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October 31, 2020

I always make a lot more sense when I’m answering a direct question. Tonight my wife asked me what was going on astrologically for Halloween…

The 2020 Halloween Blue Moon Full Moon is a Stand-In for the Big Event of next Tuesday, which is when dwarf planet Varuna is Max Strong. The Full Moon is Crossing Stationary Varuna as we speak. Varuna is the Life Force. Will we still have Health Care (even if it’s mostly Care for the Cartel’s wallets, alotta people depend on it) after the Election next week? Will we Survive the Carumbavirus? Will we be able to make rent and eat? Basic stuff, very First-Chakra. You’re Feeling it already.

Meanwhile, Mercury – Mental Noise – is Lit Up on Tuesday as well. So most people are paying more Attention to the Brainrattling than the real Survival Issue, and the Antichrist is a Master at Brainrattling. Then Tuesday evening the Moon goes Outabounds, till Friday, so everybody’s gonna be Freaking Out. As soon as Varuna calms down early Wednesday afternoon, asteroid Hopi takes over (Standing Still early Saturday Morning). Hopi means Respect for All Things. So the Minorities who really take the Brunt of the American Compete-Or-Die Ethic as the Poster Children for Varuna will be Lit Up because the Cops will stand behind the AK47-toting White Supremacists as they giddily shoot anybody with a BLM sign.

Then early in the week after the Election, Ceres = Sustainability enters Pisces. You can already hear the Gnashing of Teeth as Pisces over-emotionalizes Predatory Capitalism’s total lack of Sustainability. And it’s about time somebody did, because it’s Killing All of Us and the Planet too. But the Tuesday after the Big Day, Eurydike = Trust enters Leo= Confidence, making for a huge Contrast. That’s probably when we’ll get the first hint of whether there was any legitimacy to the Election, or at least a few numbers. It’s not till the 18th that Eurydike Stands Still though, so Confusion will continue to Reign until then as Teeth-Gnashing and Confidence Compete for the Dewey headlines.

But just because Eurydike in Leo is Strong, doesn’t mean that Trust rules the day, as the Moon goes Outabounds again from November 16th to the 19th, so everyone’s Emotions are End-of-the-World riled. The 19th is kind of a watershed day, as asteroid Moira moves into Capricorn. Moira is about Fate and Choice. When our Karma is Unconscious, it’s our Fate, we just sleepwalk it. Once we bring it in Consciousness, we have Choice and we can do anything we want. “What, Karma? Don’t be silly – Been there Done that! I’m Outa Here.”

If there’s Civil War to any extent, Remember that you don’t have to Play. You can Choose to be Separate from it.

Moira will separate the Teeth-Gnashers from the AK47-Egos from the folks who will just be Pragmatically (Capricorn) Choosing (Conscious Moira) to make the Best of Whatever’s Going Down. Except…

On the 22nd, dwarf planet Nessus, which is about Abuse and Privilege, is Max Strong (Stationary), and on the 20th dwarf planet Gonggong (no kidding, there really is a dwarf planet Gonggong!), which is about Intrusive Memories, is Max Strong. So everyone’s going to be Regressing into their best Halloween Victim Disguises, Projecting all of the Abuse they’ve ever Received into whatever’s going on in the Present Moment. Meanwhile the Privileged 1% will inhabit their own Paranoid They’re going to take my Money (and probably my Guns unless I shoot first) Victim Acts. The Privileged 1% of course own all of the Supreme Court now, so we can’t expect Daddy to Rescue us.

But then on (actually, until) the 28th, Neptune goes Max Strong. Neptune means Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, so Confusion will Reign in the fourth week of November. But mid-week, Eurydike=Trust backs out of Leo, leaving the strutting Confidence-Gamers with their pants around their ankles and their day-of-the-week underwear exposed. A few hours later on the 25th, asteroid Sappho finally leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius, and we get to stop hunting that mouse in the garage (our Impediments to Unconditional Self-Love = Sappho) with the shotgun (Scorpio) and just Begin to Surrender into it (Sadge).

Giving us a possibility of a reasonably Peaceful Thanksgiving (in the US). The day after Thanksgiving, though, asteroid Atropos goes Max Strong, and Atropos is about Letting Go of Karmic Patterns. If we’re Aware that this is going on, we can Thank Them for Their Service and Wish Them Success in Crippling Other People’s Futures as they saunter off down the road, and then Celebrate our newfound Liberation!

How many of us will actually be doing that though? Letting Go of Karma is Scary, because it’s all we know, it’s what we’ve been Living All of Our Life. We don’t know what to do with the Blank Space that’s left behind, and with Neptune Max Strong, the only thing we’ll be able to Celebrate is Confusion. Which is a fabulous Habit to make, because Confusion is the first stage of Growth. And of course we could Celebrate the Spiritual Clarity, if we’re willing to seek it or let it find us.

Kind of a Blockbuster month, wasn’t it.

Before we dive into it, you might want to Resolve to Avoid Ego-Identifying with all the Sturm und Drang und Drama, and spend November Passively Observing Who You Actually Are. Not just What am I Thinking and Feeling about all this Intense Drama, but also, WHO IS IT that’s doing this Thinking and Feeling? Forget all the Adjectives that come to mind – that’s just more Thinking. What if you were a very small Entity hanging out somewhere Inside your Body? Where would that Be? Would “It” move around to different places, or would “It” have a favorite hangout? (At this level it may not be a She or a He.) Or what if It was a very large Energy Field Surrounding your Body? How Big would that be? How is It Connected to your Body?

But it ain’t over yet. There are two more oh-so-relevant astroevents on November 29th. First asteroid Vesta, which symbolizes our Unconscious Limitations, Merges with dwarf planet Orcus, which is about Oath-Making and Oath-Breaking. It turns out that our Unconscious Limitations are the result of Oaths or Vows or Promises or even Decisions that we made in Other Lifetimes. As we discussed at length in the previous post, our Self-Limiting Beliefs will be Lit Up for several months so we can Recognize that That Ain’t Really Us and Choose to be Someone Else.

So on the 29th, and in the week or so leading up to it, our Limited Beliefs will Meet Their Makers. If we Forget that It’s about Letting Go, it’ll be really Easy to instead Grab them, because they’ll be so Familiar and therefore so Comfortable. We just need to Remember that any time Limitation or Bummers arise, Let Them Go. You don’t need to Understand anything, you can just Let It Go. If you can’t Remember what it was a few minutes later, that’s fabulous, you’ve indeed Let It Go.

And on the 29th, asteroid Karma (you can imagine what it symbolizes) moves into Virgo till 23 January. We don’t Let Go of Karma without an Ego Death, because if we weren’t Ego-Attached to it, it wouldn’t be Karma. And the Essence of Virgo is Ego Death. So this will be a Nightmare of Struggles if we Resist it. Don’t. You go to visit a friend and you don’t recognize their street. You wake up and you can’t Remember your Passwords. You Forget people’s names, even your friends and colleagues. You can’t recall how to hold a fork, for God’s sake! Those are Signs of Ego Death. Celebrate them.

Those are gentle Ego Deaths, the kind that arise after you’ve Realized you’re up against your own Limitations, and you’ve Prayed to Let Them Go in some way or another. The not-so-gentle Ego Deaths are times like when you get really Angry when someone Insults you, even inadvertently (I’m being kinda flippant in this post, a lot less careful with my Language than usual – I may have Insulted you several times already!). Or you get really Embarrassed when you Forget your boss’s name, and there’s no way your boss is every going to know what an Ego Death is, and you go away in Shame.

