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Babeldom 2

May 22, 2022

It helps a lot to understand the twelve astrological Signs if you have some good Stories about how they fit together.

For instance, one Metaphor is that each Sign is a Reaction to the previous one. Hupers love to stretch a good thing till they get sick of it, and this aspect of the Signs facilitates that. That Metaphor works like this, or something like that

  • Aries symbolizes a New, completely Intuitive project. By and large, Aries has no idea what they’re doing till much later.
  • Taurus, having tired of having no answer for Why are you doing that? (when I was in my pesky Twos, my father would answer that with Just for a minute! – very frustrating), tries to nail everything down.
  • Gemini, having run out of nails, rushes off in the opposite direction, making everything Tentative (though Gemini may not realize it’s Tentative in each moment).
  • Cancer, fearing flibbertigibbetude, has Compassion for the “victims” of Gemini’s Indecision.
  • Leo is tired of taking care of everybody else, so starts taking care of itself.
  • Virgo is alarmed at how self-centered they suddenly appear to be, and backs off.
  • Libra, Confused about whether Leo or Virgo is right on, Asks around.
  • Scorpio, aghast at what Libra appears to have taught it about Other, gets to the Bottom Line.
  • Sagittarius realizes Scorpio has Heavied everyone else too much, and Lightens Up.
  • Capricorn, alarmed at Sagittarius’s frivolity, gets seriously pragmatic.
  • Aquarius says Enough with the Engineering, where’s the Social Dimension?
  • Pisces, Feeling lost among the Aquarian masses, seeks to re-find Itself.

But the Metaphor I often use is about what’s being Built by each Sign as each contributes to a larger Construction. It goes more like this, or something like it

  • Aries starts this new Intuitive Project without thinking about the Consequences – just following an Inspiration.
  • Taurus grounds the Project into Hardcopy Reality, and checks to see if it Flies or Grows Corn.
  • Gemini Responds to the Imperfections of the Taurean version 1.0 by tossing out a zillion possible improvements.
  • Cancer Evaluates the zillions, and estimates the impact on potential “customers.”
  • Leo Pitches the design features of a Proposed version 2.0.
  • Virgo Critiques the features of version 2.0 and proposes a Pilot.
  • Libra Executes the Pilot and collects feedback.
  • Scorpio starts over from scratch and creates version 3.0, which by now looks little like v1.0.
  • Sagittarius sands off the rough patches and polishes the finish.
  • Capricorn does the Quality Assurance.
  • Aquarius Hypes the Product.
  • Pisces mourns the Loss of the Excitement of the Project now that it’s done, and sweeps up the shop, usually without realizing that it’s preparing for what might come next.

These are rough snapshots, more Mnemonic than Prescriptive.

We symbolized Gemini as Mental Gymnastics in the previous post, more or less following the first Story above. If we look at the Journey though Gemini of the Truth of the Heart and the Truth of the Mind from the perspective of the second Model above, especially if we factor in their recent Taurean Merger, then rather than Babel (not to exclude that probability), we get something more like the following…

If you’re reading this, I imagine that your major overall Project is about getting yourself ready for 5D. I’m hoping that by now you Realize that it’s not about waiting for the “Masses” to get a clue, or for the “Bosses” to get their minds out of their bank accounts, it’s about Recognizing that…

  • It’s up to Me and only Me. 5D already Exists – Can I See It? Can I Feel It? Can I Join It? 1
  • The External World we see is a Mirror for the state of our own Internal Integration.
  • We assist the Growth of the Planet most by finding ways to Improve our own Internal Coherence.
  • We Collaborate better with External Reality when we Collaborate with all of Ourself.

Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy, Soul, Ego – they can Create so much More when they’re Collaborating rather than Fighting with one another. So the Good News we talked about in the purple portion of our first Babeldom post tells us that what we’re seeing now is a Golden Opportunity to Enjoy Collaboration between our Heart and our Mind. If they both Feel Scrambled, it’s because they’re each reaching out to suggest their zillion improvements to our Progress so far.2 They’re in a Brainstorming phase, where everyone tosses out Ideas, without Editing or Criticizing. After we’ve let all the Ideas sink in and slept on them, we can begin to Rank, Choose, Combine, Winnow, and then Employ the best Ideas.

