Koronis (Coronavirus) in 25 Leo (Discovering Soul Inside Convention and Codependence) and the Out-of-Bounds Moon (Vulnerability to Panic) Merged with asteroid Sisyphus (Perpetual Fruitless Effort ) and dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition), all in Gemini 28 (Union with Evolving Energies), with Sisyphus and Asbolus also both Out of Bounds.
  • 7 Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level, pp.159-184. See also O. Fred Donaldson, Playing By Heart: The Vision and Practice of Belonging, pp.192-195.
  • 8 Stationary Neptune Conjunct asteroids Nemesis (Guilt ) in 27 Pisces (Union with the Basic Design of Life) and Herakles (Assassin of the Sacred Symbols of the Matriarchy in Service of Zeus’s Patriarchy) in 28 Pisces (see note 1 above).
  • 9 The base of the Neptune T-Square, which describes the Source of the Challenge, is the OOB Moon-OOB Sisyphus-OOB Asbolus grouping that was part of the Self-Resolution of the first Challenge (see the end of note 6 above) Opposite asteroids Klotho (New Karma) and Atlantis (Demise of a Civilization) in 26-27 Sagittarius (Klotho in 26 – the Prenatal Decision to End All Karma in the Lifetime; Atlantis in 27 – Awareness of Many LifeTimes, Disguised as Everyday Knowledge). Sagittarius 26 is home to the Fixed Star Aculeus (Abuse that Strengthens Us), while 27 Sagittarius is adjacent to the Fixed Star Acumen (Destructive Gossip).
  • 10 See the Getting Wild Again series of posts, starting at, especially Ian Smith’s generous comment in
  • The Self-Resolving Finger of the Goddess in this second Challenge of the Neptune Station is based from the Sextile between asteroid Koronis at 25 Leo and dwarf planet Haumea at 28 Libra (see note 6 above).

Loving Ourselves Too

June 25, 2022

Welcome to the 18th Century. That’ll Trigger our Self-Love, won’t it, as a substitute for our perceived Powerlessness, Felt as Anger. I can’t find the quote, or remember who said it, but it went something like “Don’t try to Fix the Patriarchy, Just Replace it.” Sorta like this…

As we averred in the last post, the Edges of Self-Love Energy that dominates the Plot through 28 June 2022 is composed of four Energies that we’ll Experience as One Energy, simply because they’re simultaneous. If we’re Conscious about each of them, we may be able to Separate them. If we aren’t, we’re just likely to be Confused. For instance, we might logically wonder if Self-Love only applies to Power-Drunk White Male Sexual Predators and their Moll. The four Energies are…

  • Focusing on our Thoughts About Our Feelings, often accompanied by Panic.1
  • Self-Love and its Obverse Self-Doubt, in Extreme Circumstances, as distinct from Narcissism and Masochism, Initiating a New 4-year Cycle.2
  • Massive Cultural Confusion, abetted by Escapism, and Escaped through Seeking Inner Direction.3
  • Another New Cycle, this one lasting only a month, about Self-Sovereignty, Enlightenment, and the Complex World of Desire.4

These Energies feature Challenges, but the Challenges are Self-Resolving,5 meaning we’re better off Letting them Be, because our 2D and 3D interventions could skew up their Multidimensional and Unitary Self-Resolutions. In the New Self-Love in the Reaches Energy,6 and in the next four years or so of the New Cycle it Initiates, there are two Major Challenges. Fortunately, both are Doubly Self-Resolving.7 Plus an additional detail…

We have a number of sources of Confusion here. There’s the Massive Cultural Confusion we mentioned as the third of the four Energies above. There’s the even-greater Confusion likely to be Triggered by having four different Energies happening at once.8 And the Self-Love in the Reaches Energy carries its own source of Confusion, generated by Prominence of the Feeling that the Task is Not Achievable.9 Our Unlimited Potential is so far beyond our usual Self-Expectations, that we feel like we’re Fantasizing when we start to Imagine it. Let yourself drop into your most All-Absorbing Fantasy about yourself and your World, where you’re Loved the way you Want to be Loved, you Feel Good about yourself, you Feel Self-Confident, you Do what you’re Very Good at and what you Love Doing – fill in the rest of the “blanks.”

When you come to, give your Fantasy a number, where Ten is the Best of All Worlds and Where You Are Now, and Zero is Completely Impossible. Then Relax your Yes-Buts a bit, and let your Fantasy score drift up a few points. From a 3 to a 5 maybe, or a 6 to an 8. Does that Excite you, or Terrify you, or just make you Laugh?

Even if the Challenges are Doubly Self-Resolving, Resolution is where they’re likely to End Up. Doesn’t mean they’ll be super Comfortable or Exciting in the interim. One of them is about our Rebirth. Do we Focus on the Death more than the Rebirth? Do we Respect the Death as an Integral part of the Rebirth, or do we Rue it? Do we worry about Our Addictions and how they Limit us? Like our Addiction to Food and Comfort and the Fear that we may not be able to Afford Food and Shelter if we really Follow our Dreams? 10

The other Challenge is about Building a New Culture Guided by the Feminine, Without Guilt, Without Psychopathic Male Dominance, and Without Civilization-Destroying Technology. 11

