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September 27, 2012

Fergot to mention one of the most important elements – the Moon’s Nodes are now in Scorpio-Taurus. Hence the traumadramas.

And Eris Opposes Mercury.  We would expect some very sharp tongues to follow from that, yet the Really Big Shew at the UN seemed fairly scripted.  If Lilith is the Primordial Feminine, then Eris is an even deeper current.  “Hell hath no fury…” would be the common cliche.  But then the Opposition is about Awareness.  It only superficially represents contradistinction, as a means of raising something into Consciousness.  All dualities are merely illustrations of the underlying Unity, dualities exist only in the mind of the observer.  So we could see this as the Goddess Revealed, coming out of Her long hiding.  The Opposition is Trine-Sextile to Eris’s priestess Vesta and Her public-relations agent Venus.

A few interesting comments about the state of the Planet for those of us intrigued by socioeconomic currents…

The People rise in Chile…

The People and the State in Spain…

Look who else is pointing out that the Banksters still have no clothes…

And speaking of Eris, the She-Bear is everywhere as her new book comes out.

First the Lizards take Manhattan, then they take Brussels…

Nigel is always entertaining.

Harvest Moon

September 27, 2012

Well, that horrific Full Moon is almost here, and here in Endless Summer it’s quite beautiful.  From here it looks like the illusion of economic recovery is fading again, while it’ll take several months for the few crumbs from Bernanke’s third Gift to the Banks to trickle down, and Jupiter (our great Beneficent) turns Retrograde next week.  Hunkerdown time.  Good time to review the Full Moon chart, eh?

Two big Grand Crosses, separated by Sextiles, and a Grand Trine to one corner of each of the Grand Crosses.

A Grand Cross (an X or square box in the chart when you draw lines between the planets) is of course four T-Squares back-to-back and belly-to-belly, and a T-Square is a lose-lose configuration for anybody trying to preserve the status quo or trying to feel successful.  Of course, for someone constantly on the lookout for What am I learning here, a T-Square (an Opposition with a third planet halfway between, forming a short-stemmed T) is pure heaven.  Nobody with a T-Square gets stuck inside o’Mobile with these Memphis Blues again because nothing ever repeats.  Nothing ever gets solved, because it aint a problem.  It’s just one long graduate seminar, with endless variations.  It’s just exploration.  It’s enormously frustrating, till you stop looking for solutions.

But that’s a T-Square by itself.  When you put four of them back-to-back and belly-to-belly, they balance one another.  It’s like taking four graduate seminars that feed one another.  It’s very exciting, because you get to that convergence stage, where what you’re learning no longer opens whole new doors, but begins to tie together whole rooms full of things you learned before, that had walls between them.  A Grand Cross knocks down the walls, it integrates.  It aint restful, it’s manic.  It’s exciting.

Now a Sextile (two signs apart, or one sixth of the way round the zodiacal circle) symbolizes creative ease.  It’s Grace, but not Big Grace like a Trine.  It’s fun, like a jigsaw puzzle that’s just right, not hard enough to discourage you, and not easy enough to bore you.  The Goldilocks angle.  Two Grand Crosses separated by Sextiles?!?  Whoa, that’s horrendous – that is, remarkable!  So we have integration times two, and the whole enchilada will turn out to be not hard enough to discourage us, and not easy enough to bore us!  How can we lose?  Well, okay, the status quo will lose, bigtime.

Then add a Grand Trine?  I tell people that the most powerful chart to have is one that combines a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle) – the Grand Cross providing the motivation, and the Grand Trine providing the Grace.  A Grand Cross by itself can be exhausting, a Grand Trine by itself supine.  They complement one another perfectly, because the Grand Cross is challenging enough to disturb the arrogance that a Grand Trine can bring (if one confuses Grace with Ego), and the Grand Trine provides resolutions to the constant challenges that the Grand Cross supplies.

