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Survival or Bust V

December 14, 2019

Anybody notice how the Full Moons have been getting further and further toward overhead in the Northern Hemisphere, and (I assume, not being there to check) getting further and further toward the northern horizon in the Southern Hemisphere?

When a Heavenly Body moves further north than the Tropic of Cancer (23:27° N) and/or further south than the Tropic of Capricorn at (23:27° S) it’s said to be “Out of Bounds” or “OOB.”  Neither the Sun nor Jupiter ever go beyond those boundaries.  For instance, Venus was OOB from mid-November till yesterday (12 December 2019), and Mercury will be OOB between 23 December and 12 January.  We Feel a planet’s Energy more Strongly when it’s OOB.

The Moon has it’s own OOB program.  It goes OOB for a few days every two weeks for about a decade, and then stays “In Bounds” for the next decade or so.  Folks can be more Emotional during Moon OOB periods, like the one from 2001 through 2011.  The Moon started that OOB Decade on 11 September 2001, just about the time the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  The next Moon OOB Decade begins at the Ides of March 2020.  This time it’s the Antichrist that’s attacking World Trade.  The Moon is a quarter of a Degree shy of the Tropic of Cancer as we speak.

♥ And speaking of Survival (which as we’ve said is especially Lit Up all month), today’s news included stories on threats from Above…

and from Below…

Dark Side of the Moon

November 1, 2019

The Moon is now half a Degree from going Out of Bounds, often abbreviated as “OOB.”  That means that, as it moves from North to South to North again over the course of a trip around the Earth, its furthest extent South or North of the Equator is further than the Sun ever goes.  In March 2020 it will start an eleven-year period where it goes Out of Bounds for a few days every two weeks.  In general, folks are more Emotional during these periods, as witnessed by the previous Moon-OOB Cycle, which began on 11 September 2001, often abbreviated as “9/11.”

Here’s our Moon tonight, in the Crescent phase, four days after the New Moon.  This is the phase for bringing New Projects into the Light…

That snapshot was taken when the Moon was between the patches of wispy Clouds that were about tonight.  These wisps were still faintly reddish from the recent Sunset.  Here’s what it looked like through the Wisps…

When the Moon was between the Wisps, the Illuminated Crescent was so Bright that it darkened everything else by comparison.  When the Moon was behind the Wisps, though, they dimmed the Bright Crescent just enough that we can see the full sphere of the Moon, including the part that’s not Lit Up.  How can that be, when the Sun shines on it not at all?  It’s called Earthshine – the dim Light that allows us to see the Darkside of the Moon from here, is Sunlight Reflected off the Earth, then faintly sketching the Moon’s backside!

The Crescent (New) Moon above is Illuminated on the right side, making a curve like the numeral “2,” while the Balsamic (Old) Moon below is Illuminated on the left, making a curve like the letter “C”…

On this Planet, you’ll only ever see a Crescent Moon in the early Evening, and you’ll only ever see a Balsamic Moon just before Dawn.  Next time you see a Crescent or Balsamic Moon, check to see if you can see the Earthshine on it’s Darkside.  Sometimes it stands out quite well, especially near Sunset and Sunrise.

This is how Consciousness works.  Not through Discovery, but through Differentiation.  Earthshine has been on the Moon before and after the New Moon ever since the Moon was born.  But have we ever noticed it?  I walked around on this Planet for over fifty years before I was ever Conscious of it (though it was Cloudy pretty often where I lived for most of that time).  You won’t be able to unsee it now – that’s the nature of Consciousness.

Dragons, Centaurs, and Kings Oh My

April 17, 2016

Lovely sight out there, with the Fulling Moon kissing Jupiter.

A note on format – the unindented bold italic text is meant for everyone.  The indented normal text is meant for anyone who’s interested in more detail, and specifically for folks who know some astrology and/or who want to learn astrology.  And…

The yet-more indented italic text explains astrological terms and processes.

We don’t follow this format exclusively, but it’s sort of a goal.

We’re about three hours from the Moon crossing the near Midpoint between Jupiter and the North Node (2am 18 PDT April), and twelve hours from the Moon crossing the far Midpoint between Chiron and the South Node (11am PDT 18 April).  The Moon has been, and will be, within one Degree of Sensitivity from this complex between about 6pm PDT 17 April till about 5pm PDT 18 April, and within three Degrees of Sensitivity from around noon PDT 17 April till around 9pm PDT 18 April.  It’d be a useful time to measure your own Sensitivity.

So…what’s this all about?

The Nodes are often referred to as “The Dragon,” the North Node as the Dragon’s Head and the South Node as the Dragon’s Tail.  A Centaur is a planetoid chasing an irregular orbit between Jupiter and Neptune – Chiron is a Centaur.  Like the half-human-half-horse Greek Centaurs, the cosmic Centaurs and half comet and half asteroid.  Jupiter was the King of the Roman Gods.

“Sensitivity” is like “slop” – we don’t wait till an astrological event is Exact, we start feeling it when it’s still some distance away – three Degrees if we’re pretty Sensitive, one Degree even if we’re a Muggle.  Of course it could be a matter of education – even a Muggle experiences the astroevents, they just aren’t Conscious of how their emotions, thoughts, circumstances, and actions are related to what’s going on in the sky.

Midpoints are just Sensitive points halfway between two planets or other Heavenly Bodies.