  • 1 Moon Out of Bounds starting 11:31 am PDT 26 June, in 10 Gemini (Through the Dark Side to Wholeness – how appropriate), adjacent to the Royal Star Aldebaran (Integrity) in 11 Gemini (Maintaining Clarity in Darkness). That’s 7:31 pm BST 26 June In England and 4:31 am AEST 27 June in Eastern Australia. Until 6:39 am PDT 1 July in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ), which is 12:31 pm BST in England and 11:39 pm AEST in Eastern Australia.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ), which is Out of Bounds (Amplified ) Initiates asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) 10:42 am PDT 27 June, in 30 Gemini (The hollowness of being Outer-Directed ), on the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ), starting a New 4-year Cycle about Extending our Self-Love into the Areas of our True Self which have been Forbidden to us by our Programming – see note 1 of the previous post for more details, along with the rest of this post. England 6:42 pm BST 27 June, Eastern Australia 3:42 am AEST 28 June.
  • 3 Neptune (Our Relationship with Everything Larger than our Ego) Stationary (Exaggerated) 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation), Merged with (Conjunct) asteroids Nemesis (Guilt ) and Herakles (Enforcer for the Patriarchy). We can see the Massive Cultural Confusion operating in the Power-Drunk White Male Sexual Predators and their Molls, who sincerely Believe they’re doing the rest of us a Favor by acting on behalf of Hercules (Herakles) to Rectify Wrongdoing (Nemesis) without realizing in their Confusion that it will accelerate their downfall. England 8:54 am BST, Eastern Australia 5:54 pm AEST, both 28 June. We’ll cover the Neptune Station Challenges in a subsequent post.
  • 4 New Moon (Change of Dominant Energy) 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, in 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), home of Fixed Star Mirzam (An Embodied Message), focusing on Self-Sovereignty and Self-Abandonment (Conjunct Lilith). England 3:52 am BST 29 June, Eastern Australia 12:52 pm AEST 29 June. We’ll cover the New Moon Challenges in a later post.
  • 5 The Challenges are T-Squares. A Self-Resolving T-Square is a Diamond Star – the focus of a T-Square pointing to the same planet as a Finger of the Goddess.
  • 6 I.e., the second Energy of the four above. As Ursula Le Guin liked to frequently remind us in The Wizard of Earthsea series, Rules Change in the Reaches.
  • 7 A Doubly Self-Resolving Challenge not only adds a Finger of the Goddess to the T-Square, but also a Grand Trine, meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings. Grand Trines are so Advantageous that they’re easily mistaken for Skill on our part, leading to Arrogance.
  • 8 Multidimensional Reality is Unitary, so there is actually no Separation – all the Distinctions are Arbitrary. It’s the Mind that Divides everything up into Dimensions and Dualities and Different Energies. It’s the astrology that’s Dividing our Experience of This Moment up into four Different Energies, and astrology’s Divisions may not be the same as ours. So astrology may make our Experience of Reality less Confusing or more Confusing, depending on whether we’re using symbols that match the way we usually Divide Reality, bearing in mind that our Divisions of Reality represent the Cage that keeps us from Ascending. Confusion is the first stage of Growth, because it means that our Limiting Beliefs have Cracked Open.
  • The astrological divisions I use are based loosely on Western Traditions and Science and Literature. For instance, if we had to choose single words to Identify the potential downside of each of the astrological Energies based on common Psychology, they’d probably be Panic, Terror, Confusion, and Redirection. The upside memes, based on our presumed similar Enlightenment Goals, might be Elaboration, Glory, Samadhi, and Ascension.
  • 9 The Chaos-Sappho Initiation is Merged With (Conjunct) dwarf planets Asbolus (Clear Intuition) and Sisyphus (Driven by Unquenchable Thirst for the Unattainable). Chaos, Asbolus, and Sisyphus are all Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ).
  • 10 In the chart of the Chaos-Sappho Conjunction and the Initiation of the New Chaos-Sappho Cycle, Haumea (Rebirth) in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes) is T-Squared by the Opposition between dwarf planet Cyllarus Out of Bounds (Respect for Death) in 1 Leo (Choosing to cast off Karma) and Pluto (Compulsion) in 29 Capricorn (Surpassing Negative Bias).
  • 11 Chaos-Sappho-Sisyphus-Asbolus, (Acute Awareness of the Ongoing Challenge of Loving Oneself beyond the Edges) Opposes Ixion-Klotho-Atlantis-Magdalena (Mother Mary Opening a New Civilization beyond the Limits of the Old Ones) in 29 Sagittarius to 2 Capricorn (Dancing between Surrender and Tradition), T-Squared by Stationary Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity), Nemesis (Guilt ), and Herakles (Enforcer of the Patriarchy) in 26-27 Pisces (Union with the Basic Design of Life, Without the Thumb of the Patriarch on our back ).

Loving Ourselves

June 22, 2022

Four different Energies coming up over the next six days, till at least 2:52 am PDT 29 January 2022, any one of which could be a Bother for us, as Pooh would put it. That’s 10:52 am BST in London, and 7:52 pm AEST in Sydney. The upside is that all of the astrological Challenges are Self-Resolving, many Doubly so. That means we can Expect the final result to be Great, even if there may be iffy moments along the way. It also means we’ll be far better off if we Chuckle and Wink at the iffy moments, rather than Freaking Out about them. Some of the Native American tribes Believe in Elvish Folk called “Puk-Wudgies” who like to play mischievous tricks on Hupers, like spilling their paint bucket when they aren’t looking, just because they think it’s hilarious the way Hupers Lose the Plot when Irritated. You may have seen some of their YouTube channels.

It was last week when we were dealing Intensely with Intrusive Memories, but the Stories that come up for us when our paint bucket spills, can be like that. A good essay was published yesterday on this…


You might recognize this as Focusing on our Thoughts About Our Feelings.

The Major Theme over the next six days is Self-Love, and it’s a Doozy.1 When Self-Doubt comes up for you, use that as the Cue that tells you “Oh, this isn’t about Me, this is just the astrology!” Of course it’ll be your own Karmic Self-Doubt (or Narcissistic Certainty) that’s Triggered, and you definitely want to use it to Notice your Karmic Patterns – what Triggers your Self-Doubt or Narcissistic Certainty, what Stories you Habitually use to try to Justify it, where you Feel it in your Body, what does that Sensation feel like when you strip away the Stories – but you don’t need to Personalize it. You Are Not Your Karma. You are a Miraculous Soul who’s Brash enough to Toy with this Ridiculous but Fascinating Experiment where Spirit Inhabits Matter, as Flesh.2

The Major Downside of the Experiment is the Amnesia – Flesh has a very difficult time Remembering that it’s really Spirit. All those Captivating Stories and Dramas snag and hold Flesh’s Attention so tightly that it Forgets all about its Passenger. If Flesh was an airline, no one would fly on it twice, because the staff is so absent-minded, totally Ignoring the customers! As a Soul, you studied up on a whole catalog of Stories, hoping to find one that’s just fishy enough that you’d notice the Puk-Wudgie ruse and finally understand how Karma snags our Attention and Collaborates with the Amnesia instead of Cuing our Ascension. Once we get the Cosmic Joke and realize it’s “on us,” we can Ascend in a Flash.

