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Getting Wild Again 13

March 27, 2022

This short cartoon illuminates part of Ukraine’s motivation to resist Russian Suzerainty…


The history appears to be muddled because there was so much secrecy under Stalin, but essentially, in the course of a general famine in Russia and Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians were starved to death (holodomor means murder by starvation; almost rhymes with Volodomyr) by Soviet confiscation of all food, replaced by rations that were inadequate or in some cases absent. Ukrainians received far harsher treatment than Russians, as a punishment for their resistance to collectivization, which was received as a “second serfdom.” In Ukraine the “Peasants,” as the Bolsheviks called them, were more likely to be forced to surrender their own land because Serfs there had been liberated several decades earlier than in Russia.

Remember too, that Ukrainians are not all descendants of poor Dirt Farmers. There are no mountains between the Baltic and Black Seas, so these plains and swamps have been crossed and recrossed by dozens of races and ethnicities over the centuries. Many Ukrainians descend from Cossacks, who have served as hired cavalry for centuries, so in their traditions they’re not likely to shrink from a fight. Maybe this is their (inertial) Karma more than ours, though I hail from Viking Blood.

We haven’t found asteroids referring explicitly to nucular war, but if you want to prepare just in case, here’s a resource that might be useful…


Most of us have made it through the Exponential Exaggeration of our Karma and a Lunar review of the astrological Trigger for the Invasion,1 which themselves are fabulous testaments to our relative safety. We have more tests coming up in the next few weeks.2

  • 1 Station of Out of Bounds asteroid Karma, 7:30 am PDT 26 March 2022, in 4 Sagittarius, preceded by the Out of Bounds Moon (Emotional Overreaction to News) crossing asteroid Karma (Held Emotions, the ones we’d rather Die than Feel) 22 March, Stationary and Out of Bounds dwarf planet Ixion (Exponential Amplification of our Forbidden Genius) 24 March, and the Invasion Trigger itself, Stationary dwarf planets Quaoar and Pholus (Global Climate Change and its Ramifications), on 25 March.
  • 2 Out of Bounds Dwarf planet Ixion Stationary 2 April (Ixion was only 5 Degrees from the Quaoar-Pholus Invasion Trigger), both Pholus and Quaoar Stationary 4-7 March, and Moon Out of Bounds again crossing Stationary Pholus and Quaoar 7-8 March.

Getting Wild Again 12

March 26, 2022

A couple of addenda to the previous post about Karma and Our Actual Feelings rather than Our Thoughts About Our Feelings...

Carl Jung used to say that people who rely more on Thinking than Feeling are Irrational because they aren’t in tough with their Values. Jungian Robert A. Johnson’s The Fisher King & the Handless Maiden, pp.3-5 explains further…

“Thinking is that cool faculty which brings clarity and objectivity – but provides no valuing; sensation describes the physical world – but provides no valuing; intuition suggests a wide range of possibilities – but provides no valuing. Only feeling brings a sense of value and worth; indeed, this is its chief function. Without feeling there is no value judgment. To lose one’s feeling function is thus to lose one of the most precious human faculties, perhaps the one that makes us most human. We can understand the term feeling more accurately if we define it as the capacity to value or give worth to something… The very term feeling is itself ambiguous, an orphan word. It’s true meaning has not quite differentiated itself from its tactile origins.”

While this is instructive, I don’t quite agree (he wrote this in 1993, if that matters). Thinking has kidnapped Valuing, as we can easily list the Pros and Cons of alternate propositions to make Decisions, without ever actually Asking the Question, How Do We Feel About This? Objectivity has nothing to do with Emotion, because Emotion is always How do WE Feel, not How would someone Feel? We can Believe that we’re making Objective Value Judgments – and that’s a good way to Identify our Unconscious Limitations so we can Eliminate them. Quantum Physics puts Objectivity in the category of Mythology anyway.

Everyone tries to tell us how Objectively Great their Ideas or Products are because in a Culture where Thinking Rules, they’ve found that they can Sell us things that way. It’s a big part of today’s Political Dichotomy – Objectively, we all know that Money is more Valuable than People, right? We can find Statistically Valid (more Thinking) polls that give us Objective information. For instance, AARP told me today that I need at least a half pound of Meat for Breakfast every day or my Muscles will deteriorate, and before long I won’t be able to Get Up for Breakfast. “A Study” told them so. My only question would be whether the Study was funded by the People who sell Pigs, or the People who sell Cows.

When you look to see where and how an actual Emotion Feels in your Body in the Present Moment, as 0pposed to your Thoughts About Your Emotions, you’ll often find the same Emotions in the same places, though the person next to you may have a very different card catalog for their Emotions. Can we even Stay in the Present Moment in the presence of Emotion? It’s difficult. We’re Hoovered into the Past. That’s why we look to see what’s actually Happening in our Physical Body, because our Physical Body, by and large (excepting unusual extracorporeal events), remains in the Present Moment. Of course once our Thoughts have taken over, they may well carry our Awareness of our Body into a different Moment. The Breath is often used to tune us back into the Present Moment.

And since our Karma is just our (Ancient) Habits, we all have Habitual ways of Reacting to various Physical and Emotional Stimuli. Which brings us to Nafta Jay’s sage comments on the subject, in Walking in Both Worlds, pp.31-32…

“[As we’re stimulated,] the emotional triggers are automatic, but the key is what we do with them… It is basically an awareness test. It works like this… the trigger happens, we feel it deeply, and then we have a slight pause before we react to decide if we want to make a different choice. The key is in the pause… that’s the opening of awareness. … When you get triggered, feel it deeply, and really be conscious of how it feels, and where it’s stored in your body. Then just stop for a moment. Feel it and let it go. Then, consciously choose your next move. … Some people won’t notice the pause, the choice point, between trigger and reaction. Some will only see it in hindsight. And some will seize the moment, to redirect fate. None of these moments is wrong. People are where they are. … If you want to kick it up a notch and push your own growth, be aware of the pause.”