Marilyn Raffaele’s Onenessofall post today puts the Unholy noise into Perspective…

“Remember not to judge by appearances because you who are spiritually evolved came to earth fully aware of and prepared for these present times. It is imperative to continue trusting that what you witness in the outer scene is necessary to the unfolding of the Divine plan. Those observing and judging through three dimensional filters are unable to understand this. 

“It is important to understand that the people of earth, both past and present have created and continue to create a three dimensional collective consciousness that has for eons influenced everyone and everything in the world. As increasingly more individuals awaken and shift into a higher state of consciousness they are creating a new and higher collective consciousness, one that will manifest as a more evolved world. This is how the ascension process works…  

“Every living thing is formed of, is an expression of, and embodies all the qualities of omnipresent Divine Consciousness. Therefore whatever a person holds as truth in their consciousness (which in reality is the one God consciousness individualized) they automatically create because consciousness as interpreted through mind is the substance of form. In reality there are no victims, just an unawareness of truth. It is as if a person has a million dollars in an account that they know nothing about and so they continue living each day in lack and limitation.” 

  • 1 One of the best workbooks I know of for becoming Adept at this process is the second and third chapters of Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap, pp. 37-112.
  • 2 The next Merger of Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) and Veritas (Truth of the Mind ) occurs in 9 Scorpio on 27 November 2024, three weeks after the US election. By the second model above, this would be the Quality Assurance phase of our Project. The chart of that Conjunction suggests that it will be a very Powerful Crisis of Belief. So we’ll be adding Can I Believe It? We’ll be assaulted by Intrusive Beliefs (Gonggong naked-Square Sun), but otherwise, the major Difficulty will be a T-Square (Challenge) to Aletheia-Veritas and Juno (Growth in Consciousness) from the Opposition between Koronis and Kassandra in Aquarius (the Covid-Deniers will be out in Force) and Mars, Cyllarus Out of Bounds, Varuna OOB, and Pandora OOB in Leo. The literal downside of this is that only Hope remains as everybody else is dying, and our Task is to Grow our Consciousness during the process. Wow. Shades of 1575 Venice.
  • Let’s check the Chandra Symbol for 9 Scorpio… A hand with six fingers. Complex nature. Containing within yourself an extra spiral of self-obsession and ultimately superlative capacity. Subjecting yourself to grueling ordeals, rites of passage. Knowing that if you can eliminate your stark weakness, you can grasp hold of your boundless strength. The weakness is that you refuse to believe in yourself, and this is a hard one to uproot. You must, against the grain, find any and every possible way to get around your own adamant self-rejection. The weakness is based upon karmic past experiences in which you failed yourself. Now you assume it will happen again. So, building up strength and courage inside, toward self-overcoming, is the path. And paradoxically, in order to forge such a deepening of life-will, you must endanger yourself and expose yourself to radical crises, in order to rally to your own side and come into your truth in the midst of cutting through your falsehood; thus reclaiming the primal ground of a form of selfhood that is mutational, wildly improbable, and just could be real after all.” (
  • Once again, the Chandra Symbol is neutral relative to the planets – it describes only the Degree, not its contents. And here we have Koronis (the Omega Variant), Kassandra (a Seer who bore the curse that no one would believe her, thanks to refusing the advances of Apollo), Cyllarus (Respect for Death), and Varuna (the Life Force) dancing with it. Are we becoming Bodies with Souls, or Souls with Bodies?

Several Months of Babeldom

May 21, 2022

I know, in the USofA we could expect that anyway, with an election coming up in November. But the “Stars” are aligning to make it a lot worse. The asteroid that flags the Truth of the Heart or our Values,1 and the one that symbolizes the Truth of the Mind or our Dogmas,2 have been traveling together recently, and now they’re both entering Gemini, the Sign of Mental Gymnastics. So we can Expect to be hearing a lot of Fantasies (Dogmas) from their True Believers (Values). It’s already prominent in some election warm-ups.