Unpleasant Emotions like Anger and Shame and Grief and Sorrow are clues that you’re approaching an Ego Death, and you have the Option of Choosing it – by Lovingly Embracing the Unpleasant Emotion in your Body, or Rejecting it – by Thinking yourself more Deeply into the Anger or Shame or Grief or Sorrow. No Self-Blame though – we need to Think ourself Deep enough into the Unpleasant Emotion to be able to Know what we’re Embracing. Embracing the name of an Emotion is Just Thinking, not an Ego Death at all, though using that as a Mantra might invoke the Emotion.

Asteroid Karma returns to Virgo in June, July, and August for the real Work, the December-January Teaser is just an introduction. Between February and May it’s Dodging back deep into Leo, to gather up more Limitations that you can Ego-Death into Has-Beens.

Handmaids and Handbaskets

October 28, 2020

Other than the fact that it actually is, there are several astroenergies about these days that can “make” us feel like the World is going to Hell in a Handbasket.

On 22 October 2020 for instance, asteroid Vesta, which symbolizes our Unconscious and Semi-Conscious Limiting Beliefs, entered Virgo, which, representing as it does Ego Death, is big on Criticism. Without Self-Criticism, where would our Motivation arise to propel us into Ego Death? — Which ranges from mostly Unpleasant to, more commonly, I’d rather Die than Do That! In between Self-Criticism and Ego Death, before we muster the Motivation to Actually Change, we Protect our Ego by Projecting our Self-Criticisms onto Others.

When we base our Ego on our Pet Peeves – “I’m not one of those People who…” – we can’t really say that our Limiting Beliefs are Unconscious, we just don’t Own them. So we have to refer to them as Semi-Conscious. If we put some thought into it, and/or enlist our Honest friends, we could all easily catalog our “Unconscious” Limiting Beliefs. They aren’t hidden. They’re writ huge in the current Political Polarity, where some folks are Choosing Homicide over Ego Death. The people with a Compulsive need to Control your Behavior preach about Freedom, while the people who are Compelled to Do what they Want preach about Control.

In my own back yard, I’m Praying that all of the ways my father predicted my Failures are Lit Up because They’re Leaving Town, not because they’re coming home to roost. Meanwhile I’m sure wasting a lot of Energy Fighting them Off. I should be Accepting them, not because he was right about me, but because I have to Accept them as Self-Criticisms before I can Motivate my own Ego Death and Let Them Go for good. Till then I’m driven by the Trance that his repeated disdain installed in the Unconscious that I Live with.

Because I Experienced his Energy as a wet blanket on mine, I used to think that his Saturn must be on my Sun. Once I knew how to check though, I discovered that it’s my Saturn that was on his Sun! Growing up in the Depression, where there were always a hundred people lined up to take whatever job he could get, he had to suppress the Lightheartedness of his Gemini Sun in order to avoid being seen as a flibbertigibbet. Growing up as I did in the 50s and 60s, after his Generation had busted their butts to rebuild a World Economy (not that it’s a solid measure of anything, but it wasn’t until 1954 that the stock market exceeded its 1929 high), my own Gemini Saturn flibbertigibbet was a source of Pride.

Since we’re only a Deflation-Delaying Ongoing Heroic Monetary Stimulus or a Hyperinflation away from our next Great Depression – many are already there – it’s appropriate that my father’s Information would emerge for me now from the Unconscious. I even had a vivid dream yesterday of setting up a homeless camp for myself in an empty corner of a strip mall. My camp wasn’t protected from rain or cold, it had no latrine or provision for food or sleep, but because it featured what have more or less been prize possessions for me for much of my Life, I was happy with it. Bookcases! It was made of Empty Bookcases. Clap your hands! Till strangers feigning Authority started prying them apart looking for contraband and woke me up.

So Virgo will be Lighting Up all of our Self-Limiting Beliefs, until mid-July 2021. Mostly we’ll Experience these as Judgments of Other People. It’s Safe to assume that whatever we Judge in Others is a caricature of an important part of Ourself that we don’t Allow to Express itself. These caricatures are Funhouse Mirrors and are seldom easy to decypher, especially anal-ytically. Since we’ve banished them to Live in the Unconscious, we’re more likely to find success by PIAVAing them.

We may be particularly Open to Insight around 9-10 November, as Vesta is Strong then (Standing Still), while the Moon crosses it. That begins our real Ego Death Curriculum, as Vesta enters what astrologers call its “Shadow Period,” the window of its Retrogradation. Between 9 November 2020 and 27 June 2021, Vesta Dances across 7-22 Virgo three times. If this process unfolds like it often does, our Troublesome Semi-Conscious Evil Twins will Act Out between 9 November 2020 and 19 January 2021. They may be especially Active around 7 December and 4 January, when the Moon visits Vesta.

Vesta first crosses 7 Virgo on 9 October, and then on 19 January, in 22 Virgo, it turns Retrograde and starts moving Backwards. It Retrogrades from 22 back to 7 Virgo until 20 April 2021. During this period we should be gaining Insight into our Projected Self-Judgments, with a boost from the Moon around 1 and 27 February and 26 March.

Finally, after 20 April, we enter the “Confidence-Building” phase, as Vesta moves forward (“Direct”) again, crossing 7-22 Virgo for the third time – by then we’ll have become “Old Hands” at using Ego Death to Claim our Projected Self-Judgments as Our Own, and if we Succeed we’ll be much closer to the Unconditional Self-Love that we need to move into The Light. The Moon will again Clarify things around 23 April, 20 May, and 17 June, and we Graduate from the whole Retrograde Adventure on 27 June 2021.

And when any planet Dances across the same patch of astrological surreal estate thrice, it’s going to get pretty Intimate with any other planet that happens to be Dancing in that same patch at the same time. So, anybody Sitting Around in the middle half of Virgo these days?

Yes, dwarf planet Orcus. “Does anybody remember Orcus,” as Robert Plant famously almost sang? The Fearsome Mythic Orcus worked for the Pre-Romans, Punishing Oath-Breakers. With Women closer to Property than People in those days, Relationship Oaths weren’t the Issue so much as Loyalty Oaths for soldiers and servants and perhaps business dealings. The problem with Oaths, and their equivalents Vows, Promises, Commitments, and even Decisions, is that they’re Sticky. These days, many of us Swear a lot, casually. We may want to reconsider what we’re Doing there.

Since we Feared the Punishment for Oath-Breaking, we worked hard to Avoid it, and the Easiest way to do that was to “Forget” that it was a Decision (which could theoretically be Renegotiated), and instead consider it to be Just The Way Things Are. If we can succeed at that, Reneging doesn’t even seem possible. And while we may not be able to take Money with us from one Lifetime to the next, we can certainly take Attitudes. So when we Forget a Decision and it becomes Just The Way Things Are, it becomes Karma, and will Follow us around till we figure out What we need to Renounce, and How to do it.

The How is actually Easy, we just need to Realize that a Limitation isn’t Just The Way Things Are, it’s Just our Karma, and Karma is only Sticky because we’re so Comfortable thinking that it’s Just The Way Things Are. The What is a bigger question, being another Funhouse Mirror that we’re probably Projecting on Others. If we aren’t always in Abundance (Having Enough to Share) in our current Lifetime for instance, When and To Whom might “we” have Sworn an Oath of Poverty or the equivalent? Maybe that Convent in France in the 7th Century? Or was it even on Earth? Maybe we were a Coyote and felt sorry for the Squirrels.