I’ve been working on my Impatience, and my Habit of Blaming Inanimate “objects” for my Frustration. I’m at the point where I’m being Aware that I’m starting to swear at the butter knife or the scissors or the keyboard {especially that damn ctrl-) }, cut the Pattern short, Apologize, and then “Ask Nicely” for Cooperation. So far, the “objects” Respond right away with Forgiveness, and start “behaving” – from the Perspective of my Blaming Impatience. Of course what that really means is that my Attention is redirected back into the Present Moment, I stop trying to do three things at once, and Pay Attention to what I’m doing. It’s a Worthiness thing for me – I’m only Of Value if I can get three times as much done.

Meanwhile, I’m reviewing Gay Hendricks’s section in The Big Leap on “Einstein Time” (pp.159-184). From p.176-177…

“When we switch to Einstein Time, we take charge of the amount of time we have. We realize that we’re where time comes from. We embrace this liberating insight: since I’m the producer of time, I can make as much of it as I need! By getting the truth of this statement, we make a major adjustment in ourselves. We heal the dualistic split embedded in the Newtonian relationship with time. We are no longer in an us-versus-them relationship with time. We’re the source of time, and by realizing that we become the truth of it. … Claim time as yours, and it will release its claim on you. The best way I’ve found to do that is to become nimble at asking a specific question. … Where in my Life am I not taking full ownership?

As is always the case when we’re on our True Edge, it sounds like Hocus-Pocus to me. Fortunately, to my mind Hocus-Pocus is an excellent way to proceed, even if, or especially if, I’m Flying Blind. We’re about six hours away from the maximum Amplification of our Karma (asteroid Karma Stationary). We won’t be off the hook – our Karma is still Exaggerated (a.Karma Out of Bounds) till early March 2023, so if we’re still Flying Blind, or Open Up Other Treasure Chests, we have almost a year to work it out.

Getting Wild Again 11

March 25, 2022

There’s a maxim from the 1920s on Wall Street – “When the shoe-shine [provider] gives you a hot stock tip, it’s time to sell everything.” There may be a sort of modern equivalent – in the current, April 2022, issue of Bon Appétit magazine, Margaret Atwood is quoted as saying, “When it comes to talking about the environment, I’m interested in solutions. If you want some hope, go to, which has a lot of ideas about how to draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.”

We know a New Long-Term Cycle (Pholus-Quaoar, aka Responding Fully to our Survival Instincts when the Alternative might be Getting Dead ) has just begun, and we’ve seen two good candidates for what it may be about – Global Climate Change and Huper Population Reduction via WWIII. And we know that the topical Content of any Cycle is prominent just before it begins, and that this Content then goes underground for a while afterward, as the investors in the Old Cycle fill the airwaves with propaganda about how the Content of the Old Cycle is better than that of the New One.

In the Wall Street maxim, you’re being offered investment advice from a wardrobe professional rather than from an investment advisor. In the recent case we’re offered Climate advice from a culinary magazine by a fiction author rather than from a climate scientist. On Wall Street the advice is regarded as Contrarian and the suggestion is to do the opposite of what’s advised. While I don’t question Ms. Atwood’s research and concern, should we be doing the Opposite of what she’s suggested?

Reader and friend Bob Breeze (from Australia) is building a sort of Wiki to catalog solutions to our obvious Climate Crisis, and he relates that his greatest fear is that Huperity will invest in unproven rescue technology rather than making any effort to reverse the causes, namely reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and I couldn’t agree with him more. Not only will it waste time when time is critically short, but this Atlantean “solution” doesn’t address the real problem. Rather, it amplifies the real problem, which is Hupers thinking that Dominion means Control, and that Profit is always the first priority.

Either way, the New Cycle obviously has the “Leaders of the Free World” running around like headless Chickens looking for new sources of the very fuel that’s Changing the Climate. And their search is what Thomas Jefferson would have called a “Faction” – an idea that’s so pervasive that there is no one credible to point out that the Emperor’s new suit isn’t one at all. Tom labeled Factions as the greatest threat to democracy.

The Moon is now Out of Bounds again, till 27 March 2022, meaning that Hupers’ Emotions are Amplified, and rather than Embrace that, most Hupers will be looking for Thoughts that appear to Justify the Amplification. And of course that’s what the Minia feeds on, so for most of us, Karma Amplifies the Misdirection of our Emotions and the Intuitions they contain. And just now our Karma is Amplified, along with our Forbidden Genius, as well as the topical Content of this New Cycle we’ve mentioned, having to do with the Pickle that Huperity finds itself in.1

1 Asteroid Karma (Karma) is Doubly Amplified till at least 8am PDT 26 March (Stationary) and beyond (it’s also Out of Bounds). The OOB Moon Triggered our currently Exaggerated Forbidden Genius a few hours ago, and, a few hours hence, will Trigger the Content of this New Cycle we’ve been discussing. The Energy of the New Cycle remains Strong because both Pholus and Quaoar are Stationary within the next two weeks. And the Energy of our Forbidden Genius will remain Doubly Strong because dwarf planet Ixion is Stationary a week from now, and it too is Out of Bounds.

In other words, just now we have a Huge Opportunity to Let Go of Karma from centuries ago, if it’s even from within our Galaxy. How to do this? One way is to Break the very Karmic Habit itself, and Do something Important Differently. For instance, we can actually Feel our Feelings! Radical! Do we even know how to do that? It’s Imperative to Thank the Mind for Wanting to Contribute, while Shutting Out what it says. Instead, Ask yourself, What Emotion am I Feeling? You don’t need to be hyper-accurate; you could just be Feeling Confusion. The Important thing is to Connect Directly to your Emotion rather than Your Thoughts About Your Emotion.

Now Ask, Where Do I Feel this in my Body? Is it a Comfortable Feeling? If not, can you Possibly Find a Way to be Loving and Gentle with it? You can try Imagining that the area around it is Softening. You can Warm It by putting your hand or a pillow on it. Once you get Lovingly Connected to Your Feeling in Your Body, You can Ask it Directly whether It has a Message for you. If we aren’t used to doing this, the message will be Subtle, like an Intuition. (It is an Intuition.) We can try tentatively Rejecting all of the Ideas that our Mind, or the News, has already Attached to it. We can look for a Feeling Tone instead, avoiding Language altogether. We can Ask, When Did I Last Feel This Way? We can Imagine that It’s an Old Friend (which it Is), and just Sit with It, Enjoying it’s Company, for a while.