The Moon triggers things that are thinking about happening.  The North Node represents our Deepest Desires and Mission in the Lifetime, while Jupiter symbolizes Expansion.  One way to interpret the South Node is that it stands for our Limiting Beliefs, probably adopted from “Past Lives.”  Maybe from Childhood, but Childhood Traumas are usually hangovers from Past Lives.  Chiron is trickier.  It represents Despair or Discouragement, but it’s “curable” through Empathy.  Empathy Heals, and when we Empathize with ourself, Despair Dissolves.

The Nodes are called the “Dragon” because, like their name-sake, they can breathe fire, and occasionally get hungry and fly around torching villages for the fun of it.  They kind of represent what we’re scared to face – we shy away from our Deepest Desires (North Node) because we feel Guilty about them, and we shy away from our Limiting Beliefs (South Node) because we don’t want to have to re-Experience the heavy Emotions that surround them.

So this is a very potent combination – feeling (Healable) Despair about our Limiting Beliefs while Conscious of the pull of our Deepest Desires and our Mission on the Planet.  If we’re lucky or Skillful, we break through the Despair and leap toward our Deepest Desires and Mission.  Mind is smaller than Mission, so most of us aren’t actually able to comprehend exactly what our Mission here is, why we came here.  Our Deepest Desires are a snapshot of our Mission – by following our Bliss we move toward our Mission.

Most of us probably feel good about the idea of “Mission,” unless we think of it as an unnecessary burden.  And most of us feel some degree of Guilt or other Hesitation about our Deepest Desires, because we think they’re Selfish, or somebody told us they were naughty.  That Guilt or Hesitation is a Mirror of our Limiting Beliefs.  We have to break through that to get closer to our Mission and to our Heart’s Desire.  

So this weekend, with a little self-Empathy (Honesty with ourself about what’s really going on) we get an Opportunity to break through our Limitations and soar toward What We Want out of Life.  Huzzah!!

All this happens between 11 and 26 (three Degrees of Sensitivity) or 13 and 24 (one Degree of Sensitivity) Degrees of Virgo (Moon-North Node-Jupiter) and Pisces (South Node-Chiron), so we’re mostly talking about the second Decanate of Virgo-Pisces, or the Capricorn Decanate (Practicality) of Virgo (Transformation) and the Cancer (Nurturing) Decanate of Pisces (Embracing Unfinished Emotions).  Whatever natal planets you have in these Degrees, or in the same span of Sagittarius or Gemini, will be lit up big-time this weekend.

A Decanate is a ten-Degree section of a Sign.  So for instance, the first Decanate of Virgo (Transformation) is the Virgo Decanate (Ego Death) of Virgo, the second is the Capricorn Decanate, and the third is the Taurus (Solidifying) Decanate.  So the Virgo Transformation process involves

  • Melting down the Ego we established in Leo (Ego Death, Virgo-Virgo),
  • Coming to understand what we have to Let Go of if we are to find a new Balance (getting Practical about it, Virgo-Capricorn), and
  • Settling into a new place of relative Stability (Virgo-Taurus) in order to prepare ourself to meet Other – Other People, and Not-Me in general – in Libra.  

We enter Virgo knowing Who We Are, and we leave Virgo knowing Who We Aren’t.

The Decanates follow the Qualities of each Sign – for instance, Virgo is an Earth Sign, so its three Decanades follow the three Earth Signs.  Pisces is a Water Sign, so its three Decanates chase Water around the Zodiac.

Here’s an excellent prediction about what might happen if we, collectively, don’t manage to be Honestly Loving with ourself soon…

Could be a prediction for early June’s Initiation of Uranus (our Soul Self) by Eris (the Revelation of Denial).

Makemake II

June 19, 2014

The Makemake I post took us to…


There is a key Spiritual heuristic hidden in Makemake’s chart, which Mystery we unfold by reframing the Moon-Pluto chart ruler.

Remember that a Stationary planet is a strong contender for dominating a chart – and I forgot to include in that list (I’ll go back and add it) an Out-of-Bounds (OOB) planet, which can be just as dominating.  When an OOB planet and a Stationary planet Conjoin, we’re in for a ride.

There are three “levels” to the astroactions of the Moon.  The Moon looks different every night; it’s always changing.  So the first level of the Moon’s impact is in “random” Emotions.  When someone cuts us off in traffic, we sometimes curse them, and we sometimes say casually to ourself, “Wow, they’re in a hurry.”  Those are the sort of variable Emotions that the Moon oversees.  On the other hand, if someone murders our mother, we’re going to be angry.  Even if we didn’t get along with her, we’re still going to upset.  Those are the sort of predictable Emotions – our Values – that Venus oversees.

The second level of the Moon’s operation is Instinct.  Those Lunar Emotions aren’t random, they just look random.  They’re Instincts.  There are excellent Unconscious reasons why we’re upset with one driver that cuts us off and forgiving of another.  But the reasons are Unconscious, so unless we’re “in the zone” and recognizing the synchronicities, we don’t see them.

Through the Unconscious we have access to all of the information in the Universe.  If you think for a moment about the motions of the planets, you can see Time as basically spatial – and extraordinarily non-linear.  It doesn’t really matter whether the Unconscious Time Travels at will (of course it does), or All There Is Is Now – the Unconscious has access to all of the information, and not just on a linear, dualistic, reductive Channel.  You could consider the bandwidth to be virtually infinite.  That’s Instinct.

We don’t Consciously have access to all that (though we can become Conscious of our Instincts to one degree or another) because held Emotions (aka Karma) and toxins can partially or totally block the Channel.  That’s why clearing our rigid Patterns and “natural” Resistance to heavy Emotions reduces our self-sabotage – our Instincts operate from a more multidimensional matrix of information.  