That kind of info isn’t always the Easiest to Retrieve, especially with “Left Brain” methods. We’ll be rooting in the Unconscious, so we’ll need PIAVA again. Maybe something like a Theta – “God/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I Connect to All of my Vows of [e.g. Poverty] in All of my Lifetimes. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me!” We don’t need to Remember them all – there may be a bewildering number. We just need to Flash on our Frame of Mind and Heart while we were Swearing the Oath.

Then, while we’re there, we may need some sort of Renunciation Ritual. Writing and Burning perhaps, or “Revert!“, or whatever works for you. Another Theta might work, maybe “God/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I Now Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely Renounce All of my Vows of [Poverty] in All of my Lifetimes. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me!”

If you don’t Feel a sense of Immediate Liberation, check to see if you skipped over a Yes-But or two. Then Tap Out any remaining Resistance – “Even though I have Resistance to Letting Go of [Poverty], I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…” Then repeat your Renunciation Theta, and alternate Theta and Tapping till you Feel the Liberation you Want. If it’s not working, sleep on it and try again tomorrow. We can’t always Change Lifetimes of Habit in a single sitting.

Vesta first crosses Orcus on 29 November (4pm PST), in 14 Virgo, while both planets are Direct (moving forward). Considering the Players, this may be a fairly Explosive Experience, as our Unconscious Limitation literally “Meets its Maker.” We usually refer to this first of the three events in a Triple-Crossing as a “Can-Opener,” as a Can of Worms often appears in our Life, sometimes fairly Traumatically. If you have any natal planets in mid-Virgo, that’ll Complicate matters and make the Experience more Intense.

We can often dodge Trauma just by knowing that such an event is about to occur. If, say, our natal Mars is in mid-Virgo, and wee’re Conscious that an “Event” is about to Go Off, we can be Alert for any sign that Anger or Physical Injury is about to happen, and Revert it. A few days prior, we can Theta that we’ll be particularly Alert for the next week. A few Kegels can Slow Time for us so we can be more Aware. Sometimes nothing happens just because we’re Aware. Even if a Trauma sneaks up on us, as they often do, knowing what was going on astrologically can help us interpret “our own” role in the event and Neutralize our Victimhood.

We aren’t “Blaming the Victim” for Traumatic events, we’re Recognizing that Life is Fully Interactive. We actually Invite our Experiences, sometimes Consciously and sometimes Unconsciously. When we can Intuit or Figure Out Who in the Underwhere is Inviting our Unpleasant Experiences, we can Ask them what their Needs and Wants are, remind them of our then-Ego’s Needs and Wants, and Renegotiate with them to move toward Win-Win, where each of our “parts” is helping the other Achieve their Goals.

In this process “both of us” are usually Changed, as we move toward Knowing that We Are They and They Are Us and eventually Drop All Separation. This is the Growth in Consciousness that asteroid Juno presides over. What’s Juno got to do with all this? As we speak, Juno is Quintiling Vesta, and Quintiles (one fifth of the Zodiac or 72 Degrees) are about Teaching and Learning. On 29 November, Juno will Quintile Vesta-Orcus.

Also on 29 November, Neptune will be Standing Still (Strong) in Pisces, roughly Opposite Vesta-Orcus. Neptune likes to Confuse everything Material so we can Clearly see the Spiritual side of things. We may also be Letting Go of Abuse Patterns (Nessus Opposite Vesta-Orcus), Discovering Unexpected Heart Truths (Aletheia Quincunx V-O), Breaking Patterns that have Inhibited our Rebirth (Klotho Unx V-O), and Enjoying Clarity on Guilt and Codependence (Nemesis Sextile and Hylonome Trine V-O). Busy day – mark your calendar!

We refer to the second event of a Triple-Crossing as the “Exposition,” because it usually Exposes much more about whatever occurred at the Can-Opener. At any Exposition, the faster planet (here Vesta) will be Retrograde, which will Slow whatever processes are occurring so we can see them more Clearly. In this case, Orcus will also be Retrograde. The Vesta-Orcus Exposition occurs on 13 March 2021 in 13 Virgo.

We call the final of the three crossings a “Confidence-Builder,” because by now, if we’ve been Paying Attention, we’re Experienced with the Collision and Collusion of these two Energies, and we know how to Respond. The Vesta-Orcus Confidence-Builder happens on 25 May 2021 in 12 Virgo. Orcus is Standing Still and Turning Direct (Strongest) when this occurs, so we can Expect it to be particularly Powerful.

That’s one of the astroevents that can help us feel like the World is going to Hell in a Handbasket. The other Biggie is asteroid Nemesis (Guilt and Ego Death) moving into Scorpio (Fearlessness about Getting to the Bottom of Things). That happened a few days ago, on 26 October (2:40 pm PDT). Actually, both Nemesis and Scorpio can Feel a lot more ominous than either Vesta or Virgo, so hopefully we’ll have time to write soon about how this will Unfold. Nemesis only stays in Scorpio for three months, though it returns for seven weeks next summer.

And while we’re on the subject of Sign Changes, asteroid Klotho (Beginning New TimeLines) moved into Libra (Meeting Other) on 17 October for three months. That was probably a Relief after nine weeks in Virgo, where we would have been Clearing Resistance to Being Reborn.

Resurrection of the Life Force

October 23, 2020

Yes, Mercury’s Stationary (Exaggeration of Communication and Anal-ysis) on 3 November 2020, so the airwaves will be very Noisy. But there’s a good reason why we usually ignore the inner planets – they’re writ large on our shirt-sleeves, without a lot of subtlety. The airwaves overflow with Anal-ytical Noise (what is it that British children call Noise from the Anal-ytical zone?) on any Election Day. Well, yes, Mercury’s a Trickster, and as statisticians say, Figures don’t Lie, but Liars sure can Figure. Theoretically, you can Fool some of the People most of the Time, and most of the People some of the Time, but – how does that go?

We’d rather know what’s going on deep in the Unconscious, for several reasons. Foremost, so we can bring it into Consciousness, because by bringing what’s Unconscious into Consciousness we can replace Fate and Karma with Choice, give the Ego more Healthy Control over our Lives, and move toward 5D. And because, yes, WeCreateOurOwnReality, but if the Trance we thus Create is too far from the Global Consensual Trance (which Pluto likes to Define), it can lead us into Dark Alleys.

Take Regenerative Agriculture for an example. We know it can Resurrect our Damaged Planet, but try it where you Live, and see how your HOA reacts. We’re surrounded by Epic Battles between Ego-Attached Trances that Believe themselves to be Either/Or and Life-or-Death, too many to even list. You can see a lot of them coming up in the US Election, in the Scientism Trance and the Religionism Trance, the Mask Trance and Covidiot No Mas Trance, the Dollar Trance and Survival Trance, the Racist Trance, the Gun Trance, and a million other Fear Trances.

Trances based on our Karmic Limiting Beliefs are particularly Vulnerable to Self-Destruction, though thanks to Held Emotions they’re also particularly difficult to Extract ourself from. These themes are written all over the 4 November Varuna Station (Exaggeration of the Life Force) which is charted below. If we focus on Mercury and the pretense that these Trances are about Opinions that we can Debate, rather than Emotional Firestorms that can Kill us and the Planet, then Any Way We Look At It We Lose, as Paul Simon famously put it. It’s the Life Force itself that’s really at stake here, and the news is good…

First we note that the Life Force – Stationary Varuna – is joined by asteroid Atropos, which means the End of a Thread of Fate or Karma (or of any TimeLine). In other words, we’ll be Witnessing the End of Patterns that Suppress the Life Force. Sure, we could interpret it as the End of the Life Force, but why would we want to Lend Our Strength to that? Remember that we’re still Manifesting the Energy from which the Future will be Created, and we don’t Want to Live on a Dying Planet, so the Choice is Obvious.