Getting Wild Again 10

March 23, 2022

Great Gratitude, Namaste, and a bow to Ian Smith, who’s graciously provided us with a complete list of Pholus-Quaoar Angles (“Aspects” in astrologuese) between 2022 and 2177 (!), enough to get us and our Descendants, to the extent that they Survive, through the entire current Pholus-Quaoar Cycle! Find the list in the third comment at In the fourth comment I’ve added a key to help with the abbreviations.

I don’t usually do book reviews here, instead I like to throw in some tantalizing quotes as a tease, hoping to influence your reading queues. I’m making an exception here for Nafta Jay’s Waking Up Indigo: Personal Stories and Practical Guidance on Spiritual Awakening, because I’ve learned so much from it that I’d be retyping every third page and violating her copyrights if I used my normal strategy. I’ve been able to make Subtle but Huge Improvements to my routine Tactics for Living and Vibe-Raising because of her Effortless (to read, dunno if also for her to write) style of speaking very personally and casually, with examples and summaries blended seamlessly.

You know the way you end up with a very specific vocabulary with your closest friends, where you can share volumes with a few words, and be understood? It feels like that. Her exposition on Manifestation on pp.77-79 is a perfect example. I’m just starting her second book, Walking in Both Worlds, but already I’ve found the same kind of concise approach to Karma, on pp.18ff. I Feel very Blessed by these books.

Getting Wild Again 9

March 22, 2022

Time to get serious, as we’re entering what’s probably the most dangerous three weeks in many decades. Between now and 7 April 2022, four significant Energies are Exaggerated. The Energies are Karma,1 Forbidden Genius,2 Responsiveness,3 and Survival.4 Regular readers will recognize the last two Energies as the two that combine to represent Global Change and Climate Change, and also, alas, the Invasion of Ukraine. Also, between 23 March and 27 March, Emotion runs amok.5 A very toxic combination.

As Embodied Personalities, we all have to find a new Body eventually, as the old one wears out. If we don’t Walk In, that involves starting over at Age Zero, and little continuity or memory of what “we” had been doing before we crossed the Veil. That being the case, being Vaporized may be the most pleasant way to make this transition, with the least Suffering. Since I live close to one of the largest stockpile of nucular and “conventional” (nice comment on Hupers, that “conventional” means blowing someone to bits) weapons on the planet. So if this blog disappears in the next several weeks, know that I’m fortunate enough to have been Vaporized. Namaste to youalls!

I’m not making that an astrologically prognostication, neither for me nor the Planet. There’s also tremendous Grace available for Wretches Like Us, though Grace may include Vaporization. I Expect we’ll Muddle through, we usually do, but it may not be Easy or Pleasant.

  • 1 Asteroid Karma (Karma) Stands Still (Is Exaggerated ) till at least 7:31 am PDT 26 March, in 4 Sagittarius. The Moon, which often Triggers astroevents, crosses Stationary Karma at 5:55 pm PDT 22 March, twelve hours before it goes Out of Bounds (becomes Amplified ). Did I mention that Stationary Karma is also Out of Bounds (Doubly Exaggerated )? Now Remember, Karma is not Retribution, Karma is Inertia, it’s Habit Patterns. If you’re still in the Habit of viewing the Future Negatively, now is a great time to Turn That Around.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Ixion (Forbidden Genius) is Doubly Exaggerated (Out of Bounds and Stationary) till at least 11:10 am PDT 2 April, in 4 Capricorn. It’s “only” Singly Exaggerated (Out of Bounds) after that. The OOB Moon crosses Ixion at 8:08 pm PDT 24 March, in 4 Capricorn. What’s Forbidden and Repressed often runs our Life from just outside of our Consciousness. The kind of thing that everyone else sees but we don’t. What’s Forbidden can Emerge Explosively. Ixion is important in the birth charts of the major players in our current Drama, and was Merged With (Conjunct) asteroid Karma when the current Drama began, quite close to major protagonists dwarf planets Pholus3 and Quaoar.4
  • 3 Dwarf planet Pholus (Being Fully Responsive) is Amplified (Stationary) until at least 6:24 pm PDT 4 April, in 8 Capricorn. The OOB Moon crosses Pholus at 3:35 am PDT 25 March.
  • 4 Dwarf planet Quaoar (Survival Instincts) is Amplified (Stationary) until at least 3:08 am PDT 7 April, in 8 Capricorn. The OOB Moon crosses Quaoar at 3:23 am PDT 25 March.
  • 5 The Moon is Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere (thank goodness) from 5:23 am PDT 23 March, in 11 Sagittarius, until 4:44 am PDT 27 March, in 7 Aquarius. It crosses Quaoar and Pholus at 3:23-3:35 am PST 25 March, in 8 Capricorn. When the Moon is Out of Bounds, People are Seduced by TheirThoughtsAboutTheirFeelings and latch on to any Faux News that seems like a relevant “Cause” for their Feelings.

Let’s go through the Timeline again…

  • Moon crosses asteroid Karma, 6pm PDT 22 March, in 4 Sagittarius. Moon is about to go Out of Bounds, Karma is both Out of Bounds and Stationary.
  • Moon goes Out of Bounds South, 5:30 am PDT 23 March, in 11 Sagittarius.
  • OOB Moon crosses Stationary Ixion, 8pm PDT 24 March, in 4 Capricorn.
  • OOB Moon crosses Quaoar and Pholus, 3:30 am 25 March, in 8 Capricorn. Both Quaoar and Pholus are Stationary.
  • Asteroid Karma Stands Still, 7:30 am PDT 26 March, in 4 Sagittarius.
  • Dwarf planet Ixion Stands Still, 11am PDT 2 April, in 4 Capricorn.
  • Dwarf planet Pholus Stands Still, 6:30 pm PDT 4 April, in 8 Capricorn.
  • Moon goes Out of Bounds North, 4pm PDT 5 April, in 10 Gemini.
  • Dwarf planet Quaoar Stands Still, 3am PDT 7 April, in 8 Capricorn.
  • OOB Moon Opposes Pholus and Quaoar, 11:30-11:45 pm PDT 7 April, in 8 Cancer. While Pholus and Quaoar are both past their Exact Stations, neither is actually moving yet.
  • Moon returns In Bounds, 10am PDT 10 April, in 7 Leo.
  • Did we make it in one piece?