It will help that these two asteroids recently Merged in Taurus, the Sign of Material Stability, which should ground the Mental Gymnastics that are due over the next few months.3 One source interprets this Taurean Merger as “To attune to the spiritual light while tuning out the endless fluctuations of the mind we come into a place of stillness within the eye of the storm.” Other interpretations make it sound like we’ve reached the Final Portal into the next stage of our Evolution,4 though I imagine that any Merger of Heart and Mind could Feel that way to us!

If you’re Tempted to Identify with any of the Stories you hear between now and early August, Remember that It’s all Metaphor. The Real Thing is Multifarious and Unitary, while our Organs of Perception have very Limited Dimensionality and Depth, and Unity in 3D is oxymoronic, because we’re so deeply steeped in Separation…

While we almost always Feel Certain about what we Know in our Heart to be True, it too is an Approximation. The Heart is linked directly to our Intuition, which is much more Multidimensional, but still not Absolute. Its Judgments are Situational, and may not apply to other Circumstances. It’s the Judgment that leads us down blind alleys, because it closes so many doors along the way. Eugene Gendlin advised us,5 wisely, to tag “or something like that” to the end of all of our Judgments.

  • 1 Asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) enters Gemini 4:54 pm PDT 23 May 2022, which is 12:54 am BST 24 May in London, and 9:54 am AEST 24 May in Eastern Australia. Aletheia will stay in Gemini till early September. (BST is British Summer Time, not British Standard Time.)
  • 2 Asteroid Veritas (Truth of the Mind) entered Gemini 3:15 am PDT 19 May, which is 11:15 am BST 19 May in London, and 8:15 pm AEST 19 May in Eastern Australia. Veritas will stay in Gemini till early August.
  • 3 Aletheia and Veritas Conjoined in 23 Taurus at 8:57 pm PDT 30 April, which is 4:57 am BST 1 May in London, and 1:57 pm AEST 1 May in Eastern Australia. We aren’t considering that an Initiation of a new Cycle, because the two asteroids travel at speeds that are similar enough that they take turns chasing one another around the Zodiac. Their next Conjunction will be in Scorpio. We could consider it to Initiate a Half-Cycle if we want. It reveals an interesting dynamic, with Heart and Mind Dancing like the Monkey and the Weasel
  • 23 Taurus is “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems” in the Sabian Universe, and in the Chandra Universe, it’s A Newt bursting into flame (paraphrasing Ellias Lonsdale, 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny, p.87). I’m paraphrasing because Lonsdale is so restrictive with his copyrights. The Salamander of course is the Alchemical symbol of the Fire Element, representing Spirit. Lonsdale’s essay on 23 Taurus emphasizes a Felt Urgency to Embody on all levels Energies arising within us, Energies generated by Mother Earth as She Transforms Herself. If you can find a copy of the book, it’s a remarkable essay, speaking as if 30 April-1 May was the final Portal to 5D!
  • 4 John Sandbach,, 23 Taurus. Note that the Degree Symbols, whether Sabian, Chandra, Omega, Pleiadian, Asoth, or otherwise, are neutral with regard to any planet occupying them. So finding this degree while considering the Interplay between Heart and Mind is Stunning.
  • Aha, here is a condensed version that doesn’t appear to be so closely held, though it excludes the emphasis on the Earth’s Passion that the full Lonsdale essay features (…
  • A salamander glowing red-orange. Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power–an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. Difficult to harness, yet the mastery called for is just what you seek to embody, and anything more reasonáble seems easy and lazy. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world.”
  • 5 Focusing and Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams.

Chopping Cherry Trees IV

October 3, 2019

Here’s a great example of how we as consumers really do have Power over the faceless Corporate World…

“To a child, all Nature is new.  Given the chance, a child interfaces with a Nature that has no names, no labels.  Grass is not green; it is not a lawn; it is Mystery.  This is what a child connects with; Mystery.  But the child grows, learning to walk and talk, then to read as their schooling begins.  Names and labels are now being attached to Nature.  That ‘stuff’ that tasted strange is now green grass, and Mystery is banished, along with that previous connection.

