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Quantum Jump 3

July 7, 2018

The two Trine Bridges (Blessed Paths) in the 8 July Haumea Station-Lilith T-Square were from Vesta-Ixion and Moira-Chaos.  Let’s examine those a bit.

The Vesta-Ixion Cycle is short enough that we’ve already noticed one Ixion-Vesta Initiation, in November 2014 –  The Cycle itself is about the Unconscious Beliefs that “we” (that is, us collaborating with our programmers and our Karma) use to keep our Hidden Genius Forbidden. 

Hopefully we will use each Initiation and Cycle to skim the Edges off of those Beliefs so we can get closer and closer to Embracing the Held Emotions at their Core.  Alternately, we’d be likely to use the Initiations and Cycles to cement our Karma further into Stone – we do that every time we re-Experience the Energy as its Victim, rather than using the Opportunity to become Conscious and Adept with it. 

We used to say “Master,” but we’ve changed that to “Adept” to eliminate any connotation of Slavery or Hierarchy, which as elements of the Patriarchy, are dead meat.

The New Cycle was Initiated at the last Equinox, 23 March, in 28 Sagittarius.  That’s the Galactic Center, so this Cycle means business.  28 Sagittarius is about “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use.”  Without the Bridge we’d have to Wade the Stream, or Endure the Emotion.  So this year and the next few, we get to rediscover and use Ancient Techniques for Letting Go of the Restraints on our Forbidden Genius.

The Arch, which allowed folks to build Bridges when felling a tree or two didn’t work, like the Wheel, was a Miracle when someone “first” Channeled the idea.  Before they Channeled the notion of Brakes, the Wheel probably killed a lot of folks, and early imperfectly implemented Arches probably tumbled on a lot of heads too.  If you’ve ever tried building a small stone Arch, you know that it’s still a Miracle.  When we think of Miracles, we think of Chiron, so maybe one of our Ancient Techniques is Empathy – Poor-Sweethearting ourself.

“You Poor Sweetheart, you don’t have Permission to let your Greatest Genius Shine through to the rest of the World, do you.”

The Planet is a giant jigsaw Puzzle, and Each one of us is a piece in the Puzzle.  Before it can come together into a Collaborative, Peaceful, Magical World, Enough of us need to stop hiding our Light under a Basket, and Let the World Enjoy it.  The other pieces that mate with it are Waiting.  Yes, the Boundaries of those Limitations and Restraints are tinged with Pain, but with our current Rebirth, they’re worth Testing again, as the Pain may have Magically Dispersed.

If it hasn’t disappeared, the best way I know to Magically Disperse Pain is with Warmth and Softness.  Locate it in your Body.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right place; here it’s Intention that counts.  Warm that place with your Hand, while you Imagine the flesh around it getting Soft and Receptive.  That brings in Blood, Energy from the Heart.  When your mind wanders, patiently bring it back to Focus on the place where Pain still resides.  When the Pain moves, you can Follow it, or you can take a break from the exercise – when the Pain moves, you’ve succeeded in breaking the Trance.

The Physical World is not Distinct or Separate from the World of Emotions or Spirit or thoughts or Beliefs or Limitations.  Each is just an alternate view of the Unity, as if you were walking around a house to see it from all angles.  Moving Pain in your Body and Shifting Limiting Beliefs are Surrogates for one another.  That’s another Miracle – how often has anyone in your Culture showed you how to Shift the Physical World by Shifting your Emotions or your Thoughts or your Prayers.  How often have you succeeded at it? 

More than once I’m sure, but it’s still a Miracle, isn’t it, because it’s outside of our Birdcage-Belief that the Physical and Emotional and Mental and Spiritual Worlds are “Levels” Distinct from one another.  Time to Realize that if you’ve seen these Miracles even once, it’s your Birdcage-Belief in Separation that’s Obsolete and Limiting.  Time to Realize that Trust is what Separates Doubt from Faith.  Doubt kills Miracles, Faith Creates them.  You can’t fake Trust, but you can Intend it. 

Imagine how Powerful you will be – using your Power for the Benefit of All, including yourself, of course – when you can address every roadblock in your path with Tools from ALL FOUR of your Toolbelts – Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental.  It doesn’t matter which of these Realms your roadblock Manifests in.  You can address it with All Four.  And many others – for instance, to these four astrology adds Creation, Stabilization, and Mutation. 

