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Expanding into Fear II

August 29, 2021

In the 30 August 2021 Sedna Station (Emphasis on Converting Fear to Power) chart…

…we’ve adhered closely to our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity…

That’s “Orb” in astrologuese. Like most astrologers, we consider “Transiting” Angles to be Live if they’re within three Degrees of Exact; for instance, dwarf planet Cyllarus is 1 Degree and 47 Arcminutes (31:02 less 29:16 equals 1:47) from an exact Sextile to Sedna – that’s within 3 Degrees. The Sextile Angle (short blue line) connects two planets that are 2 Signs apart. “Transiting” means “in the sky now,” as opposed to “Natal,” meaning in a Birth Chart. The average Natal Sensitivity commonly used is around 8 Degrees (varying depending on the Angle – more for a Conjunction, less for an Unx). We’ll introduce Cyllarus a bit later.

On the other hand, we’ve expanded our Sensitivity a tad to 3½ Degrees in the 22 August Full Moon chart (if we round up the Degrees, as is customary in astrology, from 29:37 to 30 [=0] for the Moon, from 2:56 to 3 for Pholus, and from 26:10 to 27 for Karma, it still looks like 3 Degrees of Sensitivity – we often do this rounding up)…

We’ve omitted Jupiter (Expansion) in the Sedna station chart, but it was only 3:24 away from a Square (Challenge) to the Sedna Station. And, the 22 August Full Moon was Conjunct Jupiter, which is to say, About Expansion, so you can see why we speak of “Expanding” into Fear. A Full Moon chart applies mostly to the two weeks following the event, while a Station chart applies mostly to the week or so prior to the event, though as we said in the previous post, we expect the Sedna Station chart to influence the week after the event because of the Out of Bounds Moon.

We’ve also added several extracurricular Stars and ‘Roids to the Full Moon chart, in order to fill in some obvious Vacancies. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s look at the Sedna Station chart…

The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury/Awareness Conjunct/Merged With asteroid Karma/Karma). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on The meat of the Sedna Station chart is the Major Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) to Becoming Aware of our Karma (Mercury [Awareness] Conjunct [Merged With] asteroid Karma [Karma]). Becoming Aware of our Karma often involves an Ego Death, which are seldom pleasant, unless we Focus on How Wonderful Life Will Be After We Ditch Those Bummers! (Hint Hint). But the vegetables are in the Heavy Heavy base of the T-Square, which is where the Real Action often lies in a T-Square.

On one side of this Opposition (Dualistic Argument aka Politics) are Orders from Headquarters (the Galactic Center), Our Hidden and Often Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion), and That Which Will Blindside Us If We Continue to Ignore It (dwarf planet Pholus). Like Kabul and Nahlins and Waverly and the California Conflagrations, the Message from Galactic Headquarters is We’re Done Messing Around, It’s Time To Get your Creative Butt in Gear and Get This Fixed! Did Recycling save the Roman Empire from decline? Nothing on our Catastrophic Trajectory will Change until Hupers regard the Planet as a Partner rather than a Resource, regard Excess Profit as the Crime of Grand Theft that it is, and regard Social Norms as the Foundation of the Status Quo that is the Cause of the Problem. And that’s Exactly what our Forbidden Genii came here to Fix. Not far from Pholus are our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar).

On the Other Side of this Political Duality are Our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus) and Our Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos). How many of us Cherish our Intuition and Practice Trusting it constantly? How many of us are Exhilarated by Unlimited Potential, and how many of us Terrified by it? On the GC-Ixion-Pholus side of the Political Divide are the Guts to tackle the Elephant in the Room, and on this Asbolus-Chaos side are all of our Yes-Buts. Yes-But it’s Scary – we could Lose our Mod Cons! We’ll Lose a lot more than that if we don’t Change the Trajectory.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do this Alone. We have Allies. There is a Truss Bridge across the Divide (the blue lines connecting GC-Ixion-Pholus, Klotho-Haumea, Eurydike-Thereus, and Asbolus-Chaos). We can Trust (Eurydike) our Ability to wrestle Bears (Thereus). And we can Trust our Recent Double Rebirth

A Significant New Life Chapter Began (asteroid Klotho enters Scorpio) at 4:16 am PDT 26 August. Scorpio doesn’t mess around. It’s Fearlessly dedicated to Getting to the Bottom of Things. What Things? Since it’s on the cusp, it’s the same chart as the 22 August Full Moon. In that chart, it’s blocking for dwarf planet Haumea, another Strong Rebirth Signal. Pele’s daughter Haumea doesn’t make it to Scorpio, though, turning Backwards in January 2022 two arc-seconds shy of the Cusp of Scorpio. Its dallying delays Haumea’s flow of hot lava into Scorpio till mid-November 2022. Klotho has already crossed Haumea, though, Beginning a New Cycle on 14 August, a few minutes past 12 am PDT, in 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them.” The four-year Klotho-Haumea Cycle is about Rebirth upon Rebirth. We’re just getting started.

The other Powerful Allies are in the Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trine) that also Touches the Mercury-Karma node. The Allies here are Fearlessness (the Sedna Station itself) and Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo). If Doubt comes up, Let It Go immediately. You know we’re right about this. Business as Usual is rapidly making this whole Planet look like a Martian Desert. By the time Musk and Bezos get there, Mars will look Lush by comparison to Earth. That’s why Gaia threw a well-deserved fifth wave of the Moronavirus at us.

Finally, dwarf planet Cyllarus demands our Attention as it makes the Grand Trine into a Kite, with itself at the Top. Cyllarus, along with asteroid Requiem (Honoring Death) dropped in to Complete two Vacancies in the Full Moon chart, filling a Grand Sextile and a Grand Cross. He completes the Storyboard for the Sedna Station. Herakles, or Hercules, had a Zeus-given assignment to help Rid the World of Threats to the Patriarchy, especially the Mysteries left over from the Matriarchy. On his journey to this end, he bunked with the unsuspecting Centaur Pholus.