Getting Wild Again 8

March 18, 2022

Okay, back to today’s Full Moon (18 March 2022, 12:17 am PST, in 28 Virgo – the picture should say PST not PDT) Full Moon…

We’ve marked two of the three Grand Crosses (red squares with a cross in the middle) in heavy lines for emphasis – the Sun-Moon Full Moon horizontal Axis because it’s the Life of the Party, and the North Node-South Node diagonal Nodal Axis because it’s the Line of our Lifetime. The third Grand Cross, in lighter lines, is no slouch either, but it lacks Big-League emphasis like the Moon and the Nodes. Not that an Axis between Denial (Eris) and Rebirth (Haumea) isn’t Noteworthy!

A Grand Cross indicates a Spiral series of Hassles or Challenges (four Squares in a row) that actually Complement one another. The key to a Grand Cross is to follow Paul’s Mother’s advice, from his Dream of her a decade after she died…

If we try to “fix” the individual Hassles, we’ll screw up the Evolutionary Spiral. What are the individual Hassles about? See if you recognize any of these Challenges from your previous week or month, and the week and month to follow. The four Full Moon Challenges below will be Felt as having most of their impact in and near the Present Moment. Mostly these things will Happen To Us, rather than being something We Do1We’ll be busy Reacting, Responding, and Striving to Stay Out of Victim Postures…

  • Someone, especially someone Mysterious or Ethereal (maybe we heard something in passing on the radio, that struck us Deeply), telling us to Change some comfortable habitual way of Being, likely something we were barely aware of.2
  • Feeling that it’s really Important for us to Break a Habit and Do something different or differently, or to Change the way we Relate to Other People and Things – probably Tangential to the messages we got from Outside Ourself in the instance above. We may Sense how they Relate, but not be able to Hold On to the Idea.3
  • Hesitating to, or Being Afraid to tell someone that we Need to Do It Our Way, Not Theirs, though we feel like it would be Important to Speak Up. Being Afraid that we’ll be Asked to Do or Be something or someone that would be a Stretch Too Far for us. No longer “Recognizing Ourself,” or feeling like the Identity that we’ve worn for a long time doesn’t fit us any more. 4
  • A Sense of Liberation, that our old Limits no longer apply, but we aren’t sure how this will impact our Relationships and our Sense of Security, so we don’t take Full Advantage of it.5
  • 1 Of course, if we’re Operating from our Wholeness, it’s All something “We” Do, because “We” is our Total Entity, at least as Constellated around the Body we’re Conscious of Wearing. If we’re Operating from the Ego, some things Happen To Us, and other things We Do, because we don’t have the Conscious Bandwidth to see how the Whole “We” are Creating the things that seem to Happen To Us. Almost All of us Operate from Ego, because very few of us are in Enough Samadhi to Grok All of the Connections All of the Time. If we’re Conscious or Semi-Conscious of our Parallel Lives and Twins, that’s even more Spaghetti. And if we’re Really Stoned and not Terrified, or One With God/Goddess on some other Channel, then we can Sense a lot more of the Whole Enchilada.
  • 2 Full Moon at the End of Virgo Waning Square to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.
  • 3 Sun at the End of Pisces Waxing Square to the Galactic Center.
  • 4 Sun Waning Square to Lilith and dwarf planet Chaos at the end of Gemini.
  • 5 Moon on the Cusp of Libra Waxing Square to Lilith and dwarf planet Chaos.

As an Evolutionary Spiral, we’ll likely Experience the first Challenge in some Arena of our Life, then the second, the third, and then the fourth Challenge. With our Consciousness thus Enhanced, we’ll be sent back to the first Challenge to redo it with a little more Awareness. Each stage may take anywhere from a minute to several days. Meanwhile, as we’re moving to the second Challenge on the first Arena, the first Challenge pops up on some other Life Arena, and we run through the Sequence with the second Arena simultaneously. So our “Schedule” might look something like this…

  • First Challenge in first Arena (say, money)
  • Second Challenge in 1st Arena AND First Challenge in a second Arena (say, Health)
  • Third Challenge in 1st Arena AND 2nd Challenge in the 2nd Arena AND 1st Challenge in a 3rd Arena (say, Diet)
  • Fourth Challenge in 1st Arena AND 3rd Challenge in 2nd Arena And 2nd Challenge in 3rd Arena AND 1st Challenge in a 4th Arena (say, Relationship)
  • Second Round of 1st Challenge in 1st Arena AND 4th Challenge in 2nd Arena AND 3rd Challenge in 3rd Arena AND 2nd Challenge in 4th Arena And 1st Challenge in a 5th Arena (say, Housing)
  • und so weiter

Kinda like Life, eh? Kinda because It Is Life, except that Life isn’t usually so well organized. We might be having to deal with the 3rd Challenge in the 27th Arena (say, the Garden) and the 2nd Challenge in the 10th Arena (say, In-Laws) at the same time. While this kind of “simple” Row-Row-Row-Yer-Boat Round Robin might be rare in Life, a Grand Cross does give us some Opportunity to Understand how Spiral Evolution works. One of the Bottom Lines is that, No, you aren’t having to Deal with the same Karma over and over again, because You aren’t the same You that dealt with it last time. You’re Now on the next Level of the Spiral, Bigger by whatever you’ve Learned on all the previous Levels than when you Passed Go and Collected your 2¢ (Inflation, y’know) on your last lap.

The Nodal events below will feel more like Lifetime Issues, like we Really Want to make these Long-Term Changes if we can, because we Sense that if we’re Successful, Life will be a lot Easier…

  • Reviewing and Ruing the times when we were too Nervous to be Honest about our Needs and Wants so we Faked Confidence, tried to hide our Vulnerability, and Blew our Opportunities.6
  • Harvesting our Disappointment in those Blown Opportunities as we’re Challenged to Make Changes in Patterns and Habits that we’re barely Aware of having.7
  • Discerning where we’ve Lacked Respect for Other Entities and Change, and perhaps Expanding our Consciousness enough to be a bit more Comprehensive next time.8
  • Repeating our Mistakes enough times that we’ll be sure to Remember them (aka Making Karma) on the next Loop, so we can Stretch a little more without Tearing any Muscles or Tendons.9
  • 6 Asteroids Heracles, Out of Bounds Tantalus, and Damocles at the end of Aquarius Waxing Square to the South Node at the end of Scorpio.
  • 7 Asteroids Heracles, OOB Tantalus, and Damocles Waning Square to the North Node and Sedna at the end of Taurus.
  • 8 Asteroids Requiem and Out of Bounds Hopi at the End of Leo Waxing Square to the North Node and Sedna.
  • 9 Requiem and OOB Hopi Waning Square to the South Node.