Second, Ending Patterns that Suppress the Life Force Opposes the Truth of the Heart, asteroid Aletheia. Astrological Opposites are not simple Either/Ors, though their Second-Harmonic element suggests that. But again, in the Spirit of Creating Energy that Will Manifest a Future We’d Enjoy Living In, we interpret this as the Choice between Ending the Life Force and Ending the Suppression of the Life Force. I mean, if Atropos means the End of an existing Karmic Pattern, we’re certainly Living more under a Pattern of Suppressing than of Enhancing the Life Force, and our Monetizer in Chief is certainly the Perp here.

Third, the Dance between Ending Suppression of the Life Force and the Truth of the Heart is Challenged by (Square to – the red triangle) the 31 October Full Moon. Full and New Moons are good guides to the Energy of the following several weeks. This is a Taurus Full Moon, meaning that Deep Emotions (Sun in Scorpio) are Driving What We’re Manifesting into Form (Moon in Taurus). Don’t think for a moment that those who Kneel to Religionist, Covidiot, Dollar, Racist, and Gun Trances – and Perpetrators of a million other Fear Trances – aren’t also working hard to Cultivate Deep Emotions in support of their favorite Ego-Trances. Which is exactly why we need to Focus Intensely on What We Want.

Fourth, the Manifestor in Chief (the Moon), in the Sign of Manifestation itself (Taurus), sits in the lap of Our Soul (Uranus). It’d be hard to get much more Intimate than a tenth of a Degree of Separation. So what will be Manifested will be Straight from Our Souls. I don’t Believe that those Legions of Religionist-Covidiot-Dollar-Racist-Gun-Fear Worshipers have Black Souls (well, a few maybe). I Believe they just haven’t gotten out of their Olde Testament Karma yet.

So then Fifth, who sits close to the Full-Moon Sun, or Essence of the Issue? Nemesis, an asteroid we could easily interpret as Punishment (though we usually interpret as the Guilt that solicits a Saul-into-Paul Ego Death). So we can picture those Legions as having the Force of their Punishing friend Yahweh behind them! Or we could picture them meeting their Just Rewards. Guess which we’ll Choose. While pleading for Mercy, of course.

This is turning downright Apocalyptic, isn’t it. Well, so be it. We’re Turning Away the Antichrist after all. If that isn’t a Sacred Journey for you, who are you, anyway?

If we’re still Scared of Yahweh, it’s a fabulous Opportunity to Tap it Out! We might Look Deep Inside and Ask Ourself, Am I still Frightened by the Idea of some Final Judgment made by some Punishing Judge? Not Surprising. Something like “Even though I’m still a little Frightened by the Echos of the Fear Propaganda from my Childhood, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself” might help. Rinse and Repeat till a Torrent of Kundalini Energy Dominates. This could be the very Psychic Reason we’ve been Manifesting this 4-year Nightmare, so we get Clear to move into 5D!

There’s a lot of other things going on in this chart. The Sixth Energy we notice is a Challenge (T-Square) to Transcend (asteroid Bee-Zed) the not-quite-Conscious Flashbacks (dwarf planet Gonggong, formerly known as “OR10”) of all of the Abuse we’ve ever Received (dwarf planet Nessus), in the current Lifetime or others. We’ve been Experiencing a good deal of that as Grief and Sympathy For (as opposed to Compassion and Prayers For) the Victims of the CrownOfThornsVirus and its mob of Economic Demons.

The Seventh is a Challenge to our Survival (T-Square to dwarf planet Quaoar) from our need to Let go of our Victimhood (Chiron) in order to Cleanly Begin a Whole New Adventure (asteroid Klotho) around Manifesting Abundance (Makemake). That includes having been the Victim of Childhood Fear Propaganda.

But this Seventh Energy isn’t a simple or straightforward as that. Hidden in the complexity of the chart is a Yin Gate (the blue rectangle) centered on that Opposition between Chiron and Klotho-Makemake – Eschewing Victimhood and being Reborn into Abundance. A Yin Gate is a Mystery School, where we Learn to Avoid Intellectually Understanding the Relationship between Victimhood and Abundance, and instead Open ourselves up to Receiving Intuitions about how Paradoxical this Relationship is.

Like all Relationships, at Heart it’s a Mystery, and when Understanding – which is a Judgment – replaces Curiosity, Love Dies. Western “Civilization” has given us many Lifetimes of Brainwashing to Believe that Intellectual Understanding is the Be-All and End-All of Life. Quite simply, it’s Not. The Be-All and End-All of Life is to Move into the Heart and Open to Gratitude and Generosity. Intellect should Serve that Higher Purpose, but in the Patriarchy Intellect Usurps the Altar and Demands Worship.

It’s Intellect that drives our Anxiety about this and every Election, and about every other Choice. If we were Living in our own Unique Heart we’d simply in all situations Choose whichever Option provided us with the most Gratitude and the most Opportunity for Having Enough to Share. Or whatever your own Unique Heart would Choose for you.

Mercury 2

October 21, 2020

It sure seems like we just got through a Moon Out-Of-Bounds, but we’re back in another one now, starting at 12:09 pm PDT 20 October 2020. This one will last till 3:24 am PDT 23 October, almost three days. Later during this MOOB Decade (2020-2030 or so) the Moon will stay OOB for up to five days every two weeks. Emotional Exhaustion, here we come.

In the last post we threatened to talk about the Election-Day Station (Exaggeration) of Mercury (Anal-ysis, Communication), and here we are. In just that tiny drop of interpretation we can already envision the commercial media trotting out their best Dewey headlines, potentially screwing up the Fate of the Comedy Empire even more than it is, if such is possible. Since the Mercury Direct Station occurs at 26 Degrees (of Libra), it’s a chart we Know and (like it or not, have to) Love…

Our Intellect (Mercury) longs for Rebirth (Conjoins dwarf planet Haumea), but it’s Held Back by its Hesitation to Fully Embrace Old Bummers (Opposes dwarf planet Eris). We can’t continue to drag around being Bummed out by Imaginary Futures projected from the Dregs of a Past that still clings to us like yesterday’s undercooked Scrambled Eggs. The Future isn’t Created yet, but as we speak we’re Manifesting the Energy that will Create it, and the more we Allow ourself to Focus on What We Don’t Want, the more the Future will be a Bummer for us.

Which doesn’t mean we can just Change our Energy the way we Change our Decisions or our jackets (though Poor-Sweethearting is always a possibility – we can go to Plan B if it doesn’t work). First we have to sweet-talk Eris to get him to disclose his Secrets, then we have to be Loving and Gentle with what he Reveals. If his Secrets were Fun, we’d have had no reason to Shelter our Ego from them. So we may be in a Held-Emotion situation, where we’re being Confronted with Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel. The Ego will usually go to great lengths to conceal those from us, since the Ego’s job is to keep us Alive.