Pholus had Responsibility for safekeeping the Sacred Wine of the Centaurs, and while Pholus was out shopping at Emporos Iosif’s, Herakles Opened the unhidden Sacred Wine. Did he know what he was doing? Probably. The scent carried, and the Centaurs immediately went mad and starting killing each other and everyone in sight. Pholus, true to his habit of ignoring consequences, got dead by picking up a poison dart that had killed someone else, and clumsily dropping it on his foot. Chiron (Despair and Miracles) got the Wound that would eventually make him give up his Immortality. The third corner of the Grand Trine is Centaur Chariklo, Chiron’s wife. And distraught Centaur Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty) killed herself with the same spear that killed her Centaur-Stud Lover. That Lover was Cyllarus.

If you need a Program, We are the Centaurs in this story, and Predatory Capitalism is Herakles. We’re killing each other as we help kill the Planet, and we don’t even know why.

Fear of Liberation

July 25, 2021

If you don’t know Zach Bush, MD, there’s no better time to start than the Eternal Now…

The Heart: Understanding the vascular system, resilience & repair

Via Zoom at noon PDT 29 July 2021.

With Fate and Choice Exaggerated for the last several days (asteroid Moira Stationary 22 July) in the last few Degrees of Pisces (Letting Go of Excess Emotional Baggage), I imagine most of us have been doing significant Pruning in our Karmic Garden. The bottom line for asteroid Moira is that our Karma remains our Fate as long as it’s Unconscious, and it becomes Choice, Potentially, as soon as we bring it into our Awareness. That’s “Potentially” because even after we’ve Let Go of our Karma, we’re still surrounded by the Habit Patterns that we developed over the years, and Lifetimes, to Accommodate the Karma.

For instance, suppose we always wanted to Travel, but our Fear of the Abandoning the Comfort we Know always stopped us. The Stories we heard about the Pickpockets in Rome and the heavy Rains in India and the Vampires in Transylvania, didn’t help a bit. Well, we may have Let Go of our Resistance to Travel last week, but our Habitual Thoughts about those Pickpockets and Rains and Vampires may still be a Deep-Seated Pattern – the more reps we have Believing them, the sturdier they are.

We have elaborately-constructed Justifications for every Resistance we’ve ever had, and some of them aren’t even our own. Somebody’s Grandmother caught a nasty Flu and died once, generations ago, after she went out in the Rain, and ever after whole generations of people have been told that going out in the Rain “will be the Death of you.” Even after we’ve Let Go of our Flu Karma, we still may Fear going out in the Rain – we may never make the Connection.

This is why Consciousness is so Helpful. Karma has its own Timeline, including its own natural Expiry Date, and those Expiry Dates can pass without our ever noticing them. Without being Aware that we’ve left our Flu Karma at the train station on the way Home from work yesterday, our Chances of Connecting Fear of Flu with Going Out in the Rain diminish, and our Opportunities to Let Go of Obsolete Limiting Beliefs can pass us by. This is also why it is Critical to Recognize Confusion as a Valid and Important Emotion, and Avoid trying to Intellectualize it away. Confusion means that our Habitual Mental Cage of Limiting Unconscious Beliefs – the Justifications for our Fears and Limiting Beliefs that we’ve Memorized to Keep Us Safe, is losing Strength.

What’s left behind is usually Fear – Fear that Granny has left the Cage door open and Sylvester will be home any minute from work at the Mousery. Fear is another Valid and Important Emotion that we need to Avoid Intellectualizing away. If you really were facing a Sabre-Toothed Tiger in your kitchen, you’d Know it, you wouldn’t have to Intellectualize it. Even before we’ve Let It Go, Karma is always a “Paper Tiger” (a residual Symbol of Fear, not a Current-Moment Object to be Feared). Once we’ve Let It Go, Consciously or not, it becomes a Diaphanous Paper Tiger. We don’t have to Think about it, we just have to Look Through It.

Which is why we need to Work Hard to Distinguish our Emotions from our Thoughts about our Emotions. It’s not at all as Easy as it sounds. Any time you add an Object or a Cause or a Prepositional Phrase to an Emotion, you’ve Abandoned your all-important Emotion (the Original Intuition), and walked into the Fantasy World of Thought. Nothing wrong with Fantasy, but use it to your Advantage, not to Sabotage yourself. “I am Angry at…” is a Thought, as is “I am Angry about…” and “I Fear Vampires.” The Thoughts are just part of the Mental Cage we use to Create the Illusion of Safety. When we are Truly Safe, which many of us are a good deal of the Time (any time we aren’t Thinking about whether or not we’re Safe), we have no need for Thoughts to keep out the Dangerous Windstorms.

Even “I am Angry,” without the Grammatical Embellishments, is Misleading. “I am Angry” is a statement of Identity, an Ego-Identification, not a description of Emotions. When we really want to Clarify our Emotions, it would be “I Feel Anger” or “I Feel Scared” or “I Feel Pain” or “I Feel Safe” or “I Feel Ecstatic,” no more, no less. Rather than Embellishing your Emotional Clarity with Dysfunctional Thoughts, Go Inside, Locate the Feeling in your Body, and spend time Sitting With It. There’s so much to Learn from that process, and it’s not Intellectual. If it’s difficult to Locate, Ask yourself, “What If I Did Know?” and if the Answer isn’t Immediately Forthcoming, Wait for It. While you’re Waiting, take Inventory to see if you’ve already gotten the Answer but Dismissed it Out of Hand because it wasn’t Politically Correct to your Ego-of-the-Moment.