And we have two of them, with a Sextile between them!  And wait’ll we see what they’re about!

Grand Cross Number One is comprised of Chiron-Neptune (our New Paradigm) Opposite Venus (our Values), all Squaring the Moon’s Nodes (our Progress).

The Opposition represents illumination – so we get to see how the New Paradigm jives with our Values.  That’s why Rmoney’s having such a hard time peddling the lies that the 1% have been telling to try to make people continue to think that striving for their Values is virtuous.

The Moon’s Nodes represent where we been and where we’re going.  The North Node is our Mission in the lifetime, and the South Node used to be our Karma.  Since Karma‘s dead, the South Node now has to stand for our instinctive skills, the things we learned in “previous” lifetimes but forgot in this one.  (Which is to say, without Karma what we really have is bleedthrough from our parallel lives.)

The Squares (three signs or one fourth of the way round the horoscope) between on the one hand the illumination of our Values and our Future as a culture, and on the other the directions of our individual lives, are mutually adjusting challenges – Values vs. Mission, Values vs. Skills, New Paradigm vs. Mission, New Paradigm vs. Skills.  We’ll be making all of those adjustments, in turn, and repetitively, and they’ll be complementing one another.  For instance, when we adjust our perception of our Mission to reflect what we currently perceive to be our Values, that will require and facilitate change to our vision of our role in the New Paradigm to reflect what we’ve just learned about our Skillset.  Make sense?

Now, we have Mars (Action) and Juno (Identity) on the North Node, and Lilith (the Primordial Feminine) on the South Node.  That in itself warrants a long essay!  This says we identify with our Mission – no resistance, and we’re willing to support it assertively.  This active identification Opposes (illuminates) the Primordial Feminine – it triggers the memory of our primordial feminine skills.  The square to Venus says we’ll be adjusting our Values and our relationships accordingly.  The Venus-Mars Square is Waning – we’re letting go of old obsolete approaches to relationship.

Grand Cross Number Two is made up of the Full Moon (Illumination), which is closely conjunct Uranus (Soul Download), and Square to Ceres (Sustainability – and Sustenance).  Of course if the Full Moon sits on Uranus these days, it’s gonna be Squaring Pluto (Inevitable Trance-Reformation).

It’s a stretch to make a Full Moon Grand Cross Number Two, but the Nodal Grand Cross does trump it because the Nodal Cross is about our Mission, while the Full Moon Cross is about our fortnight.  Of course there are broader implications, but the Full Moon is mostly about current events.  However, Illumination is not just a flash of insight, it’s a change of Consciousness.  So every Full Moon is in fact Consciousness-raising.

By now we know well that the Uranus-Pluto Square is about a return to the Values of the 1960s, a cultural recognition of the value of the Individual, and a mandatory transformation of the flow of history, toward Freedom.  The Full Moon will be casting light on the nature of these Changes.  I think it already has, considering the news (resistance to austerity in Spain, transparency of Republican lies in the US, JK Rowling’s Dickensian new novel, continued difficulty for the Old Financial Order, for instance).

Then in the fourth corner we have Ceres, the Goddess of Grain.  One of the ancient Skills we are recovering, some by choice and some not, is our Sustenance abilities.  Yes, it’s certainly a different ballgame when we don’t have Quail under every bush, and when there are more people per acre than there are Miner’s Lettuce.  But remember Buddhist Heaven and Hell – in Hell we’re at a table covered with a sumptuous feast, but our elbows are locked so we have no way of getting the feast to our mouths!  And in Heaven we feed one another.  Simple change of Paradigm – Miracle.

And Ceres Conjoins Vesta (the Sacred) – so there’s more going on than just privation; consider the difference between hunger and fasting.  A higher purpose changes the trance.  Not that there’s a sale on hair shirts.  Abundance is having enough to share.  Avarice is the need to have more and hoard it.  Which would you consider sacred?  And which is more likely to be sustainable?