You can Create a detour around your roadblock, Stabilize a Bridge over it, or Mutate it into a smooth path – in any of the Four Realms that you once considered to be Levels of Reality.  You probably once considered them to be Hierarchical Levels even, where one was better than another, or at least more equal than the others.  Hierarchies are dead meat, as is Separation.  Imagine Living at the Edges where Spirit and Matter meet.  Guess what – that’s where all Conscious Entities Live.  And all Entities are Conscious, whether or not we’ve Conceived of their Identity as Entities yet.

This is where we’re going.  Pure Magic, relative to where we’ve been.  Take a Deep Breath and Imagine every roadblock in your Life dissolving into Nothing.  This is the Rebirth we’re Experiencing right now.  Breathe It In.

BZ509 – Transcendence

May 28, 2018

Asteroid “2015 BZ509,” aka Minor Planet #514107, or BZ509 for short, was discovered from Hawaii on 26 November 2014.  The unique thing about BZ509 is that it orbits backwards.  Like Uranus, which rotates sideways, it clearly says “Pay Attention to Me!”  At eleven years 7 months, It has a Jupiter-like orbital period, but its orbit varies from three to seven “AUs” (Earth-Sun Distances) from the Sun. 

Without an official name (we could call it “Breezy” I suppose) we have to depend on its Discovery chart, as the Birth of its observability by Hupers.  Which is…

We’ve used three-Degree Sensitivity for the heavy lines, just to indicate the most Powerful Angles.  The light lines show six-or-so-Degrees of Sensitivity.  As this is a Birth chart, six to eight Degrees is actually more appropriate than three Degrees, but that makes the chart impossibly complex.

The most prominent themes in the heavy lines are…

  • Ego Death coming into Consciousness (BZ509 Conjunct Nemesis and Juno); if our Identity is larger than our Ego, we can just Allow ourself to Molt peacefully, without all the Sturm und Drang that usually goes along with it, and eliminate a lot of Suffering.
  • Trusting that Spirit is Innocent (BZ509-Nemesis-Juno in Leo Trine Eurydike-Ixion in Sagittarius Trine South Node in Aries to make a Fire Grand Trine); Karma is a Paper Tiger that can Conspire with Ego to make us Believe that it’s Physically or Emotionally Real in the Present Moment.  When we Know that it’s All “just” Spirit, we can relax and be entertained by the movie.
  • Realizing that Spirit is as Infinite as it is Innocent (Golden Rectangle formed by the Nodal Axis and Chaos Opposite Eurydike-Ixion); when we Realize that ALL of what we formerly Believed were Limitations are actually just Figments of our Beliefs, we can Manifest whatever we Want.
  • Accepting that we had valid Reasons to formerly Limit ourself, which are now no longer necessary (five points of a Grand Sextile, leaving us to supply the sixth point by Intent; 18 Aquarius, “Secret Motives Publicly Unmasked”); Forgiving ourselves for our former Limits.

When we Expand to six Degrees of Sensitivity, in the lighter lines, we add…

  • Expansion of All of the Above (BK509-Nemesis-Juno Conjunct Amplifier Jupiter).
  • The World is Starting Over (the Grand Sextile is Completed by asteroid Klotho, Beginnings); if you’re Holding On to something from the Past, Let Go.
  • The Paradox between Fear and Boundaries becomes Clear (Sedna Opposite Pallas completes the Yin Gate embedded in the Golden Rectangle); how can it be that we need to Loosen our Boundaries against Fear?  Because Fear is a catalog of the Ego’s Limitations.
  • We are unable to Escape the Truth of our Karma (asteroids Karma and Aletheia Conjunct Pluto, Quincunx BK509-Nemesis-Juno and Trine-Bridging Sedna-Pallas); our Attention to our Karma is Compulsive.  Don’t dwell on your Karma, dwell on the Revelation that it’s Fake News.
  • Rebirth of our Soul’s Truths (Haumea Conjunct North Node and Uranus-Eris Conjunct South Node); Rebirth of our Attention to our Lifetime Mission as a result of Revelation of our Soul’s Purpose in the Lifetime.

We’ve written in, without lines, the planets that are six to eight Degrees from BZ509.  They include…

  • The Most Important Thing about any new Projects we undertake, is that we Relax our Boundaries to Achieve Respect for All Things (Saturn Conjoins Pallas and Hopi Conjoins Sedna in the core of the Yin Gate).
  • Our Trust in the Innocence and Infinity of Spirit will cause us to Let Go of All Beliefs that Inhibit our Confidence in Taking Full Response-Ability for the Survival of ourself, our Community, and our Planet (the Eurydike-Ixion corner of the Yin Gate includes Vesta, Hylonome, Chariklo, Quaoar, and Pholus).