For instance, having to brake for that other driver might cause us to miss the next light, interrupting the chain of events that would have put us in an intersection down the road where some other idiot was about to run the red light.  So we’re Instinctually thankful to the driver who cut us off.  On the other hand, the driver that angered us was most likely acutely or chronically angry themselves, and we Unconsciously and accurately interpreted their action as a threat.  Our anger is the Emotional side of our own physiological preparation for defending ourself. 

The third level of the Moon’s Energy is Manifestation.  It’ll be a long time before reductive science peer-reviews this, but they’ll eventually have to admit it.  The Energy which maintains the Form of physical Matter is Lunar Energy.  This is one of the basic principles underlying the PIAVA process.

So from our habitual culturally-conditioned patriarchal perspective, our reaction to something as Emotionally intense as a Moon-Pluto Conjunction, is fear and trepidation.  Our Inner Male recognizes the real threat of Losing Control and Ego Death, and reacts accordingly.  The masculine Plan-Execute creative process is crippled by strong Emotions.  Not that Consciously invoking PIAVA is easy during Emotional storms, but in fact Unconscious PIAVA is then firing on all cylinders – and probably in the process, unless we Consciously intervene, maintaining the Emotional storms.

The Conscious process for Manifestation is to PIAVA an outcome then follow our Instincts.  By Changing the Subject and Paying Attention we can grow the Edges of our Consciousness, and possibly grow into greater Manifestation prowess by clearing a wider Channel.  But that process, of differentiating mechanisms so we can manipulate them, is a masculine process.  It can fertilize eggs, but it can’t lay them. 

To lay eggs we need to be able to follow our Instincts no matter how ridiculous they seem to the observing mind.  Hopefully most of us will opt for the complete package, and grow the Edges of our Consciousness a little faster than we increase our Manifestation skill.  Without that we run a grest risk of Unconsciously Manifesting negativity.  

So you can see the Power embedded in a Moon-Pluto Conjunction.

Let alone an Out-of-Bounds Moon Conjunct a Stationary Pluto!

It’s like riding an unbroken stallion.  If you can pull it off, you can go like the Wind.  But the odds that you’ll end up on your arse are pretty high.

So the natal position of our Makemake has a lot to do with what and how we Manifest.  Interesting name, eh?  Make-make.

Mooning da Bomb

March 22, 2014

Desmene asks,

Thoughts on those with their natal Moon on 13 Aries?

Expect lots of wild and crazy Emotions.  I think of the Moon as having three levels of operation…

  1. Supposedly or apparently “random” or “variable” Emotions, as distinct from Values – like when you’re cut off in traffic, sometimes you swear up a blue streak and sometimes you assume they must be in a hurry – probably in labor or something.
  2. Intuition – Those “random” Emotions are actually Intuitions.  Fathoming their meaning is always an adventure.
  3. Manifestation – the Moon rules over the process of manifesting Matter or Circumstances from Energy and random events.  See PIAVA for details.

In other words, there is tremendous Power at your disposal here, depending on your skill and training at putting it to work.  As they say, “Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it!” – it’s always a good idea to

PIAVA what you’ll feel like when your Desires are met

rather than

PIAVAing that your Desires be met.

Your Inner Sorceress is about to come to Life.  Well, actually, She probably already has, eh?

Portal 2.21

February 20, 2014

The next astroevent as we drop into the Big Turnabout due at the end of February and the beginning of March, occurs at 2pm PST February 21, when the Moon not only crosses Saturn, but Occults it.  Normally, when a crossing occurs, the faster planet just crosses the Longitude of the slower planet.  But if the two happen to be on the same Declination – a projection into the sky of Latitude, more or less – the faster one Eclipses or Occults the slower one, if it’s bigger in apparent size.  To “occult” just means to “hide.”

So, what’s it mean.  Saturn’s lit up anyway, by being Stationary, but then so is everybody else.  An Eclipse or Occultation is considered a Big Deal.  So…

We’ll be getting Saturn’s usual dose of perceived Limitation, which is in fact nothing but a request from the Universe to Focus on the Most Important Thing.  Often that’s scary because we don’t want to drop all those other eggs we’re juggling, but not to worry.  Surround yourself with foam pillows, and you can pick up your Next-to-Most-Important Thing later on.

Saturn’s all of four arc-minutes from its March-2nd Station, so there’s no question that it’s lit up.  When something is Eclipsed, it becomes Conscious, because what merged with the background before suddenly becomes obvious in its absence.  So if it feels like the floor just gave way, just relax and flap your wings.

For many of us The Most Important Thing these days is letting go of our self-sabotaging Limiting Beliefs.  I’ve been having recurring snippets of memory about many lifetime situations where I would prefer to have responded differently than I did then.  You could call them regrets, or just “You idiot!” messages from my own mind.  The Most Important Thing around these is to be loving and gentle with yourself – both your then-self and your now-self.  To do otherwise is to make your Karma stronger.

You can consider the other actor here, the Moon, to be “just” a trigger, lighting up Saturn.  Of course you can go deeper if you want.  The Moon can represent Emotion, and like the story above, you may realize ways in which you Limit your respect for your own Emotional Life.  You could see the Moon in its role as Intuition, and you may find Saturn prompting you to accept it rather than rejecting it as improbable.  Or you might encounter the Moon’s Manifestation face, and get new insights into Focusing your Intention in ways that make Manifestation of your Desires more likely.