The 23 July (7:37 pm PDT, in 2 Aquarius) Full Moon, and the two weeks which follow, is about our Confidence in our Instincts (dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt ] Conjunct Moon), and our Lust to Reconnect with our Soul (asteroid Psyche [Goddess of the Soul ] Conjunct Sun). It’s Challenged by the Red Dragon of Enlightenment (T-Squared by minor planet Zhulong)…

Just as Unexamined Thought Separates us from our Emotions, Unexamined Thought also Separates us from our Soul. Our Concepts about Enlightenment will stand between us and Reunion with our Soul. Brenda Hoffman’s recent Channeling at reminds us…

“This is a confusing time. Your new world is no longer linear.  Circular is your new action word – and soon-to-be, belief. Even though that which was is no more, this new is different than you expected…

“Your new world has very few clear divisions. The deciding factors of yesterday are no more. Your actions and beliefs change daily. So it is, you are flitting from belief to belief, action to action, and thought to thought. In 3D, clear-cut delineations were necessary to promote community thought. You are in a new place in a new time, discovering that nothing is clear regarding who you are or what you believe.

“That last concept is frightening because you are not used to the freedom of thought and action while of the earth. You are now exploring new frequencies, dimensions, beliefs, and actions in Universal terms – as has been true since you were conceived eons ago. But when you were of 3D earth, you limited your thoughts and actions to fit within the accepted parameters established by others to create a 3D cohesiveness.

“That 3D cohesiveness no longer exists.”

This Full Moon Challenges our Existing Unconscious Beliefs (asteroid Vesta [Unconscious Limiting Beliefs] T-Squares the Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential ] and the Conjunction between dwarf planets Pholus and Quaoar [Global Change]). We need to parse this furthur. Quaoar symbolizes our Survival Instincts, and Pholus represents That Which We Haven’t Prepared For, but which is Essential. And Chaos is about The Zero Point Field, or the Vacuum of Space, which in the Quantum World is a version of the Infinite Improbability Drive that Zaphrod Beeblebrox pilfered (Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, pp.76ff). You haven’t read that yet? That’s as Unprepared as not having bothered to see the definitive documentary Men In Black. The Centaur Pholus got himself dead by Failing to be Prepared.

Seriously, any Limiting Belief is Risky these days. We have to continue to PIAVA What We Want, NOT What We Think We Can Manifest. Ice Cream for Breakfast? The Antichrist for Ambassador to Xinjiang? World Peace? Environmental Justice? Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding? What Is It That You Want? Don’t Hold Back. You’re In Charge of Your Piece of the Pie. Clotted Cream, or Ice Cream? Which Is It You Want? It’s Not a Time to Think Small.

It’s None of Your Business What Others Want for Their Piece, unless you’re Negotiating Win-Win with them and Helping each other Out. Competition and Scarcity are Obsolete; revise your Thinking toward Cooperation and Sharing instead. You don’t want to Know how What You Want might be Delivered – you’re not In Charge of that. It’s not about the Mechanisms which might Create it; many of those aren’t invented yet. It’s about What You Want Created. That and That Alone is Your Assignment.

We’ve made it through our six Cuspal July Self-Love Challenges (Stations). We have some Sign Changes in the next few weeks. Venus and Mars enter Virgo on 22 and 29 July respectively. That will be Challenging, as our Values, our Actions, and our Relationships will all seek reorientation through Ego Deaths. Mercury moves into Leo 27 July, so the Mind should Sparkle, as long as we keep it out of places where it’s way out of its League – Emotions and Enlightenment for instance. Jupiter backs into Aquarius 28 July, and Ceres moves into Gemini 31 July. Our Emotions should calm a little, and our Notions of what Sustainability means will Expand as much as our Limiting Beliefs are, if we let them.

We start August with Atropos moving into Virgo on the first – more Ego-Death-like Adjustments to Replace Expired Karma with something more Constructive. Till 2 August (4:23 pm PDT) we’ll be Feeling our Consciousness continuing to Expand (asteroid Juno Stationary in 9 Sagittarius) to fill the Voids Created by the July Demise of our Self-Judgments. Then we pretty much Get A Break till the Ides of August, though the subsequent Exaggerations of The Truth of the Mind and Descent of Soul (Stations of asteroid Veritas and Uranus 19-20 August) are likely to Expand to fill the empty space.

Manifesting Abundance

January 3, 2021

Abundance, according to Catherine Ponder in her 1962 book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, means Having Enough to Share. Of course that’s not the only possible definition. The Findhorn Garden for instance quoted the Wormwood Deva as saying something like “You Hu[per]s shy away from Power, but to us, more Power means we can Serve God Better.” Joe Dispenza points out that research by the HeartMath people shows that PIAVAs (Prayers, Intentions, Affirmations, Visualizations, Askings, et al) work much better when they’re Shared from a place of high Energy, such as Joy, Excitement, Gratitude, Love, and the like. I’m reading two recent books by Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap and Conscious Luck, that describe very fast, easy, and effective paths to Abundance – I recommend them highly.

I don’t doubt that this fellow, below, knows what he’s talking about, and if he didn’t mumble into his mustache so much, and was actually trying to Communicate rather than just Express, I’d probably also recommend this Dan Winter video…

As it is, I can only recommend it to folks who’ve played around with the likes of Scalar Energy or the Zero Point Field or Sacred Geometry or Ley Lines or Rife Machines or Distance Healing or Sound Healing or Dowsing or Fractals, or were able to watch last month’s Joe Dispenza video. He defines Ascension differently than we do, but the tiny portions of it that I was able to comprehend, were fascinating. He’s not a Teacher, but if you already know a little about what he’s mumbling about and you’re Patient, you might be able, as I was, to pick up a few more clues about how it all fits together. Many thanks to Casey for sending it.

