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Karma Full Moon II

May 29, 2018

So BZ509/Transcendence Conjoined Mars and the South Node in the Karma Full Moon and OR10 Station charts.  I guess Roseanne is our poster child for that – an invitation to Face Down (Transcend – BZ509) our Karma (South Node and Full Moon) around Anger and Violence (Mars).  BZ509-Mars-South Node was one side (Opposite Aletheia/Truth) of the base of the Lachesis-Nemesis T-Square (the Challenge to Shift our Timeline around Ego Death). 

Of course, if we’re proactive about Growing our Consciousness and about Improving our Attitude toward Ego Death, we could see the BZ509-Mars-SN corner as a Suggestion that we Act (Mars) to Transcend (BZ509) our Self-Sabotaging Patterns by Embracing our Held Emotions (South Node).  Held Emotions are the ones we’d Rather Die than Feel – which is of course an Ego Death invitation that’s being Refused, since “I’d rather Die” isn’t about the Dying, it’s about the “I”.

The new twenty-month Mars-BZ509 Cycle began 28 May (6am PDT) in 5 Aquarius, “A Council of Ancestors implements the efforts of a young leader.”  Rudhyar interprets that as Current Actions using the Momentum of Past History, which makes sense if we assume that Ancestors are deceased.  I don’t think the definition requires that, however, which means we could read it as “A Council of Elders implements the efforts of a young leader.”  To me this is an image of a young Leader, such as a War Chief or Chieftess, being supported by their Community.

We could probably feed both Birds with one seed by Praying or otherwise PIAVAing that our Transcendence of Ego Limits be Supported by the accumulated Energies of the Monks and Curanderas who’ve aspired to Ascendance in the Past and, while we’re at it, in the Future and the Present.  On Wall Street they refer to that as “Don’t fight the tape.”