2014 – Venus and Eris

January 1, 2014


Venus Retrograde

As usual, Kelley Hunter’s New Moon notes are fabulous…

She mentions an important detail that I forgot to mention – Venus’s 8-year pentagonal pattern – and does a better job on the topic than I would have anyway.  There’s an error, though, if she hasn’t corrected it already: where she says “2005-6, 1998-9, 2000-01,” I believe she meant to say “2005-6, 1997-8, 1989-90.”  Boy it’s easy to forget numbers and get them confused these days, more than usual!  I have to write everything down, even if it’s just for use a few minutes later.

Void – of Course or Otherwise

Another thing she mentions is the “Void of Course Moon” (often referred to as “V/C” or “VOC”), which I haven’t mentioned because I don’t usually use it.  V/C is the space between the last major Angle that a planet (or other heavenly object or symbol) makes, and it’s entry into the next sign.  The major Angles are Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, and Sextile.  Seems to me the Quintile also belongs in that group, but I don’t know enough about V/C to know for sure (VC still means “Viet Cong” to me).  If you want to read more about V/C, try…

and a more technical view at

V/C can evidently refer to other planets as well as the Moon, though since I regard the Moon as the trigger for Manifestation and as the symbol for the glue that holds Energy together as Matter, and since I regard the Angles between Bodies as the “meat” of astrology (because it describes the Energy rather than the Manifest results), it would certainly seem to apply more to the Moon than to other planets.  Since it fits so well with my basic philosophy, you’d think I’d use V/C – maybe I’ll look into it.

I usually use the term “Void” to refer to the last three eighths of a Cycle – the time between the Phitile and the following Conjunction.  The Phitile, which astrology usually ignores, is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, 222 and a half degrees.  This Void is when Energy retreats into Potential so it can be remixed and baked into new cakes – similar to the V/C process, actually.  Does all this talk about the Void bode ill for 2014, relative to our usually Desire to Manifest more and more?  Well, I agree with Kelley’s “Shopaholics beware” note, that we’ll continue to move into more Sustenance for a long time, since Sustenance is the flip side of Sustainability.

Kelley’s note that (paraphrasing) “Venus’s retrograde is the biggest planetary theme of the month” did give me pause, as I’m still thinking about that storm of Mjolnirs, the Mystic Rectangles and Chiron Initiations, the Eris Station, and the big T-Square that started the year.  But of course she’s right – I just don’t give the inner planets as much attention as they deserve.

The Station of Eris

It wouldn’t hurt to review that Eris Station though.  She turns Direct in 22 of Aries at half past 2am PST January 9 – which means it’s Stationary now.  The Moon crosses Eris at a little past 3am PST on January 8, so we might see an even larger impact then.  Out at her apogee (furthest extent) as she is, she’s only moving a little more than one degree per year, so we could make a solid argument that she’s always Stationary – but we can certainly give her ten days!  And a meaningful Station it is, making a Grand Cross with Sun-Venus, Lilith, and Vesta-Ceres…

ErisD2014No wonder all of the New Year blather on TV was all about Women!  Other than a huge focus on the Liberation of our Female Voices, what would we say about such a Grand Cross?

It’s all about changing our Mythology (Vesta) in order to create a space where our Female Voices (Everything Else) can be Sustained (Ceres).

You might call it your Morality or your Philosophy or use some other word, but we all have a Personal Mythology – the way we think the World came to be, is, and is likely to cease to be.  Our Personal Mythologies are all Self-Sabotaging to one degree or another.  Since our Feminine Voice contains our Values (Venus), there’s a high correlation between Sustaining our Female Voices and eliminating Self-Sabotage.

The Biquintile (orange line) to Pallas says we need to…

Adjust our Boundaries so we can defend our Female Voice, even when she’s goring someone’s sacred cow.

The Quincunx (green line) to Saturn says…

I wonder what sort of infrastructure we could build to help Sustain our Female Voices.

And the web of Septiles (light blue lines), which we’ve been living with for a while – and which is actually a Very Big Deal, uniting as it does Eris, Neptune-Juno, Pluto, and Saturn, tells us that…

The Global and Cultural Unconscious is shifting in the direction of Sustaining our Female Voices, as is the archetypal Personal Ego – but it’s a matter of timing.

Think Hundred Monkeys, or Tipping Point.

While this chart is drawn for January 9, all we have to do is swap out Sun-Venus and slip in the Moon, and we have the same Angles on a January 1 chart at midnight – in other words…

Add Sustainable Manifestation to the benefit list for Recovering our Uncensored Female Voices and we can apply the chart to the whole of 2014. 

It’ll just get a bit more subtle after January 9.  This is probably why the numbers are so fuzzy even – the Female Voice is more into Quality than Quantity.  That should intensify until January 9, then settle out.

What the World Needs Now

December 22, 2013

Is (Self-)Love, Sweet (Self-)Love / That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…

A reader writes:

You said, ‘If you know where your Natal planets are, and you have planets in any of these zones, that will show where you will have the greatest Power to change the Future.’  Where is my greatest power?  (Where are my planets?)

They were born in the early 1950s.  Saturn Squared Chiron repeatedly from 1945 to 1952 (Chiron as the Soul’s Messenger was busy giving Saturn as the Ego its post-war “marching orders”), Chiron Opposed Uranus from 1951 to 1956 (Chiron as the Messenger picking up a new Message from Uranus as the Soul), and Saturn Squared Uranus in 1951 and 1952 (Let’s make sure Soul and Ego are Aligned).  Between 1954 and 1956, Uranus Squared Neptune.  That was the Waning Square prior to the 1993 Conjunction that we discussed earlier.

