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Beyond the Veil

October 31, 2022

Well, so far I’ve watched two videos, by folks I didn’t know, on the Beyond the Veil Summit: Explore the Science and Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences, Mediumships & the Afterlife, and both presentations have been beyond Excellent. You can still sign up at and watch recordings of the videos free for up to 48 hours after each one.

One video was by two folks named Jeff, one an Emergency Room doctor, and the other a former patient. The doctor had witnessed the patient’s deceased wife floating over the patient in the ER while the patient was having a Near Death Experience, and they subsequently became friends. Fascinating.

The second one was “Psychic Lawyer” and polymath Mark Anthony, who very expertly Aligned the Spiritual Perspective with the Perspective of Open-Minded Scientists (that sounds like an oxymoron, but both presentations made it clear that there are a lot more of those than we usually hear about). He had some cute acronyms for us…

S.O.U.L. — Source of Unconditional Love

R.A.F.T. — Recognize, Accept, Feel, Trust

The latter is his key for Responding to Experiences of Communications from the Invisible Realms, which he Feels as tingling or other unusual inputs to his Six Senses.

Anger & Guilt, or Action & Prudence 2

October 31, 2022

Forgot to Mention…

I meet so many people who Believe Hupers are Once-Born, and as Challenging as it is to Shift one’s Identity from the 3D Ego to the Soul without that (literally) Dead-End Belief, it’s got to be a lot more Difficult for them. We Oft-Borns should be Praying for them more than for the Twice-Born – at least they know where they’re going once they Leave Here. Not to Convert their Beliefs – that would Betray Free Will – but to send them extra Light, for their sake and for the sake of the Planet and all Her other Entities. Earth will be as Barren and Dusty as Mars before Mush even gets there if we don’t Change the Trajectory. So…

Several organizations, including the Academy of Energy Healing, the Center for Sacred Studies, and the Shift Network, have collaborated to present a five-day free “Summit,” or online workshop, on Beyond the Veil Summit: Explore the Science and Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences, Mediumships & the Afterlife, spanning 31 October to 4 November 2022. The presenters whom I know and admire, and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing, include Robert Moss, Eben Alexander, Marie Manuchehri, and Lindsey Swope, but there are also 33 other speakers that I don’t know yet.

The way these Summits usually work, is that you register by giving your first name and email address. Then they inundate you (politely) with all of the many features that you’ll get if you’re willing to pay for them, usually with a big discount if you Act Now (often less than $100, usually including all of the video presentations and transcripts; full price is usually several hundred dollars, depending on how much material in how many formats you want), and usually including several to many bonus presentations. Whether or not you ignore these, they then broadcast the presentations, several per day. You get a schedule, and you can watch them live, and/or tune in to them within 48 hours afterward, all free. If you buy the package, now or later, you get the whole workshop and you can watch, or read the transcripts, any time you want. By signing up, you get on some emailing lists, but I’ve done many of these, and never felt at all intruded upon by the pitches I’ve gotten. Sign up free at…


With Uranus (Soul ) in Taurus (Hardcopy Form), we also need to help all we can to keep this Planet Livable and Worth It, so…

Starting the day after, 5 November, is Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society’s free 3-day Earthkeepers Summit 2002, featuring (listing only the folks I know are worth Hearing) Eric Pearl, Mark Hyman, Sandra Ingerman, Bruce Lipton, Brooke Medicine-Eagle, Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Ocean Robbins, Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, and 15 others that I don’t know yet. I believe it will be repeated live again December 20-22. Same deal as above – watch Live or within 48 hours of their Livestream, all free, with the option to pre-purchase the Whole Package to use anytime, at a steep discount at sign-up, or for more money later. Sign up free at…


Finally, I’m repeating most of Marilyn Raffaele’s current Arcturian Channeling below because I so often hear people obviously not understanding it, and because I so often don’t remember all of it myself! Especially note their comments on Guilt, since that’s what’s Lit Up today. Find the whole Channeling at…


(Sorry about the light blue type, which some of you may not even be able to see! WordPress seems to have eliminated their Indent for quotes, and they have no dark colors on their palette. If it’s not readable, block and copy it to another text app, where you can Choose a more readable text color.)

“Welcome dear ones. Once again we wish you to know that all is proceeding according to plan. We repeat this often because in the face of so many global and personal issues surfacing, many doubt this. Pockets of old but active energy continue to surface on all levels to be seen and cleared… Always remember that you are not physical bodies with a consciousness, rather you are consciousness with a material body that you yourself chose for this particular lifetime. Those born with or who at some point acquired a less than perfect physical body were aware of and chose the experiences of having that body before incarnation either for their own learning or that of parents or others.

“For those living fully in separation consciousness, life experiences are usually random expressions of duality and separation. However very little is random or accidental once a person begins living from a state of consciousness increasingly more in alignment with their Higher Self. The Higher Self then begins to provide those experiences necessary for spiritual growth and clearing. Learn to look deeper at all your life experiences in the realization that with the help of your Guides you yourself chose your parents, gender, needed experiences, and family dynamic before incarnating.

“A soul often chooses to incarnate into a family that will provide them with the opportunity to experience and reactivate some old energy they have been carrying and suffering from through many previous lifetimes but are now prepared to permanently clear. This is often true in family dynamics of abuse, rigid religious belief or traditions, and alcohol or drug addiction. Know that in every situation something more is taking place than what appearances testify to.

“Physical aches and pains always indicate dense energy that remains active. It could be as ordinary as the energy of belief in old age and deterioration or simply the physical cells remembrance and and expression of an injury or disease from a previous life. In your quiet time state your intention to gently and easily clear all old energy associated with the particular issue you may be experiencing in order that the already present reality can manifest.

“The surfacing of old energies often brings a person to seek relief through three dimensional solutions. Know that these will always be temporary because they only trim branches from the illusion tree, leaving the root intact. Until the root (the underlying belief) is removed the issue will continue to manifest in some form. You are ready and prepared to remove roots. Go deeper, ask for guidance, and state your intention to fully clear all remaining oaths, promises, vows, and any remaining energy from past personal actions (karma). Large pockets of old energy (Example–Having lived many lifetimes in the same belief system especially those of a particular religion) often clear in increments and take longer so do not be discouraged or think you have failed if you find certain issues reappearing after you thought you had moved beyond them.

“Do not get discouraged or depressed about clearing experiences for they indicate spiritual evolution and graduation into a new state of consciousness. Learn to laugh at the absurd situations that clearings often bring to what may have always been been a comfortable and familiar lifestyle. See them as being positive rather than negative even when they are uncomfortable physically, emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually. Always remember that you volunteered to be on earth for these times with awareness of what it would most likely entail. Trust that you are right where you need to be experiencing what you need to experience in spite of how things may seem to a three dimensional world. Earth is a spiritual universe peopled only with sons and daughters of God and the belief that it is anything other than that constitutes the illusion of material sense.

“You came to be the Light, love, and energy necessary to transform and lift a collective consciousness stuck in illusions of duality, separation, and two powers but which consciously and unconsciously is desperately seeking a way out. All souls on all levels of awareness seek to know and experience the reality of their being even though as of yet most do not know this.

“Forgiveness of self is a powerful facet of love and must be integrated as part of the clearing process. When actions of the past are seen with new and enlightened eyes it can and often does bring guilt and self loathing. Understand that every person is only capable of living and acting through their attained state of consciousness. Forgive and love yourself in the realization that the words you may have spoken or actions taken in your previous state of consciousness were the best you could do at that time.