“As we are taught more and more about Nature, so, without our ever realizing it, we actually know less and less.  Our intellectual knowledge grows, but our direct knowing recedes.  Moving through our school grades, we are now pushed into an intellectual world that seeks to understand Nature, yet adding ever more of the labels of limitation.  If once, as a child, we had a real connection with Nature, by the time we are an adult, the average student is locked out of any true relationship with a metaphysical Nature.

“Intellectually, most adults relate only to a physical Nature, accepting, as does everyone else, that this is all there is.  But there is so much more!  How can we intellectually understand Nature, when it is not an intellectual expression?  It makes no sense!  Like us, Nature is an expression of conscious intelligence, but this, our greatest potential, is abandoned, littering the classroom floors where it was destroyed by the scissors of unintentional ignorance and thoughtless separation.

“Throw away the keyhole – if you can – and let me give you a different, considerably larger view.  The Nature that we see and relate to on Earth is the physical reflection of a vast, holistic, intricate, metaphysical and universal Nature.  In everything in life, the metaphysical precedes the physical.  There are no exceptions.  Consider the implications of this!

“When all this becomes your inner knowing – not a concept – your actual reality, then your whole relationship with Nature and life is forever changed.  You are now able to have a relationship with the nonphysical Nature that cannot be physically seen or touched, but which can be experienced and listened to.  Nature communicates, but nobody is listening.  We have lost the skill.  We no longer realize that there is a vast difference between hearing and listening.

“Two people talk to each other, but neither truly listens; they hear.  We can hear and think, but we cannot listen and think.  Thinking takes us out of the moment… we cannot think our way into the moment.  To listen, we are required to be in the moment.  This means that to listen to the inaudible voice of Nature, we have to be in the moment.  We are not good at this!  It means being fully conscious.”

–Michael J. Roads, Entering the Secret World of Nature, pp.182-4.

Today, 3 October 2019, the two asteroids that symbolize Truth, Aletheia and Veritas, met in the middle of the Sign that means Diving Relentlessly into the Heart of the Matter, Scorpio.  They were joined by the asteroid that symbolizes Boundaries, Pallas.

In the chart of this Union…

…this Protection of Truth is part of an Easy Path (Double Trine Bridge) across a Challenge to Transcend our Resistance to our Instincts (T-Square to a Stellium of Bee-Zed, Jupiter, Ceres, and Jupiter).  The other part of this Easy Path is our Compulsion to Know the Importance of Respect for All Things (a Stellium of Pluto, Saturn, and asteroid Hopi).  The sources of the Challenge (Opposition under the T-Square) are Becoming Conscious of our Choices (Juno-Moira) and Confusion about our Sovereignty (Neptune-Lilith).  Bear in mind that the Unconscious does not know Direction, only Dimension.  Direction is a property of the Dualistic Observing mind.

Consequently we often encounter the Exact Opposite of what we Expect.  Someone totally ruled by their Instincts, who Respects only themself, who like Goebbels works very hard to set Boundaries against the Truth, who is very Confused about their own Sovereignty, and who is not Conscious of their Choices but only Obsessed with their own Perceived Fate, is a Poster Child for this Energy.  While the Star itself has “moved on,” the Midpoint of Scorpio is associated with the Royal Star Antares.  The Royal Stars promise great success, but with a caveat, a downfall.  The downfall of Antares is to seek Intensity and Drama for the sake of Intensity and Drama.

Expanding into Truth 1

September 25, 2019

A quick Summary of the fireworks we listed in the previous post…

  • 27 September 2019 – Ego Death Squared (Nemesis enters Virgo).
  • – Transcending Untruth (Bee-Zed Stationary Conjunct Aletheia-Veritas).
  • 28 September – Dancing with Self-Doubt (Chariklo Stationary Conjunct Pluto).
  •  – Wandering in Paradise (Chaos Stationary Conjunct Asbolus).
  •  – Making New Friends (New Moon Conjunct Makemake).
  • 2 October – No U Turn (Pluto Stationary).
  • 3 October – Truth Reigns (Aletheia Conjunct Veritas).