Our reader has a Natal Grand Cross (a Grand Cross keeps a person very busy putting out one “fire” after another – they become a Master at multi-tasking) between  a Uranus-Chiron Opposition (Awareness of the apparent distinction between Yintegrity and Reframing – maybe a shred of lingering doubt about the practice of keeping thoughts positive) and a Jupiter-Saturn Opposition (possible chronic uncertainty about whether to extrovert or introvert, advance or retreat, expand or focus).   In general a Grand Cross keeps us too busy “putting out fires” to worry about the frustrations in each of its four T-Squares.

But in our reader’s chart the Moon is close to Saturn, making a more exact T-Square with Uranus and Chiron.  Still, our reader may not experience this as a T-Square per se (a T-Square meaning frustration because in this Lifetime their Soul’s objective isn’t to “get it right” but to explore all the angles) directly, but more as part of their Grand Cross (it’s “always something”!).  If they did experience it as a T-Square it would be about something like being frustrated by never seeming to be able to get Yintegrity and Reframing aligned just right to Manifest exactly what they Want.

As is typical of a T-Square, they’re likely to be much more of an expert at Manifesting through Reframing and Yintegrity than they give themselves credit for.

This Moon-Uranus-Chiron T-Square is lit up by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto Square at 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs and the repeated T-Squares made to it by Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Jupiter, Lilith, Mars, and others in 2013 and early 2014.  We don’t get a break from the Uranus-Pluto Square until June-October 2014, when Uranus moves ahead.  Then in January 2015, as Uranus sets up for its final March Squaring of Pluto, the South Node crosses Uranus.  We’ll be very grateful then, for any work we’ve done in the interim to Shed our Masks.

Consequently, one of our reader’s roles in the evolution of the Planet at this time is to help other people Manifest through Yintegrity and Reframing.  Our reader expressed frustration with a few of their close friends who keep arguing with them – but these friends may not have much in 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs, so they may not be responsive to our reader’s efforts to help them Manifest through Yintegrity and Reframing, nor to our reader’s efforts to help them Shed their Masks.

The point is that our reader may not be feeling appreciated for one of their greatest talents, and this could triggers their own Self-Doubt about whether it’s even a skill, since it’s so subtle, and since they seldom seem (in their own eyes) to “get it right” anyway.  It’s a T-Square after all.  The Spiritual Purpose of having the T-Square light up, is to give our reader one more opportunity to drop their Self-Judgment and find appreciation for their Skills and Expertise – this is what the New Earth is all about: everyone finding appreciation for their own Skills and Expertise, so they can put these Skills to work without being intimidated by the bullies who are doing everything the can to maintain the status quo and worse, push the species and the Planet backwards.

There are many other people who need this help from our reader, people who might not want to argue about it – they may just be dumbfounded by it (while they think through the implications of a Reframe), or their Resistance might argue (you can always tell when it’s someone’s Resistance that’s arguing, because their arguments are ingenuine), or they might just be nonplussed (if it’s not a Teachable Moment for them).

Here’s the nature of our reader’s Skill that others need – both for our reader to help solve their distress, and to learn from our reader, either by watching and imitating our reader or by our reader’s instruction.  Since someone somewhere is adept at just about anything we can name, it follows that any ineptitude we suffer from is due to Self-Sabotage – either we’re trying to be someone we aren’t, or our Limiting Beliefs stop us from reorganizing our view of the World so that what we Want is as easy for us to get as it is for others.  Like cashflow for instance, to take a currently-relevant example – for some it’s effortless to the point of Avarice, for others its difficult to the point of desperation.

So with this Moon-Uranus-Chiron T-Square, when our reader Wants something, they probably consciously or unconsciously run through a process something like this…

  • First they ask themself whether it’s really in Yintegrity for them.  If it isn’t, they Reframe the Want.  My favorite example of this is the red convertible – maybe when they examine a Desire for that, it might turn out that what they really Want is for people to recognize who they are and give them respect.  The heuristic is to imagine how they’ll feel when driving the red convertible.
  • Second, they look to see what inhibits their Desire, and move to Both/And.  Maybe it’s shyness, or pragmatism, or simply more pressing Needs that keep them out of their red convertible.  So they look for a Win-Win Reframe.  Is their shyness Karmic?  Can they be more loving with their shy Self?  Do they overdo pragmatism?  What would happen if they loosened up a little?  What would they need to have or do in order to bring more Self-Respect into satisfying their more pressing Needs?
  • Third, they Focus their Intention, Change the Subject, and then follow the threads that present themselves.  They may notice that they’re out of Bananas and set off to the store to get some.  When they pull into the store parking lot, another shopper is just getting into a red convertible with a For Sale sign on it.  Because the seller needs the money, the price, though more than a bunch of Bananas, is far below what they’d expect to pay.  Excited, they go over to talk to the driver. But when they walk around the car, they see that there’s an obvious and serious rust problem on the other side of the car.

They’re deflated because they would NOT feel Self-Respect while driving a rusty red convertible!  They did everything right, and they still got shut down.  Discouraging!  It’s a T-Square, not a Trine – it’s not about getting it right, it’s about exploring the Edges.  And it’s Chiron – Miracles and Despair, and the many paths between them.  But any Square, T-Square, or Grand Cross is motivating – our reader will be out there practicing their Manifestation techniques again tomorrow, maybe not on a red convertible, but something else.  Even though the results are never perfect, they keep working at it.