At any rate, we’re deep into a Lesson on Manifestation (Station of dwarf planet Makemake), peaking 2:35 am 5 January 2021. Or as is often the case, an Opportunity to Explore our Resistance to Manifesting Abundance. Resistance?!? Why would anyone want to Resist Abundance?

I used to think that one factor in Global Warming has been all the times we’ve Complained about how Cold it is, but with Joe’s Insight, maybe Complaining doesn’t work so good because we seldom Complain from a place of high Energy. Besides, maybe we Complain about the Heat as often, especially if we live somewhere warmer than I! The Guardian has published fascinating excerpts from Greta’s mom’s new book about their family’s pre-Protest travails (

We mention this because a symbol for Global Warming (Conjunction [Merging] of dwarf planets Pholus [Willingness and Ability to RespondOr Not] and Quaoar [Our Survival Instincts]) is the primary Challenge (T-Square) in the Makemake Station chart, along with Despair and Powerlessness about it (Chiron [Despair and Miracles], which Opposes Makemake in the base of the T-Square)

The fastest planet here is Chiron, with its 50-year orbit, so this is a long-lasting T-Square or Challenge (roughly April 2018 to February 2022 using 3 Degrees of Sensitivity), it’s just more pronounced here because of the Makemake Station.

Extra Day of Earth-Healing Interviews

December 16, 2020

Because there have been technical difficulties, Brooke Medicine Eagle has extended her free replay of all of the interviews in her Returning to Earth ~ Becoming Fully Human series. Find the portal at, and our intro in the previous post at

Charts of the Portals V

September 15, 2020

Our 15 September 2020 (till at least 11:20 am PDT) Celebration of Survival and Response (Stations of Quaoar and Pholus)

…includes these features…

The first step to actually Accepting the Global Climate Change Challenge (Pholus-Quaoar) will be to ship the Deniers off with a few fishhooks, several Sheep, some Dandelion seeds (they’re very nutritious and they’ll grow anywhere), a Moai, and all the Money they can eat, to live on those newly Ice-free mountains in Antarctic.  Then we can All Pull Together to Create the World We Want to Live In, and the Opportunities will be Enormous (Pholus-Quaoar Opposite dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential]).  If that sounds fantasmagorical to you, your Assignment is to Imagine it for us, eliminating all Negativity and just keeping What You Want.

Of course there’s a possibility that our Karma could intervene and we could Forget that Everyone’s Truth of the Heart is Different, and if we’re going to make something Sustainable Together we’re going to have to Figure out how to Express the Truth of Our Own Heart without Negating Anyone Else’s Truth, and Accept the Truth of Everyone Else’s Heart without Believing it Conflicts with Our Own Truth (a T-Square to Gonggong aka OR-10 [Intrustive Memories, including Karma], Ceres [Susainability], and Aletheia [Truth of the Heart]).  If that sounds fantasmagorical to you, your Assignment is to Imagine it for us, eliminating all the Yes-Buts and just keeping What Will Work.  (We’re speaking of Truths, not Actions.)

Just to show us how Important this Truth of the Heart Business is to the equation, the Universe scheduled the symbol for the Truth of the Heart to be Super Strong (asteroid Aletheia Stationary almost exactly 24 hours after the Pholus Station, in a very tight Unx [Pattern-Breaking] Angle) just as Global Climate Change is Lit Up (Pholus-Quaoar).

To Manifest our Fantasies, we’ll need to Transform our Fear to Power (Sedna) and Transcend our Addiction to the Victimhood of Fate (asteroids Bee-Zed and Moira in the base of the T-Square; Bee-Zed was recently given a Real name, Ka’epaoka’awela).  Fate is only Fate while we remain Unconscious.  Once we Merge our Egoic Identity with our larger Soul Self, Choice replaces Fate.

Conveniently, we’re aided by another set of “Problems,” the solution to which will provide Insights into How We Can Imagine our “Impossible” Outcomes.  In order to Imagine the Phantasmagorical, we’ll need to Expand our Consciousness (Juno) enough to Fully Grok Unconditional Self-Love (Sappho).  To do that we’ll have to become Fully Conscious of our Karmic Trance, so we’ll know where our Perspective is warped.  Fortunately, that Information is Available to us – it’s written in our Life Force (Karma [Karma] Conjunct Varuna [Life Force], Square to Sappho Conjunct Juno).

We’ll save the other Remarkable Patterns in the chart for our next installment.

Charts of the Portals IV

September 13, 2020

Mom ain’t gonna take it no more…

“From the Strait of Gibraltar to Galicia, Orcas have been harassing yachts, damaging vessels and injuring crew.”


As we’ve mentioned, we associate Global Climate Change with the Dance between Huper Survival (dwarf planet Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]) and Huper Response (dwarf planet Pholus [the Ability and Foresight to Respond to All Possibilities]).  So far the latter is Lacking.  On the other hand, even though it’s been going on since 2014, the actual Merger (Initiation, or First Conjunction in the Cycle) doesn’t take place till 2022 – we talk more about this in Section 1 of the U R Here post.  The hope is that by February 2022 Hupers will actually Begin to give Global Climate Change the Priority it Demands, on the Scale Required.