Pallas also Conjoins Moon-Uranus.  Pallas-Uranus is about defending our Uniqueness, about letting go of conformity, about thinking and acting on our own account, about allowing new ways of organizing our World, adding a wing to our Birdcage.

The Grand Trine connects the Chiron-Neptune New-Paradigm corner of Grand Cross Number One with the Ceres Sustainability corner of Grand Cross Number Two.

Which tells us that the New Paradigm, at least as it’s evolving today (remember it’s a co-creation that we all have continuing responsibility toward), is about moving to a sustainable way of living.  This is a Grand Trine, or Big Grace – our willingness to consider sustenance over greed will evolve the Paradigm toward Community and away from Exploitation, and our focus on the future that we want to live in will create sustainability.

The third corner of the Grand Trine is Saturn.

Saturn does not fortell limitation, it represents Concentration and Focus.  It appears to be associated with limitation because in order to follow its command, we have to give up our fallbacks and focus on priority number one.  The status quo here is a fallback that Saturn asks us to let go of.  Grace flows from putting our Attention on sustaining what we want to see the New Paradigm evolve into.

Is that everybody?

Not quite.  Mercury Conjoins Saturn: our Attention to holding the Vision of a Future Worth Living should be intellectualized (that is, specified), and communicated far and wide.  The Conversation starts now – what Future DO we want to live in?  It’s not about having to settle for what trickles down, or settle for government that abandons us.  It’s about our Freedom to co-create our own Future – together.  A Future that respects our Individuality and honors our Skills, the one that our Mission was designed to create.  This is what the Harvest Moon illuminates.

Rather than What have I lost? it’s What does this loss make room for?  What is it that I’ve longed for since forever?  What are my limiting beliefs that have made me believe that’s not possible?  Time to illuminate those, honor the protection we’ve gained by using them hidden until it’s safe to release them, and let them go.  What am I afraid of giving up?  Why can’t I have Both/And?

And Mercury Trines Jupiter, which in turn Conjoins Vesta.  The Grand Trine is very close, within two degrees.  Neither Mercury nor Jupiter are nearly as close, so we aren’t considering them to be an integral part of the Grand Trine, but it would certainly be defensible to do so.  Either way, Jupiter amplifies the Grace, amplifies the connection to the Sacred, amplifies the sustainability, and amplifies the need for and effectiveness of communicating the specifics of our Visions to one another.

Bottom Line?  When we look back ten years from now, we won’t see this Harvest Full Moon as the End of a Blessing, we will see it as the Beginning of a greater Blessing.  Take your Attention off of a Past that has passed and is indeed past, and put it on the Future you are co-creating.  It has already begun.  Don’t let it leave without you.  Focus on the resources that you do have, not the ones you don’t have.  The ones you don’t have won’t serve your Future – that’s why you no longer have them.  The sooner we recognize this and live it, the easier is our Trance Reformation.  Find Gratitude, seek it constantly.  This is The Time, and quite literally, You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

The frame of mind you want is Curiosity; how will we co-create this new World?  We can’t know ahead of time, because it’s a CO-creation – you, me, them, and a very large collection of Energies we can barely imagine.  We have our Vision, but it will be vastly improved by comparison and compounding with the Visions of our fellow travelers.  We don’t know how that will evolve, and we will serve it best by holding Curiosity about how it will move and change and what it might look like as it grows.

There are three Quincunxes (five signs apart, signifying Curiosity) in this Full Moon chart.

Mars to Vesta: I wonder how I will be serving the Sacred and I wonder how the Sacred will motivate me.  We can be assured that we will, and that it will.

Sun to Chiron: I wonder how my Healing powers will evolve and I wonder how I will be Healed.  Both are certain.

And Pallas to Saturn: I wonder where I’ll be asked to make an unwavering stand and I wonder what priority my vulnerability will demand.  There is no Community without Boundaries.