This Standoff between our Intellectual Desire for Rebirth (Mercury-Haumea) and our Ego’s Emotional Protectiveness (Opposite Eris) Challenges (T-Squares) two other Energies. First there’s the Priority-Confidence-Trance Energy (Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto) that we’ve been working with for a while, where we either Struggle to maintain our Self-Confidence under a Trance we haven’t Chosen, or we Choose a possibly-suboptimal Trance that does Allow us to remain Confident. And second there’s our Inclusiveness (asteroid Hopi or Respect for All Things). It’s not unusual that What We’re Denying has something to do with our Experiences around Inclusiveness – even Sibling Rivalry would be an example.

In the Blessings Department, we have five of six planets Aligned into what would be a Grand-Sextile (six planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, meaning Excellent access to Grace), indicating that the Energies of these five planets Harmonize Naturally. The five are Mercury–Haumea, Eris, Ixion (our Hidden Genius), Karma (Karma or Innate Habits), and the Conjoined dwarf planets Asbolus and Chaos (Intuition about our Unlimited Potential).

These Patterns always turn out to be more Effortless if we can find planets or Stars to fill in the sixth position in the Grand Sextile – otherwise we have to try to generate the Vacant Energy Consciously ourself. In this case there are plenty or planets and Stars in the Vacancy, and especially in this context they foretell a very interesting Script…

First there’s asteroid Damocles – Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop, or more literally, for the Sword to Fall on our Head. The Damocles Story is about a Leader always being in Danger of having to repay a Political Debt to someone he’s Wronged. I can think of at least one party who’s very much camped under that Sword, and one can make a good case for an entire Senate sitting in that chair.

Second, there’s the Star Deneb Algedi, which is associated with The Hero’s Journey. Is that our Hero’s Journey, or the Candidates? It’s certainly ours with regard to keeping our Focus on What We Want, in the sense that our Thoughts and Emotions are Creating the Future as we Speak, and Learning to Manifest Directly by Conscious Attention to our Mental and Emotional Energies is arguably one of the most important elements of any Hero’s Journey.

And third, asteroid Kassandra is also there. The Mythic Kassandra was given the Sight, but because she Betrayed a Promise, she was also given the “gift” of Never Having Her Prophesies Believed. As a gambler, she could have used that to become very Wealthy, but there are also a zillion ways to become a Victim in that context, if she Reacted Emotionally. In the Myth she did the latter, but recall that a purpose of Myth is to reveal the places where we have Great Power if we Choose to become Conscious.

When we combine this with the Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto emphasis on Confidence, I read this as a clear Suggestion that we can Create the Future We Want to Live In by Being Conscious of our Thoughts and Emotions, and Choosing to be Confident about steering them in the direction of the way we would like to Feel after the Election results are in.


October 19, 2020

My most basic thesis is that we gain Experience and Wisdom through Repetition, so I don’t usually pay much Attention to the Inner planets like Mercury, since we get so much Experience with them. Except when one of them specifically seeks out my Attention, such as now, when Mercury – Intellect, Analysis, Communication – joins asteroid Juno in the Grand Quintile – Great Teacher – that we discussed in the previous post.

Mercury Retrograde that is. I also don’t usually pay much Attention to a planet’s Retrograding, since I prefer to focus on its Stations, the times when it Stands Still just before turning Retrograde of Direct, because in my Experience a planet’s Influence on Earthly Life is greatest when it’s Stationary. So its Stations are the best time to study a planet. By comparison I don’t see a Profound Difference between a planet when it’s Direct and when it’s Retrograde. We all see the World differently, so I don’t pretend that this is Universal, just my own Bias based on my own personal Experience or Insensitivity.

Certainly travel and communication can be glitchy when Mercury is Retrograde, but I’ve always found that when I’m Conscious that it’s happening, Respond with Humor, and avoid Identifying with the Drama, it’s no big deal. Just the Coyote-Trickster Loki, and actually a firm Warning that the Intellect really can’t be Trusted, simply because while it does a fabulous job of Manipulating 2D and even to some extent 3D Worlds, it’s woefully inadequate at operating in 4D and Beyond.

Nevertheless, the most important part of Retrogradation is probably the fact that some Zone of the Zodiac gets Lit Up three times in a row, indicating that there’s something going on there that we need to Pay Attention to. In the current Mercury Retrogradation the Zone that’s Asking for our Attention is 26 Libra through 12 Scorpio, a Zone that starts by Showing us how Silly (Virgo Duad of Libra) we are for Believing that Confidence is All we need in a Relationship (Leo Duad of Libra) and ends by Illustrating how far we are off the mark (Pisces Duad of Scorpio) when we Assume we Understand anyone (Aquarius Duad of Scorpio) – Love Ends When Judgment Replaces Curiosity – even when the Judgment is favorable.

A second important part of Retrogradation is when the Retrograding planet crosses another planet thrice – another case of the Universe saying Listen Up! In it’s current backwardation, Mercury crosses asteroid Sappho – Unconditional Love – three times, on 3 October, 15 October, and finally on 4 December. The message is No, you don’t Understand Unconditional Love with your Intellect – Unconditional Love is Bigger than that. As is often the case when Intellect Fails us, we have to move to the Heart to Grok Unconditional Love.

The salient feature of the 13 October 2020 Mercury Station chart…

…is five sixths of a Grand Sextile (the blue hexagram). A Sextile is two planets two Signs apart, and it means Grace, though it’s not automatic – it unfolds once we take the first step. A Grand Sextile is six planets more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac – six Sextiles back to back. It means lots of Blessings. To complete this one we have to add asteroid Hades. I know, that word catches our Breath, but no worries, as the chart well indicates the Historical Unpleasantness that we’re Composting here.

Moving clockwise from Hades on the short blue lines, we first come to Uranus – our Soul, and our Guide here. Next comes dwarf planet Nessus, which symbolizes Abuse and Privilege – this is what we’re Letting Go Of, our history with Abuse and Privilege. Next on the loop is dwarf planet Hylonome – Codependence – and asteroid Veritas – Facing the Facts. We’re taking a Searching and Fearless Inventory here of the ways we Collaborated in our own Abuse. The next short blue line leads to Mercury and asteroid Sappho – Unconditional Love – of course we Collaborated, because we most likely Believed we could easily get Dead if we didn’t!

Next we have dwarf planet Orcus, sandwiched between Venus and the Moon. Orcus punishes Oath-Breakers, and of course we made an Oath never to tell, because we were threatened that if not us, someone we Loved could get Dead if we didn’t. But Orcus here is Embraced by Venus – the Heart, and the Moon – our Instincts. They tell us that it’s time to Stand Up to Orcus and Recant all Oaths that we ever made under duress. Finally we come to asteroid Hades, completing the Grand Sextile. Hades enforced the Rules in the Underwhere, but he enforced them fairly. He was not Abusive.

The chart also includes one T-Square – a Challenge – the red triangle pointing to asteroid Moira from the Nessus-Orcus Opposition. Moira was the Goddess of Fate. Our Fate is our Karma, it’s what Befalls us as long as we remain Unconscious. Once we get Conscious of our Karma though, just as we’re Getting Conscious about our Abuse here, Fate is replaced by Choice. When we know a Karmic Consequence is likely to occur, we can simply Choose Differently, just as we wear a raincoat when the Weather Forecast advises us that Rain is likely. We don’t have to Stand Still for it, we can Revert it.

Notice that when Hades in included in the chart, it’s five Signs from Moira – hence the green line or Quincunx, meaning literally, five Signs or five twelfths of the Zodiac. It means Curiosity. It joins the green line from Uranus to Moira, forming a green wedge or Finger of the Goddess, that Neutralizes the Challenge of the T-Square by making it Self-Resolving. When we Respond to a Challenge with “Isn’t this Interesting!” instead of “Oh Shit I’m Screwed!” we Intimidate the Challenge, and it cringes off to lick its wounds, leaving us to Respond Dispassionately to the Challenge.