The overarching Energy is Pluto.  We usually describe Pluto Energy  as floating down a large river – when we hear the waterfall coming up, we can steer to one bank or the other to portage around it.  So we do have the flexibility to Manipulate the Energy to our advantage, if we have the Skills.  But it’s a big river – if we try to paddle upstream, we’ll just get swept over the falls backward.  When Pluto Energy Shifts, Going Back takes great Effort, and if you get there it’s not the same anyway.

This Pluto Station is about Revising our Values to account for New Information we’ve gotten (Pluto Stationary T-Square Venus and Eris).  Except for minor differences, the 27 September Bee-Zed Station and 28 September Chariklo Stations make the same basic chart, as all three of these Stations occur within the same 3-Degree window.

Pluto is often read as Transformation, or Formation of a New Trance, Bee-Zed as Transcendence, and Chariklo as Self-Confidence or its evil twin Self-Doubt.  So this week we wouldn’t be Surprised to find ourself Doubting our Old Values, as we Transcend previously Unconscious Limitations.  By next week we should be ready to have Confidence in a whole set of New Values.

Lingering beneath this Pluto Energy is a Station of dwarf planet Chaos, which, if we Allow it, can blow our Limitations to smithereens.  With our Values in Flux here, the odds are improved.  Dwarf planet Chaos implies, rather than Disorder, a Blank Slate on which we can draw anything we can Imagine that draws out our Passion.  We’re only Limited by our Imagination and our Manifestation Skills – which are much Enhanced by the 28 September New Moon only one arcminute from dwarf planet Makemake.

Chaos has been Dancing with our Intuition (Asbolus) and our Forbidden Genius (Ixion).  As we’ve seen, our Genius is tied up with the Climate Emergency (Pholus-Quaoar), so it’s Important that we Receive and Embrace Her.  Greta is a great Model for our Hidden Genius – when the trolls attack her for being “mentally ill,” she points out that she regards her Asperger’s Syndrome as her Superpower.  We all have a Superpower that’s been Shamed by the Status Quo Culture.

As you Doubt your own Values this week, you’ll see first hand why others would much rather ridicule their superiors than Allow their Ego-draped Values to be Threatened.  The 27 September Ingress of asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death) into Virgo (Ego Death) will Amplify all that.  Leo is the apex of the Individual, and in Libra we Meet Other.  In between – in Virgo – we Discover, like we did as infants, that we aren’t the Center of the Universe.

To get from Leo to Libra requires a Gauntlet of Ego Deaths.  Virgo’s bad rap follows from Maladjustment to and Judgment of Ego Death.  For all the (Lack of) Attention that Ego-Worshiping Western Culture gives to Ego Death, it’s a Wonder anyone is Well-Adjusted to it – if anyone is.  I felt it today in the form of missing two turns on a 2-mile trip that I drive almost every day.

Dumpster Fires

December 20, 2018

Pholus and Quaoar (Responding to our Survival Instincts) have been parked on the cusp of Capricorn (Just Fix It) for a while now, and of course the Sun’s annual passage into Capricorn defines the December Solstice, which is widely understood to be the Beginning of the New Year.  So while the Pholus-Quaoar combo isn’t new, we might expect threats to our Survival to increase again as we move into 2019.  Not a big surprise considering the news.

With our usual three Degrees of Sensitivity, Pholus-Quaoar has been prominent in Solstice charts since December 2016, and will continue to be through December 2019 – including the October 2020 US election, but not the 2020 December Solstice.  If we’re optimistic, we might propose that everyone will be scared enough to rekindle their common sense by October 2020, allowing 2021 to be a bit more stable.

Buuutttt, a number of other major Energies shift by the 2020 Solstice, such as Trump’s War-to-Prevent-US-Regime-Change (Saturn Conjunct Pluto, 12 January 2020 in 23 Capricorn, “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat”) and the Beginning of the Digital Age in earnest (Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Air, 21 December 2020 in 1 Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in California”Mission Santa Clara de Asis no doubt).

