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Heavy Fortnight 1

June 1, 2020

Marilyn Raffaele’s Channeling of the Arcturians for today is a fabulous summary of our recent Expansion of Consciousness Adventure…


“To help children feel that they aren’t alone with their feelings,” my friend Kalli Dakos, an acclaimed children’s book author (see and, educational consultant, and thoroughly delightful person, offers as her generous Gift to the World these wonderful poems for children about COVID-19.  I sobbed all the way through them.  Please share them with parents and teachers, and anyone who works with children, that you know


Heavy two weeks coming, on many counts.  It’s 5-12 June 2020 that’s likely to be Heaviest, but the more Sensitive among us will already be Feeling it Beginning.  Here’s a skeleton outline of our June Gauntlets…

  • 5 June (12:12 pm PDT) – Heavy Full Moon (many reasons; in 16 Sagittarius).
  • 6 June (11:15 am PDT) to 8 June (8:15 am PDT) – Probable Excess Emotionality (Moon Out of Bounds in 30 Sagittarius-25 Capricorn).
  • Until 10 June (11:15 am PDT) – Probable Excess Polarization (asteroid Aletheia [Truth of the Heart] Stationary in 15 Aquarius).
  • Until 12 June (6:30 am PDT) – Abuse and Privilege are Prominent (dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] Stationary in 14 Pisces).
  • Until 15 June (2:50 am PDT) – Opportunity to Let Go of Karma (asteroid Moira [Fate and Choice] Stationary in 8 Scorpio).  Two weeks after the big demonstrations.
  • Until 18 June (11am PDT) – We Get What We Ask For, literally, with the Unconscious Asking as well (dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] Stationary in 5 Libra).
  • Until 19 June – Invitation to Liberate our Hidden Genius (South Node [Karma] crosses dwarf planet Ixion [Forbidden Genius]).
  • 20 June (9:30 pm PDT) to 22 June (8pm PDT) – Probable Excess Emotionality (Moon Out of Bounds in 30 Gemini to 25 Cancer).
  • 20 June (10:45 pm PDT) – Self-Love New Moon in 1 Cancer.
  • Until 22 June (9:30 pm PDT) – Confusion (Neptune [Material Confusion, Spiritual Clarity] Stationary in 21 Pisces).
  • Until 29 June (11pm PDT) – Regression to 5 April (Jupiter Conjunct Pluto [Expansion Required] in 25 Capricorn).

Those many reasons for the Heaviness of the 5 June Full Moon?

#1. The Full Moon in 16 Sagittarius Channels (sits in front of) a Cosmically Immense Weight (a place we can’t see, because it’s behind the Milky Way, that has such Immense Gravity that it’s sucking everything toward it; it’s called the Great Attractor, in 15 Sagittarius).

#2. Our Essence (the Full-Moon Sun in 16 Gemini) is sandwiched between the symbol for Ending Timelines (asteroid Atropos) and the symbol for our Held Emotions (asteroid Karma), those we’d rather Die than Feel.  That is, We would rather Die than Feel – Facing these Emotions requires an Ego Death.

#3. The Full Moon is Challenged (T-Squared) by Abuse and our Angry Memories thereof, and by our Guilt about our Privilege (Stationary dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] Conjunct Mars [Anger] in 14-16 Pisces).

However, the Abuse and Anger are Merged with the symbol for Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres).  How would we make Anger and Abuse Sustainable?  We’d use PIAVAs and Healthy Anger – ie, Good Boundaries – to Recognize and Revert Abuse without Creating unnecessary Limitations for ourself and without Alienating non-Abusers.  Subtle and Sophisticated, but this Combination gives us the Opportunity to Practice Finessing such a thing.

It can also be an Opportunity for us to Practice Actions (Mars) that Sustain (Ceres) our Willingness to Receive Abundance without painting it with Privilege (Nessus) and Guilt (Mars).  To work on Letting Go of having to Deserve Abundance, and Recognizing it as our Birthright.