“Make reparations if guided, but do not spend time in regret and guilt for these are negative emotions that reflect separation from your true Self. The belief in separation underlies every negative action in the world. If the person or persons you believe you have hurt in some way are on the other side you can still speak to them, sending them love and light. If they are still in physical, you can ask forgiveness or talk to them about what occurred but if they are not receptive, simply move on and do the work silently and secretly. Spending an inordinate amount of time on some old event that was probably meant to teach both, simply adds energy to the illusion.

“Love is the key to all things because Love, the realization of ONE Divine Consciousness, God, expressing ITself as the many, is the only reality–period. Love is not an action, it is a state of consciousness that manifests as action but must include one’s self for how could a self exist outside of ONE?

“Cease judging yourselves by three dimensional concepts of acceptability, worth, and value. You must begin to include yourselves in the ONE or you remain in the old energy of separation beliefs. Every single person has made mistakes and done things that have hurt others, but this is how the evolutionary journey works and you have moved on from the illusion based state of consciousness you once had.

“Know, accept, and be love incarnate for nothing else exists.”

Anger & Guilt, or Action & Prudence

October 29, 2022

That’s what we’re living with through at least 2 am PDT 31 October 2022 (10am BST, 7pm AEST). That’s the night or morning before Halloween (except in Oz), so this year’s Halloween may not be too Tricky, though the Moon remains Out of Bounds till 9:36 pm PDT 31 October (5:36 am BST 1st November, 2:36 pm AEST 1st), so Panic-Induced Backlash could get Tricky, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, where the Moon is Out of Bounds Overhead. Also, we’re scheduled for a rash of Ego Deaths next week, till 4:31 pm PDT 4 November (12:31 am BST 5th, 9:31 am AEST 5th), which could begin Early for any one or more of us.

The Anger or Action is Mars, which could also come across as “just” Anxiety. It’s Stationary (Strong) 6:35 am PDT 30 October (2:35 pm BST, 11:35 pm AEST). In your natal chart, the neighborhood of 26 Degrees will be Lit Up by it, especially in Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. If you spend a lot of time in your Mind, Sagittarius as well. Lonsdale’s take on 26 Gemini is something like “Losing One’s Self in the Infinite Wonder of Inner Worlds.” Letting yourself Contemplate these Wavellite Crystal Clusters might Settle you Down a bit…

The Guilt or Prudence is Nemesis, Stationary 1:49 am PDT 31 October (9:49 am BST, 6:49 pm AEST), in 19 Pisces, which will also Trigger your natal planets close to 19 Gemini and 19 Sagittarius, and again, if you hang out in your Mind a lot, you could find yourself having Arguments with the planets you have near 19 Virgo. 19 Pisces reads “Always in Touch with Paradise,” or the like. If you’re Exercising your Prudence, don’t Judge folks who aren’t. Most non-Muggles these days are working on their Honesty more than their Obedience. Letting yourself get Lost in this Heliodor Beryl Crystal could reduce any Self-Judgement you could be Experiencing…

The Ego Deaths would be a Station of Cyllarus, 4:11 pm PDT 4 November (12:11 am BST and 9:11 am AEST, both 5 November), in 5 Leo (An Old Soul Who Discovers that the Old Rules No Longer Apply). Your natal planets near 5 Taurus and 5 Scorpio will Stand Out, and maybe those near 5 Aquarius as well. This Cacoxinite-Embedded Amethyst Crystal may help you Surrender Egos that aren’t working as well as you’d like and move on to something Better.

Of course the two Energies could, and probably will, Combine, leaving us with something like Discouragement. This Smiling Pink Calcite Crystal could help with that. Try it with a side of Poor-Sweethearting..

The Anger/Action Energy is likely to be Confusing, but Confusion is the First Step toward Expansion of Consciousness, so that’s good. To get there though we need to Forget the misconception that Confusion is a sign that you need to Figure Something Out, and just Enjoy Confusion as a Valid Emotion on its own. All we need to do is Relax into it, and our Intuition will take care of the rest of the Journey. See if this Hyalite Opal will help you do that…

The Mars Station is Waxing Square to Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity). In the 13 June 2020 Neptune-Mars Initiation chart, Mars and Neptune in 21 Pisces (Bouncing between the Compelling Safety of Karma and a Strong Longing to Let It All Hang Out ) are Merged with Requiem (Respect for Death) and the Focus of a T-Square from Hybris (Arrogance) Opposite (Arguing With) Sun-Asbolus OOB-Karma OOB (Clarity about our Karma). The Waxing Square is when a Cycle gets Serious. If you Look Deep into the Eye of this Long-Traveling Morganite Beryl Fellow, He may have some Wisdom for you about where to take your Ascension Journey next…

The Guilt/Prudence Nemesis Station features a Debate (Opposition) between Healing Codependence (Panacea-Hylonome) and Clarifying Boundaries (Veritas-Pallas). It also Lights up another Iteration of the Waning Square between Saturn and Uranus (Ego and Soul ). This Square is a couple of years old, so it’s not a Biggie by itself, but it does Connect us with the 13 February 1988 Initiation that began this Uranus-Saturn Cycle, began the predecessors of this blog, and began what José Argüelles called the Harmonic Convergence, a major Transition in the Mayan Calendar that led to the 2012 End of Time as We Knew It.

The 1988 Uranus-Saturn Initiation, in 30 Sagittarius (Reweaving the Tapestry of the Relationship between Soul and Ego), was the Focus of a T-Square from the Debate (Opposition) between the Truth of the Heart (Aletheia) and Fate (Moira). It Set the Stage for all of the Work we’ve been doing with our Karma since then. The Truth of the Heart speaks to our Unlimited Potential, not to our Limiting Beliefs and Habits. If we need a Reminder of the Essence of Reweaving this Tapestry, gazing at a Celestite Crystal should to the trick…

The Waning Square of the Saturn-Uranus Ego-Soul Cycle that began 17 February 2021 is the Beginning of the End of the Cycle, the point where we Let Go of what we’ve been doing since 1988, and Descend into the Void between Cycles. It doesn’t help us to look ahead and figure out what the next Cycle will be about, because like Inanna we’ll be a Different Person by then. We don’t have the Bandwidth at this point to interpret the next Cycle, till we Bathe in the Void. Starhawk in Truth or Dare defines seven stages to the Descent…

  • Unraveling and Reweaving: Pattern and Ritual – Purging our undesirable Karma
  • Reclaiming Value from the Judge – Transmutation, from Obedience to our Programming, to Self-Love
  • Risking the Boundaries: Dethroning the Conqueror – Building a Self-Reliant Persona
  • Finding A Voice: Breaking the Censor’s Silence – Speaking our Truth
  • Creating Sustainable Culture: Serving No Masters – Trusting the Guidance from Our Own Heart
  • Evoking Mystery: Restoring Organic Order – Surrendering Control and Embracing Collaboration
  • Toward Community: Structure and Leadership

Since 1988 we’ve been Becoming Ready for 5D, Intending it. Now it’s time to Be 5D.