Getting Wild Again 7

March 15, 2022

Readers have been wondering about the Long Picture – how current events might relate astrologically to past events. The Quaoar-Pholus Initiation is our primary Long-Picture event, and its history and herstory are certainly noteworthy. Pholus has a very elongated orbit, so at times it travels almost as slowly as Quaoar, and at other times much faster. So while each overall Cycle spans about 100-125 years at this time, the span between the hard Angles (Conjunction, Square, Opposition, or Merger, Challenge, Argument ) is as little as 6 years and as much as 80 years!

At the 1798 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation, Napoleon was just departing on his mission to subdue the Middle East, sailing for Egypt. If 🦨Pootin’ follows this precedent, Ukraine is indeed just a baby step. Napoleon, however, as did Hitler, ended up Losing it all trying to escape the Russian Plains in winter. So 🦨Pootin’ will have been better off just taking a winter holiday in Sochi. We’ve discovered why 🦨Pootin’ is so angry. It’s not Roid Rage as some have suggested (that’s Steroid, not asteroid). He’s angry at his mother because he wanted to be named 🦨Ras Pootin’, not 🦨Vladimir.

Shortly after the 1900 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation, the Bolsheviks had what Lenin later called a “Dress Rehearsal” for their later, successful Revolution against the Tsar and Tsarina, and their pal 🦨Rasputin hisself (⤕). As they say, history doesn’t repeat, it alliterates. Or, given Huper nature, maybe that should be obliterates. But, this being an Initiation, let’s compare it to the usual situation around Initiations. A New Cycle Begins, and the New Energy is very prominent in the buildup to the Initiation. But then, after the Initiation, the folks who are heavily Invested in the old Cycle crank up the Propaganda Machine, and re-convince everyone that the Old Cycle Energy is really the Cat’s Pajamas. The New Energy doesn’t break through to become the Main Effect until the Waxing Square.

If we compare it to, say, the Uranus-Pluto Cycle, Peace, Individual Sovereignty, Equality, and Sources of Inner Wisdom were all Dominant Topics leading up to the October 1965 Initiation in 18 Virgo, “A Ouija Board: The ability to contact deeper rescesses of the unconscious psyche and sensitiveness to psychic intimations and omens”

All that seemed to fade away in the subsequent several decades, as Ronnie Reagan and Bill Clinton began moving all the money to the Greedheads.

The money, of course, like the Killing, was the Old Energy, left over from the dying embers of the 1851 Uranus-Pluto Initiation. The Quija Board was growing underground, and ’round about the Waxing Octile, halfway to the Waxing Square, the Harmonic Convergence came along…

And then, finally, there was 2012, the Waxing Square…

There are a few Retards still trying to Deny Peace, Individual Sovereignty, Equality, and Inner Wisdom, but they’re so far out of Time that they won’t have any Staying Power. The Worldwide ¡¡¡NO!!! Response to 🦨Pootin’ is an example, and Throwbacks like Governors 🦨duhSanta and 🦨Costello, House Minority Leader 🦨Snerd and Charles Manson’s Twin Brother Senator 🦨Joe are here only for their Comic Effect, to entertain the Dying.

If we return to our earler reading that the Quaoar-Pholus (Survival-Responsibility) Cycle is about Global Climate Change et al,1 while Recognizing that 🦨Pootin’s Russia has been making its living from its CO2– and Methane-Belching Oil and Gas Industry, and while Listening to the current chorus of Oil Pimps in the US and UK jumping up and down and rooting for Drill Baby Drill! – so Obviously the Old Energy – we could then suppose that we won’t find Relief from Climate Change till the Waxing Pholus-Quaoar Square. If it’s not Too Late by then.2 Pholus is currently near its Aphelion (far away, as in traveling Slowly), Holding Hands with Quaoar, so they will continue to Dance Together Cheek-to-Cheek twice a year until the 2060s!

  • 1 Mother Gaia’s Rapid Evolvution, including giving Hupers a small taste of their own Toxic “Medicine,” that’s the Core of the Issue. Weather and Climate and their Correlates like Wildfires and Sea-Level Rise, are just symptoms. Huperity needs to Reanimate Nature and move into Collaboration with it, instead of Competition and Control, before much will Change. The Demise of the Patriarchy is a small part of the overall Change.
  • 2 I doubt that it will be Too Late, though there will certainly be Permanent Changes, as their already are – it’s just more Huper Hubris to Assume that it’s Up To Us Peons – which is NOT a reason to slack off on our Efforts to Change the Trend.

We’ve just been through the Initiation – the first Conjunction of a New Cycle – of a New Quaoar-Pholus Cycle. We refer to the first Conjunction as the “Can-Opener” because it usually opens a “Can of Worms” or Major Hassle, in this case, several columns of Tanks filled with young, expendable, still-wet-behind-the-ears Russian conscripts, unfortunately and tastelessy given Live Ammunition. If we were “Living Right,” we’d have Unwound our Dependence on the Old-Cycle Energy long before the New Cycle Began.

Once we’re past the Can-Opener, those who haven’t Let Go and are still making Money or Ego off the Energy of the Old Cycle go to great lengths to Convince the rest of us that the Old Cycle is not only Better but Necessary, and the New Energy is Whacko. I mean, it’s New, and it wasn’t Created by Madison Avenue, so it must be Whacko, right? Meanwhile, as Time goes by, it gets harder and harder for them to Convince us, and despite its Relative Invisibility, it gets Easier and Easier, for anyone who’s Open to it, to Embrace the New Energy. When Outer Planets Conjoin or temporarily Merge their Energies, they usually do so several to many times. Subsequent Conjunctions are called “Expositions,” because they Expose what’s really going on and, if we Pay Attention, give us additional information about the nature of the Cycle.