Transcendence is the Keyword I’m choosing for BK509.  It’s Discovery seems to me to indicate a whole new chapter in our Ascension.

A Grand Happy Is Worth a Thousand Words

December 1, 2014

Grand Happy #1GH1GH2Grand Happy #2

Grand Happies

November 27, 2014


∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

As we get ready for the penultimate challenge to our Yintegrity and a Big Solstice, we’re graced with a series of positive Energies.

The next-to-the-last Uranus-Pluto Square happens December 15, while Uranus is Stationary.  The Uranus Station, the Solstice, and the New Moon all happen within a few hours on December 21.  It should get a little less intense after December 23, when Saturn finally exits Scorpio.  And Makemake is Stationary on December 31.

But meanwhile we have a series of Grand Trines and Kites.

∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

Grand Happy #1

  • Venus and Juno are both Trine to the South Node as we speak (till December 2), creating a Kite focused on the North Node.  The Moon crosses the South Node on December 1.

Between November 27 and December 2, we have a great opportunity for Insights into what we’re doing here, especially on December 1.

  • From November 29 till December 11, Ceres moves into the Venus position in the Kite, and between December 6 and 11, both the Sun and Mercury join Ceres.  The Moon Opposes Ceres on December 6, and crosses Juno on December 11.

Between December 2 and 11 it will be easy to convert these Insights into more complete Understanding of the context, and make the Changes permanent.  Expect December 6 and 11 to stand out. 

  • Juno Squares Pallas, which is in turn Quincunx to the South Node.

There will be places and times when we have to decide whether to Change a Pattern or not – it makes sense to prefer a Known Shortcoming (such as a self-sabotaging Pattern) over a Change that may be an Improvement but we won’t know for sure till we Live it.  You can answer this question for yourself by Asking if you’ve ever been in a situation that’s similar to the one that makes you hesitate to Change.  If you have, make the Change.  

  • And of course Uranus Squares Pluto.

If you haven’t, Ask yourself if the Change would be a more Honest expression of who you really feel yourself to be.  If it would, make the Change.

  • Venus-Ceres Squares Chiron, which is in turn Quincunx to Juno.

We can locate the Miracles we need for Self-Transformation by Wondering what might be the positive function of our Shortcomings.  They usually Protect us from something.  You don’t need to identify precisely what you’re being Protected from.  You just need to Wonder how you could allow yourself to be Protected from it, whatever it is, without suffering the negative consequences that lead you to consider your Habit as a Shortcoming.

For instance, imagine holding your self-sabotaging Pattern in one open palm.  You don’t need to identify the Pattern, you can just call it “that which has prevented me from Manifesting my Wants, whatever it is.”  Then rename it as “My Protection.”  You don’t need to know what it is you’re Protecting yourself from, just realize that it has your best interests at heart, even if it’s misguided.  Now hold your Protection in one palm, and what you Want in the other.  Slowly and gently bring your hands together, feeling the Resistance as you move, till your Want palm rests atop your Protection palm.

For instance, suppose I’ve almost always had enough Money to survive, but not so much Money to not have to worry about it.  So not having lots of Money has Protected me from something, from some consequences that I don’t want.  That Protection has been valuable to me, or I wouldn’t have kept it.  So I resist the temptation to name the various unwanted consequences, and I just put “Protection” in my right palm. 

I put my Want, “enough Money,” in my left palm, and slowly bring my palms together.  Feel the Resistance, but keep moving, gently.  When I get my Money palm over snuggled on top of my Protection palm, I’ve modeled in my body what it will feel like to have both at the same time.  Rinse and repeat frequently.  (It wouldn’t hurt to actually rinse your hands in cool Water between repetitions.)  When I do this I can literally feel my brain reorganizing itself, like a cartoon drawing of bees buzzing, as well as the neurons in my shoulders and arms shifting around.

It’s a Powerful technique.  I just tried it on the Anxiety that often arises while I’m writing these (“How do you know that’s true?”), and the compulsive eating that usually results – holding Confidence and Calm in one palm, and Humility and Healthy Uncertainty in the other.  I could feel the shift, but just in case I put a few drops of Mimulus Bach Flower Essence under my tongue instead of an Über Dark Chocolate Turtle Larabar.  Yes, I’ll keep that Change, and enjoy the Über later.

∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

Grand Happy #2

As Venus moves out of Grand Trine #1, it moves into Grand Trine/Kite #2, making a Grand Trine with the dwarf planet Eris and a Stationary Jupiter.  While Venus fills this corner for only several days (December 2-8), both the dwarf planet Ixion and the Centaur Pholus sit behind Venus.  These planets move a lot slower, so this background Grand Trine spans late October through late January.

The dwarf planet Ixion’s namesake was a sociopath with no moral sense whatsoever, so it’s easy to be startled by this Energy.  But think of it simply as our willingness to be, not ruthless, but relentless in pursuit of our Goals.  Think of it as a two-palms exercise; put your potential ruthlessness in one palm, and your moral sense in the other and bring them together.  Ixion is only one planet; he’s outnumbered many times.

The Centaur Pholus represents inappropriate Blame.  We could be deeply invested in avoiding any situation where we appear to be ruthless or inconsiderate of the greater good – something on this order could easily be the crux of our self-sabotage.  We don’t need to know more about it; we just want to be able to accomplish our Mission.  We can just leave our old Karma at the Goodwill drop-off and never bother about it again.  Someone else can put those Patterns to good use – they may need that sort of Protection worse than we did.

The dwarf planet Eris is about bringing into Consciousness what’s previously been Denied.  Denial is of course a positive Energy, one that Protects us from being Overwhelmed.

A Stationary Jupiter is a very Powerful Animal.  So we can expect that, between late October and late January, we will be ready to, and able to, Witness and Transcend many of our Self-Limiting Patterns.

But wait – you implied there was a Kite involved.  Oh yes, on December 3 (I don’t have the exact time – sometime around 4am PST December 3, give or take a couple hours) Eris is Opposed by the dwarf planet Haumea, making Haumea the head of the Kite, aka the Leader of the Pack.

The dwarf planet Haumea is also Powerful, daughter of Pele and the Hawaiian Goddess of Rebirth.  Rebirth that is not to be Resisted.

The Opposition follows from Eris’s Initiation of Haumea in 1831 at 23 Aquarius, “A big Bear sitting down and waving all of its paws.”  That’ll certainly get our attention, won’t it.  Sitting, she’ll be less threatening than she otherwise would be.  Plus, with paws busy waving, they’ll be more difficult to convert to chasing (us).

So we can expect these Miracles that we Manifest to be jaw-droppingly Awesome.

Given that, it’s very important not to try to understand or manipulate.  Changing our Self-Limiting Patterns isn’t something we do, it’s something we allow.  We all have Fantasies about what it would be like to have our Needs and Wants met, and how that might evolve.  If it was going to happen according to our Fantasies, it would have happened a long time ago.  You don’t know how it will happen, because it hasn’t happened before.  If you knew, you’d have done it a long time ago. 

Miracles are things you’ve never thought of.  If you try to think them instead of making an empty space for them, they won’t happen, because your thinking is unable to leave the rut of your old Self-Limiting Patterns.

Pi Speaks on the Water

November 27, 2014

And so it was that later
As the miller told his tale
That her face, at first just ghostly,
Turned a whiter shade of pale

Lots going on here with the Water.  How is it elsewhere?

Moon in Pisces crosses Neptune at 10pm PST November 28, and crosses Chiron at noon November 29.

Karma 11.27

November 25, 2014

ky6896bpKyanite, a simple Aluminum Silicate, one of the most straightforward and uncomplicated of Healing Crystals.

 Ô Ô Ô Ô Ô

Fascinating Portal at 1am PST November 27 – Pluto Initiates the asteroid Karma at 13 Capricorn, “A Fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.”  Thanks to a regular reader for the discovery!

The fascinating thing is that the asteroid Karma was discovered in 26 Aries, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”  Now how does that jive with how we normally think of Karma?  Not so well eh?  But you know what?  It agrees perfectly with how we normally think of Denial – the issues which would overwhelm us, so we set them aside while we develop the Skills and Free Attention necessary to deal with them.  If we can put Karma in the same bucket with Denial, then all of our self-sabotaging Patterns just amount to doing the best we can with the tools we have at the moment, while we wait for the Time to ripen when we have the Skills and Free Attention to develop new Patterns.

Presto Change-o, No Guilt.  A nice Chironean Changing of the Water – Miracles.