Both Huper Survival and Huper Response are Lit Up Strongly until at least 11:20 am PDT 15 September 2020.  That’s pretty writ large out here on the Left Coast of the US.  At this point though, the Survival issues are Global but the Responses are still Local, with the mismatch putting a lot more emphasis on the Survival.  For instance, the Fires are the size of Counties, but it’s Local Fire Departments, often Volunteer Fire Departments, that are doing much of the Firefighting.  They have neither tools nor personpower to try to actually constrain the Fires, all they can do is try to save individual buildings and people, with spotty success.  Midday pictures like this one are common, where the Fires aren’t burning  – the picture isn’t doctored…

On 13 September, the symbol for Fate and Choice (asteroid Moira) moved out of the Sign of Fearlessness (Scorpio) and into the Sign of Letting Go or Burning Away the Unnecessary (Sagittarius, Spiritual Fire).  Fate is Fate only as long as we’re Unconscious about our Karma.  Once we become Conscious of our Fate, the only thing we need to do to Change it, is to Choose to do something DifferentFate and Choice are Intimately involved with many of these charts…

For instance, in this 15 September chart of Survival and Response (Quaoar-Pholus), Fate is Merged with Transcendence (asteroid Bee-Zed, which was Stationary 4 September) in a Pattern-Breaking Relationship (Unx) with Survival-Response.  The Story is that even though Global Climate Change is orders of magnitude larger than our Span of Control, we don’t have to Surrender to it as Fate.  We can make Choices that Improve our own Future (for instance by Focusing on What We Want) and we can even make Choices that Improve the Future of Others (for instance by Teaching them to Focus on What They Want).

My Candle has burnt out!  We’ll finish looking at this Survival-Response chart tomorrow…

Charts of the Portals II

September 11, 2020

Admit it – you had flashes of Genius yesterday or today, didn’t you!  You don’t think so?  Or rather, you didn’t Recognize them as Miracles?  No wonder, they’re fairly Routine for you, aren’t they.  Someone remark about them to you today, and you didn’t much Acknowledge their Compliment?  Because you don’t Ego-Associate with those Skills.  In fact, if you try to think about it too much, the Magic may slip away.  Spend a few minutes thinking about this.

Did you do anything that normal mortals can’t?  Probably.

Did you Pat yourself on the Back when you did?  Probably not.

Did someone else Recognize your Adeptness?  Maybe, or Not.

Were you Surprised by anything today?  Probably.

Anything go a lot more Easily than you Expected?  Probably.

Can you Identify these things?

We Learned these Ixionic Superpowers in other Lifetimes, and we Learned to be Adept at them.  We’ve all done a lot more than Bludgeon Tigers and Wring Juice from Melons in our multitude of Lifetimes.  Our Relationship to our Superpowers in this Lifetime is Complicated.  Once we’re past about eight years old we don’t talk about them any more.  Some people Ridiculed or Shamed us for “Putting on Airs” or “Fantasizing too much.”  Some people Actively Punished us for “Pretending” we could do that.  Our Culture says it’s not supposed to be Possible, and we can get in big trouble for Crossing our Culture.

What we Learned to do in this Lifetime is very different.  We had to Work At Learning it, and in the back of our mind we still have to review what we’ve Learned every time we do it.  They don’t jump into Action automatically, often even unbidden.  So we aren’t nearly as Conscious about our Superpowers as we are about our Powers.  Do we need to Bring them into Consciousness?  Will that Spoil them?  Often when we’ve Tried to Show Them Off they haven’t Worked.  Will that happen again?

But there’s a Difference between Being Conscious of something and Being Ego-Attached to it.  Robert Fritz (The Path of Least Resistance) pointed out a generation or so ago that the folks who Really Excelled, the Magic Johnsons and Mother Teresas and Thomas Edisons and William Shakespeares and Amadeus Mozarts and Martin Luther Kings and Stephen Levines and Edgar Cayces and Royal Rifes, took one of their Inborn Superpowers, and then devoted their Lifetime to Developing it further.  We can’t really do that if we aren’t very Conscious of our Superpower.

As we Approach the End Times here, though, we’re all going to Need our Superpowers.  Our Superpowers, in one way or another, are Law-Breakers, commonly Breaking Cultural or Moral Laws if not Physical Laws (as they were Understood or Agreed Upon).  We can’t Solve a Problem using the same Thinking (and Acting) that Created the Problem, and to Solve the End Times Problem for Hupers here on Earth, we All need to Collaborate, and we All need to bring our Superpowers to the Table.  In this sense it Behooves us to Break through our Denial or Shame or Fear or Whatever keeps your Superpowers in the Dark, and start Learning how to Practice and Improve them without getting in their way.

So  yesterday and today, 9 and 10 September 2020, was about Beginning this process, if you haven’t started on it Long Ago – dwarf Planet Ixion, which symbolizes our Superpowers, had its Power turned up to Max (it was Stationary in Sagittarius [Distributing Fire, or Letting Go of Constraints to Change]).  If you Live on the Left Coast of North America, you know what it feels like when Mother Gaia is Feeling Her Power.  She was demonstrating Ixion for us, Channeled through Fire (Mars [Spiritual Fire, Action] was also Stationary, on 9 September, in Aries [Creative Spirit, Creative Fire – not Destructive Fire]).

The message was very Clear as hundred of thousands of people were forced to Move/Evacuate – Get Your Butt In Gear!  You Hupers can’t Sit Around any more!  No more “Business as Usual” for you!  The astroEnergy that symbolizes Global Change is Being Turned Up to Max as we speak as well (dwarf planets Quaoar [Survival Instincts] and Pholus [Being Able and Willing to Respond] are both Stationary 15 September), and it’s no Coincidence that Ixion is Amped up at the same time.

Ixion represents the Huper Superpowers that will – or Not – Live Up to the Challenge of Huper Survival (Quaoar) Initiating Huper Response (Pholus).  Think of an Initiation as a Knighting or a Shakipat, the Passing of a Torch, or a Gift of Power accompanied by a solemn Responsibility.  The Impediment that’s been causing a Rejection of the Initiation so far is Huper Laws – the Law of Obedience most especially.  If an Authority Figure tells you to do the opposite of what your own Survival Instincts tell you to do, how do you Respond?  Whom do you Obey?  Your Inner Goddess, or your Outer Antichrist?