The other three Energies, that Carry and Extend the Self-Love Issues? First there’s Moon Out of Bounds again, to the North this time (Possible Panic from Abandoning one’s Emotions for the Stories), starting 11:31 am PDT 26 June in 10 Gemini (Through the Dark Side to Wholeness), and lasting till 6:39 am PDT 1 July in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ).

Second there’s the Exaggeration of the Cultural Realm,3 till 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation) and which may well Trigger our Guilt about Not Fitting in to the Patriarchy. Obviously we should be Honoring ourself greatly for this, but we may feel quite otherwise. Be Gentle with your Real Emotions, and if you feel this as a Failure, Tap It Out, repeatedly if necessary, and Substitute a more Self-Loving Attitude toward yourself.

Third, There’s a New Moon (New Beginnings) at 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, whiich brings Self-Sovereignty into the Drama.4

  • 1 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) Initiates asteroid Sappho (Self-Love), 10:42 am PDT 27 June 2022, in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ), home of the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ). That’s 6:42 pm BST 27 June in Salisbury and 3:42 am AEST 28 June in Gold Coast. Chaos symbolizes not Disorder but the Potential that Anything could Happen, though our natural Insecurity as Hupers often Reacts to both the same way. Try to Imagine Living in a Reality without Cause and Effect – we’d have no idea what might happen next. It would be both Terrifying and Exhilarating. It’s like crossing an Elephant with a Rhinoceros – what do we get? ‘EllifIKnow.
  • But that’s where we were earlier this week, in Manifestation. If we knew how to Create What We Want in 3D, we’d have Created it long ago. In order to really Manifest What We Want but haven’t Yet, we need to PIAVA and then Change the Subject. From the Perspective of Not Having Created It Yet, Manifesting is Beyond Cause and Effect, because we couldn’t have Imagined Creating it That Way. Does that put a new Cause in our Quiver, or does it Liberate us from that 3D Cause-and-Effect Prison? If we’ve been Creating Magnetically () all our Life, rather than Dynamically (), it would be routine.
  • It’s the same with Poor-Sweethearting. When we Change our Identity, Everything Else Changes with it. Psychology focuses on Defining Normal – the Thought Police. It’s useful socially, but if Multiple Personalities was more common, and recognized for the incredible Skill that it is, and if we could switch on Purpose, Psychology would use Multiple Personalities to Explore how Identity works, rather than locking up its Practitioners. As Hal and Sidra Stone, and many others, demonstrated, we all have Subpersonalities that we can employ to our Advantage.
  • Sappho-Chaos is a 3-4-year Cycle. The prior Cycle began 10 October 2018 in 26 Gemini (Losing One’s Outer Self in the Infinite Wonder of Inner Worlds – read Ellias’s full Channeling on pp.120-121; sounds a whole lot like the last several years!). This New Cycle lasts until 9 April 2026. There are two fascinating Doubly Self-Resolving Challenges, which we’ll Break Out in a separate post.
  • 2 Of course, it’s only Huper Hubris that disregards the fact that every other Entity in the Universe, Animate or Inanimate, is Conscious, and most of them aren’t Hung Up on being Locked in 3D.
  • 3 Station of Neptune 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation). There are two Self-Resolving Challenges, including Neptune Conjunct Nemesis (Guilt ) and Herakles (Enforcer for the Patriarchy) at the Focus of one of the Challenges (T-Squares). Details to follow.
  • 4 New Moon Conjunct Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) with Moon Out of Bounds, 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, in 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), home of Fixed Planet Mirzam (An Embodied Message). There are two Challenges, both Self-Resolving and one Doubly so. Details to follow in separate post.


June 20, 2022

In Natha Jay’s latest missive, , she forecast that “It will seem like the next two months will fly by. In a blink of the the eye it will be late August.” I read that as great news. I like to savor my Summers, but if this one Flies because I’m savoring it so much, I won’t complain at all! Her post includes too many other pieces of wonderful advice to list, so I highly recommend her post; it’s only a bit longer than one page, so it won’t take long.

I’ve only begun to see if I can pry the same information out of my own usual sources – one of the things she says is “…please question where you are getting your guidance. The only source you should be listening to is the source within.” Makes me realize how tedious my usual sources can be, though much of that is because my Perspective in Time is pretty focused, mostly a week or several at a time, pretty much on purpose, in these oft-shifting Winds. I do depend on “the source within,” and Experience, for selecting what’s Important and how to interpret it. But Lord Knows I’d be much better off if I spent a lot more time Listening to the Source Within!

So even though I’ve only begun to look at this notion of Flying Time, I can see several clues already. The fact that the last two posts, and the astroevent Challenges they described, were “Doubly Self-Resolving” – meaning they would more or less take care of themselves while we had the Luxury of Watching (and Becoming More Conscious if we were Alert to Identify Patterns, and if we could Resist the Temptation to Dabble) – is the first clue. If I can not worry so much about “holding my mouth right” as my father used to say, and just Relax into Living It, that’s a Boon.

The 21 June 2022 Northern-Summer and Southern-Winter Solstice chart repeats the same Pattern, two Challenges, both Doubly Self-Resolving, with different Challenges than earlier. The next big astroevent, the 28 June Amplification of Cultural Issues,1 includes two (different again) Self-Resolving Challenges, just not Doubly. I won’t rue that. The event after that, the 28 June Out of Bounds New Moon2 (which presides over the following several weeks) Reverts to two Doubly Self-Resolving Challenges, modifications of the two Challenges in the Amplification of Cultural Issues.