October 27, 2022

It’s probably just me. Mars, which can symbolize Irritability for no Obvious reason, is Lit Up (Stationary 30 October 2022) and it’s messing with my natal chart. Mars doesn’t have to be Irritable, it can just mean Busy-ness. Guilt is also Lit Up (Nemesis Stationary 31 October), so we could well be Feeling Irritable about all the People who’ve Manipulated us into Feeling Guilty, not because we did anything “wrong,” but because they were Powering Over us.

A good Question to Ask ourself is How Old Am I? or How Old Do I Feel? This Question can Illuminate the Regression you may be Unconsciously Experiencing here in the Present. If you do Harvest a Past Scenario with that Trick, don’t Focus on the Scenario or the Actors any longer than it takes to get the general Plot (which may take only an Instant). Focus instead on What You Were Feeling at that Age in those Circumstances, and be very Loving and Gentle with your Historical and Herstorical Selves at that Age. A good “You Poor Sweetheart, You Were Feeling _____, Weren’t You” would probably be useful. If you can actually Change the Subject afterward, you’ll be Surprised at how Quickly that can Shift Your Mood.

If you get hung up on any details, you can always say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, You’re Hung Up on _____, Aren’t You” – then try again to Otherwise Occupy yourself and your Thoughts. We want to work with our Emotions, not our Thoughts about them. The Power lies in your Feelings. Your Thoughts are just a Distraction to keep you from Feeling. You could even Ask yourself, “When Did I Learn to Shift My Attention from My Feelings to My Thoughts about Them? Hold Old was I?” You could get a whole different Collection of Scenarios. Which Feelings were Most Prohibited? By Whom? Again, you don’t want to Dwell on your Thoughts about this, but your Feelings about it, both Then and Now. We could get into Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel – it would be your Ego that would have to be Rebirthed in that case, not your Self.

Before we get lost in this, we should mention that the Moon moves Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere starting 2:52 pm PDT 27 October (BST 10:52 pm 27th, AEST 7:52 am 28th), till 9:36 pm PDT 31 October (BST 5:36 am 1st November, AEST 2:36 pm 1st). Keep that in mind as you set your Boundaries against Tricks if your Culture has Halloween Traditions. Let alone Día de Muertos. Later on we’ll demonstrate a Crystal you can use for your Muertos.

In general, the Feelings that We’d Rather Die than Feel are stuffed into our natal South Node. As we’ll see soon enough, the charts for the Mars and Nemesis Stations (and the other events that are Triggered) are among the Strangest we’ve seen. They’re mostly Strange in their Simplicity, but we can’t let that fool us – Simplicity in astrology means Intensity, as all of the Energy is funneled into a narrow channel. More like a Tornado than a Hurricane. The “Thing” about the Feelings that We’d Rather Die than Feel is that the Tools that we need to Serve our Lifetime Mission are Hiding right behind them. So if we never make the Shift from I’d rather Die over to Omigosh, I Need an Ego Death, then we’ll never make any Progress with our Lifetime Mission. That’s fine for Muggles, but for Aspiring Light Workers, it’s an endless Treadmill.

Emotions are Tricky. You can only shred so many Pillows, and chances are the only result you’ll get is Feathers everywhere. The word Feelings is Ambiguous for a Purpose, however. It also applies to Sensations. So you can Ask yourself, Where in my 3D Body am I Feeling this? The most Efficient way to Resolve Old, Stuck, Slippery Feelings is to Locate them in your Body and Love them to Death there. The Easy Key is Love Is Soft and Warm, Fear Is Hard and Cold. The Energy that is Projected from your Palm is just the right Frequency for Healing (Far Infrared), so you can just put your Palm on the Location you’d Identified.

Can’t Feel the Energy from your Palm? Rub your Palms together gently several times, then hold your Hands, Palms facing each other, several feet apart in front of you. Then slowly bring your Palms closer together. Do you ever get to a distance where you sense something between them? Almost like a light Wind?

If you don’t, No Worries, just Imagine that you did. It’s there, you just haven’t been Trained to Detect it. If we haven’t already Learned it, Know that Imagining something is the first step toward Touching It, Being It, Manifesting It, etc etc. Eventually we’ll Discover that Imagining It Is As Good As those other things, it’s just a little more Ephemeral. But so is your Soul, and it’s Descending into your Body as we Speak. Can you Feel that little Shiver in your Spine?

If you have a natural Crystal, hold it between your Palms, and Imagine this “Wind,” or Energy, blowing down your right arm, through the Crystal, and up your left arm. It makes a Loop. When it gets to your left shoulder, Where does it Cross your back to get back to your right shoulder, and what does it Feel Like on your Back? That might be a start for getting you to Notice the Energy. Our Backs are usually a lot less Calloused than our Palms, so more Sensitive, though Calluses don’t actually Disrupt the Energy, they just make it a little harder to Notice when we haven’t Trained ourself to do so yet.

If you don’t have a Crystal handy, I’ll lend you one. Just Stare at the picture while holding your Palms together loosely and Imagining that the Crystal is between your Palms. Then Run your Energy down your right arm, through the Crystal, up your left arm, across your Back, and down your right arm again, in a Loop. Once you get the Loop started, you don’t need to keep Running it, it’ll Run by itself, so you can just Focus on Where and How you Feel it in your Back…

This cut Crystal is called Eudialyte. It’s a mouthful – Sodium Calcium Cerium Iron Manganese Yttrium Zirconium Cyclosilicate Hydroxide Chloride! You don’t need to remember that, but it’s good to know what Elements are in your Crystals, because it’s a clue to their Metaphysical Properties. For instance, your Body uses Sodium to maintain the right Internal Pressures to make the complex Mechanical processes of its Chemistry work, Balancing it with Potassium. It uses Calcium for a zillion different purposes, including making Bones stiff. Iron carries the Oxygen around in your Blood. Eudialyte is found just north of Vermont, in Quebec. It’s Metaphysical Function is to Allow you to See Through The Veil. You can use it to Talk to your Friends on the Other Side. When I Focus on this picture I Feel a little “Beside Myself.” Feel anything like that? We’re all quite Unique, so you may Experience it very Differently.

Now, if you have a second, different Crystal, try Running Energy through it, and see if it Feels Different on your Back. That can be an Eye-Opener.

This next one is a Demantoid, a variety of Garnet, a Calcium Iron Nesosilicate. Silicon makes an incredible number of different Crystal structures, giving Carbon a run for its money, if it had any. We can think of Silicon as a heavier version of Carbon, as it interacts with other Elements in a similar way. Some even theorize that Life Forms could be based on Silicon, though of course we know that Everything Is Conscious already, so “Life Forms” can be based on anything. So the “Cyclosilicate” and “Nesosilicate” terms just describe how complex the Silicate structure is (the “-ate” ending on a mineral means it’s an Oxide; an “-ide” ending means it’s just the Element).

Imagine cupping this one loosely between your Palms and Running Energy through it. Does it cross your Back at a different place than the Eudialyte? Is your Experience of it different? Demantoid has a reputation as a Painkiller, so try Running this Energy through someplace in your Body where it hurts for several minutes. Once you’ve Imprinted on Dematoid and you know how it Feels, you can Run it anytime anywhere in your Body, without the actual Stone or the picture of it.