It’s not a trivial Question for many people, and it’s a Rite of Passage for Huperity, obviously a Challenging one.  So Challenging that we aren’t at all sure Huperity is going to make it over the hump, even after Creating an Eon-Scale Mass Extinction.  It’s also no Coincidence that in the Ixion-and-Mars-et al-Stations chart…

…the symbol for Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) stands beside the symbol for Action (Stationary Mars) in the Sign of Impulsive Action (Aries) in a Relationship of Great Blessings and Automatic Collaboration (the long blue line or Trine) to the Ixion Station itself.  The three charts we’ve mentioned are so closely tied together by their Timing that we can’t consider them Separately, even though we’ll need to examine each of them by itself.

Which we’ll do more of next.

Charts of the Portals I

September 10, 2020

I’m behind, as there’s a lot going on…

  • Till at least 3:21 pm PDT 9 September 2020, Action and Energy are Lit Up (Mars Stationary in 29 Aries), the first of many astroevents in the Open Portal at the rear end of the Signs

  • Till at least 5:20 pm PDT 9 September, Transcendence is Illuminated (asteroid Bee-Zed, or Ka’epaoka’awela as it’s now officially known, Stationary in 2 Sagittarius), the first of many astroevents in the Open Portal at the front end of the Zodiac

  • Till at least 3pm PDT 10 September, our Hidden/Forbidden Genius Insists on its Moment in the Sun (dwarf planet Ixion Stationary in 28 Sagittarius), the second of many Perturbations in the Open Portal at the back end of the Force.
  • From 5:42 pm PDT 10 September to 1:59 am 13 September, Expect Emotions to Be Strong and Passion to run Deep (Moon Out of Bounds from the Capricorn Duad of Gemini [Getting to Work Letting Go!] through the Pisces Duad of Cancer [Tears of Self-Compassion]).
  • At least until 5:40 pm PDT 12 September, Everything Is Expanding (Station of Jupiter in 18 Aquarius), the first of two events in the Open Portal at the Ides of the Zodiac, and the first step toward the Initiation of the Digital Age

  • At 1:40 pm PDT 13 September, having Completed a Deep Review of our Limiting Beliefs, we can now Begin to Consciously Choose to Let Go of these Karmic Self-Sabotages (asteroid Moira [Fate and Choice] moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius)Astroevents like this one Connect the Open Portal at the Front End of the Signs to the Open Portal at the Back End of the Signs.
  • At least until 11:20 am PDT 15 September, Mother Gaia makes it very Clear what we Need to Be Doing to bring our Consciousness into Collaboration with Hers (till at least 3am PDT 15 September, dwarf planet Quaoar [our Survival Instincts] Stands Still in 3 Capricorn, and till at least 11:20 am, dwarf planet Pholus [our Ability to Respond] is Stationary in 2 Capricorn), the second of many astroevents in the Open Portal at the front end of the Zodiac.  Did someone mention Water?
  • Till at least 11:10 am PDT 16 September, We Are Compelled to Speak the Truth of Our Heart, no matter what we think about it or Fear backlash (asteroid Aletheia [Truth of the Heart] Stationary in 2 Aquarius), the third of many astroevents in the Open Portal at the front end of the Zodiac.

which takes us up to the New Moon, which will be the third of many astroevents in the Open Portal at the rear end of the Signs (in 26 Virgo)And which is not the end of this Twisted Rope of intertwining Front End-Back End-Ides Open-astroportals that are Weaving the New Reality that we’re Creating.  In fact, Grandmother Spider (asteroid Arachne), who Weaves the Web in which we All Live, is prominent in the Open Ides Portal (in 17 of Virgo) along with All-Heal (asteroid Panacea in 19 Virgo).

Yes, it’s Complicated, hopefully more Complex than the Left Brain can handle so we’ll have to let our eyes Glaze over and Read the Energy emanating from the page.  We Need to Manifest a Personal Reality that can Subsist through the Climactic Climatic Transformation (Pholus-Quaoar), through the Digital Age (Jupiter-Saturn) including 5G, and Sustain itself in any Political Climate.

It’s not about What We Do, it’s about How We Feel When We Do It.  If we Do it in Fear, we Create more Anxiety.  If we Do it in Joy, we Create more Bliss.  If we Do it in Codependence, we Create more Entanglement.  If we do it in Self-Sovereignty, we Create more Power.  Make a Choice of How You Want to Feel in December and January, take as much time as you need to Meditate Deeply on that Feeling, till it becomes Who You Are.  This is your Highest Priority (Saturn [The Most Important Thing] turns Direct 28 September, the second step toward Initiation of the Digital Age).  Let everything else take a back seat.

This is The Turning.  Mother Gaia has Stopped the World for us so we can Focus on Turning in the Direction that We Want rather than the one we Don’t Want.  Remind me to Show you how to alternate Tapping and Theta to fine-tune the Relationship between your Ego and the Unconscious, in order to maximize the Power of your Meditation on What You Want to Feel, and the Clarity of your Manifestation.

U R Here

September 7, 2020




That’s us, there in the middle of the previous line.

Looks precarious, don’t it.  It is, actually…

Did we mention that it’s Hot there?  Scienterrific folks recently announced that “Carrington Events” – Solar Outbursts big enough to Eliminate Electricity, Computing, and Communication on the Sun-facing half of the Earth – are probably more frequent than they previously thought.  The Flares have just not been pointing in our direction lately.  Being a tiny target has its advantages.

Aside from that and the Big Near-Earth asteroids that regularly zing past, what was it that we’ve been Concerned about?  Oh yeah, those three big current events barreling down the pike toward us.  Let’s start with the biggest one…



Since 2014 (using three Degrees of Sensitivity), the symbol for Our Ability to Respond (dwarf planet Pholus) has been Teasing the symbol for Our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar).  They both turn Retrograde every northern Spring at about the same time and around the same Zodiacal place, and every year they get closer together before Our Ability to Respond Chickens Out and Backs Away.