There’s ample corroboration…

  • Karma when discovered was one corner of a Grand Trine with Pluto and an Out-of-Bounds Moon.
  • It was also one corner of a Grand Cross with Uranus-Conjunct-the-South-Node, Saturn-Conjunct-Neptune, and the North Node.
  • Both Pluto and, separately, a Stationary Jupiter, formed Trine-Sextile Bridges across the Karma-to-Saturn-Neptune Opposition.
  • Stationary Jupiter Opposite Out-of-Bounds Moon is an incredibly fortuitous Configuration for Manifestation, particularly since it forms a 12th-Harmonic Box with the Nodal Axis – which is to say, our greatest Skill is our Curiosity.
  • Along with the Grand Trine, Jupiter and Saturn-Neptune filled two of the other three corners of a Grand Sextile, with the Vacancy at 25 Aquarius, “A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed.”  What does that mean?  That we overthink it.  What our Karma creates is actually more perfectly in tune with the course that the Goddess has in mind, than it is with our own conception of our Path.
  • As we write this, Eris is just breaking the seal on the 3-degree Sensitivity envelope surrounding Karma’s Discovery position.
  • As it was when Karma was discovered, Uranus is about to Initiate the South Node.

In other words, Karma is a great friend that protects us from overwhelm.  When we’re overwhelmed we accomplish nothing because everything we try just makes things worse.  This means that all we need to do in order to live the most rewarding Life possible, is PIAVA more of what we Want, and wait for it to happen – though in the interim we do need to follow our Guidance, as it will lead us to stumble into exactly what we and the Planet really need.

Stationary Chiron 11.23

November 20, 2014

sapph6143bpGrey Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide) is an aide to grounding, and to touring the Akashic Records for clues about Unconscious Patterns that we didn’t know we could Break.  Our “That’s just the way the World is” kind of Limits.

∈   ∈   Θ  ∋  ∋

Another Portal to squeeze through, Chiron Stationary Direct at 4pm PST on November 23.  We have the advantage that it coincides with Chariklo’s Initiation of Vesta and our clinic on hypnosis.

For me personally, for a variety of reasons mostly having to do with childhood, I experience a lit-up Chiron mostly as Worthlessness.  So I’ll get to spend the next several days, as long as I remember to Witness these Feelings (“I feel Worthless”) rather than Believing them (“I am Worthless”), recalling and studying how I was hypnotized into Believing this.  How do you experience Chiron?

We know that Chiron symbolizes Hopelessness and Despair, including what we call Unconscious Despair, which is the Belief that alternatives are not within the realm of Possibility, so we don’t even Fantasize about alternate outcomes, let alone PIAVA them, because they never enter our thoughts.  We also know that Chiron follows Einstein’s “rule” that we can never solve a problem using the thinking that postulated the problem; we need to find a wormhole that will allow us to enter a whole new way of thinking.  Usually, that doesn’t “solve” the problem, it makes it disappear.

Blame is an excellent example.  If I, for instance, Blame the folks who are “making” me feel Worthless, then I have no good choices.  I could talk about my Feelings with them, but the results of that would be Shame and most likely revisions to the relationships that would not be helpful.  I could be Defensive.  No merit there.  I could withdraw (my habitual reaction), which doesn’t change the situation.  Or I could leap to hyperspace, and exit Blame.  How the devil does one do that?

Of course the first step is self-Blame.  By itself, that just withers one’s Self further (and doesn’t help at all with our larger, ongoing Mask-removal project).  But it at least holds the possibility of examining and changing the offending Patterns without creating further social damage.  Once we find our way outside of the Blame bubble, though, we can encounter Responsibility.  While Blame is “Who did this?”, Responsibility is “How can we fix it?”  While the answer to that may not be easy or simple when we’re dealing with Karma, it at least qualifies as a “whole new way of thinking.”

Easy and simple answers are always better, eh?  The easy and simple answer is Empathy.  Chiron was the “unhealable Healer,” but Empathy Heals.  Empathy can be as simple as saying to myself (as the Witness), “You poor sop, you really feel Worthless, don’t you.”  That immediately moves me (the Witnessed) to re-experience being six or so, feeling despondent in the local woodlot.  So I could explore that for clues about who and how I was hypnotized into believing I’m Worthless.  Better yet, since “exploring” would be a mostly intellectual process, I can just Empathize, then Change the Subject, and let the Unconscious do its more-multidimensional work.

In this case, the process of locating the “Pain” in my body is obvious, because the feeling of Worthlessness is clearly accompanied by a silver-dollar-sized circle of pressure.  This is the hole in my Aura, which corresponds to all of the other synonyms for Soul Fragment that we listed earlier – Limiting Beliefs, Held Emotions, etc.  It’s where my Worth leaks out, and where real or imagined attacks on my Worth enter. 