Mutation of Our Values

October 26, 2022

Well, I had to continually postpone finishing the previous post, not because of Brain Fog, but because It Refused to Think. Just wasn’t goin’ there. Maybe because my Effort to Notice when I’m Analyzing and instead Ask “What If I Already Knew?” is taking hold. That’s been a boon already. At any rate, now that the Eclipse has Eclipsed, several troublesome Hassles have quite Suddenly and Effortlessly Resolved themselves. Like my website ( that disappeared unexpectedly in mid-August. For weeks now I’ve been getting nothing but empty promises out of the people who let that happen, whom I’ve been paying handsomely for twenty years to keep it Live, till suddenly this morning Poof! I have all my data – and rock pictures, like this colorful Van Gogh-like Copper melange1 – back, in a flash, almost Effortlessly.

1 The bright green is Tyrolite, a Calcium Copper Arsenate Carbonate Hydroxide, the blue is Azurite, Copper Carbonate Hydroxide, the reds and dark browns look like Cuprite, Copper Oxide, to me. Not sure who the olive crystals in the lower right are. “Give your Worries to Azurite; Azurite eats Negative Thoughts for lunch. Most of the time most of us don’t even realize we’re thinking Negative Thoughts. Declare with me the Intention to become Aware of the way our habitual thoughts ‘lend our strength to that which we wish to be free from,’ as Jewel puts it, so we can consciously surrender Darkness to Azurite for Transformation into Beauty and Light and Clarity.” — (when I get it back online).

The Eclipse (Illumination) is behind us,2 but New Moons like this one usually Impact the several weeks following them. Three SuperPowers lurk behind the Challenges of the Eclipse…

  • Rebirth of our Values after Their Recent Mutation – Triply Self-Resolving,3
  • Expansion of Spirit – Self-Resolving,4 and
  • Merging Our Power with the Power of Nature – Self-Resolving.5

A Self-Resolving SuperPower Asks that we Let the Process Finish without Intervening much when it’s Challenging, as the various parts of the Challenge will Complement one another if they’re Allowed to.

2 New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse 3:49 am PDT 25 October 2022 (11:49 am BST, 8:49 pm AEST), in Scorpio 3 (Addiction to Karma Till the New Energy Makes us Realize it’s Empty), Conjunct Venus-Haumea-Ka’epaoka’awela (Rebirth of Our Values after Transmutation) in 3-6 Scorpio (Sagittarius Duad, Letting Go of Intense Judgments).

3 The Challenges are about the Ego Deaths that will Allow our Separation from friends and family as we Reveal Who We’ve Become, even as our Revelation will Give Others Permission to Reveal their own Transmutations. The Eclipse-Venus-Haumea-Ka’epaoka’awela (note 2 above) is the Focus of a T-Square (Challenge and SuperPower) from Cyllarus Out of Bounds (Big Ego Deaths) in 5 Leo (An Old Soul Who Discovers that the Old Rules No Longer Apply) Opposite (Debating With) Lachesis-Chariklo (Willingness to Choose to Let Go of Karma Limiting Our Self-Confidence) in 5 Aquarius (Surrender to Merging the Chthonic with the Cosmic). That is, Choosing to Reject Self-Doubt as Self-Abusive while Standing Firm on Our Values.

The Self-Resolution arises from the Finger of the Goddess or Mystery School founded in the Cooperation (Sextile) between the two other SuperPowers (see notes 4 and 5 below). To take Advantage of this Gift, we’ll need to Reject mentalizing the Relationships between Our Values and Cultural Change, and between Our Values and Our Intrusive Memories; if we Think we Understand either, we’re on the Wrong Track, as the whole point of the “Finger” is that there are things outside of 2D mentalization that we need to Grok. Confusion is always Good, as it’s the First Stage of Growth in Consciousness. Stubbornly Resist anyone’s Demands that you Explain Yourself; it’s a Trap to get you to Self-Betray by Limiting Yourself to 2D.

The Enhancement or Secondary and Triple Self-Resolution reside in the Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) that connects the Eclipse et al with the Intrusive Memories of note 5 and the Embrace of Our Unlimited Potential that we’ll introduce in note 4. Note that both the “Finger” and the Grand Trine connect the Eclipse et al Complex with the other two Complexes, assuring multiple avenues of Mutual Cooperation between them. In other words, the New Tapestry is being woven with Threads in Dimensions that aren’t Visible without Intuition into Dimensions greater than 3D (see note 4).

4 The Challenges will be about Accepting how Radical the Changes to our Cultures must be in order to have an Impact on Climate Change et al. The second T-Square Focuses on Jupiter (Expansion) in 1 Aries (Single-Minded, Hard-Working, Opinioned Spirituality). The Controversy (Opposition) that the Expanded Spiritual Focus (Jupiter) must Resolve is between two rather incredible Stellia (groups of three or more planets)…

Aletheia Stationary6-Chaos OOB-Asbolus OOB (Deep Intuition Allowing the Heart’s Whole-Hearted Defense of Our Unlimited Potential ) in 30 Gemini-6 Cancer (Cancer-Leo Duad of Cancer, Compassion Supported by Our Self-Esteem). This is Our Vision of the Threads of the Tapestry that are Invisible to 3D eyes.


Ixion-Klotho-Magdalena-Atropos-Pholus-Quaoar (New Karma with the Blessing of Mary Magdalene which Embraces the Realization that Climate Change et al Will Require Transcending Cultural Rules and Conventions) in 2-6 Capricorn (Aquarius Duad, Consideration of the Social Dimension of the Practical Solution).

The Finger of the Goddess that contributes Self-Resolution, and introduces a Mystery School, arises from the Sextile between the Eclipse et al (note 2) and Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Repeating Interminable Tasks) in 5 Virgo (The Edge between Fear and Ego Death). In other words, Expanded Spirit’s Job is to Recognize that the Treadmill seems Endless, and Cut Through this Illusion.

In addition to the Grand Trine in note 3 above, which connects the Chaos Stellium above to the Eclipse, Jupiter is also Trine to Cyllarus, which is one foot of the Eclipse T-Square, providing more Dumb-Luck Blessings to assure inter-cooperation and coordination between the three SuperPowers.

5 The Challenges will involve Overpowering, Lovingly, the Unending Litany of Intrusive Memories that our Karma will hide behind, aka the Opposition (Bickering) between Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) in 5 Pisces (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty) and Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Repeating Interminable Tasks) in 5 Virgo (The Edge between Fear and Ego Death). The third T-Square, rooted in this Opposition, Focuses on the Merger (Conjunction) of Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) in 30 Taurus (Guided to Explore the Underwhere) and Pan Out of Bounds (the Overlighting Deva of Nature, in His Eminence) in 6 Gemini (Single-Minded Obsession to Making It to the Bright Light that Must Be at the End of the Tunnel ). (Shitodear, does Lonsdale’s description ever fit my 6-Gemini natal planet! I’ve been taking that Obsession totally for granted all my Life. I’ve always been Conscious of it, but I had no idea that it wasn’t just the nature of Life on Earth!)

The Finger of the Goddess that Self-Resolves this third T-Square is based on the Sextile between the Eclipse Stellium (note 2 above) and the Ixion et al Stellium (see note 4 above). Pan-Sedna also sports a Naked Trine to the Lachesis-Chariklo corner of the Eclipse T-Square, yet another assurance that the three T-Squares are Working Together for our Benefit.