That’s Saturn, with one of it’s big ol’ Earth-size Moons sitting in the edge-on Ring Field, and with the shadow of the Rings projected onto the planet.  As seen by one of those big-government space-travel gadgets that we sent out there cuz we was curious.

Good Stuff

September 23, 2012

A coupla excellent tips for grounding, enthusing, and newparadigming…

and if you don’t know Donna and David, a brief introduction – you’re missing a whole lot!  For the left brain,

and the right…


The World Is Changing Fast…

September 21, 2012

Jesse Ventura talking on Monday, while Pluto was Stationary and Uranus a few minutes of arc from Squaring Pluto.

Voter Fraud

September 21, 2012

Too good to pass up (contains language that may be offensive to adults)…

For more entertainment, search for “Jesse Ventura” on YouTube.  I had no idea.

No Matter Where We Go…

September 19, 2012

…here we are.  Uranus is Squaring Pluto as we speak.  Here are a couple of alternate forms:

And a good giggle from Peter Phalam’s Celestial Reunion (pp.85-86)…

“No one would want to ascend before they are ready.  Souls choose third dimensional karmic evolution on Earth partly for its difficulty and the resulting quantum leap in evolutionary rewards – the benefits after ascension.”

Dane Rudhyar used to say that the Square – Mastery through Challenge – was basically the bleeding edge of Human evolution, though he didn’t use those exact words.  Continuing Phalam…

“So you see, no one would want to leave early.  Another reason to complete this phase of realization is that if you chose to believe you were complete before you actually were, and then ascended, you would be taking all of the ‘baggage’ with you which you had not completed.  For example, if you still had issues about women [or men] in relationship, money, sex, your father, fear, or any other unhealed illusional aspect, you would drag that drama with you into your etheric reality and then attempt to teach realized principles from that weighted perspective.  Can you imagine [Jesus] addressing a large group of humans, whining about his relationship with Mary Magdelan?  Or wanting to know why he had to be born in a manger instead of the comfort of a home?”

Albert Lee used to say,

“Somebody exploded an H-bomb today.

But it wasn’t anybody Aye knew.”

There’s a whole lotta Sturm und Drang on the Planet, and it’s almost assuredly going to get “worse” before it gets “better,” or, More Challenging before we get to Mastery.  Empathy heals, but Empathy does not mean Sympathy.  Empathy does not include getting emotionally mired in the drama like Br’er Rabbit did with Br’er Fox’s Tar-Baby.  Empathy is compassion and detachment, with no judgment, bad or good.

If you think of Pluto as the Force of History or the Universal Unconscious, and Uranus as our individual Soul Mission in the current Lifetime, then absolutely, we’re challenged to Master Community without abandoning our Individual Self – and to Master Selfhood without abandoning Community.  The corporate media wants us to make our Community global.  Contrast that to the way the internet makes our Community global.  Global in scope, but tribal in domain.  If the media can pull us into an emotional global tar-baby, we’ll be too overwhelmed to notice the fascist takeover.

Will that matter?  The fascists weren’t anybody Aye knew after all.  Like Ego, Emotion has a critical psychic function.  Emotion won’t hold us back, it’s Attachment that will hold us back, and Emotions are so rich and multi-dimensional that Attachment dearly loves them.  Ultimately we have to discern present-moment Emotion from Karmic tar.  Emotional Intuition is very subtle.  Karmic Emotions are about as subtle as an air-raid siren.  Tapping can help with the discernment, as Karmic Emotions will have their intensity reduced by tapping, while Emotional Intuitions will not.  The fascists, with their Wars and Hoarding, are just part of the Challenge, just another mirror.

Apophyllite was used for divination by the twelve Apophylls.  It reflects Intuition, allowing us to see around corners.  It’s another Mica (love them Micas!), Potassium Sodium Calcium Phyllosilicate Fluoride.  Phyllo from the Greek just like phyllo dough, in thin sheets.  It’s about Balance; too little or too much of either Potassium or Sodium can kill you pretty dead, and without Calcium you wouldn’t be able to stand your ground – you wouldn’t be able to stand at all, like Gary Larsen’s boneless chickens.