And exactly that motivation and perseverance and willingness to explore all the angles is how they’ve become an expert on Manifestation through Yintegrity and Reframing.  They just may not recognize their expertise because it never works out perfectly.  But that process is exactly what they’re being called to Teach.  They go into the store to get their Bananas, and without thinking about it they start a casual conversation with a stranger in the produce section.

Turns out this stranger is trying to Manifest a better job.  Our reader instinctively asks them what it is about their current job that’s out of Yintegrity for them (in our reader’s own words, of course, without defining Yintegrity for the stranger).  Our reader asks the stranger what’s holding them back from making a change, and without even thinking about it suggests ways they might Reframe their fear of Change.  In our reader’s own words, they ask the stranger about the Focus of their Intention, and whether the stranger may be so Focused on the downsides that they don’t see the opportunities for upside when they arise.

This is what our reader does, it’s who they are.  And the World needs that, badly.  People are struggling with what they fear are the downsides of dropping their Masks, even though they’re highly motivated to do so.  If my story rings any bells at all for our reader, the World is asking them to walk around and be themself, talk to strangers, listen to their stories, ask them questions that lead them along a path that our reader might have taken if our reader was in their shoes.  Not to worry about responses; some will thank our reader, some won’t.  Others will overhear.  It’s the process that evolves the species, not the results.

Above all, our reader needs to let go of Perfection and Judgment, and just let themself Be themself.  It’s not about doing anything different or unusual – other then dropping Self-Judgment and reticence, and letting themselves just be who they really are.

From Uranus to Solstice

December 17, 2013


Blue Turquoise will help us focus and transmit the Energy of Collaboration and Cooperation that the Planet so badly needs.

Portals 12.18-19

And there are several.  After we talk about the Moon-Pluto that finishes up the Uranus Station, we’ll consider Moon-Jupiter and Moon-Lilith.  Then we’ll talk about the Degrees.

From 2am until 2pm PST December 18, it’s Moon Opposing Pluto that runs the show, along with help from Pallas Opposite Chiron.  Oppositions are about Awareness – Duality made manifest, giving us the opportunity to shift our Attention from heads or tails to the Coin – to shift from Either/Or to Both/And.

Pallas (Boundaries, Edges) and Chiron (Despair and Miracles) shine a powerful Light on our Limiting Beliefs.  The easiest way to escape from Despair or Discouragement is to shift your Belief in Limitation.  The Pallas-Chiron Opposition has been in effect since November 25, and will fade by December 22.  It’s a strong point in the Pallas-Chiron Cycle that began in late February 2012 at 6 Pisces – “The dedication of folks to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large.”  Sounds like a Choice Point between the Community of Shoppers and Consumers, and the New-Paradigm Community of Sharing and Collaborating.

Moon Opposite Pluto

You can see Moon as Random Emotions, as Instinct, as Authenticity, or as Manifestation.  Or, of course, All of the Above.  The Moon looks like Random Emotions when we’re out of touch with our Authenticity, so we don’t recognize our Instincts as useful Guides.  Hard to Manifest when that happens.  Pluto doesn’t take prisoners, so this opposition gives us the Opportunity to bring that more into Alignment.  You can think of the Moon here as Uranus’s moll.

The Uranus T-Square across the Moon-Pluto Opposition runs from about 2am till 9am PST December 18, in 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs.  That Portal should give us something like…

Yes, Manifesting Yintegrity looks painful from this side (the side where we’re out of it, er, I mean, out of Yintegrity), but the sooner we make the move, the easier it will be.

But it’s accompanied by a couple of other Windows.  For instance, from 5am until 11am PST, the Moon-Pluto Opposition joins the Pallas-Chiron Opposition to make a Mystic Rectangle in 10-13 degrees of the Magnetic Signs…

This Portal gives us an excellent opportunity to gracefully find ways to stretch our Edges in new ways, to make room for our Authenticity.  It’s a PIAVA thing, so don’t try to force it.

Then from 7am until 2pm PST, still on December 18, it’s Vesta that makes a T-Square across the Moon-Pluto Opposition, in 11-14 of the Cardinal Signs…

Yes, there are some entrenched Beliefs that will have to change in order to make room for all this newfound Authenticity.

Which will make for some interesting overlaps.  For instance, 5-7am PST will overlap the Uranus T-Square and the Mystic Rectangle…

Where would you have to stretch, in order to feel more True to yourself and Secure in yourself?  Is there something you need to tell someone?  I Wonder how you could tell them, and stay Safe as well.

From 7-9am we already have those two Windows open, and the Vesta T-Square opens too – maximizing our leverage…

So what is it that holds you back?  Is it some Belief about what’s right and wrong, so you feel Ashamed or Guilty?  Or just some Expectation about how they’ll react?  You don’t want to “spin” your Story so it sounds good, because folks see through that.  And you don’t want to just reject your own Beliefs, because you’ll see through that.  You want to PIAVA some Magical way to restore your own Self-Respect, so even if you have to make Amends, you can stand up straight and look them in the eye while you’re doing it.

Or you may need to set a Boundary with someone, and make it clear that while they’ve intimidated you in the past, you Intend to change that in the future.  You might do that verbally, or Energetically – using Mirrors for instance.  It should be easier in this Window than you Expect.

And from 9-11am, the Mystic Rectangle and the Vesta T-Square Portals are both open…

What is it you Want, or want to Be, that your Beliefs won’t let you have or be?  Guess what.  You don’t really Want that.  You just think you Want it because it looks good from inside the Birdcage that your Beliefs have you trapped in.  Once you step outside of the Cage and look in the direction of what you thought you Wanted, it’ll be quite different – and much prettier.  You’ll be surprised at how much your Belief warped your Want.  Now you only have to PIAVA that you can find a way to stay Safe outside your old Birdcage!