The Mercury Station chart also includes the same Grand Quintile that we discussed in the last post, differing only by the addition of asteroid Sappho on the Mercury-Juno corner – add Unconditional Self-Love to that Pentagram at the end of that post.

There’s one more reason why this particular Station of Mercury is worth Paying Attention to. Mercury turns Direct again on 3 November 2020, a rather momentous date. That’s a fascinating chart, which we’ll look at in the next post.

Guilt New Moon Growth

October 18, 2020

There are two Bonus Configurations in the 16 October 2020 New Moon chart. They overlap at asteroid Juno – Growth in Consciousness. Of course Growth in Consciousness always requires an Ego Death, so it’s seldom Fun, till we Learn to Recognize Ego Deaths and Celebrate them as the stepping stones on our Path to Wholeness and Yintegrity. Then, even if it’s a Bother, at least we know what we’re doing and why!

The two Configurations are a Grand Quintile – five planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, which is sort of like being Gifted with an honorary Masters Degree in the ten interrelationships between the five planets. These planets evoke the Fifth Harmonic (360 Degrees divided by 5) or Quintile Angle, which is about Teaching and Learning. In the chart below it’s the lavender Pentagram.

And a new Configuration that lacks a name but we’ll call it a Reattunement, based not on its shape but its Function, which is to Bring Ourself Back into Balance. It’s four planets arranged so that between them there are two Octiles and two Trioctiles. Octiles – the Eighth Harmonic or 360 Degrees divided by 8 – are about Adjustment, and Trioctiles are about Adjustment with Love and Wisdom. Trioctiles combine the Eighth Harmonic with the Third (360 Degrees divided by 3), which is about Love with Wisdom. The Reattunement is the orange Rectangle in the chart below…

The corner they share is occupied by asteroid Juno, so the whole Complex is about our Growth in Consciousness. This basically Happens to us, so while we can certainly Help or even Lead the process – to the extent that we Identify with our Soul – more often we’ll just be white-knuckling the Changes in our Identity and Life that Happen. Trust me, they’re for the better, even if there’s a rough patch in the Transition. It’s just Turbulence, not the MCAS.

In the Reattunement, Uranus – symbolizing Our SoulAdjusts our Comprehension of our Life Mission – as it Octiles the North Node. We’re beginning to get a rough idea of where we’re heading and why, which might help Explain why our Anxiety has decreased somewhat over the last week – at least, we Hope it has for you, as it has for others we know. Ego astrologers interpret Uranus as Disruption, and we regard it as Disrupting whatever is no longer in Alignment with our Soul’s Path in the Lifetime. So the more we Identify with what we’re being Asked to Surrender, the more Ego Death will be involved, and the rougher the Turbulence in our Life. No Blame or Shame, it’s just How We Grow. Some of our crutches are just Stickier than others, and its a Different Maze for each of us.

Meanwhile, our Growth in Consciousness helps us Grok our Held Emotions – Juno Octile South Node. With Retrograde Mercury crossing Juno, we may even Understand some of them, though Understanding is always Dangerous, because it’s not very Dimensional and it’s so Sticky. Our Concept Set is a Cage that entraps the Ego, and it takes a lot of Effort and Practice to Let Go of our Attachment to our Concept Set – and the Effort is Ongoing, it’s not like we Learn it and we’re Done. We Learn it and then for the next hundred Lifetimes we’re Surprised when You Mean It Applies to THAT too?

It’s what Castaneda called “Cognitive Dissonance,” or Learning to Hold and Live Out Contradicting Beliefs at the same time. There are no Contradictions in Real Life, because Real Life is Unitary and Multifarious, while Contradiction is a Political Construct in the mind of the Observer. We Accept our Fate and Exercise our Free Will simultaneously, for instance, because we Recognize that both are just Ideas, and don’t really have much Impact on Reality. The more we Identify with either or both of them, the more they Impact Our Perception of Reality, but compared to, say, Gravity, or Momentum, Ideas don’t carry much weight in Real Life.

Even though Gravity and Momentum are just Ideas too, and either could get us Dead if we Ignore them in the wrong circumstances. Like the Critters in Orwell’s Animal Farm, all Ideas are Equal, but some Ideas are more Equal than others. Yes, We Create Our Own Reality, but when Our Reality gets too far out of Alignment with the Current Global Trance, our Life gets more Difficult. That works both ways – when our Reality Lags the Current Trance, and when it Leads the Current Trance too much. Both/And always works better than Either/Or, but we can’t pull it off if we Identify with the Either or with the Or. You know why Angels can Fly, right?

The Trioctiles in the Reattunement are Juno to North Node – Our Growth in Consciousness Allowing us to better Grok our Mission in the Lifetime – and Uranus to South Node – Our Soul Intervening to Lighten our Ego Death Load – the more we Identify with Our Soul, the less we have to deal with Ego Death, because our Soul is Immortal, it’s “just Energy.” Remember what Einstein said, Energy is Matter multiplied by a Number approximately seven orders of magnitude bigger than the National Debt (multiply the National Debt by three then add seven zeros). Of course it depends on what units you’re using, but you get the Idea.

The parameters in our Honorary Masters Degree are Growth in Consciousness – asteroid Juno, Expansion of our Trance – Jupiter-Pluto, Our Degree of Victimhood – Chiron, Our Unconscious Beliefs – asteroid Vesta, and Our Collection of Concepts about Materiality – dwarf planet Altjira. These are pretty Heady Concepts, enough to qualify us to rewrite René Descartes’s Principles of Philosophy or Isaac Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, if we don’t get too far from the Current Trance.

Think about how each of the ten lines in the map below indicate a Relationship. For instance, do you feel like your Trance (how you interpret your Experience of Life) has Expanded lately? That is, have any of your Attitudes, toward things that are Important to you, Changed? Has your Anxiety Diminished, or Changed, about anything? Has this Changed any of your Unconscious Limiting Beliefs? I know, they’re Unconscious, but your Life mirrors them, usually through your Judgments. Are you Judging anything less harshly than you were a few weeks ago? These Changes might show up most vividly when you think about the Krapolavirus or the Election or Black Lives Matter or your Abundance or Lack thereof.

Review each of the five items and each of the ten lines. Has your Consciousness of Victimhood Grown? Where in your Life do you still not feel like you have Healthy Control? To what Degree do you feel like you’re a Victim of having Taken Material Form? Are you a Soul in a Body, or a Body with a Soul? Are you Conscious that it was a Choice? Do you have any Access to whoever you might have been before you made that Choice? Or was it someone else’s Choice? Do you Celebrate the Choice?

Charts of the Portals XVI aka WhyAreWeFeelingGuilty New Moon 3

October 17, 2020

There’s a Big Rhyme between the current 16 October 2020 New Moon chart…

…and the earlier 17 September New Moon chart…

They both have Karmic Challenges – T-Squares – to the Nodal Axis from late Virgo. We spoke in the previous post, WhyAreWeFeelingGuilty New Moon 2, about the 16 October T-Square to Saturn-Pluto-Chariklo, our Confidence Trance Priority, and we spoke in the earlier post Charts of the Portals XV about the 17 September T-Square to the same Triad. Though the embellishments differed, the core of the base of both T-Squares was an Eris-Haumea – Revelation and Rebirth – Opposition, promising Rebirth once we Let Go Of Suppressed Material in the Underwhere.