I was standing on the platform in Bath, Wiltshire, many years ago, waiting for a train to Salisbury.  Behind me was a woman on a bench eating what we Gringos would call a muffin; she’da probably called it a crumpet or something.  Milling around on the ground in front of her, silent but agitated, was a Pigeon with a club foot, obviously coveting some of her muffin.  The woman appeared unaware of her suitor.  I asked Sulis, Goddess of the Bath Springs, to help the Pigeon.  She replied that this was the Pigeon’s fate, and it could not be changed.  So I asked Krishna if He would help, and he patiently but condescendingly explained that it was the Pigeon’s Karma.  Then I asked Jesus if He would help the Pigeon, and He said nothing.  But when I turned around, the woman was sharing her muffin with the Pigeon, with a blissful look on her (the woman’s) face.

Interesting counterpoint to the 47%, and to the people who claim Jesus’s other name today.  But everyone has their own tribe, their own role, everyone of us is somebody’s Challenger and somebody’s Challenged.  Compassion and detachment, no judgment.  That’s what Heals, that’s Chiron, that’s the essence of our New Paradigm.

Uranus-Pluto #2

September 16, 2012

Happy New Moon!  We have more important things to talk about, though.  The “horrendous” Harvest Full Moon that we spoke of earlier was just a front for the Moon’s Nodes backing into Scorpio-Taurus.  And early next week the second of the seven Uranus-Pluto events that grace 2012-2015 finds us.  In fact, Pluto is Stationary as we speak, with a Retrograde Uranus about seven minutes of orb away from backing into the second square to Pluto.

The exact Pluto Station (it goes Direct) occurs at 10pm PDT Monday, and Uranus arrives at the exact Square at Midnight PDT Wednesday morning – or late Tuesday, depending on your sleep schedule and your longitude.   In other words, we’re waaay deep into Gotta Be Me.  When we look at the Waxing Square from the perspective of Cycles, it’s about the Energy becoming permanent.  When we look at it as an Angle unto itself, it’s about Mastery through Challenge.  There’s no downside here, but you do have to pass through a few hoops to enter the chamber.

So as usual, we look at the unfolding plotline for our clues.  Like Seth said long ago, if we wanna know just who’s in charge in our Unconscious, all we gotta do is look at our personal history.  Anything standing in the way of your being Nobody But You?  That’s your Challenge, your Hungry Ghost.  It means you no harm, it just wants to show you a few fabulously useful tricks that you can’t learn any other way except experientially.  And since we’re talking about the Unconscious, there’s no talking to it directly, cuz if you and HeShe were on speaking terms they wouldn’t be Un, would they.  So our Hungry Ghost – our Coach, really – has to lead us into the experiences indirectly, with some subterfuge.

Whatever it is you believe you need to hide, lest ruin befall you, it ain’t that way.  Your fear isn’t present-moment.  You probably can’t imagine an easy, effortless, smooth, comfortable, exciting, rewarding, supportive path from where you are now to where you can be unabashedly, unapologetically, unlimited You.  That’s fine, it’s actually better that you can’t, because that would just get in the way.  You just want to spend some time imaging what it would feel like in your body if you could be unabashedly, unapologetically, unlimited You, and you could get there by an easy, effortless, smooth, comfortable, exciting, rewarding, supportive path.  Worth repeating…

You just want to spend some time imaging

what it would feel like in your body

if you could be unabashedly, unapologetically, unlimited You, and you could get there by an easy, effortless, smooth, comfortable, exciting, rewarding, supportive path.