Lots of adventures for one half-day!  Then things shift…

Moon Conjunct Jupiter

The Moon Conjoins Jupiter (Expansion) and Trines (Easy) Saturn (Definition) for about twelve hours starting around 4pm PST December 18, lighting up 18-21 degrees of the Water Signs.  The Jupiter-Saturn Trine is Live from November 28 till December 25.  Jupiter’s Retrograde, so the whole Jupiter-Saturn-Trine province runs from early July 2013 through early June 2014.  This is a Waning Trine, part of the May 2000 Jupiter-Saturn Cycle born in 23 Taurus – “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”  Remember the “Dot-Com Crash”?  Almost to the day.

The “valuable gems” are the fruits of the last couple hundred years of Industrial Revolution.  The internal combustion engine, for instance, and electricity and the telephone and wages.  All those things that are up for renegotiation here in the new Century.  Jupiter-Saturn Cycles deserve their own book.  But in a nutshell, 2000-2020 is about reclaiming any of the Industrial-Era jewels we want to carry with us into the Computer Age.

The Waning Trine is the time when we make a final evaluation about what will be most useful for us in the future.  NSA surveillance, for instance?  Wage slavery?  Global Warming?  The Trine is closing up in a week or so; it’ll be a lot easier to make choices now, than it will be again until 2020.  Resistance from the profiteers of the previous Centuries will be intense.

Jupiter is simultaneously being Squared by Ceres (Sustainability, Sustenance).  This Waxing Square brings the Ceres-Jupiter Cycle out into the open.  It began in June 2012 at 7 Gemini, “A Well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic Trees.”  A Square often feels like a Crisis – we’re asked to make Choices, and the options are all compromises.  We become Masters by making these Choices – we’d otherwise be Unconscious of the Issues involved.  Will we Sustain those majestic Trees so we can nurture ourselves with the Water from their roots?  Don’t neglect the Water = Emotion = Moon connection and our Work from the earlier part of the day…

How do we really feel when they fell the Trees to make room for more profits?  Will our Planet continue to nurture us if we continue to allow short-term profits to dictate all of our Choices?  If it’s not too late to turn around already, it will be soon.  If we all PIAVAed a nurturing Collaboration with out Planet, we may help shift the Energy.  Even a small shift today can make a huge shift over the Future.

Moon Conjunct Lilith

Jupiter and Lilith are only four degrees apart, so when we use our three degrees of Sensitivity, Moon-Jupiter and Moon-Lilith have four hours of overlap.  Moon-Lilith spans 19-23 Cancer and the first twelve hours of December 19, peaking at 6am PST.  Lilith left Adam because his Greed for Power was not Sustainable, and because bowing to his Competitive Ego would interfere with her own Instincts about Collaborative Survival.  When the Moon crosses Lilith it triggers Lilith’s Waxing Square to Eris.  Messing with Eris isn’t good for a body.

The Lilith-Eris Cycle that we’re bringing into the open was Initiated in early October 2011 at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  I’m not sure that symbol shows much preparation for winter.  But it certainly shows faith in the Sustainability of Life.  And of course Saturn is Squaring Eris, and Trining Lilith, making the Pythagorean Tricolor that we talked about earlier

We can resolve an apparent conflict between Integrity and Denial by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Attend to – that Wondering and Attention will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity.

The Moon-Lilith Window brings this into sharp focus.  The overlap with Moon-Jupiter, from midnight to 4am PST December 19, will give us something like…

Okay, if we PIAVA a significant shift in the Human and Global drama away from tragedy and toward Cooperation and Collaboration, then specifically, what Angle should you focus your Attention on?  This is a huge vessel we’re trying to turn, it will take a monstrous group effort – where is your station in the effort?  I think we each need to focus on how we Want to see the World and Humanity change, because that’s where we’ll be able to focus the most passion.  Make it as narrow as you can, but whatever you PIAVA, ask for a gentle and loving and rapid and complete release of all Resistance.

The Eris-Lilith-Saturn Pythagorean Tricolor endures until January 14, 2014.

The Moon-Lilith crossing also triggers another Pythagorean Tricolor across the Lilith-Eris Square, as Mercury Trines Eris and Quincunxes Lilith.  This Tricolor is with us from December 16 to December 2o.  We could express this one as

We can resolve an apparent conflict between Integrity and Denial by Wondering what’s The Most Important Angle to Talk about – that Wondering and Talking will unleash the Grace waiting to Focus on Integrity.

It spans the same time period as the Eris-Lilith-Saturn Tricolor, so will have the same overlap with the Moon-Jupiter-Ceres-Saturn Configuration.  So…

When we PIAVA a significant shift in the Human and Global drama away from tragedy and toward Cooperation and Collaboration, and Discover what Angle we should focus our Attention on, then we need to Talk about it.  Not to Expect any specific result or convince anybody of anything, just to put it out into the World.  You don’t know who will overhear, and for whom it will be the “straw that broke the back” of a passing Tea-Partier or Climate-Change-Denier or Greedhead.

It’s a busy few days.

The Degrees

For each of these Portals we’ve specified where in the Zodiac it’s happening…

  • Moon-Pluto T-Squares: 8-12 of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
  • The Mystic Rectangle: 10-13 of the Magnetic Signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces)
  • Moon-Jupiter-Lilith: 18-24 of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
  • Saturn: 18-22 of the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • The Initiatory Degrees: 23 Aries, 23 Taurus, 7 Gemini, 6 Pisces

If you know where your Natal planets are, and you have planets in any of these zones, that will show where you will have the greatest Power to change the Future.