A quick peek ahead, to the 28 July New Moon, for instance, that should Set the Stage for much of August — three Major Challenges, all Self-Resolving, one Doubly so.3 Yup, our telescope seems at first glance to roughly Agree with Natha’s. Hallelujah.

  • 1 Station of Neptune (Everything Larger than Ourself ) in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitations) 12:54 am PDT 28 June. I’m glad this one will be Self-Resolving, as Neptune Merges with Our Guilt about the Patriarchy (asteroids Nemesis and Heracles), and Challenges (T-Squares) an Argument (Opposition) between The Beginning of the Demise of Civilization (asteroids Klotho and Atlantis) and Our Frustration about our Apparent Inability to Do Otherwise (Out of Bounds Moon, dwarf planet Asbolus, and asteroid Sisyphus). Of course, the sooner Western Civilization Collapses the Better, from Gaia’s Perspective, but it could be Painful. Self-Resolving Pain sound much better, implying perhaps that we’ll be achieving some Functioning degree of Cooperation with Nature and Local Community while the Patriarchy Fails.
  • 2 New Moon 7:52 pm PDT 28 June in 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), home of Fixed Star Mirzam (An Embodied Message).
  • 3 It’s (Singly) Self-Resolving and In Service to our Ascension, but one of the Challenges could be a Bear. The focus of the T-Square is Zhulong (Enlightenment ) and one side of the base Opposition is Chariklo (Self-Confidence and of course Self-Doubt ), and the other side is the New Moon itself in 6 Leo (BOTH Fully Involved AND Fully Detached ), with Moon Out of Bounds (Often, Panic, but certainly Entranced ), and Merged with dwarf planets Cyllarus (Respect for Death ), Varuna (The Life Force), and Ceres (Sustainability), all Out of Bounds. Once again, we have the Degree and its contents Aligning Perfectly! That’s going to be Exhilarating and Terrifying. Like a mass NDE while fully Conscious on all levels. Time for the Landings maybe, or an asteroid made of pure DMT breaking up and splashing into all of the Oceans. Wow.

What Would the Ancestors Desire For Us?

June 19, 2022

Turns out the chart for the 21 June 20221 Amplification of Manifestation Energy 2 is exactly the same as the chart for last week’s Ancestor Work. Even the Degree Symbol – Front-Row Enthusiasm – has us standing up and cheering! As we averred last week, the two Challenges are Doubly Self-Resolving, which means that our hardest task will be Standing Still to Let the Ego Deaths happen, rather than trying to Defend what’s Obsolete in our Persona and our Life.3 We interpreted those two Challenges to be something along the lines of Family Pride, and Misalignment of the Edges between Self-Confidence, Self-Importance, Self-Trust, Self-Surrender, and Ascension.

Balanced Self-Confidence would mean you Trust yourself to be able to Figure “It” Out, or better yet to Figure Out how to do it Your Own Way. Balanced Self-Importance means you Value Yourself enough to take Excellent Care of your Physical and Psychological Health. That’s especially Important now as our Physiology is Changing to make Space for all of the New Energies Streaming In.4 As they say, “Just because you’re Paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t Out to Get You.” For sure, “they” (ie, your Soul) are indeed Out to Get the Obsolete parts of your Ego Self. Self-Surrender doesn’t mean you Surrender your Sovereignty to the Medical Cartel so they can Numb you to your Ascension Symptoms. It means you’re Willing to PIAVA What You Want, Change the Subject, and then Stop Trying to Push the River, because if you knew how to Manifest it already, you’d have been doing it all along.

Daniel Scranton Channels for us a perfect illustration of Self-Trust, “Pure Desire,” from Archangel Gabriel…

“Believing is the first step to knowing something experientially. But how do you get there? How do you arrive? How do you find yourself in harmony with that which you want to experience?

“Firs of all, you must allow yourself the luxury of the desire that you have in the first place. You must be willing to accept that you desire what you desire. If you do not believe that you are worthy of that which you desire, you certainly are going to find that it is challenging to resonate with that desire.

“If you have a desire, there is a reason for it. Nothing in your reality is random, and your desires are include in that truth. So as you accept the desire that you have, you are then faced with whether or not you believe it is possible for you to come into alignment with that desire.

“And more often than not, you are more aware of the obstacles than the probabilities that would put you in touch with your desires. So here is what we recommend. Let go of the necessity for you to have that which you desire, and instead, bask in the feeling. Allow yourselves to feel the energy that is pulling you toward your desire.

“Give yourself the experience of pure desire, unconditional desire, and desire for the sake of desire. The truth is that the further you are from believing that you could have that which you desire, the stronger the desire is, the more fun it is, and the more energy you are summoning.

“The energy that you are summoning is you, and the energy that you are summoning is in vibrational harmony with the desire. Luxuriate in the feeling of that which you desire and become it. And then all you have to believe in is yourself.

“We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

–Daniel Scranton, Channeled Wisdom from Higher Dimensional Beings, p.249.

  • 1 2:36 am PDT = 10:36 am BST in England = 7:36 pm AEST in eastern Australia.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) Stationary (Amplified ) in 7 Libra (Front-Row Enthusiasm).
  • 3 See notes 35 of the previous post for details.
  • 4 Not to mention the huge Changes to our Psyche as a result of the Ego Deaths and the New Energies. As Ken Kesey once said, “Sometimes you can Trip Our so far that you never get back to know that you’ve Left” – that’s the way it is when we leave the Lightworkers Lounge, till we move beyond the Amnesiac stage of our Earth Adventure. The base of the T-Square (Challenge) to Zhulong (Enlightenment ) and Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence) is the Opposition (Argument) between Chariklo (Self-Confidence) to Varuna Out of Bounds (Exaggeration of the Life Force). With The Life Force Energy Exaggerated, we could very easily Confuse Changes to our DNA or our Metabolism with Dis-Ease. The Challenges are Self-Resolving, and Doubly so, which means that the astrological recommendation is to regard any Discomfort or Disturbance as a Herxheimer and Let It Be, at least till after 21 June. That’s not a Medical recommendation in any sense; it’s an Attitudinal recommendation. Work with your Desire for Excellent Health rather than your Worry about Poor Health.