If you had any idea where that place is, or how to get there, you’da gone there long ago.  But you can get there today by imaging what it would feel like in your body if you could be unabashedly, unapologetically, unlimited You.  The more time you spend doing that, the more you’ll find your Life beginning to reflect an unabashedly unapologetically unlimited You, and the more you’ll find that the path getting there has been easy, effortless, smooth, comfortable, exciting, rewarding, and supportive.  Fun, eh?  Just don’t let your mind or your emotions start throwing in details and scenarios.  If you knew the plot, you’d be there.  You don’t.  Stay Curious about how it’ll all unfold.  If you need to strive, strive for permanent Curiosity.

Now, the fly in the ointment, and the catalyst for all these potentially “horrendous” flashbacks you been having, is Dragon in Scorpio.  The Dragon’s Head – the Moon’s North Node – has backed into Scorpio.  The Dragon always flies backwards – that’s the nature of Karma.  (Except when it don’t, but you won’t know about that till you give up Linear Time.)  Have you noticed that the flashbacks have been only potentially horrendous – the shame could be overwhelming, but somehow there’s a filter over the lens of the projector that makes it all seem distant and hazy, like we can’t really empathize into it, though it feels like maybe we should.

That’s because we’ve already gotten one huge Uranus-Pluto download, and we’re in the middle of receiving the second one.  We ain’t us no more.  That person who endured the traumadramas in those flashbacks ain’t you no more.  You’ve moved on.  You’ve stepped up out of that Karma, off the treadmill.  You still remember it, hence the flashbacks.  But you ain’t you anymore, hence the filter.  Uranus represents the Individual Soul, and Pluto symbolizes the inevitability of Transformation.  You can call it a sort of ascension if you want, but that’s a term that can play tricks on the Ego and drop you back a few steps if you aren’t careful with it.  Better to call it a download, or even the end of Karma.

It could even be dangerous to talk about, as you could get Ego-attached to your descriptions, to your snapshots, to their interpretations, and lose the plotline of your movie.  But then, can you really Gotta Be Me in private, or does it require witnesses?  That could be part of yer Challenge, if you chose parents who would put speedbumps into your driveway to make sure you weren’t just trying to please.  Doesn’t matter; all you gotta do is imagine what it would feel like in your body if you could be unabashedly, unapologetically, unlimited You, and you could get there by an easy, effortless, smooth, comfortable, exciting, rewarding, supportive path.  Easy to get stuck in details and scenarios in conversation.

It’s not the Moon’s South Node (“past” lives) that’s moved into Scorpio, it’s the North Node (“future” lives).  So it’s not like we need to be relentless about getting to the bottom of (Scorpio) our Karma (South Node).  It’s that we’ll find ourself being relentless about getting on with (Scorpio) our Mission (North Node)!  Relentless about moving aside any obstacles that still may stand between us and Who We Really Are, aka Our Mission.  But Karma is dead, so really there are no more obstacles.  There’s only our habituation to the belief that there must be obstacles!  But habituation is exactly what Karma is, and that’s dead.  Hence the haziness of our flashbacks.

The door is open.

You can walk through it, or just sit on the stoop and enjoy the warm Sun and fresh morning Air for awhile, till you get the urge to do something.  Yer newborn – it may take ya a while to find yer fingers and toes and learn what muscles are and how to make them crawl.  There’s no rush, it’s all perfect.  If you need to, tap out your expectation that there must be Guilt in here somewhere.  That was then.  This is now.

Do it Woody Allen’s way…

“In my next life, I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! you finish off as an orgasm!”

I think that’s an “American Flame” Lily, an “OT” Lily, or a cross between a fragrant Oriental Lily and a towering Trumpet Lily.  That’s yer usedtabe in the left background.

Angel Descending

September 6, 2012

I was focused on the lovely colors, and till now didn’t notice the Angel descending in Ole Salomonsen’s Aurora photo at the end of “Scheeze.”  Dontcha love her shoes?!?  A great omen, if a bit horrendous, er, noteworthy!