6 The Aletheia Station occurred 9:43 am PDT 25 October (5:43 pm BST 25th, 2:43 am AEST 26th), in 5 Cancer (Obsessed with Exploring Every Tiny Shard of Karma). The chart structure was Identical to that of the 23 October Juno Station, but with the planets scrambled a bit. The Pan Out of Bounds Solo SuperPower (Meeting the Sacred Deva of Nature) is almost the same, but now in 4 Gemini (Compulsively Drawn Toward the Ephemeral ). The Zhulong-Ka’epaoka’awela Superpower (Transmutation into Enlightenment in the Juno Station) has become Awareness that Our Essence as Light Workers Is Transmutation into Enlightenment, as Mercury and the Sun have joined it.

Maybe if we plant only Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Horseradish, and Nettles, we’ll get to Eat some of the Results. I usually co-plant with Buckwheat and Austrian Winter Peas because they fertilize everyone as they grow, the Buckwheat modifying insoluble Phosphorus for others to use, and the Peas fixing Nitrogen from the air. But the Deer strip those to the bare stems, and co-planting would leave the others vulnerable to Giardia-slobber. At least the Deer are back to leaving us piles of little black bunny-pellets again, instead of the tennis-ball-size globs of green Giardia poo that they were leaving last year. Unless, Goddess Forbid, the prevalence of Giardia is seasonal! Time to Conference with Pan. I wonder if He uses Zoom.

Growth in Consciousness 1.5

October 23, 2022

(It looks like I’ll need to replace the original post rather than adding this as a new one, due to WordPress limitations or user incompetence. Repeating much of the earlier post before going deeper – mostly in purple…)

Now I understand why my Lethargy yesterday was laced with Intrusive Memories. The Big-Deal-of-the-Day for 23 October 2022 is an Exaggeration of the Need for Growth in Consciousness that’s Merged with the astrological symbol for Intrusive Memories.1 There are two SuperPowers Brightly Lit Up…

  • Transmutation into Enlightenment Remember that it’s “just” an Ego Death, not a Physical Death.2
  • Meeting the Sacred Deva of Nature.3

Both SuperPowers are Self-Resolving and Enhanced, and partially Mutually Complementary.4 This means that we’re better off Sitting with our Reactions to What We Perceive as Negative, rather than Trying to Intervene with Actions or Decisions about Future Behaviours.

1 Station of Juno (Growth in Consciousness), 6:04 am PDT (2:04 pm BST, 11:04 pm AEST), in 8 Pisces (Embodiment of the Unspeakable Grief and Soaring Ecstasy of Planet Earth, Moving Out of Hiding) Conjunct Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) in 5 Pisces, home of Fixed Star Sadalmelek (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty).

2 T-Square to (Challenge or SuperPower) Zhulong Conjunct Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation into Enlightenment ) in 6-8 Scorpio (Capricorn Duad, Pragmatic Research into the Nature of Our Relationships) from the Opposition (Debate) between Chariklo-Lachesis-Arachne (Confidence or Doubt in Our Ability to Let Go of Our Denial of Consciousness in Nature) in 5-11 Aquarius (Aries-Taurus Duad, Beginning Constructive Change in Social Structures) and Hybris-Cyllarus OOB-Varuna OOB (Clinging to Health Scares that Threaten Our Identity instead of Surrendering to the Ego Death) in 5-8 Leo (Libra Duad, Trusting Other People, or Not). “OOB” means Out of Bounds, or poleward of the Tropic of Cancer (OOBN) or Capricorn (OOBS); the influence of an OOB planet is Amplified or Exaggerated. The Impact may be even more Emphatic in the indicated Hemisphere (OOBN North or OOBS South). A Duad is 2½ Degrees.

3 T-Square to Pan OOB (Overlighting Deva of Nature, Larger than Life) in 7 Gemini (Untamably Innovative, for Better or Worse) from the Opposition between Stationary Juno-Gonggong (Expansion of Consciousness Powered by Intrusive Memories) in 5-8 Pisces (Taurus Duad, Beginning to Structure a New Relationship with Our Emotions, Hopefully Including Noticing When We’re Thinking about Our Emotions rather than Feeling Them) and Ceres-Sisyphus OOB-Kassandra (Noticing our Denial of the Unsustainability of Projects without Endpoints) in 4-11 Virgo (Scorpio-Sagittarius Duad, Getting Serious about Letting Go of Self-Sabotaging Elements of Our Identity).

4 See for a workshop on Self-Resolution.

The Most Important Thing 2

October 22, 2022

Well, as I’ve said, my earlier prognostication that Mars (Action, Anger) and Nemesis (Guilt ) would be Lit Up this weekend was astrologically inaccurate, but that doesn’t mean they went away. The Unconscious knows only Dimensions and not Directions, so we can think of the Dimensions as Circular if we like. It’s a useful Metaphor for Non-Dual Non-Linear Worlds like ours is, once you strip away the 3D Hypnosis.1 So any interpretation switches Effortlessly to its Opposite. I Experienced Mars today as Lethargy rather than Action, and an Irritated Lethargy at that, tinged with hints of Intrusive Memories Triggering Regret or Guilt.

Even if Mars and Nemesis aren’t officially Exactly Stationary till Halloween, they’re still Stationary, as they’re slowing to stop and reverse direction, each traveling today at less than a third of their average speed. And Mars goes Out of Bounds in less than an hour from now (12am PDT, 8am BST, 5pm AEST 22 October 2022) anyway. Turnabout is Fair Play would be a common Motto for Mars Out of Bounds and Stationary. The Hupers on Kodiak Island Alaska hold a sort of annual Autumn Competition to see which of the Kodiak Grizzlies ambushes the most Salmon at a favorite Waterfall on the Island. This year’s winner was a Lady they call 747, who came in at ¾ of an American ton. The Bears stand at the Falls and wait for a Salmon to Jump into their mouth. The Salmon below knew the drill and was thinking Turnabout is Fair Play as it carefully aimed its Jump…

Salmon are Carnivores too, and if this one nibbles a little Bear Brain before Bear Shakes Him Free, and He then goes on to Fertilize some Roe, we may be seeing Epigenetic Evolution in Action, kind of like us and 5G.

I’ve often averred that Hupers will make no Progress toward Mitigating Global Climate Change et al till they Reanimate Nature, and I’ve been delighted to see an increase in news articles promoting Indigenous Wisdom, as most Indigenous Peoples have never Deanimated Her. This online Global Earth Repair Summit program that features Indigenous Wisdom started today, and goes on till Monday, around the clock, in three 8-hour segments daily, one for the Americas, one for Europe-Africa-West Asia, and one for East Asia-Oceania. Among the many presenters, the names I Know and Recommend highly include John D. Liu, Ilarion Merculieff, Vandana Shiva, David Holmgren, Hannah Apricot Eckberg, Alan Feathestone, Mahala Frye, Peter Jackson, Michael Polarski, Marco Pogačnik, Zachary Weiss, Camilla Blossom, and Gloria Flora. Find the program at

For those of us who still follow the News Minia, or who just curse at the Gas pump, John Perkins, author of three editions of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (see Bibliography) presents a fascinating description of the intricacies of the Saudi Arabia-Russia Connection with Oil prices, in his blog post at Half a Century ago, in his role as an Economic Hit Man, John personally helped negotiate the Secret Deal that has characterized Saudi-American Relations and World Oil prices since. In this article he describes the Deal, and how it has broken down. It’s worth noting that this Deal, which priced Oil and Gas in US$ Worldwide, required anyone who wanted Oil to first buy US$.