Ancestor Work

June 17, 2022

Today’s 17 June 2022 Initiation of a New 3½-year Cycle where we Explore How Our Unconscious Limitations Were Influenced by the Experiences of our Ancestors.1 Do you ever remember asking your Significant Others, as a Compulsive two-year-old, “Why?” when they told you to do something a certain way? Remember the answers you got? Because it’s always been done that way! Because that’s the way Joneses do it! (substitute your family surname) or even Don’t Talk Back to your Elders! When you look at the Struggles that 21st-Century Women have when Asking to be Treated with Respect, it’s a snapshot of the way your Ancestors have always been Treated.

It wasn’t as Extreme, but Men weren’t Treated much better if they didn’t suffer from T. rump or 🦨V. pootin’ Disease or another variety of Toxic Masculinity. Many people just Believe that everyone needs a Dog to kick, that’s just the way it is, and the Goal of Life is to Become the Top Dog. We’re in the midst of a long process of shedding several Millennia of Patriarchy, so all of these Power Games are being Lit Up, so we can become Aware of how Toxic they are, and be Motivated to do the Hard Work of Demanding Otherwise. I mean, our Ancestors weren’t Bad People (well, most of them), they were products of their Environment, and many of them worked hard so their Children could have better Lives.

I’m impressed by the Attunement and Timing of a friend and colleague who last week offered ancestral lineage healing – see“We can now fully inhabit the present without carrying forward the patterns of trauma, abuse, struggles, or conflict.” The type of Ancestral Karma that’s astrologically Begging to be Healed is any recurring situations where you feel like you’re Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop, or where you find yourself Expecting an unplesant Backlash.2

The New Cycle appears to be quite Friendly. Its Initiation features two Major Challenges, but they’re both Doubly Self-Resolving,3 so the Work should be Easy. Our best strategy for dealing with Self-Resolving Healing is to Accept some Pain rather than Intervening to Prevent it, as we have reason to Believe that the Multidimensional Ramifications will Converge to a Boon.

The first grouping of Karma ready to be Healed is Family Pride, the Belief that you’ve Survived because of a certain family Belief or Behavior, or you’re Better-Than because of it, or your Family Pride requires that You’d Rather Die Than Do That! 4

The second grouping of Karma that’s ready for Self-Resolving Healing is any Misalignment of the Edges between Self-Confidence, Self-Importance, Self-Trust, Self-Surrender, and Ascension5 – sounds like the long line of Monks, Mendicants, Renunciants, Hermits, Merlins, and Shamans in your Lineage.

Your Ancestors need not be determined by Bloodline. Your Family might be the result of Pledges or Oaths, spoken or unspoken, and your Forebears could all be Virgins, or Bears, or Walk-Ins, or Disincarnate. First Psychic Reading I ever had, one of my Past Lives was as a Talking Lion (the reader never mentioned Dorothy or a Wardrobe, but I did appear to have a Heart). And don’t Limit yourself to Ancestors and Parallels on your Current Planet. The way this Cycle and Configuration reads, it sounds like we’re reading from your LinkedIn Profile in the Lightworker’s Lounge in Paradise. The rest of “You” could be Anywhere. Or Everywhere.

  • Dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Initiates asteroid Vesta (Our Unconscious Limitations) 2:01 pm PDT 17 June, in 6 Pisces (Valuable and Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that Are Out of Place in the Current Life), home of the Fixed Star Deneb Adige (The Mystical Birthing of New Forms). Once again we have a Degree, 6 Pisces, and a planet, Gonggong, which have strikingly similar Interpretations but which have only a temporary astrological connection, as the planet will move to another Degree soon. It’s as if the symbols for these Degrees were crafted just for these moments. The event is 10:01 pm BST 17 June in Liverpool, and 7:01 am AEST 18 June in Toowoomba.
  • 2 The Vesta-Gonggong Conjunction is Merged with asteroid Damocles (a Sword Hanging over your Head ).
  • 3 They’re both Diamond Stars, or Self-Resolving T-Squares, which is a T-Square (Challenge) and a Finger of the Goddess (Pay Attention! ) both pointing to the same Focus. The Self-Resolution is Doubled by a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) pointing to the same Focus of each.
  • 4 Vesta-Gonggong-Damocles Opposite dwarf planet Thereus (Wrestling Bears) and asteroid Requiem (Respect for Death; see in 5 Virgo (The Edge between Fear and Ego Death ), T-Squared by Mercury (Awareness) and asteroids Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) and Hybris (Hubris) in 8 Gemini (Acceptance of All without Judgment). The Finger of the Goddess points to Hybris-Aletheia-Mercury from dwarf planet Zhulong (Enlightenment ) and asteroid Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence) in Scorpio and Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar (The Recognition that Civil Disobedience will be Needed to Confront Paralysis about Climate Change) in Capricorn. The Grand Trine (Profound Grace) connects Hybris-Aletheia-Mercury to Makemake (Manifestation) in Libra and Chariklo (Self-Confidence) in Aquarius.
  • 5 Chariklo Opposite Varuna Out of Bounds (The Life Force, Amplified ) in Leo t-Squared by dwarf planet Zhulong and asteroid Ka epaoka awela in 6 Scorpio (The Edge between Self-Importance and Selflessness). The Finger of the Goddess points to Zhulong-Ka epaoka awela from Hybris-Aletheia-Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter plus Salacia Out of Bounds (The sharp Edge between our Programming and our Lust for Liberation) in Aries. The Grand Trine connects Zhulong-Ka epaoka awela with Vesta-Gonggong-Damocles in Pisces and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) in Cancer.

Moving Right Along…

June 17, 2022

Whew! Am I ever glad we’re done with that Abuse Portal! You’re probably joining me in Hoping that we’ve Let Go of Enough, knowing that we could have done better, to Allow us to Extend ourselves a bit more than we have been recently, into the next Portal, which should or at least could be a Positive one.