So what do we do, or How do we be, about this? Well, it’s a Fool’s Errand to try outshouting the Old-Energy Carnies, but we can Recognize that their Death Knell will be Loud and Long, and Let their coattails Fund our own efforts.3 We can Stay Awake to the Expositions and Take Advantage of their Opportunities to hone our Approach to our Underground Efforts to Co-Manifest the New Energy. We can Recognize that it’s a multi-Generational Project, and Team Up with younger people who can absorb our Contributions and carry them Forward after we Step through the Veil. Of course we’ll base our own Future on the New Energy, because it’s the one that will Survive. But it’ll take a while, so we won’t Bet the Farm on it yet, rather we’ll slowly Develop it as a Cash Stream separate from our Sustenance.

The first Exposition Conjunction occurs on 6 June 2022. It should be detectable at least a week prior to that date, as all Outer-Planet Angles are. Wouldn’t hurt to mark our Calendar two weeks ahead, so we can train our Sensitivity to pick up on the Early Impacts. The next dozen Expositions are…

  • 8 February and 22 May 2023,
  • 31 January and 31 May 2024,
  • 27 January and 6 June 2025,
  • 26 January and 8 June 2026,
  • 29 January and 7 June 2027, and
  • 4 February and 2 June 2028.

I don’t differentiate Retrograde events from Direct events, but if you do, the May and June events are the Retrograde ones, the January and February events Direct. These twice-yearly Hints Exposing the New Energy will continue into the 2060s, another 40 years! The Old-Energy Propagandizers will probably do the same. Remind me before 2029 and I’ll extend the list.4

The actual (first) Waxing Square, when the New Energy moves into the Mainstream, occurs 23 June 2081. That’ll be a Can-Opener, so train your Children to train their Children (and another Generation or two if you’re already Old as Dirt – if you’re old as me, we’d be talking about our Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren) to have the Grand Opening of their New-Energy Respect-for-Nature Endeavor the week of 23 June 2081.5 The secret to success is to Find a Need and Fill It, right? Well, by the time you Pay Attention to 40 Expositions, you should have a pretty good idea of what sort of Need will “Suddenly” and “Surprisingly” (as Sudden and Surprising as a Murder of Tanks) Exist in volume in 2081, and whether or not it’s a Need that you and your Spawn will be Fulfilled by Filling.

  • 3 No, we aren’t suggesting that anyone Invest in the Oil and Gas Industry, or Factory Farming, or any other CO2 or Methane-Belching Endeavor. But we are suggesting that, if we could find a way to Fund our Lifestyle on the coattails of those Industries, without increasing their Pollution and without getting Attached or Co-opted, then we’d be able to Avoid having to add a Marketing Budget for our Project, because their Propaganda will do it for us. Servicing Air-Conditioners, for instance, or Affordable Storm-Proof and Fire-Proof Roofing and Siding.3a These Industries are Dying, but their Death could take 40-60 years or more. Just be sure not to get Emotionally Involved, so you can Leap Easily to your Real New-Energy Horse in mid-stream.
  • 3a When our Refrigerator quit Refrigerating, we called the local Repair-Any-Reefer guy, and he came out, pulled a cover off the inside of the freezer, told us that our coolant had all leaked out, that he could fix it but it would just leak again, suggested we just buy a new one, charged us $120, and walked out the door. If you had a business like that, maybe charging less but charging separately for travel expense, just think of how much New-Energy Business Development you could Fund while Living Well and Harmlessly.
  • 4 Or, if you have fancy software that will list of all of the 21st-Century Pholus-Quaoar Tropical Conjunctions at the push of a button, Let me Know and I’ll publish it here, giving you the credit of course (or not, if you prefer anonymity). Or, if you want to monetize it, I’ll advertise it here for you.
  • 5 Of course, everything will be Digital or Virtual by then, but the next several Generations will be more hip to that than we are.

Getting Wild Again 6

March 14, 2022

On 9 March 2022 (5:32 pm PST) Mercury moved into Pisces, so we’ll do well to be Attentive to modulate any attempts by OurThoughtsAboutOurFeelings to get overly Dramatic. It’ll be in Pisces till 27 March (12:45 am PDT). Lord knows there’s plenty of fodder to encourage that these days, and I expect it to Intensify next week, as the Moon goes Out of Bounds (Overdramatizing) again from 23-27 March1 and dances with our Karma (doubly-Exaggerated asteroid Karma2) and with the Planet’s End Times3 from 22-26 March and beyond. That’s when it gets pretty hairy astrologically, though Marilyn Rafaele assures us that we need not “fear nuclear activity for the Beings of Light assisting mankind will not allow this and have dismantled previous attempts in the past.”

On the 10th (11:19 am PDT), asteroid Vesta (Growth in Consciousness) left Capricorn for Aquarius, where we can Expect our Growth to be more Social and less Pragmatic. Vesta will move on into Pisces on 3 May, where we should get plenty of Practice Reverting OurThoughtsAboutOurFeelings if we want. Asteroid Sappho also Changed Signs on the 10th (6:42 am PDT), traveling into Taurus, which should help us Stabilize our Self-Love, till 2 May. That only gives us seven weeks, so there’s no time to waste! On the 17th (12:34 pm PDT), asteroid Lachesis (Karma that can be Retired if we’re Willing) joins Vesta in Aquarius (Letting Go of Bad Social Habits). Lachesis turns Retrograde from 8 June till 20 September, so it doesn’t get to Pisces till 19 January 2023.