#4. The Full Moon is also Challenged (T-Squared) by Guilt (asteroid Nemesis) and Karmic Limitations (dwarf planet Orcus [Oath-Making and -Breaking])Karma is formed by making an Oath or Vow or Promise or Decision, working hard to toe the line, forgetting we made the Oath, and coming to Believe that toeing this line is not just a Decision, but the Right Thing to Do or even the Only Thing to Do (Orcus)A formal Oath adds Social Pressure.  This puts us into Either/Or Dualistic Morality, which excludes not just the Other Side of the Duality, but the Other Dimensions as well – Unconscious Limitations in other words.

We interpret this Energy (Nemesis) as the Painful Experience of Ego Death, or the Need for Ego Death because it’s our Olde Ego that stands between us and our PIAVAed Goals.  The Ego’s justification, Consciously or Unconsciously, for Avoiding a worthwhile Ego Death, is often Loyalty to a long-forgotten Oath (Orcus).  In other words, this is an Opportunity to Practice Liberation via Oath-Breaking.

That however, will bring the wrath of both Nemesis (Mystic Punisher of Wrong-Doers) and Orcus (Mythic Punisher of Oath-Breakers) upon us – which we will then have to Recognize as Ego Death, and Endure it while Focusing on the Unknown Freedom that lies on the Far Side of it.

But there’s Good News – this Heavy Issue #4 is Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star Configuration), so any Work we do on it is Extra Credit, and we may not have to do any Work at all.

Many of you have already figured out that we’ve described a Grand Cross, with is usually about many smallish Hassles that end up Complementing one another while we end up very busy keepin’ on keepin’ on, and practicing our multi-tasking.

But it’s still a very heavy chart for very heavy times.  The 5 June Full Moon, the 10 June Aletheia Station, and 12 June Nessus Station are all on the same chart (ie, their impacts may not be easily Separable from one another) because they all happen in the same week in nearly the same Degrees, 14-16 Degrees of their respective Signs.  As the beginning of a Lunar Phase we’d expect the Full Moon to impact at least the following two weeks; as an asteroid Station we’d expect the Aletheia Station to impact the preceding several days; as a dwarf-planet Station we’d expect the Nessus Station to impact at least the preceding week, and Overlap usually means Merging…

Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #1

January 9, 2015

MarsNessusAgain the plot thickens.  This chart’s a bit of a mess.  Normally I’d disassemble it into distinctly easier-to-interpret pieces, but all of the pieces here are related to one another, in either the Twelfth Harmonic (Pattern-Breaking) or the Eighth (Rebalancing), or their derivatives.  And I haven’t even drawn in all of the lines.  The chart is for just past midnight PST ( on January 11. 

We can consider it to be an additional unexamined influence in our since-January 2 Portal, and to stretch that Portal on for another week or two.  Recalling that January’s Main Effect is the Uranus-Pluto-Nodes Configuration (which, if we were disposed to crude but more or less accurate expressions, we could describe as “Shape up or ship out”), we point out that the Uranus-Pluto-Nodes T-Square forms a central core of this chart.  The extra details are what enhances our interpretation of the January Zeitgeist.

Apart for some intriguing and fairly rare disagreement among several ephemerides, the chart is drawn for the Initiation of Mars by the Centaur Nessus.  You’d think by now the Ephemerides would agree about the position of Mars, but they don’t.  According to a couple of them (excluding the one that drew the chart), Mars and Nessus convene in 29 Aquarius at half-past midnight on January 11.

Aquarius 29 is “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis: the capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.”  This begins a four-year Cycle.

Mars represents Action and Physical Energy – Doing.  You can think of Nessus as The 1%, aka the Lizards – folks who suffer from self-assigned Privilege and the Belief that they can take liberties at will with The Rest of Us, we “interchangeable resources” and throwaway types.  Or you can think of Nessus as Ixion’s henchperson, in charge of executing the situationally sociopathic programs where we Believe the Ends justify the Means.