I can put all of my Attention there and hold it for a while, but nothing changes.  That technique is successful when the sensation moves to another location in the body (follow it), or dissolves.  So I’ll escalate.  I ground myself, then pull Energy up my grounding chord from the center of the Earth, and pool it in my belly.  I draw Energy down from the cosmos, mix it with the Earth Energy, then stream the Energy into the location of the persistent sensation in my body.  I promptly fall sound asleep sitting up!  Which is to be expected, that’s the Trance holding on, stronger than my Awareness.

So I try again, and fall asleep again.  So I sit up straighter, strengthen my resolve, and try again.  This time the sensation moves into other parts of my body, and shifts, becoming aches and swirling sensations, while the dollar-sized pressure remains.  I follow it with Energy.  (How do you do that?  Imagine directing a flow, like Water or Light.)  Now I use my hands to warm the areas, soften the flow (sort of like dimming the lights, or adding pillows) and soften the areas of discomfort.

Still no change in the dollar-size pressure, but I’m no longer feeling Worthless, and most important I’m not Believing myself to be Worthless, so we’ve at least made the original complaint disappear.  I’ll continue to play with it, and keep you posted.

The Focus of the Chiron Station is Juno (the Edges of Consciousness), which is the tip of a Yod based on a Chiron-Pluto Sextile. Since Pluto can imply the absence of Choice, and since Chiron Squares Ceres (Sustainability), we know that the Changes we’re undergoing will be seminal to our Future.  We also know the Changes have something to do with Boundaries, as Pallas Squares Juno.  That makes a Tricolor with Chiron, so the unfolding of that Mystery makes it important to…

Wonder about how our Edges between Despair and Miracle are going to be shifting.

The Chiron Station is also Semisextile (Pattern-Breaking) to Uranus (Yintegrity).

It’s important to know that when we speak of Wonder and Curiosity, we aren’t suggesting that we look for answers.  Answers kill Wonder.  We want to aspire to a permanent state of Wonder and Curiosity.  When we study a new realm, every Discovery creates more questions.  Till we reach a certain point, at which things start to Converge again; we start to feel like we understand the new realm, and that what we’re understanding fits in some way with what we know of other realms. 

While it’s very satisfying, that point of Convergence is dangerous.  It’s when we fall out of Curiosity.  That’s like falling out of Love, because we stop being Open to new Learning, and become vulnerable to Judgment.  We start to Believe that we know more about an Entity than the Entity knows about itself – which is ridiculous.  At the very least we need to add the suffix “or something like that” to our answers.

Witnessing and Merging

November 18, 2014

A regular and very helpful reader asks,

“Why are we to witness our grief, rather than merging with it, as you suggest in your most recent blog entry, whereas we are advised to merge with our pain in the previous one?  Is grief not a form of pain we can also feel in our body?

 “Also, do you agree your technique can work on physical pain as well?  Based on the last fifteen years or more or personal experience, it seems to me physical, emotional and spiritual pain are one and the same really.
Excellent questions!  Could go either way, but personally, when I’m dealing with an Ego Death, there’s not enough of me left to be Separate.  So if someone reminded me to Witness it, and I was able to hear it, it would be a breakthrough.  And in fact, I’d have to Witness it first before I could locate it in my body and put all of my Attention into the center of it – which would be a fabulous thing to do, once I’m Separate from it.

It’s about Identity, the difference between “I am depressed” and “I feel depressed.”  If I’m Identified with my pain, I can’t Merge with it because there’s nobody else home except the pain.  If we shift to a wider Perspective, then it’s not so much about Merging or Witnessing as it about toggling between the two.  Do I already Identify with the Pain (I am)?  Then Witnessing is appropriate.  Do I already Witness the Pain (I feel)?  Then moving our Attention into it is appropriate. 

It was a little careless of me to use the word “Merge” in the first bold sentence in Soul Fragments – Merging usually implies Identification with.  When we’re putting all of our Attention into Pain, our Identity remains separate.

Grief may be a little different than most other Emotions, as folks say that “Grief has it’s own schedule” and can’t be hurried.  They don’t say that about Anger or Fear.  I don’t pretend to know, but Grief may require a little more Respect (or Ritual) from the Ego than other Emotions.