  • 1 Moon Out of Bounds South from 5:23 am PDT 23 March till 4:44 am PDT 27 March. Judging by Wall Street’s recent Behavior (a great place to quantify Emotional Disruption), the impact of Moon Out of Bounds appears to Jump just after the Out of Bounds event, stay elevated for 2-3 days, then gradually subside through its passage back In Bounds. If we Relate to our Emotions primarily though OurThoughtsAboutThem, Moon OOB means Trouble, as we not only Overreact, but we also don’t React to what’s Really Relevant to us. Use your Emotions as the Messengers that they are by Relating to them through your Felt Sensations in your Body. Like your Intuition, their Voice there won’t be nearly as Loud as the Voice of your Projected Thoughts are on TV or Faceplant.
  • 2 Out of Bounds (Amplified ) asteroid Karma Stationary (Exaggerated ) till 7:31 am PDT 26 March, Conjoined by the Moon 5:55 pm PDT 22 March. The Moon is a fairly reliable Trigger for “larger” astroevents (that is, events involving planets that move more slowly than Zippy the Moon).
  • 3 Right in the middle of its Dance with asteroid Karma, the OOB Moon crosses Quaoar and then Pholus, at 3:23 and 3:35 am PDT 25 March, with both Quaoar and Pholus slowing for their Stations (ie, Amplified ). 🦨Pootin’ invaded Ukraine when Quaoar (Survival Instincts) Initiated a new 125-year Cycle with Pholus (Being Fully Responsive), the week of 21 February. Quaoar goes Stationary (Amplified ) on 7 April (2:08 am PDT), turning Retrograde. Pholus does the same on 4 April (6:24 pm PDT). When an Outer planet is Stationary, we gradually Feel the Impact increase starting a week or so before the actual Station. The Impact increases up till the time of the actual Station. It can drop off quickly after that.
  • However, if we’ve Related to this Impact Through Our Thoughts About It, and made Decisions accordingly, the Impact will Linger, possibly for the rest of our Life – and Beyond. For instance, suppose we Trust our Survival Instincts by Deciding Not to Quit the job we hate while Pholus and Quaoar are Lit Up (Decisions are Thoughts). If Survival got tougher and the job got even less Tolerable, we could get stuck in a downward spiral of Bitterness and Abandonment of Hope, which could easily devolve into New Negative Karma (if it hasn’t already – any Decision is an Invitation to form New Karma). Of course, the same result could accrue from a Decision TO quit. It’s not about the content of the Decision, it’s about Allowing the Noisy Broadcasts of our Linear Dualistic Mind (our Thoughts) to Guide us rather than the Quiet Voices of our Spherical, Many-Dimensional Intuitions and Emotions.

Which brings us up to the 18 March 2022 (12:17 am PDT) Full Moon, in 28 Virgo. Since New and Full Moons are primarily Felt by Earthlings in the 2-4 weeks following them, this Full Moon sets the stage for the Existential Challenge that follows in the 22-27 March (and beyond) OOB-Moon-Karma-Quaoar-Pholus Conundrum. Because they seem terribly relevant, we’ve included a number of new asteroids in this chart, veterans of February’s Harmonic Contortions in Capricorn. Consequently, the Full Moon chart exhibits a Grand Unx, with planets in every Sign…

A Grand Unx vividly illustrates the Power of these Compound Configurations. The Overriding Pattern is the Grand Unx itself, the light green 12-sided Dodecagon around the outside of the chart. The Grand Unx symbolizes Relative Ease at Changing Patterns, including Letting Go of Karma. But look what else is embedded…

  • Two Grand Sextiles (Greatest Grace, moderated by the necessity that we Initiate the Movement). In this case they’re on the Cusps, which gives them yet more Power (and more of those annoying “Learning Opportunities”) because they Challenge the tidy compartments our Either/Or Minds like to file Reality into. Whoa, is that about Creative Emotion, or Stable Spirit, or Both/And? (the Cancer-Leo Cusp, just as an example, which houses an Exaggerated Cyllarus and Koronis, or potentially Death by Coronavirus). Usually, Grand Sextiles are either Dynamic (Fire and Air Signs) or Magnetic (Water and Earth Signs). Here everything is Jumbled together, kind of like the way Reality is, if we ever see it outside of our Habitual Dualities.
  • Four Grand Trines (Dumb-Luck Blessings that are so Great our Ego often misunderstands them as cause for Arrogance). Usually Grand Trines are about Spirit OR Emotion OR Mind OR Matter (Fire, Water, Air, Earth), but again, since they’re Cuspal, they Confuse everything! Which is Terrible, till we Remember that Confusion is the First Sign of Growth! Look at that Exaggerated Respect for All Things, including Death (Out of Bounds Hopi Conjunct Requiem) for instance. It’s Related Oh So Gracefully to Orders from Headquarters and Revelation of Denial (the Galactic Center and dwarf planet Eris). What about Potential Death by Coronavirus? It’s Related by Great Grace to our Held Emotions (Karma) and our Essence (the Sun). Shitodear, maybe it’s just our Held Emotions that Coronavirus will bump off! And how does this Relate to all this Respect for All Things including Death? By an Unx Angle – Breaking Old Patterns. This could get pretty Big before we’re through the Portal!
  • Six Yin Gates (Mystery Schools that Take us Beyond the Limits of the Dualistic Mind ). For instance, Respect for Everything including Death is Related Mysteriously to our Anxiety about How Tantalizingly Close we are to Ditching the Patriarchy! (the Yin Gate between OOB Hopi-Requiem and Damocles-OOB Tantalus-Heracles – Heracles was a major Enforcer of the Patriarchy, Tantalus was punished by being Forever just out of Reach from his favorite fruit, and Damocles had a sword dangled over his head).
  • Twelve Fingers of the Goddess (Instructions to Pay Attention! ), one pointing to each of the twelve Cusps occupied by one or more planets. Such as How Much We’ll Be Catapulted toward Our Mission when we Convert our Fear to Power (Sedna on the North Node, with the Node Channeling the Fixed Star Algol, the most Fearsome Star in the Heavens. Its Chinese name translates to 🦨Piled-Up Corpses, to the Arabs it was only the 🦨Wife of the Devil ). As our Chief Asteroid Officer likes to say, You can’t make this stuff up!
  • Three Grand Crosses (Self-Correcting Irritations that will only Self-Correct if we Let It Be). We’ve highlighted the two most important – the Nodal Axis and the Full-Moon Axis, but the other one is no slouch, as it suggests how we can get to Rebirth after our Death by Coronavirus. We’ll dissect these in the next installment.

Getting Wild Again 5

March 12, 2022

Having said that (the several previous posts), we need to Remember that it’s the Huper mind and Politics that are Either/Or. Nature and Reality and Spirit are Both/And.