In both cases the peak of the T-Square was “Unx” to – one Sign away from – the base of a second T-Square. An “Unx” is one twelfth of something, and Ego astrology, unaware of its connection to the Tarot, gives this Twelfth-Harmonic Angle the dull geometrical name “Semi-Sextile.” The Twelfth Harmonic – 360 Degrees divided by 12 – however takes its meaning from the 12 card in the Tarot Major Arcana, the Hanged Man or the Pattern-Breaker. He hangs by his Heels (not his Neck or Fingernails) in order to gain New Perspective and hence Break Patterns, aka Habits, aka Trances, aka Karma. So in each New Moon chart these two T-Squares serve one another as Disruptors of the Status Quo.

In September the Virgo T-Square focused on asteroid Klotho. The Mythic Klotho was the Goddess of Fate who “Cut the Cloth,” or plunked her Magic Twanger and Created New Karma.

So in September we had the Opportunity to Put in Place New Habits that Served our Confidence Trance (the first T-Square’s focus on Saturn-Pluto-Chariklo – aka Priority-Trance-Confidence) and also Served our Life Mission (the Virgo T-Square’s base of the Nodal Axis – aka Our Hero’s Journey from Karmic Limitation to Achieving our Soul’s Mission for us in the Lifetime).

In October the Virgo T-Square focused on asteroid Lachesis. The Mythic Lachesis was the Goddess of Fate who “Measured the Length of the Chord” or the Duration of the Karmic TimeLine – any process or activity that has duration in time, including a Lifetime. Fate and Karma occur as long as we remain Unconscious about them. Once we bring them into our Consciousness, we replace Fate with Choice. So October’s Opportunity is to Choose to Revert Habits that Hinder our Confidence Trance or Hinder our Life Mission.

The base of the Virgo T-Square in both New Moons is the Nodal Axis, with the Galactic Center at the South Node and dwarf planet Asbolus at the North Node. Asbolus means Intuition, reminding us that the Dualistic Intellect is not multidimensional enough to grok our Mission – the North Node – so we need to access it through our Intuition instead, and be aware that we’re always dealing with an Approximation.

The Galactic Center represents Marching Orders from Headquarters and the South Node symbolizes Our Held Emotions. Held Emotions are the ones that We’d Rather Die Than Feel – in other words, the mostly-Unconscious Emotions that require an Ego Death before we can Let Them Go. You’d think we’d be Delighted to Let Go Of Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel, but the problem is that the Only Way to Let Go Of them is to Feel Them. And Headquarters says It’s Time. Oh Bother!

Of course, We’d Rather Die than do that. Which is what defines an Ego Death – it’s not We would Rather Die, it’s We would Rather Die. Ego means Identity, meaning Us. When We’d Really Rather Not, we Banish It from our Consciousness, and when we Banish anything from Consciousness, it Controls us from the Underwhere. The Soul Craves Wholeness, so it won’t long Tolerate Split Personalities, and it Acts by Showing us our Splits, becoming more Exaggerated about it the more we refuse to Pay Attention. With Mars – Action abetting Eris – Revelation of What’s Been Denied Opposing the Virgo planet, our Evil Twin becomes harder and harder to Ignore.

We’re dealing with the Underwhere, to which the Intellect doesn’t have the password, so we have to use PIAVA instead. If your Universe is Acting Ornery with you, you may have to PIAVA that it gives you an Obvious Clue why, or better yet, that it Lovingly and Gently Melts Your Denial. Remember that Denial is a Healthy process that Allows us to Focus on More Important Issues while we Ignore Others. It’s just Time to deal with one or more of the Others.

WhyAreWeFeelingGuilty New Moon 2

October 15, 2020

Time flies (away) when you’re doing taxes, but (phew!) that’s milk under the Bridge now, so we can Celebrate with a New Moon, among other Energies. Many of us broke out of several weeks of Chagrin into more Hopeful places at the end of last week, but if you’re starting to Feel Overwhelmed again, just Embrace the Confusion as a Feeling, and don’t try to “Fix It.” Confusion is the first sign of Growth in Consciousness, but only if we don’t try to Anal-yze It, “Figure It Out,” or Fix It. We’re now in the middle of several Strong Energy cross-currents, including…

💓 The 16 October 2020 (12:30 pm PDT) New Moon in 24 Libra, which is all about Being Reborn Out of Lifelong Guilt Patterns (New Moon Conjunct dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth] and asteroid Nemesis [Guilt, Ego Death]) and Assertively Opening Up to Long-Hidden Secrets – or Finding that the Universe Aggressively Opens Them Up “For” Us – or what might feel like “Against” us (New Moon Opposite Mars [Action, Assertion] and dwarf planet Eris [Revelation of What’s Been Denied]).

Because the New Moon strongly Triggers that Energy, we’ve combined the New Moon chart with the chart of the 3-4 October Exaggerations (Stations) of Confidence and Doubt (dwarf planet Chariklo) and of Compulsion and Trance-Formation (dwarf planet Pluto)

To Create a New Habit, we Hypnotize ourself. Various components of our Universe are always introducing new Trances into our Life as well. The consummate Adept at Trance-Formation is dwarf planet Pluto. It’s pretty much in charge of our Culture’s Weltanshaung at any given Moment, and since Pluto Guards the entrance to the Underwhere, and since the Underwhere is the Source of our Trances, we damn well better Befriend Pluto if we want to Live a Life that, from the Ego’s Perspective, “works,” and provides us any sort of Satisfaction.

Planet Earth entered a New Time Province around Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt on 3-4 October. If you haven’t figured out yet that You Can Choose Between Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence, the next few weeks (the period when the New Moon has its greatest impact) is a great time to make that Choice. We spoke a bit about this in the previous post. I know, Self-Doubt has a Life of its own, fostered by Power Figures in our Personal History that stoked it for their own gain. However, like any Bane in our Life, we need to Learn to interpret any Triggering of our Self-Doubt as an Opportunity to Let It Go once and for all.

Since Trance and Habit and Karma and élan all sit on the Edge between our Consciousness and the Unconscious, this is PIAVA territory. Trying to influence the Unconscious with Dynamic (“Masculine”) Plan-Execute Energy, while useful, is at best arduous (“training,” “reps,” “practice”), and often not even effective, especially if Discipline isn’t our Greatest Joy. But this is precisely where Magnetic (“Feminine”) Energy Excels. So we might try a Sustainable (Ceres Stationary Conjunct Damocles 18 October) global PIAVA like this Theta

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that henceforth, whenever Self-Doubt Arises, I Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely, and Safely, Choose Self-Confidence instead. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me!”

Of course you’ll want to go over that and modify it so that all of your Yes-Buts are satisfied.

In this chart the Guilt-Free-Rebirth-New Moon is Challenged by the New Global Trance (Pluto and Chariklo Stations), which in the chart is The Most Important Thing (Conjunct Saturn). So it’s Important to carefully Examine how Self-Confident or Self-Doubting you’ve been since the beginning of October, and modify your PIAVA accordingly. For instance, if you’ve been blistering your feet Fire-Walking or the equivalent, you’ll want to Emphasize the Safety part more.