We have to be careful to avoid “Blaming the Victim” when we talk about Pain.  Blame is an opaque bubble, and when folks are in Blame, they can’t see out of it.  Most people Live there, including myself at times.  I mean, if those damn fascists would get it together and learn Empathy, the Planet would be a better place – right?  At least I’m out of it (the bubble) much of the time.  There aren’t as many people Living in Blame as there are Living in Cause&Effect, but they’re closely related anyway.  If you try to tell someone that their Physical Pain is the same as Emotional Pain, you could be cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

However, the Universe is Unitary.  Physical, Emotional, Spiritual – as well as Intellectual, Energetic, and Political – aren’t different kinds or levels of Experience, they’re different Perspectives on Experience.  They’re properties of the Observer, not properties of the Observed.  There’s always Power in switching Perspectives with Open Curiosity.

Newthought Portals

November 18, 2014

mnop8446bpManganophyllite – Manganese Mica.  Manganese is adept at exactly the kind of Healing and Reorientation and Pain Embrace that we need for the rest of November.  Many Manganese minerals are Red, which symbolizes Grounding.


Meanwhile, on a whole ‘nother level, the Most Important Thing (the Sun is crossing Saturn after all) is…

Transformation of our Belief Systems. 

In one of Ursula Leguin’s fabulous books, some dude Dreams every night, and come morning the World has changed to match his Dreams, and nobody notices the difference because they don’t remember it having been any different.  Sort of like Ken Kesey’s notion that “You can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left.” 

This is happening to all of us over the next two weeks.

Vesta, symbolizes what we regard as Sacred, our Creed, or our (intellectualized but not necessarily Conscious) Belief System.  Over the next two weeks Vesta crosses the Centaur Stampede and the Galactic Center.  Here’s the timetable…


  • November 16: Ixion Initiates Vesta (21 Sagittarius, “A child and a Dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses: The use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating higher stages of development“).  The dwarf planet Ixion is the Psychopath of the Greek Pantheon, so the image implies that…

Our normal morality is turned on its head, in Rumi’s sense of the Field beyond Good and Evil where he promised to meet us.  Our Limiting Beliefs are often closely tied to unexamined programming about what’s “moral.”  An excellent time to PIAVA what we’ve been having difficulty Manifesting.  For instance, I’ve been working with my semi-Conscious Belief that redundant Wealth is “not morally correct.”  As the Wormwood Deva said in The Findhorn Garden, “You Humans are afraid of Power, but we know that more Power allows us to serve God better.”


  • November 18: Pholus Initiates Vesta (23 Sagittarius, “A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the new country: Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience in readiness for the opportunities it will present“).  The Centaur Pholus is The Watcher, the Witness.

What was formerly Unconscious emerges into Consciousness.  Pay Attention.  It’s likely to feel Confusing – embrace it, it’s the first stage of Growth.


  • November 23: Chariklo Initiates Vesta (25 Sagittarius, “A chubby boy on a hobby-horse: The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream of utilizing“).  The Centaur Chariklo is about Beauty and Charm.

An opportunity to understand how we’ve been hypnotized.  Pay Attention.  It feels very compelling to be hypnotized.  You’ll be aware that you’re hypnotized; be willing to step outside of the Trance.  Once you’re Conscious of the process, you can still enjoy the Trance, but you’ll be able to enter and exit at will, much reducing the potential that you’ll be taken advantage of while in Trance.


  • November 25: Quaoar Initiates Vesta (26 Sagittarius, “A flag bearer in a battle: The nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals“).  Dwarf planet Quaoar is a Law-Giver, not for the sake of Control, but for the sake of what must be done to Sustain Life as we know it or as we would like to know it.

We realize that all Laws are circumstantial and metaphorical.  In the US, courts judge the Letter of the Law and the whole adventure becomes a massive Ego trip.  The US is awash with redundantly Wealthy people who got rich doing what hadn’t been declared illegal yet.  In the UK, courts judge the Spirit of the Law instead.  In France the Judge sits down with the jury and they try to figure out the Truth.  Newton’s and Einstein’s clever inventions might allow us to land a washing machine on a Comet, but they tell us nothing about our Light Bodies and their uses.


  • November 27-28: The Galactic Center Initiates Hylonome and Vesta, and Hylonome Initiates Vesta (28 Sagittarius, “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use: The enduring elements in a society which reveal its ability to link the genius of its individuals to the everyday needs of the collectivity“).  The Centaur Hylonome is about Grief unto Suicide.

Every Loss must be Grieved, even the Loss of our Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  An Ego Death actually feels like we’re dying, or that we’d rather die than go through this again.  But that’s exactly what we must do, go through this again, but this time we need to Witness our Grief, Lovingly, rather than Merging with it.