What’s Next

December 21 brings us the Solstice, and Venus turns Retrograde.  From December 23 through 31, Mars comes around to Oppose Uranus and make a T-Square to Pluto.  Eris turns Direct January 10, so we’ll be feeling the impact of her Station by the end of December.

Under the Bridge and Portal 10.24

October 23, 2013

I’ve always maintained that we learn more about astrology and about ourselves by looking at yesterday’s planetary patterns than todays or tomorrows.

Which is convenient, because I’ve been tied up and wasn’t able to write about this intense-looking “Portal 10.23” before it happened.  It was open from about 12am PDT till around 7am PDT today (October 23).  Before we open the astrodoor, give it a few minutes to see if anything unusual befell you between those hours…

Cue the music while you gaze at Spider Grandmother’s work…


Okay, here’s Portal 10.23:

P10.23The orange lines describe an interlocking double Quintile Yod, forming a Fifth-Harmonic Fez pattern – simply put, a complex “Learning Opportunity.”  The actors involved were Uranus (To Thine Own Self Be True), Mercury (Awareness), Mars (Assertion), and the Moon (Manifestation).  Uranus and Mercury were the foci of the two QYods, putting the emphasis on the Mercury-Uranus Biquintile.  That would be about Learning to align your Thoughts and Words with your True Self, and becoming Aware of places in your Habit Matrix where you’re out of Alignment.

My experience of it was a complex dream, set in what felt like a high school or dormitory where there was a lot of interaction going on with a lot of people.  A boss or teacher who’s normally conflict-averse got very angry with me and started making demands, while I had too much going on to be able to pay much attention to it, even though if I were following my Shoulds, it would require first priority.

An interlocking Double Quintile Yod like this is really four-fifths of a Grand Quintile.  It’s several degrees out of “Orb” (allowable slop), but the planet closest to the Vacancy in the Grand Quintile is Juno.

The Juno Mjolnir

Meanwhile, the Moon was Squaring Vesta (that which we personally hold Sacred) – I’ve drawn that line heavier, in red, to help distinguish it from the orange lines.  And the Moon and Vesta were forming a Mjolnir pointing at Juno (the purple lines).  We could call the abstract design “Thorn Penetrating the Bridge.”  Now, we’re getting quite familiar with Juno (that which is coming into Consciousness), as since May we’ve been dancing with a Juno-Nodes T-Square.  I’ve drawn in the T-Square in lighter red lines.

The Juno-Nodes T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) invites us to become more aware of why we came into this Lifetime (Nodes) – our Deepest Desires and Limitations.  The whole idea of a Lifetime, at least according to this particular viewpoint, is to work on overcoming Limitations in order to move closer to our Deepest Desires.  If you were programmed to believe that Desire is not such a good thing (and you haven’t yet realized that this is one of your most limiting Limitations), then you can think of it as overcoming your Limitations in order to move closer to your Highest Values.  You discover that they’re really the same thing, these Desires and Values, when you drop Judgment and eschew harm.

The Myolnir (Violent Insight) would have provided a huge boost of Power to this invitation to Ascend, connecting our Karma-clearing adventures to our Highest Values (Vesta) and our Manifestation Skills (Moon).  I didn’t draw it in, but the relationship between the Moon (Manifestation) and the South Node (Hidden Skills) is an Eighth-Harmonic Angle (Realignment), as is the relationship between Vesta (the Sacred or Our Highest Values) and the North Node (Desires or Mission).  This implies to me that we all shifted our Consciousness a lot more than we’re yet Aware of.  You may surprise yourself tomorrow, or even today since the Portal, reacting to circumstances in new ways.  If the Change isn’t too transparent to notice.

The Moon as the Fulcrum

Now, it’s the Moon that connects the “Fez” (Double Quintile Yod) with the Mjolnir.  Look how busy the Moon was…

  • Fourth Harmonic (Dominion) Angle to Vesta (Sacred)
  • Fifth Harmonic (Learning) Angles to Uranus (Self), Mars (Action), and Mercury (Awareness)
  • Eighth Harmonic (Realignment) Angles to Juno (Consciousness) and both Nodes (Clearing Karma)

The Angles from the Moon to Juno and the North Node are Sesquisquares or Trioctiles – three eighths of the way around the Zodiacal loop.  While the Eighth Harmonic symbolizes Adjustment, the Third symbolizes Grace.  So these are the two Angles where the Gifts are descending, into our Skill at bringing our Mission into our Awareness.

A Second Fez

I didn’t draw it in because I wanted the picture to emphasize the Quintile Yods, but there’s a second interlocking Mjolnir from Juno and the North Node, this one focusing on the Moon, and the two Mjolnirs form another Fez Pattern.

Fez2These Configurations are all dependent upon the Moon, which as you know moves very rapidly relative to our other feathered friends.  So the whole dance fell apart after seven or eight hours.

Portal 10.24

However, the Uranus Quintile Yod with Mars and Mercury persists until around 7pm PST October 24.  That in itself is a Learning Opportunity about how whatever we Say (Mercury), Do (Mars), or Think (Mercury) either reflects our True Self, or reinforces Patterns that bind our Soul Self in Spider’s Silk.  That should be a pretty clear Choice.  If it’s difficult, stop yourself in mid-sentence or mid-action or mid-thought, make Amends, and start over!

For the rest of Portal 10.24 see Portal 10.24 Part II