The Abuse Portal peaked at 3:50 am PDT 16 June 2022.1 I mentioned that another Portal, on Intrusive Memories, was scheduled for 17 June at 2:01 pm PDT, but I was wrong about that. I misread my notes and thought it was a “Station,” where a planet’s Energy is Strongly Emphasized, but it wasn’t. It’s an Initiation, where the planet anoints an asteroid to do its bidding for several years, Initiating a New Cycle of their Combined Energy. This Combined Energy is about How our Intrusive Memories can Trigger Shifts in our Unconscious Limitations, Opening us to a more Satisfying Future.2 We’ll details this Cycle in an upcoming post. As the quote and link below demonstrate, this new Cycle is already well on its way.

The Moon returned In Bounds at 1:31 am PDT 17 June, a half hour ago as we write this, which means that the Hupers (and, probably, us) are now less likely to get lost in our Stories and Panic. Wall Street is already starting to recover a little of its recently lost ground. The next Big Portal, a real Station this time, is about Manifestation.3 So we’ll get to see the Benefits, if any, of whatever Ego Death we Endured during the Abuse Portal. The Manifestation Portal peaks at 2:36 am PDT 21 June, which is 10:36 am BST in London and 7:36 pm AEST in Brisbane. That’s about 20 minutes after Northern Summer and Southern Winter begin.

That doesn’t give us a lot of time to Celebrate, but there’s no need to rush. Just Pay Attention to how the External World treats you between now and the Portal, and how your own Thoughts and Feelings are Evolving, and plan to Enjoy and Consciously Amplify any Improvement over last week, until Friday. And take notes.

You may need to remind yourself to be Grateful once we get into 26 June and beyond, as the Moon goes back Out of Bounds (to the North this time) at 11:31 am PDT on the 26th, till 1 July. Then on the 27th, the planet that stands for Our Unlimited Potential, which is more often than not Terrifying, begins a New Cycle with the asteroid that symbolized Our Self-Love.4 I expect that to be a Major Challenge. Exhilarating I hope, and Glorious, but Scary Good. That’s accompanied by another “Station” Portal, this time with the planet which represents Everything Larger than Ourself.5 Obviously, that can mean a whole bunch of things, which we’ll Explore as we get closer.

But for the moment, lets get back to this new Manifestation Energy. Natalie Glasson graciously provides an Induction from Archangel Metatron, at…


I’ll include the first few paragraphs, but I highly recommend you read the rest at the link above..

“Greetings, beloved beacons of light upon the Earth, I am Archangel Metatron. What a joy it is to be in your presence and to participate in the Ascension journey unfolding in every moment of your reality. It is in this communication with you that I, Archangel Metatron wish to speak with you about healing yourself by forgiving the world around you. In order to achieve this, we first must realise that you are the Creator of everything around you.

“You are also the Creator of everything within you, your thoughts, your emotions, and so forth. The reality that you experience from day-to-day is born from your inner energies. This includes the way you perceive yourself and others, the thoughts that you energise, the wounds that are not yet healed, the emotions that you activate, your soul’s purpose and destiny in your Ascension journey, your inner energy is unique and sacred. Even what you might perceive as negative aspects within your being, these are also sacred. 

“Everything within your being synthesises to create the reality that you experience around you, attracting people, situations, scenarios into your reality to serve and to act as a reflection for the inner energy you hold. As you take responsibility for your inner energy and how it synthesises to create your outer reality. Then you begin to realise that healing can take place through how you interact with your outer energy, as well as your inner energy. In truth, the more you are able to forgive the outer reality, the more this will create a new energy, new activations within your being and cause a healing that supports the release of challenging energies…”

  • 1 Dwarf planet Nessus Stationary at 17 Pisces.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Initiates asteroid Vesta (Our Unconscious Limitations) in 6 Pisces (Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime), home of Fixed Star Deneb Adige (Mystical Creation of the World Egg).
  • 3 Dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) Stationary in 7 Libra (Front-Row Enthusiasm). If you’re tempted do dabble in Wall Street on Monday, plan to get back out on Friday, so you don’t get caught when the Moon goes back OOB North on Sunday. Lately that’s been disastrous more often than not.
  • 4 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) Initiates asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) in 30 Gemini, home to the Great Star Betelguese (Achievement ).
  • 5 Neptune Stationary 12:54 am PDT 28 June in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation).

Whack-A-Mole or Three

June 13, 2022

Youalls probably remember that the Moon went Out of Bounds today, 13 June 2022, at 7am PDT. That was 3pm BST in London and Midnight AEST in Melbourne. It’s Out of Bounds in the Southern Hemisphere, so it’s probably raising more havoc there – could even feel like Friday the 13th falls on Monday this week, as Pogo used to say. “Moon OOB” makes us all more antsy, more Emotional, more Reactive. The Spiritual Purpose of Moon OOB is to remind us to Stay with the Sensations Underneath our Emotions rather than getting Lost in the Thoughts that we Pile On Top of them, because you can be sure that It Will Hurt when that Pile Topples Over on you. The Moon stays OOB till 1:33 am PDT on Friday the 17th, the other Friday.

We’re barreling down the road towards our next big “Station” event (when a planet Stands Still in the Sky and its astrological Energy gets Amplified), at 3:50 am PDT 16 June, when Abuse and Privilege is Lit Up Brightly.1 Abuse and Privilege may not sound Bright, but when it’s Lit Up enough that you Notice it, and maybe be in a position to Safely Shift the Energy back toward Equality, that’s a Bright Day. The emphasis is on Safety there, because intervening in Abuse and Privilege can be dangerous. It can even get you Dead in some places. Not that you shouldn’t Take a Risk, but make sure you Measure it carefully to make sure you’re unlikely to be just Wasting your Time and Energy – or your Life. Actual Martyrs are quite rare.