These are not small shifts in our Beliefs and Creed.  These are Life-Changing, Planet-Changing, Solar-System-Changing, as the Centaur Stampede Download from the Galactic Center gets integrated into our Conscious and Unconscious Belief Systems.

Soul Fragments

November 17, 2014

mgrieb3018bpMagnesioriebeckite.  On the right it’s a relatively solid stone.  On the left it’s differentiating into what will eventually be Asbestos.  Asbestos, because its particles are so small, lodges in the Lungs and resists attempts at coughing it up and out, eventually becoming an irritant and destroying the Lungs.  When our Soul (on the right) disintegrates into Fragments that are too small, our Egos metaphorically lodge in the Lungs of the Planet, eventually killing it.

θ θ θ θ θ

We shouldn’t forget that the “main thing” within our Solar System for the next several months is the budding Uranus-Pluto-Nodes Square.  That means…

It’s really important to merge with any Pain you encounter, in the sense that the fastest way to “heal” Pain is to Locate the Pain in your body, put All of your Attention into the center of the Pain, and hold it there, gently bringing it back when it wanders (which of course it will do).  There may be a bubble of Fear around it.  Imagine penetrating the Fear with your Attention till the Fear dissolves and you find the center of the Pain.  Have Patience; it may take a while (even weeks if you haven’t been practicing).  The longer it takes, the more important it is.

Your objective is to be Loving and Gentle with the Pain.  The Pain is an orphaned part of yourSelf, and it’s been begging to be reunited with you for so long that it’s resorting to Pain to get your Attention.  You want to Love it back into being an integral and important part of You.  Love is soft and warm; Fear is cold and hard.  Soften the bubble of Fear, soften around the Pain.  Warm it.  Put your hand on it.  Imagine holding it and rocking it.  It’s a lost infant, your infant.

When the South Node crosses Uranus (January 31) all of your orphaned Soul Fragments will be clamoring to come Home.  Start opening to them now, so they don’t overwhelm you then like a hundred Ghosts haunting you. 

When Pluto Squares the Nodes (January 20) you’ll be Compelled to Pay Attention – either Lovingly or with Resistance.  Start practicing now to make it Lovingly. 

Some folks came here to watch TV and shop, to get hypnotized by the Lizard and thicken their negative Energy so it’s harder to transform.  You came here to Change the trajectory of the Planet.  In order to do that you need to embrace all of your Held Emotions – aka Karma, aka Pain, aka Soul Fragments, aka Limiting Beliefs, aka our Birdcage, aka self-sabotage, aka all that our Identity doesn’t encompass, aka anything you can’t stand to See or Feel – because hidden beneath those Soul Fragments are the Skills you need to complete the Mission you came here to achieve.

There’s nothing Personal about KarmaBefore your birth, as a Soul seeking adventure and “good works” you looked at the Planet’s trajectory and decided you could help shift it.  So you took a crash course in the Planet’s Pain.  You shift the Planet by embracing some of its Pain, shifting it back into Love.  It’s not your Pain.  Your body is a transmogrifier.  It takes in Pain and, if you’re willing to Guide the process, transforms it into Love.  Like your Liver clears toxic substances, your body does the same with toxic Energy.

The penultimate Uranus-Pluto Square (exact December 14) is now a degree and a quarter from being exactly Square, well within our three-degree Sensitivity span.  We feel that as an urge to “drop our Masks” – aka our programming, the ways our significant adults in childhood wanted us to be instead of the way we really are, and the hypnosis that the Lizard propaganda machine (aka school) installed in us.

There’s nothing Personal or Evil about the Energy we call the Lizards.  It’s a personification of our own Resistance, our own Hesitation to “rock the boat” and let our True Selves out, allow ourselves to follow our Instincts and Guidance without censoring or limiting ourSelf.  The Archetype is Duality; we Create a Duality in order to serve one side instead of the other.  Imagine how dull a Star Trek or Star Wars would be if everyone was welcoming and friendly.  It’s all Love, playing a game with itself.

Till we see through the Archetype, we serve the Light by embracing Pain.  After we see through the Duality Archetype, we simply embrace it all.  It’s not that we don’t care about outcomes; it’s that we aren’t attached to an outcome.  But sitting in Love rather than Judgment, we embrace the whole game.  When it doesn’t matter what the Lizard does, the frequency of the game changes and the Lizard is simply lashing at shadows, a boring game that he soon tires of.  Till then, we use our bodies to wash the Pain.