If you’ve been Wallowing in Self-Doubt, you may want to add terms about Gradual Improvement with Frequent Checkpoints or the like, so you don’t Sabotage yourself by Overreaching and Bouncing off your Goals. It’s always more Sustainable to move 10% in the Direction you want to Change, than it is to do a 180. So you might want something like…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that henceforth, whenever Self-Doubt Arises, I Choose to Lovingly and Gently and Safely Move A Few Steps Toward Self-Confidence instead. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me!”

As usual, if your “Show Me!” doesn’t reveal Bliss, Tap Out whatever Stands in the way, and then repeat the Theta, modified accordingly if necessary.

Trust in Respect for All Things (asteroids Eurydike and Hopi Opposing Saturn-Pluto-Chariklo) is part of the Complex Equation here, so if you encounter Global themes like Racism or Misogyny or Abusiveness in your Yes-Buts, take that into account. For instance, a Black Man in a traffic stop by a racist cop might Trigger the cop’s worst Trances by Acting Confident. Or a woman in an Abusive Relationship. We want internal Confidence that we can finesse our way out of a Dangerous situation, not outer Confidence that we’re Bullet-Proof, which could get us Dead. We might need something closer to…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that henceforth, whenever Self-Doubt or Fear Arises, I Choose instead to Lovingly and Gently and Safely and Carefully Move Toward a Belief That I Can Effectively Finesse My Way Out of Trouble. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me!”

Or something like that. There are five Challenges (T-Squares) in this chart, and the Challenge of The Most Important Thing is Self-Confidence that my Trance Serves Me (Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto T-Square) is the only one that promises to be Self-Resolving (Diamond Star, or T-Square and Finger of the Goddess coinciding), so “The Goddess is on our side” here.

WhyAreWeFeelingGuilty New Moon 1

October 15, 2020

Just a quick note, I’ll flesh it out later…

The 16 October 2020 (12:30 pm PDT) New Moon Conjoins Guilt (asteroid Nemesis) and Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea), so our Chronic Karmic Guilt is Up so we can Let It Go once and for all and be Reborn without it! That’s pretty Big, but the details (later) make it a lot Bigger!

In addition, it may be a difficult Birth, as New Beginnings (asteroid Klotho) in the New Moon chart are Challenging (focus of a T-Square). And to Complicate it further, this asteroid (Klotho) enters the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo) on 17 October (2:50 am PDT). Eschew WhatYouDon’tWant and stay focused on WhatYouWant instead.

The resilience it takes to come through in situations like that comes from somewhere. It comes from the belief you’re going to get it done. If you don’t feel like that, then you relent. That’s not what these guys are about. … Their mentality in those do-or-die moments was ‘No flinch – it’s a belief that something great is going to happen.’ “

That’s from an article about an undefeated professional football team ( One of the details about the New Moon is that it’s Challenged by (Squares) the symbols for Self-Confidence (Chariklo), Trance (Pluto), and Priorities (Saturn).

Can you believe this stupid editor has no apparent ability to indent?

And, we’re Under the Influence of the symbol for Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres, which Stands Still at 10am PDT 18 October in 29 Aquarius). Remember that the first step in Sustainability is SustenanceEliminating the Unnecessary.

The Moon goes Out of Bounds again (more Emotionality) next week, from 12:09 pm PDT 20 October to 3:24 am PDT 23 October. In the middle of that the symbol for our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs (asteroid Vesta) enters the Sign of Nitpicking (Virgo), so we can Expect to be Colicky till we figure out that Oh Yeah, those chronic Karmic Self-Criticisms are also being Lit Up so we can Remember to Let Go Of them once and for all!

Ending Self-Sabotage 2

October 11, 2020

Most planets “Turn Retrograde,” or Move Backwards, usually annually. They don’t actually go Backwards, it just looks that way from here, because Earth in its orbit is passing the slower planet in its orbit. Because the Earth spins in a perpetual Sufi-Dance, we’d have to take a snapshot of the sky at the same time every night to actually witness the Retrograde planet moving Backwards. This is how a planet crosses the same region of the Zodiac three times, first Moving Forward (or “Direct”), then Backwards, then Forward again.

The first crossing (“Can-Opener”) Opens Issues, the second or Retro crossing (“Exposition”) Expands Upon Them, and the third crossing (“Confidence-Builder”) develops our Confidence that We Can Handle Them ok.

That’s if we’re Conscious that they’re happening. If we aren’t Conscious of them and succumb to Experiencing the Can-Opener as its Victim, we could Experience the second crossing as the Universe Beating us Up Again, make Decisions that we’ll never be Vulnerable to that again, or that we’re going to Retaliate, and Whoosh, we’ve just Created New Karma, new Unconscious Limitations and Negative Expectations.

The Zoning and Timing of asteroid Atropos’s 2020-2021 Retrogradation unfolds like this…

(1) Letting Go of our Sentimental Attachments (Pisces Duad of Cancer – a Duad is 2½ Degrees), 19:30-22:30 Cancer. First crossing 5-14 September 2020, Retro crossing 9 February-10 March 2021, Final crossing 10 March-10 April 2021. Whatever we want to Manifest, we first need Neutrality – we can’t be Attached to Outcomes. Then we need Passion, because the raw material for Manifestation is Emotion. If you think this is Oxymoronic, you need to find some way to make it Paradoxical instead (hint: Mind is Binary, Reality is Multidimensional).

(2) Replacing Emotional Attachments with Spiritual Connections (Aries Duad of Cancer), 22:30-25:00 Cancer. First crossing 14-22 September 2020, Retro crossing 29 January-9 February 2021, Final crossing 10-22 April 2021. Note that the Retro crossing runs the sequence backwards.

(3) Anchoring these Connections into Hardcopy Reality (Taurus Duad of Cancer), 25:00-27:30 Cancer. First crossing 22-30 September 2020, Retro crossing 20-29 January 2021, Final crossing 22 April-2 May 2021. You can start to see the importance of Consciousness – if we rued the ripping out of our Emotional Attachments instead of Recognizing that Change was due, then we could easily have skipped the second step, and now what we Anchor into Hardcopy Reality is not Spiritual Connection, but Blame, and Stewing in our Abandonment. But there’s still time to turn it around.

(4) Standing back and Giving these New Creations their Sovereignty (Gemini Duad of Cancer), 27:30-30:00 Cancer. First crossing 30 September-9 October 2020, Retro crossing 11-20 January 2021, Final crossing 2-11 May 2021. “Your children are not your children / They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself” –Kahlil Gibran.

(5) Re-Discovering Who We Are without these Attachments (Leo Duad of Leo), 0:00-2:30 Leo. First crossing 9-20 October 2020, Retro crossing 2-11 January 2021, Final crossing 11-19 May 2021. “First you must know who you are / Then you must know who she is / Then you must know who you are” –Richard Brautigan.

(6) Letting Go of Who We No Longer Are (Virgo Duad of Leo), 2:30-5:00 Leo. First crossing 20 October-2 November 2020, Retro crossing 21 December 2020-1 January 2021, Final crossing 20-27 May 2021. Time to Kick old Habits that Belonged to Someone Else, someone we used to be.

(7) Meeting what we’ve Spawned, as Equals (Libra Duad of Leo), 5:00-7:02 Leo. First crossing 2-27 November 2020, Retro crossing 27 November-20 December 2020, Final crossing 27 May-2 June 2021. Imagine that you started out on 5 September Focusing on What You Don’t Want, and you weren’t able to Let It Go. Well, the US election is tomorrow. What do you suppose you’ll Manifest?

We started this journey on 5 September, so we’re already at stage 5, Re-Discovering Who We Are.

What in your own Life matches the TimeLine above so far, over the last five weeks?