As this requirement breaks down – China and now Saudi Arabia are buying Russian Oil using their own Currencies – imports become more expensive for the US because the rest of the World will no longer be propping up the US$ every time they buy Oil from anyone. This will lower the Standard of Living in the US even more than the current price gouging by the Oil Industry does. Oil might be an obsolete Industry, but it’s not Dying anytime soon. Maybe not till 2081.2

1 Here’s a quote about Quantum Mechanics from“The implications are mind-bending, including the possibility that our three-dimensional universe — and we ourselves — may be holograms, like the ghostly anti-counterfeiting images that appear on some credit cards and driver’s licenses. In this version of the cosmos, there is no difference between here and there, cause and effect, inside and outside or perhaps even then and now; household cats can be conjured in empty space. We can all be Dr. Strange.”

2 Global Climate Change et al has proven itself to be strongly correlated to the Pholus-Quaoar Cycle, which Re-Initiated in the same week that Russia invaded Ukraine. The Energy of the New Cycle is always Prominent around the Initiation, but then it slips underground till the Waxing Square of the Cycle, which doesn’t occur till June 2081 (see Ian Smith’s comment to again, Ian! I’ve been Surprised and Delighted by the Degree to which the News Minia still covers Renewable Energy, and how Optimistic they are about it. Of course the Minia, which is almost all owned by the Conservatives, could just be trying to Cool the Jets of the Green Movement. What I read, though, is that the Financial Industry has forced the Oil Industry to Cool its Jets.

The Most Important Thing

October 21, 2022

Our next Big Deal is the 9:07 pm PDT 22 October 2022 Station of Saturn (Prominence of Saturn Energy, which is Emphasis on the Most Important Thing), in 19 Aquarius (5:07 am BST 23rd, 2:07 pm AEST 23rd). In Ego Astrology, Saturn is kind of a Wet Blanket, No Fun. It symbolizes Structure, Discipline. Of course, that’s a “Christian” Perspective. In Rome, the Saturnalia Festival was the equivalent of Oktoberfest among the Germanic People – a time to Let Go of all the Rules and Allow yourself to be Impulsive. The early Popes, in their Intolerance for Fun, are the ones who made Saturn into a Bummer. But if Jupiter is the Inhale, Expanding the Diaphragm, Saturn is the Exhale. Neither is Good or Bad, and we’d all be Vulturebait if we tried to Eliminate One or the Other.

In Julie Henderson’s book about Energy, The Lover Within (see Bibliography), she gives Jupiter and Saturn two roles – Expansion versus Contraction, and Diffusion versus Condensation. We can also think of them as Exploration and Curiosity versus Concentration and Focus, or Extroversion versus Introversion. Most of us have a preference for either Extroversion or Introversion. When someone who favors Extroversion gets Ungrounded, they Recenter themselves by being around Other People. Someone who favors Introversion needs Alone Time to get Recentered when they’re Scattered.

In my 50-plus years of Studying Saturn, I’ve found that I have Resistance to The Most Important Thing, becuase Failure at that has Serious Consequences for my Ego and Self-Assurance. So I don’t Risk it. I have a list of Fallbacks, Lower Priorities that Suffice, which seem Less Difficult, and Give me a Sense of Success. So when Saturn is Lit Up, I’m usually Afraid to Let Go of my Fallbacks to Focus on Priority #1, for Fear of Losing my Successes through Inattention. But when I do Surrender and Focus on The Most Important Thing, I always find my secondary and tertiary Priorities waiting patiently for me when I get back, as though I never “Left.”

The Saturn Station chart features two Challenges or SuperPowers (T-Squares). Challenges become SuperPowers when we Stop Expecting Perfection, and instead Appreciate What We’ve Learned. Along the way, we Recognize that Perfection is about our Ideas, not our Realities, like the Difference between a Photograph and an Experience.

One of the Challenges is about Awareness of Where We Leak Energy. For instance, I find myself getting downright scienterrific about Studying exactly how much Sugar in which forms I can Enjoy without unpleasant effects. The Growth in Awareness is about Revising our Boundaries so they Support our Self-Sovereignty more than they Support our Codependence and our Addictions.1

1 Mercury (Awareness) in 19 Libra (Repeated Impulsive Actions that Unexpectedly Break Through Ossified Karma) T-Squaring Panacea (Healing) and Hylonome (Codependence) in 19-20 Capricorn (Learning that Suppressing our Karma doesn’t Work – We Have to Live It with Eyes Open) Opposite Pallas (Boundaries), Veritas (Truth of the Mind ), and Black Moon Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) in 20-22 Cancer (Coming into Enlightenment, Wholeness, Connection, Samadhi, Sharing), home of the Fixed Star Castor (Blending and Bridging Opposites, Optimistically – Mandatory Attention to Spirit, Remembering Who We Are and Why We Are Here).

The other Challenge is about Liberating Soul from our Beliefs and Structures around it, and instead Approaching it through Self-Appreciation. Merging our Identity with Soul involves Recognizing that we’re Surrounded by Vast Crowds of Other Souls, including the Souls in the Multitude of “Inanimate” Objects we Interact with every day. I’ve been finding myself Noticing my Pattern of trying to Rush through a Task to get to the next one, only to find myself Sabotaged by my Inattention to the Present Task. Like the simple Task of tossing something in the Garbage Can, seeing it Bounce off the lid and fall to the ground, while I Habitually curse it for not following my wishes. So I have to Apologize, Slow Down, and Pay Attention to the Task. If it was a Sport, the Adage would be Don’t Take Your Eye Off the Ball! 2

2 Uranus (Soul ) in 18 Taurus (A Vehicle for Spirit ) T-Squaring Saturn Stationary (Emphatically The Most Important Thing) in 19 Aquarius (Half Participant in but Half Observer of the Apocalypse, thus able to Define Alternatives) Opposite Sappho (Self-Love) in 21 Leo (Slavishly Devoted to Acknowledging the Sacred Light in Everything).

There is a Caveat in this Challenge. It’s a Mystery School. If we think we Understand it, we’re Wrong, we haven’t looked behind Appearances. We have to Let Go of What We Think We Know, and PIAVA a Deeper Grokking. The Relationship between Self-Love and The Most Important Thing that we need to Grok here, in order to Clear Ego enough to Allow Soul to Merge with it, resides in a Higher Dimension than our 2D Mind can grasp. Not Surprising, really. It’s 5D we’re Craving here, after all.

For instance, the Deer. They’ve taken over the yard. Double Fences no longer work, they go over them in stride, without even seeming to Labor. I’ve put the Fear of Power Tools in them with my Weed Whacker, but I have to Actively Chase them with it to get them to Pay Attention. Otherwise they just Loiter around looking like “Who’s this Lunatic yelling at us?” I’ve crossed off the FREE APPLES from the Sign in front and replaced it with FREE VENISON, but they pretend that they can’t read. I know intellectually that Resilience in 5D involves Cooperation with Nature and All of Her People, but I obviously need to discover the Missing Codes to make that Work. I’ve Listened for the Thrush Knocking Twice at Sunset, but most of the Birds have left town.3

3 The Yin Gate Mystery School in the chart below is betrayed by the twin green Xs next to each other. The heavy lines mark out (1) the two red-triangle T-Squares, (2) the two green-wedge Fingers of the Goddess that make the T-Squares into Diamond Stars and render them Self-Resolving, as long as we Let Them Work through their Program without Interference, and (3) the two blue-triangle Grand Trines that render the T-Squares Doubly and Triply Self-Resolving (Triply because the Grand Trines Connect planets in both T-Squares). Consequently, three sides of the blue “Golden” Rectangle that surrounds the two green Xs are marked in lighter blue lines.