In 2020, Respond approached within 12 arcminutes – one fifth of a Degree – to Survive before it Got Scared, dropped its toolbox, and ran.  When you drop something 2.6 thousand million miles from the Sun, it falls for a looong time – or just quietly floats away and makes its own Orbit, or Obit.

On 3 April 2021 (5:10 am PDT in 7 Capricorn, “A veiled Prophet speaks, seized by the Power of a God: The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent Will and Truth determining future action” – probably Greta), Respond will Feel Survive’s Cold Breath from a distance of only 12 arcsecondsthree tenths of one percent of one Degree – before Respond thinks about its Exxon dividends (How will we Eat?) and Decides it’s too Risky to proceed.  Fortunately, they won’t be colliding – Survive is half again as Far Out as Respond.

By 2022, however, Survival gets just too tenuous, Living Feels more Important than Eating, and Hupers may actually Begin Responding to their Survival InstinctsOn 21 February 2022 (7:02 pm PST), dwarf planet Quaoar (Survival Instincts) Initiates dwarf planet Pholus (Ability to Respond) to begin a New two-Century Cycle (in 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home domesticated Birds sing joyously: The wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly“).  Whoa!  Will the Antichrist have successfully completed his Genocide and now be living Underground with the rest of his 1% cronies?

I included Rudhyar’s commentary (“The wholesome happiness…“) because it’s so shocking in the context.  This is a 223-year Cycle, however, so we can PIAVA that, once Hupers start to Pay Attention to the Health of the Planet, they can Create a “well-established culture” with Sustainable “ideals and patterns.”  Then our Reincarnations and Descendants can Sing Joyously along with the Birds – hopefully Self-Domesticated Birds who Join us because it Feeds them, as their Song would be better if they were Wild.  Once we get to 5D, though, we’ll all be In The Same Dance.

The previous Cycle began on 26 April 1798 (in 26 Pisces, “Watching the very thin Moon Crescent appearing at Sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects: A keen appreciation of the value of individualized responses to any challenge of Life“).  The very thin Moon Crescent appearing at Sunset is a Cherokee signal to Begin Manifesting New Ideas into Form, which Hupers have certainly been doing for the last two Centuries.  And Celebration of the Individual has certainly been a Core Concept of Western Ideation for a while now.

We can easily think of this Era that we’re leaving as the Age of Every Man for Himself and the Age of Competition, where Collaboration is seen as Weakness because it leaves one open to Betrayal or Abandonment.  We know that a Dis-Ease often retraces its Pattern of Development as it Heals, and that a Dis-Ease often gets “worse” on it’s way to getting “better,” if we’re Measuring by Discomfort rather than Learning.  In other words, “If it doesn’t Kill you, it’ll make you Stronger.”

The Problem we Encounter in Recognizing the Difference between a Birth Wail and a Death Rattle, is our Doubt.  If we’re Confident in what we’re Creating, Neutral on Timelines and Outcomes, and Consistently Passionate about What We Want, then we’re with Rumi out in that Field Beyond Success and Failure.  Otherwise, we’re just in the Ego, which offers us as much Protection as any other paper bag.



The second-biggest current event barreling down the pike toward us is the Digital Age…

The dystopia that worries me is a universe in which a few geniuses invent Google and its ilk and the rest of us are employed giving them massages.”  –Canada’s new finance minister Chrystia Freeland, quoted in

I couldn’t agree more.  If Predatory Catpiddleism continues to Reign, as Machines take over more and more of Life, it’s easy to picture a repeat of Dickensian London, but without the Escape Valve that forcing the Previous Inhabitants out of the Appalachians offered in Dickens’s Time.

Economic Eras and Ages are Bounded by the Metacycles of Saturn and Jupiter, the two primary Social planets.  They are in the Habit of Conjoining in one Element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) seven times in a row, then sampling the next Element once, then debriefing the first Element one last time, then seven times in the next Element.  I know, that’s tricky.  It’s like so…

  • An Introduction to the Earth Element (1802 in Virgo).
    • A Debriefing of the Fire Element (1821 in Aries).
  • Seven Conjunctions in Earth (1842-1961).
    • An Introduction to the Air Element (1981 in Libra)
  • One last Conjunction in Earth (2000 in Taurus).
    • Seven Conjunctions in Air (2020-2140).
  • One Nibble on Water Signs (2159 in Scorpio).
    • One last Conjunction in Air (2179 in Gemini).

(Actually, there’s a Pattern-Breaker here, as Debriefing from the Digital Age will require 40 years rather than 20, so there’s another Air-Sign Conjunction in 2199, in Aquarius, before we go back to Scorpio in 2219.  Clear as Mud, eh?  It well Illustrates how difficult it is to Break the Tyranny of the “Left Brain,” though, especially in an Age of Fixed Air, which is easily translated as Ideology.)

  • Fire-Sign Jupiter-Saturns spanned the 17th and 18th Centuries, featuring lots of Religious Wars.
  • Earth-Sign Jupiter-Saturns, defining the Industrial Era, occurred in 1802, 1842-1961, and 2000, basically the 19th and 20th Centuries.  The Wars were between the Flags that Defended your Material Commerce.
  • The Air-Sign Jupiter-Saturns, which will define the Digital Age, occur in 1981, 2020-2140, and 2179, the (current) 21st and 22nd Centuries.  The Wars are already largely Digital.
  • Water-Sign Jupiter-Saturns will dominate the 23rd and 24th Centuries, as they did the 15th and 16th Centuries.



Notice that the 1802-2020 Industrial Era (including its Intro and Debrief) and the 1798-2022 Era of Every Man for Himself (Pholus-Quaoar in 26 Pisces) began at about the same time.  These Cycles differ in length by about five years (the Pholus and Quaoar Orbits aren’t perfectly Circular, so their Cycle lengths may vary), so they won’t always Change their Directions at the same time.  Which means that we’re Experiencing one hell of a Change, relative to the average Winter Count.