The primary subsidiary theme is Expansion of Consciousness, and this sub-theme is Illuminated until 5:22 am PDT 15 June and beyond – 1:22 pm BST in Brighton and 10:22 pm AEST in Sydney.2 So we’ll be much more likely to be Noticing Abuse and Privilege this week. If we can Shift the Energy, More Power to us, especially if we can do it and Stay Safe, and especially if we’re about to be the Perp! Never hesitate to Back Up and if necessary Apologize, rather than just letting your untoward Habits keep running because it’s Easier.

And I just Noticed that there’s a second Station on 17 June, which means that it’ll be Lit Up along with the Abuse and Privilege Energy, and unfortunately this is Intrusive Memories Energy, which Complements Abuse Energy all too well.3 So our Abuse Memories may be Lit Up more, and harder to dismiss. Our Intrusive Memories are likely to feature Our Stories About our Feelings more than they’re likely to be Memories of the Feelings themselves. If you can get past the Stories, which are just more Thoughts, and get down to the Physical Sensations that hide under the Feelings, and somehow find a way to be Loving and Gentle with yourself while you’re Feeling them, that’s Success.

Our Intrusive Abuse Memories are probably going to feel like Shit, so we’ve got every Incentive to shy away from them, but remember that It Was You who Felt them, and you’ll be Abandoning yourself Again if you do bolt. Once you Fight your way through the musty old Stories and get down to the actual Physical Sensations you Experienced, and if you can be Loving and Gentle with yourself and with those Sensations in your Body, you’ll Recover Very Important Parts of your True Self that have been MIA for a a long time. There’s a good chance those will be the very Parts that will Help you fill in the gaps in the things you’ve been having a difficult time Manifesting, though you never would have guessed that beforehand.

Which is timely because early next week our Manifestation is Brightly Illuminated! 4

  • 1 Dwarf planet Nessus Stationary, in 17 Pisces (Innocent Awe).
  • 2 Dwarf planet Nessus Initiates a New Cycle with asteroid Juno, in 17 Pisces.
  • 3 Dwarf planet Gonggong Stationary 2:01 pm PDT 17 June, in 6 Pisces (Valuable and Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that Are Out of Place in the Current Life), home of the Fixed Star Deneb Adige (The Mystical Birthing of New Forms). Once again we have a Degree, 6 Pisces, and a planet, Gonggong, which have strikingly similar Interpretations but which have only a temporary astrological connection, as the planet will move to another Degree soon. It’s as if the symbols for these Degrees were crafted just for these moments. The event is 10:01 pm BST 17 June in Liverpool, and 7:01 am AEST 18 June in Toowoomba.
  • 4 Dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) Stationary 2:36 am PDT 21 June in 7 Libra (Front-Row Enthusiasm). That’s 10:36 am BST in Manchester, and 7:36 pm AEST in Hobart.
  • p.s. We’ve added additional discussion about asteroid Icarus at the bottom of the previous post.

Whack-A-Mole or Two

June 13, 2022

By suggesting Detachment and Non-Intervention about Experiences of Abuse and Privilege, I didn’t at all mean to advise Surrendering to being Abused, or Continuing to Exercise Privilege Abusively once you Recognize you’re doing it. I meant to refer to our Memories of Abuse and Privilege, and I’ll think I’ll modify the last post to indicate that, just so there’s less danger of misunderstanding.

When we’re in the midst of Abuse and Privilege – which we all are almost daily to one degree or another – we make Choices to minimize the damage, such as the many times we decide we need the money more than we need to repay a demeaning boss, or the many times when we decide not to Express Ourself Honestly when we know we’ll just be Rejected for the Effort, or the many times when we decide not to Speak Out when witnessing Abuse because doing so doesn’t feel Safe. If you’re stuck in situations of far far worse Abuse without an apparent Exit, my Prayers are with you.

Aside from the general “fun” of revisiting our Abuse and Privilege History and Herstory, there are three big Challenges in the 16 June 2022 Abuse Review astroadventure. I’m already Deep into my Chocolate Stash – not so Detached, but we all do the best we can moment to moment. Remember that Self-Love is Central in the 14 June event, and it’s a Big Help here. As we’ve mentioned, each of the three Challenges is complemented by a large dose of Dumb-Luck Grace, and the knot of Grace knits the three Challenges together so that they appear to Resolve one another.

The first Challenge is about Trusting that our Self-Love will help Immunize us from the worst Impact of our Abuse catalog, but with two Caveats.1 First, the World’s catalog of Huper-to-Huper and Huper-to-Planet Abuses is virtually Infinite. And second, everything in the catalog isn’t Ours. Sure, we have to Own if if we Feel it, but we need to Own the Feeling, not our Stories About the Feeling. The News Minia is dwelling on Abuses that are virtually Satanic. You can actually hear the barely-hidden Sadism in some of their Voices as they broadcast their Stories with great relish. No Blame, they’re working off their own Karma too.

But our Task is to Empathize with the Emotion of an event, not to get lost in the Stories about it. Empathy doesn’t take a long time, you can do it in a few minutes. Emotion means E(nergy in)Motion. If you let it get Stuck, it creates New Karma by Repetition. The longer you linger on the Story, the more the Story replaces the Emotion in your card catalog, and the Emotion slips under the cabinet and stays there till you remodel, which could be Lifetimes from now. Meanwhile, that Emotion, Triggered as it was by Satanic events, festers under the cabinet, attracts black mold, and becomes the seed for an autoimmune disorder.

Some of the Stories are Truly yours, Stories you Lived Through not so long ago, and haven’t Liberated yet. Every Time the Story comes up, you have the Opportunity to Feel the Sensation associated with the Emotion, as Deeply but as Neutrally as you can, and then Let It Go. You may have to Let It Go several times, or even Poor-Sweetheart yourself about having trouble Letting It Go. The more times you Let It Go, the sooner it used to be your Karma. But a lot of the Stories aren’t even Your Own Karma. They’re just click-bait, like Faceplant tries to sucker you into buying every day.