Blaming the Victim

March 11, 2022

It’s not immediately Obvious why this is coming up now, but remember when all them planets had their Big Bash in Capricorn? I think it was 23 February or thereabouts. What did we have then, 7 planets within a few inches of 22 Capricorn? If my math is correct, that means that 20-some Cycles began then, not counting the Moon, which was along a few days later. Most of them started in 22 Capricorn, “A rug on the floor of a nursery allows children to play in comfort and warmth.” The nursery evidently wasn’t in Ukraine, or at least Eastern or Southern or Northern Ukraine. Well, whenever Codependence, aka Giving Away Our Power comes up, I look to see what’s going on with minor planet Hylonome and with what we call Lilith.1

  • 1 There are several Entities in our Solar System referred to as “Lilith.” Lilith was Adam’s first wife, who Laughed and Left when he announced that he was going to make the rules. So the Head Cheese had to make Adam an Obedient wife from one of his Ribs. Not sure if it was a Kansas City Rib or a St. Louis Rib. So we interpret Lilith as Self-Sovereignty and of course its antidote Codependence. What we refer to as Lilith is a Symbolic Point. The Moon’s orbit being an Oval, it has two centers. The non-dominant center is aligned with the Moon’s Apogee.
  • Since the Moon doesn’t orbit ’round the Earth per se – both the Earth and the Moon orbit ’round their Common Center of Mass – the Moon’s Apogee wiggles. So in some ephemerides it’s called the “Oscillating Apogee” or “osc. Apogee.” As we do with the Moon’s Nodes, we prefer the Mean Nodes (what would be called the Oscillating Nodes are called the True Nodes) and Mean Apogee. We don’t prefer the Means for any arcane difference in interpretation; we prefer them because they move in one direction, and fairly smoothly, so they’re easier to keep track of. I’ve never studied the differences in interpretations, so you’ll have to find that elsewhere. The Mean Apogee moves Direct 6:40 arcminutes per day (the Mean Nodes move Retrograde about 3:11 arcminutes a day).
  • When we refer to Lilith, we’re referring to the Moon’s mean Apogee. Kelley Hunter is the World’s Expert on the several other Liliths, and her books The Living Lilith and Black Moon Lilith are the recommended sources. Demetra George also has a book on Mysteries of the Dark Moon but I’m not familiar with it yet.

Dr. Kim D’Eramo, bless her Heart, has once again saved me a mess of writing, by publishing a video on a consummately astrologically relevant topic just in the nick of time, in this case Codependence. Thanks to the Reduction of Ukraine to rubble by Fred Flintstone’s buddy 🦨 Pootin’, we’ve all been ruing how screwed up Hupers still are. Not to mention their lack of Response to 🦨 Global Climate Change. What do the Coronavirus and 🦨 Pootin’s Invasion of Ukraine have in common? Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, first by declining use and second by rocketing prices. But who has incentive to reduce CO2? Mother Gaia. Since the relevant Metaphor is that the Universe Amps Up the Lessons when we don’t Listen, I wonder what will happen next when things “return to normal” after 🦨 Pootin’ finishes Acting Out his Frustration that not everyone wants to kiss his arse. And BTW, why is there no apparent concern about COVID in Ukraine?

Anyway, I’ve been as Guilty as anyone, Mirroring 🦨 Pootin’, and just this afternoon Imagining Shielding the Ukrainians with Light while Inviting all of the resident Ghouls and Ghosts and Zombies to rise up out of the Ancient Ukrainian Landscape to entertain the Invaders. Not to mention dissing the Covidiots. So, Dr. Kim’s video for today is called Are You (We) Waiting for the World to Awaken? Here’s her introduction…

“We see the world as separate from us: bad things are happening ‘out there’ and we have to work to fix it. We see the truth and get frustrated that others don’t see it too, but what if it’s our own transformation that allows us to experience change in our world? Watch this week’s episode of MindBody TV, where I shared why our world is a reflection of the consciousness we hold, and how to cultivate change within that allows real and profound awakening in the world.”


In other words, she “maps out the details of how to get” to our Big Dreams, as Gay put it, and it’s well worth the forty minutes. I know, she’s Blaming the Victims, supposedly the curse that the “New Age” can’t Revert, though I can. Blame is a Universe unto itself, without an Exit. It’s one of the Biggest Barriers to 5D, if not the Biggest. Blame is worse than forgetting your vaccine passport. That’s why the People who are Stuck in Blame Project it onto the Abrahams. As we’ve often averred, Nothing Changes until We Accept it Completely Exactly As It Is. We always Teach what we most need to Learn, because getting that Information into all of our Cells is a Big Job. And Dr. Kim’s Metaphor that the World Outside Ourself is Purely a Mirror for What’s Healed or Unhealed Inside Ourself is Right On.

When David Spangler says (Apprenticed to Spirit, p.270)…

“If we reject those difficult parts of ourself that we call our ‘Ego,’ our ‘Shadow’… – where does that rejected material go? It goes into the collective unconscious of humanity. It becomes part of the ‘scream.’ … And someone, somewhere is going to be influenced by it and act it out, usually through violence… It is conserved, like any other energy, and may resurface when a young man’s anger half a world away reaches a tipping point that lets this energy into him, turning him into a suicide bomber” or a 🦨 president of a nuclear-armed country.

He knows whereof he speaks. He’s spent his entire Life, since childhood, studying exactly this, with the best Teachers and Mentors on both sides of the Veil. If we Deny2 it rather than Reject it, we Act it Out daily, since it will dominate our Unconscious Thoughts and Emotions and Actions. So we aren’t just being Invited to Examine the Emotional and Cellular Grounds of our Judgments and Fears to Heal our Codependence so we can Claim our Power. We’re also being Asked to Open Up to Locating our Vestigial Held Emotions so we can Face the World with All of our True Self running in optimal modes. The World is Mirroring those Hidden Vestigial Emotions that linger in our Cells, so we can Stop Contributing our own Hoarded Karma to the World’s ample Load. Scotland’s doing it – we can too!

  • 2 Dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied ) was in the process of Initiating asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) during that Harmonic Contusion with 7 planets within a Degree and a half in Capricorn. The Initiation occurred at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia” – Squared/Challenged by every one of those 7 planets. That’s a lot of Santas checking to see who’s Naughty and who’s Nice when we say our prayers at bedtime. That’s Validation for Dr. Kim’s advice that Authenticity is a Powerful key to Abundance – and a prerequisite for 5D.