Those are the Century-Scale Changes we’re embedded in.  We’re also Entering the Age of Aquarius, which is a two-Millennium Change (2,150 years or so), and Enjoying Teasers of the End of the Patriarchy, which is on the order of a five-Millennium Change.  These are slow Changes that don’t happen overnight.  Many of us who Invite 5D envision Transitioning from Kali Yuga back to Satya Yuga, a Change that occurs every 6.9 million years.



Our third-most Concerning Cyclic Change, by comparison, occurs, theoretically, every four years.  On a Dharmic Scale, the Scale of Souls, pretty minuscule.  Nevertheless, in the Short Term it can Change our Lives in many Significant Ways if we aren’t Focusing our Energies in the right Directions.

There are some Basic Concepts about how What We Manifest comes about, Concepts handed down from long-standing Empirical Traditions.  We should review a few of those before we go much furthur…

Energy Precedes Form.  A reader writes…

I put the ‘Feeling-what-one-wants-to-manifest’ into action, but continued to have a most difficult week, culminating this morning.  Threw the Ching and was advised to still myself and know that a spiritual practice is worthless if not used when under fire.  That helped a great deal and I now am retooling.”

The Future Isn’t Created Yet.  In fact, all there really is, Is Now.  So the Question is always, What’s Going on in the Now?  If that’s Worry or Anxiousness or Doubt or Disgust or Fear or Whatever, That’s Exactly What We’re Likely to Manifest in subsequent Moments of Now.  Whatever the Content of that Worry or Doubt is, it’s just Dust.  It’s the Verb that does the Manifesting, not the Noun.

The Only Thing We Can Change Is UsAn Ambition to Change the World is unlikely to work out.  Focus on What You Want to Experience.  Don’t make your PIAVAs Dependent on someone else.  How will You Feel if the Future moves in your Favor?  That’s all you Need – Feel That, as often and as Deeply as you can.

There’s Nothing Objective About Reality.  Without an Observer, there’s Nothing happening.  There are no Objective Observers.  Every one of them has a Point of View.  Reality is a Dance between the Observed and the Point of View of the Observer, each Manipulating the Other.  It can make Fascinating Entertainment, but it’s not worth much else.

We have five charts between now and 3 November.  Each one is an Opportunity for us to Manifest What We Want to Feel.  We’ll look at each of them in turn.

Waking Up II

May 27, 2020

An Important part of Waking Up to 5D is Recognizing the Consciousness in “Inanimate Objects,” since 5D includes Dancing Collaboratively with everything that 3D considers to be “Inanimate.”  If we’re stuck in the Belief that only Hupers, or only Animals, or only “Living” Biological Beings, or only anything, have Consciousness, we’re going to have a difficult time Negotiating Win-Win with, say, a Rock or an Idea or a Star.

So this is an excellent time to Notice how we Relate to “Inanimate Objects.”  I Noticed earlier today, when I was rushing around Doing, that I was impatient with “Inanimate Objects” that were Asking me to Slow Down and be more Conscious of What I was Doing, and How I was Doing it.  Like that “damned” Garbage Pail that likes to jump out of the way after I’ve dropped something that falls into the space where the pail was when I let go of the greaseball.

No wonder it likes to make my Life a little more difficult, when I’m often damning it to Garbage-Pail Hell.  Considering the kind of detritus that the pail has to deal with on a daily basis, its Hell must be pretty foul.  Or maybe sickly sweet – after all, the sadist said “No” when the masochist said “Hit me.”  Fortunately, though I don’t always Act like I do, I do Know that everything is Animate, so I’m able to at least chuckle to myself when I Notice “Lack of Cooperation.”  Where to go from here?  I need to start Apologizing to the “Inanimate” People when I Disrespect them.

The ultimate “Inanimate Object” is our planet Mother Gaia, who is very much a Conscious Entity.  We’re in the middle of a long-term Collaboration (Conjunction) between our Survival Instincts (as symbolized by dwarf planet Quaoar) and our Tendency to Forget or Ignore Things That Later Turn Out to Be Critically Important (dwarf planet Pholus).  The Mythological Pholus didn’t think to hide or secure the wine that was Sacred to the Centaurs, and when his houseguest Heracles (aka Hercules) opened the wine, so began the melee that got Chiron Wounded, and Pholus and others Dead.

We usually interpret this Survival-Respondability (Quaoar-Pholus) Energy as Global Warming or Climate Change, but it would be equally Easy to think of it as Respect for Mother Earth, or Granting Consciousness to the “Inanimate. or even Respect for All Things (which is how we interpret asteroid Hopi – and of course Hopi sits near the Far Midpoint between Juno-Makemake and Pholus-Quaoar, making a Trioctile Yod or Mjölnir, symbolizing Epiphany).  Quite simply, Huperity won’t Survive as we know it, until it finds Respect for Mother Earth.

This Survival-Respondability Energy (Quaoar-Pholus) is a second corner of the Juno-Station Grand Cross, and it’s also Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star).

In this version of the 26-30 May 2020 Juno-OR10 Station chart, the Pholus-Quaoar Diamond Star is drawn in heavy lines…

The feet of the Finger of the Goddess (the green wedge) are the sources of Grace that Resolve what would otherwise be a Challenge to our Ability to Respond to our Survival Instincts.  These sources are The Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna), and Self-Trust that we have been Thorough, Fearless, and Honest in Clearing our Karmic Impediments (Eurydike-Sun-Atropos-Karma – we’ve included on the chart only planets that are within three Degrees of Orb to the Juno and OR10 Stations, but asteroid Karma sits just beyond asteroid Atropos [Endings], well within Orb to Atropos and Chiron).  The presence of Varuna indicates that The Life Force is too Strong to let itself be Dismissed by Flagrant Corruption.