“You had a question. It’s a tough, courageous question to ask and the answer isn’t easy either. Basically, you wanted to know why permaculture [or Ascension] matters with war, pestilence, poison, and hatred engulfing the planet. How can we stay sane or claim relevance in a world where modern lethal militaries target children? What can our tiny efforts do to mitigate the damage and suffering?

“I get it. It’s all so overwhelming. So let me give it to you straight. The crises are going to worsen. It gets darker from here. Therefore, your own small efforts are not just significant, they are essential. It you stay true to your ethics and principles, your work, and the way you live will have profound positive effects on those who follow. And it will maintain your sanity.

“Now look up. The stars are out for us tonight. Take a good, long look. Take in the vastness of the expanse above you. People have been doing this for ages. We sit around the fire telling our history, the history of our people, teaching the young while the dogs take turns cracking bones by the fire and patrolling just beyond the light. The constellations tell of the seasons and ages past while the children try to connect the dots. Tonight, the Moon is holding water. Venus just set beyond Freeman Hill. A few wisps of cirrus clouds are coming in from the west. Change is in the wind. That’s the future breathing down your neck.

“Now listen. Can you hear the creek? Barely. I whispers. It should be much louder. There’s not enough water. Not enough for the fish. Not enough for the trees. Keep listening. What else is missing? The sound of insects, of forest life, mostly gone in this part of the world. The bugs are sparse, the seed crops poor, so the birds are gone. At dawn there won’t be a symphony of song greeting the day. Just a few solos. I reckon we have less than 5% of the chickadee-wren sized birds that were here just a decade ago. Haven’t seen a songbird in years.

“PFAs (forever chemicals) are in the soil, food, and water. Micro-plastics are in your lungs and accumulating in your kidneys and liver. The establishment elite lie to you about your health every day. It’s important for you to understand that you are only a commodity to them. They don’t care about your children’s health, well-being, or place in the world. That is up to you. You and your people. You’ll need healthy, vibrant soil and clean water – a major challenge. Achieving that (in the face of environmental disaster) requires adaptable, innovative, diverse, resilient design. Which means the designers must have skill, courage, and tenacity. I’m talking to you.”

M. Mathes Flora, “A View from the Far Side of the Hill,” Permaculture Design Magazine #124, May/Summer 2022, p.45.

  • 1 Asteroid Juno and the Nessus Station (Using Our Experience of Abuse and Privilege to Expand our Consciousness) in mid-Pisces Oppose Eurydike (Trust ) in 15 Virgo (There Is All the Time in the World ), T-Squared by dwarf planet Altjira (Discerning the World’s Karma from Our Own) and asteroid Sisyphus (Never Satisfying). Altjira is a Trans-Neptunian Minor Planet with an orbit of 296 years, while Sisyphus is an Earth-Crossing and Mars-Crossing asteroid with an orbit of 31 months. Its Grand Trine connects Juno-Nessus with Out-of-Bounds Karma (Intensely Processing Karma) and Ceres (Sustainability) in 14 Cancer (The Ego Is Obsolete), adjacent to Fixed Star Sirius (Brilliance) in 15 Cancer (Natural Community). The implication is that it’s Possible to Extinguish All Karma, but less likely that we’ll Let Go of All of it because we’re so Habituated to it.
  • The Ceres corner of the first Grand Trine is the Focus of the second T-Square, which Squares the Opposition between Narcissus (Obsession with the Individual Ego) in 14 Libra (Lost in Time) and Mars-Chiron (Choosing between Depression and Ecstasy) in 17 Aries (Living Outside of Culture but Open to Spirit ) and 16 Aries (Through Emotion to Clarity of Purpose) respectively. Mars and Chiron adjoin Fixed Star Alpheratz (Freedom of Action) in Andromeda in 15 Aries (The Need to Be Present with Oneself ). Small wonder if you’re Feeling Bipolar.
  • The Karma OOB corner of the first Grand Trine is one side of the base of the third T-Square, and Opposite Moira-Uranus (Fate/Choice and Soul ) in 21 Taurus (Adept of the Mysteries) and 18 Taurus (A Vehicle for Spirit ) respectively. These are T-Squared by asteroids Lachesis (Unexpired Karma that Can Be Released Consciously) at 16 Aquarius (Never Giving Up) and Icarus (Expanding too Fast and Going Down in Flames) at 14 Aquarius (The Darkest Shadow).
  • Like Sisyphus, Icarus is also an Earth-Crossing asteroid, as well as crossing the orbits of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, with an orbit of only 14 months around the Sun. Because Icarus is so close to Earth, it appears to orbit “normally” every year or so for about five years, but then it spends the next five years or so hanging in one corner of the sky. It reached Sagittarius in late 2019, but then stuttered and stutters about till early 2024 before clearing Pisces. So Icarus-Lachesis is more of an Abrasion than a Cycle, as are Icarus-Pluto, -Pholus, -Quaoar, -Ixion, -Hylonome, -Gonggong, -Nessus, -Neptune, -Chariklo, -Saturn, and any other slow planet in that third of the Zodiac. It will linger there again from 2028 till 2033.
  • While we can see Icarus as the seemingly natural Huper Tendency to Go Too Far and Get Burned, we could also see it as the apparent Huper Need to Soar to Ecstatic (or Manic) Heights. Of the 20 slow planets (orbits longer than 20 years) routinely, six are now in the first third of the Zodiac, four in the second third, and ten in the last third, Icarus’s current playground. The last third of the Zodiac is about Finishing Business. I don’t know yet if Icarus always lingers in this portion of the Zodiac, though it appears to dally mostly in that zone. For instance, between 1604 and 1611, even though it didn’t turn around till it got to Taurus, it still spent almost all of the time boomeranging between Sagittarius and Pisces. It dwelled mostly in Sagittarius-to-Pisces between November 2009 and April 2015, and between October 1999 and April 2006. Like 2019-2024, these were tumultuous times, but more so than 2006-2009 and 2015-2019? Maybe so.
  • Lachesis-Icarus OOB is also one corner of the second Grand Trine, along with Narcissus and Altjira-Sisyphus.