It’s an interesting “coincidence” that it was these very Spanish Missions that disrupted the well-managed Sustainable Landscapes that the original Quaoar hisself provided the template for.  Last month at the airport we met a barely-survived Marine veteran of Reagan’s War-to-Prevent-US-Regime-Change, against that Perennial Global Threat Grenada.  Thirty-five years later his war wounds were foremost in his introduction to strangers, and given their extent, that’s not surprising.  Maybe the next Trumped-Up War will be against Andorra or San Marino or Uruguay or some other dastardly threat to Global Peace.

The Guardian Brexit Briefing recently put it this way…

“Certain parts of American society now feel a sort of exhausted solidarity with the UK, a relief that they are not the only ones whose country is a raging dumpster fire.  A new sort of special relationship has been forged between the UK and the US; we are united by the fact that we have become global jokes.”

Beginnings and Endings often occur together.  In the case of the December Solstice chart, the dominant Configuration is a Nodal Grand Cross in 29-30 Degrees of the Cardinal Signs – we’re Finishing Up a Creative phase (Cardinal Signs), and about to Begin a Stabilizing phase (Fixed Signs).  We can productively read this as Finishing Up a Creative Destruction phase, and Beginning to Stabilize what we plan to Build upon the Ruins.  Ms. May and Mr. Antichrist, and their respective MPs and lackeys, have done a bang-up job of Creative Destruction, but their Fun may be coming to an End.

The Solstice chart is shown by the lighter-weight lines below…

Most of the Cusps (Endings/Beginnings) from Scorpio to Aries are occupied, while only one of the other six Cusps is inhabited, which clearly makes Varuna-North Node (Merging of our Mission and our Life Force) at the end of Cancer the Standout Pole.  Thus many other, less Central, segments of our Lives may be Falling Away, as we focus on what’s Most Important.  Varuna-North Node heads a Diamond Star, a Self-Resolving Challenge, so we can sort of Let That Take Care of Itself – where “That” is Allowing the Life Force to Lead our Life rather than our Shoulds and Gottas.

The other corners of the Grand Cross include Uranus, which turns Direct 6 January and returns to Taurus “for good” (for seven years that is) at the Ides of May.  Our Soul will return to the task of Descending into our Physical Vehicle.  If we’re hanging by our heels so we can see the World more clearly, this will look a lot like Ascension.

And Veritas (Truth) enters Scorpio (Fearlessness) just an hour before the Solstice.  This is potentially a Big Deal, as Scorpio is compelled to Get to the Bottom of Things.  Some Fearless Truthiness wouldn’t hurt the Planet at all, though Veritas is only in Scorpio till May, then again from July through November.  But it could start a trend.  And on 3 October next year Veritas Initiates Aletheia (Truth) at 18 Scorpio, “A path through woods brilliant with multicolored splendor.”  So there may be hope.

Of course the Nodes move Retrograde, so they’re really just Beginning their butt-first sashay through Cancer and Capricorn, rather than Ending it.  That’s okay, Degrees in Tropical astrology don’t represent arcminutes in the sky, they represent Days in the Year, Days after the March Equinox that defines the Cusp of Aries.  And most of us most of the time live Time forwards, or at least we think we do.  So 29 Cancer is still the End of Cancer, even if Time in this case is butt-first.

The heavier lines in the chart show the Full Moon that follows the Solstice by less than a Day/Degree.  The orange lines show the Mjōlnir Kite (Epiphanies) that dominates this chart.  Like Varuna-North Node, the Moon is an outlier that focuses the Energy of the crowd on the other side of the Zodiac.  So we can expect from it Significant Insights into how we might Respond to our Survival Instinct most productively.

A strong hint about that resides in the Square (red line) that like a bow holds the Tension for the arrow.  That’s Venus (Values) Square Lilith (Self-Sovereignty).  Our Values are often slanted toward our Heart’s Truth, but usually heavily overlain with Programming from someone else, which was likely to be more their own Programming than their own Heart’s Truth.  In other words our Values can get pretty stilted.  So we’re likely to Discover places where our own Values are Sabotaging our Self-Sovereignty.

It may require some Adjustments to your Lifestyle, but in the long run you won’t regret Letting your Values Change instead of continuing to Compromise your Sovereignty.  Doing that is also very likely to guide you toward the Life Force, help you Respond to your Survival Instincts, and lay the groundwork for your New Life in 5D!