Juanita reminds that the Dragon’s Head (Moon’s North Node) backed into Scorpio last week.  Hadn’t really registered that in doing my quickie of the purportedly horrendous next Full Moon.  Dragon in Scorpio is a definite game-changer.  It’s been in Sadge, where the order of the day is Just Let It Go; if it comes back you can deal with it then.  Always the first trick to try, cuz when it works it saves a whole lotta chagrin.  The order of Scorpio’s day is We Need To Get To The Bottom Of This, no matter how deep we have to dive.

So our friend was right; from the perspective of our Olde Ego, not just this Full Moon, but the next year anda half could be horrendous.  And of course, from the perspective of the New-Soul-Material-Downloaded and New-Paradigm-adapted Ego, it will be liberating and exhilarating, as we plug into previously-unseen already-moving currents of Energy that sweep us into Exciting Places we never imagined.  Keep a close watch on your thoughts, and tap out any negativity.  If you’re still in the I-refuse-to-acknowledge-anything-negative space, this would be an excellent time to Just Let That Go, and hope it works.

First thing you always wanna do with any negative thought is Cancel-Neutralize-Update.  Just say it, “Cancel, Neutralize, Update,” out loud if possible.  Cancel the negative thought, Neutralize the negative intention you’ve just inadvertently declared, and Update the intending part of yourself (with appreciation to Bryan de Flores and Margaret Ruby; they may not have originated it, but that’s where I learned it).

If the negativity keeps coming back, tap it out.  Given that the Nodes are now in Scorpio-Taurus, you may want to get used to the idea that some issues may take a month or two of tapping to resolve.  Don’t despair; if you can’t detect a decrease in your Emotional Glycemic Load after tapping, make a slight shift in your statement.  If “Even though I hate them” doesn’t create a shift, try “I’m really mad at them,” and so on – ad nauseum.  We Have To Get To The Bottom Of This, no matter how long it takes.

It’s late, and I’d like to get some sleep, so I’m just gonna drop a buncha hints that you can assemble into your own County-Western ballads, rather than going through any lengthy quasi-logical explanations…

The Abrahams notwithstanding, the I-refuse-to-acknowledge-anything-negative space just serves to push all the negative into the Unconscious.  The Unconscious is communal, so you aint doing us any favors by doing that.  We just have to release it for you.

The process of Growing Consciousness (aka Ascension aka LettingGoOfKarma aka displacing a bar in your Birdcage) does not consist of new learning, it consists of differentiating new insights out of previously undifferentiated background material.  (“Men/Women are all like that” might become “Whoa, it’s my Belief that men/ women are all like that! – I have no idea what men/women are really like cuz I haven’t been able to see through my Belief!”  As Joni says, “It’s Love’s illusions I recall.“)

The Ego’s legitimate and critically (self-)important function is to keep us alive.

99.999% of the Ego (aka Karma) sits in the Unconscious, where it directs our Life.  Growing Consciousness has the potential to reduce that to, say, 99.998%.

Greater Consciousness allows greater perspective and a clearer view of Objective Reality (to the extent that there is one), which in turn leads to less self-sabotage.

Like Linear Time, Objective Reality is neither objective nor reality.  Nevertheless, it’s where “you” live, so you gotta do both/and with it and with Energy/Fluidity.  Even Sai Baba did that.

Matter is held in the illusion of stability (the Taurus side of it) by Emotional Energy.  We all need to defend our Space till we’re ready to Open Fully like Diana’s brother, so we naturally cling to our Anger.  Fear tells us when to get Angry.

We all need to protect our Vulnerability till we’re ready to Open Fully to our Power, so we naturally cling to our Victim places.  Grief and Fear both tell us when to self-protect.

The irony is that Anger and Fear and Grief and other Karma keep us from seeing Objective Reality (such as it is) clearly and meeting it squarely.  They contribute to self-sabotage, because they’re sticky.