Call Me Chicken Little

October 18, 2022

The Sky Isn’t Falling After All. It’s hardly even Sagging. I drew a red line between the 23rd and the 30th on my calendar, but they both got so full of notes about astroevents that the red line got lost, and before I wrote the previous Quiet for a Few Days post, I inadvertently combined the 23rd and the 30th, and combined the 24th and the 31st. I just noticed the red line, and made it a lot thicker! Just a Halloween Fright I guess. Normally I consider Errors to be Intuitions, and of course it could always prove to be so, but from what I see right now, it looks quite Benign. I’ll edit the previous post to make it accurate, and I’ll edit this one to flesh it out, but that won’t happen till tomorrow.

Here’s what’s “Really” going on this coming weekend…

  • 12:53 pm PDT 18 October Moon Returns In Bounds (Less Panic) till 2:52 pm PDT 27 October.
  • 9:07 pm PDT 22 October Saturn (Priorities) Stationary in 19 Aquarius.
  • 6:04 am PDT 23 October Juno (Growth of Consciousness) Stationary in 8 Pisces.
  • 3:49 am PDT 25 October Partial Solar Eclipse (Illumination) and New Moon in 3 Scorpio (this time is a correction; the earlier post said 2:49).
  • 9:43 am PDT 25 October Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) Stationary in 6 Cancer.

The Mars and Nemesis Stations follow on Halloween, with the Moon Out of Bounds to the South. The charts of the last four events above are Benign. All but one of the Challenges/SuperPowers are Doubly Self-Resolving, and that last one is “only” Self-Resolving.1 Remarkably, all four events share the same chart, just in different Degrees with different planets. In the footnote we talk about how the Distress of a Challenge becomes the Eustress of a SuperPower. Canadian scientist Hans Selye coined the term Eustress when he noticed that some people Responded to Stress by putting the inherent Energy to Work in Positive Ways.

For instance, imagine someone Descending from the Light Workers Lounge with the Skillset to Teach “AOC” (a vocal Greenish American Politician concerned about Global Climate Change) and Joe Mansion (an Oily American Politician who owns a Coal-Burning Power Plant and refuses to give it up because the Oil Industry pays for his re-election campaigns) how to Negotiate Win-Win! Now that would be Eustress.

We Negotiate Win-Win by being willing to Listen to our Adversary carefully enough to Understand their Values and Goals. Then by Trusting but continually Verifying that our Adversary is making an honest Effort to Understand our Values and Goals. Then both of us Commit to Brainstorming and Manifesting Solutions that meet the Values and Goals of both of us. If you play Win-Win and your adversary plays Win-Lose, you Lose. And of course if you can’t Agree on the underlying “Facts,” then an old-fashioned Duel is more effective and involves far less Collateral Damage, though it may not help the Collective Polarity.

The Doubly Self-Resolving Challenges/SuperPowers (the Foci of the Diamond Stars) of the four charts follows. Each chart has two of these, and astrologically, the two neither Compete nor Collaborate with one another – each is an Independent Seminar…

  • The Most Important Thing (Saturn Station)…
    • Soul Descending, aka Ascension (Uranus in Taurus).
    • Awareness of Interpersonal Communication Skills (Mercury in Libra).
  • Growth In Consciousness and Truth of the Heart (Juno and Aletheia Stations)…
    • The Sovereignty of Nature (asteroid Pan, Out of Bounds in Gemini).
    • Mutation into Enlightenment (Zhulong Conjunct Ka’epaoka’awela in Scorpio).
  • Illumination (Solar Eclipse)…
    • Fear of the Sovereignty of Nature (Pan in early Gemini Conjunct Sedna in late Taurus).
    • Rebirth into a Mutated Karma-Free Life (Haumea in late Libra Conjunct Moon, Sun, Venus, and Ka’epaoka’awela in early Scorpio).

The Fear of the Sovereignty of Nature Focus is of course Converting the Fear of the Sovereignty of Nature into Collaborating with the Power of the Sovereignty of Nature, since Sedna means Converting Fear into Power (as always, we Recommend Kegels). This is the Challenge/SuperPower that’s “only” Self-Resolving, though you could make it Doubly Self-Resolving by Exercising the Energy of your natal planet in early Libra.

1 To review Self-Resolution… Challenges are basically T-Squares, two planets Opposing one another with a third planet halfway between them, so that their Relationship is Fourth-Harmonic, Dominion, exactly that which Frightened Damocles out of his wits. The Stress of Conflict between the two Opposing planets falls upon the one in between them, called the “Focus” of the T-Square. When we become Adept with these Challenges and they don’t Scare us any more, they become SuperPowers, because we now have a Skill that few others possess. We’ve Learned how to keep the two Energies of the Opposition in Balance, and how to Convert the Distress on the third planet to Eustress and Harvest the Energy in Productive Ways. When we draw a chart, these planets are connected by red lines.

A Self-Resolving Challenge adds a Finger of the Goddess (meaning Pay Attention! ) to the T-Square. That’s two additional planets each Five Signs from the Focus of the T-Square. Self-Resolving Challenges work out fine on their own, but only if we’re willing to Stand Still for the Discomfort created by the Stress on the Focal planet. If we React and either Act or Make Decisions to Protect ourself from that Discomfort, the Spell Breaks and the Challenge becomes Our Problem. Astrology refers to a Self-Resolving T-Square (a T-Square and a Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same Focal planet) as a Diamond Star. A Finger of the Goddess is drawn as a green wedge.

A Challenge becomes Doubly Self-Resolving when a Grand Trine (meaning Dumb-Luck Grace) is added by mixing in another pair of planets each Four Signs from the Focus.

When a chart has two Doubly Self-Resolving T-Squares, and their Grand Trines connect the two Foci, the Challenge becomes Triply Self-Resolving. In this case, the Challenges do become Complementary. Blue lines connect the three corners of a Grand Trine.

Quiet for a Few Days

October 17, 2022

NOTE BENE: This post is all wrong!

My calendar confused me and I accidentally combined 23 and 30 October, and 24 and 31 October, causing me to thing we were having an Overwhelming 5 Stations and a Partial Eclipse in 4 days, while in fact we’re “only” having 3 Stations and a Partial Eclipse in 4 days – still a handful, but it turns out that the Challenges and SuperPowers are all Self-Resolving! We may still have to deal with our own Karma, but We don’t have to Do anything about It, It Will Evolve on its Own, as long as We Leave It Alone and don’t Try to Fix It!! Our Task here Is to Observe. We’ve added our mea culpas and a start at the “Real” events in the post that follows, Call Me Chicken Little.

Thankfully, the Moon is In-Bounds (Less Panic) from 19-26 October 2022, during all these events. It is Out of Bounds, over the Southern Hemisphere, for Halloween however, starting 27 October.

A week later, at All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, the misplaced members, Mars (Action) and Nemesis (Guilt ), are Stationary (Strong). Their charts are Not Self-Resolving, in fact they’re Weird. But we’ll get to that a little later…

Here’s the original post…

👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻

It gets busy again next weekend (22-25 October 2022), which of course the more Sensitive among us could be Feeling already, but other than that we get a welcome few days of rest. Let’s start with the minutiae before we tally up next weekend’s Action…

The Moon is Out of Bounds (Hupers are more Emotional) over the Northern Hemisphere, since 10:49 am PDT 13 October, until 12:53 pm PDT 18 October (8:53 pm BST 18th, 5:53 am AEST 19th).

Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Unendingly Interminable Tasks) moved into Virgo (Ego Death) at 1:32 pm PDT 14 October. Interminable Ego Death? What else is new! Other than Sisyphus-in-Leo review from 7 March to 9 June 2023, it stays in Virgo till 1 September 2022, and stays Out of Bounds till 7 September.

Atropos (Expiring Karma) moves into Capricorn (Just Do It! ) today 7:11 pm PDT 16 October until 12 December 2022. Karma has an Expiration Date, but The Date isn’t written on the wrapper. Karma is what we’ve become Accustomed to, so when it Changes, we miss it. We go looking for it. When it leaves, we Live it anyway because we Expect it. In terms of Occurrence, our Expectations are more important than the Karma itself. Karma Died with Linear Time in 2012. How can you have Cause and Effect without Linear Time? We have to retrain ourself to Expect Karma to be Done, to be Dead.

It’s Our Choice to Indulge Negative Feelings. It doesn’t feel like a Choice when They Overwhelm us, and It’s Important to Be Present with Them for a little while and not just Push Them Away. The Critical Shift is to Be Loving with Them, not Critical or Victimized. Locate Negative Feelings In Your Body and Love Them to Death. Love is Soft and Warm; Fear is Cold and Hard. The Energy coming out of the Palm of your Hand is the perfect Frequency of Far Infrared for Healing – put your Hand on Them. Imagine Softening in and around Them. Hold Them till They Move.

The Persona that Feels Victimized by Negative Feelings is only one of your many Internal Selves. Treat them as Gently as you would treat your own child with a Bee-sting (if you hate kids, use a Kitten with a thorn in its paw instead). Poor-Sweethearting yourself will bring Other Personae up out of the Dungeon that your Negative Feelings have Banished them to.

Klotho (Brand New Karma) also moves into Capricorn, 11:44 pm PDT 19 October. Karma is just Habit Patterns. It’s only Negative when it’s a Habit that goes off inappropriately and gets Triggered when you don’t want it to, like stepping on the gas when you meant to step on the brake. A Habit of Eating when you’re Hungry is Useful. A Habit of Eating when you’re Stressed, not so Useful. A Habit of Eating when you’re Feeling, not Conducive to Intuition.

Then there’s the Weekend, starting 22 October…

Mars (Action) goes Out of Bounds (Amplified ) at 12:04 am PDT 22 October (8:04 am BST, 5:04 pm AEST) till 5 May 2023. Use the Extra Energy, but be Watchful for Burn-Out, Exhaustion, Impulsiveness, Anger, and Attacks. Your Anger will be Stronger than usual, so you want to take a Deep Breath before yielding to a Temptation to cut a child or spouse or good friend or customer or boss down to size. Again, you can’t Repress it, you want to Locate It In Your Body etc. You can tell when you’re Repressing Anger because Others will Attack you, supplying an Unconscious Mirror for your Inner Goings-on. Mirror them back Consciously before you find a Safe place to Locate and Love.

Venus (Values) moves into Scorpio (Fearlessness) at 12:31 am PDT 22 October (8:31 am BST, 5:51 pm AEST) until 16 November 2022. Let this be a Fearless and Searching Inventory of Your Own Values, rather than a fully scathing review of Someone Else’s Values. Scorpio has Immense Intuitive and Analytical Power, but you want to keep it pointed, Lovingly, at Yourself. Pointing it elsewhere will only Win Enemies and Influence Other People Not to Like You.

Then come the Biggies – Five Stations and a Total Eclipse in four Days

  • Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Stationary till 9:07 pm PDT 22 October in 19 Aquarius (5:07 am BST 23rd, 2:07 pm AEST 23rd).
  • Juno (Growth in Consciousness) Stationary till 6:04 am PDT 23 October in 8 Pisces (2:04 pm BST, 11:04 pm AEST).
  • Mars (Action) Stationary till 6:25 am PDT 23 October in 26 Gemini (2:25 pm BST, 11:25 pm AEST).
  • Nemesis (Guilt ) Stationary till 1:49 am PDT 24 October in 19 Pisces (9:49 am BST, 6:49 pm AEST).
  • Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon (Illumination) till 2:49 am PDT 25 October in 3 Scorpio (10:49 am BST, 7:49 pm AEST).
  • Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) Stationary till 9:43 am PDT 25 October in 6 Cancer (5:43 pm BST 25th, 2:43 am AEST 26th).

Most or all of the Eclipse will be visible from Saamiland to Kashmir…

We usually Experience the Energy of a Station prior to the event, beginning several days to a week or more before, depending on our Sensitivity The Energy Builds as we get closer to the Station. If we don’t like the Energy, or what it Triggers for us, and we make a Decision that we Believe will Protect us from it (which usually means Blaming or Scapegoating something or someone), then we send the Energy into the Unconscious, where it can continue to Bother us till we Love It To Death.

Stations this close together in time aren’t usually Experienced Separately – we could Experience it as one cohesive Energy if we Tune to the Energy, and as a Barrage of Energies if we Tune to our Reactions to the Energies. With 3 Degrees of Sensitivity (“Orb”), they’ll Trigger all of our natal planets in the Whole Zodiac except for the Fifth and Sixth Duads (12-15 Degrees) of each Sign! A lot like a Green Coffee enema for our Karma. As they say at such times, We’re All Gonna Die!! Ego Death of course. That is, the only folks who will escape at least one Ego Death are the folks whose Egos are already worn to a frazzle so they won’t know the Difference. I suppose if someone with little Sensitivity was born with all their planets in 13-14 Degrees they’d escape some of the fireworks, though of course that’s unlikely to ever happen – the Solar System would tip over if all of its planets were gathered in 13-14 Degrees (just kidding).

It’s not constant, but my nervous system already feels like someone is running a thousand volts through it. So, how many sentences or Stories can you make up with “The Most Important Thing,” “Growth in Consciousness,” “Action,” “Guilt,” “Illumination,” and “Truth of the Heart” in them? Maybe something like…

When We Feel Guilty about Our (past or present or hypothetical) Actions that Violate Our Values, The Most Important Thing Is that We Expand Our Consciousness to Light Up Forgiveness for Ourself! We could even Feel Guilty about Other People’s Actions!

You can get out your Thesauri and substitute any synonymous words or phrases for each of the six terms, scramble the word order and meaning, and you’d probably come up with a tiny fraction of the Experiences that everyone on the Planet will have while this is the Ambient Energy on the Planet. Not only that, but most everyone will probably Experience as many Different Energies as they have planets in their natal chart between 16 and 11, and multiples of each! This is probably what has happening during the Tower of Babel times.

In other words, don’t try to Understand what the hell is going on for the next while. Let your “Reality” be a movie you’re watching, a Comedy! That’s probably more Real anyway, so it’s a good practice for helping retrain ourselves to Recognize Confusion as an Independent Emotion rather than an Invite to Analyze our Archives so we can tag what Confuses us with something out of our Old Concept Set. If we can pull that off, we can Avoid the Discomfort of Growth in Consciousness. Our Old Concept Set is the Cage that Protects us from Paper Pussycats when Granny isn’t Home.