So there are some places where we need to step beyond our own Values to achieve a necessary but unwelcome Transmogrification.  That is, we’re becoming Aware of, and newly Obedient to, Higher Values we didn’t know we had.

To the extent that Nessus is a “bad guy,” we need to ask where Hercules (the asteroid, technically Heracles) is, since it was Hercules that killed Nessus.  Well, Hercules is hot in pursuit, now at 19 Aquarius, and catching up to Nessus on February 9.  Of course, Nessus arranged for Hercules’s own death before he died, so the whole story is a parable for how Good and Evil, while useful for choosing short-term behaviors, are just another Duality.  So there’s a hint that we should be heading for Rumi’s Field out beyond when Nessus is lit up.

To complicate things further, the main-belt (four-year) asteroid Eros (as distinct from the 560-year dwarf planet Eris) sits under the Nessus-Mars Initiation, meaning that

We’re also undergoing a serious Transformation of our Sexuality, and of our psychic relationship to our parents.  We don’t think of Eros (Physicality) without also considering Psyche (Soul).  The story of Psyche and Eros is the (patriarchal) story of the irrepressible “Soulmate” Love and attraction between our Physical form and our Soul, and the ease with which we project this attraction onto other Humans. 

Mars-Nessus is one side of the base of a Saturn T-Square.  The other side of the base is the main-belt asteroid Sisyphus.  Remember Sisyphus?  Representing perpetually repetitive tasks that produce no useful or satisfying result.  We could say about this that…

If we want our Sexuality to be Transformed into something that isn’t Sisyphean, we need to Focus on The Most Important Thing.  Sisyphean Sex wouldn’t be much fun for long.  So then, what’s The Most Important Thing here?

Well, there are several Bridges across the T-Square.

  • Foremost is the Trine-Sextile Bridge formed by a Stellium of the dwarf planet Quaoar, the Centaurs Chariklo and Hylonome, and the Galactic Center.
  • Then there’s the Four-Octile Bridge formed by the North Node at the Sisyphus-Saturn Midpoint and Pluto at the Saturn-Mars Midpoint (not all of these lines are drawn in on the chart).
  • And a Quincunx-Semisextile Bridge formed by the Conjunction of the Moon with Makemake.

So we need to look at that Stellium.  It’s intense.  It’s not really practical to look for Initiations between Centaurs, because they move at speeds that are similar enough that they braid ropes around one another.  And Chariklo (Charm) and Hylonome (Grief) have already been Initiated by Quaoar (Law-Giving).  But it’s worth noticing that the Galactic Center is in the process of Initiating Quaoar!

The Galactic Center (Headquarters) Initiates Quaoar (the Sheriff) on January 12.  This means that we’re in “the Reaches,” and as Ursula Leguin is fond of saying, “Rules change in the Reaches.”  So this isn’t just a personal Transformation of our Sexuality.  This is the promulgation of a whole new set of Rules about how Energy is used.  Quaoar-style Rules aren’t about saying Please and Thankyou.  They’re about what we need to do if we want to Survive.

For instance, it’s interesting that Bill Moyers chose today to tell folks about  this report…

Relative to this, the other two Bridges seem pretty minor, more about implementation than direction.

The Octiles (Adjustments) imply that we need to trust that our Compulsions (Pluto) and our Desires (North Node), irrespective of our Guilt around them, will point us to The Most Important Thing.

The Moon-Makemake Conjunction brings together our two most Powerful Manifestors, meaning two things – “Be careful what you Ask for,” and “There will seldom be a better time to PIAVA what you Want.”

If you’ve been struggling, know that it’s not personal, it’s a tiny slice of the global struggle that’s occurring.  Change is hard, whether it’s Change for the best or not.  Be assured that it’s not just about the Present Moment, it’s about the Present Identity.  It’s not Me, it’s WeBeAllOne.  You’re just phrasing the issue in terms that make sense to your Linear-Time everyday-Life perspective.

Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #2 and #3 will expand on this.