Tapping can reduce our Karmic Load while actually increasing our Ability to defend our Space and protect our Vulnerability (because we connect more squarely to Present-Moment Reality such as it is) while simultaneously decreasing our Need to defend and protect (because we are more Present with more Reality and feel less threatened).

That’s what John meant.  And everybody else.

Make any sense, sorta?  This is the nature of the Scorpio-Taurus axis, as well as the nature of the Nodal/Dragon axis.


September 3, 2012

Well, I totally deserve this comment!

“do you mean it will be horrendous when looking through earthly ego filter and fantabulous when seeing with spiritual eyes?!!! or some such both/and kind of meaning?  I am going to admit that i was actually jarred by You making such a black statement … so will it really be ‘horrendous’???!!!  scheeze…..”

It’s a month away, and now I gotta at least summarize the chart, and it’s my own fault.  I’ll do it quickly for now, and add detail when I have more time…

We’ll be challenged to permanently let go of those aspects of our lives that don’t serve our Mission.  During the last half of September we get a big download of the tools we’ll be needing during the next stages of our Mission, and we need the space.

The Full Moon sits bang on Uranus, making of course a Square to Pluto, and Ceres Opposes Pluto, making a Full Moon-Uranus-Pluto-Ceres Grand Cross.  The contribution of Ceres is to demand sustainability, ie, permanence.

On September 18, Uranus makes its second Square (of many) to Pluto, while Pluto is Stationary.

We’ll also be challenged to proactively replace old emotional and relationship patterns and complexes with new ones that serve the Planetary New Paradigm, and allow us to live long and prosper in it.  Which is to say, if we’re open to it, we get creative about co-creating the post-monetary World.

Another Grand Cross, this time the Moon’s Nodes squaring the Opposition of Venus to Chiron-Neptune.  Mars and Vesta sit on the North Node, with Venus making a Waning Square to Mars.  We’ll look up the Cyclic details later, to get more detail about the emotional and relationship patterns we need to jettison.

There is abundant Grace to facilitate all this.

First, corners of the two Grand Crosses Trine one another, that is, each resolves whatever complications the other appears to introduce.

Second, Saturn slides neatly into the third corner of a Grand Trine along with Ceres in one Grand Cross and Neptune in the other.  Venus finishes off the “Kite” (a Grand Trine with a fourth planet midway between two of the Grand-Trine planets and Opposite the third – the fourth planet becomes the “head” of the Kite).

And of course there are more details, but that’s the Heart of it.  Now, is that “horrendous”?!?  Well, certainly “momentous” would have been a less incendiary choice of words.  And Wiktionary tells me that I misuse the word “horrendous.”  I use it casually to mean something like “extreme” or “very rare” or “unbelievable” or “phenomenal” or “noteworthy.”  Wikipedia ties it down to just “extremely  bad, awful, terrible, horrific,” which I didn’t mean to imply at all.  My bad.

Here’s another great Aurora, this one from Finland by Ole Salomonsen.


September 3, 2012

For those of us who sense these things, and those of us who just like purdy pictures, here’s a portrait of today’s glancing solar coronal mass ejection (flare) impact, as seen from the Yukon by Jonathan Tucker.  And here’s an excellent example of a New-Paradigm response to the current economic malfeasance –

Well, the Big Moon was very bright here, neither blue nor red.  Did we launch?  Well, of course the big (as if only, other than mass killings) news here in the USofA are the political conventions.  Even Fox News, along with everybody else, berated the Retropublicans for their blatant lies – we’ll have to wait to see whether that launches them into their own neocon hologram, or into oblivion.  The Other Party waited till after the Full Moon, as the Energy begins to decline.  We could interpret this to mean that the Retropublicans have already peaked (at something like an 18% likelihood of winning, cash-has-free-speech-rights notwithstanding), while the Other Party, like Western civilization in general, is simply In Decline.

The next Full Moon, on September 30, will be horrendous.  My calendar calls it the “Harvest Moon” – maybe we’ll be reaping what we been sowing.